Windfall Yachts

Name Class Length m Builder Date of build Summary
SUNA III 38 30 Sq M 9.85 Aberking and Rasmussen at Kiel, Germany 1936 Originally named AGIR. Originally given to HMS PHEONICIA. 1997 found in poor condition, having spent many years out of the water. SUNA was one of the few ‘Windfall’ yachts still sailing in 2008.
AURORA 30 Sq M 9.75 Built as the AUSTERLING. Allocated to the Army as AURORA. Registered as AURORA OF WARSASH, Household Brigade Yacht Club in 1950.
AVALON 30 Sq M 9.75 Abeking & Rasmussen Built as the ALLEMAN. Allocated to BKYC. Sank outside Faaborg (Denmark) during a regatta in the late 1950’s. After 2 or 3 Danish owners she came back to Germany under new owner who restored her to near perfect condition.
CITO 30 Sq M 9.75 Built as the GERMANE. Taken over by the British after 1945. Registered as CITO with the Royal Signals Sailing Association.
ERIDA 30 Sq M 9.75 Abeking & Rasmussen Built as the ERDA. Shipped to the UK in the PLUTO in 1946. Later owned by W M Read of Parkston Dorset in 1953 as the ERIDA
FALKLAND 30 Sq M 9.75 Built as the CORONEL. Allocated to the RAF as FALKLAND. Went to Malta in 1954 when a fleet of 30 Windfalls sailed past the Royal Yacht.
FILIBUSTER 30 Sq M 9.75 Retained at the BKYC.
FREIBEUTER 30 Sq M 0 Retained by the BKYC.
FLANDERN 30 Sq M 9.75 Built as the FLANDERN. Brought to Woolwich then Malta 1960c listed as the recreational yacht FLANDERS at Malta for Combined Services.
FRIESE 30 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1936 Built as the FRIESE. Allocated to the BKYC.
GERNET 30 Sq M 10.06 Abeking & Rasmussen 1938 Built as the GERNOT. Shipped to Malta in 1947 to take part in forces’ regattas there. In 1954 she sailed in line with other Windfall yachts past the Royal Yacht. 1960c listed as a recreational yacht at HMS Falcon but damaged beyond economic repair
GEUSE 30 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1936 Allocated to BKYC after WW2.
HEIKO 30 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1937 Allocated to the BKYC after WW2.
HOLSTE 30 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen Admiralty 1947 list
IROUSWICH 30 Sq M 0 Allocated to the Army in 1947.
KORSAR 30 Sq M 0 B. Wilke 1934 Allocated to HMS St Vincent, the RN barracks in Gosport.
LADY ELSA 30 Sq M 0 Allocated to HMS Caledonia, Rosyth in 1951.
LIKEDEELER 30 Sq M 0 Allocated to BKYC
MAX 30 Sq M 0 Arrived in Malta in poor condition
MEERKONIG 30 Sq M 0 Built for BKYC
MORITZ 30 Sq M 0 Allocated to the Airborne Forces after 1945, was later (c1950) privately owned and rigged as a yawl.
MURWIC II 30 Sq M 0 Transferred to RAF Calshot
OSTERLING 30 Sq M 9.75 Remained in the UK after being appropriated and is believed to have moved to Cheshire.
PELIKAN 30 Sq M 9.75 Transferred to BKYC
PHOENIX 30 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1936 Built as the BUKANEIR. Sent to Malta for forces use.
PIRAT 30 Sq M 0 Allocated to BKYC.
PLUM 30 Sq M 9.75 Built as the PLOEM. Shipped to Malta.
SACHSE 30 Sq M 9.45 Allocated to the RASCYC. C1980 she was privately owned in Yarmouth IoW.
SALUKI 30 Sq M 9.75 Built as the SEEJUNGFER. Shipped to Malta for Army use.
SCHWALBE LL 30 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1932 Transferred to Australia
SUNSTREAM 30 Sq M 10.06 Vertens 1939 Allocated to the Highland Brigade Yacht Club. c1980 privately owned in Chichester.
TROVE 30 Sq M 0 Used at Lossiemouth, a Naval Air Station.
VANDALE 30 Sq M 0 Allocated to the British Kiel Yacht Club.
VITALIENBRUDER 30 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1935 Allocated to the BKYC on the Baltic.
ASE 50 Sq M 12.8 Built for BKYC
DISDAINE 50 Sq M 12.8 Abeking & Rasmussen 1938 Built as the SEETAUBE. Allocated to RNB Devonport (Drake) as a recreational yacht.
FLIMM 50 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen Built as the KUCKUCK. Allocated to BKYC later FLIMM. Sept 2005 for sale as lying in Denmark inside storage in winter.
GLISE 50 Sq M 0 Transferred to Canada
GOLDAMER 50 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1936 Built for the Luftwaffe. Allocated to the RAFYC at Calshot as GOLDAMER.
HARPY 50 Sq M 0 Vertens 1938 Built as the GUNTHER. Allocated to BRNC as HARPY, she was not a true 50sq M.
HAWK V59 50 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1937 Built as the SEESTURM for the Luftwaffe. Allocated to BRNC as HAWK in 1947 and for 10 years was part of the BRNC fleet of sail-training yachts. Abandoned after being dismasted while taking part in Channel Race in the summer of 1957.
HILTGUND 50 Sq M 12.2 M&P 1938 Allocated to Royal Naval College, Dartmouth as PEGASUS. 1960 Moved to Portsmouth and re-named SEA VICTOR. 1966 privately owned. 1980 Restored. 1990 privately owned and rebuilt at Aldeburgh.
JOSTE 50 Sq M 12.8 Allocated to BKYC
KESTREL 50 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1937 Built as the SEEJUNGDFER. Allocated to BRNC as GRIFFIN later KESTREL. Previous names include SEE JUNGER. Sailed by cadets at Dartmouth Royal Naval College until 1960s. Bought by Marabu Sailing club in 1990 and renovated for club use.
LERCHE 50 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen 1935 Allocated to the RAFYC at Calshot
MARLETTA 50 Sq M 12.65 Abeking & Rasmussen 1937 Built as the WOTAN. Allocated to BRNC as MARTLET. Later MARLETTA when owned by Admiral Sir Frank Hopkins
MEISE 50 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen Built for the Luftwaffe. Allocated to the RAF. May have been owned in Hamburg and renamed as NALDERA. In 1954 transported to the USA reported to have been sailing off Los Angeles.
MEON MAID 50 Sq M 0 Abeking & Rasmussen Built as the DROSSEL. Allocated to HMS Mercury as MEON MAID
MUSQUITO 50 Sq M 0 Lloydwft

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First images of the Southern Wind SW 94 superyacht WINDFALL

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Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The prominent South African shipyard, Southern Wind , is pleased to present the first images of its all new sailing yacht Windfall , taken during the sea trials in Cape Town on December 4. The spectacular 29-metre Windfall superyacht is the second SW 94 series cruiser, successfully launched last month.

SW 94 superyacht Windfall by Southern Wind during her sea trials in Cape Town

SW 94 superyacht Windfall by Southern Wind during her sea trials in Cape Town

SW 94 luxury yacht Windfall features naval architecture by renowned Reichel Pugh Yacht Design , while her both interior design as well as exterior styling are by well known Nauta Design .

Luxury yacht Windfall by Southern Wind

Luxury yacht Windfall by Southern Wind

SW 94 superyacht Windfall

SW 94 superyacht Windfall

Luxury superyacht Windfall

Luxury superyacht Windfall

Windfall yacht - aft view

Windfall yacht - aft view

Windfall superyacht - Guests Cockpit

Windfall superyacht - Guests Cockpit

Luxury yacht Windfall - Saloon

Luxury yacht Windfall - Saloon

SW 94 superyacht Windfall - TV Lounge

SW 94 superyacht Windfall - TV Lounge

Superyacht Windfall - Master cabin

Superyacht Windfall - Master cabin

Windfall superyacht - Crew quarter

Windfall superyacht - Crew quarter

Below is a selection of the luxurious charter yachts built by Southern Wind .

Southern Wind Charter Yacht Images

Farewell - layout plans.

FAREWELL - Layout Plans

Underwater Profile

Underwater Profile

Sailing On RAPTURE

Sailing On RAPTURE

More: Southern Wind Image Gallery

Please contact CharterWorld - the luxury yacht charter specialist - for more on superyacht news item "First images of the Southern Wind SW 94 superyacht WINDFALL".

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Farewell Exterior

Southern Wind

FARBAY - From The Mast

Second SW94 sailing yacht WINDFALL by Southern Wind launched

Southern Wind 94 sailing yacht LADY G (hull # 3) launched

Southern Wind 94 sailing yacht LADY G (hull # 3) launched

Launch of third Southern Wind 94 sailing yacht LADY G

Launch of third Southern Wind 94 sailing yacht LADY G

Southern Wind launch SW 94 WINDFALL yacht - sistership to S/Y Kiboko Dos

Southern Wind launch SW 94 WINDFALL yacht – sistership to S/Y Kiboko Dos

windfall yacht

Mulder ThirtySix luxury yacht Q43 delivered to her owners

windfall yacht

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windfall yacht

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windfall yacht

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Iconic 126m mega yacht OCTOPUS brings a new meaning to adventure travel with expedition charters worldwide – the only limit being your imagination

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38m Palmer Johnson motor yacht LEVERAGE is available in New England this summer with a special offer

Award winning 80m Bilgin superyacht LEONA scoops another accolade

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Sailing yacht GALMA – the first wallywind110 – is launched by Wally Yachts

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37m Gulf Craft Majesty superyacht OPTIMISM available for charter on both sides of the Atlantic

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Royal Huisman delivers Project 406, the world’s largest true sportfish yacht SPECIAL ONE

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34m motor yacht ONE (ex.111.11) is launched by Van der Valk Shipyard in the Netherlands

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Superyacht SONICIAN available for charter in the Bahamas

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WINDFALL Boat for Sale

34' beneteau | 2012 | $338,000.

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Last updated May 13, 2024

Windfall Boat | 34' Beneteau 2012

"Windfall" is an excellent example of the very popular Beneteau Swift Trawler 34 (Built from 2011 to 2019). Built in France, she is CE-certified for Category B seas and is just as comfortable being cruised at 7 knots as going 14-16 knots (Top speed is over 20 knots).

