dji phantom 3 standard motors wont start

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dji phantom 3 standard motors wont start

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  •   Aircraft - Electric - Multirotor Drones Beginner Multirotor Drones Help! Phantom 3 Standard Motors wont arm

dji phantom 3 standard motors wont start

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Dislodged GPS Module

Compass uncalibrated, safety mode is on, battery not charged, is the battery completely dead, problem elsewhere, recently used battery, battery not detecting charger, faulty charger, faulty battery, gimbal settings are not correct, dji firmware is out of date, imu is not physically calibrated, faulty gimbal, imu calibration, dji phantom 3 advanced troubleshooting.

Phantom 3 Advanced GL300C controller "low battery" warning even when charged

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome team of students from our education program made this wiki.

Motor won’t turn on

When you go to start the motor, nothing happens.

Go outside with the drone and check to see if it connects with a satellite. If the drone does not connect, open it up and look at the GPS module. If it is unplugged, plug it back into the flight controller. If the GPS module is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

The motor will not start unless there has been a compass calibration, which needs to be done outdoors. To calibrate, tap the aircraft status bar at the top of the camera screen then press calibrate and follow the instructions.

To turn the safety off, which will allow the drone to fly, press both sticks on the controller down. This is also referred to as arming the drone.

If the motor still has not turned on, check the battery life of the drone. If the battery life is low, charge the battery.

Controller Low battery warning even after charging

If you controller is charging ok, e.g. lights indicate its taking charge and increases as such, but when you try to turn on controller the red light blinks to indicate low battery, you need to check two things

to do this check, after charging for some time (e.g. 30mins +), on controller click and hold, C1, Photo button and Power - You should see a green/blue light and controller should indicate level of charge. If no charge, likely to be a battery problem, However if 2/3/4 white lights show, the problem is elsewhere.

Assuming you have followed above step, The problem is likely with the regulator for the battery charging and release. There is a control unit which regulates the charge to the battery and also the release of charge. Its a 17.4 DC charger, but battery is 8.3v and this is in the design of the controller.

I am not 100% certain on how to fix this, but will come back later to update once resolved.

Battery is not charging

The battery does not charge when plugged into the charger.

If the battery was recently used in a flight, it may be too warm and will be unable to charge. Let the battery sit for a few minutes to let it cool off.

To force the battery to be in charging mode, press the battery button once and then immediately press and hold it down. Each LED will turn on until they’re all on. Once they are all on, some will turn off and then the current battery charge level will be displayed. Plug the battery into the charger. If the battery is kept on charging mode and doesn’t need to be charged, hold the button until all the lights turn off. This will save battery power.

If the charger is unable to charge other batteries, the charger may be faulty and may need to be replaced.

If your charger is able to charge other batteries, the battery may be faulty and may need to be replaced.

Video Horizon Tilted

When flying, the live video feed is not horizontal.

In many cases, the gimbal is simply misadjusted within the DJI app. If this is the case, you can access the gimbal settings within the DJI pilot app, and adjust the roll settings there.

Sometimes, the most recent firmware update from DJI fixes many past glitches that may cause your gimbal to tilt slightly. To be sure about which firmware you need, check DJI’s website to confirm the latest firmware.

The IMU, or the control board, controls the gimbal, so it is important this is calibrated correctly. In order to calibrate the IMU, the drone needs to be safely placed on a level surface. The IMU, along with other sensors, can be recalibrated through the DJI Pilot app.

If none of this helps, your gimbal may be faulty, and may need to be replaced.

Status Indicator Flashing Red,Yellow, and Green

After turned on, the status indicator repeatedly flashes red, yellow and green and it is hard to get the drone off the ground.

The red, yellow and green flashes mean the IMU data is abnormal. To calibrate the IMU the drone needs to be safely placed on a level surface. The IMU, along with other sensors, can be recalibrated through the DJI Pilot app.

ESC(Electronic Speed Controller) Status Error

After arming the quadcopter, the motors won’t turn on, and “ESC Status Error” is displayed.

