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Welcome to the world of scary ghost tales and eerie locales. unveil the shadows of the past as you step into the realm of Pakistan’s most haunted places.

Discover the eerie legends weaved into the structure of decaying mansions, where whispers of long-forgotten secrets still linger. Are you ready to confront the mysteries that haunt these hallowed grounds?

Join us as we journey through Pakistan’s Haunted past and explore the mysteries that lurks there.

Top 8 Haunted Places in Pakistan

Below are the top 8 haunted places in Pakistan 

  • Mohatta Palace 
  • Sheikhupura Fort
  • Koh-i-chiltan Peak 
  • Chaukhandi Tombs 
  • Karsaz road 
  • Shah Allah Ditta Caves 
  • House No. 39 k 
  • Shamshan Ghat

1. Mohatta Palace, Karachi 

mohatta palace 2

Although the Mohatta Palace in Karachi, Pakistan, is mostly well-known for its historical significance as a museum and cultural institution, there are ghostly tales and claims of paranormal activity connected with the palace.

Early in the 20th century, wealthy businessman and philanthropist Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta constructed the palace. After his death, reports of his spirit residing in the palace started to spread. It was said that Mohatta had a strong bond with the palace he had created and that his ghost still linger there.

Visitors and staff have reported hearing unexplained footsteps, strange sounds, and even sightings of an apparition believed to be Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta himself.

Some have claimed to feel a presence or an eerie sensation while exploring the palace, The stories of Mohatta’s ghost and the paranormal experiences associated with the palace have contributed to its reputation as a potentially haunted location.

2. Sheikhupura Fort, sheikhupura Punjab

sheikhupura fort 2

Due to its advantageous location in Lahore, Sheikhupura Fort served as a haven for a large number of bandits from the surrounding region. However, during his invasion of Lahore in 1797, Shah Zaman, the Durrani King, cleared the structure of all robbers.

Many shadowy entities are rumored to haunt Sheikhupura Fort and lurk around each corner. Numerous residents have described weird paranormal activity and have seen strange occurrences when visiting this place.

Numerous accounts describe individuals who have reported hearing voices, crying and other unusual noises coming from the fort at night.

3. Karsaz road, Karachi 

karsaz road

Karachi Karsaz Road is well known for its paranormal activity, including its eerie figures and whispers. Locals in the region have reported strange noises and strange glowing lights that appear and disappear so quickly.

According to legend, A newlywed couple died in a car crash on karsaz road , since then many locals have reported seeing a bride dressed in red lingering around the road at night.

Many eye witnesses claim that they were chased by the bride with her running as fast as their cars. 

4. Shah Allah Ditta caves,Islamabad 

Shah Allah Ditta caves scaled

With enormous, ancient trees around them and even older caverns inside, these stunning limestone caves are more than 700 years old.

Several tourists claim hearing strange noises coming from inside the caves, and many people nearby claim to have seen some dark figures lurking around the caves at night time.

 That is why it is recommended to visit these caves during the day.

5. Chaukhandi tombs, karachi 

Chaukhandi Tombs

The Chaukhandi Tombs are a group of old cemeteries and tombs from the 15th century that are located close to Karachi, Pakistan. The beautifully carved sandstone design on these tombs, which combine Islamic and local elements, give them their particular architectural style.

Despite the historical and architectural importance of the Chaukhandi Tombs, there is convincing evidence to back up stories of hauntings or other paranormal activity at the location.

Visitors are particularly warned against entering the cemetery at night 

6. Koh-i-chiltan Peak, Balochistan 

chiltan peak

One of Balochistan’s most stunning vistas, Koh-i-Chiltan, has a dark and unsettling history. The spirits of forty newborns are rumored to roam the top. The babies were allegedly left at Koh-i-Chiltan peak because their parents couldn’t afford to raise them all.

After a few years when the parents when back they found that all the babies disappeared without a trace. Visitors have described hearing children’s cries and pleas for rescue late at night. Still, nobody has ever been discovered there.

It is said that the children still haunt the forest of Chiltan today and misguide tourists who stop by to ask them for directions. There have been numerous cases when people have not returned from the mountains of Chiltan.

7. House no. 39 k, Karachi 

house no 39 k

This house, one of the most haunted locations in Pakistan, is situated in the busy neighborhood of P.E.C.H.S. Karachi. A number of residents claim to have seen a pale woman wandering the neighborhood at night while dressed in a white dress and through the home’s windows, a candle-like, faintly illuminated light can be seen.

No one has ever lived there or been observed entering or leaving the house since it was built, the location is particularly frightening.

There are numerous rumors regarding this but nobody really knows what took on inside the walls of the house.

8. Shamshan Ghat, Hyderabad 


In the Pakistani city of Hyderabad, Shamshan Ghat or Crematory is where many believe that those who have passed away but never arrived at their final resting place.

It is a location where Hindus execute rituals related to burning and burial, and it is thought to be roughly 250 years old. This location tops the list if you really want to experience some of the spookiest paranormal phenomena.

The guard and other staff members claim to have observed young children entering the area after dusk to play and make strange noises. The kids just emerge out of nowhere and then disappear afterward; and that’s one frightening thing. 

And here’s a wrap on top 8 haunted places in Pakistan,we hope that you learn more about Pakistan’s top haunted locations and if you plan to visit these locations, be careful not to go alone because you never know what might be lurking there.

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  • , July 27, 2022

5+ Shocking Haunted Locations In Pakistan

ghost house in pakistan

Are you looking for some of the haunted locations in Pakistan? Then this article is perfect for you! Here, we will be talking about some of the scariest areas within the country while also teaching you some of the relevant Urdu words. Are you ready for a spine-chilling read? Let’s get started!

Haunted Locations In Pakistan

#1 mohatta palace.

ghost house in pakistan

The Mohatta Palace or مہتا پیلس dated back to 1927 and was built by Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta in Karachi . Shivratan Mohatta was an extremely wealthy businessman and chose to build this palace for his wife, who is said to have been the love of his life.

Why is the Mohatta Palace rumored to be one of Pakistan’s haunted locations? Rumor has it that the ghosts that make this location reportedly haunted are believed to be from the British Raj era. This beautiful location was built using colored windows, a stunning view of stone walls, magnificent arches, and more! But beauty doesn’t stop spirits.

It is said that during the palace renovation, while it was being prepped to become a museum, some bewitching things were noted by those working on the palace. Workers often complained about moving their work lights when no one was inside the haunted location.

During the late nights in the museum, people claim to see dark shadows moving around at night, hearing strange noises around them, or feeling a heavy or cold presence surrounding them. Underneath are some tunnels that are also said to be haunted. Sadly, most tunnels are not usable anymore because they are too old.

#2 Karsaz Road

Karsaz road, also located in Karachi, is famous for all its paranormal activity, such as the terrifying whispers and apparitions. Locals in the area reported hearing weird noises and seeing strange glowing lights that are so quick to vanish.

It is said that a witch-like entity haunts this area and is seen wandering around in the middle of the night. Some are also saying that many spirits here cannot find peace because of tragic accidents in the area. Some unfortunate locals have had a scary run-in with this beautiful pale woman wearing a stunning, lavish red dress. When asked if she needs help, she vanishes into thin air.

Locals say that as you drive away and look back toward where this woman was standing, you will no longer see this stunning young woman dressed in a lovely red gown. But faced with a terrifying scene of a badly disfigured woman with a distorted mouth and black holes instead of eyes. But it doesn’t end there. She will not only let out a terrible bloodcurdling scream and will chase your car at an extremely inhuman pace.

It is said to be an unknown local myth where no one knows where this pale woman wearing the red gown came from. It’s sad that no matter what was done to this woman, it was bad enough for her to be unable to find peace.

karsaz road ghost

#3 Shah Allah Ditta Caves

These beautiful limestone caves are over 700 years old and surrounded by large old trees and even older caverns inside. Sounds fantastic, right? Well, you are in for a horrific treat! The Shah Allah Ditta Caves are in Islamabad, and most people claim this location is haunted beyond belief.

Most people insist they have heard strange noises from the caves at night. Local myth says that the peculiar noises sound as if it’s people conversating with one another inside the caves when no one is in there.

Most people have also reported seeing dark figures lurking around the caverns at night or even during the day. It is said that this haunted location is best to visit during the day and in large groups, and absolutely no splitting up!

Numerous stories have been told by locals who have been brave enough to visit these caves at night alone. They have been chased out from the caverns by unseen forces, ghost sightings, dark spirits throwing stones, and more at visitors, and feeling a dark and heavy presence around them.

#4 Sheikhupura Fort

Sheikhupura Fort was home to many bandits from all over the countryside because of its strategic location in Lahore . But, back in 1797, The Durrani King, Shah Zaman, purged the building of all the robbers during his invasion of Lahore.

Sheikhupura Fort is said to be haunted by multiple dark figures that lurk around each corner. Many locals have reported strange paranormal activities and have witnessed unexplainable happenings while visiting this location. Many stories tell of people who have heard crying, voices, and other strange noises coming from the fort at night.

Haunted fort in Pakistan

#5 Koh-i-Chiltan Peak

Koh-i-Chiltan Peak is known for being the tallest peak within the Chiltan range. But even though this haunted location looks beautiful from afar, it is said to be haunted by forty dead children. The locals say that a couple who once lived there left forty babies on the Koh-i-Chiltan Peak to try to survive on their own! How insane is that?!

On Koh-i-Chiltan Peak, it is said that crying can be heard from those dead babies that are now trapped as ghosts. Stories say that the couple was poor and without a child. Because of this, it sent them on a search for healers to help them become pregnant. One of the healers they found prayed for many nights, and soon the couple had fallen pregnant, but not with just one baby, but forty babies!

Because of their financial status, they could not take care of all 40 babies properly, so the man decided to leave 39 of them on the mountain top. The story has it the mother of the children was lured to the mountain top by the wails of the 39 babies, and she went there with the 40th baby. When she saw that all the babies were alive so far, she traveled to tell the father that the children were still alive and well.

But when she left the 40th baby there to tell her husband, she returned to see that all the babies had vanished, even the 40th baby she had just left there. Forty bodies from those poor children have never been found. Would you visit Koh-i-Chiltan Peak?

#6 House No. 39 K Pechs Block 6

This haunted house is located in Karachi, Pakistan. It is said that many stories claim that this home is extremely eerie, and a lot of paranormal activity happens within this location. This is one of the most haunted houses in Pakistan.

Many ghost stories have originated from this house, but most of those are just made up for dramatics. But this house is one of the most haunted places in Karachi. This house is said to have a glowing light inside the house. Many citizens have seen it with their very own eyes. You’d think someone might be living in the house since a light seems to be on, right? Wrong. The home has been abandoned for years, and no one is living there except the ghosts of its past.

