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    asymmetric catamaran hulls

  2. Model of asymmetric catamaran hull.

    asymmetric catamaran hulls

  3. Breaking: Excess Catamarans Announces Disruptive New Catamaran Model

    asymmetric catamaran hulls

  4. Optimising Hull Lines for Performance

    asymmetric catamaran hulls

  5. Dynamics of Asymmetrical Configurations of Catamaran Hull Forms

    asymmetric catamaran hulls

  6. Asymmetrical Racing Hulls Catamaran

    asymmetric catamaran hulls


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  1. VPLP´s Trick: Asymmetric Hulls

    Last week The Excess brand launched their lates catamaran, not the 13 like I´ve speculated but a fairly big 44 footer, Excess 14. This alone is not a big deal, but the new boat bears one feature I found particularly interesting: Asymmetric hulls! Hervé Piveteau and VPLP in the process

  2. Asymmetrical Cat Hull Design Advice

    Hi all, I bought an asymmetrical 5.2m powered catamaran from a naval architect design in Aus. I had issues were the port side bow of the boat would lean or dig into the water and any speed over 20 knots so i spoke to a few naval guys and recommended i change the motors to have a port side counter rotational motors, after doing so i still have the same issues and nearly a year later and these ...

  3. 2021 Aspen C108 Boat Test, Pricing, Specs

    Aspen Power Catamarans - Burlington, Washington; 360-668-4347; In this article, a Boating Certified Boat Test, Jim Hendricks relates his experience aboard, and applies his insight to, the Aspen C108. This proa-style catamaran uses asymmetrical hulls and outboards each with a different power rating.

  4. Asymmetric hulls

    On catamaran, hulls are usually equipped with LAR (Low aspect ratio) keels and I do not think that a LAR keel would be much more efficient than an asymmetrical hull to prevent leeway. The asymmetrical hull really simplifies the hull construction and decreases the weight of the hull.


    VPLP´s Trick: Asymmetric hulls Lars Reisberg. Lars Reisberg is one of our Excess dealers, but also editor of his own sailing website: No Frills As soon as he found out about the launch of the Excess 14 and its asymmetric hulls, he contacted me for more insight on the subject. This innovation comes from the objective of designing a ...

  6. Start Fresh to Get the Innovative Boat You Want

    What we found is the asymmetrical hull catamaran. This revolutionary hull design is called a proa and it exhibits certain benefits for power catamarans, aside from the obvious stability that is a key advantage of a catamaran over a monohull. The two hulls are identical in profile, but they are actually very different in shape—with one hull ...

  7. Asymmetrical Racing Hulls Catamaran

    The intended purpose of an asymmetrical hull is, usually, to create horizontal lift on the more highly curved side. In the case of a catamaran with more or less flat outer sides and curved inner sides, the horizontal lift of the two hulls only serves to compress the cross beams unless heeling occurs. This is shown in Fig. 2-5.

  8. Aspen C90: An Asymmetrical Wonder

    Aspen Power Catamarans may build the world's most innovative pocket cruiser, the C90. Hold on a sec—isn't "innovative" a vastly overused word, when it comes to boats? ... Yup. The hulls are asymmetric: the port hull is about 35-percent thinner than the starboard hull. This reduces overall drag by about 50 percent, while at the same ...

  9. Hydrodynamics of single-deadrise hulls and their catamaran

    Abstract. Asymmetric planing hulls are often used on high-speed catamarans. In this study, a linearized potential-flow method is applied for modeling steady hydrodynamics of single asymmetric hulls and their catamaran setups. Numerical results are validated with available experimental data and empirical correlations.

  10. Aspen Power Catamarans C018 Reviewed

    The Aspen Power Catamarans C108 is a proa design with 25-knot speed. Power is a 200 hp Yamaha outboard (starboard) and 115 hp Yamaha (port). Courtesy Aspen Power Catamarans. Aspen Power Catamarans has been building asymmetrical multihulls in the 28- to 40-foot range since 2008, and the 35-foot C108 is the newest addition.

