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Winchester Mystery House

The scariest haunted houses in the US to give you the creeps

Get ready for ghost stories and ghoul sightings at these super-scary haunted houses in the U.S.

Lights flickering, floorboards  creaking , doors slamming shut, shadowy figures passing by—are all eerie and inexplicable occurrences people have claimed to witness within historic homes over the years. In these abodes, they believe spirits, ghosts or supernatural entities still linger within the walls.

The idea of a haunted house spans cultures and centuries. In the tapestry of American folklore, certain homes have become famous for the tales of the restless spirits within their walls, and each has a spine-chilling story to tell.

From the LaLaurie House in  New Orleans , where real-life socialite and serial killer enslaved people, to the Joshua Ward House in   Salem , MA, where a prominent figure in the Salem Witch Trials resided, to many spooky homes in between, America's most infamous haunted houses continue to intrigue and attract visitors. If you're looking for more spooky properties, try an overnight stay in a  haunted Airbnb  or  haunted hotel .

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Most haunted houses in the U.S.

LaLaurie House | New Orleans, LA

1.  LaLaurie House | New Orleans, LA

American Horror Story: Coven reignited interest in this famous French Quarter haunt. In the series, Kathy Bates plays Madame Delphine LaLaurie, a real-life socialite and serial killer who orchestrated a torture chamber for enslaved people at the Royal Street mansion in the early 1830s (before responders to a fire uncovered her dark secret). LaLaurie's victims are said to haunt the property to this day—from the street, pedestrians have heard shouts, moans, and weeping, while some even claim to have seen ghostly faces in the upstairs windows. Even still, the house's ghastly history hasn't stopped wealthy buyers. Before losing the home to foreclosure in 2009, actor Nicolas Cage owned it, and today, a wealthy oil tycoon is said to hold the deed.

The Castle | Beaufort, SC

2.  The Castle | Beaufort, SC

Beaufort's most recognizable antebellum mansion is also one of South Carolina's most haunted. Though construction began in the 1850s, the house was only partially finished when it was commandeered in 1861 as a Civil War military hospital. An outbuilding behind the house served as the hospital's morgue, and bodies are rumored to be interred on the home's extensive grounds. After the house finished construction following the war's end, supernatural sightings began; among the spirits occupying the property is Gauche, a French dwarf jester who came to the area in the 16th century. In the past, he reportedly joined a young girl who lived in the home for tea parties and wandered the grounds in full sight of gardeners and visitors. The castle is privately owned but occasionally opens for tours and events if you want to see it for yourself.

Lizzie Borden House | Fall River, MA

3.  Lizzie Borden House | Fall River, MA

Some say a ghostly face appears in the cellar over the sink where bloody clothing may have been washed right after the 1892 hatchet murders of Andrew and Abby Borden. The possible perp? Andrew's daughter, Lizzie, who was acquitted at the trial of the century, perhaps by the jury's error. She, Andrew and her stepmother Abby are said to linger in the house, along with children who roll marbles on the attic floor, victims of a drowning by their mother in the basement well next door. Aim for the anniversary reenactments every August if you’re dying to see the Lizzie Borden House.

4.  House of Death | New York, NY

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Paranormal Punchers (@paranormalpunchers)

The city that never sleeps is probably just too afraid to close its eyes—the House of Death, a famous brownstone off Fifth Avenue, is reportedly terrorized by a whopping 22 ghosts. Are any of them paying rent? Unlikely. In any case, the most famous ghoul among them is none other than Mark Twain, who lived here 1900-1901, while the most heartbreaking is the ghost of a six-year-old girl who was beaten to death in 1987 by her father, criminal prosecutor Joel Steinberg. In addition to sightings of Twain and the young girl, residents claim to have seen visions of a lady in white and a gray cat.

Molly Brown House | Denver, CO

5.  Molly Brown House | Denver, CO

Margaret Brown championed workers' rights, fought for suffrage and won the French Legion of Honor award for her help in France during WWI. But she is best remembered for surviving the Titanic's sinking, dubbed posthumously the "Unsinkable Molly Brown." It's said that she (along with her husband and mother) still haunts her prized Victorian home, now a museum. Visitors say they’ve seen apparitions in the dining room, smelled mysterious pipe smoke from Margaret's husband, and noticed rearranged furniture and unscrewed lightbulbs. (How many ghosts does it take to...?)

The Sallie House | Atchison, KS

6.  The Sallie House | Atchison, KS

At one of the most haunted houses in America, the bad energy allegedly stems from a botched appendectomy—the six-year-old girl who haunts the house died during a desperate procedure without anesthesia at the turn of the century. In the 1990s, a family who lived in the Sallie House documented their experience on the TV show Sightings , which spoke of flying objects, frequent apparitions, and a mix of scratching, gouging, and shoving (all mainly directed at the male owner). The home is now vacant, but a popular pick for paranormal researchers, and even regular folks can book the house to stay the night for about $100 per person.

Bell Witch Farm | Adams, TN

7.  Bell Witch Farm | Adams, TN

It's the age-old tale of neighbors at war: Kate Batts believed her neighbor, John Bell, cheated her out of some land. Lying on her deathbed in the early 19th century, she swore she would haunt him forever. The result was mayhem for the Bell family, who said they experienced physical attacks and heard chains dragged across floors and noises in the walls. They even saw odd-looking animals on their farm, like a dog with a rabbit's head. You can now tour the Bell Witch Cave and the replica of John Bell's log cabin from May through October. 

8.  Snedeker House | Southington, CT

When the Snedeker family lived here in the 1980s, the drama they experienced in this haunted house (and former funeral home) was so crazy that it inspired a popular horror flick called The Haunting in Connecticut . During a two-year span, the Snedeker parents claimed to have been physically assaulted and sodomized by demonic spirits and said a creepy man with long black hair often visited their son Philip.

Lemp Mansion | St. Louis, MO

9.  Lemp Mansion | St. Louis, MO

All the beer in the world won't lead to happiness. So is the case with the Lemp family, purveyors of Lemp Brewing Company, a stalwart in St. Louis before Prohibition hit. Four family members killed themselves between 1904 and 1949, three inside the 33-room Victorian mansion where they allegedly still reside and haunt guests. It has since been turned into a restaurant and inn where you can explore the Gothic arched underground tunnels and even partake in a ghost tour—just go a little easy on the beer during your stay, okay?

10.  Joshua Ward House | Salem, MA

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kelsey O'Brien (@timerunsthruourveins)

This brick mansion, built in 1784 for prominent merchant Joshua Ward, sits where High Sheriff George Corwin (a significant figure in the Salem Witch Trials) once lived. Corwin was the man who used his cane to poke back in the tongue of a dying Giles Corey, one of the 'witches' executed by piling stones upon his body. Three ghosts are now associated with the house: Giles Corey himself, "the strangler" who chokes visitors and "the witch," who was famously captured in all her disheveled glory by a realtor taking photos at a Christmas party at the property. Is it Photoshop, or is it Poltergeist? We’ll let you decide.

Winchester Mystery House | San Jose, CA

11.  Winchester Mystery House | San Jose, CA

Sarah Winchester's husband developed the "gun that won the West," a decision that would come back to haunt her: literally. After losing her husband and young daughter, the widow consulted a spiritualist who alleged the family was haunted by Native Americans, Civil War soldiers, and others killed by her husband’s famous Winchester rifle. She was recommended to use her $20 million inheritance to build a home to appease the spirits. What began as an eight-room farmhouse was added onto for 26 years between 1886 and 1922, becoming a 160-room mansion with 2,000 doors, all to confuse pursuing spirits. If you take a tour, bring your compass.

Ferry Plantation | Virginia Beach, VA

12.  Ferry Plantation | Virginia Beach, VA

Built on Native American hunting grounds, this home's got a raft of ghosts, from passengers of a shipwrecked ferry to a boy who fell from a window. Docents have watched the ghost of an enslaved man walk across the room and tend a long-boarded-up fireplace. Another paranormal presence is Grace Sherwood, accused of witchcraft in the 1700s and found guilty by 'ducking' (a process in which she was bound and dropped in deep water; drowning would mean she was innocent). Thankfully, after seven years in prison, she was released, and in 2006 she was officially exonerated. Book a $20 tour or stay overnight.

13.  Farnsworth House Inn | Gettysburg, PA

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Elyse Schroeder (@schretography)

The waiters at this inn won't be the only ones dressed up in Civil War-era clothes—keep an eye out for long-dead Confederate soldiers clad in similar outfits. During the Battle of Gettysburg, many of the South's soldiers died while hiding in this home, which explains the one-hundred-plus bullet pocks in the brick walls. After the fighting in the area was over, the house became a hospital for soldiers. You can learn about the weird supernatural occurrences that continue to take place on the property by booking a ghost tour or an overnight stay.

Villisca Ax Murder House | Villisca, IA

14.  Villisca Ax Murder House | Villisca, IA

On June 10, 1912, Josiah and Sarah Moore, their four children and two visiting children, were murdered by ax in their beds inside this Iowa home. The crime remains unsolved. The home has been stripped of plumbing and electricity to give a more realistic experience to visitors who pay $428 to book the house overnight. But stay at your own risk: In 2014, a paranormal investigator stabbed himself (non-fatally) by morning. He still won't talk about what happened.

15.  Franklin Castle | Cleveland, OH

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lindsay Heller (@americancastles)

This mansion was built 1881-83 by German immigrant Hannes Tiedemann, who tragically lost his four children. It was later called Eintracht Hall, and used for German culture clubs. It wasn't until the 1960s that the then-owners began to say it was haunted by Hannes's wife (and one daughter who died before the house was even built!) and declared it 'evil.' There are hidden rooms and ugly rumors about Hannes as a murderer, crying babies, organ music, ghosts who snatch blankets off you at night and more. One owner of this  "most haunted house in Ohio" was Judy Garland's last husband. 

The Conjuring House | Harrisville, RI

16.  The Conjuring House | Harrisville, RI

Paranormal experts say this colonial-era property is haunted to the gills. In the 1970s, the Perron parents and five daughters experienced a demon or poltergeist that physically harmed the family in a plethora of ways, including a scythe falling from a barn beam to nearly decapitate the mother. Ed and Lorraine Warren showed up to tackle the malevolence—events loosely portrayed in the movie The Conjuring . Today, you can book a day tour or an overnight stay.

17.  Amityville Horror House | Amityville, NY

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tony Crawford (@thetonycrawford)

This house is the site of a grim murder where in 1974 a son killed his parents and four siblings by gun. The next tenants, the Lutz Family, stayed 28 days before fleeing. These events—including the chilling utterance of the words ‘get out’—were immortalized in the book and movie franchise, The Amityville Horror . The home with its distinctive quarter-moon windows (since replaced) in the attic has long been said to be haunted, including by a pig with red glowing eyes who would stare into the windows. The home sold to a private owner in 2017 for $605k.

Lynnewood Hall | Elkins Park, PA

18.  Lynnewood Hall | Elkins Park, PA

A Gilded Age manor with a Titanic connection? That looks like a state capitol meets Jane Austen’s boyfriend’s house? Check and check. At 70,000 square feet, this home has a lot of floor space for ghosts to ramble (its ballroom can hold 1,000 people). Although the house is abandoned, it’s in fairly intact shape, despite peeling paint, thanks to a caretaker and guard dogs. So who haunts this ‘last American Versailles’ which once held literal furniture from the Parisian palace? Apparently, tycoon Peter A. B. Widener, who built it, and his son and grandson, who sank with the famous ship.

19.  High Life Ski Club | Chittenden, VT

View this post on Instagram A post shared by High Life Ski Club (@highlifeskiclub)

This ski club exists in a farmhouse that hosted some of the turn of the century’s most convincing Spiritualist happenings. In 1874, siblings Horatio, William and Mary Eddy (descendants of a Salem ‘witch’) saw so many supernatural beings that Chittenden earned the nickname ‘Spirit Capital of the Universe.’ Mysterious poundings, children vanishing from their cribs and a giant Native American ghost were just some of the phenomena (more tragic is hearing how the family abused its young trance-prone sons). A convinced skeptic wrote ‘People from the Other World,’ a book about the 400 beings witnessed there during séances.

Boldt Castle | Alexandria Bay, NY

20.  Boldt Castle | Alexandria Bay, NY

Do you love 1,000 Island salad dressing? If so, you will love Boldt Castle on its heart-shaped island in St. Lawrence Seaway’s 1,000 Islands. Underway as a summer home for a millionaire’s wife, the castle’s construction was not yet complete in 1904 when she died of heart failure. The heartbroken Mr. Boldt walked away and the castle was abandoned until its 1977 rescue. Strange lights are said to come on in the castle, and some have even seen Mrs. Boldt haunting the home that death robbed from her. (Bonus for salad lovers? Mr. Boldt was the proprietor of New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel, where Waldorf salad was invented).

The House of the Seven Gables | Salem, MA

21.  The House of the Seven Gables | Salem, MA

Immortalized in the novel of the same name by Nathaniel Hawthorne (who changed his surname from Hathorne to avoid connection to his ancestor who had served as a Salem witch trials judge), this 1668 seaside house was built for a hat and shoe merchant. Check out the bonus eighth gable and the secret staircase replete with stair-climbing ghosts, the giggling ghost boy in the attic and a woman who peers out the windows, said to be Hawthorne’s cousin Susannah.

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Top Haunted Houses in the U.S., Ranked by Yelp Reviews

100 best haunted attractions in the u.s., ranked by yelp reviews.

Dark Hour Haunted House

"Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood. To terrorize y'all's neighborhood."

If you are into "Thrillers," you have been counting down the days until haunted houses, mazes and attractions reopen in time for the Halloween season.

Some haunts are better than others, so we've turned to Yelp reviewers who love jump-scares to tell us which haunted attractions are the best in the U.S. These are places given between 3.5 and 5 stars and come with warnings to leave little kids at home. Based on their star rankings and number of reviews, we've ranked them leading you to the scariest haunted house in the country.

Ready to scream? These attractions are guaranteed to give you a fright.

100. Talon Falls Screampark

Talon Falls Screampark

Location:  Melber, Kentucky

"The best haunted house I've ever been to. Worth driving a hundred miles for. Tip: It's a dry county, so bring your own pint of Fireball." — Carlos B. , Marion, Arkansas

Get tickets here .

99. Folklore Haunted House

Folklore Haunted House

Location:  Acworth, Georgia

"We came from Louisville, Kentucky, on our way to Gainesville. Upon Googling "best haunted house in Georgia," we were recommended to Folklore Haunted House, and man ... we are glad we came! [It was] $27 for three haunts and worth every penny. The detail that went into decorating each area, the craftsmanship in creating a unique environment for each character, and a group of actors who really give their all ... this was a great decision! The owner, upon learning we had come down from Waverly Hills, where we work, even came by to say hey. A great crew makes a good haunt unforgettable, and Folklore was certainly that!" — Jay R. , Louisville, Kentucky

98. Haunted Mines

Haunted Mines Colorado

Location:  Colorado Springs, Colorado

"This was an awesome haunted house! You definitely get your money's worth out of the whole experience that lasted about 45 minutes. The costumes were fabulous; the special effects were truly haunting. The makeup on the characters was eerie. At one point, we had to dawn 3-D glasses!!!! Whoever created this haunted house definitely had some really cool nightmares; take your family, take your friends!" — Lona T. , Colorado Springs, Colorado

97. Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Location:  Rosaron, Texas

"WOW! I literally just made a Yelp account to write this review. I was blown away, not only by the amazing effects and actors but by the amazing staff! They made the experience so much more fun. We came pretty late and they didn't at all rush us to leave, and we shared a lot of laughs.

"I've been to my fair share of haunted houses, and this one exceeded my expectations. Probably the best in Houston! I 100,000 percent recommend going. Prices are super fair, and the scares are unbeatable. I peed my pants, and I have absolutely no regrets. If you can only visit one haunt this year, please please please go here! Also, it's a huge bonus that they donate a lot to charity." — Addison D. , Richmond, Texas

96. Rise Haunted House

RISE Hounted House

Located:  Tickfaw, Louisiana

"I think I just went to the best haunted house(s) of my life!! #hauntedhayride #asylum — we did it all!! It's an hour from New Orleans, North of Mandeville — which makes it scary enough (LOL) — but it was amazing and worth the drive. Definitely do all three options if you can (Haunted House, Asylum and the Haunted Hayride)." — Amita R. , New Orleans, Louisiana

95. Fear Factory

Fear Factory Utah

Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah

"Super fun times with options for all! This is a huge closed-down factory turned into a haunted house. Pretty amazing. There were like four to five flights of stairs that anyone with difficulties might want to consider. Quite a few different themes throughout. Really enjoyed the smoky and lighting effects (epileptics beware). At one point, you're around five stories up on some grates with seethrough floors. Good fun all around." — Scott H. , Salt Lake City, Utah

94. HellsGate Haunted House

HellsGate Haunted House

Location:  Lockport, Illinois

"Loved this place! I went here with a group of friends, and we had a blast. It was very cool walking through the forest to the haunted house. Actors interacted with us and made funny comments. You can tell so much work was put into the facility. I have had many poor haunted house experiences, but HellsGate definitely wasn't one of them. The detail put into the mansion was unbelievable! The different rooms were very cool and spooky. In my past haunted house experiences, I haven't gotten scared, but the actors at HellsGate scared me quite a few times. The staff was very friendly and polite to us. I completely recommend HellsGate!" — Vincent F. , Illinois

93. Factory of Terror

Factory of Terror Ohio

Location: Canton, Ohio

"Awesome! Excellent actors and special effects! So many surprises here! Very well organized. Highly recommend buying your tics online so you won't have to wait in line at the ticket window. We bought online and were glad we did. In my opinion, it's the best haunted attraction in the area. Loved the mechanical creatures, theatrical performances of actors and special effects. If you don't have a lot of time, buy the fast pass. You will be able to get through in just over an hour on a Sunday night." — Lisa C ., Akron, Ohio

Get tickets here . 

92. A Petrified Forest

A Petrified Forest Florida

Location:  Altamore Springs, Florida

"Come here every year, and the haunted houses are just so amazing. I've been to Halloween Horror Nights so many times, and A Petrified Forest totally beats all of those attractions (in my opinion). The haunted houses are long (five to seven minutes inside), the actors are REALLY good, the special effects are top-notch, and the layout of the houses is just unbeatable. I always end up losing my voice from the amount of screaming I do!" — Jenna L. , Orlando, Florida

91. The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park

The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park

Location: San Diego, California

"I would 100 percent do this again or recommend to anyone looking for some Halloween fun. It's scary, won't lie. I screamed until I lost my voice. It's about a mile long so it's about 20 to 30 minutes of going through rooms with different themes, one of which was a real school bus, which I thought was super clever!

The characters don't touch you but they get pretty close; they can accidentally bump you, but they never touched a single one of us from our group. They send you out through the trail in groups of 20 or so, but it gets bunched up at times; makes sense when people are stopping cause they're scared." — Salina A. , El Cajon, California

90. Woods of Terror

Woods of Terror in North Carolina

Location:  Greensboro, North Carolina

"Once you get on the trail, it takes about an hour to walk through! By far the longest haunted trail I have ever been to. There are about six haunted houses, two pitch black mazes and the corn maze. Let me tell you the detail that goes into this thing is pretty extraordinary. The best way to describe it is the Disney World of horror places. They really think of everything. My favorites were the 3-D circus, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house and the multi-horror movie area. The Pirate Ship was pretty awesome as well." — Holly K. , Raleigh, North Carolina

89. Hobb's Grove Halloween Haunt

Hobb's Grove Halloween Haunt

Location:  Sanger, California

"It's the Disneyland of haunts as far as quality. But it's seemingly a low-budget transformation. You drive way into the middle of nowhere and park in a dark lot. There's no grand archway entrance. Just the overall scary environment. They never copy movie stuff. You'll see no Freddy  Kruger here. The line waits are super long on busy nights, but they have characters working the lines. The actors never come out of character so you're transformed into another place. Not all line characters are scary — a few are hilarious!" — Stephen M. , Fresno, California

88. Pennhurst Asylum

Pennhurst Asylum

Location:  Spring City, Pennsylvania

"We just survived Pennhurst! My heart is still racing! The owners, operators, staff and actors are amazing, (Especially Frank!) The entire production was completely redone for 2022. If you thought you were scared in years past, you'll definitely wanna come back this year. It was by far better than I could have ever imagined. I recommend doing all three attractions." — Christina S. , San Francisco, California

87. Howl-O-Scream

Howl-O-Scream in Busch Gardens

Location:  Tampa, Florida

"There was barely any line traffic, and the staff did a great job with splitting groups so everyone can get the scares. There is no line traffic at all and theme-wise it's pretty good! The scare zones are also AMAZING, so interactive and the actors did a really good job. Food and drinks were great, not very hard liquor, but I prefer it that way for theme parks. As for shows, the show with the host of Howl-O-Scream was pretty cheesy and didn't put much effort into special effects. The best shows to watch are cirque x scream and the rolling bones! And there is a bar with food at the Rolling Bones show! Definitely planning on coming next year!" — Juliet D. , Miami, Florida

86. Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights It character

Location:  Orlando, Florida

"Halloween Horror Nights is clearly the world-class Halloween theme park event worldwide. Universal Studios has access to classic IP horror properties such as Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Universal Monsters and so much more that rotate every year — the houses for these are extremely detailed and are like you're walking into the movie/tv sets themselves." — Frank L. , Mount Prospect, Illinois

85. Warehouse 31

Warehouse 31

Location: Pelham, Alabama

"If you like haunted houses, Warehouse 31 is a must see! This thing is huge, elaborate and has amazing actors! From the creepy guy that greets you as you enter, the little girl with the Raggedy Ann dolls, the crazy nurse and finally the freak jumping out when you are in the mine, this place was full of jump scares and overall weirdness! They also have cool 3D effects, karaoke, a bar, food trucks, an escape room and more! This is haunted house perfection!" — April R. , Homewood, Alabama

84. Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

 "An Omaha classic. Don't spend the extra money to jump the line. Waiting in the line is part of the experience. ... It's always a blast to go through year after year and see how they have changed it up. Enjoy one of the best classic, old-school haunted houses in the country right here in Omaha." — Jake K. , Omaha, Nebraska

83. The Darkness

The Darkness

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

"Is it possible to be addicted to a haunted house?? I think yes! I go here every year, sometimes multiple times. They change it up each year, so it never gets dull. They have fantastic actors that you see from the time you enter the parking lot as well as very high-tech animatronics. Scary Gary and Steve are by far the best. I get a picture with them every year. They also have escape rooms and a little museum and gift shop." — Gabrielle J. , Breckenridge Hills, Missouri

82. Nashville Nightmare

Nashville Nightmare

Location: Madison, Tennessee 

"YOU GUYS!! This was hands down the best haunted attraction experience I have ever had! YukYuk the clown was especially friendly and helpful while simultaneously being scary  The music, lights, and actors kept us entertained while we waited for the rest of our group to arrive My bf and an alien were "communicating" at one point. It was hilarious...There were a variety of themed walk-throughs that were actually scary and excellently decorated." — Beth-Leah S. , Tennessee

81. Bennett's Curse

Bennett's Curse

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

"Our sixth year coming to Bennett's Curse (except the year that Baltimore City dropped the ball) and this was the best yet. There were more actors than ever and the new laser/smoke room is awesome.  The actors in the sanitarium were outstanding and really scared the h*ll out of my wife.  Great time was had by all and we will be back next year." — Robert E. , Severna, Maryland

80. The Haunted Mortuary

The Haunted Mortuary

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

"This was the best Laser Tag Haunted House ever! You heard me right. Laser tag in a haunted house. The mortuary converted an old asylum into a haunted house for both Halloween and Christmas... We went to the Christmas one to shoot evil elves and Krampus. Soooo much fun!!... Well worth the money for a new adventure." — Dacia Z. , Wilmington, North Carolina

79. Barrett's Haunted Mansion

Barrett's Haunted Mansion

Location: Abington, Massachusetts 

"First time being here and it was awesome. We waited in line for an hour each, but the time flew because there were so many actors trying to scare us throughout the line. Excellent! Also the attractions were phenomenal and very detail oriented. They put so much effort into this and made my night. Definitely recommend best haunted house ever!!!" — Alexis J. , Massachusetts

78. The Devils Attic

The Devils Attic

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

"This is probably one of the best and well-thought-out haunted houses I've been to. From the moment you step out of the car, you begin to be immersed into cinematic horror. While you wait in line, some scare actors are present, getting you into the mood for this haunted attraction. Also, they are projecting some old horror movie clips, as well as some weird unusual clips. This house rolls with the punches one after the other, putting you right in the middle of some of the best and most iconic horror films of all time." — Abbey B. , Lexington, Kentucky

77. Sanctum of Horror

Sanctum of Horror

Location: Mesa, Arizona

"Have gone to Sanctum two years in a row — definitely my favorite haunted house in the area. Attention to detail with their makeup, props, special effects, etc., is fantastic. It was great last year, and they've improved quite a few things that made it even better this year." — Michelle M. , Jackson, Mississippi

76. The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel

Location: Estes Park, Colorado

"I highly recommend this tour for anyone who is into the paranormal. Our tour guide, Ian, was extremely knowledgeable about the history of the hotel, as well as its ghoulish friends. He was entertaining and friendly, and provided a one of kind experience. The tour takes you through all of the common areas, and you even get to test if the spirits are with you (we had an encounter, and it was wild)." —Linsey M.