It is said that many witnesses have seen a woman with pale skin wearing a white dress walking on the side of the street and then will disappear. This is said to happen at 3:00 in the morning. No other paranormal activities have been reported yet.

haunted house in pakistan

#7 Shamshan Ghat

Shamshan Ghat is located in the Hyderabad region and is known to be one of the most haunted places in Pakistan. The Shamshan Ghat is a crematorium where many claim the spirits who reside there are dead but never moved on after death. Hindus’ burning and burial rituals are performed at this location.

This location is roughly 250 years old, and if you want to have the creepiest experience, then this place should be on the top of your list when going from city to city. You will be surrounded by the remains of the death and the spirits who can’t seem to move on.

Many guards and staff have reported seeing small children playing around and making strange noises after the sun goes down. The guards say that no one is ever seen coming through the front gate; the noises and figures of the children come out of nowhere and then vanish once they are done playing.

And there we have it! We hope you can learn more about Pakistan’s haunted locations through this post. If you like scary stuff, we highly recommend visiting some of those we have shared to get the best out of your adventure to this awesome country. And on that note, we also recommend that you learn the language of the locals so that you can understand them when they are explaining to you the history of such sites. Ready to learn Urdu? Keep reading below!

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5 Top Most Haunted Houses In Pakistan That Will Give You Chills

5 Top Most Haunted Houses In Pakistan That Will Give You Chills

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you get chills up your spine or that feeling that someone’s watching you? You shake it off as just your imagination and go on with your day, but at the back of your mind, you just can’t seem to shake the uneasy feeling. So, if you’re in the mood to be spooked up once again, take a look at this list of the top haunted houses in Pakistan . 

Most Haunted Houses In Pakistan

When it comes to haunted places, Pakistan is no different from other countries. There are numerous rumors of haunted houses, hotels, and buildings in the country and all over the internet, you will find stories of paranormal activity happening at these places. Some of them are so terrified that they might even send you back home with bumps in the middle of your head!

Pakistans Best Holiday Destinations

Let’s visit the scariest haunted houses in Pakistan without further delay!

Haunted Houses In Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad is a metropolis renowned for its picturesque scenery, lovely surroundings, and hill stations. The city is ideal for living in because of its tranquil atmosphere, and high-quality educational and medical facilities. A few of Pakistan's most terrifying spots are located in the city, though.

  • Shah Allah Ditta Caves

It may seem unbelievable, yet these caves are believed to be 700 years old. You feel uneasy because the region is filled with ancient holes and shrubs.Individuals have reported hearing sounds in the caves at night that sounded like many people conversing with one another.

The locals have reported seeing mysterious figures around the area at night. Therefore, if you are an adventurous person and want to feel the eerie atmosphere of this location, make sure to go there during the day because you never know when you might run into a ghost there.

  • Buddhist Graveyard

Another scariest haunted place in Islamabad is Buddhist Graveyard. People have reported hearing weird cries, footsteps, and whispers in the neighborhood late at night. Locals report that walking through the cemetery will leave you feeling as though you are constantly being monitored and that the whole location will give you goosebumps.

Haunted Houses In Lahore

Lahore is home to many fascinating historical landmarks, but two of them are so haunted by nocturnal paranormal activity that no one dares visit them.

  • Moti Masjid

It was constructed during the Mughal era. It was largely used by the rulers of that time as a sanctuary of worship.  However, according to locals, the Pearl Masjid is a mysterious building and many people have reported seeing ominous sights there. People also claim that if you visit the mosque after sunset, you can hear strange noises coming from inside it. Some even say they heard sounds of chains clanking against each other while others claim they saw a figure standing behind them while they were praying at night!

  • Z Block DHA

The Z block of DHA Lahore is considered one of the most haunted houses in Lahore. Not just in Lahore but it is popular among people all around Pakistan. We've heard a lot of terrifying tales about this place. There are supposedly a massive proportion of Mythical beings living in those trees, according to folklore. When the trees are destroyed to make room for new buildings, they get angry. After then, they haunt the residents until they are eager to leave the house and sell it!

  • Sheikhupura Fort

It is a historical location that features Mughal architecture. Even if it appears attractive in the daytime, it becomes more terrifying at night. The locals claim that they have frequently seen ghostly figures roaming close to the fort and uttering strange in the dark. They also say that some people have heard screaming sounds coming from inside the fort. This place is one of those haunted houses in Pakistan you should not visit alone!

Kirthar National Park Sindh  Guide    

Haunted Houses In Karachi

With several haunted houses on its soil, Karachi is, without a doubt, one of Pakistan’s most haunted cities. Imagine walking along these spooky roads at night! If you dare to visit any of these places, make sure you have someone with you for safety reasons. Here are some of Karachi’s scariest haunted houses

  • Shireen Cinema 

Located in North Karachi, it is currently entirely shuttered after both employees and patrons reported seeing paranormal activity within the theatre. Some accounts claim that they heard strange noises coming from vacant rooms and frequent conversation in the rear when no one else was present. Dark things skulk around the borders and creep in front of them. The authorities shut it down forever as a result of these instances. No matter how many times it has been refurbished, people still say they hear strange noises coming from within its walls. 

Go see it if you have the courage to! 

  • Karsaz Road

Imagine you are walking on the road alone at night and suddenly someone taps your shoulder. Nobody is there when you look back. Sounds scary? This is what happens at Karsaz Road. The myth goes that a bride and groom were traveling on Karsaz Road when they were involved in a horrific accident and perished there. Numerous times since the accident, witnesses have seen a woman in a red dress and twisted feet wandering down the street.

  • Chowkandi Graveyard on Highway

The Karachi of today is a far cry from what it was a century ago. The city has grown so much that even its graveyards are now being used for new constructions. One such graveyard is located near National Highway in Karachi and it is called Chowkandi Graveyard. It dates back to the 15th century AD, making it one of the ancient graveyards, according to some historians. 

It is said to be haunted by several spirits, including an evil woman who was buried there after her death. Strange lights have been seen emerging from graves at night, and odd noises have also been heard by people. Locals say that if you visit Chowkandi Graveyard late at night, you will hear children crying and women screaming as well as see ghosts roaming around! 

So, if you want to travel there by yourself, be careful!

Final Thoughts 

After reading all of these top 5 haunted houses in Pakistan , don’t forget to tell us which one was your favorite haunted house among all. Share with others that you know and make them aware of these haunted places in Pakistan. And also share with us if we have missed any haunted places in Pakistan on our list through the comments below.

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These Haunted Houses Across Pakistan Will Haunt Your Nightmares So RIP Sleep

It’s spooky season and haunted houses in Pakistan are back in vogue. 

It’s October and globally this month is recognized as one of the ~spookiest~ months in the calendar. The reason being that Halloween falls in this month. While Halloween is a largely Western celebration, the trend has caught on considerably in Pakistan with people throwing Halloween parties and what not.

So what better month to visit a haunted house then Halloween? The weather is nice and you can really give yourself a good scare. And in that spirit, we decided to compile a list of allegedly haunted houses in the country which you can totally visit to give yourself a good scare this spooky season!

1. The Haunted House In Soldier Bazar, Karachi

ghost house in pakistan

This house is referred to by locals as the ‘ Bhoot Bangla’  and people have allegedly heard screams and cries of people at night coming from inside the house. And apparently, some people even claim they have seen the apparition of a man on the roof who screams for help.

2. A Lone House In Nazimabad, Karachi

ghost house in pakistan

There is a house in Nazimabad which is allegedly haunted by the spirits of a couple who was brutally murdered inside of it. A lot of people living nearby claim that they regularly hear their cries even today… this gives me chills.

3. Half Constructed House, Bahria Town, Lahore

ghost house in pakistan

You only ever hear about Bahria Town when someone is talking about how glamorous it is. But apparently, there is a house in Bahria Town, Lahore which is only half constructed and haunted. The story goes that a tree on the property houses Djinns and when the tree was cut down, the Djinns, transferred themselves to the half-constructed structure and ever since no one has dared to start construction on the property again.

4. Mohatta Palace, Karachi

ghost house in pakistan

While this is definitely not a ‘house’, it was originally always intended to be one. It was built in 1927 as the summer home of a businessman from Rajasthan and now serves as a museum. And museum staff have reported eerie occurrences in the museum such as exhibits being rearranged. Sounds of people having a party have also been recorded but when the staff investigates where the sound is coming from there is nothing to be found. That’s great.

5. House 39-K In P.E.C.H.S, Karachi

ghost house in pakistan

The popular story associated with this house is that there is a faint light like that of a candle seen from outside the house yet no one lives there or is ever seen entering. Other than that, people have reported seeing a woman dressed completely in white in the middle of the night.

6. House In T-Block in DHA, Lahore

ghost house in pakistan

There are a lot of houses in Lahore’s DHA which are allegedly haunted. But one of the more popular ones is in T-block. Again, people have reported seeing a girl in white clothing walking around the property. What’s with ghosts in Pakistan wearing white all the time?

7. Haunted Hut In Hawkes Bay, Karachi

ghost house in pakistan

According to people, the hut is never rented and when it is, whoever is renting it cannot bear to stay the entire night. Legend has it that Djinns hold weddings in the hut every full moon and do not like their wedding venue to be disturbed. Yep. That’s a serious story, guys.

There are tons of haunted houses in Pakistan and this is just a small percentage of them.

Do you know any haunted places in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments.

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ghost house in pakistan

Haunted Houses of Pakistan!

Home » Lifestyle » Haunted Houses of Pakistan!

You must have come across many stories about the haunted houses in Pakistan and especially in posh localities of Lahore and Karachi but my honest opinion regarding the topic is that where there might be some genuine events, I firmly maintain that many are cropped up by people pursuing personal interests.

Here is a list of stories, which I have personally heard repeatedly from different people, and I am sure you must have heard some of them too. I would even go further enough to tell you that from which precise location the stories have originated or the events have occurred.

Sindh – Karachi – If you were to tarry along the streets of block 6 at P.E.C.H.S, you will see a light glowing around house No. 39-K. where it might simply mean that someone is living there most people insist seeing a pale woman wearing a white dress, walking along the street and disappearing about 03:00 in the morning. While it may mean the end of her night shift at the Scare Corporation Ltd, most people maintain that the lady had been kidnapped, raped, murdered and buried there.

Sindh – Karachi – Liari – People claim that they have seen a ghost of a man badly wounded and bleeding from head to toe who vanishes if approached. The sight seems quite horrific while it is a matter of fact that in Karachi if a man is badly beaten and he is bleeding profusely, he would definitely flee in fear that his attackers have returned with a “BORI” trimmed in his size.

Punjab – Lahore – Z Block DHA– People claim that there is a big haunted house in DHA Phase 3 sector Z, which has been subjected to several exorcisms but the ghosts refuse to leave despite the owner’s attempt. It is believed that this is why the price of that property is considerably low. Whatever the people might say, I firmly maintain the belief that some ghosts were looking for some cheap plots in DHA and when they failed to find one (thanks to the property prices there) they simply haunted that house and started living there. That is the truth, if you are willing to believe!

