13 Dirt-Cheap Liveaboard Sailboats (That Are Actually Good)

liveaboard wood sailboat

When it comes to selecting a dirt-cheap liveaboard sailboat, you don't have to compromise on quality. There are many classic models and a few hidden gems that provide comfort, space, and sailing capabilities at a very affordable price. In this article, you'll find a list of classic liveaboard sailboats, as well as a few original finds that can fit your budget.

Liveaboard sailboats that are cheap but actually good include Westsail 32, Alberg 30, Tayana 37, Catalina 30, Ericson 35, Albin Vega 27, Bristol 32, Morgan 323, Contessa 32, Pearson 365, Hunter 31, Cal 34, and Tartan 30. The prices of these boats range from $5,000 to $50,000 or more.

Living aboard a sailboat on a budget doesn't mean you have to settle for less. These affordable boats can still provide the comfort and performance you're looking for. We've included some models that you can find on Craigslist.

  • These budget-friendly liveaboard sailboats offer a great combination of affordability, performance, and comfort, making them ideal choices for living the sailing dream.
  • Some classic models that provide you with enough room to move around and store your belongings include the Alberg 30 and the Tayana 37.
  • Classic models such as the Westsail 32, Alberg 30, Tayana 37, Catalina 30, Ericson 35, and Albin Vega 27 are known for their seaworthiness and versatility.
  • The cheaper the boat, the more likely you'll need to invest in repairs and spare parts over the years. This is where some more obscure finds can surprise you, such as the Contessa 32 and the Cal 34, which offer easy maintenance and relatively cheap spare parts.

On this page:

13 cheapest liveaboard sailboats that are good, key features of a good liveaboard sailboat, classic liveaboard sailboat models, affordable liveaboard sailboats.

When looking for an affordable yet reliable liveaboard sailboat , there are several important features to consider. These can greatly affect your overall experience and satisfaction with your chosen boat.

Layout and space : On a liveaboard sailboat, space and layout are crucial. You'll want a boat that offers efficient use of space, a comfortable living area, a functional galley, and adequate storage. Generally, 25 to 35 feet in length is the ideal size range for a liveaboard.

Sailing performance : Even if you plan to live aboard primarily , sailing performance should still be a priority. Consider its ability to handle light winds, heavy winds, and everything in between. Your boat should be able to handle various sea conditions and be easily maneuvered. It should be versatile enough for various wind conditions and sea states.

Hull design : The hull design of your sailboat will affect its stability and performance in the water. Look for a design that offers a good balance between comfort, safety, and speed. A full-keel or modified full-keel design provides stability and tracking in rough seas, while a fin keel offers better maneuverability in tight spaces like harbors and marinas.

Maintenance and construction : Pay attention to the boat's construction materials and quality. Fiberglass and aluminum are popular choices due to their durability and low maintenance requirements. Wooden boats tend to be more affordable but may require more maintenance and care.

In this section, we will discuss some classic liveaboard sailboat models that are known for their affordability, functionality, and reliability. These boats have stood the test of time and are excellent choices, especially for novices.

Westsail 32 is known as "the cruiser that launched the cruising boom"

The Westsail 32 is a sturdy, reliable, and comfortable liveaboard option for those seeking a classic, bluewater cruising boat. Designed by William Crealock, it boasts heavy construction, a full keel, a roomy interior, and seaworthy capabilities. With many of these boats available on the market, you can find a Westsail 32 in good condition at affordable prices.

Alberg 30 is a classic full-keel cruiser known for its seaworthy design

liveaboard wood sailboat

The Alberg 30 is a classic design from the 1960s, created by Carl Alberg, and built by Whitby Boat Works in Canada. This boat is known for being easy to sail and is a perfect choice for new liveaboards. The Alberg 30 has a simple layout, adequate living space, and enough storage to make it a suitable option for long-term living, all while keeping to a budget.

Tayana 37 is known for its seaworthiness and durability

liveaboard wood sailboat

Designed by Robert Perry and built in Taiwan, the Tayana 37 is a popular and capable bluewater cruiser. This well-built classic boat is known for its comfort, safety, and ease of handling when sailing long distances. The Tayana 37 offers plenty of space and storage, making it a delightfully practical liveaboard choice, even for small families or couples.

Catalina 30 is one of the most popular sailboats of all time

liveaboard wood sailboat

The Catalina 30 is one of the most popular sailboats in its size range and has a reputation for being an incredibly spacious boat, given its 30-foot length. Designed by Frank Butler, the Catalina 30 is known for its roomy interior and user-friendly layout, making it a fantastic option for liveaboard enthusiasts. The affordability and availability of the Catalina 30 also make it a top choice among sailors. It’s a tried-and-true option for liveaboard enthusiasts.

Ericson 35 has solid build quality

liveaboard wood sailboat

For those looking for a slightly larger liveaboard sailboat, the Ericson 35 is an excellent option. Designed by Bruce King and built by Ericson Yachts, it is praised for its solid build quality and comfortable accommodations. The practical layout and generous storage space make the boat a desirable choice for those looking to live aboard on a budget .

Albin Vega 27 is a proven ocean cruiser

liveaboard wood sailboat

The Albin Vega 27 is a smaller liveaboard option for those who prioritize simplicity and affordability. Designed by Per Brohäll and built in Sweden, the Albin Vega 27 is a proven ocean cruiser with a surprising amount of space for a boat of its size. If you're looking for an affordable liveaboard sailboat with a compact yet functional layout, the Albin Vega 27 might be the perfect fit for you.

In your quest for a dirt-cheap liveaboard sailboat that's actually good, there are some finds worth considering. Let's dive into these affordable gems that were built for liveaboard life and sailing.

Bristol 32 is known for its classic design and solid construction

The Bristol 32 is a classic liveaboard sailboat with a solid reputation for its sturdy construction and excellent sailing performance. Designed by Ted Hood, this boat is known for its comfortable living spaces and adequate storage. A used Bristol 32 can be found at a reasonable price, making it perfect for those with a tight budget.

Morgan 323 provides stability and safety

liveaboard wood sailboat

Next is the Morgan 323, which offers a great deal of interior space for a 32-foot sailboat. The well-designed layout ensures you have all the necessary amenities for living aboard while maintaining high sailing performance. Equipped with a full keel and skeg-hung rudder, the Morgan 323 provides stability and safety while underway.

Contessa 32 has a solid reputation for being safe, seaworthy, and comfortable

A British classic, the Contessa 32 is a small yet capable liveaboard sailboat , perfect for a couple or solo sailor. With its sleek lines, excellent performance, and well-built hull, the Contessa 32 is a go-to choice for many budget-conscious sailors. It's a rugged, seaworthy vessel that can handle various weather conditions with ease.

Pearson 365 is suitable for long-term and weekend cruises

liveaboard wood sailboat

The Pearson 365 is another popular liveaboard sailboat, known for its spacious interior, comfortable accommodations, and reasonable price. With a roomy cockpit, plenty of storage, and a versatile sail plan, the Pearson 365 is well-suited for both long-term liveaboards and weekend cruisers.

Hunter 31 is well-rounded and spacious

liveaboard wood sailboat

Affordable and easy to find, the Hunter 31 is a popular choice for budget-conscious sailors searching for a suitable liveaboard. With its beamy hull, the Hunter 31 boasts a spacious and functional interior. While not a traditional bluewater cruiser, the Hunter 31 can hold its own in coastal and nearshore environments.

Cal 34 offers solid sailing performance

liveaboard wood sailboat

Another solid liveaboard option is the Cal 34. This well-designed sailboat has earned a reputation for its quality construction and comfortable living spaces. The Cal 34 strikes a suitable balance between performance and affordability, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious sailors.

Tartan 30 has enough space for living aboard

liveaboard wood sailboat

Last but not least is the Tartan 30. This sturdy sailboat is known for its seakeeping abilities and high-quality construction. The Tartan 30 provides adequate space for living aboard while maintaining its performance capabilities. Finding a used Tartan 30 at a great price is an excellent opportunity to secure an affordable, comfortable liveaboard.

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How To Live On a Boat For Free: How I'd Do It

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5 Best LiveAboard Sailboats – Plus 8 Important Buying Considerations




Taking the plunge to live on a sailboat is usually a huge decision, especially as living aboard a boat is an exciting lifestyle choice. However, there are lots of things to consider before buying a boat that will suit your needs and also be nearly as comfortable as a traditional home on land.

Whether this is your first time choosing a liveaboard sailboat, or you want to upgrade to a better option, you will find useful information in this article. But before we get into the best liveaboard sailboats and how to choose one, let’s see why living aboard a boat is a great lifestyle choice.

We’ve reviewed some of the best liveaboard sailboats and listed them here to help you choose one that will suit you most.

5 Best LiveAboard Sailboats

Islander 36.


The Islander 36 is the boat for you if you want a well-rounded sailboat with impressive cruising abilities. With close to a thousand of these boats built between 1973 and 1986, the model is one of the successful and best-selling boats of the company.

These sailboats are renowned for their well-adorned cabins, with many featuring exquisite wooden interior trim. Typically, the interiors are spacious and feature a long port and starboard settee. The settee is designed to fold out into a double berth for sleeping. There is also a nav station to port with a quarter berth at the back that forms an extra seat. The boat also has a spacious master berth with an enclosed shower, making this boat one of the best liveaboard sailboats for cruising.

The interior also features plenty of drawers, plus many caned and louvered lockers. The L-shaped galley is to starboard and equipped with an icebox (that can be upgraded to a refrigerator). It also comes with a three burner LPG stove and a double sink.

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of the interior is the companionway steps that are easy to maneuver. This is by far better than having ladders, as the steps can serve as additional separate seats when you have guests onboard.

The amount of fuel the boat’s tank can take is ideal for coastal cruising. Although Islander 36s can embark on extended trips, you will need to get additional jerry cans for that purpose.

You can check here for pricing and listings .

  • LOA:   36 ft
  • Beam:   11 ft 2 in
  • Ballast:  5450 lbs
  • Displacement:  13,450 lbs
  • Sail Area:  612 sq ft
  • Fuel Tank:  30 gallons
  • Water Tank: 56 gallons

 Boats  →

If you are looking for a boat that is tough to beat feature-for-feature and size-for-size, perhaps this model will be of interest to you. Designed for comfort and performance, the Catalina 30 is arguably the most common production cruising sailboat to ever grace the open waters. Despite coming into the market as far back as 1972, their popularity to date is a glaring proof of high performance.

You can expect to find spacious accommodation in this 30-foot sailboat with modern features such as a fully equipped galley and electric pumps that supply running water. The layout features a “suite” style with a V-berth master bedroom that is closed off from the rest of the cabin.

The Catalina 30 also features a dinette that can also serve as a workspace or chart table. The boat also includes an enclosed shower and head, which makes living aboard a comfortable experience.

Check out listings for Catalina 30 here .

  • LOA:   29 ft 11 in
  • Beam:   10 ft 10 in
  • Ballast:  100 lbs
  • Displacement:  10,200 lbs
  • Sail Area:  446 sq ft
  • Shoal Draft: 4 ft 4 in
  • Head Room: 6 ft 3 in

 Yachtworld  →

Weatherly, comfortable, spacious, and fast – these are what readily comes to mind when you think of the Nordic 40 .

This large sailboat is perfect for long-distance voyages, so if you intend to buy a boat that will offer excellent accommodation for offshore cruising, you know where to look. Thanks to its large structure, the interior is extremely spacious, making it the perfect choice for couples who want to spend more time aboard a boat.

The standard Nordic comes with top-notch equipment, including a Navtec hydraulic vang and Navtec rod rigging, plus full hull insulation in the entire interior. There is standing headroom available throughout, along with a spacious master bedroom.

The galley is fully equipped with modern facilities and allows for comfortable living. With the standard Nordic 40, there is no worry about storage space. Remote living is a walk in the park with this boat, even if you intend to anchor out for a couple of months at a stretch with enough supplies and provisions.

Keep in mind that these boats are not very common, but if it is the type that appeals to you, it is worth searching out.

Check out listings for Nordic 40 here .

  • LOA: 39 ft 9 in
  • Beam: 12 ft 5 in
  • Ballast: 7,091 lbs
  • Displacement: 18,000 lbs
  • Sail Area: 756 sq ft
  • Water Tank: 120 gallons
  • Fuel Tank: 56 gallons

Thinking about taking your entire family for a coastal cruise or even a near-offshore cruising experience? Consider the Hunter 33 , one of the best liveaboard sailboats equipped for such purposes.

One of the longest-lived boats in its category, the Hunter 33 came into the market in 1977 and is still in production to date. The mid-sized sailboat comes with great interior accommodations, with ample room for sleeping and sitting. It comes with two private cabins, which is great for a 33-foot sailboat.

It features a shower and toilet aft the master bedroom. Plus, there is a full dinette and standing headroom throughout the cabin.

In a nutshell, this the perfect sailboat for those moving up in size and want a great boat with modern conveniences for an extended cruising period.

Check here for detailed listing and pricing .

