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Ships   Krait Phantom Exploration Build Guide

  • Thread starter TheRFSpark
  • Start date Dec 26, 2018
  • Tags build exploration guide krait phantom


you may want to put g5 heavy duty armor on your ships, since it's more hp without the weight cost, other than that the build looks similar to mine Final  

Maybe but eh not really worth the mats tbh. If you have extra mats go for it.  


Got mine to 66.25 with a 16t Fuel tank unladen 71.5  


A 2D powerplant is a very bad advice, same with a 1D distributor. Also you shouldn't go anywhere near open in that paper build.  



1D distributor engineered to provide a boost is completely fine assuming as little contact with humankind as possible. It gives an emergency boost during planetary landings. But A-class powerplant is a must. Here is mine:  

LifesAJourney said: 1D distributor engineered to provide a boost is completely fine assuming as little contact with humankind as possible. It gives an emergency boost during planetary landings. But A-class powerplant is a must. Here is mine: Click to expand...


I explore alone in Open all the time in an 80LY jump capable Anaconda No heat sinks needed Boost capable and SRV on board Also has 2 AFMU that I never use Different strokes...  


Bigmaec said: Here's my build in comparison: It sacrifices 10 LY jump range but is not functionally impaired by several choices - it has a higher base and boost speed than a g5'd FdL - it can nearly permaboost with 4 pips to engines and can boost twice in a row and a third time within 12 seconds with 4 pips into sys - it has 1047 mj shield strength, with 4 pips thats 2600 absolute - all this means it is basically gank proof - my powerplant hast double the integrity of yours, which means it will survive longer - also my build has a plasma slug rail gun to bleed fuel and a heat sink launcher which saves a double proof against gankers and my stupidity versus scooping Granted, most of this is not needed if you PvE, but with my Krait I'm not afraid to fly to DW2 waypoints in open (I will actually join up for the second mining CG to test it) Click to expand...

Elite Dangerous Wiki

Krait Phantom

  • View history
With a spacious cargo hold and a relatively generous quantity of hardpoints, the Krait Phantom is a versatile ship suited to a range of roles. It has enough firepower to hold its own against larger targets, and enough straight-line speed to outpace smaller targets. The ship also offers eight internal compartments, allowing the pilot to tailor the ship to their requirements. And while it lacks the firepower and fighter bay of its sister ship, the Krait Mk II, it is both faster and lighter. — In-Game Description

The Krait Phantom is a ship manufactured by Faulcon DeLacy . It is a variant of the Krait MkII . Whereas the Krait MkII was conceived as a combat vessel with enough internal compartment flexibility to take on other roles if desired, the Phantom embraces multirole capability at the expense of firepower and internal space. The result is a lighter and faster ship that can nonetheless hold its own in a variety of combat situations, or even be reconfigured into an ideal medium exploration vessel. In a press release announcing the ship's debut, Faulcon DeLacy stated, "The Krait Phantom offers true multi-role capability, allowing it to be customised for combat, mining or trading. And for explorers, its impressive jump range means you really can reach out to the stars. This is a ship that can handle it all." [1]

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  • 3 Outfitting
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Overview [ ]

The Krait Phantom is a variation of the Krait MkII , featuring a more streamlined design, revamped thruster configuration and internal layout, and emphasis on speed and manoeuvrability. To the effect of the latter, while the Phantom has the same number of optional compartment slots as the MkII, the single Class 4 compartment is changed to a Class 3 compartment, and one of the two Class 6 compartments is changed to a Class 5. In addition, Fighter Hangar compatibility, one Class 3 hardpoint, and one of the two Multicrew seats are removed. These changes result in the Phantom shaving off 50 tonnes of mass, allowing it to have a slightly greater jump range and 21 m/s more default speed and boost speed than the MkII. At the same time, the Phantom's nominal armour, nominal shield strength, and maximum cargo carrying capacity are reduced, and it also has a marginally taller profile compared to the MkII.

In combat , although the Krait Phantom loses some of the Krait MkII's damage output, durability, and its Fighter Hangar, its higher mobility allows it to become an agile and modestly successful fighter vessel. The Phantom still has two Class 2 and two Class 3 hardpoints, more than enough firepower to be a serious threat to large ships, and when combined with its high mobility, the Phantom can be a very deadly vessel in skilled hands. Overall, the Phantom is a highly effective Pirate and Bounty Hunter , and a solid choice for anti- Thargoid combat.

The Krait Phantom has somewhat less utility as a trader than the MkII due to its lower cargo capacity, though it is still a high amount for a medium ship and its significant jump range can offset this drawback. As a miner , the Phantom also under-performs the MkII since its reduced hardpoints mean fewer mining tools can be equipped, and its lack of a Fighter Hangar means miners cannot bring Ship-Launched Fighters for defence.

