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Dirty Money's Super Cat Disqualification in LOTO Overturned on Appeal by APBA

The APBA has overturned its decision to disqualify Dirty Money, piloted by Brit Lilly and Bill Pyburn, who had been cited for reckless driving following a race at the Lake of the Ozarks in early June. Their win in Super Cat class has now been reinstated.

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Powerboat Racing Returns to Sheboygan Lakefront

The Second Annual Sheboygan Midwest Challenge, produced by Powerboat P1 takes place Aug. 9-11 and promises exhilarating powerboat racing on Lake Michigan.

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American Marine Performance Announces Total Marine as Dealer

American Marine Performance (AMP) of Pompano Beach, FL, an emerging leader in the marine industry, has announced that Total Marine has joined as its newest dealer.

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Video: 2018 Speedboat Magazine Performance Evaluations

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VIDEO: Lucas Oil Drag Boat Battle in Bakersfield 2018 Highlights

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Stu Jones of the FPC Talks About Upcoming Poker Runs for 2018

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Video: BBlades Leads The Charge in Performance Props with The New 5 Speed and 4 Speed Props

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Video: BBlades New 6 Shooter Modular Props is a Dozen Props in One!

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Florida Powerboat Club is Ready for an Incredible 2018

Latest articles.

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Get Ready for Boater Skip Day 2024!

Get ready for the 2024 texas outlaw challenge, major funding boost for boating infrastructure announced, mayfair hydraulics after-plane gen 3 trim tabs – a boater’s dream come true.

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2024 Miami Boat Show Video Highlights

Powerboating for a cure poker run raises nearly $30,000 for charity, new products.

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Mercury Racing Unveils Surface-Piercing CNC Cleaver

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Powerboat Nation


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New Fun Run on James River is a Huge Hit

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BLADES Offers “Winter Tune-up” Special Pricing

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MDC Improves on Their Already Impressive Quad Outboard TrimSync

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Nautique Introduces their All-Electric Super Air Nautique GS22E

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Brand X Hi-Performance Marine Earns Mercury Racing Certification

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New Outboard Engine Concept Looking for Investors

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Fountain Announces New 42′ Lightning

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Offshore Racing Legend Bobby Moore Passes Away at 80

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Waves & Wheels Works Its Magic on an Outerlimits SL44

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P1 Superstock Looks Ahead to 2020 Season

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Become Part of MTI’s Dynamic Muscleboat Team!

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Sunsation’s Recipe for Flourishing in Tough Times

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Latest Issue

Powerboat and RIB Magazine - June/July 190


In this issue.

BRABUS Shadow 1200 Sun-Top Phantom Gray Signature Edition

BRABUS Shadow 1200 Sun-Top

Typically BRABUS, this top-tier adventure craft has few rivals.

Gozzo 38 Cabin

Gozzo 38 Cabin

Stylishly retro, this Mediterranean all-weather cruiser is equally suited to northern waters.

eD 32 c-Ultra

eD 32   c-Ultra

With its unique twin drive system, this RIB is stretching the boundaries of green power.

Focus 3X

A contemporary take on the traditional sports cruiser concept.

Ring 1080 Trophy

Ring 1080 Trophy

Greg Copp reports on a boat constructed in the UK with race boat heritage, built for those that love it rough …

Regency 250 LE3 Sport Pontoon Boat

Regency 250 LE3 Sport Pontoon Boat

Will the ‘flying lounge’ redefine the concept of luxury day boating? Greg Copp tests … 

Axiom 2 Pro RVM Group shot

Axiom 2 Pro RVM Group shot

With so many electronic products all vying for our attention, especially in the area of GPS and chartplotters, understanding the market and navigating your way to making the right choice can prove quite bewildering. But fear not, we take the helm to give you a steer …

Three Days in Haven - Milford Haven and the River Cleddau

Three Days in Haven

Ribster Phil Dargavel and his wife Jules invite us to join them and their friends on a weekend’s gentle exploration of Milford Haven and the beautiful River Cleddau.

Ports of Call: Tarka’s Taw & Torridge

Jo Moon and Mark Featherstone head north, bound for one of the finest ‘ports of call’ gracing Devonshire’s north coast – an estuary from which a veritable host of opportunities await the adventurous boater keen to explore ‘off the beaten track’.

south coast and green tech boat show

South Coast Showcase

PBR reports on the highlights from this years South Coast & Green Tech Boat Show.