  • LOA: 33 ft 6 in
  • Beam: 11 ft 6 in
  • Ballast: 3,579 lbs
  • Displacement: 11,016 lbs
  • Sail Area: 625 sq ft
  • Water Tank: 50 gallons
  • Fuel Tank: 25 gallons
  • Headroom: 6 ft 4 in


The Nor’Sea 27 is an excellent choice if you are single or searching for the best liveaboard sailboats for minimalists. This boat is arguably the best compact liveaboard cruiser available in the market today.

The compact boat has a surprisingly spacious interior for a 27-footer. Plus, it features almost every amenity you can find on a larger boat.

For comfort, the small sailboat feels more like a Catalina 30 and comes with a galley, shower, toilet, and two bunks below the cockpit. The forward berth also serves as a dinette.

The design of the sailboat is a huge success and has found a pretty strong following, which explains why it is still in production to date despite hitting the market long ago in 1976. As expected, the little sailboat costs less in slip fees. But the best part is that you can tow it on a trailer, and that’s all legal.

Don’t be fooled by its size, though. The Nor’Sea 27 isn’t cheap. Prices for new ones start from around $150K (with kits starting anywhere from $35K). You find used ones for as little as $15,500 or as much as $95,000 depending on age, quality of finish, and condition.

Find out current listings and prices here.

  • Ballast: 3,100 lbs
  • Displacement: 8,100 lbs
  • Water Tank: 20 gallons
  • Fuel Tank: 20 gallons

How to Choose the Best LiveAboard Sailboats – Buying Guide

There are several things to consider when choosing a liveaboard sailboat, but perhaps the most important factor is the level of accommodation that will suit your need. A boat with useful features such as a fully functional kitchen or electric toilets are well and fine, but many traditional sailors don’t really care about limited amenities. Any stripped-down sailboat with basic interior would do just fine.

liveaboard wood sailboat

Most sailors are generally okay with any standard live about sailboats constructed after 1970 since these types typically have adequate ventilation , a usable kitchen, head, and shower. But whatever your preferences, you can be sure you will find something that will provide the level of comfort you need in most modern sailboats.

Here are 8 important factors and requirements we think are crucial when choosing the best liveaboard sailboats.

1. Standing Headroom

There’s nothing wrong with spending a couple of days in a week aboard a boat without standing headroom. However, if living aboard a sailboat is a lifestyle choice for you, consider one with standing headroom. Your body is not meant to crouch or crawl for months or years on end. With time, your back and other muscles will start to take a hit. For your overall health and wellbeing, it is best to choose a sailboat with standing headroom. Our recommendation is 5-feet 10-inch standing headroom or something within that range.

2. Basic Kitchen Facilities

A liveaboard boat without a kitchen can only mean one thing: you will be eating out every single day! While this is okay for some people, others will prefer to cook their own meals at least once in a while, regardless of their culinary skills.

We think a kitchen is a must-have for the best liveaboard sailboats, even if it doesn’t have all the modern facilities. Basic kitchen facilities should include a refrigerator or icebox, a sink, and a stove. If you find one with an oven, that’s a plus, too!

3. Toilet with Plumbing

The fastest way to spread diseases when you liveaboard a boat is to have improper human waste storage and disposal system. Sanitation facilities are among the top considerations when choosing the best liveaboard sailboats.

Using a porta-potty all year long is definitely out of the question. Besides, no one would like to live on a stinky boat or have guests come over a smelly abode. When you choose a liveaboard sailboat, look for one with a built-in and properly outfitted toilet. It should also have a safe sewage storage tank with a proper disposal system.

Many liveaboards prefer to use gym or marina facilities instead of their onboard showers. This is okay, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for bathing facilities on board. Choose a sailboat with a shower for convenience’s sake, even if you don’t use it all the time.

It is important to make sure that your bilge pump is always in good working condition, especially if you have a boat shower that drains directly into the bilge. Keep in mind that whatever goes into the drain will find its way below your floor.

5. Electric Lighting

Having kerosene lamps is okay. In fact, many sailors love to have them because it adds a certain feel and beauty to their boats. But you definitely want to consider the convenience and safety offered by electric lighting. If you plan on living aboard a boat for a long time, you will need some form of reliable electric lighting.

6. Availability of 120V AC

The best liveaboard sailboats come with 120V AC outlets for standard house electricity connections. The availability of electricity is a definite requirement for living aboard a boat. You want to have a way to charge your cell phones, computers, and use other electronic gadgets. A boat with only a 12V outlet is not good enough. It is best to choose a sailboat with 120V AC outlets if you want to enjoy electricity living aboard a boat full-time.

7. Seating Spaces

Apart from the main bed, the best liveaboard sailboats should have additional seating spaces. There should be separate spaces for sitting, working, navigating, and eating, especially if you plan on living aboard for a long time.  You don’t want to be bored with the monotony of using only one space (the main bed) for all your daily activities. Having separate seating spaces has the added advantage of making your day-to-day activities more agreeable.

8. Ventilation

Perhaps the simplest requirement for liveaboard sailboats is ventilation. But it is equally essential, regardless. An opening porthole or a passive solar roof vent should suffice. The important thing to consider when it comes to proper ventilation is a boat that provides a way to let in fresh air without needing to open the main hatch.

Coastal Vs. Offshore Accommodations

And now, here’s one final factor to consider before choosing a liveaboard sailboat. How do you plan to use your boat? Do you want a sailboat that will serve primarily as a long-distance cruiser, or do you intend to use it mainly for coastal cruising?

Your intended use significantly affects the style of interior design that will be suitable for your purpose. Sailboat accommodations are greatly impacted by their cruising purposes. Coastal cruisers are likely to feature more plush layouts, complex interiors, and larger sofas. Also, these boats generally have several amenities, so it is common to have smaller storage spaces in these sailboats.

On the other hand, offshore or long-distance cruisers feature cabins that are designed and arranged to make the journey as comfortable as possible. These sailboats generally don’t have unnecessary furniture and other extras below deck to make room for increased sleeping and storage spaces.

It is easy to get carried away during the physical inspection of a sailboat, especially if the boat is equipped with modern facilities and fanciful, eye-catching amenities. But don’t get swayed by those, even though they are important for improved convenience. Your top priority should be how you intend to use the boat – for coastal cruising or offshore cruising. This should inform your choice of accommodation.

Benefits of Living on a Sailboat

Okay, why should you want to give up living on land and opt for an unstable address somewhere in the middle of the ocean? Is it even safe to do so?

Living aboard a sailboat is an exciting lifestyle that offers several benefits and challenges, too! Thousands of people across the world choose this lifestyle, and because these boats are constructed from high-quality, durable materials, you can be sure it is safe to liveaboard one.

This lifestyle offers liveaboards a cheaper alternative than living in a traditional house. This is particularly the case in waterfront cities where rental apartments and houses in the marina areas are even more expensive.

It is a lot cheaper to live in a boat if you enjoy traveling around the world on the water. And if you enjoy the marina lifestyle, you could take it a step further by owning and living in one of the several best liveaboard sailboats available.

And come to think of it, these boats require some serious investments. What’s the point of buying a “house” on the water without living in it, right? To many people, it makes more economic sense to live in their expensive boats, instead of paying extra rent for a house on the land when there is one idling away on the water.

' src=

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liveaboard wood sailboat

12 Best liveaboard Sailboats To Live on | What’s Best For You?

Are you considering buying a live-aboard boat? If so, there are many options to choose from. Obviously everyone’s choice is unique, so “the best live-aboard sailboat” is a subjective topic. Therefore we have come up with a list of 12 best live-aboard sailboats that will serve everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for a smaller vessel, a 20 feet, because you are a solo sailor or you want an all-out house on water, there is a vessel for you in to consider . 

But first, you will have to decide what your budget, needs and desires are. Once you have that clearly identified, you can then go on to see what are the best vessels for you according to your personal requirements.

Here are our top 12 best live aboard sailboats:

Catalina 30, contessa 32, islander 36, leopard 45 catamaran, beneteau oceanis 57, peterson 44.

When choosing a sail aboard vessel, it is crucial to consider the following 11 elements that distinguish a great boat from the rest. These are:   

The size of the boat 

The condition and seaworthiness of the vessel.

  • Standing headroom in the cabin
  • Having a good size Water tank
  • Having a good size fuel tank
  • Does the boat have a Water maker

A fully functioning Galley (kitchen)

  • Heating and ventilation 

Shower and Toilet

  • Power Availability

Seating Area

Sailboats are among the best liveaboard vessels on the water, there are some other types of boats that one can live in such as recreational boats, luxury yachts, trawlers, Sport fishing boats, houseboats etc., to name a few, but we are more interested in liveaboard sailboats which has many advantages over the other types.

So far we shared with you our top 12 best liveaboard sailboats and what makes a sailboat the best vessel to live on. In the following sections we will cover each sailboat in much more detail and explaining everything you need know to make an educated decision. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll feel confident enough to choose your dream sailboat to live in.

Things To Consider Before Living Aboard A Sailboat

Sailboats vary a lot from size, design and amenities to the comfort level they come with. Deciding which one is best for you depends on the overall purpose and requirement and the level of comfort you require while living aboard. 

For instance, some sailors find themselves okay living aboard on a sailboat that has no shower or a fully functioning galley. While for others it is important to have an electric toilet, a fully functioning galley and practical salon with some type of entertainment system installed. 

Additionally, you need to identify the purpose of the vessel, will your sailboat serve as an off offshore accommodation or an inshore accommodation. 

Offshore vessels generally don’t come with unnecessary furniture just to increase storage space on the boat. Also these boats have different sleeping layouts to provide for easy access and to ensure that the crew can stay in control of the boat at all times. 

Inshore sailboats on the other hand are geared towards luxurious interior design and high comfort level. Generally, inshore vessels stay within 2 miles from the shore therefore, they will have less storage space to allow for other luxurious amenities to exist.

In any case it is imperative to know what purpose will your sailboat serve and what amenities do you require before you can make an educated decision. 

What Makes A Liveaboard Sailboat The Best One?

Here are a list of characteristics of the sailboats that we believe make a liveaboard sailboat a great one: 

When it comes to living aboard, the size does matter, so depending on how many people are going to be sailing and living with you, generally bigger sailing boats offer are more comfortable. We will discuss this topic in the sections to come in great detail.

Is the boat you are about to live on in a good condition. When you buy a new sailboat for this purpose then it is a must that you hire a professional surveyor to assess the condition and the seaworthiness of the vessel before you make any down payment. Yes, it will cost you a bit, but that fee will save you a lot of money and headache.

Standing Headroom

The next feature is standing headroom. It is imperative to be able to stand upright properly without needing to crawl or bend yourself to move from one part of the boat to another. A good boat should offer at least between 5 feet 11” or 6 feet tall headroom. This element is important to consider for the health of your back and neck in the long run.  

Bigger Water Storage Tank

This is a crucial element that many older boats miss out on it. On average sailboats come with only 60 gallon tank capacity. If you make long passages then at least you should have a double of that aboard, meaning 120 gallons depending how far your destination is, you would be much safer to have 180 gallons if you are in a seaway for an extended period of time.

The last thing we don’t want to happen to you is that you run out of drink water while days away from the closest civilisation. Therefore, we recommend you to have approximately 140 gallons of water aboard during mid to long range trips or ocean crossing depending on how many people live aboard. Although, 40 gallons water storage tank is standard in the industry, you can increase this by having a few 5 gallon water container (also known as jerry cans). We have used these tanks in the past they are amazing. Click here to check these out on Amazon.

Bigger Fuel tanks

Like the water tank it is very important to have bigger fuel tanks if you plan to sail and explore the world. To give you an idea, for a 44 feet vessel a great fuel tank size will be in the range between 100 -120 gallons and on the contrary, a 30 gallons fuel tank is considered small for the same size boat. A 55 gallons Fuel tank for a 34 feet boat is classified as adequate, while a 25 gallon is considered a small fuel tank.

Although, if the boat you are considering to buy ticks all the other box except for this one, then you know that you can buy a few portable fuel tanks to resolve this issue. The best ones that I have found on Amazon will cost you around $85 for 12 gallon container. Click here to check for availability.

Does the boat have a water maker

A water maker is a live support equipment and a great amenity to have on your liveaboard sailboat that you can’t do without one. This is not a so important if you have super large storage tanks to store the water for you. Or you are located in the Caribbean where water is readily available everywhere. Other than that having a water maker means that you don’t have to worry about running out of water in the middle of the ocean, for this reason a water maker could be a life saver in some instances.

The water maker, like any other systems on the boat, needs some level of maintenance from time to time, but the quality of water that you get from a decent water maker out weighs the associated maintenance and costs.

In order to make life easier aboard this option is a must on our list, while sailboats’ galleys vary from only being able to prepare light meals to a fully equipped kitchen, but a great sailboat should at least have a fridge, cooking stove and a sink. Having a small oven is a luxury but not a necessity. 

Heating and ventilation

Even in the warmer locations, it can get really cold in the nights during winter months. So, if a boat comes with a heater, be it electric or diesel, is a great advantage. I have written a very useful article on how to heat your sailboat during winter months. Click here to read it.

Likewise, proper ventilation is crucial when living aboard a sailboat for an extended period of time. This is because mold and mildew grow in places that are dump and poorly ventilated. We know now that mold is very toxic to humans and animals.  

