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Roblox Studio Create: Tips and Tricks for Building Amazing Games

Are you looking to create your own games on Roblox? Look no further than Roblox Studio, the powerful tool that lets you build immersive experiences for millions of players around the world. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started with Roblox Studio Create.

Getting Started with Roblox Studio

Before diving into the world of game development, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basics of Roblox Studio. Start by creating a new project and exploring the various tools and menus available. The interface may seem overwhelming at first, but with time and practice, you’ll become a pro in no time.

One key aspect of building games on Roblox is scripting. Scripts allow you to create interactive elements such as button presses, animations, and more. Don’t be intimidated by scripting – there are plenty of tutorials available online that can guide you through the process step-by-step.

Designing Your Game World

Once you’ve got a handle on the basics of Roblox Studio Create, it’s time to start designing your game world. One important consideration is scale – make sure your game world is appropriately sized for the type of gameplay experience you’re aiming for.

Another key aspect of game design is color scheme. Choose colors that complement each other well and fit with your overall aesthetic vision for your game. Don’t forget about lighting either – proper lighting can add depth and atmosphere to your game world.

Adding Interactivity

The real magic in any game comes from interactivity – giving players something to do beyond just exploring your beautifully crafted game world. This is where scripting comes into play – use it to create puzzles, obstacles, enemies, NPCs (non-player characters), or anything else that will keep players engaged.

If scripting isn’t your strong suit or if you’re short on time, consider using pre-made assets from the Roblox Marketplace. There are countless assets available, ranging from fully functional games to individual items and characters.

Testing and Iteration

Once you’ve created your game world and added interactive elements, it’s time to test your creation. Playtest your game extensively to identify any bugs or issues that need fixing.

Don’t be afraid to iterate on your design based on player feedback. In fact, this is one of the most important aspects of game development – continually improving upon your creation based on feedback from players.

In conclusion, Roblox Studio Create offers endless possibilities for creating amazing games. With a little bit of practice and some creativity, you can build immersive experiences that will captivate players around the world.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


haunted games in roblox

scary roblox games featured

35+ Best Scary Roblox Games You Should Play in 2023

author-Upanishad Sharma

1. Dead Silence

an ingame screenshot of dead silence scary Roblox games

2. The Apartment

You will be surprised to know that one of the best scary Roblox games doesn’t rely on jumpscares. And for good reason, since the apartment focuses more on creating an eerily unsettling atmosphere to scare gamers. As the player, you are a friend coming to help a fellow bud out.

The Apartment gameplay

3. Alone in a Dark House

an in-game screenshot of scary roblox games Alone in a dark house

Get Alone in a Dark House

Specter gameplay

5. The Mimic

a screenshot of the mimic roblox horror game

Disguised as four different books, each chapter will take you and your friends to mysterious worlds chock full of extremely scary level designs, loud noises that come out of nowhere, and a lot of jumpscares. While you can play this Roblox horror game alone, we recommend taking a pal along if you don’t want to suffer. Check it out if you want to try one of the most fulfilling Roblox scary games.


7. Finders Keepers

finders keepers roblox horror games

Finders Keepers is another awesome title on this list of Roblox scary games, and it will make you work for the scares. You are once again an investigator, although this time, your specialty is the paranormal world. Tasked with investigating strange events at a family house, you need to figure out how the family disappeared by solving clues.

Grandma gameplay

Get Grandma

9. Apeirophobia

Apeirophobia gameplay

10. The Maze

a screenshot of The Maze scary Roblox games

The Maze is a Roblox horror game you can play with up to 12 players if you want. So if you’re scared of traversing it alone, take a friend or two along. However, still, be cautious since this never-ending puzzle contains creatures of unknown origins that are out to hunt you down. Enjoy this team-based horror game in Roblox. 

11. Survive the Killer!

survive the killer roblox horror game

12. Zombie Attack

a screenshot of Zombie Attack scary roblox game

No horror game list is complete without Zombies, and you’ll love knowing that Roblox has a few of them too. Zombie Attack is a wave-based zombie shooting Robox game where you and your friends can team up together. 

13. Stop it, Slender!

stop it slender roblox horror game

Get Stop it, Slender

14. The Mirror

a screenshot of the mirror game roblox scary

15. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

haunted hotel roblox horror game

As the explorer, you must navigate through the building while dodging enemies and clearing traps. This scary Roblox game packs a lot of horror along with jumpscares. And if you feel alone, you can always play multiplayer and invite your friends too. 

16. Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud gameplay

17. Murder Mystery 2

a screenshot murder mystery 2 game on Roblox scary

This multiplayer Roblox horror game will be loved by Trouble in Terrorist Town players and Among Us fans. Featuring the same mechanics but on a scary map, Murder Mystery 2 divides the players into three different teams – Innocents, Sherrif, and Murderer. As the Innocents on the team, you must run and hide from the murderer while trying to work out who it can be.

18. Bear (ALPHA)

bear roblox horror game screenshot scary

19. SCP: Roleplay

an in-game screenshot of SCP in Roblox scary game

However, Doors also plagues these maps with different creatures that each have their own abilities. Alone with these anomalies, you must figure out how exactly to avoid them if you want to make it out alive. However, don’t fret if you don’t end up making it. As Doors teaches players, each death has something to teach the players about the monsters. So if you’re someone who wanted an expansive scary game on Roblox, Doors is one of them.

21. Happy Oofday! (ALPHA)

a screenshot of happy oofday roblox scary game


the rake horror game roblox screenshot

The Rake is a horror game in Roblox inspired by a creepypasta character of the same name. This massively played survival horror game puts you on a map with The Rake , a grey humanoid creepypasta character who is not friendly at all.

23. Insane Elevator

a screenshot of the game Insane Elevator roblox scary game

Get Insane Elevator

24. The Asylum

a screenshot of the The asylum on Roblox scary game

25. It Lurks

It Lurks Roblox scary games

As the only human in the house, you have to explore it while running and hiding from an unknown entity that is chasing you down. The game has been divided into chapters that make the experience scarier the deeper you progress into the story. The game contains a good amount of jumpscares, so be sure you can handle them before you dive in.

26. Breaking Point

a screenshot breaking point on Roblox

Ending things on a creepy note, Piggy is yet another eerie, scary game you can get on Roblox. Piggy incorporates puzzle solving along with horror, so you’re not only scared but also confused. To win Piggy, you can solve puzzles while evading the villain, which is, you guessed it, Piggy.

28. Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus Roblox scary games

Get Project Lazarus: Zombies

29. A Wolf or Other

A wolf or other screenshot scary roblox games

The game has 6 different types of evidence, and you have to test all of them until you have identified the ghost. While you try to identify the ghost, the ghost, in turn, tries to eliminate your team – one player at a time. If you are looking for a fun game night experience to enjoy with a small group of friends, Blair is a great scary Roblox game.

31. The Darkness Beyond

The Darkness Beyond screenshot scary roblox game

If you are looking for a good plot combined with creepy monsters , Judy is a great Roblox game that will haunt you at night. It begins innocently as a multiplayer investigative game where you and your friends have to explore a theme park from the 70s. But as mysteries start unfolding, you are exposed to the disappearance of Judy.

