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Planning the perfect charter requires specialist knowledge, trusted contacts on board and on the ground, as well as first-hand knowledge of yachts, crews and locations, as well as legal contracts and local regulations to build an experience that suits you perfectly. Another reason to choose a broker is that sometimes there can be unforeseen issues with yachts or destinations and having an experienced broker to protect your interests and build a plan B is hugely reassuring. 

Creating the unforgettable is what we do at Burgess. It’s what our knowledge, experience and passion are all about. We take all the hassle out of the planning so you can just turn up and have the best holiday ever. 

At the heart of all we do

Popular yacht charter destinations in july.

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  • French Riviera

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  • The Bahamas

Discover the Burgess difference

Charter a luxury yacht with Burgess. We are trusted for our expertise, and it is the first-hand insights of our charter brokers that raise the bar. Our collective knowledge serves to make your superyacht charter experience exceptional. Explore our stunning collection of luxury yachts for rent or hire and speak to our experts about chartering a private yacht to your dream destination.

Privileged access to the world’s finest charter yachts

Every charter yacht in the Burgess fleet is unique, from interior design and on board facilities, to watertoys and impeccable service. We rigorously inspect every yacht to ensure that when you find your ideal match, it exceeds every expectation.

A wealth of knowledge to enhance your experience

A superyacht charter offers life-affirming adventure and little can compare to a tailor-made experience orchestrated by your Burgess broker. By accommodating both your preferences and requirements, no detail is left to chance.

Personalised service that goes above and beyond

Burgess charter brokers are involved well beyond the booking stage. We share our intelligence on the best itineraries to suit you, organise private jet transfers, on board celebrations, luxury boat hire, restaurant bookings, spa treatments, fitness instruction and more.

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Creating a unique yacht charter experience starts with you. On board, the possibilities are endless – all you have to do is realise them.

A honeymoon yacht charter is the perfect getaway after your wedding. You and your spouse can settle down to spend some quality time together on board, as your private boat heads toward your dream destination. Relax on a Caribbean beach with a cocktail in hand, or discover the wonders of Thailand together. The choice is yours.

Tempted by a summer yacht charter? Set sail for the Mediterranean , where you can unwind in one of Ibiza ’s famous wellness retreats, or explore the iconic pink streets of Saint-Tropez .   Greece also makes the perfect destination for an explorer yacht charter holiday, thanks to its abundance of islands. Perfectly blending beautiful coastlines, sunsets and sites of antiquity, you’ll be well on your way to an indescribable Greek adventure.

If it’s cooler climes you’re after, don’t panic. Alaska and Antarctica are both popular destinations for expedition yacht charters that are filled with thrills. Try heli-skiing and hiking, kayaking through icebergs or experiencing them from below in a submersible, before warming up on board your luxury winter yacht charter.

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The ultimate weekend away: unwind with a weekend yacht charter

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Discover a Seychelles charter

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Your guide to the lesser-known Greek Islands

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Best summer charter destinations close to the USA

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Bahamas superyacht charter guide

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Monaco Grand Prix: French Riviera yacht charter

big yacht charter

The go-to places to visit this summer

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2024 Michelin guide to the Mediterranean

big yacht charter

Charter managers on their amazing sailing superyachts

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Charter AIX

Charter in Fiji 15 August to 30 September

Offering adventurous itineraries designed for the most intrepid guests

big yacht charter


Available from 12 August onwards in Greece

Elegant, timeless and meticulously maintained combined with smooth sailing performance

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The Largest Top 100 Private Luxury Charter Yachts & Superyachts in the World, by Length

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Featured Yachts


MALTESE FALCON | From US$ 490,000/wk

Charterworld news.

Royal Huisman delivers Project 406, the world’s largest true sportfish yacht SPECIAL ONE

Royal Huisman delivers Project ...


REMEMBER WHEN | From US$ 195,000/wk Special

Superyacht reviews.

Columbus Yachts announce the launch of 43m motor yacht FRETTE

Columbus Yachts announce the launch of ...

  • Yachts >
  • The Largest Top 100 Private Luxury Charter Yachts & Superyachts in the World, by Length

The Largest Top 100 Private Luxury Charter Yachts & Superyachts in the World > See the List Below!

The Top 100 Largest & Most Significant Luxury Yacht Charter Superyachts in the World by length, price, size, importance and newness:

There have been many articles written over the years about the 100 biggest superyachts in the world, by a host of authors. I think the first one was written by Power & Motor Yacht years ago. The list changes a little every year. The very large luxury yacht builders such as Lurssen or OceAnco launch another big boat, now and again (the biggest are mostly German or Dutch). For instance, the yachting community was abuzz with the launch of yacht ECLIPSE late last year. That yacht went straight to the top to displace DUBAI at the top (though by how much is not as yet clear). It should be noted that the ‘largest superyachts in the world list’ is intrinsically subjective to an extent. An author can choose tonnage, displacement or LOA (most common) as a measure of a yacht’s size. Then there is also some secrecy as to the actual size of some of the mega yachts.

Anyway, here I’m writing about the biggest charter yachts in the world because it hasn’t been done definitively yet. I think there will be some interest. Keep in mind these are boats that can actually be rented for a holiday in various worldwide locations. They represent the pinnacle of useable or available luxury in the world – I would argue more so than any other coveted luxury holiday in a resort or villa, or anything else for that matter. The benefits a yacht charter vacation offer, over and above other holidays, is well established. I don’t need to get into that here.

Needless to say, these boats are currently chartered by some of the worlds most wealthy, influential and famous people. They are definitely important people, just like the yacht’s owners. The superyachts below have been visited and enjoyed by presidents, prime ministers, movie stars, rock stars, leading entrepreneurs – the movers and shakers of the world. Obviously the people who charter the top 100 luxury yachts cannot be named but rest assured that many of them are stars in their own right, just like the yacht owners.

As with the ‘biggest yachts in the world list’, the ‘largest charter yachts list’ can vary depending on criteria. Accordingly, I’ve decided to use two different concepts for the list.  The first is simply the largest boats by LOA, or length over all. This is a traditional (if not scientifically imprecise) measure of ship size.

The second ingredient will also factor in the other considerations like displacement, or to put it another way the yachts bulk, along with the approximate charter rate or cost to rent the yacht and crew for a week. It will also factor in the newness and buzz factor created by the yacht in question. This second consideration could be termed ‘The Most Expensive Significant & Important Luxury Yacht Charters in the World’.

The price to charter the boats is the high rate before expenses like fuel, berthage and supplies are included (adding another 25 - 35 % depending and the preferences of the charter guests). Price can be subject to change and there are different prices for different seasons, so this is only historically approximate for the purpose of the list.