With proper ventilation we mean a roof vent, a porthole or window that allows sufficient air flow, also good insulation help against condensation and dump.  

Having a shower and a fully functioning toilet that is adequately supplied with water is one of the necessities on our list. It is vital to have a clean boat to prevent spread of diseases due to poor sanitation.

A good sailboat should have a well built-in toilet with safe waste storage tank. 

Power Availability  

A great vessel offers 120V AC outlets, some less great sailboats might offer only a 12V outlet, but if you live aboard all year round, you will need electricity to have your cell phones, laptops, batteries charged. 

A great boat should come with good size seating area other than beds or banks. It is important to have seating area for everyone to set while eating, working or just chilling out.

What is the best size sailboat to live on?  

Liveaboard monohulled sailboats.

The answer is very subjective and depends on a few factors: your budget, family size, the level of comfort and convenience you wish to have while living aboard. 

The smallest sailboat a single person can live in with very basic amenities is about 19 feet. A 23 – 26-feet vessel will offer a much decent living space but If you want comfort, 30 feet and longer will offer a great living abroad experience, as they come with dedicated washing, cooking and living spaces.  

For couples the 37 – 44 feet range will offer a comfortable living aboard space. While families with kids and pets, probably 45-50 feet range will be the most comfortable. 

We have researched best size sailboat to live in, here is a summary of our findings:

Liveaboard Catamaran Sailboats

Catamarans on the other hand will offer you the most space and comfort. Catamarans have two hulls and a salon attaching the two hulls together, allowing for more space. In addition to that they tend to be more stable and go much faster than a monohulled sailboat, due to their physical structure and size and number of sails. These vessels are well known for their safety, pleasant and smooth sailing characteristics. However they are much more expensive then monohulled sailboats.

These vessels offer a comfortable liveaboard experience. Our findings show that living aboard a 30-feet catamaran offers a comfortable and good enough space for a couple and a 1 child or a pet. 

A 35-feet catamaran will accommodate at least 4 people (4 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids) comfortably. Here is a summary of our findings:

Is living on a sailboat worth it? Pros & Cons

In this section we will discuss some of the pros and cons of living aboard a sailboat and will leave the judgement to you to judge whether it is worth it or not.

What are the advantages of living aboard a sailboat?

There are a few advantages that come with living aboard. We will discuss them one by one below:

Freedom and Relaxed lifestyle

Living aboard a sailboat may provide you the freedom and comfort that will not be possible anywhere else. Just as RVs on land offer great freedom while traveling from one place to another on land, living aboard allows you to take your entire household to a different geographic location whenever you choose to do so. 

This lifestyle comes with freedom and nearly limitless opportunities for exploration. Likewise, living aboard means living a life away from the fast paced life of the modern era, a way from many stressors to living a truly laid back and relaxed lifestyle. 

Safety and sense of community

For many of us living in a safe environment is absolutely a must, that is exactly what marinas offer you. Marinas are regarded as very safe places as they have the most advanced security gates, CCTV cameras and professional security guards present on the marine who keep watch 24/7. 

In addition to that, marinas are one of the best places to socialise as well. You will come across many like minded and well-travelled people who can share their knowledge and sailing expertise with you and vice versa.

Scaping the cold months and saving money

Also living aboard allows you to travel to the southern part of the country (or world) in the colder months of the year, where it is much warmer in the south than in the northern hemisphere. This lifestyle is really something unique and cool to be able to live where-ever and when-ever you want. 

Cost of living aboard a sailboat in majority of the cases is far less than living a life in a typical house or apartment. If you live fully all year round on a sailboat and you don’t have any residential rent or mortgage costs to pay, you can live very cheap and even save money. Of course you have to rent a slot in your desired marina, but usually it is much cheaper than renting a house or paying for your monthly mortgage payment in that same area. 

It goes without saying that if you live aboard only a few months in a year that you will have higher costs, as you still have to pay for a marina slot as well as your house expenses. 

What are some disadvantages of living aboard a sailboat?

So far we mentioned some of the pros why living aboard a sailboat could be desirable for many. While what we have mentioned above is true, there are some cons that come with this lifestyle, I will mention a few below:

Lack of space

From my experience, what I miss when I am sailing for days on end, is the lack of space. I mean by that no room for yourself or for your belongings. Even the largest catamarans will not be able to offer you the same amount of space as the typical house does, so anything less than that will be even more tighter living. 

Some sailors who live aboard all-year round find it easier to rent a storage locker, additionally choosing this lifestyle will mean that you will have to get used to taking your wash to the laundry and get used to having a small refrigerator and small storage spaces. It is crucial that you know your crew well or people who will live with you. While living aboard with someone is a great way to bond with each other, it can also be challenging at times, especially due to lack of privacy and personal space.

Bad Weather

Although sailors have the choice to sail to warmer locations during the winter month, which many do, they cannot escape from the storms, floods, hurricanes and even worse of them all the tsunamis. Because severe weather conditions could be seriously life threatening living aboard, it is imperative that you evacuate the sailboat if you are docked at the marina at times of severe weather conditions. But if you are out on the sea then you can do a lot to stay safe. I wrote a useful article on this topic. Click here to check it out.

Unwanted Visitors

One of reasons why most sailors choose to live aboard is that they want to be closer to nature, that is definitely true when it comes to wildlife. While docked on the marina or out on the water, you will have some unwanted visitors such as ants, spiders, insects, lizards and cockroaches to mice, rats and cats, foxes and raccoons. Seals and otters love to sun bathe on the deck and enjoy last night’s leftovers as well. If you are safe from seals and otters you will definitely not be safe from sea gals and other sea birds. The solution is keeping your sailboat tidy and clean and leave no food or leftovers etc on the deck or in the cabin. 

Maintenance and Repairs

It is inevitable that your vessel will need maintenance and repairs at some point. It could be bottom painting or to repair a rusty part or otherwise treating mildew and mold that grow constantly in certain areas of your boat. One thing they all have in common is: they all come with high price tags. You want to stay on top of these repairs and maintenance as having a maintenance routine will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run.

Top 12 Best Sailboats To Live On

In this section we would like to share with you our findings (after a thorough research of the market) of 12 fantastic sailboats that could make a great home on water.

This very special boat was designed by Dean Wixom with the seaworthiness and crew safety in mind. In addition, it was built to be easily transportable (trailerable)from one place to another. 

This feature is very unique to this boat, there are not many vessels serving the same purpose.

Although, legally it is possible to transport this boat on the back of a trailer without any special permit, it needs a bigger than average trailer to transport it. 

Nor’Sea 27 comes with the quality, comfort, amenities and safety on the sea of a much greater vessels. Most models feature a fully galley including fridge/freezer, Double sink, a reasonably sized head and v-berth with an inbound engine and a cutaway full keel. This vessel is well known for its comfort and functionality.

Although she is available in both an aft-cockpit and center-cockpit layout, the centre cockpit is a more preferred option for many sailors. This option features an amazing aft cabin, with 4 beds and standing headroom throughout main areas in the cabin and a safe and protected cockpit. 

So all in all this beautiful and spacious boat features amenities which are very unique for its size. It comes with almost all the features you would expect on a liveable boat. For this reason it comes with a slightly higher price tag. Nor’See 27 pride itself on safety and seaworthiness. That makes this model one of the best liveaboard vessels that ticks many boxes.

The only issue that this boat has (although it is manageable) is having smaller water and fuel tank storage. We mentioned how important it is to have a bigger water and fuel tanks in this article, in case you missed that part click here to read our recommended water and fuel tank sizes and how to resolve this issue. Other than that Nor’Sea 27 is one of the best liveaboard sailboat out there in this price range that is very safe and comfortable.

A brand new Nor’Sea 27 will cost you around $130,000 depending on the features, however a good used Nor’Sea 27 could be found for approximately $45,000. 

Specification & Dimension

This is a great sail aboard sailboat which was first introduced in 1974 and since then it has been extraordinarily improved. This is a very popular vessel which is sold plentifully all over the world. 

It comes in 3 models: Mark I (1974 – 1986), Mark II (1986 – 1993) and the Mark III (1994 – 1997). So if you would go for an older model, be prepared to customise a lot to improve functionality. 

The founder and president Frank Butler has been quoted in many publications saying that his company goal was to provide its customers with “as much boat for the money as we can.” 

Catalina is believed to be one of the best all-around sailboats ever built, it is a reliable and robust fibreglass sailboat that has a low price point which provides a good option for many new sailors to enjoy sailing and living aboard. 

Cataline features a well thought and spacious cabin layout and has all the basic features that a 30 feet boat has to offer such as fully galley including ice box, a large double sink, a reasonably sized head and fully functioning navigation station which makes living on this very comfortable.

This beautiful boat has a wide beam, abundant storage space, and good ballast/displacement ratio in addition to a low sail area/displacement ratio which makes Catalina very stiff and therefore comfortable to sail.  

Size-for-size and feature-for-feature the Catalina 30 is tough to beat. Depending on the model, condition and specification of the boat, you can find a good one under $40,000.

There are many reason why we think Contessa 32 is the best live aboard sailboat relative to its size and price tag. This cruising and racing boat with proven blue water track record, is truly a reliable, versatile, comfortable and seaworthy vessel that is built to cater for any type of adventure including living aboard. 

Contessa 32 is considered by many as a British yachting icon. It was first built in 1971 and it is still produced but on customer order basis. Co32 comes with speed and stability that not only make a nice racing vessel but also a great accommodation or a live aboard sailboat for you and your crew.  

Due to the design of the hull and the shape of the keel it sails smoothly without slamming on the sea bed, making the journey very comfortable. It is a classic boat with lovely lines and it is just looking so pretty, accommodating for a maximum of 6, however if living aboard probably it will be suitable for a couple and 2 kids or 4 adults. 

Co32 features a small galley on the port side and a navigation table on the starboard. An aft quarter berth, a large salon settee with a beautiful wooden fold up dinette table in the middle that transforms into a cosy double berth at night. Additionally you have a single settee that can be used as berth to starboard, forward a head and v-berth with plenty of space and stowage compartments.

The sailboat makes excellent accommodation for  2-4 people with many amenities that are required to call it a sail-aboard home.   

Depending on the model, condition and specification of the boat, you can find a good used one for about $45,000.

The next sail aboard winner on our list is the 40 feet, Nordic 40. If you want to live aboard comfortably or with a larger family/crew then look no further. This American designed beauty was first built in 1978 and is generously spacious in its interior. 

That means plenty of storage space which is needed during longer crossings. This fine cruiser is initially designed as a race/cruiser, so when it comes to sailing performance that is unbeatable. Its deep draft fin keel provides for a superior windward capability. 

Nordic 40 comes with a fully insulated fiberglass hull throughout the interior, not only it will keep you warm during the cold winter nights but also to keep the condensation at bay.  

This beauty comes with a large fuel and water tank and plenty of storage spaces that will allow you to stock up for your longer crossings or to sail around the world.

Nordic features a reasonably large galley on the port side and a navigation table on the starboard. An aft cabin with 2x quarter berths, a large salon settee with a beautiful wooden fold up dinette table in the middle that transforms into a cosy double berth at night. Additionally you have a single settee that can be used as berth on the starboard side, forward a head and v-berth with plenty of space and stowage compartments, this comes very handy while living aboard simply because it is hard to live with some of the household items.

All in all Nordic 40 is hands down one of the best live aboard sailboats in its category that has a lot of potential for being a floating home.

Although there are not many Nordic built you will still be able to get hold of them for a market price of approx $135,000. 

liveaboard wood sailboat

Is the safety and a superb performance something that you are looking for in a liveaboard vessels? If the answer is yes, then Etap 37s is the sailboat for you. Etap 37 is an award winner certified (by Bureau Veritas) unsinkable boat with an outstanding performance.

Something interesting with this model is that in case of flooding in the boat while at sea, not only the boat will stay afloat but it will also allow the captain and crew members to continue stay aboard and sail towards safety. This is possible because a special foam is injected in between the hull and the lining which in turn acts not only as a floatation mechanism but also as a great insulation and sound dampening layer.

This Belgian beauty has a generously wide beam for loads of storage space as well as extended stability. We think this sailboat will make a great living space for medium sized families with excellent live aboard facilities .  

Ergonomic and well thought out beautiful teak wood in the setting areas and the cabin give this boat a luxurious look. This fine cruiser offers accommodation for 6 people, with a v-berth in the bow, an aft cabin double bed and two fairly large settees in the main cabin and comes with a head and shower. The galley offers a 2-burner stove and double sink and fridge/freezer etc. 

All these excellent amenities along side the safety and performance make it and excellent liveaboard sailboat.

Sure, this boat has positioned itself at the high end of the market when we compare this vessel with other models of the same size, but the price is still competitive enough to compete against the high quality design sailboats. 

liveaboard wood sailboat

Hunter was first introduced in 1977 and amazingly still being produced till today.  

This will make an outstanding live aboard sailboat because it is designed to provide you with more of a house feeling than a boat. The cabin features two fairly large settees in the main cabin, good standing height headroom and beautifully designed storage compartments. Standing headroom is a great advantage to have which offers you extra comfort while living aboard.

