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jabsco yacht toilette

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Jabsco 37010 Series, Electric Marine Toilet, Boating Head

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Jabsco 37010 Series, Electric Marine Toilet, Boating Head

Product details, about this item.

  • Self-priming rinse pump designed to bring sea, river or lake water into the bowl
  • Flexible design suitable for overboad or holding tank discharge
  • Built-in backflow preventer guards against flooding and waste return
  • Can be mounted 3' (1m) above or below the waterline with appropriate plumbing
  • For us with sea, river, or lake water only
  • Corrosion-resistant materials throughout permit fresh or walt water service

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Product guides and documents, product description.

  • An integral self-priming rinse pump designed to bring sea, river or lake water into the bowl comes standard
  • A flexible design makes it suitable for overboard or holding tank discharge
  • A built-in backflow preventer guards against flooding and waste return
  • Corrosion-resistant materials throughout permit fresh or salt water service
  • For use with sea, river or lake water only
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 23 x 21 x 17 inches; 27 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ 37010-3092
  • Department ‏ : ‎ unisex-adult
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ April 23, 2018
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Flow Control, LLC
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07CKTW2K4
  • #8 in Boat Heads

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

Customers say

Customers like the performance, ease of installation, size and value of the toilet. They mention that it works great, the wiring is simple, and it's large enough to fit a full size adult. That said, some complain about the noise.

AI-generated from the text of customer reviews

Customers are satisfied with the performance of the toilet. For example, they mention it works great and is shipped fast.

"... Works great " Read more

"Great toilet! Works well and easy to install." Read more


"Bought this two years ago and has worked flawlessly . Highly Recommend." Read more

Customers find the installation of the toilet to be easy. They mention that the wiring is simple, and getting the pipes to match up is straightforward.

"...loud but as long as it does the job its fine for me, installing was very straight foward .wiring simple, getting the pipes to match up to the size of..." Read more

"Great toilet! Works well and easy to install ." Read more

" Easy install . Value for money. Happy wife, happy life!" Read more

" Easy install works great " Read more

Customers are satisfied with the size of the toilet. They mention that it is an ok size, large enough to get their toilet paper and that it's compact and usable for a full size adult.

"...size because I was afraid that the larger one would not fit, its an ok size , large enough to get your business done , it is pretty loud but as long..." Read more

"...Very compact and usable for a full size adult .Yes it’s noises when you flush...." Read more

"Love that it is almost a normal sized toilet for a boat! Finally!!!..." Read more

Customers appreciate the value of the toilet. They say it has a great value.

"Easy install. Value for money . Happy wife, happy life!" Read more

" Great value ..." Read more

" Great Value ..." Read more

Customers are not happy with the noise level of the toilet. They say that the quality is good, but it's a bit on the noisy side.

"...its an ok size , large enough to get your business done , it is pretty loud but as long as it does the job its fine for me, installing was very..." Read more

"...sea water pump for flush water and a meet grinder built in so, yes, a bit noisy .Very happy." Read more

"...The Macerator is alittle noisy , but does the job just fine...." Read more

"...The quality is good, but its a bit on the noisy side ." Read more

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jabsco yacht toilette

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Practical Boat Owner

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Practical Boat Owner cover

Boat toilet troubleshooting: How to service a Jabsco toilet pump

Stu Davies

  • April 12, 2022

Boat owner and DIY expert Stu Davies explains how to service and maintain a Jabsco heads pump.


The ubiquitous Jabsco loo pump. Photo: Dorling Kindersley Ltd/Alamy

Most modern mass produced yachts are fitted with Jabsco hand pumped boat toilets. They are cheap, simple and robust and can put up with a lot of abuse. On the flip side, they do need a bit of looking after, and there are a lot of misconceptions about them, as the many threads on the PBO forum show.

My Beneteau 381 is 18 years old now, and it came fitted with two Jabsco heads. I have recently removed one and replaced it with a Porta Potti so that I can comply with the requirement for a holding tank when she is in Southern Europe.

That leaves the one remaining Jabsco. I have overhauled it once in the time I have had the boat, but the old problem of the bowl filling up with the sea cocks open comes back on a regular basis.

As a general rule we try to keep the water on the outside of our boats, but a toilet brings a certain amount of seawater inside. The boat toilet is often mounted on or below the waterline, and this brings with it the risk that the sea can syphon in. There are a few ways to deal with this problem…

Article continues below…

jabsco yacht toilette

Best boat toilet roll and other practical ideas for the heads

A blocked toilet onboard your boat is to be avoided at all costs and one of the worst culprits is…

jabsco yacht toilette

Restoring a boat? Beat the restoration blues and get back to work today

Procrastination is the art of busily doing nothing while another part of you gets really disappointed about it. I’m a…

How a boat toilet pump works

There is a large dual action hand pump at the side of the bowl which pumps fresh raw water in and raw sewage out at the same time.

A thumb valve on the top allows you to select whether to fill or empty the bowl. The usual procedure is to fill the bowl most of the way, then switch over to stop the raw water coming in and start to drain the bowl. The waste is sucked out of the bottom of the bowl and into the sea (where legal) or into a holding tank where appropriate.

The familiar T-handle that we push up and down is connected to a simple piston that has a fat O-ring on it to act as a seal or ‘piston ring’. This both draws water in and expels the waste, by way of a simple one way flap valve at the bottom of the hand pump.


When the T-handle is pulled up, negative pressure at the base of the cylinder means sewage is sucked out of the bowl, past the flap valve at the base of the pump and into the pump cylinder.

Meanwhile the positive pressure at the top end of the pump is pushing the raw water through the little change over valve thumb lever in to the rim of the bowl.

When it is pushed down, the flap valve at the bottom closes and the bottom side of the pump piston pushes the raw sewage out of the pump cylinder, through the joker valve and out of the boat or to a holding tank.

At the same time the top side of the piston is sucking fresh raw water from the outside of the boat through one of the smaller pipes and thumb valve system to fill the top side of the pump cylinder ready for the up stroke again.

The Joker valve

No, it’s nothing to do with Alan (aha!) The Joker valve was originally intended to stop back flow and back-siphoning to the bowl. It is a piece of conical shaped rubber with three flaps that are supposed to compress together, much like our human heart valves, to make a one way valve, so that sewage can’t flow back.

At this point a little lesson on hydraulics: 27in height of water gives 1psi of pressure. So if the outlet pipe loop was 27in above the joker valve then a pressure of 1psi would be acting on the flaps of the joker valve to keep them closed and stop back syphoning. The slightest bit of contamination or scale on the flaps will prevent them sealing.

Beneteau 381

Stu Davies has an 18-year-old Beneteau 381 fitted with a Jabsco loo

How to maintain a Jabsco boat toilet

The problem with boat toilets is that urine reacts with the seawater to form calcified deposits, which slowly reduce the internal diameter of your piping over time – leading to the risk of blockages.

Worse still, as the internal valves become covered in salts, they stop sealing properly: the rubber O-ring in the piston starts squeaking and binding, and water starts back flowing in to the bowl. All this means your toilet pump will become less and less effective over time.

The squeaking and stiffness is easily cured: a bit of sunflower oil dropped into the bowl on a regular basis and pumped through lubricates it. Long term it is better to undo the plastic nut underneath the T-handle, withdraw the piston assembly and apply liberal quantities of Silicone grease – just don’t forget to close the seacocks first!

As a preventative measure, pumping at least six strokes every time on both the empty cycle and the flush cycle means that all urine is emptied out so that it doesn’t react with the seawater to produce hard salts to block the pipes and valves.


A standard dual-action Jabsco toilet pump and its location on the loo

What’s wrong with my boat toilet?

Water was gradually seeping into the bowl when the boat toilet was not in use – and while this only reached a certain level and stopped, it was worrying and a chore to keep pumping away.

I took the plunge and stripped the pump down: this was quite easy to do – a simple matter of four screws in the base and two in the joker valve housing, slacken the hose clips and off it comes to reveal the valves.