33. Three Nightmares

Three Nightmares screenshot on Roblox scary games

Get Three Nightmares

34. Midnight Horrors

Midnight Horrors screenshot scary horror game

35. Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends roblox scary games

The Rainbow Friends are a twisted concoction of creatures that were supposed to be joyful but are anything but. Each chapter includes its own friend who has different abilities. As the survivor, you’re given a cardboard box to hide in should the blue friend see you. However, green soon joins the party, and while it might be blind, it can hear you . Rainbow Friends is a scary game on Roblox that keeps you on edge all the time.

Evade gamplay on Roblox

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why is mm2 here like what

i reccomend The Intruder, it freaks me out

bro i play the mirror and it was not scary

Ngl but mm2 isn’t horror it just makes me scream and why’s kampong not in the list(no hate)

To be honest there was just no scary games, honest

Doors is not scary at all

Bro rainbow friends? I played it today and I sat there until I got touched by green like he TAPPED me

I think specter should be on here. It’s much scarier than rainbow friends

The mst scariest i played was DOORS. MM2 isn’t even scary at all, Piggy is not scary too but it includes enough blood if im right. Judy is not that scary, i didnt see it includes alot of blood or jumpscares. And Rainbow friends, litreally, you bump in green just a little your dead. The point is he kills you if he feels something touched him.

Fr mm2 is like a normal game

And also, I thought Geisha was very popular, today i saw only 163 players play it. And mabye if there was Spider cuz it includes enough blood,i mean only when the “eight-legged beast” (spider) is killing the survivor.

Let’s be honest The only real horror games are the mimic, it lurks, doors and maybe apeirophobia. The other roblox “horror” games are not scary at all (and yes, Dead silence isn’t scary tho bc it is basically just walking around and then getting jumpscared at the end by an cringe looking lego-human)I mean doors has good Jumpscares, Apeirophobia is a backrooms game, it lurks has a scary atmosphere and the mimic is just terrifying bc of the monsters.

And, breaking point. You just sit, guess and kill, boring game. And why isn’t here grandma? It includes enough blood, me as playing it, i almost fell of my chair.

no its really not its more like russian roullete but not shoooting yourself but shooting and at the end having a knife fight so not scary really


mimic is so scsary

bruh it lurks > doors in term of horror

Dude, Rainbow Freinds??? 6th Place??? Rainbow Friends isn’t even scary. DOORS should be in 3rd Place at least. DOORS honestly deserves more than 16th Place. MM2 isn’t scary either. Rainbow shouldn’t even be on the list. EVADE is pretty scary too and I didn’t see that either.

I have played MM2 It IS NOT SCARY AT ALL But I have am playing doors it should be like at top 5 IT IS SUPER SCARY and has a lot of jump scares in my opinion it is the best game cuz I love horror games BUT NOT THAT EXTREMELY SCARY like the MILD SCARY like doors and if I would recommend Doors in MY opinion

Wait…where is DOORS?

its there you blind?

yeah doors is one of them it has to be

Where is doors


I’ve played all and the top most scary on the list is probably asylum. Dead silence. Mimic and alone in the dark house

ı think zombie attack,mm2 and breaking point and piggy is not scary. best is asylum and judy.

Happy Oofday the original one should be declared international heritage site its so good

Zombie Rush is not scary really at all

not scary huh

bruhh, judy 3 is considered the sariest or one of the sariest games in roblox. Then there is no apeirophobia that is a backrooms horror game, and us are toys, the hunted staircase, kampong, frigid Dusk…

Apeirophobia scared the crap out of me when I played but mostly because I get sneaked up on by the monster.

is aperiophobia on this?

mm2, the breaking point n piggy aren’t that scary, but def trying out the asylum

I haven’t played any of these but piggy doesn’t look to bad Ngl

Piggy isn’t scary at all it’s just a pig (usually) following you with a bat. Piggy, froggie, kitty, and probably others are rip-offs of granny. Who would allow this?!?!

Me and my friend played asylum And it scared the crap out of us (With headphones) we screamed so much

Mocker is the scariest Roblox game for sure

piggy,MM2,Happy oofday,not so scary, mimic,dead silence and some others are scary

then what do u think are good

Yeah i was gonna say that too pretty sure piggy breaking point bear mm2 stop it slender survive the killer are like not scary they are regular roblox scary game no jumpscare no chores not even a scary model and the mimic mirror giesa the rake aslylum dead silence finders keepers are great scary games they have scary people in it its very long scary game and jumpscares but thanks for letting me know that dead silence is the most scariest and moon thanks for stealing my idea lololol

! question. Why is specter not in here??? It scars the life out of people. I heard someone almost had a seizure playing it.

Piggy, Bear , Breaking point and Zombie Attack, Murder Mystery, Stop it Slender and Survive the Killer are not scary AT ALL. But the Mimic, Mirror, Giesha, The Rake, Asylum, Dead Silence and Finders Keepers are pretty good to me, The jump scares are very good and shocked me. But overall, Thank you for the list!

Dead silence litarally scared me to death

I feel like Geisha, The mimic, and Alone in a dark house isn’t scary, but do have some jump scares and are fun to play.

Geisha isn’t really scary I played it before

What. The hell, the mimic is terrifying the monsters are campers but when you are walking and all of a sudden you get jumpscared? Geisha was kinda scary, she is kinda a camper too. But alone in a dark house? I’ve never played it cause my device would not let me 🤷

Ok, another good game is Blair, by Spooky Scary Games.

I know a actual scary game, It’s “The Darkness Beyond”, Where You and your friends are in a house, Yet something outside is trying to get you. The jumpscare is really fast and takes you by surprise.

Piggy,breaking poin and mm2 isn’t scary

Roblox doesn’t provide game that are not entertaining due to the lack of player are not sophisticated on creating content. Rather take time to install a better game on google play or App Store if we’re dedicated on playing game that absolutely satisfy us. Quit Roblox if the game is being too childish and learn to leg go instead of being occupy in the same exact game that is literally boring.

those game is basically a joke, Roblox doesn’t provide game that are not entertaining due to the lack of player are not sophisticated on creating content. Rather take time to install a better game on google play or App Store if we’re dedicated on playing game that absolutely satisfy us. Quit Roblox if the game is being too childish and learn to leg go instead of being occupy in the same exact game that is literally boring.

The Asylum n JUDY r the best tbh

Piggy will get you

these are shit games

thanks. bye.

Why isn’t bunnytale in here , bruh? Tell me, bunnytale is one of the most creepiest games i’ve ever seen, It should be the 12th scariest game.

Definitely, that one is so scary, idk why it’s not here.

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Android Police

10 best scary roblox games to play in 2023.

Think you’re brave enough to handle the scariest games in Roblox?

If you play online games, you've more than likely heard about Roblox. It's one of the most popular multiplayer games, right up there with titles like Minecraft, and The Sims 4. Similarly, it relies on interacting with other players, and the content created by said players.