She features a full walk-around deck, with a wider starboard walkway and a pocket door there to get off and on the boat directly to the dock, a davit system on the flybridge with an included 9-foot tender and 6 HP Tohatsu outboard.

Survey and mechanical inspection completed in March 2024 is available.

Features Include:

  • 2 cabins (one queen, one bunk bed) and a salon couch that converts to another bed for two. Sleeps 6 total.
  • Features a single Cummins QSB5.9 (425HP), on a semi-displacement hull. At 7 knots, gets 705 miles of range; at 15 knots on a plane, gets about 245 miles, with a top speed of over 20 knots. (690 Hours as of 3/20/2024)
  • Bow and Stern thrusters, two driving stations
  • All AGM Batteries just replaced April 2024.
  • Propeller just pulled, polished and balanced, new nut, new anodes (April 2024)
  • Full walkaround deck, with starboard midship door and lower helm next to it.
  • Air Conditioning and Heating. Salon unit is CruiseAir. The forward unit is being replaced, with a Dometic unit by the end of April 2024. (Waiting for the unit to be delivered.)
  • Electronics replaced in 2021 - 2 x Raymarine HybridTouch Axiom 12 displays, Quantum 2 Radar, Raymarine RealVision 3D depth, Raymarine aft docking camera
  • Speakers and stereo replaced in 2021 - Fusion Stereo, 4 new speakers outside
  • Two TVs and KVH Satellite antenna
  • 7.5 Kw Cummins Onan generator with 392 hours (fully serviced).
  • Very spacious flybridge with large seating, helm, bimini, and plenty of space aft.
  • Latest Bottom Paint completed October 2023.
  • Gel Coat wax and Polish - Feb 2024
  • Manual davit on the flybridge, 9 Foot Tender (Aluminium bottom), 6 Hp Tohatsu outboard
  • Crabbing gear, including Scotty downrigger, included with sale.

Available to see in Edmonds by appointment.

"The Swift Trawler 34 is initially designed to cruise at a variety of speeds appropriately, gracefully, and relatively economically. Just like all boats in the trawler category, the Beneteau Swift Trawler 34 will slip easily through the water at hull speed, or just above, and use very little fuel to do so. The notable difference between the Beneteau Swift Trawler 34 and other speedy trawlers is the manner in which the vessel behaves at 12-knots and above. The Swift Trawler 34 hull design allows it to remain graceful and efficient at higher speeds—something that can-not be claimed by all of Beneteau’s competitors. […] When Beneteau re-imagined the trawler, they managed to engineer a surprising amount of content upper and lower berths in guest Stateroom into the vessel while carefully avoiding any feeling of cramped quarters." -Pacific Nor'West Boating

Sea Trial Report:

"The 425 HP Cummins diesel produced loads of power at wide-open throttle, simulating a dash of safety when the weather changed. Fuel consumption was 16. GPH in that instance, and the range was 206 Nautical miles, with a 10 percent fuel reserve. Pulling the throttle back to a fast cruise of 14 knots dropped consumption to 11.7 GPH and boosted the range to 227 nautical miles. At a leisurely 9 knots, consumption plummeted to 5.2 gph and the range jumped to 329 nautical miles." - Passage Maker


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windfall yacht

First-Time Buyer?

Read our guide to learn the process for buying WINDFALL


  • Yacht Details: 34' Beneteau 2012
  • Location: Edmonds, WA
  • Engines: Cummins
  • Last Updated: May 13, 2024
  • Asking Price: $338,000
  • Maximum Speed: 20 kn
  • Max Draft: 3' 3''

Windfall additional information

  • Cruising Speed: 15 kn
  • Beam: 13' 1''
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Displacement: 16,420 lb
  • Fuel Tank: 1 x 211|gallon
  • Fresh Water: 1 x 85|gallon
  • Holding: 1 x 23|gallon

Main Features and Description:

  • Hull Color: White
  • Deck Layout: Full walk-around, with starboard side walkway that's twice as wide as the Port side, with a pocket door that opens up dock level, for ease of getting off and on. The boat works great for docking from the lower helm, as you can step out of the sliding side door, to the side deck and dock. 
  • Aft, you can step onto a fiberglass with teak swim platform, and via a little gate step into the cockpit. The cockpit has a full overhanging roof, with an enclosure. There is seating to port.
  • Forward, there is very easy access to the foredeck, with just three steps to walk up, with a high stainless-steel railing for protection and fiberglass molding to avoid slips.
  • Up the stainless steel and teak-angled ladder is the flybridge.  Forward has a large U-shaped settee to port, a teak table, and a comfortable helm to Starboard. The aft portion is for the tender, with a manual davit system, There are speakers, electronics (even a backup camera), and a Bimini top.
  • Sunpad: Light beige, vinyl, in two parts which both fold up.
  • Manual davit on the flybridge: Mast and boom system on the flybridge; lift the tender up and down with the help of two winches. The boat comes with a 9 foot AB tender and 6 Hp Tohatsu outboard, mounted on supports.

The aft cockpit has teak decking and is a nice space that is well-covered. Its got an overhanging fiberglass roof, a full enclosure, BBQ, and an integrated manual davit system, and the back of the cockpit opens up fully via three doors that collapse. 

  • Flooring: Teak decking with black rubber
  • Full enclosure: The cockpit is covered by the overhanging flybridge, and additionally there is a full canvas (Cream Sunbrella) and izenglass enclosure in the sides and back. Inside the izenglass are sunbrella panels that roll down to fully hide the interior of the cockpit. The whole enclosure can be rolled up, or put away completely.  Also, to Starboard there is a door to the sidedeck, to block the wind (To Port, the canvas blocks the weather). 
  • Seating/storage: There is a bench seat that goes from the starboard side to past midship, can sit 4-5. It is a fiberglass box which is can be easily removed with two hand-tightened screws taken off, to give more space. There are two opening hatches to store items inside. Beige vinyl padded cushions taht are removable. 
  • BBQ: On the swim platform is a base where you can screw on a pole, and then fit the propane Magma BBQ onto it.
  • Speakers: 2 x Fusion speakers facing aft (Added in 2021)
  • Lights: 2 x overhead lights.
  • Stairs to flybridge: The ladder stairs to the flybridge is in stainless steel, with teak steps. To starboard.
  • Lazarette access: Large roughly 4 x 3 feet hatch opens to give access to the lazarette. There's a set of removable metal steps, and access to the generator, genset and thruster batteries, and space and access for more equipment. 


  • Grey tinted windscreen
  • Seating: Long U-shaped settee to Port, with a rectangular wood table in the center. Has 4 cup holders on it. The settee has removable padded seating, in cream outdoor vinylester.
  • Cup Holders: 4 x on table, 2 x on gimbals by helm
  • Upholstery: Outdoor synthetic material, in cream.
  • Bimini: Sunbrella dark blue bimini top that covers the front half of the flybridge, to the arch.
  • Fishing Rod Holders: 2 x stainless steel, one on each aft corners
  • Mast & Davit System: There is a mast in the middle of the flybridge that supports the radar, the spotlight, TV antenna and VHF, but also a boom to lift a tender, located just aft. The Boom and mast both have manual winches to operate the lines for the davit. You launch the tender to Port or Starboard. See Tender and Outboard section at the end

Flybridge helm:

  • Wheel: Stainless steel
  • Bow and Stern Thruster controls - Max Power brand
  • Shifter: Cummins electronic shifter, with station activate button
  • Chartplotter: Raymarine HydridTouch Axion Pro 12 RVX 12-inch chartplotter navigation display. features include charts, data, depth, radar, and connectivity to Fusion stereo, back-up camera (Added in 2021)
  • Repeater: Raymarine ST60+ data repeater, reads Speed, Heading, Position (Lat/Long), Battery voltage, Rudder angle and Autopilot status. Original to the boat.
  • Autopilot computer: Raymarine ST 70. Original to the boat.
  • VHF: Raymarine RayMic260 handset, with speaker
  • Trim Tabs: Lenco, with indicators
  • Switches: Engine start/stop, horn, windlass up/down
  • Rudder angle indicator: analog, needle
  • Fuel Tank indicator
  • RPM Gauge with display for alarms, hours, data
  • Stereo controls: on Raymarine chartplotter
  • Speakers: 2 x Fusion Marine speaker (Replaced in 2021)
  • Spotlight controls
  • Compass: Plastimo

Mooring and Anchoring:

  • Electric windlass: Lewmar 
  • Anchor: Delta Plow Style
  • Windlass remote control in mooring locker + windlass control from wheelhouse and flying bridge steering stations
  • 6 Aluminium mooring cleats 
  • 2 Stainless steel fairleads to aft of the cockpit

Fishing and Crabbing Equipment:

Equipment has been pulled off the boat, and is stored at the owner's home.

  • Crab Pot Puller: Scotty, with bracket to Port.
  • Floating rods to show where pots are, and lines
  • Crab pot & Cooker: King Kooker brand propane cooker.
  • Landing net
  • Various other equipment

Tender & Outboard:

Installed on the aft part of the flybridge, with a manual davit system designed by Beneteau. The owner added metal brackets to the floor that are removable when not needed.

  • Tender: AB Brand, Model: 9 AL, 9 feet long, 4 foot 9 wide, weighs 88 Lb, Aluminium bottom, 4 pax / 1,089 Lb capacity (Outboard + Pax + Any gear), has oars and external Fuel tank. (Manufactured 2017)
  • Tender full-length Cover: in dark blue Sunbrella
  • Outboard: Tohatsu 3JE (MFS6CS), 6 Hp, 4 Stroke, weighs 55 Lb (Manufactured 2016)

General Description and Features:

The Swift Trawler 34 was a highly popular design that gave the boaters a great all-weather cruising option in a small package. The boat is versatile, able to handle a cruising couple for weeks at a time, or sleep up to 6 for a week or so. You enter into a salon with a convertible couch to Starboard, shelving across. There's a galley forward, and lower helm to Starboard, with a direct door to access the dock. Down three steps is a landing, with a bunk bed cabin to Port, and a head to Starboard. Forward is the Primary Cabin. 

