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Published on December 4th, 2019 | by Editor

Beginning and end of the yacht America

Published on December 4th, 2019 by Editor -->

With the frequent sighting of the yacht America on San Diego Bay, well-handled and beautiful under sail, the history of the America’s Cup is never far from view. In this report by Dr. Hamish Ross , he provides the detailed version.

On the 15 November 1850, George Schuyler on behalf of a syndicate of five, including himself and Commodore John Cox Stevens and William Brown, signed a contract to build a New York pilot schooner for the Great Exhibition, due to be opened by Queen Victoria in Hyde Park, London on Thursday 1 May 1851. The contract was for $30,000.00, conditioned on her being the fastest yacht in the United States. Unfortunately, she was delivered a month late and failed to defeat Commodore Stevens’ Maria during her trials. Left with the prospect of selling a failed yacht and in deep financial trouble, Brown had little option but to accept a ‘take it or leave it’ price reduction of $10,000.00 by Schuyler.

america yacht san diego

America under construction in New York in 1851.

During the building, her owner’s plans for England changed and the America would be diverted to the Royal Yacht Squadron (RYS) in Cowes after an invitation was received from RYS Commodore, the 2nd Earl of Wilton, inviting the owners to enjoy the hospitality of the Squadron during the yachting season.

The Earl had been born Thomas Grosvenor, the second son of the Marquess of Westminster (the title was later elevated to a dukedom in 1874 – the last non-royal dukedom to be created). Wilton served as Commodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron for thirty-two years between 1849 to 1881.

america yacht san diego

On 22 August 1851, America raced against 15 yachts in the Royal Yacht Squadron’s “all nations” race around the Isle of Wight. America won, finishing 8 minutes ahead of the closest rival. After 1851, the America went through a number of owners, including service as a Confederate blockade runner under the name of the Memphis, being scuttled in Jacksonville, later raised to serve in the US Navy, and was raced by the Navy in the 1870 America’s Cup fleet race match (winning fourth place).

She was sold into private ownership in 1873 to Benjamin Butler, a controversial Union Army Major-General and later a colorful politician and lawyer. Under Butler’s ownership, the America underwent two major refits in 1875 and again in 1885.

america yacht san diego

© Dani Tagen

She was donated to the US Navy in 1921 and was towed to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, as an on-water exhibit, where her condition gradually decayed. The onset of the Great Depression delayed the expenditure of an estimated $80,000.00 for a necessary refit.

Charles Francis Adams Jr., the America’s Cup winning skipper of Resolute in 1920, great-great grandson of the second US President John Adams, great grandson of the sixth President, John Quincy Adams, serving as the Secretary of the Navy, felt unable to approve the expenditure of such money in 1930 during the onset of the Depression.

She was classified as a Navy relic in 1941 (IX-41) and hauled out at the Annapolis Yacht Yard for work. Some preliminary was carried out on her from time to time, mainly stripping her back to sound timbers, but only around other more urgent work which took precedence.

The outbreak of the Second World War further delayed any thoughts of a determined restoration and her fate was sealed after a shed in which she was being housed in Annapolis collapsed during a severe snowstorm on the night of Palm Sunday, 29 March 1942.

america yacht san diego

The America being towed to Annapolis on what was to be her last voyage in 1921

When the War ended, the Navy was forced to cut back from its wartime budget and was busy decommissioning many of its ships. Nostalgia was in short supply in 1945 when it came to preserving famous ships. Her end was sealed on 20th November 1945 when the US Navy signed an order for her scrapping, when faced with a repair bill of $300,000.00.

The Navy received $990.90 for the scrapping of an icon.

america yacht san diego

One of the last photographs of the remains of the America before she was scrapped in 1945.

Many pieces of the America were souvenired and every now and then, pieces of the America come on the market, but rather like a ‘grandfather’s hammer’, it is rather hard to know if any piece offered dates from 1851 or was added later during one of its many refits. It is said, like relics of the ‘cross’, there are more pieces of wood claiming to be from the America than in a New England forest.

Three replicas of the America have been built. They were built in 1967 (Boothby, Maine), 1995 (Albany, New York), and in 2005 (Varna, Bulgaria) with varying degrees of authenticity some having an additional four feet of beam to increase accommodation and additional skylights. The first two are based in the US and the latter in Rostock, Germany sailing as the Skythia.

The America, the most famous yacht in the history of the sport of sailing, has bequeathed us a competition which represents the pinnacle of the sport in terms of technology, design, sailing skill, management, all these necessarily infused with smart strategic and tactical planning and execution, in which only the very best will win.

UPDATE 1 (Dec. 5, 2019) : Troy Sears, who owns and sails the replica in San Diego, CA, provides an update on the three boats:

The 1967 replica, commonly known as the “Rudy Schaefer” boat that you correctly state being built in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, was broken up several years ago due to rot. She spent most of her later years of her life in the Med, mostly in Barcelona and Genoa. She was a full-sized replica.

The Bulgarian replica, Skythia, is a fractional replica being about 60 tons as compared to ours which is 113 tons. I would say her design was inspired by the America but not so much a replica.

There are no original drawing available so nobody can be certain of the actual dimensions, but ours is thought to be as accurate as possible in terms of size. Also, I am happy to say that we are totally rot free and as long as I take good care of her, she will outlive me.