So, these are some of the stories people told me and since I haven’t inspected these house personally, my conclusions about them might annoy some of you. If you have any stories to share kindly do so in the comments section below. I would love to lend your story an ear!

Who will believe such stories?

Once in was passing my brothers room and it saw a girl sitting on his bed in was like RUN RUN and it ran it saw me then disappeared

Well… nice bongi…. how can a normal person write such stories? You are not a normal … :))

i dont think these type of stories are true. i dont believe them cause i have never saw such a thing and i dont think i will…..


These stories are obviously false cause I’ve never been through something like this in my life…………………. I’ll start to believe them when I see something like this with my own eyes…..

Ayesha u really wana c

And just because YOU havent been through such a story they are fake?

i’ll visit these places when i get buffed!!!!

Yesterday, 4th August 4, 2014 at 1:00 am I was dead sleepy and due to eating a lot last night I was having a disturb stomach. Suddenly my eyes open and went straight to the clock that was ticking at 3:00 am tick tock tick tock and my sleep just went away, so, I decided to make green tea and went to kitchen I put the cattle at the stove and came back in my room (note: our kitchen is completely covered and there is no way any cat or even a rat can come) after a while when I went back in the kitchen I found the cattle upside down the stove, I was a little bit surprised as if what had happened here. Anyways I ignored! Many incidents happened that gave me goose bumps. It’s almost a month ago when me and my husband went to safari park (as we did not knew how it looks from inside because we never went there before) so we decided to have some fresh air at the park. As soon as we entered the park my husband felt uncomfortable that place is quite dark, have long and big bushes and looks haunted at first look mostly in night. He said that, he thinks that this place is not good for families. But I kept on insisting him that at least we should once see it from inside. It was around 8.00 pm when we entered the cafeteria of safari park and ordered some drinks. Then we moved to have a slow walk and started exploring the park, at the side way of road inside safari park and felt strange about the things we saw there.. and decided to leave that place asap .. when we were walking out of the park a small man dressed in black clothes and had quite dark complexion came and stand in front of us and my husband just looked at him and he was hell silent I asked my husband to leave but he was standing still as if he has seen something very weird. I then grabbed my husband hand he was very cold and as soon as I looked in front of us the man disappear and had no sign that where he had gone.

If ths story is true n u know any kind of place which is haunted pls contact on my i.d at f.b or email me [email protected] As i m working for a drama baSeD on true haunteD places ..facebook i.d Farhan Khalid

آپ کونسے شہر کے سفاری پارک میں گءے تھے؟ مطلب لاہور یا کراچی؟

Some people might think that i might be bluffing,but its true.Its a story of my uncle’s house.It is located in Abbottabad in Jinnahbad.There are different stories about that house.That house is quit large.It has 6 rooms 1 kitchen n dring room.When i usually visit my uncle i chose to sleep in dring room with my cousin.One night we were talking in a middle of a night we heard a sound from a roof as if someone is walking.These type of inccidentes usually happen.

Well these are not stories but real incidents cuz i live in dha k block n z block not far frm here,nd i have heard of such house in z block(not sure this one),but u know these “unwanted guests” do exist as mentioned in quran.By the way i went to a junior school in z block when i was a kid.

I can solve these problems like a Hunting houses. So if u Wana clean your home in cheap rate and cash after work tell me. 03009421992 this my number if any one have this problem tell me.

I am an atheist. and during last 7 years I have been looking for any reality in any haunted incident. this is just plain blind faith and stupidity. name one, just one paranormal incident. there is none, otherwise i would have known. the ghosts, rooh, churail, Jinn, bhoot, etc etc. they all vanished right when video cameras and science entered in our lives. just 30 years back. there were sworn statements about bhoot, and paranormal activities in every village, every town, every city, hell…. every family. now. they just vanished. I have been to Koh-i-Chiltan peak baluchistan, Mohatta Palace in Karachi, and a very old and famous mosque occupied by jinns in azaad Kashmir. these are most famous and prominent haunted places in Pakistan. with some story and history behind them. Koh-i-Chiltan peak Baluchistan and Mohatta Palace in Karachi were declared haunted during British rule. I can tell you with surety , all false stories. I have also visited Lambi dehar mines and Bhangarh fort India. both officially declared haunted places. i have been to Lipe island in Thailand twice, Baron palace and valley of the kings in Egypt. there are many other local places I visited and some of them I even revisited and stayed late night. nothing…. nothing in reality. there are many famous places left in my list in different countries which i will try to visit soon one by one.

any one who can tell me about some authentic place, please mail me at [email protected] . only serious places with some history. others are just plain lies and stories.

and in the end.. very sad an d shame on those stupids, who always claim “ke hum aap ko reality mein dikhatay hain, aur jab pohancho aur kuch naa nikalay, toh phir unki routine bahaanay aur excuses. stop lying…

No Offense Sheharyar,

But I have a place in Abbottabad . It’s my khala’s house. It’s story is like this:

A man named as Khalil Rehman (as the locals say it) built that house in Lala Rukh colony. He made sure that the house would be built perfectly. And the proof of his perfection can be seen on the balcony on the 2nd floor , every brick has his name carved on it. He admired the house when it got built and told his wife to shift from their old house to this new house. And they did. So the twist in the story comes here. The day they moved in Lala Rukh Colony Supply, Abbottabad in their newly built house their youngest son who was maybe 23 year old (who was getting married) was seen dead the next morning in the tub next to the bedroom on the second floor (THE HAUNTED ROOM). The owner Khalil Rehman got really freaked out so they moved back to where they came from and sold this house to a man willing to change the house into a hostel. So that house stayed a girls hostel for some time and the girls there experienced paranormal activities. And the house got sold once more. Every person who bought that house after did last there for maybe 3-4 months. The house was sold to atleast 9 people after different sessions. Then after some years my khala bought that house and started living there. It was nice in the start but weird stuff started happening after a while. And they saw things I’ve never heard of, never seen. It was the cursed bedroom with an attached bathroom (where the boy had died). That was my khala’s room and it was creepy. The others werent that haunted. People living near that house even heard noises of dogs inside the house and even saw wailing women dressed in rags dragging their selves from the street. My cousin even saw that thing and even recorded her wails. They were horrifying. Dont ask . There are so many incidents i cant explain. Check that place

Hi every one! My name is Zainab sadeghi, I’ve been living in Pakistan,Karachi since approximately 3.5 years but originally from Iran,Karaj.. i can only understand and speak English and Farsi (no urdu).. I really need help plz, Is there a ghost in my house? please dont waste my time telling me there are no such thing as ghosts, kay? This happened to me twice, I was sitting in my room watching tv and out of nowhere a strong smell of cologne went past my face After that I no longer smelled it. I was like what the hell? because my dad wasn’t even home, he was in Iran and no one wears cologne in my house plus even if they did I wouldn’t smell it in my room and have it go past my face and not smell it after 2 seconds. Like I said, this happened to me twice. But the second time it was a different smell, but I can’t remember what smell it was, lol sorry. And I told my tutor this and she said “Well did someone die in your house and I said, Idk then she said well, it’s seems like theres a spirit in your house watching over you and if you didn’t feel threatened thats good. Is that true? Why would they be watching over me? if they are, then great 🙂 And then my mom was in her bathroom and it was at night and she saw a head floating in the bathroom and she said it kept getting lower and lower to the ground then it disappeared but then she said “You can stay here, just please dont bother me” so she never seen it again. And one night my friend was spending the night and I told she can sleep in my moms room and so she goes in and lays down then she ran to my room and starts banging on my door and she tells me she saw something floating near the window in front of my moms shower and she freaked out. And when I used to go in my moms bathroom a lot I always got this creepy feeling everytime I walked in. But now I understand theres honestly nothing to be scared about and they lived here first so theres really nothing I can do plus were moving soon anyway lol. I live in Gulshan e iqbal block 7, opposite side of KFC…But this house was built in 2005 or 2006 so it’s pretty new so its odd, but anyway, what do you think? Do you think is anything in my house? plzz u may add me on yahoo ( but only serious helper)

yes dear ZAINAB SADEGHI, there is something in home but it is not very clear that whether is it good or evil. As floating of head is not good thing it’s straight ahead evil but the smell or fragrance which you smelt, if it is very soothing and beautiful then it’s good thing other wise bad smell refers to evil thing. Always make routine to read AYAT UL KURSI everytime and be sure that you are in a WUZUU whole day.

Bismillah Hirrahman-Ir-Raheem Sirf or sirf Qurani Ayat ki Madat sa, Shirk sa pak Ilaj.. shettani jinnat se jang, Bgair Taweez.. ALLAH ki madad k sath InshAllah 7 din ka andar kamiyabe hamesha ke (Har woh mushkil jo aap ko pareshan kare) (Ghar me asar) (Bacho ya barro par jadu ka asar) (Jinhe aadha sar ka dard ho aur ghutnoon mai takleef ho) Jo doctor se na hal ho woh hazrat ruju karein InshALLAH khatma hojaiga hr preshani ka

If anybody is experiences such things can contact me for solution … I am spiritual Healer. We provide services to clear such places….

yes in my opinion there is something in the house which shows it appearence to the new person in house once and after that thing was recognized it stops this again for that particular person.i myself had some experiences of paranormal activities at my home.while my mother she is of the view that the smell of anything come when something is passing from your vacanity like any of spirit of other thing its no dangerous.

this all is fake i’ve visited kohi chiltan it is one of the haunted places as all of ur opinions……nothing happend there it dosen’t seems to be happend….and even wikipedia has also said that this place is haunted it’s such a rubbish….!!

I don’t know about the above mentioned stories but my own house is haunted. I have 2 portions in home, one is bit more haunted than the one where we live, its not haunted in a sense like ghosts of horror movies but it surely is, as they have given evidences of their presence and we have seen them sometimes and have smelled their cooking parties. 🙂 There is a family, living with us in a peaceful manner.

hey, I do feel like there’s something in your home like those, who are staying with me 😀 In my sight, they won’t harm you but they will make you feel that they are alongside you, time to time. You just don’t need to be afraid and just tell them like your mom did, that you don’t have any sort of grudge on them, you won’t curse them so they should not harm you. 🙂 Regards.

yeah, Off course i believe that there is supernatural powers exist on earth. Some one believe or not. I believe hundred %.