  • 2 Cabins, 1 head (Only layout offered on the Swift Trawler 34)
  • Air Conditioning/Reverse-cycle heating by CruiseAir, with fan and dehumidify mode
  • Woodwork: Alpi Mahogany with Faux-wood veneer Mahogany flooring
  • Flooring: The main floor, stairs to down below, heads feature marine-grade plywood with very durable faux wood laminate, with high-quality dark grey runners on top. Cabins have marine-grade plywood with removable beige low-pile carpeting over.
  • Air Conditioning/Reverse-cycle Heating: controls and outlets
  • Entrance: 2 sliding aft window doors with a black lacquered aluminum frame, 
  • Bug Screens: On Aft and Helm sliding doors.
  • Curtains: Blackout curtains for aft sliding door and side windows. There's a clip-on curtain for when you turn the salon couch into a berth, to close the space off from the helm and galley forward.
  • Opening Windows: 2 to Port, 1 to Starboard, with an opening sliding door to Starboard as well.
  • Seating: Sofa for 2-3 to Starboard covered in cream ultra-leather, with space for seating more guests with the wood and mesh folding chairs.
  • Convertible sofa feature/Salon-as-sleeping area: Move the table out and the couch easily flip open to reveal a comfortable queen-sized bed. There are black-out curtains that cover every part of the salon, and an additional curtain between the bed and the Galley and helm. When your guests are using this space, people using the cabins can still get in and out of the boat via the side pocket door.
  • Salon table in varnished wood, on a wide, heavy base that provides stability even in big seas, with extension leaf inside the table. Tilting for better storage. The table can be taken outside for dinner in the cockpit.
  • Storage: To Port is a shelf with louvered edges, and cabinets below with shelves under, accessible via 4 opening doors.
  • TV: Samsung 26" UN26EH4000F, installed in front of couch to Port.
  • KVH Satelite TV Antenna: TracVision, can connect to a DirectTv receiver.
  • Stereo: Fusion Apollo Series MS-RA770, with SiriusXM, Bluetooth (Added in 2021)
  • Speakers: 2 x Pioneer in salon
  • Lighting: 6 x overhead lights, 2 x lamps
  • Access to the engine under the sole. There is a large opening hatch that make it easy to stand over the engine. The couch is also movable, to give more access to the engine if needed. Well insulated for sound.  

Galley (To Port):

U-shaped settee that is next to the helmstation. Great visibility to the exterior. There's a fridge under the helm station.

  • Counter Top: Durable grey textured laminate, with louvered wood edges.
  • Sinks: Stainless steel 2 basin sink, with clear acrylic back-splash
  • Propane Stove: Eno 2-burner cooktop, with heat-resistant glass cover when not in use.
  • Convection Microwave: Cuisinart, under stove
  • Refrigerator: Vitrifrigo C130L DX 06 fridge, under the helm seat, with freezer compartment.
  • Storage: 4 x wide drawers, 1 x deep drawer, under sink storage for garbage and more, cubbies and large open tray above stove. More storage in salon area.
  • Opening window: for ventilation.

Helmstation (to Starboard):

The lower helmstation gives a perfect vantage point to drive the boat all day long. It's also the best place to dock and maneuver the boat while being able to handle the docking lines, because of the large door that gives access to the wider starboard side deck, and a second door in the hull to get to the dock. There's also a floor board that comes down for shorter people to get a better view. Bench seating for two.

  • Bench seating - Cream Leatherette-covered settee for two. Can move forward and back.
  • Helm View: 3 large, nearly upright windows provide an outstanding view from the helmsman and crew. Each window has windshield wipers. There's a lip overhang for the roof to help with rain and glare. 
  • Stereo Controls: On Raymarine Chartplotter
  • Chartplotter: Raymarine HydridTouch Axion Pro 12 RVX 12-inch chartplotter navigation display. features include charts, data, depth, radar, and connectivity to Fusion stereo, back up camera (Added in 2021)
  • Sonar: Raymarine RealVision 3D for fishing, DownVision, SideVision, two sensors for each side of the hull (Added in 2021)
  • Radar: Raymarine Quantum 2 Doppler Radar (Added in 2021)
  • Aft docking camera: Raymarine CAM220IP (Added in 2021)
  • Autopilot: Raymarine ST70 autopilot display. Has "Dodge" feature for quick heading change to avoid logs, debris, etc. Original to the boat.
  • Repeater: Raymarine depth, wind and speed display
  • VHF: Raymarine RAY240 VHF Ram unit, with loudspeaker
  • Engine Data: On Raymarine Chartplotter: Shows RPM, Oil pressure, Engine Temp, Speed, Gear selected, Battery voltage, Fuel Gauge. On Center RPM gauge: Cycles through same data, plus engine hours and error messages
  • Gauges: Engine Temp, Oil Pressure, RPM (With digital gauge), Battery voltage, Fuel Tank
  • Rudder angle indicator: analog
  • Shifter: Mercury single electronic shifter, has throttle only, transfer button to take controls on fly, neutral light.
  • Engine button pad: Shows red lights for neutral, +/- buttons for trolling mode, transfer station, and throttle only mode.
  • Generator Start/Stop controls, with indicator lights for error messages
  • Bow and Stern Thruster Controls: MAX Power brand.
  • Buttons Panel: Easy buttons to access at eye level for Anchor windlass, Defog, Electronics off/on, Water pressure, manual bilge pump, horn, nav/anchor light, windshield fluid, and wipers.
  • 3 Windshield wipers with washer and synchronization system
  • Sliding door for access to the main starboard side deck with the latching system to hold it partially open
  • Varnished wood steering wheel with stainless steel branches, by Vetus
  • Lenco trim tab indicators
  • Light: Overhead light, all buttons have a backlight option
  • Compass - Platimo
  • Windshield defog - 2 outlets.
  • DC plugs: 1 x 110 V socket
  • Heating outlet: Faces helm person
  • Drop-Down floor board: For shorter people, there is a drop-down second floor that gives an extra 2+ inches of height. 
  • Foot Support: Just below the wheel, there is an angled foot hold, great for when sitting at the helm.

Head (Down the stairs to Starboard):

  • Air conditioning and heating vent
  • Shower: This is a wet-head setup, with a curtain to draw to cover the sink and toilet. There's a separate shower handle. Shower sump pump.
  • Overhead hatch: Small, with shade and bug screen
  • Opening Port: Small and round, with clip-on shade
  • Light: two overhead lights
  • Head: Jabsco Quiet Flush toilet, electric
  • Holding Tank Gauge: Analog
  • Sink & Countertop: White molded fiberglass counter and sink. Has a wood trim louvered edge, and another wood trim behind the sink to create a large amount of storage.
  • Storages: Under the sink, two doors open to the two shelves and a toilet paper roll holder inside the door, and next to the sink, a cabinet with two deep shelves, great for towels and more. 
  • Access panels: Access to the back of the helm via a nearly 5-foot tall hatch, and a small hatch for opening the through-hull for waster discharge, and sink.

Primary Cabin (Forward):

  • Air Conditioning/Reverse-Cycle Heating: Controls and one outlet (Unit being replaced end of April 2024--on order, will be a Dometic brand unit.)
  • Carpet: Cream color low-pile carpet with marine-grade plywood underneath
  • Bed: Queen-sized Island berth, with trim edges and padded headboard in dark brown ultra leather. Storage underneath, accessible by raising bed frame on gas struts
  • Storage: There are two large lockers to Port and Starboard, with one side being a hanging locker, while the other has three shelves. Also, there are long and deep lockers next to both sides of the bed, with open shelves on top. The storage under the bed is quite large.
  • Safe: small safe under the bed, with a locking key.
  • Lights: 4 overhead lights, 2 reading lights
  • TV: Samsung 22-inch TV
  • Stereo/DVD Player/Speakers: Fusion MS-AV650 stereo and DVD Player with Pioneer speakers to Port and Starboard
  • Ventilation: 1 Overhead opening hatch and 2 opening hull portholes with curtains
  • Fire extinguisher inside the cabinet 

Guest Cabin (Port side):

  • Air Conditioning/Reverse-Cycle Heating: Controls and one outlet
  • Berths: 2 Individual bunk berths with reading lamps at opposite ends, and small shelves by the head of each berth
  • 2 Opening hull portholes with curtains 


  • Engine: Cummins QSB5.9, 425 HP (687 Hours as of 2/20/24)
  • Start/Stop: One panel by the engine, one at each of the two helms.
  • Oil Change System: Reverso


The main electrical panel is near the helm, one step down. You have a Scheiber panel for water and battery levels, one AC panel to turn on the Air conditioning and heating side, one for the rest of the AC equipment, and the outlets. Below are two Panels to switch from shore power to generator power for both the air conditioning/heating, and the rest of the AC equipment. The generator start/stop/error panel is just next by the helm.

  • Gauge Panel: Scheiber panel. Water, and battery levels can be read.
  • Shore Power Connection: 1 x 30 Amp connection for Air-Conditioning/Reverse-Cycle Heating, 1 x 30 Amp connection for the rest of the AC equipment. Connection in the aft-Starboard corner
  • Shore power cords: 3
  • Water Heater: Quick Nautic Boiler, 25 Liter / 6.6 Gallons
  • Battery charger 
  • Generator: 7.5kw Cummins Onan Generator, model 6MDKBJ-1100A (392 Hours)
  • Batteries (Engine): 2 x Optima Bluetop Starting AGM Batteries, Group 34, 1000 MCA, 800 CCA, 50 Ah (Replaced April 2024)
  • Battery (House): 2 x Optima Bluetop Starting AGM Batteries, Group 34, 1000 MCA, 800 CCA, 50 Ah (Replaced April 2024)
  • Battery (Generator): 1 x Optima Redtop Starting AGM Batteries, Group 34, 815 CCA (Replaced April 2024)
  • Battery (Bow Thruster): 2 x Optima Bluetop Starting AGM Batteries, Group 34, 1000 MCA, 800 CCA, 50 Ah (Replaced April 2024)
  • Battery (Stern Thruster): 2 x West Marine Group 24 AGM Batteries, 79 Ah, 800 MCA (Replaced April 2024)

Schedule a Tour of WINDFALL

Contact our team to schedule a private showing.


