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SANGARE 42 Multicoques Réunion Maurice Madagascar Mayotte


VOILIER CATAMARAN SANGAREE 42 construit à l'unité par le chantier SANGAREE à Frontignan en 1987, longueur déclarée sur l’acte de francisation 11.40m, largeur 7.80m, coque sandwich airex et balsa fibre de verre époxy West System. Ce catamaran est équipé de 2 moteurs Volvo 18cv, gréement selden, enrouleur foc furlex, grande voile Hydranet radial, foc Hydranet (ensemble neuf 2011 révisé par gréeur en 2021), Spi symétrique avec chaussette état neuf. Trois grandes cabines doubles (suite à aménagement par le propriétaire),carré et cockpit, navire très marin, idéal pour programme navigation Océan Indien, et nav au long cours. Equipement très complet (inventaire complet à disposition), derniers travaux effectués en 2021/2022 à hauteur de 20 000€ (aménagements, travaux de cosmétiques int.ext…), prêt à naviguer. Visible a Nosy Bé. inventaire complet sur demande. Quentin est sur place si vous avez besoin plus d'infos de photos ou de vidéo , n'hésiter pas . whattShap : +262 693 13 45 87

Type Multicoques
Modèle SANGARE 42
Architecte N/C
Année 1987
Longueur HT 11 M 40 comme sur acte
Largeur 7 M 81
Tirant d'eau 1 M 30
Poids Lège / en charges 12 Tonnes
Système anti-dérive QUILLERONS
Motorisation 2X Volvo Penta ND 2002 18CV
Heures moteur 4700 et 5000 Heures
Puissance 2 X 18 cv
Nombre de cabines 3 DOUBLES
Nombre de passagers 6 couchages , 12 pers a la journée

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Released in 2016 and awarded Yacht of the Year 2017, the launch of the Lagoon 42 was of crucial importance to CNB , because it had to replace a bestseller, the 420/421 of which 270 units were produced.

1. The Lagoon 42’s design and construction

With its VPLP hull , and an exterior design by Patrick Le Quément and the Italian interior furnishings of Nauta Design, it feels like some real magic went into the creation of this catamaran. The Lagoon 42 is deliberately “curvier” than its predecessors . The swoopy gullwing bridgedeck was designed to minimise pounding from the sea in rough weather. The high glazed vertical windows, that bend around the cabin corners, reduce the greenhouse effect in tropical climates. The composite bimini is also curvy and angles up until it almost looks suspended.

The injection moulded construction gives it a slightly lighter weight of 13 tonnes , which, far from making it a lightweight (a Marsaudon TS 42 of the same dimensions weighs exactly half as much) at least enables it to avoid getting bulkier from one generation to the next. A solid, structural centre beam adds strength and rigidity while reinforcing the forestay fitting as well as the anchor roller with an anchor chain well that runs along the top of the beam rather than below it.

Like other contemporary Lagoons , the mast (VMG Soromap) has been moved aft for a wider choice of downwind sails. The mast’s position also helps keep the weight centred to reduce pitching. The boom is also shorter and the mast higher. The square-top mainsail (by Incidence) has a larger sail area of close to 40ft² over standard mainsails. A forward positioned self-tacking jib makes sailing easier with small crews.

catamaran sangare 42

2. On the Lagoon 42’s deck

The super wide transoms enable almost two of you to move around the front of the catamaran and are only two steps away from the cockpit level. However, the “flush” effect that the designers have gone for almost removes any means of holding onto the extremely slippery coachroof… What happens when there’s rough weather?

In the cockpit, the starboard table accommodates 8 people , facing a couch that seats another two. The raised helm to port is just three steps from the cockpit. Visibility is good when you’re tall (but almost non-existent when you’re sitting down and you’re short!) and there’s enough room for two crew members to work together with all the winches and instruments to hand. Lines lead to the cockpit, right into the hand of the helmsperson who can manoeuvre their boat on their own , thanks to the self-tacking jib. The ergonomics are very good, you can stand up everywhere and visibility to the sails through the raising hard-top bimini is excellent.

On the other hand, there aren’t any handholds on the opening roof and I dread to think of getting around in bad weather, on the rear hard-top bimini (where the mainsail track is mounted) which is slick as anything… A special mention goes to the folding davits , which don’t encumber the swim zone .

3. An interior full of space and comfort

A genuine three-panel glass door leads from the cockpit to the saloon and the U-shaped galley. The latter includes a cooker/Eno stove with three hobs and a single sink to starboard as well as refrigeration to port. The top-loading fridge is just at the edge of the stairs to the port hull and is so deep that you have to be careful not to fall into it when you’re trying to reach to the bottom !

There is a large L-shaped settee inside that also serves as a seat for the chart table/nav station. This is a plus point because here there’s a set of B&G sailing instruments for a position check and where you can operate the helm using remote controls from inside. The quality of the woodwork is satisfactory with cubby holes where the bottom part of the opening hatches is often made of solid wood, which adds some real durability to areas that are often weaker. There are no sharp angles to hinder movement .

Our trial boat had a proprietary starboard hull. From the island bed in the rear with a real slatted bed base , there’s a view over the surrounding area. A lovely office and a WC occupying the entire front end complete the picture. The massive shower also gets a special mention !

On the port side there are two cabins and two smaller shower rooms as well as an additional sleeping area (crew) at the end of the hull.

4. Trial at sea: sailing on a Lagoon 42

Four of us set out to try this new future superstar from the Lagoon shipyard . This boat is specifically designed for four. A couple with two children.

While the crew we had was ideal for a test under real conditions of use, the wind was having none of it… With just 10 knots of wind, we weren’t likely to capsize this lovely catamaran on this occasion… With the mainsail and self-tacking jib fully deployed, we managed 6 knots with 11 knots of wind. Not bad for a motorhome!

