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The Future of Possible -------------------------------------------- DJI is dedicated to offering everyone a flying camera platform and taking photography to new heights. This App enables you to remotely control the FC40 camera installed on DJI PHANTOM 1, including photo capturing, video recording, album management, etc.

Version 1.0.8

Remove "default" button to avoid user change the origin settings.

Ratings and Reviews

Has major flaw.

When the camera gets out of range it stops recording onto the SD card which is a major issue. You will lose much of your footage if you are in FPV mode. Otherwise it's ok.

DJI is a horrible company

These guys can't get anything right. The app was made to "fix" a problem. This app is nothing but another display of how stupid these guys are. Who makes a product that cost over a thousand dollars and it doesn't work!!! These guys! DJI! I bought my phantom 1 week ago and have yet to get the camera to work. Customer support is nonexistent and no one has any answers. Don't buy one if you haven't and if you can return I would!!!
I use the app with an iPhone and it works great. When it goes out of range it will start a new video clip but it keeps recording. I use it to also capture stills from video. Highly Recommend!!

App Privacy

The developer, DJI , has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

No Details Provided

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.


English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

  • Developer Website
  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

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Quadcopter, Multirotor and Drones Resource Site

DJI Phantom 1 & FC40 setup – Getting Started Guide

December 17, 2014 by craigi

Note – the following is for new users or buyers of the Phantom FC40 or Phantom 1 models. These models can be identified by the single round LED on the quadcopter read and the battery compartment door on the front. The FC40 includes a camera while the plain Phantom 1 comes with a GoPro holder.

Have you recently acquired a Phantom FC40 or Phantom 1? The Holiday season often ends with the unboxing of thousands of new Quadcopters!

If so – and if you have limited experience with the DJI Phantoms and advanced Quadcopters – please read and understand the following before taking to the air.

Before taking your Phantom outside to fly!

Read the manual at least twice. You can download the newest electronic version at:

Basic Definitions: NAZA – the flight controller box (F/C) inside your Phantom which contains the hardware and software which makes your quadcopter work. NAZA Assistant – the software, windows or mac, which allows you to upgrade, test and change various settings on your Phantom. Transmitter or TX – the remote control (usually a white box with two “sticks”) which you use to control your Phantom. S1 and S2 (called X1 and X2 in the Assistant program!) – the switches on the upper right (S1) and left (S2) of your TX. These set the “modes” which the Phantom responds to and can be programmed in the NAZA assistant software. RTH – Return to Home – Failsafe programming of the Naza ATTI – Altitude hold mode on the NAZA F/C – this does away with the use of the GPS and gives you semi-manual control.

Assemble Quadcopter and Install Camera on FC40

The propeller guards are a highly recommended accessory – especially for those without a lot of Phantom experience.

NOTE: The FC40 will work and fly fine without the camera attached or turned on. Newbies may want to start this way to avoid crashes which could damage the cam.

USB and Battery Connection for Upgrades and Settings

1. Download and install the any drivers (windows only, none needed for mac) and the NAZA Assistance programs from DJI install them – drivers first, then the Assistant program.

2. Connect your Phantom USB to your computer – open the battery compartment of your Phantom (no battery installed) and locate the USB cable inside – pull it out and connect it to your computer. Now turn on the DJI remote (transmitter) – put the S1 and S2 switches in the UP position – and connect the battery to the DJI Phantom – leaving the battery hanging outside the quadcopter. The LED on the FC40 should turn solid green when connected to Naza Asst.

Open the NAZA assistant and check for and install any suggested Phantom firmware updates.

Under the “Advanced” tab, choose the “IOC” tab and activate it. Under “F/S” (failsafe), make sure it is set to “Go-Home and Landing” Under “Limits”, set them at something reasonable. 2000 yards is useless. You can use these to keep it close to you while you learn. Something like 100 meters would be better at first. Under the “Basic” tab, click on “R/C”. At the bottom you will see a horizontal line. At the right end of it is an arrow that will bringup a pull down menu. Change it to “Failsafe”

You have to hit the return button on your computer to save some of the changes. You can always double check by quitting the NAZA assistant and opening it again and then seeing whether the Assistant software has the new settings.