To recap: because all four measurements, a yacht’s length, size, price and newness are important they are all amalgamated in to create the list of the most important or most significant 100 luxury charter yachts in the world.

And lastly, (I couldn’t resist) I have created the ‘Top 100 luxury superyachts in the world in 2010’ list. This is all yachts, not just charter yachts.

Some further relevant reading you may like to visit can be found here:

- The superyacht database ordered by length , Country built , builder , & Designer . -  Biggest 100 Superyachts List by LOA, drawn up by yachting enthusiasts on Wikipedia.

The Top 100 Largest & Most Significant Private Luxury Yacht Charter Superyachts in the World:

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Quick Enquiry

Kismet | from eur€ 3,000,000/wk.

Kismet Yacht For Charter ©Steffen Mayer

112M FREIRE SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 3,000,000/wk


OCTOPUS | From EUR€ 2,200,000/wk

Octopus In The Ice Of Antarctica

111m FULL CUSTOM MEGA YACHT | From EUR€ 2,200,000/wk

111m Mega Yacht Getting Ready For Delivery

DREAM | From EUR€ 2,000,000/wk

DREAM Superyacht

MAR | From EUR€ 1,800,000/wk

Mega Yacht LANA

95m LURSSEN MEGA YACHT | From EUR€ 1,600,000/wk


88M FEADSHIP SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 1,600,000/wk


92M FULLY CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From US$ 1,500,000/wk