Roblox gives you a blueprint, a foundation to base your creations on, or just enjoy the creative works of others. It also works across PC, Xbox, and your favorite Android tablet . This vast cross-play functionality means that you can play with your friends regardless of their preferred platform.

While Roblox leans to the family-friendly side of user-generated content, many creators have taken full advantage of creating some of the scariest horror experiences on Android . We found the best of them, and in this list we'll highlight the scariest games in Roblox.

1 Apeirophobia

Every horror game preys on some sort of inherent fear. Some capitalize on the player's arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. Others take advantage of their fear of heights or zombies rising from below ground .

Apeirophobia preys on your fear of the infinite, something that has no end. This could be fear of space, or even time itself. Apeirophobia does this by constraining you within a seemingly endless virtual environment, a set of rooms and hallways that have no beginning and no end. This simple fact makes escaping the game's horrifying creatures all the more frightening.

How can you escape from something if an exit doesn't exist? Try to solve this conundrum along with many environmental puzzles in Apeirophobia.

Install Apeirophobia

2 Cheese Escape

How could a game with such a seemingly ridiculous name be a worthwhile horror game? Are you escaping a murderous piece of cheese? Or are you a chunk of cheese trying to escape pursuit?

In Cheese Escape, you're stuck in a labyrinth made out of cheese. This Roblox horror game requires you to complete objectives, such as collecting pieces of cheese and finding keys to unlock doors in order to progress. Meanwhile, a giant rat is also traversing the maze, and you're tasked with escaping it by finding a way out of the labyrinth.

While Apeirophobia focuses on the fear of the infinite, Cheese Escape potentially capitalizes on the fear of holes. In other words, if you suffer from trypophobia (a fear of holes), approach Cheese Escape with caution.

Install Cheese Escape

3 Dead Silence

Not to be confused with Deadly Silence, the 2006 Nintendo DS port of the original Resident Evil. Dead Silence is one of the best Robolox horror titles in terms of atmosphere and immersion. That said, it also doesn't shy away from good old jump scares. Some would rightfully name Dead Silence among the scariest games in Roblox.

The story of Dead Silence spotlights the legend of Mary S, and features co-operative gameplay for up to four players. Either alone or with friends, you'll explore a decrepit sewer, and gather clues on whatever happened to the people described in the many "missing" posters. If you're a fan of atmospheric horror, Dead Silence could very well become your favorite.

Install Dead Silence

Doors proves a point that with the right creative vision, even the most mundane thing can be turned into horror. As the name already implies, Doors puts the simple everyday object into the spotlight. In this Roblox horror game, you'll travel through levels featuring an abundance of doors.

Some open effortlessly, some require keys. Some lead to salvation, others lead to nothing but death and decay. While you look for the former, an ominous presence follows your every step. Opening the wrong door may very well bring your progress to a prompt halt.

Doors balances a horror premise with a puzzle game. You'll need to learn from your mistakes in order to progress and escape your pursuer.

Install Doors

Not many stories and settings can compete with Japanese horror. It has the capacity to unsettle, if not for its oft malformed creatures, then at least for the captivating atmosphere. This is exactly what Geisha does best.

Geisha draws inspiration from Japanese folklore. It transports you into oriental environments filled with frightening Yokai (demons) with an unsettling vibe to boot. The game's story unfolds across three chapters, and each chapter introduces a new hideous creature for you to escape.

Chapter two, for instance, is inspired by the legend of a yokai known as Kerakera Onna. In Japanese folklore, this yokai resembles a gargantuan woman clad in a kimono. It preys on its victims with an unsettling laughter.

Granted, Geisha takes certain creative liberties when it comes to many myths and legends. But if you're into Japanese horror, then you'll hardly find a better horror game in Roblox than this.

Install Geisha

6 Identity Fraud

Released in 2016 by Team Motherboard, Identity Fraud isn't exactly among recently released Roblox horror games. That said, if you frequent reddit forums, you'll find that it still holds up years later. Identity Fraud revolves around exploring and, hopefully, escaping several mazes.

Each maze features a different visual theme, along with monsters that'll do their best to prevent you from progressing. At the end of each maze, you must also fight a formidable boss to complete the level. Identity Fraud supports private servers for up to ten players, as well as voice chat.

Install Identity Fraud

While not as plural as They Lurk, another Roblox horror game, It Lurks still comes up among the best. Relying on its own original folklore, It Lurks pulls you into a world of horror. You'll traverse treacherous woods, abandoned basements, and encounter many terrifying creatures.

This game features a private server for up to 20 players. Participants must try to escape the dark woods while also keeping their eyes peeled for a malevolent pursuer. A dark presence comes out at night, and if you're not quick enough, it'll pull you into the pitch black, never to be seen again.

Install It Lurks

Intended for young audiences, Roblox games often opt for lighter horror that does the bare minimum to frighten you. But not Judy. This horror game explores the mysterious disappearance of a Hollywood star.

What sounds like an eyebrow-raising premise, is actually one of, if not the scariest horror games in Roblox. Unlike many other Roblox horror games, it doesn't stray from mature themes and disturbing visual imagery.

Judy unfolds across three intriguing chapters, with locations like a spooky theme park and an unsettling manor. Each chapter sheds more light on the reasons behind Judy's disappearance. And the further you get, the darker the game's tone becomes. If you've yet to play Judy with your friends, use the link below to install the Roblox client on your device.

Install Judy

A foreign, seemingly inescapable environment is often enough to create the perfect horror game. How frightening would it be if you were dropped into an underground labyrinth with no bearing on your surroundings? It sure sounds like the premise of a horror movie, and The Maze does an excellent job at making you feel like you're in one.

This Roblox horror game preys on your claustrophobia, as well as your fear of the dark. Monotonous underground tunnels show no indication of an exit. A flashlight that constantly runs out of batteries, akin to horror games like Outlast, makes the journey even more dreadful. And if that's not enough, then horrifying creatures are perpetually on your toes.

Install The Maze

10 The Mimic

Japanese horror proves successful yet again. Much like Geisha, The Mimic draws inspiration from Japanese urban legends. It's split into four distinct chapters known as books. Each chapter focuses on different characters trying to escape the pursuit of horrifying creatures.

Environments in The Mimic range from otherworldly underwater ruins to claustrophobic cave systems and dark woods. Against the common consensus of child-friendly games, The Mimic goes for the full spectrum of emotions that one would go through in a horror game. And this is fully achieved through the many malformed yokai that you'll encounter.

Install The Mimic

Roblox has a lot to offer, including some of the most frightening games around

Roblox is a game creation client as opposed to a stand-alone game. This means that the selection of content is virtually endless. As long as there's an engaged community to create new levels for it, Roblox will flourish.

Have you played a scarier Roblox game than the ones we mentioned? Tell us about it in the comments below. And if you've yet to try Roblox for yourself, use the link below to install the client on your device.

Roblox: 18 Best Roblox Horror Games

What are the scariest Roblox horror games out there? We've picked the very spookiest that can be played alone with the lights off, or with friends!

