Landyachtz Tugboat Review – Bought & Tested

By: Author Ruben Vee

Posted on Published: November 2, 2021  - Last updated: December 7, 2023

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landyachtz tugboat cruiser skateboard

Ever since I launched this blog I wanted to get my hands on the Landyachtz Tugboat. Nobody seemed to answer the right questions so I’ll do my best in reviewing this board as best as I can. It is about time to review the Landyachtz Tugboat due to popular demand, you guys won’t shut up about it so here we are.

There aren’t any real reviews out there in the blogging space (update: some spammy blogs are now copying mine), so I decided to buy this cruiser and see why people recommend this board so much. I tested the Tugboat under different circumstances. I also let one of my friends try it out to see if we are in agreement. Is it hype or is this really a good choice? We’re going to find out!

Landyachtz Tugboat First Impressions

Is the landyachtz tugboat good for beginners, rough terrain performance, cruising and carving, bear trucks, landyachtz tugboat vs dinghy, buy the tugboat when, don’t buy if.

landyachtz tugboat side view

Just look at it, so much concave! This board looks like something you can ride hard and fast! And once you get it in your hands it feels a just bit heavier compared to the Dinghy but I have no issues carrying it around. I got the Tugboat captain which seems a bit dull compared to the often playful graphics you find on other versions, but that doesn’t say anything about its performance.

It’s a bit wider and longer than the Dinghy and the tail is rather large. Lot’s of concave and the gritty wavy griptape ads a nice touch. Since I already own a couple of Landyachtz cruisers the trucks and bearings don’t hold any surprises. 

I like the huge kicktail and there are some details you won’t notice unless you’re actually looking at it closely. The grip tape feels sturdy and I really want to jump and this board and just ride! is.

The Landyachtz Tugboat is a great choice for beginners. There is lots of room for your feet, it feels very stable and doesn’t make any unexpected turns. The steep concave will take some time to get used to but it’s easy to keep you balance because it’s so wide. The trucks aren’t too loose or too tight and with some small adjustments, you tweak it to make it more or less turny.

If you’re new to cruising and have a hard time choosing between the Tugboat and the Dinghy, I would go for the Tugboat. Even experienced riders will enjoy this board so I think Landyachtz really hit the sweet spot here. Where other LY completes fail, this one is a keeper.

Tugboat Test ride

landyachtz tugboat bottom view

When I get a new cruiser is don’t tweak them and ride them straight out of the box, after a few hours I usually adjust the trucks a bit once the bushings break-in. Surprisingly this was not needed this time, for me the bushings are perfect but this also depends on your size and weight. 

I just finished testing the Landyachtz Surfskate so it took me a minute or so to get used to this thing, it’s way more stable and very easy to control, something I appreciate because I like to ride hard and aggressive.

My first push felt great, there is a lot of room for your feet which makes it extra stable and I quickly got used to this cruiser. You really feel the concave which is something you need to get used to. Also, the griptape is quite sticky, it takes more effort to move my feet around and get them in the proper position compared to other cruisers.

The stickiness will go away in time but it was very noticeable, once you adjusted, you’ll be fine. If it’s too much for you, you could sand it down a bit but better just to be patient, it will wear eventually.

This board just plows through anything, really digging it so far but I need to ride it a bit more so I’ll update this post accordingly.

I developed a routine now and know a few spots in my area to test the abilities of a cruiser. The Tugboat plows through patches of grass, small rocks, gravel, or the bonus stuff you get in Autumn like Acorns, chestnuts, and shells. The wheels just push them aside and sometimes even launch them into orbit.

Really rough asphalt (the ones full of holes and cracks) feels a bit uncomfortable and you’ll have a harder time controlling this board. To be fair, my Comet Cruiser also has issues when I ride this area.

Slides are possible if the surface is slick enough, my local bike path is perfect for cruising but it’s less suitable for sliding unless it’s been raining. Nevertheless, you can (power) slide this board a bit or do some backside 180 slides on concrete if you’re skilled enough, the steep concave and sticky grip tape should provide enough support to pull it off.

It’s a joy to ride but as always with Landyachtz Completes, the bearings could be better and I’m not a fan of the Fatty Hawgs wheels. That aside, it really is a fun ride and you can cruise with confidence without having to worry about eating sh*t.

It’s pretty carvy and maintains speed for quite some time depending on the surface you ride. It’s fast, maneuverable, and responds very quickly if you need to avoid pedestrians or cyclists. 

It does lose grip when you perform really sharp turns, perhaps if ride it a bit more this will change but it’s not a surfskate. Overall I’m pretty content with this board, really love how it rides straight out of the box and the bushings seem to handle fine. There is no need to adjust the tightness of the trucks but to be honest, that really depends on your weight.

Lightweight might want to loosen the trucks a little, heavyweights won’t have to do anything. Just ride it for a few hours and adjust it to your liking.

The Tugboat provides more stability downhill but I won’t recommend bombing hills. The trucks just can’t handle it and at some point, you get speed wobbles. It holds up on mellow slopes though, and you have to really push it to lose control.

The Landyachtz Tugboat is not a trick board, people often ask if you can ollie or kickflip cruisers but they aren’t made for that. Sure you can, but you need to be very skilled before you can pull this stuff off and why not get a regular skateboard if you want to learn tricks?

Just slap some softer and bigger wheels on a popsicle skateboard and you’ll have a board for cruising and tricks, it’s that easy.

You are able to ollie curbs or at least get your board of the ground. The kicktail is pretty far from the ground to popping it is extremely difficult. You don’t need to though, just apply a bit of pressure and swipe your front foot and you ‘ollie’ a curb, no problem.

Basic tricks like slides or manuals are certainly possible though I wouldn’t recommend practicing manuals on a new cruiser, you’ll destroy the tail. You could get a tail guard, this will prevent your tail from becoming a razor blade.

Landyachtz Tugboat Components

landyachtz tugboat front view

Let’s take a close look at what the Tugboat is made of and what you can do to improve its performance. In my opinion, this board is great from the start but after a while, you might want to make a few adjustments. is.

Like always everything is fine with Landyachts, great deck, rides right out of the box, stable yet nimble, but the wheels and bearings – I’m still not convinced. The trucks are solid as always, I love the shape and concave of the deck and the huge kicktail is great for a more aggressive stance.

The deck consists of a kicktail and a curbed nose (for those who are skilled at nose manuals) and has a rather deep concave. The concave will take some time to get used to if you come from a longboard or a beginner cruiser like the Globe Big Blazer .

I personally really like it because it gives you that extra grip you need when you do some aggressive turning or plow through gravel. The huge kicktail has a really steep angle, more than any cruiser I currently own but really helps you to dig in when you are heading for a rough patch.

The grip tape is extremely sticky so you really need to make an effort to move your feet around, like I said this will go away after some time but I have a feeling it will stay firm. It also depends on the type of shoes you are wearing. For cruising, I usually get my Etnies Maranas because of the support they offer.

Because of its steep concave, you can actually do a couple of tricks if you know how. Beginners should really stay away from this stuff because this board isn’t meant for tricks.

Bear trucks are part of Landyachtz and they hold up fine, still, I think Paris trucks would do better. However, Bear trucks are high quality and can take a beating and they are able to carve to a certain extend.

If you carve deep and pull all our weight in a turn the bushings will say “no further” and you’ll notice your board giving away under you. To be fair, this is not a surfkate board and I might have tried some stuff this board wasn’t meant for but I ride another cruiser that won’t give away once you really test them to the max.