I found a small amount of scaling, but more important was the fact that the joker valve’s lips did not shut properly – and there is a depression in the flap valve that corresponds with the lip on the base of the pump that is supposed to be the seal. The flap was distorted – and that’s why water was syphoning back into the pump.


Ensure stop cocks are off before taking your loo apart

So from my experiences with my pumps I have learned the cure is to change the flap valves and clean up the interiors of the pumps. A kit can be bought for just over £20 from Jabsco Direct , or the flap valve can be bought alone for about £6 . My advice? Buy the kit and change as much as you can while it is stripped down.

With the pump apart, I cleaned up all the scale with vinegar and elbow grease and used scotch pads to clean up the plastic housings. Once all traces of scale were gone, the pump could be reassembled and the new valves could be put on. It’s obvious how to install them as both the flap valve and the joker valve can only be installed one way.

When screwing everything back together, be aware that the stainless screws are twin threaded self-tappers and have ‘quick’ threads. Put them in their place and hand twist them backwards until you feel a slight click.

This makes sure they are engaged in the original threads in the soft plastic housings. If you get it wrong they cut another thread which will then strip as you tighten it!

Buy a Jabsco boat toilet on Amazon

Buy a Jabsco joker valve on Amazon

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.


Cleaning scale from the pump assembly

jabsco yacht toilette

Take care when reinstalling ‘quick thread’ screws so as not to strip the holes

Siphons and siphon breaks

Siphoning occurs when the water pressure outside the boat is higher than that inside – i.e. when the boat toilet is mounted on or below the waterline. All boats are different when it comes to loo plumbing, and the measures you need to take to prevent siphoning depend entirely on where the toilet is placed in relation to the waterline. If it’s above the water line, then the risk of siphoning is reduced.

Best practice is always to take a large loop in the pipes above the waterline – at least 200mm above both static and heeled waterlines is recommended – and to fit a siphon break to both the inlet and outlet pipes, rather than just relying on the pump’s valves to keep the sea out. Vented loops contain a simple valve that prevents water flowing back into the boat.

In an ideal world, you’d close the seacocks every time you’d finished with the toilet – but on modern boats these are often hidden behind the joinery and are left open all the time.

In the most simple installations such as mine the toilet bowl is placed high enough that even if the outlet water syphons back in, it still won’t overflow the bowl and so there isn’t a syphon break fitted.


Complete Jabsco service kit

Twist and lock

Jabsco brought out a modification some years ago that is designed to guard against flooding and waste backflow by locking the waste outlet valve shut – the handle is grey rather than the previous black, and secures with a twist.

Several years ago I bought the twist and lock conversion kit, and this puts an extension on the plunger piston that should push on the flap valve at the base of the pump to seal the bowl from the pump. It worked for a while – but problems can still occur if foreign matter, such as scale, clogs the valves.


Seat hinges were worse for wear

Mending and improving a boat toilet seat

My toilet is nearly 19 years old and the lid and seat were getting tatty. They are only held on by two 8mm plastic screws and a wing nut, so I removed them, rubbed them down with 80 grit abrasive paper and used a rattle can of matt white enamel paint to refurbish them.

The hinges are attached with plain steel screws – which had rusted. I had to drill them out and replace them with stainless steel, which took far more time than it should have done.

By the time I’d managed to remove the old screws, the holes were pretty shot, so I used Araldite to fill the holes as I was putting the stainless screws in. I just nipped them up until the Araldite had gone off then tightened them a touch more.

After putting everything back together, the seat looks like new, and best of all, the new set of seals has cured the siphoning problem.


Rusted hinge screws had to be drilled out..


…leaving oversize holes which Stu filled with epoxy before replacing with new stainless steel screws


Respray tidies up toilet seat

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How Do Marine Toilets Work? (VacuFlush, Vetus, Jabsco)

So you want to know how marine toilets work? It’s a fair question! Whether your concerns are functional, hygienic, or environmental, it’s a good idea to get to grips with how your marine toilet works before installing one to make sure your poop is going in the right place!

How do marine toilets work? Similar to toilets on land, most marine toilets have a seat, a bowl and flush with water. However, as there is no sewage system on a boat, marine toilets store waste in a holding tank until it can be disposed onshore. They generally come in two forms: cassette toilets and pump-out toilets.

Read on to find out more about marine toilets and the best way to spend a penny on board!

jabsco yacht toilette

On this page:

What types of marine toilets are there, electric vs manual flush, the average cost of a marine toilet, what are the benefits of a cassette toilet, what are the benefits of a pump-out toilet, marine toilet maintenance, popular pump-out toilet brands, a note on toilet paper…, going green with your toilette marine, choosing the right marine toilet.

There are two basic types of marine toilets available on the market: cassette toilets and pump-out toilets.

Cassette toilets store the waste in portable tanks that need to be carried to a disposal point on land for emptying. If you opt for a cassette toilet, you will need to keep one or two spare cassettes on board to avoid a situation where your first tank is full, and you are still miles away from a disposal point.

Pump-out toilets offer a more refined marine toilet experience. They flush the waste into a built-in tank, which is much larger than a cassette tank, and the tank is emptied using a suction-hose at a specialist pump-out facility.

The best marine toilets not only do the job of flushing, but they also rinse the bowl and prevent nasty odors. Ideally, they should use minimal water and electricity and will not be super noisy when flushed (especially important for any midnight loo stops).

Broadly speaking, there are two types of flush for marine toilets: electric and manual. Manual flush involves using a hand pump that is built into the side of the toilet. Moving the hand pump allows you to pump waste out of the toilet and pump fresh water in, draining the toilet using a switch valve. These tend to be cheaper and easier to maintain than electric toilets, but they can also clog more easily.

Electric marine toilets don’t require any manual pumping, the process happens with the push of a button. As a result, electric marine toilets are more akin to the experience of going to the toilet at home and they are easier to use for first-timers. The main drawback for electric toilets, however, is their electricity consumption.

jabsco yacht toilette

At their most basic, a marine toilet can cost as little as $100. These cassette models are usually extremely simple and tend to be very compact. Pump-out toilets are normally more expensive compared than cassette toilets and can cost around $1000, going up in price according the complexity of the system.

Cassette toilets are favored for their affordability and simplicity. They are compact and reliable.

Whilst cassette toilets can be integrated, where they are built in to your boat, they can also be freestanding. This means that a cassette toilet does not have to be a long-term decision. You can put a cassette toilet in and take it out as needed, perhaps depending on the length of your voyage or the needs of your family. There are even models designed like a box which can be tucked away out of sight beneath a seat.

For integrated cassette toilets, the rinse water is drawn from your boat’s water system. In the case of freestanding cassette toilets, the water is contained in the upper part of the toilet structure. The waste disposal for both types is the same, however. You need to manually transport the waste holding tank to a disposal point for emptying.

This manual emptying feature is seen as a benefit for some people as it means you don’t need to transport your whole boat to the waste disposal point. On the other hand, the waste disposal aspect is also one of the major negatives of cassette toilets. The tanks can be heavy, smelly and there is a risk of splash back. Enough said.

Unlike the portable cassette toilet, pump-out toilets are permanent, and the waste tanks are much larger. You can opt for a tank directly beneath the toilet or a remote tank where waste is transported from the toilet to the tank through a network of pipes.

The key difference between these two types of toilets is in the waste disposal process. Rather than carrying the tank to a disposal point, you will need to use a pump-out facility in a marina. In most cases, you should not need to do this more than once a month and the cost is relatively low, usually around $20.

This simple difference comes with some major benefits, however. There tends to be less smell from the tank on board and the emptying process is much more sanitized. You don’t have to watch your waste leaving the tank, it goes out through a hose.