92m Superyacht On Sea Trials

96m Custom Superyacht | From EUR€ 1,500,000/wk

Luxury Mega Yacht by Feadship

93M FULLY-CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 1,470,000/wk


83m Limited Editions 272 Superyacht | From EUR€ 1,200,000/wk

AMELS 272 Limited Edition - Underway, Mediterranean

95 meter CUSTOM | From EUR€ 1,200,000/wk

The 95m mega yacht by Lurssen

86M CUSTOM LUXURY YACHT | From EUR€ 1,200,000/wk

Superyacht And Tender

SUNRAYS | From EUR€ 1,150,000/wk

Profile Of The Superyacht By Oceanco

QUEEN MIRI | From EUR€ 1,125,000/wk


ROMEA | From EUR€ 1,100,000/wk

The 81m Yacht ROMEA

SAMSARA | From EUR€ 1,100,000/wk

 Luxury Yacht CLOUD 9

91m CUSTOM YACHT | From EUR€ 1,100,000/wk

91m Oceanco Yacht

80M MODERN CUSTOM YACHT | From EUR€ 1,085,000/wk

Aerial View

PHOENIX 2 | From EUR€ 1,000,000/wk

Phoenix 2 Running Shot

SOLANDGE | From EUR€ 1,000,000/wk

Yacht Solandge - Underway Profile

O'PARI | From EUR€ 1,000,000/wk

Motor Yacht O'Pari

85M EXPLORER YACHT | From US$ 950,000/wk

85m Luxury Explorer Yacht

85m CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From US$ 945,000/wk

86m Custom Superyacht With Jetskis

AIR | From EUR€ 925,000/wk

The 81m Yacht AIR

GOLDEN HORIZON | From EUR€ 910,000/wk


BOLD | From EUR€ 875,000/wk

Superyacht BOLD

82m CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 875,000/wk

cruising profile of the 82m mega yacht

85M CUSTOM MEGA YACHT | From EUR€ 875,000/wk

Luxury Superyacht BOLD By Silver Yachts

74m CRN 131 | From US$ 870,000/wk

74m yacht by CRN

B2 | From EUR€ 850,000/wk

Aft View

KENSHO | From EUR€ 850,000/wk

Superyacht KENSHO

80M COLUMBUS SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 850,000/wk

80m Luxurious Mega Yacht

82M CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From US$ 840,000/wk

Vikal Custom Limousine 9-85m

ALFA NERO | From EUR€ 812,000/wk

Alfa Nero Oceanco

ELEMENTS | From EUR€ 800,000/wk

Luxury Charter Yacht ELEMENTS

O'PTASIA | From EUR€ 800,000/wk

Magnificent Mega Yacht O'PTASIA

68M LUXURY YACHT | From EUR€ 800,000/wk


AALTO | From EUR€ 775,000/wk

Superyacht AALTO

TATIANA | From EUR€ 775,000/wk

Jetski Running Next To The Superyacht

80M CUSTOM MEGA YACHT | From EUR€ 775,000/wk

Bilgin Yachts 80m Custom Superyacht

Amaryllis | From US$ 770,000/wk

Raised Pilothouse Mega-yacht - AMARYLLIS

78m CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From US$ 770,000/wk

78m Custom Yacht Designed By Reymond Langton Design

Limited Edition 242 | From US$ 750,000/wk

Off The Mediterranean Coast

77M WORLD EXPLORER YACHT | From EUR€ 740,000/wk

With Jetskis

HUNTRESS | From US$ 725,000/wk

Luxury Charter Yacht HUNTRESS

Christina O | From EUR€ 700,000/wk

The 99m Yacht CHRISTINA O

EMIR | From EUR€ 700,000/wk

Luxury Superyacht EMIR

LADY VERA | From EUR€ 700,000/wk

LADY VERA Yacht At MEDYS In Greece

LAUREN L | From EUR€ 695,000/wk

The 89m Yacht LAUREN L

MALIA | From EUR€ 680,000/wk

Superyacht MALIA

LADY E | From US$ 665,000/wk

Finished Exterior

PEGASUS VIII | From US$ 650,000/wk

Exterior Shot

SAMAR | From EUR€ 650,000/wk

Samar By Devonport

11.11 | From EUR€ 650,000/wk

11.11 superyacht by Benetti

SOUNDWAVE | From EUR€ 650,000/wk

11.11 profile photo with tender in the Mediterranean

CORAL OCEAN | From EUR€ 650,000/wk Special

Super yacht CORAL OCEAN

FIREBIRD | From EUR€ 650,000/wk

Feadship Yacht FIREBIRD

75M FULL CUSTOM | From US$ 650,000/wk

75m Lurssen Mega Yacht Cruising


Rendering Bow Profile

SOLO | From EUR€ 650,000/wk

Tankoa Superyacht SOLO Lifestyle

TRIUMPH | From EUR€ 650,000/wk

Benetti Superyacht Triumph

Moonlight II | From EUR€ 645,000/wk

From Above Anchorage On Yacht MOONLIGHT II

ARTISAN | From EUR€ 645,000/wk

Running Profile

ZAZOU | From EUR€ 645,000/wk

Superyacht ZAZOU


At Anchor Aerial -  Photo © Jeff Brown

MINERVA | From EUR€ 630,000/wk

Mega Yacht MINERVA

BOADICEA | From EUR€ 625,000/wk

Cruising Aboard Yacht BOADICEA

SILVER FAST | From EUR€ 625,000/wk

The 77m Yacht SILVER FAST


77m Superyacht With Mercedes S-Class Convertible Car

66M VITRUVIUS YACHT | From EUR€ 623,000/wk

66m Vitruvius Superyacht By Rossinavi

GRAND OCEAN | From EUR€ 600,000/wk

Grand Ocean Ex Golden Odyssey

RESILIENCE | From EUR€ 600,000/wk

Super yacht RESILIENCE

TITANIA | From EUR€ 595,000/wk

TATANIA Watersports

NAIA | From EUR€ 595,000/wk


ARIENCE | From EUR€ 595,000/wk

Beautiful Arience Superyacht Available For Charter

QUANTUM OF SOLACE | From EUR€ 574,000/wk


VASSA | From EUR€ 560,000/wk

The 67m Yacht DRIZZLE

73M CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 553,000/wk

73m Custom Superyacht Profile

COCOA BEAN | From EUR€ 550,000/wk

Yacht Cocoa Bean - Profile Underway

SERENITY | From EUR€ 550,000/wk

Luxury Yacht SERENITY

SEA EAGLE | From EUR€ 550,000/wk


TOP FIVE II | From US$ 550,000/wk

Luxury Yacht TOP FIVE II

LOON | From EUR€ 540,000/wk

The 68m Yacht ICON

68M CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 538,000/wk

Main Running Profile

ELEGANT 007 | From EUR€ 525,000/wk

ELEGANT 007 - Profile

SUERTE | From EUR€ 525,000/wk

Tankoa Yachts 69 Metre Superyacht Suerte - Portofino And The Riviera

68M CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From US$ 525,000/wk

Running Shot From Above



62M CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From US$ 525,000/wk

62 Steel Superyacht By Sanlorenzo

FREEDOM | From US$ 500,000/wk

Above: Yacht FREEDOM's Cruising Image

JOIA THE CROWN JEWEL | From EUR€ 500,000/wk

The 65m Yacht DOUBLE DOWN

TRIDENT | From EUR€ 500,000/wk


NERO | From EUR€ 497,000/wk

Luxury Yacht NERO

CHAKRA | From EUR€ 495,000/wk

The 86m Yacht CHAKRA

LEGEND | From EUR€ 490,000/wk

The 77m Yacht LEGEND

BLEU DE NIMES | From EUR€ 490,000/wk

Motor Yacht BLEU DE NIMES After 2020 Refit

TRUE NORTH | From AUS$ 490,000/wk

The 49m Yacht TRUE NORTH

Latest Superyacht News

Luxury mega yacht ROCINANTE seen on sea trials after refit at Lurssen shipyard

Luxury mega yacht ROCINANTE seen on sea ...

Spectacular 50m superyacht SEAGULL MRD offers premium charters throughout the Mediterranean

Spectacular 50m superyacht SEAGULL MRD ...

Comfort, stability and freedom on board a luxury catamaran yacht charter

Comfort, stability and freedom on board ...

49m motor yacht MAIA launched by Radez in Croatia

49m motor yacht MAIA launched by Radez ...

Special discounted rate location: bahamas.


NO SHORTCUTS | From US$ 65,000.00/wk

Special: 10 nights for the price of 8 location: bahamas.

Luxury charter yacht Crossed Sabre

CROSSED SABRE | From US$ 175,000.00/wk

Location: the bahamas.

Super yacht MISS STEPHANIE (ex TCB

MISS STEPHANIE | From US$ 95,000.00/wk

15% discount location: caribbean.

Amels Yacht LILI - Cruising On A Sunny Day In Norway

AMIGOS | From US$ 250,750.00/wk

big yacht charter

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Best Mega Yachts for Charter

13 Yachts for Charter over 80m

A large yacht for charter is the ultimate way to vacation on the water, offering exclusivity, privacy, and unmatched levels of luxury. A large yacht is typically a superyacht or mega yacht over 270′ (80m). These vessels are amongst the largest in the world and offer unparalleled onboard experiences.

Sorry, there were no results found for your search.

The best large yachts for charter are built by the world’s most esteemed shipyards, including Oceanco , Lurssen , Feadship , and Heesen . These pedigree shipyards specialize in building custom yachts that exceed expectations.

On a large superyacht for rent, you will enjoy access to the absolute best amenities and have a full crew at your complete disposal. The largest yachts for charter can boast a crew of up to 30, ensuring incredible service levels. Of course, a large superyacht will also offer plenty of room for families and groups of friends.

Contact A Yacht Charter Broker

What are the benefits of chartering a large superyacht?

There are multiple benefits to chartering a large superyacht.

  • Unmatched levels of luxury aboard the finest vessels in the world.
  • Enjoy complete privacy and exclusivity with experiences tailored to your precise needs.
  • Finest selection of onboard amenities, including swimming pools, dedicated cinema rooms, beach clubs, full-service spas and fitness centers, helicopter landing capacity, and multiple tenders and toys, including submersibles, guaranteeing fun on the water.
  • The number of crew will typically exceed the number of guests, ensuring incredible service levels with your every need expertly catered to.
  • A large yacht for charter will have the ability to cruise anywhere, putting the world’s most remote regions at your fingertips. Many large yachts are also designed for long-range cruising, ideal for those seeking an extended charter experience.
  • Multiple cabins offer complete flexibility and the ability to accommodate family members or large groups.
  • Large yachts for rent may also include additional staff cabins for security, nannies, or personal assistants.
  • Voluminous saloons and multiple deck areas provide ample space for relaxing and entertaining
  • A large yacht is also ideal for corporate events or hosting extravagant parties. Some large yachts include dedicated nightclubs, party rooms, and professional DJ stations.
  • Experience the ultimate prestige of chartering one of the world’s finest superyachts.

Famous Mega Yachts

Some of the best large yachts are:

  • 446’ (136m) FLYING FOX
  • 414’ (126.2m) OCTOPUS
  • 349’ (106.5m) DREAM

Northrop & Johnson has access to every large yacht for charter on the planet, including the most sought-after vessels built by the world’s best shipyards. If you want to experience the prestige of chartering a superyacht, contact our team.

Find out about yacht charter  with N&J here.

Proud to be part of the MarineMax family

© 2024 Northrop & Johnson

Luxury Yachts For Charter

Find your perfect motor boat, sailboat, catamaran, superyacht, mega yacht or day boat with regularly updated fleet lists..

