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With Bluewater's expertise in crew training and yacht crew recruitment, finding your ideal yacht crew vacancy is simple. We offer yacht management services to a variety of exclusive superyachts. Our team excels in sourcing top-notch yacht crew positions, spanning from 25-meter private yachts in the Bahamas to 50-metre charter yachts in the Mediterranean to luxurious 100+ metre superyachts navigating the globe extensively.

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Yacht Crew Training

Alongside sourcing the latest yacht crew jobs worldwide, Bluewater offers a range of specialised yacht crew training courses. Whether you're new to the superyacht industry seeking entry-level qualifications, an experienced deckhand or engineer aiming to advance your career, or a dedicated crew member looking to enhance your resume with certifications like HELM (Human Element Leadership and Management), Yachtmaster, or OOW (Officer of the Watch), explore our comprehensive yacht crew training options.

Working on a Luxury Yacht

Working as a crew member on a superyacht is undeniably one of the most rewarding yet demanding professions, calling for hard work, dedication, and professional training. The opportunities within the yachting industry are vast, and at Bluewater, we are committed to helping every crew member discover their ideal yacht crew position. Our recruitment division focuses on finding the perfect yacht for crew members and provides unparalleled professional support. Our recruitment experts guide crew members through every step of their yachting career journey, ensuring they receive the best possible assistance.

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  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1, Food & Hygiene Level 2
  • Experience: Open
  • Salary: 5000EUR (DOE)
  • Experience: Daywork
  • Salary: 2500EUR
  • Qualifications: Master 200GT
  • Experience: 3 Years +
  • Salary: 4500EUR (DOE)
  • Rotational 3:1 after 6 months trial
  • Qualifications: OOW3000GT (Minimum)
  • Experience: Similar Size Vessel
  • Salary: 5000EUR
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1, Food Hygiene Level 2
  • Experience: 2 Seasons +
  • Salary: 3500EUR
  • Salary: 3000EUR
  • Rotation (8:8 Weeks)
  • Qualifications: ETO CoC preferred
  • Experience: 2 years +
  • Salary: 8000EUR
  • Experience: 2 Years +
  • Salary: DOE
  • Qualifications: Y3
  • Experience: 2 year +
  • Salary: 5500 euros
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1
  • Experience: 1- 2 years
  • Salary: tbc

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Your yachting career begins here, looking for work, looking for crew, building high-performing teams   , years of expertly matching yacht crew with the right opportunities and assisting clients in building their yacht teams., the leading global yacht crew recruitment agency.

Established in 2002, YPI CREW has been connecting people with their dream careers on board superyachts for over two decades. Our purpose is to allow new generations to discover yachting, whilst also helping seasoned crew to advance their career and develop their talents.

Our recruiters are solution driven; they have a voice, an opinion, and champion their candidates for the right jobs on the best yachts. 

From our home in the yachting capital of Antibes on the French Côte d'Azur, we source and recruit the best yacht crew worldwide. Our recruitment experts connect the best talent, from deckhands to captains, engineers, chefs and interior crew with every yacht we work with.

We build united, high-performing crew able to deliver the ultimate guest experience on board yachts all over the world and, simultaneously, allow the fostering of new life experiences.

YPI CREW are proud to be part of the esteemed  Schulte Group , a global ship owning and management company with over 135 years of expertise in the commercial maritime industry.

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Meet your yacht recruitment team.

Laurence Lewis President of YPI Crew

Customized Care, Every Step of the Way

YPI CREW is a bespoke recruitment agency with a team of expert recruiters who hand pick the best suited candidates for each yacht.

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Operating Under the Values of Partnership & Trust

Partnership and Trust are the core values that guide us in our relationships with each other, our candidates and our clients.

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MLC Registered and Compliant

We are MLC 2006 compliant and to illustrate best practice, YPI CREW is independently audited by Lloyds Register.

What makes YPI CREW stand out?

Our recruiters are our strength; they are the absolute experts in their field. Each recruiter is a specialist in their particular department and has years of experience through which they have built strong networks making them the preeminent authority in the business.


We champion our candidates and guide them throughout their yachting career.


We select and present the best candidates to join your team.

The recruiters at YPI CREW know their industry inside out and will always look for the best solution, they offer unbiased council and advice in the successful placement of crew; you can relax in the knowledge that only qualified vetted candidates will be put forward. YPI CREW have also played a major part in my own career and professional choices over the last 14 years and it has always been complete pleasure to work with Laurence and her team.

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YPI CREW Announces its 2024 Superyacht Recruitment Market Report

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Embarking on an Engineering Career in Yachting: Crafting Your CV

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YPI CREW is a proud sponsor of the ‘Seas the Day’ Ocean Rowing Team

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Learn about different positions on board a yacht.

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World-class Crew Services

Northrop & Johnson has been one of the leading players in the yachting industry for the past six decades and has on staff a highly experienced team of professionals to support you.

Luxury Yacht Crew Placement & Management

Our crew services experts specialize in accurately placing crew members on the appropriate yachts and guiding the successful careers of tens of thousands worldwide. Our global presence allows us to deliver quality results in all the main yachting hubs around the world.

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Crew Services

Worldwide support.

For yacht crew looking for a new position, or for those who are new to the industry, Northrop & Johnson Crew Services also provides career advice, help with CVs and overall guidance. We look forward to building a professional relationship with all crewmembers throughout a full and successful career. Register or update profile below to get started.

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Leaders in quality crew placement.

Northrop & Johnson’s Yacht Crew Services offers a highly personable approach to finding your perfect crew, striving to go above and beyond our competitors to make sure your yacht is in the most capable hands. We work closely with owners, captains, and all hiring personnel to identify your exact needs, then diligently work to ensure the best possible match is found. With one of the most advanced databases in the industry and team of experienced crew placement professionals, we have the resources to properly staff your yacht. Our team handles all of the research, interviews and proper vetting to hand-select your perfect crew. Driven by integrity, expertise and unrivaled attention to detail we will ensure your success.

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Crew Positions

Find your ideal job.

Finding a position that suits your strengths and skills is key to ensuring your success as yacht crew. Our hands-on approach focuses on placing you in the ideal role onboard a yacht that will benefit not only you, but the owner, captain, and current crew. Thanks to our vast network of yacht captains and owners around the world, we have our finger on the pulse of the latest yacht crew job openings and availabilities around the world.

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Crew Resources

Helpful job search tools.

We recognize the importance of looking after crew. That’s why we have established relationships with the world’s leading crew training schools, accommodation specialists and travel agents. Our N&J Crew team takes their time to develop and maintain genuine, long-standing relationships with future and current crew to continually exceed expectations and guide them along the way. Our experience and highly personalized approach to luxury yacht crew placement are second to none. Take a look at some helpful tools to set you up for success in the yachting industry. Terms & Conditions .

Salary Guidelines (USD)

Salary guidelines (eur).

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Meet The Team

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Our N&J Crew team is made up of experienced professionals in recruitment. Not only do we have one of the most extensive databases within the industry, but more importantly, we take our time getting to know our crew which in turn makes the recruitment process an enjoyable experience.

Contact Our Crew Services Team

With offices in all the main yachting hubs, we are available to assist with any crew-related needs. Please get in touch and arrange a meeting with one of our N&J Crew team members today!

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Yacht crew positions : Hierarchy, Missions & Salaries explained

crew for luxury yachts

Like any well-run hotel, restaurant, or other luxury service, a crewed yacht needs organized structure and good management. Whether you’re staffing your own luxury vessel or looking for an exciting career working and traveling the world, you need to know how this structure works, and what you can expect to pay or earn and do in the various roles on board.

Every yacht is a little different, and organization may reflect the style of the captain or the demands of the owner. But the same jobs need to be done on almost every boat. Organized with ranks, heads of each division report to the Captain. It’s not a military-style organization, but there are parallels with merchant marine grades and structures.

Smaller yachts need fewer crew, and staff may wear multiple hats that cross more traditional divisions and may combine some jobs with others. Large yachts have more distinct divisions or subdivisions, with more specialization to divide tasks and manage staffing. The core skills are the same, but finding staff with the right blends to do the jobs is key. Crew with broader skills are highly sought after.

As a yacht owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about day-to-day management decisions or organizing all this. That’s why you have a captain, and it’s better to leave staffing decisions entirely up to him or her. But it’s still important to know what it is people you’re hiring do, why they’re there, and how many you need. You don’t want too many crew, or to be short-handed. An understanding of what your yacht needs helps you talk to the captain to keep your yacht running how you want it.

For those looking to break into yacht crew work, consider your skills and strengths, and what jobs appeal to you. You’ll need training before you work, and you can direct your job path through the training you seek. Your goal is a suitable position on a well-run yacht, so make yourself the most attractive candidate possible.

Yacht Work Life

crew for luxury yachts

Working on a yacht is also living on the yacht. Crew must have a space to sleep, food, and all the basics that any employee needs. Large yachts have space reserved for crew, and owners looking for quality crew should provide good working and living conditions. Your crew takes care of you, and you should take care of them.

Depending on where a yacht operates or what flag she flies, a variety of labor laws or rules may be in effect. These requirements may be for work visas, contracts and written agreements, and compliance with merchant and ship crew treaties and laws. Be prepared to have work and non-disclosure agreements between yacht and crew, though a few yachts skip this.

Seasonal Jobs

Many yacht positions are seasonal. Year-round employment is more likely for senior crew like the captain and department heads, but not all yachts see year-round use. And some yachts may use different crew in different locales between seasonal moves.

Any job listing should give seasonal information, with geographic information, the length of the season, and the prospects for year-round positions and repeat employment.

Hours, Salaries, and Expectations

Yacht crew is a service job at its core, and every yacht owner is looking for service-oriented people who understand how to deliver a hotel-quality living and restaurant-quality fine dining. Work experience in luxury hotels and restaurants is a big plus for some jobs, and makes breaking into yacht work easier.

Yacht work can be very demanding, with periods of intense work when the owner and guests or a charter party is on board. Long days aren’t uncommon, but often balance with slack time when the boat is empty of passengers. There is always work to be done, but there’s usually a chance for time off.

Most salaries are monthly, since many positions are seasonal. Pay ranges are commensurate with experience, rank, and responsibility. Private vessels usually offer higher base pay, as charter crew can earn tips on top of their base salary. Because of the demands of the lifestyle, compensation is good and you have minimal living expenses on board.

Benefits and Time Off

Because so many jobs are seasonal and may occur in different countries and locations, benefits offered to yacht crew vary widely. But it is not uncommon for crew to be offered health and accident insurance and a flight to the vessel. Living on board, you’ll get food, rooming (usually shared), basic toiletries, uniforms, and laundry. Yachts with a longer view may offer additional training to long-term prospects.

Time off is usually linked to boat use, and may be sporadic in-season or when the boat has the owner and guests on board. There will always be some time off, but it may be between very intense work periods.

Most crew jobs have an employment contract that meets the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC). This should spell out the contract period and duration, as well as salary, leave and time off, probationary periods, repatriation policies, and any other crucial details to meet the minimum international standards of crew welfare.

