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Sailboat Parts Explained: Illustrated Guide (with Diagrams)

When you first get into sailing, there are a lot of sailboat parts to learn. Scouting for a good guide to all the parts, I couldn't find any, so I wrote one myself.

Below, I'll go over each different sailboat part. And I mean each and every one of them. I'll walk you through them one by one, and explain each part's function. I've also made sure to add good illustrations and clear diagrams.

This article is a great reference for beginners and experienced sailors alike. It's a great starting point, but also a great reference manual. Let's kick off with a quick general overview of the different sailboat parts.

General Overview

The different segments

You can divide up a sailboat in four general segments. These segments are arbitrary (I made them up) but it will help us to understand the parts more quickly. Some are super straightforward and some have a bit more ninja names.

Something like that. You can see the different segments highlighted in this diagram below:

Diagram of the four main parts categories of a sailboat

The hull is what most people would consider 'the boat'. It's the part that provides buoyancy and carries everything else: sails, masts, rigging, and so on. Without the hull, there would be no boat. The hull can be divided into different parts: deck, keel, cabin, waterline, bilge, bow, stern, rudder, and many more.

I'll show you those specific parts later on. First, let's move on to the mast.

yacht rigging parts

Sailboats Explained

The mast is the long, standing pole holding the sails. It is typically placed just off-center of a sailboat (a little bit to the front) and gives the sailboat its characteristic shape. The mast is crucial for any sailboat: without a mast, any sailboat would become just a regular boat.

I think this segment speaks mostly for itself. Most modern sailboats you see will have two sails up, but they can carry a variety of other specialty sails. And there are all kinds of sail plans out there, which determine the amount and shape of sails that are used.

The Rigging

This is probably the most complex category of all of them.

Rigging is the means with which the sails are attached to the mast. The rigging consists of all kinds of lines, cables, spars, and hardware. It's the segment with the most different parts.

The most important parts

If you learn anything from this article, here are the most important parts of any sailboat. You will find all of these parts in some shape or form on almost any sailboat.

Diagram of Parts of a sailboat - General overview

Okay, we now have a good starting point and a good basic understanding of the different sailboat parts. It's time for the good stuff. We're going to dive into each segment in detail.

Below, I'll go over them one by one, pointing out its different parts on a diagram, listing them with a brief explanation, and showing you examples as well.

After reading this article, you'll recognize every single sailboat part and know them by name. And if you forget one, you're free to look it up in this guide.

Diagram of the Hull Parts of a sailboat

On this page:

The hull is the heart of the boat. It's what carries everything: the mast, the sails, the rigging, the passengers. The hull is what provides the sailboat with its buoyancy, allowing it to stay afloat.

Sailboats mostly use displacement hulls, which is a shape that displaces water when moving through it. They are generally very round and use buoyancy to support its own weight. These two characteristics make sure it is a smooth ride.

There are different hull shapes that work and handle differently. If you want to learn more about them, here's the Illustrated Guide to Boat Hull Types (with 11 Examples ). But for now, all we need to know is that the hull is the rounded, floating part of any sailboat.

Instead of simply calling the different sides of a hull front, back, left and right , we use different names in sailing. Let's take a look at them.

Diagram of the Hull Parts of a sailboat

The bow is the front part of the hull. It's simply the nautical word for 'front'. It's the pointy bit that cuts through the water. The shape of the bow determines partially how the boat handles.

The stern is the back part of the hull. It's simply the nautical word for 'back'. The shape of the stern partially determines the stability and speed of the boat. With motorboats, the stern lies deep inside the water, and the hull is flatter aft. Aft also means back. This allows it to plane, increasing the hull speed. For sailboats, stability is much more important, so the hull is rounded throughout, increasing its buoyancy and hydrodynamic properties.

The transom is the backplate of the boat's hull. It's the most aft (rear) part of the boat.

Port is the left side of a sailboat.

Starboard is the right side of a sailboat

The bilges are the part where the bottom and the sides of the hull meet. On sailboats, these are typically very round, which helps with hydrodynamics. On powerboats, they tend to have an angle.

The waterline is the point where the boat's hull meets the water. Generally, boat owners paint the waterline and use antifouling paint below it, to protect it from marine growth.

The deck is the top part of the boat's hull. In a way, it's the cap of the boat, and it holds the deck hardware and rigging.

Displacement hulls are very round and smooth, which makes them very efficient and comfortable. But it also makes them very easy to capsize: think of a canoe, for example.

The keel is a large fin that offsets the tendency to capsize by providing counterbalance. Typically, the keel carries ballast in the tip, creating a counterweight to the wind's force on the sails.

The rudder is the horizontal plate at the back of the boat that is used to steer by setting a course and maintaining it. It is connected to the helm or tiller.

Tiller or Helm

  • The helm is simply the nautical term for the wheel.
  • The tiller is simply the nautical term for the steering stick.

The tiller or helm is attached to the rudder and is used to steer the boat. Most smaller sailboats (below 30') have a tiller, most larger sailboats use a helm. Large ocean-going vessels tend to have two helms.

The cockpit is the recessed part in the deck where the helmsman sits or stands. It tends to have some benches. It houses the outside navigation and systems interfaces, like the compass, chartplotter, and so on. It also houses the mainsheet traveler and winches for the jib. Most boats are set up so that the entire vessel can be operated from the cockpit (hence the name). More on those different parts later.

Most larger boats have some sort of roofed part, which is called the cabin. The cabin is used as a shelter, and on cruising sailboats you'll find the galley for cooking, a bed, bath room, and so on.

The mast is the pole on a sailboat that holds the sails. Sailboats can have one or multiple masts, depending on the mast configuration. Most sailboats have only one or two masts. Three masts or more is less common.

The boom is the horizontal pole on the mast, that holds the mainsail in place.

The sails seem simple, but actually consist of many moving parts. The parts I list below work for most modern sailboats - I mean 90% of them. However, there are all sorts of specialty sails that are not included here, to keep things concise.

Diagram of the Sail Parts of a sailboat

The mainsail is the largest sail on the largest mast. Most sailboats use a sloop rigging (just one mast with one bermuda mainsail). In that case, the main is easy to recognize. With other rig types, it gets more difficult, since there can be multiple tall masts and large sails.

If you want to take a look at the different sail plans and rig types that are out there, I suggest reading my previous guide on how to recognize any sailboat here (opens in new tab).

Sail sides:

  • Leech - Leech is the name for the back side of the sail, running from the top to the bottom.
  • Luff - Luff is the name for the front side of the sail, running from the top to the bottom.
  • Foot - Foot is the name for the lower side of the sail, where it meets the boom.

Sail corners:

  • Clew - The clew is the lower aft (back) corner of the mainsail, where the leech is connected to the foot. The clew is attached to the boom.
  • Tack - The tack is the lower front corner of the mainsail
  • Head - The head is the top corner of the mainsail

Battens are horizontal sail reinforcers that flatten and stiffen the sail.

Telltales are small strings that show you whether your sail trim is correct. You'll find telltales on both your jib and mainsail.

The jib is the standard sized headsail on a Bermuda Sloop rig (which is the sail plan most modern sailboats use).

As I mentioned: there are all kinds, types, and shapes of sails. For an overview of the most common sail types, check out my Guide on Sail Types here (with photos).

The rigging is what is used to attach your sails and mast to your boat. Rigging, in other words, mostly consists of all kinds of lines. Lines are just another word for ropes. Come to think of it, sailors really find all kinds of ways to complicate the word rope ...

Two types of rigging

There are two types of rigging: running and standing rigging. The difference between the two is very simple.

  • The running rigging is the rigging on a sailboat that's used to operate the sails. For example, the halyard, which is used to lower and heave the mainsail.
  • The standing rigging is the rigging that is used to support the mast and sail plan.

Standing Rigging

Diagram of the Standing Riggin Parts of a sailboat

Here are the different parts that belong to the standing rigging:

  • Forestay or Headstay - Line or cable that supports the mast and is attached to the bow of the boat. This is often a steel cable.
  • Backstay - Line or cable that supports the mast and is attached to the stern of the boat. This is often a steel cable.
  • Sidestay or Shroud - Line or cable that supports the mast from the sides of the boat. Most sailboats use at least two sidestays (one on each side).
  • Spreader - The sidestays are spaced to steer clear from the mast using spreaders.

Running Rigging: different words for rope

Ropes play a big part in sailing, and especially in control over the sails. In sailboat jargon, we call ropes 'lines'. But there are some lines with a specific function that have a different name. I think this makes it easier to communicate with your crew: you don't have to define which line you mean. Instead, you simply shout 'mainsheet!'. Yeah, that works.

Running rigging consists of the lines, sheets, and hardware that are used to control, raise, lower, shape and manipulate the sails on a sailboat. Rigging varies for different rig types, but since most sailboats are use a sloop rig, nearly all sailboats use the following running rigging:

Diagram of the Running Rigging Parts of a sailboat

  • Halyards -'Halyard' is simply the nautical name for lines or ropes that are used to raise and lower the mainsail. The halyard is attached to the top of the mainsail sheet, or the gaffer, which is a top spar that attaches to the mainsail. You'll find halyards on both the mainsail and jib.
  • Sheets - 'Sheet' is simply the nautical term for lines or ropes that are used to set the angle of the sail.
  • Mainsheet - The line, or sheet, that is used to set the angle of the mainsail. The mainsheet is attached to the Mainsheet traveler. More on that under hardware.
  • Jib Sheet - The jib mostly comes with two sheets: one on each side of the mast. This prevents you from having to loosen your sheet, throwing it around the other side of the mast, and tightening it. The jib sheets are often controlled using winches (more on that under hardware).
  • Cleats are small on-deck hooks that can be used to tie down sheets and lines after trimming them.
  • Reefing lines - Lines that run through the mainsail, used to put a reef in the main.
  • The Boom Topping Lift is a line that is attached to the aft (back) end of the boom and runs to the top of the mast. It supports the boom whenever you take down the mainsail.
  • The Boom Vang is a line that places downward tension on the boom.