Despite its blocky quirkiness, the world of Roblox is inhabited by several spooky horror games. While the majority of them are still family-friendly and suitable for all ages, there are a few that are quite unsettling and intense. Some of them are not recommended for younger children.

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This article will offer up some of the best current horror games in Roblox, and also let you know which ones you should be playing and which ones you probably shouldn't. Check out this guide to the parental controls in Roblox for more information .

Updated August 3, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: We've updated even more Roblox horror games for you to try out!

18 Rainbow Friends

Everyone's worst nightmare: a field trip gone wrong with horrible monsters. They might have big, smiling faces, but these characters are not your friends. Best enjoyed in the dark with your headphones on, Rainbow Friends is also an absolute blast to play with a small group of pals.

Can you survive the onslaught? Will you manage to escape from the field trip in one piece? You'll have to play to find out.

Elmira is a story-based Roblox horror game with two chapters that have already been released. The premise is simple: you're on a school trip, and you fall asleep on the bus. Once you wake up, you are the only person left, it's nighttime, and there's a spooky hospital on the horizon.

Inspired by other popular horror stories and games, Elmira is a fantastically horrible experience best enjoyed in the pitch black with a pair of headphones on!

One of the most popular Roblox games of all time, Evade is an absolute horror fest! You'll need to escape and hide from a range of horrible characters, from a spooky Spongebob to a horrific Slenderman.

Check out our codes for Evade here!

If you're picked, you can also play as these characters and chase other players down. Escape, or kill lots of players, and you'll be able to unlock new characters and cosmetics in the game. Best enjoyed with a group of friends - can you evade the horrors?

Doors is a Roblox sensation - a brilliantly designed horror game with puzzles, ongoing challenges, and plenty of spooky fun to be had with your friends! It's one of the spookiest horror games we've seen for ages, and we won't spoil it any further except for telling you to go and play it.

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Lights off, headphones on. You won't regret it. This adventure is perfectly timed to be enjoyed during Halloween.

Panik is a heart-thumping escape-the-evil-robot game played in a dark, spooky supermarket. Your task is to collect as many of the useful supermarket items as possible (you have a shopping list to work from!) while being hunted by a robot that has malfunctioned and wants to turn you into Roblox-character rice pudding.

There are cosmetics, new maps, and more, in what is one of the most adrenaline-pumping games on this list. Hold it together and try to escape the supermarket!

3008 is the most popular Roblox horror game by some margin. It's an SCP game, which is based on the classic game SCP - Containment Breach. You are inside an infinite IKEA - yes, that already sounds horrifying, but there are other challenges you'll face during your time in the dark.

The best part of the game is being able to pick up pretty much everything and build an entirely custom area! Build a base, try to find other players, and, most importantly, survive.

Another Roblox classic, Piggy has been featured on several versions of our favorite Roblox horror games list. This is a brilliant game because it is so simple. You have a limited time to escape Piggy's grasp.

The pig is always hunting. It is always chasing. Join up with your friends (it's one of our favorite games to play with pals) and see if you can escape. Good luck out there!

11 The Mimic

The Mimic is really quite scary. You'll join up with a small team to tackle the various chapters, and you're going to have to look out for each other because it's dark and spooky out there.

RELATED: Best Roblox Fighting Games

The jumpscares are not for the fainthearted. We also recommend you wear headphones while playing for the extra scariness.

10 Cheese Escape

Cheese Escape is a pretty ridiculous Roblox game, but it's quite popular right now - the aim is to escape from a horrifying rat that chases you around a world of cheese.

It's pretty silly, but there's something about that rat's evil eyes that is pretty unsettling. Long dark corridors of cheese.

9 Apeirophobia

Apeirophobia means a 'fear of infinity', which is what you'll face in this endless Roblox game of dark rooms and complex puzzles. It's essentially a team-based escape room game, but there are creepy monsters and jump scares along the way.

Other warnings include flashing lights, strong images, and gore, so it's definitely not for the easily scared. The game is still currently in Alpha testing, but it's still worth the experience.

Break In is a story-driven horror game where you start out in the back of a moving truck - it's moving day, and you're off to a brand-new home! You'll join up with a bunch of different players that have either chosen to be a kid or an adult, and the game will change in difficulty depending on what you choose.

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Although the game starts out bright and jolly, things quickly turn to the more horrific side. It's a dark house, empty and scary. Bring your friends for this one! Check out the game here.

7 SCP Games And SCP Monsters

SCP games are all the rage on Roblox, and they have been for quite some time. This game gets straight to the point with a bunch of scary SCP rooms and monsters. It's one of the original Roblox SCP games and remains one of the most popular to this day.

You can even become your very own SCP monster in this game. Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of horror or the genre!

Warning: do not play games if you do not like spiders. Okay, now that's out the way, this game is extremely simple and yet still completely terrifying because it's a giant spider!

We won't spoil much more about this game, but just know that you'll need to get your speedy kicks on to outrun this spider. Scary, but if you play with your friends, it actually gets pretty funny.

5 Breaking Point

Breaking Point is a 'werewolf' game where the players are all trying to get each other out. The last person standing on the table is the victor!

It's a spooky game of social deception and one of our favorites to enjoy with randoms or with friends.

4 Dead Silence

Even the name of this Roblox game is scary. In Dead Silence, you will become an investigator, looking into the legend of Mary S. While this may sound simple, many people consider this one of the scariest games on Roblox.

You don't have to explore alone though, as you will able to bring along three other willing souls.

3 Slumber Party Story

Slumber Party Story sounds innocent enough, right? Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like the fright), Slumber Party Story is anything but relaxing. This game is short, coming in at around ten minutes, but you are in for a ride.

After a "long party night", you take your friend home, but they want you to stay over. What will await you in their strange neighborhood?

2 The True Backrooms: Renovated

The Backrooms are a bit of an urban legend. They are essentially an office-style liminal space where you lose all sense of reality. It's only fitting that a scary Roblox game occurs here.

In The True Backrooms: Renovated, you and a group of friends will need to escape from the seemingly endless maze of rooms that back up the Backrooms.

1 Pinstripe Murders

Lastly, we have Pinstripe Murders. This horror game takes place in a large hotel, where you are fleeing for your life from a pinstripe-wearing clown who could be Slenderman's cousin.

Pinstripe Murders has a unique art style that isn't present in many other Roblox games and has music that can range from soothing to terrifying.

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The 10 Best Scary Games on Roblox for 2022

The 10 Best Scary Games on Roblox for 2023

The best scary Roblox games to play right now

1. bear (alpha), 2. horror tycoon, 3. alone in a dark house, 4. finders keepers, 5. the haunted imperial hotel, 6. dead silence, 7. breaking point, 8. project lazarus: zombies, 9. a wolf or other, popular articles.

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Scary Horror Games You Can Play On Roblox (For Free)

A fantastic creation tool, Roblox's library is packed with awesome free-to-play games. What are some of the best horror titles on the service?

The Roblox online platform has become a phenomenon over the last few years. Players can enjoy a seemingly endless variety of games and also create anything if they want to. It also has great potential for multiplayer gaming with new or old friends all around the world.