75. Into the Dark Terror Vault

Into the dark

Location: San Francisco, California

"Hands-down, no contest the best haunted house I have ever been to. I've been here 3 years in a row, and the changes they make every year truly justify coming again and again. The performers all put so much work into their various crafts, you're always treated with respect, and you really can tell how invested everyone here is in ensuring you have an amazing time. You can opt for a glow necklace that tells performers they're allowed to touch you — they may grab you or jostle you gently, smell you, even spank you or paint your skin! You can of course opt out, and they'll always be respectful of that, too. Tickets could cost twice as much as they do, and I'd still jump to buy them every year." — Kyle W. , Fremont, California

74. Milburn's Haunted Manor

Milburn's Haunted Manor

Location: Hubbard, Oregon

"The BEST, most terrifying haunted house that I have been to. Brilliantly conceived with two distinctly different haunts, this experience is well worth the trip from Portland. The drive there set the stage with the site being a very dark, isolated area. As you drive there, you pass a nearby cemetary and, then, you see the parking lot lights...and hear screams." — Jerald B. , Tualatin, Oregon

73. Haunted Overload

Haunted Overload

Location: Lee, New Hampshire

"One of the best Halloween experiences of my life. I am a bit of an enthusiast for these types of things. The art and creativity of Haunted Overload is second to none. From the otherworldly light displays, breathtaking designs, and of course the tremendous characters and costumes, it really is a haunted labyrinth experience like no other." — Livingston S. , Keene, New Hampshire

72. Reign of Terror Haunted House

Reign of Terror Haunted House

Location: Thousand Oaks, California

"I am SO glad I made it to Reign of Terror. I was thoroughly blown away. The detail and uniqueness in all of the 130+ rooms (Yes, 130+ rooms!) was phenomenal. The maze has left a lasting impression on me like a reoccurring nightmare that shakes you to the core. Another review stated that Universal Horror Nights should take notes and agree 100 percent." — Joey S. , West Hollywood, California

71. Haunted Mansions of Albion

Haunted Mansions of Albion

Location: Albion, Idaho

"I come here every year for Halloween! I love it! It's so spooky and exciting. Really puts you in the Halloween mood! It takes a while to go through all four houses so it's worth the drive and money. Would recommend everyone to try it at least once." — Stephanie L. , Heyburn, Idaho

70. Haunted Forest at Panic Point

Haunted Forest at Panic Point

Location: Youngsville, North Carolina

"You guys gotta check this place out if you love being scared. I've never been to a haunted forest or trail ever, and I can now proudly say Panic Point was everything I dreamed and more! Looking forward to come back and check out the haunted corns!!" — Alexis G. , Washington, D.C.

69. Rotten Manor

Rotten Manor haunted house

Location: Holly, Michigan

"My fiancée and I went in Oct '18 and haven't forgotten about it since. This place was top-notch, and I've been haunting in the Detroit area since I was a little tot in the '90s.

First, we were floored by the design of the building—done in Gothic style Victorian with the classic tapered Mansard roof. The rickety wood siding gave the house a classic haunted look...Second, the location... The eerie, quaint setting is unsettling on an October night.

Third, the acting is Tony award tier. All the talent inside had a story, accent, or some nuance that really elevated the sense of dread throughout the haunt. There are no cheap thrills here, everything had purpose and built up to a scare." — William F. , Tacoma, Washington

68. Hellscream Haunted House and Escape Rooms

Hellscream Haunted House and Escape Rooms

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I have done a lot of escape room over the years and this place is the REAL DEAL. The rooms are exciting, challenging, creative, very unique, and 100 percent worth the money. I would also highly recommend choosing the scary option! The actors are awesome and might even help you out on your adventure ;)

The staff are professional, funny, and friendly. They provided me with one of the most positive escape room experiences I've had to date." — Brandt M. , Las Vegas, Nevada

67. The Beast

Beast Haunted House

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

"This was absolutely one of the scariest haunted house experiences that I have ever encountered. Carolina haunted houses have nothing on the Kansas City thriller ... The Beast! I was very happy to find out that [Missourians] enjoy a nice scare. First and foremost, I certainly advise you buy your tickets before arriving. The line to get in is incredibly long, and it is very much so worth a few extra bucks to skip all this waiting. I really liked the fact that there were food vendors around on the corners of the streets (food trucks). This helps with the annoying wait time. But once you get inside, everything changes for the better. The actors working at the haunted house do an excellent job at keeping all of us on edge but without scaring us too badly. I was certainly glad to experience such a wonderfully terrifying experience. The art installations were phenomenal, and designs were very authentic. I would certainly go back next Halloween season!" — Zyven S. , San Francisco, California

66. Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park

Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park

Location: Smithville, Texas

"I hate scary things, scary movies, etc. but this was SO much fun.  We went with some friends who enjoy this stuff and we got there right at 7 (during daylight because I'm a wimp) and checked out the amazing museum. It's a $9 admit fee but well worth it. I got some great photos in there and the collection is impressive x1000." — Andria H. , Austin, Texas

65. Asylum and Hotel Fear

Asylum and Hotel Fear haunted house

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"This experience was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Asylum was the best, the characters were extremely talented and the theme from every room has you screaming until your hoarse. My heart is still pumping from the thrill of it. It was definitely worth the money! Lines are long so I recommend the VIP experience to skip the lines." —Tracy T., Spring Valley, Nevada

64. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium haunted attraction

"By far one of the coolest/creepiest places I have been to. I'm not a huge fan of ghost story stuff, but this place was cool. The night tour is a really cool feature. Things happened on the tour that I cannot explain. It was creepy and fascinating all at the same time." — Jimmy K. , Dallas, Texas

63. The 17th Door Haunt Experience

The 17th Door Haunt Experience

Location: Fullerton, California

"This place is no joke. From beginning to end, you are touched, grabbed, enclosed in small spaces, lifted and dropped into complete darkness, terrorized with live cockroaches, shocked, and if you're brave enough to push through every room, you'll leave completely drenched. (I don't recommend bringing your phones inside because of this last part.)" — McKenna A. , Huntington Beach, California

62. Insanitarium Haunted Attraction

Insanitarium Haunted Attraction

Location: Pinson, Alabama

"I screamed a lot! I've done a lot of big production stuff with the expensive animatronics and this was as good or better...The group of adults we were with chickened out and asked for an exit.

One of the performers said "are you serious." We ducked ahead and just kept screaming/peeing." — Nikki C. , Trussville, Alabama

61. Macabre Cinema Haunted House

Macabre Cinema Haunted House

"One of the best haunts ever, and I've seen many! Came out from CA, grew up in KS. This was by far, the best of the trio offered in KC. Very dark, dank, just enough actors, decent props, decrepit old building perfect for a haunt! Can't believe these haunts are so long. If you scare easily, you may not make it through. This haunt was impressive, and I'm picky and not easily scared at all. Loved it! Great time!!!!!" — Jo N. , San Jose, California

60. Haunted Labyrinth

Haunted Labyrinth

Location: Cranston, Rhode Island

"This is a pretty fun haunted house. This was our second year in a row coming here!  Each year it's a different theme so it's completely unpredictable and fun! You just don't know who or what will be lurking behind a curtain or door. You might not even know which door to open to escape a certain room. 

Strobe lights are flashing, things are slamming, noises are blasting, creatures are creeping and some are even sitting on the throne!! You seriously don't know what to expect!" — Jennifer M. , Tiverton, Rhode Island

59. Fearlandia

Fearlandia haunted house

Location: Portland, Oregon

"This is an impressive haunted house! It's hard to strike that balance between adult-entertaining and (older) kid-friendly, but they did it! Lots of jump-scares and super cool optical illusions. Enthusiastic actors and staff and lots of creative touches. Easy options to exit if it gets to be too much. Special shout out to the Swamp Thing that entertained us as part of the pre-show. You are a riot!" — Molly N. , Portland, Oregon

58. DementedFX Haunted House

DementedFX Haunted House

Location: Holyoke, Massachusetts 

"Great haunted house!!! They go all out and clearly are passionate about what they do. Great effects and great actors. Couldn't have had a better experience! They have TVs and a bar so that you're entertained in line and the haunted house is very much worth it!" — Sydney G. , Ellington, Connecticut

57. The Thirteenth Hour Haunted Attraction

The Thirteenth Hour Haunted Attraction

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

"By far, this is the best haunted attraction I've been to in Indiana, and I have been to just about all of them. Themed, for the most part, not random from room to room with the typical characters.  Top-notch costumes and props.  All of the makeup actors were cleverly face masked to not ruin the vibe. From entrance to exit was just over 30 minutes. I recommend the fast pass for an extra $5 and buying the timed tickets the day before, or early the same day you are going." — Joe M. , Indianapolis, Indiana

56. Mysterious Mansion

Mysterious Mansion Haunted House

Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

"I absolutely LOVED this experience! I love haunted houses and getting a good jump-scare, and that's exactly what this place provides. It's just off the main strip in downtown Gatlinburg, and in a perfect, creepy location. The appearance of the house and the props were excellent.

The actors working inside the house were amazing and scared me over and over again! Not recommended for small children who don't like jump-scares. If you happen to get pushed to the front of the group you are with, be prepared to scream a lot." — Rachel S. , Greensboro, North Carolina

55. Exiled – Trail of Tears

Exiled – Trail of Tears

Location: Bonner Springs, Kansas

"Very fun alternative to the traditional haunted 'house"' format. Loved the entertainment throughout the waiting line, made the time pass much quicker! I really enjoyed the 'school bus' portion of the attraction! Make sure to wear warm/comfortable shoes! The owner Jeff spoke with us after we completed the course and was very nice and engaged with the entire experience. I will be back! Definitely recommend!!" — Alexandra S. , Overland Park, Kansas

54. The Bisbee Seance Room

The Bisbee Seance Room haunted attraction

Location: Bisbee, Arizona

"So crazy and real. My son said his brain hurts. We are all still trying to figure out what happened. This was the best part of our 14-day trip across the West Coast. I loved it and would give him 10 stars if I could." — Nina B. , Temecula, California

53. Blood Manor

Blood Manor

Location: New York City

"Bear in mind that their attraction is relatively short, only 20 minutes, but you spend that time in motion going from scene to scene and dozens of different scares. The actors when we were there were very enthusiastic, and they were smart enough to realize my cousin was a scaredy-cat. They had fun honing in on her, much to everyone else's enjoyment." — Dennie C. , Englewood, New Jersey

52. Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses

Headless Horseman Hayrides

Location: Ulster County, New York

"It starts with a hayride through the Forest. Along the trail, you see zombies and monsters alike. There is a 'Walker' on board that gives the history of the headless horseman. Following the hayride, you walk through a motel with lots of different scenarios. Next is a corn maze. It leads to more attractions and more scenarios. The monsters and zombies will pop up out of nowhere, but they do not touch. They follow and will scare." — Lili "Lisa" R. , Nassau County, New York

51. Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory

Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory

Location: Akron, Ohio

"Even though their sets are detailed immaculately, it still has a very old-school haunted house vibe, which I love. Some of the high-tech haunts nowadays go so over the top that it just doesn't feel authentic anymore. The Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory nails that authenticity. Old school haunted housing at it's finest!" — Brian J. , Traverse City, Michigan

50. Dread Hollow

Dread Hollow

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

"The VIP room is worth it as it's an experience in and of itself! Not only do you get front-of-the-line access, but you have your own lounge, and best of all, you get to control some of the scares in the haunt!" — Emily M. , New York City

49. Nightmare Haunted House

Nightmare Haunted House

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"Went back last week so my mom and sister could experience it. They made it in ... and ran right back out! The staff was nice enough to let them retry it, and they made it in and right back out again. My mom said the first few steps had her terrified." — Shakeria J. , Jacksonville, Florida

48. Asylum 49

Asylum 49

Location: Tooele, Utah

"My girlfriend and I managed to make it all the way through the first time together. Right when we got out, they RIPPED our hands apart and sent us right back in separate." — Jaden N. , Tyler, Texas

47. Scary Acres

Scary Acres

Location: Hope, Rhode Island

"We make it a point to go to Scary Acres every year. They put on a great show. Good scares, great props and wonderful costumes and makeup. Be sure to spend the little bit more for the speed pass. " — Kristen R. , Walpole, Massachusetts

46. Frightmare Compound

Frightmare Compound

Location: Denver, Colorado

"The visual experience alone was way more impressive than I was expecting, and this is definitely one of the better haunted houses I've ever been to. Scary enough to make me jump a number of times but also tame enough for my daughter to come with and still be able to sleep through the night, haha!" — Kenneth M. , Bradenton, Florida

45. Georgetown Morgue

Georgetown Morgue

Location: Seattle

"Seriously, what the hell did I get sprayed with? Spoiler alert: The clown has a REAL chainsaw." — Alyson L. , Burien, Washington

44. The Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

"Are you wanting to jump out of your skin? Wanting shivers down your spine? All of your fears coming true? Well, you're in the right place! This Haunted House is the best house in the Des Moines region! All of the cast is into their character. As soon as you step in the gate, you have people in your face, and the terror starts." — Kyle M. , Des Moines, Iowa

43. The Catacombs of St. Pascal's


Location: Chicago

"I waited 26 years before I ever went to a haunted house, and with this being my second year of going, I've got to say St. Pascal's had the perfect blend of the jump-out-at-you goblins and overall creepy vibe." — Bridget S. , Chicago

42: The Terrorfied Forest and Manor

Terrorfied Forest and Manor

Location: Pinckney, Michigan

"Was super scared about haunted anything. Braved it anyway. This place was a blast... worth it to buy the pack for house and forest. The monsters are a riot! Would definitely come back." — Tanya M. , Redford, Michigan

41. Niles Scream Park

Niles Scream Park

Location: Niles, Michigan

"This was my first visit to a haunted house, and it did not disappoint! There were twists and turns that kept me on my toes and, more importantly, kept me entertained." — Kaylee B. , Benton Harbor, Michigan 

40. Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin

"I love this place,  you're entertained by ghouls and goblins and monsters while you're waiting in line to go into the place. Great place to take your love and hold her tight when the ghosts come running right at you all." — Smeet T. , Milwaukee

39. Trail of Terror

Trail of Terror

Location: Wallingford, Connecticut

"This was by far the best Halloween trail we've ever been on! A lot of thought and effort was put in each scene... different rooms had different things happening to you unexpectedly... What an AWESOME experience! I laughed... I jumped and screamed, all the actors did a fantastic job." — Quanieshia D. , East Hartford, Connecticut 

38. Reaper's Revenge

Reaper's Revenge

Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania

"I had a great time last weekend at Reaper's. Quality scares!!!! The cast is truly in character all the time. Even when you're not scared, they make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. " — Anthony G. , Paramus, New Jersey 

37. 13th Gate

13th Gate

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"The best word to describe it: 'WOW!' The attention to detail is insane!!! LIVE rodents and snakes... are you kidding me!?!? Amazing!!! The actors are great. The sets are better than Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights, and that's a freaking movie studio! The 13th Gate is simply mind-blowing." — Christine L. , Los Angeles

36. The Haunted World

The Haunted World

Location: Nampa, Idaho

"I love going to this place every year! They really put a lot of thought and detail into the attraction, and it's always really fun to get scared and to see what they change every year." — Bryce F. , Boise, Idaho

35. Kersey Valley Spookywoods


Location: Archdale, North Carolina

"No longer just a haunted house, this is now a premier haunted attraction that's been featured on the Travel Channel. The makeup artists are incredible, as they make the actors look fantastic!" — Michael S. , Las Vegas

34. USS Nightmare

USS Nightmare

Location: Newport, Kentucky

"There are three different shows: lights up, for scaredy-cats; the regular show; and the special Extreme nights. If you decide halfway through that you can't handle it, there are exits throughout the house." — Adrianna B. , Cincinnati, Ohio

33. Hotel of Horror

Hotel of Horror

Location: Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

"It is downright scary, and you will love it. The rooms are all decorated with expert detail to inspire nightmares. The actors are very scary and truly do their job very well. We have kids who love to be scared, but if your kids are ambivalent, proceed with caution, as this is for older kids and younger ones only who really like to be scared. We screamed the entire time during both tours." — Marisa C. , Collingswood, New Jersey

32. The Dent Schoolhouse

Dent Schoolhouse

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

"You have no idea how good a haunted house can be until you go to Dent. The makeup is amazing. The props are authentic, and it's difficult to tell what is real and what is not real." — John H. , Cincinnati

31. Darkside Haunted House

Darkside Haunted House

Location: Wading River, New York

"Really cool haunted house. A must go to. Worth the trip. Can't talk about details cause it would ruin the suspense. It is about 20 minutes long of just constant sheer terror... Scares the heck out of you!" — RICHARD P. , Westbury, New York

30. Fright Factory Haunted House

Fright Factory Haunted House

Location: Buckley, Washington

"Such a fun, horrifying time! Great job, Fright Factory. Reluctantly, I will be back next year." — Meghan B. , Snoqualmie, Washington

29. Scream Hollow Wicked Hallow

Scream Hollow Wicked Hallow

"This place is amazing. If twisted and spooky is your thing, this is a MUST if you live remotely in the area." — Keshante A. , Austin, Texas

28. Fright Kingdom

Fright Kingdom

Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

"The grim haunted house was terrifying, as you couldn't see in front of your face and the walls shocked you. Half of the time, I couldn't tell what was real and what was fake throughout the haunts, which added to the suspense." — Olivia A. , Bedford, New Hampshire

27. Nightmare on 13th

Nightmare on 13th

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

"Nightmare on 13th was pretty freaking legit. It was so well done! The whole thing was just clever and creative, and I really appreciated it. It didn't seem cheap and tacky at all! The theming is cool, and the scares didn't seem to get repetitive to me at all. Also, the scares here are all in good fun, which I really liked. I never felt unsafe or that things went too far. It was just enough that I was screaming and laughing my way through the entire thing." — Courtney K. , Provo, Utah

26. Shocktoberfest


Location: Leesburg, Virginia

"I am pretty sure I lost my voice because of all the screaming I did. Yes, I was that girl that was freaking out." — Melissa N. , Key West, Florida 

25. Frightland


Location: Middletown, Delaware

"I love this place! What a great, but scary time. My fave is the barn. The hayride is great, too. It is just long enough and very high energy from all the monsters and things in the entire place." — Tom Z. , Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland 

24. Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse

Gateway's Haunted Playhouse

Location: Bellport, New York

"Peek-a-boo!!! I promise you won't hear that unless it's coming from the undead and followed by a scream." — Jude J. , Nassau County, New York 

23. Paranoia Horror Maze

Paranoia Horror Maze

Location: Several locations

"This was really fun and scary! It's completely dark inside, and the only thing you have to go off of is a red light. I almost chickened out, but I survived." — Erica C. , Oakland Park, Florida 

22. The Dead End Hayride

Dead End

Location: Wyoming, Minnesota

"The scale of this huge production is off the charts. There were so many different facets and moving parts, and during our time going through it, everything was flawless as far as I could see. The props went off at the exact times, and actors jumped out and interacted with our group right on cue. The costumed actors were great; they had tons of energy, and it made for a great experience." — Scott S. , Minneapolis, Minnesota

21. The Backwoods Maze

Backwoods Maze

Location: Burbank, California

"They made a maze in their backyard!!! They have the coolest props, and their scare actors were awesome; I would even go again. It's free but please kindly donate a few bucks in their donation box, so they can pay their electricity bill." — Dianna D. , Los Angeles

Note: This is a private home that organizes this haunt. No website is available. Find the home at 1912 N. Pepper Street in Burbank.