Since 1991, Bluewater prides itself on being the only company able to sell, charter and manage yachts on which the crew were recruited and trained in-house. We will ensure your tropical cruising getaway, scuba diving holiday or luxurious sailing vacation has experienced skippers and yacht crew onboard, so you can relax and enjoy the turquoise seas in the world's most stunning yachting destinations.

Our global offices ensure we have maintained an exceptional rapport with marinas, captains and the latest charter boats so you always have the best vessels to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to rent a superyacht on the Côte d’Azur, book a private yacht for a honeymoon cruise in the Windward Islands or explore the coastline of Croatia on board a sailboat, we offer a personalized yacht charter broker service with inspiring charter itineraries and tips for the best places to see and activities to discover ashore.

Bluewater also specialises in corporate yacht charters for major events, tailoring your event charter to your needs and requirements.

Treat your clients, colleagues or friends to the ultimate boat charter experience for world-class events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Lions and global sailing regattas.

If you’re looking for a luxury yacht charter to remember, you can browse our intuitive website for hundreds of yachts available to charter - refining your search by vessel size, destination, guest numbers or price.

Some of the key destinations where we offer charter yachts are:

  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Caribbean including Antigua, Bahamas, Leeward Islands and Virgin Islands
  • Corsica & Sardinia
  • Croatia & Montenegro
  • French Riviera including Cannes, Monaco & St Tropez
  • Greece & Turkey
  • Indian Ocean
  • Italy & the Amalfi Coast
  • Northern Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Pacific
  • Spain & the Balearic Islands

Contact us today to book your dream yacht charter.

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Big Aron Charter Yacht

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  • + Shortlist


46m  /  150'11   royal denship   2004 / 2020.

  • Previous Yacht

Special Features:

  • Impressive 7,485nm range
  • Cruising speed of 125 knots
  • Sleeps 10 guests
  • 9.75m/32' Intrepid Tender
Big Aron is Ideal for those planning an extended itinerary, with plenty of room on board

The 46.68m/153'2" expedition yacht 'Big Aron' by the Danish shipyard Royal Denship offers flexible accommodation for up to 10 guests in 5 cabins and features interior styling by Rune Design.

Offering a wealth of uncluttered spaces throughout, expedition yacht Big Aron is tailor-made for adventures across the high seas; from the tropics to the poles, where all you need to do is kick-back, relax and enjoy the spectacular vistas as you cruise on by.

Guest Accommodation

Built in 2004, Big Aron offers guest accommodation for up to 10 guests in 5 suites. There are 7 beds in total, including 3 king and 4 singles. She is also capable of carrying up to 11 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht charter experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

A charter on Big Aron is comfortable and convenient thanks to the provided amenities such as a gym with all the latest equipment to maintain your fitness routine. Sit back with a glass of champagne in the deck jacuzzi.

Whatever your activities on your charter, you'll find some impressive features are seamlessly integrated to help you such as Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stay connected at all times, should you wish. You can stay comfortable on board whatever the weather, with air conditioning during your charter.

Performance & Range

Built with a steel hull and steel/aluminium superstructure, she offers greater on-board space and is more stable when at anchor thanks to her full-displacement hull. Big Aron comfortably cruises at 125 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 15 knots with a range of up to 7,485 nautical miles.

Big Aron has a good selection of water toys and accessories to entertain you and your guests whilst on charter. You'll be loving the huge adrenaline rush as you zip over the water on one of the two WaveRunners. In addition there are towable toys offering fun and adventure. Additionally, there are waterskis that are hugely entertaining whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. If that isn't enough Big Aron also features wakeboards, kayaks, scuba diving equipment, snorkelling equipment and surfboards. When it comes to Tenders, Big Aron has you covered - with two tenders, including a 9.75m/32' Intrepid Tender.

Book your next the Mediterranean luxury yacht charter aboard Big Aron this summer. She is already accepting bookings this winter for cruising in the Caribbean.

Expedition yacht Big Aron is an outstanding pedigree yacht that delivers on all fronts for superlative luxury yacht vacations.


There are currently no testimonials for Big Aron, please provide .

Big Aron Photos

Big Aron Yacht 11

Length 46m / 150'11
Beam 10.36m / 34'
Draft 2.9m / 9'6
Gross Tonnage 601 GT
Cruising Speed 125 Knots
Built | (Refitted)
Builder Royal Denship
Model Conversion
Interior Design Rune Design

Amenities & Entertainment

For your relaxation and entertainment Big Aron has the following facilities, for more details please speak to your yacht charter broker.

Big Aron is reported to be available to Charter with the following recreation facilities:

  • 1 x 9.75m  /  32' Intrepid Tender with 1 x 370 HP engine
  • 1 x 7.01m  /  23' Novourania Tender with 1 x 240 HP engine

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

  • + shortlist

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

'Big Aron' Charter Rates & Destinations

Mediterranean Summer Cruising Region

Summer Season

May - September

$165,000 p/week + expenses

High Season

Cruising Regions

Mediterranean Croatia, France, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Turkey

HOT SPOTS:   Amalfi Coast, Calvi, Cannes, Corsica, French Riviera, Ibiza, Ligurian Riviera, Mallorca, Portofino, Sardinia, St Tropez, The Balearics

Caribbean Winter Cruising Region

Winter Season

October - April

Caribbean Antigua, Bahamas, Cuba, Saint Martin, St Barts

HOT SPOTS:   Virgin Islands

Charter Big Aron

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker , or we can help you.

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker or

Update your yacht

Yacht Owner, Captain or Central Agents - Send us latest Photos, Charter Rates or Corrections Send Updates


Avalon charter yacht

46m | Cheoy Lee

from $99,500 p/week

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Baron Trenck

44m | Eurocraft Cantieri Navali

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Big Fish charter yacht

45m | McMullen & Wing

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Deslize charter yacht

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Hanse Explorer charter yacht

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Kudanil Explorer charter yacht

Kudanil Explorer

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Moka charter yacht

42m | Sanlorenzo

from $193,000 p/week ♦︎

Myko charter yacht

47m | Sanlorenzo

from $225,000 p/week ♦︎

Nuri charter yacht

41m | Cantiere Delle Marche

from $200,000 p/week

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection



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Yacht Charter Moscow - Yacht Rentals Moscow

Top-rated yacht charters in moscow - preselected yacht rentals:.