Sometimes the IMU can cause the user to see this error, so it is important to calibrate the IMU correctly. To calibrate the IMU the drone needs to be safely placed on a level surface. The IMU, along with other sensors, can be recalibrated through the DJI Pilot app.

The ESC's within the control board may be faulty. If this is the case, the entire board must be replaced. To replace the control board, follow our Flight Control Board Replacement

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dji phantom 3 standard motors wont start

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dji phantom 3 standard motors wont start

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says motor overload how do i fix that on a djl phantom 3 professional

Rick Gann - Apr 24, 2017 Reply

I have one motor on my Phantom 3 Standard that won't spin with a take off command. I purchased another one and replaced it and it still does not spin. It does it's short dance like the others when I turn on the drone battery and jumps about a quarter of an inch when I engage a take of but that is the extent of it. Any ideas?

oldcontrols - Jun 30, 2017 Reply

I fixed the ESC error by power cycling the battery unit.

Shashank - Sep 1, 2017 Reply

How do you do that.?

Eric Hamilton - Dec 1, 2017

i have tried things to try and rectify this. my phantom 3 advance thinks its a P3P and i cant see the camera

henry - Dec 20, 2017 Reply

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dji phantom 3 standard motors wont start

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dji phantom 3 standard motors wont start

Image Unavailable

2312A CW Clockwise Motor for DJI Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced & DJI Phantom 3 Standard - CW

  • To view this video download Flash Player

2312A CW Clockwise Motor for DJI Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced & DJI Phantom 3 Standard - CW

Purchase options and add-ons, about this item.

  • Motor 2312A CW for DJI Phantom 3 Drone.
  • Suitable for DJI Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced and DJI Phantom 3 standard.
  • Super power: 800rpm/V.
  • Size: 23*12mm; Weight: 58.5g
  • Note: The motor doesn’t come with banana plug.

Frequently bought together

2312A CW Clockwise Motor for DJI Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced & DJI Phantom 3 Standard - CW

Similar items that may ship from close to you

2312A Counter Clockwise CCW Motor for DJI Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced & DJI Phantom 3 Standard - CCW

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Warranty & support, product description.

Packaging includes: 1 * Motor 2312A CW for DJI Phantom 3

Important information

To report an issue with this product, click here .

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dji phantom 3 standard motors wont start

Phantom 3 Standard no-linky with a twist

Hey everybody… First time poster and obviously new to the forum. I’ll cut to the chase for your benefit and mine cuz this topic has been drug through the mud since the conception of the Phantom. First, used Phantom3 Standard purchased on Ebay for $98… drone only. No remote, charger, battery, nuthin… just the drone. Since that purchase I acquired all of the essentials to make it fly however, even though it wants to it won’t. I know that I wont have wifi with the camera and gimble (sp?) missing but I don’t care. All I wanna do is fly the sucker. No fancy video or pics. Just want to fly it.

Here’s a list that will hopefully give you enough information to maybe help me figure out what is probably operator error:

Start Controller… wait for a few seconds

Start the groan (literally)

Controller (purchased “new” on Ebay for 80 bucks) shows solid red power button that has never turned green unless fully charged.

Groan goes through start up sequence… red, yellow, green and then will either blink green or yellow depending on the presence of a gps signal or not (I think).

I then flip the bird (literally) and depress the link button which starts out as solid red but starts to blink red after releasing the button after anywhere between 1 and 1,232,676 seconds.

From that point on its the same thing only different. The controller and the boid aren’t talking and I think it has something to do with the frequency that they are NOT sharing but without wifi I can’t access the menu screen in DJgo where I could manually change the frequency.

The status in the app doesn’t say that I’m disconnected all the time. The majority of the time (especially when going through start up process B (explained below)) it will just say, “controller frequency is weak”. Obviously I’m missing something but here’s something a little different…

If I depress the link button before starting the battery and hold it until the battery starts up the link light will blink a slow green and remain that way but will not link to the controller using either the “S2 button and wheel method” or the “linking RC” button in the controller portion of the app.