Now when you put the right hand switch(S1) to the bottom, it will activate the”Return to Home, Fail Safe” function. Now you will notice that when you move the S2 (left side) switch down on your remote, the corresponding action will appear in the Naza Assistant.

One of many screens in the DJI NAZA Assistant Software

Now do an advanced IMU calibration. The software may tell you there is no need for this..which means it is already set and ready.

Close the DJI assistant software and disconnect the Phantom battery and USB cord. Turn off the transmitter.


Calibrate the Compass

Now, take you FC40 outside into an area where there is a decent amount of sky (access to GPS satellites) and face it forward (battery facing front), turn TX on, plug the battery in and WAIT. You will hear several ascending tonebeeps and the LED flashing, this is normal. Then you will see a blinking green LED followed by blinking red LEDS. This is when the FC40 is acquiring satellites. As the FC40 acquires satellites the number of red LEDs becomes less and less. Eventually you will have nothing but a slow flashing green LED.

Flip your S1 switch all the way down and back up 4-6 times rapidly. The LEDlight on your FC40 will turn solid yellow, indicating it is ready for compass calibration. Make sure the S1 switch is up before proceeding.

Now grab your FC40s landing gear from the back, lift it up and extend your arms Turn your body in a 360 degrees in a counter clockwise circle. The yellow LED light should turn green when you get back to the starting point (facing again forward). Now turn the FC40 facing down towards the ground so the LEDlight is facing up towards the sky. Hold it like this and rotate your body again 360 degrees. When you get back to the starting point the green LED shouldstart blinking slowly again.

Time to fly!


Move both the Rt and Lft joysticks down and towards the inside or outside corners of the TX. This will start your Phantom’s motors and they will idle at a low RPM. Now, move your left joystick all the way up to full throttle. Your FC40 should take off. Let go of the joystick (it will return to center automatically) once it’s about 10-15 feet up. Let it hover a bit. Use your right joystick and move slightly left, right,forward and back. Just a little at a time, testing the movement and response.

Practice makes perfect, so spend some time getting the hang of how the FC40 reacts to your stick movements.

Bring your Phantom down toward the ground by pulling down on the left stick (throttle)- making sure you slow the rate of descent when you get within 5 feet of the landing area. Then use small movements of the stick to slowly make it touch down. Then turn the motors off.

There are two ways to turn your motors off. These are the same moves used to start the motors and are described in the manual. It will help to practice turning the motors off and on before you fly – that is, turn them on to idle position and then turn them off. This will make certain you don’t panic or over-react when you actually start real landings.

ALWAY DISCONNECT THE PHANTOM BATTERY BEFORE TURNING OFF THE TX. Turning off the TX first could cause your FC40 to go into “return to home” or “failsafe” mode, which would cause it to fly on it’s own!

Orientation – learning not to panic or lose your Phantom!

Once you are familiar with the basics, you’ll likely start flying further away from your home point. It’s easy to lose orientation at distance, so you should check and confirm that your “Home Lock” function works correctly. Some pilots also like to test their RTH (failsafe – return to home) function, although you should not do this without knowing how the modes work. For example, don’t activate RTH when the quadcopter is close to you or close to the ground. Become familiar with these functions in the manual and test them in a large field. You should also become VERY familiar with ATTI mode (it’s non-GPS semi-manual control) – use of this mode may allow you to save your quadcopter if the GPS or compass malfunctions.

FC40 Camera – the use of the camera and app is simple – the DJI quickstart guide explains the settings and various error and status codes. You should have a printed copy in your DJI box – if you prefer an electronic version, you can download it at the DJI support page:

This relatively short guide should get you started. Although some of the instructions seem complicated, they will soon become second nature to DJI pilots. Refer to your manuals, helpful videos and other sources of information to continue your piloting education.

(Credit for layout, some quotes and idea from jnnevins at the DJI corporate forum)

Final Note – the Phantom 1 and Phantom FC40 are no longer in production as of the end of 2014 – however, many are still in dealers inventory and these fine quadcopters can last a long time. Those considering a purchase can rest assured that they still represent a great value for the $$.