For pump-out marine toilets, your holding tank needs to be positioned in the center of the vessel. This helps to maintain balance and preserve your boat’s trim even when the tank is full. As pump-out toilets are fixed, they also come with a wider range of designs that mimic the feel of a real toilet at home. You can opt for porcelain and wood, for instance, for the ultimate throne effect.

When you are choosing a marine toilet, look out for models that are relatively easy install. At the same time, you will also want to find a toilet with straightforward maintenance requirements in case anything goes wrong and you’re far away from help. Unless you have a dedicated, specialized team on board to help fix any faults in your system, it’s best not to opt for anything too advanced.

That being said, make sure that you know how to fix basic problems in case something goes wrong with your marine toilet. Try to get into the habit of checking your toilet function regularly as this will help you to identify any faults before they turn into a major storm.

VacuFlush toilet

VacuFlush toilets offer something a little bit different to traditional pump-out toilets. They use a vacuum to suck waste out of the toilet and into the system. A major benefit of this kind of marine toilet design is that the waste is completely cleared which means there is less chance of a lingering odor. On top of that, the vacuum uses much less water than traditional flushing toilets.

VacuFlush toilets market themselves on their flush efficiency. Many models use less than 0.5 liters for each flush, greatly reducing water consumption and improving the efficiency of the holding tank. Unlike electric toilets, they also use very little power.

Vetus toilet

Vetus produce electric marine toilets that are compact and lightweight. Electric toilets tend to be much noisier than other pump-out designs but Vetus has models that are designed to be super quiet. If you opt for an electric pump-out model, you will need make sure you keep your batteries charged to allow for an effective flushing action and avoid blockages.

Jabsco toilet

One of the most popular brands of marine toilet, Jabsco are best known for their manual flushing toilet. Jabsco models are well-known for being extremely reliable and easy to use. They are small, quiet and affordable. The design is also simple enough that you can fix many common problems without the need for expert input.

To help keep your marine toilet system in tip top condition, choose your toilet paper wisely! Most marine toilets won’t be able to handle the luxury quilted paper you can now find in many stores. Instead, it is a good idea to use cheap, lightweight toilet paper that is biodegradable. Not only will this help you to save money but more importantly, it will help you avoid blockages.

Toilet paper blockages on pump-out toilets require expert help and can be expensive to fix. Cheap paper is key.

If you have environmental concerns around how marine toilets work, there are some options you can explore to help limit the impact of your waste.

One of the most pressing issues when it comes to marine toilets is the use of liquid chemicals to mask the smell of the waste tank. These are either added to the tank directly or mixed with the rinse water and they are often harmful.

Eco-conscious swaps include:

  • Bioactive treatments

There are also greener alternatives to traditional, water-based marine toilets that negate the need for use of chemicals at all. Compostable toilets and incineration toilets are both becoming more popular because of their waterless design that transforms waste into a harmless, biodegradable product.

Compostable toilets break waste down into a natural mulch, a lot like what you would put on your plants. Incineration toilets burn waste at a high temperature, converting it into sterile ash which is biodegradable and can also be used as fertilizer. If you are looking for an eco-friendly marine toilet, you might want to explore these options.

The experience of using a marine toilet will differ according to the type of toilet you choose. This is because not all marine toilets work the same. The key differences are in the waste tank design and the corresponding waste disposal process. Before you purchase a marine toilet, it’s a good idea to know how it works so you don’t find yourself in deep

Daniel O'Connell

Hello Elizabeth,

I read your article about marine heads. Very informative, thank you. Wishing you a fun and safe time in Budapest, Hungary.

Do you sail?

Dan O’Connell (734) 299-6748

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Boat Accessories

The 10 Best Marine Toilets in 2022

jabsco yacht toilette

By: Ben Jacklin Editor

jabsco yacht toilette

Even when you’re on the water, when nature calls, we need to answer. Marine toilets are your solution, whether you’re out for a day trip, or spending significant time on the seas.

What is a Marine Toilet?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, a toilet for your boat. These toilets can’t be plumbed to the main sewage (for obvious reasons) so they have holding waste tanks. 

Marine toilets for small boats may also be totally self-contained and store the waste in an inbuilt tank.

Eventually, the waste can be effectively and safely disposed of in regulated sites . 

A reliable marine toilet is a must, and we’ve reviewed 10 of the very best marine toilets below.

Marine Toilets

Best Versatile Marine Toilet

JABSCO Twist n’ Lock Manual Marine Toilet

A highly-respected brand offer you this toilet with a versatile installation.

jabsco yacht toilette

What we like

  • Versatile and simple install.
  • Multiple options for discharge.

What we don’t like

  • Can be prone to leaking.

JABSCO is a very highly-respected brand in the world of marine toilet equipment. 

The clever Twist ‘n’ Lock design means that the flushing and discharge are simple, and that siphonic flooding and backflow are kept to an absolute minimum. You don’t want to experience these while you’re out on a boating trip.

This is a marine toilet head with a lot of pump power, and it can be set up above or below the waterline with no issues. It’s also flexible as you can choose to attach on the right or left, so it is suitable for many different boats and vessels.

The best versatile marine toilet . As well as a versatile installation, it can be discharged overboard or into a holding tank, to give you extra control.

What could be better

  • The 90-degree angle of the elbow installation can make it prone to leaking.

Best Electric Marine Toilet

JOHNSON PUMPS 80-47435-01 Marine Toilet

A simple design of an electric marine toilet.

jabsco yacht toilette

  • Simple installation.
  • Electric operation.
  • Corrosion-resistant. 
  • Some spray when flushing.

If you’re looking for a functional, simple design for an electric marine toilet this could be a great choice. The porcelain design is very high-quality and resistant to rust and corrosion, something very useful for marine use. It comes with a joint pump setup to choose when you’re ready to electrically flash the waste.

Standardized fastenings mean tool-free installation (well, no special tools anyway). It’s also quick to install.

Best electric marine toilet. This electric toilet is easy to flush and extremely hygienic, removing some of the manual aspects of this unpleasant job.

  • Corrosion-resistant. 

Best Composting Marine Toilet

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Great environmentally friendly solution for your boat.

jabsco yacht toilette

  • No significant odor.
  • Environmentally friendly solution.
  • Install on any boat.
  • Heavy to lift and empty.

Being able to turn your waste into compost is a fantastic plus point of the Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet.

This cleverly uses microorganisms and a composting design to turn human waste into useful compost, so it is different from “porta-potti” designs which don’t process the waste at all.

This is simple to install, especially as it doesn’t have any specific plumbing into the boat, and the manufacturers say you may not need to empty it for as much as 4-6 weeks. We recommend doing so a bit more frequently, as the waste can become pretty heavy.

For a composting toilet, the odor is amazingly faint. This won’t stink out the whole place even if it has a few weeks of waste in it. When it is time to empty, it requires a bit of strength, but it is a relatively quick job, and you can even use the remains on your plants at home.

Best Macerator Marine Toilet

TMC Marine Electric Toilet

A very effective way to dispose of waste and is suitable for relatively heavy use.

jabsco yacht toilette

  • High-capacity.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Not suitable for pressurized water systems.

A macerator toilet allows for compression of waste and makes it easier to dispose of, especially in the water.

The best macerator toilet . This marine toilet from TMC is a very effective way to dispose of waste and is suitable for relatively heavy use. It has a scavenger pump and the macerator can grind waste and toilet paper. You can then use a simple push button to flush the waste away.

The design is pretty efficient and makes it easy to dispose of waste. Keep in mind the fact that it doesn’t have a solenoid valve, which can be an issue if your boat’s water system is pressurized.

  • High-capacity macerator pump included.
  • Long-lasting and surprisingly low maintenance.

Best Universal Fit Marine Toilet

Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp

The design is functional and its a portable option.

jabsco yacht toilette

  • No installation needed.
  • Clever flushing system.
  • You have to do the discharge.
  • Maximum user weight of 265 lbs.

The option to use a marine toilet that fits anywhere is great for small vessels and means you don’t have the hassle that comes with installation. The Porta Potti 92306 is also an option for truckers, or to take camping with you.