I wouldn’t grind curbs or anything though, they weren’t made for that. Might as well replace them with Independent trucks if that’s what you’re after.

I tested a couple of Landyachtz cruisers already and I dread buying a new one because I always get the same wheels that don’t impress me. Sure the Fatty Hawgs work but they do annoy me because there are so many better wheels out there. Can’t blame a company for using their own stuff though.

I do like the size, 60 mm seems like a good choice and to be honest, I like them better than the 63 mm version. They easily run over cracks and either launch small pebbles or run over them.

Upgrading the wheels once you get better at cruising is advised. It’s a great starter cruiser and the components work well together but there isn’t any harm in making it even better.

I’ll repeat my findings, Fatty Hawg wheels are okay cruiser wheels but they lack grip. The wide contact patch really helps you to to maintain stability and you can pull off slides on slick surfaces (which is such a great feeling).

The bearings have integrated spacers and aren’t that great. You won’t notice if you’re a newbie but I would replace them as soon as you get a chance. Ride it for a while and once you feel like you know this board and how it behaves, upgrade the bearings (and don’t forget to buy spacers). It will make a huge difference!

If you don’t mind me making a couple of suggestions, consider Bronson Raws or Bones Swiss 6. You’ll notice the difference right from the start.

It’s a complete setup, and you get stuff that works well together but you’ll also pay for being lazy.

I get this question a lot and the truth is it comes down to personal preference. The Tugboat is obviously better for people who are taller than average or rider with large feet. If this is you, the Tugboat is a better choice.

There is a slight difference in how they ride, the Dinghy is a bit more nimble and a bit harder to keep your balance. If you’re an absolute beginner, the Tugboat will make it easier to learn how to ride. The Tugboat is more forgiving and has more room for your feet, the Dinghy is way more unstable and for those who know how to ride.

If you skated in your younger years both are a good choice, but somehow I get a feeling you’ll appreciate this board more than the Dinghy because of it’s old school vibe.

Should You Buy The Landyachtz Tugboat?

landyachtz tugboat in the wild

It really depends like always. If you’re in doubt between the Dinghy and the Tugboat and never skated before, this is definitely the board you want. But this also goes for experienced riders. All I can say is that this cruiser offers a comfy ride and won’t do anything you won’t expect it to do when you’re slightly off stance. Easy to correct mistakes and a pretty chill ride.

You are new to cruising, are an old school skater that wants to ride again, love skateboarding, and want something agile to commute. Also, heavy riders and tall skateboarders with huge feet will absolutely love this board.

I tried to tear down this board any possible way I can but truth be told it is a super rad board and I really dig how hard I can push it without losing my balance. You’ll feel very comfy on this board and soon enough you’ll appreciate its quirks. Once you can push it to its limits it’s time to upgrade the wheels and bearings.

This will take you a year or two, so come back to this post once you’re ready and I’ll have listed the perfect upgrade for you.

Geez, I was pretty critical about this board and now I have to come up with something why you shouldn’t buy. Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the price tag, 200 bucks is quite expensive.

If you’re a newbie you might want to consider a cheaper board like the Globe Big Blazer . This board is really easy to ride for beginners. Ride it for a couple of seasons, sell it,  and get a better board!

Don’t buy the Tugboat if you want to do tricks, it is hard to ollie and I’ll give you mad repect if you are able to kickflip this board, it’s not meant for gnarly stuff and just a waste of the deck.

Not much more to add, it is a great complete cruiser board after all.

landyachtz tugboat cruiser bottom

I buy this stuff myself and I have to be honest with you, the Fatty Hawg wheels are okay but nothing special. They provide enough grip (except when it’s wet) you can slide on slick surfaces and overall they are fine, just not something to write home about.

Landyachtz produces their own wheels which makes the overall setup cheaper (I hope) but at 200 bucks you might want to consider setting up your own cruiser. It doesn’t get 5 stars, 4 is more than enough because it’s expensive.

Don’t be discouraged though, after testing 10 cruisers and getting another Landyachtz, it becomes a bit boring testing the same components over and over again. You probably just buy one cruiser ever and you’re settled.

The same goes for the bearings, nothing special. There are better bearings out there but you really have to assemble all the parts yourself to get you the perfect cruiser setup but it depends on what you want and what you prefer. is.

I absolutely LOVE this board and it really performs beyond expectation s. It feels really solid and stable and anyone will have a ton of fun riding this board. The grip tape will take some time to get used to but it really helps you to dig in and ride aggressively while you can also just lay back and just go for a super chill cruise.

So after a while, you probably want to get more out of this board and I would suggest some upgrades. Can’t go wrong with OJ super Juice and some decent bearings. It will make quite a difference.

Make sure to read about all the other boards I tested, check out my list of best cruiser skateboards .

Ruben vee

I’m an aged skateboarder and still shred responsibly. Started skateboarding 25 years ago, peaked in the 2000’s, and still ride to this day. I am a total geek when it comes to skateboard gear, love test to stuff and share my findings.

Our editorial process is dedicated to providing high-quality, fact-checked content, ensuring the best experience. If you spot any inaccuracies, please let us know ([email protected]), and we will take immediate action.

Landyachtz reviews • Mini cruiser review

Landyachtz Tugboat Review (Beginner-friendly mini-cruiser)

July 7, 2022

landyachtz tugboat beginner

The Landyachtz Tugboat isn’t as hyped up as I think it should be, it’s one of the best mini cruisers in the game and I cannot recommend it enough. Check out my review to find out more about it.

Table of Contents


  • Length:  30″
  • Width: 9-9.24″
  • Wheelbase: 15”
  • Construction: 7plys Canadian Maple
  • Stiffness: Normal (not super flexible)
  • Max weight: Not sure but hold about 250lbs comfortably
  • Wheels: 63mm Fatty Hawgs, 63mm Doozy Hawgs, or 60mm EZ Hawgs 
  • Trucks: 130mm, or 150mm TKP Polar Bear trucks 
  • Bearings: Bear Space Balls Abec 7 bearings.

Landyachtz Tugboat Review

The Tugboat has been designed as the “bigger” brother of the Dinghy. Its wider size makes it more suitable for riders looking for a stable mini cruiser that is more comfortable and easier to ride than the Dinghy.

landyachtz tugboat review

It’s also been made with riders that have bigger feet in mind.

And honestly, mission accomplished. The Tugboat feels loads easier to ride than the Dinghy whilst still feeling very much like a mini-cruiser.

It’s definitely more comfortable to stand on it for much longer periods of time and my feet don’t feel as tired when riding it. The wider trucks make it loads more stable and my feet don’t work as much to keep it going straight.

And it’s just as portable as the Dinghy, but just a tiny bit heavier. 

My only complaint is the 150mm TKP trucks turn a bit sluggishly – they aren’t very nimble. 

But that said, if you want something super stable, this is still a great option.

The best version of the Tugboat is the one with 130mm Polar Bears. It is both turny, and stable. I highly recommend it.

landyachtz tugboat with 130mm trucks

Owning both the Tugboat and the Dinghy, I’d pick the Tugboat (with 130mm wide trucks) every time.

I also found it loads easier to do tricks on the Tugboat. The Ollie came more naturally to me and the kickflip too. I can’t say that t will be good for learning tricks, but it is certainly one of the most trick friendly mini-cruisers I’ve skated.

Is the Tugboat comfortable?

The Tugboat is generally a comfortable board. And you can look at that in two ways. 