20. Hundred Acres Manor

Hundred Acres Manor

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"You are very immersed in this haunted house for 45 minutes, both physically and mentally... Even the brave will be caught off guard and find themselves jumping in fright." — Jenna W. , Pittsburgh

19. Erebus Haunted House

Erebus Haunted House

Location: Pontiac, Michigan

"This place is legit! The actors were on point from the door. It's a three- or four-story in the dark, jump-scare experience." — Ericka B. , Detroit

18. Basement of the Dead

Basement of the Dead

Location: Aurora, Illinois

"I enjoy a haunted house that preys on all of your senses, and Basement of the Dead is just that. There are smells, there are sights, there are weird sensations under your feet, blasting music or silence, depending on where you are in the house. Thankfully, no taste involved, but I wouldn't be surprised if they find a way to do it, eventually." — Amy R. , Naperville, Ilinois 

17. Dungeon of Doom

Dungeon of Doom

Location: Zion, Illinois

"This is definitely not a haunt for the family! If you are looking to experience fear, look no further. This haunt has a ton of jump scares and is 60 minutes of sheer terror! Great experience for the money! Totally recommend this house!" — Dan D. , Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 

16. Field of Screams

Field of Screams

Location: Mountville, Pennsylvania

"Wow, this made me sweat. I'm a huge horror fan, haunted house season is my fave time of year. I went into this not knowing what to expect (due to mixed reviews), and this blew my mind. If you have a phobia, this place will cover it and make sure they rub it in deep. The full contact made this place so scary, and the haunted hayride... wow just wow." — Kerri B. , West Babylon, New York 

15. Scream-A-Geddon


Location: Dade City, Florida

"Great night of fear and fun. The characters/cast are phenomenal. The haunts are very good. Being part of the action by wearing a participation glow necklace makes the experience so much more." — Marlene V. , Bradenton, Florida

14. Dark Hour Haunted House

Dark Hour Haunted House

Location: Plano, Texas

"The best haunted house I've ever been to, and I've been to several. They are professionals at what they do here. You'll get a good scare! Very artistic; they make your environment feel as if you're in another world; great experience!" — S L. , Dallas, Texas

13. Haunted Plantation

Haunted Plantation

Location: Waipahu, Hawaii

"I thought it was scary and fun! My boyfriend definitely had a good laugh (at me screaming). They have a lot of actors and a lot of attendants that lead you through the houses." — Jo C. , Honolulu, Hawaii

12. Laurels House of Horror

Laurels House of Horror

Location: Laurel, Maryland

"We have been to this haunt every year since it opened, and it just keeps getting bigger and better every year! The scare actors really get into their parts and are quite creepy sometimes. The sets are elaborate and very detailed. There are many confusing and disorienting parts in the mazes of rooms. Definitely worth the trip even if you've already been before!" — Jason S. , Glen Burnie, Maryland 

11. The Bates Motel

The Bates Motel

Location: Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

"Bates Motel is one of the better haunted attractions in the surrounding Pennsylvania area. The prices are fair, actors stay in character, and many of the props are very cool. During this visit, we did the hayride, maze and motel... The motel was the best attraction here." — Theresa R. , Lansdale, Pennsylvania 

10. The Haunted Hotel

The Haunted Hotel

"I was so terrified I closed my eyes the majority of the time. I also cried and wanted to throw up. Haha. With that said, they did a great job, but it was too scary for me. 5/5 stars for the actors and each scary room!" — Ashley C. , San Diego

9. Cutting Edge Haunted House

Cutting Edge Haunted House

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

"Very spooky haunted house. Pleasantly surprised with how long it was. Highly recommend going here if you're looking for a solid fright." — Garrett A. , College Station, Texas 

8. House of Torment

House of Torment

Location: Morton Grove, Illinois

"Other than being scared out of my guts and being told I collectively screamed more than the three kids combined, I was beyond amazed by the creativity put in this place — a moving subway train compartment splattered in blood and radioactive props, a whole clown room with trippy lights, to name a few." — Chanpreet K. , Chicago, Illinois

7. Brighton Asylum

Brighton Asylum

Location: Passaic, New Jersey

"I, a haunted house fanatic, have experienced my fair share of doomed dwellings. This asylum experience ranks among the best." — Grant E. , New York

6. Savage House

Savage House

Location:  San Diego

"Best haunted house I've been to. Ever. You guys [outdid] yourselves this year! I was thrilled last year when I gave this place a chance — never thought a Target parking lot could make me almost p**s my pants. But man, y'all nailed it this year." —  Sarah C. , San Diego

5. Bane Haunted House

Bane Haunted House

Location: Livingstone, New Jersey

"Bane knocked it out of the water. The actors were top-notch and really played up their characters. The environment was crazy immersive and scary. We watched the Mercy TV count rise as we stood in line, and it totally freaked us all out. Once inside, we can hear people screaming from the rooms next to us, and it was a cool feeling all around. Oh and yes, people actually get to the front door and yell Mercy. Two of my friends chickened out before they even opened the door for us to go in! Good scary job Bane!" — Dominique D., Hopewell, New Jersey 

4. Statesville Haunted Prison

Statesville Haunted Prison

Location: Lockwood, Illinois

"Make sure you use the restroom before you go; otherwise, you will need a change of underwear! Creepy, terrifying, AWESOME." — Theresa K. , Crown Point, Indiana 

3. Netherworld Haunted House


Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia

"So scary! Screamed the whole time I was in there. So much so that some of the characters felt bad for me and gave me a fist bump at the end of the haunted house." — Ameila B. , Smoke Rise, Georgia 

2. Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary

Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The mazes or rooms (whatever you want to call them) were terrifying! The props are top-notch, and everyone is really into character. I had so much fun, will definitely do this again!" — Rare R. , Linden, New Jersey 

1. 13th Floor Haunted House

13th Floor Haunted House

"I love how the scarers come from anywhere here. Beside you, above you, below you, you just don't know. They also don't send too many people in one group, so you can really enjoy personalized scares for your group." — Laila R. , Burbank, California

most popular haunted houses in the us

The Top 31 Highest-Rated Haunted Houses to Visit in 2022

The top 31 highest-rated haunted houses to visit in 2022.

Top 31 haunted houses to visit in 2022

Are you looking for the biggest, best, longest, scariest, and most terrifying haunted house attractions to visit for the 2022 Halloween haunt season ? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of our Top 31 Highest-Rated Haunted Houses to Visit in 2022 based on our 2021 haunt review rankings (sorted from lowest to highest “Final” review ratings).

Each year, our Scream Teams scour the land, writing reviews and ranking haunted attractions across the country. Click on the haunt’s name to visit their “Details” page in our Haunted House Directory , or click “ Read the Full Review ” to see our in-depth breakdown of how they were rated in each review category. Included in this list are haunted houses in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, New Mexico, Connecticut, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, California, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts , and West Virginia !

Know of a haunt that’s not on this list that you’d like to see reviewed? Visit our full Haunted House Reviews page to see if they barely missed the cut (or maybe they got skipped last year).

Anyway, check out the list and let us know what you think! We hope you have lots of scary good fun this Halloween haunt season and, as always, Stay Scary !!

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31: Sweet Dreams Scare House

250 Saco Lowell Road, Easley, SC (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

From Our 2021 Review:

Overall Rating: 8.82 /10

( Read the Full Review Here! )

30: Disturbia Haunted Attraction

1213 Butterfield Road, Ste D, Downers Grove, IL (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 8.83 /10

29: The DAM Haunted Woods

3460 TN-75, Kingsport, TN (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 8.85 /10

28: The Haunted Farm NC

624 Townsend Road, Hendersonville, NC (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 8.87 /10

27: Terror Field

7 Columbia Street, Clyde, NY (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 8.88 /10

26: Boogerwoods Haunted Attraction

725 Phaniel Church Road, Rockwell, NC (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 8.89 /10

25 (Tie): Hundred Acres Manor

1 100 Acres Drive, Bethel Park, PA (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 8.95 /10

25 (Tie): Exit 13 Haunted House

6069 N Saginaw Road, Mount Morris, MI (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

25 (Tie): Crawford School of Terror

125 N 7th Street, Connellsville, PA (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

24 (Tie): Nightmare on Edgewood

1959 S Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 8.98 /10

24 (Tie): Scary Harrys Haunted Trail

1703 Pierce Road, Homer City, PA (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

23: Pirates of Emerson

4501 Pleasanton Avenue, Alameda County, Pleasanton, CA (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9 /10

22: USS Nightmare

101 Riverboat row, Newport, KY (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.01 /10

21: Fear Columbus

2605 Northland Plaza Drive, Columbus, OH (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.02 /10

20: Castle Blood

100 Schoonmaker Ave, Monessen, PA (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.03 /10

19 (Tie): Hammer Brothers Haunted Circus

19407 OH-117, Waynesfield, OH (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.05 /10

19 (Tie): The Haunted Hotel KY

3000 South 4th Street, Louisville, KY (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

18 (Tie): Nightmare Realm

23492 Red Arrow Hwy, Mattawan, MI (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.06 /10

18 (Tie): The American Horrorplex

2012 Northwestern Pkwy, Louisville, KY (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

17: Fright Kingdom

12 Simon Street, Nashua, NH (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.08 /10

16 (Tie): Realm of Terror Haunted House

421 West Rollins Road, Round Lake Beach, IL (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.09 /10

16 (Tie): Abandoned Haunted House Complex

2825 SE Frontage Road, Sturtevant, WI (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

16 (Tie): Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House

31401 John R Road, Madison Heights, MI (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

15 (Tie): Crooked Descent Haunted Attraction

4338 NY-28, Herkimer, NY (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.1 /10

15 (Tie): Hush Haunted Attraction

37550 Cherry Hill Road, Westland, MI (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

14 (Tie): The Devils Attic

647 W Hill Street, Louisville, KY (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.12 /10

13 (Tie): Midnight Terror Haunted House

5520 West 111th Street, Oak Lawn, IL (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.15 /10

13 (Tie): The Scream Chamber

1163 Highway 11 North, Athens, TN (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

12: Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror

1291 Cold Springs Road, Springfield, OH (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.16 /10

11: Legends of Fear

2 Saw Mill City Road, Shelton, CT (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.17 /10

10: McCalls Haunted Farm

34 Mccall Lane, Moriarty, NM (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.2 /10

9: Basement of the Dead

42 West New York Street, Aurora, IL (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.21 /10

8: Netherworld Haunted House

1313 Netherworld Way, Stone Mountain, GA (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.23 /10

7: The Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.24 /10

6: Factory of Terror OH

4125 Mahoning Road NE, Canton, OH (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.29 /10

5: Evil Intentions Haunted House

900 Grace Street, Elgin, IL (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.34 /10

4: The Massacre Haunted House

299 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, IL (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.4 /10

3: HellsGate Haunted House

3101 Canal Street, Lockport, IL (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.42 /10

2: Reapers Revenge

460 Green Grove Road, Scranton, PA (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.52 /10

1: Terror in the Corn at Anderson Farms

6728 County Road 3 1/4, Erie, CO (Click for More Info)

most popular haunted houses in the us

Overall Rating: 9.63 /10

most popular haunted houses in the us

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10 of the Scariest Haunted Houses in America

Even the YouTube clips are terrifying.

Headshot of Samantha Vincenty

Thankfully, for those thrill-seekers, just about every state across the country—from Pennsylvania and New York to Louisiana and Texas—has a place that'll freak them out. Some are located in massive fields and centuries-old farms (do not miss Lancaster County's aptly named Field of Screams), and others take place in abandoned buildings (think a deteriorating meat-packing plant, a historic manor, and a former schoolhouse). Some involve a guided tour of one heart-pounding attraction, while others allow you explore a variety of bone-chilling scenes, sets, and scenarios on your own. But no matter what you choose, all of these haunted houses are packed with spine-tingling sights (expect vicious vampires , killer reptiles, mysterious monsters, and, yes, lots of blood) that'll have you spooked days, even weeks, later.

Ahead, we've compiled a list of 10 of the scariest haunted houses in the United States—and, for that matter, in the world. While none are so extreme that they require you to sign a 40-page waiver , we promise they'll shake you to your very core.

The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride

This is an image

Location: Glen Mills, PA

Dates: September 25 to October 31

General admission price: $40-75, with $30 group rates

The Bates Motel and Bates Psycho Path (GET IT?) have been dazzling visitors for 30 years with a particularly slick experience featuring animatronic props actors, and digital FX. The third attraction, the monster-filled Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Corn Trail, features walk-through sets and over 30 actors in creepy costume. In 2021, though, those actors won't be touching anyone—masks are also required, and there's a temperature check at the door.

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses

This is an image

Location: Ulster Park, NY

Dates: September 25 to October 31 (Friday through Sunday only)

General admission price: $39.95 to $47.95 + fees

Fans flock to Ulster Park, NY, every year for the theatrical Headless Horseman Hayride, corn maze, and several haunted house experiences on the grounds of a gorgeous, historic 18th-century manor. In 2020, the hayride was be replaced by a drive-through experience titled "The Horseman's Trail," but details regarding the 2021 season have yet to be released. Keep in mind, though: The website promises it's "returning bigger and better" this year.

Buy Tickets

Field of Screams

This is an image

Location: Mountville, PA

Dates: September 10 to November 6 (Friday through Sunday, mostly)

General admission price: $16 per attraction, $35 for all 4

Lancaster County's Field of Screams offers four themed attractions: The Frightmare Asylum, Den of Darkness, Nocturnal Wasteland, and the Haunted Hayride—which sounds less scary, but looks absolutely TERRIFYING in this video trailer .

The Dent Schoolhouse

This is an image

Location: Cincinnati, OH

General admission price: $20-25

Taken with a grain of salt, the allegedly-true Dent Schoolhouse storyline is a fun one: The attraction's website claims it was once an actual public school, but it closed in the 1950s after a janitor known as Charlie was suspected of foul play after kids started going missing. These days, brave visitors roam the schoolhouse halls and the outdoor Queen City Slaughter Yard to find horrors around every corner.

The attraction—which has been frightening guests for 25 years—opens September 17, and true thrill-seekers can experience the Dent Schoolhouse *in complete darkness* on November 5 and 6.

The 13th Floor

This is an image

Location: Denver, CO

Dates: September 11 to November 13 (select nights)

General admission price: $19.99-32.99, date depending

What terrors await on the cursed 13th Floor? Actors in exquisitely ghoulish costume, for one, plus high-tech animations, and rooms that may move to shake your sense of reality. While details about the 2021 attractions will be released in the coming weeks, there were three in 2020: Dead End District, an abandoned "town" with lingering residents you don't want to run into, a Creature Feature starring silver screen vampires, mummies, and werewolves, and Deadly Reflections (LOVE a good haunted mirror).

Haunted house aficionados should also check out the 13th Floor's YouTube channel , which offers "Behind the Screams" videos highlighting the artistry that goes into creating these annual experiences.

Cutting Edge Haunted House

This is an image

Location: Fort Worth, TX

General admission price: Not listed

So named for its location in a former meatpacking plant, Cutting Edge has made the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest walk-through haunted attraction (everything really IS bigger in Texas). It'll take you about an hour to get through, and expect hanging butchered bodies, maniacs with chainsaws, and—well, we'll let their site say it: "Beware: You’ll receive ELECTRICAL SHOCKS. The floors are uneven; the slides are fast and dark; you WILL be enveloped by creeping fog and vapors." Did we mention there's a ghostly drum corps ?

Kersey Valley Spookywoods

This is an image

Location: Archdale, NC

Dates: October 1 to November 6 (Friday through Sunday only)

General admission price: $30-35, $60 for VIP

Look, it's right there in the name: This is haunted ground. "From the moment you arrive on Kersey Valley property, you are fair game to each and every haunted creature residing here," the site warns. The tour offers a veritable small town of hair-raising sets, and actors in admirably-detailed costumes .

The 13th Gate

This is an image

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Dates: October 1 to November 13 (Friday through Sunday, mostly)

General admission price: $30, $60 for VIP

Louisiana's known for its bayous, and 13th Gate is known for its swampy pools full of actual snakes. The 40,000 square feet of ultra-realistic sets and scenarios include an outdoor graveyard full of zombies, and an abandoned asylum. Looking for something even scarier? You can also purchase tickets for one of the two Flashlight Fright Nights (November 5 and 6), in which visitors can explore the completely dark passages of the 13th Gate...with just a few dimly-lit LED finger lights. Oh, and don't miss Carnevil across the street, a festive celebration full of costumed characters, fire artists, and more revelry.

Haunted Overload

This is an image

Location: Lee, NH

Dates: October 8 to 31 (Friday through Sunday, mostly)

General admission price: $28, $8 in the daytime

New England is famous for its eldritch history, with its real-life witch trials and 19th century " vampire hunters ." New Hampshire's Haunted Overload channels that mood at the DeMerritt Hill Farm each year, transforming it into an immersive experience that's more spooky than gory—but always chillingly done. For those seeking a more family-friendly experience, bring kids before dark for the Day Haunt where there won't be any monsters.

Netherworld Haunted House

Location: Stone Mountain, GA

Georgia's Netherworld has been consistently ranked as a top scary Halloween attraction. The main theme of last year, " Halloween Nightmares ," centered around a centuries-old feud between two rural Georgia clans, but as the website promises, the themes change dramatically each year, so so expect new effects, costumes, sets and scares.

Headshot of Samantha Vincenty

Samantha Vincenty is the former senior staff writer at Oprah Daily. 

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The 32 Most Haunted Places in America

By Caitlin Morton

The 32 Most Haunted Places in America

We know the United States as the land of spacious skies and amber waves of grain, but it also happens to be the land of a million ghost stories. Take a coast-to-coast tour of the most haunted places in the U.S., where lingering spirits roam through the halls of hotels , abandoned insane asylums, Broadway theaters, and even a city zoo. And if ghosts aren't your go-to travel companions, fear not—these sites offer enough culture, history, and beautiful scenery and architecture to keep you firmly planted in this realm.

This gallery has been updated with new information since its original publish date.

Bodie California

Bodie, California

Once home to 10,000 people, Bodie boomed in the 1870s and '80s, when gold was found in the hills surrounding Mono Lake. It's now a State Historic Park , with some parts of the town preserved in a state of "arrested decay"—tables with place settings, and shops eerily stocked with supplies. It's not surprising that there are many reports of supernatural activity here, including ghost sightings and music playing from shuttered bars. There is also a legend that any visitor who takes anything—even a rock—from Bodie will be cursed with bad luck and health problems upon leaving.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

Those of you who remember the '90s will recognize this cemetery as the one featured in the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil . Like the book, the Savannah cemetery itself has a Southern Gothic atmosphere, with Spanish moss giving shade to time-worn Victorian monuments. There are many notable figures buried here, like singer Johnny Mercer and poet Conrad Aiken, but it's Gracie Watson who most deserves a visit. Having died at just six years old, her grave is marked by a life-size marble statue with her hand resting on a tree stump, symbolizing her life cut short. Many visitors place toys at her grave when they visit, and some have reported seeing the ghost of Gracie near the site. Other spooky accounts of the Bonaventure include inexplicable sounds, like crying babies and barking dogs, and statues suddenly smiling as people approach them.

Cahawba Alabama

Cahawba, Alabama

Alabama's first capital and famous ghost town takes its name from the state's longest river, situated at the confluence of the Cahaba and the Alabama. It was abandoned after the Civil War, and its empty buildings, slave burial ground, and eerie cemeteries are now popular settings for ghost tours and stories of paranormal activity. The most famous tale is that of a luminous floating orb appearing in the former garden maze of Colonel C.C. Pegues's house, shortly after the colonel had been killed in battle. The phenomenon became known as "Pegues’s Ghost," and still attracts curious visitors to the site today.

Calcasieu Courthouse Lake Charles Louisiana

Calcasieu Courthouse, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Toni Jo Henry was a former sex worker who reached national levels of infamy when she killed a man in cold blood in 1940. It took three trials for a jury to convict the "charming" Toni Jo, but she eventually became the first (and only) woman in Louisiana to be executed in the electric chair. However, her spirit is said to have remained in the courthouse, where workers can feel her presence and even smell her burning hair. Many claim she meddles with everyday life at the courthouse to make life more difficult for the employees, locking doors and fiddling with office equipment.

Crescent Hotel Eureka Springs Arkansas

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Since its construction in 1886, the Crescent Hotel has served several purposes: luxury resort, conservatory for young women, junior college. But the strangest mark on its history came in 1937 when it got a new owner, Norman G. Baker. Baker was a millionaire inventor who decided to pose as a doctor (despite having no medical training) and turn the hotel into a hospital that could "cure" cancer. He was eventually found out and run out of town, although reports say that his spirit found its way back to the site—and found some otherworldly company, too. The now-operating Crescent Hotel is said to be haunted by at least eight ghosts , ranging from a five-year-old girl to a bearded man wearing Victorian clothing.

Dock Street Theatre Charleston South Carolina

Dock Street Theatre, Charleston, South Carolina

One of the oldest theaters in America, this site in downtown Charleston has racked up a lot of tumult and history over the years. After a fire burned down the original theater, the Planters Inn was built on the spot; it was converted back to a theater in the 1930s. The most flamboyant ghost here is Nettie Dickerson, who, legend has it, was struck by lightning while standing on the balcony of the hotel. Her shadow has been reported gliding along the second floor of the theater, dressed in a red gown. Also in otherworldly attendance: Junius Brutus Booth, a renowned 19th-century actor (and the father of Lincoln assassin John Wilkes) who used to frequent the inn. —Jenna Scherer

The Driskill

The Driskill, Austin, Texas

The Driskill is a majestic Romanesque hotel with modern rooms and an iconic brick facade, drawing Europeans tourists and wedding parties since 1886. It's a true Austin landmark—and according to some, a true hot-spot for ghosts. Travelers have noted eerily abnormal sounds through its ornate corridors, as well as phantom sightings of the hotel’s namesake, Jesse Driskill, whose portrait still hangs in the lobby. They say Driskill never recovered from the heartbreak of losing his hotel in a high-stakes poker game, and honestly, we get it: This hotel is a hard one to say goodbye to.

Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The castle-like Eastern State Penitentiary took solitary confinement to new levels when it was built in 1829. Prisoners lived alone, exercised alone, and ate alone; when an inmate left his cell, a guard would cover his head with a hood so he couldn't see or be seen. The prison had to abandon its solitary system due to overcrowding from 1913 until it closed in 1970, although the forms of punishment did not get any less severe (chaining an inmate's tongue to his wrists is one example). The site—one of the most haunted places in America—now welcomes thousands of visitors every year, both for its museum and annual " Terror Behind the Walls " celebration, which features 15 haunted attractions within the prison walls for Halloween. Reported paranormal happenings have included disembodied laughter, shadowy figures, and pacing footsteps.

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Emily's Bridge Stowe Vermont

Emily's Bridge, Stowe, Vermont

New England is known for its lovely covered bridges, but some are more likely to elicit dread rather than delight. Take Emily's Bridge in Stowe, for example, a 50-foot-long bridge that is said to be the site of a young woman's suicide in the mid-1800s. According to legend, the woman (Emily) was supposed to meet her lover at the bridge to elope, but ended up hanging herself from the rafters when he never showed up. Today, Emily's ghost is said to maliciously haunt the site, clawing at passing cars and even scratching the backs of pedestrians until they bleed. There are slightly less menacing spooks as well, like images of a white apparition and strange voices and footsteps coming from the tunnel.

Gettysburg Battlefield Pennsylvania

Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest in American history, with somewhere around 50,000 young men dying in the three-day conflict. Many of the soldiers never received a proper burial after their untimely deaths, and many believe the souls of these men now wander the field to look for their weapons and comrades.

Honolulu Airport

Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii

If flight delays and $13 sandwiches aren't enough to make you fear airports, Honolulu 's Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (also known as Honolulu International Airport) has an extra feature to strike fear in even the most intrepid of travelers: a resident ghost. Dubbed “the Lady in Waiting," the apparition is a blonde woman in a white dress who shows up in off-limits areas of the airport. According to legend, the woman fell in love with a man who promised to marry her (while she was still alive, of course), but then he hopped on an international flight and abandoned her at the gate—her ghost is still waiting for him to return. People have reported other strange occurrences as well, like toilet paper rolls that unravel on their own and toilets that flush by themselves. Although when it comes to airport bathrooms, we've seen a lot scarier.