The design is functional, and it has a great carrying handle, and a toilet paper holder, as well as an indicator of how full the tank is. Eventually, when it comes to flushing, you can use a pour-out spout that rotates and avoids any nasty backsplashes.

This is the best universal fit marine toilet , and it is portable so you can take it with you if you camp out, for instance. You can use a “hold down kit” which helps to secure the portable toilet to the floor throughout use for a bit more stability. Unfortunately, it isn’t suitable if you weigh more than 265 lbs.

  • Use this with any model of boat, no installation is needed.
  • Clever flushing system to make the job a bit easier.
  • This model relies on you to do the discharge.
  • Not suitable for users heavier than 265 lbs.

Best Portable Marine Toilet With Large Tank

CAMCO 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

A very lightweight model but it still manages to be sturdy.

jabsco yacht toilette

  • Large waste capacity.
  • Affordable.
  • Simple waste disposal.
  • Emits odors over time.
  • The flush mechanism is hard to use.

A large tank might be completely necessary for longer trips or for boats with more passengers, and with the CAMCO model, you can take advantage of a 5.3-gallon tank.

This is a very lightweight model but it still manages to be sturdy, and even has a higher capacity than some other models, as people up to 330lbs in weight can use the toilet. It has drop-in samples and odor treatments and latches to keep it in place.

This is a portable toilet with a large tank and as well as 2.5 gallons of fresh water from the top flush, the bellows-style pump flushes the water and waste down into a large 5.3-gallon waste tank. 

Be sure to attach and detach this with care, as you do not want any spillage. There’s a sliding top on the waste tank to keep odor under control, but there is sometimes an unpleasant aroma, especially if the toilet sees a lot of use.

  • Durable design and large waste capacity.
  • Affordable model.
  • Relatively simple to dispose of waste.
  • There is often an odor when this has seen a lot of use.
  • Flush mechanism requires a surprising amount of strength.

Best Compact & Electric Marine Toilet

JABSCO Lite Flush Compact Marine Electric Toilet

A great if you are looking for something lightweight and premium

jabsco yacht toilette

  • Very compact.
  • Easy to install. 
  • Uncomfortable for some people.
  • Can’t be used with pressurized systems.

When space is at a premium but you still need something that is going to give you electric flushing and reliable toileting while on your boat, this could be the option to take.

This extremely modern-looking toilet can easily be installed or retrofitted where your manual toilet once was. 

It’s certainly very different from the other models on the list. Using just 1.2 liters of water per flush, it relies on a “Lite Flush” footswitch which you press once to fill the bowl and then press when you’re finished to flush it away.

This compact electric marine toilet is great if you are looking for something lightweight and if space is really at a premium, and if you are replacing an existing JABSCO model this is particularly easy to install. 

What we liked

  • Very compact and easy to save space.
  • Fits where previous JABSCO models have been.
  • Not comfortable for people with a larger build.

Best Strong Pump Marine Toilet

Raritan PH Superflush Toilet

Raritan Superflush is definitely made to a high standard.

jabsco yacht toilette

  • Excellent pump design.
  • Avoids backflow issues.
  • Clever soft-close seat avoids rattling.
  • Larger and bulkier than other options.

When you’ve used enough marine toilets, you get pretty good at knowing which are well-made, and the Raritan Superflush is definitely made to a high standard.

PH Superflush Toilet with Soft-Close Lid Our latest configuration helps customers easily switch from competitive models and begin taking advantage of the robust and dependable design of our world-renowned PHII pump.

Every unit is individually assembled and tested by hand in the USA. Upgrading to PH SuperFlush is fast and easy! The mounting base configuration matches the bolt pattern used on most competitive toilets. Clear the bowl with less strokes! 

The installation is relatively straightforward and can be either above or below the waterline. The soft-close seat sounds like a small innovation, but it is also great for avoiding annoying slamming while the boat is rocking.

The pump is definitely the number one selling point here. It makes it easier to flush away waste, using a double-action piston pump. It’s super strong and feels closer to using a real toilet than some competing models.

  • Excellent pump design makes it easy to dispose of waste.
  • Avoids backflow issues some other marine toilets struggle with.
  • A bit larger and bulkier than some other options.

Best Compact Composting Marine Toilet

SEPARETT Villa 9215

A very options for keeping the odour control.

jabsco yacht toilette

  • Keeps odor to minimum.
  • Turns waste into usable compost.
  • Use with AC or DC power.
  • Hard to find the right compostable bags.

This composting marine toilet does a very good job of keeping the odors to a minimum, as it pulls air and liquid out of the storage tank which can greatly help to reduce the smell. It diverts water and urine away.

This can be installed using AC or DC power so it is suitable for use with generators, for instance. It does require compostable bags which are used to catch the waste and comes with ten of these included.

There is a vent fan to get rid of the odor and allow you to use the compact composting marine toilet without worrying too much about the smells.

  • Does a good job of keeping odor to a minimum.
  • It can be tough to source the right compostable bags.

Best Tiny Toilet for Boats

SEA FLO Portable Toilet

It’s perfect for use on a single-day trip.

jabsco yacht toilette

  • Tiny and portable.
  • High capacity.
  • Not amazing at sealing in the odors. 
  • Not super stable.

You might want a marine toilet for day trips rather than weeks out at sea, so you don’t need a huge five or six-gallon beast. 

The SEA FLO is a possible solution. It only weighs 11 lbs when empty, and has carrying handles meaning it is totally portable. The 2.6-gallon waste tank and 3.4-gallon water tank make it easy to use and flush, and the impressive durability is handy, too. Users up to 330 lbs in weight can use the SEA FLO.

It’s perfect for use on a single-day trip and easy to empty when the time comes.

  • Tiny and very portable.
  • Not amazing at sealing in the odors. 
  • Not super stable if the boat is rocky. 

How to Choose Your Marine Toilet

As you can see from the products on this list, there are a variety of different marine toilets with different designs. Some are great for a day on the lake, others are suitable for weeks at sea.

Types of Marine Toilets

There are a few types of toilets. The best electric marine toilets have a more automated pump function to help you to push the waste product into the storage tank. Manual models have a manual pump for the same purpose.

Many electric marine toilets also have a macerator which can grind down the waste to a smaller size before it is disposed of.

A lot of people opt for totally self-contained marine toilets, which may be manual marine toilets that require you to empty them very regularly. You might also opt for a composting toilet, which can use microorganisms and enzymes to break down the waste and create compost, and often remove the liquid to help prevent smells.

In summary, the types of marine toilets include:

  • Manual: These have a manual pump for moving waste into the storage tank and for cleaning or rinsing the bowl.
  • Electric : These often have a macerator and an automatic method of cleaning and rinsing the toilet head.
  • Composting : The waste products are stored and break down into compost for use in the future.
  • Portable : These can be installed on your boat, but they can also easily be removed, and are often used for camping trips or on RVs. 

Other Considerations

There are a few other aspects of marine toilets to think about before you complete your purchase and make a final buying decision.

Marine Toilets and Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal

Always consider the waste disposal aspect. If you are using the best marine head toilet with a larger waste tank then you might only have to do this job once in a while, but if you have a self-contained marine toilet and you are squeamish when it comes to human waste, make sure it’s easy to dispose of the waste.

It isn’t nice to talk about, but a lot of portable marine toilets struggle with issues like splashback, and even leaking. This is not something you’ll want to deal with regularly.

Contrary to what you might assume, composting marine toilets are often the easiest to dispose of the waste and the smell is less pungent as the water is removed from the waste, as explained by Let’s Go Green .


If you opt for an electric toilet or a marine boat head that connects to a large tank, you will need to professionally install the toilet. This often means connecting to a power supply.

If you go for the best self-contained marine toilets, the installation process is simple, and most people can easily install them with no hiccups.