The first is that it is comfortable to ride. Because it comes with wide stable trucks, it is easy to keep it balanced and going straight. Your feet/legs don’t get fatigued easily when riding.

riding the Landyachtz Tugboat

When you’re out cruising for longer periods of time, this is important. You can ride for longer without feeling the board is holding you back too much.

This is a contrast to the Dinghy where you have to actively work to keep it going in a straight line. You get quickly fatigued riding the Dinghy around.

The concave is steep

The Tugboat has some decently aggressive concave. 

It steepest around the middle of the board, and then mellow outs more towards the tail and nose.

Tugboat concave

If you stand directly in the middle of the board, it isn’t super comfortable … but this may vary for people as how you feel about concave varies from person to person.

But standing over the front and rear bolts, for your front foot you get a bit of concave cradling your heels, whilst the mellow part sits under your front toe.

For the back foot it is vice versa. You get steeper concave on your toes, and mellower concave under your heels.

Is the concave comfortable?

The concave is generally comfortable. However, at times, it can feel a bit restrictive. That said, I don’t mind it.

I would definitely prefer something mellower, but the Tugboat concave is ok as it is.

Landyachtz tugboat top view

How is the Tugboat deck?

The Tugboat deck is solid and feels high-quality.

It has decent pop (as much as you’d expect for a minicruiser), and feels like it would last me a long time.

Is the Tugboat stable?

The Tugboat comes with wide trucks that have stiff bushings. This makes it quite stable.

Compared to other smaller mini cruisers, the Tugboat isn’t as nimble and reactive. It takes turns a lot slower and doesn’t react too suddenly to you shifting your weight.

is the landyachtz tugboat stable?

This is great. It makes the Tugboat beginner-friendly and easy to ride. It also makes it easy to balance on for long periods of time.

Because of this, the Tugboat is one of the few mini cruisers that feel great to me to ride in day in and day out and I would recommend it over smaller mini cruisers like the Dinghy.

However, too much stability can be a bad thing.

Is the Tugboat turny?

The Tugboat isn’t the most turny of boards.

With the 130mm wide trucks, the Tugboat has a good balance of turning and stability. It doesn’t turn too suddenly, but still turns enough that it feels comfortable in a city environment where I need to take loads of sharp turns.

But with the 150mm wide trucks, the Tugboat simply doesn’t turn enough. Yes, it is very stable, but the trade off for reduced turning doesn’t feel worth it. I found myself using the kicktail a lot more to turn and that didn’t feel natural and intuitive.

bear tkp trucks and paris tkp trucks

I also had to flip the roadside washer of the front truck to try and get more turning – It worked, but I didn’t need to do this on the 130mm version of the Tugboat.

The 130mm version is a great balance of turn and stability

If you do choose the Tugboat, I urge you to get the 130mm version. It will give you the best balance of turning and stability.

Are the components high-quality?

The Tugboat comes with high-quality Bear trucks, Bear Spaceball Bearings, and Hawgs wheels. All top-tier longboard brands.

tugboat components

Frequently asked question about the Tugboat

Should i get dinghy or tugboat.

The Tugboat is bigger than the Dinghy. This makes it more comfortable to ride for longer periods of time and more suitable for bigger riders.

The extra width does make it less manuevarable than the Dinghy, but this also translates to added stability. This makes it more beginner friendly than the Dinghy too.

Landyachtz Dinghy vs Tugboat

I much prefer the Tugboat over the Dinghy.

Is the Landyachtz Tugboat fast? (are the wheels good?)

The Tugboat comes with a variety of wheels. All feel decent for cruising. They all accelerate decently and have decent momentum. The wheels are high-quality and all work well for their size.

The version I had came with EZ Hawgs. These accelerated quickly and had decent momentum, but they reflected a bit more road vibration than I was comfortable with.

EZ Hawgs and Fatty Hawgs

If you do get the Tugboat, go with the Fatty Hawgs or Doozy Hawg variants.

The upside of the EZ Hawgs is that they slide very easily.

Is the Landyachtz Tugboat good for power sliding?

With the EZ Hawgs, the Tugboat felt very easy to power slide. I felt I could easily force the board into a slide.

However, the Tugboat doesn’t feel natural/intuitive to slide. The front truck is wedged, and this messes with how the board slides.

sliding the Landyachtz Tugboat

I could break into a slide easily, but I couldn’t hold a slide out for as long as I’d like – something I could do on other minicruiser quite easily.

Without the wedging, I don’t think this would be an issue.

That said, yes you could powerslide the Tugboat. But it isn’t the best platform for learning slides on. You’d want a slightly longer board as it would offer a more forgiving learning experience.

Can you do tricks on a Landyachtz Tugboat?

You could probably learn to ollie on this board, but it wouldn’t be that great for learning other things.

In my opinion, minicruiser generally aren’t great boards for learning to do tricks on.

is the Landyachtz Tugboat good for doing tricks?

That said, I’ve had an easier time doing kickflips, ollies, and otehr tricks on this mini cruiser than I have on others.

If you MIGHT want to learn tricks somewhere down the line, the Tugboat can make sense as a viable option. But I wouldn’t choose it if learning tricks is one of your primary goals.

Is the Landyachtz Tugboat good for beginners?

I think the Tugboat is the most beginner-friendly mini-cruiser available today.

If you want a forgiving riding experience, it’s the complete to go for.

Can the Tugboat ride over pebbles?

Yes, the wheels are big enough that it can ride over smaller pebbles with ease. It will also handle road imperfections like cracks and roughness well too.

landyachtz tugboat beginner

Where to buy the Landyachtz Tugboat?

You can buy the Landyachtz Tugboat here at the Stoked ride shop.

You can also buy the Landyachtz Tugboat here at

Did you enjoy this review of the Landyachtz Tugboat?

The Tugboat has really surprised me. I threw the 130mm Paris TKPs from my Fireball cruiser on it, and I really fell in love with it. It’s one of the best mini cruisers that you can buy.

Thanks for reading.

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landyachtz tugboat beginner

Riding Boards

Landyachtz Tugboat review

Posted on Last updated: December 6, 2022

Categories Gear & reviews

Landyachtz Tugboat review

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The Tugboat mini-cruiser is designed for daily urban commuting and nimble transportation around the neighborhood or a college campus.  It’s also a cool technical board riders can do a lot with (keep reading). At slightly over $150, it’s a reasonably priced quality cruiser.

Table of Contents

What is the Tugboat good for?

This board is small and lightweight enough to be easily carried under your arm or attached to a backpack (may even fit inside it).  You can stash it under a desk or inside a locker.

It is sized like a regular skateboard but feels like a longboard when ridden, namely due to its trucks and wheels.  Yet, it’s larger than other mini-cruisers such as the Dinghy.

The Tugboat is fast, smooth and quick turning, easy to carve on with control similar to a street skateboard.  Sidewalk-to-street transitions on the Tugboat are smooth and seamless.  It handles wet terrain and dirt/debris very well, rarely stopping in its track.

Its good-sized kicktail and small nose also make it a good board for street tricks (kicks and flips) and some bowl/ramp shredding.

Experienced longboarders commonly take it downhill – some have even ditched their downhill boards to ride their Tugboat instead.

Heavier skaters particularly appreciate the Tugboat since it’s bigger than your average mini-cruiser, with more room for larger feet and better stability.

Tugboat vs Dinghy?

The Dinghy ( see my full review here ) is the Tugboat’s close little brother, one of the best-known mini-cruisers out there.  Although the two longboards have similar DNAs, the Tugboat is longer (30″ vs 28″) and wider (9.25″ vs 8″) compared to the Dinghy.