This contract should also contain shipboard policies on confidentiality and non-disclosures, drug and alcohol use on board, personal hygiene expectations, interpersonal relationships, and dispute resolution. Job expectations and requirements can also be included, with specific language about roles, tasks, and cooperation between divisions.

Note that all crew agreements will explicitly prohibit drug use on board, most limit alcohol consumption and ban hard liquor on board, and many boats have policies prohibiting intimate personal crew relationships. Because the crew is living on board full time and in close quarters, rules to maintain decorum and crew harmony may be in writing.

Training & Certificates

Two key certifications are required for yacht crew. Employers look for the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for Seafarers) and the ENG1 (Seafarer Medical Certificate). Insurers generally require crew to have these two certifications or the equivalent.

The ENG1 isn’t a class. It’s a medical exam to ensure that the crew is physically fit to serve at sea and has no underlying conditions that may arise far from help. It’s best for prospective crew to secure the ENG1 before investing more time and money training.

STCW is a week-long class on the basics of onboard safety. This includes hands-on modules covering personal survival, fire safety, first aid and CPR, accident prevention, and security awareness. It needs to be refreshed every five years.

Shared, Hybrid, and Crossover Jobs

Larger vessels will have more defined duties and specific areas of responsibility. But smaller yachts may want the crew to have different roles in different situations. For example, a hybrid job description may read “3rd Engineer/Steward” and describe a role in engineering when the boat is empty but on inside crew when passengers are on board.

When hiring or seeking jobs be prepared to look for creative crossover skill sets to meet the needs of the vessel.

Extra Skills and Duties

Any extra skills outside the regular duties makes crew more attractive. From stewards who can teach yoga, give massages or play cocktail piano to deck crew who know how to water ski, SCUBA dive, or fish, anything that crew can bring to enhance the passenger experience adds value to the employee.

If you’re looking for a position, list the skills you’d be comfortable using. If a vessel owner is looking for something specific, spell it out and figure out how that special duty fits into the employee work day.

The Four Main Divisions

crew for luxury yachts

Most yacht crews break into four primary divisions which group related tasks and responsibilities together. While the grouping sounds like it’s by section of the boat, they’re really more functional. For example, stewards (Interior) will definitely serve meals, whether they’re in the main dining room or out on deck. Deckhands (deck) are going to be involved in painting, sanding, and varnish jobs anywhere on the boat.

The deck crew handles most of the exterior operations of the yacht, and runs it. Deck hands and crew keep the boat looking clean and shiny, and handling most vessel operations. This includes driving and operating the yacht, navigation, running all launches and ship’s craft, handling lines, and all maintenance and painting, washing, and shining.

2-Interior (or Inside)

Inside crew are primarily the stewards and housekeepers. Larger vessels will have a dedicated housekeeping staff separate from the stewards, but smaller vessels may not.

Stewards keep the interior clean, do all housekeeping, laundry, food and beverage service, cabin preparation, and anything else needed for the comfort of the passengers.


Below decks, the engineering department ensures the safe and smooth running of all the ship’s machinery and electronics. Engineers are engine and systems specialists, and there will usually be a dedicated electronics expert. Most engineer jobs require professional training and certification.

Fine dining is a hallmark of the yachting experience, and a full-time galley crew prepares all meals for passengers and crew. The head chef plans the menus and provisions the boat, while junior chefs assist the head chef with meal preparation and keeping the galley spotless.

Yacht Job and Department Details

crew for luxury yachts

Departments are all organized in a hierarchy, with a department head reporting to the Captain. The clear chain of command makes for smooth operations, with all communications going up and down ranks. Junior staff will occasionally take instructions from other divisions as all crew is expected to help as needed. A captain or department head may organize staff differently, so reporting structures listed are guidelines only.

All salary ranges are monthly figures and are ranges based on yacht size and crew experience. Senior jobs on larger yachts have more responsibility than the same job title on yachts with smaller crews. Experienced crew are very desirable and can expect more pay for their positions.

Listed responsibilities are not exhaustive, and different yachts may allocate some jobs to different positions.

Read also: The yacht charter experience ladder

The Captain

crew for luxury yachts

The captain of the vessel is the overall decision maker for the yacht in all situations, including the safety of the vessel. The owner should leave the Captain responsible for operational decisions about hiring and staff and operating the ship. To become a captain requires years of experience and training, and a broad set of skills including yacht operations, personnel management, budgeting and finance. The captain works directly with the owner and owner’s representative, if the captain is not also acting as the representative.

On an organization chart, the Captain is usually placed in the deck division, but the Captain is always the senior-most crew on the yacht and all division heads report to the Captain.

Responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for all navigation and running the yacht.
  • Senior decision maker on all crew hiring.
  • Manage repairs, refits, and yard work.
  • Manage budgets and accounting. On larger yachts, this task ends more on the Purser, but the captain is always responsible.
  • Ensure all paperwork, clearances, and legal requirements are completed.
  • Primary contact with the owner or charter parties.

Reports to: The yacht owner

Salary Range: $6,000 to $22,000

The deckhands handle all the outside responsibilities of the ship, including cleaning and maintenance of the yacht and all the ship’s vessels and toys on board. Deck crew will have significant contact with passengers in this role, operating launches and delivering guests to and from shore and handling the toys.

All deck crew have watch responsibilities on passage, and daily responsibilities keeping the yacht pristine and clean. They will also do line handling and secure the yacht.

Deck department : Chief Mate/First Officer

The Chief Mate or First Officer is the second in command of the vessel, and left in charge when the Captain is not on board. The first mate has the requisite skills to stand in for the captain and run the yacht if needed and usually acts as the division head of the deck team.

The seamanship skills needed are similar to the Captain’s position.

  • Primary safety officer for the yacht and all passengers and crew.
  • Supervise and manage all operations on deck.
  • Bridge watches on passage.
  • Passage planning and navigation.

There may be additional mates on larger vessels, these 2nd, 3rd, etc. mates have similar responsibilities on rotation. But the first mate is senior and always second in command.

Reports to: Captain

Salary Range: $4,000 to $9,500 (First mate)

Second and more junior mates may earn $2,000 to $4,000

Deck department : Bosun

crew for luxury yachts

The Bosun is the senior deckhand and manages the junior hands on board. This will usually be the most experienced hand on board.

  • Organizing all operations on deck.
  • Coordinating the use, storing and launching of the ship’s boats, toys, and equipment.
  • Managing the passerelle, watching passenger safety.
  • Contact point for guest service on boats, toys, and trips to shore.

Reports to: First mate

Salary Range: $3,000 to $5,000

Deck department : Deckhands

crew for luxury yachts

Deckhands are constantly busy with maintenance, cleaning, polishing, and assisting guests as needed. They will assist other departments as needed or given special duties.

  • Daily cleaning of the yacht’s exterior.
  • Painting, varnishing, polishing.
  • Line handling.
  • Launching and operating dinghies and tenders.
  • Repairs and carpentry.
  • Helping guests as needed – everything from handling baggage and gear to embarking and disembarking.

Reports to: Bosun

Salary range: $1,300 to $3,000

Though every position on a yacht is service-oriented, the interior or inside crew provides the primary customer service. They will interact the most with the passengers daily, and they’re directly responsible for the quality of their experience on board.

Interior department : the Purser

crew for luxury yachts

The purser is the chief financial officer of the yacht and handles all the financial operations on board. Accounting, purchasing, payroll and hiring, and all money matters end up with the Purser. This is a senior staff position, and may be the interior department head. Smaller yachts may eliminate the purser’s job and add it to the captain’s and other senior staff duties.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping for all financial transactions.
  • Human resources and payroll.
  • Handling logistics for all departments related to purchasing.
  • Managing contracts.
  • Event coordination, including off yacht bookings and payments.
  • Primary administration of the boat’s business paperwork.
  • Inventory and supply management.

Salary Range: $4,000 to $8,000

Interior department : The Chief Steward/ess

crew for luxury yachts

The chief steward or stewardess has primary responsibility for all service roles inside. Food and drink service, cabin preparation, and anything to do with helping the passengers be more comfortable and enjoy their stay. The chief steward will be inside crew with several years of experience.

The chief steward manages the interior staff, setting and enforcing vessel service standards. The chief steward ensures the crew delivers a five-star hospitality experience.

Chief Steward Responsibilities:

  • Scheduling and training junior crew for meal and drink service and cabin preparation.
  • Primary contact with guests for meals and drinks.
  • Sommelier and wine service.
  • Coordinate with the galley for meals and presentation.
  • Decorate the interior, from flower arrangement to table settings.
  • Arrange onshore activities and outings.

Reports to: Captain or Purser, depending on the yacht

Salary Range: $4,000 to $8,500


The stewards and stewardesses are the primary guest service staff. They will work closely with guests and passengers, and have daily contact with them as they meet most of their needs while on board.

Steward Responsibilities:

  • Food and drink service.
  • Room preparation and turndown service.
  • Cleaning, polishing, housekeeping, and inside maintenance.
  • Cabin detailing.
  • Laundry, pressing, and folding.
  • Help with outings, trips, debarkations.

Reports to: Chief Steward

Salary Range: $1,500 to $4,500


crew for luxury yachts

Larger yachts may have a dedicated housekeeping and laundry staff. This will be part of the inside crew, under either the purser or the head steward. There may be a senior housekeeper, if there are more than one housekeeping crew on board.

Responsibilities are the cleaning and laundry portions of the steward’s job, and a laundry steward may spend most of her time inside the ship’s laundry.

An experienced Head of Housekeeping may earn from $4,500 to $7,000, while a Laundry Steward typically earns from $2,500 to $3,500.


Food service requirements on any yacht are high. Whether it’s a privately owned vessel or a charter, the expectations are always for top tier food service, with a variety of meals planned for the requirements of every passenger. Chefs and cooks prepare all meals on board for passengers and crew, but sometimes other interior crew may help with prep work or cleanup.

Smaller yachts have smaller galley crews, but the largest vessels may have an executive chef and several sous chefs. All chef positions require formal culinary training and experience, but cook positions are often entry level. Promotion from cook to chef is unusual without additional training.

Galley department : the Head / Executive Chef

crew for luxury yachts

On larger yachts, an Executive Chef will run the entire galley with the help of sous chefs and cooks. With an Executive Chef, there’s an expectation that the food and menus will be on a level with Michelin star-rated restaurants.

The executive chef brings a thorough understanding of food preparation and presentation, and moves food preparation past creative up to artistic. Job responsibilities are similar to a chef, but the job demands and the required experience and education are much higher.

Salary range: $7,000 to $11,000

crew for luxury yachts

The chef has overall responsibility for all meals on the yacht, from provisioning in remote places to hygiene and good safety. If there’s only one chef, she’s the head of the galley crew. Finding the best provisions in far away locations and making the best of local food availability is a major part of the job.

  • Planning a delicious and varied menu for passengers.
  • Sourcing all food and arranging transport to the yacht.
  • Maintaining and operating within the galley budget.
  • Preparing passenger meals with professional presentation and style.
  • Cleaning and maintaining galley and galley equipment.
  • Deliver menus and meals on time, while running an organized and spotless galley.