The less time you spend maintaining your marine toilet, the better, right? Opt for a product that is low-maintenance to ensure that you minimize time spent refilling cleaning products or replacing composting bags.

The Final Verdict

Plenty of marine toilets do a very functional job. Be sure to match up your own specific needs and budget with the toilet you eventually choose. Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet is a great self-contained composting model, but the JABSCO Twist n’ Lock Manual Marine Toilet is extremely versatile. Every model in our list of marine toilet reviews has something to offer.

You might also be interested in:

  • Best Boat Dehumidifier in 2022
  • The 10 Best Boat Coolers in 2022

This depends on the model of marine toilet, but most can allow you to use toilet paper with caution. If you use too much, there could easily be a blockage.

Yes, there is no problem with pooping on a boat toilet, but make sure that you have a model that won’t start to smell over time if you are using it for number one and number two.

The best method is to ensure that you find a marine toilet that keeps the waste secure within a tank, or even use a composting model that gets rid of liquids and urine to help keep the smell to a minimum.

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jabsco yacht toilette

37010-3092 TOILET 12V - COMPACT BOWL

  • Connections:   - for 19mm ( ¾”) bore inlet hose, 25mm (1“) bore discharge hose
  • Dimensions:   - 355mm high, 352mm wide, 451mm deep
  • Fuse Size:  - 25(amp)
  • Maximum Current:  - 16(amps)
  • Baked enamel Seat & cover
  • Flexible Impeller Flush Pump
  • Xylem Product Page
  • https://www.xylem.com/en-uk/products--services/pumps-packaged-pump-systems/packaged-solutions/marine-toilets/electric-marine-toilet/
  • Packaged Dimensions: L:54.00 x H:54.00 x W:50.00cm
  • Actual Weight: 14.50 Kg  (Approx. 15.50 Kg packed)

jabsco yacht toilette

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The Best Marine Toilets

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

The wave sounds and the smell of the ocean breeze is something that we all look forward to. From beds to comfort rooms, everything must be in order during travels. This includes our toilet paper and shower essentials. We must admit that we find it hard to relax in a dirty and uncomfortable head. Fret not! This marine toilets review will tell you all about the best marine toilet in town.

best marine toilet

You can pick a toilet for boats from our list to ensure a clean sailboat and avoid gross odors that may lurk around your vessel. There are various types of marine heads available. Scroll more and check out what’s best for you in this guide.

JABSCO Twist n’ Lock

jabsco yacht toilette

Jump to Review

Johnson Pumps 80-47435-01

jabsco yacht toilette

TMC Electric Toilet Large Bowl

jabsco yacht toilette

Table of Contents

1. JABSCO Twist n’ Lock Manual Marine Toilet

2. johnson pumps 80-47435-01 marine toilet, 3. tmc marine electric toilet, 4. porta potti 92306 white corp, 5. jabsco 37010 series electric marine toilet, 6. camco 41541 portable travel toilet, 7. seaflo 12v electric toilet boating head, 8. thetford 92860 porta potti 135, 9. jabsco lite flush compact marine toilet, 10. raritan superflush toilet, 11. nature’s head self-contained composting toilet, 12. separett villa 9215 ac/dc, 13. camco premium travel toilet with detachable tank, 14. five oceans electric marine toilet, what is marine toilet and how does it work, types of marine toilets, benefits and drawbacks of using marine toilet, buyer’s guide, care and maintenance, frequently asked questions, top 14 marine toilet reviews.

JABSCO is a famous brand worldwide thanks to more than 20 years of consistent manufacturing of high-quality manual and electric toilets. They are also known for their highly convenient Twist ‘n’ Lock feature that provides exceptional protection against siphonic flooding and excess backflow. It achieves this endeavor with a single 90-degree twist of a knob.

This manual and best marine head provides reliable pumping power. I like how its self-priming drive lets me set it up above or below the waterline. Besides, it also comes with an adjustable mounting feature that allows you to reverse installation direction. Therefore, you can attach the pump to the right or left.

The potty is available in regular and compact sizes. It also fits medium butt sizes. These features make it an ideal marine toilet aside from being highly affordable.

The highly versatile marine toilet systems of JABSCO are ideal for both overboard and holding tank discharge processes. I appreciate this feature since I can use it for the two types of discharge.

I have no more hard choices because this modern Jabsco marine toilet provides exceptional service and satisfaction for my bowel needs on the sea. With this product, you can flush your worries away!

  • Comes with a highly-convenient Twist ‘n’ Lock feature
  • Has a mighty pumping power
  • Highly flexible and adjustable mounting feature
  • Regular and compact sizes
  • Affordable compared to a standard marine toilet
  • Compatible with both overboard and holding tank discharge processes
  • Faulty installation may result in elbow outlet leaking

I prioritize comfort above anything else when looking for an electric marine toilet. If you’re a practical sailor like me, choose JOHNSON PUMPS. This one good brand provides the most affordable electric marine toilet and manual marine toilets.

You will love this product’s compact structure that complements all room designs. Its lustrous and white glasslike porcelain comes with joint pump items for human waste flush-out and discarding, making sure that you will have a trouble-free stay onboard. This feature allows you to have extreme comfort in your sailboat.

Another thing that gives this product a winning factor is that it’s corrosion-free. As a practical sailor, I won’t have to worry about rust issues due to the ocean salts. With this item, I can have a marine portable toilet that is highly reliable and comfortable.

This product is also a winning factor in terms of convenience thanks to its standard fastenings that require no special tools. It also guarantees quicker and more manageable maintenance and easy marine toilet installation.

Forget all your worries and have everlasting peace of mind with this remarkable product that flushes out quietly. It is also highly hygienic, so it would not give you any viruses and sickness caused by germs.

  • Compact structure perfectly blends in your room
  • Combined pump unit for efficient waste disposal
  • Corrosion-resistant feature
  • Standard fastenings that require no tools
  • Quick, manageable maintenance and easy installation
  • Hygienic and quiet
  • The company may be unresponsive towards any concerns or queries

This is the first time that I’ll be giving a two in one product review. Keep scrolling as I give out one of my favorite marine macerator toilet reviews and electric marine toilet reviews in a single write-up.

Everyone loves to have an adequate tool to complement their luxurious living on board. If you want to experience something like that, TMC got you covered. They belong to the top-notch category of the boat toilet out there.

This product’s large capacity scavenger pump effectively grinds and drives up waste and toilet paper for efficient discharging. I’m sure you will love its offered convenience over other brands. On top of that, it comes with a handy push-button, allowing you to control the quick flush box. You can set it on or off conveniently.

Aside from all of those fantastic features, we also want to make sure that toiletries and other comfort room essentials are easy to clean. This stylish and luxurious marine head absolutely meets this requirement. It is surprisingly easy and quick to clean!

Thanks to its low cleaning maintenance, you can have more time to enjoy the oceanic scenery around you rather than scrubbing and washing.

  • Large capacity scavenger pump for exceptional waste and toilet paper disposal
  • Comes with a handy on and off push button
  • Surprisingly easy and quick to clean
  • Stylish and luxurious
  • No solenoid valve

jabsco yacht toilette

If you like a marine porta potty that highly emphasizes aesthetics and a minimalistic design, you should check this one out. This sleek and modern-looking bowl gives you a glimpse of your own home. Take your comfort room to a whole new level as this unit allows you to experience a home-like vibe, allowing you to rest easy and relax.

The award-winning versatility of this portable and compact model is something that I am thankful for. Aside from boats, it is also highly compatible with other vehicles such as RVs.

I don’t have a hard time cleaning this unit, thanks to its ergonomic holding grip. This model also comes with an integrated lavatory paper or tissue container and a holding tank level gauge to make usage convenient.

Other things that made me love this product are its odorless and leak-resistant features. Thanks to its tightly secured valve and revolving pour-out spout, you can avoid unpleasant smells and dispose of waste and toilet paper without any backsplashes.