  11. 2022 Invincible 33 Catamaran

    The hull-style name is a mouthful. A "hybrid semi-asymmetrical hull" applies the best characteristics of an asymmetrical catamaran with the stable-at-rest and soft-riding behavior of symmetrical cats. Yep, it's a mouthful. To visualize an asymmetrical catamaran hull, imagine a V-bottom boat sliced longitudinally from stem to stern.

  12. PDF A practical power prediction of an asymmetric catamaran hull form

    273 1INTRODUCTION For high speed applications the asymmetric catamaran form shows promise. One of the early successes with this form was the classic Molinari racing hull reported

  13. Dynamics of Asymmetrical Configurations of Catamaran Hull Forms

    Two models of asymmetrical catamarans namely Inboard Asymmetric and Outboard Asymmetric catamaran hull forms were created from the existing S-NPL series mono hull model 4b with two different separation ratios (s/L) of 0.2 and 0.4. The asymmetrical demi hull were arranged such that the hull width is a half of the symmetrical hull with the flat ...

  14. Dynamics Of Asymmetrical Configurations Of Catamaran Hull Forms

    The asymmetrical catamarans developed from the original NPL round bilge catamaran hull forms have a hull length of 40 m and separation ratios (s/L) of 0.2 and 0.4 Salvesen et al. (1970) developed the theoretical background of strip theory which forms the basis for computing the heave and pitch responses of marine vessels.

  15. Numerical and Experimental Study on Resistance of Asymmetric Catamaran

    Typically, the asymmetric catamaran is consisted of two demi-hulls, which actually is a symmetrical form as a whole, such as those investigated by Mortaza et al. (2016)[2] ,

  16. ON YOUR OWN; Speedy, Steady Catamarans Gain Converts and Respect

    The asymmetrical catamaran is designed with odd-shaped hulls: Each hull is flat on the outside and rounded on the inside. ... If you are a novice, the asymmetrical catamaran is a simpler way to ...

  17. Asymmetrical Catamaran Hull Clearance (s)

    A catamaran is a platform with two demi hulls positioned abreast of each other [7].Platform decommissioning activities necessitate structures and infrastructure that are not just sturdy (resilient ...

  18. Asymmetric Catamaran hulls

    Re: Asymmetric Catamaran hulls I remember an extensive discussion on assymetric cats on I've got a bookmark for the thread on my work laptop, if you can't find it before I'm back in the office I'll post a link for you, Jim.

  19. Experimental investigation of the lift and interference of asymmetric

    Figure 1 shows a typical cross section of an asymmetric planing catamaran. The demi hulls, each appearing to be half of a conventional deadrise planing surface direct the majority of the spray and ...

  20. The Hull Truth

    Does anyone have experience with asymmetric foil assisted catamaran and how they handle in rough sea conditions? I am in the design process of a cat 11m long 4.1m beam my boat designer Roger Hill NZ is telling me he is unsure of the way an asymmetric hull it will perform he is concerned mainly about the behavior in a following sea (but has not tested) and Gunter from hysucraft the bloke ...

  21. Symmetrical v's asymmetrical

    Richard Woods uses asymmetrical hulls for small dayboats motor cats to decrease hull interaction drag and symmetrical for higher length live aboard to increase load carrying capacity. He explain this in his blog. It seems small racer motor cats uses assymetrical too. patzefran, Nov 7, 2016. #4.

  22. CFD Study of an Innovative Catamaran with Asymmetrical Hulls

    Catamaran with Asymmetrical Hulls A prerogative of convergent-divergent tunnel (Fig. 1) is an acceleration of the water entering into the In the traditional catamarans case, with propeller at the stern of hull, the speed vi coincides with one of the ship. Therefore, the speed v f being equal, one has: v f − vi = v f − v s > v f − v c ...

  23. Asymmetric Catamaran Hull Analysis Orca3D

    Performing a hydrostatics analysis on a catamaran in Orca3D should be no different than doing it on a mono-hull. Make sure your catamaran hull (s) is/are placed in the correct position in Rhino (transversely). You can either use both hulls or use one hull and click the mirror checkbox in the hydrostatics dialog.