Millions of people are exploring the worlds of Roblox , which offer all sorts of game types from simulators to RPGs and much more. It also has a variety of horror titles; in fact, the game creation tool is a surprisingly good match for the genre. As there are so many experiences on the platform, it can be difficult to narrow down the selection to find the best Roblox horror games .

  • Elmira Roblox Page

Stay away from Nanny, especially when they look like a monster that could easily star in Resident Evil or Friday the 13th . Nanny has a straightforward premise: escape. A group of players spawn into a randomly selected map and are told to complete a few tasks if they want to survive. Naturally, they are not alone as there is a horrifying entity stalking the halls, and the game has a couple of neat enemies that take inspiration from classic horror properties.

Nanny does not hold too many surprises, but it is a competently made game in its own right. Like the villains, the stages are relatively conventional as they include things like a church and hospital, although that does not make them any less scary.

18 Nico's Nextbots

  • Nico's Nextbots Roblox Page

Although not exactly scary in the traditional sense, Nico's Nextbots knows how to deliver a decent fright. In a world overrun with memes, players must be constantly on the move if they want to survive (and gain points). That's largely all there is to this Roblox title, at least when it comes to the core gameplay loop. Nevertheless, Nico's Nextbots offers some variety through its different maps and modes.

While definitely not for everyone, the game's chaotic energy and score-based system can be addictive. This is a fun title to mess around in for a few hours.

In many ways, Elmira is a fairly conventional horror game. Players step into the role of a child who wakes up after their school bus is derailed, causing them to go look for their classmates in an abandoned hospital. Naturally, this proves to not be the wisest idea since something unusual stalks the building's decrepit halls.

Elmira crafts an unsettling atmosphere and features respectable visuals for a Roblox project. Like many of the platform's horror titles, the game is played from a first-person perspective, which facilitates an immersive and terrifying experience. Along with crafting some good slow-building tension, Elmira does rely rather heavily on jump scares , some of which come out of nowhere. While they are effective, these types of frights are not for everyone.

16 The Mimic

  • The Mimic Roblox Page

Taking inspiration from Japanese folklore , The Mimic is an anthology-style series revolving around bite-sized tales that are all pretty creepy in their own right. The framing device is that players read a book which transitions them into the next nightmare; once they complete this process, they will generally have to solve a few puzzles or locate a couple of items while trying to avoid the resident yokai or monster.

RELATED: Best Horror Games Based On Asian Folklore

At its core, The Mimic crafts a rather ordinary Roblox horror formula, at least in terms of gameplay. However, the project stands out due to its folklore roots and willingness to shift settings from story to story. The game also utilizes storybook-type art pieces to tell its folk tales, and these short sequences really add to the overall package.

  • Doors Roblox Page

Players looking for high-quality scares on Roblox should definitely put Doors by LSPLASH at the top of their list. This title is so immersive and beautifully designed that it actually looks more like a standalone indie release than a Roblox game. The graphics, environments, and sound design are fantastic, and there is a terrifying stable of monsters waiting to scare players as they make their way through a seemingly inconspicuous hotel.

Doors does an amazing job of building suspense while giving players just enough puzzle-solving gameplay to keep things interesting as they hide and fight their way through a wide array of horrifying hosts.

14 The Intruder

  • The Intruder Roblox Page

On a seemingly quiet evening, the police send out a call letting the neighborhood know that a criminal has escaped and is roaming the streets. Unfortunately, they find their way to the player's house, leaving the latter with no choice but to try and hide in order to stay alive. The Intruder features two meters: Anxiety and Awareness. The former refers to the player's mental state, while the latter represents the intruder's proximity to his target. If the criminal's Awareness reaches 100%, it is game over, and this can happen very quickly.

Even if things can spiral out of control in a few seconds, The Intruder generally maintains a slower pace than most Roblox horror games . Often, players will spend their time checking the cameras to monitor the intruder's location and then hiding when they enter the same room. Even if this can be somewhat repetitive, this loop is executed quite well. The Intruder features three separate levels along with three VHS tapes that add to the villain's lore.

13 Apeirophobia

  • Apeirophobia Roblox Page

When it comes to atmospheric horror, there are few games on Roblox that are as terrifying as Apeirophobia. A Backrooms-inspired release, those that are familiar with the "lore" surrounding the creepypasta will find a lot of familiar areas here. Although many of the spaces are devoid of any real monsters, the graphics, environment design, and sound design will still keep players on the edge of their seats. Apeirophobia does an amazing job of building up tension slowly thanks to the lack of any "danger" in certain spaces.

Many players will find themselves filled with a sense of dread as they try to navigate the seemingly endless hallways and corridors of this masterfully-crafted Roblox release.

  • Kampong's Roblox Page

Kampong drops players in the deep end, gives them something akin to a flashlight, and politely asks them to roam around looking for clues while avoiding creatures determined to trigger a jump scare or two. As basic of an experience as this is, there is a reason this formula has proven so successful: it is perfect for short play sessions.

RELATED: Best Dragon Ball Games You Can Play On Roblox, Ranked

Kampong does not reinvent the wheel, but it does represent this style of horror well. The setting is sparse but unnerving, while the Jinn are frightening and used sparingly enough to ensure they do not lose their fear factor quickly. If someone new to Roblox wants to test whether the platform's standard horror game is for them, Kampong is a solid pick.

  • Blair's Roblox Page

If a game type becomes extremely popular, it will be only a matter of time before the concept shows up on Roblox . Phasmophobia has enjoyed a great run since its 2020 PC debut, and Kinetic Games' project serves as a direct inspiration for Blair . The latter is a 4-player co-op game that tasks a group of friends with investigating one of seven haunted locations, with their goal being to identify the ghost causing the supernatural activity. This premise lends itself well to Roblox 's visual style and tendency to favor short play sessions.

At the start of each round, players get to select which items they want to take with them, with the options including basic things like a flashlight to more investigatory articles such as an EMF meter. While fairly typical for the horror genre, Blair 's locations are different enough from each other to warrant repeat playthroughs, and the same extends to the ghosts. Even if it is not built on the most original idea ever, this Roblox horror game is well executed.

  • 3008's Roblox Page

Not every horror game needs to be overwhelmingly scary , sometimes, they can just be fun and creative. Inspired by SCP-3008 , this Roblox game drops players into a massive furniture store that resembles IKEA. At first glance, things might seem ordinary enough, but in reality, players are trapped within this neverending store. Along with building bases, survival entails withstanding the threat imposed by SCP-3008-2, Employees who come out at night or when it happens to be a foggy day.

A popular multiplayer game with a dedicated fan base, 3008 showcases Roblox 's versatility along with the imagination of its creators.

9 Dead Silence

  • Dead Silence's Roblox Page

Advertising itself as the "scariest game on Roblox ," Dead Silence presents a surprisingly convincing case that this claim is justified. Played from a first-person perspective, Dead Silence has a rather cinematic feel to it as the game makes great use of lighting and misdirection. Starting in the sewers, players investigate what appears to be a cultist ritual, leading them on a surreal trip that frequently introduces new locations.