Yacht Elegance 64 for rent in Khimki Marina

Yacht Elegance 64 for rent in Khimki Marina

  • Elegance 64 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Dinghy with engine
  • Skipper (food not included)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Yacht Insurance
  • Final cleaning
  • Tourist tax

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Yacht charter in Moscow

Charter details

Yacht specification

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Elite yachts

Mega yachts

Sailing yachts

Yacht charter in Moscow Ocean Drive 28m

Ocean Drive 28m

2012/2021 | from €88,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow ISA 50m LIBERTY


2011/2022 | from €275,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow AMADEUS 44.7m Timmerman

AMADEUS 44.7m Timmerman

2015 | from €140,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow Julia 50m Heesen (ex Sairu, Lady Li)

Julia 50m Heesen (ex Sairu, Lady Li)

2015 | from €260,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow Icon RAGNAR 68m

Icon RAGNAR 68m

2012/2020 | from €448,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow Heesen Aurelia 37 m

Heesen Aurelia 37 m

2011/2017 | from €120,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow LADY L 44.60m Heesen

LADY L 44.60m Heesen

2012 | from €140,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow Golden Yachts O'PTASIA

Golden Yachts O'PTASIA

2018 | from €800,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow Sanlorenzo 52m LADY LENA

Sanlorenzo 52m LADY LENA

2020 | from €285,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow Rossinavi ENDEAVOUR 2

Rossinavi ENDEAVOUR 2

2017 | from €275,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow Damen 77m LA DATCHA

Damen 77m LA DATCHA

2020 | from €900,000 per week

Yacht charter in Moscow Palmer Johnson PJ 48 KHALILAH

Palmer Johnson PJ 48 KHALILAH

2015 | from €255,000 per week

If you want to spend your free time or organize a ceremony in Moscow – yacht charter will be the perfect solution for you. Birthday, wedding, corporate event or usual day spent on the water in a comfortable setting, will be a great gift for you and your loved ones.

Arcon Yachts offers motor yachts of different passenger capacity in Moscow. You can order a compact model for two or a large pleasure yacht for big company. We offer a variety of yachts with different design and levels of technical equipment. This allows you to choose the ideal option for any occasion.

To learn more about our offerings, please use our website directory. All the pictures, prices and specifications are there. To select the appropriate model please use the search filter or just contact our consultants. To book a charter in Moscow please leave us on-line inquiry or call our managers.

Skyfall Yacht Charter - Full Logo, White

Your european yacht experience awaits

At the #1 rated yacht charter company at lake of the ozarks, missouri, welcome aboard skyfall, the #1 rated yacht charter company at lake of the ozarks, welcome aboard.

As Lake of the Ozarks’ only true European style yacht charter service, Skyfall is for the most discerning guests that demand the best experience.  From our crew and hydraulic swim platform beach, down to our interior styling and state-of-the-art sound system, you’ll experience lake luxury as soon as you step aboard. We are proud to be the #1 rated yacht charter company at Lake of the Ozarks! We were featured by Lake Lifestyles as their cover story in June 2022. Looking for a smaller vessel? Check out our brother yacht, Spectre.

Layer 3

Food & Drinks

Beach towels, experience lake of the ozarks in style.

Skyfall serves the entire Lake of the Ozarks region, from the OMM up to the 45mm and the Gravois Arm. We depart from the world famous Camden on the Lake (Toad Cove), which is prominently located besides several local hot spots including including Coconuts, Tap and Grill, Millstone, Horny Toad, Shady Gators and Lazy Gators.


What is/isn't Included

6 hr or 8 hr charters (weekdays), special rates, holidays & lake events, special events, cancellations, what our prior guests have to say, "one of the most luxurious weekend getaway spaces we've ever had in the ozarks".

I had the best weekend on Skyfall! It’s one of the most luxurious weekend getaway spaces we’ve ever had in the Ozarks. Josh was so easy to get in contact with and made the experience so smooth. Would highly recommend a weekend on Skyfall!!

"I was absolutely blown away by this amazing boat"

I didn’t know what to expect when I rented Skyfall but I was absolutely blown away by this amazing boat. I’ve rented other boats at the Ozarks before and I always felt like I was let down. The pictures don’t even do Skyfall justice! Skyfall is so luxurious! We love it so much we literally didn’t want to leave! We will definitely be renting this boat again. Not to mention that coordinating with the Skyfall management team was so easy. They made the whole experience very simple and they were so flexible!

"The Epitome of Nautical Luxury on the Lake"

I was fortunate enough to stay on Skyfall in Summer 2020 and could not have been more impressed! Not only was the yacht itself absolutely stunning, Joshua and his team were all outstanding, professional and eager to go above and beyond to ensure our mini holiday was nothing short of perfect. As if Skyfall wasn’t already impressive enough with its newly-renovated, pristine interior that that easily accommodated our relatively large group with room to spare, the large sunpad and European synapse were ideal for sunbathing while the other spent the better part of an afternoon on the available jetskis which, to the delight of the men from our group, literally launched from the back of Skyfall into the water. If you’re looking for an unforgettable and, shall we say, bouyant getaway then do yourself a favor and reserve Skyfall with it’s stellar crew today!

"Perfect for a group of friends or family that want to enjoy a luxe weekend"

Skyfall is one of the most stunning boats I’ve ever been on. Perfect for a group of friends or family that want to enjoy a luxe weekend at the lake!

"the greatest charter at the lake"

If you’re on the fence about this experience, you don’t even deserve to step foot on this majestic beauty of a yacht. Clearly, a person hasn’t lived or even reached puberty until they have christened the Skyfall. It has FALLen from the SKY with its prestige workmanship on every inch of this floating oasis. The incredible detail throughout the cabins and custom sound system will literally and figuratively blow the socks off of you and the others next door. This boat just oozes excellence with those twin Cummins diesels chirping waiting to whip your hair back with their sheer power. You won’t regret kicking it and big d*cking it with all your homies atop this monster. So don’t tell me again about some fence and step on this life changing experience upon the greatest charter at the lake, SKYFALL!

Looking for a more intimate experience?


About spectre

Size & capacity, book your experience now.

Please provide your event details below, and we will be in touch shortly to confirm your reservation.

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Best Renting a Yacht Experiences for 2024

Have you ever dreamt of sailing on a luxurious yacht, surrounded by endless blue waters...

Table of Contents

Understanding rent-a-yacht, unleash your dream escape: the attraction of rent-a-yacht charters, setting sail on your dream rent-a-yacht charter: where to find paradise, charting your course: a guide to rent-a-yacht chartering, choosing the models for rent-a-yacht experience, navigating your rent-a-yacht charter: a smooth journey from start to finish, memorable rent-a-yacht memories: see what our guests are saying, faq | renting a yacht.

Have you ever dreamt of sailing on a luxurious yacht, surrounded by endless blue waters and breathtaking views? Yachting offers a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and uniqueness. This overview will explain yacht charters, helping you navigate the best renting a yacht options.