UPDATE 2 (Dec. 12, 2019): Marcello Grimaudo, who is Captain of the 1967 replica (below), informed us  the yacht is still sailing and in good shape but is now on drydock in Italy for a major restoration.

america yacht san diego

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america yacht san diego

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america yacht san diego

Next Level Sailing

Photo of Next Level Sailing - San Diego, CA, US. Momo on board

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Boat charters

Review Highlights

Andrea O.

“ Captain Troy spent extra time, making sure that everyone onboard was able to see and photograph the whales. ” in 24 reviews

Zeb W.

“ The crew offered us soft drinks and snacks throughout the excursion and did a fantastic job with COVID rules. ” in 8 reviews

next-level-sailing-san-diego-2 photo mKl07hY2gZhWkm7kvWCffg

“ It was a wonderful experience and we even saw some rare Risso dolphins and of course the blue whale . ” in 13 reviews

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2050 Shelter Island Dr

San Diego, CA 92106

Shelter Island, Point Loma








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Captain Troy S.

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Welcome aboard the world-famous 139ft yacht America for a once-in-a-lifetime whale watching experience. This luxurious sailing schooner provides the most environmentally friendly and personal wildlife experience in San Diego. Highlights: * 4-hour cruise to spot whales, dolphins and more off the California coast * "Whale Sighting" and "No Sea-Sickness" Guarantees * Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages included With low sweeping decks offering fantastic uninterrupted views and a deep keel for stability, the America offers whale watching at its best. …

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Photo of Melva E.

We had a wonderful day Sailing on the America, the Captain guided us to 4 Blue whales . Can't wait to see what our next adventure with them brings.

america yacht san diego

See all photos from Melva E. for Next Level Sailing

Photo of Duffy T.

Wonderful, but don't get left behind! What better thing to do with my visiting Kansas born-and-bred sister than take her out on the ocean to look for whales? We had a great time, and she said one of the best experiences of her life was when a rarely-sighted blue whale blew and then glided alongside us no more than 30 feet away. A fin whale also made an appearance, as did two different species of dolphin (including a pod with babies). The Navy base was pretty cool, especially the Los Angeles class attack submarine in drydock and the drone ship Sea Hunter. I think we'd have been happy just to go sailing. Being on the America was an order of magnitude better than being on the big double-decker diesel ships the other cruises offer. You're down near the water, and it's pretty thrilling just riding the waves and feeling the movement. The crack of the sails is a nice accompaniment. I'd advise making your way as far forward on the America as allowed, and getting a seat on one of the flat benches (I assume they store life jackets) along the side. The seating along the middle is at a slight incline, and in addition to being more comfortable the benches give you the better view to the side and forward anyway. Be sure to bring your own cushions! Otherwise you'll be sitting on bare wood or plastic. When signing in an hour early, look for the gazebo with a blue Whale Watching vertical banner. We checked in and then stood by the water looking at the ships, and somehow missed the announcement that it was time to cross the street and head out. We turned around just in time and caught up to our group before the locking door at the marina closed. Pay attention! Extra credit goes to the crew member with Kai the corgi dog who loves gazing at the ocean almost as much as we did; who doesn't love a happy corgi? Extra-extra credit for her (the owner) knowing which aircraft carrier it was we were watching coming into port and flying her air group off. Another rare treat. I've been on other whale watching cruises, but this is the only one I'd consider in the future. Great crew, great vessel, whales, and free Doritos. What's not to love?

america yacht san diego

I have conflicted feelings. I have been whale watching before and had a very different experience my first time. Pros: We saw 2 humpback whales, a huge pod of dolphins, and lots of seals. The views were unmatched. They also had free soda, water, and snacks were passed around twice. Cons: It's a long trip with very uncomfortable seats. Since it is a sailboat, passengers sit on benches for about 3 hours. The water is also very choppy. About half of the boat was experiencing sea sickness. The ride out to where the whales live is very long. Bring things for you kids to do! Once we finally got to the whales, we saw them come up for air twice and then had to quickly leave to return. Ultimately, I saw sea life, but it was just a very long day!

america yacht san diego

Dec 9, 2023

Thank you for your review. Every day on the water is different and the wildlife is also different. Sometimes the whales are closer to shore and we spend hours with them. I am sorry to hear that the seas were choppy and the whales were far away. It's always good to bring activities for kids just in case there are periods where we don't see wildlife. Thanks for your review and we hope to see you again soon!

Photo of Borja D.

What an unforgettable day on the water with Next Level Sailing! We set sail on the majestic sailing yacht AMERICA from Shelter Island, San Diego, and enjoyed four hours of stunning views and wildlife. We were thrilled to see an array of whales, dolphins, and seals throughout our journey. Captain Troy and his crew were exceptional--knowledgeable, friendly, and truly passionate about their work. It's clear why this company offers whale-watching all year round; they are the best at what they do. I highly recommend Next Level Sailing for anyone looking for an authentic and memorable whale-watching experience. Don't miss out!

america yacht san diego

Crew was awesome they brought my kiddos blankets. The Captain is a rock star! He heard there was a pod of Orcas at Mission Bay so he turned around (away from all the Blue Whales we already saw) and hightailed us over there. We saw a pod of four Orcas!!!! Amazing!! Captain was also great about letting us drift very close to the whales. So cool!

america yacht san diego

the female crew members were excellent. The lead tour guide was superb. Her excitement was palpable when the blue whale surfaced. Even the captain made sure how rare our trip was. The refreshments were good and the blankets were necessary. All in all, a great sailing trip. Thanks

Photo of Angela S.

The crew was great and very knowledgeable! We ordered the sandwiches and they came with chips and a wonderful cookie. We saw fin whales!!