Dead Silence seems to take inspiration from games like Amnesia as a lot of its scares blossom from its willingness to challenge the player's perception of reality. Dead Silence does generally follow a linear path, so it does not have as much replay value as some other horror games on Roblox ; that said, it is a tense ride while it lasts.

8 The Asylum

  • The Asylum's Roblox Page

Creepy from its first frame, The Ayslum is split into two chapters and utilizes many tried and tested mechanics synonymous with horror games. For one, players are not provided much information beyond a recommendation to explore the Asylum (in Chapter 1) and the occasional hint of what an immediate objective could be.

The Asylum is also a rather attractive game, one that makes confident use of lighting and shadows to create an eerie atmosphere. Although only lightly sprinkled throughout the experience, the story does well to complement the gameplay.

  • Piggy's Roblox Page

Piggy is like Among Us , but with a twist. One traitor is chosen, and they're paired with a computer-controlled pig.

RELATED: Great Games For Among Us Fans

When an innocent player is killed, they too turn into a pig, and when every player is transformed, the traitor wins the game. It's a great game to play with friends, relying on the ability to read the other players and communicate with the survivors.

6 The True Backrooms

  • The True Backrooms' Roblox Page

In this ordinary-looking place, players must rely on their flashlights to navigate through the darkness where evil lurks. The True Backrooms will give people the creeps because of its simple horror style. The mission is to escape the building and get out alive, but only a few can manage to achieve this goal.

The ground in which the game takes place is enormous, so escaping will not be easy, and each of the four stages introduces a new being to defeat.

5 Finders Keepers

  • Finders Keepers' Roblox Page

Another haunted house horror game, Finders Keepers does not do anything particularly original, but it offers a short and intense experience with solid production values for a Roblox release. A paranormal investigator becomes stuck in a house that is home to an evil presence. Along with trying to figure out what happened to the inhabitants of this house, players must discover a few disks to make their way out of dodge.

Finders Keepers gets straight to the point, delivering crowd-pleasing scares and a chilling atmosphere. Even if this game does blend a bit in with some other stuff on Roblox , Finders Keepers is still a good time.

4 Light Bulb: Reillumination

  • Light Bulb: Reillumination's Roblox Page

Light Bulb: Reillumitation is a remake of the Roblox game Light Bulb , and reintroduces the main antagonist, The Seeker.

The Seeker kidnaps two (known) people – the Hider (who's the main player) and the Phone Caller (whose real name isn't mentioned) – and they are forced to play the chilling game of " Hide & Seek " with The Seeker. If they win, they escape. If they don't, they'll die in the facility. It's a low-light game, with some jump scares along the way, so players should prepare for the worse.

  • It Lurks' Roblox Page

It Lurks and They Lurk introduce a lot of characters and monsters. This single-player horror game has six chapters, and an extra chapter that can be unlocked after playing the first six.

RELATED: Horror Games That Are Scary Without Relying On Gore

It Lurks features a series of nightmares that players must escape in order to live and win the game. The game starts out quite normal, but after the player wakes up and realizes that their family is nowhere to be found, things go downhill fast. Buckle up for some jump scares , and navigate through this nightmare.

2 The Haunted Imperial Hotel

  • The Haunted Imperial Hotel's Roblox Page

The Haunted Imperial Hotel is an exciting game where players explore just that: a haunted hotel. Arguably the creepiest thing the horror genre can use.

Although this game has its best effect on first-timers, players who are intrigued by the thrill of the subject should definitely try it with some friends. But maybe while it's still sunny outside.

1 The Mirror

  • The Mirror's Roblox Page

This single-player horror game doesn't disappoint. The Mirror will certainly leave a mark on any player, as it is truly an unforgettable horror experience.

Full of creepy sounds and grotesque images, players have to solve an obstacle course by looking at only their own reflection and finding clues in the mirror. For those who already have a tough relationship with the sometimes creepy nature of mirrors, this game will definitely keep them on the edge of their seats.

MORE: The Best Open-World Horror Games (According To Metacritic)

Best Roblox horror games: great scary games in Roblox

Send shivers down your spine with these spooky, eerie, or just plain bloodthirsty Roblox experiences

What are the best horror games in Roblox? It's October once again, so naturally our minds are turning to Halloween. There are so, so many horror games in the world to choose from, especially since it's a genre that lends itself so well to short indie offerings. What I'm getting at here is that there are tons of scary games on Roblox, and if you fancy giving some a go this spooky season, we've put together a list of all-time favourites and current big trends.

The best horror games on Roblox:

Apeirophobia by polaroid studios, kalampokiphobia by @captainspinxs, dead silence by @doomx10, murder party by playmake.

  • Alone in a Dark House by @Umamiday

Flee the Facility by A.W. Apps

Piggy by minitoon, break in by @cracky4, 3008 by @uglyburger0, scary elevator by pixeiated studios, doors by lsplash, stranger things: starcourt mall by netflix.

A seemingly endless empty hallway conjures up nightmarish images of being stuck in the office all night in Apeirophobia on Roblox.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that anything that is popular on the internet will get dozens of Roblox games made about it, and that goes double if the popular thing is a bit scary. So naturally Roblox has no shortage of Backrooms games right now. Apeirophobia (aptly meaning the fear of infinity or eternity) is one of the most-played Backrooms games on Roblox, not to mention one of the best. More focussed on exploration than survival — as any good Backrooms game needs to be, in my opinion — Apeirophobia manages to really capture all the iconic sinister empty spaces of the viral hit creepypasta video.

Here's the link.

An empty corn maze at night, as imagined in Roblox.

You might have seen "scary corn game" trending in Roblox circles recently, and if you're wondering why that is, it's because no-one can spell or pronounce Kalampokiphobia — the technical name for fear of corn. This game, which originally popped up on the platform earlier this year, looks set to be the big Roblox horror trend this Halloween, egged on by TikTok and YouTube jumpscare videos that have been doing the rounds. It's a pretty standard run-and-hide game with a truly ludicrous (but somehow still a bit creepy) stalker character pursuing you through a disorienting corn maze.

A black-and-white image of a zombie face snarling through a gap in some broken wood. Text in image reads

Dead Silence rather ambitiously bills itself as the "#1 Scariest Game on Roblox", but honestly it's been doing the rounds since 2011, and that sort of staying power speaks to the authenticity of its spook factor. Present-day players might be put in mind of a mixture of Slender and Phasmophobia , as teams of up to four hunt through a deserted building for multiple keys which they need in order to escape. The RNG has scattered those keys far and wide and, of course, there's something in the dark hunting your group.

A stylised cartoon of a Roblox character dressed as a witch, roasting a marshmallow over a campfire in the woods, being menaced by a mummy, a hooded figure, and a chainsaw-wielding scarecrow.