Hotel Monte Vista Flagstaff Arizona

Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff's Hotel Monte Vista has its fair share of paranormal guests who have truly overstayed their welcome, including a long-term boarder who had a habit of hanging raw meat from the chandelier in Room 210; and two women who were thrown from the third floor and now attempt to asphyxiate male guests in their sleep. There's also reportedly an infant whose disturbing cries have sent staff members running upstairs from the basement. (Actor John Wayne even once had a paranormal encounter here.)

House of the Seven Gables Salem MA

House of the Seven Gables, Salem, Massachusetts

No, this house did not steal its name from the classic novel—in fact, it inspired the novel itself. Aside from being the site of those famous witch trials, Salem also happens to be the birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne, who used this 17th-century house as inspiration for his famous 1851 novel, The House of the Seven Gables . Aside from its beautiful-yet-spooky facade, the house is surrounded by tales of paranormal activity and ghost sightings (all based on personal experiences of staff). Every October, the house offers spooky tours as well as weekly performances of two plays, The Legacy of the Hanging Judge and Spirits of The Gables .

Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Illinois

Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, Illinois

Lions, and tigers, and... ghosts? As it turns out, one of Chicago's most popular attractions is also one of its most haunted, with much more than just chimpanzees roaming the grounds. From the 1840s to '50s, the heart of Lincoln Park served as the city cemetery, housing some 35,000 bodies . The cemetery was eventually moved due to its proximity to the city's water supply, and most of the bodies—but not all of them—were moved along with it. If you've ever seen a horror movie, you know that messing with burial grounds is the easiest way to get haunted, and the Lincoln Park Zoo is no exception. As if walking above several thousand corpses isn't creepy enough, famed parapsychologist Ursula Bielski once called the area (in its current state) "without a doubt the most active site I’ve investigated"; and people have reported seeing ghosts there since it opened in 150 years ago. We are sad to report, however, that no animal ghosts have been spotted as of yet.

Lizzie Borden Bed  Breakfast Fall River Massachusetts

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Fall River, Massachusetts

Without a doubt, the most famous haunted bed and breakfast in New England is the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River. For those unfamiliar with the story (or the macabre jump-rope rhyme), police accused Borden of brutally killing her father and stepmother with a hatchet in 1892; she was acquitted of the murders later that year. At the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum, visitors can tour the house or spend the night, even staying in the room where Abby Borden was killed. Guests and employees have reported all kinds of strange activity in the house, including weeping and footstep sounds, an apparition in Victorian-era clothing wandering the halls, doors opening and closing, and muffled conversations coming from vacant rooms. —Randy Kalp

The Mark Twain House Hartford Connecticut

The Mark Twain House, Hartford, Connecticut

Mark Twain lived in this Hartford house from 1874 to 1891, during which time he wrote both The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer . The landmark now serves as a museum that showcases the iconic author’s life and work. It’s also an excellent place to experience the paranormal, apparently, as visitors have reported things like odd noises and a woman in white (isn’t it always?). The billiard room is considered the most haunted spot in the house—it is where Twain used to sit ands smoke cigars, and some claim they can smell smoke wafting through the air as they pass through.

Masonic Temple Detroit Michigan

Masonic Temple, Detroit, Michigan

With its 16 floors, 1,000+ rooms, and Gothic facade, the Masonic Temple is one of the most imposing additions to Detroit 's skyline. According to rumors, there's also more to it than meets the eye, like hidden passageways and staircases. The most famous urban myth associated with the Temple, however, is that of its architect, George D. Mason: Legend has it that Mason went bankrupt funding the construction and then leapt to his death from the roof. You'll be hard-pressed to find facts to back up this tale, but it certainly does help explain reports of a ghost climbing the steps to the roof of the building.

Mizpah Hotel Tonopah Nevada

Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, Nevada

Mizpah Hotel opened in 1907 as one of Nevada's first luxury hotels, complete with solid granite walls and Victorian-era decor, and it was fully restored in 2011. But the swanky hotel has a history as blood-red as its scarlet furnishings—one it proudly embraces. Legend has it that a woman died on the fifth floor, and her soul never left the building. The "Lady in Red" now reportedly makes her presence known by whispering in men's ears and leaving pearls from her broken necklace on guests' pillows. The Mizpah honors (or capitalizes on) her reputation by letting visitors stay in the Lady in Red suite and serving the Red Lady Bloody Mary at the hotel restaurant.

Myrtles Plantation St. Francisville Louisiana

Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana

Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, Myrtles Plantation is considered to be one of America's most haunted sites. The house is rumored to be on top of an Indian burial ground and is home to at least 12 different ghosts. Legends and ghost stories abound, including the tale of a former slave named Chloe, who had her ear chopped off after she was reportedly caught eavesdropping. She got her revenge by poisoning a birthday cake and killing two of the plantation owner's daughters, but was then hung by her fellow slaves. Chloe now reportedly wanders around the plantation, wearing a turban to conceal her severed ear.

Ohio State Reformatory

Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield, Ohio

Opened in 1896, the Ohio State Reformatory is famous for its Gothic facade and ominous six-story cell block. But its greatest claim to fame is when it served as the filming location for The Shawshank Redemption , though the prison was shrouded in terror long before Red and Andy holed up there. The reformatory closed in 1990 due to overcrowding and inhumane conditions, but not before more than 200 people (including two guards) died in the building. Legend says that the ghosts of several former inmates still roam the halls, as well as an old guard who jabs people with his nightstick. There are various ways for visitors to experience the hauntings first-hand, from two-hour guided tours to private paranormal investigations.

One if by Land Two if by Sea

One if by Land, Two if by Sea, New York City

Often considered one of the world's most romantic restaurants, One if by Land, Two if by Sea has all the makings of a perfect evening: gold chandeliers, fireside tables, upper-crust cuisine…and about 20 ghosts. The spirits are reportedly more playful than malicious—paranormal activities are classic phantom pranks like flickering lights, tilting picture frames, and moving plates. Some of the most famous apparitions include a woman dressed in black who walks down the staircase and a Ziegfeld follies girl. Other people claim that Aaron Burr haunts the restaurant—it was his carriage house back in the day, after all. Sadly, there are no reports of him performing any songs from the Hamilton soundtrack.

Pine Barrens New Jersey

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

The heavily forested Pine Barrens spans over 1 million acres and seven counties in New Jersey. The area thrived during the Colonial period, host to sawmills, paper mills, and other industries. People eventually abandoned the mills and surrounding villages when coal was discovered to the west in Pennsylvania, leaving behind ghost towns —and, some say, a few supernatural wanderers. The most popular Pine Barrens resident is without a doubt the Jersey Devil. According to legend , the creature was born in 1735 to Deborah Leeds (her 13th child) with leathery wings, a goat's head, and hooves. It flew up the Leeds' chimney and into the Barrens, where it has reportedly been killing livestock—and creeping out South Jersey residents—ever since.

Pittock Mansion Portland Oregon

Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon

Oregonian pioneers Henry and Georgiana Pittock decided to build their dream house when they reached their golden years, in 1909, spurring the innovative design and construction of the Pittock Mansion. Unfortunately, the couple only got to enjoy their home for a few years before passing away—Georgiana in 1918 and Henry in 1919. The building is now a public landmark where some strange occurrences have been reported, such as the smell of roses (Georgiana's favorite bloom) filling a room with no flowers in it, and a childhood painting of Henry moving, on its own, from spot to spot within the house. Clearly, death was not enough of a reason for the Pittocks to vacate their beloved home.

Red Onion Saloon Alaska

Red Onion Saloon, Skagway, Alaska

Established in 1898 as a brothel for miners during the Klondike Gold Rush, Alaska's Red Onion Saloon had a feature that set it apart from other bordellos: It used dolls to help run its business. (Always a good sign.) Every day, 10 dolls would be placed on the bar downstairs, each one representing one of the ladies working in the upstairs rooms. A customer would choose one of the dolls, at which point it was laid down on the bar to indicate that particular worker was occupied. When the customer came back downstairs, the doll would be returned to her sitting position to let other potential clients know she was available. Fast-forward to 2019, when the Red Onion Saloon still operates as a bar and restaurant (yep, the dolls are still on display), and offers tours of the upstairs rooms, which are preserved as a sort of makeshift brothel museum. As if licentious dolls weren't creepy enough, there are reports of Lydia—a former madam of the brothel—haunting the site, complete with cold spots and lingering smells of perfume wafting through the halls.

RMS Queen Mary Long Beach California

RMS Queen Mary , Long Beach, California

Aside from a brief stint as a war ship in World War II, the RMS Queen Mary served as a luxury ocean liner from 1936 to 1967. During that time, it was the site of at least one murder, a sailor being crushed to death by a door in the engine room, and children drowning in the pool. The city of Long Beach purchased the ship in 1967 and turned it into a hotel, and it still serves that purpose today—although the reported ghosts of the deceased passengers get to stay for free. (For an extra dose of spine-tingling experiences, see if you can visit the ship's engine room, which is considered by many to be a "hotbed" of paranormal activity.)

San Fernando Cathedral San Antonio Texas

San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas

The oldest church in Texas holds El Mariachi Mass on Sunday, and is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture. But come nightfall, you'd have to be something of a daredevil to enter its myth-ridden grounds . When construction workers started renovating the church in 1936, they unearthed bones, nails, and tattered military uniforms near the altar, which some believe belonged to three soldiers of the Alamo. Since the disturbing incident, visitors have reported shadowy figures and orbs in their photographs, as well as ghosts in the back of the church itself . Such otherworldly inhabitants include a man dressed in black and figures in hooded, monk-like clothing.

Sheffield Island Lighthouse Norwalk Connecticut

Sheffield Island Lighthouse, Norwalk, Connecticut

Built in 1868 to help ships reach Connecticut's Sheffield Island (a 45-minute ferry ride from South Norwalk), this 10-room, Victorian-style lighthouse has a bit of a troubled past. In 1972, the lighthouse's original keeper died suddenly while watching passing ships with a spyglass; his death was never fully explained. Then, in 1991, an archaeologist working on historic site preservation reported several mysterious happenings, including mystical music coming from the shores, distant cries for help, and the sound of a foghorn—despite there being no foghorn on the island. Many believe the sounds were the work of the ghost of Captain Robert Sheffield, who originally purchased the islands in the early 1800s (and apparently had a knack for weird musical instruments). Today, Sheffield Island Lighthouse offers guided group tours from May through September.

The Stanley Hotel Estes Park Colorado

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel 's stately Georgian architecture and world-renowned whiskey bar have lured travelers to Estes Park since the hotel opened in 1909. But the Stanley reached new levels of fame after inspiring Stephen King's fictional Overlook Hotel from The Shining . That eerie association aside, many other ghost sightings and mysterious piano music have been connected to the hotel. The Stanley Hotel leans into its reputation quite cleverly, offering nightly ghost tours and psychic consultations from the in-house Madame Vera .

St. Augustine Lighthouse Florida

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is visited by nearly 225,000 people annually, but it is just as well-known for its otherworldly visitors. Several tragic events occurred at the now-historic site that have contributed to the alleged paranormal activity. One of the first was when the lighthouse keeper fell to his death while painting the tower; his ghost has since been spotted watching over the grounds. Another event was the horrific death of three young girls, who drowned when the cart they were playing in broke and fell into the ocean. Today, visitors claim to hear the sounds of children playing in and around the lighthouse.

TransAllegheny Lunatic Asylum Weston West Virginia

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum opened its doors to patients in 1864, and in the 1950s, the West Virginia facility reached its peak, housing more than 2,400 patients—even though it was designed to hold only 250. The severe overcrowding led to inhumane conditions (like lack of heat and convalescents kept in cages), and patients started acting increasingly violent, from starting fires to attacking staff members. The asylum finally closed in 1994, but the souls of some patients are said to linger. Ghost tours are available for those wishing to see how some patients lived—and died—within the cramped halls.

Whaley House San Diego California

Whaley House, San Diego, California

Thomas Whaley built this family estate in 1857 in San Diego , on the former site of the city's first public gallows. Shortly after he moved in, he reported hearing the heavy footsteps of "Yankee" Jim Robinson, a drifter and thief who was hanged on the site four years before the house was built. Whaley's family history ended up being filled with tragic deaths and suicides, many of which occurred inside the home itself. Some of the family members reportedly still haunt the landmark , often accompanied by cigar smoke and the smell of heavy perfume.

Winchester Mystery House San Jose California

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

The Winchester Mystery House might be one the most disturbing construction projects in history. Following the death of her husband and child, Sarah Winchester (the wife of a rifle-maker's son) was informed by a seer that her family was killed by the ghosts of gunshot victims. To keep away the vengeful spirits, she commissioned the Victorian fun house-turned-macabre dwelling that you see today. Some of the creepier features include staircases that lead directly into the ceiling, doors that open onto brick walls, and windows that can take you to secret passages.


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10 best haunted attractions across the country, according to readers

Halloween is all about wild and wacky costumes, scary movies, haunted houses and celebrating all things spooky. So, 10Best went on the hunt for the best haunted attractions across the United States. These haunted houses offer the best actors, set designs, special effects and value for money. We started with 20 nominees selected by a panel of experts, and readers narrowed them down to the 10 best haunted attractions Scroll to see the winners.

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These Are Officially the Best Halloween Haunts in America

Stacey Leasca is an award-winning journalist and co-founder of Be a Travel Writer , an online course for the next generation of travel journalists. Her photos, videos, and words have appeared in print or online for Travel + Leisure , Time , Los Angeles Times , Glamour , and many more. You'll usually find her in an airport. If you do see her there, please say hello.

most popular haunted houses in the us

If you’re looking to have a spooktacular October, the Haunted Attraction Association is here to help.

As the “only official association in the haunt industry,” the HAA takes its job of promoting safe and ethical haunted places very seriously. With that, it’s now revealing its list of the 31 top haunted attractions across the U.S.

According to the HAA, in order to gain its seal of approval, haunted sites must be a member of HAA and meet a list of 10 criteria relating back to the group's mission, which includes: to protect customers, promote haunted attractions, and educate industry professionals.

“Guest safety is a top priority throughout the industry,” HAA President Brett Hays said in a statement. “The number of certified Top Haunt attractions has more than doubled in the past three years, which shows the commitment to safety across the board from our members.”

Sure, this all sounds kind of tame for someone looking for a frightful Halloween, but trust us, you’ll still be screaming, crying, and calling your mom to tell her you love her at all of these places.

Seriously, you think you’re getting through the Haunted Hotel in Kentucky , where ghosts, goblins, and bad guys lurk around every corner, without screaming? How about the fact that the killers hiding inside are actually allowed to touch guests? Is that horrifying enough ?

Oh, you assume you’re making it out of the Fear Farm in Arizona without peeing your pants just a little? I don’t think so, especially after you get a good look at their witches.

And don’t even get us started on Terror in the Corn in Colorado . Corn fields are already scary enough without ax murders hiding among them.

Here are 31 different places around the country you can visit with your family this Halloween season where we’re almost positive you’ll make it out alive.

  • 13th Floor Haunted House – Denver, Colorado
  • Creepy Hollow Haunted House – Rosharon, Texas
  • The Factory of Terror – Canton, Ohio
  • Fear Fair – Seymour, Indiana
  • Fear Farm – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Field of Screams – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Frightland – Middletown, Delaware
  • Hauntville Haunted House – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Haunted Hollow – Rockwood, Pennsylvania
  • Haunted Schoolhouse & Laboratory – Akron, Ohio
  • The Haunted Hotel – Louisville, Kentucky
  • Hobb’s Grove –Sanger, California
  • House of Torment Haunted House – Austin, Texas
  • Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses – Ulster Park, New York
  • Hysterium – Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • The Kingwood Asylum – Houston, Texas
  • Legends of Fear – Shelton, Connecticut
  • Niles Scream Park – Niles, Michigan
  • Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern – Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Reaper’s Revenge – Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • ScareHouse –Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Scare USA –Two Rivers, Wisconsin
  • Shocktoberfest – Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
  • Spooky Ranch at Rockin'-R- Ranch – Columbia, Ohio
  • Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Terror in the Corn – Erie, Colorado
  • Terror on the Fox – Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • The Asylum Haunted House – Denver, Colorado
  • USS Nightmare – Newport, Kentucky
  • Wiard's Orchards Night Terrors – Township, Michigan
  • Wisconsin Fear Grounds – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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The 26 Best Haunted Houses for a Seriously Scary Halloween

Author image: purewow author

Ah, fall. The leaves are turning , the apple cider is brewing and the undead are chasing you through the halls of a haunted house. If your idea of a great Halloween involves being scared out of your wits, we’ve got you covered. Haunted houses around the country start opening their creaky doors in September and there’s something for everyone, whether you want lightly spooky or absolute nightmare terror. This year things are bit different due to COVID-19 safety measures, so it’s best to plan ahead and buy tickets online in advance. You’ll also want to read up on any required safety precautions, such as mask wearing. From family-friendly fun to adults-only haunts, here are 26 of the best haunted attractions around the country to experience this fall. (Warning: Some of the images and videos below are seriously scary… proceed with caution.)

50 Halloween Dessert Ideas, from Totally Spooky to Extra Sweet

1. Knott's Scary Farm

When: September 16 to October 31, 2021

Where: Buena, CA

What to expect: Southern California’s biggest Halloween event is full of scares, including numerous haunted mazes and attractions. There are also more than 1,000 terrifying creatures wandering the amusement park, so watch where you walk. The event is recommend for those over 13 years old.

2. The Bates Motel And Haunted Hayride

When: September 24 to October 31, 2021

Where: Glen Mills, PA

What to expect: Walk through a haunted forest, filled with terrifying sets and monsters, on a trail known as the “Psycho Path” and then head into the Bates Motel, a haunted house known for its high-level special effects. Don’t miss the Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Corn Trail, a haunted corn maze that will send you running back to the car in fear.

best haunted houses midnight terror haunted house

3. Midnight Terror Haunted House

When: September 24 to November 6, 2021

Where: Oak Lawn, IL

What to expect: Taking up over 26,000 square feet, Midnight Terror Haunted House emphasizes using live actors to horrify its guests. There’s a lot to explore, including the “Factory of Malum” and “Black Oak Grove,” which are full of terrifying surprises. There’s an extensive story behind everything you see, making the experience all the more realistic.

best haunted houses the haunted trail of balboa park

4. The Haunted Trail Of Balboa Park

Where: San Diego, CA

What to expect: Explore two haunts in one location: The Haunted Trail and The eXperiment Maze. Follow a twisting trail through Balboa Park once you escape the mile-long maze, but watch out for dangers lurking behind the trees. Favorite horror icons, like Pennywise and Michael Meyers, can be found throughout the haunted attraction. This one is best for those over the age of 10.

5. Headless Horseman Hayrides And Haunted Houses

When: September 25 to October 31

Where: Ulster Park, NY

What to expect: One of the most famous haunted attractions in America, Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses covers 65 acres and includes a haunted walking trail, corn maze and five haunted houses. There are a few special children’s days where the terror is toned down for younger (or weak of heart) guests. The entire experience lasts about two hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy everything.

best haunted houses netherworld haunted house

6. Netherworld Haunted House

When: September 24 to November 13, 2021

Where: Stone Mountain, GA

What to expect: Walk through Stone Mountain’s famed Halloween attraction, which is filled with live actors, monsters and intense special effects. It’s regularly named one of the best haunted houses in the U.S., and it features two haunts, Netherworld and Cyber Shock, which take about 45 minutes to explore in total. The minimum age is five, although kids who scare easily should probably skip this one.

7. Shocktober Fest

When: October 1 to November 6, 2021

Where: Sinking Spring, PA

What to expect: Located on Tulleys Farm, Shocktober Fest features 10 haunts, including “The Island,” “Twisted Clowns” and “The Chop Shop.” It’s notably immersive, with lots of live actors and special effects, although the event isn’t just about the scares. There are also two stages of live music, plus bars and street food options. Bring the whole family—if you dare.

8. Bayville Scream Park

When: September 24 to November 7, 2021

Where: Bayville, NY

What to expect: Discover seven terrifying attractions at Bayville Scream Park, one of Long Island’s favorite haunted attractions. It’s intended for older kids and adults (although there are a few tamer kid’s days on the calendar) and the park also boasts a selection of food, including two full-service restaurants and two bars. Best of all, one ticket covers the entire Halloween season, so you can return to explore different haunts on multiple days if you can’t see them all at once.

best haunted houses haunted hills hospital

9. Haunted Hills Hospital

Where: Columbia City, IN

What to expect: Join the deranged mental patients at Haunted Hills Hospital, a haunted attraction that only the truly fearless will survive. For a truly horrifying experience, book a ticket to one of the blackout days, where guests will explore the hospital in total darkness. It also includes access to the new Mayhem Midway, which features axe throwing, a live DJ, an escape room and food vendors.

best haunted houses the haunted mines

10. The Haunted Mines

When: September 25 to November 6, 2021

Where: Colorado Springs, CO

What to expect: The long-standing Haunted Mines experience takes over 28,000 square feet, with 2021 embracing a bigger and even better collection of scares. Many of the sets and actors are based on mysterious real events from Colorado’s mining history, but try not to think about how much of it could be true as you venture through the rooms.

11. Field Of Screams

When: September 10 to November 13, 2021

Where: Mountville, PA

What to expect: Field of Scream is often named one of the best haunted houses in the country, and for good reason. It includes four attractions, including a hayride, two houses and a haunted woods, and it makes for a terrifying night out during the Halloween season. There are also concessions with food and drinks and live bands take the stage on several nights of the yearly event.

12. The Dent School House

When: September 17 to November 6, 2021

Where: Cincinnati, OH

What to expect: A murderous janitor roams the halls of The Dent School House, a Halloween tradition in Cincinnati. The attraction, set in an actual schoolhouse and based on a true story, gets upgraded each year, with new sets and effects throughout the rooms. All ages are welcome, although those with a low fear threshold might want to avoid these classrooms. The Dent School House has food on sale for guests, as well.

best haunted houses haunted overload

13. Haunted Overload

When: October 8 to 31, 2021

Where: Lee, NH

What to expect: Located on the DeMeritt Hill Farm, Haunted Overload’s mission in all in the name. The attraction is different from year to year, but it always hosts a nighttime haunt for adults and daytime hours for kids looking for something slightly less scary. Follow along a scary trail, where you never know what might jump out at you.

14. The 13th Floor

When: September 11 to November 6, 2021

Where: Denver, CO

What to expect: Explore a secret “13 th floor,” which is filled with sinister creatures and scares at Denver’s favorite haunted attraction. There are two separate haunted houses for 2021, “Frost-Bite” and “The Dollmaker,” both of which welcome older kids—think PG-13 and up—for a jolt of terror. Buy a skip the line ticket to avoid waiting outside ahead of entry.

best haunted houses cutting edge haunted house

15. Cutting Edge Haunted House

When: October 1 to October 31, 2021

Where: Fort Worth, TX

What to expect: Cutting Edge Haunted House is set in a 100-year-old abandoned meat packing plant, which sets the stage for the screams to come. It takes about an hour to explore the multi-themed rooms, filled with sets, actors and monsters, and visitors should prepare themselves for a fully immersive experience.

