1. LINJETT 39

    linjett 39 sailboat

  2. Linjett 39 vinner European Yacht of the Year

    linjett 39 sailboat

  3. Linjett 39

    linjett 39 sailboat

  4. European Yacht of the Year. Le Linjett 39, vainqueur inattendu, vu par

    linjett 39 sailboat

  5. Boat test: Linjett 39

    linjett 39 sailboat

  6. Linjett 39

    linjett 39 sailboat


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  1. Linjett 39

    As a yacht the Linjett 39 was complete already at the drawing stage: we took the best of two worlds when giving a digital dimension to craftsmanship through 3D-design. The result is a luxurious and modern family cruiser for the entire family to enjoy. The Linjett 39 is where innovative function meets handicraft and finesse, with clever solutions that make life on board pleasant and simple.

  2. LINJETT 39

    A boat with a BN of 1.6 or greater is a boat that will be reefed often in offshore cruising. Derek Harvey, "Multihulls for Cruising and Racing", International Marine, Camden, Maine, 1991, states that a BN of 1 is generally accepted as the dividing line between so-called slow and fast multihulls.

  3. Linjett 39 review: Contemporary interpretation of a traditional design

    Broad reaching under the cruising gennaker in 16 knots of true wind the Linjett 39 clocked 9 knots boat speed, with the true breeze a little aft of the beam and the apparent well forward.

  4. Boat test: Linjett 39

    Anyway, the Linjett 39 is a tentative step a short way along the line towards contemporary rivals and, as such, features a touch more beam and freeboard than some previous Linjetts with larger portlights. That said, the boat is still relatively narrow compared to many, with a maximum beam of 13' and plenty of taper aft pointing to an easily ...

  5. Linjett 39: The perfect 40-footer?

    A versatile boat. The Linjett 39 can be built in two main configurations. I was a bit sad that on this boat show a 3-cabin layout was on display. I would guess that the 2-cabin layout is the most common choice for the sailing couple. In this boat, there are two cabins to the stern and an owner´s cabin in the front.

  6. Best boat you may not have heard of? Check out the Linjett 39

    What a Swedish gem! Fast cruising, superior comfort and premium quality build - the Linjett 39 exudes class... if you've got the money. Toby Hodges sails one...

  7. Test Linjett 39: Tradition meets innovation

    For a cruising boat and the low wind speed, these are very solid values. During the tests for Europe's Yacht of the Year (the Linjett 39 is nominated in the cruising yacht category), our colleagues achieved 7.1 knots in twelve knots of wind and the same angle of incidence.

  8. Swedish Sailing Yachts

    After the summer, we will once again show at the Orust Sailboat Show with Open Yard in Ellös, August 23-25, as well as Allt på Sjön in Gustavsberg, Aug 29 to Sept 1. New for 2024 is that, for the first time, Linjett Yachts will exhibit in Norway at Båter i Sjøen. It is held at Aker Brygge in Oslo, 29 Aug-1 Sept, and is Scandinavia's ...

  9. Introducing the Linjett 39. Swedish to the Bone

    Linjett is a small, boutique builder that focuses mainly on the Scandinavian and Northern European markets. The boats are barely known in North America. ... The new Linjett 39 is an architype of the perfect, classic couple's cruising boat, a boat you would be happy weekending with the kids or sailing to Svalbard or heading off around the world.

  10. Boote aktuell: Linjett 39: first sailing pictures of the new cruising

    The new model combines the traditionally high manufacturing quality of the Rosättra Båtvarv with more space and ease of use. The Linjett 39 was announced two years ago and now the shipyard has published the first sail pictures. The photos were taken during test sailing last autumn and show how clearly the 39 follows the current top model, the ...

  11. First look: J/45 and Linjett 39

    The J/45 is a novel departure for J-Boats, which is aimed squarely at cruising sailors, while the Linjett 39 is a modern performance cruiser from the Swedish marque. J/45

  12. Linjett 39

    Linjett 39 - where innovative function meets finesse, with clever solutions that make life onboard a little bit more comfortable and a lot simpler. She is a modern and luxurious cruiser for the entire family to meet and enjoy. ... all ropes and control lines run below deck back to the helm station allowing the boat to be sailed shorthanded. It ...