There are some more tensioning lines, but I'll leave them for now. I could probably do an entire guide on the different sheets on a sailboat. Who knows, perhaps I'll write it.

This is a new segment, that I didn't mention before. It's a bit of an odd duck, so I threw all sorts of stuff into this category. But they are just as important as all the other parts. Your hardware consists of cleats, winches, traveler and so on. If you don't know what all of this means, no worries: neither did I. Below, you'll find a complete overview of the different parts.

Deck Hardware

Diagram of the Deck Hardware Parts of a sailboat

Just a brief mention of the different deck hardware parts:

  • Pulpits are fenced platforms on the sailboat's stern and bow, which is why they are called the bow pulpit and stern pulpit here. They typically have a solid steel framing for safety.
  • Stanchons are the standing poles supporting the lifeline , which combined for a sort of fencing around the sailboat's deck. On most sailboats, steel and steel cables are used for the stanchons and lifelines.

Mainsheet Traveler

The mainsheet traveler is a rail in the cockpit that is used to control the mainsheet. It helps to lock the mainsheet in place, fixing the mainsails angle to the wind.

yacht rigging parts

If you're interested in learning more about how to use the mainsheet traveler, Matej has written a great list of tips for using your mainsheet traveler the right way . It's a good starting point for beginners.

Winches are mechanical or electronic spools that are used to easily trim lines and sheets. Most sailboats use winches to control the jib sheets. Modern large sailing yachts use electronic winches for nearly all lines. This makes it incredibly easy to trim your lines.

yacht rigging parts

You'll find the compass typically in the cockpit. It's the most old-skool navigation tool out there, but I'm convinced it's also one of the most reliable. In any way, it definitely is the most solid backup navigator you can get for the money.

yacht rigging parts

Want to learn how to use a compass quickly and reliably? It's easy. Just read my step-by-step beginner guide on How To Use a Compass (opens in new tab .


Most sailboats nowadays use, besides a compass and a map, a chartplotter. Chartplotters are GPS devices that show a map and a course. It's very similar to your normal car navigation.

yacht rigging parts

Outboard motor

Most sailboats have some sort of motor to help out when there's just the slightest breeze. These engines aren't very big or powerful, and most sailboats up to 32' use an outboard motor. You'll find these at the back of the boat.

yacht rigging parts

Most sailboats carry 1 - 3 anchors: one bow anchor (the main one) and two stern anchors. The last two are optional and are mostly used by bluewater cruisers.

yacht rigging parts

I hope this was helpful, and that you've gained a good understanding of the different parts involved in sailing. I wanted to write a good walk-through instead of overwhelming you with lists and lists of nautical terms. I hope I've succeeded. If so, I appreciate any comments and tips below.

I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible, without getting into the real nitty gritty. That would make for a gigantic article. However, if you feel I've left something out that really should be in here, please let me know in the comments below, so I can update the article.

I own a small 20 foot yacht called a Red witch made locally back in the 70s here in Western Australia i found your article great and enjoyed reading it i know it will be a great help for me in my future leaning to sail regards John.

David Gardner

İ think this is a good explanation of the difference between a ”rope” and a ”line”:

Rope is unemployed cordage. In other words, when it is in a coil and has not been assigned a job, it is just a rope.

On the other hand, when you prepare a rope for a specific task, it becomes employed and is a line. The line is labeled by the job it performs; for example, anchor line, dock line, fender line, etc.

Hey Mr. Buckles

I am taking on new crew to race with me on my Flying Scot (19ft dingy). I find your Sailboat Parts Explained to be clear and concise. I believe it will help my new crew learn the language that we use on the boat quickly without being overwhelmed.

PS: my grandparents were from Friesland and emigrated to America.

Thank you Shawn for the well written, clear and easy to digest introductory article. Just after reading this first article I feel excited and ready to set sails and go!! LOL!! Cheers! Daniel.

steve Balog

well done, chap

Great intro. However, the overview diagram misidentifies the cockpit location. The cockpit is located aft of the helm. Your diagram points to a location to the fore of the helm.

William Thompson-Ambrose

An excellent introduction to the basic anatomy and function of the sailboat. Anyone who wants to start sailing should consider the above article before stepping aboard! Thank-you

James Huskisson

Thanks for you efforts mate. We’ve all got to start somewhere. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to my first yacht. 25ft Holland. Would love to cross the Bass Strait one day to Tasmania. 👌 Cheers mate

Alan Alexander Percy

thankyou ijust aquired my first sailboat at 66yrs of age its down at pelican point a beautifull place in virginia usa my sailboat is a redwing 30 if you are ever in the area i wouldnt mind your guidance and superior knowledge of how to sail but iam sure your fantastic article will help my sailboat is wings 30 ft

Thanks for quick refresher course. Having sailed in California for 20+ years I now live in Spain where I have to take a spanish exam for a sailboat license. Problem is, it’s only in spanish. So a lot to learn for an old guy like me.

Very comprehensive, thank you

Your article really brought all the pieces together for me today. I have been adventuring my first sailing voyage for 2 months from the Carolinas and am now in Eleuthera waiting on weather to make the Exumas!!! Great job and thanks

Helen Ballard

I’ve at last found something of an adventure to have in sailing, so I’m starting at the basics, I have done a little sailing but need more despite being over 60 life in the old dog etc, thanks for your information 😊

Barbara Scott

I don’t have a sailboat, neither do l plan to literally take to the waters. But for mental exercise, l have decided to take to sailing in my Bermuda sloop, learning what it takes to become a good sailor and run a tight ship, even if it’s just imaginary. Thank you for helping me on my journey to countless adventures and misadventures, just to keep it out of the doldrums! (I’m a 69 year old African American female who have rediscovered why l enjoyed reading The Adventures of Robert Louis Stevenson as well as his captivating description of sea, wind, sailboat,and sailor).

Great article and very good information source for a beginner like me. But I didn’t find out what I had hoped to, which is, what are all those noisy bits of kit on top of the mast? I know the one with the arrow is a weather vane, but the rest? Many thanks, Jay.

Louis Cohen

The main halyard is attached to the head of the mainsail, not the to the mainsheet. In the USA, we say gaff, not gaffer. The gaff often has its own halyard separate from the main halyard.

Other than that it’s a nice article with good diagrams.

A Girl Who Has an Open Sail Dream

Wow! That was a lot of great detail! Thank you, this is going to help me a lot on my project!

Hi, good info, do u know a book that explains all the systems on a candc 27,

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  • Boat Rigging: Setting Sail for Success

In the world of sailing, boat rigging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and performance of your vessel. From standing rigging to sail rigging types, it's essential to understand the intricacies of rigging a yacht to embark on smooth sailing adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the nuances of boat rigging, helping you navigate the open waters with confidence.

Boat Rigging Basics

Before we delve into the details, let's start with the fundamentals of boat rigging. Understanding the key components and their functions is essential for any sailor, whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro.

Standing Rigging

Standing rigging refers to the fixed support structure of a boat's mast, including wires, cables, and rods. It plays a critical role in maintaining the mast's vertical position and overall stability.

Sail Rigging Types

Sail rigging is not a one-size-fits-all concept, but rather a diverse world with various types and configurations to suit different sailing needs. Understanding these rigging types is essential for any sailor looking to optimize their boat's performance and safety. 

Ship Riggings

Ship riggings have played a pivotal role in shaping the history of seafaring and maritime exploration. These complex systems of ropes, wires, and sails have been integral to the functionality and success of various vessels throughout the ages.Explore the significance of ship riggings, their evolution, and their influence on modern-day boat rigging.

Close-up shot of blue and white rope used in boat rigging

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The choice of materials for your boat rigging is a decision that can't be taken lightly. Two popular options, Dyneema and Kevlar, offer distinct advantages.

Dyneema Rigging

Dyneema rigging represents a breakthrough in the world of sailboat rigging. This cutting-edge material, known for its remarkable strength and low stretch properties, has revolutionized the way sailors experience the open water. Often referred to as the ultimate innovation in the world of sailing, Dyneema rigging offers a myriad of advantages: 

  • Exceptional Strength: Dyneema rigging boasts remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, making it incredibly robust and reliable even in demanding conditions. 
  • Low Stretch: Dyneema has minimal stretch, which translates to improved sail control and responsiveness, ensuring better performance.
  • Lightweight: It's significantly lighter than traditional rigging materials like steel, reducing the overall weight of your vessel and enhancing speed and maneuverability.
  • Low Maintenance: Dyneema rigging requires minimal maintenance, offering sailors peace of mind and more time on the water.
  • Resistance to Corrosion: Unlike metal rigging, Dyneema is not susceptible to corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan and durability.
  • UV Resistance: Dyneema is highly resistant to UV rays, making it ideal for prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Easy Handling: Its flexibility and ease of handling simplify rigging installation and adjustments.
  • Enhanced Safety: Dyneema's strength and reliability contribute to safer sailing experiences, reducing the risk of rigging failure.
  • Versatility: It's suitable for a wide range of applications, from standing rigging to halyards, making it a versatile choice for sailors.
  • Eco-Friendly: Dyneema is an environmentally friendly option as it doesn't release harmful substances into the water, contributing to a cleaner marine ecosystem.

Dyneema vs. Kevlar

Weigh the pros and cons of Dyneema and Kevlar to determine which suits your sailing needs best:

Dyneema Rigging:

  • Exceptional Strength: Dyneema boasts impressive strength, making it highly reliable for rigging purposes.
  • Low Stretch: It has minimal stretch, enhancing sail control and overall performance.
  • Lightweight: Dyneema is significantly lighter than traditional materials, reducing the vessel's weight.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, saving time and effort.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Dyneema is not susceptible to corrosion, ensuring durability.
  • UV Resistance: It's highly resistant to UV rays, making it suitable for extended exposure to sunlight.
  • Safety: Dyneema's strength and reliability contribute to safer sailing experiences.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various rigging applications, from standing rigging to halyards.
  • Cost: Dyneema can be more expensive than some traditional materials, initially.
  • Abrasion Resistance: It may be less resistant to abrasion compared to Kevlar.