The extra 2″ on the Tugboat makes a significant difference in the way the board feels, making it more stable and less sketchy than the Dinghy.  The bigger platform makes for better riding comfort without losing maneuverability.

The Tugboat’s full-sized trucks are wider than the Dinghy’s, also helping make the Tugboat a lot more stable at higher speeds.  This contributes to the board’s being well-suited for some downhill riding.

Overall, the Tugboat thrives to offer the extra room and stability many Dinghy riders are lacking when slashing around town and down hills.  The Tugboat costs around $30 more than the Dinghy. Personally, I think it’s worth every extra penny.

UPDATE : Loaded Boards has recently released the Loaded Ballona , a great new challenger to the Tugboat and Dinghy. The Ballona has very impressive capabilities for commuting, tricks, and freeride, all in a compact and portable package.

Landyachtz Tugboat deck and design

The Tugboat deck is 30″ long by 9.25″ wide with a 14.8″ wheelbase. It’s made of solid 7-ply Canadian maple wood, making it very strong – it will withstand the pressure of a 200-pound rider doing jump tricks without issues.

Again, the size of the deck makes it a perfect board for riding around college campus and carrying it everywhere.

The Tugboat’s 7″ kicktail is quite generous allowing for kick turns and kick/flip tricks.  The 4″ upturned nose is big enough to let you do some nice manuals and nose rides, and comes in very handy in a bowl.

Landyachtz Tugboat kicktail and nose

The deck’s stiffness complements the kicks to make the Tugboat a capable freestyle/street/tricks board, while staying true to its street commuting goals (see trucks and wheels sections).

As you can see in the above picture, the board has a nice medium radial concave (0.5′) with slightly uplifted rails, keeping your feet reasonably locked-in for comfortable speed (e.g. downhill).  The concave, however, is not so deep as to keep your feet to move around freely when cruising and freestyling.

Being a “hybrid” type shape close to a traditional popsicle street deck, the Tugboat does not have full wheel cutouts.  However, its beveled  wheel wells  on the bottom, and wheel flares  above, serve the dual purpose of providing extra wheel clearance and blending into the lifted contours for more secure foot placement.

Landyachtz Tugboat deck

The Tugboat has quality grip tape  applied by the manufacturer.  While rumor has it that the board comes with soft grip for comfortable carrying, this is something of the past. The grip on the newer Tugboat is rough and tough for rugged street and park riding.

The graphic artwork, on the other hand, is very nice and delicate, and it really hurts to scratch it! That’s inevitable though.

landyachtz tugboat beginner


Landyachtz Tugboat Dog Temple



Landyachtz Tugboat owl emboss

Landyachtz Tugboat trucks

The Tugboat comes standard with 155mm traditional kingpin (TKP) Polar Bear trucks – though some configs run the 130mm version instead.  These are pretty big trucks found on some traditional full-sized longboards.  Again, this is in contrast to the Dinghy which can only accommodate very small trucks (105mm) due to its tiny size.

The result is a smoother and more stable ride.  The Bear trucks are awesome, they turn on a dime and are very surfy. Imagine a board as maneuverable and reactive as a street skateboard but with much bigger deck and wheels.  This is a street skater’s dream, particularly when it comes to riding across town.

The Polar Bear trucks give the Tugboat a very smooth and carvy feel due to well-aligned, straight-spinning bearings – the truck hangers are machine-faced with extra gussets under them. Riding the streets and sidewalks on these trucks is pure joy.

When it’s time for freestyle, the heat-treated reinforced hanger offers the strength and smoothness needed for flip and grind tricks.  The baseplate’s 8 holes also allow customization (old vs new school).

The Tugboat is sometimes configured with Paris 149mm trucks, which give the board a different, more traditional “skatey” feeling compared to the Bear trucks.

One thing to note is that the topmount deck results in the board sitting quite high above the ground . This, combined with the deck’s relatively short wheelbase, makes the Tugboat better suited for riders with some experience.  Handling it may be a bit challenging for a beginner longboarder.

The stock bushings are good enough for average riders, but a higher durometer would be best for a heavier rider – a set of Venom bushings may result in smoother cruising.

Astonishingly, the Tugboat comes with wedged risers on the front trucks, something not commonly found on most longboards out-of-the-box. Wedging the front trucks improves the board’s carving ability by making the front wheels turnier than the rear wheels – which are comparatively more stable for control.

This helps to make the Tugboat much “surfier” and more pumpable than a regular longboard.  The wedged front truck contributes to the special carving feeling you get on this board.  See my post on longboard pumping for more on wedging.

Landyachtz Tugboat wheels

By default, the Tugboat comes with 63mm, 78A Fatty Hawg wheels .  These are good-quality, softer wheels that make for a smooth ride on reasonably smooth terrain.

Due to their relatively small size, however, when riding on rougher terrain, poorly paved roads, or sidewalks, the board starts to feel a bit bumpy.  Many riders like to get bigger wheels, 70mm to 76mm such as Orangatang Stimulus for a smoother experience on rougher roads.

Typically, you should not experience wheelbite when switching to bigger wheels, but this will depend on your weight and how loose or tight you run your trucks. If you do get wheel rub, you can easily fix the problem by putting on taller risers , e.g. some Dime Bag 1/8 risers or other 1/4 pads.

Of course, the downside of larger wheels (and taller risers) is that it will make the Tugboat sit even higher above the ground.  It may consequently require more effort to push on over longer distance commutes, and be harder to break into slides.

Note : some hardcode street skaters choose to run smaller, 52mm Ricta Clouds to get a true street feel with the Tugboat’s larger deck, for just shredding sidewalks or skateparks – vs cruising and commuting.

The stock bearings on the Tugboat are 8mm Bear Spaceball bearings , which are quality bearings that are astonishingly quiet and spin smoother the more you ride.  I was impressed by the noticeable improvement to my gliding over time.

Final words

Many Tugboat riders are enthusiastic about this longboard – they find it amazing and often say it’s the best board they’ve ever bought (though the Dinghy remains a strong contender) including after months of using it.

Whether or not one agrees, the Tugboat is a really good choice for quick city commuting. Aside from urban cruising, it’s a good board for skatepark riding and technical street tricks.  Like most Landyachtz products, the Tugboat is a high-quality board at an affordable price.

If you’re a reasonably experienced rider, you can have a blast on this larger-than-average mini-cruiser, and you can easily customize it make it even better for surfing city sidewalks or campus alleys.

Tuesday 28th of September 2021

Hi there, I have really enjoyed your reviews. thanks so much for the effort you put it. I bought a Big Blazer as my first ever skateboard and now I am considering having a second board just to test out something slightly different. I will only been cruising on it. No tricks. What are your thoughts on the Dinghy Blunt? Do you think this is a good option because it has 130mm trucks so it sits between the tugboat and classic Dinghy. I don’t think I have seen any reviews from you on the blunt. Would love to know your thoughts.

Monday 26th of October 2020

Hi, I'm thinking of getting a tugboat or a classic dinghy, but am not sure which one. I have some experience on a regular skateboard and can ride, push and turn fairly confidently, and would mainly be using the board for getting around places. I'm 6 foot 2, average weight and size 11 shoes, do you have a recommendation between the two?

Saturday 6th of June 2020

I just bought a tugboat as a complete beginner. Did I make a mistake? I'm 32 6'0" 180 lbs 12.5 size foot. I tried standing on a dhingy and felt nervous putting both feet on it. I am using this strictly for city commuting. Should I have gone with something like an Ember or Pantheon Trip? Or do you think I can learn on my Tugboat? I bought a helmet, & knee/elbow/wrist pads for falls.