Galley department : Sous Chef

The sous chefs assist the chef in all aspects of running the galley, and may have independent assignments to plan and guest and crew meals. While not primarily responsible for provisioning, the sous chef will help with food selection, menu preparation, and planning. A sous chef must have formal culinary training.

Reports to: Head chef

Salary Range: $3,500 – $6,000.

crew for luxury yachts

Galley department : The Cook

Cooks may be entry-level positions or experienced, but do not require formal gastronomy education. They will assist the chef and sous chefs, cooking meals and dishes for guests and crew, helping with provisioning, and keeping the galley neat.

  • Assist with provisioning and buying high-quality food from local sources.
  • Follow all food handling and safety guidelines.
  • Assist the head chef as needed, taking direction and guidance.
  • Prepare guest and crew meals as required.
  • Staying on top of galley inventories and supplies.

Salary Range: $2,500 to $3,500


crew for luxury yachts

The engineering department keeps the yacht and all its systems working. Whether it’s the engines, electronics, air conditioning, or the plumbing – it’s up to engineering to keep it running.

There is considerable overlap with commercial shipping in the engineering field, as many of the same skills apply. And there is a broader range of qualifications and grades based on the size and power of the vessel. Job ratings may be set by required experience based on tonnage of ship or power of engines, with corresponding levels of pay and responsibility.

Unlike commercial shipping, engineers may get involved in other aspects of running the yacht, like helping with docking and water sports with mechanical toys.

Engineering certifications, training, ratings, experience and licensing are critical to hiring competent engineers, and for engineering crew it’s an important facet of career advancement. This is important for Chief and 2nd Engineers, which are often broken out by MCA (U.K. Maritime and Coastguard Agency) rating or other international equivalent.

MCA ratings for engineers Commercial and Private Yachts over 24m are:

Y4: Less than 200 Gross Tons and less than 1,500 kW engine power Y3: Less than 500 GT and 3,000 kW Y2: Less than 3,000 GT and 3,000 kW Y1: Less than 3,000 GT and 9,000 kW

There is also an unlimited rating for merchant vessels larger than the Y1 category. For discussing salary and responsibilities, we will include all ratings in one position description, but pay scales with the size of the yacht and any required higher ratings.

Chief Engineer

The chief engineer manages all aspects of keeping the yacht and its systems running. The chief engineer manages all the engineering staff, and directs all maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting and upgrades. This is a management position, but requires extensive hands-on technical experience and knowledge. Chief engineers on large yachts hold an MCA Y1 or Y2, smaller boats will have a lower rated chief and a smaller staff. Check  Jooble.org  to find abroad marine engineer vacancies.

  • Provisioning, shopping, and stocking.
  • Preparing passenger and crew meals.
  • Following instructions and cooking under the direction of others.
  • Galley cleaning.
  • Follow food safety and storage procedures.
  • Food pre-preparation.

Salary Range: $6,000 to $15,000

2nd Engineer

The second engineer is also a highly skilled position requiring a rating or license and several years of experience. This senior level engineer also needs knowledge of how to troubleshoot and maintain all yacht systems.

  • Maintain and manage all engineering operations.
  • Hire, train and supervise all engineers.
  • Project manage all upgrades and retrofits, including managing budgets, contracts, and suppliers.
  • Coordinate maintenance schedule for the entire yacht around the usage and seasonal schedules.
  • Maintain costs and accounting for engineering operations.
  • Design and handle all safety operations.
  • Set and maintain standards for operations and cleanliness in the engine room.

Reports to: Chief engineer

Salary Range: $5,500 – $10,000

OOW (Officer of the Watch) Engineer

The OOW is a junior engineering position, but still licensed. There are two categories of OOW – MEOL (Marine Engine Operator License) and the more junior AEC (Assistant Engine Course). The overall responsibilities are similar, working to support the senior engineers and handle independent assignments. The AEC rating is entry level for licensed crew, but has training and certification.

  • Support the chief in all projects.
  • Maintain a clean, safe engine room.
  • Perform all maintenance, troubleshooting and repair tasks as needed.
  • Support motorized water sports.
  • Occasionally assist with other vessel operations, like line handling.

Reports to: Chief Engineer

Salary Range, MEOL: $4,500 to $6,000 Salary Range, AEC: $2,500 to $3,500

Electronics/Technology Officer (ETO)

The ETO takes responsibility for all audio-visual and information technology on board. Ensuring passengers have access to the internet, movies, television, and music is a primary responsibility. This position carries a fair amount of passenger interaction, and an ETO needs good troubleshooting skills to go with customer service skills.

  • Ensure all audio/visual and entertainment systems are always available for passengers.
  • Assist passengers with personal technology and ship systems as needed.
  • Conduct regular maintenance and upgrades of the network, information, and A/V systems around passenger schedules.
  • Assist other engineers as needed, especially with electronic systems.
  • Contribute as needed with other departments for boat and passenger operations.

Salary Range: $4,000 to $9,000

Junior Engineer

This is a lower or entry level position for someone with engineering skills but without formal licensing or certification. The junior engineer will help with safety and cleanliness, and assist in any engineering tasks as needed. The ability to solve problems and fix things opens this spot for anyone capable and willing to do the job.

  • Help with cleaning, maintenance, and safety functions.
  • Help anywhere needed on the yacht.
  • Assist senior engineers as needed, taking direction and following instructions exactly.
  • Constantly develop skills.


Whether you are a yacht owner or considering entering this dynamic industry with an established and reliable crew, it is essential to have an understanding of the yacht’s hierarchical structure, mission priorities, and salary expectations. By doing your research on the complexity of yachting before hiring your team, you can confidently select the right group of experienced and qualified professionals for your needs. Staying up-to-date on top industry trends and knowing the capabilities of each type of yacht crew position will enable you to make sound decisions that support a safe and cost-effective journey. With quality personnel at your helm, you can cruise unhindered in luxury and explore new destinations with peace of mind.

Fractional Yacht Ownership : Everything you Need to Know

What is the best country to register your yacht offshore, you might also like.

crew for luxury yachts

What differentiates a yacht from a superyacht or a mega yacht?

crew for luxury yachts

Chartering Requirements and Regulations: A Guide for Boat Owners

crew for luxury yachts

What are the Fastest Cruising Catamaran on the Market?


  • Job Role Duties

crew for luxury yachts

Ocean-Crews is a premier recruitment agency specializing in the dynamic world of yacht crew placement. With a rich heritage in the yachting industry and a keen understanding of the unique demands it entails, we are your trusted partner in assembling exceptional crews for luxury yachts worldwide.

Our mission at Ocean-Crews is to connect highly skilled and passionate crew members with yacht owners and operators in need of top-tier talent. Whether you are seeking a seasoned captain, a proficient chef, an attentive stewardess, or any other vital role aboard your yacht, we have an extensive network and a rigorous vetting process to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are presented.

We pride ourselves on our personalized and attentive approach, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of both our clients and candidates. At Ocean-Crews, we understand that each yacht is unique, and so are the individuals who make up its crew. That’s why we go the extra nautical mile to match the perfect candidates with the right vessels, creating harmonious and successful partnerships that endure.

Whether you’re a yacht owner in search of exceptional crew members or a dedicated professional looking for your next exciting adventure at sea, Ocean-Crews is your compass to success in the yachting world. Join us on this voyage, and let us help you navigate the waters of opportunity.

To embark on your journey with Ocean-Crews and unlock a world of yachting opportunities, simply reach out to us by sending an email to Samantha at [email protected] . To ensure we can match you with the ideal yacht job, please attach your CV or provide comprehensive details about your qualifications, experience, and the specific yacht job you are seeking. Samantha and our dedicated team of yachting experts will swiftly guide you through the registration process, helping you set sail toward your next adventure on the open seas. If you would like to register to browse and apply for jobs on this website then register

crew for luxury yachts

Meet Samantha

At the age of 17, Samantha embarked on her journey in the yachting industry, amassing over a decade of invaluable experience both at sea and on land. With determination and dedication, she ascended to the role of Chief Stewardess, leaving her mark in both the Caribbean and Mediterranean regions. Her time in Dubai saw her excel as a Charter Broker and Crew Trainer, where she consistently aided crew members in discovering their ideal positions aboard yachts.

Today, Samantha is at the helm of Ocean-Crews, where her deep insights into the unique needs of both crew members and employers seeking exceptional crew members shine through.

crew for luxury yachts


List item 5

I had the pleasure of working with Sam during her time at sea and also now as a crew agent and I can attest to her exceptional skills, dedication, and effectiveness in the field of recruitment.

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Sam , very attentive, understood our crew needs and connected us with high quality candidates. Highly recommend her to fellow Captains. Certainly made the hiring process a pleasure. Captain Matthew Mackay MV Shadow

Matthew Mackay

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Types of Crew Positions on a Luxury Yacht

Image 0916: "May - Types of Crew Positions on a Luxury Yacht"

Discover the world of luxury yachting and luxury yacht charters, starting by focusing on yacht crew positions. From captains to chefs, each crew member plays a crucial role in ensuring an unforgettable experience on board the vessel.

Whether you’re dreaming of a yacht crew job or searching for a yacht crew, Yacht Management South Florida will guide you through the intricacies of yacht crew roles, skills, and responsibilities needed to operate a luxury yacht seamlessly. 

What Is the Crew on a Yacht? The crew on a yacht consists of individuals who fulfill various roles and responsibilities that are crucial for the vessel’s operation and the overall comfort of the occupants onboard. Yacht crew positions can range from a captain and first mate to a stewardess and chef. Each individual contributes expertise and skills to ensure an enjoyable guest experience.

Yacht crew jobs are very diverse and require great adaptability, teamwork, and attention to detail to meet the standards of a luxury yacht. Whether the crew maintains the yacht’s exterior or provides top-notch guest services, every crew member plays a vital role. 

Yacht Crew Positions – Crew Jobs on Private Yachts

The concierge services at Yacht Management can handle your entire yachting trip from start to finish. That includes crewing your South Florida yacht with the best-qualified yacht crew professionals. Our yacht management company is responsible for crew employment and placement for numerous private yachts.

Our yacht managers are highly knowledgeable and experienced yachting professionals, including licensed yacht captains. They understand the importance of hiring the right yacht crew to ensure a superior yachting experience.

Below is a list of yacht crew positions that can be filled on your vessel:

Yacht Captain The most well-known and respected position aboard any private yacht - the captain. The captain must be licensed. The captain is responsible for safely manning and operating the vessel and ensuring the well-being of the guests and crew. This position takes strong managerial and decision-making skills.

Engineer The engineer is responsible for the upkeep of all the yacht’s mechanical and electrical systems, including its plumbing. They must ensure that everything remains functional by troubleshooting and fixing any problems. For smaller yachts, a hybrid Captain/Engineer position may be needed.

Boat Mates and Deck Officers Mates include the First, Second, and Third Mate, sometimes called officers. These are highly qualified in

dividuals responsible for bridge duty, managing the deck crew, and other tasks to assist the captain or to fill in when the captain is unavailable.