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windfall yacht


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Sandeman Yacht Company

Abeking & Rasmussen Windfall 30 Sq m Sloop 1937 - Sold


Abeking & Rasmussen Windfall 30 Sq m Sloop 1937

Designer Abeking & Rasmussen
Builder Abeking & Rasmussen
Date 1937
Length overall 32 ft 0 in / 9.75 m
Length deck 32 ft 0 in / 9.75 m
Length waterline 21 ft 0 in / 6.4 m
Beam 7 ft 3 in / 2.2 m
Draft 4 ft 3 in / 1.3 m
Displacement 3.25 Tonnes
Construction Carvel mahogany planking on oak frames
Engine Lombardini 13 HP Diesel c 40 hrs
Location United Kingdom
Price Sold

These details are provisional and may be amended


Former German 30 Square Metre classic naval training yacht; one of the Windfalls; ERIDA has been substantially restored so that while retaining her construction characteristics and hull form, has been modernised to a significant degree making her a very easy to handle racing yacht. Since her restoration she has achieved some success with a number of race wins in classic and livery yacht events.

ERIDA – formerly ERDA launched as a Seefahrtkreuzer is one of the Windfall yachts from Germany, which prior to and during the Second World War were used by the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe for officer training and in particular, to hone the skills of their navigators. They earned their unusual name when, in 1945, around one hundred of these yachts were taken as spoils of war by the British forces – “liberated” and later included in the official reparations agreement. The British forces subsequently used most of the fleet of Windfall yachts for more than twenty years to introduce their own servicemen to the arts of offshore sailing. Over time the yachts have been released into private ownership and many have since been the subjects of painstaking restorations. ERIDA herself entered private hands sooner than most; on Lloyds Register from 1950 to 1973 in the ownership of W M Read. He raced her in the Solent Racing Association Q Class and various events around Poole. She later competed around the Solent from 1995 to 2001 - eventually left to fall into disrepair, to be discovered by her current owner in a derelict condition riverside at Wareham and rescued. After some initial work in Poole, the boat was fully restored at the Clare Lallow boatyard in Cowes – re launching in 2009.


- Carvel mahogany planking on oak frames - Oak deck beams - Ply deck canvassed over - Mahogany toe rail, coamings and hatch surrounds - Utile interior lining battens - Mixed hardwood and ply interior joinery - Cabin sole Plywood with teak and holly splined veneer

Accommodation and domestic equipment

- Access from cockpit bridge deck by sliding hatch, platform and step over engine space - Chart table to port with drawers under and nav instruments and VHF outboard - Matching table and chest of drawers to stbd - Open locker for tools and sundries in aft bulkhead - 2 x Quarter berths aft - Saloon forward - 3 x Closed port lights in trunk cabin sides - 2 x Single berths upholstered in blue leatherette - Seat athwartships forward under fore deck hatch

Rig, spars and sails

- Bermuda sloop rig - Alloy mast boom and spinnaker pole - Stainless steel standing rigging - Sixfold purchase Harken blocks adjustable backstay - Harken roller furling headsail rig Sails all in GC - Dimension-Polyant laminated main sail 2009 - Dimension-Polyant laminated Jib 2009 - Both sails have white taffeta on each side for stability and longevity - Masthead .75 oz spinnaker 2009 - Masthead .75oz asymmetric 2009 - Older fractional spinnaker for strong wind use - Spare Dacron main sail

Deck layout equipment and ground tackle

From bow - Stainless steel stemhead fitting - 2 x Spinnaker pole retaining rings - 2 x Stainless steel mooring cleats; one each side - Framed Perspex skylight fore hatch - Mast with spinlock sheet jammers and stainless steel pin rails - Mahogany trunk cabin alloy hand rails each side on coach roof - Stainless steel Genoa tracks and blocks alongside trunk cabin on deck - Sliding hatch on stainless steel runners and wash boards - 2 x Harken 2 speed ST halyard winches either side on coach roof - Cockpit with coamings tapering down from trunk cabin - Teak seating each side and across bridge deck - Teak cockpit sole grating - 2 x Harken 2 speed ST primary winches each side on stainless steel pedestals outboard - Engine control to stbd - Tiller steering - Lazarette hatch with Perspex hinged cover - Mainsheet horse and blocks - Aft deck, stainless steel fairleads each side

Mechanical electrical and tankage

- Lombardini 13 HP Diesel engine; new in restoration c 40 hours - Custom made Tek-Tank fuel tank - Engine start battery - Instrument battery

Navigation, communications and electronics

- Raymarine Log / wind / depth - DSC VHF - GPS

- Manual bilge pump

Restoration and refit

The restoration was undertaken at Lallow’s boatyard in Cowes with the assistance of Corby Yachts who also designed a new IRC friendly sail plan. Full details can be made available on request.

These particulars have been prepared from information provided by the vendors and are intended as a general guide. The purchaser should confirm details of concern to them by survey or engineers inspection. The purchaser should also ensure that the purchase contract properly reflects their concerns and specifies details on which they wish to rely.

Sandeman Yacht Company

Brokerage of classic & vintage yachts.

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windfall yacht

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Charter yacht WINDFALL wins in her class at Les Voiles de Saint Barth 2019

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By Katia Damborsky   23 April 2019

For the third year in a row, the 29m/94ft sailing yacht WINDFALL has stormed to victory in the Maxi 2 Class at the regatta event in St Barths .

Marking an impressive hattrick, the Southern Wind-built superyacht WINDFALL has won in her class again this year, beating out fellow charter yachts SOJANA and SELENE .

The luxury sailing yacht notched up three wins in five races, placing her at the top of the class leaderboard yet again for 2019.

Racing alongside her, the 35m/115ft sailing yacht SOJANA earnt a podium second-place finish in the races, while the 24m/80ft charter yacht SELENE won her first race, but had to retire for the duration of the races shortly thereafter, leaving her in fifth place overall.

Sailing yachts on the water during Les voiles de Saint Barth

In the Maxi 1 class, it was the 21m/ 72ft monohull SORCHA who took home the victory after winning all five of her races. With this perfect set of results under her belt, she enjoys a rank at the top of her leaderboard in the Maxi Overall results.

Now officially called les Voiles de Saint Barth Richard Mille, the event drew to a close on April 20.

The landmark 10th edition pulled in seasoned sailors and stellar yachts from across the globe for five days of thrilling races in the heart of the Caribbean.

The 70-strong fleet of participating yachts were divided into nine classes according to their technical capacities, with record numbers of entries in both the  multihull and Spinnaker classes.

Complementing the action on the water, Les Voiles de Saint Barth Richard Mille hosted an impressive social scene with a pop-up Nikki Beach event, live music and DJ sets.

The perfect event for those looking to experience the Caribbean’s vibrant sailing sphere and network with like-minded individuals, plenty of charter yachts were in the area to soak up the regatta action in St Barths.

Yachts racing at Les Voiles de Saint Barth

If you would like to know about chartering a yacht in St Barths either as part of a regatta charter or a luxury superyacht vacation, please get in touch with your preferred yacht charter broker .

Alternatively, view and compare all superyachts for charter in the Caribbean .

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35m Green Marine 2003 / 2022

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24m Nautor's Swan 2000 / 2009

Aragon yacht charter

29m Southern Wind 2013 / 2019


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  • Leeward Islands


VIDEO: A look ahead to Les Voiles de Saint Barth 2019

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M/Y VIVALDI opens for charter in the East Mediterranean

Groundbreaking expedition yacht 'La Datcha', currently in build, to charter in 2021

Groundbreaking expedition yacht 'La Datcha', currently in build, to charter in 2021


Preparing for the 2025 Mediterranean yacht charter season; MYBA and MEDYS announce 2025 dates

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Preparing for the 2025 Mediterranean yacht charter season; MYBA and MEDYS announce 2025 dates

28 June 2024

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27 June 2024

CRN superyacht STARBURST IV joins Mediterranean charter fleet following off-market deal

26 June 2024

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O'PARI Yacht Review

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Aragon is built to be safe, reliable and seaworthy. Performance sport is at her core but she is equally proud of the cruising comfort she offers. Versatile and lightweight, Aragon weighs just 51.5 tons and is built to perform in light Mediterranean breezes and take on the open seas with ease. Thanks to advanced construction techniques, an outstanding design and racing equipment, Aragon assures exciting and comfortable sailing in any weather conditions. A highly qualified multilingual crew is trained to meet the most exclusive guest’s needs. Amazing sailing, fascinating anchorages and tasteful cuisine experiences.

Special Features :

Fast and comfortable cruiser-racer designed by Reichel-Pugh and built by Southern Wind Spacious interior layouts by Nauta design Winner of many superyacht regattas including The Voiles de St Barth Large cockpit table and sunbeds Dodger + Bimini

Photo credit : Courtesy of Southern Wind Shipyard

Tender: Falcon 450 

Activities : Scuba diving equipment , Snorkeling equipment , Waterskis , 3 x Standing paddle board , 3 x SUP hand pump , 2x Wakeboard , Aquagilde syncro towable tube & tow float rope , 6x Water float noodles .

Summer : Pacific Ocean French Polynesia

Winter : West Mediterranean Greece - The Cyclades Islands

News & publications

ARAGON : New Charter Central Agency Listing

ARAGON : New Charter Central Agency Listing

The Southern Wind 94 ARAGON (ex WINDFALL) combines luxury and comfort with cutting edge technology and performance in a way that has rarely been seen before. Performance sport is clearly the core of this yacht but she is equally proud of her cruising comfort. The intelligent and beautiful...