16. Fright Fest At Six Flags Great Adventure

When: September 10 to October 31, 2021

Where: Jackson, NJ

What to expect: Come during daylight hours for family-friendly scares or arrive after dark to experience the full terror of Six Flags’ annual Fright Fest. It includes live shows, a trick-or-trail trail, haunted mazes and rides, including the new Jersey Devil Coaster, which roars through eerie nighttime fog.

17. The 13th Gate

When: October 1 to November 13, 2021

Where: Baton Rouge, LA

What to expect: Intended to blur the line between reality and horror, The 13 th Gate is a 40,000-square-foot haunted house that is not for the easily scared (or for children). It takes visitors through a pirate ship, the dangerous streets of Whitechapel with Jack the Ripper, hidden subterranean passages filled with live snakes and a zombie-infested graveyard, all of which are terrifyingly realistic.

18. Pennhurst Asylum

Where: Spring City, PA

What to expect: Navigate the maximum security wing of Pennhurst Asylum, before exploring the mental hospital’s morgue and 1,200-foot tunnels, which once housed a government research facility. It’s an immersive attraction with great storytelling behind it, and visitors should be prepared for special effects that involve fire and smoke. This one is for older guests, so find a babysitter for the kids.

best haunted houses 19 halloween horror nights at universal studios

19. Halloween Horror Nights At Universal Studios

When: September 3 to October 31, 2021

Where: Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL

What to expect: Universal Studios’ annual Halloween celebration features numerous themed attractions, including a haunted house based on Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House . There are also frightening experiences based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Beetlejuice , and it’s scary enough that kids under 13 should stay home. Visitors can also expect live shows and five special “scare zones.”

20. Cedar Point Halloweekends

When: September 17 to October 31, 2021

Where: Sandusky, OH

What to expect: For something more family-friendly, head to Cedar Point on select weekends throughout the fall. There is trick-or-treating for young kids, and haunted attractions and mazes for those a little older. Don’t miss America’s Spooky Roller Coast, which is terrifying when the sun goes down.

best haunted houses blood manor

21. Blood Manor

Where: New York, NY

What to expect: New York City’s Broadway hosts Blood Manor, an annual haunted house that features 10,000 square feet of themed rooms and a labyrinth of passageways and corridors. It’s designed to be the most intense attraction of its kind in New York, and it’s not recommended for anyone under 14 (or for those who scare easily). The house is wheelchair accessible, so this is a good pick for anyone with limited mobility.

21. Reaper’s Revenge

Where: Scranton, PA

What to expect: There’s a lot of terror to explore at Reaper’s Revenge, an annual attraction that hosts a hayride, a horrifying carnival and several other themed haunts. A ticket includes access to all over the site’s offerings, and it can take nearly two hours to experience them all. Food is available for purchase, should you not be too nervous to eat. Keep kids under 10 at home.

22. A Petrified Forest

When: October 1 to 30, 2021

Where: Altamonte Springs, FL

What to expect: Plan a night out to A Petrified Forest, which boasts three haunted trails, live music, food trucks and activities. The haunted attractions are considered PG-13 level, but kids of all ages are welcome to attend.

23. Haunted Schoolhouse And Laboratory

When: September 18 to November 6, 2021

Where: Akron, OH

What to expect: Comprised of two separate haunted houses, Akron’s Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory brings double the scares for one ticket. It’s notably scary (kids are 12 should stay home) and guests can book into the even more terrifying blackout nights to creep through the attraction in the dark.

24. Frightmare Manor

Where: Talbott, TN

What to expect: Located on the site of real-life serial killer Jeremiah Lexer’s former plantation, Frightmare Manor covers 20 acres, with numerous walk-through attractions. It’s so absolutely terrifying that if you make it through the entire experience and beat the so-called “Nightmare Challenge,” you get your money back.

best haunted houses scary acres

25. Scary Acres

Where: Hope, RI

What to expect: Head to Scary Acres to immerse yourself in three terrifying attractions, including the “Haunted Woods” and the “Master’s Castle.” There are also bonfires, food and live entertainment, making it feel like a Halloween theme park come to life. There’s no age restriction and plan for at least 90 minutes (if not longer) to go through all three haunts.

The 16 Most Hair-Raising and Spine-Chilling Ghost Tours Across the U.S.

purewow author

More Stories You'll Love

Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

The Most Haunted Houses in Every State (and Their Horrifying Back Stories)

Visitor beware: You will need to sleep with a night light.

The Most Haunted House In Every State

Fabricated haunted houses have nothing on the real ones . If you love a spine-chilling tale and are considering exploring an actual haunted house near you, you're in the right place. We're spotlighting the top creepy homes in every U.S. state, so you can take note of the most haunted houses closest to you (and go visit IRL, or move very far away from them). Each one has a distinct backstory , but all have hosted many creepy , unexplainable occurrences—including disembodied sounds, touches, movements, and more odd happenings. From grand mansions that are now abandoned to quaint, historic farmhouses, they all have one thing in common: endless reportings of ghost sightings. Ahead, take a good old-fashioned American tour of all fifty states, haunted house edition.

If you're in the for more scary ghost stories after you read about the spookiest homes near you, subscribe to our haunted house podcast Dark House on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or anywhere you listen.

Alabama: Sweetwater, Florence

most haunted alabama

Many legends abound of the supernatural activity at this historic Southern mansion . One witness had seen a soldier in a coffin appear in one of the rooms, then suddenly disappear. There are also regular reports of female visitors being mysteriously locked in one of Sweetwater Mansion's rooms as well.

Alaska: Begich Towers, Whittier

most haunted alaska

The Begich Towers (the tall building) is technically a home for most of the residents of the tiny town of Whittier. It also has stores, public utilities, and places of worship. With everything and everyone in town under one roof, there's bound to be some weirdness (or a few roommate conflicts, at the very least). Residents have heard phantom footsteps and whistling throughout the building. Not up for a ghostly encounter? Visit the prettiest small town in Alaska instead.

Arizona: The Rosson House, Phoenix

Built in 1895, this Victorian home looks pretty spooky in any light. Inside, you'll find an interesting museum...along with phantom footsteps , which might be from a former caretaker who had been tragically murdered.

Arksansas: Peel Mansion, Bentonville

Historic homes have their charms, but they also tend to have a few ghosts. You might bump into Samuel Peel, the original owner of this handsome mansion, on a tour of the estate. He allegedly haunts the property along with his daughter Minnie Belle, who is usually seen wearing white. She's also been known to play the piano!

California: Whaley House, San Diego

Now a museum, the Whaley House was once a private home for Thomas Whaley and his family. Unfortunately, the home was built on the site of a gruesome hanging—and the victim was said to have haunted the Whaley family on the regular. Years later, Whaley's daughter Violet died by suicide. Though her spirit hasn't been spotted at the home, those of Thomas and his wife have been.

Honorable mentions: The Jean Harlow/Paul Bern House in Los Angeles, California. Listen to season one, episode three of Dark House to learn more. 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles, where Sharon Tate was murdered by members of the Manson Family Cult. Listen to this Dark House episode (season two, episode three) to learn more.

Colorado: The Molly Brown House, Denver

Yes, it's that famous Molly Brown —the one who survived the Titanic. Now a museum , visitors have spotted the ghosts of Molly, her husband J.J., and their guests smelled phantom cigar smoke (thought to be J.J.'s) and felt odd cold spots.

Connecticut: New London Ledge Lighthouse, Groton

The former residence of a number of lighthouse keepers, this home has been featured on several ghost-hunting shows. There seems to be only one spirit here, named "Ernie" —but he's got a very strong presence. He likes to turn televisions off and on, take sheets off beds, and generally cause a ruckus with knocking. If you prefer your haunts on dry land, make sure to visit Connecticut's ghost town .

Delaware: Woodburn Mansion, Dover

This stately Georgian home was built in 1790 and bought by the state to use as a governor's residence in 1965. The home's a particularly active site for ghostly encounters , from the mysterious little girl who appeared floating in a fountain at a 1985 inauguration to the boisterous Revolutionary soldiers who allegedly drink any wine left out. After taking a peek at the estate, stock up on (non-haunted) antiques in a famed Delaware town .

Florida: The Riddle House, West Palm Beach

This property was once a funeral home , so it almost goes without saying that there's a lot of mysterious (and ghostly) activity here. One of the more famous ghosts is named Joseph and worked for the home's owner, Karl Riddle. Joseph had sadly died by suicide in the home. Allegedly, his spirit occasionally attacks those he feels are on his turf.

Georgia: Rhodes Hall, Atlanta

Though Savannah is famous for its ghost tours (especially through the town's gorgeous town squares ), Atlanta isn't lacking in haunted homes. Rumor has it that Rhodes Hall , which was once the stately home of furniture magnate Amos Rhodes, is haunted by the former Mrs. Rhodes along with an evil spirit called the "Shadow Man." Apparitions of children also have been seen around the stately building. Today, Rhodes Hall serves as the headquarters of The Georgia Trust For Historic Preservation.

Honorable Mention: The Mercer-Williams House Museum in Savannah, Georgia. Listen to season one, episode four of Dark House to learn more.

Hawaii: The Volcano House Hotel, Volcano

This former private home-turned-hotel is where you might see the ghost of an older woman, along with the spirit of a white dog. Or maybe you'll want to stick to touring one of Hawaii's most romantic beaches instead.

Honorable Mention: The Kasha House of Kaimuki, which will be featured in this episode of House Beautiful's haunted house podcast, Dark House .

Idaho: "The Murder House," Boise

A brutal murder in 1987 gave rise to local lore for this unassuming home. Some say the victims still haunt the ground today, and some locals even refer to it as the "Chop Chop House," which is perhaps a little brusque considering the backstory.

The full story of the Boise Murder House is be featured in season 2 of Dark House , House Beautiful's haunted house podcast.

Illinois: McPike Mansion, Alton

The accounts of hauntings for this former boarding house go all the way back to the 1940s. Back then, boarders would hear children playing (when no children lived there). Though it was abandoned for decades, passersby would see faces in the windows. The ghostly presence of a former owner was also seen wandering the grounds. You can continue your Illinois ghost tour by traveling to Chicago to see a very haunted cemetery .

Indiana: Nicholson-Rand House, Indianapolis

Accounts of hauntings of this historic home didn't start until 1997 when the structure was moved for preservation purposes. That year, a ghostly figure was spotted looking out a window when the home was photographed during the move. This prompted others to reveal their accounts of other paranormal encounters with the home, ranging from seeing multiple apparitions to blood pouring from the walls.

Iowa: Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca

Iowa has a rich history , but some of it is a little unsettling. As the name suggests, this unassuming home was the site of a gruesome murder. In 1912, six members of the Moore family (who owned the home) and two visitors were bludgeoned to death. Axe wounds were also found on each, giving rise to the home's name. The murderer was never found, and today, visitors report bedroom doors opening and shutting on their own, unexplained sensations of being slapped or pinched, and odd chills.

Listen to season one, episode two of Dark House to learn more.

Kansas: The Sallie House, Atchison

This infamous house is haunted by Sallie, a young girl who had entered the home around the turn of the 20th century. At the time, it was the home of a physician who unsuccessfully tried to treat Sallie for appendicitis. Sallie is known as an angry spirit and became known for terrorizing a family during the '90s. Some say she attacked the father and set fires throughout the home.

Kentucky: Liberty Hall, Frankfort

Three spirits famously haunt this circa-1796 home. One is called the "Gray Lady," who had died of a heart attack after traveling to the home for a funeral. Another is a Spanish opera performer, who had mysteriously disappeared from the house during a visit. Both have been seen roaming the property. The other spirit is that of a young soldier, who can be seen looking into the ground-floor windows.

Louisiana: The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville

As with any former plantation, this home has a violent origin story. The most famous ghost on the property is Chloe, who was enslaved and murdered after a tragic accident in which the overseer's wife and children died after consuming Chloe's meal that had a high dosage of white oleander in it.

Maryland: Hager House, Hagerstown

Dating back to 1739, this historic house is believed to still be the home of two families ...of ghosts. Visitors have heard disembodied voices and witnessed items move on their own. And you thought you were stressed out when visitors came over to your house.

Massachusetts: Lizzie Borden House, Fall River

You're probably familiar with the story of Lizzie Borden, who was tried for killing her family with an ax. But that's not the only possible spirit that haunts the now-bed & breakfast. Before Lizzie and her family moved in, a distant relative occupied the home and murdered her children in the property's well. Some have reported hearing the kids playing on the top floor of the home, while others have experienced their sheets flying off their beds.

Honorable Mention: The S.K. Pierce Mansion in Gardener, Massachusetts. Listen to season one, episode five of Dark House to learn more.

Headshot of Hadley Mendelsohn

Hadley Mendelsohn is the co-host and executive producer of the podcast Dark House . When she's not busy writing about interiors, you can find her scouring vintage stores, reading, researching ghost stories, or stumbling about because she probably lost her glasses again. Along with interior design, she writes about everything from travel to entertainment, beauty, social issues, relationships, fashion, food, and on very special occasions, witches, ghosts, and other Halloween haunts. Her work has also been published in MyDomaine, Who What Wear, Man Repeller, Matches Fashion, Byrdie, and more.  

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What Happened to Sharon Tate's House?


America's Top Rated Scariest Haunted Houses 2021 - Top 13 Rated Haunted Attractions

most popular haunted houses in the us

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most popular haunted houses in the us

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Icons of The Haunted Attraction Industry - Hauntworld Names the Top 10 Icons of the Haunted House Industry.  See which haunted attractions currently in operation are named the ten biggest ICON haunted attractions.  

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Are you ready to experience the best haunted house in America? How deep into the depths of The Darkness can you plunge before your next breath is your last? The all new Darkness Haunted House, located in Soulard, off South Broadway in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, has been rated as America's BEST haunted house.

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Hauntworld ranks the top scary places in America to get SCARED and Scream 2021.  The best and top rated haunted houses, and Halloween Attractions in America.  Did we rank a haunted house near you find out by clicking on this article.  

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Hauntworld rates the top 13 best and scariest haunted houses in America.  Hauntworld rates and reviews the scariest, best, longest, haunted houses and Halloween Attractions in America 2020.

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Hauntworld rates the top 13 best and scariest haunted houses in America.  Hauntworld rates and reviews the scariest, best, longest, haunted houses and Halloween Attractions in America 2018.

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Escape From Blood Prison in Mansfield Ohio site of one of the single most famous Prisons in Hollywood History ( Ohio State Reformatory) famous of the film "The Shawshank Redemption".  Now its one of the biggest scariest haunted houses in America.  Read about Escape from Blood Prison! 

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Top Haunted Houses In America

most popular haunted houses in the us

2023 Guide to Haunted Houses in Every State

As we embrace the season feared by many to be the darkest time of the year, there’s a switch that gets flicked in the depths of the human psyche. We start to hunger for thrills and chills in all their manifestations. You can’t escape the spooky graveyard displays popping up in the quietest corners of the suburbs, or the expertly sculpted pumpkins with terrifyingly jagged grins. Your fashion choices morph, taking on a darker, more ominous tone as the spirit of Halloween descends. It’s the season of joy and terror, the season of haunted houses!

We won’t be rating or ranking the scare factor of any blood-curdling clowns (although we all know Pennywise tops that list). Our goal is simple: to ensure you have a haunted house to visit in every state, with a handful more for the bravest amongst us. Some attractions draw crowds in their thousands; others, only the bravest few. We have some recurring popular haunts and some fresh spine-chilling new entries. The wait is over – Prepare yourself for FrightFind’s must-visit haunted houses across all states – 2023!

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.”

                                                            — Stephen King

Alabama Top Haunt: Warehouse 31

This warehouse is waiting to store your soul..

Warehouse 31

The most captivating haunted attractions are those that reel you in with a spine-tingling backstory, plunging you directly into the heart of terror. Warehouse 31, nestled in Pelham, Alabama, wickedly prides itself on transforming nightmares into tangible fear. The plot? A parallel realm, ominously dubbed “The Rift,” has been haphazardly unveiled, unleashing “The Creatures of the Rift” into our reality. The violent tearing open of interdimensional doors has bloody repercussions, distorting the fabric of space and time into an elaborate labyrinth of over fifty baffling mazes that you and your friends must navigate to escape. Amp up the fright factor by choosing the 3D enhancement, or take on the unique “Lights Out” challenge where you dodge the creatures in complete obscurity, guided solely by the glow of a lantern.

FrightFind It: Warehouse 31 in Pelham, AL

Runner-Up: Arx Mortis in Killen, AL

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Alaska Top Haunt: Fright Night Manor

It’s like visiting hell, only colder..

Fright Night Manor

For the sixth consecutive year, Fright Night Manor in Anchorage, Alaska, has been crowned the state’s top horror attraction! Established in 1985, this mostly family-friendly experience may currently be on the lookout for a new location, but rest assured, the frights will continue. Known for its clown-centric theme, with a specific focus on a gigantic clown room, it also offers separate zones dedicated to ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ and Zombies, and a display of enormous spiders. Your ticket will immerse you in terrifying 3D effects, with spine-chilling surprises lurking around each corner, this is a thrill-seeker’s paradise. However, it might be too intense for the youngest family members.

FrightFind It: Fright Night Manor in Anchorage, AK

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Arizona Top Haunt: 13th Floor Haunted House

60,000 square feet of horror..

13th Floor Haunted House

13th Floor Haunted House is a highly immersive horror-themed attraction based in Arizona. Known for its chilling theatrical performances, intricate set designs, and professional makeup, this haunted house delivers a spine-tingling experience to visitors seeking adrenaline-fueled thrills. The 13th Floor Haunted House consistently scores high in visitor reviews, solidifying its stature as one of the must-visit attractions during the Halloween season.

Beyond the thrills, The 13th Floor Haunted House also provides visitors an opportunity to dive into the realm of folklore and urban legends, each with a unique theme that adds to the eerie ambiance. Whether it’s navigating through a post-apocalyptic city overrun by zombies or finding a way out of a cursed, creepy mansion, the narratives are designed to push the limits of one’s fears, making it an unforgettable adventure. Additionally, the rotating themes and yearly updates keep visitors coming back for more terror, guaranteeing a fresh experience with every visit.

FrightFind It: 13th Floor Haunted House

Runner-Up: Mount Mayhem in Phoenix, AZ

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Arkansas Top Haunt: Fear Factory 501

There are 501+ resons to visit this haunt..

Fear Factory 501

Fear Factory 501 is a thrilling haunted house attraction located in Jacksonville, Arkansas. This immersive entertainment venue is renowned for its heart-stopping scares and highly detailed sets, providing an unforgettable experience for fans of horror and suspense. From spine-chilling sound effects to realistically creepy characters, every aspect of Fear Factory 501 is designed to amplify the fear factor and ensure a spine-tingling adventure that will linger in your memory long after your visit

FrightFind It: Fear Factory 501 in Jacksonville, AR

Runner-Up: Carpenter’s Mortuary in Gentry, AR

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California Top Haunt: Shaqtoberfest

The year of the boat.

Shaqtoberfest Halloween Festival

Upon entering the mysterious realm of Shaqtoberfest, you are met with an intimidating horde of specters, fiends, and various other terrifying entities. The macabre mansion, a primary feature, is painstakingly constructed to provoke a sense of dread with its superbly detailed decor and startling frights. This abode is decidedly not for the squeamish, and promises to deliver a deeply engaging and genuinely terrifying encounter. Did we mention it’s on the haunted Queen Mary?

FrightFind It: Shaqtoberfest in Long Beach, CA

Runner-Up: Fear Overload in San Leandro, CA

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Colorado Top Haunt: 13th Floor Denver

Nothing bad ever happens on the 13th floor. right.


The 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver offers an immersive and spine-chilling experience that’s unmatched. As one of the most recognized haunted attractions in the nation, it’s not for the faint-hearted. The meticulously designed sets, professional actors, and state-of-the-art animatronics work together to create an environment that feels truly haunted. Each year, the team behind the 13th Floor Haunted House goes above and beyond to introduce new, heart-stopping themes and scares, ensuring that even frequent visitors are kept on their toes. It’s a must-visit destination for thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts.

FrightFind It: 13th Floor Denver in Denver, CO

Runner-Up: Haunted Field of Screams in Thornton, CO

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Connecticut Top Haunt: Legends of Fear

Real farm. real woods. real fear..

Legends of Fear

Step into the world of the eerie and uncanny at Legends of Fear in Connecticut! This haunted house is not for the faint-hearted, promising a thrilling journey into the spine-chilling realms of the supernatural. Ranked one of the best haunts in America, this is an attraction that’s sure to make your heart race and your skin crawl! Their biggest attraction, the chilling Haunted Hayride, takes you on a mile-long journey through the dark woods and fields, with more than 70 spooky actors and 30 terrifying scenes that are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

Remember, fear is not an illusion here, but a terrifying reality. Visit Legends of Fear for a spooktacular experience that will stay with you long after you leave. But beware, you might just bring a few ghostly friends home with you!

FrightFind It: Legends of Fear in Shelton, CT

Runner-Up: Fright Haven in Stratford, CT

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Delaware Top Haunt: Frightland

Eight levels of pure hell.

Frightland Haunted House

Renowned for its hair-raising haunted attractions, Frightland stands unrivaled in Delaware. Esteemed media outlets like Forbes and The Travel Channel have labeled it as one of the most fearsome across the nation. Beyond its thrilling haunted house, Frightland also offers an assortment of amusement park rides, ensuring a heart-pounding experience for horror park enthusiasts. The attention to detail in their horrifying special effects is evident as visitors shriek in The Attic, haunted by the echoes of elusive laughter from the depths of the shadows. The Zombie Prison poses a daring escape challenge, as visitors are confronted with the gory desperation of the undead striving to break free. With a range of ticket options for various attractions, Frightland remains Middletown’s best and most terrifying hidden gem.

FrightFind It: Frightland in Middletown, DE

Runner-Up: Nightmares Haunted House in Laurel, DE

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Florida Top Haunt: Howl-O-Scream At Busch Gardens

Nothing like a corn dog while you run for your life.

Howl-O-Scream At Busch Gardens

Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens is an annual Halloween event that transforms the popular amusement park into a hauntingly delightful landscape. As the sun sets, the park shrouds itself in a creepy ambiance, attracting thrill-seekers who relish the combination of chilling scares and exhilarating rides. Attractions range from haunted houses with intricately designed sets to scare zones populated by wandering monsters. The event also features night-time performances of Busch Gardens’ famous rides, adding a spine-tingling twist to their usual thrills. Despite the scares, Howl-O-Scream maintains an element of fun, making it a sought-after event every Halloween season.

FrightFind It: Howl-O-Scream At Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL

Runner-Up: Murder House in Tampa, FL

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Georgia Top Haunt: Lake Joy – Trails of Terror

Take a dip in the lake they said it will be fine..


Lake Joy may sound like a serene retreat for solitude and peace, but the name is a deceptive lure into their chilling Trails of Terror! It’s an entirely outdoor fright attraction nestled in the bleakest of forests, home to a troupe of menacing clowns, maimed women, and potential werewolves that lurk beneath the brilliance of the full moon. This haunt in mid-Georgia consistently receives five-star reviews on social media, and now offers enhanced features such as fast-passes and glow sticks. Once you witness the horrors within these woods, you’ll appreciate any edge to escape unscathed. Doors open at twilight, and close when… the final victim is dragged away.

