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catalina yachts flag

pendent flag for top of mast

  • Thread starter gypsyorchid
  • Start date Feb 1, 2007
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I just recently purchased a jolly roger pendent flag 10 x 16. I would like to mount it on top of the mast. Is there a flag staff made to fit a Catalina 22 that would attach above or to the side of the masthead light? I have no wind indicator mounted at present.  




Do a google search for Something called a pig stick. If you really want to fly it there that would be your best bet. Why not just run from a spreader flag halyard or back stay?? It would be easy to put up and take down. Fair Winds!  

Flag for C22 That Catalina 22 is a really looking boat. Please don't ruin it by putting a jolly roger anywhere on it. Put a U.S. Ensign on a staff off of the stern. Join a Yacht or Sailing or Boating Club and put that burgee on up to the starboard spreader, or just leave it bare. A pirate flag tells all experienced boaters that you aren't. A quote I read somewhere else about the meaning of flags and pennants:"Pirate Flag: Used to be for pirates, now for drunks".  

Flag for C22 no. 2 I meant to say "really NICE looking boat".  


Don’t do it man…. …..give Google a little sniff in regards to flag etiquette. I think you might find flag halyards on your spreaders a better Idea. Don’t know about the rest of the world, but the Jolly Roger around here is used by rookies and as a signal flag by smugglers. Ferg  


jolly roger ....tacky. Use the flag halyard on the starboard spreader if you must fly it, right next to the martini flag. A pig stick is normally used to identify yacht club or boat class when racing. It's clipped on to the main halyard or sail's head plate near the shackle so it's raised with the mainsail.  


Stern rail mount We bought a stern rail mount flag pole (3') for our C22 and now use it on our 250. Most of the time we fly the nautical US flag but sometimes various pirate flags too. It is fun and kids love it.  

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The Catalina 320 Yacht's Log

Greg and Sandi's Catalina 320 (and our older Catalina 22) yacht: n. a vessel used for private cruising, racing, or other noncommercial purposes.

Marine Vexillology: Flags on U.S. Pleasure Boats

Vexillology is the study of flags. There are different rules for different countries. These rules have been established over hundreds of years. This post distills vexillology as it applies to U.S. pleasure boats (and mainly sail boats).

Some terminology: vessels wear flags, people fly flags. Flags have two dimensions, called the fly (width) and the hoist (height). The hoist is also the point closest to the flagpole, and the fly the point furthest away from the flagpole.

What Flags Can I Fly?

U.s. ensign.

The U.S. Ensign

The U.S. Ensign, commonly called the U.S. Flag, has the highest precedence. It is placed in the most important location on the boat. The design of the ensign is laid out in Title 4 of the U.S. Code Chapter 1 .

Most U.S. Ensigns have the wrong proportions, because the hoist to fly 10:19 ratio in the code causes the flags to wear out faster than a more commonly available 2:3 or 3:5 ratio. Finding 10:19 ratio U.S. Ensigns is difficult. This calculator will give you the correct other dimensions, if one is specified.

The size of the ensign is based on the size of the boat, with the fly sized at one inch per foot LOA (length overall) of the boat, rounded up to the next commercially available size. Thus a Catalina 22 should have an ensign with a 22" fly, and 24" fly ensigns are available (although not with a 10:19 ratio—opportunity for someone). Other flags on the boat should be 1/2" for each foot of the tallest mast over the water line (30' to 15" for the Catalina 22), or 5/8" per foot LOA for power boats. A flag pole should generally be at least twice the hoist of the ensign.

U.S. Yacht Ensign

The U.S. Yacht Ensign is worn interchangeable with the U.S. Ensign while sailing in U.S. waters. One or the other should be worn, but not both. It has no meaning outside of U.S. national waters, so if traveling internationally must be replaced by the U.S. Ensign.

U.S. Yacht Ensign

The U.S. Yacht ensign originally meant that the vessel was traveling from U.S. port to U.S. port and did not need to clear customs. Carrying goods that required U.S. customs while wearing this flag was considered smuggling. Since pleasure yachts typically did not have goods to declare, they also started wearing this flag. The flag has a 2:3 ratio.

The State Flag is optional, but if worn, it has lower precedence than the U.S. Ensign. Some states, such as Washington , have codes on wearing flags on vessels.