Murder Party will be broadly familiar to you if you've played perennial Roblox favourite Murder Mystery 2 , or indeed Among Us , or any of the other Werewolf-like games that have seen a surge in popularity over the past year. Events in Murder Party focus less on slow-burn social deduction and more on fast-paced objectives, however, as four teams (Murderers, Sheriffs, Hackers, and Party-Planners) vie to complete their assigned tasks before everyone else. It's a hectic juggling act: complete your tasks and attempt to keep your role hidden, while also evading, disrupting, or downright slaughtering the opposition.

A darkened, flooded basement filled with empty shelves.

Alone in a Dark House by @Umamidayo

One of the creepier horror experiences on this list, Alone in a Dark House was nominated for a Bloxy Award in 2020 for Best Single Player Game. The title of this one gives you a good idea of what to expect: you play a private investigator poking around in an unsettlingly abandoned house and uncovering eerie secrets about the family who lived there. It's worth shilling out the 50 Robux for a private server if you can, as having up to 29 randos there with you in a public one can kind of break the tension.

A Roblox map featuring a cabin in the woods, with a sign on the wall reading

I've talked about Flee the Facility before on our list of the best Roblox games in 2021 , but I'm going to talk about it again here because so help me, I love a good trip to the SCP Foundation. The original aesthetic of Flee the Facility was very heavily reminiscent of SCP - Containment Breach , but more recent updates have added a variety of new maps, including a cabin-in-the-woods location befitting of the gameplay's debt to the likes of Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13th .

A pair of anthropomorphic pigs armed with baseball bats stand threateningly in an ordinary house. Text in image reads

"You can't make an episodic horror game in Roblox, especially not one that integrates multiplayer," they said, and often followed it up with, "You also can't make a scary game based on Peppa Pig." Well, whoever they might actually be, they were wrong, as Piggy has now wrapped up its second season and remains one of Roblox's most popular horror experiences. There's a genuine narrative thread to unravel as you and your fellow players seek not just to escape from Piggy, but to understand the nature of the beast.

A TV shows a

Roblox creators seem to be drawn towards any entertainment that features dystopian death battles (just see our recent list of the best Squid Game experiences on Roblox ), so it shouldn't come as a surprise that one extremely popular game on the platform is based on The Purge. Unlike many games of this type, Break In isn't PvP: players take on the roles of ordinary citizens who must survive five days of the crime-spree free-for-all while fending off attacks from NPC villains. Break In manages to be a story-driven experience, too; there are even multiple endings.

An IKEA check-out area reimagined in Roblox. Grainy low lighting makes it clear this IKEA's gone quite, quite wrong.

There's a legitimate horror niche when it comes to the idea of an IKEA turning into an inescapable Eldritch location, and as a weirdo who quite enjoys the occasional trip to a Swedish furniture warehouse, I love that this is actually a sub-genre. Based on SCP-3008 from The SCP Foundation collaborative fiction project, this one can actually be quite scary to play thanks to its moody lighting and an all-too-familiar mundane setting turned horrifying. Could you survive — even make a life for yourself — in an endless IKEA? (Is it bad that I think I could?)

A screaming Roblox character is dragged by the feet by a monstrous two-headed (but rather upbeat looking) figure.

"Elevators" are a popular unofficial genre on Roblox: they function sort of like wave-based combat challenges, with you travelling between floors on a titular elevator and encountering increasingly tough, numerous, and/or frightening threats the further you get without dying. This particular one is, well, scary: suspiciously familiar pop culture enemies include characters blatantly inspired by Pennywise the Clown, Slenderman, Freddy Fazbear , and Peppa Pig (presumably in reference to Piggy, above).

A hotel room numbered 013 stands ominously open in the banner image for the Roblox game Doors.

If there's one thing I love, it's a public spook installation. Cruise ships, shopping malls, hotels... these seemingly cheerful spaces can so easily turn creepy with a little low lighting and a conspicuous absence of the usual crowds. Doors makes absolutely spectacular use of the latter location, asking a question we've all surely thought at some point in our lives: what's going on behind all those closed doors in this big hotel? Season one provides the answers, but prepare for jump scares as you trial-and-error your way to the end of the story!

As a nice bonus, Doors has a pretty active codes scene at the moment. Unlike most Roblox codes that are purely cosmetic, Doors codes can let you do some really useful things like revive your character if you die, so be sure to check those out!

A split image: on the left, the entrance to Starcourt Mall; on the right, a Demogorgon menacing characters Eleven, Lucas, and Will. Text in image reads

Consider this a bonus entry, because I'm not about to take a spot on the real list away from one of Roblox's many young, talented, and independent creators to heap praise on a corporate giant like Netflix for managing to put out a good game. But I do love Stranger Things, and it does have an official tie-in experience in Roblox. The best part is that the accompanying merch on the Avatar Shop includes the absolute worst Demogorgon I've ever seen — it might be so ridiculous that it circles all the way back around to creepy again.

That's it for our list of the best horror games on Roblox, but if you're looking for more Roblox recommendations, be sure to check out our all-genre list of the best games on the platform . We also have a regularly-updated codes page , so take a look if you want to nab some cool freebies from the Avatar Shop.

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Past Wordle answers

Wordle hint and answer #836 (October 3 2023)

Blox Fruits codes [October 2023]

Anime Fighters Simulator codes

Da Hood codes [October 2023]

Anime Dimensions codes [October 2023]

Bee Swarm Simulator codes [October 2023]

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Screen Rant

15 best horror games on roblox.

Roblox offers a large selection of horror games full of jumpscares, slashers, and nightmare material. But which ones are a hit with fans?

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Roblox continues to be one of the most relevant games today, as it holds concerts, partners with well-known companies, and features fun mini-games. Aside from action adventure platformers and exciting RPGs, Roblox also has plenty of games that fall under the horror genre. In such games, players can take part in various horrifying experiences ⁠— and sometimes, they even get to play the part of the nefarious villain. From Deepwoken to Bakon , the best horror games on Roblox have scary characters, unnerving storylines, and gripping gameplays.

Gamers looking for scary horror games where they must run away from creatures, killers, and monsters or flinch away from sudden jump scares can hop over to Roblox where they will find a variety of different experiences.

There are so many horror games available for free on Roblox . While some are based on outside games and include some well-recognized figures from movies and TV shows, there are others that create new, terrifying experiences. Although there are hundreds of games players might want to test out, there are only a few that have managed to stand out the most.

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Finders keepers.

Horror games that feature exploration gameplay are incredibly scary. There’s nothing more terrifying than knowing that a frightening monster might be waiting in the next corner. That’s exactly the gameplay of the Roblox game Finders Keepers , where an investigator needs to go inside an abandoned house to solve a mysterious disappearance.

The home that players need to map out in the game houses a hair-raising and unholy entity. Thankfully, players can thwart the mysterious fiend by looking for hidden discs around the house. Unfortunately, the only defensive item in their arsenal is a flashlight, so they’ll need to be quick if they don’t want to get found.

Some of the scariest horror movies are based on Japanese legends , so it’s not surprising to see a Roblox horror game inspired by Japanese lore. The Roblox game Geisha takes inspiration from “Teke -Teke”, a Japanese urban legend about a schoolgirl who seeks to gain revenge for her death.