Photo of Mengyun Z.

We are so happy that we booked the Next Level Sailing as our whale watching tour, not only because we have the chance to explore the 141-feet historical sailing yacht, but also because this is the ONLY dog-friendly whale watching tour in San Diego!!! We booked the weekday 1:15pm tour, $85 per adult and dog is free! We checked in 30 mins before the start time and our guide with her lovely crew dog Marie is already there waiting! The full 4 hours experience is lots of fun! They give a very knowledgable background stories of the off-shore ships and sightseeing along the way, and on our way back the crew are sharing the fun facts of different whale species as well! Very interesting! Also all the crew members are really nice to the dogs as well! They offered free ice cold bottle water and soda during the tour and also free blankets rental and free sea-sick pills if anyone feel cold or not well, very considerate and sweet! The most important thing is, we get to see whale breaching 7 times in a row that day! Very very fortunate, at the end of the trip the crew is even walking around Airdrop the great videos they took during the tour so everyone can go home with the fantastic experience in their cellphone as well! This is the best experience I had so far this year, thank you all for all the crew members from Next Level Sailing! Hope to see you guys again when Blue Whale season starts!!!

america yacht san diego

See all photos from Mengyun Z. for Next Level Sailing

Thank you so much for your review! We are so glad to hear you had a great time whale watching with us. It was a pleasure having your dog, Momo aboard. We can't wait to see you again soon!

Photo of Nate N S.

What an amazing day! Boat was gorgeous and the captain and staff made the day!! their knowledge and constant engagement was welconed and made the excursion even better (if possible) they were very knowledgeable and attentive

america yacht san diego

Thank you so much for your review! We are thrilled to hear you had a wonderful time on the water with us. Thank you for sharing such great photos. We look forward to seeing you next time you're in town.

Photo of James A.

Excellent customer service on a beautiful boat. The trip started and ended exactly on time, which I appreciate. We didn't see any whales, but we saw hundreds of dolphins! They take their whale-sighting guarantee seriously, so we may come back for another trip during whale migration season. I was disappointed that we motored everywhere. We put up a couple of sails, but it seemed like those were mostly for show. I'm a sailor, and I was looking forward to seeing such a large sailboat in action. I understand that we had to motor in order to get so far offshore on a 4-hour round-trip; I just wasn't expecting a motorized cruise. This boat might not be safe for small kids unless you hold their hand the whole time. There are lifelines (rope railings) in the customer area, but there would be nothing to block a kid from running out to the bow or the stern, where there are no lifelines. The crew made sure to explain that, and everyone stayed safe.

Thank you for your review and feedback. We are glad to hear you enjoyed our excellent customer service! Please do take advantage of our whale watching guarantee. Just call 619-922-3522 or email [email protected] to rebook your free trip. When you come back, please be sure to mention that you would like to sail without engines if possible. Time and weather constraints do change the nature of our trips, but we do our best to turn off the engines whenever possible. Children must be attended to throughout the trip. Safety is our top priority. We look forward to seeing you next time!

52 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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Neighborhood: Harborview 1492 North Harbor Drive San Diego, CA, 92101

  • Flexible Pick-Up Locations
  • Catering Available
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  • 139-Foot long, 105 ft tall Yacht
  • Accommodate up to 77 Guests
  • Perfect for Private and Corporate events

The America

The America Yacht , a part of the Next Level Sailing fleet, makes for a perfect private or corporate getaway. Hop aboard and sail throughout the sparkling San Diego Bay while you enjoy all the picturesque views of the sea and skyline; Next Level Sailing  offers more than meets the eye – take your guests on a whale watching experience,  have an extravagant dining experience right on the water,  dance until sundown, and enjoy a truly unforgettable event on board The America.

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Scarano Boat

America is a full-scale replica of the famed schooner that crossed the Atlantic, challenged the British, beat all comers, and spawned the longest winning streak in modern sports history.  Designed by John Scarano , this vessel is a modern classic. Now owned by  Next Level Sailing  in San Diego, she is approximately 2 feet wider, 5 feet longer, and 30% lighter than the original, and although there are no accurate records of the old Americaʼs boat speed, this design by John Scarano is almost certainly faster. Check out the history of America at Next Level Sailing .

LOA : 139 feet (43 meters) Type : 19th-century two-masted schooner Construction: Laminated cedar hull Year Launched: 1995 Certification : USCG certified for up to 85 passengers Current Location : San Diego, CA Trivia : Schooner America carried the Olympic torch to the 1996 Olympic sailing venue in Savannah, GA. 

Contemplating a new build? A restoration? Tell us a bit about your project in the provided form or give us a call. We are anxious to hear about it.

america yacht san diego

194 SOUTH PORT RD. ALBANY, NY 12202-1075

Phone: 518-463-3401 Email: [email protected]

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Select a Harbor *

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Soda & Juice Bar ( $ 7.95 )

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One bartender for up to 45 guests, two bartenders for more than 45 guests.

One Bartender ( $ 165.00 )

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San Diego sailing yacht charter rental in an 139' America sailing yacht near San Diego. Yacht charter rental for San Diego.

San Diego sailing yacht charter in a historic 139′ foot sailing yacht. A custom-built versatile yacht exuding impressive qualities such as the endless possibilities of seating and event opportunities to be held at our idealistic venue. Floating on water for casual cocktail receptions, white linen wedding extravaganzas, small-group school related outings, and perfectly progressive networking sessions.

