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36 Hunter Vision 1993

36 Hunter Vision 1993

Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

  • Florida , United States

1972 Luders 36 by Cheoy Lee

1972 Luders 36 by Cheoy Lee

Tartan 10 Snowballs Chance

Tartan 10 Snowballs Chance

  • Connecticut

1975 Bristol 32 Sloop, Keel/CB by Ted Hood (Am’s Cup)

1975 Bristol 32 Sloop, Keel/CB by Ted Hood (Am’s Cup)


  • Massachusetts

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used 24 sailboats for sale

Palm Beach International Boat Show returns to West Palm Beach waterfront

The Palm Beach International Boat Show returns this week with more nearly 1,000 vessels on display, including super yachts from around the world.

Tickets are on sale now for the show that runs March 21-24 along the West Palm Beach waterfront.

The show, which started in 1982, has grown to a major economic engine for the community, with last year's impact estimated at $1.05 billion statewide — nearly as much as the $1.3 billion Miami International Boat Show, said Alyssa Freeman, executive director of the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, which owns the boat show.

More: Cool front for South Florida won't be its last even with the first day of spring here

"Palm Beach is really not that far behind Miami, and Miami is the biggest in the world," Freeman said. "That was really exciting."

This year's boat show features an expanded Super Yacht Show at Palm Harbor Marina, showcasing yachts that typically stretch longer than 80 feet and have a variety of luxurious amenities that include hot tubs, crew quarters, dance floors and sun decks.

"We have more super yachts there than we ever have before, and they're even bigger," Freeman said, noting that at 236 feet, the vessel Casino Royale takes the title of largest yacht at this year's show. The title of "most expensive yacht" goes to Come Together, a 196-foot vessel priced at $59.95 million.

"Everybody, when they think about super yachts, they think about Monaco and Miami, but Palm Beach is a real player in these boat shows and the yachting world," Freeman said.

Exhibitors continue to be drawn to the Palm Beach International Boat Show by the opportunity for high sales year after year when compared with other South Florida boat shows, she said.

"I've heard from several of them, this is their favorite show to attend," Freeman said, "And that's why, because their sales are higher at Palm Beach."

The show continues to make headway in improving its sustainability efforts, she said. After reducing single-use plastics, a major change this year is the addition of water bottle refilling stations throughout the show, Freeman said.

"I think that's exciting because everybody's talking about sustainability and how we can be more sustainable," she said. "Every year, we take little steps to be more sustainable."

Freeman said she is excited for this year's AquaZone presented by Nautical Ventures. The attraction showcases some of the "yacht toys" that are new or popular on the market.

"It's so cool, because there are people actually in the water demoing yacht toys, and it's usually the latest and greatest," she said. "There's always something new every year that we've never seen before."

The Palm Beach International Boat Show also features a range of seminars, demonstrations and discussions throughout the weekend, including mental health in yachting, tips to boat to the Bahamas, safe boating to protect sea turtles and how to address active threats and piracy.

Freeman, who has children, said she loves the Kids Fishing Clinics scheduled for noon and 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday with captain Don Dingman.

"Captain Don has been doing this for years, and he does a fantastic job," Freeman said. "The kids actually get to go home with a free rod and reel once the clinic is over."

The association produces the Palm Beach International Boat Show with Informa Markets' U.S. Boat Shows division.

"As we gear up for the 2024 Palm Beach International Boat Show, we are excited for our return to Downtown West Palm Beach to celebrate the rich history of this esteemed event," Andrew Doole, president of U.S. Boat Shows at Informa Markets, said in a news release. "Each year, we’re grateful for the warm welcome and support from the community, which truly makes this event a highlight on the calendar for both residents and visitors alike."

Informa also produces the Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary art show happening March 21-24, at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. A Windward VIP ticket to the boat show includes admission to the art show as well.

In addition to serving as a cornerstone festival of spring in West Palm Beach, the boat show launched the Palm Beach International Boat Show Gives Back program to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to local nonprofits, Freeman said.

The grant program had a soft launch last year and formalized the boat show's four-decade practice of giving back to the community, Freeman said.

"We're really excited about it," said Freeman, who added that the boat show team is working with the Community Foundation to manage the grant program, which they hope to grow. "That's something that's a super high priority for us."