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Length : 27.71 m / Passengers : 6

Special features : - Modern design from prestigious shipyard Nautor's Swan- High-level of sailing performances- 3 comfortable cabins- Spacious and welcoming saloon and cockpit 


Length : 25.15 m / Passengers : 6

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  • FR +33 AC +247 AD +376 AE +971 AF +93 AG +1 AI +1 AL +355 AM +374 AO +244 AR +54 AS +1 AT +43 AU +61 AW +297 AX +358 AZ +994 BA +387 BB +1 BD +880 BE +32 BF +226 BG +359 BH +973 BI +257 BJ +229 BL +590 BM +1 BN +673 BO +591 BQ +599 BR +55 BS +1 BT +975 BW +267 BY +375 BZ +501 CA +1 CC +61 CD +243 CF +236 CG +242 CH +41 CI +225 CK +682 CL +56 CM +237 CN +86 CO +57 CR +506 CU +53 CV +238 CW +599 CX +61 CY +357 CZ +420 DE +49 DJ +253 DK +45 DM +1 DO +1 DZ +213 EC +593 EE +372 EG +20 EH +212 ER +291 ES +34 ET +251 FI +358 FJ +679 FK +500 FM +691 FO +298 FR +33 GA +241 GB +44 GD +1 GE +995 GF +594 GG +44 GH +233 GI +350 GL +299 GM +220 GN +224 GP +590 GR +30 GT +502 GU +1 GW +245 GY +592 HK +852 HN +504 HR +385 HT +509 HU +36 ID +62 IE +353 IL +972 IM +44 IN +91 IQ +964 IR +98 IS +354 IT +39 JE +44 JM +1 JO +962 JP +81 KE +254 KG +996 KH +855 KI +686 KM +269 KN +1 KP +850 KR +82 KW +965 KY +1 KZ +7 LA +856 LB +961 LC +1 LI +423 LK +94 LR +231 LS +266 LT +370 LU +352 LV +371 LY +218 MA +212 MC +377 MD +373 ME +382 MF +590 MG +261 MH +692 MK +389 ML +223 MM +95 MN +976 MO +853 MP +1 MQ +596 MR +222 MS +1 MT +356 MU +230 MV +960 MW +265 MX +52 MY +60 MZ +258 NA +264 NC +687 NE +227 NF +672 NG +234 NI +505 NL +31 NO +47 NP +977 NR +674 NU +683 NZ +64 OM +968 PA +507 PE +51 PF +689 PG +675 PH +63 PK +92 PL +48 PM +508 PR +1 PS +970 PT +351 PW +680 PY +595 QA +974 RE +262 RO +40 RS +381 RU +7 RW +250 SA +966 SB +677 SC +248 SD +249 SE +46 SG +65 SH +290 SI +386 SJ +47 SK +421 SL +232 SM +378 SN +221 SO +252 SR +597 SS +211 ST +239 SV +503 SX +1 SY +963 SZ +268 TC +1 TD +235 TG +228 TH +66 TJ +992 TL +670 TM +993 TN +216 TO +676 TR +90 TT +1 TV +688 TW +886 TZ +255 UA +380 UG +256 US +1 UY +598 UZ +998 VA +39 VC +1 VE +58 VG +1 VI +1 VN +84 VU +678 WF +681 WS +685 XK +383 YE +967 YT +262 ZA +27 ZM +260 ZW +263

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yacht Windfall

  • Yacht Harbour
  • Yacht Windfall

About Windfall

Bernard Gallay

Contact agent

.Bernard Gallay.

Period Price/week Location Agent
Summer 2019 € 40,000 — € 45,000 Mediterranian

yacht Windfall


Yard : Southern Wind
Type : Sailing yacht
Guests : 6
Crew : 4
Cabins : 3
Length : 28.64 m / 94′0″
Beam : 6.6 m / 21′8″
Year of build : 2013
Classification : RINA
Displacement : Sailing yacht
Type of engine : Diesel
Brand : Yanmar
Maximum speed : 26 knots
Cruising speed : 12 knots
Hull : Composite
Superstructure : Composite
Decking : Teak
Interior designer : Nauta Design
Exterior designer : Reichel-Pugh

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Nostra Vita

New listings

Custom Line Navetta 42





‘Windfall’ is a 93.96ft  /28.64m  SW 94 yacht built in 2013 by Southern Wind. Nauta Yachts is responsible for both the exterior and interior design of this yacht, and she is a popular choice among those seeking a memorable charter experience.

Windfall’s spacious interior layout sleeps up to 8 guests in 3 rooms, including a master suite, She is also capable of carrying up to 4 crew members onboard to ensure you and your guests enjoy a luxury charter experience that is truly memorable, making use of the superyacht’s impressive amenities.

Her impressive leisure and entertainment facilities make her perfect for entertaining friends and family on your perfect charter vacation. There’s space for enjoying lavish dining or simply kicking back and soaking up the sunshine. You can’t help but be impressed by the beautiful finish of this vessel, the expansive deck, and sumptuous furnishings.

Windfall has a cruising speed of 12 knots, and you’ll sail in style through the Mediterranean waters, taking in the breath-taking views as you go.

Air conditioning keeps conditions comfortable throughout the cabins, so you’ll stay cool even on those hot, humid days or nights.

Toys include 1 x Paddleboard, 1 x Wake Board, and Fishing Equipment, so guests of all ages can find something to keep them entertained as you go!




Falcon 450 Tender 40 HP engine

1 x Paddleboard 1 x Wake Board Fishing Equipment 1x Fishing Rod

Windfall Is Available at These Locations

Photo of Antigua

Saint Martin

Photo of St Barts

Virgin Islands

Charter windfall, similar luxury yachts for charter in caribbean.

Photo of Romea

€875,000/wk 268.37ft /81.8m 12 Guests 6 Cabins 23 Crew

Photo of Skyfall

€275,000/wk 189.99ft /57.91m 12 Guests 6 Cabins 13 Crew

Photo of Unbridled

$60,000/wk 116.01ft /35.36m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 5 Crew

Photo of Alter Ego

$35,000/wk 79.99ft /24.38m 6 Guests 3 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Alandrea

$55,000/wk 96ft /29.26m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 5 Crew

Photo of Sovereign

$16,000/wk 71.2ft /21.70m 4 Guests 3 Cabins Crew

Photo of Seafarer

$42,500/wk 100.98ft /30.78m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Lady Margaret

Lady Margaret

$18,900/wk 63.98ft /19.5m 4 Guests 2 Cabins 2 Crew

Photo of Plan A

$105,000/wk 129.99ft /39.62m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 8 Crew

Photo of Tigers Eye

$38,000/wk 98ft /29.87m 9 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Te Manu

€175,000/wk 162.01ft /49.38m 12 Guests 6 Cabins 11 Crew

Photo of Blue Deer

€35,000/wk 73.98ft /22.55m 10 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Seven Sins

€125,000/wk 143.70ft /43.8m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 8 Crew

Photo of Invictus

$476,000/wk 216.54ft /66m 12 Guests 9 Cabins 19 Crew

Photo of Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl

$47,000/wk 102.99ft /31.39m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Legend

€460,000/wk 253.94ft /77.4m 26 Guests 13 Cabins 19 Crew

Photo of Quixote

$16,500/wk 86.94ft /26.5m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Martha Ann

€600,000/wk 230.02ft /70.11m 12 Guests 7 Cabins 21 Crew

Photo of Island Cowboy

Island Cowboy

$35,000/wk 79.99ft /24.38m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Three Moons

Three Moons

$15,000/wk 72ft /21.95m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Sand Castle

Sand Castle

$28,500/wk 95.14ft /29m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Spirit

€255,000/wk 178.15ft /54.3m 11 Guests 5 Cabins 13 Crew

Photo of Southern Star

Southern Star

€25,000/wk 78.58ft /23.95m 6 Guests 3 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Yoly

$30,000/wk 91.86ft /28m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Sealyon

€325,000/wk 202.76ft /61.8m 12 Guests 6 Cabins 16 Crew

Photo of W

$125,000/wk 129.99ft /39.62m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 7 Crew

Photo of FAR FROM IT


$145,000/wk 141.99ft /43.28m 12 Guests 6 Cabins 8 Crew

Photo of Ree

€47,250/wk 111.91ft /34.11m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 6 Crew

Photo of Aoibh

€20,000/wk 56.63ft /17.26m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Steffo

$155,000/wk 156ft /47.55m 12 Guests 5 Cabins 7 Crew

windfall yacht

2013   Southern Wind    94ft  /  28.6m



WINDFALL private yacht

The luxury sailing yacht WINDFALL is a private yacht and is not available to charter.

WINDFALL was built by Southern Wind and delivered to her owner in 2013.

WINDFALL can accommodate 8 guests in 3 cabins consisting of a primary suite with a queen size bed and en-suite bathroom facilities, a cabin with a twin bed and a pullman bed and en-suite bathroom facilities and a cabin with a twin bed and a pullman bed .

Amenities on board include Air Conditioning, Light fishing gear, Indoor audio system and Local TV.

An extensive list of further amenities and water toys can be seen under the features and amenities section.

You can view alternative similar sailing yachts for charter , or alternatively contact your Yacht Charter Broker for information about renting an alternative luxury charter yacht.

  • Windward Islands
  • Leeward Islands

Northern Europe

  • British Isles
  • Scandinavia
  • Northern France
  • Air Conditioning
  • Light fishing gear
  • Indoor audio system

Timothy Goodbody

Previous yachts: Whisper (Southern Wind 78), Rebecca (Frers 140), Unfurled (Royal Huisman 34), Adela (Pendennis 55mt) Sail and work experience: he started sailing at an early age, cruising with his parents in the Med and was involved into racing over the next couple of years. He won Eight National titles, one Europeans in the Sigma 33 class, he scored 3rd in the 1720 Europeans and 3rd in the Commodores Cup. He has also experience in racing TP 52s, Dragons, Etchells, SB3s and IRC racing yachts from 38 to 78 foot. Last but not least he won five Irish National Titles in four different dinghy classes and represented Ireland in the Finn class during the China Olympics. On top of this remarkable racing palmarès, his expertise includes also coaching in many different areas. In the past 11 years he was an Irish International Optimist coach and then Head Coach in the Royal St George and Royal Irish Yacht Clubs in Dublin; he worked for private individuals and yacht campaigns coaching crews. He also worked as an event coach at regattas for private teams and individuals worldwide. Tim also skippered yachts during deliveries for many years, throughout Europe. His experience with Superyachts includes some of the most famous sailing yachts as Unfurled, Adela and Rebecca, winning two Antigua Superyacht Cups, St Barths Bucket and Antigua Classics, and Southern Wind 78 Whisper as captain. Cruised waters: Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Job description: he is responsible for navigation, safety, overall running and financial management of the vessel, crew and guests. Ensures safe and efficient operation of the yacht at all times including compliance with all safety procedures and regulations.Takes care of adhering to flag, port state and local laws and regulations. Manages the crew to ensure compliance with, and understanding of, the vessel’s policies. Provides daily crew leadership and encouraging teamwork and individual, personal attention. Delegates duties, keeping the overall supervision of crew tasks. Licenses & certificates: RRYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean, Commercial Endorsement - STCW Training - STCW Proficiency in First Aid – Automated External Defibrillation certificate - GMDSS GeneralOperator’s Certificate - RYA Small Craft Radar - RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Certificate - ISA Level 2 Coaching certificate, all classes. Education: Dublin Business School - BA Honours in Business Studies.