Washington State Flag

The Washington State flag has a 5:8 ratio, but other states may have other ratios.

Courtesy Ensign

When visiting another country, the civil ensign of the other country is displayed, generally on the starboard spreader. The civil ensign may not be the same as the national ensign of a country.

The Canadian Civil Ensign

Yacht Club Burgee

A yacht club burgee can be worn at a bow staff, but is generally flown from the starboard spreader on a sail boat. If the state flag is worn on the spreader, it can be flown below the state flag or moved to the port spreader. It generally has the form of a pennant.

Edmonds Yacht Club Burgee

Organizational Ensign

Organizational ensigns are from groups such as the United States Power Squadrons or Coast Guard Auxiliary.

The U.S. Power Squadrons Ensign.

Private Signal

A private signal is a flag that identifies a person on board. It generally has a swallow tail.

Examples of Private Signals

Other Flags

There are other flags that are worn on occasion. The quarantine flag on entering a new country, regatta flags, man overboard flag, owner absent flag, etc.

Where Do I Fly Them?

There are six places that you can fly a flag (shown below in descending order of precedence). The rules that apply on land, where the U.S. Ensign is placed physically higher than other flags, do not apply to marine vessels. Flags should be placed at the place of highest precedence to which they are entitled to be worn. For example, a burgee or private signal is never flown at the stern. On the other hand, if a courtesy flag is worn on the starboard spreader, the burgee could be moved to the port spreader.

The gaff is the pole that comes off the mast on gaff rigged boats. Unless you have some very unusual rigging, this doesn't apply to most sloops or power boats. However, to simulate this location, a flag may also be worn no more than 2/3rd of the way up the back stay on a sail boat.

Flag at the Gaff.
(Modified from a photo by Susan Davis CC BY-SA 3.0)

Flagstaff on Stern

This is a pole attached to the stern of the boat. It can be centered, or offset, usually to the starboard, if necessary.

The Schooner Zodiac with U.S. Ensign Worn on Stern

This is a pole attached the the bow of the boat. On most sail boats this would interfere with the foresails, so this mostly applies to power boats.

Flag on Bow Staff

Starboard Yardarm or Spreader

If there is more than one spreader on a side, then it is flown from the lowest one. There may be more than one halyard on the spreader, in which case the outermost one has higher precedence.

Port Yardarm or Spreader

The truck of the mast is the top (technically the ball at the top of the mast). If there are more than one mast, it is flown from the forward mast. On many sailing vessels, wearing a flag here interferes with sails, antennas, and anchor lights, but a pig stick can be used when at anchor.

When and How Are Flags Flown?

The U.S. Ensign or U.S. Yacht Ensign is typically raised at 8 a.m. or when the boat is first boarded. It is lowered at sunset. If other flags are raised or lowered at the same time, the U.S Ensign is raised first and lowered last. The U.S. Ensign should be raised quickly and lowered ceremoniously. If you are leaving a vessel, and do not expect to return before sunset, then the Ensign should be lowered before you leave.

State flags and courtesy flags are generally raised and lowered at the same time as the U.S. ensign. Yacht club burgees are generally worn day and night. Personal signals may also be worn day and night, however, they should not be worn when the person is not on board.

Additional References

If you are starting out, a good place to start is this page from the U.S. Power Squadron . They also offer a 37 page booklet ($15 including shipping) that is a great reference on flags on boats.

Another great resource is Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook by Miranda Delmar-Morgan.

catalina yachts flag

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catalina yachts flag

A Century of Camaraderie: Catalina Island Yacht Club Marks 100 Years

catalina yachts flag

AVALON– The Catalina Island Yacht Club (CIYC) kicked off its 100th season in grand style on May 25th. A resounding cannon shot marked the raising of the American flag, setting the tone for a momentous occasion. Supervisor Janice Hahn’s office presented Commodore John Wells with a proclamation honoring the club’s rich history. Harbor Master Orne Carstarphen of the Avalon Harbor Department concluded the ceremony with a celebratory water cannon salute. The festivities continued with an Opening Day parade featuring a colorful display of dinghies traversing the harbor. This centennial year promises a calendar packed with special events, including participation in the city’s Fourth of July parade and a grand gala at the iconic Avalon Casino.