As soon as there were regular gusts, the boat took off and we didn’t need any further excuses to rig the Code Zero (732ft²). Mounted on a furler, it deploys in seconds to radically transform the behaviour of this Lagoon 42 cruiser. Still under a light breeze despite being out to sea, as soon as we picked up a gust of 10/12 knots, the boat accelerated to 8! This way, we blew everything that came near us out of the water in the Baie de Saint Raphaël, 45-50’ monohulls included !

5. Under power

Returning to port using the engine, our twin 57hp Yanmars with saildrives mounted with the Rolls Royce of propellers (Flexofold) delivered a speed of almost 9 knots at 3,200 RPM. At cruise speed, we got 7.7 knots at 2,000 rpm. With 2 engines and only 300L of fuel, the tankage seemed a bit light, but there’s so much space on board that it would be easy to bring a second tank with you. One last word on the engines, they each have a massive locker where the easily accessible helm jack is routed .

6. In conclusion

The spacious, extremely comfortable, well-designed, elegant and solidly constructed Lagoon 42 catamaran has got everything it takes to be a hit and the sales figures back this up!

Discover our latest used catamarans for sale on Band of Boats ! This trial was written by François Meyer.



Lagoon 42 catamaran.

From stealing the spotlight in the Sydney International Boat Show to bagging four awards within one year of its launch, the Lagoon 42 catamaran is famous for its almost oxymoronic quality of being remarkably spacious yet compact enough to be easy to navigate. 

Table of Contents


The Lagoon 42 catamaran is a powerful yet graceful product of Patrick Le Quement’s exterior designing combined with France’s VPLP Design. The interior has been designed by Italy’s Nauta Design and the Lagoon 42 boasts a generous space not only in the cockpit but also the helm and the saloon, thanks to the unique uniform cockpit to saloon leveling. 

The Lagoon 42 catamaran’s helm station easily fulfills the need for a large area. The helm station allows for one person to  work the lines while the other helms – making it very convenient for couples or two-person crews. If the need arises, the proximity of the helm station to the line management area even allows the person on the helm to simultaneously do both – manage the lines while also working on the helm.

The equipment at the helm station is not only efficiently angled and placed but is also protected from harsh weather conditions by the hard-top bimini and Plexiglass panels. The Plexiglass panels also provide excellent visibility of the sails, given that the low seat at the helm is not occupied by someone of a short stature which might not make viewing over the high coachroof an easy task. The seat, however, does have room to be comfortably occupied by two people. 

The helm station does have one drawback, though. The helm person is exposed to the sea with nothing but a cockpit tent precluding the fall into the side deck and even potentially into the water on a particularly rough sea day. The safety, therefore, might be something to consider when looking into buying the Lagoon 42 catamaran. 

Another unique feature that the Lagoon 42 catamaran boasts is the replacement of grab rails with the recessed rails around the coachroof. The recessed rails are not characteristically easy to hold onto and might pose a risk to those who do not make holding onto them a strict priority. 

Overall, the helm is spacious, ideally equipped and also easily accessible from the cockpit. 


The Pixel glass sliding panels form the way from the cockpit to the saloon for which 3-cabin and 4-cabin versions are available. 

The U-shaped galley does not provide a lot of space with its narrow bench but does have a direct access to the cockpit. It is divided into two parts and has a single sink, three-burner gas stove, an icebox that acts as a refrigerator and a microwave oven. 

The master suite has a 175 cm wide bed, a desk in the middle and a large shower room. The rest of the guest cabins have a relatively smaller  shower rooms but overall there is enough room for 3 couples to be easily aboard the Lagoon 42 catamaran. All hulls, constructed with a Balsa wood core, are light, spacious and bright and have plenty of storage area in the form of underfloor storage as well as cupboards, drawers and shelves. The cabins themselves have multiple opening hatches to allow for ventilation.

The saloon front of the Lagoon 42 catamaran has vertical windows which means there is no unfiltered sunlight but almost a 360° view that can be enjoyed. There is also enough seating space to accommodate a considerable number of people in the cockpit along with an L-shaped settee and an Ottoman.

The build of the interior includes veneer front plywood which is not thin and flaky. The cabinetry is lined with solid wood so the veneer will not peel off very quickly. The joinery also stands out as being of good quality and is considerably fine. The color range is also refreshingly different from the trend of lighter colored interiors. 


The engine rooms of the Lagoon 42 catamaran are easily accessible from the stern of the boat without the need for a complete dismantling of the bed. All key steering systems can also be very easily accessed from the engine rooms, making the practical design compatible with safety. The access also means that evaluating filters or belts is not cumbersome and plant machinery can be easily maintained. 

The life raft position is in the middle of the transom which is also very easy to get to and hence definitely a plus point for the Lagoon 42 catamaran.

Perhaps the best part of the Lagoon 42 catamaran design is its compatibility with function. It has been popularly described as being “curvaceous”, owing to the absence of sharp edges. All the corners and edges at the Lagoon 42 catamaran are curved away so there are no hazards if you choose to take the cat into rough seas. 


The Lagoon 42 is a 42-foot tall catamaran with an overall length of 12.80 meters and a 7.70 meters beam. It has 300 liters of water and fuel capacity each and a maximum 10 day passenger capacity. The Lagoon 42 catamaran has 45 hp power and a minimum draft of 1.25 meters. The main sail area is 55 sq. meters while the genoa area is 35 sq. meters. 

In conclusion, the Lagoon 42 catamaran provides a good value for its money. It is beamy, fast, light and very spacious for a couple. Although there are issues that can be adjusted with varying levels of effort, Lagoon 42 is quite promising for a catamaran of its price, given the amount of comfort and ease it provides to its owners. 

Lagoon 42 Specs

Make: lagoon, builder: builder, designer: designer, catamaran rating, lagoon 42 pictures, new catamaran reviews.