Kevlar Rigging:

  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance: Kevlar is highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring longevity.
  • High Tensile Strength: It offers impressive tensile strength, making it suitable for demanding applications.
  • Stiffness: Kevlar is stiffer than Dyneema, which can be advantageous for some rigging configurations.
  • Heavy: Kevlar is heavier than Dyneema, potentially impacting vessel performance.
  • Low UV Resistance: It is less resistant to UV radiation, which can affect its durability over time.
  • Higher Stretch: Kevlar tends to stretch more than Dyneema, which can impact sail control.
  • Prone to Corrosion: Unlike Dyneema, Kevlar can be susceptible to corrosion.
  • Cost: It can be expensive, and the initial investment may be higher than other materials.

Choosing between Dyneema and Kevlar depends on your specific sailing needs and priorities. Dyneema is favored for its strength, low stretch, and light weight, while Kevlar excels in abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Consider these factors when making your rigging material selection.

Stainless Steel Yacht Rigging

When it comes to yacht rigging, durability is paramount, and stainless steel rigging wires stand out as a top choice. Their robust nature, coupled with an unmistakable touch of elegance, makes them an ideal option for discerning sailors. Stainless steel yacht rigging is highly resistant to corrosion, even in the harsh marine environment. This resistance not only ensures a longer lifespan but also reduces maintenance efforts, allowing you to spend more time on the water. Additionally, the sleek appearance of stainless steel adds a touch of sophistication to your vessel. Whether you're cruising the open seas or participating in regattas, stainless steel yacht rigging combines style and substance to offer a premium sailing experience.

Spectra Standing Rigging

Spectra standing rigging is a game-changer for sailors seeking top-tier performance and durability. This advanced material, known for its incredible strength and low stretch properties, has revolutionized the way we approach standing rigging. Spectra rigging offers advantages that are hard to beat – it enhances the stability and safety of your vessel while providing exceptional responsiveness. The minimal stretch ensures precise sail control, making it the go-to choice for those who demand the utmost from their rigging. If you're looking to take your sailing experience to the next level, Spectra standing rigging is a choice that can't be ignored.

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Now that you've grasped the basics and material options, let's dive into the practical aspect of rigging a yacht. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and safe sailing experience.

Planning and Preparation

Rigging a yacht is a meticulous process that requires careful planning and thorough preparation. Before embarking on your sailing adventure, it's crucial to ensure that every aspect of your yacht's rigging is in top-notch condition. The advantages of this step-by-step guide are manifold. It guarantees the safety of both the vessel and its passengers, reduces the risk of mid-sail complications, and ultimately enhances your overall sailing experience. By meticulously inspecting your rigging and addressing any issues during the planning and preparation phase, you can set sail with confidence, knowing that your yacht is ready to navigate the open waters seamlessly.

Inspecting Your Rigging

Rigging a yacht is a meticulous process that demands careful attention to detail. One crucial aspect is inspecting your rigging. This step ensures the safety and efficiency of your sailing adventure. Regular inspections , even before you set sail, can identify potential issues and help prevent mishaps on the water . Inspecting your rigging is not only a safety measure but also a way to guarantee that your yacht performs at its best, allowing you to enjoy smooth and stress-free sailing experiences.

Rigging Replacement

When it comes to maintaining your yacht's rigging, the necessity of rigging replacement cannot be overstated. Whether due to wear and tear or a desire to upgrade to modern materials, knowing when and how to replace your rigging is crucial.

Specialized Rigs for Small Sailboats

For small sailboat enthusiasts , specialized rigs can enhance your sailing experience. Explore the options available for these nimble vessels.

Ship Rigging Terms

Sailboat rigging comes with its unique terminology. Get acquainted with the essential terms: 

  • Mast: The vertical spar or structure that supports sails and rigging.
  • Boom: A horizontal spar that extends from the mast to support the bottom of a sail.
  • Shroud: Rigging wires that support the mast from the sides.
  • Stay: Rigging wires that support the mast from the front or back.
  • Halyard: Lines used to raise and lower sails.
  • Sheet: Lines used to control the angle of the sails with respect to the wind.
  • Jib: A triangular foresail set in front of the mast.
  • Tack: The lower forward corner of a sail.
  • Clew: The lower after corner of a sail.
  • Topping Lift: A line that supports the boom when the sail is not in use.

Understanding these ship rigging terms is essential for efficient and safe sailing, allowing you to communicate effectively with your crew and navigate the open waters with confidence.

Sailboat Stays and Shrouds

Sailboat rigging comprises various components, and among the most critical are sailboat stays and shrouds. Stays are the fixed support cables or wires that keep the mast upright, while shrouds add lateral support, preventing the mast from swaying. These components work together to maintain the mast's stability and ensure safe and efficient sailing. The proper tension and alignment of stays and shrouds are crucial for the overall performance and safety of a sailboat. Regular inspections and maintenance of these rigging elements are essential to prevent wear and tear, making sure they remain reliable on your sailing adventures. Understanding the role of sailboat stays and shrouds is fundamental for any sailor, whether you're navigating coastal waters or crossing the open sea.

In conclusion, boat rigging is a multifaceted subject that greatly influences your sailing experience. Understanding the fundamentals, material choices, and the process of rigging a yacht is essential for a successful voyage.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our  range of charter boats  and head to some of our favourite  sailing  destinations .

yacht rigging parts

standing rigging

  • rope and line
  • cams, cleats and clutches
  • head sail gear
  • roller furling
  • main sail control
  • mast hardware
  • eye straps and pad eyes
  • fairleads and bulls eyes
  • anchor and docking
  • miscellaneous hardware
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Superior Yacht Rigging and Marine Hardware

Sailutions supply and service a complete range of superior quality yacht rigging fittings and marine hardware from top Swedish sailing brands Seldén , Rutgerson and Furlex .

With extensive sailing experience across racing and cruising yachts, we’re happy to advise you on the right rigging solution for your boat, whether you’re upgrading, maintaining or repairing. We also supply sailing hardware and fittings to riggers, sailmakers and boat builders throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Whatever your rigging and deck hardware needs, Sailutions can provide you with the right solution.

Electric winch, Selden

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Jimmy Green Marine

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Mooring Warps and Mooring Lines

  • LIROS 3 Strand Polyester Mooring Warps
  • LIROS Green Wave 3 Strand Mooring Warps
  • LIROS Braided Dockline Mooring Warps
  • LIROS Handy Elastic Mooring Warps
  • Marlow Blue Ocean Dockline
  • LIROS Super Yacht Mooring Polyester Docklines
  • 50 metre / 100 metre Rates - Mooring

Mooring Accessories

  • Mooring Compensators

Mooring Strops and Bridles

  • V shape Mooring Bridles
  • Y shape Mooring Bridles
  • Small Boat and RIB Mooring Strops
  • Mooring Strops
  • Mooring Strops with Chain Centre Section

Mooring Assistance

  • Coastline Bow Thruster Accessories
  • Max Power Bow Thrusters
  • Bonomi Mooring Cleats
  • Majoni Fenders
  • Polyform Norway Fenders
  • Ocean Inflatable Fenders
  • Dock Fenders
  • Fender Ropes and Accessories

Mooring Components

  • Mooring Swivels
  • Mooring Shackles
  • Mooring Cleats and Fairleads
  • Mooring Buoys

Mooring Information

  • Mooring Warps Size Guide
  • Mooring Lines - LIROS Recommended Diameters
  • Mooring Rope Selection Guide
  • Mooring Warp Length and Configuration Guide
  • How to estimate the length of a single line Mooring Strop
  • Mooring Ropes - Break Load Chart
  • Mooring Compensator Advisory
  • Rope Cockling Information
  • Fender Size Guide
  • Majoni Fender Guide
  • Polyform Norway Fender Inflation Guide
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Anchor Warps Spliced to Chain

  • LIROS 3 Strand Nylon Spliced to Chain
  • LIROS Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to Chain

Anchor Warps

  • LIROS Anchorplait Nylon Anchor Warps
  • LIROS 3 Strand Nylon Anchor Warps
  • Leaded Anchor Warp
  • Drogue Warps and Bridles
  • 50 / 100 metre Rates - Anchoring
  • Aluminium Anchors
  • Galvanised Anchors
  • Stainless Steel Anchors

Calibrated Anchor Chain

  • Cromox G6 Stainless Steel Chain
  • G4 Calibrated Stainless Steel Anchor Chain
  • Lofrans Grade 40
  • MF DAMS Grade 70
  • MF Grade 40
  • Titan Grade 43
  • Lewmar Windlasses
  • Lofrans Windlasses
  • Maxwell Windlasses
  • Quick Windlasses
  • Windlass Accessories and Spares

Chain Snubbers

  • Chain Hooks, Grabs and Grippers
  • Chain Snubbing Bridles
  • Chain Snubbing Strops

Anchoring Accessories

  • Anchor Connectors
  • Anchor Trip Hooks and Rings
  • Anchoring Shackles
  • Bow Rollers and Fittings
  • Chain and Anchor Stoppers
  • Chain Links and Markers

Anchoring Information

  • How To Choose A Main Anchor
  • Anchoring System Assessment
  • Anchor Chain and Rope Size Guide
  • The Jimmy Green Guide to the Best Anchor Ropes
  • What Size Anchor Do I Need?
  • Anchor to Chain Connection Guide
  • How to Choose Your Anchor Chain
  • How to Establish the Correct Anchor Chain Calibration?
  • Calibrated Anchor Chain - General Information
  • Calibrated Anchor Chain Quality Control
  • Calibrated Chain - Break Load and Weight Guide
  • Galvanising - Managing Performance and Endurance expectation
  • Can Galvanised Steel be used with Stainless Steel?
  • Windlass Selection Guide
  • More Articles and Guides

Stainless Steel Wire Rigging and Wire Rope

  • 1x19 Wire Rigging
  • 50 / 100 metre Rates - Wire and Fibre
  • 7x19 Flexible Wire Rigging
  • Compacted Strand Wire Rigging

Dinghy Rigging

  • Stainless Steel Dinghy Rigging
  • Dinghy Rigging Fittings

Fibre Rigging

  • LIROS D-Pro Static Rigging
  • LIROS D-Pro-XTR Fibre Rigging
  • DynIce Dux Fibre Rigging
  • Fibre Rigging Fittings

Wire Terminals

  • Cones, Formers, Wedges, Ferrules, Rigging Spares
  • Hi-Mod Swageless Terminals
  • Sta-Lok Swageless Terminals
  • Swage Terminals

Wire Rigging Fittings

Turnbuckle components, rigging accessories.