FrightFind It: Lake Joy – Trails of Terror in Kathleen, GA

Runner-Up: Camp Blood in Carrollton, GA

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Hawaii Top Haunt: Hauntyed Plantation

Not responsible for nightmares.

Haunted Plantation Haunted House

Recognized as one of MSN’s Top 20 Haunted Attractions and featured on networks like the SyFy Channel and The Travel Channel, the Haunted Plantation is not for the fainthearted. Not to mention its mention in Buzzfeed, this real-life haunted plantation located in Waipahu has made a name for itself as the most terrifying spot throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The plantation area is teeming with over sixty horrific and monstrous characters, each with a hair-raising agenda for unprepared visitors. If you find yourself anywhere in Hawaii, it’s worth making a detour to experience the Pacific’s most chilling thrill. However, be sure to bring along plenty of companions for moral support – you’ll need them for the post-visit trauma counselling.

FrightFind It: Hauntyed Plantation in Waipahu, HI

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Idaho Top Haunt: Haunted Mansions of Albion

Halloween fun in a real haunted building.

Haunted Mansions of Albion

Etched above the entrance of Idaho’s premier spooky experience, you’ll find the words: “Haunted Mansions of Albion: A School of Chaos”. Claiming the title of the biggest haunted attraction in the Northwest, the School of Chaos devilishly beckons. Visitors join as the fresh recruits at Albion State and commence a terrifying journey through haunted classrooms, ominous tunnels, and multiple levels of pure dread. As the unsettled spirits of Albion State remain unexorcised, this terrifying experience promises an unsettling journey from the moment you set foot on the premises, with a commitment to guaranteed scares even in the queue. Did we mention that this eerie attraction is ensconced within a genuinely haunted edifice?

FrightFind It: Haunted Mansions of Albion in Albion, ID

Runner-Up: Requiem Haunted House in Caldwell, ID

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Illinois Top Haunt: Spook Hollow

The longest running “outdoor haunted attraction” in illinois..

Spook Hollow Haunted House

Spook Hollow, located in Marquette Heights, Illinois, has a well-earned reputation as one of the most thrilling haunted attractions in the state. Known for its intense and immersive experience, it offers a bone-chilling journey through an intricate maze of terror. The haunted house, driven by a cast of dedicated and frighteningly convincing actors, employs state-of-the-art special effects to bring its macabre scenes to life. Every room and corridor in Spook Hollow is designed to tap into your deepest fears, ensuring an unforgettable experience for adrenaline junkies and horror enthusiasts alike.

FrightFind It: Spook Hollow in Marquette Heights, IL

Runner-Up: Nightmares Basement of the Dead in Aurora, IL

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Indiana Top Haunt: Haunted Angelus

Best bang for your buck.

Haunted Angelus

Nestled in the heartland of Indiana, the Haunted Angelus House provides a spine-chilling experience for those who dare to tread its eerie pathways. It is known far and wide for its detailed and immersive set design, topped with a cast of frightfully convincing actors who know just when to give you a good scare. Each year, the organizers curate a unique theme, ensuring that the fear factor never dissipates. Despite its spooky reputation, it maintains a community focus, with all proceeds going towards The Angelus, a home for disabled individuals. This makes the scare not only thrilling but also heartening, knowing that every shriek and gasp supports a noble cause.

FrightFind It: Haunted Angelus in Indianapolis, IN

Runner-Up: Hanna Haunted Acres in Indianapolis, IN

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Iowa Top Haunt: Sinister Sidney

So sinister, you have to be 12 to get in.

Sinister Sidney

Sinister Sidney is a renowned haunted house attraction that sends shivers down the spines of its visitors. Each year, as Halloween draws near, this eerie destination comes alive with chilling specters and spooky decorations that provide a delightfully terrifying experience. Sinister Sidney’s popularity is a testament to its creatively-crafted horror scenes and the commitment of its actors who go above and beyond to create a genuinely frightening atmosphere. It truly is a place where nightmares live, instantly becoming a must-visit locale for thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts.

FrightFind It: Sinister Sidney in Sidney, IA

Runner-Up: Thrasher’s House of Terror in Mount Pleasant, IA

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Kansas Top Haunt: Zombie Toxin

13 years of medical malpractice.

Zombie Toxin

Zombie Toxin Haunted House is a thrilling, immersive experience designed for those seeking an adrenaline rush. The attraction boasts a labyrinth of spine-chilling scenarios where visitors encounter the undead, portrayed by talented actors in impressively detailed makeup. Every twist and turn in this macabre maze is designed to evoke suspense and intrigue. In addition to the haunted house, the venue also offers other spine-tingling attractions such as an eerie escape room and a haunted hayride, making it a must-visit destination for horror enthusiasts.

FrightFind It: Zombie Toxin in Junction City, KS

Runner-Up: Field of Screams in Maize, KS

More Top Haunted Houses in Kansas | Back to Top

Kentucky Top Haunt: The Devil’s Attic

That’s no friendly ghost in your attic.

most popular haunted houses in the us

From the inception of existence, the malevolent force commonly referred to as the Devil has been amassing a collection of the most vile and fearsome souls known to have traversed the realm of the living. Millennia has passed, and now the Devil stands poised to release this horde of nightmarish entities upon those daring enough to step into The Devil’s Attic. Situated in Louisville, Kentucky, The Devil’s Attic stands as the foremost horror attraction in the state, boasting over 104 (meticulously tallied) awards in the horror industry since its inception in 2011. This year is set to surpass all others, as the Devil plans to unleash not only his horrific collection of tormented souls but also monstrous incarnations of legendary horror creatures, promising to petrify you until the night’s end…and possibly beyond!

FrightFind It: The Devil’s Attic in Louisville, KY

Runner-Up: The Haunted Hotel in Louisville, KY

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Louisiana Top Haunt: The Mortuary

An icon of new orleans.

The Mortuary

The Mortuary Haunted House, located in the heart of New Orleans, is an iconic attraction renowned for its chilling atmosphere and bone-chilling experiences. The haunted house is aptly situated in a 19th-century mansion, previously a functioning mortuary, making it an eerily authentic location for thrill-seekers. Known for its intricate designs, special effects, and professional actors, The Mortuary Haunted House crafts an immersive and terrifying journey through the realms of horror, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

FrightFind It: The Mortuary in New Orleans, LA

Runner-Up: RISE Haunted House in Tickfaw, LA

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Maine Top Haunt: Haunted Grandview Manor

Be prepared to want to leave..

Haunted Grandview Manor

The terrifying tales of Stephen King aren’t the only things that will send shivers down your spine in Maine. Lebanon’s Haunted Grandview Manor serves as New England’s solution for those craving a dreadfully thrilling haunted attraction of monumental intensity. Considered a multi-faceted provider of terror, Grandview Manor stands out among haunted attractions that typically stick to a single narrative or theme. The deranged orchestrators at Grandview Manor have accessed mankind’s darkest fears and brought them chillingly alive. Expect to encounter disfigured decaying bodies, scarecrows crowned with pumpkin heads (a small homage to our favorite author), wandering witches drenched in blood, and demented clowns so unsettling that an explicit rule allows any visitor to exit at any moment due to sheer terror.

FrightFind It: Haunted Grandview Manor in Lebanon, ME

Runner-Up: Fright at the Fort in Prospect, ME

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Maryland Top Haunt: 301 Devil’s Playground

Worst jungle gym ever.

301 Devil's Playground

301 Devil’s Playground is one of the most spine-chilling haunted attractions located in Maryland. Each year, it attracts countless thrill-seekers with its eerie atmosphere and horror-filled experiences. Visitors wander through haunted houses, where heart-stopping scares lurk around every corner. The surreal environment includes a haunted barn, a horror hayride, and The Field of Screams providing an immersive and petrifying experience. The ghostly inhabitants of the 301 Devil’s Playground are enough to give anyone nightmares, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking the adrenaline rush of terror.

FrightFind It: 301 Devil’s Playground in Galena, MD

Runner-Up: Laurel’s House of Horror in Laurel, MD

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Massachusetts Top Haunt: Factory of Terror

They are in the terror business, and they don’t disappoint..

Factory of Terror

The Factory of Terror in Massachusetts, renowned as a premiere haunted attraction, delivers a chilling blend of the supernatural and the uncanny. Housed in an actual former factory, this venue is steeped in eerie ambiance and a rich history that adds authenticity to the spine-tingling experiences. With multiple haunted houses each offering unique themes and spine-chilling moments, the Factory of Terror has something insidious lurking around every corner, promising an unforgettable journey for those brave enough to venture within its gloomy walls.

FrightFind It: Factory of Terror in Fall River, MA

Runner-Up: Hysteria at Connors Farm in Danvers, MA

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Michigan Top Haunt: Hush

3 secret bars yes, please.

Hush Haunted Attraction

Hush Haunted Attraction is a terrifyingly entertaining experience, striking the perfect balance between fear and fun. As you step into its shadowy confines, an eerie sense of anticipation washes over you. With each advancing step, heartbeats echo louder in your ears, matching the rhythm of the haunting whispers that echo along the cobweb-laden corridors. Yet, amidst the spine-chilling screams and lurking specters, there is a peculiar sense of delight – a thrilling adrenaline rush that keeps you wanting more. It’s a funhouse of fright, where terror and laughter are two sides of the same coin.

Every detail of Hush comes alive with a backdrop of spine-tingling music and eerie lighting that further enhances the suspense. From creepy clowns to wicked witches, you’ll be surrounded by an array of ghouls in every corner. As your guide leads you through winding passageways, you’ll encounter scenes that will frighten even the bravest.

FrightFind It: Hush in Westland, MI

Runner-Up: Exit 13 Haunted House in Mount Morris, MI

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Minnesota Top Haunt: The Haunting Experience on Highway 61

Established in 1986 and getting better every year..

The Haunting Experience on Highway 61

The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 is not your ordinary haunted house experience. It’s an adrenaline-pumping, nerve-rattling journey through a series of eerie, pitch-black rooms filled with ghoulish creatures lurking in the shadows. The chilling sound effects and lifelike animatronics set the stage for a truly immersive experience. As you journey down the haunted highway, each turn brings a new surprise, keeping your senses on high alert. The level of detail in the set design and the performances by the live actors make The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 a must-visit attraction during the Halloween season.

FrightFind It: The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 in Cottage Grove, MN

Runner-Up: Scream Town in Chaska, MN

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Mississippi Top Haunt: Bailey Haunted Firehouse

Best haunted deal in mississippi.

Bailey Haunted Firehouse

The Bailey Haunted Firehouse is a popular Halloween attraction located in Bailey, Mississippi. Known for its spine-chilling setup and eerie ambiance, the haunted house has been attracting thrill-seekers from all corners of the region for years. A disused firehouse transformed into a realm of horror, it hosts an assortment of spooky characters and frightening scenarios designed to make visitors’ blood run cold. With a reputation for being one of the scariest haunted attractions in Mississippi, the Bailey Haunted Firehouse truly offers an unforgettable Halloween experience.

FrightFind It: Bailey Haunted Firehouse in Meridian, MS

Runner-Up: House of the Haunted Fields in Raymond, MS

More Top Haunted Houses in Mississippi | Back to Top

Missouri Top Haunt: The Darkness

Are you afraid of the dark.

The Darkness

The Darkness is one of the longest-running premier haunted attractions in the country, and as they celebrate their 30th year, they are giving out nightmares to all. Located in St. Louis, The Darkness is under the overarching umbrella of haunted attractions that stem from a site known only as Creepyworld. Banking on having an attraction that runs longer and scarier than any previous years, The Darkness looks to take even the most veteran of haunted attraction attendees and have them emotionally snap under the most bloodcurdling of circumstances. Brave enough to visit the depths of darkness and depravity where not even the salvation of light exists?

FrightFind It: The Darkness in St. Louis, MO

Runner-Up: Creepyworld in Fenton, MO

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Montana Top Haunt: Field of Screams

Dare yourself to enter the field of screams.

most popular haunted houses in the us

Rated as the #1 Haunted Attraction for Western Montana, the Field of Screams in Victor, just outside of Missoula, is one wicked place to visit! This is no ordinary cornfield to visit alone at night, at the Field of Screams bringing friends is an absolute must. This giant outdoor attraction has you twisting your way through a patchy cornfield maze where you could be a victim to any soulless ghoul hiding among the darkened rows. Push yourself through fog-filled graveyards and dodge the most sinister of psycho cornfield clowns. If you make it through, the final test of the Ghost Town will test the mightiest mettle of any veteran haunted attraction goer.

FrightFind It: Field of Screams in Victor, MT

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Nebraska Top Haunt: Scary Acres

A nebraska tradition since 1994.

Scary Acres

Scary Acres Haunted House, nestled in the heart of Nebraska, stands as a grand testament to the love for the supernatural and the macabre. This thrilling destination is sure to send chills down the spine of even the bravest visitors with its eerie ambiance, spine-tingling attractions, and incredible attention to detail. It draws in thrill-seekers from all over, who revel in the adrenaline rush that comes with exploring its haunted confines. A visit to Scary Acres is more than a simple walk-through, it’s an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression of heart-pounding terror and excitement.

FrightFind It: Scary Acres in Omaha, NE

Runner-Up: Bloodrush in Omaha, NE

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Nevada Top Haunt: The Asylum

Where your body checks in, but your soul never checks out.

The Asylum in Las Vegas

The Asylum & Hotel Fear in Las Vegas adds a chilling layer of horror to the otherwise thrilling city! Bring your most courageous companions, as their company will be crucial to surviving the Asylum. This spine-chilling haunted tour immerses you in the gloomy and horrifying secrets of the Meadview Sanctuary, home to some of the most grotesque patients. If your heart can handle more, Hotel Fear introduces you to some of the most petrifying specters from horror lore. Horror movie enthusiasts will recognize certain aspects of this haunted attraction used in the film Rust.

FrightFind It: The Asylum in Las Vegas, NV

Runner-Up: Freakling Bros – Horror Shows in Las Vegas, NV

More Top Haunted Houses in Nevada | Back to Top

New Hampshire Top Haunt: Fright Kingdom

New england’s scariest haunted house.

Fright Kingdom

Fright Kingdom is a premiere haunted attraction located in Nashua, New Hampshire. Known for its elaborate sets and chilling performances, Fright Kingdom offers an immersive horror experience that is both spine-tingling and mesmerizing. Visitors are treated to a nerve-jangling journey through a variety of themed areas, each more unnerving than the last. From uncanny illusions to ghastly apparitions, Fright Kingdom artfully combines theatrical storytelling with state-of-the-art special effects, ensuring an unforgettable evening of shivers and screams.

FrightFind It: Fright Kingdom in Nashua, NH

Runner-Up: Haunted Overload in Lee, NH

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New Jersey Top Haunt: Bloodshed Farms

Haunted drive through.

Bloodshed Farms

Bloodshed Farms, a notorious haunted house attraction, reigns supreme in the realm of frightful experiences. This intense and hair-raising haunt is not for the faint-hearted. It is known for its elaborate and bone-chilling designs, nightmarish characters, and immersive storylines that play on your deepest fears. Each year, the proprietors add new themes and scares to keep even the bravest souls on their toes. The chilling ambiance, coupled with skilled actors who don’t miss a beat, creates a heart-pounding journey through the dark that is both thrilling and unforgettable.

FrightFind It: Bloodshed Farms in Springfield, NJ

Runner-Up: The 13th Hour in Wharton, NJ

More Top Haunted Houses in New Jersey | Back to Top

New Mexico Top Haunt: McCall’s Haunted Farm

One of the best in the country. see it.

McCall’s Haunted Farm

McCall’s Haunted Farm in New Mexico is a spine-chilling experience that leaves even the bravest of souls trembling. As twilight descends, the eerie silence is shattered by the blood-curdling screams echoing from the haunted cornfield. The spectral figures lurking in the shadows and the abandoned, creaking buildings whisper tales of terror and despair. The chilling legend of Farmer McCall and his horrific deeds still haunts the place, casting a dark, foreboding shadow over the farm. It’s a journey into the heart of fear, a true nightmare that lingers long after your visit.

FrightFind It: McCall’s Haunted Farm in Moriarty, NM

Runner-Up: The Horror Hall in Tularosa, NM

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New York Top Haunt: Headless Horseman

Over 30 years of haunted hayrides.

Headless Horseman Haunted Attraction

The Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions in New York offer a thrilling combination of spine-chilling scares and heart-pounding excitement. Set amidst shadowy forests and dimly lit paths, this unique experience will have your pulse racing as you encounter the infamous Headless Horseman himself. Expect chilling surprises at every turn, as eerie specters and unsettling sounds emerge from the darkness. Yet, amidst the fear, there’s fun to be had, as the camaraderie among visitors transforms the daunting into delight. It’s an adrenaline-fueled adventure that combines the best of fright and fun, making it a must-visit destination during the Halloween season.

FrightFind It: Headless Horseman in Ulster Park, NY

Runner-Up: Tagsylvania in Big Flats, NY

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North Carolina Top Haunt: Woods of Terror

The most terrifying time of your life.

most popular haunted houses in the us

Woods of Terror in Greensboro, recognized by outlets such as MSN, USA Today, and Buzzfeed, transcends the typical haunted attraction to deliver an immersive haunted theme park experience. As you immerse yourself in this frightfully realistic horror film set, nearly two hundred actors are committed to inducing sheer terror. This haunted enclave comprises twelve distinct areas of horror. Arachnophobia thrusts you into a world of nightmarish creatures lurking in the dark. The Blood House, a haven for blood-thirsty vampires, is filled with unsuspecting prey under the cover of night. In the Blackout Terror zone, you’ll navigate a twisted maze shrouded in absolute darkness. Be sure to arrive early to witness the thrilling spectacle of the Midway Monster parade, a grand commencement to each night of dread.

FrightFind It: Woods of Terror in Greensboro, NC

Runner-Up: The Darkside Haunted Estates in Middlesex, NC

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North Dakota Top Haunt: Haunted Fort

Come get your fear on.

Haunted Fort

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park in Mandan ordinarily serves as a magnet for tourists, attracting thousands from every corner of the country to indulge in its historical magnificence. However, once the Halloween season rolls in, this location undergoes a chilling transformation! Marking its 18th year of instilling terror into the hearts of North Dakotans, the Haunted Fort welcomes all courageous souls to navigate their way through four distinctively dreadful haunted houses. The Old Circus Freakshow, Custer Manor, Post Asylum, and Guard House II – all offer chilling experiences that have been known to send even the most seasoned horror enthusiasts running. On Darkness Unleashed night, there’s no illumination, and visitors must face these nightmarish attractions under the cloak of total darkness. Should you survive this harrowing experience and are above 21 years old, a retreat to The Cellar awaits, where a refreshing craft beer serves as the reward for your bravery.

FrightFind It: Haunted Fort in Mandan, ND

Runner-Up: Acres of Terror in Leonard, ND

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Ohio Top Haunt: Haunted Cave at Lewisburg

Nothing bad has ever happened in a cave, right.

Haunted Cave at Lewisburg

Nestled deep in the heart of Lewisburg, the Haunted Cave is the stuff of local legends and whispered campfire tales. As the eerie whispers of the wind echo off its ancient stone walls, the cave unfurls an uncanny aura that sends a chill down the spine. Rumor has it that the ghosts of miners lost to a tragic accident centuries ago still roam its shadowy depths, their spectral lanterns casting a ghostly glow on the damp rock face. Every corner seems to hold a surprise, each darker and more bone-chilling than the last, making the Haunted Cave a terrifying journey through history and horror.

FrightFind It: Haunted Cave at Lewisburg in Lewisburg, OH

Runner-Up: Factory of Terror in Canton, OH

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Oklahoma Top Haunt: The Hex House

You will be touched so you have that going for you, which is nice..

Hex House

When visiting The Hex House in Oklahoma, anticipate an immersive experience that will push your fear tolerance to its limit. Known as one of Tulsa’s most terrifying haunted attractions, The Hex House plunges guests into a dark, disorienting world, complete with complex mazes, chilling sound effects, and intense psychological manipulation. Drawing from local urban legends, the haunt’s narrative weaves a chilling tale that leaves visitors on edge long after their departure. Be prepared for close encounters with a host of horror characters, and remember – this is not an attraction for the faint-hearted.

FrightFind It: The Hex House in Tulsa, OK

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Oregon Top Haunt: Milburn’s Haunted Manor

Come on in. make yourself at home..


Emerging from the sinister depths of Hubbard, Oregon, Milburn’s Haunted Manor sends shivers down the spine as the most fear-inducing spectacle in the state. This year, the terror intensifies with not one but two spine-chilling attractions that will freeze your blood. The Manor, known for its gruesomely tragic tale of a child’s ruthless murder, is a place of eternal torment. Will you escape, or will the tormented child spirit’s relentless pursuit reduce you to sheer insanity?

On the other hand, The Dark offers an experience that will pull the rug out from under your feet. You are plunged into abject darkness, a void so complete that not even a sliver of light is permitted. As you and your companions fumble through the unseen rooms, the monsters of your deepest fears come alive. Maddened werewolves, bloodthirsty vampires, undead creatures on the hunt, and more! Your worst nightmares materialize in this abyss. When you dare to step foot into Milburn’s Haunted Manor, rest assured that your deepest horrors unfurl before your very eyes.

FrightFind It: Milburn’s Haunted Manor in Hubbard, OR

Runner-Up: The Nightmare Factory in Salem, OR

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Pennsylvania Top Haunt: Bates Motel

Mother oh god, mother blood blood.

Bates Motel

As you approach the Bates Motel, an eerie chill sweeps over you, setting the tone for the nightmarish experience that lies ahead. The ominous creak of the dilapidated motel sign swaying in the wind sends shivers down your spine. Inside, each room tells a tale of terror, with blood-curdling screams echoing through the dimly lit hallways. The air is heavy with dread as you navigate the labyrinth of fear, with unexpected sights and sounds lurking around every corner. Haunting apparitions and chilling spectral figures add to the motel’s ghastly ambiance, leaving you with an unsettling feeling that you’re not alone. The Bates Motel is not for the faint-hearted – a visit here is a journey into the heart of terror that’s likely to leave you with sleepless nights.

FrightFind It: Bates Motel in Glen Mills, PA

Runner-Up: Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, PA

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Rhode Island Top Haunt: Haunted Labyrinth

If you think cornfields are hard to get out of, try a labyrinth.

The Haunted Labyrinth

For 35 years, the Haunted Labyrinth in Cranston has been a cornerstone of the New England area, making it the region’s longest-standing haunted attraction. The seasoned team behind the Haunted Labyrinth has become experts in delivering heart-stopping scares. This year, they have unveiled their fear-inducing theme, “The Isle of Dread”, serving up a series of survival horror experiences that’ll keep you on edge at every corner of this famed New England haunt. The Haunted Labyrinth also takes pride in being a non-profit organization, contributing to the local youth community.

FrightFind It: Haunted Labyrinth in Cranston, RI

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South Carolina Top Haunt: Deceased Farm

The only grow death on this farm..