Leopard 43 Catamaran

Seawind 1600

Privilege 585 Catamaran

Privilege 585

Catamaran makes, new reviews, most popular.

catamaran sangare 42

Lagoon 42 Catamaran Sailing Report From A Catamaran

cata lagoon 42 bahamas navigation

The Lagoon 42 did not make it on “ Our Top Five Cruising Catamarans Picks For 2016 ”, only because we had to make a choice in a very crowded field but we are really rethinking this decision. The L42 is a BIG and very comfortable catamaran for a 42-footer.

The cockpit is very spacious with nice seating and reclining areas all around. The scoops make for really easy boarding from the dinghy and act as great fishing platforms! The helm station is extremely comfortable with good visibility and the sail plan is set up for easy sail handling for a couple.

It really has all the elements for a great cruising catamaran. Furthermore, the price is excellent at around $500,000 for a fully loaded cruising catamaran with watermaker, generator, air conditioners, dinghy, etc. 

Lagoon 42,  Water Dragon,  Sailing Report

YouTube video

Christopher, one of our readers and an owner of a Lagoon 42, “Water Dragon”, shared the video at left with us that features his “Water Dragon” testing the brand new Code 0 sail from North Sails in the Salish Sea just off UBC, North Arm of Fraser River and Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC. He says:

lagoon 42

Sounds like some good catamaran sailing stats to us!

Picture of Estelle Cockcroft

Estelle Cockcroft

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Catamaran Astréa 42

Conçu pour la croisière et plus si affinités

Longueur hors tout

Largeur hors tout

Motorisation standard

Version électrique

Astréa 42 - Smart Elec 55

Smart elec pack

Parc batteries



Batteries supérieures

Chargeur supérieur

Convertisseur AC supplémentaire

1x6 kW (total 9 kW)


L’unique catamaran à voile de sa catégorie à offrir de tels espaces et volumes dans une coque propriétaire, y compris une véritable douche à l'italienne

Facilement manoeuvrable, seul ou en équipage réduit

L’Astréa 42 tire le meilleur de sa taille pour offrir un niveau de confort inédit

Lorsque les équipes Fountaine Pajot ont conçu ce voilier , l’objectif était clair : proposer sur un catamaran de 42 pieds la meilleure combinaison esthétique/confort/aptitude à prendre la mer. Le résultat a dépassé les attentes : non seulement sa silhouette élancée est un régal pour l’œil, mais l’Astréa 42 regorge d’astuces et d’aménagements que l’on retrouve désormais sur des catamarans sensiblement plus grands. Pourtant, avec ses 12,58m il reste très facile à manœuvrer, et procure des sensations directes à celui ou celle qui en prend la barre, juste à côté du bain de soleil où lui tiendront compagnie deux équipier(e)s. Cap au large !

Catamaran Astréa 42 en vidéo

Astréa 42 : le catamaran de croisière par excellence | Par Fountaine Pajot


Vivre à bord comme à la maison

Sa cuisine en U est un modèle du genre, et une plancha extérieure s’intègre discrètement au-dessus de la jupe tribord, non loin de la grande banquette arrière et de la table de cockpit. Chaque fonctionnalité a été pensée pour rendre la vie quotidienne plus facile , et surtout, toujours plus conviviale.


Les caractéristiques Catamaran Astréa 42


Version Maestro

1 suite propriétaire + 1 sdb privée / 2 cabines doubles + 2 sdb

Tirant d’eau

Surface Grand-voile

753.4 sq ft

Surface Génois

441.3 sq ft

Déplacement lège

Motorisation option

Réservoir eau douce

2 x 92 Gallons

Réservoir gasoil

124 Gallons

Racoupeau design


Le poste de barre accueille confortablement deux personnes, face à une zone séparée dédiée aux manœuvres, et au réglage des voiles. La circulation vers les bains de soleil en est facilitée, et parfaitement sécurisée. Là encore, l e skipper garde le contact avec son équipage , pour toujours plus de plaisirs partagés.


Espaces intérieurs & extérieurs

Un design unique et des espaces incomparables.

Si la coque Propriétaire dispose de sa salle de bains avec douche à l’italienne, les autres cabines disposent d’un espace à la carte : salle de bain partagée ou privative, au choix. Les pointes avant peuvent également être aménagées pour y accueillir d’autres équipier(e)s : petits moussaillons et futurs capitaines.


Visite virtuelle

Comme si vous y étiez….

Bienvenue à bord de ce voilier d’exception pour une visite 100% immersive. Parcourez dans les moindres détails, ses espaces de vie intérieurs et extérieurs !

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  • Technologie Smart Electric

Les délais d’attente d’un catamaran Fountaine Pajot peuvent varier selon le niveau d’avancement de votre projet, du modèle souhaité ou encore de votre zone de navigation. Certains concessionnaires Fountaine Pajot disposent de catamarans neufs prêts à naviguer ! Contactez le concessionnaire le plus proche ICI pour l’interroger sur les disponibilités du catamaran de vos rêves !

Rendez-vous chez un concessionnaire de bateaux Fountaine Pajot le plus proche de votre lieu de résidence pour acheter un catamaran neuf parmi notre gamme. Vous bénéficierez d’un conseil personnalisé par le biais du réseau de concessionnaires agréé Fountaine Pajot. Découvrez notre réseau ICI

Le prix d’un catamaran à voile Fountaine Pajot varie selon la taille du modèle choisi ou encore de votre projet de navigation. Nos concessionnaires sont à votre disposition pour vous guider dans le choix des aménagements, packs et options afin de répondre au mieux à votre projet d’ achat de bateau . Vous pouvez connaitre le prix de départ du catamaran de votre choix depuis cette page ICI

Les matériaux composites, innovants et technologiques, constituent l’essentiel de la structure de nos catamarans à voile : coques, Fly, ponts, cloisons etc. Fountaine Pajot a mis au point une technique d’injection et d’infusion des résines, une technologie avancée donnant à nos bateaux toute leur robustesse. Grâce à cette expertise, nous allégeons considérablement nos catamarans en conservant une qualité constante . L’injection permet aussi de répondre aux exigences environnementales les plus strictes, conformément aux engagements du Groupe Fountaine Pajot.