  • Rigging Chafe Protection
  • Headsail Reefing Furlers
  • Plastimo Jib Reefing
  • Selden Furlex Reefing Gear

Furling Systems

  • Anti-torsion Stays
  • Straight Luff Furlers
  • Top Down Furlers

Guard Wires, Rails and Fittings

  • Guard Rail Fittings
  • Guard Rails in Fibre and Webbing
  • Guard Wire Accessories
  • Guard Wires

Standing Rigging Assistance

  • Replacing your Furling Line
  • Fibre Rigging Break Load Comparison Guide
  • More Articles and Guides >
  • Cruising Halyards
  • Performance Halyards
  • Dinghy Halyards

Rigging Shackles

  • Captive and Key Pin Shackles
  • hamma™ Snap Shackles
  • Soft Shackles
  • Standard Snap Shackles
  • Wichard Snap Shackles

Classic Ropes

  • Classic Control Lines
  • Classic Halyards
  • Classic Sheets
  • Cruising Sheets
  • Performance Sheets
  • Dinghy Sheets

Sail Handling

  • Boom Brakes and Preventers
  • Lazy Jack Sail Handling
  • Rodkickers, Boomstruts
  • Sail Handling Accessories

50 / 100 metre Rates - Running Rigging

  • 50 / 100 metres - Cruising Ropes
  • 50 / 100 metres - Dinghy Ropes
  • 50 / 100 metres - Performance Ropes

Control Lines

  • Cruising Control Lines
  • Performance Control Lines
  • Dinghy Control Lines
  • Continuous Control Lines

Running Rigging Accessories

  • Anti-Chafe Rope Protection
  • Lashing, Lacing and Lanyards
  • Mast and Boom Fittings
  • Rope Stowage
  • Sail Ties and Sail Stowage
  • Shock Cord and Fittings
  • LIROS Ropes
  • Marlow Ropes

Running Rigging Resources

  • Running Rigging Rope Fibres and Construction Explained
  • How to Select a Suitable Halyard Rope
  • How to select Sheets and Guys
  • Dyneema Rope - Cruising and Racing Comparison
  • Dinghy Rope Selection Guide
  • Rope Measurement Information
  • Running Rigging - LIROS Recommended Line Diameters
  • Running Rigging Break Load Comparison Chart
  • Colour Coding for Running Rigging
  • Selecting the right type of block, plain, roller or ball bearing
  • Recycling Rope
  • Running Rigging Glossary

Plain Bearing Blocks

  • Barton Blocks
  • Harken Element Blocks
  • Low Friction Rings
  • Selden Yacht Blocks
  • Wichard MXEvo Blocks
  • Wooden Yacht Blocks

Control Systems

  • Ratchet Blocks
  • Stanchion Blocks and Fairleads
  • Snatch Blocks
  • Genoa Car Systems
  • Traveller Systems
  • Block and Tackle Purchase Systems

Ball Bearing Blocks

  • Harken Ball Bearing Blocks
  • Selden Ball Bearing Blocks

Roller Bearing Blocks

  • Harken Black Magic Blocks
  • Selden Roller Bearing Blocks

Deck Fittings

  • Bungs and Hatches
  • Bushes and Fairleads
  • Deck Eyes, Straps and Hooks
  • Pad Eyes, U Bolts and Eye Bolts
  • Pintles and Gudgeons
  • Tiller Extensions and Joints
  • Harken Winches, Handles and Accessories
  • Barton Winches, Snubbers and Winchers
  • Lewmar Winches, Handles and Accessories
  • Winch Servicing and Accessories

Clutches and Organisers

  • Barton Clutches and Organisers
  • Spinlock Clutches and Organisers
  • Lewmar Clutches
  • Harken Ball Bearing Cam Cleats
  • Barton K Cam Cleats

Deck Hardware Support

  • Blocks and Pulleys Selection Guide
  • Barton High Load Eyes
  • Dyneema Low Friction Rings Comparison
  • Seldén Block Selection Guide
  • Barton Track Selection Guide
  • Barton Traveller Systems Selection Guide
  • Harken Winch Selection Guide
  • Karver Winch Comparison Chart
  • Lewmar Winch Selection Guide - PDF
  • Winch Servicing Guide

Sailing Flags

  • Courtesy Flags
  • Red Ensigns
  • Blue Ensigns
  • Signal Code Flags
  • Flag Staffs and Sockets
  • Flag Accessories
  • Flag Making and Repair
  • Webbing only
  • Webbing Soft Shackles
  • Webbing Restraint Straps
  • Webbing Sail Ties
  • Sail Sewing
  • PROtect Tape

Fixings and Fastenings

  • Screws, Bolts, Nuts and Washers
  • Monel Rivets

Hatches and Portlights

  • Lewmar Hatches
  • Lewmar Portlights
  • Fids and Tools
  • Knives and Scissors

General Chandlery

  • Carabiners and Hooks
  • Antifouling

Flag Articles

  • Flag Size Guide
  • Bending and Hoisting Methods for Sailing Flags
  • Courtesy Flags Identification, Labelling and Stowage
  • Courtesy Flag Map
  • Flag Etiquette and Information
  • Glossary of Flag Terms and Parts of a Flag
  • Making and Repairing Flags
  • Signal Code Message Definitions

Other Chandlery Articles

  • Anchorplait Splicing Instructions
  • Antifoul Coverage Information
  • Hawk Wind Indicator Selection Guide
  • Petersen Stainless - Upset Forging Information
  • Speedy Stitcher Sewing Instructions
  • Thimble Dimensions and Compatible Shackles

Jackstays and Jacklines

  • Webbing Jackstays
  • Stainless Steel Wire Jackstay Lifelines
  • Fibre Jackstay Lifelines
  • Jackstay and Lifeline Accessories


  • Crewsaver Lifejackets
  • Seago Lifejackets
  • Spinlock Lifejackets
  • Children's Life Jackets
  • Buoyancy Aids

Floating Rope

  • LIROS Multifilament White Polypropylene
  • LIROS Yellow Floating Safety Rope

Guard Wires, Guardrails and Guardrail Webbing

Lifejacket accessories.

  • Lifejacket Lights
  • Lifejacket Rearming Kits
  • Lifejacket Spray Hoods
  • Safety Lines

Seago Liferafts

  • Grab Bag Contents
  • Grab Bags and Polybottles
  • Liferaft Accessories
  • Danbuoy Accessories
  • Jimmy Green Danbuoys
  • Jonbuoy Danbuoys
  • Seago Danbuoys

Overboard Recovery

  • Lifebuoy Accessories
  • Purchase Systems
  • Slings and Throwlines

Safety Accessories

  • Fire Safety
  • Sea Anchors and Drogues

Safety Resources

  • Guard Wires - Inspection and Replacement Guidance
  • Guard Wire Stud Terminal Dimensions
  • Webbing Jackstays Guidance
  • Webbing Jackstays - Custom Build Instructions
  • Danbuoy Selection Guide
  • Danbuoy Instructions - 3 piece Telescopic - Offshore
  • Liferaft Selection Guide
  • Liferaft Servicing
  • Man Overboard Equipment - World Sailing Compliance
  • Marine Safety Information Links
  • Safety Marine Equipment List for UK Pleasure Vessels

Sailing Clothing

  • Sailing Jackets
  • Sailing Trousers
  • Thermal Layers

Leisure Wear

  • Accessories
  • Rain Jackets
  • Sweatshirts

Sailing Footwear

  • Dinghy Boots and Shoes
  • Sailing Wellies

Leisure Footwear

  • Walking Shoes

Sailing Accessories

  • Sailing Bags and Holdalls
  • Sailing Gloves
  • Sailing Kneepads

Clothing Clearance

Clothing guide.

  • What to wear Sailing
  • Helly Hansen Mens Jacket and Pant Size Guide
  • Helly Hansen Womens Sailing Jacket and Pant Size Guide
  • Lazy Jacks Mens and Womens Size Charts
  • Musto Men's and Women's Size Charts
  • Old Guys Rule Size Guide
  • Sailing Gloves Size Guides
  • Weird Fish Clothing Size Charts

The Jimmy Green Clothing Store

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Clearance August Race Boat Cleaning Kit £26.00

Clearance LIROS Racer Dyneema £55.08

Clearance Folding Stock Anchor £123.25

Clearance LIROS Herkules £0.00

Clearance Barton Size 0 Ball Bearing Blocks - 5mm £0.00

Clearance Marlow Blue Ocean® Doublebraid £18.48

Mooring Clearance

Anchoring clearance, standing rigging clearance, running rigging clearance, deck hardware clearance, chandlery clearance, safety clearance.

Yacht Standing Rigging encompassess the rods, lines and wires that hold up the mast in the required stable and upright position while a yacht is sailing.

The majority of masts on yachts have stainless steel wire rigging. Fibre rigging is a relatively modern concept which is growing in popularity due to it's comparative light weight.

Standing Rigging for cruising yachts is mainly produced from a smooth, stiff and strong 1 x 19 construction. Compacted Strand 1 x 7 and 1 x 19 are used for enhanced performance. 7 x 19 is a flexible wire construction for use where the wire needs to turn corners e.g. around a block or sheave.