Catalina Island, a haven for boaters and beachgoers alike, boasts a rich maritime tradition. Nestled in the heart of Avalon Bay is the CIYC, a historic landmark that has served as a social hub and a welcoming harbor for generations.

From Humble Beginnings to Enduring Legacy (1893 – Present)

The CIYC’s story stretches back to 1893, when the Banning brothers, who owned most of Catalina Island at the time, established the island’s first yacht club. This initial iteration catered primarily to the Bannings themselves and other island residents who shared a passion for sailing. However, the club didn’t last long.

A decade later, in 1903, residents reignited the dream of a dedicated yacht club. This time, they founded the Sophia Yacht Club on the approximate site of the present-day CIYC. This marked the beginning of a more enduring institution.

Over the years, the club has weathered storms (both literal and figurative). Expansions and renovations have taken place, most notably in 1924 when the current clubhouse was built. The Catalina Island Yacht Club has persevered, evolving into a cornerstone of the island’s yachting community.

Today, the CIYC stands proudly on Casino Way, its white facade and iconic blue trim a familiar sight to boaters cruising into Avalon Bay. Stepping inside the clubhouse, visitors are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. Nautical decor adorns the walls and large windows offer panoramic views of the harbor, creating a perfect setting to unwind after a day spent exploring the island’s coves and coastline.

Membership in the CIYC comes with a host of privileges. The heart of the club is the spacious main dining room, where members can enjoy delicious meals with breathtaking views. For a more casual setting, the club also features a bar and lounge area, perfect for socializing with fellow members.

The Catalina Island Yacht Club extends its reach beyond its dedicated members. The club frequently hosts social events and regattas, drawing in the broader yachting community and celebrating the sport of sailing. Additionally, the CIYC maintains a strong commitment to the island itself. They support local businesses and organizations, fostering a spirit of community within the island’s yachting scene.

The Catalina Island Yacht Club has undeniably played a pivotal role in shaping Catalina’s maritime heritage. As they look towards the future, they remain committed to providing a welcoming space, fostering camaraderie and preserving the island’s rich nautical traditions. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of boats and the captivating allure of the sea, the Catalina Island Yacht Club offers an invitation to connect with the island’s vibrant yachting community and soak in the stunning scenery of Avalon Bay.

For more information, please visit .

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C320 International Association

C320 International Association

Catalina C320

Hull Identification Number (HIN) Explanation

Each Catalina 320 (C320) has a 12 character code that is unique to that hull, and identifies that boat specifically from any other individual boat. This is called the boat’s Hull Identification Number (HIN). This HIN is similar to a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) found on every automobile. The 12 characters include both letters and numbers, which have specific meanings. Understanding the VIN provides useful information about a specific boat.

Hull Identification Number (HIN) Location for C320s

The HIN will be found in two locations on Catalina 320s.

  • On the starboard hull exterior, about 1 foot forward of the stern, just below the rail, scratched into the hull surface (it is very faint and hard to read in this location on older boats); and
  • On the starboard hull interior, in the storage space under the v-berth, about 1 foot forward of the bulkhead, written in ink on a laminated label.

A sample HIN will look like: CTYC0499K798

(see below, for decoding instructions)

Hull Identification Number Decoding for C320s

CTY = First three letters.

This is the Manufacturer Identification Code for Catalina Yachts, Inc. It is on all Catalina boats.

C = Next single letter.

This is a letter that indicates the model type. A “C” in this position indicates a “Catalina 320” model. (Whereas an “H” is a “Catalina 22” model, etc.)

0499 = Next four numbers.

This is the hull serial number. It is a number assigned to a hull, numerically in order as each boat is produced. So the first hull is “0001”, the fiftieth hull is “0050”, etc. Only one boat of that model will have that number – it is unique to the model. This number is the number you can use on your sails. And since it tells you where your boat fits in production order, it tells you a great deal of information about the modifications your boat may have.

K7 = Next letter and number.

This is the manufacturing date. It is the date the hull was produced – the calendar year and month that the boat was built.