Monday 27th of July 2020

Hey Bob. I'm sure you already know now, but I'm a complete beginner around your age and bought the Tugboat as well.

Simply tighten your trucks a little and the wheel screws to kinda lock you in and slow you down slightly and make you feel more secure/stable on the board.

It does sit pretty high making balancing a bit more difficult while just starting on a skateboard and will extend into attempting to pop an ollie, but since it sits higher - I'm told you can technically pop higher ollies once you get the snap down.

And finally, compared to a traditional longboard that sits low to the group with drop throughs - Learning slides will be very challenging. It's basically just saying it sits higher so it will be harder to balance and control.

Overall, the height and increased balance required seemed like the only negative and non-beginner friendly aspect of the board. Otherwise, it's near perfect in regards to being a technically capable cruiser that can also handle hills you'd feel more secure going down on a longboard. Perfect commuter IMO. Just adjust the wheels/bearings to whatever your city commute presents.

Monday 11th of May 2020

You say that "Tugboat [is] better suited for riders with some experience" - I'm looking for a board exclusively for city cruising/commuting as a beginner with absolutely no experience. Can you point me in the right direction?

Tuesday 12th of May 2020

Depends on many things such as your height/weight, where you'll be riding (e.g bike trails vs sidewalks, crowded streets vs open roads, smooth vs rough terrain), whether you will be mainly pushing or pumping, whether you need to carry your board around and/or stow it under a desk), whether you want to do other things as well (e.g. tricks, speed, dancing, bowls etc)... Some resources to get you started are this post and this longboard quiz tool. HTH! ride on

Monday 20th of April 2020

Getting my first skateboard in 20 years. Debating between the Tugboat and the Ditch Life. I will probably mostly cruise but also want to be able to ollie up curbs and maybe try to get my manuals down. Probably not any flip tricks in my future. I have been hashing out this decision for a week. Please help! We I am 41 years old 6’2”, 175lbs size 11.5 feet. I do some long boarding occasionally but haven’t been on a regular deck in 20 years. Thanks!

Thursday 23rd of April 2020

Hum tough call, the ATV is slightly bigger (31" vs 30" length, 9.75" vs 9.25" width) but same wheelbase. The Tugboat is a pure cruiser shape while the ATV is a dual kick street-like deck. I would say the ATV is more for tricks and flips while the Tugboat is designed for city cruising. They both have a 15" wheelbase though. The ATV comes stock with slightly smaller wheels - better for tricks vs cruise. It really comes down to that nose kick, larger and steeper on the ATV so it may be less comfortable for mellow cruising even though the ATV has slightly more foot platform. In your case I'd probably go for the Tugboat. Or, you can flip a coin :)

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landyachtz tugboat beginner

landyachtz tugboat beginner

Landyachtz Tugboat Review : (A BlockBuster From A Reliable Brand!)

Landyachtz Tugboat Review

Are you looking for a nice board for some city cruising? Or maybe a board that will allow you to do some street kicks and skateparks riding? If your answer is yes to both, then you might want to consider a Landyachtz tugboat.

Many riders had expressed their enjoyment while riding the tugboat even over the Landyachtz Dinghy , which is one of their best-sellers. So let’s see what this tugboat has to offer and if it is as amazing as to how most riders describe it.

About Landyacthz

Landyachtz has been providing high-quality skateboards for over 20 years now. It all started as a way to have fun and cruise around the campus with a group of skateboarders. From skating around campus to riding more adventurous terrain, they started to create their version of skateboards.

The team learned to push the boundaries of skating and it made them level up and create a stronger and functional skateboard. They realized that the boards they had during the ’90s could not sustain the everyday abuse of riding with more speed and skating on more challenging terrain.

Due to that realization, they improved their skateboard completes year after year, producing better and longer-lasting completes. Their passion to innovate and paying close attention to detail had them stand out from other skateboard companies.

With their over two decades of experience, one of Landyachtz’s goals is to develop perfect completes. A skateboard that is ready to hit the road as soon as it arrives with no adjustments needed. They learned that in order to achieve this, all components should fit perfectly together.

Because of their commitment to providing quality products that will offer the best value and enjoyment to users, all their products from decks to trucks and wheels were rigorously tested in extreme circumstances. They also learned which materials to use in order to create strong and high-quality products.

Even the wood they use on their boards were handpicked and not just ordinary Maple woos. They ensure that the Maple wood that are used on their boards were not haggard trees. Apart from quality materials on their decks, Landyachtz also manufactures its trucks and wheels, bearings as well as apparel.

Landyachtz is not all about producing game-changing skateboards; they also care about the planet. For every board they manufacture, they replace it by planting one tree. This shows their love for the environment and making sure that future generations get to enjoy what we currently have.

An Overview on Landyacthz Tugboat

An Overview on Landyacthz Tugboat

The Tugboat by Landyachtz is lightweight and generally small that you can easily bring almost anywhere you want. It’s very portable that you can even fit it inside a backpack or even store it in a locker. It has a size like a typical skateboard, however, riding it makes all the difference.

Riding in a Landyachtz Tugboat will feel like you’re riding on a longboard. This is probably because of the wheels and trucks. Comparing its size to Landyachtz Dinghy, which has the closest similarity to a tugboat, it is larger which makes it more stable and comfortable to ride on.

The deck is made of 100% Canadian Maple wood which makes it a very sturdy board. Having said this, bigger and heavier skaters would be comfortable riding on this because of the stability and bigger room for those with larger feet. Aside from that, it can withstand the load of heavier riders even if they perform jump tricks.

Riding on the Landyachtz Tugboat is smooth and fast. It is also easy to carve and perform quick turns. When it comes to debris or dirt, it can easily overcome roll over rocks and other debris without the need to stop or decrease in speed. Even on wet ground, it can still roll smoothly without slipping.

The Tugboat is not just for long rides around campus, it is also a nice board when doing flips and kicks and several bowl shredding due to its small nose and generous kicktail. This mini-cruiser may be designed for urban commuting but it can also perform street tricks and downhill rides.

The Landyachtz Tugboat has several cool designs for you to choose from. They are not overly striking yet are still eye-catching.

Features of the Landyachtz Tugboat

Features of the Landyachtz Tugboat

Made of 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple wood, with a length of 30 inches and a width of 9.25 inches. A little longer than the Landyachtz Dinghy which makes it a great cruiser board. The wood is sturdy enough to handle jump tricks from a 200-pound skater.

The shape of the deck is almost the same as the popsicle street deck. However, do not expect full wheel cutouts. It has the right level of stiffness to perform some tricks and freestyle. For better foot lock-in while going downhill, the concave of the tugboat is medium radial but still offers enough room to let your feet move without constraint when doing freestyle and cruising.

It has a 7″ kicktail and a 4″ upturned nose letting riders do some kick tricks, nose rides, and great manuals. It has a rough grip tape on the deck to keep skaters’ feet in place when park riding.

Fatty Hawgs Wheels

The Tugboat wheels have a size of 63mm and a durometer of 78A. Fatty Hawgs Wheels is owned by Landyachtz so you can expect the same quality.

The Fatty Hawgs wheels that come with the Tugboat are softer which makes them great on smooth terrain. However, these wheels may not be the best ones to use on uneven roads as the board may feel a bit rough and bumpy.

Some may want to switch for bigger wheels, however, this can make it harder to ride on long distances because of the increased board height. When it comes to wheelbite, changing to bigger wheels should not be an issue.