Deckhand This position entails long hours and hard work. Deckhands are responsible for the exterior maintenance of the yacht, including cleaning, waxing, and even varnishing. They also assist guests with water toys and other outdoor features, like the jacuzzi.

An incredibly important crew position. Arguably, the better the food, the better the overall yacht experience for you and your guests. The yacht chef is responsible for preparing meals for guests and the crew. They may help with service if required.

Steward/Stewardess The bigger a yacht is, the more stewards and stewardesses it will likely have. The Chief Stew leads the team. Stews are responsible for the interior maintenance of the yacht as well as providing food, drink, and overall service to the guests.

Do I Need a Crew For My Yacht? Whether you are a seasoned yacht owner or considering buying your first yacht, you may wonder if you need a crew for your vessel. While some smaller yachts may be manageable on your own, larger yachts often benefit more from a dedicated crew to ensure smooth op

erations.Having a yacht crew onboard brings great expertise in navigation, maintenance, hospitality, and culinary arts. This alleviates the burden of responsibility for the owners or charter guests. 

Yacht Management offers crewing services if you’re looking for a dedicated team on board your vessel. We will recruit and place individuals who are the best-fit captains, engineers, mates, chefs, and stewardesses on your yacht. With a skilled crew at the helm, you can relax and enjoy the stress-free luxury of your vessel. 

Yacht Management Crewing Services Navigating the luxury yachting world is full of opulence and precision, where every detail truly matters. Yacht Management South Florida provides top-tier provisioning, management, and crewing services for yachts and superyachts.

Our meticulous selection and placement of skilled crew, from captains to chefs, will ensure a seamless experience onboard. We handle every detail, allowing you to relax and indulge in stress-free living on your vessel. 

Contact us today for comprehensive crewing services.

Types of Yacht Crew Positions infographic


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How to hire the perfect superyacht crew

Related articles.

Fed up with a revolving door of crew? BOAT shares the industry secrets for finding the right people for the right job...

"Think of how much effort you put into hiring a CEO to run your company. You’d do a pretty good job of finding out who the right person was, right?” asks Jenny Matthews, founder of yachting diversity taskforce She of the Sea, and holder of a Chief Mate 3000GT licence. “Hiring someone to look after your multi-million-pound yacht is the same – but for some reason, people don’t think about it in the same way.”

Whether that’s true or not, it’s certainly the case that many owners have their frustrations when it comes to staff. From all across the industry, there have been tales of questionable stewardess skills, overbearing captains, love triangles on board... the list goes on.

Fortunately, stories like this are the exception, rather than the rule. Many owners, in fact, find that their enthusiastic, hard-working and good-humoured crew makes a large part of their yachting experience. But of course, there is always the odd disappointment – a new recruit that mysteriously doesn’t seem to gel with the rest of the team or those who stay for just a season before moving on.

A well-balanced, happy crew on board, meanwhile, sets the tone for the whole yacht, and it pays to get it right financially, too. Aside from the comfort that comes with being around those who know you well, “about a third of the running cost of owning a yacht every year is avoidable damage”, states Matthews, so trusting your expensive pride and joy to those who know what they are doing can cut down on maintenance costs significantly.

The peace of mind from having a competent, slick crew shouldn’t be ignored, either. “All you have to do is read the accident reports and you’ll find that people drown, they get concussed, boats burn down,” notes Matthews. “Behind this glossy veneer, a yacht is an extremely hazardous environment.” Add to this the fact that each time you replace a crew member on board, you’ll spend around £4,000 on new uniforms, crew agency fees, training and more, and you will start to see why investing a little time and energy into getting it right the first time makes a lot of sense.

So without further ado then, here’s our 101 guide to hiring the right crew...

Should owners hire their own crew?

It’s fairly rare for owners to get directly involved in the recruitment process, with good reason. Roles on board are often highly specialised and need someone who knows the job intimately to act as a recruiter. If you’re a captain-turned-owner or have run your own vessel previously, you might want to try going it alone, but a better bet is to take a double-pronged approach using your captain and a large and well-established recruitment agency.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a say throughout the process. “Think about what kind of experience you want on board,” advises Matthews. “Do you want family-style dining or silver service? Are you going to be at beach clubs 90 per cent of the time or going exploring? You need to really define what you want because that feeling when you’re on board is going to be incredibly important.”

If you’ve got a captain that’s been with you for some time, “they’re going to know you intimately – probably better than you think they do,” says Matthews, so take their guidance seriously.

How do I choose a crew agency?

Choosing the right crew agency is half the battle won, and you only have to look at the recent red tape brought about by the global Covid-19 pandemic to see how using one can pay off. “Last year, recruitment was impossible,” says Lucy Medd, fleet crew manager and partner at Burgess, who has worked in the field for more than 30 years. “Getting crew from A to B involved a huge amount of work for many people, involving travel agents, embassies…” The issues remain in play today, with many Australian and New Zealander crew members returning home and choosing to stay there, leaving a gap in the yachting workforce that no other nationality has moved in to fill. Others who were laid off last year when owners scaled back to a skeleton crew have “found new jobs onshore and haven’t returned”, says Medd, so it’s certainly a challenging landscape in which to find good people.

With so many agencies around, it can be tempting to send the same job out to 20 or more companies, in the belief that the more feelers you have out there, the better chance you have of finding true talent. It’s a mistake, says Matthews. “When you do that the quality is going to go right down. People are just going to start firing CVs at you because they know 20 other agents are going for that one commission.” Daniel Küpfer, operations director at Ocean Independence and a former captain, agrees. “It’s turned into a first-come, first-served industry, where it’s obviously imperative to defeat the competition,” he says about the speed in which some agencies send through candidates. “It’s not a good development.”

One-person operations or newer agencies, which can be competitive in offering lower fees, can also seem like a preferable option, but in most cases, a long-standing organisation with multiple offices around the world is the better bet. Often, they’ll have staff who’ll have worked in the industry over decades, and a big black book of contacts that means they’re able to dig deep when it comes to checking out references.

“If they are the dedicated crewing division of an established brokerage or yacht management company, this should guarantee a level of professionalism,” advises Louise Caïlbourdin of The Crew Network in Antibes, which has three global office managers with more than 60 years of maritime experience between them. “For a further guarantee, check that a crewing agency follows maritime industry standards, that it is currently MLC 2006-compliant and has been externally audited by a serious entity such as DNV-GL.”

“My top three are Quay Crew in Antibes and Poole, YPI, and Erica Lay from El Crew Co,” advises Matthews. “These guys value competency over any other factors, and they’re the straight shooters.”

Job postings often receive thousands of applications, and they can’t all be taken at face value. “Do people lie on their CVs? Absolutely!” she laughs. “I once interviewed someone who claimed to have worked with a former colleague of mine. I said I’d get in touch with them and the interviewee looked panicked and suddenly said ‘Oh you can’t… he’s dead!’ Of course, I knew perfectly well that wasn’t the case.”

How else can I find good crew?

You shouldn’t be sceptical of dockwalkers, especially if they’re very young “green” crew. “We’re finding many green crew are getting their first jobs this way,” says Caïlbourdin, and Matthews agrees. “I think people will keep doing it until it becomes illegal; it’s a great opportunity,” she says. “What has changed is that 25 years or so ago, it was basically just backpackers turning up to get some more money. Now people are well dressed and ready to hit the ground running.”

Social media too might be a mixed blessing in terms of the volume of applications, but crew know that “they can get a job through a social media network, through someone else working on that boat, before the job even gets advertised on the market”, says Küpfer. And as for LinkedIn and other platforms? “Why not?” he asks. “It’s quantity but that doesn’t mean it’s not quality.  We also use a platform called Yotspot, which you shouldn’t ignore. Captains and crew members have direct access [to it], it’s easy to upload a vacancy and the fees are reasonable.”

What are some red flags when hiring crew?

While agencies should take on the initial admin of filtering through applications, checking references and running background checks on experience and qualifications, it’s not unreasonable for owners to want to get involved around the final interview stage. Aside from the obvious – turning up late, being sloppily dressed, rude or ill-prepared – there are plenty of potential warning signs when it comes to meeting candidates.

“If I ever interview a captain and he says he’s never had any crew issues, that’s absolutely not true,” says Medd. Bad-mouthing former superiors, yachts or owners is something that Caïlbourdin watches out for, while you should be wary of applicants that seem up for anything. “At the end of the interview, if someone says please put me forward if you have any other positions, that’s not really a good sign,” notes Esther Delamare, senior recruitment manager at Hill Robinson.

It can be hard to filter out candidates at entry-level with little experience, something that Matthews does via simple knowledge tests. “I ask them, ‘Can you do me a bowline?’ Or, ‘What are the ingredients for an old-fashioned?’” she says. “If they haven’t worked on yachts before I’d look at if they’ve had waiting jobs, shop jobs, jobs in pubs… things that are hard work where you’re on your feet all day,” adds Medd.

Basic levels of training might seem unimportant, but it’s useful to differentiate between those who have been inspired by Instagram and reality-TV shows like Below Deck, and those who are serious about a career – not least because these certificates show a significant financial commitment on their part.

Moving from yacht to yacht is more common today than 10 years ago, when a minimum three-year stint was normal, so multiple boats on a CV isn’t necessarily a bad sign. “I see CVs and I’m shocked – it’s very different to when I was working on yachts. But it’s just the way it is,” says Küpfer.

“The thoughts on longevity have changed a lot; people leave boats for very different reasons,” agrees Matthews. “Now a red flag is more likely to be someone who has stayed on a yacht for a number of years at the same level. If I see someone who’s been an entry-level deckhand for six years, I want to know why they haven’t progressed.”

A cursory look at any applicant’s social media accounts is also a wise check, and can help gauge maturity and whether they’re likely to be a good fit for the rest of the boat. Should owners these days accept that their crew are likely to post on social media about the yacht and the destinations that you travel to? “No – owner’s boat, owner’s rules,” says Matthews.

How long does it take to hire a crew?

It’s possible to put together a whole yacht crew from scratch in a very short amount of time, but it’s far from ideal. You might be lucky and find good people who have left yachts that have been sold, or the stars might align and their contracts happen to be coming to an end as the seasons change, but in general “very high-level crew often have very good jobs with proper notice periods in place”, says Matthews. “If you want to essentially poach them, you should be wary about the ethics of asking them to leave a post before they can – when I’ve been in that position, it’s made me uncomfortable; it’s not the best start to a new role.”

On the flipside, good crew know their worth, and aren’t likely to be on the market for long. “If you see someone who fits the culture, has the right qualifications and gave a good interview, make them an offer and make it good,” says Matthews. “They’re not going to be hanging around.”

Which crew members are hardest to hire?

“Really good chefs are always hard to come by,” says Medd. “They’re quite flighty by nature.” On charters, certainly, chefs can get a rough ride,  and of course whether a chef is good or not can often come down to your own personal taste.

Engineers, too, are in short supply, but as a general rule of thumb they move around far less. “Engineers never leave – once they fall in love with a boat that’s it and they’re there forever,” laughs Medd. Female engineers and captains are also rarer, while the number of experienced female interior crew out there means that candidates can afford to be picky about the jobs they take. “Often it’s a case of, do they [crew] really want the job?” says Delamare, rather than the other way round.