Hunter is well known for its stainless steel arch in the cockpit area which creates a really nice set up for short handed or single hand sailing,  and the extended cockpit area enjoys all the modern devices that a modern sailor needs. Additionally the Hunter comes with lots of room in the salon, cockpit area and it is very well ventilated and lit all throughout and it is easy to sail.

Hunter features a spacious u shape galley on the aft portside, a good size fridge and freezer, 2 burner stove with oven and a stainless steel sink. 

It also features a relatively spacious liveaboard accommodation for 6 people. Aft head compartment offers a large queen size berth with plenty of headroom and ventilation windows above. Just fore of that is the head and shower. 

The cabin has a large u-shaped salon seating area that transforms into a cosy double bed using the large dinette table which is located in the middle of the salon. Additionally you have a single settee on the starboard side and forward v-berth with plenty of space and stowage compartments.

The price ranges from $50,000 to $90,000 depending on the models and condition of the boat. 

Truly, Hunter has enormous potential for live-aboard sailors who are willing to forgo some aspects of luxurious amenities that other same sized makes do offer, for maximising storage spaces, especially when storage is such a crucial matter in longer ocean crossings.

Less luxury has also an added benefit that is: less maintenance. This performance cruiser offers great opportunities for new sailors or people on tighter budgets. 

Cal 34 (first produced in 1966) is considered a fairly light mid-sized sailboat for its material usage in early models. The basic model even is a very promising sail aboard boat. It comes with a spacious and basic interior, offering many standard features although it is lacking some luxury ones. 

The older models are acquired for approximately $20,000. If you decide to buy an older Cal 34 from the 70s, please note that a lot has changed in the sailing industry since then such as more efficient rigging, easier sail handling, efficient diesel engine, bigger water tank storage and more appealing interior design etc. All in all this is an excellent fairly priced live aboard option for couples and families.  

The I-36 was first introduced in the market in 1971, and the company built around 800 boats of this model before they ceased production in 1986. This model prides itself on speed, performance and ease of handling even in heavy air. 

Like Catalina this model makes an excellent live aboard option for couples or families without compromising any important amenities. 

The cabin features a large salon seating area that transforms into a cosy double bed using the large dinette table which is located in the middle of the salon. Additionally you have a single settee ( it can be used as a bed) on the starboard side, a aft quarter berth and forward v-berth with plenty of space and stowage compartments. 

I-36 features an enclosed head (flush toilet) and a shower which are very important amenities to have when living abroad. 

The L-shaped galley features a large stainless steel sink, a 3 burner stove and standard icebox that can be upgraded to a full refrigeration unit. 

The price ranges from $25,000 to $65,000 depending on the models and condition of the boat. 

All and all, a generously spacious living area alongside the master berth makes this model a very good option for exploring the world as well as living aboard all year round.

This 20-feet sailing boat is specifically built for blue water sailing and extended cruising. It differentiates herself from all other 20 to 27 feet live aboard boats by just being much larger for its size and class. Furthermore, it is a seaworthy and comfortable single handed boat and has a great strong structure yet small enough to be loaded on a trailer and transported easily to another location. 

The 20 feet world cruiser comes with the interior space of much larger boats, making it an awesome option to live aboard for a single or even couples.    

It was originally introduced to the market in 1972 and the production continued till late 90s. The company has built over 400 vessels over the period of 25 years. 

There are many reviews showing that many have crossed the oceans with this little sailboat even under heavy weather conditions. When it comes to size of the boat, one reviews mentioned that he felt that Flicka was more spacious than his previous 31 feet boat, that is without exaggeration.  

It is spacious enough to live in, with an excellent headroom and easy to handle. It sails beautifully although it is only 24′ 0″ ft long and it has a heavy displacement. 

This amazing vessel can accommodate 4 people and comes with many hatches and opening ports to keep your sail aboard home ventilated. 

Flicka features an aft quarter berth, a large salon settee that transforms into a cosy bed at night. Additionally you have a single settee (can be used as a bed) on the starboard side, and forward v-berth with plenty of space and stowage compartments. 

The galley is located amidships that includes stove/oven sink and icebox with hinged table for two. 

We have admit to that this vessel is one of the best live aboard sailboats in its size and price range.

Because this boat comes with quality, strength, safety and ease of handling, it is priced with a higher price tag of $25,000 to $45,000. 

Leopard 45 is a “Boat Of The Year” award winner in 2017. This luxurious live aboard vessel features a superb performance and build quality. It has a very well thought out, all rounded and practical layout through the entire boat.

Known for for sailing speed, comfort, safety, luxury and entertainment, this offers the best live aboard options in its price range. It is a firm favorite of liveaboards as well as charters alike. This model features a light, airy and luxurious interior. The living space overall is very accommodating for those of us who wants total comfort.

Leopard 45 comes with plenty of living, setting and entertainment spaces in the cockpit area that adds to your comfort and luxury and joy during the warmer days.

The interior features 3-4 cabins, a super large saloon, a fully equipped galley, plenty of entertainment area in the cockpit with 3 to 4 heads and showers.

She is so spacious and luxurious that you will not miss anything you had in your typical home while living aboard this beauty.

The price for a used one ranges from $200,000 to $810,000 depending on the models and condition of the vessel. 

Beneteau is a very popular and modern looking cruiser thanks to its sheltered cockpit, large deck space and a vast aft master cabins and it makes an excellent live aboard option.

The manufacturers built this boat with speed, safety, luxury and also comfort in mind. This model can be found in 2 or 4 cabin configuration. The 4 cabin options comes with 2 huge aft master cabins, two double berth forward each featuring a luxurious head, sink and shower and a single aft cabin accommodating 9 people for the larger option and 7 people with a 2 cabin configuration.

The aft master cabins feature queen size berths, a side bench seating area and lockers and cabinets and plenty of natural sun light. The designers have done a great job in paying close attention to every detail.

This live aboard cruiser has every amenity that you will need while living aboard. This is a truly master piece, featuring a really massive galley with fridge/freezer, four-burner gas stove and even a dishwasher.

The gorgeous saloon features a large u shape seating area with beautiful saloon, a large bench seat on the starboard side with its own table. It is worth to note that the saloon is filled with plenty of natural light coming from the ceiling and wall windows. The saloon is finished in beautiful cherry wood that gives it a super warm feeling.

The price is between $200,000 to $600,000 range for a good used Beneteau.

liveaboard wood sailboat

We chose this boat on our best liveaboard sailboat list because this model features a very solid structure that will allow you to build and upgrade upon if needed, in addition to that this vessel is very reasonably priced. 

This option is a well known cruiser which prides itself on the ease of sailing in any type of wind. 

The company first introduced Peterson 44 in 1976 and built only 200 of this model before they ceased production. From what we have gathered reading owner’s review they have nothing but good to say about its performance. 

This boat is very unique in having two enclosed heads and showers, one in forward and one in aft.  A full size U-shaped galley is positioned to the port. The galley comes with a large sink, a 3-burner stove, oven, fridge/freezer, good size countertop and plenty of storage in and around the galley. A large navigation station that is located to the starboard very close to the cockpit for easy access.

The main cabin features a large salon seating area that transforms into a cosy double bed using the large table. Additionally you have a single settee (can be used as a bed) on the starboard side, and forward v-berth with plenty of space and stowage compartments. This live aboard vessel features a gorgeous looking large aft master cabin with a head and shower, hanging closet, plentiful storage cabinet and private access to the cockpit. This amazing vessel can accommodate up to seven people and comes with many hatches and opening ports to keep your sail aboard home ventilated. 

The price for a good used Peterson 44 ranges from $60,000 to $110,000 depending on the models and condition of the boat. With all the amenities and above average quality it makes an excellent liveaboard option for slightly bigger families.

I know it has become a super lengthy and detailed post that takes some time to read through, but I wanted to make sure to create a complete guide including all the features to look out for and the elements to avoid when looking for a great sailboat to live on. 

When it comes to living aboard, there are many crucial elements that you don’t want to miss out as we have discussed these in great depth in this article. The tips and recommendation that we shared in this article will save your a lot of money and headache. 

This article has provided you with the knowledge how to identify a great sailboat, and how to choose your first sail aboard vessel and what makes a sailboat the best one for you.  

Our recommendation list of top 12 best boats will give you the best options out there, bear in mind that to buy a great sailboat, you might have to travel abroad to find the best options. All the best.

I am the owner of sailoradvice. I live in Birmingham, UK and love to sail with my wife and three boys throughout the year.

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Best Liveaboard Sailboats Under 30 feet

Best Liveaboard Sailboats Under 30 feet

Deciding to leave it all behind and live on a sailboat is a great step to take in your life. Living aboard a sailboat means that you’re going to change your lifestyle and habits. In other words, you’ll learn to live in simplicity and you’ll become a more responsible consumer. In addition, you’ll feel closer to nature. Also, you’ll experience the freedom of sailing from one place to another and most importantly you’ll be able to choose when and for how long you wish to stay there. However, a liveaboard sailboat should be a bit bigger than your average weekend cruising sailboat. And for this reason, there are many things to consider before purchasing the ideal liveaboard sailboat under 30ft. This article will help you choose between the best liveaboard sailboats under 30 ft and find out which one suits you most. So, keep reading!

Before Buying a Liveaboard Sailboat

There are certain factors to take into consideration before choosing the right liveaboard sailboat. The first one refers to the space and amenities you want your sailboat to be equipped with. Liveaboard sailboats usually feature a more complex and spacious layout, with larger sofas and settees as well as comfortable interior features. However, in some cases, storage space is reduced so as to allow space for other amenities. Nowadays, there are several liveaboard sailboats under 30ft that are equipped with both interior space and amenities/additional features. In any case, if you’re looking for a liveaboard sailboat under 30ft to live on, you already know that this size goes mainly for couples, single sailors, and a small family.

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Amenities for a Liveaboard Sailboat

So, let’s now see what are the most important requirements for a liveaboard sailboat?

  • Comfortable berths: Having proper and comfortable berths to sleep on is a vital element in a liveaboard sailboat. A well-designed sea berth ensures comfort while sleeping and provides safety in case of any unexpected knockdown, broach, etc. Remember that the berth’s dimensions, location, size, cushions, shape, and ease of access are important characteristics that determine its function and comfort.
  • 120V AC Outlets – Electricity : Most sailors require electricity for several tools and utilities from their sailboat; as a result energy needs are increasing accordingly. So, electrical production is essential and so is safety on board. Investing in a good power set-up is a must in order to cover all your devices and equipment. Also, I strongly recommend investing in installing solar panels.
  • Standing Headroom : Another important characteristic is having sufficient standing headroom. Like this, you’ll be able to stand up or lay down comfortably.
  • Fully-equipped galley: A fully-equipped galley for a liveaboard sailboat is a must. It must have a sink, a refrigerator, storage containers, pots and pans, and an Italian espresso maker, among others. The additional utensils and equipment for your galley will be determined by your needs and the amenities you need.
  • Sanitation and bathing facilities: Having a proper toilet and efficiently managing waste is really important. You can either have a cassette, pump-out, or incinerating toilets with safe storage tanks for pumping out or the best choice is to have composting toilets.
  • Adequate space for seating spaces : When living aboard you might need different spaces for performing your daily activities. So, additional seating spaces and comfy settees are practical for a liveaboard.
  • Ventilation and/or heater: If you’re living aboard your sailboat in a country with warm temperatures it would be useful to be equipped with a proper ventilation system or just by applying DIY ventilation tactics using the portholes. On the other hand, if you live in Northern countries it’s essential to be equipped with a heater on board.

Catalina 30

This model has been in production since 1975 and has been well-refined throughout the years. Catalina 30 ensures both comfort and performance and is by far the most common production boat for sailing open waters. The cabin and saloon layout are really spacious and, as many sailors say, it’s quite comfortable to live on despite its small size. Furthermore, it has a wide beam, great ballast/displacement ratio, and low sail area. In other words, it performs great under sail and ensures stability and comfort. There’s also a fully-equipped galley and electric pumps that supply running water. Lastly, it has a dinette that can serve as a workspace and an enclosed shower and head.

Catalina 30 - The Best Liveaboard Sailboat Under 30 Feet

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Nor’Sea 27

This 27ft sailboat is a great choice if you are a single sailor or just sailing with your partner. There are many that agree that Nor’Sea 27 is one of the best compact liveaboard sailboats in today’s market. This is because it features a spacious interior for its size and a wide range of amenities. It comes with a galley, sanitation and bathing facilities, two bunks below the cockpit, and a forward berth that can serve as a dinette. Some great advantages of this model are that you can tow in on a trailer and that it can save costs on slip fees. The price of this sailboat varies from $15,000 to even $100,000 depending on its condition, and additional comforts or features.

Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20

This small 20ft sailboat is a practical, towable, and seaworthy vessel that managed to accomplish many circumnavigations. Even though its small size, the boat is surprisingly spacious and equipped with practical amenities in its interior. The Flicka offers generous space below for a couple to live aboard. It features a fully-equipped galley with a counter, a settee berth, and V-berths. Furthermore, storage space is decent as there are galley lockers, stowage under the deck over the V-berths, and headroom over the quarter berth. The only downside is that it lacks deck space, has narrow side decks, and a short cockpit. In any case, if you’re looking for a spacious but small sailboat to live on you can find the Flicka 20 on the used market for $25,000.