Jimmy Green Marine offer a comprehensive range of Specialist Wire Rigging Fittings and associated hardware from Sta-Lok, Petersen Stainless, hamma™,   Blue Wave, Tylaska, Selden and Harken. These encompass fittings for use in conjunction with wire rigging and the terminals for finishing the end of the wire:

These are divided into two separate categories:

  • Swaged Terminals - where the terminals are professionally cold forged onto the wire using a hydraulic roller press.
  • Swageless Terminals , also known as Compression, DIY, Hi Mod or Self-Fit Wire Terminals. Swageless Terminals are designed to be fitted mechanically by any competent DIY amateur using simple hand tools. The strength is delivered by the clever compression design.

Backstay Insulators

Backstay insulators are fitted in pairs to electrically isolate a section of the backstay on a yacht so that it can be employed as an antenna for a single sideband (SSB) radio.

Rigging Screws and Turnbuckles

Also known as bottlescrews, these fittings are used on yacht shrouds and stays and for architectural purposes to adjust the wire to the required tension.

Jimmy Green Marine offer the opportunity to purchase all the individual parts of a rigging or bottle screw separately including the bodies or barrels and a wide range of threaded end fittings as replacements or to suit the task in hand.

Rope Diameter *

  • 3mm (1) 4 - 5 mm (1) 5 - 6 mm (1) 8mm (1)

Wire Fitting Size

  • 2.5mm - 1/4 (1) 3mm (1) 3mm - 1/4 (16) 3mm - M6 (1) 4mm (1) 4mm - 1/4 (13) 4mm - 3/8 (3) 4mm - 5/16 (17) 4mm - M6 (1) 4mm - M8 (1) 5mm (2) 5mm - 5/16 (14) 5mm - 3/8 (15) 5mm - 7/16 (3) 5mm - M8 (1) 5mm - M10 (1) 6mm (2) 6mm - 3/8 (12) 6mm - 1/2 (4) 6mm - 7/16 (12) 6mm - M10 (1) 7mm (2) 7mm - 7/16 (7) 7mm - 1/2 (14) 8mm (1) 8mm - 1/2 (15) 8mm - 5/8 (13) 10mm (2) 10mm - 3/4 (4) 10mm - 5/8 (15) 12mm (2) 12mm - 3/4 (13) 12mm - 7/8 (1) 14mm - 7/8 (5) 16mm - 1 (1) 1/4" (1) 5/16" (2) 3/8" (2) 7/16" (2) 1/2" (2) 5/8" (2) 3/4" (2) 7/8" (2) 1" (2)
  • APL (1) BSI (5) Barton Marine (2) Blue Wave (11) Hamma (8) Petersen Stainless (13) STA-LOK (45) Sea Sure (3) Seldén (6) Sparcraft (1) Technical Marine Supplies (2) Wichard (5)

Purchase Type

  • Clearance (1)

Blue Wave Quick Race Tune Rigging Screw - Toggle and Eye

Sta-lok open turnbuckle - toggle and sta-lok, sta-lok st turnbuckle - welded fork & fork, sta-lok threaded eye, sta-lok open turnbuckle - toggle and fork, sta-lok open turnbuckle - toggle and blank, sta-lok open turnbuckle - fork and fork, sta-lok open turnbuckle - fork and blank, sta-lok open turnbuckle - eye and blank, sta-lok supajust turnbuckle - toggle and blank, sta-lok supajust turnbuckle - toggle & sta-lok, sta-lok supajust turnbuckle - fork and sta-lok.

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West Coast Sailing

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West Coast Sailing offers a full selection of marine grade sailing line and rigging including One Design rigging, pre cut line, line kits, and line by the foot for halyards, sheets, control lines, and more. Shop running rigging and standing rigging today from trusted brands including Marlow, Robline, Samson, Kingfisher, New England Ropes, and more.

One Design Rigging

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Laser/ILCA 8:1 Cunningham TecPro (Complete)

Laser / ILCA 8:1 Cunningham TecPRO (Complete)

Laser / ILCA Vang Complete TecPRO (Allen Vang Block)

Laser / ILCA Vang Complete TecPRO (Allen Vang Block)

J/80 Main Halyard w/ Shackle

J/80 Main Halyard w/ Shackle

J/70 Backstay Flicker

J/70 Backstay Flicker

Thistle Main Halyard Tapered (6mm Excel)

Thistle Main Halyard Tapered (6mm Excel)

Thistle Spinsheet Continuous Tapered (6mm Excel Racing)

Thistle Spinsheet Continuous Tapered (6mm Excel Racing)

Melges 24 4:1 Main Halyard Vectran

Melges 24 4:1 Main Halyard Vectran

Melges 24 Jib Sheet (Continuous/Tapered)

Melges 24 Jib Sheet (Continuous/Tapered)

J/24 Spinnaker Sheet (Ultra Lite)

J/24 Spinnaker Sheet (Ultra Lite)

J/22 Twings (Pair) with Ring

J/22 Twings (Pair) with Ring

Laser / ILCA Outhaul TecPRO 6:1 (Complete)

Laser / ILCA Outhaul TecPRO 6:1 (Complete)

10mm Marlow D2 Racing Line

10mm Marlow D2 Racing

8mm Marlow D2 Racing

8mm Marlow D2 Racing

Laser / ILCA Vang Control PRO

Laser / ILCA Vang Control PRO

Laser / ILCA 8:1 Cunningham PRO (Complete)

Laser / ILCA 8:1 Cunningham PRO (Complete)

Laser/ILCA Outhaul PRO 6:1 (Complete)

Laser / ILCA Outhaul PRO 6:1 (Complete)

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Sailboat line & rigging - halyards, sheets, control lines & more.

Line is a critical part of any sailboat, from small dinghy to super yacht and everything in between. West Coast Sailing offers a wide variety of line and marine rope for every sailor from leading line manufacturers. Whether you're looking for a new control line for your Laser vang, jib sheet for your J24, replacement halyard for your cruising boat, or a high strength low stretch line for a high performance application, we've got what you need to get you back on the water. Shop by common application, diameter, material, and more with options available from Robline, Marlow, Alpha Ropes, and New England Ropes. All line sold by the foot with line kits for select boats and small diameter mini spools available.

Shop By Boat

West Coast Sailing offers custom rigging, line kits, and pre cut line for many popular one design dinghies and keelboats. These products make it simple to get the right line for your sailboat and you can be confident they will work great.

  • Shop Line Kits
  • Shop One Design Rigging
  • Shop Pre Cut Line

Shop By Line Type

Line has come a long way in the past few decades, and current options offer great value and performance. We offer a variety of h igh tech Lines, which generally feature a non-stretch core for strength, durable cruising lines, which are typically polyester and less expensive but still strong and durable, or Dyneema, Spectra, & Vectran for non-stretch control line, halyard, and sheet applications. Shockcord bungee and floating Polypropylene also available. Scroll down this page for recommendations for line material based on your boat size and application.

  • Shop by Line Type

Shop By Diameter

West Coast Sailing carries over 80 different lines from 6 of the best rope manufacturers in diameters ranging from 1mm all the way up to 12mm. Use our handy category filters to narrow in on the specific diameter of lines that work for your application, and then pick the one that meets your exact criteria for performance, color, or price.

  • Shop by Line Diameter

Additional Line Options & Services

In addition to per foot line, pre cut line, line kits, and custom rigging, West Coast Sailing also offers mini spools, splicing equipment, and custom rigging services. If you can dream it, our team can build it! 

  • Shop Mini Spools
  • Shop Splicing Tools
  • Shop Custom Rigging

Line Fiber Type / Material Guide

Line application guide - dinghy, line application guide - racing, line application guide - performance cruising, line diameter guide.

Recommended Diameter by Application & Boat Length

If you are replacing an existing line, the easiest way to determine what diameter you need is to match what you already have. This can be done with a caliper or by close estimation with a tape measure. For example, if you've previously used a 7mm halyard and it has performed well, another 7mm line is likely a great choice. In most applications, there is some flexibility in the exact diameter that can be used. Most blocks, for example, have an 'ideal' diameter (ie, the line diameter that runs most effectively though the block's sheave) but also have a range so that you can run a slightly thinner or slightly thicker line. If you have a halyard that is getting hung up in your rig, stepping down 1-2mm might help the halyard run more efficiently. If you have a larger boat or rig and want to run a thinner halyard, consider a double braid line that features a Dyneema or Spectra core for strength. A similar approach can be applied to replacing sheets, control lines, and other line on your sailboat.


Double Braid vs Single Braid

Two terms you will often see in line descriptions are 'double braid' and 'single braid', which refer to the way the line is constructed. At the most basic level, a double braid line has a cover and a core whereas a single braid does not, but there are other important distinctions to consider when making a line selection.

Single Braids  are made up of either 8 or 12 strands that are braided into a circular pattern, half clockwise and half counter clockwise. This produces a line that is supple, absorbs twists, and tends not to kink. There are two types of single braid lines: performance single braids and polyester/blended single braids. Performance single braids are made from fibers with very low stretch and designed to handle extreme loads - think Dyneema, Spectra, or Vectran. Polyester/blended single braids, sometimes called hollow braid, are soft and easy to grip, built for sheets and hand-adjusted control lines. These are less common than performance single braid lines but recommended in a few specific applications.

Double Braids , sometimes called braid on braid, have a braided core within a braided outer jacket or cover. This creates a strong, durable, smooth-running line that is easy to handle. Double braids are used for the vast majority of all running rigging on sailboats including sheets, halyards and control lines for both cruising or racing. There are two types to consider: polyester double braids and high-tech double braids. Polyester double braids, found most commonly on recreational and cruising sailboats, have a polyester cover with polyester core. These are low maintenance, affordable, and long-lasting, while offering relatively low stretch and high working loads. For additional strength and minimal stretch, consider high-tech double braids. These lines typically feature a Dyneema or Spectra core (non-stretch) inside a polyester or polyester/dyneema blend cover for additional durability. They are more expensive but often the go to choice for high performance racing boats.

Sailing Programs & Clubs - West Coast Sailing offers special program pricing on purchases for sailing programs, yacht clubs, and community sailing organizations. Visit our YC & Program Purchasing  page for more details.