Money raised through a portion of the boat show's ticket sales, optional add-ons and some related activities goes toward the fund.

The boat show in February announced that the first round of grants totaling $500,000 would go to 25 nonprofits that have marine-related programs or projects, including Florida Fishing Academy, Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Florida Atlantic University, Inlet Grove High School, Palm Beach State College, Sea Turtle Adventures and Friends of Manatee Lagoon.

"We're hoping one day we'll be able to say that it's a million dollars," she said. "So fingers crossed. It relies on the success of the boat show and the support of the community. With that, we will continue to grow."

What: Palm Beach International Boat Show.

When: Noon to 7 p.m. March 21, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. March 22 and 23, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 24.

Where: West Palm Beach waterfront.

Cost: General admission is free for ages 6 and younger with purchase of an adult ticket, $17 for a one-day ticket for ages 6-15, $33 for a one-day ticket for ages 16 and older, and $60 for a two-day adult ticket. VIP experiences start at $390 for a Windward single-day ticket.

Information: pbboatshow.com

Kristina Webb is a reporter for Palm Beach Daily News, part of the USA TODAY Florida Network. You can reach her at  [email protected] .  Subscribe today  to support our journalism.

used 24 sailboats for sale

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Sheep with large horns in animal box

US rancher used tissue and testicles to breed ‘giant’ sheep to sell for hunting

Arthur Schubarth, 80, pleads guilty to trafficking in ‘audacious’ and unlawful scheme to cross-breed sheep for lucrative sale

A Montana rancher illegally used tissue and testicles from wild sheep killed by hunters in central Asia and the US to breed “giant” hybrid sheep for sale to private hunting preserves in Texas, according to court documents and federal prosecutors.

Arthur “Jack” Schubarth, 80, of Vaughn, Montana, pleaded guilty to felony charges of wildlife trafficking and conspiracy to traffic wildlife during an appearance Tuesday before a federal judge in Great Falls.

Each count carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Court documents describe a years-long conspiracy, beginning in 2013, in which Schubarth and at least five other people sought to create “giant sheep hybrids” by cross-breeding species. Their goal was to garner high prices from hunting preserves where people shoot captive trophy game animals for a fee.

Using biological tissue obtained from a hunter who killed a wild sheep in Kyrgyzstan belonging to the world’s largest species of the animals – Marco Polo argali sheep – Schubarth procured cloned embryos of the animal from a lab, according to court documents.

The embryos were later implanted in a ewe, resulting in a pure Marco Polo argali sheep that Schubert named “Montana Mountain King”, the documents show.

Semen from Montana Mountain King was used to artificially impregnate other ewes to create a larger and more valuable species of sheep, including one offspring that he agreed to sell to two people in Texas for $10,000, according to the documents.

Male argali sheep can top 300lbs with horns up to 5ft long, according to officials, making them prized among some hunters. They are protected under international convention as a threatened species and outlawed for import into Montana to protect native sheep from disease and hybridization.

Sheep grazes on grass

A person who was not named in court documents shipped 74 ewes of a prohibited sheep species from Minnesota to Schubarth’s ranch to be artificially inseminated with Montana Mountain King’s semen, the documents show. Offspring that had only a portion of the central Asian sheep’s genetics sold for lesser amounts.

In 2019, Schubarth paid $400 to a hunting guide for testicles from a trophy-sized Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep killed in Montana. Schubarth extracted semen from the bighorn sheep and used it to breed large bighorn sheep and sheep crossbred with the argali species, the documents show.

The assistant US attorney general Todd Kim described Schubarth’s actions as “an audacious scheme to create massive hybrid sheep species to be sold and hunted as trophies”. Kim said the defendant violated the Lacey Act that restricts wildlife trafficking and prohibits the sale of falsely labeled wildlife.

Schubarth said when reached by telephone on Wednesday that his attorney had advised him not to talk about the case.

“I would love to talk about it, but can’t do it now,” he said.

His attorney, Jason Holden, did not immediately respond to telephone messages seeking comment.

Authorities agreed under the terms of a plea deal not to pursue further charges against the defendant pending his cooperation with the government’s ongoing investigation in the wildlife trafficking case.

Montana Mountain King is in the custody of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, according to Department of Justice spokesperson Matthew Nies. As part of the plea deal, Schubert agreed to quarantine any other sheep containing Marco Polo argali genetics and any bighorn sheep that had been harvested from the wild.