Cal 27 is a popular, comfortable and economical size boat for beginner sailors or for couples looking for their first cruiser. It was first built in 1975 and in 1983 its deck, keel, and rig were refined so as to provide a better performance, steadiness, and comfort. Moreover, it has sufficient area for handling sails and ground tackle and the side decks are wide enough to walk along safely. The interior is really spacious with a V-berth forward followed by an athwartships head and the main salon with port and starboard settees. As for the galley, it extends from port to starboard across the aft end of the saloon. There’s also a dinette table that folds up against the forward bulkhead of the main saloon when not in service. Lastly, storage is limited but adequate for this boat size.

Contessa 28

A seaworthy cruiser that is safe and comfy for a small family or couple to live aboard. A masthead rigged sloop with reasonable performance and quite easy to handle. Furthermore, it features a safe cockpit and versatile accommodation. It has 5 or 6 berths and a small but reasonably equipped galley. In the fore-cabin, the V-berth has storage space below and the quarter berth to starboard has a fold-down chart table. Moreover, there’s a sufficient head compartment which has a toilet and washbasin. The saloon has two settee berths and a fixed table with drop leaves. In today’s market, you can find a well-refined Contessa 28 with a price starting from $25,000.

The Pearson 28 was first built in 1975 and is now out of production. However, you can find this well-designed sailboat on the used market with a reasonable price starting from $19,000. Its modern design features a wide beam, a high freeboard, and a roomy interior; all these make it a great liveaboard sailboat. Moreover, it has plenty of engine power for its size under nearly all conditions. Below deck, there’s well-organized and sufficient space with a quarter berth cabin along the port side, a V-berth forward, and a U-shaped settee with a drop leaf table. Under berth and seat cushions storage space is great for this size of a sailboat.

Also, there’s a small galley along the port side and an icebox on the starboard side. In addition, there’s a fully enclosed head with an integral shower aft of the starboard side. The only downside of this interior is that there’s not enough standing room. In any case, as an overall review, many agree that Pearson 28 is a great liveaboard sailboat for a couple or a small family.

Pearson 28 - A Great Liveabord Sailboat

>>Also Read: Best Sailboats Under 100k

Before choosing to live aboard a sailboat keep in mind some important things to consider beforehand. Firstly, the level of space and accommodation you require. In addition, practical features like a fully-equipped galley, sanitation/bathing facilities, extra seating space, and ventilation. For example, there are people that require space and don’t really care about amenities. On the other hand, others pay attention to practical features or amenities whereas space is not really their concern. So, deciding to live aboard a sailboat needs some preparation and thought beforehand but you’ll be rewarded with freedom, simplicity, and tranquility. Whatever your preferences and needs, I hope that this article will help you to find the right sailboat that will provide an adequate level of comfort, space, and amenities.


Peter is the editor of Better Sailing. He has sailed for countless hours and has maintained his own boats and sailboats for years. After years of trial and error, he decided to start this website to share the knowledge.

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liveaboard wood sailboat

5 Best Liveaboard Boats

liveaboard wood sailboat

Table of Contents

Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Want to live aboard a boat? Maybe you’re looking for more affordable waterfront living, or an alternative lifestyle – either way – living on a boat has many rewards. That said, choosing the right boat will make all the difference to your happiness. Before you commit, consider these five best liveaboard boats : 

  • Motor yachts and cabin cruisers 
  • Trawlers 
  • Sailboats 
  • Catamarans 
  • Houseboats 

  Find Live Abroad Boats ready for rent here

Motor yachts and Cabin Cruisers

Motor Yachts and Cabin Cruisers

Motor yachts is a broad term that encompasses large(ish) motorboats with accommodations like a bed (sleeping cabin), a head (bathroom), and a galley (kitchen). These boats can be quite large such as an Absolute 50 with a flybridge that provides extra space for outdoor recreation/entertainment, like the backyard of a house. 

Models like these usually have three cabins and two heads to accommodate an entire family. Of course, big boats come with big price tags and lots of maintenance needs, so you may not save much over living in a condo. 

Consider how much space you need and check out some best liveaboard boats under 40 feet. Cabin cruisers like the Cutwater 32 are great choices. This boat has one cabin as well as a galley and lounge area (living room) with large windows that bring in lots of natural light and air. 

The twin outboard engines can transport your home to new surroundings in the blink of an eye. Best of all, boats under 40 feet may save you a million dollars (literally) over large motor yachts and provide many of the same amenities. 

2. Trawlers  

Trawler Liveaboard boat

Trawlers are a great option because they are built with the liveaboard lifestyle in mind. They’re typically slower boats designed for long-distance cruising, and they come in many sizes from a large Nordhavn 60 built for tough ocean conditions to a more compact Beneteau Swift 35 that’s ideal for coastal cruising. 

Most trawlers have good liveaboard layouts and will travel at speeds 8-10 knots, where they offer good fuel consumption , which is important with high diesel prices. 

Pro Tip: Not all trawlers are slow – the French Swift series is designed to run at planning as well as trawling speeds, so you get the best of both. 

READ MORE: Don’t Ignore Your Bucket List: Great Loop  

3. Sailboats

liveaboard sailboat

Perhaps you’re contemplating living aboard in preparation for long-distance cruising under sail. Sailboats come in all sizes, just like motor yachts, but they’re usually narrower, and most of the living aboard happens lower down in the boat, so they’re not as airy and light. 

On the plus side, because space is more premium, sailboat design is very efficient, so you can pile a lot into a sailboat and still have room for sailing necessities. 

Looking for a compact sailboat? Consider the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380 with two or three cabins in just 38 feet. For something a bit roomier, check out the new Hanse 510 . This massive model can be spec’d with up to five cabins and even has a tender garage. 

The great thing about sailboats is that you can travel long distances when you want to change your neighborhood entirely – and with little money spent on fuel. 

4. Catamarans

liveaboard catamaran

Catamarans are boats with twin hulls and they can be both power and sail models. They have many advantages including more room aboard than the same-length monohulls with better cabin privacy and more system redundancy for backup options. 

They’re more stable both in motion and at anchor (dock) so they produce less seasickness and are more comfortable in a rolly anchorage at night. They’re roomy platforms for kids as well as older folks but due to their beam (width), it’s harder to find a slip for them in a marina. 

Sailing cat models come in various sizes and prices. Production boats like the Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 and the Excess 11 are both around 40 feet but feel much bigger than a monohull sailboat of equal length. 

Many cats come in an “owners’ version” where one entire hull is dedicated to the master suite which is like a bedroom at home. Models like these start around $500,000 but upmarket, carbon fiber, semi-custom designs like the HH55 will set you back multiple millions.

Powercats are growing in popularity and offer the same amenities as their sailing counterparts, except they have bigger engines to travel at much greater speeds. Powers can be on the smaller side, like the 32-foot Aspen C100, or quite sizeable, like the Aquila 54. Cats tend to be more expensive to purchase and to own since there are two of just about everything to maintain. 

5. Houseboats

liveaboard houseboats

If you want to live aboard but have little interest in being mobile, you may consider a houseboat. These boats usually maximize living space and are shaped more like houses than boats. Household-sized amenities, including side-by-side refrigerators, massive sofas, and large TVs can be had.

Because they don’t require much technical gear like engines, electronics, and advanced power systems, houseboats can be quite affordable and can make the best liveaboard boats under $100k. 

A few companies build houseboats like Eco-Sea Cottages, but many will be one-off and home-built designs. Although these boats don’t move (much), they must still have a solid floating foundation to be safe, and only some marinas will allow them to dock there.

One more thing to consider

There are no hard rules as to what makes a great liveaboard boat! You just have to find one that suits you and your budget. Read our Living on a Boat post for more insight, and be sure to browse through Boatsetter to find the perfect liveaboard boat. 

About Boatsetter 

Boatsetter is a unique boat-sharing platform that gives everyone — whether you own a boat or yyou’rejust renting — the chance to experience life on the water. You can list a boat , book a boat , or make money as a captain .  

List. Rent. Earn— Only at Boatsetter


Zuzana Prochazka is an award-winning freelance journalist and photographer with regular contributions to more than a dozen sailing and powerboating magazines and online publications including Southern Boating, SEA, Latitudes & Attitudes and SAIL. She is SAIL magazines Charter Editor and the Executive Director of Boating Writers International. Zuzana serves as judge for SAIL’s Best Boats awards and for Europe’s Best of Boats in Berlin. 

A USCG 100 Ton Master, Zuzana founded and manages a flotilla charter organization called Zescapes that takes guests adventure sailing at destinations worldwide. 

Zuzana has lived in Europe, Africa and the United States and has traveled extensively in South America, the islands of the South Pacific and Mexico. 

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Best Beginner Sailboats.

10 Best Beginner Sailboats

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United States > Pacific Northwest > Seattle, WA/Stimson Marina

Asking Price: 195,000 USD

Year: 2015 - Used

Manufacturer: Menchions Shipyard, Vancouver, BC

Length: 73 feet

Hull Material: Port Orford Cedar


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My Cruiser Life Magazine

17 Best Sailboats to Live On + What You Should Know First

Many dream of living aboard a sailboat, but finding the right one can be daunting. There are many different types, and countless manufacturers have come and gone over the years. 

Here’s a list of 17 options – a sailboat for every sailor on every kind of budget. 

Best Sailboats To Live On

Table of Contents

17 best sailboats to live on, pros of living aboard a sailboat, cons of boat life.

  • Find Your Type of Boat 

Set Your Boat Budget

What size boat to pick, best liveaboard sailboats under 35 feet (< 35 feet), best liveaboard sailboats under 40 feet (35–40 feet), best liveaboard sailboats under 45 feet (40–45 feet), best liveaboard sailboats under 50 feet (45–50 feet), best liveaboard sailboats under 60 feet (50–60 feet), want to live on a sailboat, best sailboats to live on faqs.

  • Catalina 34/35
  • Panda/Baba 35, Tashiba 36a
  • Gemini 105MC
  • Islander Freeport 36
  • Passport 40
  • Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS
  • Leopard 42/43
  • Beneteau Oceanis 473
  • Hallberg Rassy 46/48
  • Leopard 46/Moorings
  • Amel Super Maramu 2000
  • Privilege 585

What to Know First

So, boat shopping is a challenge, to say the least. Understanding where to start and what to look for comes down to understanding what you want to do with your boat.

Here’s a look at some pros and cons of living aboard to get you started.

  • Seaside living at a fraction of the cost of a waterfront home
  • Ability to travel anywhere by water
  • Ability to move anytime—not tied to one location/town
  • Different liveaboard lifestyle options to choose from: at a dock, mooring, anchoring, cruising (traveling)—tired of one, mix it up for a different experience
  • Small living space lacks storage and privacy
  • Limited resources: you must meter your fuel, water, and electricity use when not at a dock
  • More exposed to the elements and more affected by weather events
  • Seating and furnishings are less comfortable than in a house
  • Constant maintenance to keep the boat seaworthy and clean

How to Find the Best Boat to Live on Year Round

At first, you might think boat shopping is like looking for a new car. But when shopping for a car, you have a small pool of manufacturers and models to choose from. In the end, you might have five choices and already have an opinion about each maker’s quality and reputation.

Boats are different. We’re usually shopping for boats that are a decade or more old. The manufacturers may have gone out of business years ago. When you total up all the possible makes and models of each type of boat, you might have dozens of choices with brands you’ve never heard of. Yikes!

Find Your Type of Boat

There are dozens of types of boats you could live on, depending on where you want to live and where you want to take it. Most people shopping for a sailboat will choose between coastal cruisers, bluewater boats, and sailing catamarans.

Here are some of the pros and cons of these sailboat types. 

The Coastal Cruiser

  • Inexpensive compared to bluewater and catamarans
  • Perfect for dock living or near-shore hops
  • With modifications and the right outfitting, many have island-hopped the Caribbean
  • Many to choose from, and often they are lightly used
  • Designs are often race-inspired and faster than typical heavy bluewater boats
  • Newer, bigger boat for your money
  • Often production boats have low-quality, lightweight builds

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The Bluewater Sailboat

  • The best bluewater cruising sailboats are capable of going anywhere
  • Built to last and take anything
  • Give the most comfortable ride in rough conditions
  • Newer examples are expensive
  • Good ones sell quickly
  • Older vessels may be tired and in need of an extensive refit
  • Often lack the living space that coastal cruisers have—narrower beams and transoms

The Catamaran

  • Cruising cats have the maximum living space, especially cockpit dining and upper salon
  • Light-filled with plenty of airflow, perfect for the tropics and living at anchor
  • Larger models (40+ feet) are bluewater boats capable of going nearly anywhere
  • A shallower draft than most monohulls allows for more cruising and anchoring choices
  • More expensive to purchase, keep, and maintain than similar-sized monohulls  
  • The most in-demand vessels, prices are high and good ones sell fast 
  • Sometimes hard or expensive to find dock space and boatyards that can haul it out for maintenance

Still unsure which side of the monohull vs. catamaran debate you’re on? Try to get aboard some boats and experience the living space first-hand.