The Science of Sound

Music is all around us. It can relax, excite and thrill us. However, it can also annoy! So how can we get more from our music without impacting others’ Carl Hynes reaches for the controls …

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In for the Krill

The unwilding of Antarctica has become a serious matter. Climate change, tourism, industrial-scale fishing – all such factors are playing their part in upsetting the natural balance of one of the planet’s most critical ocean habitats. Giovanna Fasanelli investigates.

Back to Basics Part 7: Dealing with Emergencies

In the seventh of this series of Back to Basics articles, Paul Glatzel underlines the importance of expecting the unexpected …

Wavestream Bilge

How to: Total Bilge

Justin Morton might be a man with salt in his veins, but the substance in his bilge is something different altogether … Here, Justin not only tells of his quest to ‘go clean’ but also exactly how he did it!

Brain Sea.AI

The Brain – SEA.AI

All-seeing, all-knowing and forever learning.

Arctic 10+ Immersion Suit

Arctic 10+ Immersion Suit

White Glacier’s new Arctic 10+  immersion suit



This compact lifesaving device creates a new dimension in terms of crew safety.

Sea Clean

Wash without the use of water. A new innovative range of products.

Cannes Yachting Festival 2024

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Airmar Medium ­Ultra-Wide-Beam Transducers

Airmar’s new ultra-wide-beam transducers are ideal for helping anglers find fish in waters both deep and shallow.

Furuno MFD

Furuno TZTouchXL MFD Series

These new Furuno TZTouchXL MFDs boast features never before found in navigation devices for recreational boaters.

Two standup paddleboarders

Boating Deaths Down…With One Exception

Canoe, kayak and SUP fatalities are on the rise.

O’Brien Pillar 4

Five Great Towable Tubes for Your Boat

We put five of the coolest new water toys to the test.

Coast Guard rescue swimmer leaving helicopter

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers

Coast Guard rescue swimmers have honed their life-saving skills and techniques throughout the program’s 40-year history.

Boat with a wake tower

Choosing the Right Pipework Finish

Picking the right finish for pipework on your boat depends on a few factors. Learn more about making the best decision.

Using windlass to pull up anchor

How to Use an Electric Windlass Anchor System

Keep your crew and boat safe by correctly deploying and retrieving the anchor.

PWC running away from rider

The Benefits of GPS Integration

Will new GPS integrations from boat and engine builders offer boaters options that may improve safety and convenience?

Solara S-250 DC runnign

Boat Test: 2024 Solara S-250 DC

The Solara S-250 DC is versatile enough to handle everything from fishing trips to boating adventures and watersports.

Checkmate Pulsare 2400 BRX running fast

Boat Test: 2024 Checkmate Pulsare 2400 BRX

The Checkmate Pulsare 2400 BRX looks great while pulling ­water toys and offering a ­good-size group a thrill ride.

Zodiac Medline 7.5 GT at sea

Boat Test: 2024 Zodiac Medline 7.5 GT

The Zodiac Medline 7.5 GT is a rigid-hull inflatable that touches all of the bases while showcasing its style.

Supra SV running on the lake

Boat Test: 2024 Supra SV

The Supra SV creates pro-level riding surfaces in a package that’s easy to maneuver, trailer and fit in a garage.

Centurion Fe22 on the water

Boat Test: 2024 Centurion Fe22

The Centurion Fe22 offers full-on wakesurfing performance and numerous amenities in a more affordable package.

MasterCraft XT25 on a glassy lake

Boat Test: 2024 MasterCraft XT25

The MasterCraft XT25 combines a large, clean wave with ample storage and room for even the largest of crews.

Axis A245 running

Boat Test: 2024 Axis A245

The Axis A245 is a stylish, high-performance watersports machine ready for anybody that wants to have a ton of fun.

Formula 457 CCS on the ocean

Boat Test: 2024 Formula 457 CCS

The 457 CCS delivers a combination of performance, luxury, versatility and great opportunities for owner personalization.

Tidewater 3100 Carolina Bay near a jetty

Boat Test: 2024 Tidewater 3100 Carolina Bay

Tidewater’s 3100 Carolina Bay, the world’s largest bay boat, can fish skinny or blue while also offering comfortable cruising.