The deal also allows federal wildlife officials to inspect and, if needed, neuter the animals.

Captive animal facilities where game species can be raised and hunted were banned in Montana under a 2000 ballot initiative. But they remain legal in some other states.

Schubarth’s 215-acre ranch is state-licensed as an alternative livestock facility, said Greg Lemon, a spokesperson for Montana fish, wildlife and parks. It was allowed to remain when the 2000 ballot initiative passed and has continued to operate, although hunting is prohibited, Lemon said.

Sentencing for Schubarth is set for 11 July before the US district judge Brian Morris.

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House for Sale in Moscow Russia

House with spacious living room with wood-burning fireplace and 6 m ceiling height and access to the garden

New house 584 sqm located 21 km from Moscow

  • 8 Bathrooms

House 945 sqm with 5 bedrooms in the village of Deauville on the Minsk highway Moscow region

Mansion 945 sqm 16 km from Moscow

  • 10170 Sq Ft

House in the Sosenskoye settlement Moscow Region 743

House 720 sqm 5 km from Moscow in the village of Solovinaya Roshcha

The village of Deauville in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region

Mansion 600 sqm 16 km from Moscow

Mansion in Novogorsk settlement

3-story mansion 1256 m²

  • 13520 Sq Ft
  • Contact for price

Mansion on the Minskoe highway 5 km from the Moscow Ring Road in the village of Moskvoretsky Forest Park

English-style mansion 8 km from Moscow

  • 26900 Sq Ft

House in the cottage village Petrovskie Sady 736

Wooden house 565 sqm on a land plot of 7600 sqm

  • 5 Bathrooms

Apartment 530 Knightsbridge Private Park

Townhouse 530 sqm in the very center of Moscow

  • 6 Bathrooms

House in the village of Gorki-2 716

House 750 sqm in the village of Gorki 2

Cottage village Residence Club 900

House 900 sqm 12 km from Moscow

  • $18,000,000

Ilyinskoye field in the Moscow region 2

Modern house 2000 sqm on Rublevsky highway

  • 21530 Sq Ft

House 950 in the village of Agalarov in Moscow Oblast

Modern house 950 sqm 24 km from Moscow

  • 10225 Sq Ft

House 1128 sqm in Millennium Park

House 1128 sqm 22 km from Moscow

  • 12140 Sq Ft

House on Rubevo Uspenskoye Highway 974 sqm in Nikolino

House with a swimming pool on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway 974 sqm

  • 10485 Sq Ft

House 1200 sqm on Novorizhskoe shosse

House 1200 sqm with a swimming pool on Novorizhskoe

  • 12900 Sq Ft
  • $12,500,000

French style house in Odintsovo

House 2500 sqm 10 km from Moscow

3-storey house in the village of Tagankovo

3-storey house 830 sqm 24 km from Moscow

House 954 in Nikolskaya Sloboda

House 954 sqm 12 kilometers from Moscow

  • 10270 Sq Ft

House surrounded by forest in the village of Ilyinskoe

House of 700 square meters 10 kilometers from Moscow

House 23 kilometers in the village of Greenfield Moscow Oblast

House 1800 sqm in the village of Greenfield

  • 19375 Sq Ft

House in the village of Yurlovo near Moscow

House 525 sqm 10 kilometers from Moscow

Design house in Wright style with elements of a chalet

House 600 sqm in the village of Nikolskaya Sloboda

House with 3 bedrooms in SNT Sosny

House 1200 sqm with a swimming pool on Ilyinsky highway

  • 12916 Sq Ft

Sobnyak in the village of Nikolo-Uryupino Moscow Region

Mansion 1800 sqm with swimming pool

Luxurious mansion near Strogino metro station in Moscow

Mansion 661 sqm on the peninsula in Moscow

Cottage in the Troitsky district in the village of Nikolskiye Ozera

Cottage 218 sqm 32 kilometers from Moscow

  • 4 Bathrooms

Brick mansion with 4 bedrooms in the village of Tagankovo

Mansion 870 sqm on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway

Mansion in the village of Deauville 12 km along the Mozhaisk highway

Mansion 2164 sqm 12 km from Moscow

  • 23293 Sq Ft

House in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region in the village of Nikolino