Interior staff in particular often work for no more than a few years in the industry, but if you’re keen on a really long-term crew, looking at those who’ve previously worked on commercial boats can be productive. “Especially engineers or people who’ve worked in oil and gas – there are  a lot of them coming into the industry,” says Delamare, “and unlike green 19-year-olds, they’ve got plenty of experience.”

When it comes to finding a charter captain, “charisma and a repeat client base” is the secret ingredient, according to Caïlbourdin.

How can I keep crew happy?

In a nutshell: pay them fairly, treat them with respect and offer them competitive leave and time off for training. In general, owners tend to place more emphasis on salary than perhaps they should. Of course, “money is still right up there”, says Medd, and “if someone’s been on your boat for three years and they’ve not got a pay rise, they’re going to be looking around”, observes Matthews. Experienced, motivated staff, however, are more likely to be impressed by a calm, supportive working environment and the opportunity to move up the career ladder than an extra £1,000. “Very high salaries can actually be counterproductive,” says Küpfer. “We had a boat recently where people were overpaid and it meant they were staying put on a yacht that they didn’t like, rather than moving on. It wasn’t the best atmosphere.”

Allowing staff a healthy amount of shore leave prevents burnout. “There’s only so much time people can spend on board before they actually have to leave,” notes Matthews, while time off for training is all too often neglected. “Every single good crew member I know has had to leave a vessel because they weren’t even allowed a week off to do a course to further their career.”

This is why, when hiring department heads, someone who can act as a mentor and encourage crew development is key – if talent don’t feel supported and can’t rise up through the ranks, they’ll often leave to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

Should I psychometrically test my crew?

It might sound sinister, but psychometric testing is becoming more and more common, “especially on the larger boats”, reveals Matthews. Many who’ve engaged with it seem to find it yields erratic results. “I tested one captain once, and I said, ‘I’m never doing this again,’” says Medd. “The results were absolutely crazy. I think there’s got to be a lot more input to get the right output.” Nevertheless, it’s likely something that will be relied on more heavily in years to come, as tests become more sophisticated.

What if a member of crew just isn’t working out?

Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into finding the right person, things still don’t seem to click. “It’s very easy to just hoof someone off,” says Medd, “but you need to find out what the problems are and if you can train people up or improve the situation somehow.” On larger boats, even good captains and managers can be far removed from problems happening further down the chain. Replacing crew members is costly, and can often be avoided with the right approach. Nevertheless, sometimes things don’t work out for reasons beyond your control, “in which case, both parties just have to walk away”, says Medd.

“The crew atmosphere is contagious and bringing happy, fulfilled and passionate energy to everything from cocktail parties to beach barbecues is a surefire way to ensure that owners can experience their vessel at its full potential,” says Matthews. “At the end of the day, it’s people that can make or break the experience.”

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With Head Quarters in Palma and London, Galatea Recruitment is a boutique yacht recruitment service, focused on creating lasting relationships between crew and yachts to find both parties their ideal partnership.

Galatea Recruitment strives to place crew in jobs of the highest standards, where they can truly excel, while finding yachts their most compatible team to deliver next level service and culture. 

Working with yachts and superyachts worldwide, we cannot wait to help you find your ideal placement. 

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Galatea Recruitment takes great pride in its abilities to offer a highly personal, professional service for every candidate and client.

With great industry knowledge and expertise, Galatea Recruitment understands the needs and requirements to seamlessly match candidates to compatible vessels and roles, creating strong long-term relationships.



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If your profile matches any current vacancies, we shall be in touch within 24 hours to discuss the next steps. 

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Please continue to apply for any future roles or get in touch directly via email or call!

Simply fill out the form below, give us a call or email us at  [email protected].

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Once you have chosen your top candidate/s we shall action our checks and send you a d etailed report on each candidate.

When both parties are satisfied, we will help finalise the last details of the arrangement and wish you a prosperous season!

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Are you looking for a crew job? 

To register with us, please send us your CV and reference letters to [email protected]

If you are applying for a specific position:

Please specify which position you are applying for and include your current location and soonest availability. 

Thank you and good luck! 

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"Would highly recommend!! Amy has helped us so much by always delivering when we need it. They have always helped us in finding seasonal and permanent crew for all of our suppliers and clients. Excellent customer service and quick response times! 10/10 service!!"

Daniel Cousins, Mallorca Yachts


Galatea Recruitment is female-founded by two inspiring women who focus on quality and integrity in everything they do.

With a background in luxury lifestyle communications and after several years working within the yachting and recruitment industry, Amy and Anna decided to take their own spin on yacht recruitment and give the industry what it needed.

Galatea Recruitment was founded with a focus on long-term relationships and a passion for providing  reliable, honest and caring service to crew and yacht management teams alike. 

With Anna and Amy's knowledge and insights, Galatea Recruitment has built up quality network of clients and candidates with a shared desire for delivering industry leading employment opportunities and best-in-class service.

Galatea Recruitment take great pride in their work and offer a highly personal, professional service for every candidate and client. 


Ensuring your safety is our our top priority 

Galatea Recruitment has partnered with CrewPass to guarantee only placing the best crew members, as well as ensuring the  safety and security of those onboard.

CrewPass conducts enhanced criminal background checks and identity verification on all its members to help us place fully vetted crew members.

Sign up today to make sure you are CrewPass approved. Head to  www.crewpass.co.uk  for more information.




At Galatea Recruitment our values are one of the most important aspects of our business. 

Honesty , integrity , mutual respect .



  • What sort of experience does Galatea Recruitment look for when placing jobs? The more yachting experience the better! We work with both Motor and Sail Yachts and try to find the position that suits you best. The more qualifications and strong recommendations you have under your belt – the better! If you are new to the industry, please read the next question.
  • Can I apply for a position or send you a CV if I have no experience? Of course! 'Greenies' as they are often referred to in the yachting world, are more than welcomed into the industry, however it could take slightly longer to find the ideal job role for them. These roles often include: Deckhand, Steward/ess, Crew Chef and Assistant Engineer. If you are new, make sure to emphasise any skills that you have that translate to the position you are hoping to land e.g. if you want to be a stewardess but you have hospitality or cleaning experience then make sure to mention this. For all roles, please make sure you have your Medical fitness (ENG1) STCW-95 Basic Training qualification and more job specific qualifications if needed when applying. For any further questions please email us at: [email protected]
  • How many crew will be on each yacht? Mid- range yachts usually have between 4 to 12 crew and up to 12 passengers. The larger yachts can have 30+ crew on board at one time. Crew can also work on rotation, so you may be part of an overall larger crew.
  • How long can I work on a yacht for? Contracts are usually seasonal or all year round. There are also dayworker agreements and temporary contracts. It all depends on exactly what the yacht is needing at that time.
  • Should I work on a private or charter yacht? It depends what sort of role you prefer. A private yacht is used purely for the leisure of a yacht owner and guests. This usually means that the owner is on board for less amount of time than a charter would be, usually meaning a little more downtime. However, you could have an owner who is on board a lot. A charter yacht is rented out to guests who are usually HNWI. On a charter yacht, it is usually fast paced and involves quick turn arounds and sometimes working weeks in a row with no days off. However, crew may receive extra gratuities for providing excellent service making the extra effort worth while.
  • Where does the crew sleep on the yacht? The crew sleep in the crew quarters. These are usually based at the stern of the boat with a compact with a practical layout. Sharing a cabin is common with usually 2, sometimes more crew members to a cabin.
  • What can I do to be more desirable to hire? A number of things can help. If you are new, try and get some day work to help with experience. Captains and Yachts look for loyal crew or/and crew with great recommendations. Make sure to have your Medical fitness (ENG1) STCW-95 Basic Training A positive, can-do attitude Clean and professional personal presentation Make sure to have a professional looking CV with a headshot photo and information clearly laid out. Try and make it fit all on one page, if not two pages maximum. Have around 3 written references with updated contact details for verification. Have a file ready with all your current documentation (CV, references, certificates, passport and visas, Medical Fitness also known as ENG1) to send to us or a yacht
  • Where are yachts based and travel to? Typically, vessels often travel the Mediterranean or the US East Coast in the summer. In the winter yachts often cruise the Caribbean. SE Asia and the Middle East are becoming increasingly popular with yachts. It is not always the case that a yacht will do a dual season. Some yachts may just stay in one location all year round and during the 'off-season' carry out all their maintenance works.



Rock Formations on the Beach

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We can't wait to find you your dream placement.

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Registered company number: 14412505


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Yacrew - We stand with Ukraine!

Getting a Yacht Job - The Recruitment Process

The yachting industry is a notoriously difficult industry to get into; the old phrase ‘it’s who you know, not what you know’ springs to mind!

So how do you go about giving yourself the best possible chance of securing yourself that dream job aboard a yacht or superyacht? Our step-by-step guide is designed to help you understand the recruitment process - to help newbies to get their foot in the door and existing crew to find new and exciting roles within the industry.

crew for luxury yachts

Step 1 - Research

Are you cut out for the lifestyle.

Really think about whether you would suit working on a superyacht – not everyone is cut out for this lifestyle! As luxurious as it may sound, there's a lot of hard work to be done, both physically and mentally.

You’re often dealing with very wealthy and powerful owners, their families, and all their guests. The hours are typically very long and at the same time, you’re sleeping in shared cabins, away from home for extended periods of time, and personal privacy becomes a rarity – and you have to be able to handle all of this whilst maintaining the highest of spirits.

What are the job roles?

You will also need to understand the different job roles. The term ‘yacht crew’ refers to many different roles on board a superyacht; some are more hospitality-focused, such as a steward or stewardess, while others more skill-based, such as an engineer. Whilst you may be planning to enter the industry as a deckhand and work your way up, it’s important to understand the roles, duties, and responsibilities of all crew on board. See the different crew roles explained here .

Step 2 – Prepare

Make sure you have the right training.

There are numerous crew training providers within the superyacht sector and a range of courses and certifications – some of which are mandatory, such as some STCW certificates , while others will simply help you obtain a more desirable set of skills.

Having additional skills (such as another language) and your interests listed on your CV is a huge help in making you stand out from other applicants, so consider which, if any, additional courses you may want complete to help you in obtaining and succeeding in your chosen role before you actively start looking for work.

Get your CV sorted

First things first, you must make sure that you have an up-to-date and professional CV before you can get out there.

Step 3 – Get out there

Yachting hot spots and dock walking.

There are several ways to find work in the yachting world. It is highly recommended to move to the yachting hubs and hiring ports of the world (as crew jobs can come up at any time) and networking in the local yachtie hangouts to get yourself noticed. Different yachting hotspots have their peak periods. You can then be in the right place at the right time to hand deliver your CV to potential employers.

Dock walking is a good way of getting a job, mainly on small yachts. The usual way to obtain crew work is literally to walk the docks and marinas, visit crew agencies and even frequent pubs/cafés used by existing crew.

It is important to dress appropriately, as you are selling yourself. Make sure that you 'look the part' as first impressions count i.e. smart, wearing deck-shoes and a smart shirt (a yacht shirt if you have one).