  13. First test linjett 39

    The Linjett 39 is the latest model and, like the rest of the range, was designed in house. ... We headed upwind with the 107% jib and made a useful 4.7 knots boat speed, which reduced to 3.8 when the wind eased to 5 knots. There are not many yachts with displacement close to 9 tonnes that match these numbers.

  14. Linjett 39

    Through higher freeboards and coach roof the Linjett 39 has a more distinctive silhouette than her sisters, yet still retains the signature slender Li

  15. Linjett 39

    The Linjett boatyard is Sweden's oldest, founded in 1886 by Erik Jansson, and is located an hour north of Stockholm. It was bought from Erik's sons by the Gustafsson family in 1948. Today it ...

  16. Yachting World Reviews Swedish Linjett 39 Fast Cruiser

    Annapolis Sailboat Show 2023: 19 New Multihulls Previewed. September 6, 2023 4. 2023 Newport International Boat Show Starts Today. ... Yachting World Reviews Swedish Linjett 39 Fast Cruiser. June 19, 2023 June 19, 2023 George Day Boat Reviews, Cruising News No comments. Share: Author: George Day View all posts by George Day

  17. LINJETT 39

    Linjett is a family firm in the Stockholm archipelago, building 10-15 boats a year across a three model range from 34-43ft. It enjoys outstanding customer loyalty and looks after 220 Linjetts every winter - a quarter of all boats built since the brand's inception 50 years ago. The small production numbers of new yachts means design and ...


    The Linjett 39, with a price tag of 485 000 euros (for a sail away boat with VAT) and luxury finish is certainly not in this category, where 39/40ft sailboats, in the same condition, cost about 320 000. To further increase the general confusion, another of the boats that competed in the same "Family Cruiser" category was a Bente 28, which, by ...

  19. The Boatyard

    Linjett Yachts exhibits at the boat show Allt för Sjön in Stockholm during March 2020, where the new model, the Linjett 39, is presented to the public for the first time. Due to the breakout of the Covid-19, the boat show is forced to close down only after five days, but the interest in the new model had still already shown to be large.

  20. Linjett 39

    Sailing boat - Både sælges, Linjett 39, 2021 EUR 467.500 Scanboat

  21. Linjett 39

    Linjett 39 - Read online for free. The latest model from Sweden's Rosättra yard is intended as a fast cruiser with a sleek hull shape and powerful rig that is easy to single-hand. At the same time additional freeboard and a higher coachroof relative to earlier models create a greater

  22. Ship LINJETT 39 (Pleasure Craft) Registered in Sweden

    Vessel LINJETT 39 is a Pleasure Craft, Registered in Sweden. Discover the vessel's particulars, including capacity, machinery, photos and ownership. Get the details of the current Voyage of LINJETT 39 including Position, Port Calls, Destination, ETA and Distance travelled - IMO 0, MMSI 265675200, Call sign SD9959

  23. Stories

    During the summer of 2022 we found out that the Linjett 39 was nominated for European Yacht of the year, an occasion worth celebrating and something that would lead to a real adventure… The nominated boats were asked to come to La Rochelle, on the French West Coast, at the end of September.

  24. Lake Worth man accused of trying to kidnap girlfriend over insufficient

    A man from Lake Worth has been accused of trying to kidnap his girlfriend because she didn't bring enough ice for their boat. ... Mon, 17 Jun 2024 18:59:39 GMT (1718650779193) Story Infinite ...

  25. Rehearsal for the Olympics opening ceremony in Paris

    Dozens of boats on River Seine participated in a rehearsal on Monday with only 39 days to go until the Summer Olympics in Paris. A total of 205 delegations will parade on more than 80 boats on the Seine. The ceremony will drift slowly from east to west, bridge to bridge, snaking six kilometers (3.7 miles) from Pont d'Austerlitz to Pont d'Iéna.