Controller method will result in a 60 second time out if unsuccessful in linking and the S2/Dial method will produce a relentless beeping from the controller until the battery dies.

Indicator LED’s will occasionally say that it’s ready to fly in gps mode so S1 switch is placed in the up position when flashing a slow green or in the middle position when flashing a slow yellow.

App shows that it’s ready to fly and allows me to use the auto take off but then says that the take off failed but that’s probably due to the fact that I cant get the motors to start. Controller will not respond to my stick instruction to start the motors. No linkey linkey…

I have watched just about every freaking Youtube video on this subject and frankly, I’m getting really sick of hearing so many people say the same thing just in a different video. Gets really old getting the same information from 5,261 people who want me to subscribe to the same thing that 5,260 other people also want me to subscribe to for some unknown reason…

In closing… I have found information and am becoming familiar with the LED status lights and what their various color patterns mean but there is very little information about the birds belly button and why it blinks green rather than remain solid as it should when linked to the aircraft.

I have no clue if the firmware matches between the two because for all I know the drone, which is in excellent condition, may have sat on a shelf to the last 5 years or so and the controller may have the latest and greatest but who knows. Also on that note, firmware upgrades are more difficult when ya don’t have a micro-sd slot on the drone. In fact, if it needs some kind of firmware upgrade or something I’m just ditching the sucker… Sucks cuz you can pick up a nice used Phantom3 Standard (with a camera, battery, remote, and charger) for about $300 but these yahoos want $200 or more to purchase just the camera.

Any thoughts or ideas? I really want to get this in the air but I’m not putting another dime into it cuz so far, I fell like I may be trying to resurrect something that is too far gone to breathe again. My main drone is a spark but I was hoping to make up some of the cost of the spark by selling what I have purchased off the Phantom but I refuse to sell it unless I see it fly. Unless of course I get it in the air and love it so much that I can’t sell it. to be honest, that would be the happiest ending! Thanks in advance to any of you that can shed a little light on this for me (without posting the DJI “how to link your controller” vid. : )


Does the remote controller ever successfully link? The light on the remote controller should be green when it’s powered on and connected to the drone.

Your issue is likely being caused by a firmware or hardware issue. If firmware, there is nothing you can do since you don’t have a gimbal. If hardware, you’re probably going to spend more than it’s worth trying to fix it.

I thought I read on here somewhere that someone successfully rewired and aftermarket GoPro gimbal to their phantom and was able to fly. is there any truth to that? And if so, are there wiring diagrams available anywhere? You’re righ though…purchasing a gimbal and camera is out of the question for this aircraft since I only paid $98 for the Drone. My guess is that without the gimbal and camera I will have a hard time selling it anyway. So maybe I hang on to it in case one day I can purchase a camera

What’s up with the blinking green binding or linking light? I can’t find any documentation on I it blinks green instead of red. Also their aircraft after starting up and going through its normal process indicates that it is ready to fly in either attitude or GPS mode. It says that my remote controller is connected but that I need to connect the aircraft. I’m assuming that’s with the Link light on the bottom which blinks green.

You could mount a 3rd party camera, but you won’t be able to connect it to the gimbal or see the live view in DJI GO.

I believe that’s an indicator of a firmware mismatch. If you had a camera/gimbal installed, the first thing I’d try is reinstalling the firmware to ensure all components are updated and running compatible versions.


dude…pls tell me u got an answer…i litterally am goin threw the same ■■■■,pissin me off cuz imma nerd and know this stuff but apparently im not that nerdy cuz i havent touched it{drone}in a month or two …and i ■■■■ loved it wen it was workin…food for thought…i have a tello ryze and wondering if i could wire it up to my phantom as a brain and it ??? mynumber is 9063706952 my name is sean…hit me up please


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    I know that I wont have wifi with the camera and gimble (sp?) ... motors to start. Controller will not respond to my stick instruction