With years of yacht charter experience, we give you the information you need to decide if renting a yacht is right for you. From choosing the perfect yacht to understanding the costs and planning your trip, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of a rent-a-yacht charter.

The AMORAKI motor yacht anchored near rocky cliffs, showcasing its sleek design and luxurious features, perfect for a rent-a-yacht adventure.

Renting a yacht can open the door to a world of luxury and adventure. Rent-a-yacht is where you charter a yacht for a set period, complete with a crew to cater to your needs. This is a great way to explore stunning destinations while enjoying top-notch service and comfort.

Motor yachts are sleek and powerful, offering speed and luxury. They are ideal for those who want to travel quickly between destinations while enjoying modern amenities on board. Motor sailers mix engine power and sails for speed and a classic sailing feel.

Catamarans are known for their stability and space. These yachts are perfect for families or groups looking for a smooth ride with plenty of room to relax.

Trimarans stand out with their three hulls, offering extra space and speed. They are great for those who seek a unique yachting experience with a bit more adventure. Crewed sailing yachts offer classic sailing with an experienced crew to handle everything.

Rent-a-yacht lets travelers tailor their journey, from relaxing coastal cruises to adventurous island trips. Each type of yacht offers something different, ensuring that there is a perfect option for every traveler. Explore the possibilities and choose the yacht that best fits your dream vacation.

Imagine yourself cruising crystal-clear waters, the sun warming your skin, and the only crowds being the ones you invite on board. This is the magic of renting a yacht. Here's why it might be the perfect getaway for you:

  • Privacy: Rent-a-yacht charters offer complete privacy. It's just you, your loved ones, and the endless horizon. No need to share pools or restaurants with strangers; just pure relaxation on your own terms.
  • Craft Your Ideal Travel Plan: Unlike cruises with set schedules, renting a yacht bends to your desires. Explore hidden coves, linger at picturesque beaches, or chase sunsets across the ocean. The captain works with you to create a schedule that's uniquely yours.
  • Unlock Exclusive Destinations: Yachts can reach secluded bays and hidden harbors. Discover secret beaches, pristine reefs teeming with marine life, or charming coastal towns untouched by mass tourism.

The world unfolds in breathtaking beauty by rent-a-yacht. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you in some of the most enchanting destinations:

Antigua and Barbuda

A picturesque view of Antigua Beach with turquoise waters, sandy shores, and a small boat anchored near the shore. Rent-a-yacht to explore these stunning waters.

  • Island Features and Known For: Antigua and Barbuda boast picture-perfect beaches with soft, white sand and turquoise waters. The islands are known for their relaxed atmosphere, luxurious resorts, and rich colonial history.
  • Activities: Explore Nelson's Dockyard , a historic harbor lined with restored 18th-century buildings. Hike to Shirley Heights for panoramic views or snorkel the vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish. Foodies will love indulging in fresh seafood dishes infused with Caribbean flavors.

Here is a list of a few Caribbean yachts:

 A stunning sunset view of Santorini, Greece, featuring white-washed buildings with blue domes overlooking the calm sea.

  • Island Features and Known For: Santorini's cliffs, volcanic beaches, and white villages make a perfect setting. Explore ancient ruins, sip on delicious Santorini wine, or soak in the natural hot springs.
  • Activities: hike scenic trails, relax on black sand beaches, or visit Oia and Fira. Foodies will love indulging in fresh seafood dishes and local specialties like fava beans and cherry tomatoes.

Here is a list of a few Mediterranean yachts:

Sicily, Italy

A beautiful landscape of Sicily with rolling hills, green fields, and olive trees under a vibrant sky.

  • Island Features and Known For: Sicily , the largest Mediterranean island, blends history, culture, and natural beauty. Sail along the rugged coastline, stopping at charming fishing villages, secluded coves, and volcanic islands like the Aeolian Islands .
  • Activities: Explore Syracuse ruins, climb Mount Etna, or visit the Valley of the Temples. Foodies can savor delicious Sicilian cuisine, from fresh pasta dishes to flavorful cannoli pastries.

French Riviera: Cannes

An aerial view of Cannes, a French Riviera city, showcasing its harbor filled with yachts.

  • Island Features and Known For: Cannes, on the French Riviera , shows glamour and sophistication. Cruise along the iconic coastline, dotted with luxurious resorts, charming marinas, and stunning beaches. The annual Cannes Film Festival adds to the area's allure.
  • Activities: Shop on Rue d'Antibes, stroll the beachfront promenade, or people-watch at cafes. Art enthusiasts can visit the Picasso Museum, and nature lovers can explore the nearby Esterel Massif mountains.

Here is a list of a few French Riviera yachts:

Dreaming of a luxurious escape on the water? Here's a roadmap to steer you toward the perfect rent-a-yacht charter experience:

Setting Sail on Your Dreams (What):

  • Consider your crew: Who will be joining you? The size of the yacht will depend on the number of guests needed for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
  • Imagine your ideal vacation: Do you crave relaxation on pristine beaches or adventure-filled days exploring secluded coves? The type of activities will influence the amenities you seek on board.
  • Think about your budget: Renting a yacht varies in cost depending on size, amenities, and destination. Set a realistic budget to narrow your options.

Paradise Awaits (Where):

  • Research captivating destinations: The Caribbean offers clear waters and islands; the Mediterranean has history and culture. Southeast Asia beckons with its unique landscapes and ancient temples. The Caribbean offers clear waters and islands; the Mediterranean has history and culture.
  • Consider the seasons: Weather conditions play a big role. The Caribbean offers sunshine during the winter months, while the Mediterranean shines in spring and autumn.
  • Consider hidden gems: Do you want a classic yachting experience or an off-the-path adventure?

Timing is Everything (When):

  • Peak season perks: If vibrant nightlife and festive atmospheres are your thing, aim for high tourist seasons.
  • Shoulder season serenity: Shoulder seasons offer pleasant weather and potentially lower prices with smaller crowds.
  • Off-season adventures: If you enjoy solitude and exploring destinations during a lull, consider the off-season.

Tailoring Your Experience (How):

  • Discuss your needs and desires: The crew can stock favorite foods, plan tailored excursions, and create a personalized schedule.
  • Don't forget the details: Consider any requests you may have, like water sports equipment or childcare services on board.

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to renting a yacht that transforms your dream vacation into a reality. Set sail and discover the magic of exploring the world in style and comfort!

Size and layout:

  • SYLENE ’s size and layout offer plenty of room, making it ideal for family or group trips.
  • Stability: The catamaran design ensures a stable sailing experience, even in rough waters.
  • Luxury Amenities: Enjoy modern amenities such as spacious cabins, a well-equipped kitchen, and a comfortable lounge area.
  • Traditional Experience: Experience the classic charm of sailing with the added benefits of modern technology.