She seats large gatherings within our window-lined main salon in addition to our roomy upper deck. A largely spacious bow area offering highly desirable outdoor access and is now available for a boat charter San Diego, California.

This beautiful yacht is perfect for a harbor or coastal cruise in San Diego. Enjoy the water on this luxury yacht within the harbor of San Diego. Due to the great weather all year round, San Diego is a great place to rent a yacht.

San Diego Sailing Yacht & Yacht Rentals

San Diego Sailing Yacht 139' America

First of all, yachting in San Diego is a top thing to do anywhere and especially here. Because nothing beats a yacht charter in San Diego. The unique climate allows for a year around boating season. It’s what makes San Diego yacht charters so enjoyable. Enjoy the crystal clear tropical ocean. The beautiful harbor and marina, beaches, bay, and lagoons. She probably offers one of the most stunning skylines which are awesome for even a short San Diego yacht charter.

San Diego sailing Yacht 139' America Helm

Beverage Service Options

Open premium/spirits bar.

Spirits: Including but not limited to Gray Goose, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Hornitos, Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan, Bacardi Rum

Beer: Stone IPA, Corona, Stella, Coors

Wine: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio. Brands include but are not limited to: Clos du Bois, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Robert Mondavi

San Diego Coastal Cruises


Furthermore, let Luxury Liners provide your captained San Diego sailing charter so you may experience your own private yacht in style while visiting. To charter a yacht in San Diego or for a luxury yacht simply choose among our collection of San Diego yacht charters. Luxury Liners works hard to find you the best of the best, highest quality yacht rentals in the San Diego area at the best prices.

San Diego Harbor Cruises


Plan your getaway with one of our yacht charter itineraries  or just board a water front sports bar to chill out. Furthermore, let Luxury Liners find your captained San Diego yacht charter so you may experience your own private charter yacht cruise in San Diego.

San Diego to Ensenada


Take in the sites of San Diego to experience the west coast in style. In conclusion, for a yacht charter San Diego style, we have the yacht rentals for you.//


San Diego, CA



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Minimum Charter

Half Day (4 HRS)



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Sailing in San Diego

San diego has the perfect sailing experience for you.

San Diego has the perfect sailing experience for you from exciting adventures on open waters or casually taking in the sights while sailing the bay.

Head offshore for an adventure unique to San Diego. From an exciting adventure navigating the open waters of the Pacific Ocean to a romantic sunset sail, San Diego has your perfect sailing experience. Take a ride on a luxury yacht and cruise San Diego waters in style, or hop aboard a racing vessel equipped for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Already have your sea legs? Plenty of companies offer boat rentals that allow you to the be captain of your own ship. 

  • With America's Cup Sailing , you can have an exhilarating interactive 3-hour sailing adventure aboard the Stars & Stripes racing yacht from the 1992 America's Cup.
  • Seaforth Boat Rental has the largest selection of rental boats in San Diego. Boats are available for sailing, cruising, skiing and fishing. Jetskis, speedboats, fishing charters, sunset sails, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, as well as instruction, also available.
  • For a fun and luxurious day (or evening) on the water, step aboard Triton Catamaran Charters ' 75-foot yacht — the newest and largest charter catamaran on local waters. It's available for parties, weddings, vacation adventures and more, and features everything from a 13-seat bar to an expansive dance floor to an actual onboard water slide!
  • Aolani Cat Cruises features a 58-foot luxury sailing catamaran certified for 49 guests. The company specializes in private and corporate charters, weddings, and sunsets. Formal seating for 30 inside.
  • Harbor Sailboats - Boat rentals, lessons, skippered charters and corporate team building on board a fleet of 22' - 41' sailing yachts.
  • San Diego Prestige  specializes in yacht charters, rentals, corporate events and special occasions.
  • Harbor Yacht Clubs maintain a fleet of more than 60 select sailing yachts available for bareboat charters, skippered charters, and half-day sailboat rentals. In addition, they provide sailing instruction certification at all levels.

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Night Golf at Mission Bay Golf Course

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Show your badge and present a printout or digital display of this offer at the Museum of Making Music to receive 25% off regular admission. This offer is not valid with other discounts and...

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Book your San Diego stay at the Kimpton Alma at least 3 days in advance and save 20% off our best flexible rate.


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america yacht san diego

The Cloudia Logo


Pricing is $600/hr for up to 12 passengers (includes all taxes, port/marina fees) each charter is complete with captain and crew.

Sailboat rental San Diego harbor

Christened in 1934

The Cloudia is a beautifully restored, rare example of a classic Norwegian double ended ketch. Inspired by the original designs of famed naval architect Colin Archer (1832-1921), from Larvik, Norway, the Cloudia is a Listerskøyte. The top-sail ketch is notable for durability and safety. Archer’s shipyard designed and constructed the famed  Fram,  which participated in a number of expeditions to the North Pole and later supported Roald Amundsen’s historic first expedition to the South Pole.

Archer’s designs became popular for commercial use and in the pleasure sailing market during the 20th Century, and remain so to this day. 

Welcome to SailCloudia

The Cloudia is rigged as a topsail ketch in the British or American style, which means there are 2 two-piece masts which allow the Cloudia to carry more sail than a traditional Norwegian rig with shorter single masts. The Cloudia’s main mast is 85 feet high including the top-jack.

Many different woods were used to craft the ship, including Norwegian white oak, sapele hardwood, Douglas fir, Alaskan yellow cedar, and Ipe Brazilian hardwood. 