I believe all it is true JINN capture’s and possess houses,i love to help and vacate that house in defense,i am offering to work together it will take me to vacate the house in two to three days,i am willing to go for more houses and plazas and big buildings,and i will do it with all assurity and guarantee,,,,,,, I am doing this since five years,but mostly abroad,now i am in Pakistan to find and help,,,,, it could be worth if we become partners in evacuating such houses and buildings worth big value,,,,,,try me my cell,,, 03335203675, afternoon call,,,,,,,,and skype. hamed.iqbal4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my face book page visit and find why i am offering,,,, Good day and regards

Hamed iqbal

such story hai gyz main yahan job karta hun..

aap kahan job karte hein? aur kia wo haunted hai?

can any i tell me the axact adress of this location

hey guys i am sharing information about one of haunted places of lahore. there are many havelis in lahore which are possessed by supernatural things. Haveli Mehnder singh (also called Nau Nihal Singh Haveli) was built in early november 1840 (mid 19 century) in lahore in tha mughal era. there are many paranomal activities reported in this haveli. i also have been there but only once because this place is really haunted by a bride who do makeup in one of the room in haveli but she does not let anyone sleep in that room. she irritates everyone who try to sleep in that room. In this haveli, there is also a garden in which a snake lives on banana tree. we heard the stories that snake transforms into human being after 100 years or a human being transforms into snake after 100 years. i considered thi thing everytime fake but now i believe a little about this 100 years story because that snake of haveli was looking like human bing first nd then it transforms into snake nd hide in the tree but i did not see it in human form after once. you can visit this haveli which is located near moori gali bazaar lahore, Gov victoria girls high school is also there near haveli which is also a haunted place but only its basement is haunted so it is closed due to this. whoever will visit plzz reply the activities u seen or performed in this comment. thnks 🙂

Both my houses in Gulberg 2 and Gulberg 3 are haunted. We see shadows passing by us all the time. They are sometimes white and other times black. You will see things moving when they pass by. Lights and fans get turned on and off by themselves. Doors getting banged with great force. Human like tall figures standing by the bedside when you wake up, specially around 3-4am. When you look at them, they disappear in the wall. You can smell a beautiful fragrance at times. Things keep falling off without any earthquake or wind. Pets keep dying. Most of my pets seem to be staring at the same place where I would have earlier spotted a shadow. We get nightmares every night and we are unable to sell the house or even get married. Quran the divine book which explained all phenomenons of life mentions Jinns living with us and like us, some are good and bad. Our Gulberg 3 house had kafir Jinns as they would throw Quranic verses on the floor and break them. The only way we were able to control them was reciting Surah Baqrah. That helped us get rid of them for a day or two. I have lived in 20 houses besides hundreds of hotels. Only these 2 houses had a very strong presence. I felt being touched by a very strong wind few times when there was no wind nor anyone in the room. I find it hilarious when people cant believe this reality that is explained in Quran. Such houses are the worst mistakes of your life. We bought the Gulberg 3 house at 1/2 the market price and later when we asked the owner about the Jinns, she said that was the reason why she sold it at a loss. Depression, sins like lust, agony, disputes, gluttony increase to an alarming point. Always stay away from such houses. A home is a happy place where you find peace not terror and imprisionment.

Comments are closed.

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Popular Haunted Places and Horror Stories in Pakistan

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Blogs Highlight:

Haunted Places in Karachi Haunted Places in Lahore Haunted Places in Islamabad Haunted Places in Balochistan Saif-ul-Malook in Pakistan

Looking for a place that can give you some heebie-jeebies? Well, there are countless horror stories in Pakistan coupled with historical aspects, frightening experiences, and suspected supernatural appearances.

Disclaimer: Some of these stories are extremely terrifying not for the faint of heart. So, read at your own risk. 

Haunted Places in Karachi with Famous Horror Stories

Chowkandi Graveyard famous for tourism but haunted at night

Karachi is a city with lights on the street, but it does get scary at night. 

That said, here are some haunted places in Karachi with famous horror stories and that you should [or should not] visit: 

Mohatta Palace

The palace was built by Rajasthani businessmen back in 1927. It was a summer house for his family and after the partition, the Pakistani Government took control of the palace. 

Now, it is an art museum for the public .

Although there are no legends attached to the Palace, there are incidents in this palace filled with horror stories – where visitors, including the staff and gatekeeper, have witnessed moving objects and heard conversations inside the palace’s rooms when no one was there. Legend has it, some objects in the museum change their position before dawn.

Karsaz Road

Cemeteries are creepy, but who would have imagined an entire road being haunted by a witch. The famous ‘Karsaz Witch’ is not unknown to Karachittes. 

According to the story, a newlywed couple was driving on Karsaz Road and they faced a terrible accident and died on the spot. Ever since the accident, there are countless events where people have witnessed a woman in a red dress with twisted feet walking aimlessly on the road.

The Karsaz Witch tries to approach people whose vehicle would unexpectedly stop in the middle of the night. She has also been captured in CCTV footage.

Chowkandi Graveyard at Highway

It goes without saying that the ancient Chowkandi Graveyard –  located near the National Highway in Karachi – makes a famous horror story in Pakistan. According to some researchers, it is the oldest cemeteries, dating back to the 15 century AD. The graveyard is included in a historical site. But, no one dares to visit them after sunset.

As a whole, it is a beautiful place for attracting tourists. University students visit these graveyards in the morning or noon.

Those who have explored the graveyard at night encountered strange activities. The locals would hear voices coming out from the graveyard at 03:00 AM and shadowy creatures creeping within these graveyards.

Shireen Cinema 

Situated in North Karachi and now it is completely closed as the staff and visitors witnessed supernatural activities inside the cinema.

According to some sources, they heard weird noises in empty rooms and constant talking of people in the back row when no one was there. Dark things walk in front of them and creep around the walls. Such incidents led the Government to shut it down permanently.

Haunted Places in Lahore with Famous horror Stories

Abandoned Historical site in Lahore

Lahore is the Old City with many interesting historical sites, but there are two historical places where no one dares to go near them due to paranormal activities occurring at night.

Moti Masjid

The masjid was constructed during the Mughal period. It primarily served as a worship place for the emperors of the said period. Designed to look like a pearl, the mosque is deemed as ‘Pearl Masjid’ or ‘Moti Masjid’. However, witnesses stated that it is a haunted masjid and many have seen dark images inside the Pearl Masjid. 

For now, it is closed, but some say they have seen a lot of people worshipping inside the masjid. It’s not confirmed who these people are, either they are jinns, who are residing near the area.

Sheikhupura Fort

This Fort depicts Mughal architecture and is displayed as a historical site for tourists. Even though it looks beautiful in the morning, it gets scarier at night. The Fort is abandoned and closed for the public. According to the locals, shadowy images walking nearby the fort and making absurd voices in the dark have been observed on several occasions. 

Famous Haunted Places in Islamabad 

Islamabad- Beautiful city with horror stories

The capital is known for its magnificent landscape and hilltops. It is one of the beautiful capitals in the world. Yet, there are haunted places within the city. Below are the names.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves

If you live in Islamabad, you know very well about these caves that are centuries old along with older trees. These caves are haunted, and those who go near them, feel an uncanny presence and sometimes they see moving shadows near the old trees. Not to mention the presence of apparitions. 

Our first and foremost advice to the visitors is DON’T visit. But, if you really want to, visit these during bright morning or noon. 

This lake is situated at Shakarparian, Islamabad. The horror story about this lake is when various murders took place and dead bodies were found near the lake; which made the area popular and haunted. For this reason, it is completely abandoned and warning signs are placed along the way to warn people about this lake.

Buddhist Graveyard 

The graveyard is situated near Sector F7 in Islamabad, it is famous for paranormal activities. The gatekeeper says that he witnessed footsteps at night when no one was there and heard cries and laughter from the graveyard. 

Those who cross the graveyard have felt a supernatural presence like someone is staring at them or following them. It is one of the scariest graveyards in Islamabad; best not to go near it. 

Haunted Hills in Balochistan

Haunted Caves in Balochistan

Traveling to hilly areas can be adventurous but not all of them are for exploring. Here are two places in Balochistan that will give you goosebumps if you ever visit them alone at night.

Gondrani Caves City

It is a place for tourism and a famous picnic spot in Balochistan where you can see lakes nearby the caves. But those who visited the area experienced apparitions living inside these caves, and locals believe that these caves are dangerous. If you want to visit these caves, make sure you travel during sunlight and with a group to avoid mishaps.

Koh-i-Chiltan Peak

This place is haunted by 40 children, who were possessed by evil spirits – they haunt the area and lure tourists astray, even make weird voices to scare the locals. There are some cases that visitors lost their way and were never found. To ensure your safety, always take a tour guide, so that you do not run into these children.

Saif-ul-Malook in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Beautiful Jheel Saif ul Malook

Pakistan’s Northern areas have remarkable scenery and best for tourism. People can enjoy their summer vacation in the chilly weather of Naran and Kaghan. 

Usually, visitors go to Jheel Saif ul Malook for exploring the lake and taking pictures. But there are multiple accounts, who viewed the Jheel as haunted. In the dark, many have seen shadowy images walking on the streets, and heard cries at night. Friendly advice, you should visit them in the morning or noon. Avoid trips at night because the roads to jheel become deadly.

So this was our post on Famous Haunted places in Pakistan. Hope you enjoyed it. JagahOnline thinks better for people and we have provided you information regarding these places. Feel free to ask any questions, and don’t forget to like our Facebook Page.

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A musicophile and bibliophile, LM is also a history buff who spends most of her time playing with cats, working out, and enjoying good food.

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10 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan – Do You Dare to Visit?

Haunted Places in Pakistan

When it comes to ghosts, spirits, and other supernatural stuff, different cultures and religions have different beliefs and traditions. In Pakistan, a vast majority of the population believes in ghosts and supernatural phenomenon. However, it is very rare that someone has seen a ghost or has experienced some supernatural phenomenon in their lives. Some people who have had supernatural experiences have often had them at some specific places. Usually, it is thought that ghosts like to reside in abunduned and old building or some far flung isolated natural places. In Pakistan, there are many places that are thought to be haunted. Many people have reported experiencing some sort of supernatural activity in these places. Whether these accounts of supernatural experiences are true or not, one thing is for sure, visiting these places at night can give anyone shivers. And visiting these places alone is not for the faint of heart.

We have compiled a list of top 10 most haunted places in Pakistan. These places are often described as haunted and have various stories attached to them. Do you dare to visit these haunted places? Here, take a look at them.

10 – Dalmia Road – Karachi

9 – Banjosa Lake – Azad Kashmir

8 – Lake Saif-ul-Malook – Kaghan Valley

7 – Shireen Cinema – Karachi

6 – The Shaikhupura Fort – Shaikhupra

5 – Shamshan Ghat – Hyderabad

4 – Underground Chambers of Lahore Fort – Lahore

3 – Makli Graveyard – Makli near Thatha

2 – Mohatta Palace – Karachi

1 – Koh-i-Chiltan Peak – Balochistan

What do you guys think about these 10 most haunted places in Pakistan? Do you think these places are really haunted? Or there are only false stories made about them? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Unveiling the Supernatural: The 10 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan

John William

Pakistan, a property rich in history, society, and mystique, is actually certainly not unsusceptible the super ordinary. From old fortress to deserted residences, the country accommodates stories of supernatural encounters and eerie incidents. In this particular exploration of the paranormal, our team introduces the 10 very most haunted places in Pakistan, where free throw line between the residing and also the stagnant blurs.