Location Details:

  • Summer 2024: she is available in Italy, Corsica, Sardinia & South of France
  • From November 2024 to March 2025: she is in the shipyard in SOF
  • Spring 2025: She will be open to charters in SOF
  • Summer 2025: She will be based in WEST MED - CROATIA TBC

Operating Area:

  • Summer Operating Area:  W. Med-Naples/Sicily, W. Med-Riviera/Cors/Sard., W. Med-Spain/Balearics
  • Winter Operating Area:  W. Med-Naples/Sicily, W. Med-Riviera/Cors/Sard.


  • The yacht's size and clever layout maximize both space and comfort. It supports a good number of guests, making it perfect for renting a yacht for both intimate and large gatherings.
  • Stability: The catamaran design offers excellent stability and smooth sailing.
  • Luxury Amenities: Features include luxury cabins, a gourmet kitchen, and outdoor lounging spaces.
  • Traditional Experience: Combines the traditional sailing experience with modern comforts.
  • Naples/Sicily
  • Summer Operating Area:  W. Med-Naples/Sicily, W. Med-Riviera/Cors/Sard.
  • Winter Operating Area:  Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • The spacious layout boosts the yacht’s functionality and comfort for short and long trips.
  • Stability: The design ensures a stable and smooth ride.
  • Luxury Amenities: This includes luxurious cabins, a modern kitchen, and leisure areas.
  • Traditional Experience: Offers a mix of conventional yachting charm with modern luxury.
  • Home port in Cannes.
  • The yacht’s size and layout maximize comfort and functionality, accommodating a good number of guests.
  • Speed: Ideal for quick travel between destinations.
  • Luxury Amenities: Features include plush cabins, a fully-equipped kitchen, and entertainment facilities.
  • Traditional Experience: Combines a traditional yachting experience with modern luxuries.
  • Summer Operating Area:  W. Med-Naples/Sicily, W. Med-Riviera/Cors/Sard.
  • Winter Operating Area: TBD
  • The yacht’s size and layout ensure comfort and functionality for various guest numbers.
  • Stability: Catamaran design provides superior stability.
  • Luxury Amenities: Offers a jacuzzi, spacious cabins, a modern kitchen, and lounging areas.
  • Traditional Experience: Delivers a classic sailing experience with modern comforts.
  • Summer 2023 and 2024: GREECE
  • May/June: Saronic Golf and in the Cyclades
  • July/August: IONIANS
  • September: from mid-September, transit to SOF, St Tropez: In her way, chartering in Corsica is possible
  • Winter 2023-2024: Caribbean-Bahamas
  • Summer Operating Area:  Greece, W. Med-Riviera/Cors/Sard.
  • Winter Operating Area:  Bahamas, W. Med-Riviera/Cors/Sard., Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards


  • The yacht’s size and thoughtful layout enhance functionality and comfort for different guest counts and trip types.
  • Stability: Designed for stable and smooth sailing.
  • Luxury Amenities: This includes luxury cabins and ample lounging space.
  • Traditional Experience: Offers a traditional sailing experience with modern enhancements.
  • Winters in the Virgin Islands. The yacht is based in the USVI but has CRVL to charter in the BVI.
  • Summer Operating Area:  Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • Winter Operating Area:  Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)

Cormorant II

  • The yacht’s size and efficient layout ensure comfort and functionality, accommodating multiple guests comfortably.
  • Stability: Catamaran design offers exceptional stability.
  • Luxury Amenities: Features include spacious cabins, a modern kitchen and dining, and leisure areas.
  • Traditional Experience: Combines a traditional yachting feel with contemporary luxury.
  • Summer Operating Area:  Galapagos
  • Winter Operating Area:  Galapagos

Ready to set sail on your dream rent-a-yacht adventure? Here's a breakdown of the booking process to ensure a smooth and exciting experience:

  • Initial Inquiry: Start a conversation! Contact us with your destination, dates, and guest count.
  • Personal Consultation: Our dedicated charter specialist will discuss your vision for the trip. Share your interests, desired activities, and any special requests you may have.
  • Yacht Selection: Based on your preferences, our charter specialist will suggest yachts that match your needs. Explore virtual tours and detailed specifications to find your ideal vessel.
  • Contracts and Terms: Once you've found your dream yacht, review the charter agreement thoroughly. This outlines the inclusions, exclusions, and any additional fees. Feel free to ask questions to ensure complete understanding.
  • Preparation for Your Journey: At CKIM Group, Inc., we will take care of most of the logistics. We can help arrange travel, stock the yacht with your favorites, and get permits. A packing list and pre-departure briefing will also be provided for your reference.
  • Boarding and Setting Sail: Welcome aboard! The friendly crew will greet you and show you around your luxurious floating home. Once settled in, set sail and begin your yachting adventure! The captain and crew are there to ensure your comfort and enjoyment throughout the journey.

This is just a general overview, and the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the charter company. Relax, unwind, and get ready to experience the magic of renting a yacht

Hearing from fellow adventurers can make the dream of a rent-a-yacht charter more real. Here at CKIM Groun Inc., we're fortunate to create memorable experiences for our guests. See what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

SYLENE Guest Review

We were lucky enough to charter the boats several times. There's no doubt that this trip is the best of all. The boat is exceptional, but it would be nothing without the quality of its crew and captain! Every day was a joy at sea, always with smiles and good humor to accompany us! Many thanks and we hope to see you soon! LJ


Perfect Holiday

GRAZIE MILLE Thank you so much for the perfect most wonderful time. It was the perfect holiday and you are the most amazing crew. Dear Chiara - you are the most amazing cook - we loved your food so much. You are the sweetest cucina with the best seafood pasta and of course banana bread. Dear Dani - Thank you for the most amazing sail of our lives. We always felt safe and we fell in love with the BVIs cause of you. Thank you!

CARTOUCHE Guest Review

The K group LOVED their charter, loved you Charles, loved the crew, food, and also the yacht! Thank you very much for a successful charter! They want to book for next year.