The Phantom excels as an explorer , with jump ranges slightly higher than the Asp Explorer depending on outfitting and Engineering , and more internal compartment space for a wider variety of modules. The one notable weakness that the Phantom has compared to the Asp Explorer is its substantially higher purchase price, which makes it more difficult for pilots with limited funds to obtain compared to the latter ship, which remains an effective exploration option.

Convergence krait phantom

Krait Phantom hardpoints convergence

The Krait Phantom's two Class 3 hardpoints are mounted on the vessel's dorsal surface, behind and flanking the cockpit. The two Class 2 hardpoints are mounted on the underside of the front-most points of the hull, on either side of the cockpit and slightly forward. This layout is identical to the Krait MkII's, minus the latter's third central Class 3 hardpoint. The primary pilot's seat is located squarely along the centerline of the ship, but the cockpit itself extends from the hull and is slightly under-slung, affording a wide, unobstructed frontal view reminiscent of Lakon Spaceways ships. The single secondary pilot seat for Multicrew is placed behind the primary seat.

Purchase Locations [ ]

Outfitting [ ].

All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Krait Phantom.

  • (L) = Loaned Module
  • [x#] = Capacity
  • (PAS) = Reserved solely for the Planetary Approach Suite or Advanced Planetary Approach Suite
  • The Krait Phantom was released with the Chapter Four (3.3) update of Elite Dangerous: Beyond on December 11, 2018. [2]
  • The Krait Phantom's existence was accidentally hinted at when its name briefly appeared in the Frontier Store shortly after the release of Beyond Chapter Two (3.1). [3] It was not until the Beyond Chapter Four (3.3) announcement trailer was released that the Krait Phantom was confirmed to be a real ship.
  • The Krait Phantom may be named after the McDonnell FH Phantom .
  • Early in its development, the Krait Phantom was internally known as the "Krait MkIII". [4]
  • Like the Asp Scout , the Phantom switches the two separate boosters of its more expensive variant for a single large booster.
  • The Phantom's vectored thrust pitch plates seem to be reversed. When the ship is pitched up, the plates will pitch down, and vice versa.

Elite Dangerous Beyond - Chapter Four Announcement

Gallery [ ]

Krait Phantom top view

References [ ]

  • ↑ GalNet: Mamba and Krait Phantom Released
  • ↑ Frontier Forums: Beyond - Chapter Four - Release Date Announcement
  • ↑ Frontier Forums: Krait Phantom and Alliance Crusader
  • ↑ YouTube: Discovery Scanner 5 - Crafting the Krait
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Krait Phantom

krait phantom build


Why would you use this ship? While it doesn’t have the jump range of Asp or Anaconda, it has better optional internals then the asp, and it’s not as expensive as Anaconda. Not to mention it really looks better then both. The 3C fuel tank will force you to make almost every jump a fuel…

krait phantom build

Krait 70.2 by CMDR SEBASTIAN8

Just a very lovely ship, but the fuel tank forces you to be very careful.

krait phantom build

SS. independence II by CMDR waker of the sky

I needed a exploration ship but was tired of the aspX

krait phantom build

Krait Phantom – “Six”

krait phantom build

Krait Phantom – “Res Killer 2 No Restock”

Privacy overview.

Elite Dangerous: Best Fully-Engineered Exploration Ship Build

The Bubble Buster is a clever ship build that can cover great distances. It’s enjoyable to fly, and it's ready for the unexpected.

Elite Dangerous is, at its core, a game about exploration. One of the grandest experiences Elite Dangerous has to offer is setting out to find unknown worlds, being the first to discover a hidden gem, and then proudly placing a “First Discovered By” label beside it. Commanders that focus on exploration spend their time traveling the cosmos in search of the most beautiful systems , or embarking on expeditions to faraway beacons like Sagittarius A* or Beagle Point. RELATED: Elite Dangerous: Best Ways To Make Money

Others spend months or even years “In the Black”, tens of thousands of light-years away from civilization. That far out, no one but the Fuel Rats would dare attempt the long journey to get them back home in the event of a malfunction. Space is unforgiving, unpredictable, and undeniably vast. Commanders looking to specialize in exploration need a ship that can cover great distances, that’s enjoyable to fly, and that can deal with the unexpected as it arises.

The following is a top-tier ship build for exploring space in Elite Dangerous . It's called The Bubble Buster.