Mohatta Palace, Karachi:

Mohatta Royal residence, an architectural marvel in Karachi, possesses a pessimism that transcends its royal facade. Constructed in the very early 20th century, the palace is actually pointed out to be possessed due to the ghost of its initial proprietor, Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta. Witnesses declare to have actually heard unexplainable footsteps and also viewed shadowy figures roaming by means of its ornate passages, leaving behind site visitors chilled to the bone.

ghost house in pakistan

Shalimar Gardens, Lahore:

While Shalimar Gardens in Lahore are commemorated for their breathtaking elegance, they also cover a supernatural visibility. Legend possesses it that the spirit of a Mughal princess or queen walks the garden, weeping for her shed passion. The haunting setting increases after dark, as scary audios and unfathomable shadows add an unsettling size to this calm area.

Mohri Bibi Holy Place, Rawalpindi:

Centered within the old metropolitan area of Rawalpindi lies Mohri Bibi Holy place, a site along with a relaxing track record. Locals believe that the spirit of a female, Mohri Bibi, safeguards the temple, and those who disrespect the holiness of the spot skin mythological impacts. Visitors state listening to unexplainable murmurs and also experiencing a transcendent existence that sends out shivers down their backs.

PAF Museum, Karachi:

The Pakistan Aviation Service Gallery, committed to maintaining the nation’s air travel past history, keeps greater than only aircraft. Guests and also workers have actually stated inexplicable discoveries and also ghostly situations within the gallery properties. Some connect these occurrences to the characters of flies. That shed their lifestyles operational, lingering in the halls where their accounts are actually showcased.

Frere Hall, Karachi:

Frere Lobby, an architectural jewel in Karachi, stands witness to the passage of your time and occasions. That have actually molded the metropolitan area. Having said that, the splendour of this colonial-era building is actually accompanied by stories of superordinary meets. Site visitors have actually disclosed macabre phantoms and also strange sounds, advising that the supernatural beings of recent may still remain within the stunning corridors of Frere Lobby.

Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur:

Noor Mahal, a palace in Bahawalpur constructed in the overdue 19th century, projects opulence as well as splendour. Having said that, it is actually rumored to become haunted by the ghost of a girl that fulfilled a heartbreaking edge. Attendees as well as team have actually stated witnessing her apparition, incorporating a ghostly factor to the palace’s historical appeal.

Noor Mahal: The Stunning Palace of Lights in Bahawalpur | Zameen Blog

The Ghost Station, Lahore:

Deep within the center of Lahore exists an abandoned train station with a haunting credibility and reputation. Known as the ‘Ghost Station,’ this eerie area is said to become often visited by supernatural entities. Witnesses assert to have heard phantom learn noises and also seen ghostly plan the deserted platforms, making an atmosphere of spine-chilling puzzle.

Lahore Fort:

The Lahore Fortress, a UNESCO Globe Ancestry Web site, flaunts a rich background and also magnificent architecture. Nonetheless, its stunning wall structures conceal stories of the paranormal. The fortress is mentioned to become possessed by the feelings of soldiers that perished in struggles combated on its own grounds. Visitors declare to have actually faced shadowy figures as well as heard the remote echoes of ghostly fights, adding a creepy level to the historic importance of the website

Churel of Kalar Kahar:

The calm yards of Kalar Kahar hide a dark key– the legend of the Churel. This cruel women character is actually said to wander the region, specifically around the salt mines, finding revenge for oppressions done to her in life. Natives share chilling stories of rendezvous along with the Churel, a story that incorporates a factor of fear to the attractive settings.

Rawalpindi’s Haunted House:

In the heart of Rawalpindi, a left home stands up as a noiseless witness to the mythological. This mysterious home is actually felt to be spooked by the phantoms of its past inhabitants. Witnesses define hearing mystifying sounds and also witnessing supernatural phantoms, making it a place that sends shivers down the spinal columns of even the best suspicious visitors.


Reportedly haunted locations in Pakistan’s wealthy tapestry of history. And also society are actually interwoven along with tales of the super ordinary. From early palaces to left homes. The country accommodates secrets that remain to manipulation. And also terrify those that provoke to check out. Whether originated in folklore or even skilled firsthand. The haunted places of Pakistan beckon the interested. Inviting them to explore the shadows where free throw line between the living. As well as the numb tarnishes in to a world of suspenseful anxiety.

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John William

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ghost house in pakistan

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ghost house in pakistan

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6 haunted places in lahore that would test your bravery.

Haunted places in Lahore

These haunted places in Lahore will seriously test your bravery. If you have any interest in the occult, go through this list of the most haunted places in Lahore!

1. Sheikhupura Fort

The fort was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The Emperor assigned the job of constructing the Fort to Sikandar Moeen on his hunting trip to Hiran Minar in 1607AD.

This fort also emerged during the consolidation of Sikh Raj in Punjab. According to Ihsan H. Nadiem, a veteran archaeologist and historian, before the Sikhs took over power, Sheikhupura Fort served as a hiding place for bandits looting the countryside. 

Haunted places in Lahore

The fort is, however, at the precipice of crumbling and collapsing. It is now littered with vandalism and garbage, not being preserved any longer and closed for public. It is said no one wants to go there because the spirits of the Maharanis still live there.

2. Shakuntala’s Room, Lahore College Women’s University

There is a legend that during the time of the British Raj, a Hindu woman named Shakuntala hung herself from a tree branch. This tree was erect where LCWU stands today, and there is a room exactly where the tree was. The British cut the tree and covered the roots with concrete, but within a week, the tree was grown again.

People say that Shakuntala’s spirit haunts that room of LCWU, and it never is occupied.

Haunted places in Lahore

3. DHA Phase 3

DHA phase 3 was barren and empty for a long time before it started filling up with houses. People have spread stories about there being a vast number of Jinns residing there in the trees. When the trees are cut for the houses to be built, they get upset. They then haunt the people living inside to the extent that they become willing to sell the house and shift!

4. Gulberg Area Lahore

At a home in Gulberg, witnesses have often reported that a man in white clothes (apparently cricket gear) appears from time to time. He disappears when approached, but has never been known to cause harm. His silhouette has been seen by many over the years.

5. The Basement of Fatima Memorial College 

The basement of the building itself used to be a prison for women before partition. Several women and children have died there. Legend has it that their voices can be heard at night, they can often be seen too, and many things are rearranged repeatedly. All avoid the basement.

6. Moti Masjid, Lahore

This masjid used to be for the kings and emperors during the Mughal Era. The mosque got this name because of its pearl structure. It is believed that the mosque has a large community of Jinnat who reside inside. These jinns are also said to be married to many humans with whom they have off-spring as well.

Haunted places in Lahore

The mosque is closed for the public, yet people say they often see multitudes of people praying inside. Who could they be?

Stay tuned to Brandsynario for the latest news and updates. 

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ghost house in pakistan

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ghost house in pakistan

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ghost house in pakistan

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Top 7 Haunted Places in Pakistan

A haunted story.

Your neighbours next door have finally shut down the racket they were making. Their baby’s crying has died down into peaceful snores and everything is calm and cosy. You are walking down the street in a place so sound and still at night, you can practically hear the leaves rustling with the wind, the quiet cat walking in the shadows somewhere nearby, the new moon shining dimly, shedding its feeble light onto the pavement in front of you. You are surrounded by nothing but thick trees, darkness, peace and sheer silence. In this beautiful lullaby of light sounds, there is a new addition now: two footsteps behind you. Someone might be going home late from work just as you.  You smile and look behind in order to initiate a conversation and perhaps make a friend on this lonely road, but you see no one in the still dark night.

You continue walking, thinking it might be your mind playing tricks, when you hear a child laugh in the bushes near you. Your heart begins to pace and your footsteps begin to race as you feel something sinister in the air. You turn a corner and there, right in front of your own eyes, clear as a day, is a woman wearing nothing but a white nightgown, her face obscured by her unruly dark hair, underneath the sheath of which you can only see her visibly red hungry eyes that could only mean death.

Why Are So Many Places in Pakistan Haunted?

You will be amazed to hear that incidents just as spooky as this excerpt are as real as life in some of the major cities of Pakistan , that otherwise depict such a serene view in the daylight. Contrary to other countries which have a list of rich activities going on late in the night such as clubbing and partying, us Pakistanis have a habit of sleeping quite early, as there is little or none night life in Pakistan, specifically in the Capital territory, Islamabad.

Many Pakistanis believe so and have narrated their skin crawling tales of haunted places in Pakistan, the most common of which are below:

Buddhist Graveyard Sector F-7

There’s nothing spookier than a graveyard that is ancient with a lot of history for paranormal activities. The Buddhist Graveyard in F7 Sector of Islamabad is one of those graveyards, the supernatural tales of haunted places in Pakistan, which have travelled far and beyond though word of mouth.

buddhist graveyard, haunted places

Many people claim to hear strange voice, mainly a woman’s wails and the sounds of footsteps belonging to an invisible being, possibly Jinns. Those who have walked pass the graveyard say that there is a constant feeling of being watched by someone in the dark. Even the local guards steer clear of it and when mentioned, they visibly shiver.

Spooky, right?

Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Famous for being over 700 years old, Shah Allah Ditta Caves are as spooky as they are aesthetic for their historic beauty. The whole place is surrounded by thick old trees, the branches of which spread wide, and old caves, which are so ancient that they are close to falling down.

shah allah ditta caves, haunted places in Pakistan

The whole place is enough to give anyone creeps, but to top it off, there are numerous stories about people having heard voices and whispers in the dark. The people who reside in this area also claim to have witnessed dark shadows in the vicinity and advise tourists to come here only during the day and that too, with company.

Karsaz Bride

The road of Karsaz in Karachi might not be as famous if it were not for the story of a bride that many people have repeatedly reported. Word on the street is that many people who take this route have often seen a woman dressed up as a bride walking alone on the road and seems to disappear after a few minutes.

karsaz bride, haunted places in pakistan

These unexpected sightings of a bride late at night are enough to send shivers down the spine of a lone traveller and have it included in the list of haunted places in Pakistan.

Bhuddist Graveyard

A crematory whose history dates back to 250 years old called Buddhist Graveyard is located in the Hyderabad region and one of the spookiest haunted places in Pakistan. Previously, it was a place of performing burial rituals for the Buddist and hence, people say that the spirits of those who were cremated here lurk at this place at night.

haunted places in Islamabad, islamabad updates

Many people who live in the vicinity claim to have seen small children come and play in this place at night and disappear before sunrise. Their voices and laughter echo in the whole area and are blood-curdling enough to make you lose your calm.