I = The Next letter

This indicates the month of manufacture

A = Jan    D = Apr   G = Jul     J = Oct

B = Feb    E = May  H = Aug   K = Nov

C = Mar   F = Jun   I = Sept    L = Dec

7 = The next number

Is the last number of the year that the boat was manufactured.   So for example, “7” is a boat that was manufactured in 1997. It is either the same year as the model year (below), or the year prior.

98 = The final two numbers.

This is the model year of the boat. So for example, “98” is a 1998 model year boat.

In this example, HIN CTYC0499K798 is a Catalina Yachts boat of the C320 model with hull serial number 0499 that was manufactured in November 1997 and is a 1998 model boat.

As you may notice, the manufacture date of a boat may be earlier than the model year of the boat. This is because they begin manufacturing the boats several months before January 1 st of the official model year. A boat model is identified by its model year (e.g. a 1998 Catalina), not by the year of production (e.g. November 1997) or first sale.

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Edwards Yacht Sales

Edwards Yacht Sales

  • 866.365.0706

2022 Catalina 425

  • Palmetto, FL, US

Yacht price

2022 Catalina 425

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  • Air Conditioning-one 16,000btu unit and one 14,000btu unit
  • Generator-Fischer Panda 6.5 KW
  • Bow Thruster-6.5HP
  • Ultra leather main cabin-Brisa Creme
  • 43" Smart HDTV system
  • Fusion MS-RA670 Apollo marine stereo w/ speakers in salon and cockpit
  • Leather wrapped stainless steel helm wheels
  • Massey-Lippincott custom bimini, dodger and connecting panel with polycarbonate window upgrade-Sunbrella canvas
  • 1 1/4" upgrade stainless steel bows 
  • Two 380watt solar panels above bimini
  • Windshield cover for polycarbonate windows- Sunbrella
  • Lippincott custom stainless steel davits with outboard lifting crane
  • Pedestal covers-Sunbrella
  • Garmin MFD instruments & covers (port and starboard)
  • Side handrails and aft grab rail on dodger
  • Additional refrigerator/freezer
  • Refrigerated wine cooler
  • Electric main halyard/mainsheet winch
  • Rigid rub rail w/stainless steel striker
  • Shoal draft lead wing keel
  • Garmin 8612, two, 12" GPS Multifunction Displays at each helm station
  • Garmin Autopilot System
  • Garmin autopilot remote control
  • Garmin VHF w/remote
  • Garmin Multifunction Displays at each helm station (2)
  • Garmin Multifunction display at electronic distribution panel
  • Garmin radar
  • Garmin AIS class B transceiver
  • AGM batteries-Three 8D and Group 27 Dedicated engine start AGM battery
  • Viking 6 person liferaft in valese
  • Highfield 290 double floor dinghy with dinghy bimini
  • Tahatsu 20hp outboard motor
  • Two inflatable paddle boards
  • Rainman portable watermaker
  • Dockline & springline package
  • Fender package
  • 44lb Rocna with Mantus SS anchor swivel shackle 200'X 5/16" chain & 175' of 5/8" three strand anchor line, and SS chain stopper, Mantus chain hook
  • 55lb Bruce stainless steel anchor with swivel shackle 100'X5/16" chain & 175' of 5/8" three strand anchor line SS chain stopper, Mantus chain hook
  • Makana had a bottom paint refresh in December 2023

Advanced co brokerage Florida Sail is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Massey Yacht Sales & Service.


Descriptions, basic information, dimensions & weight, tank capacities, accommodations.

