1. Azimut Grande 25 Metri

    smallest azimut yacht

  2. New in the Grande line is the #Azimut Grande 95RPH, the first of which

    smallest azimut yacht

  3. Azimut Yachts For Sale

    smallest azimut yacht

  4. Our Top Picks From The Famed Italian Yard

    smallest azimut yacht

  5. Azimut Grande 25 Metri

    smallest azimut yacht

  6. Azimut Grande 25 Metri

    smallest azimut yacht


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  1. Azimut yachts, superyachts and luxury boats

    Azimut has reinterpreted, extended and revolutionized the bow area, lavishing the forelounge with comforts to host an island of wellbeing between sky and sea. GRANDE 32M. The revolutionary and unprecedented Flex Deck of the Grande 26M opens to extend the cockpit, creating an evocative terrace overlooking the sea. GRANDE 26M.

  2. Best Azimut yachts: 7 of the finest models from the famed Italian ...

    The smallest Atlantis in the range and one of the smallest Azimuts ever built, the Atlantis 34 charmed our reviewer Nick Burnham with its "pared-back, minimalist vibe". "The Atlantis 34 has to walk a tightrope between offering proper Azimut quality while also competing with boats that might be deemed a rung or two below it," he added.

  3. Azimut Grande 26M review: The 85ft yacht that feels like a 100ft ...

    The twin to port is the smallest, and suffers somewhat from clashing doors, as three - cabin, head and wardrobe - all compete for the same space. ... The Azimut Grande 26M is the first boat to sport ZF's big new 4600 pod drives, designed to serve in twin-engine yachts up to 100ft, and in triple installations up to 130ft.

  4. Next Level: Azimut Grande 25 Metri

    The Azimut Grande 25 Metri has a fiberglass hull and carbon fiber superstructure. Courtesy Azimut Yachts. With a length overall of 85 feet, 3 inches, the Azimut Grande 25 Metri is the smallest yacht in the Italian builder's Grande series, but she still comes with big style and features.

  5. Azimut Magellano 60 Review (2023 Edition)

    The Azimut Magellano 60 is the newest and smallest model in Azimut Benetti Group's stylish pseudo-Trawler range. As with its larger siblings, the 60 has styling by superyacht designer Ken Freivokh and a semi-planing dual-mode hull, designed to be stable and efficient at slower speeds but capable of over 25 knots flat out. On board, there are three cabins and three bathrooms with an aft ...

  6. Azimut S10 yacht

    Experience the Azimut S10 Yacht, a 95 foot technologically advanced yet comfortable and sophisticated yacht. Explore more on the Azimut Yacht website. Yachts ... Thanks to the design of the Interceptor it only requires a small amount of power to move the blade up and down, even under high speed operation. EPS Electronic Power Steering.

  7. Azimut Grande 25 Metri

    Azimut Yachts, the prestigious Italian luxury yacht builder has launched its new Azimut Grande 25 Metri at Cannes Yachts Festival in 2018. A successor to the AZ 80 series, the new semi-custom model features a Carbon Tech superstructure, roll bar, hardtop and transom with a tender garage. It is said to be the smallest superyacht of the moment.

  8. Azimut Atlantis 34 review: from the archive

    Azimut offer several boat ranges, the entry level being served by the Atlantis line-up. Run as a separate brand but kept firmly under the Azimut umbrella of companies, which includes multi-million-pound superyacht builders Benetti at the other extreme, this 34-footer is the smallest Atlantis yet, slotting in beneath the Atlantis 38, 44, 48 and 58.

  9. 10 Small Superyachts That Offer Supersized Interiors

    Lazzara UHV 87. Short for Ultra High Volume, this new Turkish-built pocket superyacht is a sistership to Lazzara's UHV 100 and 125 models. The newest Lazzara boasts an impressive 2,153 square ...

  10. Azimut Grande 44M: yacht 44 meter, 143 feet

    05. Grande 44M - the flagship of the Azimut fleet - is also the ultimate expression of its mission to marry technological innovation, visionary design and a focus on environmental sustainability. Always. Grande 44M stuns the industry with something that doesn't exist today: a superyacht with reduced CO2 emissions that brings bold, flowing ...

  11. Best Azimut Yachts for Sale

    Renowned for its composite yacht construction expertise, Azimut is the market leader of smaller luxury yachts for sale, from 34 (10m) to 80 feet (24m) in length. With the addition of its Azimut Grande division, the larger luxury yacht division, the range goes from the smallest yacht at 34 feet (10m) in length up to their largest at 120 feet (36m).