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At NRS, we’ve been strapping frames to boats since 1972. Based on the versatility of our patented LoPro™ fitting, we build the world’s strongest and most adjustable raft frames right here in Moscow, Idaho. No matter the boat, the NRS frame system helps you create your ultimate setup.

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NRS Bighorn I Raft Frame

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NRS Frame Cross Bar with LoPros

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NRS Universal Seat Mount

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NRS Bighorn II Raft Frame

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NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame

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NRS Longhorn Raft Frame

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NRS Frame Angler Seat Bar with LoPros

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NRS Slant Seat Stern Frame

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NRS Stern Raft Frame

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NRS Frame Foot Bar with LoPros

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NRS Frame Deluxe Foot Bar

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NRS Raft Fishing Frame

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NRS Frame Stern Seat Mount

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NRS Frame Side Rails with Plugs

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NRS Dodger Stern Seat Mount

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NRS Frame Cataraft Yoke

Image for NRS Universal Raft and Cataraft Frame

NRS Universal Raft and Cataraft Frame

Image for NRS Frame Sport Cat Drop Side Rails

NRS Frame Sport Cat Drop Side Rails

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STAR Kima Sport Cat Cataraft Frame

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NRS Frame Standard Drop Side Rails

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NRS Frame Breakdown Side Rails

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STAR Kannah Overnighter Cataraft Frame

Image for NRS Sport Cat Cataraft Frame

NRS Sport Cat Cataraft Frame

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NRS Frame Oar Mounts

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NRS Alley Cat Cataraft Frame

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NRS Top Cat Cataraft Frame

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NRS Fat Cat Cataraft Frame

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NRS Frame Foot Pegs

Image for NRS Oar Mount Nylon Bushing

NRS Oar Mount Nylon Bushing

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Steel Oarlock Stands

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NRS Cat Fish Cataraft Frame

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NRS LoPro Frame Fittings

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NRS Frame U-bolt

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NRS Unbendable Pipe 1-5/8" Anodized

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NRS Frame Plugs

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Tab Equipment-white-alt.png


 tab tooling, " find your   ", equipment, products and replacement parts, get a quote on a rebuilt tablet press.

1807 W. Outer Hwy 61,  Moscow Mills MO  63362


 tab equipment, news flash - turret manufacturing - now made to order, tablet presses, punches and dies, replacement parts and much more..

D3 crop 1.jpg

We offer tab let press replacement parts and products.  Along with punches and die tooling, Tab Equipment offers include new and used Rotary Presses and many other types of manufacturing equipment.

We have centrally located our business operation to provide the fastest means to get products to your doorsteps. When you select Tab Equipment you will find that we offer competitive pricing for all our products.

In addition, our products are guaranteed and we focus on providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

tab punch 2-1.jpg


We offer nothing but premium tablet press replacement parts. If we do not have the part in stock, we can duplicate your OEM parts using our business partners.  At times, our catalog may not display the items you are inquiring about. Simply let us know the item you are needing, and we will respond.

Need help finding a part or part number? Contact one of our parts experts and we'll help you locate the part number that will have your equipment back on line quickly.

Let us help you identify parts quickly. Send us your machine type and model number along with a picture of the damaged part. We'll find the exact part and provide you with the costs and specifics of how and when you can get this part in-hand to make the necessary repairs to your tab leting equipment. 

Tabbing Parts.jpg

Tab Equipment provides parts to fit OEM equipment.  Tab Equipment is in no way affiliated with the OEM companies whose names are listed herein.  The products listed in our catalog are manufactured to fit OEM equipment and are in no way represented or implied to be OEM products. 

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Logging Supplies,Rigging Supplies, Black Diamond Chokers, Dyneema, Xtremaline, Skidder Chains, Logging Chokers, Crosby, CM, Peerless

Amsteel Blue, Yale Cordage, Dyneema, Crosby, CM, Rigging


It doesn't matter if you drag logs, move earth, or lay pipeline, o ur full line of wire rope products ensure that you get the most out of your winch and o ur traction control products will keep the job moving in the worst of conditions

We Deliver...

Materials you need to get the job done.

yacht rigging parts

What Do You Do?

Industrial supply built on , what you need,, when you need it, when you lift it.

With over 30 years of experience, Redwing  combines the quality of brands you trust with a team of experienced riggers to give you what you need to get the job done.

Quality You Can Depend On  

Columbus McKinnon Rigging @ Redwing Company


After 30 years of running the roads, we know that it's not enough to get it on the trailer, you have to keep it there.  From binders to corner protectors, we have what you need to keep the load in place and deliver. 

Reliability From Start To Finish

Trailer Safety Chains


It doesn't matter if you climb trees, towers, or wind mills.  Redwing has the gear to help you reach new heights.  Our selection of gear comes from industry leading manufacturers so you can work at height with peace of mind.

Security To Get The Job Done


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What is it that makes the cote corporation special, dedication to excellence  that’s what we have to offer, about our service.

With The Cote Corporation, you have a range of options that others can't offer. You can either use our total capabilities or incorporate one or more of our services to complete your project. And, whether you use us for part or all of your project, you are assured of getting the best service possible.

Our services include crane service and rentals , rigging service , heavy lifting, trucking , packaging , warehousing and millwrighting services.

Our Cote crane service, our Cote rigging service and our Cote millwrighting crews have performed projects per our customer’s requests all across the nation.

Take just a few minutes to explore our site. You will see in more detail the capabilities we can bring to your project. We think you'll agree that The Cote Corporation can do it all to your satisfaction.

Featured Projects

140-Year-Old Biddeford Mills Clock Tower

Clock Tower Repairs

Camera Obscura

 - Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine

Kendall Square, Cambridge MA

 - Canopy Construction

Bowdoin Crane Lift

 - Zachau Construction


Farmington Diner Relocation • 05-28-2020

Farmington Diner Relocation (thumbnail)

Camera Obscura - Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine

Kendall Square, Cambridge MA - Canopy Construction

Bowdoin Crane Lift - Zachau Construction

In The News

Harrisville Designs working with The Cote Corporation rigging crew to relocate woolen-spun yarn looms to Mill No. 6 in Harrisville, NH. CLICK TO READ

yacht rigging parts

The Cote Corporation celebrates 40+ years with ABC Maine as one of the organization’s founding members.



The Cote Corp uses Grove AT for smokestack inspection in downtown Camden, Maine.


The Cote Corp receives Longevity Award from the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association SC&RA for 45 years!

Yellow Crane Featured on LA Metro

"For their substantial community service, The Cote Corporation has received Museum L/A’s Business Support award, The Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council’s Business of the Year award, and the Department of the Navy’s PWD Maine Safety Award."

Forklift Operator at Cote Crane 1

"A full-service company experienced in meeting the challenging requirements of pulp-paper, power and chemical, medical, industrial and general construction industries throughout Maine and beyond."

Forklift Operator at Cote Crane 2

Cote Crane donates approximately $14,000 in services to transport 90,000-pound tank from Waterville to new home of Veterans Memorial Park in Lewiston. "The truck intended to move the tank could not handle the weight so Cote Crane used one of its trucks. "

Crane construction over modern building

A newsworthy project captured by WABI/5 in Brewer, Maine. The Cote Corporation helping Somic America Inc. to create new job opportunities in 2023.

We are headquartered in auburn, me and provide crane service and rigging services throughout maine, nh and northern new england covering some of these major areas:.

Augusta, Maine

Bangor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine

Bath, Maine

Biddeford, Maine

Brunswick, Maine

Concord, New Hampshire

Dover, New Hampshire

Ellsworth, Maine

Lewiston, Maine

Kittery, Maine

Manchester, New Hampshire

Norway, Maine

Portland, Maine

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Rochester, New Hampshire

South Portland, Maine

Waterville, Maine

Westbrook, Maine

York, Maine


The Cote Corporation logo

2980 Hotel Road • Auburn, Maine 04210


[email protected]

Open 24 Hours

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Vela Sailing Supply

Featured Products

Spinlock Small Boat  Sheave Organizer

Spinlock Small Boat Sheave Organizer

Harken Twing Block 40mm Carbo

Harken Carbo 40mm Twing Block

Forespar LC 10-18 EL-UTR Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar LC 10-18 EL-UTR Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar LC 12-22 UTS-UTR Carbon Whisker Pole

Forespar LC 12-22 UTS-UTR Carbon Whisker Pole

Forespar LC 15-27 UTS-UTR Carbon Whisker Pole

Forespar LC 15-27 UTS-UTR Carbon Whisker Pole

Forespar LC 13-24 UTS-UTR Carbon Whisker Pole

Forespar LC 13-24 UTS-UTR Carbon Whisker Pole

Forespar Pole ADJ 7-15 Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar Pole ADJ 7-15 Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar Pole ADJ HD 6-12 DL Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar Pole ADJ HD 6-12 DL Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar Pole ADJ 6-12 DL Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar Pole ADJ 6-12 DL Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar Pole ADJ 6-12 Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar Pole ADJ 6-12 Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar LC 15-27 UTS-UTR Combo Whisker Poles

Forespar LC 15-27 UTS-UTR Combo Whisker Poles

Forespar LC 15-27 TS-UTR Aluminum Whisker Pole

Forespar LC 15-27 TS-UTR Aluminum Whisker Pole

Client reviews.

yacht rigging parts

More Than Just a Watch

As an avid sailor, the Optimum Time OS Series 12 is a game-changer! Its easy-to-read display, countdown timer, and waterproof design make it an indispensable tool on the water. A must-have for anyone serious about sailing!

The Precision Engineering Of Ronstan Orbit Blocks Is Impressive

These blocks have been a game changer for my sailing rig. The smooth rotation and lightweight design make maneuvering sails a breeze." Highly recommended!

Simple And Light, They Do The Job

I have three cleats on each side of my boat, all of which excel at snagging spinnaker sheets. These things solve the problem perfectly without adding too much weight. I bought two pair, one for the bow cleats and another for the center cleats. The aft most cleats are not a problem.