The pilot house is fully equipped with modern maritime electronics, including state of the art radar and navigation systems.

San Diego dinner cruise specials

Cloudia Catering

We offer several catering and custom drink options for your convenience. You are also welcome to bring your own food and beverages aboard for an additional $100 clean-up fee. Let us know how we can help..

We welcome all ages

Cloudia’s high railing and United States Coast Guard Inspected Vessel Certification make her safe. Additionally, she cuts through the water as smooth as butter, making your experience extra comfortable.

Jack Sparrow

The Cloudia Sails Out of Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Marina

What our clients say.


San Diego Bay Adventures

Where your dream playtime becomes real. San Diego – “California’s Beach City”.

Private and Corporate Charters

Private & Corporate Events

We offer affordable corporate packages & private charters to meet your needs.

Pirate Tour

The Cloudia offers a one-of-a-kind “Pirate Tour” & other special events.

The Cloudia is a ketch, defined as a sailing craft with two masts – where the forward mast is the largest.

Warner Bros logo

In The Movies

The Cloudia should have received a Hollywood Star for her unique design, history and splendor. She did make it as “the lead role” in her debut to the big screen in a Warner Brothers movie – The Sea Gypsies (1978). It’s a story about a family’s adventures on a sailing trip around the world. Your friends and family will love that you took you took a tour on a ship used in a Hollywood movie.

the sea gypsies movie poster

Quick Links

Come aboard and enjoy an “old world” experience with a modern touch

The Cloudia operates out of the beautiful City of San Diego, California and can be found docked at the Hyaat Regency Mission Bay Marina.

City of San Diego ® and logo are the registered trademarks of the City of San Diego.

city seal Blue and Gold small

© 2023 All RightsReserved | Cloudia Adventures LLC

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america yacht san diego

Give the Gift of an Experience - Purchase Your Gift Card Today!

Next Level Sailing

Private Charters

Celebrate life's big moments aboard The Yacht America.

If you want a gracious wedding with a beautiful atmosphere like no other, then The America is the perfect venue for your special day.

Rehearsal Dinners

At Next Level Sailing, we want to make every event leading up to your special day as perfect as you envision.

Corporate Entertaining

For corporate events, Next Level Sailing offers special guests an unforgettable leisure activity as an escape from the office.

Private Dining

Aboard The America at Next Level Sailing, you will be surrounded by a luxurious atmosphere for a top notch dining experience.

Birthdays at sea paint the most magical day imaginable, where you will be immersed in a stunning oceanic paradise.


An anniversary is a special day between loved ones, so why not make this year’s celebration a memory to last a lifetime?

Make your reunion with friends and family a memorable one aboard The Yacht America .

Media Production

Do you have a vision for your upcoming film? What about that photoshoot that will stop your customer in their tracks? Look no further!

Cocktail Cruises

Enjoy your day at sea while sipping on delicious cocktails.

Engagement Parties

Start off your new adventure with an engagement party on a yacht.

Bridal Showers

Enjoy your bridal shower at sea upon our 139 ft. yacht.

Burial At Sea

Consider a burial at sea to commemorate your loved on, aboard our Yacht America.

Next Level Sailing Private Boat Charters

If you are in Southern California and are in need of an ocean experience that you will never forget, look no further. Since its founding in 2003, it has been Next Level Sailing’s honor to provide guests with a private boat cruise along the beautiful San Diego Bay. Filled with picturesque moments, our vessel is versatile, being used as the setting for a diverse amount of occasions. 

Here at Next Level Sailing, you are offered a wide array of private boat charter options. One of the most popular, an experiential whale watching tour, is both an adventure and learning experience all in one. Perfect for groups of any size, you are able to witness some of the sea’s most fascinating creatures. Companies utilize our venue for team building opportunities as well as celebrations, and are able to take part in our package deal with the stunning Island Palms Hotel . With the San Diego views, newlyweds are able to gather their friends and family for a beautifully unique day on the water, celebrating engagements, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, and anniversaries. Always resulting in a good time, we have hosted reunions, birthdays, and cocktail cruises. Production companies have used The Yacht America for film projects, taking advantage of the perfect weather and stable platform. As well, our boat has become a lovely, peaceful setting for burials at sea. For all events, our private dining experience is one to obsess over, with versatile menu choices that are sure to impress guests and leave them satisfied. 

With our highly trained crew, you will be taken care of for the entirety of your trip. All safety precautions are taken, leaving you feeling comfortable and at home from start to finish. Choose the finest San Diego private yacht charter experience and sail with us. Contact us today !

Sailing with The Yacht America

Take in the beauty San Diego has to offer aboard our private yacht.

america yacht san diego

  • Meet the Crew
  • FAQ’s

Stars & Stripes USA-11 | San Diego Sailing Tours, Charters, & Team-Building

Private Sailing

San diego sailboat charter.

An exclusive charter of a America’s Cup sailboat is the perfect venue for entertaining VIP clients, rewarding your team for a job well done, or celebrating a special occasion. When sailing on our authentic America’s Cup racing yacht, each guest will have the opportunity to participate as a crew member by taking the helm or grinding the winches. Guests are also welcome to just sit back and relax as we sail through the coastal waters of San Diego!

You can choose when and where we sail. Water and soft drinks are included plus you are welcome to bring your own snacks, beer and wine. Photos and videos are taken of all the action on board plus the sights of San Diego Bay.  To get your group on board our historic sailing vessel for an unforgettable event, contact us today!