Boats and Engines

Pleasurecraft Marine ZZ8S and ZZ8R engines

Pleasurecraft Marine’s New ZZ8R and ZZ8S Engines

High-performance marine engines often require higher-octane fuel, but PCM’s new offerings are capable of running on Rec 90.

MerCruiser T8200

Mercury Marine Intros MerCruiser T8200 Tow Sport Inboard

Mercury’s all-new inboard engine is designed to power the largest watersports boats.

Arc Sport wakeboarding

Arc Boats Optimizes Electric Power

The Arc Sport has been designed to balance power and efficiency, and thanks to its well-engineered battery pack it does just that.

Runabout Boats

Watersport boats.

Coast Guard rescue swimmer leaving helicopter

How Boaters Can Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

Clean, drain and dry is a practice that trailer boaters should adopt to help prevent the spread of invasive species.

NOAA earth with storms

Boaters Expect More Hurricanes in 2024

NOAA predicts 17-25 named storms for the Atlantic Basin citing La Nina.

Boating Gear

Airmar ultra-wide transducer

6 Best Boat Trailer Light Kit Options

Keep your trailer roadworthy with the right light kit for your specific needs.

Garmin Quatix 7 Pro

2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Our Father’s Day Gift Guide is the best way to find great boating gifts for Dad.

Loudhailer from Standard Horizon

Choosing and Using a Marine Loudhailer

Loudhailers enhance communication and improve boating safety. Here’s how to choose and use the right one for your boat.

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Boating is the world’s largest powerboat resource and the recreational boater’s most trusted choice for expertise and advice. Boating interacts with its audience, while its staff of experts delivers the content boaters clamor for such as DIY, gear and accessory tests, safety topics, feature content and the industry’s most trusted boat reviews. Boating ’s connection with its constituency, and its balanced, unbiased editorial stance, are constants whether content is presented via written or spoken words, or still or moving images.



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Nordskog Publishing

About Nordskog Publishing

Nordskog Publishing’s primary mission is to enhance the spiritual growth of Christ’s redeemed people through understanding of His Laws, all Truth, as found in His Holy Scriptures. We seek to illustrate His power in all believers through application of the Bible to every subject and every aspect of life and living.

Nordskog entered the Christian-book-publishing industry in 2006, specializing in Biblically grounded, “Meaty, Tasty, and Easily Digestible Biblical Treasures.” Nordskog Publishing has published over fifty titles, exploring various genres. Thus far we have published children’s , devotional , inspirational novel , personal growth , Christian history, and unique, applied Biblical faith categories, including several translations in Mandarin , Portuguese , Spanish , and Indonesian . Most titles have eBook versions available. The company continues to search for the best in inspiring, stimulating, Christian-growth-inducing themes.

Powerboat Magazine July '05

Powerboat Magazine July ’05

Some background. Starting in 1968, Nordskog Publishing first engaged in the boating-publishing industry. Robert A. Nordskog and his son Gerald Christian Nordskog originally built up Powerboat Magazine from two small black-and-white, West Coast boat-racing journals. Powerboat quickly grew to become the premier publisher of “the world’s leading performance-boating magazine.” The Nordskogs sold the magazine in mid-2005 at the peak of its success in the boating industry.

Powerboat Magazine developed out of a great pedigree of successful businesses that came before it. The Nordskog family, Bob Nordskog and his wife Elinor (both deceased), started in business in 1951. Their son, Jerry, joined full time in 1958, and Jerry’s wife, Gail, in 1990. Nordskog Industries, Inc., continued as pioneering world leaders in the design and manufacture of airline galleys and related in-flight food-service equipment for forty-two years. Air Transport magazine recognized them as “the big name in airline galleys,” and Bob Nordskog held many patents and design innovations in that industry.

Nordskog Industries also founded and operated Nordco Products, a leading USA aircraft ground-support equipment, engineering, and manufacturing business, from 1967 through 1981, as well as International Flight Service. Bob Nordskog owned and operated Nordskog Marine Center during the fifties and sixties. Bob acquired ownership of the professional soccer team the Los Angeles Skyhawks. The Skyhawks took three national championships in the seventies and eighties.

Bob Nordskog founded Nordskog Competition Center and Nordskog Racing in the mid-1960s. Bob became a record-setting powerboat-race promoter and powerboat racer. He won more offshore boat-racing titles than anyone else in history. His peers inducted him into the Motorsports Hall of Fame (Novi, MI) on June 4, 1997.