The Bubble Buster

This build excels at getting commanders out of the bubble to visit Guardian and Thargoid sites, make truly incredible discoveries , and jet around in style and comfort. It’s also excellent at traveling great distances inside the bubble. It can get across the bubble in just two jumps or to the nearest Guardian site in six. No sitting next to a star for minutes at a time to refuel either. The Bubble Buster refuels completely in less than twenty seconds. A simple fly-by is all that’s needed to fill it up after each jump.

RELATED: Elite Dangerous Player Goes On 85,000 Light Year Journey Without Key Tool There’s room for customization, but this build should serve most use cases as-is. It’s also surprisingly fast and fun to fly. It’s capable of repairing itself, it has all the tools needed for unexpected encounters, and it even has a self-defense mechanism to get away from pirates.

The following information describes the specific choices in the build and offers some customization options. Check this build out on Coriolis to examine it more closely.

The best ship for this build is the Krait Phantom. There are a handful of ships that excel at exploration for one reason or another, but the Krait fits this build perfectly. It's one of the best medium ships available owing to its versatility and impressive Jump Range. It has large internals, a competitive Boost Speed, and most importantly: fancy thrusters.

The Asp Explorer is a fair replacement for this build, but the smaller optional internals mean the ship can either have a large Fuel Scoop or a 4E Corrosion-Resistant Cargo Rack, not both. However, both are essential for this build to be at its best. The other largest slot is taken by the FSD Booster, so there’s no way around it.

RELATED: The Best Sci-Fi Games That Aren't Mass Effect or Star Wars-Related Of course the Anaconda could accommodate this build as well, and it would still have room for Passenger Cabins, a full bar, and a swimming pool. However, long voyages in the Anaconda can be grating because of its glacial handling. Also, some planet surfaces make it impossible to land, and it can only dock at stations with a large landing pad.

This part is easy. There’s only one hardpoint: a Mining Laser . This can be used to mine asteroid belts for precious synthesizing materials needed out in the black. The mining laser can also be used to activate Guardian Beacons.

There’s a bit of room in the Power Plant to fit more armaments for commanders with a desire for some firepower. Multicannons would do well here, and the Mining Laser can be replaced by a combat laser to keep the ability to activate Guardian Beacons.

Core Internals

The core internals chosen for this build don’t just prioritize keeping things light. Instead, there’s an even spread of priorities designed to keep the ship fun to fly and versatile while maintaining a top-tier Jump Range that rivals some of the best large ships in the game .

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  • Lightweight Alloy Hull. It’s the lightest option, so a clear choice. With Heavy Duty and Deep Plating upgrades, pirates will have a tough time breaking through this hull.
  • 3A Power Plant with Overcharged and Monstered. This overzealous lawnmower engine is just barely powerful enough to run everything in the rest of the build. It can’t even power the ship until it’s been fully engineered to Grade 5, so use a spare to get to the engineer and then have it shipped there to be upgraded. Upgrading to a 4A is a simpler choice and it provides more options. Doing so only drops the Jump Range by about half a light-year, but whatever else gets upgraded to use that extra power will continue to have an impact. For example: Upgrading to a 4A means the ship can power 5A Thrusters for a huge speed increase, but then the Jump Range drops a total of 2.5 ly.
  • 5D Thrusters with Dirty Drive Tuning and Drag Drives. Not a typical choice for explorers, but it makes the ship a lot more fun to fly. When this build is at its best, it sports an impressive 532 m/s Boost Speed.
  • 5A FSD with Increased Range and Mass Manager. This combination of upgrades creates the furthest possible Jump Range. With this build fully-engineered, the Frame Shift Drive offers a minimum Jump Range of 63ly.
  • 3D Power Distributor with Engine Focused and Super Conduits. This combination keeps the Boost Interval down to 8 seconds but is light enough to maintain a high Jump Range and Boost Speed. A 2A or even 2D can be used instead if they’re fully engineered, but they offer mere tenths of a point increases in Jump Range. Bumping it up to a Stripped Down 5D grants an impressive 4-second Boost Interval while barely lowering Boost Speed, but it requires a larger Power Plant.
  • 6D Sensors with Lightweight. Serviceable sensors and only 3.2 tons when they’re fully engineered. These are the best choice for every exploration-focused build.
  • 4C Fuel Tank. This is in place of the Class 5 that could fit in this slot. The lower capacity doesn’t get in the way, but it’s best to check the navigation to ensure Primary stars are encountered when needed. Unladen, it can travel 241ly on one tank of fuel. This ship scoops fuel like a champ, but it can get stranded in places like The Abyss where Primary stars are few and far between.