Almost all crew begin their careers by first doing day work: single, one-off jobs which offer cash and valuable experience. Day work is casual work given by the half day or full day but can stretch into several weeks as the work requires.

It is actually the perfect way to trial different sizes and styles of yacht, to see first-hand how the crew dynamics work and to get a real feel of the work required before committing to a contract.

Of course, casual day work is highly sought after, so it is best to promote yourself as ready, willing and able for work by networking and making contacts and being in the vicinity of the yachts to be able to start work as soon as it becomes available.

Step 4 - Apply and interview

Online opportunities.

Of course, you will find a huge selection of luxury yacht crew positions advertised online. Make sure you register with a specialised super yacht recruitment job-board , such as Yacrew, and upload your CV so that you can easily apply for all suitable positions advertised there. Captains who are looking for crew use these sites to view CVs of suitable candidates.

Attend a job fair

You should also consider attending a specialised recruitment fair. The Cruise Job Fair taking place in London every year is the largest recruitment event within the cruise sector but there are always several recruitment agencies attending who are looking specifically for quality candidates for superyachts.

The advantage of attending an event like this is that you get to meet the recruiters face-to-face, hand over and discuss your CV, get valuable advice and immediate feedback.

Some training centres attend the job fair; they are able to give you valuable advice and help you on your way to getting the right training, skills and qualifications.

The interview process

If you are invited to an interview, then your CV has already caught the eye of the captain or whoever is recruiting for the position! It is important that you make a good impression when you meet in person.

Whether you are a newcomer hoping to land your first contract, or you have previous experience, make sure that you are punctual, smart, prepared with copies of your CV, licences, references, and any other documentation and brush up on your yachting terminology. Be confident, make eye contact and offer a firm handshake. Be clear about your objectives and your career path in the industry, what you will be able to offer as a crew member why you are a good fit for the job.

Of course this will not just be about assessing your skills and abilities, a large part of it will be about your personality and character and whether you will be a good ‘fit’ with the rest of the team on board.

Step 5 – Set Sail

Get on board.

If you are successful at interview, then you will receive a formal job offer to join the yacht.

Good luck and enjoy your time at sea!

Make sure you network as much as possible during the season – as there is a lot of "it’s who you know, not what you know" – and you never know when the next opportunity may present itself!

Career Advice:

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crew for luxury yachts

Bespoke Crew recruitment is all about moving beyond the uniform by identifying and targeting talent to build your ideal crew.

Combining 15 years of industry experience, working on yachts and recruiting has enabled us to have a strengthened understanding of the importance of hiring the right crew, to deliver the ultimate client experience.

Bespoke Crew challenges the industry’s status quo on crew development, covering all aspects from new recruits to the more established crew members. We work in all departments including interior, galley, deck, engineering and any specialist roles you might have. Unlike other agencies, Bespoke Crew isn’t just providing highly qualified and experienced yacht crew, we go further to ensure a match of personalities onboard.

Our pride is taken from your positive experience and the heightened standard of tailored service that we provide.

Looking For Crew?

We will strive to go beyond your expectations, once we have a better understanding of the candidate you are looking for. We will not only make sure they have all the qualifications and experience you require for the specific role, but we will also tailor the candidate’s personality to fit in with your existing crew members.

Looking For A Job?

We not only help the more established crew in the industry secure their next desired position. The bespoke team have all experienced the yachting industry as crew members, we all once got our first position on board. Finding the right agency that will help develop your application, cv and interview skills will really help jumpstart your career.

Latest Jobs

We're looking for an experienced Lead Deckhand to join this Private 68m Sailing Yacht.

An ideal candidate would have extensive previous lead deckhand and extensive dive experience.

Yacht master Offshore essential, and prefferably hold a DiveMaster certificate and any extra skills.

Start Date: ASAP Salary: 4500 USD - DOE Leave: 45 days

Qualifications: YM Offshore, STCW10, ENG1, DiveMaster


We are currently looking for a Junior Stewardess to join this 71m Private/Charter MY.

We are looking for someone easy going with a great sense of humour to join this great crew.

Ideal candidates will have a minimum of 1 seasons experience and be confident all all aspects of the interior.

Start date 7th-12th July 60 days leave Salary 3000 USD DOE

Candidates must have a B1B2 (or equivalent) & Schengen visa/ rights to work in the EU

100% recommend this agency, they helped me get my second job in this industry. They are really helpful and do everything they can to secure you a job. Thank you Claire

Verity bulcok - stew/ masseuse, i just received my first stewardess job using bespoke crew, and claire was very helpful always stayed in contact with me even after i got the job, making sure i had a safe flight, and if i needed help with anything, i was so grateful for the help and support claire gave to me., georgia lingwood - stewardess, zoe shortlisted three candidates for me, and i interviewed two. both were the right fit for the boat and exactly what i had asked of her. one of them resulted in employment, and i couldn’t be happier. i would definitely return to zoe with any further interior recruitment requests, and i am confident she will find another good fit for our team. thank you to bespoke, abbie merritt - chief stewardess, "bespoke crew have helped me throughout my yachting career, and on both successful occasions, i have felt like they truly believe in me when putting me forward for the desired roles. claire most recently helped me secure a role that i love. there was constant communication, and i felt very supported throughout and after the recruitment process. i highly recommend bespoke crew to any candidate looking for their next adventure.”, harriet pugson - head of service, as always, the bespoke team was an absolute pleasure to work with. only sending forward candidates that match your criteria makes the hiring process fast and smooth. thank you again for finding us a great candidate who is the ideal fit for our team and owner. bespoke is, for sure, the only agent i would use for any future hiring., emma cottrell – chief stewardess., when you work with bespoke crew, you get the same high standards associated with yachting. their industry knowledge, attention to detail for each of their candidate profiles, and their drive to find the best is what yachts need in a recruitment agency., nick calligeros - chief officer, i have worked with bespoke crew for a few years now, from her helping me find positions to helping me fill them. the agents take time to really understand our needs and only send the best candidates forward. they send detailed profiles from their conversations with the crew, which really helps us to get an understanding of the candidate beforehand. they are not a typical agency who puts crew forward and forgets, they still keep in contact and follow up to check both parties are happy with the overall performance and if we have any concerns. fantastic service all around; i would highly recommend using the bespoke crew. thank you for everything, danielle hemming - chief stewardess, bespoke crew's team exhibited an impressive understanding of the yachting industry and a genuine dedication to finding the perfect match for candidates and employers. their attention to detail, personalized approach, and unwavering support throughout the recruitment process were nothing short of outstanding. bespoke crew yachting recruitment is for anyone seeking a professional, reliable, and personalized recruitment experience within the yachting industry., benjamin le marechal - head chef, the team at bespoke has always gone above and beyond to ensure each candidate presented to us not only fills the position but also aligns with our yacht's specific culture and ethos. they constantly demonstrate their passion for the industry and extensive knowledge of their own experiences, and i am always impressed with their unique, professional, yet personalized approach., georgia barber - chief stewardess, i first spoke to jacob from bespoke crew in my first few weeks of dock walking near antibes. the first call was extremely helpful; and he took an interest in my own background, qualifications, and experience. we then discussed the position i applied for in great detail. i am now secure in that role we discussed and after five months in i couldn't be happier with the yacht i am on, and the crew i am with., james lashmar - pt/ deckhand, it has been a great experience dealing with bespoke. excellent communication and a fast turnaround from the initial discussion to being placed on the yacht i am on now., euan ratley - deckhand, it was great dealing with jacob, one of the better agencies out there, tom riley - avit, claire provided such amazing support when looking for a new role. she really took the time to listen to both my previous experience and what i was looking for in the future to find the ideal position. claire’s help enabled me to make the transition from lead service to chief stewardess. i’d absolutely recommend bespoke crew to anyone in the industry., bonnie mitchell – chief stewardess, after working closely with bespoke crew over the past 3 seasons for permanent and temporary crew placement, they have become our go-to agent for crew. we have been highly satisfied with bespoke’s high caliber of service, which has been very professional yet personable. we have found they genuinely listen to and understand the requirements expressed for the crew sought and deliver only highly suitable candidates that meet the specific experience level, necessary skillset, and personal demeanor desired., brianna stenhouse - chief stewardess, i had a fantastic experience working with frankie. she found my cv, reached out to me, and i was successful in landing the first role she presented me with, which she ensured met my needs. she is communicative, friendly, and professional; most importantly, in a recruiter-candidate relationship, she comes across as very honest. when i am ready for my next opportunity, and if i take on any recruitment on board, i know who to call. i look forward to working with frankie again., helena sanguinetti - purser, i had a great experience with claire from bespoke crew she’s super helpful, always checks-in, and answers all of my questions. she helped me land my new role on an amazing yacht with great opportunities. i’m so happy for all of the support, i would love to work together with her again in the future would really recommend bespoke crew., linn sundqvist - stewardess, i had the luck to have claire contact me from bespoke crew recruitment. as a greenie, i heard it would be hard starting in the industry, and only on my second day of searching for a job, claire told me about me three amazing options. one of the yachts got in contact with me, and the next day and everything fell into place. she takes time to get to know you and find the job that would make you happy on all terms. thank you, claire, for sticking by me the trust i have in you is immense., zoé meeuwens - stewardess, this is the first crew agent where we feel listened to and not just sent 10+ candidates that vaguely fit our requirements and with the candidates that we hire through bespoke crew we always get great longevity. we have complete faith and trust in the bespoke crew team, so much so that they are the only crew agent we work with., ruben mejier - chief officer, i have been using bespoke crew for the past few years. they have done a wonderful job and have presented me with first class crew to choose from and have not inundated me with an inbox full of candidates. the backup and follow up also has been exceptional. i highly recommend bespoke and their staff as an excellent choice for crew placement., scott miller - captain, it was such a pleasure working with bespoke crew thank you, claire, for your swift responses and for providing us with good quality crew that fits our specific requirements in a short time frame i look forward to working with them in the future., tina floegal - chief stewardess, i wouldn’t work with any other crew agent. the team at bespoke crew listens to exactly what we require in a candidate and delivers solid, carefully selected, and well-vetted crew. the team has placed multiple candidates across the interior, deck, engineering, and galley. their excellent communication and high level of professionalism, it makes them a joy to work with., savannah squire - chief stewardess, i was first introduced to bespoke crew when i was personally called for a reference check. as we know, the industry is small, and we are all somehow connected by social interaction. checking references, especially verbal references, is of utmost importance when trying to find that “perfect fit” for your yacht. i immediately knew that the friendly, trusted voice on the end was doing their job diligently, trying to find that ‘perfect fit’ for another captain, and i respected that. we have worked closely with bespoke crew for nearly three years and have only positive feedback to contribute to their professional service. most, if not all, the crew has served on a longevity basis, all of whom fit in very well with our crew dynamic. i can highly recommend bespoke crew for your crew placement needs., aldon beukman - captain, bespoke has hands down become my number 1 crew agency. the agents i have worked with have all been extremely responsive and friendly and have made a real effort to build a relationship with you. they truly understand what you are looking for and never try to 'throw anything out there.' with my crazy schedule, they are good about chasing me up when need be and never letting anything fall by the wayside. there is always open, honest transparency, and i appreciate that so much. it is a big relief that there is such a consistent, all-star crew agency out there, brielle crumpler - chief stewardess, it’s been a pleasure dealing with the bespoke crew team ….thank you for discovering the right individuals for our program. we greatly appreciate the care is taken when introducing quality candidates to us and the effort to ensure a good long-term fit., len beck - captain, bespoke crew and their team have been a great help in finding the right people for our island. even though land-based and a very remote location, frankie was able to forward excellent candidates competent for the roles. bespoke crew is very responsive, responsible, and highly reliable. they stand behind their candidates 100%. excellent background checks and written and verbal references were provided. a great database of staff. highly recommended, ana white - general manager - private island in the caribbean, we are the managers in charge of a 25m sailing yacht and used bespoke crew to employ a new captain. frankie at bespoke crew was excellent. she acted quickly, provided regular updates, and produced an excellent list of highly qualified candidates. we placed the captain and would highly recommend her and bespoke crew., tom benson - director - seymour yachts, i am very impressed with how quickly i was put in touch with a highly suitable candidate through bespoke crew. the whole process was professional, extremely quick and efficient. i look forward to using bespoke crew in the future., doug pender - captain, the best crew agency i’ve been in contact with. i can’t thank frankie enough for landing me such an unreal job, james gordon - deckhand, professional and timely crew services delivered with a smile. thank you bespoke crew for helping me find the right job., heinz schneider-waterberg - bosun, claire from bespoke crew was amazing every step of the way when placing me on my next yacht. attentive, empathetic, and supportive, i couldn't have asked for anyone better. she went the extra mile in calling me out of her work hours to check-in too i can't recommend her enough. thank you so much claire, harriet simmonds - stewardess, are you crewpass approved.