17 Best Sailboats To Live On + What You Should Know First

Everyone has a budget when going boat shopping, even if you’re Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. Establishing how much you can spend on your boat is the biggest factor that will affect your decision, and it’s the backbone for all other decisions. 

You must understand just how much boat costs increase as the size of boat increases. Boats are already expensive, and the average cost of owning and buying a liveaboard sailboat varies dramatically. But when the boat gets bigger, it needs bigger hardware, lines, rigging, sails, motors…everything. And bigger means more expensive, so these costs add up fast.

And then there are your storage and boat maintenance costs, all of which are charged per foot. The marina might charge you $15 per foot/per month for a dock slip, and the boatyard will similarly charge you per foot to haul and store the boat. Divers charge per foot for bottom cleaning, as do detailers for annual compounding and waxing of the hull.

When it comes to budgeting, there are two rules of thumb. 

  • Always pick the smallest boat you can comfortably live on.
  • If you have an amount budgeted for your boat purchase, spend half on the boat and save the other half for outfitting and maintenance.

As you’ll see below, boats can be grouped by price and size. When you go up in size, you go up in price—often by a lot.

The size of the boat is a factor of your budget, but also of how big a boat you can handle. Most people believe this means driving it and maneuvering it, which is true to some extent. But a good training captain can teach you what you need to know to drive any size boat in just a few sessions. 

No, the size of the boat you can manage refers more to how much maintenance you want to do. The bigger the boat, the more complex and plentiful its systems. There’s more to break on a bigger boat, and more things broken means more time fixing things.

Catamarans compound this by doubling a lot of the systems. Two engines, two saildrives, two hulls to wax, two hulls to bottom paint—you get the idea.

Another factor you should consider early on is getting insurance. Yacht insurance has gotten harder and harder to get in recent years. If you’ve never owned a boat and have no experience, you might be forced to get something small (think an under 30-foot daysailor) to get some experience on before you move up. It’s also difficult because many underwriters won’t write policies for liveaboards. 

As a general rule of thumb, most people will find boats under 35 feet too small to live on full-time. Most of these vessels don’t even have standing headroom. There is often only a “wet head,” one where you take showers while sitting on the toilet.

Boats 35 to 40 feet are good for solo travelers or couples who don’t mind living in small quarters. The beds will be small and accessed only from one side, as in a v-berth or a Pullman-style berth. If there is one, the second bunk is likely only for the occasional guest. 

You’ll get better accommodations when you move up to 40 to 45 footers. The second bunk may be in its own stateroom. The main suite will have an island-style berth that can be accessed from both sides—a huge upgrade for most couples. The head will likely have a separate, enclosed shower. This size sailing yacht makes a good liveaboard sailboat for most boaters.

Boats bigger than 45 feet are best for bigger families. If you often travel with kids or guests, these are the boats for you. They’re extremely spacious and make boat living easy, but the extra maintenance and cost may not be worth it.

The List — Best Sailboats to Live Aboard

All lists, whether found in internet blogs or international sailing magazines, have issues. There’s no one list to rule them all because there are simply too many different boats out there. And everyone uses their boat differently, so the “best” for you might be a terrible choice for me. Different boats for different folks, so to say.

So, what’s the deal with this list? It’s made from personal experience of having seen a lot of boats out cruising. And it’s a list that tries to put aside the fantasies—Oysters and Gunboats are pretty in magazines, but like Ferraris, not many of us will ever own one. So let’s look at some practical boats that fill each size category. 

For every boat on this list, a dozen or more could’ve been included. Use these models to research brands and see which sizes suit your needs.

Boats under 35 feet tend to be best suited for solo travelers or couples comfortable living in small spaces. As always, coastal cruisers in this class have much more space than bluewater boats do. Catamarans in this class are also coastal cruisers—you need more length and volume to get real bluewater performance out of a cat. No matter which type of boat you’re looking at here, storage space on this size of liveaboard boat will be limited.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Wilderness Of Waves (@wildernessofwaves)

Coastal Cruiser Under 35 — Catalina 34/35

If you want to move aboard, you’re on a budget, and you want the most space you can get, it’s really hard to beat an older Catalina. Starting with the Catalina 30, these beamy boats have a surprising interior volume. They make great first liveaboards.

Bluewater Sailor Under 35 — Panda/Baba 35, Tashiba 36

The famous yacht designer Bob Perry drew these Taiwanese-built boats, all tracing their lineage to the older Tayana 37 . They’re updated slightly and built by different yards, but all full keels with cutaways and built for bluewater cruising. They all have gorgeous teak joinery and are comfortable and forgiving at sea. 

Catamaran Under 35 — Gemini 105MC

The Gemini 105M and 105MC were arguably the most popular cat models ever. They’re American-built, with a single diesel engine and a narrow beam that allows them to be parked in a standard boat slip. In the US, this means many more marina choices if that’s how you roll. The boat has centerboards and kick-up rudders, so the board-up draft is a scant 18 inches—gunkholing perfection. 

While some Geminis have crossed oceans, they aren’t made for it. They have average (sometimes below-average) build quality and fiberglass work. However, they’re perfect coastal cruisers and capable of heading into The Bahamas.

The Gemini should be on your shortlist if you’re looking for a cheap catamaran .

Runner Up: PDQ 32

Are you looking for a small cat with better build quality? They didn’t make many of them, but the PDQ 32 is what you seek. It’s an attractive small catamaran with a wider beam. It came with twin outboards in wells, but the LRC (long-range cruiser) option had inboard diesels.

best liveaboard sailboats under 40 feet

Forty feet is the sweet spot for most cruising couples—big enough to be comfortable and carry enough provisions but small enough that handling and maintenance are manageable. This class of boat has a lot of excellent choices in both coastal cruiser and bluewater boats, making it a good size range to find the perfect affordable liveaboard sailboat.

The catamaran group from 35 to 40 feet has a few very popular choices, but they are right on the edge of being too small for most cruisers. Counterintuitively, these cats are perfect for couples who don’t mind downsizing and traveling lightly. These shorter cats are prone to hobby horsing and don’t provide as comfortable a ride in bluewater as slightly longer cats do. 

Coastal Cruiser Under 40 — Islander Freeport 36

The Islander brand is no longer around, but these California-built production boats from the 1970s and 80s were well-built and well-liked. The I32 and I36 were very popular cruising boats designed by Bob Perry. The Freeport 36 is a before-its-time European deck salon with enormous windows. The swing-down swim platform is another bonus for a boat from this era, as are the Pullman-style berth and forepeak-located head (some layouts). If you can find one in good condition, these boats make excellent liveaboards. 

Bluewater Sailor Under 40 — Passport 40

Yet another boat from the desk of Bob Perry, the Passport 40, is a sharp-looking aft-cockpit bluewater cruiser from one of the best yards in Taiwan. They feature a long fin keel and skeg-mounted rudder. Everything about this sloop is just right for long-term cruising.

Catamaran Under 40 — Prout 38

The Prout 38 traces its heritage back to the earlier Prout Snowgoose. The boat is still being made, now under the Broadblue brand. It’s a sturdy British-built cat made for serious offshoring. While it lacks some of the open feeling that newer charter boats have, it more than makes up for it with its robust and high-quality build.

Runner Up: Leopard 40 (2005-2009)

This early L40 (don’t get confused with the newer ones built around 2020) was designed by famous multihull designers Morelli and Melvin. It’s got more of the things you might expect from your typical charter cat: a sliding salon door, galley-up layout, and a huge walk-through cockpit.

While this seems a small step up from the size of boats above, prices increase rapidly above the 40-foot mark. At this point, the boat’s gear needs to be bigger and heavier, from all the lines and rigging to each block and winch. Engines are now larger four-cylinder diesels, and there’s much more hull area to clean and paint. 

A 45-foot coastal cruiser has enough space to keep a small family happy for short trips or a couple happy for any length of time. These boats usually have island berths in a spacious master bedroom, so no more crawling over each other just to go to the bathroom! Bluewater boats in this class are a little smaller inside, making them just right for most couples doing a long-term cruise.

As far as catamarans go, the 40 to 45-foot range is the perfect sweet spot for most cruising couples. A spacious interior plus excellent seakeeping abilities make these top picks. There are tons of boat choices out there, and most of the best cruising catamarans come from this size group.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tara Smith (@minofmine)

Coastal Cruiser Under 45 — Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS

Jeanneau is part of Groupe Beneteau , but their boats often have a more refined finish than Beneteaus. The DS stands for “deck salon.” They feature larger windows that let in more light and have better visibility than a standard cruiser. This is especially welcome if you’re attracted to the living space in a catamaran but need something smaller and more affordable. 

The 42DS also has an enormous island berth, plus a huge twin-helm cockpit with lots of space for entertaining.

Bluewater Sailor Under 45 — Hylas 44

The Hylass 44 is regularly picked as one of the best offshore cruising boats. It’s a center cockpit boat designed by German Frers.  It has a wonderful layout with tons of living space and a large, usable galley. The aft cabin has a large island berth with an en suite head. 

Catamaran Under 45 — Leopard 42/43 (2001-2006)

These early Leopard charter cats are highly sought after on the used market. Like all charter cats, the best finds are the “owners versions” with one hull dedicated to the master stateroom with en suite head and shower. The Leopard 42, which came out in 2002, had a soft canvas cover over the cockpit and was updated to the Leopard 43 with a hardtop. 

Above 45 feet is another big price jump. For beginners, these big boats will require some training and experience before you head out on your own. 

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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Leopard 46 "Shanties" (@leopard46shanties)

Coastal Cruiser Under 50 — Beneteau Oceanis 473

This big Beneteau came with either 2, 3, or 4 staterooms. Finding the right layout is as important as finding the right boat. The two-stateroom version has enormous berths and lots of storage, perfect for couples with occasional guests or families of three. Most have the standard keel with less than a six-foot draft, making this fin keel/spade rudder boat a rare find. They were built from 2000 to 2005.

Bluewater Sailor Under 50 — Hallberg Rassy 46/48

Hallberg Rassys are well-regarded boats built in Sweden, mostly designed by German Frers. These are high-end boats of the best quality, so don’t expect to find one available cheaply. They’re gorgeous, however, and make wonderful world cruisers.

Catamaran Under 50 — Leopard 46/Moorings 4600 (2006)

If you want a big catamaran, it’s hard to go wrong with the 2006 Leopard 46. Where modern Lagoon and Leopards have tall profiles with tons of windage, this is one of the newest, largest boats that still have single-level living. It has distinctive hull chines that increase living space without increasing wetted surface and plenty of sail area for good performance. In true Leopard fashion, all lines are led to the helm for easy short-handed cruising despite the boat’s large size.

best liveaboard sailboats under 60 feet

Boats in this class are borderline yachts based on their sheer size. If you were to charter these boats, they’d usually come with a crew. That size means they’re more expensive and more of a handful to manage daily. 

Coastal Cruiser Under 60 — Irwin 54

The Irwin brand is long gone, but many examples are available on the used market. They were known especially for their large center cockpit ketches, like this 54-footer. This is a spacious, big water boat that certainly meets the qualifications of most bluewater boats. They can go anywhere, but they may need maintenance and refit given their ages. 

Don’t get to lured by the low prices of these boats. You’ll have to lay out some serious cash to get one ready to cruise long-range. But if you aren’t opposed to some hard work and projecting, the Irwin can get you a lot of boat for not much money.

Bluewater Sailor Under 60 — Amel Super Maramu 2000 (53′)

Made famous by the Delos YouTube channel, the Amel is a French-built brand of high-quality bluewater boats. Today, this brand’s new models look like many others—wide sterned, flat-bottomed sloops. But the Maramus that made them famous were unique—ketch rigged and ruggedly built, designed to take a cruising couple anywhere. Electric winches were standard on everything to keep such a large boat easy to operate.

Catamaran Under 60 — Privilege 585

Privilege is the French-made catamaran that you don’t hear enough about. Unlike Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot, these are beefy cruising boats ready to take you anywhere. Their construction and fit-and-finish are first-rate, as is the joinery down below. 

Living on a sailboat is an adventure—it’s not for everyone. Finding the right boat is an important part of doing it successfully, but it’s not the only step in preparing for the lifestyle.

You should also consider checking my post on liveaboard catamaran options, to make sure you research thoroughly enough!

What makes a great liveaboard sailboat?

Everyone’s priorities for a liveaboard sailboat are different—a bluewater cruiser looking to sail around the world might pick a very different boat from someone who lives full-time dock life. In general terms, you need to find a boat that is safely capable of taking you where you want to go and has enough living space to be comfortable while doing it. 

Sailing catamarans are some of the most popular liveaboard sailboats because their living space is unmatched. Most are also bluewater-capable cruisers that can go pretty much anywhere. 

What is the best size sailboat to live on?

The size of the boat you’ll be comfortable on long term is a personal choice that depends on your personality and the number of people you’ll be traveling with. Solo travelers may be content with a sailboat around 30 feet, while most couples are comfortable on something around 40 feet. Forty-five to fifty feet is more realistic if you often have guests or kind on board. 

With all of this in mind, however, it’s really important to remember that the costs of buying and maintaining a sailboat increase exponentially with length. Getting the smallest boat you are comfortable living on is always better because that will be easier to manage and keep in the long run.

What are the negatives of living on a sailboat?