Les catamarans à voile de 40 à 50 pieds sont fabriqués au siège social d’Aigrefeuille, à quelques km de La Rochelle. Les catamarans yachts de 51 à 80 pieds sont construits à La Rochelle même, en France, ou ils bénéficient d’un cale de mise à l’eau.

Il est essentiel de définir son programme de navigation : définir la taille de l’équipage à bord, le niveau de connaissance de la voile, le projet de navigation et la zone de navigation visée. Chaque projet est différent, que vous souhaitiez bénéficier d’une grande suite Propriétaire, d’inviter beaucoup d’amis et famille à bord, faire du télétravail durant votre voyage, les aménagements des catamarans de croisière Fountaine Pajot s’adaptent à vos envies. Bénéficiez de catamarans fiables, marins et très spacieux ! Découvrez les témoignages Propriétaires ici

L’ergonomie des catamarans Fountaine Pajot est étudiée afin de toujours faciliter les manoeuvres au poste de barre et permettre à un équipage réduit (2 personnes) de manoeuvrer aisément le bateau, au port comme en mer. Le design unique du poste de barre permet une bonne communication entre le cockpit arrière et les espaces de détente du Fly. Bien entendu, votre niveau de navigation guidera en priorité votre capacité à naviguer à deux ou plus !

Nos catamarans électriques disposent aujourd’hui d’une large surface de panneaux solaires, jusqu’à 2000 Wc, parfaitement intégrés au design du roof. Associés à des équipements tels que des éoliennes ou hydro-générateurs, ils permettent de compenser la consommation d’énergie induite par les usages du bord pendant la croisière. Découvrez les avantages de la solution Smart Electric grâce à 4 scénarios de croisière en situation .

La gamme de catamarans électriques Fountaine Pajot s’agrandit, pour proposer aujourd’hui 3 modèles en version Smart Electric. L’Astréa 42, l’Elba 45 et l’Aura 51 sont aujourd’hui proposés dans cette version.

Fountaine Pajot a développé en interne, avec l’aide de plus de 70 ingénieurs, une solution 100% adaptée à l’utilisation de ses catamarans équipés de ses moteurs électriques . L’ensemble des flux de production et de dépense d’énergie à bord sont gérés depuis une seule console, conçue par nos équipes, pour offrir une expérience d’utilisation simple et design. Le système développé permet de toujours privilégier, de manière autonome, l’utilisation des énergies renouvelables. Découvrez-en plus ici

Voilier de 12 mètres

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22 Mai 2024

Évènement International | Open Days La Rochelle


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03 Mai 2024

Tanna 47 | Témoignage exclusif pour un tour de la Méditerranée


Comment fonctionne la technologie Smart Electric ? Réponse en vidéo…

Smart Electric : tour d’horizon complet de cette technologie, sa genèse, son fonctionnement et ses bénéfices au quotidien... #Broadcast


24 Avr 2024

Thíra 80 : Élu meilleur « Production Sailing Catamaran» par Yacht Style Mag

4 jours de croisière en catamaran Fountaine Pajot au coeur des Îles Vierge Britanniques


22 Avr 2024

Retrouvez Fountaine Pajot sur les pontons Méditerranéens


Concours photo 2023


04 Avr 2024

Naviguer vers l’Horizon avec le Catamaran de Croisière Astréa 42 signé Fountaine Pajot


Le magazine 2023


08 Mar 2024

Alégria 67 – le catamaran Flagship star au salon International du Multicoque – La Grande-Motte


Le Monde du Multi Magazine – Elba 45

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catamaran sangare 42

Blue Pacific Yachting

VOYAGER   | Lagoon 42 Catamaran

This unique cruising approach that can accommodate up to 12 guests is one of the finest aspects of the 42’s cruising experience. With ample space throughout the yacht and a cockpit open to the sea, onboard comfort exceeds all expectations.


DINGY: $100/Day

catamaran sangare 42

catamaran sangare 42

Lagoon 42 Catamaran GA/Layout:

catamaran sangare 42

Inquire On This Listing

Voyager – lagoon 42 catamaran.

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310-305-7245, [email protected].

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Catamaran Lagoon 42 Sifnos

Introducing the Catamaran Lagoon 42 , a vessel that epitomizes the quintessence of maritime luxury and adventure! With its sleek design and cutting-edge features , this catamaran promises a sailing experience like no other, giving you the chance to embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort and elegance as you explore the seas!

The ample outdoor seating areas of the Catamaran, fitted with sunbathing lounge nets and cozy sunbeds , ensure all guests can rest effortlessly and enjoy the brightness and warmth of the sun! The indoor areas , featuring a spacious lounge, a completely furnished kitchen, sumptuous cabins, and sleek bathrooms, ensure ultimate relaxation, and can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 10 people . As for amenities, a delightful array awaits, including an onboard BBQ along with tasty appetizers and complimentarily provided drinks , including white wine, beers, and soft drinks, which contribute a revitalizing element to the sailing excursion!

Embarking on a cruise with the Catamaran Lagoon 42 is an unparalleled experience, ideal for creating cherished memories, especially for honeymooners , those celebrating special occasions or those who wish to spend relaxing moments with their friends or family , as it offers a romantic and intimate journey against the backdrop of scenic seascapes. Whether basking in the warm glow of a breathtaking sunset , while indulging in a gourmet feast prepared on board, or simply reveling in the tranquility of the open sea, this catamaran elevates the sailing process to new heights!