Furthermore, it also has a hold down kit that firmly secures the unit to the floor. So, you don’t have to worry about it wobbling while you travel.

  • A sleek, modern, minimal design that suits your boat
  • Can be firmly secured to the floor
  • Compact and versatile
  • Super convenient and quick to clean
  • Tank level gauge and integrated tissue holder
  • It does not produce unwanted odor and is leak-proof
  • Some customers had problems with the pump

jabsco yacht toilette

Are you curious about the exciting stuff this toilet has to offer for your boat? Keep reading to know more!

JABSCO never fails to satisfy us with their highly durable marine toilets for small boats. I like how their units fit perfectly in my watercraft. That said, even if you have large yachts, you can use this electric marine toilet.

This model provides exceptional versatility that comes in handy as it keeps us comfortable throughout our vacation. The versatile design makes this unit perfect for overboard or holding container discharges.

The integrated self-priming rinse pump brings water around you into the toilet. This feature makes sure that you can flush off with no worries. It also comes with an incorporated backflow stopper that efficiently guards against any flooding or backsplash incidents, which, of course, can be very disgusting.

I also love how this toilet is made from rust-proof materials. This feature allows me to use both saltwater and freshwater for flushing. It also comes with an easy installation. I can attach this toilet one meter over or under the waterline with no worries.

  • Provides exceptional versatility
  • Conveniently brings water around the boat into the toilet
  • Backflow stopper guards against any backsplash or flooding issues
  • This toilet is made from rust-proof materials for added durability
  • Unit is surprisingly easy to install
  • Poor and unresponsive customer service from the manufacturer

jabsco yacht toilette

Solve all your toilet problems with CAMCO’s portable travel toilet. If you like to go on RV trips, go camping, sailing, and do other leisure activities like me, this 5.3-gallon toilet will come in handy.

I find it necessary for toilets to have a colossal flush and holding tank, especially for a plump pooper like me. That’s what makes this product a huge plus, as it has a 5.3-gallon holding tank.

It is highly versatile and can perfectly fit in any tight spaces. This reliable marine toilet, due to its holding tank, is also detachable so that you can have easy access and convenience during waste disposal.

It also comes with a secured slide valve that effectively seals unwanted odors and protects your vehicles from any gross leakage that may occur. For additional security, it also comes with side latches that lock the holding tank to the toilet.

This belongs to the marine toilets list due to its bellow type flush incorporated with a robust construction. You will definitely find this feature handy as this toilet can accompany you anywhere you go for a lifetime. Trust me when I promise you will never have difficulty maintaining this porta potty.

Lastly, it also perfectly fits the average bum size, giving the user optimum comfort during bathroom trips.

  • A large flush and holding tank
  • Highly versatile, compatible with many vehicles and average bum size
  • Toilet’s detachable holding tank guarantees convenience
  • It comes with a secured slide valve that seals in nasty odors and leakage
  • Slide latches lock the tank to the toilet
  • Features a bellow type flush with a robust and reliable construction
  • The flush plunger may be hard to push for kids

jabsco yacht toilette

Get a good flow with SEAFLO’s electric toilet. This electric marine head that stands out among the top-tier marine toilets —electric or not— has a versatile self-priming drive. I can install this pump above or under the waterline. For more info about this product, keep scrolling and see what I’ve got in store for you.

This ceramic toilet comes with a baked enamel finish that shows a sophisticated look. To further add to its aesthetics and design, it is equipped with a wooden seat that perfectly suits any ambiance.

I can use both raw and freshwater with this toilet, thanks to its highly durable and corrosion-resistant materials. It also perfectly converts manual head to electric operation without giving you a hard time. It provides exceptional convenience, more than I could ever ask for.

I love this product’s incorporated backflow and flooding protection. This feature saves me from unwanted leaks that may cause a nauseous odor in my entire vehicle.

It also comes with a pliable and highly flexible handle that allows both left and right-handed people to use the toilet efficiently. With these features, I can keep my boat fresh and comfortable for my loved ones and myself.

  • It comes with a versatile self-priming drive for easy operation
  • Provides top-notch convenience for the users
  • It displays a sophisticated look that complements every vehicle
  • Its corrosion-free materials make this head compatible with raw and fresh water
  • This head has a backflow and flooding protection that saves you from leakage
  • Suits both right and left-handed people
  • Delivery missing components

jabsco yacht toilette

If you want to experience what it’s like to purchase a buyer’s choice for yourself, then try out this porta potti from THETFORD. It is one of the most favorite marine toilets in town as it efficiently solves most marine toilet problems.

Aside from its excellent functionality, this toilet also has a spectacular modern appearance that perfectly suits any environment. You won’t have a hard time blending this product in.

I also love its ergonomic holder and standard cover design that perfectly add to the unit’s overall convenience. This product is easy to use and only has low cleaning maintenance, thanks to its removable seat. It gives me more hours to spend with my family than spending my energy cleaning the porta potti.

The creativity of this product’s manufacturer is top-notch. No person hates to have a deodorant freebie together with their electric and manual heads. Its exclusive spinning pour-out spout and bellowing flush also wash away unwanted wastes in a blink of an eye.

Adding to it, I appreciate how it has a closed valve that keeps odors sealed in. This feature ensures that you can keep your area clean and fragrant.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a spectacular modern appearance that blends in any environment
  • Has an ergonomic holder and standard cover structure
  • Toilet comes with a deodorant sample as a freebie
  • Spinning pour-out spout and bellowing flush
  • Closed valve seals in unpleasant odors and nasty smells
  • Emptying solid waste takes some effort

jabsco yacht toilette

Meet this brand new compact marine toilet from JABSCO. You’ve probably heard about this reliable brand that manufactures one of the most favorite marine toilets and other sanitary products. This product comes with a 12V, 240W pump for efficient disposal.

I can attest to this product’s effectiveness. The toilet’s highly enduring magnetic motor that comes with ball compartments and sturdy ceramic seal can add up to a powerful discharge. Thanks to its integrated rinse and waste pump structure, you can save both power and water consumption just like me. That’s the highlight of its “lite flush” feature.

It also features a simple footswitch for optimum convenience. When I use the toilet, I only have to press down the footswitch once to fill the bowl with flushing water. To flush, I just have to press it again. It’s as easy as one, two, three! Unlike any other toilet models, this one provides the best comfort and luxury that I have ever experienced in marine toilets.

  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • It comes with a powerful 240-watt pump and 12-volt dc
  • Magnetic motor and ball compartments for powerful discharge
  • Guarantees to save both of your water and power consumption
  • Easy to use with a footswitch system
  • A little bit pricey compared to the standard marine toilet

jabsco yacht toilette

If you’re a practical sailor like me, you always want the best for your guests. This product’s top-notch technology maintains a sleek and compact design. Check out RARITAN’s state-of-the-art PHII pump that can be found in this latest model.

Experience comfort like never before with this Raritan marine toilet. Many customers who have tried this model fell in love with its heavy-duty design.

I love the sturdy dual-action piston drive of this product, which is 66% greater than the usual competitive models we can see in the market. This feature makes this product hassle-free, convenient, and highly efficient.

Besides that, it comes with an exclusively full-sized valve that adds up to your convenience by ensuring trouble-free pumping.

Besides its easy pumping, the engineered polymer pump structure provides superior strength that I find handy. I can say goodbye to slamming seats, too, thanks to its soft-close seat that stops annoying banging and firmly stays in place.

If you think that I’m done with all its useful features, think again! All components come with a dry washing option and are attachable overhead or underneath the waterline.

  • Offers top-notch technology in a compact and sleek toilet at a fair price
  • Extremely durable and reliable marine bowl
  • This toilet comes with a dual-action piston drive that beats standard quality
  • Full-sized valve and soft-close, secure seat
  • Engineered polymer pump guarantees superior strength
  • Attachable over or under the waterline
  • The new model cannot fit the previous bolt shape and needs further work

jabsco yacht toilette

This self contained marine toilet is one of the most reliable units a seafarer could ask for. Its effortless installation attracts a practical sailor as he can assemble this head easily.