Up to 12 Guests

america yacht san diego

Each Guest Gets A Turn At The Helm

Relax & enjoy the scenery, perfect for company outings & celebrations, pick a date & time, free photos & videos.

Charter The Famous America’s Cup USA-11

Request Your Sailing Dates Below

  • Email Address *
  • Preferred Sailing Dates MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Number of Guests?

Our San Diego Sailboats

America’s cup.

America’s Cup USA-11  is an International America’s Cup Class (IACC) racing yacht used by Team Dennis Conner in an effort to defend the prestigious America’s Cup trophy held by San Diego Yacht Club. With her 1992 state-of-the-art carbon hull and spars, America’s Cup is lighter, larger, and faster than previous generations of America’s Cup boats. Join us for three hours of interactive and exciting FUN sailing San Diego Bay!

america yacht san diego

america yacht san diego

america yacht san diego

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Worth Avenue Yachts Logo

  • Link to search page
  • US: +1 (561) 833 4462
  • US: +1 (206) 209-1920
  • MC: +377 99 90 74 63


Worth Avenue Yachts continues to grow on the West Coast with the addition of our expert team of San Diego yacht brokers in California. The Golden State offers 840 miles of pristine coastline, making this the perfect destination for yacht enthusiasts. From San Francisco to Newport Beach and every place in between our team is ready to assist you, whether you are seeking San Diego yachts for sale, charter, or building a yacht of your dreams.

where Is The Worth Avenue Yachts Office Located?

501 W. Broadway Suite 800 San Diego, CA 92101

  • Phone: +1 (619) 400-4982
  • Email:
  • Mon - Fri: 9AM-5PM

San Diego Marina at Sunset Aerial Shot

SAN DIEGO Yacht Brokerage


Our San Diego yacht brokers are licensed and knowledgeable in all maritime regulations in the state. With extensive and diverse backgrounds within the industry our team of yacht brokers is poised to serve all your yachting needs on the West Coast of the Americas. The team of San Diego yacht brokers is led by veteran broker,  Ray Prokorym , acting as director and manager for all West Coast office locations. Ray is joined by top San Diego yacht brokers  Harold Kleiderman ,  Scott Hauck ,   Diego Gomez , and   Lori Eastes , luxury yacht charter broker, is equipped to create your personalized private yacht vacation.

San Diego is the hub of the yachting industry in California. Home to seemingly endless sandy beaches, stellar sunsets, and boasting exquisite weather year-round, tourists and residents alike will enjoy the numerous attractions the city offers. With more than 40 brokerages in the San Diego area, Worth Avenue Yachts is pleased to be within the top San Diego yacht brokerages, based on the number of company-wide listings over 40 feet.

Find out more about our San Diego yacht brokers based in California below by clicking on their individual profiles, or use the links to email them directly. Contact our knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating team of San Diego yacht brokers today to discuss yacht sales, a yacht charter or a new yacht construction project.

Yacht Charter with Worth Avenue Yachts in California With its endless coastline, charming beach towns, and iconic cities, California is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable chartering experience. Imagine cruising along the dramatic cliffs of Big Sur, anchoring in a secluded cove to go paddleboarding, or docking steps from the buzzing boardwalks and boutiques of Santa Barbara and San Diego. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, world-class dining, culture and nightlife await just off the marina. With whale watching, island hopping and wine tasting opportunities around every bend, adventure lies at every port. With over 40 public harbors and marinas dotting the shores, chartering in California lets you design your dream itinerary while soaking up the best of the West Coast lifestyle. 

Our office can offer yachts in every price range, and up-to-date knowledge of the latest travel advisories, let our team of charter experts simplify your next yacht charter and book you the vacation of a lifetime. Yacht owners can benefit from our successful charter management program. 

 is the most effective way to maximize the return on your luxury investment. Charter income can offset the costs of ownership, such as maintenance, running costs, and crew salaries. Contact our team of experts to legally charter your yacht.

Get In touch

San diego yacht listings.

Listing your yacht for sale with Worth Avenue Yachts is an easy decision for those who want a seamless and profitable experience. As a premier yacht brokerage firm, we have a global network of buyers and industry professionals, ensuring maximum exposure and the highest possible sales price for your yacht. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing a personalized approach, working closely with you to determine the best strategy for marketing and selling your yacht.


View yacht SEA SPUR, available for sale

SEA SPUR , yacht for sale


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BELLA SOGNO , yacht for sale


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SEA CZAR , yacht for sale


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View yacht OUTREMER, available for sale

OUTREMER , yacht for sale

BLU WAVE Name Reserved

View yacht BLU WAVE Name Reserved, available for sale

BLU WAVE Name Reserved , yacht for sale


View yacht DAY TRIPPER, available for sale

DAY TRIPPER , yacht for sale


View yacht MAITRI, available for sale

MAITRI , yacht for sale


View yacht AUDREY, available for sale

AUDREY , yacht for sale


View yacht 285 CONQUEST, available for sale

285 CONQUEST , yacht for sale


View yacht RASCAL, available for sale

RASCAL , yacht for sale

San diego yacht team.

Find out more about our professional yacht brokers licensed in California below by clicking on their individual profiles below, or use the links to email them directly. Yacht brokers must complete intensive training, pass state exams, and obtain licenses to practice in California. Their deep understanding of the yacht sales process, extensive contacts, and insider knowledge of inventory and pricing make them invaluable advisors. Whether you’re looking for a sporty cruiser, an opulent mega-yacht, or anything in between, a reputable broker will help you find your perfect boat and get the best deal. Contact our knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating team today to discuss yacht sales, a yacht charter or a new yacht construction project.