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2022 Catalina 425

  • Owner's stateroom forward with ensuite head and dedicated shower
  • The head of the owner's berth raises up for ideal reading position and with LED reading lights
  • The aft head serves as a day head and for the aft staterooms
  • Main salon dinette table converts into a large double berth
  • 7 Caframo 12volt fans throughout 
  • Varnish finish on interior teak and hard woods
  • Cabin window shades
  • Plush inner-spring mattresses in fore and aft berths
  • Custom fitted sheets
  • Veneer hardwood bulkheads with solid teak trim
  • Cedar lined hanging lockers
  • Teak and holly pattern textured high pressure laminate sole
  • Ultraleather covered interior cushions-Brisa creme
  • ( 6 ) Fixed ports-great sitelines from inside the yacht
  • ( 6  )Opening port lights with screens
  • ( 4 ) Ventilation hatches with screens
  • L.E.D. interior lighting thoughout
  • Front loading refrigeration with freezer compartment
  • Additional top loading refrigerator/freezer
  • SeaGull drinking water purifier in galley
  • Storage cabinets, drawers and lockers in galley
  • Three burner Force 10 stainless steel LPG stove with oven
  • Microwave oven-110volt
  • Solid surface counter tops
  • Stainless steel polished double sink
  • Single lever Moen faucet with pull out sprayer
  • Multi-drawer bank with utensil storage rack
  • Galley cabin sole storage
  • Garmin Dual 8612 Multifunction Navigation Display (2) on tall bent pedestal guards in NavPods
  • Garmin VHF215-AIS w/remote mic in cockpit
  • Handheld VHF
  • Garmin GMI 20 depth, speed and wind system MFDs at port and starboard helm stations
  • Garmin GMI20 depth, speed and wind machine MFD at navigation station
  • Garmin AIS 800
  • Garmin GMR Fantom 18" Radar-mast mounted
  • Garmin Rector 40 Corepack w/Class B Drive Autopilot
  • Garmin rudder reference indicator
  • Garmin Autopilot Remote Control
  • Epirb-GlobalFixVA
  • Two 110volt 30amp Smart Plug shore power cables with 50amp splitter
  • Panda 6.5 KW 110volt 30amp fresh water cooled generator in sound shield
  • AGM 12volt Lifeline 8D house battery bank-3 batteries
  • AGM 12volt Lifeline starting battery-1 Group 2
  • Two 380watt solar panels with a Victron controller
  • 2000watt inverter
  • Battery charger 
  • Battery condition meter
  • Amp draw meter
  • Reverse cycle 2-zone air conditioning with digital thermostat
  • Microwave oven-110 volt
  • 43" Smart HD television in main salon 110 volt
  • Fusion sound system-12volt
  • Electric sail handling winch
  • LED interior lighting throughout
  • L.E.D. anchor light
  • 110 volt AC/12 volt DC electric panel
  • AC duplex receptacles throughout
  • AC dockside power with outlets and polarity indicator and circuit protection
  • Deck light and L.E.D. steaming light on mast
  • Quick electric anchor windlass
  • Extra outlet for windlass control in cockpit
  • L.E.D. navigation lights to International Rules
  • Hot water heaterGalvanic isolator
  • Doyle Self tacking jib
  • Doyle mainsail with vertical battens
  • Doyle Code 0 asymmetrical Reacher/cruising spinnaker 
  • Double ended mainsheet system led aft to helm on port side
  • Complete standing and running rigging-well tuned and ready to sailaway
  • Low-stretch dacron halyards
  • PVC wiring conduit with messenger in mast
  • Doyle Furling mainsail with vertical battens
  • Doyle Self tacking jib with sheet brought back to the port helm
  • Double ended mainsheet system led aft to helm on port side and to forward cockpit through sheet stoppers
  • Selden mast & boom (anodized double spreader rig)
  • Bail on anchor platform for asymmetrical cruising reacher/spinnaker
  • ( 2 ) Lewmar two-speed self tailing primary winches
  • Electric sail handling self tailing winch next to companionway
  • Mid-boom mainsheet system
  • Mainsheet traveler with car and adjuster system led to cockpit
  • Headsail furling gear
  • Boom vang, rigid adjustable type
  • 11' Inboard genoa track
  • Main and jib halyards led back to cockpit through sheet stoppers. 
  • Massey Lippincott custom bimini and dodger with connecting panel, side hand rails, aft grab rail and hard polycarbonate windshield
  • Full cockpit enclosure
  • Cockpit sunshades
  • Covers for hard polycarbonate windshield, pedestal and MFD instruments
  • Comfortable Catalina cockpit with contoured coamings
  • Starboard cockpit settee has a fold out panel that becomes a berth
  • Closed cell cockpit seat cushions
  • Cockpit seats
  • Magma grill, cover and mount
  • Two rod holders 
  • Catalina stern rail observation seats
  • Walk through transom
  • Swim platform with telescoping stern boarding ladder
  • Hot and cold shower fixture at stern