  • Model Lagoon 42
  • Cabins 4 luxurious cabins
  • Crew Captain & 1 crew member
  • Beam 23ft (6.91m)
  • Draft 4.5ft (1.35m)
  • Engine 2 x 45HP
  • Showers Exterior
  • Guests have the ability to bring their favorite MUSIC on Usb stick, Ipod or Ipad and play it loud on board.
  • Transportation from/to the hotel with an A/C mini-bus (Santorini)
  • Jacket (to be returned to the crew)
  • Towels (to be returned to the crew)
  • Cockpit cushions
  • Cockpit shower
  • Cockpit speakers
  • Cockpit table
  • Full kitchen equipment
  • GPS + plotter
  • Steering wheel
  • Snorkeling equipment

catamaran sangare 42


If you cancel at least 4 day(s) in advance of the scheduled date, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel within 4 day(s) of the scheduled date, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Fuel & Taxes

Fuel & All Taxes are included

Payment Policy

For future bookings, you have the option to finalize your reservation using the "Book Now & Pay Later" feature, while instant online payment is offered through various payment methods.

Passport or Id

Full names of the passengers (as shown on their passport or id). Passengers need to have onboard with them their passport or id or a copy of them, in case the Port Authority runs a check on the boat. A picture on their mobile will suffice.

A great experience! Four women on boat and it was outstanding.

There was something special about this boat in comparison to many of the others we saw nearby. It and it’s crew we’re top notch and the lunch they prepared for us exceeded our expectations.

catamaran sangare 42

We had an incredible time on this private catamaran sunset cruise! My wife and I went to Santorini on our honeymoon and decided to pay up for a private catamaran and it was easily worth it. Firstly, the sunset cruise was the best option. Being able to witness the sunset and enjoy such a fresh, hand-prepared dinner was awesome. Secondly, the crew was top notch. They were very professional and service oriented. It was wonderful getting to talk to them. My wife and I had an incredible time. Easily the highlight of our trip to Santorini. Highly recommend.

Our guide was awesome!, A great experience!, A must do.

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catamaran sangare 42

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Brand: Catana 42

catamaran sangare 42

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Winner of Cruising World Magazine’s 2013 Multihull Boat of The Year Under 50′ and “Best Midsize Multihull Under 50 Feet” by US Cruising World.

The Catana 42 exemplifies all the attributes that has made Catanas so sought after by bluewater sailors wanting the enjoyment of sailing a performance cruising catamaran in total comfort and safety at sea. The Catana 42 shares the same hull design features dating back 30+ years ago and the same well-proven deck layout since 1998 when the innovative sail management system and clean uncluttered decks were introduced. With it’s ideal beam / length ratio, its adjustable daggerboards, tulip-shaped bows that face outwards, its aerodynamic coach-roof and torpedo-shaped hulls, the Catana 42 makes waves wherever it goes.

Builder:Chantier Catana, France
Designer:Christophe Barreau
Construction:Vacuum infusion construction (Twaron® Impact process reinforced hulls, structural bulkheads in sandwich PVC Foam and Carbon, roof, floor plates, omegas, shroud chain plate areas and structure reinforcements)
Build Start:2010
Build End:2014
Number Built:first carbon infusion in 2011 (hull # 19)
Loa:12.58 m / 41 ft 3 in
Lwl:45 ft 8 in
Beam:6.90 m / 22 ft 8 in
Draft:Boards up: 0.80 m / 2 ft 8 in Boards down: 2.70 m / 8 ft 10 in
Displacement:9.7 ton
Mast Height:19.5 m / 64 ft 0 in
Mfg Engines:2 x Volvo 40 HP saildrives
Mfg Accommodations:

Catana 42 Owners (Chesapeake Bay)

Catana 42 Owners

Palooza is a well constructed bluewater performance sailing catamaran built by the well regarded Catana factory in France. With extensive upgrades Palooza offers great value for a couple or small family looking to sail across oceans safely and comfortably.

The Catana 42 exemplifies all the attributes that has made Catanas so sought after by bluewater sailors wanting the enjoyment of sailing a performance cruising catamaran in total comfort and safety at sea.

The Catana 42 shares the same hull design features dating back 30+ years ago and the same well-proven deck layout since 1998 when the innovative sail management system and clean uncluttered decks were introduced.…

9/10 Rating by Trusted Customer Reviews on Yachting.com

Frequently asked questions

It's certainly not a requirement, however we always recommend cancellation insurance to our customers, especially when booking boats well in advance. Unexpected events have always complicated holidays and you risk forfeiting your funds. We've summarised 7 reasons why it pays to take out cancellation insurance .

Other popular yacht models for charter

catamaran sangare 42


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The Leopard 42 is the new “baby” of the range now that Leopard have stopped producing the 40. Designed by Naval architects Simonis Voogd and built by South Africans Robertson and Caine, the new 42 sports the new boxy, muscly look but still manages to look sleek even with that forward cockpit overhang.

They have done a great design upgrade job here, and this new model is proving to be wildly popular with buyers. In a competitive market between boats like the Lagoon 55 and the Fountaine Pajot Isla 40, Leopard are punching above their weight with this cat.

This boat has evolved from the Leopard 45 and 50 models.

Photos: Leopard Catamarans.

Lounge King

As well as the ever popular forward cockpit that is accessible directly from the saloon, the 42 has a fly-lounge (“coach-roof lounge”) with an L-Shaped setee and back-rest, plus a table giving you the benefit of an additional relaxation area without pushing the boom too high. This has inspired other manufacturers to follow suit (like the Excess 14 for example, which also has a lounge option). The newer Lagoon 43 design also offers this feature. Sun Downer anyone? I don’t mind if I do…..