House 542 sqm 25 km from Moscow

3-storey brick house in the village of Novodarino on Rublevskoe Uspenskoye Highway

House on Rublyovka 17 km from Moscow

  • 10064 Sq Ft

Where to Buy a Home in Moscow in 2024

The growth in suburban house prices in 2021 can be as high as 15%. This prognosis was voiced by the participants of Moscow’s real estate market. Housing near Moscow has already gone up in value by 7%, and before the end of the year, this number is quite likely to rise by another 2–3%. The pandemic has changed the trends on the suburban real estate market – the current demand for detached houses is noticeably higher than before the global outbreak of Covid-19, and this naturally influences the cost of residential homes, say the experts. They also note that traditionally, the fall-winter period has always been considered a time of low demand for houses for sale in Russia; however, the opposite is now the case.

Here are the Moscow real estate categories to consider when buying a house in Russia:

  • By direction and location (Rublyovka, Novaya Riga, Barvikha);
  • By classification ( luxury , business class, economy);
  • By development format (townhouses, detached private homes).

When purchasing homes in Moscow, Russia, a good rule of thumb is to select houses within an 18.6-mile (30 km) radius from the center of Moscow. This ensures you will get a well-developed infrastructure, and that the chosen location will be replete with hospitals and schools.

We recommend considering the West, South and North directions just out of Moscow. You may notice that country houses are noticeably cheaper on the capital’s Eastern side. However, this is due to poor environmental conditions – the result of the presence of a number of industrial facilities in the entire East area.

Best Cottage Communities in Moscow

Muscovites with high incomes live in closed elite cottage communities that have their own full infrastructure. Such cottage communities are usually designed by Europe’s best architects, especially contracted for the job. These locations have everything: private English schools, restaurants, shops, pools and gyms, beauty salons and equestrian sports clubs.

The most expensive houses up for sale are located in the Barvikha Hills area (Rublevka direction). This elite location near Moscow even has its own famous brand boutiques: Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Bentley, Ferrari and Harley-Davidson. The least expensive house here costs 1.5 million US dollars and has a floor area of 656 sqft (200 m²). This gated community is just 10-20 minutes by car away from Moscow itself.

We encourage you to consider some of the following elite locations as you decide where to purchase your ideal property: Etude Family Club, La-Mansh, Western Residence, Yusupovo Life Park, Odintsovo, Novaya Riga and Pirogovo. There you will find everything one requires for a comfortable life, at the price of 300 to 500 thousand US dollars for a residential home.

As you choose your future home, make sure to take into account the category of the land on which it is built. Each category has its own taxation rate. Our lawyer can explain all the details on property taxes in Russia to you at your request. Contact us to get your consultation!

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    used 24 sailboats for sale

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    used 24 sailboats for sale

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    Preowned sailboats for sale under 25 feet preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. ... Sailboat Added 24-Mar-2013 More Details: Hunter 25.5: Length: 25.5' Draft: 4.5' Year: 1985: Type: daysailer: Hull: fiberglass monohull: Engine: 1 diesel inboard;

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    Browse new and used sailboats for sale on SailTrader. Find racing and cruising sailboats. Sort sailboats for sale by price, latest added and more. ... Sold - Shallow Draft Cat Ketch 24 Cruiser $14,500.00. Illinois. Popular. 1981 Pearson Flyer $7,000.00. Minnesota. Popular. Catalina 27 for sale $11,000.00. Connecticut. Popular.

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    Used Cruising Sailboats. Cruising sailboats are the most popular type of sailboat for sale. Today's sailboat manufacturers offer a range of deck and interior variations giving sailors a lot of options to choose from. Browse through cruising sailboats for sale from: Catalina, Beneteau, Hunter, Jeanneau, Hanse, Custom, Pearson, Morgan, Tartan ...

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    Find sailboats for sale near you by owner, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!

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    A sailboat refers to any class and subclass of boat that is designed with one or more masts and rigging system as the main source of propulsion. Sailboats are available in a variety of models and rigs, including racing boats, sloops, schooners, catamarans, trimarans, sailing cruisers, and others. Some of the first sailboats on record date back ...