Deceased Farm

Upon setting foot on The Deceased Farm, you will immediately sense the foreboding aura of South Carolina’s most terrifying haunted attraction. As you navigate the eerie cornfields, every rustling leaf and shadowy figure seems to whisper a dreadful secret. The chill that steals over you is not merely from the crisp fall air; it’s the bone-deep realization that you’ve entered a realm where the living and the dead have a disconcertingly thin boundary. Each structure you encounter on this haunted farmstead, from its desolate barns to its sinister outbuildings, holds its own unique nightmares. The creeping dread amplifies with every step, leaving you to wonder if the moaning you hear is just the wind… or something far more sinister.

FrightFind It: Deceased Farm in Lexington, SC

Runner-Up: The Fear Farm in Blacksburg, SC

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South Dakota Top Haunt: The Jaycees Feargrounds

50 years of fears.

The Jaycees Feargrounds

As you step onto the eerie grounds of The Jaycees Feargrounds, a chilling sense of dread permeates the air. The distant, haunting echoes of macabre laughter and the ominous creaking of unseen entities send shivers racing down your spine. Shadows dance ominously, forming grotesque figures that lurk around every corner, waiting to send the most courageous souls into a state of paralyzing fear. The stench of dread is pungent, the silence interrupted by blood-curdling screams from unidentifiable sources. Your heart pounds in your chest as you brace yourself for the terrors that await, knowing that once you enter, there’s no turning back. This is not a place for the faint-hearted; The Jaycees Feargrounds promises a thrill of horror that lingers long after you’ve escaped its haunting grasp.

FrightFind It: The Jaycees Feargrounds in Sioux Falls, SD

Runner-Up: Fear Asylum in Brookings, SD

More Top Haunted Houses in South Dakota | Back to Top

Tennessee Top Haunt: The 13th Realm

Over 40 acres of sheer terror.

The 13th Realm

Enveloped in an eerie hush, the 13th Realm Haunted House in Tennessee is a chilling spectacle that sends shivers down the spine of even the bravest souls. As you step through its ominous gates, you’re greeted by a symphony of haunting whispers and ghastly apparitions lurking in every shadowy corner. The air is heavy, filled with a sense of dread and expectancy that something terrifying is about to unfold. Unsettling moans echo through the dark, murky halls, each creak, and groan intensifying the sense of primal fear that relentlessly claws at your sanity. This is not just a haunted house – it’s an exercise in pure terror that preys upon your deepest fears and nightmares.

FrightFind It: The 13th Realm in Atwood, TN

Runner-Up: Nashville Nightmare in Nashville, TN

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Texas Top Haunt: Dark Hour

New escape room for 2023.

Dark Hour

The Dark Hour Haunted House in Texas elicits chills that run down the spine of even the bravest souls who dare to enter. This imposing edifice, shrouded in mystery and cloaked by the night, stands as a daunting testament to the supernatural. Eerie whispers echo through its desolate hallways, while spectral apparitions are said to drift through rooms, casting uncanny shadows against the moonlight. Visitors report an unnerving sensation of being watched and the prickling feeling of unseen presence. The Dark Hour Haunted House, it seems, is not a place for the faint of heart, but rather for those who seek a brush with the inexplicable and the unknown.

FrightFind It: Dark Hour in Plano, TX

Runner-Up: Moxley Manor in Bedford, TX

More Top Haunted Houses in Texas | Back to Top

Utah Top Haunt: Castle of Chaos

5 levels of fear to choose from.

Castle of Chaos

Upon the grim threshold of the Castle of Chaos, a chilling dread envelops you, creeping into your bones with a paralyzing terror. The darkness within beckons, a suffocating void that swallows all light, all hope. The walls groan with the echoes of forgotten souls, each footstep sending icy tremors spiraling down your spine. The air is dense with fear, caustic and biting, lingering on your tongue like the taste of impending doom. This is not just a haunted house, this is a journey into pure, unadulterated terror, where every moment teeters on the precipice of your worst nightmares. Welcome to the Castle of Chaos – your sanity may never remain intact.

FrightFind It: Castle of Chaos in Taylorsville, UT

Runner-Up: Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus in American Fork, UT

More Top Haunted Houses in Utah | Back to Top

Vermont Top Haunt: Nightmare Vermont

Nightmares served up fresh.


Stepping into the world of Nightmare Vermont is like embarking on a thrilling journey into the supernatural. As soon as you cross the threshold, the air grows thick with mystery and your senses are taken over by an eerie chill. Paranormal whispers fill the darkness, and ghostly apparitions seem to lurk around every corner, making your heart pound with exhilarating fear. Even with its spine-chilling atmosphere, Nightmare Vermont retains a sense of fun and adventure, ensuring your visit is a spine-tingling but enjoyable experience.

FrightFind It: Nightmare Vermont in Essex Junction, VT

More Top Haunted Houses in Vermont | Back to Top

Virginia Top Haunt: Madhaunter’s Madhouse

If you haven’t gone mad yet, you will..

Madhaunter's Madhouse

Madhunter’s Madhouse in Purcellville, Virginia is renowned for its horror, earning the title of Virginia’s “Top Haunt” from FrightFind in five out of the last six years. This attraction is reputed as the finest in the DC area, producing terrors that are anything but comedic relief. No sanctuary can be found at Madhunter’s, where terrifyingly lifelike images of horror lurk at every turn. Their dreadful screams, eerily reminiscent of cries from the underworld, will leave you questioning their reality with your companions. Overflowing with more shocking moments than a horror film fest, Madhunter’s Madhouse is a spine-chilling spectacle best suited for seasoned thrill-seekers.

FrightFind It: Madhaunter’s Madhouse in Purcellville, VA

Runner-Up: Haunted Nightmares in Winchester, VA

More Top Haunted Houses in Virginia | Back to Top

Washington Top Haunt: Fright Factory

Best haunt, dollar for dollar, in washington..

Fright Factory

The Fright Factory is no ordinary attraction; it’s a masterclass in terror. Imagine walking through dimly lit hallways, where the line between reality and your wildest nightmares blurs. Every corner promises a new fright – you may encounter creepy dolls with unblinking stares, or perhaps a ghostly figure lurking in the dark.

What makes The Fright Factory truly unforgettable is how real the scares feel. The production value is top-notch, and the actors are committed to giving you a bone-chillingly good time. The attention to detail is astounding – from the terrifyingly realistic makeup and costumes to the spine-shivering sound effects and intricate set designs.

In short, The Fright Factory is a must-visit for all horror enthusiasts. Just remember, as you navigate the maze of terror, take a deep breath and remind yourself: it’s all in good fun … or is it? If you’re brave enough, there’s only one way to find out!

FrightFind It: Fright Factory in Buckley, WA

Runner-Up: Nile Nightmares Haunted House in Mountlake Terrace, WA

More Top Haunted Houses in Washington | Back to Top

West Virginia Top Haunt: Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm

Completely revamped for 2023.


At the stroke of twilight, Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm transforms into an enigmatic canvas of fear and fun. As you step onto the creaky paths that snake through the eerie cornfields, expect to be greeted by the chilling whispers of the wind and the rustle of unseen entities. But fear not; the frights are punctuated by hearty laughs as ghoulish entertainers leap from the shadows to startle you, only to melt away with a cackle and wave. This is the haunted experience at Miller’s – a thrilling, spine-tingling journey that’s not for the faint of heart, but nonetheless packed with fun for the brave souls who dare to tread here.

FrightFind It: Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm in Lewisburg, WV

Runner-Up: The Asylum Haunted House in Weston, WV

More Top Haunted Houses in West Virginia | Back to Top

Wisconsin Top Haunt: Burial Chamber

Enjoy eternity in the chamber.

Burial Chamber

At the Burial Chamber haunted house in Wisconsin, thrills and chills await at every corner. Prepare to have your pulse racing as you experience two large indoor haunted houses and an outdoor haunted woods trail. Not for the faint-hearted, this scary adventure features blood-curdling screams, spine-chilling monsters, and eerie, dim-lit corridors. Brace yourself as you navigate the terrifying labyrinth, filled with heart-stopping surprises. But remember, it’s all in good fun, and once your scary adventure is over, you’ll be left with laughter, memories, and perhaps, a newfound love for all things spooky!

FrightFind It: Burial Chamber in Neenah, WI

Runner-Up: Green Bay Fear in Green Bay, WI

More Top Haunted Houses in Wisconsin | Back to Top

Wyoming Top Haunt: Nightmare on 17th St

Elm street has nothing on them.

Nightmare on 17th Street

For more than three decades, Cheyenne’s residents have been plunged into terror by the Nightmare on 17th Street, and this upcoming Halloween season promises the same chilling experience. The site of this contemporary horror house is a genuinely haunted location with a dark history. The horror experience here is aptly named Claustrophobia, challenging you and your friends to gather your bravery and venture through over fifteen diverse, terrifying scenes soaked in blood, filled with gore, and of fiendish dimensions. As one traumatized visitor recounted, “The fear was so overwhelming, I couldn’t move beyond the first room!”

FrightFind It: Nightmare on 17th St in Cheyenne, WY

More Top Haunted Houses in Wyoming | Back to Top

More Scary News:

Frightfind Top Haunted Houses in America 2023

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Inquiry for Top Haunted Houses In America

The USA's Greatest Haunts

The USA’s Greatest Haunts

We welcome you our site. USA’S GREATEST HAUNTS is determined to remind just how frightful the country loves to make itself come Halloween time. Dedicated to highlighting the best and the scariest, USA’S GREATEST HAUNTS is a pinnacle of recognition for top notch haunted houses everywhere, showcasing their amazing abilities to scare, traumatize, startle, intimidate, and especially, make people pee themselves. Judged by a panel with over forty years of combined experience, we determine the haunted houses that are safe, well-advertised, well-built, well-paced, have wicked good aesthetics, and much more. Haunted houses are no longer just a thrill ride: they are an art and a business. Business is terror. And terror is pleasure. And we make sure the business is booming.

Below are our picks of the Top 10 Greatest Haunted Houses in America to visit in 2023.

1. sacramento scream park, sacramento, ca.

Sacramento Scream Park

2. Hanna Haunted Acres, Indianapolis, IN

Hanna Haunted Acres

3. Hush Haunted Attractions, Westland, MI

Hush Haunted Attractions

4. Bayville Scream Park, Long Island, NY

Bayville Scream Park

5. Fear Overload Scream Park, SF Bay Area, CA

Fear Overload Scream Park

6. Folklore Haunted House, Atlanta, GA

Folklore Haunted House

7. ScareGrounds PDX, Portland, OR

Scaregrounds PDX

8. The Darkness, Saint Louis, MO

The Darkness

9. Jekyll & Hyde’s Haunted Asylum, NYC, NY

Jekyll & Hyde Haunted Asylum

10. Nightmare on 13th, Salt Lake City, UT

Nightmare on 13th

Runner-Up Haunted Houses

HellsGate Haunted House , IL

Haunted Overload , NH

Netherworld Haunted House , GA

Thrillvania , TX

Wisconsin Fear Grounds , WI

Erebus Haunted Attraction , MI

Scarehouse . PA

Statesville Haunted Prison , IL

Dark Hour Haunted House , TX

Factory of Terror , OH

Hundred Acres Manor , PA

Basement of the Dead , IL

Fright Kingdom , NH

13th Floor Haunted House , CO

The Dent Schoolhouse , OH

Cutting Edge Haunted House , TX

Terror on the Fox , WI

The Mortuary , LA

Niles Scream Park , MI

Pennhurst Asylum , PA

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These are the most haunted places in the United States

From abandoned asylums to ghost-ridden houses, discover these haunts' spine-chilling histories.

In the spring of 1692, hysteria descended upon the quiet town of Salem, Massachusetts, snaking through the community like an insidious virus. Over several months, a group of young girls claiming to be possessed by the devil condemned a score of men and women to the gallows in one of history’s most infamous witch hunts.

It’s said many of these troubled spirits still roam Salem today—including Giles Corey, an 80-year-old farmer accused of witchcraft and crushed to death after publicly questioning the girls’ motives. Howard Street Cemetery, where Corey is buried, is one of many sites across the United States believed to host the paranormal.

( Related: Here are 24 spooky places to visit around the world .)

But what draws us to the supernatural? Margee Kerr , a sociologist and the author of Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear , tells the Washington Post that feeling terror when we know we’re safe can bring around a special kind of euphoria and confidence . And some people see ghosts and spirits as proof that the soul can survive the body’s death, psychologist Christopher French explains in The Atlantic .

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, these seven spooky destinations prove that haunting lore is often rooted in very real and traumatizing histories.

The LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans, Louisiana

Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie was a Louisiana socialite known for hosting ritzy soirees in her lavish French Quarter mansion in New Orleans during the early 19th century. Guests gorged on fine food and champagne, unaware of the grisly scenes that unfolded two stories above.

When local police responded to a kitchen fire in 1834, they discovered the bodies of several horribly mutilated enslaved people in the attic. When the public learned of LaLaurie’s grotesque secret, a mob stormed the house, prompting her to flee to France . Soon after LaLaurie disappeared from New Orleans, people claimed to hear the phantom screams of her victims spilling from the house in the dead of night.

Spooky Fact : In 2014, the infamous murderess was reborn through Kathy Bates in the television series American Horror Story: Coven .

How to Visit : The replica of the LaLaurie Mansion (the orginial burnt down in the fire) is now privately owned and doesn’t offer tours, but several city tour operators, such as Free Tours by Foot and Ghost City Tours , include a stop at the Royal Street mansion on their itineraries.

The Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, Oregon

Portland , one of the most dangerous ports in the U.S. during the early 19th century, was the epicenter of an illicit maritime practice known as shanghaiing , a form of human trafficking.

According to local lore, swindlers preyed upon unsuspecting men in the local saloons, which were often outfitted with trapdoors that deposited the victims directly into a network of underground tunnels. These men were then supposedly held captive, drugged, and eventually transported to the waterfront, where they were sold to ships as unpaid laborers; some worked for several years before finding their way back home. The tunnels are said to be haunted by the aggrieved spirits of the captives who died in the dark recesses beneath the city.

Spooky Fact : The practice of kidnapping men to work on ships came to be known as shanghaiing because the ships they were sold to were often headed to East Asia.

How to Visit : Portland Walking Tours and the Cascade Geographic Society (both currently closed due to COVID-19) offer guided tours of the Portland tunnels, where visitors get a sinister history lesson in the dark. Don’t worry: They provide the flashlights.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

This menacing Gothic-style prison opened in Philadelphia in 1829 and became the first in the U.S. to implement solitary confinement, a hotly debated practice. Prisoners resided in stone cells with virtually no human contact (hoods were placed over their heads anytime they were moved). Proponents of this system believed that solitude would lead to penitence, which would ultimately result in rehabilitation. Critics, on the other hand, believed it incited emotional anguish comparable to physical torture. The so-called “Pennsylvania system” was replicated in several other states and in Europe.

It is believe the inmates’ ghosts took back the prison after it closed in 1971. Visitors claim to see their apparitions wandering the corridors and hear mischievous whispers in abandoned cell blocks.

( Related: See eerie pictures inside a Namibian ghost town .)

Spooky Fact: In the mid-1800s, thousands of tourists would visit the prison—including Charles Dickens who wrote “The system is rigid, strict and hopeless solitary confinement, and I believe it, in its effects, to be cruel and wrong…”

How to Visit: Eastern State Penitentiary offers daytime tours year-round, as well as special events . Terror Behind the Walls, one of the country’s top haunted houses, has been suspended for 2020 due to COVID-19. But if you’re feeling brave this fall, explore the decommissioned prison—and Alphonse “Scarface” Capone’s cell—under moonlight with Eastern State Penitentiary’s newly launched night tours .

R.M.S. Queen Mary , Long Beach, California

This retired ocean liner sailed the Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. During its first three years at sea, the Queen Mary carried dignitaries and Hollywood celebrities, including General Dwight Eisenhower, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn. Its days as a luxury ship were short lived, however, and in 1939 it was stripped of its amenities and began its second life as the “Grey Ghost,” a World War II troopship. At the conclusion of the war, it was restored to its former glory and traversed the Atlantic for nearly two more decades.

On Halloween 1967, the Queen Mary departed on its last cruise, eventually docking in Long Beach, California , its final resting place. The ship is reportedly haunted by the spirits of those who died aboard, including the young sailor crushed to death by a door in the engine room and a crew member murdered in cabin B340.

Spooky Fact: Winston Churchill signed the D-Day Declaration aboard the Queen Mary during World War II.

How to Visit : The Queen Mary no longer sails the Atlantic, but it lives on as a floating hotel and restaurant on California’s Pacific coast. Follow in the footsteps of its famous passengers and book a room in 2021. Return next year during the Halloween season to join the ghouls, spirits, and undead aboard the Queen Mary when it transforms into the frightening Halloween attraction, Dark Harbor .

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Fall River, Massachusetts

On August 4, 1892, the bodies of Andrew and Abby Borden were discovered bludgeoned beyond recognition in their home. The prime suspect: their youngest daughter, Lizzie.

The Borden case was one of America’s first crimes to unfold under the media spotlight. Despite growing public scrutiny and allegations that Lizzie had financial motives for the murder, she was ultimately acquitted due to lack of physical evidence (and no one was ever charged for the murders). The Borden home has since been converted into a museum and bed-and-breakfast, where guests can see gruesome photos of the crime scene and sleep in one of its reportedly haunted rooms.

( Related: These ghost towns may suprise you. )

Spooky Fact : The 19th-century murder made headlines again when it received a Hollywood makeover in the 2014 movie Lizzie Borden Took an Ax , starring Christina Ricci.

How to Visit : Sleep in the sames rooms where the Bordens took their final breaths at the Lizzie Borden B&B . The museum offers daily tours and a gift shop that sells spooky souvenirs, like an ax-wielding Lizzie Borden bobblehead doll.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

One night in this hotel nestled in Colorado ’s mountain wilderness inspired Stephen King’s best-selling novel turned horror film, The Shining . In 1909, Massachusetts couple F.O. and Flora Stanley opened the isolated resort—and reportedly never left.

According to staff, Mrs. Stanley can be heard playing her Steinway piano in the music room at night, and Mr. Stanley occasionally shows up in photographs. There have also been reports of bags being unpacked, lights turning off and on, and echoes of children’s laughter heard in the hallways. Paranormal experts hail the Stanley Hotel as one of the nation’s most active ghost sites.

Spooky Fact : Guest bedrooms have a TV channel that plays The Shining on a 24-hour loop.

How to Visit : Book a room at the Stanley and spend a night with the hotel’s permanent guests. Too spooked to spend the night? Book a day tour or brave the tour at nighttime.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia

This foreboding asylum began construction in 1858 and opened to patients in 1864. The massive structure was designed by architect Richard Andrews to maximize sunlight and fresh air—it was believed that the building itself would serve as a healing environment.

By the 1950s, the facility—designed for 250 people—housed 2,400 patients in crowded conditions, with afflictions ranging from alcoholism to epilepsy. Patients were physically restrained and often given inhumane treatments, such as electroshock therapy and lobotomies. After more than a century in operation, the facility was forced to close in 1994 due to reforms in mental health treatment and the deterioration of the building.

Hundreds of patients died during the asylum’s tenure, and scores of guests and ghost hunters have claimed to see their shadowy figures roaming Trans-Allegheny’s crumbling halls.

( Related: How did 18th-century vampire hunters identify the undead? )

Spooky Fact: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is the largest hand-cut stone masonry building in North America, and supposedly the second largest in the world after the Kremlin in Moscow .

How to Visit : The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum offers historical day tours Tuesday through Sunday. Visit during October to participate in ghost hunts , paranormal tours and flashlight tours, or attend the annual Asylum Haunted House .

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The 14 Best Haunted Houses In America That'll Scare You Silly

most popular haunted houses in the us

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Some people wait all year for the holidays to come around, especially to visit some of the best haunted attractions in the U.S. With Christmas comes twinkly lights, Christmas trees, sugar cookies, Hallmark movies, and Santa: the love language of the season, and we fully support that. However, for some, it’s what comes before the holidays that delights – the haunted, spooky, bewitching season of Halloween.

Ghost stories and ghost towns, frightful festivities, and haunted houses – this is a horse of a different color entirely: the dark horse upon which the headless horseman rides. It’s the season of spooky fun, and whether you’re Team Halloween or Team Christmas, summon your bravery this fall and venture out to the 14 top haunted attractions in the U.S. Just be prepared to be scared!

most popular haunted houses in the us

There’s something wholly delightful about being scared silly – especially when you know it’s all in good fun at one of the best haunted attractions in the U.S. The Halloween season goes by in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, it will be all Santas and reindeer, sugar and spice. So embrace the spirit of frightful fun, and enjoy these epic, best Halloween attractions in the U.S. while you can!

If you need a Halloween costume, check out Etsy’s website. And if you have the nerve, stay the night at a 65-year-old inn, and one of the most haunted places in Connecticut .

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Best haunted attractions in the u.s..

What are some of the best haunted places in the US?

Prefer to be spooked by real-life cemeteries and ghost towns? Then pack up and head out to one of these most notorious ghost towns in the US . Our country is full of ghost towns: In the West, abandoned areas remain from the days of the Gold Rush; in the Pacific Northwest, evidence of old homesteads exists along the Oregon Trail; the Midwest is full of towns that once thrived during the Great Migration; while the South and Mid-Atlantic regions have their own ghost towns which harken back to the very first days of America. Some of our favorite American ghost towns to explore during the spooky season include Shaniko, Oregon; Marfa, Texas; Nevada City, Montana; Bannack State Park, Montana; Bode, California; St. Elmo, Colorado; Old Cahawba, Alabama; Blue Heron, Kentucky; Thurmond, West Virginia; and Centralia, Pennsylvania.

What is one of the best Halloween attractions in the U.S.? North Dakota's haunted fort is one of the scariest places in America . Who knew the beautiful Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park with a significant historic presence, is also one of North Dakota's most haunted places? If you have the nerve, see Fort Abraham Lincoln in a new way as the horrifying Haunted Fort, offering different themed nights among the famously haunted grounds. You never know what might pop out at you along the way.

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These Are the 20 Most Haunted Cities in America

To boost tourism, America’s cities tout their history, restaurant scene, funky neighborhoods, entertainment venues, and sports teams. They usually aren’t shy about mentioning paranormal activity, either. Tours of murder scenes and other supposedly haunted sites are popular in towns across the country – and some places claimed to have experienced more spectral episodes than others. (You might want to give a wide berth to  America’s most infamous murder homes .)

To find the most haunted towns in America, 24/7 Tempo gleaned information from sources such as Haunted Rooms America , Condé Nast Traveler , Travel & Leisure , and CNBC . We focused on those locations that have reported the most examples of extraordinary paranormal activity.

In a CNBC story on haunted cities, Andrew Nichols , the executive director of the American Institute for Parapsychology, said there are two main reasons why some cities may be more haunted than others. An old city with lots of history has what Nichols said are many locations and objects with memories – like people have memories. He also pointed out that some areas have unusual magnetic-field properties conducive to ghosts and hauntings. 