Excellent One Design Compass

Easy to read and yet smaller; doesn't get in the way of lines on the mast etc. Features are very good and the buttons are actual push buttons that are very responsive (vs touch screen that can be a challenge when wet, with gloves or sunscreen). The Distance to line is extremely accurate.

Exactly what I Needed

Product works great on my 1996 Precision P21. Vela Sail was super helpful and the shipping was super quick.

The VX Evo taking over the US...starting with Texas!

Racing in paradise: offshore sailing school in the bvi's, carbon fiber....is it time to hybrid-it, popular brands.

Harken Sailboat Hardware

New Arrivals

Gill Mens Coastal Short

Gill Mens Coastal Short

Gill Mens Coastal Pant

Gill Mens Coastal Pant

Gill Womens Coastal Jacket

Gill Womens Coastal Jacket

Gill Coastal Bib

Gill Coastal Bib

Gill Coastal Jacket

Gill Coastal Jacket

Vaikobi Torque Trapeze Harness - Quick Release

Vaikobi Torque Trapeze Harness - Quick Release

ACR GlobalFix V6 EPIRB with Return Link Service and Mobile App

ACR GlobalFix V6 EPIRB with Return Link Service and Mobile App

Profurl Bottom Ending Bearing Holder For C290

Profurl Bottom Ending Bearing Holder For C290

Profurl Intermediate Bearing Holder C290

Profurl Intermediate Bearing Holder C290

Profurl Plastic sleeves for 29, 31, 32 & R35

Profurl Plastic sleeves for 29, 31, 32 & R35

The crew at Vela is dedicated to helping sailors finding solutions to all their needs: from the day sailor to the hardcore racer we connect with you and make sure to provide the tools you need for every challenge

We are sailors!

Go sailing...Sail hard!

vela sailing supply

Ukraine war latest: Putin makes 'absurd attempt to seduce West'; leaders call for Olympics truce

Analysts have branded Vladimir Putin's proposals for peace negotiations "absurd" and "hollow", as Volodymyr Zelenskyy hosts a two-day peace summit with world leaders - excluding Russia. Meanwhile, the Group of Seven have unanimously backed a global conflict truce during the Olympic Games.

Saturday 15 June 2024 22:58, UK

  • Putin's 'absurd' peace proposal a 'hollow attempt to seduce the West'
  • Western leaders back Olympic global conflict truce, Italy says
  • More than 90 countries at peace summit - but Biden and other key players skip talks
  • US announces $1.5bn in aid for Ukraine
  • Dominic Waghorn analysis: It's a bad week for Putin - but Kyiv's allies face an uncertain future
  • Big picture: Everything you need to know about the war right now
  • Your questions answered:  Are there any signs of an underground resistance in Russia?
  • Live reporting by Brad Young

That's all for our live coverage today, but we'll be back with more live updates and analysis soon.

If you're just checking in, here is a recap of the key moments that occurred over the last 24 hours.

  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy kicked off a peace summit in Switzerland that excluded Russia;
  • Joe Biden skipped the event - sending vice president Kamala Harris instead - and China declined an invitation;
  • White House national security adviser branded Russia's latest so-called peace proposal a "completely absurd vision", after Vladimir Putin called for Ukraine to give up almost 20% of its land;
  • The head of the EU Commission said freezing the conflict as it stands was "a recipe for future wars of aggression";
  • But Saudi Arabia - touted as the potential host of a follow-up summit - said peace talks must involve "difficult compromise";
  • Meanwhile, Russia blamed Ukraine for attacks that killed six people in Belgorod last night, while Ukraine said Russia killed three people with cluster munitions in a Ukrainian village today;
  • The G7 unanimously backed a French proposal to request a global truce during the Olympic Games, the Italian prime minister said.

A draft statement at the Swiss peace summit recognises Russia's war in Ukraine continues to cause large-scale human suffering and destruction, Reuters reports.

"We reaffirm out commitment to refraining from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state... including Ukraine," reads the statement.

"Any threat or use of nuclear weapons in the context of the ongoing war against Ukraine is inadmissible."

The communique continues: "Ukrainian nuclear power plants and installations... must operate safely and securely under full sovereign control of Ukraine."

It calls for prisoners of war to be released, and all deported and unlawfully displaced Ukrainian children or unlawfully detained Ukrainian civilians to be returned to Ukraine.

The statement also pushes for "free, full and safe" commercial travel via sea ports in the Black Sea and Azov Sea.

"We underscore our commitment to upholding international law, including the UN charter."

The first batch of Russian and Belarusian athletes have been cleared to compete at next month's Paris Olympics, with a total of 25 making the cut.

Another 16 failed an International Olympic Committee vetting process over the war in Ukraine, the IOC said, the spaces for which will be distributed to other countries.

Russian and Belarusian athletes are allowed to qualify as neutrals so long as they have not actively supported the war in Ukraine and have not been contracted to any military or security agency.

The vetting process means the countries will have sportspeople competing in some events, like road cycling and trampolining, but in others neither country has qualified, such as taekwondo.

In this round of vetting, Russia cleared 14 athletes for 24 allocated spots, while 11 Belarusian athletes passed the process for 17 spots. 

Once all applicants are vetted, the IOC said it expects to see about 36 Russian and 22 Belarusian athletes competing as neutrals, out of 54 and 28 spots respectively.

Russia has blamed Ukraine for attacks that killed six people in Belgorod last night.

Russia's emergencies ministry said four bodies were pulled from the rubble of a five-story apartment building in the town of Shebekino.

Pictures showed a crane clearing debris and a building's facade shattered, with one stairwell collapsed. 

Regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said a Ukrainian drone struck a car in a village near Shebekino, killing the driver.

He also said a woman was killed in her home when it was struck by rocket fire in the village of Oktyabrsky, further west.

There was no immediate comment from Kyiv.

Russia launched a fresh incursion across the border from Belgorod in Kharkiv last month, opening up a second front in the war.

While world leaders gather to discuss peace in Switzerland,  troops continue to fight on the frontlines in Ukraine.

Pictures show apartment buildings reduced to rubble in residential areas turned to ghost-towns to the east.

In Toretsk, Donetsk region, the frames of windows are all that is left of one block, hanging between two others.

Meanwhile, in Chasiv Yar, Ukrainian soldiers were photographed firing 120mm mortar towards Russian positions.

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says any peace talks will involve "difficult compromise".

The country is viewed as one of the leading candidates to host what is being mooted as a follow-up conference to this weekend's gathering of dozens of world leaders in Switzerland. 

Speaking at the Swiss peace summit, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said any credible negotiations will need Russia's participation.

"We believe it is important that the international community encourage any step towards serious negotiations which will require difficult compromise as part of a road map that leads to peace."

World leaders are speaking throughout the day in Switzerland at a peace summit called by Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

We're bringing you the key moments from the talks, and this update includes comments on nuclear safety, war crimes and Vladimir Putin's "absurd vision".

Emmanuel Macron

The French leader says one of the key priorities of the talks must be about securing nuclear safety around the Zaporizhizhia power plant.

Allies must also "not to accept any complacency vis-a-vis the attacks targeting civilian targets and infrastructure in Ukraine. These are war crimes", he said.

Russia has denied all allegations of war crimes.

"What is at stake is our international rules and the possibility to have peace everywhere. Because in launching this war, Russia decided first to be an imperialist regime," said Mr Macron.

"This summit is a milestone to reiterate our attachment to the core principles of our international laws."

Jake Sullivan

The White House national security adviser branded Russia's latest peace proposal a "completely absurd vision."

It would only lead to further domination of the country, he said.

China's absence from the peace summit was probably a result of entreaties from Russia not to attend, Mr Sullivan added.

Finnish president

Finland's president Alexander Stubb called for follow-up talks as soon as possible because "peace is... always a process".

"We have 1,300 kilometres of border with Russia... Russia invaded Finland in World War Two, we lost 10% of our territory, including the land where my grandparents were born and where my father was born." 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said Moscow was not invited to the Swiss summit because the Kremlin is not interested in peace.

European commission President Ursula von der Leyen told world leaders accepting Russian troops on Ukrainian land was a "recipe for future wars of aggression".

And Rishi Sunak was asked whether the West has been too scared of Vladimir Putin to help Ukraine defeat him.

Here are the details...

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

"There is no need to reinvent the wheel when the UN charter already defines the foundations of peace and normal co-existence of peoples," he told leaders gathered near Lucerne.

"There is no Russia here - why? Because if Russia was interested in peace, there would be no war.

"We must decide together what a just peace means for the world and how it can be achieved in a truly lasting way."

Ursula von der Leyen

"Freezing the conflict today, with foreign troops occupying Ukrainian land, is not the answer.

"It is a recipe for future wars of aggression.

"Instead we need to support a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace for Ukraine. One that restores Ukraine's sovereignty and its territorial integrity."

Rishi Sunak

Asked if the West has been too scared of Vladimir Putin to help Ukraine defeat him, he said the UK was " not going anywhere" and Kyiv's allies are "with Ukraine for as long as it takes".

"Crucially at the G7 summit over the past few days we reached a landmark agreement to make sure it's Russia who pays for more military support and economic reconstruction of Ukraine using trapped and seized Russian assets".

Vladimir Putin's purported interest in peace negotiations is a hollow attempt to "seduce" the West, war analysts say.

His "absurd ultimatums" are part of a campaign to sabotage the Swiss peace conference and mislead Kyiv's allies to permit the violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The Russian leader's so-called peace plan included Ukraine surrendering almost 20% of its territory and abandoning its aspirations to join NATO, and the West lifting all sanctions and recognising part of Ukraine as Russian.

"The Kremlin is not interested in good faith negotiations with Ukraine and only feigns its interest in negotiations as part of a wider informational effort intended to convince the West to pre-emptively make concessions that violate Ukraine's sovereignty," said the ISW.

Mr Putin's demands would "irrevocably damage the principle of state sovereignty and the inviolability of international borders".