Bespoke Crew has teamed up with CrewPass to continue to deliver only the best crew members and further ensure the safety and security of those onboard.

CrewPass conducts enhanced criminal background checks and identity verification on all its members to help us place fully vetted crew members.

Please go to www.crewpass.co.uk for more information.

Bsepoke Crew

00 44 1202 069663 [email protected]

MLC Candidate Guidance | MLC Certificate

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Luxury yacht finds purpose and passion in scientific research.

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Humpback Whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, was the focus of a recent expedition to the Silver Bank area ... [+] of the Dominican Republic. Made possible by a Yachts For Science match with Bering Yachts, with assistance from the government of the Dominican Republic, Blue Marine Foundation, Mission Blue, BOAT International, and additional nonprofits, the five day trip collected information valuable to the protection of humpback whale populations.

Imagine: One boat. Five days. Thirteen people. Thousands of humpback whales.

Nothing compares. Just ask Alexei Mikhailov, Founder and CEO of luxury superyacht builder Bering Yachts , who recently teamed up with Mission Blue through Yachts For Science , two nonprofits, for five days of research on humpback whales in the Silver Bank calving zone.

The Bering 92 Papillon as it prepared to carry the team to the research area of the Dominican ... [+] Republic's Silver Bank Marine Sanctuary to photo ID individual whales and collect eDNA as it was shed by passing cetaceans.

Anchoring eighty miles off the northeast shore of the Dominican Republic, the team quickly got to work as they were surrounded by humpback whales coming to Silver Bank to mate and birth calves. Learning, discovering, sharing academic as well as cultural knowledge, there was great communication among the scientists and crew.

Mikhailov described the profuse conversation and exchange of information while on board for the expedition, noting that the thirteen people represented nine different nationalities with a wealth of knowledge from previous work.

A Newfound Passion For A Sturdy Yacht

"I got first hand experience of how to be on board a yacht in collaboration with the expedition," Mikhailov said, emphasizing that "The amount of information, the density of information, the value of this information, was incredible." He added that not a moment was wasted. People eagerly shared their expertise with one another about various expeditions and research findings, along with details relating to culture and family. All that while being surrounded by thousands of whales in this protected calving area was "Marvelous," Mikhailov exclaimed.

After Initial Success, Helldiver’s 2 Has Lost 90% Of Its Players With No Signs Of Recovery

Dana white says former champion just had ‘his last fight’, netflix’s best new show has a perfect 100% critic score.

The team of international researchers and crew aboard the Papillon for the five-day expedition to ... [+] the humpback whale breeding ground 80 miles from the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic.

Not your everyday superyacht experience, there is increasing interest in the use of superyachts as vehicles for research. Organizations like Yachts For Science specialize in matching marine research projects to superyachts, creating expeditions that explore everything from coral reefs and marine flora to whales and microalgae.

It takes a village. The long list of those who worked to make the expedition possible includes the ... [+] Government of the Dominican Republic, Mission Blue, Blue Marine Foundation, Blue Nature Alliance, Wyss Foundation, and Caribbean Cetacean Society. Bering Yachts connected through the Yachts for Science initiative, made possible by the Ocean Family Foundation, BOAT International, Nekton, EYOS, and others.

Trip From Freeport to Silver Bank A Rough One

According to Mikhailov, the first four days were a little rough as the boat left from Freeport in the Bahamas en route to the Dominican Republic, experienced rough weather with 25 knot winds. Many on board agreed that most research boats might not be very comfortable under those conditions. Papillon , the Bering 92 the group was on, was built for just such conditions. With its steel hull and two stabilizers, Papillon made walking, cooking, sleeping, even reading, comfortable with no issues.

The Silver Bank area of the Dominican Republic Marine Sanctuary is visited by as many as 3,000 ... [+] whales each year. By contrast, the privilege of visiting the whales in the sanctuary is extended to just 500 people annually. Alexei Mikhailov, Founder and CEO of Bering Yachts is bullish on getting Bering yacht owners engaged to experience what it's like to be a part of unique scientific expeditions, offering the use of their superyachts as a research base.

DR 30-30 Pledge For Ocean Protection

The government of the Dominican Republic has committed to protect 30 percent of its ocean areas within the Exclusive Economic Zone by 2030. The protected area would include coral reefs, deep-sea corals, seamounts, whale aggregations, and a section of the deepest zone of the Atlantic Ocean, the Puerto Rico Trench. This expedition set out to photo ID individual whales and collect eDNA samples to determine which species have visited the area.

Humpback fluke as the whale completes a visit to the surface.

Mikhailov hopes to continue to partner for such expeditions in the future, hoping that his participation will encourage others, triggering a robust Caribbean effort. Bering has compiled footage for a video recording highlights of the expedition, hoping to complete many more from additional locations from the Mediterranean to the Antarctic.

About The Boat

The Bering 92 Papillon measures 29.08 meters with a 6.74 meter beam and a 1.85 meter draft. She carries a 3.6 meter tender, ten guests, and four crew across three decks. Equipped with two Cummins QSM engines and 1220 hp, she has a range of 3500 nautical miles at cruise speed with a maximum speed of 13 knots. Five solar panels, a saloon, a formal dining and entertainment area, an aft al fresco cockpit, swim platform, wet bar with grill, jetski, and spacious crew area, Papillon is engineered and outfitted for a combination of safety and comfort.

Designed to weather the storm, Bering yachts are built to be safe and capable for both owners and passengers. Sturdy, modern designs minimize noise and vibration, reduce fuel consumption, and engage alternative energy solutions. Active participants in conservation efforts, not just for videos and marketing, but with genuine commitment, Bering is positioning itself as a steward of the environment it operates in to improve the future for a thriving marine ecosystem.

Kathleen Turner

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Crew Administration

Luxury Yacht Group leads the industry in global crew placement so it follows that support with crew administration seamlessly integrates into your shore support contract.

Search and Selection

The crew is fundamental to the success of the yacht. The appointment and retention of qualified crew can be one of the biggest problems for an owner. Luxury Yacht Groups extensive data base and established recruiting techniques allows us to provide the yacht with the most qualified and appropriate crew. Our vetting procedure assures that the crew member is suitable for employment on each particular yacht. Interviews are conducted with one of our coordinators followed by reference checks. If required background checks may also be conducted.

Crew Contracts and Administration

Contracts - We are able to issue and administer employment contracts and confidentiality agreements. Crew Logistics - Assistance can be provided for crew logistics, such as travel, immigration letters, visa requirements and mail forwarding. Crew Payroll - The financial accounting team can execute crew payroll on your behalf with due regard to your statutory liability to taxes. Insurance - Assess insurance coverage for crew assist with any claims where necessary

In conjunction with the Captain we will assist with crew performance assessments and make recommendations to the owner. We will also provide the crew with career guidance and advice on training. To facilitate the safe and efficient operation of the yacht the crew needs to maintain necessary licenses and continue training so that applicable skill levels and career advancement can be accomplished.

3 rescued by St. Pete Coast Guard crew after boat sinks

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Three people were rescued after their boat sank off Egmont Key on Saturday night, according to the Coast Guard.

Officials say they were rescued by a St. Pete rescue crew around 10 p.m.

The Coast Guard says survivors called for assistance on Ch. 16 and wore life jackets. The vessel is not a hazard to navigation, according to authorities.

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10 Luxury Cruise Lines That Will Make You Want to Ditch Plane Travel Forever

Explore cruise lines that embody the VERANDA spirit, offering luxury and well-appointed design around every corner.

silversea veranda luxury cruise lines

Silversea is the “jewel in the crown” of the Royal Caribbean Group, not to mention the original luxury cruise line, first entering the space in 1994. The company touts 12 all-inclusive ships with destinations all over the world. Whether you want to explore the American West Coast, South America, Northern Europe and the British Isles, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, or even Antarctica, Silversea has a cruise to fit your fancy.

Speaking of fancy, the most luxurious cruise that Silversea offers is its 125-Day Chile to Norway sail, which rings up at $94,700. You don’t have to invest that much to enjoy a Silversea cruise, though. No matter which type of suite you book, you can expect butler service, optional 24/7 in-suite dining, endless access to premium beverages and craft cocktails, and complimentary caviar around the clock.

Paul Gauguin

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Paul Gaugin stands out for its single-ship escapade into the luxury cruise space. With a variety of cruises that explore French Polynesia and the South Pacific, Paul Gauguin is a small-ship cruise line with 7-, 10-, 11-, and 14-night itineraries that focus on intimate experiences, delectable cuisine, stunning stateroom balcony views, butler service, and more. With a 1:1.5 crew-to-guest ratio, you can rest assured knowing that all of your needs will be met aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin.

Explore Paul Gauguin Cruises

Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours

scenic luxury cruises and tours veranda luxury cruise lines

Scenic is unique in that it not only offers luxury ocean cruises but river cruises, too. The brand prides itself on operating and innovating with guest experience in mind. As such, all of its cruises have so much to offer voyagers, from extensive dining, leisure, and wellness options to striking design elements that will make you want to stay aboard for much longer than your itinerary.

Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours has nine ships with oceanic destinations spanning from the Arctic and Europe to the Caribbean and Australia. Meanwhile, if you find yourself in France, you may want to check out Scenic’s beloved river cruises, in which you can tour the Seine in the utmost style.