Polar Bear Trucks

The trucks on Landyachtz Tugboat is 155mm TKP Polar Bear Trucks. Compared to other cruisers like the Dinghy that use 105mm, they provide more stability and a smoother ride.

The Polar Bear trucks give a surfy feel when riding and they provide quick turnings. These trucks reactive and make the board easier to maneuver.

Since it is a top-mount deck – meaning the trucks are attached underneath the deck – it makes the board a bit higher on the ground. This and the Tugboat’s short wheelbase may not be a great broad for a beginner.

When it comes to bushings, average riders will not have a problem with it. However, a heavier and bigger skateboarder may want to replace it with a higher durometer.

Bear Spaceball Bearings

The 8mm Bear Spaceball bearings are relatively quiet. They are also better quality bearings than most stock bearings from other brands.

Amazing UV Graphic Effects

Same with Landyachtz other lines of cruisers, Tugboat shares the same nice-looking and cool graphics. It even comes with UV graphics. When the board is exposed to light it will change color and your board will be like a new and different one.

Landyachtz Tugboat vs. Landyachtz Dinghy

Landyachtz Tugboat vs. Landyachtz Dinghy

The Landyachtz Tugboat and Dinghy are almost very similar cruisers. They have almost the same features except for a few differences like the size. Tugboat is longer and wider with a length of 30″ and a width of 9.25″ compared to the Dinghy that is 28″ long and 8″ wide.

Compared to Landyachtz Dinghy, the board feels better when riding as it is more stable and comfortable without worrying about losing its capacity to maneuver. Thanks to the additional 2 inches, it provides more precision than the Dinghy.

Since the Tugboat’s trucks are wider, this provides more stability when riding at higher speeds making it more suitable for downhill rides. The Dinghy, having narrower trucks, may not provide you with the same stability and speed. It is not also the best board to use when riding downhill.

When it comes to price, Dinghy is more affordable than Tugboat. But since the latter provides more stability that is very useful on downhills and cruising around the town, the extra dollars are worth it.

Pros and Cons of Landyachtz Tugboat

Pros and Cons of Landyachtz Tugboat

So far, how are you liking this Landyachtz tugboat review? Are you convinced now that it is more than just a cruiser board? Well, let’s see the strengths and weaknesses of this Tugboat Landyachtz.

  • Longer and more durable deck than most cruisers

The additional 2″ makes all the difference in terms of the overall riding experience it provides. It is smoother and more stable compared to its big brother Dinghy.

As for other Landyachtz decks, you can also expect the same quality. The 7-ply Canadian Maple woods used are handpicked, ensuring only the best kind of Maple woods were used.

  • Well-engineered trucks

The Bear Trucks on the Tugboat are well-engineered using only the best materials. They are created with time-tested geometry that is perfect for hitting slappy curbs and skateparks.

Good-quality Fatty Hawg Wheels

These softer wheels are made with high-quality materials that are perfect for a cruiser board. Experience smoother rides while riding your Tugboat.

  • Flawlessly paired components

One thing that sets Landyachtz apart is its ability to produce perfectly paired components on each of its skateboards. It has always been their goal to create a board where components are perfectly matched to make the riding experience more enjoyable.

Whether it’s a mini cruiser, a longboard, or a regular skateboard, Landyachtz boards are ready to hit the road with no adjustments needed.

  • A cruiser for different skate spots

Compared to most cruisers that are only great for cities and campuses, the Tugboat can be ridden to most skate spots like streets, beaches, skate parks, and all-terrain.

Great for cruising

It is one of the best cruiser boards that offers a different cruising experience. Cruising around town and streets is made more enjoyable with its bigger and longer size than most mini cruisers.

  • Suitable for heavy riders

A rider who is on the heavier side may find comfort that the Landyachtz Tugboat can withstand their weight even when doing some hard jumps.

  • Rough and tough grip tape

The grip tape on Landyachtz Tugboat has improved by making it rough and tough which is perfect for rugged park and street skating. It provides better grip when turning and carving as well.

  • Not exactly for a beginner

Since the Landyacthz Tugboat is made for other things aside from cruising, the setup may not be the best one for a beginner skater. However, a newbie can still easily learn from this cruiser.

  • More expensive than Landyachtz Dinghy

Some may not like the idea of it being more expensive than the Dinghy having almost similar features. Due to this, a beginner may not be too happy with the price if they’ll consider this to be their first board.

How Does Landyachtz Tugboat Compare To Other Boards?

How Does Landyachtz Tugboat Compare To Other Boards

Do you think Landyachtz Tugboat is a better cruiser board than its big brother Dinghy and from other manufacturers? Landyachtz has once again proven that they continue to design and create innovative boards that are not only high-quality but also functional.

The Tugboat having a longer size gives skaters the feel of longboarding. It is not your ordinary cruiser unlike Dinghy and other cruiser boards from the Landyachtz collection. The wider width and longer length give it more stability which is what most skaters look for when doing downhill rides and flip tricks.

The wheels are also better as they can overcome almost any kind of debris on the grounds. Plus it can handle wet terrais without any issues or having to stop or slow down. The Hawgs Wheels also offer a nice grip and lots of roll speed.

To minimize wheel bites, the wheel wells were sanded which is great since the Tugboat does not have full cutouts. For more comfortable footwork, the Tugboat has a low concave that is also great for better foot lock-in.

Although a newbie rider may find it hard to cruise around the first few tries, they can tweak the board a bit to make learning easier and more comfortable. Another downside is the price that may not appeal to most beginners as there are cheaper boards that have the same qualities and are more beginner-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Landyachtz tugboat good for beginners?

There are better Landyachtz boards for beginners like their ATV line. But with minor tweaks, the Tugboat may also be a good option for beginners.

Is Landyachtz a good brand?

Having more than 2 decades of experience, Landyachtz had proven to be one of the best brands out there. One of their bestsellers is the Dinghy line.

What is the best cruiser skateboard brand?

Landyachtz has a line of great cruiser skateboards, but Lush and Loaded are also great choices.

What is an ATV board?

ATV that stands for all terrain vehicle is considered the jack-of-all-trades in the skateboarding world. This is because they are designed not only to hit the cities but also other street spots and at the same time perform tricks. An all-around board that is great for newbie skaters.

Are Landyachtz completes the best?

Landyachtz is big on designing the best skateboard completes out there. Expect that all their completes are perfectly done with minimal to no tweaks at all.

How much weight can a Tugboat handle?

A 200 lb rider can comfortably ride a Tugboat board without worrying about performing some tricks.

Are Landyachtz boards worth the price?

Considering the quality, technology, and materials used to create each board, Landyachtz products are worth your every penny.

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Can we now say that Landyachtz Tugboat is a great cruiser board? It is safe to say that Tugboat is a more improved Dinghy that is not only a cruiser but also a trick board. Riding around the city, skateparks, and fast downhills can be achieved with Tugboat. Landyachtz had again proven that they continue to develop and design better boards time after time.

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Picture of Lisa Hayden-Matthews

Lisa Hayden-Matthews


  • July 18, 2023
  • No Comments

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Landyachtz Tugboat Review (Tested & Compared)

landyachtz tugboat beginner

The Landyachtz Tugboat is a quality mini cruiser that’s the big brother to the Dinghy. It’s functional for casual cruising, carving, and occasional flip tricks.

Landyachtz Tugboat

Which Tugboat Setup?