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Utility Mounts

The Krait Phantom has a total of four Utility Mounts. While that may seem pitiful compared to the Anaconda’s eight, four gets the job done well enough. Into these four slots go the following modules:

  • 2x Heat Sink Launchers with Lightweight. Heatsinks are vital to the survival of exploring commanders. Two is a bit overkill, and one can be switched out for another type of scanner when the situation calls for it. Having two for long journeys though means less synthesizing is necessary.
  • 0D Frame Shift Wake Scanner with Long Range. The D rating keeps the power draw low, but provides a good base for range. With Long Range, the range goes out to 5.5km, which makes farming encoded materials much easier.
  • Chaff Launcher. This is the ship’s self-defense mechanism. If a pirate interdicts the commander, they can deploy chaff, take evasive maneuvers, and jump away just as the chaff’s effect wears off.

RELATED: Elite Dangerous: Best Small Ships

Optional Internals

This is where the versatility in The Bubble Buster’s design really shines. The optional internals chosen here should give commanders enough tools in their toolbox to have what they need when they need it no matter the situation.

  • 6A Fuel Scoop . This scoop can refill the tank after a few jumps in less time than it takes to do a fly-by of a star. No more waiting just outside the exclusion zone while nervously eyeing the heat gauge. Elite Dangerous is one of the longest PC games to beat so every minute saved counts. On long voyages, the time shaved off of every jump builds up quick. This scoop also makes The Bubble Buster competitive in Buckyball races that permit it.
  • 5H Guardian FSD Booster. No surprises here.
  • 4G Planetary Vehicle Hangar. The second bay provided by this larger hangar is an important consideration. Being 10,000 light years from the nearest station means losing the one and only SRV around is a serious problem. With a second one, the pressure is significantly less. It also affords the chance to bring a Scarab and a Scorpion just for fun.
  • 4E Corrosion Resistant Cargo Rack. This cargo rack can hold limpets until the day it’s finally needed for some Thargoid archaeology. 16 slots works well in the meantime. Any more than that and the ship would be slow when fully-laden.
  • 3A Shield Generator with Enhanced Low-Power and Low-Draw. A shield isn’t strictly necessary for this build, but it’s a nice-to-have. The Low-Power and Low-Draw enhancements limit its impact on the Power Plant, but give a respectable 181mj of shield power. It’s enough to absorb an impact with the terrain at high-speed or buy time to escape from a pirate, but it certainly won’t survive a full-on engagement.
  • 3A Auto Field-Maintenance Unit. It’s best to have at least one of these along, two for going out into the black. Keep this well protected, but avoid the Shielded enhancement unless the Power Plant is also upgraded.
  • 3C Xeno Multi Limpet Controller. This multi controller has a function for Repair, Decontamination, and Research. It’s vital for long voyages into uncharted space since a Research limpet is required to score some truly incredible samples. The Repair function is also handy. This can be switched out for an Operations controller if embarking on a Recon mission.
  • 1I Detailed Surface Scanner with Expanded Probe Scanning Radius. The engineering enhancement makes earning Efficiency Bonuses a breeze and saves a lot of time as well. This means that after a long trip out of the bubble, commanders can look forward to coming back to a fatter paycheck.
  • 1E Supercruise Assist. This isn’t strictly necessary, and the Surface Scanner can take this slot to make room for another AFMU in the Class 2 slot. However, Supercruise without the assist can be a chore and any commander spending sufficient time in space needs to get up for a cup of coffee every now and again.

There it is: The Bubble Buster. It’s versatile, fast, and can jump incredible distances. The Power Plant is likely to be the most trouble to get engineered, but this build is otherwise pretty forgiving. It doesn’t need to be fully-engineered to work great, but once it is, it’s a satisfying ship to own and to fly.

o7, Commanders.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available on PC.

MORE: Most Cinematic Sci-Fi Games

krait phantom build

Elite Dangerous

krait phantom build

Originally posted by Witcher : Just in case I get interdicted, I can release some mines to slow them down whilst I run/jump

krait phantom build

Originally posted by Johny_Geth : If you plan a lot of jumping, you better equip 6A fuel scoop, or at least 6B.

krait phantom build

Originally posted by Inscydeus : I use 6Cs, there is only 9 seconds difference between that and the 6B and it is 1.7 million credits vs. the nearly 7.2 million credit price tag of the 6B. I never use the A rated scoop unless I'm in a DBX, but I always use the largest slot for the fuel scoop.
Originally posted by Inscydeus : Originally posted by Johny_Geth : If you plan a lot of jumping, you better equip 6A fuel scoop, or at least 6B.
Originally posted by Johny_Geth : Originally posted by Inscydeus : I use 6Cs, there is only 9 seconds difference between that and the 6B and it is 1.7 million credits vs. the nearly 7.2 million credit price tag of the 6B. I never use the A rated scoop unless I'm in a DBX, but I always use the largest slot for the fuel scoop.

krait phantom build

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