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  • dji Manuals
  • Phantom FC40
  • User manual

dji Phantom FC40 User Manual

  • Getting started manual (11 pages)
  • page of 32 Go / 32

Table of Contents

  • Disclaimer & Warning
  • Product Usage Cautions
  • Battery Usage & Charging Cautions
  • Required Items
  • Introduction
  • Transmitter
  • Transmitter Operation
  • Link between the Transmitter and Receiver
  • Before Flying
  • Flight Test
  • Test Procedure
  • The Failsafe and How to Regain Control
  • Low Voltage Alert
  • Using the Dji Fc40
  • Assistant Software Installation and Configuration
  • Installing the Driver and Assistant Software
  • Using the NAZA-M Assistant Software on a PC
  • Firmware Upgrade of the PHANTOM FC40
  • PHANTOM RC Assistant Software Description
  • Ioc Function
  • LED Flight Indicator Description
  • Specifications of the Aircraft
  • Specifications of the FC40


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Quadcopters dji Phantom 1 Getting Started Manual

Summary of Contents for dji Phantom FC40

  • Page 1 Internet store of PHONES (044) 360-7-130 294-0-130 autogoods (050) 336-0-130 597-0-130 (063) 788-0-130 SKYPE (067) 233-0-130 km-130 (068) 282-0-130 CAR RECEIVERS — Receivers • Media receivers and stations • Native receivers • CD/DVD changers • FM-modulators/USB adapters • Flash memory • Facia plates and adapters • Antennas • Accessories | CAR AUDIO —...
  • Page 2 Thank you for purchasing our product. Read the entire manual strictly and follow these steps to use you product. Please visit the DJI website, PHANTOM FC40 section to confirm if the manual is the latest one according to the manual version.

Page 3: Table Of Contents

Page 4: disclaimer & warning, page 5: product usage cautions, page 6: battery usage & charging cautions, page 7: in the box, page 8: introduction, page 9: transmitter operation, page 10: link between the transmitter and receiver.

  • Page 11 Power on transmitter and link indicator should switch off. This indicates that the link has been successfully established. Link Indicator Link Indicator Description Operation No signal received. Switch on transmitter or perform a link procedure. In link status. Switch on transmitter. 10 | ©2013-2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved. Autogood products «130»...

Page 12: Before Flying

  • Page 13 FCC compliant version will emit 2 beeps. The power indicator blinks green quickly indicating the transmitter and receiver is linking. Once fully linked, the power indicator will change to a solid green. 12 | ©2013-2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved. Autogood products «130»...
  • Page 14 Throttle stick is not at bottom B--------B--------B… Input signal abnormal BB---BB---BB---BB… Input voltage abnormal Contact your dealer if the “System start and self-check LED flashes” are not correct (LED flight 13 | ©2013-2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved. Autogood products «130»...
  • Page 15 After the system start and self-checking has finished, if the LED flight indicator blinks Red, Yellow and Green continually, that means the IMU data is abnormal. The PHANTOM FC40 will not work, please connect to the NAZA-M V2 Assistant Software and follow the tips to do operation.
  • Page 16 LED flight indicator keeps flashing quickly Red. Switch the control mode switch one time to cancel the calibration, and then re-start from step 1. Horizontal Rotation Vertical Rotation 15 | ©2013-2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved. Autogood products «130»...

Page 17: Flight Test

Page 18: the failsafe and how to regain control, page 19: low voltage alert, page 20: using the dji fc40.

  • Page 21 Camera Functions [1] LED Status Status Indicator Conditions Recording Charging. Power off when charged. Low Power Power Off Auto Power Off (5 Minutes Idle) Wi-Fi Connecting Memory Full or Micro-SD Card Error ©2013-2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved. Autogood products «130»...
  • Page 22 Downloading and Installing the DJI FC40 App Download and install approaches Scan QR code to read the download link. Download and install the DJI FC40 App on your mobile device. Approach 1 You can find the QR code on the ‘Quick Start Guide’ as well as on the packaging of the PHANTOM FC40.
  • Page 23 2. Enable Wi-Fi on your mobile device. Select FC40_xxxxxx from your Wi-Fi networks. 3. Run the DJI FC40 App. This will start a live camera preview. When you see this, everything is ready. Tap “Refresh”to try again if connection fails.
  • Page 24 Thumb nail. Tap to play a single video or move a video to your mobile device. Settings Page Set time. Tap to format SD card. (Make sure you backup photos before formatting.) View version information. ©2013-2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved. Autogood products «130»...