In the game, players assume the role of an individual who learns that their whole family has disappeared after visiting their childhood home. The atmosphere is incredibly creepy and players should remain cautious, as the game has plenty of terrifying jump scares in store for them.

The Maze is a popular game on Roblox for gamers who are too scared to dive deep into a horror game alone. In the game, players need to explore an expansive maze and find the exit point. But if gamers are expecting are a beautiful hedge maze, they’ll be sorely disappointed. What makes The Maze a daunting game is that it’s set in a creepy underground world.

Gamers will need to be quick on their feet, as the flashlight they have will eventually lose power. It doesn’t help that the maze is littered with plenty of heinous creatures. But since the game can host up to 12 players, gamers won’t feel too alone navigating the nightmarish maze.

Murder Mystery 2

The whodunit genre is home to plenty of movies , books, and TV shows. Apparently, the genre has also caught onto gaming, and those on Roblox can participate in a whodunit mystery by playing Murder Mystery 2 . As the name suggests, Murder Mystery 2 sees players take roles in a puzzling mystery and figure out among themselves who the true murderer is.

Gamers can play as different characters in the game, including the Sheriff who is in charge of getting rid of the murderer, as well as the mysterious killer. While it’s not full of jump scares and terrifying monsters, it’s nerve-wracking to be in a position where players can be wrongfully accused and killed.

Dead Silence

Based on James Wan’s 2007 horror film Dead Silence , the Roblox game with the same name puts the players in a world where creepy puppets and murderous spirits exist. Gamers are tasked with investigating the disappearance of a dead ventriloquist in order to, hopefully, bring rest to her soul.

What makes Dead Silence a horrifying game is its impeccable level and sound design. The game seamlessly cooks up a frightening experience, from walking the creepy corridors to encountering a vengeful spirit.

The 3008 by uglyburger0 is one of the best obscure horror games on Roblox as it has plenty of dark twists. Players will have to build a base within a run-down IKEA and try to survive the night against angry IKEA employees.

Players have to quickly build a base for themselves with the furniture within the store before darkness falls. Once it is dark, the angry IKEA employees emerge and hunt down the players who aren't safely tucked away in their bases. Players have to collect food around the store to regain health and energy. Once the day comes again, players can rebuild and move freely and await the night.

Survive The Killer

Survive The Killer is a round-based game by Slyce Entertainment with many iconic killers, such as Jason, Pennywise, and Slenderman. The players must run away from the killer or sometimes even become one.

Survive The Killer has several maps that the players vote on for each round. At the start of the round, one player will be randomly selected as the killer, and the rest of the players must survive the round together. The player picked to become the killer gets to pick what iconic slasher star they want to become for the round, and their goal is to get rid of all the other players.

Casual Board Game

Casual Board Game by Morbid Games is a chilling experience filled with jump scares, loud noises, and flashing lights. Players interact with a realistic-looking Ouija Board and immerse themselves in the casual board game.

Players must sit at a table and use the Ouija board to communicate with an entity that appears to be in the room with them. They can ask several questions and receive answers, but they will want to be wary of what they ask and not anger the being. Frightening noises can be heard around the player based on the interactions, such as breathing, a piano, and steps. Players must survive by keeping the candles lit and not angering the entity they communicate with.

Pink Beard Games' Bakon horror survival game offers a creepy experience with a hint of humor. This is another round-based game where players take turns becoming the monster while the others must survive.

Players vote on different maps and mods, allowing there to be bots as well as character creatures on the prowl. The survivors must race away from the monsters to collect hidden keys and items around the map that will assist in their escape. Players selected as the Bakon monster can choose different skins, some requiring a purchase and chasing their victims before escaping—brief loading screens and cutscenes before the rounds add humor to this dark game.

Piggy by MiniToon is a thrilling experience that offers a whole storyline with scares and suspense. Players must survive each chapter to unravel the mystery behind who Piggy is.

Players dive into multiple rounds, each listed as chapters to this unique story experience. They must navigate a dangerous location and find clues and items to help them escape. As they are running around the map, the piggies are on the prowl, ready to knock out unexpecting victims with their baseball bats. As players finish objectives within each round, they should pay attention to the cutscenes, as it continues the story and explains the haunting tale of one of the scariest monsters, Piggy.

Floppy's Playtime

Floppy's Playtime by Omniprofit is based on the popular horror game Poppy's Playtime , but this version of the horror game is available completely for free on Roblox . Players must figure out the secrets behind Floppy's factory and why everyone who worked there has seemingly gone missing.

Floppy's Playtime is a horror puzzle game that players can delve into alone or team up with three others to play. They must explore a deserted factory, dodging scary toys that come alive and Floppy himself who chases them. Their goal is to complete puzzles to figure out the truth about what happened there at the factory and ultimately get out of there alive. Gamers who can't get enough of the Roblox title should check out its sequel, Floppy Playtime Chapter 2 .

Flee The Facility

A.W. Apps' Flee The Facility is a horror escape game that requires teamwork and strategy. Players must hide and run from the beast or risk getting captured in their struggle to escape the facility.

One player will become the beast, and the others must complete objectives to escape the facility, hiding from the beast as he attempts to stop them. They must work together to hack computers and unlock the exits. However, the beast is alerted whenever a computer is being used, making it a difficult excursion for escaping players and requiring them to put a lot of strategy into it.

The Mimic by MUCDICH is another story-driven horror game on Roblox that offers a unique and terrifying experience. Each chapter allows players to dive into a mysterious location and slowly unfold a dark story.

The Mimic is a story-driven Japanese-inspired horror game with chapters and soon multiple books that will open up new characters and storylines. The player can choose to take on the experience alone or join other players using voice chat to communicate. Within this world, inspired by Japanese history and urban legends, they can explore, find secrets, and pick up different items that assist in their discovery. Players should be wary of what hides in the shadows and be prepared for jumps, loud noises, and flashing lights.

Alone In A Dark House

Alone In A Dark House by umamidayo is one the best horror games on Roblox that was even up for an award as 'Best Single Player Horror Game' in the 2020 Bloxy Awards. Players take on the role of a private investigator as they head to a crime scene of a brutal murder, only to uncover dark secrets about a family there.

Alone In A Dark House can be played solo or with others who can communicate with spatial voice chat. This mystery horror game guarantees the players a frightening experience where they must uncover hidden secrets, solve the strange case, and survive the haunted house. They must find clues and pick up items that can assist them, such as flashlights to see in the dark. With the stunning visuals and horrifying noises, this game proves to be one of the best horror games available on Roblox .

Deepwoken by Vows by the Sea is one experience that does require a purchase of 400 Robux but is well worth the cost. This game is not only frightening but is filled with adventure, discovery, and development.

Players can discover a whole new world within this experience, where they can unlock special abilities, craft a unique character, and explore an unknown realm amidst an expansive sea. This difficult game is unforgiving, and if a character falls, they are permanently dead and must restart from the beginning. Players can navigate the sea in exploration but must beware of the horrors lurking underneath the dark waters.

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