Building on the family legacy, from 1987 through 2000,  Jerry Nordskog also published the Bell Ringer , a national quarterly journal discussing geopolitical issues of the day and emphasizing the founding of America on Biblical principles and Christian values and precepts. Nordskog Publishing renews the  Bell Ringer  legacy with occasional new issues, monthly or more, on political, social, educational, and theological themes from a Biblical perspective.

Now, Jerry and Gail Nordskog are concentrating on moral and ethical books to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His kingdom principles throughout the United States of America, the first Christian constitutional republic in the history of the world. Nordskog seeks to publish in Australia and China and eventually worldwide.

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Power Boating Magazine

5 New Electric Boats for 2022

powerboat magazine usa

Electric options for boating are beginning to grow exponentially all over the world. Many boat companies and manufacturers are joining in on the importance of electric boating by building fully electric boats and hybrid gas/electric boats, as well as electric outboard motors . Using and buying these electric based boats and engines ensures you are not adding to the pollution in the world and on the water. Going electric helps preserve water and sea life from oil spills that may hap-pen in a gas-powered boat. These eco-friendly choices help sustain the earth and give boaters an environ-mentally friendly option.

Nautique Super Air GS22E

A 100% Electric Towboat. By: Timmy McNamee

Going electric provides an abundance of perks to your boating and water sports experience. Aside from not having to worry about fuel and maintenance costs, it’s unbelievably quiet.

Nautique partnered up with their sister company – Ingenity Electric, to create the world’s first fully electric towboat . The Super Air GS22E delivers to the industry an eco-friendly choice, to skip the fuel, cut back the maintenance, and enjoy watersports to the performance equivalent of the GS series line up. Based on their GS22 model, the Super Air GS22E utilizes clean energy with zero emissions, without the need to sacrifice any of the performance characteristics from the GS22. This eco-friendly version of the popular GS22 is sustainable, environmentally conscious, and performance driven.

With this wake boat, more push in the surf wave is provided from the additional weight of the batteries and ballast, and a smoother transition of the throttle between neutral makes driving and maneuvering silky smooth. The LINC Panoray Display provides a digital display of all battery vitals. Of course, with the Nautique Surf System; NSS and NCRS, your wakes and waves are programable to suit your preference. The GS22E is rated for an average of 2-3 hour running time and comes with an onboard battery charger to make charging effortless.

Standard on the GS22E is helm command, allowing you to control the entire LINC Panoray screen from the arm rest. Stereo, user pre-sets, speed control are all conveniently accessible beside the throttle. The cockpit of the GS22E follows that of the GS22, with spacious wrap around seating and a variety of rear seating options, equipped with self-supporting hinges to make access to storage easy. The transom of the GS line up is always a perk, with its wide walk through, and rear cut out seats. Port and Starboard storage are located on either side providing copious space for water sports equipment.

Combining the popular features of the GS series, and pairing it with its all new electric option. Nautique leads the industry with the cut-ting-edge launch of the GS22E.

SPECIFICATIONS LOA: 22′ Beam: 8′ 4″ Weight: 5,900 lbs Use Time: 2-3 hours Charge Time: : AC – 10 Hrs | DC – 4 Hrs Max Horsepower: n/a Passenger Capacity: 11 MSRP: $312,952 USD For more information: www.nautique.com

Princecraft Brio E 210-2S

Electric Beast. By Tim Banse

You’ve probably noticed the global shift towards electric power. The revamped Brio pontoon series, redesigned for 2022, follows that trend. Princecraft built some of the first electric pontoons on the market. For 2022 they’ve revamped their Brio, renaming it Brio 2.0. Boasting 17’ 19’, and 21’ models built around its electric propulsion system, its redesign improves balance by compensating for the placement of the motor and its batteries. Similarly, lighter weight construction allows its engines to convert more volts and amps into forward motion.

There are three power options: The Torqeedo Cruise 2.0, the Cruise 4, and the Cruise 10.0 Cruise 2.0 is the rough equivalent to a six-hp gas outboard, Cruise 4.0 to 10 hp, and the Cruise 10.0 to 20 hp. On the water, the difference between rigging with five hp and the more powerful 20 hp would be huge, not just in acceleration and top speed but also in close quarters handling. Know that depending on how aggressive the throttle setting is, the runtime is about 4 hours. Backing off to half throttle doubles range. The battery box is roto-cast (think rough as nails) and accommodates four Group 31 batteries or a single 48 Volt Torqeedo lithium battery. An optional battery bank or solar panel recharging extends the range intensely. The optional shore power fast charger is a must-have item.