  • 27" double lifelines with port and starboard gates
  • Stern rail extended to port and starboard boarding gates
  • Fiberglass cockpit table with two leaves
  • Stainless steel bow and stern cleats, two forward and two aft
  • Stainless steel spring line cleats (2)
  • Large stainless steel double anchor roller
  • Large deep divided anchor locker
  • Stainless steel handrails on cabin top
  • Molded in LP gas locker-holds 2-10 lb tank capacity? (1) tank standard and (1) additional spare tank
  • Dual station pedestal steering
  • Tall bent pedestal guards, port and starboard
  • Leather wrapped stainless steel helm steering wheels
  • Steering brakeCommon Rail Yanmar 57hp diesel engine, fresh water cooled with panel and tachometer
  • Bronze propeller, three blade
  • Filter locker containing sea water filter system for engine cooling, expansion tank for heat exchanger and Yanmar fuel filter
  • Illuminated compass at each helm station
  • Emergency tiller
  • Bilge blower
  • Hand laminated rudder with 316 Stainless Steel core and rib structure and off-center seam
  • SeaFlo fresh water pump with accumulator tank
  • Hot & cold pressure water distribution system
  • Electric bilge pump with float switch
  • High water bilge alarm
  • Manual bilge pump
  • Hot and cold shower on stern
  • Two fresh water electric marine heads with holding tank and deck outlet and valve for overboard discharge of holding tank
  • Lippincott custom stainless steel davits with good sitelines above dinghy
  • Stern rail braces for dinghy davit system
  • Integrated outboard lifting crane
  • Outboard motor mount
  • Outboard lifting harness
  • Highfield 290 double floor aluminum bottom dinghy
  • Tahatsu 20hp outboard engine
  • Dinghy bimini
  • 5 lb dinghy anchor, chain a nd line
  • 6 gallon dinghy gas tank
  • Hydra foil for Tahatsu 20hp outboard
  • Dinghy bilge pump
  • Standalone Sunbrella bimini and dodger with stainless steel bows and prop posts
  • Upgrade bows and prop posts to 1 1/4" stainless steel
  • Handrails on dodger, port and starboard
  • Vertical handrails on aft edge of dodger
  • Handrail across back of dodger
  • Upgrade to polycarbonate windshield
  • Dodger windshield cover-Sunbrella
  • Dodger/bimini zipout connecting panel
  • Full isinglass cockpit enclosure
  • Textelene sun shades
  • Companionway cover that also covers the sheet stoppers
  • Helmcovers port and starboard that also cover MFDs
  • Cover for utility tray 
  • Hull -with internal flange
  • Grid -the back bone bonded into the hull
  • Hull Liner -provided cleats for all interior fittings
  • Deck Liner -low maintenance and eliminates need for less expensive fabric ceilings
  • Deck - includes solid glass and aluminum backing plates for all deck hardware
  • StrikeZone-Featuring a watertight collision bulkhead forward and high density foam below the water line
  • Deep Defense Rudder System-Superior construction with a stainless steel welded structure glassed to the rudder blade and off center seam for impact resistance
  • T Beam Mast Step?-Combines the benefits of a deck stepped mast and the strength of a keel stepped mast
  • SecureSocket Mast Support?-Heavy duty stainless steel chainplate system that facilitates perfect load resolution and watertight integrity
  • Vinylester resin barrier coat to resist osmatic blistering.
  • Fiberglass deck, end grain balsa core with bonded full fiberglass headliner
  • Molded-in Diamond Pattern non-skid deck
  • Lead keel with stainless steel keel bolts
  • Five Year Gel Coat Blister Protection-for first owner
  • One Year Hull Structure Warranty-for first owner
  • Knitted Fiberglass Fabrics-Create a stronger laminate without additional weight
  • Internal Flange Hull to Deck Joint-provides superior impact resistance
  • Low Profile Deck Cabin Design-Sleek appearance and low windage
  • Wide Weather Decks-allows effortless movement forward
  • Oversized Traveler and Winches-Ease of sail handling in all conditions
  • Solid Teak, Hard Wood Interiors and Laminates-hand finished with satin and high gloss varnish, easy to repair or refinish
  • Plush Innerspring Mattresses-Standard on all 5 Series models
  • Filter Locker-Raw water filter, fuel/water separator and coolant reservoir in dedicated locker for easy daily access
  • Newly Designed Navigation Panel-Consistent design on all 5 Series models; has additional circuits for additional options
  • Built In Amp Draw Digital Meter-Helps monitor electrical usage
  • 5 large fenders with fender covers
  • Dock and spring lines
  • Mariner's fire extinguishers
  • Oil changer
  • Bosun's chair
  • An assortment of engine and generator spares
  • Jabsco fresh water pump
  • Bilge pump for sump box
  • Running lights
  • 2022 Highfield CL290BL Aluminum Hull