  • Good value for money for a design that has evolved from years of customer and charter feedback
  • The connected forward cockpit is a game changer for accessing the foredeck and windlass safely
  • The fly-lounge is a neat compromise. More living space and the boom is still kept low
  • The living space is huge. The Leopard 42 feels like a 48 footer.
  • Decent performance for a cruising catamaran when the breeze freshens
  • The Leopard is sluggish in light airs and will slip sideways close to the wind. You might need an engine to help if the wind drops off
  • This yacht is definitely sleeker than her predecessor, but that forward cockpit overhang lends the boat a chunky look.
  • There are some blind spots from the raised helm. You will need to duck and dive a bit coming in.
  • With the overlapping genoa, she takes more effort to tack than other yachts that fly self tacking jibs.

Charter a Leopard 42 Catamaran

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Rent a Leopard 42

Find Leopard Catamarans for charter. All | Leopard |

This boat, like the 50 and the 45, looks like it could handle a sea and like a Fountaine Pajot, she is powered with a 110% overlapping genoa rather than a self tacking solent. What you lose in ease of tacking, you win in lighter airs. The mainsheet is configured in a bridle set up like a Catana (no traveller) which gives you lots of control in setting your sail shape.

The helm station is raised on the starboard side with all lines easily accessible. Visibility of all 4 corners of the boat is good from up here.

The sail plan should get you punching through the waves at 8 to 9 knots in a decent breeze, and with a Code 0 or gennaker flying off the bowsprit, she’s lively enough in calmer conditions. In a really light breeze, you might need to stick the leeward engine on like many cruising catamarans. That is your space/performance trade off.

If you opt for the Performance Pack (bigger Square Top Mainsail, Folding Props), you should squeeze an additional 1-2 knots out of her.

The Leopard 42 comes into her own when we start talking about living space. Up top, you are on one level all the way from the aft dining area through the saloon and into the forward cockpit through the forward door. The aft seat back-rest can be switched so that you are facing forwards or aft- a nice touch.

There are no seats in the 42 forward cockpit area unlike the 45, but big sunbeds with storage below for sails or a generator.

Up front, the 42 has crash-boxes in the hulls with watertight bulkheads forwards of the cabins.

The helm is situated on the main starboard bulkhead like many South African cats. There’s a hard bimini with a window overhead, so you can trim the mainsail. Head up from the helm at anchor and you are in the L-shaped fly-lounge.

The saloon has big wrap around windows and a skylight strip. The saloon sofa is set aft so that you are connected with the aft dining area, and the galley is placed forward. There is a nav station to port

The space and light continues down below. Like many production cats, the Lagoon 42 is available as a three-cabin owner’s version, with the master suite to starboard. The space down here is huge, from the wide berth all the way forward to the shower. Fibreglass bulkheads ensure a strong open structure in the hulls.

The cabins are larger and lighter then her predecessor.

catamaran sangare 42

There is also the charter configuration with four cabins and four heads. The Leopard 42 is big enough to soak up the extra berths and heads.

The saloon is also spacious with  sofas, a forward galley to starboard corner and a nav station to port. Headroom is now just over 2m, or 6ft 7in in the saloon.

One nice feature is the purifying tap in the galley which will help keep your plastic bottle count down to a minimum. Options include lithium batteries, a  generator, air conditioning, fresh water maker, solar and so on. You’ll have all of the usual difficult decisions to make when balancing your budget.

The standard set up is twin 45hp Yanmar diesels with sail drives that give a  cruising speed of around 8-9 knots in flat condition.

Leopard 42 Polar Diagram

leopard 42 polar diagram

This is a strong design update from Leopard and Simonis Voogd. It’s prettier than her predecessor, a solid looking boat that moves well in a decent breeze with market leading living space.

What is the price of a Leopard 42? How much does this catamaran cost? We will qualify this with the usual “it depends on your options”, but to give you a ball park sail away price with an average fit level, you are looking in the region of €600k  ($700k) plus taxes. You get a lot for your money with this cat.

Technical Specification

Length OA

12.67 m / 41 ft 7 in

Length WL

12.44 m / 40 ft 10 in


7.04 m / 23 ft 1 in


1.4 m / 4 ft 7 in

Mast Height

20.68 m / 67 ft 10 in


0.75 m / 2 ft 6 in


12.5T / 27485 lbs



Mainsail (Std)

66.6 sqm / 717 sqft

Mainsail (Sq Top)

70.1 sqm / 755 sqft


46.5 sqm / 501 sqft

SA/D (Std)


SA/D (Sq top)


Code 0

62.8 sqm / 676 sqft


94.9 sqm / 1022 sqft


154.5 sqm / 1686 sqft


660 L / 174 gal


600 L15 / gal

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catamaran sangare 42

Nautitech 47

catamaran sangare 42

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Power range, leopard 42 catamaran, the new leopard 42 has the unmistakable dna of the brand.

Proof that you can have it all. The Leopard 42 is the organic evolution into the new generation of our award-winning line of yachts.

Built by Robertson & Caine and designed by Naval Architects, Simonis & Voogd, together we have created a revolutionary design that has exceed expectations by offering far more than anticipated.

This was accomplished all while maintaining our signature balance of comfort and uncompromised performance.

The exterior styling has adapted to the modern appearance of the award-winning Leopard 50, which features continuous hull side windows, a continuous hardtop, and what has quickly become our signature, an upper-lounge area.

Available in 3 cabin / 3 heads and 4 cabin / 4 heads, all cabins include their own private en-suite heads. All heads include their own designated shower area; a feature not currently found on catamarans in this size range.

catamaran sangare 42

The Leopard 42 has the unmistakable DNA of a Leopard Catamaran with plenty of new technology and building techniques used to make it a magnificent ocean-going yacht with a feel of space, comfort and performance only previously found in significantly larger models.

In the saloon, we have added a generous skylight, as well and an additional window in the aft starboard corner facing the helm seat. The forward-facing L-shaped galley is sure to entice any chef!

All bunks are now island berths that allow access from both sides. With windows everywhere space permitted, the natural light is amplified.