Page 25: Assistant Software Installation And Configuration

Page 26: firmware upgrade of the phantom fc40.

  • Page 27 Language swap Main page Firmware upgrade Account, software version *This image is for Communication indicator reference only. Please refer to the actual user interface. Connection indicator ©2013-2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved. Autogood products «130»...

Page 28: Ioc Function

  • Page 29 Flying direction Forward direction Route Auxiliary line Pitch stick control of aircraft Roll stick control of aircraft Flying Record switch Normal None ©2013-2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved. Autogood products «130»...
  • Page 30 CL: the aircraft is within of 10m from HP; the control mode is changed to ATTI; GPS satellite number<6 (The LED flight indicator blinks red twice or three times). ©2013-2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved. Autogood products «130»...

Page 31: Appendix

Page 32: specifications of the fc40, rename the bookmark, delete bookmark, delete from my manuals, upload manual.

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dji phantom fc40 camera app download

Features a built-in DJI designed smart camera, which supports 720p/30fps.

A must-have app for dji users. get official products at launch, tracking your package whenever you want. try virtual flight here, practicing before flying. manage your devices conveniently, checking your warranty and care anytime..

Requires iOS 12.0 or above

Compatible with:

iPhone 14 Pro Max、iPhone 14 Pro、iPhone 14、iPhone 13 Pro Max、iPhone 13 Pro、iPhone 13、iPhone 12 Pro Max、iPhone 12 Pro、iPhone 12、iPhone 11 Pro max、iPhone 11 Pro、iPhone 11、iPhone SE 2020、iPhone XS max、iPhone XS、iPhone XR、iPhone X、iPhone 8 Plus、iPhone 8.

Requires Android 7.0 or above

Samsung Galaxy S21,Samsung Galaxy S20,Samsung Galaxy S10+,Samsung Galaxy S10,Samsung Galaxy Note20,Samsung Galaxy Note10+ ,Samsung Galaxy Note9,HUAWEI Mate40 Pro,HUAWEI Mate30 Pro,HUAWEI P40 Pro,HUAWEI P30 Pro,HUAWEI P30,Honor 50 Pro,Mi 11,Mi 10,Mi MIX 4,Redmi Note 10,OPPO Find X3,OPPO Reno 4,vivo NEX 3,OnePlus 9 Pro,OnePlus 9,Pixel 6,Pixel 4,Pixel 3 XL

*Support for additional devices available as testing and development continues.

  • Naza-M - Release Notes 2015-07-17
  • Phantom 2 - Quick Start Guide 2015-03-20
  • Phantom FC40 - Release Notes 2015-02-03
  • Phantom FC40 - Quick Start Guide 1.26 2014-05-13
  • Phantom FC40 - User Manual 1.06 2014-03-21
  • Phantom FC40 Battery & Charger User Instruction 1.0 2013-01-08


  1. Phantom FC40

    dji phantom fc40 camera app download

  2. Phantom FC40

    dji phantom fc40 camera app download

  3. Phantom FC40

    dji phantom fc40 camera app download

  4. Phantom FC40

    dji phantom fc40 camera app download

  5. Phantom FC40

    dji phantom fc40 camera app download

  6. Phantom FC40

    dji phantom fc40 camera app download


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  1. Phantom FC40

    Apps DJI Store A Must-Have App for DJI Users. Get official products at launch, tracking your package whenever you want. Try Virtual Flight here, practicing before flying. Manage your devices conveniently, checking your warranty and Care anytime. v6.8.6 Requires iOS 12.0 or above View Supported Devices v6.8.5 Requires Android 7.0 or above

  2. ‎DJI FC40 on the App Store

    Designed for iPhone 2.6 • 31 Ratings Free iPhone Screenshots The Future of Possible -------------------------------------------- DJI is dedicated to offering everyone a flying camera platform and taking photography to new heights.