People live on their sailboats differently, so it’s difficult to narrow down the biggest negatives. Everyone struggles with the small living space that a boat affords. You’ll have to downsize your possessions to the absolute minimum you need. And getting personal space away from your spouse or family is pretty much impossible on a small boat. 

Why are sailboats so expensive?

New boats require a massive investment in time and resources to produce. The nicer the boat, the more time and skill it takes to build, which makes costs soar. Some production companies, like Beneteau, have found ways to reduce production costs and keep the price of new boats more reasonable. But these boats pale compared to other yachts in terms of overall quality. 

Older used boats can be found pretty cheaply. In fact, it’s often possible to find free or nearly-free boats that are on their way to the junkyard or dumpster. The key is understanding how much work and money it will take to get these boats ready to go again. 

Is it a good idea to live on a sailboat?

Living on a boat is an amazing way to experience seaside living or traveling the world by water. But it’s also a unique, out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle choice that’s not without challenges. 

Before you move onto a sailboat, you’ll want to research the topic carefully and talk to some folks who already to it. Many people start with occasional boating, spending a week or more onboard to try it out. With a little experience, it’s easy to see if it’s something you could do for the long term or if it’s best to keep a land house and enjoy the water occasionally.

Can you live comfortably on a sailboat?

Many people live comfortably on sailboats, but a lot depends on the size of the sailboat and your tolerance for living in a small space. Even the largest sailboats can feel cramped, while some folks love the cozy feeling of living on the tiniest boats. 

liveaboard wood sailboat

Matt has been boating around Florida for over 25 years in everything from small powerboats to large cruising catamarans. He currently lives aboard a 38-foot Cabo Rico sailboat with his wife Lucy and adventure dog Chelsea. Together, they cruise between winters in The Bahamas and summers in the Chesapeake Bay.

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liveaboard wood sailboat

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New and Used Liveaboard Boats for Sale

What is a liveaboard boat? The definition of this type of boat is typically a boat that someone makes their primary residence. All types of boats for sale could be classed as a liveaboard boat. For example a powerboat or cruising sailboat, houseboats, or barges, even narrow boats. Some interest... learn more about Liveaboard Boat

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144 New and Used Liveaboard Boat

Fort Lauderdale, FL, (United States of America)


The Multihull Company

LevioSail is the lowest-priced 2017 Lagoon. 42 in the market today. Among the many recent upgrades include: 57 HP Yanmar Engines Flexofold Propellers Full B&amp;G Electronics Suite AIS Transceiv...

Cape Coral, FL, (United States of America)

"AQUAHOLIC", formerly "Knotty Dreamer", is a wonderful example of why the Lagoon 42 is one of the manufacturer's most sought-aftermodels. Known far and wide, the Lagoon 42 is a comfortable cat w...

Fort Pierce, FL, (United States of America)

New Arrival!

Hudson Force50

United States of America

Private seller

FIFTY FOOT YACHT - PROJECT BOAT AT A GREAT PRICE FOR THE RIGHT PERSON This was going to be my retirement boat, but it got caught up in litigation. I now have to sell it due to age and health ...

CHB Trawler 34 Trawler

California (United States of America)


ATTENTION SAILBOATERS! LOOKING TO MAKE BOATING EASIER? Enjoy Life, Go Slow and Explore,Single Ford Lehman 135 HP Diesel Engine Easy Docking w Bow &amp; Stern Thrusters Classic Trawler w...

ATTENTION SAILBOATERS! LOOKING TO MAKE BOATING EASIER?Classic Trawler w Dual Cabins &amp; HeadsRaised Salon &amp; Galley w 180 Degree ViewDual Station, Recent Electronics"Cabin on the Water"...

Liveaboard Converted 25M Steel Trawler

Essex Marina (United Kingdom)


Spits 38 M Liveaboard Vessel

Sint Annaland (Netherlands)

De Valk Yacht Brokers

Model: SPITS 38 M LIVEABOARD VESSEL Type: motor yacht LOA (m): 38,94 Beam (m): 5,06 Draft (m): 1,31 Air draft (m): 3,40 Year built: 1961 Builder: Van Kerkhoven Freres Country: Belgium Displaceme...

Sparkman SHE 33

Milford Haven (United Kingdom)

Network Yacht Brokers

Remarks : The Sparkman &amp; Stephens She 33 is an elegant yacht with proper bow to stern design. The fin keel and large rudder ensure she will out point most yachts. Her layout and design was w...

Trader 54 Sunliner

Ardrossan, (United Kingdom)

Sunbird International

Overview Full Spec Downloads Contact Description Beautifully appointed Trader 54 Sunliner with semi-displacement hull and twin Caterpillar 210hp diesels. Well constructed y...

United Kingdom

CONSTRUCTION Modern flybridge Trader with helm to starboard and seating to port Hand laid teak decking to all exterior decks Stabilizers Twin engines and bow thruster for mane...

Broom Boats 35 Sedan

Portland (United Kingdom)

We are delighted to present this Broom 35 Sedan, extensively upgraded in the current ownership, the boat offers excellent accommodation space and great sea keeping qualities, powered by twin Pe...

Trader 44 Sundeck

Cartagena, (Spain)

This Trader 44 Sundeck is an outstanding example of this popular Motor yacht. She has been lovingly maintained and boasts unusual light Maple interior joinery. With two double state cabins and ...

Gosport (United Kingdom)

Trader 42, 2008 Twin Cummins 425 hp, shaft drives, 4 berth in 2 large cabins both with ensuite. With one owner from new this Trader 42 has been exceptionally well maintained and.cared for. Ful...

Trader 41+2

Rochford, (United Kingdom)


The Trader 41+2 is now considered a modern classic in the world of motor yachts, offering excellent accommodation along with good seakeeping and economy. Witch Lady combines these desirable qual...

Waterlodge Eden 14

Chertsey (United Kingdom)

The mid-range Waterlodge Eden 14 is perfect for couples who want a touch of luxury, but it can also easily accommodate a family, as the large saloon converts. In common with t...

Northshore RANGER 36

Hamble (United Kingdom)

Northshore Ranger 36 1972 The Northshore Ranger 36 is a superb blend of rugged capability and refined elegance, perfectly suited for both adventurous exploration and comfortable cruising. The ...

Trader 535 Signature

Burnham-on-Crouch, (United Kingdom)

The Trader 535 is a modern classic, combining stylish yet practical lines with excellent sea keeping, great versatility, frugal running costs, and a spacious interior ideal for long-term cruisin...

Hindeloopen (Greece)

Model: TRADER 65 Type: motor yacht LOA (m): 19,89 Beam (m): 5,64 Draft (m): 1,46 Year built: 1991 Builder: Tarquin Boat Company Country: Taiwan Displacement (t): 36 Hull material: GRP Hull colou...

Moody S38 (fractional rig and owner's cabin layout) - 1996 Interior photos to follow This Moody S38 is a classic blend of style and performance. With its elegant design, spacious interior, an...

CONSTRUCTION RP hull and decks Saildrive Fractional Rig MACHINERY &amp; ELECTRICS Volvo Penta MD2040B engine with approx 2,500 hours Injectors and exhaust elbow replaced ...

Levington, (United Kingdom)

Price reduced from PS85,000 to PS79,500! The Moody S38 is a well built and comfortable cruiser, with an excellent accommodation for spending extended time aboard. "Cwenegogo" has only had two ow...

Model: TRADER 72 Type: motor yacht LOA (m): 21,78 Beam (m): 5,64 Draft (m): 1,15 Headroom (m): 2,20 Year built: 1990 Launched: 1991 Builder: Tarquin Boat Company Country: Taiwan Displacement (t)...

Trader 535 Signature - 1998 Twin Caterpillar 3126, 420hp, shaft drive, with 8 berths in 3 cabins, she has a full width aft cabin with island berth and ensuite/shower room with a small bath. Tr...

Portishead (United Kingdom)

This much-loved Trader 445 features many upgrades done in recent years. It includes Interior LED interior lighting, a state of the art CCTV system; Deck and bathing platform lighting; a Suite o...

Macwester boats 26

Largs (United Kingdom)

Remarks : Maldon is a Macwester 26 offered for sale here at Largs Yacht Haven, berth available, she is priced to sell and would make an ideal live aboard or weekend sailor. Lots of upgrades a...

Collingwood 70 Widebeam

Songbird II is a beautiful example of a Collingwood barge. Very comfortable cabins aboard and beautiful galley layout from the stern with island cooker. Fantastic long-range cr...

Lagoon 450S

Marigot, (Saint Martin)

Price reduced!! Electric toilets Classic veneer finishes Front loading 12V fridge in galley Front loading 12V freezer in salon Stainless sink 3 burner stove Oven 2 hot water heaters Fresh water ...

* Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price.


What is a liveaboard boat? The definition of this type of boat is typically a boat that someone makes their primary residence. All types of boats for sale could be classed as a liveaboard boat. For example a powerboat or cruising sailboat , houseboats , or barges , even narrow boats . Some interesting types of liveaboard boats may be ex-commercial boats .

Liveaboard is becoming a real trend worldwide and many new manufacturers are in the market building stunning, affordable floating homes. Luxury liveaboards can also be used as weekend retreats, holiday homes and there are many other opportunities to earn an income from your liveaboard, making life on the water an excellent prospect.

Project boats are a good way to start your journey into finding your perfect liveaboard boat. We have many new and used liveaboard boats listed on Rightboat.com, take a look!


Liveaboard boat by make, liveaboard boat by country.


5 Best Liveaboard Bluewater Sailboats

5 Best Liveaboard Bluewater Sailboats | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

December 28, 2023

Liveaboard bluewater sailboats are both comfortable to live on and capable of making long, offshore ocean voyages.

The best liveaboard bluewater sailboats must strike a balance between comfort and seakeeping abilities. These boats are generally heavy and stable and roomy enough to spend time in. They must also include the necessary hardware to make cooking, sleeping, and bathing possible in choppy conditions.

Table of contents

Bluewater Liveaboard Sailboat Design

What makes a good bluewater liveaboard sailboat , and how is it different from a coastal cruiser? There are a few aspects of purpose-built bluewater sailboats that make them different from most production vessels. The first and (possibly) most important is the hull design.

The classic bluewater sailboat hull shape features a long, deep, full keel. The keel acts as a hydroplane and keeps the boat stable on course in all sea conditions. Deep keel sailboats aren't the only kind of bluewater-capable vessels, but they're a tried and tested design.

Other vessels gain stability from having a wide beam. Beamy sailboats are far more comfortable in rolling seas, as they tend to buffett and pitch much less than leaner, narrow boats. Most ideal liveaboard bluewater sailboats balance length and beam carefully to make the most of the space and hull shape.

Space is another important quality to consider when choosing the best bluewater liveaboard sailboat. Interior space comes first, as living quarters are a key element of comfort.

Cockpit space should also be considered, especially if more than one person comes aboard. Most liveaboard bluewater sailboats sacrifice cockpit space for cabin space.

A comfortable liveaboard sailboat should include several amenities, including a head (toilet), a shower, two sinks, a galley with a stove, an icebox, a place to eat, and a place to sleep. Ideally, the dining area is separate from the primary sleeping area.

A separate chart table is ideal as well because it keeps food and clutter away from important navigational equipment. A chart table is less important on liveaboard sailboats that spend the majority of their time docked. That said, the chart table functions well as a spot for a microwave, toaster oven, or TV when you're not underway.

A separate forward V-berth, known as a master cabin, is a big plus on liveaboard boats. Separating the sleeping area from the rest of the cabin can increase comfort and coziness.

However, on a bluewater sailboat, a side berth near the hatch is essential as well. This is because you may need to quickly take control of the vessel after waking up, and it's best to sleep close to the helm.

Power and Water

Power and water shouldn't be overlooked when choosing a bluewater liveaboard. Many liveaboards spend most of their time docked and hooked up to shore power, water, and sewage. But bluewater liveaboards are designed for cruising, which means everything must be self-contained.

The best bluewater sailboats have sufficient freshwater storage tanks for several weeks on the water. Some have desalination (water maker) machines, which require electricity to run.

Solar panels are an excellent option for power generation, and they can be installed on almost any sailboat.

But all bluewater sailboats should have battery banks and a gasoline or diesel generator built into the system. On many vessels, the inboard engine also functions as a generator.

Safety is an essential factor to consider when choosing a cruising sailboat , especially if it doubles as your primary residence. Basic safety equipment such as bilge pumps and radios should be maintained and tested regularly. Backups and spare parts should also be kept aboard.

Other safety features, such as watertight hatches, can keep your cabin safe and dry during inclement weather. Self-draining cockpits are helpful when sailing offshore, as spray and waves drain from the exposed cockpit without the use of electric or mechanical pumps. If the drain ports are kept clean, no bailing is ever necessary.

Radar is another useful safety feature that, while not mandatory, can keep you in-the-know and alert you to the presence of nearby ships. Radar is especially useful at night, as the automatic alarms can wake you whenever a potential obstacle appears nearby.

Bluewater Sailboats for Living Aboard and Cruising

Living aboard a sailboat is one of the most interesting and rewarding lifestyles available today. It's even more alluring when you can sail your vessel across oceans, which is what bluewater sailboats are designed to do.