Diego Gomez

Jazlyne miyazaki, lori eastes, nina chiaravalli, ray prokorym, scott hauck, yachts recently sold by the san diego team, san diego yacht sales & charter testimonials.

america yacht san diego

Visit the Maritime Museum in San Diego - Helpful Tips from a Local

How to visit the maritime museum of san diego.

M uch to the delight of visitors and locals alike, the U.S. Navy is not the only nautical show in town. San Diego has a long and storied maritime history of exploration and commerce extending from the age of sail and steam to our modern era. Nothing celebrates this facet of San Diego history better than the  Maritime Museum of San Diego .

As a retired Naval officer, maritime museums always capture my interest. There’s just something about ships and life at sea that stirs my soul. After all, I spent 28 ½ years serving the Navy across the seven seas. 

Though it may be a tourist attraction like the USS Midway Museum , it’s one of the very best San Diego has to offer. This fascinating venue preserves one of the largest and most impressive collections of historic sea vessels in the United States. 

Among the most unique of all San Diego museums, the Maritime Museum, established in 1948, hosts fascinating exhibits and well-maintained vessels that reflect the evolution of maritime technology and immerse visitors in its fascinating nautical history through the years. 

Ships of the Maritime Museum

Located in downtown San Diego along the Embarcadero of San Diego Bay, the impressive museum boasts 10 historic vessels, four of historic distinction on the National Register.    

Here is a list of the Museum’s current historic ships and submarines on display along with tips for exploring these nautical treasures. Of special note, is that one ticket allows guests to explore all ships in the museum’s collection. 

Star of India

This 1863 iron-hulled merchant bark is the world’s oldest active sailing ship and the jewel of the waterfront. Her impressive silhouette is one of the iconic landmarks along the waterfront and among the most photographed sights in San Diego.

Launched as the Euterpe just five days before Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, she has sailed around the world 21 times and has never been fitted with auxiliary power.  

In her long and storied history, she’s seen many adventures, running aground in Hawaii, trapped in Alaskan ice, and a survivor of a collision, a mutiny, and a cyclone. Yet she still sails the sea today with a volunteer crew. 

It’s exciting when the crew dons period costumes and interact with visitors sharing their information on basic seamanship, nautical superstitions, and life onboard a sailing vessel. 

While maritime technology has certainly changed over the years, it always amazes me how much of the nautical traditions and terminology remain constant.


The Berkeley operated for 60 years on San Francisco Bay. This 1898 steam-powered ferryboat is both a California State and a National Historic Landmark. She’s an iconic reminder of the impressive steam-power era. In 1906, the Berkeley was a heroine of the San Francisco earthquake, carrying thousands of survivors to safety.  

Today, she proudly serves as the museum’s offices, a major maritime research library, workshop, model shop, museum store, and special events venue with a capacity for up to 800 guests.


Serving as the official tall ship of the state of California, the Californian is a 1984 replica of the 1847 cutter  C.W. Lawrence . This vessel served the Revenue Cutter Service patrolling the coast of California enforcing federal law during the gold rush.  The Californian’s distinctive sail configuration makes her one of the most recognized tall ships in America.

She is used for a variety of dockside and at-sea educational programs along with public adventure sails. Her annual tour along the California coast each summer offers residents and visitors throughout the state an opportunity to tour this impressive ship.

HMS Surprise

Another star of the Museum’s historic fleet is the HMS Surprise. She is a 1970 replica of a 24-gun frigate from Great Britain’s Nelson-era Royal Navy. Of no “surprise” she has played starring roles in Hollywood films  Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides .  

Originally commissioned as the Rose , she was constructed with a focus on authenticity. This replica frigate has sailed thousands of miles as an attraction and sail training ship prior to her conversion to the Surprise. 

USS Dolphin

A unique U.S. Navy submarine, the Dolphin is actually the deepest diving submarine in the world. She is capable of submerging to world-depth record of 3,000-feet. She has played a major role at the forefront of undersea naval research during her 40-year career.  This remarkable vessel has a storied history of numerous military and scientific accomplishments.

San Salvador

The San Salvador is a replica of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo’s galleon. She served as the flagship of his expedition that discovered the San Diego Bay in 1542. The original ship, highly touted as the “Mayflower of the Pacific Coast” is the founding ship of both San Diego and of the State of California. 

The San Salvador came to the Museum fleet in 2015. She was expertly constructed with extreme historical accuracy based upon extensive research of early European maritime documents, technology, and archeology. This galleon periodically sails the California coast, visiting communities as a floating educational platform for school children and locals.

Serving in both World Wars, this 1904 steam yacht was constructed largely of oak, teak, and steel. Originally a pleasure craft, she was modified into a gunboat and employed by France. In WWII both British and Norwegian Forces used her.

After the war, the Medea was converted back to a pleasure craft. She may be old but she’s still quite attractive. Today, the Medea goes out for special excursion cruises and also serves as an open dockside museum attraction.


Formerly named the C24  or  P24 , this 1968 Vietnam War-era Patrol Craft Fast was transferred to  Malta  in 1971 and decommissioned in 2011. These type vessels, more commonly known as Swift Boats played a key role in the U.S. “Brown Water Navy” interdicting Viet Cong operations along the Mekong River and Delta. 

Restored to operational status, this powerful vessel is an option for museum visitors to experience high speed runs in San Diego Bay while Swift Boat veterans and docents relate their various roles and stories as crewmen in Vietnam. 