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Notice: The advice given on this site is based upon individual or quoted experience, yours may differ.
The Officers, Staff and members of this site only provide information based upon the concept that anyone utilizing this information does so at their own risk and holds harmless all contributors to this site.

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Items portrayed in this file, 22 march 2007.

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OWNER PHOTO: "Perfect Day", St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

catalina yachts flag

The qualities admired in Catalina’s award-winning 445—versatile, fast, comfortable spacious and safe—formed the basis of the newest model in the Catalina fleet. Presenting the all-new Catalina 355, a new hull design with a long waterline, moderate beam and freeboard, and a handsome low-profile cabin structure.

Everywhere you look on the 355, you’ll find features that make sailing for the day or for extended periods a pure pleasure. Precise mainsail control is a snap with a 5′ long traveler. Long, inboard genoa tracks accommodate headsails from a powerful 155% genoa to a storm jib, allowing a balanced sail plan for all wind conditions. The inboard shrouds and hardware facilitates tighter sheeting angles for upwind performance, and wide, unobstructed weather decks for safety.

Some features inspired by her predecessor are an articulating forward berth with innerspring mattress, a dedicated filter locker, large cockpit locker with gull wing hatch and available quad-leaf folding table.

The 355 is fast and comfortable with qualities proven in its pedigree that are sure to win you over.

Virtual tour provided by Sail Place, Inc.


catalina 355


catalina 355


Length Overall: 36′ 6″

Length of Hull: 34′ 6″

Length at Waterline: 30’ 2″

Beam: 12′ 0″

Distance from Waterline to Masthead: 54′ 9″

Draft: 4′ 6″

Ballast: 6,200 lbs

Basic Weight: 14,800 lbs

Draft: 6′ 8″

Ballast: 5,200 lbs

Basic Weight: 13,800 lbs


Total with 100% Foretriangle: 572ft  2

Total with Standard 135% Genoa: 669ft   2


Water: Forward 38 gal, Starboard 32 gal, Aft 20 gal

Water Heater: 6 gal

Total Water: 96 gal

Sanitary Holding Tank: 27 gal

Fuel: 30 gal


Yanmar 3YM30AE, 29 HP Diesel

Pedestal Steering with 40″ Stainless Wheel

Single Lever Engine Controls

3 Blade Dynajet 16 x 13


Quick Rider 1000

5/16 High Test or BBB Chain

All specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.

Actual equipment also subject to change without notice.



  • Fiberglass Hull with a Full Structural Grid and Hull
  • Liner Bonded to the Hull
  • Vinylester Resin Barrier Coat To Resist Osmatic Blistering
  • Fiberqlass Deck End Grain Balsa Core with Bonded Full Fiberglass Headliner
  • Molded-in Diamond Pattern Non-skid, White with Grey Two-Tone
  • Lead Fin Keel with Stainless Steel Keel Bolts
  • Five Year Gel Coat Blister Protection * ( 2 )
  • Five Year Hull Structure Warranty * ( 3 )
  • Gel Coat Waterline, Midwatch Blue
  • Midwatch Blue and Silver Sheer Stripes


  • Furling Mainsail with vertical Battens
  • 135% Genoa, with U.V, Protection, White
  • Complete Standing and Running Rigging
  • Internal Low-Stretch Dacron Halyards
  • PVC Wiring Conduit with Messenger in Mast
  • Selden Mast & Boom Anodized Double Spreader Rig
  • Mounting for Gennaker Bow Sprit


  • ( 2 ) Two-Speed Self Tailing Primary Winches
  • ( 2 ) Two-Speed Self Tailing Mainsheet / Halyard Winches
  • Mid-boom Mainsheet System
  • ( 1 ) Ball Bearing Winch Handle
  • Mainsheet Traveler with Car and Adjuster System Led to Cockpit
  • Headsail Furling Gear
  • Boom Vang, Rigid Adjustable Type
  • Inboard Genoa Tracks
  • ( 2 ) Ball Bearing Genoa Blocks
  • ( 2 ) Jib Halyards Lead Aft with Sheet Stoppers