Besides the nuances of electric propulsion, the platform measures 6-inches wider, delight-fully opening up entertainment and guest spaces. The helm features a roto-molded con-sole with a storage net, back-lighted switches, and a courtesy light. A new throttle package incorporates real-time data: Battery voltage, battery charge, speed, remaining charge at current speed, and input power consumption. This then is the fuel gauge of the future.

Options that breathe life into the pontoon are a concert package with a 160W Jensen sound system, LED docking lights, tilt steering, sliding driver seat, a trim system, a mooring cover, and a full camper enclosure.

SPECIFICATIONS LOA: 21’7” | 6.6 m Beam: 2.5 m | 8’1’ Weight: 728 kg | 1605 lb Use Time: 4 hours Charge Time: n/a Max Horsepower: n/a Passenger Capacity: 9 MRSP: $22,828 CAD For more information: www.princecraft.com

Rand Escape 30 Flagship

Scandinavia meets Electric. By Tim Banse

Scandinavians embrace electric cars. So it should come as no big surprise to learn they vigorously apply an electro-centric, sustainability mindset to boating. Enter Danish boatbuilder Rand and their Escape 30 Flagship. This electric, diesel, or gasoline-powered T-top mini yacht combines the luxurious features of a larger yacht bundled into a trailerable 30-footer.

The bow area locates twine-facing cushioned seats in the Vee with a forward-facing half bench set against the bulkhead. The accessible anchor locker and high topsides make laying anchor surefooted without fear of slipping overboard.

A hardtop, large dome windscreen stands watch over the expansive walk-around cock-pit, shielding passengers from the elements. In inclement weather, side covers close off the helm and passenger seating. The helm chair features a bolster and flip-over backrest. Kitchen and dining areas with a small fridge and wet bar also take shelter beneath the hardtop, where there’s plenty of space to store food for a day on the water and eat at a table. Below deck, the overnight cabin features a v-berth-style double bed and a minimalist bathroom.

Aft, an expansive sun lounge pulls double duty as a queen-size bed, suitable for watching the Milky Way Galaxy twinkle its way across the night sky. The full-beam-width swim platform accesses the sea via a yacht-style swim ladder.

Fitted out as an eBoat, a single electric motor flows torque to a MerCruiser Bravo Three lower unit. Lithium battery options range from 47 to 234 kWh. Sticker shock spoiler. Batteries are expensive. Propulsion options include 105/140 to 460 kWh/616 horsepower motors. The most powerful motor boasts a two-hour cruising speed at 23 knots. This field of choices leaves us with dual salient questions: How fast do you want to go? How much money do you want to spend?

SPECIFICATIONS LOA: 10 m/30 ft Beam: 2.8 m/9’ 3” Weight: 5300 lbs Use Time: 2 hours Charge Time: n/a Max Horsepower: 430 Passenger Capacity: 12 MSRP: $426,844 CAD For more information: www.randboats.com

Vision Marine Technologies Volt 180

Futuristic and Eco-Friendly. By Tim Banse

Quebec shipyard, Vision Marine Technologies , offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of boating. Its 5.4 meters, Volt 180 open-electric-hull, carries up to 12 people while happily transiting protected bodies of water in silence, wave and emissions-free. Depending on how much electric power hangs off the transom, she can either dawdle or scorch the water.

Constructed of a fiberglass infusion, the beamy center console layout is eminently customizable to fulfill an individual’s visions of what life on the water ought to be. Forward of the helm station lies a horseshoe-shaped cockpit. Precisely which options and gizmos are chosen to populate the space will define the personality.

The captain sits on a combo pilot/passenger bench at the helm station. Immediately behind resides a sun pad. Necessary accouterments, things like a Bimini top, Permateek deck, under-water light, retractable ladder, fishing rod rack, and live wells are available. There is storage aplenty. The palette of aesthetic options include hull color, upholstery, and stitching. Generous freeboard pays big dividends in a dry ride.