A liveaboard cruising sailboat combines comfort, seakeeping ability, and ease of handling in a compact and thoughtfully-designed package. Here are the best liveaboard sailboats for bluewater cruising.

1. Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20


The Flicka 20 is the smallest and most interesting sailboat on our list. At only 20 feet overall in length, the interior accommodations of this vessel are spartan at best and suitable for minimalist living.

What makes the Flicka 20 stand out is its exceptional bluewater performance. This sailboat is truly an ultracompact pocket cruiser. With a full ballast keel, self-draining cockpit, and wide beam, the Flicka 20 is more capable offshore than some boats almost twice its size.

This sailboat has the profile of a traditional keel cruiser. From a distance, it would be easy to mistake for a much larger vessel. Its hull shape, manageable Bermuda rig, and small size make it a perfect starter sailboat for single handed offshore cruising.

Inside, you have (almost) everything you need to live comfortably, albeit in a minimalist way. The cabin features standing headroom throughout, which is highly unusual for a 20-foot sailboat. On the port side, you're greeted with a small but functional galley. On the starboard side, there's a small head with a toilet and a shower.

The Flicka 20 displaces a hardy 5,500 lbs. Due to its large keel, there's no centerboard trunk to obstruct interior space. A V-berth upfront makes up the sleeping accommodations, and some models feature settees on both sides with a pop-up dining and chart table in between.

The Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 has achieved somewhat of a cult status amongst bluewater sailboat enthusiasts. Only about 400 were built, so purchasing a Flicka 20 is somewhat of a rare and expensive proposition. That said, the benefits of owning a 20-foot bluewater liveaboard sailboat are hard to beat.

Cheap slip fees, low maintenance costs, and simplicity are the major selling points of this vessel. It's trailerable behind most heavy-duty pickup trucks and technically small enough to store on the street or in a driveway.

2. Pacific Seacraft Allegra 24


If the Flicka 20 is too small for your taste, try the Pacific Seacraft Allegra 24. It follows the same design principles of the Flicka 20, but with four feet of additional space for cabin amenities and seaworthiness.

Four feet may not sound like a lot, but it makes a world of difference on a sailboat. The additional space on the Allegra 24 adds room to the head, extends the port and starboard settees, and increases the size of the galley.

If you like the idea of a small, semi-trailerable offshore sailboat with liveaboard amenities, you'll love the Allegra 24. This stout sailboat has almost miraculous handling and seakeeping qualities while retaining the benefits of small overall size.

With the Allegra 24, you'll be able to make virtually any offshore passage and save on slip fees, maintenance costs, and overall labor. This vessel is easy to sail single handed and large enough for a minimalistic couple to live, eat, and sleep comfortably.

The Pacific Seacraft Allegra 24 is not ideal for people who need space for pets, children, or guests, as the interior is quite small when compared to other sailboats. That said, there's enough room for an occasional passenger, and the cockpit is comfortable enough for four adults to sit and interact.

3. O'Day 28


The O'Day 28 is a popular sailboat that makes a great liveaboard cruising platform. This affordable vessel was produced between 1978 and 1986, and over 500 examples were produced over the years.

All in all, the O'Day 28 is a stout cruising sailboat that's suitable for offshore and coastal sailing. It features a raked stern and hidden rudder, and a helm that's similar to what you'd find on much larger boats.

The O'Day has a large fuel tank for its inboard engine and an even larger 25-gallon freshwater capacity, which is excellent for offshore cruising. Additional tanks can be added in storage spaces, making the O'Day 28 suitable for long voyages.

The cabin of the O'Day 28 is spacious and includes everything you'd need to live aboard comfortably, along with plenty of storage space throughout. The wide beam of the O'Day 28 gives it lots of space, so the cabin doesn't feel cramped for its size.

Two models of the O'Day 28 were built; one featured a swing keel, and the other had a fixed swing keel. The swing keel model is ideal for coastal cruising and shallow-water sailing, while the fixed keel O'Day 28 is more suited for bluewater cruising.

That said, both keel variants make fine offshore sailboats. The cabin of the O'Day 28 features a large galley with a stove and icebox, two large settee berths, a large center table ahead, and a V-berth forward. The head serves as a separator to the forward cabin, giving the V-berth an extra layer of privacy.

4. William Atkin "Eric" 32


"Eric," designed in the 1920s by famous marine architect William Atkin, is a radical departure from typical modern liveaboard sailboats. However, as a bluewater liveaboard sailboat, this vessel likely outshines all the others on this list in almost every conceivable way.

Eric is a 32-foot traditional wooden ketch. This planked full- keel sailboat displaces over 19,000 lbs and has a draft of about five feet. The basic design of the hull is based on early Norweigian fishing boats, which were known for their resilience in rough North Sea storms.

Eric is a traditional gaff-rigged vessel with two short masts and a long bowsprit. Though complex to rig, it sails beautifully in all weather conditions. One of the earliest examples built survived a hurricane offshore in the 1930s, and subsequent models have completed numerous long-range ocean voyages.

Eric is a purpose-built long-range ocean cruiser. Interior accommodations are spacious and designed for comfort and utility. Unlike most sailboats of the time, Eric features a full head with shower, a 'master cabin' style V-berth forward, a full galley with an icebox, and standing headroom throughout.

William Atkin's Eric is, by all definitions, an ocean-crossing sailboat designed to take between one and four adults just about as far as they want to go. It has all the qualities of an oceangoing sailboat in a compact package, along with excellent seakeeping characteristics.

The primary drawback of this 32-foot Atkin sailboat is maintenance. Most of these hulls were constructed using traditional oak planking, which lasts forever if taken care of but requires skilled maintenance. The planks are caulked using cotton wadding, and they'll need recaulking if the boat stays out of the water for too long and "dries up."

If you're looking for a beautiful and historic liveaboard sailboat with serious offshore cruising capabilities, consider an Atkin Eric 32. Although somewhat rare, examples of this design occasionally pop up for sale on the used market.

5. Pearson 35

{{boat-info="/boats/oday-28"}}, {{boat-info="/boats/pearson-35"}}

The Pearson 35 crosses the rubicon into the 'big boat' category, as it has everything you'd expect of a large oceangoing sailboat. The vessel also has a unique displacement keel with an additional swing keel at the base.

The Pearson 35 is a roomy sailboat with excellent seakeeping abilities and a large sail plan. It's a typical Bermuda-rigged sloop with a tall mast and the usual sheet and halyard arrangement. As a result, it's fun to sail and easy to handle. It's also a fast boat, making it ideal for longer voyages.

The swing keel certainly doesn't make the Pearson 35 a shoal-draft sailboat. It has a modified full keel which (with the swing keel retracted) draws 3 feet 9 inches. With the additional swing keel down, the draft of the Pearson 35 increases to over 7 feet.

The Pearson 35 is a heavy boat with good sea keeping abilities. It was introduced in 1968, and over 500 units were produced. That makes it one of the more popular sailboats in its class, and plenty of Pearson 35s are still sailing around the United States.

Down below in the cabin, the Pearson 35 is roomy and comfortable. It features a full galley, an enclosed head with a shower and sink, and several berthing areas, including a forward V-berth. Plenty of storage is available throughout the cabin, making the Pearson 35 an excellent choice for living aboard.

There's something empowering about piloting a 35-foot sailboat through rough weather. The size of the boat provides both safety and a sense of security, which can help you keep a clear head during stressful situations at sea. The vessel is beamy as well, making it less likely to heel aggressively and increasing roll comfort in dicey seas.

Overall, the Pearson 35 is an excellent choice for a liveaboard bluewater sailboat. It's a large boat in comparison to the others on this list, and it's known for easy handling and excellent windward performance. The Pearson 35 is a common sailboat that's widely available on the used market.

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I've personally had thousands of questions about sailing and sailboats over the years. As I learn and experience sailing, and the community, I share the answers that work and make sense to me, here on Life of Sailing.

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50' Carver 506 MY 2000

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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50' Chris-Craft 500 Constellation 1987

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liveaboard wood sailboat

liveaboard wood sailboat

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News 8 partner Crain’s reports a Delaware-based crisis management consulting firm has been appointed as the receiver for Tommy’s Boats, which has three locations in Michigan including one on Morrissey Drive off of West River Drive in Plainfield Township.

The firm has taken control of the boat dealership’s assets and income and will work to pay off its debts and fees, Crain’s reports.

The move comes after M&T Bank sued Tommy’s over breaching a lending agreement. Crain’s reports M&T bank claims Tommy’s defaulted on close to $118 million in debt.

Tommy’s Boats told Crain’s that it is cooperating.

“By consenting to the receivership, we believe we will be in the best position to manage our financial situation, and ultimately emerge with a revitalized and stronger Tommy’s business, while our lawsuit against Malibu is ongoing,” the statement to Crain’s said. “This decision provides us with the best path to move forward, and one that we believe will create the best available opportunities for our employees, customers, other stakeholders and company.”

Tommy’s Boats in a lawsuit accused boatmaker Malibu of a “fraudulent scheme.” It claims Malibu pressured the dealership to take on more boats, and that the boatmaker owes it millions of dollars in incentives.

Malibu is also accused of sending more high-priced, high-margin Malibu brand vessels than the 65/35 mix of Malibu and Axis boats Tommy’s had requested.

Malibu has defended itself, and says all the boats it sent to Tommy’s were ordered by the dealership.

“Tommy’s was formerly a longtime dealer partner of ours, and we ended our relationship due to concerns about Tommy’s own conduct and its financial soundness,” it said in a statement in April . “We will always act to protect our business, our customers and our shareholders.”

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Report: Accused of defaulting, Tommy’s Boats placed under receivership

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Filipino fishermen and volunteers join civilian-led supply mission to Scarborough shoal in the disputed South China Sea on Wednesday

South China Sea: huge civilian Filipino flotilla heads to disputed shoal to ‘assert sovereign rights’

Philippines coast guard and navy watch as wooden boats head to Scarborough shoal to place buoys and hand food packs to local fishers

A flotilla of about 100 mostly small fishing boats led by Filipino activists has set sail for a disputed shoal in the South China Sea , where Beijing’s coast guard and suspected militia ships have used powerful water cannon to ward off what they regard as intruders.

The Philippine coast guard and navy deployed one patrol ship each to keep watch from a distance on the activists and fishers, who set off on wooden boats with bamboo outriggers on Wednesday to assert Manila’s sovereignty over the Scarborough shoal. Dozens of journalists joined the three-day voyage.

Activists and volunteers, including a Roman Catholic priest, belonging to a non-government coalition called Atin Ito – Tagalog for This is Ours – planned to float small territorial buoys and distribute food packs and fuel to Filipino fishers near the shoal, organisers said, adding they were prepared for contingencies.

Filipino fishers are blessed by priests during a mass on Tuesday, on the eve of their voyage to Scarborough shoal

“Our mission is peaceful based on international law and aimed at asserting our sovereign rights,” said Rafaela David, a lead organiser. “We will sail with determination, not provocation, to civilianise the region and safeguard our territorial integrity.”

In December, David’s group also tried to sail to another disputed shoal but cut short the trip after being tailed by a Chinese ship.

China effectively seized the Scarborough Shoal, a triangle-shaped atoll with a vast fishing lagoon ringed by mostly submerged coral outcrops, by surrounding it with its coast guard ships after a tense 2012 standoff with Philippine government ships.

Angered by China’s action, the Philippine government brought the disputes to international arbitration in 2013 and largely won with a tribunal in The Hague ruling three years later that China’s expansive claims based on historical grounds in the busy seaway were invalid under the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The ruling declared the Scarborough Shoal a traditional fishing area for Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese fishers. In the past, fishers have anchored in the shoal to avoid huge waves in the high seas in stormy weather.

China refused to participate in the arbitration , rejected the outcome and continues to defy it.

Two weeks ago, Chinese coast guard and suspected militia ships used water cannon on Philippine coast guard and fisheries boats patrolling the Scarborough Shoal, damaging both craft.

The Philippines condemned the Chinese coast guard’s action on the shoal, which lies in the south-east Asian nation’s internationally recognised exclusive economic zone. The Chinese coast guard said it took a “necessary measure” after the Philippine ships “violated China’s sovereignty”.

The Chinese coast guard has also reinstalled a floating barrier across the entrance to the shoal’s vast fishing lagoon, the Philippine coast guard said. The Philippine coast guard removed a similar barrier in the past to allow Filipinos to fish there.

In addition to the Philippines and China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have also been involved in the territorial disputes.

A civilian-led mission has been joined by at least a hundred fishers heading for Scarborough Shoal

Chinese coast guard ships had also ventured into waters close to Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia in the past, sparking tensions and protests, but those nations with considerable economic ties with China have not been as aggressively critical of Beijing’s increasingly assertive actions.

The Philippines has released videos of its territorial face-offs with China and invited journalists to witness the hostilities in the high seas in a strategy to gain international support, sparking a war of words with Beijing.

The increasing frequency of the skirmishes between the Philippines and China has led to minor collisions , injured Filipino navy personnel and damaged supply boats in recent months. It has sparked fears the territorial disputes could degenerate into an armed conflict between China and the United States, a longtime treaty ally of the Philippines.

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