Leopard 45 Catamaran Interior

The progressive generation


Functional elegance and performance sailing

Leopard 45 Specifications

12.67 m 41 ft 7 in
12.44 m 40 ft 10 in
7.04 m 23 ft 1 in
1.4 m 4 ft 7 in
20.68 m 67 ft 10 in
0.75 m 2 ft 6 in

Engine Specifications

2 x Yanmar 45HP Diesel engine with saildrive
600 L / 158 gal

Sail Specifications

66.6 sqm 717 sqft
70.1 sqm 755 sqft
46.5 sqm 501 sqft
62.8 sqm 676 sqft
113.1 sqm 1217 sqft

Load Specifications

660 L 174 gal
12 467 kg 27 485 lbs
4 701 kg 10 364 lbs
166 L 44 gal
  • 3 Cabin Layout
  • 4 Cabin Layout

Leopard 45 Catamaran Layout

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Elektrostal Localisation : Country Russia , Oblast Moscow Oblast . Available Information : Geographical coordinates , Population, Area, Altitude, Weather and Hotel . Nearby cities and villages : Noginsk , Pavlovsky Posad and Staraya Kupavna .


Find all the information of Elektrostal or click on the section of your choice in the left menu.

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Elektrostal Demography

Information on the people and the population of Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Population157,409 inhabitants
Elektrostal Population Density3,179.3 /km² (8,234.4 /sq mi)

Elektrostal Geography

Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal .

Elektrostal Geographical coordinatesLatitude: , Longitude:
55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East
Elektrostal Area4,951 hectares
49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi)
Elektrostal Altitude164 m (538 ft)
Elektrostal ClimateHumid continental climate (Köppen climate classification: Dfb)

Elektrostal Distance

Distance (in kilometers) between Elektrostal and the biggest cities of Russia.

Elektrostal Map

Locate simply the city of Elektrostal through the card, map and satellite image of the city.

Elektrostal Nearby cities and villages

Elektrostal Weather

Weather forecast for the next coming days and current time of Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Sunrise and sunset

Find below the times of sunrise and sunset calculated 7 days to Elektrostal.

DaySunrise and sunsetTwilightNautical twilightAstronomical twilight
23 June02:41 - 11:28 - 20:1501:40 - 21:1701:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
24 June02:41 - 11:28 - 20:1501:40 - 21:1601:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
25 June02:42 - 11:28 - 20:1501:41 - 21:1601:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
26 June02:42 - 11:29 - 20:1501:41 - 21:1601:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
27 June02:43 - 11:29 - 20:1501:42 - 21:1601:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
28 June02:44 - 11:29 - 20:1401:43 - 21:1501:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
29 June02:44 - 11:29 - 20:1401:44 - 21:1501:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00

Elektrostal Hotel

Our team has selected for you a list of hotel in Elektrostal classified by value for money. Book your hotel room at the best price.

Located next to Noginskoye Highway in Electrostal, Apelsin Hotel offers comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi. Free parking is available. The elegant rooms are air conditioned and feature a flat-screen satellite TV and fridge...

Located in the green area Yamskiye Woods, 5 km from Elektrostal city centre, this hotel features a sauna and a restaurant. It offers rooms with a kitchen...

Ekotel Bogorodsk Hotel is located in a picturesque park near Chernogolovsky Pond. It features an indoor swimming pool and a wellness centre. Free Wi-Fi and private parking are provided...

Surrounded by 420,000 m² of parkland and overlooking Kovershi Lake, this hotel outside Moscow offers spa and fitness facilities, and a private beach area with volleyball court and loungers...

Surrounded by green parklands, this hotel in the Moscow region features 2 restaurants, a bowling alley with bar, and several spa and fitness facilities. Moscow Ring Road is 17 km away...

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Below is a list of activities and point of interest in Elektrostal and its surroundings.

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  1. SANGARE 42 Multicoques Réunion Maurice Madagascar Mayotte

    SANGARE 42 Multicoques Réunion Maurice Madagascar Mayotte. VOILIER CATAMARAN SANGAREE 42 construit à l'unité par le chantier SANGAREE à Frontignan en 1987, longueur déclarée sur l'acte de francisation 11.40m, largeur 7.80m, coque sandwich airex et balsa fibre de verre époxy West System. Ce catamaran est équipé de 2 moteurs Volvo 18cv ...

  2. 42ft Catamaran Models Comparisons

    42ft Catamaran Models Comparisons. We compare the specifications, dimensions, sail area, and pricing on the most popular 42ft catamarans in 2020. The Lagoon 42, Bali 4.2, FP Astrea 42, and Leopard 42 are within a similar price range and dimensions, but there are major differences. Let's compare apples to apples to see how the match up.

  3. Lagoon 42 boats for sale

    Find Lagoon 42 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Lagoon boats to choose from. ... Used Lagoon Catamaran 42 105 listings . New Lagoon Catamaran 42 22 listings . Contact Us Help About Us Advertise With Us Media Kit Membership Cookies Do Not Sell My Personal Information. YachtWorld, 1221 ...

  4. Lagoon 42 Catamaran Review

    Lagoon. 42. The Lagoon 42 is the French yard's top seller and that is because it hits that sweet spot for many buyers. It's big enough to live aboard very comfortably while not feeling too big to handle for a couple. This review will cover the main Pros and Cons of this model and some of the options we think you should go for. First Came ...

  5. 2022 Lagoon 42 Catamaran for sale

    Description. 2022 Lagoon 42. The only new Lagoon 42 on the Great Lakes available! This sleek and modern design is a cornerstone of the Lagoon, and this Lagoon 42 definitely delivers. Climb aboard easily and safely with a single level from the aft platform to the salon. A major structural "revolution" for this size.

  6. Boat Review: Lagoon 42

    Presumably, 80 percent of these new models will be sold to private individuals with the rest going into charter. With a bit more fuel tankage and the right suit of sails, the Lagoon 42 is a delightful kitty to cruise here, there and everywhere. cata-lagoon.com, 410-280-2368. MHS Summer 2016.