In the beginning, we cited drastic variations in the choice of electric motors ranging from 3 kWh/10 HP to 180 hp. Base motor top speed is 5 knots. Want to go faster? Thanks to Volt 180’s plan-ing hull, you can. Figure on a top speed of 40 mph (35 knots). Depending on battery capacity and speed over the water estimated range is 70 miles or 3.5 hours. True to her electric motor lineage, the 180 provides a 90% reduction in energy and operation costs. Recharge batteries overnight at a marina or dock plugged into a 220 V power outlet. Underway, a screen on the center console allows dialing range, depending on speed and distance.

While the shipyard is located in Quebec, the Volt 180 is distributed worldwide, with sales offices in Portugal, the United Kingdom, and France.

SPECIFICATIONS LOA: 5.4 M | 17’08” Beam: 2.13 M | 7’0” Weight: 720 kg | 1600 lbs Use Time: 4 hours Charge Time: 6 hours Max Horsepower: 180 hp Passenger Capacity: 11 MSRP: $44,495 CAD For more information: www.visionmarinetechnologies.com

X Shore Eelex 8000

Minimalism meets Electric. By Tim Banse

Do you aspire to become one with nature, to embrace water’s natural beauty? Meet X Shore, the Swedish company known for fully electric yacht tenders and the assertion that they have viewed the future, and it is eco-green.

Hence, the launch of its Eelex 8000, combining the speed of an internal combustion engine with the muted voice of an electric motor. This 8-meter open-tender affectionately derives its name from the South American electric eel, the resemblance seen in the hull form’s streamlined body. Like an eel, Eelex runs on volts, in this case flowing electrons to a high-performance Austrian-made Brusa 225 KW/300 horsepower motor. Plugged into three-phase power, dual 60 kWh lithium-ion batteries recharge in five to eight hours. Or with superchargers in just one to two hours. In a pinch, the battery charges in any electrical outlet where you can plug in your cellphone.

A 24-inch Garmin multi-function touch-screen controls nearly everything onboard. Firmware connects via smartphone or Garmin MARQ wristwatch. Remote diagnostics are included. Eelex 8000 stops dead in its tracks within 10 seconds of detecting a watch wearer in the water or more than 10 meters away. Self-docking is one of the tantalizing updates waiting in the wings.

An open tender bareboat, Eelex changes personalities by swapping modules (fishing, social, watersport, and diving) that clip onto dual aluminum rails running from stem to stern. Owners can purchase multiple modules, easily swapped by two adults. Cork decks replace teak. Instead of fiberglass resin, the hull layup schedule includes PET (recycled plastic and optional Flax fiber. On the aesthetic side of the balance sheet, color options, Moss, Sandy, and Coffee, avoid disrupting the natural surroundings.

As simple as the sea is salt, the throttle is a rotary knob. As for performance, the top speed is 35 knots. The cruising speed is between 15 and 20 knots. The elapsed time for accelerating from dead in the water to 20 knots is 4.2 seconds. Range, running at 5 to 7 knots, is 100 nautical miles. President Patrick Hardy of BCI Marine is actively expanding the availability of X-Shore across Canada.

SPECIFICATIONS LOA: 8.0 m | 26.2 ft Beam: 2.5 m | 8.2 ft Weight: 2600 kg | 9840 lb Use Time: 2 hours Charge Time: 6 hours on 32A 24VDC Max Horsepower: n/a Passenger Capacity: n/a MSRP: $356,000 CAD For more information: www.xshore.com

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Canadian power and sail squadrons (cps-ecp) launches exciting new brand: canboat / nautisavoir, 10 bad weather boating tips, vokol acoustics partners with ikon boats to launch groundbreaking sound system for bass anglers featuring reelquiet™️.

European Powerboat of the Year_Winner_neutral.jpg

European Powerboat Award

powerboat magazine usa

Eight Magazines

United by one passion.

Our magazines represent over one million monthly readers in Europe and far beyond. Besides the print products, our magazines cover a much larger range, containing digital channels like websites, Facebook sites, Instagram pages and YouTube channels, providing information about boating to millions of users across the world.

Europe’s biggest motorboat magazine publishes 12 times a year, writing about innovative technique and trends of the boating industry, the most attractive travel destinations for boat-owners and charterers, providing enlightening reports of motorboats and equipment, as well as service and practical advice for skipper.