  12. Inside the 38m Azimut Grande Trideck flagship

    The latest boat to derive from the builder's constant innovation is the 38-metre flagship of Azimut's Grande line, and the brand's first tri-deck yacht. It's a superyacht, yes, but still a fast boat as Azimuts are meant to be. Naval architect Pierluigi Ausonio designed the yacht's D2P (displacement-to-planing) hull.

  13. Italian yard reveals more about its new low-emission 26m superyacht

    Despite being the smallest offering available in the Azimut's Grande series, the Italian builder has packed the Grande 26M with more features than most superyachts of the same size. ... The Grande 26M is the first Azimut yacht to carry a Large Pod 4600 propulsion system. Created in partnership with ZF, the new Pod system is the result of Azimut ...

  14. 14 Great Small Cruising Boats & Pocket Cruisers

    Galeon Yachts 375 GTO: mid-size boat with plenty of below-deck space. Aquila 42: sleek power catamaran ready to entertain. Azimut Verve 42: small, yet mighty yacht ready for open water. Hinckley Yachts 35: luxury picnic cruiser with range. Beneteau Gran Turismo 45: sleek cruising yacht with all the amenities.

  15. All-New Azimut 53 Review (2022 Edition)

    The base price for a 53 is €1.1 million ex VAT (at the time of writing) but our test boat had around €500,000 of extras including the hard top, Seakeeper, Gold navigation package, crew cabin fit-out, uprated generator and air-conditioning meaning the price as tested was €1.72 million ex VAT (at the time of writing).

  16. Azimut Range: Flybridge Collection

    Azimut Yachts launched this voluminous 100-footer in 2009. It features all of the Azimut Flybridge collection's characteristics: sportiness, dynamic lines, performance and comfort. The designers created large open areas by removing partitions typically found in more traditional yachts. The Leonardo 100 also has a large and inviting aft deck ...

  17. Azimut S10: Inside Azimut Yachts' S Line Flagship Superyacht

    But the new flagship of the S line feels like the complete package, a well- designed platform for many hours of fun in the sun in a favourite anchorage or for a thrilling ride up and down a coast. Cecile Gauert looks inside the new Azimut S10, the S line flagship by Azimut Yachts which debuted at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Show.

  18. Azimut S7 Reviewed

    The Azimut Yachts S7 is the latest in the Italian builder's S-class series. Giovanni Maigarini. Streaking down the Côte d'Azur off Cannes, France, at an average top-end speed of 36.3 knots, I found myself lost in the fun. The 71-foot Azimut Yachts S7 handled more like a sports car than a vessel displacing more than 100,000 pounds.

  19. Azimut Yachts for sale

    Azimut boats for sale on Boat Trader are listed for a range of prices, valued from $190,260 on the lower-end all the way up to $10,900,000 for the more sophisticated yachts. Higher performance models now listed have motors up to 5,260 horsepower, while the smallest more functional models may have as little as 643 horsepower engines (although ...

  20. With Its Latest Vessel, Azimut Envisions 'Conscious' Yachting

    Azimut says the Seadeck 6 and its larger cousin, the 71-foot Seadeck 7, achieve an operational carbon output 60 percent that of comparable vessels. Alessandro Grassani for The New York Times ...

  21. Azimut S: sporty yacht with dynamic bow cap

    The S series. The seductively sportive Azimut S Series is the market's pinnacle of technological advancement and performance. Sensually streamlined exteriors make for a fiercely dynamic aesthetic, combining with innovative propulsion systems and last generation hulls to deliver a uniquely sporty experience.

  22. Small & Mini Yachts for Sale

    With such a wide range of sizes and prices to choose from, finding the average price on the mini yacht market can fluctuate. If we take the low-end price of the above of $20,000, and the high-end price of $2 million, you could be looking at an average price of around $100,000 for a mini yacht boat type price.

  23. 10 Small Superyachts That Offer Supersized Interiors

    Lazzara UHV 87. Short for Ultra High Volume, this new Turkish-built pocket superyacht is a sistership to Lazzara's UHV 100 and 125 models. The newest Lazzara boasts an impressive 2,153 square ...

  24. Azimut Yachts for Sale

    The company offers yachts of varied sizes, with the smallest Azimut yacht being 34 feet and the biggest Azimut yacht being 120 feet. With many different Azimut yacht models available, you can find the perfect one for you. In addition to their remarkable design and performance, Azimut yachts also prioritize environmental sustainability.

  25. New models

    Discover the allure of the seas with Azimut latest models, each unveiling a compelling yachting tale. Three different concepts that seamlessly integrate innovation and timeless design, offering an extraordinary blend of performance and elegance. Embark on a long cruise in contact with nature aboard Magellano 60, experience the sporty and ...