It does not produce any odor or pungent smell, which can be embarrassing to your guests. Such odor can be caused by a full holding tank and stacked wastes that haven’t been disposed of yet. I can keep my boat smelling fresh with this toilet.

If you’re a lazy user like me, we probably agree that doing toilet maintenance is a tiring job. However, you won’t have to agonize about that with this unit as it comes with little maintenance.

Moreover, this highly versatile product is specially designed to fit in and become functional anywhere, especially in areas where plumbing and electrical energy are almost non-existent.

Rest assured, this product can endure the harsh marine and wildlife environment. Therefore, it is the ideal tool installed in RVs, vacation lodges, barns, yurts, and even trucks.

I love the outstanding customer service of this self-contained marine toilet brand. It is positively unparalleled compared with any other company as they offer a five-year warranty on all of their products.

  • This self-contained toilet is highly convenient to install
  • Does not produce any unwanted odor and pungent smell
  • Comes with little maintenance, equipped with high versatility
  • Can endure harsh weather environments in both land and water
  • Company offers a five-year product warranty for customer satisfaction
  • Requires constant disposal
  • Is too heavy for one person when filled

jabsco yacht toilette

Another reliable brand in the market is SEPARETT. They produce exceptional marine toilets with consistent quality. Make your living more luxurious with the most advanced, worry-free composting bowl in town.

This white villa comes in an elongated round shape that can be mounted on the wall. Its sleek and compact design is something that you should look out for as it gives out a minimalist vibe that perfectly fits any environment. It has been one of the favorite buys of the masses since 2018.

This highly multipurpose unit is ideal for both an on-grid and off-grid lifestyle. Its compatibility with both AC and DC makes it fully functional on standard household and traveling vehicles. Because it can run on DC, it can utilize battery or solar power.

Besides, I love its waste drying and diverting feature that keeps my compartment clean and odorless. It comes with a rapid fan, too, which significantly aids in air circulation and assists efficient venting of up to 20 feet around the room.

This product comes with ten compostable bags and one waste container with a cover to ensure you a clean and more organized experience. It also has a child seat that makes your toddlers more comfortable.

  • Ten compostable bags and one container with a cover
  • This oblong-shaped product is convenient to install on the wall
  • Has a sleek and compact minimalistic design that fits in your space
  • Comes with high versatility and compatibility
  • Waste drying and diverting feature with fan
  • Has a child seat that makes children comfortable with the unit
  • Toilet cannot be returned once installed

jabsco yacht toilette

I’m pretty sure you’ll love this product as much as I do. The CAMCO premium travel toilet is made from abs resin, giving you satisfying durability and a good design. I also like its large detachable holding tank as it has a whopping 5.3-gallon of storing capacity. Plus, there’s another 4 gallons for the flush tank. You can never go wrong with this model.

Also, it comes with a 19-inch gliding lid valve that effectively caps in odors and prevents waste leakage. With its decisive pumping flush action, the toilet’s internal surface will be properly sanitized. Cleanup will also be more manageable, thanks to its swivel dumping elbow that makes waste removal possible in a flash.

I appreciate how lightweight this product is. This feature makes it highly portable and convenient to bring on all of my camping and road trips. Its patented design is also a plus, as I have rarely seen such a good and fully functional product that perfectly meets my needs. If you’re looking for a reliable toilet, this one’s arguably the best choice.

  • Made from abs resin material, fully furnished with a patented design
  • Detachable holding tank comes with a vast storage capacity
  • 4-gallon flush tank
  • Has a 19-inch sliding lid valve that caps in odors and prevents leakage
  • Guarantees to give a more manageable and quick cleaning session
  • This toilet is exceptionally lightweight
  • You need to prevent pressure build-up

jabsco yacht toilette

Do you want to try high-quality convenience that gives you the most satisfactory discharge experience? FIVE OCEANS got something good for you. Their marine electric toilet comes with a smart flush control feature and a powerful macerator pump that makes cleaning and flushing easier.

I love its large capacity scrounger pump that efficiently grinds up waste. This feature makes the pumping action more convenient and quicker.

As mentioned above, I also like this product because it comes with a handy push control flush button. After using this porta potty, I only have to push a single button to wash it all away. There are no more hassles on my part.

Adding to that, it is also convenient to clean. I don’t have to spend hours trying to scrub this unit, which is far different from the usual ones.

Moreover, it comes with a 360mm x 445mm x 352mm dimension, a considerably portable size for marine toilets.

What’s more, the slow closing motion seat of this unit adds a bit of delicateness. With this function, I can use the toilet for a more extended period and minimize product damage due to irresponsible handling of the head’s closing seat.

  • Powerful macerator pump makes cleaning and flushing easier
  • Convenient to clean
  • Is a considerably portable marine toilet
  • Comes with a slow closing seat to prevent damages from impact
  • Handy push control flush button makes this toilet more convenient
  • The company tends to be unresponsive to concerns and queries


A manual marine or electric marine toilet is a tool to help you relieve yourself on board. It flushes out the waste into a holding tank to be discharged later on.

It uses seawater or freshwater, depending on the boat’s surrounding area, to manually wash out sewage into a holding tank.

More and more options for a marine toilet have come into existence, such as electric marine toilets, composting toilets, and manual marine toilets. I will discuss the two most famous types of marine toilets with different waste storage options, so check them out.

Composting toilets is the first type of marine toilet that I’ll talk about. It is odorless, making it more favorable to the majority of people. It comes with two containers intended for urine and solid wastes and works by allowing oxygen to dry and compost the waste.

On the other hand, electric marine toilets are convenient as they remove the need to cleanse the bowl through a hand pump. Electric marine heads usually have a built-in macerator as well, which efficiently grinds waste before dismissing it into the holding container.

It’s up to you if you prefer electric marine toilets with built-in macerator or composting heads.


An electric marine toilet is easy to use, since flushing only requires a push of a button. However, it might take some trial and error to know how long you should push the button, and doing it wrong might block the pipes.

Composting toilets, unlike electric ones, use no energy. They also come with minimal maintenance, as you won’t have to worry about joker valves or thru hulls. On the downside, when used the wrong way, composting toilets can result in bug infestations.

As for manual toilets, they are budget-friendly but prone to clogging if used incorrectly.

If you’re looking for reliable electric marine toilets or those with a manual pump in town, check out my reviewed products above and see what suits you the best.

Heads from JABSCO, RARITAN, JOHNSON PUMPS, and CAMCO are famous for their consistent quality. These mentioned brands are the most famous manufacturers of first-class and comfortable composting toilets you’ll ever see in the market.

A high-quality electric marine toilet does not take up too much of your time just to clean it up.

It would not hurt if you equip yourself with the knowledge to clean a marine toilet. This section will share all the necessary steps in keeping heads squeaky clean and in top shape.

Clean the lines by washing them with a nip of white vinegar monthly. You can rinse the unit gradually, giving it a pump from time to time. The slightly acidic substance effectively softens fresh scale in the head and water tubing. When the vinegar passes through the heads’ sanitation systems, it would be best if you pump a gallon of freshwater to flush the lines thoroughly.

The next maintenance care is lubrication. Lubricating is a breeze, too. If you want to retain the pump’s smooth operation, the only thing you have to do is to follow up your scheduled vinegar wash with a dose of oil. The top option is a lubricant ideal for marine bowls, but you can also use mineral oil if it’s not readily available.


Who makes the top-rated marine toilet?

Several brands make high-quality heads, but JABSCO and RARITAN fight for the best manufacturer spot. Other brands such as CAMCO, NATURE’S HEAD, and THETFORD also stay competitive.

However, it is purely up to the user’s preference, as I prefer JABSCO to RARITAN. Fret not, though. This article ensures that you’ll have your ideal head that perfectly suits your taste.

