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  1. Aeroyacht's New Alpha 42 Catamaran

    The Alpha 42 incorporates a lot of interesting features not usually associated with production catamarans, including wave-piercing bows; multi-chine hulls; separate, private entryways for the two aft staterooms; and a choice of either high-performance daggerboards (which draw 6' 8" when lowered, or just 28" when raised) or fixed, low-aspect mini keels (with a 3' 6" draft).

  2. Alpha 42 Catamaran

    Without outside funding or assistance, they have launched a quality cruising catamaran only an hour from New York City. Alpha Yachts, located at South Shore Boatyard in Patchogue, NY, has built two Alpha 42s and has orders for 10. "If Wally Yachts was to design a 42-foot cruising cat, this would be it," said Tarjan.

  3. 42 Catamaran 2014 Fort Lauderdale

    The Alpha 42 catamaran combines beauty with intelligence. She feels at home everywhere from a busy Mediterranean harbor to a deserted South Seas lagoon. The Alpha 42 catamaran blends into her environment, but looks special. Whether you are a live-aboard family with the wish to circumnavigate, a solo sailor who is a first time buyer, or a ...

  4. 42' Alpha 42

    5 Alpha 42's were built in a very limited production of which "Lucie 2" is the second boat manufactured by Alpha One Composites of Long Island, NY. "Lucie 2" is owned by an experienced sailor, who has owned several large catamarans and he has equipped her for coastal and offshore cruising. She is a unique 4 cabin layout.

  5. Alpha 42 Catamaran

    Lucy 2 | Alpha 42 Catamaran 42ft US $389,000 Charleston, SC, US Sold. View All Sold Boats. About. 2014 42' Alpha "Lucy 2"is a 4 cabin 2 head layout, fully equipped for cruising with AC, generator, solar panels, inverter and radar.The starboard engine is new, August 2018.


    The Alpha 42 catamaran can be ordered in 2 different standard layouts. The Owner and harter Versions. The Owner Version features an expansive full length owner's suite in the port hull, a central couch with dresser/desk and a spacious forward bathroom with separate shower. The port side hull houses two double cabins with one head and show-

  7. Alpha 42

    The new Alpha 42 is a fun and innovative addition to the cruising catamaran fleet. Gregor has poured 25 years of multihull sailing, racing, selling and building into the design and his partner—a veteran boat builder with hundreds of boats out there sailing—has embraced the latest building techniques.

  8. Walkthrough of "Lucy 2" Alpha 42 Catamaran for Sale

    "Lucy 2" is an Alpha 42 catamaran built in 2014 by Alpha Yachts. 4 cabin / 2 head charter version. Designed with performance in mind, one of her more unique ...

  9. Aeroyacht Alpha 42

    Built in the U.S. by Alpha One Composites, the Alpha 42 features wave-piercing bows for a comfortable ride, and layout options that suit both family cruising and the charter trade. ... Best Cruising Catamaran Over 50 Feet 2024 Boat of the Year: Best Cruising Catamaran Under 50 Feet 2024 Boat of the Year: Judges' Special Recognition

  10. PDF NEW 2015

    The Alpha 42 catamaran is a true reverse-engineered world yacht. Designed by an expert team of offshore sailors, designers, naval architects and rig specialists. Multiple design in-puts from groups such as live aboard cruisers, vacationers as well as charter operators, commercial fishermen and first time buyers were considered and incorporated

  11. Alpha 42: the new catamaran made in the USA

    Built on Long Island, the Aeroyacht Alpha 42 is a brand new cruising catamaran, several examples of which have already been ordered and whose first example will be in the water before the end of the year. The resolutely modern lines, with inverted bows, give a glimpse of a boat which will be pleasant to sail and also offer some nice living areas.

  12. Abandoning Be Good Too

    The enormous impact stopped the boat, which had been moving forward at 4-5 knots, dead in its tracks and even seemed to back us up a bit. A counter-wave surged up our stern and (as we later noticed) blew a large teak step right off its mounting posts. The boat, a brand new Alpha 42 catamaran named Be Good Too, spun around in a circle, first ...

  13. Bareboat Catamaran Alpha 42

    Charter Yacht Alpha 42 - 4 Cabins - Tortola, BVI: An elegant and refined catamaran. This 4 cabin, 2 head version, accommodating up to 8 guests, is perfect for large groups looking to sail the stunning British Virgin Islands.

  14. Alpha 42 catamaran built in USA

    A - good sailing catamaran - that is 42' & weighs 10.4 ton - is without c/b's is just not a 'blue-water' long-legs performance sailing catamaran. Before everyone starts to - shoot the messanger - all I really want is for someone to tell the truth - from the very start & let's have another production - top-shelf - multihull being built in the USA.

  15. 2014 Alpha 42 Vessel Walkthrough

    2014 Alpha 42 Catamaran for sale with The Multihull Company. Capt. Conor Dugan takes you aboard this beautifully appointed catamaran. For full details, visit...

  16. The Alpha 42 -our take on this concept catamaran from Aeroyacht

    The Alpha 42 is positioned to answer a distinct need -a performance catamaran built in the US capable of Atlantic coast and blue water cruising, primarily aimed at the US market. It is intelligently specc'ed up using advanced cored materials to battle the usual 40 foot cat weight issues and combinations of chines and reverse bows to tackle ...

  17. ABANDONING BE GOOD TOO: The Builder Responds

    A statement from the builder of the Alpha 42. the one thing not covered from the side line couch captains is that a contributing factor is clearly the disconnect from the conditions that can happen when sailing from inside the cabin .cats more than any boat need to be actively sailed in weather and clearly do not fare well when left to woolier at low speed.the jib and main must work together ...

  18. Alpha 42

    There is a lot of hype around the introduction of a new Alpha 42 catamaran set to be introduced to the world yachting market in the next weeks. Reputed to be very cool looking and forecast to be produced at a very low price, can it really be true?

  19. Catamaran Dealer I Nautitech, McConaghy, Neel Trimarans

    The Alpha 42 catamaran was created by the Aeroyacht Design Team. She exudes timeless elegance and purposeful looks. ... Aeroyacht exclusively specializes in the sales of reputable power and sailing catamarans. The company's extensive exposure, whether sailing on cruising catamarans or trimarans or publishing catamaran books and technical ...

  20. Setting a New Standard for Cruising Catamarans

    The Alpha 42 catamaran combines beauty with intelligence. She feels at home everywhere -from a busy Mediterranean harbor to a deserted South Seas lagoon. The Alpha 42 catamaran blends into her environment, but looks special. Whether you are a live-aboard family with the wish to circumnavigate, a solo sailor who is a first time buyer or a ...

  21. Alpha boats for sale

    Alpha boats for sale on YachtWorld are offered at a variety of prices from $44,040 on the relatively lower-priced models, with costs up to $3,530,608 for the more lavish yachts on the market today. What Alpha model is the best? Some of the most popular Alpha models now listed include: 35, 50, Squalo 100 and alpha 51. Specialized yacht brokers ...

  22. Alpha 42 Catamaran Build

    Conceived and built in the United States, the Alpha 42 catamaran is the only mid sized closed bridgedeck cruising catamaran that is built in America.

  23. Alpha Catamaran

    Alpha Catamarans are great for tours, water taxi, dinner cruises, etc! This is a true ocean-going "Subchapter T" Passenger Catamaran rated for the open ocean. The hull is powered with twin Mercury 150's. Pricing will vary widely for each build due to component pricing and availability. The hull is rated for up to Four (Quad) 600hp Mercury ...