Nelson Moore

He started his professional seafarer career working for the Royal Cork Yacht Club in the maintenance of boats and driving the race committee boat. He took part in several yachts deliveries and worked in the maintenance of sailing yachts. He also managed a group of companies involved in the yacht chartering, managing of marinas and providing yacht services. His extensive sailing experience is testified by more than 40.000 miles sailed in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean and by his wide racing activity, ranging from sport boats, like 1720 Irish and European Championships, to International Dragon, various IRC races like Irish IRC national championship which he won twice, or Cowes Week and Cork Week, where for 3 times he scored first in overall & class. He also raced in superyachts events like the Rolex Maxi Worlds, Le Voiles de St. Tropez, the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta in Sardinia and, Superyacht Cup in Palma and the Ibiza Rendezvous Regatta. He also participated in some offshore races such as the Caribbean 600 and various other RORC Offshore races.

Aifric Mckenna

At a very young age, she started her professional career at sea working with a powerboat rescue team, for a variety of sailing events in Dublin Bay, including the Special Olympics in 2003. At the same time her passion for sailing brought her to become also a sailing and racing instructor at the Royal St. George Yacht Club in Dublin and Chicago Sailing School where she worked also as skipper chartering J24s and J22s. She qualified for the Irish 420 team in 2004 and 2005, competing in the World Championships and European Championships in Portugal, Italy and France. Thanks to her stewardess and deckhand skills she worked onboard Maxi Yachts such as ‘Hammer’ and ‘Axia’ taking part also to racing events such as the Saint Barths Bucket Regatta. Onboard the SW78 Whisper she took part in some transatlantic deliveries and some prestigious regattas such as Les Voiles de Saint Tropez and Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta. She is responsible for the organization, management and cleanliness of all interior areas onboard. She maintains an accurate inventory of all service items and supplies. She ensures cleaning and preparation of the vessel to the highest standards prior to any and all guests trips. She is in charge of provisioning the vessel for both guests and crew in all aspects of daily life. When guests are onboard, she ensures that they are properly cared for and that all their requirements are met. She offers a particular attention to details and a polite and entertaining spirit.


windfall yacht

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to charter windfall.

WINDFALL has a weekly charter price starting at €40,000 and an estimated daily charter price of €6,670.

How many guests on board WINDFALL?

WINDFALL can accommodate 8 sleeping guests on board in 3 cabins.

Legal Disclaimer

Sailing Yacht WINDFALL is displayed on this page for informational purposes and may not necessarily be available for charter. The yacht details are displayed in good faith and whilst believed to be correct are not guaranteed, please check with your charter broker. Charter Index does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or images displayed as they may not be current. All yacht details and charter pricing are subject to change without prior notice and are without warranty.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection

The yachting industry has no global listing service to which all charter yachts must subscribe to, making it impossible to ascertain a truly up-to-date view of the market. Charter Index is a news and information service and not always informed when yachts leave the charter market, or when they are recently sold and renamed, it is not always clear if they are still for charter. Whilst we endeavour to maintain accurate information, the existence of a listing on Charter Index should in no way supersede official documentation supplied by the representatives of a yacht.


Yacht nameWINDFALL
Speed (cruising)22.2kph / 12kn
Speed (max)48.1kph / 26kn
Fuel consumption (cruising)75.7lph / 20gph
EngineYanmar 4LHA STP 240hp
BuilderSouthern Wind
DesignerReichel / Pugh Design

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Sailing yachts

30sqm Windfall Yacht

30sqm Windfall Yacht

  • Designer: Abeking and Rasmussen
  • Builder: Abeking and Rasmussen
  • Location: Devon
  • Length on deck: 31'
  • Tonnage: 7TM

Enquire about 30sqm Windfall Yacht

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30sqm Windfall Yacht

Full specification

Wooden Ships Comments on this 30sqm Windfall Yacht

Designed and built by Abeking and Rasmussen in 1937, this 30sqm yacht was one of the naval training vessels that formed part of the fleet of  Windfall Yachts.  Until the end of The Second World War these yachts were used by the Luftwaffe and Kreigsmarine for training their officers, particularly navigation officers, until they were taken as spoils of war in 1945 and used for a similar role by the British military.

This boat has been in private ownership since 1950, racing on the south coast around the Solent and Poole.  After falling into disrepair, she was given and extensive rebuild in 2009 at the Clare Lallows boatyard in Cowes where all necessary repairs to hull and decks were done and a newly designed rig fitted.  Since then she has raced successfully in many classic events, proving to be a fast and easily handled yacht with superb lines.

The current owner has overhauled the machinery and spent a lot of time improving the cosmetics and finish of the yacht so she is now in sparkling condition.

She has a current IRC certificate.  2018 survey available.

Length on Deck                 32′

Length Waterline            21′

Beam                                    7′

Draft                                      4′

Thames Tonnage             7TM


Planked in mahogany copper fastened to oak frames

Iron external ballast keel.  Keel bolts new in 2009.

Sheathed marine plywood deck with a varnished mahogany coverboard and toe rail.

Varnished mahogany coachroof coamings with chromed bronze portholes and a sheathed plywood coachroof deck.

Self draining cockpit with scrubbed teak thwarts and varnished mahogany coamings.

Tiller steering with varnished mahogany tiller and wooden rudder.

Fractional bermudan sloop rig on a keel stepped painted alloy mast.

The current rig was designed in conjunction with Corby Yachts and is optimised for IRC racing.

Slab reefing alloy boom and alloy spinnaker pole.

Stainless steel standing rigging to internal stainless chain plates.  Rigging new in 2009.

Harken roller furling headsail system.

Adjustable backstay on 6:1 purchase.

Well thought out and installed rig with modern blocks and fittings, mostly Harken.

Running rigging led aft along the coachroof through Spinlock organisers and clutches.

Pair of Harken 32 ST winches on the cabin top.  Pair of Harken ST sheet winches on the cockpit coamings.

Dimension-polyant laminated mainsail and jib, both new in 2009.

Spinnaker and asymmetric from 2009.  Fractional spinnaker and older Dacron mainsail.

Lombardini 13hp 2cyl diesel installed on the centreline with a Volvo hydraulic drive to a port side offset propeller.

Engine newly installed in 2009, recently overhauled hydraulic system with new pipes.

2 blade folding propeller, gives 6 knots cruising speed.

Plastic Tek Tank diesel tank aft.

2 x 12 volt batteries charged from engine alternator.


4 berths with comfortable sitting headroom.

Steps down over the engine box with a quarter berth either side.

Matching piece of joinery each side with flat work top space.  Drawer storage beneath.  12 volt switch panel to port along with VHF and stereo.

Settee either side with sitting headroom.

Double v-berth forward.

Full specification and details available upon request


These particulars have been prepared in good faith from information provided by the Vendors and are intended as a guide, Wooden Ships cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. The Purchaser should instruct his agent or surveyor to validate all details as necessary and satisfy himself with the condition of the vessel and its equipment.

Wooden Ships classic yachts brokers have an extensive database of boats for sale. With a wide range of sailboats , classic yachts , motor yachts and small classic boats , Wooden Ships has one of the largest selections of traditional wooden boats and yachts for sale in the UK.

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Daniel Bombigher Shpountz 44-40 Schooner

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How to Sell a Yacht

September 5th 2022

How to sell a classic yacht – 10 things to expect from your broker.   Selling a classic yacht can be daunting, but working with a broker can simp…

windfall yacht

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Merlin and Marabu

Merlin and Marabu

  • Dec 30, 2011

windfall yacht

Sister Eleff

Looks like a good day for a sail!  

  • Dec 31, 2011

That must have been exciting Jim, something to remember in your dotage. This is very timely with the Sydney to Hobart having just been run. We are only a few hours off 2012, so we will warm it up for you Northerners with a few fireworks, and wish you all Happy New Year. Anthony  

Thanks for the comments folks, I must be in my 'dotage' now,I couldn't remember if the race was 60 or 61, and had to go and look it up. Best wishes for the New Year as well. Jim  

Donald E. Meek

What skill, Jim...nothing is beyond your splendid touch! Beautiful! A richt Guide New Year tae ye aw in Muchty - and happy painting in 2012, so that we can enjoy it! Donald.  

windfall yacht


Did one of them lie at Whale Island (hms excellent, gunnery school) 1957/58/59 remember seeing one that had been war reperation there. beautifull yacht.........  

  • Jan 1, 2012

Hi vickentallen, quite possibly,as there was 10 x 100sqm and almost fifty 50sqm yachts plus some 30's and other miscellaneous boats. I worked on the 'boat party' at RNAS Arbroath in the 60's and we had some Olympic dinghies, Windfalls as well. 'The Windfall Yachts' a Legacy of Goodwill by Michael Cudmore is a good book on the subject and all proceeds go to Seafarers UK (King George's Fund for Sailors) Jim  

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windfall yacht

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windfall yacht

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Latitude: 55�32'58"N (55.549444)
Longitude: 37�51'52"E (37.864444)
Variation:12.03�E (WMM2020 magnetic declination)
0.14� annual change

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windfall yacht

The Future of Streaming (According to the Moguls Figuring It Out)

Who will survive? Die? Thrive? And how? We talked to nearly a dozen top media executives and asked them to predict what lies ahead.

Credit... Illustration by Smlxl Company

Supported by

James B. Stewart

By James B. Stewart and Benjamin Mullin

  • Published June 22, 2024 Updated June 24, 2024

When the media titans Brian Roberts, John Malone and Barry Diller cast off in early February on Mr. Diller’s 156-foot, two-masted yacht, named Arriva, the waters off the coast of Jupiter, Fla., were placid.