  3. fc40 camera app

    fc40 camera app sherpa May 16, 2018 sherpa Joined Sep 28, 2014 Messages 179 Reaction score 15 Age 76 Location White Lake, Mi May 16, 2018 #1 What app can I download for the fc 40 Camera? the orig. is not available. Android please Phantom FC40, cheapy gimbal, Hero 3+ Silver, 10.1 Galaxy tab 450 Alien KK2 2.1 Spektrum DX 6i La Trax Alias

  4. FC 40 Camera App

    #1 I figured I'd drop n since I couldn't find an app anywhere and the fc40 app wouldn't connect at all. The app is called "Linkineyes" and it's old as well so you'll have to download it from APKPure or whatever APK site you're comfortable with. I'm currently using it on Android 11 and it works well enough.

  5. Where can I download the FC40 camera app ? DJI website says 407

    #1 Where can I download the fc40 camera app ? DJI site says 407 forbidden. dirkclod Premium Pilot Joined May 9, 2014 Messages 15,696 Reaction score 9,704 Age 69 Location Amory Mississippi Oct 27, 2020 #2 Welcome to the forum. Hope this helps. Phantom FC40 - Phantom with its own smart FC40 camera | DJI

  6. Download Center

    Learn more about DJI products with specs, tutorial guides, and user manuals. Download the DJI GO app to capture and share beautiful content.

  7. DJI Phantom 1 & FC40 setup

    1. Download and install the any drivers (windows only, none needed for mac) and the NAZA Assistance programs from DJI install them - drivers first, then the Assistant program.

  8. DJI Phantom FC40 WiFi FPV Camera

    110 27K views 8 years ago A brief video showing how to get started with The DJI Phantom FC40 WiFi Camera and using it for FPV. The FC40 application is free to download, I got mine from...

  9. FC40 Android App

    Jan 9, 2018 #1 Just got a phantom FC40 yesterday and when I go to the play store on my note 5 it doesn't find the fc40 app. I have found a few direct links to the play store page for the app but it shows item not found in the play store.

  10. Fc40 app for iPhone

    #1 Just getting into drones. Going to travel in Rv with my wife and want to get some good shots as we travel. Bought a used phantom fc40 on Facebook marketplace. All working good as far as flying goes but camera was not included. So I went to eBay to find one. Found one I bought for 70 $. It arrives Friday.


    Download and install the DJI FC40 App on your mobile device. Approach 1 You can find the QR code on the 'Quick Start Guide' as well as on the packaging of the PHANTOM FC40. Page 23 2. Enable Wi-Fi on your mobile device. Select FC40_xxxxxx from your Wi-Fi networks. 3.

  12. Phantom FC40

    At DJI Download Center, Learn aboutPhantom FC40. At DJI Download Center, Learn aboutPhantom FC40 ... Internet Explorer is no longer supported. It is recommended to use other browsers. Continue Viewing. Camera Drones. Handheld. Specialized. Enterprise; Agriculture; DJI Automotive; Explore. ... Tello EDU APP; LightCut; DJI Virtual Flight; DJI ...

  13. PDF PHANTOM FC40 User Manual

    Please visit the DJI website, PHANTOM FC40 section to confirm if the manual is the latest one according to the manual version. If not, please download and refer to the latest manual. Note: The built-in autopilot system is NAZA-M V2; you can obtain the current NAZA-M V2 Firmware Version according

  14. dji fc40 app download

    I tried to download the program into my new Android device unsuccessfully. When I go back and try to do it again, it says "installed,. yet, It is no where to be found and is not installed at all. I am unable to do anything more because the website thinks it is already installed. How can I...

  15. Phantom FC40

    store Not available in your country/region. Shop for DJI Phantom FC40 on the official DJI Online Store. Find low prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pickup.

  16. Phantom FC40

    Shop for DJI Phantom FC40 on the official DJI Online Store. Find low prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pickup.

  17. Phantom FC40

    Shop for DJI Phantom FC40 on the official DJI Online Store. Find low prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pickup. ... Camera Drones. Handheld. Education & Industry. Services. Accessories. Official Refurbished. Refurbished Products. Buying Guides. DJI Credit. DJI Store APP /