The ISW called Mr Putin's promise to respect a ceasefire "particularly hollow following months of Russian war crimes against Ukrainian civilians and prisoners of war".

Russia denies allegations of committing war crimes.

The International Criminal Court has issued a warrant for Mr Putin's arrest.

"Putin's demands continue to reflect his long-demanded ultimatums that are based on presuppositions that deny the existence of an independent and sovereign Ukraine and that seek to seduce the West to pre-emptively compromise on Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity," said the ISW.

Demonstrators have travelled hundreds of miles to plead their case as world leaders arrive in Switzerland.

Some 250 people, many of them relatives of Ukrainian soldiers, waved banners and shouted slogans in Lucerne to draw attention to the fate of troops taken prisoner by Russia.

Many do not know if their loved ones have been killed or taken.

"I must do everything in my power to get my husband back," said Svitlana Bilous, 34, from Kharkiv.

"I'm clinging to the idea that my husband is still alive... that's what keeps me going. If I could send him a message, it would be simply that I love him."

Anatoliy went missing in April last year and Svitlana has only heard he is alive but has had no direct contact with him.

"We want specific actions regarding the return of prisoners of war, admission of the International Committee of the Red Cross to all places of detention," she said.

The families want the world powers in attendance at Volodymyr Zelenskyy's peace summit to find ways to press Moscow to hand over information, improve the conditions of any captives and send them home.

Approximately 8,000 people - civilians and soldiers - are in Russian hands, Ukrainian officials said in February.

"All of us have the same dream," said one women at the demonstration.

"We want our relatives to be found and returned from captivity."

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  1. Sailboat Rigging,Hardware & Accessories

    Rigging Only is dedicated to providing quality sailboat hardware and sailboat rigging at affordable prices to sailors through out the world. Checkout View Cart (0) (508) 992-0434. Toggle navigation. Shop All . standing rigging; ... either from measurements or by matching existing rigging from each individual boat. As each boat is unique, we ...

  2. Sailboat Rigging Hardware & Parts

    High-Quality Marine Rigging Hardware Fisheries Supply carries essential parts like wire rope assemblies, spreader boots, sheaves, and halyards required to preserve the integrity of your sailboat's complex rigging system. Update your boat's reliability by selecting high-quality stainless steel boat rigging hardware and sailboat running rigging ...

  3. Rig-Rite Inc.

    Since 1961, RIG-RITE has engineered, manufactured and distributed Spars, Rigging and Hardware Systems for Sailboats. RIG-RITE stocks the largest variety of related Systems and Hardware available anywhere, Specializing in original replacement parts for Systems on yachts built the world over. Spars - Masts, Booms, Spreaders, Spinnaker Poles ...

  4. Rigging

    West Marine's selection of boat rigging hardware encompasses all the most respected brands, including FSE Robline, Loos, New England Ropes, Ronstan, Samson Rope, Alexander Roberts, Alps Wire Rope, C. Sherman Johnson, Schaefer, Suncor and Edson Marine to name a few. Of course, for hard or complicated jobs, experienced professionals at West ...

  5. Sailboat Hardware

    Dynamic Dollies. Dynamic/Seitech Dollies Compatible Parts. Type 1: Boats up to 250 lbs Dollies. Type 2: Laser, Byte & Invitation Dollies. Type 3: Curled Gunwale Boats Dollies. Type 4.1: Small/Med Bowsprit Boats Dollies. Type 4.2: Heavier Sprit Boats Dollies.

  6. Sailboat Parts Explained: Illustrated Guide (with Diagrams)

    The hull is what most people would consider 'the boat'. It's the part that provides buoyancy and carries everything else: sails, masts, rigging, and so on. Without the hull, there would be no boat. The hull can be divided into different parts: deck, keel, cabin, waterline, bilge, bow, stern, rudder, and many more.

  7. Rod, Wire and Fibre Yacht Rigging

    BSI Rigging is a leading player in the yacht rigging industry supplying to OEM yards, private superyacht customers and leading mast manufacturers. The rod, wire and fibre range and associated hardware offer customers a broad range of solutions to meet their standing rigging needs. Our rigging range includes the following products.

  8. Rigging Service

    West Marine Rigging Service. Regardless of whether you own a traditional sailboat, offshore cruiser, club racer, high-tech dinghy or cutting edge racer, our master riggers are ready to help. And with easy ordering, guaranteed quality and fast service, it's no wonder that sailors everywhere increasingly turn to us for the rigging they need!

  9. Boat Rigging: A Comprehensive Guide to Ensure Smooth Sailing

    10. 2023. In the world of sailing, boat rigging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and performance of your vessel. From standing rigging to sail rigging types, it's essential to understand the intricacies of rigging a yacht to embark on smooth sailing adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the nuances of ...

  10. Sta-Lok

    To make visions become reality,choose Sta-Lok. Sta-Lok is a UK manufacturer specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality products and solutions for stainless steel wire ropes and tension rod systems. Sta-Lok's stainless steel rigging fittings are designed and engineered to complement the most beautiful boats, buildings ...

  11. Sailboat Standing Rigging

    Sailboat and yacht standing rigging of the highest quality, swage and mechanical terminals, rigging supplies and cable. Checkout View Cart (0) (508) 992-0434 ... using quality parts, at a fair price. Standing rigging measurement guide. wire. mechanical wire terminations. swage wire terminations. turnbuckles. backstay adjusters, hydraulic and ...

  12. Sailutions

    Superior Yacht Rigging and Marine Hardware. Sailutions supply and service a complete range of superior quality yacht rigging fittings and marine hardware from top Swedish sailing brands Seldén, Rutgerson and Furlex.. With extensive sailing experience across racing and cruising yachts, we're happy to advise you on the right rigging solution for your boat, whether you're upgrading ...

  13. Sailing Services

    If you are more of a do-it-yourself sailor, we sell Sta-Lok, and Hi-Mod fittings designed to be fitted on site. Huge Inventory of Rope and Sailboat Hardware. Rigging and Lifeline Shop. Splicing Shop. Expert Knowledge. [email protected]. (305) 758 1074. Sailing Services Catalog. Find A Rigger.

  14. Wire Rigging Fittings

    Standing Rigging for cruising yachts is mainly produced from a smooth, stiff and strong 1 x 19 construction. Compacted Strand 1 x 7 and 1 x 19 are used for enhanced performance. 7 x 19 is a flexible wire construction for use where the wire needs to turn corners e.g. around a block or sheave. Jimmy Green Marine offer a comprehensive range of ...

  15. Small Sailboat Parts

    Here at West Coast Sailing we have parts locators and rigging guides for most sailboat brands. Free Shipping Over $99 - 366 Day Returns - Expert Advice ... Dynamic Dollies & Racks is an industry leader in providing innovative solutions for boat storage and transportation. Their new Dock Cradle provides a great way to store your boat on a dock ...

  16. Sailboat Line & Rigging

    West Coast Sailing offers a full selection of marine grade sailing line and rigging including One Design rigging, pre cut line, line kits, and line by the foot for halyards, sheets, control lines, and more. Shop running rigging and standing rigging today from trusted brands including Marlow, Robline, Samson, Kingfisher, New England Ropes, and more.

  17. Hayn Marine Rigging Hardware

    1-43 results of 43. 1. Hayn rigging has been setting the standard for quality stainless steel rigging hardware for over 60 years. Hayn Hi-Mod compression fittings and Hayn turnbuckles are manufactured using skilled craftsman and quality materials, while still remaining price competitive. Whether you need jaw to jaw turnbuckles, rigging pins ...

  18. Welcome to Midwest Model Yachting, LLC

    Running Rigging . SHOP NOW . Featured Products. Select Options. 11.1 mm Jib boom, anodized black - 410 mm long . $6.50. Out of Stock. Select Options. ... We stock a wide-range of products to help you build and maintain your boat. If you can't find what you need, contact us and we will do what we can to fulfill your needs. CONTACT US. Top Brands ...

  19. Raft Frames & Parts

    Raft Frames & Parts. At NRS, we've been strapping frames to boats since 1972. Based on the versatility of our patented LoPro™ fitting, we build the world's strongest and most adjustable raft frames right here in Moscow, Idaho. No matter the boat, the NRS frame system helps you create your ultimate setup. NRS Bighorn I Raft Frame. $875.00 ...

  20. Home

    Tab Equipment offers tablet press replacement parts and products. Along with punches and die tooling, including new Rotary Presses and many other types of manufacturing equipment. All products are guaranteed and we focus on providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

  21. Winch & Rigging Gear

    Redwing Company & Logging Supplies: 800-766-0285 We Deliver all your lifting & rigging supplies. Xtrema Line, Wire Rope Slings, and Chain lifting slings.

  22. The Cote Corporation

    The Cote Corporation is your trusted rigging, hauling & crane company serving clients across Maine and New Hampshire. Contact us today to request a quote! Call Our Team Today! 1-800-696-6282. REQUEST A QUOTE. Home; About Us. Company History; Cote Management; Services. Boom Trucks; Crane; Millwrighting; Museums & Antiques; Rigging;

  23. Sailing Equipment, Parts, & Supplies

    Profurl Plastic sleeves for 29, 31, 32 & R35. $10.00. Add to Cart. The crew at Vela is dedicated to helping sailors finding solutions to all their needs: from the day sailor to the hardcore racer we connect with you and make sure to provide the tools you need for every challenge. We are sailors!

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    A diving and salvage team in Estonia said this week that it had located well-preserved parts and debris from the Junkers Ju 52 plane operated by Finnish airline Aero, which is now Finnair.

  25. Ukraine-Russia war: Latest updates

    Vladimir Putin has said he does not see the conditions for the use of nuclear weapons as set out in Russia's nuclear doctrine - but added he could not rule out a change to the doctrine.

  26. Ukraine-Russia war: Putin to deliver speech after US and Ukraine agree

    Vladimir Putin will make a speech at Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs meeting today after the US and Ukraine signed a 10-year security deal. Meanwhile, a NATO official has told European Pravda ...