The same could not be said for their sprawling entertainment businesses.

The three men meet occasionally to discuss the state of the industry, and lively disagreements have a been a staple of their discussions. But by the time they met on the yacht, they had all agreed that the money-losing status quo in the streaming business was unsustainable. The old cable model was a melting ice cube.

But what will take its place?

“There was peace in the valley for a period of time,” Mr. Malone mused in a rare recent interview, recalling the days before video-streaming upended the lucrative cable business. “Now, it’s quite chaotic.”

That is likely an understatement: The once-mighty Paramount, which owns the famed Paramount studio, CBS and a bevy of cable channels, recently replaced its chief executive and failed to sell itself after months of negotiations. Warner Bros. Discovery is frantically paying down its $43 billion in debt. Disney laid off thousands of workers and pushed out its chief executive as streaming losses mounted, and had to fend off a proxy contest from the activist investor Nelson Peltz.

The stocks of legacy media companies are a fraction of their former highs: Paramount is near $10 a share and Warner Bros. Discovery is hovering around $7, both down drastically from levels reached during the past year. Even Disney, at about $102, is down more than 16 percent from the price reached in March.

No wonder: Paramount, the media empire controlled by Shari Redstone, lost $1.6 billion on streaming last year. Comcast lost $2.7 billion on its Peacock streaming service. Disney lost about $2.6 billion on its services, which include Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. Warner Bros. Discovery says its Max streaming service eked out a profit last year, but only by including HBO sales through cable distributors.

At the same time, shares of the disrupters — Netflix and Amazon — are close to record highs.

Barry Diller in a black-and-white portrait.

Mr. Malone, Mr. Roberts, and Mr. Diller all came of age during the golden era of television. Mr. Malone, 83, clawed his way to a multibillion dollar fortune by building a cable empire, and is an influential shareholder in Warner Bros. Discovery and a longtime mentor to its chief executive, David Zaslav. Mr. Roberts, 64, succeeded his father as chairman, chief executive and the most influential shareholder of Comcast. Since then, he has transformed Comcast into a broadband giant and, by acquiring NBCUniversal, into a media powerhouse. Mr. Diller, 82, is chairman of IAC, the digital media company, and a veteran TV and movie executive. His long and successful tenure in entertainment and media has earned him a position as one of the industry’s most sought-after senior statesman.

By comparison, the heads of the disrupters, Netflix and Amazon, are younger, brash newcomers, with little attachment to Hollywood’s golden age.

Ted Sarandos, 59, co-chief executive of Netflix, worked his way up through the now-defunct DVD industry before going straight to Netflix when the company was still renting DVDs by mail. Mike Hopkins, 55, head of Prime Video and Amazon MGM Studios, was steeped in digital as chief executive of Hulu, the pioneering streaming service owned by Disney, Fox and NBCU, before joining Sony as head of its television unit in 2017. He came to Amazon in 2020 and reports to the company’s chief executive, Andy Jassy, 56, who has no professional background in entertainment.

Over the past five months, The New York Times interviewed those three older executives, and the two younger ones, as well as numerous other owners and senior executives of major media companies to assess the problems facing the industry and what the future landscape could look like.

Rarely do these executives speak so candidly, on the record, about the challenge in front of them. And the meetings on the yacht aside, rarely do executives in that stratosphere get together to discuss strategy. Not only are many of them fierce rivals — Mr. Roberts famously drove up the cost of Disney’s 2019 acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets by bidding against Disney’s chief executive, Bob Iger — but meetings among direct competitors might attract unwelcome attention from antitrust regulators.

In our conversations, there were still plenty of disagreements, but some consistent themes emerged as well — all with major implications for investors, advertisers and audiences.

The Magic Subscriber Number

Streaming has long been hailed as a promising business, because companies like Netflix can add additional subscribers at little extra cost. The more paying subscribers a service has, the more the company’s costs can be spread out over a large base, lowering the cost per subscriber.

But those subscribers want lots of options, and the costs of making enough programming can be enormous. As a result, a streaming service’s profitability depends in large part on how many paying subscribers are needed before those TV shows and movies become cost-effective.

There was a time when industry executives hoped that number might be as low as 100 million.

But now the consensus among many of the executives interviewed is that the number is at least 200 million, and possibly more.

“If you’re going to be a full entertainment service with live sports and tent-pole blockbusters today, 200 million is a number that can give you the scale with the hope for growth over time,” Mr. Hopkins of Amazon said.

Bob Chapek, Disney’s chief executive until 2022, also agreed that 200 million was the number that meant “you’re big enough to compete.”

Netflix has reached that, and then some, with about 270 million paying subscribers. Moreover, those subscribers pay an industry-leading average of more than $11 per month.

Netflix is highly profitable, with operating margins of 28 percent. In the first quarter of 2024, Netflix reported revenue of $9.4 billion, and $2.3 billion in net income. No one else comes close.

Disney and Amazon are the only other streaming services with more than 200 million subscribers. While Amazon doesn’t disclose the number of its Prime Video subscribers, Mr. Hopkins said the number was well above 200 million and growing. Disney+ and Hulu, which is also owned by Disney, have just over 200 million subscribers combined.

In May, Disney said its entertainment streaming services eked out a small profit. Amazon doesn’t disclose profit margins or losses, and streaming is embedded in a package of Prime services. But Amazon’s chief executive, Andy Jassy, has said that Prime Video will be “a large and profitable business” on its own.

$50 Million an Episode, Over and Over

The costs of attracting — and keeping — those millions of customers is no cheap feat.

Overall, Netflix has said it will spend about $17 billion this year on programming, about what it did before last year’s Hollywood strikes depressed production. That level of spending has produced a golden age for A-list writers and actors, many of whom are flocking to the company. A new series, “3 Body Problem,” debuted a few months ago on Netflix at a reported cost of about $20 million per episode. It spent more than $200 million on “The Gray Man,” starring Ryan Gosling.

“It’s a tall order to entertain the world,” Mr. Sarandos of Netflix said. “You have to do it with regularity and dependably.”

For Netflix, $17 billion represents only about half of its total revenue. But almost no competitor can match that spending level, the executives said, except for maybe Amazon. Amazon spent $300 million for six episodes of the spy thriller “Citadel,” or $50 million per episode — one of several major bets it has made.

Not all of those pay off. But when they do, the impact can be huge, like wildcatters when they hit a gusher. Amazon paid $153 million for one season of “Fallout,” a series based on the popular post apocalyptic video game. In April, “Fallout” was the top streaming title, racking up over seven billion viewing minutes, according to Amazon.

Mr. Sarandos held out the company’s recent “Baby Reindeer” series as a prime example of why companies have to keep spending: because viewers expect a nearly endless supply of options, or they will hit the unsubscribe button.

“When you finish ‘Baby Reindeer,’ there’s something else just as good,” he said. “I worry that this notion of these other services, that they have nothing to watch problem, and that once you do a show and then you drag it out over 10 weeks or doing one episode at a time, you still end up in the same place, which is there’s nothing to watch after it.”

The data appear to bear him out. When cable TV was in its heyday, 1.5 to 2 percent of subscribers churned monthly, abandoning or suspending their service. The average churn across all streaming services is more than double that, according to data from analytics firm Antenna, with the churn rate of some smaller streaming services, like Paramount+, as high as 7 percent. Only Netflix has a churn rate below 4 percent.

Some executives who oversee rivals to Netflix and Amazon say their companies can reduce spending by only producing hits. But that’s been the holy grail ever since Hollywood was created, and no one has succeeded over the long term. Even Disney’s Marvel franchise has stumbled at the box office lately.

That means streaming services need the resources to invest in a wide variety of projects, knowing there will be some, even many, relative failures for every hit. (“Citadel” is a case in point — it never made Nielsen’s top 10 streaming shows.)

“It’s still more art than science,” Mr. Sarandos said.

Adding to the cost pressure, the executives said, is the soaring cost of sports programming. Even in the bygone era of traditional television, the broad appeal of sports was obvious. The big networks paid billions for must-see events like the Super Bowl and the N.B.A. Finals and much of what was left over went to Disney and Hearst-owned ESPN, one of the most lucrative cable franchises ever created.

But that was before streaming and the arrival of the deep-pocketed tech giants. Amazon now offers football games from the National Football League, NASCAR races, the W.N.B.A. with its newly minted star Caitlin Clark, the National Hockey League in Canada and Champions League soccer in Germany, Italy and Britain.

Apple TV+ also features Major League Baseball, as well as Major League Soccer.

Alphabet’s YouTube offers N.F.L. Sunday Ticket, a lineup of out-of-market football games. Even Netflix, which long shunned live sports, announced in May that it would stream N.F.L. games on Christmas Day for the next three years.

The appeal of live sports is both unique and twofold: They attract new streaming subscribers and reduce churn since viewers want to watch sports live. It is also a big draw for advertisers as streaming services look to grow their ad businesses.

It may not be an overstatement, the executives said, to say that a streaming service can’t survive as a stand-alone business without sports.

Comcast’s Peacock scored a huge success in January with its exclusive N.F.L. playoff game between Kansas City and Miami. The game was the biggest livestreaming event ever, with about 32 million viewers . (Comcast’s NBC network pays $2 billion annually for a package of N.F.L. broadcast rights.)

“Sports seems like the simplest and most interesting thing,” Mr. Malone said.

The result is bidding wars unlike anything experienced before in the media industry, currently on display during the protracted negotiations for a new 10-year N.B.A. rights contract. The rights, which are now shared by ESPN and Warner Bros. Discovery’s Turner cable network, are being chased by NBC and Amazon, as well as ESPN and Warner Bros. Discovery.

While ESPN, Amazon and NBC are finalizing deals for their packages, Warner Bros. Discovery is seen at risk of being outbid, though executives at Warner Bros. believe they have the legal rights to match Amazon’s bid. Many in the industry expect that the final deal will be more than triple the last N.B.A. contract.Which raises questions that executives didn’t have a clear answers to:

As the cost of rights soars, will the streaming services actually make money on them? Or will marquee sports events function as loss leaders, drawing viewers to other fare, as they once did for the old broadcast networks?

Advertising to the Rescue?