Landyachtz offers several variations of the Tugboat. If you want something easier to do fliptricks and powerslides, go for a setup that has smaller, 60mm wheels. If you want something more carving-focused, go for the setups with larger, 63mm wheels.

If you have a local shop that carries the Tugboat, buy from them.

landyachtz tugboat

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Length: 30″ Width: 9″ Wheelbase: 15″

The concave is mellow – enough to ride longer distances without it being annoying in my opinion.

The kicktail feels comfortable while riding and gives you enough pop to throw some mellow ollies or if you wanna do flip tricks, you can since there’s a lowkey nose to catch the front foot, but it’s definitely not something you’re gonna wanna learn flip tricks with. Stick to a traditional skateboard if that’s the case.

Pretty much the deck shape is the same as the Landyachtz Dinghy, it’s just beefier – a little longer and wider.

Diameter: 60mm | 63mm Contact Patch: 28mm | 50mm Durometer: 78a

Depending on your chosen setup, the Tugboat comes with either 60mm Lil EZ Hawgs or 63mm Fatty Hawgs. For this specific Tugboat model, they came with 60mm 78a wheels. Just front testing different type of Hawgs, the urethane always feels solid. Although if I’m gonna be real, I’ll probably end up swapping out these wheels for something a little wider like the 63mm Fatty Hawgs.

For my preference, these wheels felt a little too easy to slide out while carving because they’re thinner, and there’s less of a contact patch, but it really comes down to what you want.

Hangar: 130mm | 150mm Bushings: Cone & Barrel Bushing Duro: 90a

The trucks are Polar Bear 155mm, which is a wider truck compared to what you find on the Dinghy models. Depending on the model, the Dinghy’s come with 105 or 130mm trucks, so basically you’re just getting more stability with the Tugboat. With a beefier build, you’re gonna want a beefier truck.

Polar Bear trucks are top-notch, from the geometry to the lightweight material that they use, you can’t really go wrong.

Paired with a standard riser pad in the back and an angled riser pad in the front, it’s super agile and in my opinion a solid cruiser if you live in a city environment and need to make quick carves.

The bushings are 90a barrel and cone, which I weigh 165lbs and they feel pretty responsive, I don’t feel the need to swap them out or anything like that. But you can always swap them out if it doesn’t fit your preference.

Type: Built-Ins Shields: Single-Capped Material: Steel

And finally, the bearings are Bear Spaceballs, which have built-in washers and spacers. I did notice that they ended up even putting additional washers, which I don’t think is necessary but just goes to show their attention to detail.

Tugboat vs Dinghy

Compared to the Dinghy, the Tugboat is beefier (longer and wider). They’re both portable and easy to stash away if needed. There’s not a massive difference in size, so it comes down to your preference. If portability is the most important, go for the Dinghy. Otherwise the Tugboat has a little more deck space and will probably be more comfortable for most people.

Landyachtz Dinghy Review (Tested & Compared)

Landyachtz Dinghy Review (Tested & Compared)

Loaded Ballona Review (Tested & Compared)

Loaded Ballona Review (Tested & Compared)

Lander La Skateboard Review (Tested & Compared)

Lander La Skateboard Review (Tested & Compared)

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Tugboat vs ATV vs Dinghy: A Landyachtz Buyers Guide

Tugboat vs ATV vs Dinghy: A Landyachtz Buyers Guide

Dinghy vs tugboat vs atv.

Source: Youtube, Landyachtz

There are three rad boards in the Landyachtz line up that frequently are pitted against each other for the next spot in your skateboard arsenal: The Dinghy, ATV and Tugboat.

Let’s take a look at all three and find which one best suits your needs. 

Landyachtz Dinghy

The Dinghy is Landyachtz’s OG mini cruiser. It was first released as a tiny little old school board and has since grown to be readily available in 10+ graphics. 

The board is small, measuring about 28” long with a 8” width. Beginners can certainly learn on it, but those looking for a super stable platform might look elsewhere. This smaller size makes it the most portable and easiest to carry of the bunch. 

Source: Youtube, Landyachtz

Tricks are easily done on the Dinghy if you are a more experienced skateboarder. We’ve seen riders tre flip it! However, we can’t really recommend trying to learn tricks on this board for first timers. 

Parts Spec:

Landyachtz Dinghy Parts Spec

Source: Youtube, Ogden Sike l

You should get the Dinghy if :

Don’t get the Dinghy if:

❌  You are a “bigger” rider or have large feet ❌  Are looking to skate long distances ❌  Want to primarily learn tricks

Shop Dinghy Collection

The Tugboat is essentially the bigger brother of the Dinghy. It has a bit more of an old school vibe with the wider width. Riders with larger feet need look no further. 

The Tugboat comes in at 30” length and 9” width. Though it is wider, in terms of length it is still quite small - this means it will be portable and easy to carry around like any other mini cruiser.

Source: Youtube, Shred Shack

Flip tricks are going to be more difficult on this board due to the width. 

Wider trucks come on the Tugboat to match the increased width. This makes the board feel more stable overall. 

Parts Spec:  

Landyachtz Tugboat Spec

Note: Parts are subject to change per Landyachtz 

You should buy the Landyachtz Tugboat if :

Don’t buy the Tugboat if:

❌ If you’re looking for a board to skate 6+ miles with ❌ You want the smallest mini cruiser available ❌ You’re looking to mostly learn tricks. 

landyachtz tugboat beginner

The Landyachtz ATV is the hybrid of the group. The ATV has a nose and tail, making it the best board here for doing tricks, cruising, and freeride. 

ATVs are the biggest of the three, making them the most stable but least portable. However, that extra length gives you a nice big nose for tricks. 

Source: Youtube, Todd Rocheford

To make things extra confusing, there is also the ATV X. The ATV X Substitutes two layers of Canadian Maple for 2 layers of fiberglass for a longer lasting board without the added weight. 

Landyatchz ATV Spec

You should grab the ATV if:

✅ You want a cruiser board you can learn tricks on ✅ You are looking for a board that is comfortable ✅ Want a hybrid cruise/freeride board

Avoid the ATV if:

❌  You want a super portable board ❌  You want a mini cruiser (this is a full size skateboard)


Comparing the Tugboat, Dinghy & ATV

Comparing the Landyachtz Dinghy v ATV v Tugboat Skateboards

Here are some common questions that we get with regards to which board to get.

Which one is best for sliding? 

Generally the ATV is the best for sliding because it is bigger and gives you more control. However, all these boards come with wheels that come sandstone ground for easy slides right away. The difficult part will be learning on the smaller decks. 

Which one is best for downhill? 

We cannot recommend any of these for serious downhill. 

Which one is best for tricks? 

The ATV with the large nose is generally better for tricks. 

Can you go offroad with the boards? 

Yes, to some extent! The large and soft wheels of about 60-63mm gives these boards the ability to be taken rougher roads than a normal skateboard. 

Which board is the fastest? 

None of these boards are going to be “fastest” and it will largely come down to the road and the rider. 

How can I upgrade these boards? 

All Landyachtz completes come with great components out of the box. However, the first couple of personalizations we would recommend are bearings, wheels, and trucks in that order. Check out Dragon BUILT Bearings for a nice first upgrade. 

What alternatives / competitive boards are out there? 

Fireball Artist Series

Arbor Pilsner

Build your own - Reissues

Loaded Omakase

Loaded Coyote

Who are Landyachtz Longboards? 

Landyachtz is a longboarding company hailing from Kimberly BC. They’ve been in the game since the early 2000s, and have slowly grown themselves into one of the biggest longboard brands. 