  12. Beneteau First 24 boats for sale

    2024 Beneteau First 24. US$96,225. ↓ Price Drop. US $753/mo. Ancasta International Boat Sales | Delivery Spring 2024, United Kingdom.

  13. Used Melges 24s, Sails and Equipment

    MELGES 24. USED SAILS FOR SALE. MELGES 24 SAILS FOR SALE. Price: $750-$1250. Location: Crystal Lake, IL USA. Email: [email protected]. FOR SALE - MELGES 24 SAILS - Time in the boat is essential to mastering the Melges 24. You don' want to waste your "gamer" sails. I have available used North Ap3 Mainsails, and North P1, P3 and Max runner ...

  14. New and used Sailboats for sale

    New and used Sailboats for sale near you on Facebook Marketplace. Find great deals or sell your items for free. ... 1973 Yankee 24 sailboat. Farmington, MN. $5,000. 1975 C&C 35 mkii. New Orleans, LA. $9,000 $10,000. 1968 Gibson house boat. Stigler, OK. $1. 1980 Free free. St Paul Park, MN. $50.

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    3 listings. 1 listing. Find Rustler 24 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Rustler boats to choose from.

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    2024 Lund 2275 Baron. $123,476. $966/mo*. Peninsula, OH 44264 | Buckeye Sports Center. Request Info. Find new and used boats for sale on Boat Trader. Huge range of used private and dealer boats for sale near you.

  17. Dealers

    Main-> Autos & Boats-> Dealers - Used Cars. A-MOTORS New and used card, in sale and to otder. Address: Slavyansky bulv. 15 | Phone: +7 (495) 741-3017 ... One of the fields of activity: selling of brand new and used cars, selling of automobile spare parts and accessories Address: Timiryazevskaya str. 2 | Phone: +7 (495) 976-8215 ...

  18. Here are all the used EVs that qualify for a $4,000 tax credit

    Have a sale price of $25,000 or less Have a model year at least 2 years earlier than the calendar year when you buy it For example, a vehicle purchased in 2023 would need a model year of 2021 or older

  19. Tesla Cybertruck resale market loses all momentum

    A Cybertruck currently offered at an auction on Cars and Bids is also stuck at $155,000 for a while now:. With still just over 20 hours to bid, it might still go up, but it's going to be harder ...

  20. Luxury Penthouses for Sale in Moscow, Moscow, Russia

    That's all homes for sale in Moscow, Russia we have matching your search today. Create an alert to be instantly notified of new similar listings coming online. Map Homes for sale nearby Moscow, Russia. Homes for sale in Saint Petersburg, Russia; Homes for sale in Rayon Silino, Russia;

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    A sailboat built by J Boats, the J 24 is a sloop vessel. J Boats J 24 boats are typically used for overnight-cruising, sailing and watersports. Got a specific J Boats J 24 in mind? There are currently 11 listings available on Boat Trader by both private sellers and professional boat dealers. The oldest boat was built in 1981 and the newest ...

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    The Palm Beach International Boat Show returns this week with more nearly 1,000 vessels on display, including super yachts from around the world. Tickets are on sale now for the show that runs ...

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    Catalina preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Catalina used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. ... Sailboat Added 24-Mar-2021 More Details: catalina Catalina 42 MkI: Length: 42' Beam: 13' Draft: 6.5' Year: 1994: Type: cruiser: Hull: fiberglass monohull:

  25. US rancher used tissue and testicles to breed 'giant' sheep to sell for

    A Montana rancher illegally used tissue and testicles from wild sheep killed by hunters in central Asia and the US to breed "giant" hybrid sheep for sale to private hunting preserves in Texas ...

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    3-storey house 830 sqm 24 km from Moscow. $7,500,000; Russia, Moscow Oblast, Tagankovo village, Nikolino cottage settlement. 5 Bedrooms; 8930 . Sq Ft. For Sale $6,000,000; ... the fall-winter period has always been considered a time of low demand for houses for sale in Russia; however, the opposite is now the case.

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    These properties are currently listed for sale. They are owned by a bank or a lender who took ownership through foreclosure proceedings. These are also known as bank-owned or real estate owned (REO). Auctions. ... 24 results. Sort: Newest. Nka Jachsha, Moscow, ID 83843. LATAH REALTY, LLC. $349,000. 20 acres lot - New. Show more. 7 hours ago.