  • Pedestal Steering with 40 ” S.S. Wheel
  • Steering Brake
  • Yanmar 29hp Diesel Engine, Fresh Water Cooled with Panel and Tachometer
  • Bronze Propeller, Three Blade
  • Sea Water Filter System for Engine Cooling
  • Fuel Filter and Water Separator
  • Binnacle 5 ” lighted Compass
  • Emergency Tiller System
  • Bilge Blower
  • Hand Laminated Rudder with 316 Stainless Steel Core and Post
  • Low friction Rudder Bearings


  • Comfortable Cockpit with Contoured Coamings
  • Walk Through Stern with Helm Seat
  • Telescoping Stern Boarding Ladder
  • Double Lifelines with Gates Port and Starboard
  • Mooring Cleats, Two Fore and Two Aft
  • Spring Cleats Port & Starboard
  • Large Double Anchor Roller on Foredeck
  • Anchor Locker for Below Deck Chain and Rode Storage
  • Stainless Steel Handrails on Cabin Top
  • Stern Rail with Observation Seats, Port and Starboard
  • Double Anchor Rollers
  • L.E.D. Cockpit Light
  • Extruded Aluminum Toe Rail with Integral Chocks
  • T-Shaped Cockpit with Raised Helm Seats Port & Starboard
  • Watertight “ StrikeZone ” Collision Bulkhead Molded Aft of the Anchor Locker
  • Molded in LP Gas Locker Port Side holds ( 2 ) 10 lb Fiberglass Tanks— (1 ) Tank Standard
  • Varnish Finish On Interior Teak
  • Cabin Window Shades
  • Inner-Spring Mattresses in Fore and Aft Berths with Custom Fitted Sheets
  • Veneer Bulkheads with Solid Teak Trim
  • Cedar lined Hanging Lockers
  • Chart Table with Storage Compartment and 110V and 12V outlets
  • Teak and Holly Textured High Pressure Laminate Sole
  • Fabric Covered Interior Cushions
  • ( 3 ) Fixed Ports in Hull
  • ( 3 ) Ventilation Hatches with Screens
  • ( 4 ) Opening Ports with Screens
  • L.E.D. Interior Lighting
  • Refrigeration, D.C. Powered System , with Freezer Compartment, Front and Top Access
  • Storage Cabinets in Galley
  • Two Burner Stove with Oven, Stainless Steel, L.P.G. with Auto Ignition
  • Stainless Steel Double Sink, polished
  • Single Lever Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer


  • Hot & Cold Pressure Water Distribution System
  • Electric Bilge Pump with Float Switch
  • Manual Bilge Pump
  • Hot and Cold Shower on Stern
  • Electric Macerating Marine Head with Holding Tank and Deck Outlet and Valve for Overboard Discharge of Holding Tank
  • Main Cabin Cabinets Port & Starboard w/matched Grain Doors and Privacy Screens over Hull Ports
  • High Bilge water alarm


  • Marine Multi-Bank Battery Charger
  • Battery Condition Meter
  • L.E.D. Anchor Light at Masthead
  • 12 Volt Lighting Throughout
  • Custom 110 Volt AC/12 Volt DC Electric Panel
  • Circuit Breakers for AC and DC Electrical Panel
  • AC Duplex Receptacles Throughout
  • AC Dockside Power with Outlets and Polarity Indicator and Circuit Protection
  • DC Electrical System with Safety Switch and Panel with Breakers
  • ( 1 ) 110V 30 amp Shore Power Cord
  • Deck Light and L.E.D. Steaming Light on Mast
  • Electric Anchor Windlass, with Power Up and Down Controls
  • L.E.D. Navigation Lights to International Rules
  • L.E.D. Adjustable Cabin Lights
  • Galvanic Isolator


  • Raymarine i70 1-Multi-Function Displays with Transducer. Mounted at Starboard Helm Stations


Proudly owned, designed & built in america, additional resources.

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Largo, FL. 33777

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