Chowkandi Graveyard

Dating back to almost 600 years, the Chowkandi Graveyard is situated on the National Highway in Karachi and is notorious for being extremely haunted. This could be because of the great practices of performing Black magic using a goat’s head in this particular graveyard that it now serves as a habitat for many spirits.

chowkandi graveyard, qabristan

People dare not visit it after sunset as there are many claims of apparitions and ghost sightings in the graveyard. Many locales have reported paranormal activities occurring in this area which is why there hangs a sense of fear in the air surrounding this place.


Located in the district Quetta of Balochistan , among the mighty Sulaiman Mountains is Koh-I-Chiltan which, when roughly translated from the local language means ‘forty bodies’. There is a deadly myth that circulates around this particular peak that will make you shiver.

kohi cholistan, spooky places

The legend says that the area is surrounded by fairies and the spirits of forty babies who were suspected to have dies on this mountain peak. People report feeling strange things in this place, likely to be caused by the spirits of those babies.

House No 39K, Block 6 PECHS Karachi

Many people believe that the house no 39K in block 6 of PECHS is extremely haunted as there have been many sightings of a woman wearing a white dress walking at night inside the house.

haunted places, karachi haunted, spooky

When investigated, it was found that this particular woman was abused, murdered and buried brutally here in this same house which is why her spirit won’t leave the house alone. Passers-by have often heard a crying sound coming from within the walls and these wails are gut-wrenching to hear. The house in question has never been sold because nobody dares to buy it with that kind of reputation.

I bet you did not know of so many haunted places in Pakistan that could make the hair on your neck stand! But now that you do, it is always wise to stay away from trouble and if, like some, you are a daredevil, PLEASE do not visit these places alone. However, if just reading about these places does not give you a good dose of adrenaline, then I suggest you hear the song “Fear Of the Dark” by Iron Maiden, after which, I sincerely hope you can sleep well tonight.

The Quill Magazine

7 Haunted Places in Lahore – Would you dare to visit?

' src=

Lahore, the capital city of the Pakistani province of Punjab, is a city with a rich and storied history. Located on the banks of the Ravi River, Lahore has been a center of culture and commerce for centuries, and it is home to many historic and fascinating places. Here are seven haunted places in Lahore that are worth visiting for those who are interested in the supernatural and the paranormal:

The Lahore Fort

The Lahore Fort, also known as the Shahi Qila , is a historic fort that was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar in the 16th century. The fort is said to be haunted by the ghost of the Mughal emperor Jahangir, who was imprisoned in the fort by his own son. Visitors to the fort have reported seeing a ghostly figure wandering the halls and chambers of the fort.

The Lahore Museum

The Lahore Museum is a famous museum that was established in 1865 and is home to a vast collection of artifacts and artworks from the Mughal, Sikh, and British periods. The museum is said to be haunted by the ghost of a British soldier who was killed during the 1857 rebellion. Visitors have reported seeing the ghost of the soldier wandering the museum’s halls and galleries.

The Ravi Road Cemetery

The Ravi Road Cemetery is a historic cemetery that was established in the 19th century and is the final resting place of many famous and influential figures from Lahore’s past. The cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of a British soldier who was killed during World War I. Visitors have reported seeing the ghost of the soldier walking among the graves at night.

Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court is a historic building that was built in the 19th century and is the seat of the Lahore High Court. The court is said to be one of the haunted places in lahore, haunted by the ghost of a judge who was killed in a bombing attack in the 1990s. Visitors to the court have reported seeing the ghost of the judge wandering the halls and chambers of the building.

The Lahore Zoo is a popular attraction in Lahore and is home to a wide variety of animals from all over the world. The zoo is said to be haunted by the ghost of a British soldier who was killed during the 1857 rebellion. Visitors have reported seeing the ghost of the soldier wandering the zoo’s grounds and animal enclosures at night.

The Bhati Gate

The Bhati Gate is a historic gate that was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. The gate is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Mughal princess who was imprisoned in the gate by her own father. Visitors to the gate have reported seeing the ghost of the princess wandering the streets and alleys near the gate.

The Wazir Khan Mosque

The Wazir Khan Mosque is a historic mosque that was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. The mosque is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Mughal princess who was killed by her own father. Visitors to the mosque have reported seeing the ghost of the princess wandering the mosque’s courtyards and prayer halls.

You might also like to explore Best Places to Visit in Pakistan .

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10 of the Most Haunted or Mysterious Places of Pakistan

ghost house in pakistan

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Pakistan has many awe-inspiring mysterious or haunted places waiting to be discovered and explored. From fierce fairies, restless spirits to haunted graveyards. There are several destinations in Pakistan that have an air of mystery about them.

If you are into mysteries and myths, you will get a kick out of these bone-chilling, but terrifyingly beautiful places. Take a look!



The name of the mountain Chiltan or Chehel-Tan actually means ‘forty bodies’, it has been derived Persian/Balochi. The story related to the mountain is about a couple that lived many years ago in the vicinity of the mountain. It is said that the couple had married, and were not blessed with an offspring for many years after their marriage. As time passed the couple grew desperate for a child and started resorting to methods other than natural.

This peak is said to be haunted by not one, but forty ghosts. The spirits of the forty babies, who were placed on the summit of the mountain, disappeared the following morning and were never to be seen again.

Makli Graveyard:


The World’s Largest Cemetery, unlike any other grave yard, it’s is on the Hill a kilo meter next to Thatta city province Sindh of Pakistan and it is 90km from Karachi on the Route ( N5, National Highway Authority ) Makli Grave yard in Radius cover over 8 KM having over 125,000 graves. You can drive your vehicle inside, because there are paths and even proper roads since ancient time, tombs and monuments even have the doors and not just this, some are double story as well. At first anyone can not able to understand that is it a grave yard or a city. because roads made up of bricks and monuments like houses are certainly not someone expects from cemetery. There is a history of it and all the sufi saints, rulers, warriors, women, children and God knows who else. Makli became an unsolved myth. Makli graveyard have millions of stories inside.

Shehr-e-Roghan, Bela, Balochistan:


This marvelous ancient cave city is spread over an area of 2-3 KM. The fantastic cave houses made of rocks is perhaps the largest collection of such individual style. And amazingly these thousands of cave houses are multi storey which are inter connected with each other through walkways. Mostly every cave house consists of a single room and some of them have a veranda in front of them. Many myths are attributed to this mysterious place. Some locals believe Shehr-e-Roghan to be the city of ghosts. Some people also link this place with the thousands years old legend of Saiful Malook and Badiul Jamal.

Mohatta Palace:


Mohatta Palace is located in Clifton Karachi, considered the most beautiful and ancient architecture that attracts tourists and local residents. Other than its beautiful exterior and interior, Mohatta Palace is said to be a haunted place for many years, people who take care of the palace have observed some unseen helping hands for maintaining the palace. The picture frames, the flower pots, the sofas and chairs are placed properly all by itself not by the workers but some other unseen force. Apart from tales of the palace being haunted, the secret passage leading out of the building is the most popular of all.

Mohenjo Daro:


The Indus Valley civilization was entirely unknown until 1921, when excavations in what would become Pakistan revealed the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro.

This mysterious culture emerged nearly 4,500 years ago and thrived for a thousand years, profiting from the highly fertile lands of the Indus River floodplain and trade with the civilizations of nearby Mesopotamia.

Mohenjo Daro is like a treasure on the land of Pakistan. The houses, streets, pools etc. all are the part of the Mohenjo Daro treasure. The original name of this historical land is unknown whereas Mohenjo Daro is used as a new name to represent this place. Mohenjo Daro means Mound of the Dead. This site is similar with the Harappan civilization up to some extent, because the signs of Urban Revolutions are also founded in Mohenjo Daro. Mohenjodaro is located near Karachi.

Mohenjo Daro is the wonder in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. This site has an important place in the eyes of archeologists, because it reveals the secrets of past Indus civilization. The place was developed probably between 1900 and 2600 BCE and was one of the largest city of old Indus civilization. With the passage of time many of the discoveries have been made in Mohenjo Daro. There are no proper information regarding the name of this place but it simply called Mount of Dead. According to the researchers Mohenjo Daro was the most developed and advance city of its times, which can be easily seen through the design discoveries of the area. Mohenjo Daro discoveries were made in different time. Most recent ware made in 1964-1965. The findings include the Gold, Silver and jasper ornaments, toys of the children’s, art figures & tools used in different purposes etc. There are two of most important and interesting things found in the streets of Mohenjo Daro. A statue of dancing girl and statue of Priest king, which reflecting the beauty of Mohenjo Daro in form of a living place of multi religion people in the past. This place of Mohenjo Daro importantly talks about not only the history of architecture in mankind but also create a sense for the ancient people likings, way of livings, preferences, religious influences and many other factors which all together build up a society.

Kalabagh Dam:


The Dam is a place to avoid during the night. The locals of the area have spotted a woman lurking around the dam. If seen, be careful not to gaze at her too for long otherwise she may attack. Here a lady who is very fat and with a small length. Her hair are too long. She attacks if gazed by someone.



In Pashtun folktales, Koh-e-Sulaiman, the highest summit of the Takht-i-Sulaiman, is said to be associated with Prophet Solomon. Ibn-e-Batuta, a Muslim historian and traveller, claimed that Prophet Solomon was the first person ever to reach the peak of the mountain. Not only that, Prophet Noah and his followers supposedly settled there after the flood.

Chaukhandi Tombs:


Chaukhandi Tombs is an ancient Islamic graveyard located approximately 29 km east of Karachi. The centuries-old cemetery is now abandoned and contain graves of kings and queens. The word is – when the sun goes down, the graves begin to burn up and turn scalding hot. This is accompanied by ghostly apparitions and screams of the restless spirits.

Peer Chattal Noorani Gandhawa:


Located in Jhal Magsi, Balochistan, Peer Chattal Noorani Gandhawa is a breathtaking oasis with a terrible secret. It is flourishing with two feet long fish that can cause a humiliating and painful death to those who cause them harm. Would you dare to take a swim?

Lake Saif-ul-Muluk:


Centuries ago, Prince of Persia and the Fairy Princess of the lake fell in love. Unfortunately, the Fairy Princess was betrothed to the Demon. When the Demon heard the news, he murdered the lovers. To this day, the mountain fairies visit the lake to mourn the tragic demise of the lovers.

Near the Lake is a cave, where mobile phones and torches fail to work. The answer to this dilemma remains a mystery, but it’s most probably due to supernatural interference.