Can you poop in a marine toilet?

Of course. Marine heads are a convenient tool to discharge your waste when traveling. A composting head is a go-to pooping station that relieves your discomfort and makes you feel at home during your adventure trips in the country, even without an ample supply of water along.

How does a marine macerator toilet work?

A marine macerator works similarly to the macerators of a regular head. After you do your thing, simply use a push-button or a knob switch to wash out the waste. The process includes the bowl’s water filling while it flushes.

Your waste, such as toilet paper, then goes through a macerator that dissolves it. The next step involves hose pumping into a holding tank , where waste can be released into the appropriate places. Keep an eye on no discharge zones where you cannot dump sewage, whether it’s treated or not. Make sure to have enough water for a quick flush.

What is a sea toilet on a boat ?

A sea head or marine head can be attached to vessels. It removes human waste and toilet paper by washing it out directly into a holding tank to be emptied onshore.

Porta potty vs. marine head: What’s the difference?

A porta potty offers convenience and simplicity to the user. Besides that, it is also well-known for its affordability and energy-saving capabilities.

Its simple process of fill-and-dump dramatically differs from a fully-plumbed marine head, which usually involves the installation of tubes, valves, and through-hulls. Make sure to have ample water supply for these two types, though.

How to set up and use?

Like heads at home, a marine tank doesn’t require an engineering course for its installation and usage. It promotes user-friendliness that makes it accessible for you and your friend. Make sure that you always have an ample supply of water for functionality tests in this installation.

After doing your business, the only thing you’ll have to do is to flick the switch. This process lets you pump freshwater or seawater into the toilet bowl. The next thing to do is to toss the switch reversely, allowing you to drain the bowl out. For electric toilets, a simple press of a button will do.

Where can I buy?

You can have your very own marine toilet by browsing through Amazon. This is the best go-to platform when you’re looking for a low-profile marine head. If you want a reliable product, browse through Amazon and find the best one for yourself!

A marine toilet with a tank is a worthwhile investment that instantly adds value to your sailboat. Having one makes your trip more convenient and relaxing. I hope you found the right one for you in this guide. It would always be best to follow your heart and be wise in choosing the best marine toilet to accompany your adventures. After all, it’s you who will benefit from the comfort it provides.


I am passionate about water sports and technical fields, so combining both makes me interested in making contents about boat accessories. With my partner, we went on many trips and sports games together, which led us to think about how we can spread our joys and passions to many people.

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Jabsco manual toilet leaks on the water pump

  • Thread starter Chanquete
  • Start date 16 May 2021
  • 16 May 2021

Hello Every time I pump I see water drops coming out from the upper part of the pump. Can I fix it changing an O ring? Or winding some thread? . Thanks for an advice!  


Well-known member

Yes, you can replace the seal, look at Jabsco spares.  


This is the part Imperial Oil Seal 3/8" x 3/4" x 1/4" Single Lip | eBay Jabsco don't list it seperately and you need to contact the seller prior to purchase to ask for a stainless steel spring.  


If the water is coming around the handle shaft when you pump it there is a seal available for that as well. Richard  

  • 17 May 2021


Laysula said: This is the part Imperial Oil Seal 3/8" x 3/4" x 1/4" Single Lip | eBay Jabsco don't list it seperately and you need to contact the seller prior to purchase to ask for a stainless steel spring. Click to expand...

Make sure there are no hairline cracks prior to ordering seals.  

Spirit (of Glenans)

Spirit (of Glenans)



Others have pretty much covered everything. I used to buy the lip seals from the local Bearing Services place and they were so cheap I'd buy 10 about 20 years ago. I simply checked the part no. on the existing seal. I'd bet it is much harder to replace on new units to make you buy an expensive genuine part. I haven't looked recently. It is pretty easy to spot a leaky seal because the water comes out of from the shaft on the upstroke. Water dribbling from the lip at the front of the top cover indicates a leak in this part. Sometimes you can just nip up the 6 top screws slightly and it can also be a badly aligned gasket/valve part inside. The latter usually only happens after recent assembly. I usually hold a tissue at the lowest part of the lip and it will get wet on pumping if the top part isn't sealing. If these checks fail then it might be a crack.  

I've not found Jabsco parts to be particularly overpriced. The fact that they've kept all the fittings compatible for so long suggests they are much more consumer friendly than that.  

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As a first step, we want to tell you one Russian joke.

In Moscow, one man takes his smartphone and says, “Ok Google, I need to go to the toilet. Where I can find it?”. A voice of the smartphone answers, “Hey man, you are in trouble.”

The toilet problem is very strong in Moscow, and foreign tourists suffer more than Russians. You have almost no chances to find public WC, and no matter are you ready to pay or not. We will give you a few advices on this page. As locals, we know everything about this problem.

Many tourists try to find WC in subway stations. If you follow this idea, you will fail and will lose your time. There are toilets in the Moscow subway, but they are available only for personnel. We do not know any precedent when they let somebody in.

Every year we have a same comedy. The Moscow government declares their new plan of creation public WCs at every station. Every year nothing change. We the Russians usually say in such situation, “a cart is still standing on its place.”

Maps of Moscow WCs

The Google Maps knows a few of WCs, but it is not a decision of the problem.

WCs in trading centres

It is also a good idea. You should remember a few features.

Not every trading centre has own WC. The Sanitary Rules of Russia demand it from every trading centre larger than 10700 square feet (1000 square meters). We also do not know how some trading centres drive a coach and four through. No comments.

The Rules say every trading centre must have a WC, but the Rules do not say how many. So, you will probably get into a situation when there is only one toilet in a large trading centre. In this case, you will need to search for it.

We made a few photos of public WC in one of trading centres in Moscow. See our small gallery below.

WCs in restaurants

There is no any law in Russia that force a restaurant to let everybody using the WC. So, if you enter a restaurant and want to use a toilet, you will need to ask for a permission. Fortunately, Russia is a civilized country, and we never saw a precedent when somebody rejected.

Even if your request is rejected, you will order a cup of coffee, became a client and use the WC. We ask our readers to respect the law and act according to the law.

How to ask about WC in Russian

It is easy. The English word “toilet” sounds very close to the Russian word “tualet”. Even if you say in English, everybody will understand you. Do not hesitate to ask; Russians are usually ready to help.

We have only one advice for this situation. You should show that you a foreigner. If you will not do this, then people will be thinking you a local and will be explaining you something in Russian. Just say something in English to show you are a foreigner, and say the word “toilet”. You will receive an answer by a finger same as it shows the photo on the left.

Of course, it was a joke above. By the way, nowadays, you can find a few monuments to Vladimir Lenin in Moscow, but we do not recommend to follow in the direction he is showing. We the Russians walked in this direction for 74 years, and we still do not understand, where we were going and why.

You can think Russia is a wild country because of this toilet problem. This opinion is wrong. If you visit any private business centre, you will see a fine WC. If you visit a flat of ordinary Russian citizen, you will also find it is clean and in order.

But, if the government is in charge of something, then you will see a long list of problems that are not resolved from year to year. This is Russia.

We write this website to make your voyage to Russia perfect. Read other articles ( look for the list of links below and on the left from the text of every article )


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    4,218. Location. Deale, MD, USA. sail-delmarva.blogspot.com. The best repair on Jabsco manual toilets is often to replace the pump unit. It's typically about $100 in the US, is a fast an easy swap, and gives you, functionally, a new head. Yes, that is almost the price of a new head, but it's an easier swap.

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    Be prepared with the most accurate 10-day forecast for Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from The Weather Channel and Weather.com

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    Here is a free public toilet in Moscow with old-style squat toilets, not many of them left.*****What else is on my channel:Timelapses...

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    Paid WCs in Moscow. They are usually located near train or subway stations. They are easy to notice; three or more cabins of a blue colour are usually different from surrounding objects. You can see the photos on the left. One cabin is used as a place for special worker who collect money and responsible for cleaning.

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