Many Southern cities have reported paranormal goings-on, and six of them are on our list. Much of this is attributed to traumatic Civil War experiences, and the souls of the enslaved that are said to haunt former plantations. St. Augustine in Florida and New Orleans in particular have singular historical and cultural pasts that might contribute to eerie phenomena. St. Augustine is America’s oldest city, founded by the Spanish, and visitors report still seeing Spanish soldiers at the city’s old fort. New Orleans, home of gothic writer Anne Rice, was once the property of the French and Spanish, and its association with voodoo has marked it as a place of restless spirits. (Around the world, these are the most mysterious places on earth .)

Click here to read more about the most haunted cities in America

Immigration has played a large role in the development of cities such as New York and Los Angeles, and the sometimes tragic outcomes experienced by newly arrived people are allegedly why they continue to haunt sites in those cities. The ghosts of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, meanwhile, are said to inhabit rooms of the White House, while Benjamin Franklin’s spirit has allegedly been spotted at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

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most popular haunted houses in the us

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most popular haunted houses in the us

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  • Historic Homes & More

11 Real Haunted Houses to Visit—If You Dare!

Creaking doors, cold spots, moving objects: many of these scary houses have infamous histories, and former residents who reportedly still haunt the premises..

By Margaret Foley | Published Sep 30, 2023 1:45 PM

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Old abandoned gothic house. The ruined mansion stands in the park. Gothic background. Halloween party place


There are spooky houses scattered across the country where bad luck, dark doings, or tragic events have spawned rumors of ghostly residents. Take a road trip to terror and experience the eerie happenings for yourself by visiting a few of these famously “haunted” locations, many of which are open for tours or overnight stays.

Even if you’re not a believer in the supernatural, a few of these properties have historical or architectural significance that makes them worthy destinations for a day trip or a weekend away, especially if you’re comfortable with a ghost or two joining your party.

1. The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana

The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana

Photo: Bogdan Oporowski, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A staggering 10 murders are said to have been committed on the grounds of The Myrtles Plantation , although only one is confirmed—the 1871 murder of William Drew Winter, the owner at the time. Nevertheless, numerous reports of ghoulish activity—ghosts of former slaves appearing to ask about chores, inexplicable footsteps heard on the stairs , and even a grand piano playing itself—have earned this late 18th-century Louisiana plantation the reputation of being one of America’s most haunted homes.

The property is now a bed-and-breakfast. You can check in and check it out for yourself or just stop in for a tour if you’d rather be a day-tripper.

2. Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio

Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio

Photo: Christopher Busta-Peck, CC BY-SA 1.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

With its gloomy exterior and secret passageways, Franklin Castle certainly lives up to its title: the Most Haunted House in Ohio. Built in the early 1880s, Franklin Castle has it all: children crying, voices arguing in the walls, chandeliers spinning, faces materializing in the woodwork, a recurring blood stain, and a mysterious woman in black who appears in the topmost turret window.

Other peculiarities about the home are almost as creepy: a room that is 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house, a stash of baby skeletons said to have been discovered in the 1970s, and the tragic history of its original owner, Hannes Tiedemann. He lost several family members in rapid succession, some possibly under mysterious circumstances. The house is now in private hands, but it is open seasonally for tours , and brave ghost hunters can book it for overnight stays (availability is limited).

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3. Hampton Lillibridge House in Savannah, Georgia

Hampton Lillibridge House in Savannah, Georgia


The stately Hampton Lillibridge house, constructed in 1796, is considered to be the most haunted house in Savannah. The site of multiple unfortunate deaths, the home was uninhabited for years and is believed to be cursed by an ancient crypt in its basement.

The house’s eerie history does not disappoint: Even now, neighbors report seeing shadowy figures in the windows and hearing music and laughter, signs that some otherworldly party is underway. The property is privately held and is not open for tours.

4. The Arnold Estate in Burrillville, Rhode Island

The Conjuring House

Photo: Copyright Clytie Sadler

In 1971 when the Perron family moved into their new, spacious home in northwestern Rhode Island, the last words the previous owner said to them were, “Leave the lights on at night.” From that moment on, the Perrons endured 10 years of hauntings so chilling that they became the basis for a movie, “The Conjuring.”

Some of the spirits residing in the 1736 farmhouse were kindly, sweeping the kitchen every week, while some were malicious, attacking—and even possessing—their mother. The eldest daughter, Andrea, explains, “Eight generations of one family lived and died in that house prior to our arrival…some of them never left.”

Find out which are still hanging around by booking a tour or a more in-depth “GHO-event” at the property.

5. The Villisca House in Villisca, Iowa

The Villisca House in Villisca, Iowa

Photo: Jason McLaren, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In 1912, this Iowa home was the site of a gruesome ax murder that took the lives of eight people in their sleep, six of them children. At the time, the police had no protocol for criminal investigations of this nature and allowed city residents to walk about the house while the victims lay in bed.

In the 100 years that followed, people have heard voices of children crying and seen doors opening and shutting on their own. Neighbors have watched multiple tenants flee, terrified, in the middle of the night, never to return. Daytime tours of the 1868 Queen Anne-style home are available from spring through the end of October; overnights can be scheduled year-round.

6. George Stickney House in Bull Valley, Illinois

George Stickney House in Bull Valley, Illinois

Photo: MariahSTI2010, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Because he believed spirits needed the freedom to roam his house without getting trapped in angles, George Stickney designed his Illinois home with rounded corners. It has been more than 150 years since Stickney and his wife conducted regular seances in their abode in northern Illinois, but the supernatural occurrences have not ceased.

Stickney’s residence is now home to the Bull Valley Police Department; strange footsteps, objects moving on their own, and shouts coming from thin air have been enough to prompt a few officers to turn in their badges.

The Italianate house, built in 1856, is not open to the public, and today the only remnants of the ghost-friendly architecture are the curved windows and gently rounded corners on the exterior of the structure.

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7. Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois

Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois

Photo: Mikefall2 (Michael Kleen), CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Ashmore Estates was built as a poorhouse for Coles County in eastern Illinois in 1916. It served as a mental hospital under a number of different owners from 1959 through 1986, and then sat abandoned for decades.

Some believe that it used to be the meeting place for a satanic cult. Others say they have heard disembodied voices, felt hot and cold spots, and even seen full-bodied apparitions. Still others claim they’ve run into Elva Skinner, the spirit of a young girl who tragically died there more than a century ago. Visitors’ experiences differ, but all agree on one thing—this building is massively haunted.

The imposing neo-Georgian edifice is open for day tours and overnight stays , and the owners also schedule occasional nighttime public investigations.

8. Smith-Ely Mansion in Clyde, New York

Smith-Ely Mansion in Clyde, New York

Photo: Doug Kerr from Upstate New York, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1858, this 43-room Classical Revival mansion in Upstate New York retains much of its original craftsmanship. But craftsmanship isn’t all you’ll find here. Shadows move from room to room, there are sounds of people breathing when no one is around, and some mysterious event in 2008 upset one construction worker so much that he refused to reenter the house!

Thrill seekers have the chance to experience the hauntings for themselves by booking a tour or an overnight stay at the historic landmark, which is now a bed-and-breakfast known as Erie Mansion, in honor of the nearby Erie Canal.

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9. Rowan Oak in Oxford, Mississippi

Rowan Oak in Oxford, Mississippi

Photo: User:Wescbell, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Famed writer William Faulkner is said to haunt his former residence in Oxford, Mississippi. The Greek Revival house was built in the 1840s and is now a National Historic Landmark. If you take a trip to see Faulkner’s famous homestead , which is open for tours year-round, you might just spy his ghost wandering the grounds—or even writing on the walls.

10. Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon

Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon

Photo: Chrismiceli, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

This 22-room French Renaissance-style chateau in Portland, Oregon, sounds like the ideal site for a horror movie, and for good reason: Several films have been shot here. Although random apparitions are said to materialize, they seem to be happy. In fact, many people would even say that one of the mysterious presences—a strong scent of roses—is actually a blessing.

Rumors of haunting aside, the Pittock mansion is one of the state’s premier historic house museums and is open for tours year-round.

RELATED: 5 Home Styles That Look Like Haunted Houses

11. Pioneer Park in Aspen, Colorado

Pioneer Park in Aspen, Colorado

Photo: Daniel Case, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Although charming, this Aspen, Colorado, house is said to be haunted by the scorned wife of Henry Webber. Rumor has it she learned of his apparent affair with their niece and committed suicide by ingesting strychnine.

Webber went on to marry the niece, and the couple heard gloomy footsteps wandering the house and roof until Henry’s death. Also known as the Henry Webber house, the 1885 Second Empire-style residence is privately owned and is not open for tours.

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This Halloween season, visit the 10 best haunted houses in the US

USA TODAY 10Best Readers' Choice Awards logo

Best Haunted House / Attraction (2023) September 29, 2023

Halloween is about fun costumes, scary movies, and celebrating all things spooky — and that includes having a live haunted experience. These 10 haunted houses / attractions have been voted by our readers as the best in the country for the quality of their actors, set designs, and special effects, as well as value for money. 

Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary

No. 10: Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary was once one of the most expensive prisons in the world, housing the likes of Al Capone and "Slick Willie" Sutton. Today, the crumbling ruins stand empty, but they return to life during Halloween Nights. Come each spooky season, visitors who dare can test their bravery in five haunted houses, learn about the prison's past on historic tours, and drink their fears away in themed bars and lounges.

Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride

No. 9: Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride - Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Located just outside Philadelphia on Arasapha Farm, the Bates Motel offers an incredible experience of terror and mayhem. Check into the motel to experience a new level of horror, with high-tech special effects and lighting, including levitating spirits and pictures with eyes that follow you. Their Haunted Hayride is a 25-minute ride through the forest, complete with detailed Hollywood-style sets and props, giant monsters, and “more pyrotechnics than a KISS concert.” Also on offer is a haunted corn trail.

Nightmare on 13th

No. 8: Nightmare on 13th - Salt Lake City, Utah

At Nightmare on 13th, horror fans can find their way through 13 themed nightmares, ranging from Nightmare Alley and Dark Ride of Terror to Deep Freeze and many more. A second attraction, Institute of Terror, helps to prolong a night of scares. 

The Horrorland Miami

No. 7: The Horrorland Miami - Miami, Florida

Described by expert Nikky J as "absolutely terrifying," The Horrorland Miami is a themed haunted house experience that includes five main haunted attractions along with eight scary outdoor zones. Additional activities include bloody carnival games and Freak Cirque shows. And visitors can regain their composure in the food village and coffin bar.

The Haunting Experience

No. 6: The Haunting Experience - Cottage Grove, Minnesota

At The Haunting Experience, visitors must find their way through the haunted house's winding corridors, which are filled with diabolical sights and sounds, including the remains of an abandoned hospital. The scares continue on the haunted hayride that takes the brave through the shadowy forest. If you still haven't had your fill of frights, try to escape a dark cornfield where the sounds of chainsaws fill the night air.

Field of Screams Maryland

No. 5: Field of Screams Maryland - Olney, Maryland

Enter a horrifically terrifying world beyond imagination at Field of Screams in Olney, Maryland. A walk through the woods on The Haunted Trail and Trail of Terror leaves visitors scurrying away. Along their journey, guests are welcomed into several haunted houses, where they might find anything from dead bodies to clowns and butchers. Enjoy Body Bean Bag Pumpkin Toss, Zombie Brain Smash, and other Carnival Town Games for a thrilling, competitive experience.

A Petrified Forest

No. 4: A Petrified Forest - Altamonte Springs, Florida

A journey through A Petrified Forest takes visitors through three different themed scare trails sure to make your skin crawl. The highlight of each trail is going through a house filled with scare actors, bone-chilling music, and horrifying scenes. As expert Nikky J says, "It's an incredible local haunt in central Florida."

Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House

No. 3: Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House - Madison Heights, Michigan

At this haunted house, those who dare will encounter Azra, an ancient and powerful dragon, and his collection of the scariest fears, which he stored in the Chamber of Horrors. Around every corner, there is something new and terrifying trying its best to conquer anyone bold enough to walk the halls. 

Field of Screams Pennsylvania

No. 2: Field of Screams Pennsylvania - Mountville, Pennsylvania

At Field of Screams in Mountville, Pennsylvania, visitors can choose from four terrifying experiences: the Haunted Hayride, two haunted houses (Den of Darkness and Frightmare Asylum), and the Nocturnal Wasteland, a fear-filled forest. If you think your heart can take it, you can try to conquer all four during your visit. 

Cutting Edge Haunted House

No. 1: Cutting Edge Haunted House - Fort Worth, Texas

More than just a haunted house, Cutting Edge Haunted House begins its entertainment the moment guests enter the parking lot. Located in a historic area of Fort Worth, Texas, known as “Hell’s Half Acre,” this 100-year-old abandoned meatpacking plant takes visitors on a 55-minute haunted experience with its twisting corridors and multiple stories of live actors and special effects. 

About 10Best Readers' Choice Awards

Nominees are submitted by a panel of experts. 10Best editors narrow the field to select the final set of nominees for the Readers’ Choice Awards. Readers can vote once per category, per day. For any questions or comments, please read the FAQ or email USA TODAY 10Best .

The Experts

Christine barger.

Christine Barger

Christine Barger, aka The Haunt Girl, has over 30...   Read More

Christine Barger, aka The Haunt Girl, has over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry. She started out entertaining audiences through the art of ventriloquism. As an adult she has acted in live theatre productions, haunted attractions, theme park shows, television and movies. She has also designed and built attractions. She is currently building her second escape room coming soon to The Exit Game in Anaheim, California. She is also a popular content creator on TikTok and Youtube. She has gained popularity in the escape room and haunt communities through her IG & vlog channel (TheHauntGirl) dedicated to updating her community on the newest immersive plays, escape rooms and haunted attractions. Her passion for escaping rooms has taken her to over 650 escape games nationwide. Christine’s primary hobby aside from cuddling her cats is a fascination with the paranormal. She has done her fair share of investigations and had a handful of paranormal experiences that she couldn’t explain away using “logical explanations” such as the full body apparition she saw on the Queen Mary. She and her husband even went ghost hunting in London for their honeymoon. While many people look for the nicest hotel or best deal on vacation, Christine plans around the most haunted places to stay. She doesn’t mind a friendly spirit following her home now and again, as long as they don’t bother her beloved cats. Christine knows a lot about: · the paranormal · unique roadside attractions · the best places to get locked in a room Connect with Christine at: Instagram @ChristineBargerOfficial , TikTok  @ChristineBarger , Youtube , and her website, .

Christine Barger

Jamie Davis Smith

Jamie Davis Smith

Jamie is an attorney, writer and photographer. She...   Read More

Jamie is an attorney, writer and photographer. She was born with deeply ingrained wanderlust and has visited 45 countries and counting. She often brings her children along for the adventure and is passing her love of travel on to the next generation. Jamie has written for   Insider,   Fodor's Travel ,   Yahoo ,  the Huffington Post , the  Washington Post,   Viator  and  Reviewed  among many other publications. Jamie is from Philadelphia and now lives in Washington, DC, where she takes advantage of everything the region has to offer.    Jamie can be reached at  [email protected]  and can be found on  Twitter ,  Instagram  and  TikTok .

Jamie Davis Smith

Kyle McCarthy

Kyle McCarthy

Kyle McCarthy is the co-founder and editor of...   Read More

Kyle McCarthy is the co-founder and editor of Family Travel Forum, the trusted resource for family vacation planners since 1996. FTF’s award-winning publications: , America’s Most Popular Family Vacations and  The Family Vacationist  e-newsletter  provide destination reviews, tips and  seasonal roundups  for all aspects of travel. Ms. McCarthy, author of a dozen Frommer’s guidebooks, also contributes to US News, CNN and other publications. She can be found on most social networks @familytravelforum.

Kyle McCarthy

NikkyJ is a theme park super fan, Author of The...   Read More

NikkyJ is a theme park super fan, Author of The Solo Theme Park Traveler’s Guide, the founder and owner of , a wishful Food Critic, coffee enthusiast, and a lover of life! She currently resides in Orlando, Florida where she enjoys spending time with her husband and two little girls while discovering the beautiful attractions of Florida. You can watch her on  YouTube  or listen to her podcast.

Nikky J

Robb Alvey is the owner of ,...   Read More

Robb Alvey is the owner of , started in 1996 and one of the longest running and largest theme park fan sites with over 3 million followers. Robb travels to theme parks all over the world each year including Europe, Asia, Australia, and all around the Americas, has visited hundreds of different parks and ridden about 2,000 different roller coasters. His background in theme parks started as a cast member for Disneyland when he was 17 years old and has continued more than 30 years later.

Robb Alvey

10Best Editors

10Best Editors

USA TODAY 10Best provides users with original,...   Read More

USA TODAY 10Best provides users with original, unbiased and experiential travel coverage of top attractions, things to see and do, and restaurants for top destinations in the U.S. and around the world.

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Best Escape Room (2023)

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Best Ghost Tour (2023)

Best Ghost Tour (2023)

Best Pumpkin Patch (2023)

Best Pumpkin Patch (2023)

Best Theme Park Halloween Event (2023)

Best Theme Park Halloween Event (2023)

Best Haunted Destination (2021)

Best Haunted Destination (2021)

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This Bliss Life

This Bliss Life

The Most Popular Haunted Houses in San Jose California

With Halloween just around the corner, many families and thrill-seekers in San Jose are looking for ways to get into the spooky spirit. One popular Halloween activity is visiting haunted houses, which provide a fun and safe environment for people of all ages to be frightened and entertained. Though San Jose has plenty of family-friendly pumpkin patches and corn mazes this time of year, the city is also home to several haunted houses that can provide a more thrilling experience.

In particular, the proliferation of haunted houses in San Jose highlights the importance of having safe yet scary venues for teenagers to visit. Since many haunted houses don’t permit young children, they can be an ideal place for teens to bond over their love of horror and the paranormal. With proper supervision and reasonable safety precautions, haunted houses allow young people to face their fears without being exposed to genuine danger. At the same time, San Jose makes sure to offer plenty of family-friendly daytime pumpkin carving events and costume parades. By promoting both frightening haunted houses and playful community events, San Jose finds a good balance to make Halloween an engaging holiday for all ages.

Dead Time Dreams Haunted Attractions

Dead Time Dreams Haunted Attractions in San Jose , California, is a well-known Halloween destination that offers an array of spine-tingling experiences for thrill-seekers and Halloween enthusiasts. Each year, the attraction transforms itself with elaborately designed haunted houses, mazes, scare zones, and interactive experiences, creating an immersive and terrifying environment for visitors. 

The attraction is distinguished by its dedication to crafting intricate and ever-changing themes, ranging from classic horror settings to imaginative and unique concepts. With a commitment to high-quality production values, including impressive set design, professional actors in detailed costumes and makeup, and special effects, Dead Time Dreams ensures that guests are fully immersed in a world of horror. 

Typically operating during the Halloween season, the attraction offers various ticket options, including VIP passes for shorter lines and special events like “lights-out” nights or behind-the-scenes tours. Safety measures are in place to guarantee the well-being of visitors, and the attraction often plays a role in the local community by creating jobs, supporting charities, and engaging with fans through social media to build anticipation for the Halloween season.

Tickets to Dead Time Dreams Haunted Attractions in San Jose are $20 for general and $30 for VIP.

Located at Eastridge Mall

Address: 2501 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95122

The Winchester Mystery House

Our haunted adventure begins with the infamous Winchester Mystery House, an architectural marvel shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Located in the heart of San Jose, this sprawling mansion was once the residence of Sarah Winchester, widow of the Winchester rifle magnate. Legend has it that Sarah was haunted by the spirits of those killed by her husband’s invention, and she embarked on a never-ending construction project to appease them.

The eerie architecture of the Winchester Mystery House features staircases leading to nowhere, doors that open into walls, and secret passages that baffle all who visit. Visitors often report strange sounds, ghostly apparitions, and unexplained occurrences, making it one of the most famous haunted houses in the United States.

During the Halloween season, The Winchester Mystery House Unhinged event takes place.  Guests can take part in a spooky housewarming party in which a couple moves into the house but strange things start to happen.  Winchester Mystery House also hosts a haunted maze with more than one angry spirit and a Halloween museum.  

Address: 525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

The Bernal Scream

South San Jose hosts the return of The Bernal Scream haunted house walk-through.  This year it’s located next to the closed Marie Calendar’s restaurant on Blossom Hill Road.  this family-owned and run haunted house features realistic scare actors.  We like that the Bernal Scream only allows small groups at a time, which means there is plenty of room to move throughout the house. This also means it can take quite a bit of time to get through the line to enter the house, especially on Halloween night.

Overall we recommend checking out this family-run haunted house which is a great option for those who want to stay in the South Bay area for Halloween.

Tickets cost $25 for general admissions and $40 for VIP 

Address: 620 Blossom Hill Rd San Jose, CA 95123

Great America Tricks and Treats Events

The Great America Tricks and Treats is a popular Bay Area attraction that operates annually at California’s Great America theme park in Santa Clara, California. The park is decorated with pumpkins, zombies, ghosts, and other spooky themes. Some of the haunted attractions utilize indoor and outdoor sets and special effects to create an immersive, frightening experience. With multiple scare zones and mazes that range from family-friendly to extremely intense, the Great America Tricks & Treats offers thrills and chills for visitors of all ages.

Most of the popular roller coaster rides are operating during this special event. The lines for the trick-or-treating can get long but lots of kids and their families have plenty of other things to explore. You see many families with their young children up to teens enjoying the park. We love the addition of the bonfires with seats around which is a great addition to the park on chilly evenings. 

This frightful event typically runs on select nights from late September through October. Ticket prices start at around $30 for basic entry on weeknights, ranging up to $90 for a VIP experience on peak nights. Parking costs an additional $20-25 per car. Guests can expect live shows, Halloween-themed treats and meals, and hundreds of creepy characters lurking around every corner.

Address: 4701 Great America Pkwy Santa Clara, CA 95052

Boo Crew on Church Drive

The  Boo Crew  is a popular haunted house attraction in San Jose, California. It is located on Church Drive. The Boo Crew has been a tradition in San Jose for over 22 years. Every year, the crew builds an entirely new, multi-story structure from scratch to reflect a new theme. The haunted house is known for its elaborate and spooky displays, attracting many visitors during the Halloween season.

In the past, the Boo Crew has created haunted houses with themes such as a cursed carnival with a nearly full-scale roller coaster, a spectral riff on San Jose’s Hotel “Dead Anza,” a pirate ship, and an Indiana Jones tribute with a boulder latched to a garage-door opener.

The Boo Crew on Church doesn’t have actors jumping out at you but the walk-through is still a fun experience and you get to admire the hard work of the community.  There are additional decorations, stalls selling snacks and drinks, and various actors walking up and down the street to entertain and take pictures with those in line.

Address: 1441 Church Drive San Jose, CA 95118

The post The Most Popular Haunted Houses in San Jose California appeared first on This Bliss Life .

With Halloween just around the corner, many families and thrill-seekers in San Jose are looking for ways to get into the spooky spirit. One popular Halloween activity is visiting haunted houses, which provide a fun and safe environment for people of all ages to be frightened and entertained. Though San Jose has plenty of family-friendly...

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