Though you might know them for the famous Landyachtz Dinghy, Landyachtz have their roots planted in downhill skateboard racing. They’ve brought some of that racing competitiveness into the cruiser world, and have by far the most diverse and extensive options of cruisers of any other brand. Landyachtz do not play around.

In terms of quality, Landyachtz does not disappoint. Though they make a ton of their boards in China (with some made at the Berkley factory in Kimberly, BC), they’re all of high-quality. Outsourcing the manufacturing also allows them to price their boards competitively, and sell them at an affordable price point. 

Stoked Ride Shop may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The opinions and views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Stoked Ride Shop. The author makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this work and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The author shall not be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, consequential, or exemplary damages, even if Stoked Ride Shop has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Ride at your own risk and within your own limits.

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Which One Should I Buy? - Powell-Peralta Flight Deck or Traditional 7-Ply Maple

Which One Should I Buy? - Powell-Peralta Flight Deck or Traditional 7-Ply Maple

Buyers Guide: Best Cruiser Skateboards for Summer

Buyers Guide: Best Cruiser Skateboards for Summer

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landyachtz tugboat beginner




landyachtz tugboat beginner




landyachtz tugboat beginner

Tugboat – Space Tiger

landyachtz tugboat beginner

The big brother of the Dinghy, the Tugboat provides the same smooth-rolling, hard-carving experience in a package a little better suited to riders with bigger feet or who are looking for a slightly more stable ride.

More Tugboat setups available

Flex Rating

Skate Spots

Neighbourhood | Pathways | Campus | Rough Pavement | All Terrain



A wider and slightly longer version of the Dinghy, the Tugboat comes in at 30″ long and 9.25″ wide for a super solid, stable feeling ride. The wider platform is ideal for riders with larger feet who are looking for a comfortable cruiser board experience. The extra meat also inspires confidence and gives you more platform to land on when doing tricks on larger obstacles. The Tugboat is pressed with 7 plies of Canadian maple for a light, stiff and poppy ride. It comes set up with Polar Bear 130mm trucks for maximum stability and leverage. 60mm Chubby Hawgs wheels finish off the setup and ensure you’ll have a smooth ride with plenty of roll speed and grip without having to worry about wheel bite.

landyachtz tugboat beginner

Polar Bear 130mm

Designed with time-tested geometry and engineered with high quality materials, the 130mm Polar Bears are going to be exactly what you need if you’re going to hit the skatepark, slappy curb or just about any other obstacle. Sold in pairs. Bushings: 88a

landyachtz tugboat beginner

60mm Chubby Hawgs

Chubby Hawgs are the wheel of choice on many of our cruiser and ATV completes and are now available separately in all the colours of the rainbow! You can upgrade your cruiser set up today. They use the same high-quality urethane found in the Fatty Hawgs for premium performance, just in a smaller package.

landyachtz tugboat beginner

 Spaceballs are our answer to all of your bearing problems.  Never again can you lose your washers, or spacers because we’ve built them into the inner race!  On the functional side, this means your bearings are always mated correctly which negates any bearing-induced chatter. 

Orders are currently leaving our warehouses within 1 – 3 business days. For us, “business days” means Monday – Friday as we do not ship orders on weekends. From Monday to Friday our hours of operation are 9am – 5pm PST, excluding statutory holidays. Order processing times are subject to change and orders may ship out later (or earlier) than the aforementioned window – depending on how busy we are.

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REST OF THE WORLD:  Live rates based on destination.  Customers are responsible for any local taxes, duties and customs clearance fees on their order.

At Landyachtz we have always aimed to improve the quality of the skateboard you ride and we strongly believe in the boards we make. You can rest assured knowing that, in the rare case of defect, our skateboards come with a 1 year warranty.  

The more we know, the easier it is to help your claim!  The best way to submit your warranty claim is using the form below .   There you can provide all of the necessary information and images we require to assess  your warrant y  claim. Before completing the form please ensure you have photos that show the top and bottom of the board as well as detailed pictures of the affected area.

Please allow us 3-7 business days for us to asses your warranty claim and get in contact with you. We will do our best to make sure you’re back on a quality skateboard as soon as possible.

The   following issues are not covered by our warranty:

  • Impact damage, including snaps and cracks
  • Run over by a vehicle (or horse)
  • Scratches or minor chips
  • Water damage

Customer Reviews

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Flex Ratings

We’ve categorized the stiffness of our boards into 3 main groups, listed below.  The general rule is the faster you’re skating, the stiffer the deck, but this is not universal.

Flexy – Soft and supple flex profile best suited for carving and cruising on longer boards. The bouncy nature of these decks lets you turn deeper and surf your surrounds.

Medium – The do it all of our boards, a perfect balance of stability and carve. 

Stiff – From cruisers to downhill boards a stiff flex profile excels in stability and responsiveness.  Whether you’re dipping into driveways or bombing a mountain pass you’ll be down with the stiffness.


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    I'm 48 & got my 1st Skateboard last Summer so I could spend more time outside with my 7 year old Son who loves playing on his Mongoose Scooter. I bought a Landyachtz Tugboat to learn on which has been just brilliant for me! Found out I'm Goofy, so have been learning to push, carve & spin round using the kick tail.

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    The extra meat also inspires confidence and gives you more platform to land on when doing tricks on larger obstacles. The Tugboat is pressed with 7 plies of Canadian maple for a light, stiff and poppy ride. It comes set up with Polar Bear 130mm trucks for a nimble ride and tight carves. 60mm 78a Chubby Hawgs wheels finish off the setup and ...

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    Welcome, and thank you for posting to r/longboarding!Please flair your post accordingly. Please note that all question posts must go in the Daily General Thread, stickied to the top of the subreddit every 22 hours.Any questions or help posts on the front page will be removed spontaneously.

  14. Tugboat vs ATV vs Dinghy: A Landyachtz Buyers Guide

    The Dinghy is Landyachtz's OG mini cruiser. It was first released as a tiny little old school board and has since grown to be readily available in 10+ graphics. The board is small, measuring about 28" long with a 8" width. Beginners can certainly learn on it, but those looking for a super stable platform might look elsewhere.

  15. Tugboat

    The extra meat also inspires confidence and gives you more platform to land on when doing tricks on larger obstacles. The Tugboat is pressed with 7 plies of Canadian maple for a light, stiff and poppy ride. It comes set up with Polar Bear 130mm trucks for maximum stability and leverage. 60mm Chubby Hawgs wheels finish off the setup and ensure ...

  16. Dinghy, Dinghy Blunt, or Tugboat? : r/LandyachtzBoards

    Tugboat will be easier to learn on. You will have a lot more fun on the tugboat and you won't get discouraged. I have a dinghy and am going to be buying a tugboat soonish. I've also been skating for about 10 years. Small boards are good for travel and are fun to ride but the stability and just ease of a bigger board IMO is more enjoyable.


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  19. Best For Beginner : r/LandyachtzBoards

    The tugboat is my overall favorite for cruising and some longer distance pushing. Also the axe and cat weigh a ton to carry around but are amazing for long distances and just a chill ride. The Dinghy is my fav for shorter rides because it's so much fun but if I'm going above 15mph it's scary with such a small board.

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    The ATV is slightly longer than the tugboat but most importantly, it's more of an oversized street board, a "hybrid" made for tricks and less of a pure cruiser (the Perfecto is the most cruiser-like of the ATVs and it's 32" long vs 30" for the Tugboat). Here's also a good review of the ATV on the same site. By the way, probably none of the 3 ...

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