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ghost house in pakistan

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The Haunted House of Hill Park

Owais Mughal

One fateful evening in 1981 , we reached Hill Park around dusk time. At the entrance of the haunted house, we saw a 6-feet-tall, 3-feet-wide, and 2-feet-deep human being who was issuing entry tickets. He had six inch long moustaches and with a sinking sun in the background, his silhoutted image appeared like a complete ‘bhoot’ (ghost) in itself.

My situation was such that I was shivering with anticipation of an impending horror. He then told us to enter the haunted house one by one but only after we start hearing some scary music. All of us solemnly moved our heads in affirmative.

A dark night, fear of unknown and a giant ghost-cum-human were looking scary all right. The eerie set up had already starting to freak us out a bit. After giving us instructions, Mr. bhoot suddenly disappeared behind some curtains made out of torn ‘bori’ (jute bag.)We then heard a distinct click of a cassette player button and the place started rocking in a blast of theme music. The supposedly horror music was not scary at all. It was more like a sea storm making a land fall like:

khooo khooo shooo shiaaoooN shapar chiaaoN and repeat.

As soon as we got the queue of scary music, we entered the horror house. We were walking very cautiously and in a line according to Mr. bhoot instructions. Suddenly from left side something came flying in the air and hit one of my friends right on his face. It was a human arm, torn apart from the shoulder blade and soaked in blood. All of us shrieked in horror, but my friend who got hit was so scared that he grabbed onto this flying object as a reflex action and didn’t let go of it. While we were still checking on to what had just hit us, Mr. bhoot suddenly appeared from the darkness and in ultraviolet lit room, showing his large purple teeth he ordered us:

“ choRo bhuee choRo ! haath ko jaane do! ” (Let go off the hand guys!)

That torn-apart human arm was actually made of cotton soaked in red color . It was made to slide across the room by pulling on a string. That string was pulled by none other than our Mr. bhoot himself from some hidden corner. The timing of rope pulling was so perfect that the arm had hit my friend right on his cheek. Mr. bhoot must have perfected this art over time. After my friend let go of the arm, Mr. bhoot disappeared in the darkness with as much swiftness as with which he had appeared.

We cautiously moved further. Wooden planks that made the passage were creaking under our feet. There were some gaps or holes in wooden planks where our feet were getting stucked.

We were too scared to look down while walking incase some other flying object decided to come our way. We saw some fake human skulls, bones and a few fake dead bodies lying around. The dead bodies had colorful zero-watt bulbs glowing under them, so instead of looking horrifying they actually looked hilarious in the colors of green, red, blue and yellow.

One dead body was however, wrapped in a white sheet (kafan) and was moving slowly from lying-down position to sitting-up position, on the beat of the same old stormy music.

Shoo (lie-down), khoo (sit-up), shiaooN (lie-down) chiaooN (sit up again) and so on.

Since there was no Zero-watt bulb glowing under this dead body and the approximate dead area of this body was 36 cubic feet , we guessed it must be the same Mr. bhoot pulling yet another stunt on us. So we acted cool and didn’t give him any reaction. The anti-climax of that moving arm scene earlier had removed all fear from us and we knew if any thing moved, it was probably Mr. bhoot himself. The bhoot guy probably gave up on trying to scare us any further as very soon the ‘cyclone’ music stopped and it was the queue for us to get out.

The management of this haunted house was probably very poor because the same guy who had issued us entrance tickets, operated the music player, pulled the string to hurl the arm across visitors and then wore a white sheet to become a dead body.

The total time we spent inside haunted house was probably 5 minutes but that fun memory has lasted with me fore more than 25 years now and I recall every detail as if it happened just yesterday.

35 responses to “The Haunted House of Hill Park”

Seriously its seem most horrible haunted house in Karachi Pakistan as well but the thing is why people not insured in facility to their city for develop new haunted house rental for more fun.

We are the first formal Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Scientific Investigation organisation in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad. We are giving our services for free to any body who really is experiencing any paranormal or ghost/ spirit activity in his/her premises.

Please email me ur stories or haunted places in pakistan.

Nice post Owais…

It seems Karachi, and the whole of Pakistan for that matter, has now turned into a Bhoot Bangla….with “Mr. Bhoots” appearing at every nook and corner scaring people out of their breaths and ‘droning’ them out of their lives.

Let us pray the dreadful Bhoot Bangla goes back to its original location and these ‘Bhoots’ leave Karachi and our beloved Pakistan alone.


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ghost house in pakistan


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ghost house in pakistan

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Stories At My Grandmothers House by yzuu444

This story is told from my maternal grandmother's experience. This is a true story. My grandmother was in her house which was close to Vehari. This took place when my mother was a young child. So my nano (grandmother) was in her room and she called her maid, let's call her Fatima, my nano called he...

Experiences At My Aunt's House by 00786

These experiences which I'm going to share today date back to 2010 or 2011 when I would be 4/5 years old. It was the weekend so my mother took us to our aunt's house. We decided to stay at her house that night as none of us had school the next day. My uncle and aunt used to rent a house which w...

Clap?! by 00786

To start the story let me first explain the layout of my house where this experience took place. When you climb up the stairs for the 1st floor on the right you see three rooms (I was the middle one when this happened), my sister was in a room on my left and my mother, brother, uncle and cousin were...

Night Horror by 00786

Assalam o alaikum (may peace be upon you) Before starting the story let me excuse for any grammatical errors as English is not my native language. A little background: My family and I live in a house that belonged to my grandfather but before that it belonged to his grandfather so it's an ...

The Demon That Followed Me by Malik96

A little background, I am from Pakistan and due to various encounters I am a firm believer of the paranormal though not really afraid of it. This story is around 3 years old, I was 18 at that time, so I am pretty sure none of it is a figment of my imagination. I was visiting my Cousin's house ...

The Strange Lady Sitting On The Window Sill by Khan_M

Assalamoalikum and greetings everyone. I have been a reader of YGS for years and don't have any paranormal experiences of my own. The incident I'm about to narrate was told to me by my wife and which happened to my mother-in-law. A bit of a background about our family. I and my wife are both medic...

The Voice Changer by Nashra_Pervez

First thing's first, I would like to give a little personal background about myself. I'm a 15 year old girl, Muslim and a Pakistani. This is a real life experience that happened to me. It was night time, the time for me to go to bed. After brushing my hair and giving my reflection a last look, I...

The Horrifying Anklet Lady by Tiger-Tia

this is my first time here writing about my experience. As I am a constant reader over here, and love reading other people's stories, I thought I should share some of mine as well. For now, I'm going to share my first ever paranormal experience. It's dramatic but it's 100% true. Stay tuned for more ...

Scary Ghost Call by Zarfishan

I am a university student. I usually travel through the local bus. One evening I missed my bus due to my project work and I decided to call my brother so he could pick me up from my university. When I tried to call him I realized that I had no credit to make that call. I borrowed the smartphone of m...

The Terrifying Shriek by Mmj

I have never seen a ghost or witnessed a supernatural event but the horrifying shriek I heard at the cemetery was enough to shake me to my core. This incident happened in 2015 in Lahore, Pakistan. It was a pleasant summer night and I was hanging out with a friend from my alma mater. During that time...

The Mystery Of The Pencil Game by abansar

I'm a high school student from Pakistan. The last month or so the attendance level in my class has been really low. On normal days, we barely have 15 students in the class and that means a lot of free time. 3 days ago, 21st January, it was raining heavily in Lahore, the city I live in. A hail stor...

Moving Skull In Our Backyard by Hamza_arshad

I belong to a small village in the north-eastern area of Pakistan, adjacent to Indian border. Before Partition of Subcontinent, many Hindus used to live in our area. They continued to live side by side with Muslims for centuries without any strife. But after Partition, Hindu families opted to migrat...

Seeing Ghost At Night by Nes

When I experienced this, that time I was around 11 or 12 years old. I used to sleep in my parents room. My single bed used to be placed in the corner of the room while parents' bed was in the centre. There was a window beside my bed. And most of the time my father would wake up at night and check...

Tree At Farmhouse by munejabilal

This is my first experience on this website. I made new account to publish this experience on the advice of my best friend. It all started 2 years ago, when my school planed a picnic on a farmhouse. This farmhouse is school's own farmhouse on which the school plans picnic every year. Everything ...

Haunted Dark Place by Beatrice_Jones

It all started when me and my best friend went to a trip of one week to a place which was extremely beautiful but we didn't know that it was haunted unless we experienced it. We were staying in some sort of village or something, cause the view was amazing. I had brought my pet dog Rex with me. There...

Odd Noises And Things by mazahir_winchester

My name's Mazahir and it's my first experience on this website. Some of you already know who I am. What I am about to share is about some odd things in our home. I'm going to make it short. Whenever I'm home alone or it's late at night and I'm still up, I hear the odd voices of a cabinet opening...

My Friends And I Saw A Black Figure by Demonis_angel197

I'm Sara and for a couple of years now, I've been experiencing some rather strange stuff with my friends. So that I get as much help as I can, I'll start from the very beginning. Well, starting from fourth grade, we were introduced to spirit boards. We found it really intriguing and wanted to tr...

The Other Family by ZameerNaqvi

The stories which I am going to share are linked with my own house. My house is partitioned into two portions, and both the portions have different sort of stories related to them. Let's just start with different sort of activities which we have experienced, happening in our home. 1: We have been...

Voices Of Girl by momin3

This story contains some creepy things that I experienced. The first experience occurred in my study room. If you read my previous stories I have mentioned that I heard whispers in my study room. But this time it was completely different. I was sitting in my study, I was alone in the room an...

Whispers And Banging by momin3

This is my second story on this website. In this story I will tell you two weird things that I experienced a few weeks ago. So my first experience is, I was sitting in my study room where I had my computer. So I was just sitting there alone and playing games on my computer. The room was very sile...

Ghost Or Imagination? by momin3

About a few years ago when I was 10 years old or maybe 11 we used to live in a house which had two bedrooms in. That house was haunted we would usually hear footsteps there and see shadows. So my first experience was when I was 10 years old I was playing alone with my toys I felt that there was s...

The Room On The Left by anonymoushorror

My house is divided into two portions. The upper portion is always empty since my grandmother used to live there but now she doesn't, she lives somewhere else so it's always closed. The lower portion is where I live with my family. Now the upper portion is further divided into a little apartment...

The Cow Faced Demon by Maji

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I read a lot of stories here so I felt like sharing mine too. When I was younger we lived in Pakistan. It's awful, I know, but my parents loved it there. I remember I was 10 years old when I first saw that thing. It was a warm and beautiful day. My cousin visited my pl...

Strange Appearance by bushrakh88

It\'s my first time writing my story on a website and gathered up the courage after discovering this website and reading all stories after weeks. I really like reading ghost stories and watching horror movies and never had a scary experience however I had a very strange happening in my aunty\' s hou...