Expert Tips for a Memorable Renting a Yacht Charter

Congratulations on booking your rent-a-yacht charter! Now, let's ensure it's an experience you'll treasure forever. Here are some expert tips to maximize your enjoyment:

  • Pack like a pro: pack light, breathable clothing for warm days, and consider a light jacket for evenings or cooler climates. Don't forget swimwear, reef-safe sunscreen, and a hat. For water activities, pack a quick-drying towel and water shoes.
  • Plan for fun: Discuss your interests with the crew beforehand. Do you crave adventure sports like kayaking or scuba diving? Do you prefer leisurely swims and sunbathing? The crew can arrange activities and equipment rentals to suit your desires.
  • Communication is key. The crew is there to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. Communicate any preferences you have regarding meals, schedules, or activities. They'll be happy to adjust plans whenever possible to create your dream vacation.
  • Embrace the local flavor: Ask the crew for recommendations on hidden coves, local restaurants, or cultural experiences. Yacht charters allow you to go beyond the usual tourist spots and discover the true essence of your destination.
  • Relax and Detach: This is your time to relax and de-stress. Leave your work laptop at home and limit screen time. Savor the serenity of being surrounded by water and breathtaking scenery.
  • Capture the memories: Take photos and videos to document your memorable adventure. The crew can also help you capture those special moments.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to a rent-a-yacht charter experience that surpasses your expectations. Set sail, relax, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Rent-a-yacht offers an unparalleled experience, combining privacy, personalization, and access to breathtaking destinations. This guide helps you plan your yachting adventure, from choosing a yacht to booking and enjoying your trip.

Key Takeaways for Your Rent-A-Yacht Charter Journey:

  • Match your dream with the yacht: Consider the size of your group, desired amenities, and budget when selecting a yacht.
  • Investigate hidden treasures: The world is your oyster! Research captivating destinations that align with your interests, whether it's the Caribbean's pristine beaches or the Mediterranean's cultural treasures.
  • Plan for a smooth experience: For a smooth trip, clearly communicate your needs to the crew for a personalized plan.

Contact us today! Our expert CKIM Team will help you craft the perfect schedule, select the ideal yacht, and answer any questions you may have. Set sail on an adventure unlike any other and discover the magic of renting a yacht!

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Let us deliver on your dream vacation.

Contact us to start a conversation about your dream vacation, and let us show you how we can help bring your vision to life through our exceptional yacht charter services.

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The long tale of the yacht linked to a Russian oligarch and abandoned in the Caribbean for more than 2 years finally draws to a close

  • An undisclosed buyer picked up the Alfa Nero for $40 million last week.
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  • The sale ended an ownership tug-of-war, which included ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

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An undisclosed buyer has finally stepped up to the helm of the Alfa Nero superyacht, ending a two-year-long saga, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

That buyer agreed last week to pay $40 million, a huge discount to the $67.6 million that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt bid last year, a deal he eventually abandoned.

The Antigua and Barbuda government sold the superyacht, which houses an infinity pool that converts to a helipad or dancefloor.

The massively discounted price can be attributed to authorities' need "to get the boat sold," Richard Higgins, a broker who represented the buyer, told Bloomberg.

Higgins said the European buyer, whose identify was kept secret, intends to put the superyacht on the charter market.

The person "is not included in the sanctions list of any country or institution," Ronald Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda's ambassador to the US, told Bloomberg.

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The 267-foot-vessel was seized by Antigua and Barbuda authorities after it was linked to Russian oligarch Andrey Guryev, who was accused by the US Treasury Department of having close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Guryev is the founder of Phosagro, Europe's largest producer of phosphate fertilizers, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index .

The Alfa Nero was among dozens of superyachts seized following global sanctions against Putin's closest associates, which led to billions of dollars in frozen assets.

The Alfa Nero's maiden owner was Guryev, who purchased the vessel for $120 million, according to the US Treasury and the Antigua and Barbuda government . The Russian billionaire had adamantly denied ownership.

After the vessel was seized in 2022, it remained docked in Antigua's Falmouth Harbour, which cost residents of the Caribbean nation $28,000 in weekly tax dollars for maintenance, which took as many as 44 crew members . The superyacht was then valued at $81 million.

In 2023, the Antigua and Barbuda government put the Alfa Nero up for auction, citing hazards due to a lack of maintenance.Eric Schmidt initially won the bidding, for $67.6 million , but eventually backed out after Guryev's daughter claimed ownership of the superyacht.

The most recent acquisition of the Alfa Nero finally ends its ownership limbo, during which it racked up millions of dollars in port fees under the custody of the Antigua and Barbuda authorities, Darwin Telemaque, the Alfa Nero's port manager, told Bloomberg.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Antigua and Barbuda taxpayers were footing a $28,000-a-week bill to maintain the Alfa Nero, including the salary of an Italian captain and $2,000-a-day in diesel to keep its air conditioning running. That's because if the AC is turned off, it could let mold spread throughout the vessel and ruin the hardwood interior or a Joan Miró painting onboard, per the WSJ.

Watch: Video of Russian naval ship explosion shows a much-needed win for Ukraine

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GM beats second-quarter expectations, raises forecast again

General Motors reported second-quarter profit and revenue on Tuesday that beat Wall Street's expectations, and raised its annual profit forecast for a second time this year, buoyed by strong pricing and demand for gas-powered trucks.

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Russia says it scrambled fighter jets to intercept U.S. bomber planes over Barents Sea

Russia said Sunday it scrambled fighter jets to intercept two U.S. military long-range bomber aircraft that approached the Russian border over the Barents Sea in the Arctic.

What You Need To Know

Russia said it scrambled fighter jets to intercept two u.s. military long-range bomber aircraft that approached the russian border over the barents sea in the arctic the u.s. bombers changed course as the russian fighters approached, moscow’s defense ministry said on sunday. the u.s. routinely carries out flights over international waters moscow has recently responded more aggressively to the exercises, accusing the u.s. in june of using its reconnaissance drone flights over neutral waters in the black sea to help ukraine strike russian-occupied crimea last month, moscow warned of a “direct confrontation” between russia and nato.

“The crews of the Russian fighters identified the aerial target as a pair of U.S. Air Force B-52H strategic bombers,” Moscow’s defense ministry wrote on the social media platform Telegram, specifying that the planes scrambled were MiG-29 and MiG-31 fighters.

“As the Russian fighters approached, the U.S. strategic bombers turned away from the State Border of the Russian Federation,” the ministry said.

The U.S. routinely carries out flights over international waters. Moscow has recently responded more aggressively to the exercises, accusing the U.S. in June of using its reconnaissance drone flights over neutral waters in the Black Sea to help Ukraine strike Russian-occupied Crimea.

Last month, Moscow warned of a “direct confrontation” between Russia and NATO, and Russia’s defense minister ordered officials to prepare a “response” to U.S. drone flights over the Black Sea, in an apparent warning it may take forceful action to ward off the American reconnaissance aircraft.

Washington and Moscow have clashed before over the issue. In March 2023, a Russian Su-27 fighter jet damaged a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone, causing it to crash into the Black Sea. It was the first direct clash between Russian and U.S. forces since the Cold War.

A repeat of such a confrontation could further fuel tensions over the war in Ukraine.


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