Wall Street analysts and investors in streaming once fixated entirely on the number of subscribers, ignoring losses, in the belief that prices would someday rise substantially. That changed with dizzying speed in early 2022, when Netflix announced it had lost subscribers for the first time in a decade.

It’s now clear that price increases won’t be the answer to streaming profitability for most services, the executives said. Netflix is the industry price leader and has pushed its monthly fee in the United States to $15.49 a month without ads. Few believe the monthly fee can get much above $20 a month for the foreseeable future.

After years of championing an ad-free consumer experience, Netflix introduced an ad-supported subscription in 2022 at a steep discount of $6.99 a month. Disney+, Hulu, Amazon, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max, Peacock and Paramount+ all offer cheaper, ad-supported subscriptions.

“It’s a nice way to get price-sensitive consumers,” said Mr. Chapek, who introduced an ad-supported tier while running Disney. “Heavy users will still come and pay the higher monthly fee.”

Mr. Chapek acknowledged that advertisers covet — and will pay more for — mass audiences. As a result, the streaming services have a strong incentive to produce programs with broad appeal instead of more niche content, including some of the kind that generates critical acclaim.

Netflix shocked many in the industry last year when for the first time it revealed its most-watched programs over the prior six months. At the top were “The Night Agent,” an action-thriller, and “Ginny and Georgia,” a comedy-drama about a mother and daughter trying to forge a new life. Both shows were snubbed by Emmy voters, with a lone nomination for a song from “Ginny and Georgia.” (“Squid Game,” developed in Korea, is Netflix’s most-watched program ever.)

Advertisers, the executives say, also like that streaming services can target ads to specific users and demographics.

The results have been explosive. Netflix is on pace to generate roughly $1 billion in advertising revenue this year, according to estimates from eMarketer, and Disney has already generated $1.7 billion this fiscal year.

That kind of success suggests that streaming ads are here to stay. And some of the executives said streaming services predicted that companies would raise prices aggressively on ad-free tiers in an effort to drive consumers to ad-supported versions.

Who Will Survive?

How many streaming services will consumers support? That was one of the great mysteries of the nascent streaming world, and the answer is coming into focus: not very many.

“Can your current business be a successful player and have long-term wealth generation, or are you going to be roadkill?” Mr. Malone mused. “I think all the small players will have to shrink down or go away.”

A recent Deloitte study found that American households paid an average of $61 a month for four streaming services, but that many didn’t think the expense was worth it.

That suggests the once-unthinkable possibility, many of the executives said, that there will be only three or four streaming survivors: Netflix and Amazon, almost certainly. Probably some combination of Disney and Hulu. Apple remains a niche participant, but appears to be feeling its way into a long-term, albeit money-losing, presence, which it can afford to do. That leaves big question marks over Peacock, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max, and Paramount+.

Peacock, with just 34 million subscribers, isn’t trying to be another Netflix. By focusing on North America, and not trying to be all things to all customers, Mr. Roberts believes Peacock can achieve success on its own terms.

Peacock also has the advantage to being embedded in the much larger Comcast, with its steady cash flow.

“We all have a different calculus to define success in streaming,” Mr. Roberts said. “As online viewing increases and internet usage skyrockets, I believe we have a special set of assets that put us in position to continue to monetize and more importantly innovate as this transition happens.”

The Bundling Conundrum

After years of go-it-alone strategies, “bundling” — offering consumers a package of streaming services for a single fee — has become the latest strategy for reaching profitability among the smaller services.

In May, Comcast announced it would offer its broadband customers a bundle of Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+ for $15 a month. Disney has bundled Disney+ and Hulu, with Max to be added this summer at an as-yet undisclosed price. Venu, a new sports streaming joint venture from Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery, is planning its release this fall.

However innovative the arrangements, the executives said, the economics of bundling are complicated. Participants need to attract consumers who wouldn’t already subscribe to their individual channels at full price. They must also puzzle through how revenue should be divided among bundling participants of unequal stature.

It’s also unclear that bundling will achieve the scale that participants may be hoping for. Many customers already subscribe to one or more of the bundle options. So it’s not a matter of simply adding up subscribers. And if multiple subscriptions are offered at a discount to attract customers, the average revenue per user declines.

Jason Kilar, the founding Hulu chief executive and former chief executive of WarnerMedia, has called for an even more radical approach than bundling: a new company that would license movies and TV shows from the major studios and pay back close to 70 percent of the revenue to those studios.

“I’ll call it the ‘Spotify for Hollywood’ path, where a large number of suppliers and studios contribute to a singular experience that delights fans,” Mr. Kilar said. “The studios would be the ones that would be taking the majority of the economic returns from such a structure.”

Media companies have started to embrace licensing deals after a period of avoiding them. During AT&T’s ill-fated ownership of WarnerMedia, the company insisted that its content be shown exclusively on its Max streaming service. Disney pulled back on licensing deals when it started Disney+ in an effort to force fans to subscribe. Before he returned to Disney, in 2022, Mr. Iger compared licensing the company’s franchises to selling nuclear weapons to “third-world countries.”

But AT&T subsequently abandoned streaming, merging WarnerMedia into Discovery, and Mr. Iger has since embraced the nuclear option. Both Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery are again licensing their content to rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Sony Goes Another Way

One company embodies the embrace of the licensing strategy: Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Sony, the studio behind “Spider Man” and “Men in Black,” rejected general entertainment streaming services years ago. Tony Vinciquerra, the company’s chief executive, instead adopted what he has called an “arms dealer” strategy, selling movies and TV shows to companies like Disney and Netflix.

The exception is that Sony operates a niche streamer, Crunchyroll, that focuses on anime, Japanese-style hand-drawn animation. Its success suggests that a small (more than 14 million subscribers worldwide) and low-cost operation can be profitable without going up against Netflix.

Mr. Vinciquerra pointed out that Sony’s rivals running big streaming businesses were losing money on those services while at the same time seeing their traditional cable networks in decline.

“I’m still scratching my head wondering what these companies will do here,” Mr. Vinciquerra said, referring to the declining cable networks. “They all have these massive albatrosses around their neck that they can’t do anything about right now.”

So far, Sony’s strategy appears to be working. Sony’s Pictures Entertainment generated almost $11 billion of revenue in 2023, a 2 percent increase from the same period a year earlier, according to filings. In 2021, Sony struck deals to license movies to both Netflix and Disney worth an estimated $3 billion annually. Profits were roughly $1.2 billion, 10 percent lower than the previous year because of the actors’ and writers’ strikes.

Unlike Paramount or Disney, Sony Pictures is part of a sprawling global consumer electronics conglomerate. Sony recently teamed up with the private-equity giant Apollo Global Management to make a $26 billion bid for Paramount. But Sony is interested only in Paramount’s film library and characters like SpongeBob SquarePants and has contemplated selling the rest of it — including the Paramount+ streaming service. But Sony has since backed away from its offer.

That’s just the latest indication that expectations for merger deals have faded. Paramount is still looking for a buyer after months of tortured negotiations and is revamping its streaming strategy in the meantime. So far as is known, no one is pursuing Warner Bros. Discovery, free since April, to buy or be sold under the terms of its separation from AT&T. Potential buyers like Comcast are understandably wary of their decaying revenue bases in cable. And Disney is shackled with its own cable issues and is loaded with debt from buying 21st Century Fox.

The End of a Golden Age

All of these changes have had a big upside for viewers.

“It’s been a golden age, even with prices rising,” Mr. Chapek said. “You get entire libraries built over decades plus all this new content, and you watch at your leisure.”

But a change is underway, he said: “Now we just have to make it viable for shareholders.”

That will necessarily mean higher prices for customers, more advertising, and less — and less expensive — content. That’s already happening. On average, consumers spend 41 percent more on streaming than they did a year ago, according to the recent Deloitte study, while satisfaction has declined. While some of that may be because of the limited new content offered last year during the Hollywood strikes, Disney and pretty much everyone except Netflix and Amazon have vowed to reduce spending and produce less new content.

The rise of advertising may be a windfall for streaming services, but the quest for the mass audiences that advertisers seek risks turning the streaming landscape into a sea of police procedurals and hospital dramas punctuated by major sports events and blockbuster concerts. Ironically, that’s pretty much the old model once dominated by the four ad-supported broadcast networks.

Netflix and Amazon executives acknowledge the risks to high-quality programming but promise that won’t happen on their watch. They contend they have enough scale that their prestige programs can be profitable and reach a vast audience — even if it’s a small percentage of their overall subscriber base.

“We can do prestige TV at scale,” Mr. Sarandos said. “But we don’t only do prestige,” he added, citing popular shows like “Night Agent.”

Mr. Hopkins of Amazon said “procedurals and other tried and true formats do well for us, but we also need big swings that have customers saying ‘Wow, I can’t believe that just happened’ and will have people telling their friends.”

“We want rabid fans,” he said.

Bryan Lourd, chief executive and co-chairman of the powerful Creative Artists Agency, said media executives needed to put aside financial engineering and remember that creativity — and entertaining customers — was the only way to win in the long run.

“The task at hand is to keep the customer at the front of your brain,” Mr. Lourd said. “When people stop doing that is when things start to go wrong.”

And Yet, Continued Optimism

On Mr. Diller’s yacht that day in February, Mr. Malone’s advice to Mr. Roberts was simple: In light of the challenges facing the industry, Comcast should continue its current strategy of investing in other areas like theme parks.

“Now, are they large enough to be the biggest?” said Mr. Diller, speaking generally about streaming services besides Netflix. “No, that game was lost some years ago. Netflix commands not all the territory, but they command the leading territory right now. They essentially are in a position of dictating policy.”

But Mr. Diller, like many of the other executives interviewed for this article, sees a path forward for streaming companies once they stop trying to be Netflix. (That’s the strategy already adopted by Mr. Roberts of Comcast.)

The focus, according to Mr. Diller, needs to be on what “has been true since the beginning of time.”

The business, he said, “is based on hit programming, making a program, a movie, a something that people want to see.”

James B. Stewart has been a reporter and business columnist for The Times since 2011, focusing on the human drama of the business world and the struggle for corporate power. More about James B. Stewart

Benjamin Mullin reports on the major companies behind news and entertainment. Contact Ben securely on Signal at +1 530-961-3223 or email at [email protected] . More about Benjamin Mullin

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