What a great name for a 1914 harbor pilot boat. During her 82-year career, the Pilot served as San Diego’s chief pilot craft. She assisted thousands of major merchant vessels entering and leaving San Diego Bay. A relic of the past, she provides a rare and priceless link to the economic rise of San Diego through maritime commerce. Now, she is used for the harbor cruise that is included in the admission ticket.

Optional Complimentary Historic Bay Cruise

Bonus: The Museum is now offering 45-minute bay cruises at no additional charge with the purchase of an admission ticket. Three narrated bay tours are available on weekends.

You can make reservations upon arrival to the museum when purchasing general admission passes from the Ticket Booth or online.  

Check-In times and location are: 12:15 p.m., 1:15 p.m., and 2:15 p.m. at the dock behind the Berkeley.  

San Diego Maritime Museum Plan Your Visit

Location and how to get there.

The Maritime Museum at the Star of India Wharf is located on the west side of North Harbor Drive, between the ends of Ash Street and Grape Street, south of San Diego International Airport. 

You can find metered parking along the Embarcadero. Additional parking is available at the nearby Midway Museum lot. Other options include using San Diego public bus or trolley transportation.

Hours of Operation

The good news is that beginning February 13th and 14th, the Maritime Museum will be re-opening on weekends only from 10 am to 5 pm for open-deck touring only of its ships. Check the website for updated information.

Tickets and Prices

Tickets can be purchased at the museum booth or online . The museum is also part of the Go San Diego Card bundle. If you plan to visit multiple San Diego attractions , you can save some money.

Tickets are currently based on new reduced capacity. These provide same-day access to all museum vessels currently available for touring. 

Ticket Prices

Adult 18+ $20.00

Senior 62+, Military w/ID, Students 13-17 years $15.00

Child 12 and under $10.00

Tips for Your Visit

Pick and Choose Your Ships. The extensive nature of this museum may require visitors to be selective if they don’t want to spend all day touring the vessels.

Talk to the Docents. These volunteers are so full of knowledge and interesting stories about the ships at the Maritime Museum. We talked to Bob Bower, one of the docents there. He shared with us some interesting historical facts not only about the museum but also about San Diego.

Save time for the Ferryboat Berkeley. She’s literally a museum within a museum. She features an impressive multi-deck display of boats, yachts, and nautical equipment along with a host of highly detailed models of numerous warships and commercial vessels throughout the ages. As a Navy veteran, I particularly love the many highly detailed models of numerous warships and commercial vessels throughout the ages.  

Let kids choose. If you have children with you, give them a vote on which ships to visit. My personal bet is on the HMS Surprise. On our last visit there, my two grandchildren, a boy and a girl acted out scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean. They enthusiastically played the roles of Captain Jack Sparrow and Keira Knightley’s swashbuckling heroine, Elizabeth Swann.

Optional Harbor Cruise. Bring sunscreen or sunblock, close-toed shoes or nonslip soles, hat, sunglasses, jacket or sweater, and of course, your camera.

Enjoy your visit to San Diego’s magnificent Maritime Museum. It’s quite impressive to say the least.

Visit the Maritime Museum in San Diego – Helpful Tips from a Local was written by Michael Kompanik for San Diego Explorer.

Visit the Maritime Museum in San Diego – Pin for Later:

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The Maritime Museum San Diego should be on every San Diego itinerary. It is great for families, couples, and ship lovers of all ages. Here are the top tips from a local to plan your visit.


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    In March, we start to see humpback whales traveling to our San Diego waters to feed. Towards the end of April, the fin whales come in and by May we see blue whales. After whale watching for 15 years aboard the yacht America, history tells us that we will see a variety of fin, blue, humpback, and minke whales all summer long.

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    Sailing with The Yacht America. Take in the beauty San Diego has to offer aboard our private yacht. Learn More Next Level Sailing (619) 577-4008 [email protected] 2050 Shelter Island Drive San Diego, CA 92106 Quick Links. Home; Whale Watching; Private Tours; Corporate Whale Watching; Weddings ...

  21. San Diego Sailboat Charters

    USA-11. America's Cup USA-11 is an International America's Cup Class (IACC) racing yacht used by Team Dennis Conner in an effort to defend the prestigious America's Cup trophy held by San Diego Yacht Club. With her 1992 state-of-the-art carbon hull and spars, America's Cup is lighter, larger, and faster than previous generations of ...

  22. San Diego Yacht Brokers

    Worth Avenue Yachts continues to grow on the West Coast with the addition of our expert team of San Diego yacht brokers in California. The Golden State offers 840 miles of pristine coastline, making this the perfect destination for yacht enthusiasts. From San Francisco to Newport Beach and every place in between our team is ready to assist you ...

  23. Stars & Stripes (America's Cup syndicate)

    The well funded Sail America Foundation commissioned four 12-metre yachts to support a campaign led by Dennis Conner, representing the San Diego Yacht Club, to win back the America's Cup in the 1987 competition in Fremantle, Australia.. Stars & Stripes 83 (US 53) built in 1985 by Geraghty Marine, designed by Chance/Nelson/Pedrick.; Stars & Stripes 85 (US 54) built in 1985 by Robert E. Derektor ...

  24. Visit the Maritime Museum in San Diego

    The Maritime Museum San Diego should be on every San Diego itinerary. It is great for families, couples, and ship lovers of all ages. Here are the top tips from a local to plan your visit.