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Ponant has a fleet of 13 luxury cruise ships with destinations dotting the globe. The award-winning French cruise line is beloved for its tailor-made voyages, in which guests have access to myriad bespoke experiences both on and off board, from in-room dining to once-in-a-lifetime immersive excursions.

Since Ponant ships offer smaller capacity—more akin to a private yacht experience—they’re able to navigate private ports and preserved locations that large-scale cruise ships are unable to access. While aboard Ponant’s all-inclusive ships, you can anticipate exceptional French cuisine, delicious fine wines, complimentary Champagne and spirits, room service, and more.

Of course, if you need further inspiration to look into the cruise line, perhaps the fact that three-mast yacht, Le Ponant, is part of the Relais & Châteaux portfolio will do the trick.

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Crystal is renowned for its personalized voyages all over the world, not to mention its palatial suites that will leave you picking your jaw up off the floor. In addition to well-appointed design, the cruise line offers an impressive dining experience, with authentic cuisines from all over the world. So whether you’re in the mood for American, Italian, Peruvian, or Japanese food, you’ll have ample options to choose from.

It’s also worth mentioning that the luxury cruise line took it to the next level with its spa, Aurora Spa. The gorgeous, sea-view spa offers a variety of face, body, salon, and healing treatments, including massages, facials, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and even IV drip therapy—so you won’t have to worry about feeling hung over at sea (especially considering the cruise line offers complimentary Champagne, fine wines, and premium spirits).

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Windstar Cruises

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Windstar Cruises operates a six-ship fleet dedicated to extraordinary sailing experiences. With small ships that carry less than 350 passengers, Windstar prides itself on offering guests intimate, aesthetic, unforgettable voyages spanning from Asia and Australia to Italy and Iceland.

While the staterooms and suites are stunning and the shore excursions are aplenty, it’s the food that really stands out aboard Windstar. As the official cruise line of the James Beard Foundation, Windstar offers a number of themed culinary cruises with food and bev from some of the most notable chefs of today, including Maxime Bilet (The Cooking Lab) and Jose Mendin (Pubbelly Noodle Bar, Habitat, Baja Bao).

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The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

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The Ritz-Carlton is synonymous with luxury, so it’s no surprise that the company extended into oceanic adventures with a fleet of three superyachts. Where the Evrima was built in 2021, the Ilma and Luminara yachts are forthcoming in 2024 and 2025.

While classic cruise lines have a capacity in the thousands, often edging upward of 4,000, the Ritz-Carlton superyachts offer a more curated experience to 500 passengers or less. From the outside, the yachts are sleek and serene, fitting in beautifully with the sea. Within Evrima’s walls, though, moody modern interiors with magnificent ocean views await.

Guests can look forward to soaking tubs, expansive private balconies complete with sun beds and a whirlpool, walk-in wardrobes, and more. As far as destinations are concerned, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection embarks on oceanic adventures in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

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Seabourn is a luxury cruise line that speaks to our soul—and for more reasons than the simple fact that it touts a “Veranda Suite Upgrade.” The luxury cruise line sets sail in the Arctic, Canada and New England, the Amazon, Arabia, Africa, and India, and more.

Each of the fleet’s yachts, which carry between 458 and 600 guests, is outfitted with ocean-view suites only, so no matter what excursion you book, you can anticipate traveling in luxury style with a picturesque backdrop. You can also look forward to mouth-watering cuisine courtesy of renowned chef Thomas Keller.

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Cunard is known for its iconic black funnels, yes, but more so for its unparalleled large-scale onboard experiences. Although each of the cruise line’s ships carries upwards of 1,500 passengers, the four-ship fleet is adored for its luxury itineraries, stylish design, tranquil spa offerings, delectable cuisine, and unmatched comfort at sea.

Truly, if your goal is to book an unforgettable, Instagram-worthy cruise, Cunard is the way to go. From the stunning suites (decked out in pops of rich color, sumptuous textiles, and spectacular lighting) to the picturesque destinations, Cunard has it all.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

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If you want to get the most bang for your buck when booking a luxury cruise, Regent Seven Seas Cruises is a prime pick. The all-inclusive cruise line crafts a new definition of the category with complimentary roundtrip airfare, free unlimited shore excursions, include 2- to 3-night land programs, on-the-house bar and lounge experiences, and more.

The six-fleet cruise line is also known for its gorgeous interiors, complete with modern aesthetics, Art Deco embellishments, stunning chandeliers, and more. When traveling with Regent Seven Seas Cruises, guests can traverse the seven seas, with destinations in Africa and Arabia, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Caribbean and more. And if you don’t want to pick a single destination, there’s always the option to book a grand voyage or world cruise, which can last up to 168 days and cost upwards of $100,000.

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This Luxury Hotel Has Its Own Yacht — Here's What It's Like Sailing On It

The visionary couple behind the beloved Tuscan boutique hotel Borgo San Pietro has introduced "Satori," a 137-foot sailing yacht.

This lifestyle luxury group is the gift that keeps on giving.

Shattering the glass ceiling with the highly talked about, award-winning 13th-century Tuscany boutique hotel Borgo Santo Pietro, the eponymous company now extends unrivaled charm and timeless design to Satori , the ultimate yacht experience.

A tender whisks me from the port in Athens, and we'll soon be approaching the yacht. From a short distance, I see the majestic Satori — or at least I hope I do. We start to slow for disembarkment, and the nautical blue starboard, vintage schooner shape, and vertical spars, standing majestic with the gods give her away. I do an internal backflip. It’s here, aboard this five-star luxury charter,  where I’ll spend the next few nights. 

I’m greeted with flowing wine and hors d'oeuvres, and I don't know it yet, but for the next few days, every bite (and sip) I take will make my taste buds dance with the Mediterranean's brightest and most organically sourced flavors.

As my luggage is taken care of, I'm ushered towards the plush coffee lounge seating area where I meet Claus Thottrup, half of the duo behind the Borgo Santo Pietro Group of lifestyle companies. "C’est Magnifique" by Kay Starr hums in the background, and the rosé feels pleasing on the palate. Claus beams as he tells me passionately about Satori ’s air-conditioned wine cellar.

(Side note: You're invited to indulge in the wine services aboard the yacht, and with an admirable boutique collection of wines selected to complement the impressive meals on board, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason not to indulge. In fact, the cellar stocks biodynamic and sustainably produced wines sourced directly from Borgo Santo Pietro’s estate in Tuscany.)

Claus continues to tell me with pride all about the 12 years of dedication and commitment to creating excellent taste profiles. Before I know it, I’ve finished my rosé, and I'm being handed a glass of pinot noir, another Borgo classic that goes down all too well. 

Within an hour of my arrival, I slip into something more comfortable for sailing and began exploring.

At almost 137 feet in length, there’s ample opportunity for you to feel at home, and meandering through the space is easy. The teak flooring is smooth underfoot, and the flat floors make passing through each facet safe. With 376 square feet of indoor living space, encompassing a library, indoor dining area, and writing desk, you can take full advantage of the quiet moments. The best bit about this 'indoor' area is that you don’t feel like you're missing out on the sailing experience — the windows have been designed at sea level to bring expansive 360-degree views to you. In addition, the coffee deck at the stern lets you relax and be social with the wind in your hair. For complete privacy, the bow area offers an additional outdoor lounge. By night, it transforms into the most romantic cinema you’ve ever seen. 

With five luxury guest rooms including a main suite, Satori can accommodate up to 10 guests. On the other hand, with fewer guests, you can convert a cabin into a private spa facility with a steam room and treatments.

We dropped anchor in the most idyllic spots: Dokos, Hydra, Spetses, and Poros. Unlike other charters, this slimline sailing yacht can schmooze close to the turquoise rock pools and crystal-clear shallow depths. Our first stop was Agine, a picture-perfect lagoon for swimming, jet skis, and getting out the toys . Adrenaline lovers will have endless fun with the range of Seabobs, Kayaks, and Ringos.

An afternoon of frivolity can work up a serious appetite, and I soon learned that aboard Satori , feeling hungry is a good idea. No matter what time of the day, a meal is never just a plate of food; it's a labor of love, thought, and execution — and there's plenty to go around. Guests can expect to eat at the mid-deck dining table with open kitchen views and unobstructed destination scenes.  

Chefs are trained at Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium , the flagship Tuscany restaurant where authentic flavors and inventive cooking practices are the hallmarks of tantalizing cuisine. Needless to say, we were spoiled with inspired, flavourful dishes. My favorites were the lahmacun (a Middle Eastern flatbread), lobster risotto, and fresh tuna. For specifics, guests are encouraged to communicate preferences with the chef. 

Co-owners and designers Claus and Jeanette Thottrup made it their mission to capture a truly remarkable dining experience . As part of the Borgo Santo Pietro luxury lifestyle group, the culinary mission is one of great passion for the pair. With two Michelin-starred restaurants, a five-star boutique hotel, and unique guest experiences centered around food and wine, there’s no surprise that gourmet flavors are at the epicenter of a Satori voyage. 

Overamplifying the grace of Satori’s understated elegance and uncompromised comfort would ordinarily feel too much. But I catch a glimpse of myself in the glossy mahogany exterior, and amidst the deep diagonal layers of rich brown tones, I can see that Satori has gotten under my skin. Living up to her namesake meaning "instant enlightenment," I feel relaxed and at peace. Maybe it's the idea of traveling back in time?

This hand-carved wooden schooner gives all the vintage feels, as the inside decor illuminates the refined characteristics and prosperity of the 1920s and 1930s. The emphasis on clean lines, smooth round corners, and nature-inspired neutrals reflect a contemporary interpretation of Streamline Moderne . With orthopedic mattresses, sepia-tinted marble en-suite bathrooms, and technology-forward devices in every room, the old and new design elements merge unprecedentedly for a world-class sailing experience. I’m beginning to think that Satori’s unique narrative is what sailing dreams are made of.

The Genoa sail is out as we glide towards the island of Hydra. Island hopping and exploring untouched remnants of history are foremost on the itinerary. Of course, you can shape it to your liking, but for now, I felt like an Iconic star of the 1930s, taking in my first quintessential Greek experience.

A picturesque landscape that has seduced many with its stone mansions, brightly colored neighborhoods, and fairy-lit harbor is what you can expect from this island.  For us, getting lost in narrow alleys and visiting art museums is first on the agenda. Musing over the pleasant temperature came second. “This is shoulder season? It's perfect!” was the working title. Zero crowds and T-shirt weather make October in Greece a hot commodity — some might say it's the new July.  

Satori offers multiple sailing destinations, and guests can pick from a Mediterranean menu of beautiful places. Itineraries for Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, France (Corsica) can be found here . Satori sails between June through October. Booking in advance is recommended to secure dates for that eagerly awaited romantic getaway or family adventure. 

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Stuart Pearce/Courtesy of Borgo Lifestyle Group


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    The visionary couple behind the beloved Tuscan boutique hotel Borgo San Pietro has introduced "Satori," a 137-foot sailing yacht. This lifestyle luxury group is the gift that keeps on giving ...