Never Use An Ouija Board by girleye888

In started when I got my Ouija board and I never read the 'rules'. My friends were too scared so I did it alone. I talked to two people that day by myself. One was a little boy named Tim who was disowned by his parents and died in the forest. The other presence was much darker and for two questi...

Something Black And A Bride by pearlangel

This is my first story on this site. I am happy to share me experience. Guys I need your help. I am living in an apartment. I am always thinking that some one is watching me. Yesterday, I thought that some one is standing above me. I can feel heavy breathing. I can hear tick-tick sound like a watch....

I Know Something's There by anonymoushorror

First of all this is my first story on this site! Oh and I'm a Muslim as well. It was around 3 in the morning. I was half asleep when I heard weeping, I saw my sister on the other side of the bed pointing towards my side of the bed. I asked what was wrong. She cried that there was someone standin...

Night Study Turned Into A Nightmare by engr_sarim10

I am Sarim from the city of Karachi. This incident took place during my last semester of engineering (BS) in the month of November 2011, now I have passed out. Our semester exams were to start in a week, and we had this course Industrial Control Electronics which I found a bit difficult to unders...

What Was That Thing? by khizar

My name is Khizar. I am new to this site. I have read a lot of stories on this site and now I am sharing my experience. Please sorry about my English. It is my second language. This story is about when I was 5 years old. I went to my cousin house. His house is in a village and in vacations I go t...

Who Took My Charger? by Amie_16

Yesterday when I came home after dinner and long drive with my family, I was the first one to enter the home my mum dad and brother sat on the chairs in the porch while I went inside to drink water as I was so thirsty after a heavy meal. I went inside, my phone gave a 'beep', I had a text. I was jus...

Provoking Them Made Her Learn The Lesson by Amie_16

I'm new here on YGS and I've been reading a lot of stories here so I think it's time to share mine. I've been interested in the paranormal since I was little. I've been hearing stories from my grandmum (mama) my mother and most of her relatives. My mum told me that my great grandmum's both houses (o...

The Shrieky Voice by MrMojoRisin93

This is a story that was told to me by my father when I was about 5 years old. I still remember it probably because of it's eerie context and the imagination I perceived at that age which I can still picture effulgently. In Pakistan, it's almost like a tradition for older people to pass down horror ...

Haunted House In Which I Am Living by Talha

A part in the discussion I want to tell everyone that the inn which I am living is haunted. My family bought the house on urgent basis on cheap prices. It was good and fine for our family but in 2008 when we shifted to our new house I used to sleep alone in my room without any lights, only street li...

Suffocated Into Consciousness by Meme199

I have recently moved to Canada from my home country Pakistan. A few years ago in my parents house something out of the ordinary and rather scary for me happened to me. I did believe in ghosts and I always acknowledged the fact they exist among us but had never experienced anything until that night....

Dreadful Summer Nights by azhar

It is the same Karachi bungalow I had described already in "Childish Pranks." Like most homes in this part of the world, it got a 'drawing room', that is a room for receiving 'formal' guests. Hence, this room is used only rarely. It is quite large, fully carpeted, with one door leading into the gard...

Childish Pranks By Our Invisible Tenants by azhar

Since 1995, I live with my husband and my in-laws in a rather large bungalow in Karachi. The building is not very well maintained, and the number of visible inhabitants (my mother-in-law, father-in-law, husband, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their two kids) does not justify its size. The b...

My Visit To My Cousin In Gujranwala by danawal

I should start my story by telling a little about myself. I live in Lahore and I visit my cousin on every summer vacation who lived in another city called Gujranwala. My cousin's name is Ayzaz and we both were best cousins. He is 6 months smaller than me. It was almost 5:00 pm when it was cool e...

A Visiting Shadow by ghostboy3131

When I was about 9 (I am 14 now), I used to play by myself alone. Both my parents had jobs so I would be left with a baby sitter. She used to tell me spooky stories that got me goosebumps. But one night while I was alone in my room I saw this shadow, it wasn't mine for sure. But I ignored it. B...

Djinns At Home by Hamza212

guess I should start with a little bit about myself. I'm 16 now and I live in Canada and I'm Muslim. I was 14 when this happened. My family and I were visiting our relatives in Pakistan, Islamabad, 2 years ago. My uncle's house, from my mom's side, is right beside my aunt's house, to the right of i...

Feelings Of Being Watched by asad123

You should read my last story so this story will be kind of interesting to read. From the beginning of my life I always, especially when I am alone, have feelings of being watched all along. From all the way to my home country to the place where I live now. But always I also have a feeling of being ...

Sleep Paralysis & Something Happening With My Sister by asad123

This takes place in Faisalabad, The third largest city of Pakistan. We are a family of five and we used to sleep together. Its midnight, all of us are in deep sleep. My sister used to sleep with her female friend (we called her friend to our home). They two are sleeping on the same bed, when sud...

Strange Woman In My Window by tia

I live in Lahore, with my family in our grandfather house. We were shifted here in 2003, after the death of my Father. This house is built before partition and was owned by the Hindu family, who left this house in 1947 and was allotted to my grandfather. Coming back to the story, the first night we ...

My Neighbour's Grandpa by IamWAHID

This is the story of my neighbour's grandpa in Pakistan. I am from Pakistan and I know that at least 1 out of 2 people will have a personal ghost story (even I do, but I will post them later). So our "ghost" in this story is a beheaded character. My neighbour told me that near his grandpa's house, t...

The Bride by AngelEyes

It was a week ago that my uncle came to my place. We were having a discussion on things that people think are not real when the talk led to ghosts. My uncle have had many experiences with them. I guess this one is worth telling: My uncle and his friends were going for a drive about ten years ago ...

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The Pavilion: The Pakistani cricket show that charmed Indians in 2023

  • Published 31 December 2023

Misbah-ul-Haq, Shoaib Malik, Wasim Akram, host Fakhr-e-Alam and Moin Khan make up The Pavilion's World Cup edition

India and Pakistan have long shared hostile relations which often impact cultural exchanges between the neighbouring countries. But a Pakistani cricket show aired during the 2023 World Cup managed to overcome these differences.

This was evident at the end of every match in the World Cup - held in October and November - when thousands of Indians flocked to YouTube to watch The Pavilion.

The show, launched in 2021, usually runs only during major cricket tournaments and features a stellar line-up of former Pakistan players. Its World Cup edition, which ended a day after the final between India and Australia, featured celebrated cricketers Wasim Akram, Moin Khan, Shoaib Malik and Misbah-ul-Haq.

Watching the show - with its well-articulated analysis interspersed with compelling anecdotes and good-natured ribbing - almost felt like spending time with a group of friends talking about cricket around a table.

And that's what The Pavilion was always meant to be, says Salman Iqbal - the owner of ARY media group, the production company which runs the show.

"We focused on keeping it conversational and light-hearted, and rely on experts to give their cricketing opinion but try not to overcomplicate anything," said Mr Iqbal.

"You wouldn't see negativity and toxicity in the show."

The Pavilion

But the show's huge popularity in India still took him and others by surprise.

Several Indian cricketers, including former captains Kapil Dev and Sourav Ganguly, have appreciated its format. Indian journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, a fan of the sport, called it "arguably the best cricket show on the World Cup" because it had "no jingoism, no noise, just solid analysis and truth-telling by former players".

Many have compared The Pavilion's success with that of Coke Studio - a long-running Pakistani music programme that also has thousands of Indian admirers.

Akram - a legendary Pakistani fast bowler - told the BBC that The Pavilion was enjoyable for everyone because it was "just an honest show".

"We just played ourselves. A bit of fun, banter, jokes, stories and, of course, most importantly the cricket," he said.

The show defeating hate between India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan share an intense cricket rivalry, and both countries have been known to come to a standstill when their teams lock horns on the field.

But political tensions have meant that cricket often takes a back seat. The two teams haven't toured each other or played a bilateral series in several years.

This year, it was initially unclear if Pakistan team would even travel to India for the World Cup. They eventually did.

A Pakistani flag and an Indian flag in the crowd during the cricket World Cup

Abhishek Mukherjee - head of content at the reputed cricket media house Wisden India - says it's difficult to explain India-Pakistan tensions to outsiders but adds that the love for The Pavilion is a testament to people in both countries who maintain a deep fondness for each other's culture.

During the World Cup, clips from the show were widely shared on social media in India, especially the ones in which the panellists praised Rohit Sharma's team.

One of the most popular episodes had Akram defending Indian bowlers after some in Pakistan accused them of cheating at the World Cup. "I want to have the same thing these guys are having," Akram said in reference to the critics, adding he would request them not to "open us to ridicule from the world".

Wasim Akram

Mr Mukherjee says the show didn't attempt to malign any country, which was refreshing to watch.

"When they talked about Indian cricket, there was never any effort to bring down India," he said. "They were just discussing another team that was playing well.

Besides, the analysis on the show was "top notch", he added.

Other factors also helped the show become popular in India despite not being broadcast on a TV channel in the country.

The panellists spoke in English, Urdu and Punjabi - languages that many Indians also understand. The former players who appeared on The Pavilion were popular in India and their presence evoked a sense of nostalgia.

  • The undying charm of an India-Pakistan cricket match

"I grew up in the 2000s. The players in the show - Misbah-ul-Haq, Wasim Akram, Moin Khan - were people I grew up fearing and respecting as an Indian fan," says Amrit Patnaik, who lives in India's Orissa state. "It was really nice to see the same players say such amazing things about India."

Mr Mukherjee says the show also filled a vacuum as there was no other comparable cricket show on Indian TV during the World Cup, despite the country hosting the tournament.

Coverage on Star Sports - the official broadcaster of the tournament - was very "India centric", he said.

Many Indians have appreciated The Pavilion's coverage

The Pavilion is only the latest in a long line of cultural and sporting products that have been celebrated on both sides of the border.

Pakistanis have grown up on Bollywood films, while soap operas from that country are widely watched in India. Though both governments have restricted cultural exports in recent years, artistes from the countries have often collaborated on various projects.

  • India-Pakistan cricketers' friendships off the field

The appreciation extends to cricket as well. Akram and former team-mate Shoaib Akhtar have appeared on Indian talk shows, while another Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi, once said he got more love in India than at home.

It might be a cliché to say that sport has the ability to unite people. But in India and Pakistan, that still rings true, says Mr Iqbal.

"And for a Pakistani cricketing show to get this kind of appreciation in India is a great indicator of how cricket holds this immeasurable power to bring people together," he said.

BBC News India is now on YouTube. Click here to subscribe and watch our documentaries, explainers and features.

Presentational grey line

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  • The year India reached the Moon - and aimed for the Sun
  • The iconic magazine which 'invented' the Indian teenager
  • Woman paraded naked: A familiar headline in India
  • How AI may affect India's vast film industry
  • Domestic abuse claims threaten Indian tycoon's fortune

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