  7. Boat test of the Lagoon 42, a superstar among catamarans

    1. The Lagoon 42's design and construction. With its VPLP hull, and an exterior design by Patrick Le Quément and the Italian interior furnishings of Nauta Design, it feels like some real magic went into the creation of this catamaran. The Lagoon 42 is deliberately "curvier" than its predecessors.The swoopy gullwing bridgedeck was designed to minimise pounding from the sea in rough weather.

  8. Lagoon 42 Review, Price, and Features

    The Lagoon 42 is a 42-foot tall catamaran with an overall length of 12.80 meters and a 7.70 meters beam. It has 300 liters of water and fuel capacity each and a maximum 10 day passenger capacity. The Lagoon 42 catamaran has 45 hp power and a minimum draft of 1.25 meters. The main sail area is 55 sq. meters while the genoa area is 35 sq. meters.

  9. Lagoon 42 in St Maarten

    Catamaran Sold -- Lagoon 42 (Caribbean) S/V Sonder is a US flagged 2019 Lagoon 42 catamaran, owner's version (3 cabins), offered by her original owners, a husband and wife team, who outfitted Sonder for a live aboard sabbatical with extended, remote, blue water cruising in mind. No pets, no smokers, and never chartered, and with meticulous ...

  10. Lagoon 42 Catamaran Sailing Report From A Catamaran

    The Lagoon 42 has been an industry (and now a consumer) favorite since it was launched. It was awarded the 2017 "Boat of the Year" by Cruising World in the "less than 50 feet catamaran" category, making this the fourth award for the Lagoon 42 in one year!We did a quick tour of the L42 again at the Miami boat show and were very impressed. Check out our video tour of the Lagoon 42 at the ...

  11. Catamaran Astréa 42

    Gamme Catamarans à voile. Catamaran Astréa 42. Un catamaran équilibré avec ses lignes élégantes et son espace proposé à bord, l'Astréa 42 vous promet une expérience inégalée de confort et de performance.

  12. Leopard 42 boats for sale

    Find Leopard 42 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Leopard boats to choose from. ... Catamaran Brokerage | Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 2017 Leopard 48. US$459,000. Moorings Yacht Brokerage USA | Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia. 2010 Leopard 46. US$379,000. Denison Yachting - Miami | Freeport ...


    Created with a unique approach that still traditionally aligns with Lagoon Catamarans, the 42 reveals a new, organic approach in the search of harmony between its living space and people aboard. This unique cruising approach that can accommodate up to 12 guests is one of the finest aspects of the 42's cruising experience. With ample space ...

  14. Catamaran Lagoon 42 Sifnos

    Introducing the Catamaran Lagoon 42, a vessel that epitomizes the quintessence of maritime luxury and adventure!With its sleek design and cutting-edge features, this catamaran promises a sailing experience like no other, giving you the chance to embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort and elegance as you explore the seas!. The ample outdoor seating areas of the Catamaran, fitted with ...

  15. Catana 42 Catamarans For Sale

    Catana 42 (Florida) Asking: $495,000 (USD) S/V Zephyr is a Saint Augustine, FL, US based 2016 Catana 42 Catamaran For Sale By Broker. Photos & Details Contact Catamaran Broker. Zephyr is a beautiful example of the highly regarded Catana brand. She has the very desirable 3 cabin Owner's Version layout and she is a factory upgraded Carbon ...

  16. Leopard 42 Catamaran Reviewed in 2024

    The Leopard 42 won the Cruising World's Boat of the Year award in 2022 and the Multihull Boat of the Year in 2022. The choice of which catamaran is best for you and your family depends on many factors. We've put together a list of the best sailing catamarans. Here's a roundup of our top five picks for the best catamaran in the 42-foot class.

  17. Catamaran Lagoon 42 Tangaroa for rent in Italy

    Set sail on a memorable journey with a yacht charter aboard the Lagoon 42, Tangaroa, crafted by Lagoon.This catamaran is chartered through Sailing Sicily and awaits you in Marina Di Portorosa, Tonnarella, Italy. Tangaroa, constructed in 2020, accommodates up to 12 persons and is ideal for coastal explorations in many destinations worldwide. The boat measures 12.8 m / 41.99 ft in length and ...

  18. Leopard 42

    Water. 660 L / 174 gal. Fuel. 600 L15 / gal. Watch on. The Leopard 42 is a sturdy, sea-worthy catamaran that is one of the best selling yachts in her class. Designed by Naval architects Simonis Voogd and built by South Africans Robertson and Caine. Find a well maintained 42 for charter with catamarans.

  19. Leopard 42 Catamaran

    The new Leopard 42 has the unmistakable DNA of the brand. Proof that you can have it all. The Leopard 42 is the organic evolution into the new generation of our award-winning line of yachts. Built by Robertson & Caine and designed by Naval Architects, Simonis & Voogd, together we have created a revolutionary design that has exceed expectations ...

  20. FSX UUEE Sheremetyevo Intl Moscow Russia Scenery

    UUEE Sheremetyevo International Moscow, Russia. Sheremetyevo International Airport is an international airport located in the Moscow Oblast, Russia, 29 km (18 mi) north-west of central Moscow. It is a hub for the passenger operations of the Russian international airline Aeroflot, and one of the three major airports serving Moscow along with ...

  21. Elektrostal

    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

  22. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal, city, Moscow oblast (province), western Russia.It lies 36 miles (58 km) east of Moscow city. The name, meaning "electric steel," derives from the high-quality-steel industry established there soon after the October Revolution in 1917. During World War II, parts of the heavy-machine-building industry were relocated there from Ukraine, and Elektrostal is now a centre for the ...

  23. Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Elektrostal Geography. Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal. Elektrostal Geographical coordinates. Latitude: 55.8, Longitude: 38.45. 55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East. Elektrostal Area. 4,951 hectares. 49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi) Elektrostal Altitude.