The BOOTE-editorial department consists of active water sports enthusiasts, that know what they are writing about.

powerboat magazine usa

Nautica & Yates Magazine is the leader recreational boating publication in Spain. It’s published bimonthly. With five years now in the market, the magazine is the fusion of the former publications Yate and Nautica, specializing in sailing and motorboats respectively, and the oldest in Spain before stop printing.

powerboat magazine usa

«marina.ch», Switzerland’s leading nautical magazine, was launched in April 2007 and appears monthly in both German and French editions.

«marina.ch» offers modern, comprehensive and expert reporting on nautical developments in Switzerland. With comprehensive boat tests, background reports on technical characteristics, achievements, the latest industry news and an extensive classified ads market,  it is a source of highest-quality information. From Swiss lakes to the seven seas, «marina.ch» highlights fascinating destinations, adventure-filled trips and exciting events – while always seeking to transmit the emotional component. Its primary focus is on those who stand out most: the people.


Motorboot is the only monthly magazine in Holland that's fully dedicated to motorboats.

The magazine exists for almost 35 years.

Every month printed in 15.000 copies, it brings all the information motorboat enthousiasts need.

Motorboot informs, inspires and enthuses.

BoatMag is an international journalistic web network for motor boating based in Italy.

It is structured on three websites updated multiple times a day, about everything is related to motor boating, including tourism, technology, lifestyle. The websites are: www.boatmag.it: daily news in Italian www.boatmaginternational.com: daily news in English www.boatmagmarket.com: a comprehensive catalogue and market guide for boats, engines and ribs. The websites are easy to surf, as the news are published both in the homepage (in chronological order) and in their specific section, where they are clustered by area (ribs, engines, sea trials etc.).

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-07 um 11.51.40.pn

Launched in the early sixties, Neptune Yachting Moteur is the oldest and the most prestigious powerboat magazine in France. Neptune is dedicated in priority to boats from 10 to 20 meters. If the seatrials are the core of the editorial line, the magazine also offers a lot of reports about new technologies, devices and accessories in order to guide boat owners. Tips on how to organize your cruises and about the most exciting destinations are also big part of the magazine.


Båtmagasinet is sent out to subscribers 11 times a year, mainly in Norway. In addition, the magazine has a website and an app for smartphones and tablets that have additional options for subscribers. The web site is updated daily, and contain an archive with editorial content from 2006. The magazines and our digital products includes tests of boats and boat related products, related news, features, articles about boat fishing, practical tips and travel tips.

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Yachtrevue is Austria’s leading magazine for sailing, powerboating and watersports. Founded in 1977 Yachtrevue offers its readers monthly information on new sailing and motor yachts, cruising and racing, equipment and technology as well as travel destinations for water sports enthusiasts. With this broad range of topics covered by competent journalists and presented in an appealing layout, Yachtrevue casts a spell on all those who take to water sports like ducks to water.

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Top 20 Boat Magazines & Publications in 2024

powerboat magazine usa

  • Boating Magazine
  • Wooden Boat
  • Power & Motoryacht
  • Practical Boat Owner
  • Motor Boat & Yachting
  • Classic Boat Magazine
  • New England Boating
  • Southern Boating
  • Professional BoatBuilder Magazine
  • Pacific Yachting
  • Powerboat World
  • Wave To Wave
  • Powerboat & RIB Magazine
  • Good Old Boat Magazine
  • Speedboat Magazine
  • Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine
  • BOAT International
  • Houseboat Magazine

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Boat Magazines

Here are 20 Best Boat Magazines you should follow in 2024

1. Boating Magazine

Boating Magazine

2. Wooden Boat

Wooden Boat

3. Power & Motoryacht

Power & Motoryacht

4. Practical Boat Owner

Practical Boat Owner

5. Motor Boat & Yachting

Motor Boat & Yachting

6. Classic Boat Magazine

Classic Boat Magazine

7. New England Boating

New England Boating

8. Southern Boating

Southern Boating

9. Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

10. Pacific Yachting

Pacific Yachting

11. BoatsNews


12. Powerboat World

Powerboat World

13. Wave To Wave

Wave To Wave

14. PropTalk


15. Powerboat & RIB Magazine

Powerboat & RIB Magazine

16. Good Old Boat Magazine

Good Old Boat Magazine

17. Speedboat Magazine

Speedboat Magazine

18. Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine

Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine

19. BOAT International

BOAT International

20. Houseboat Magazine

Houseboat Magazine

Author NameEmailMedia OutletTotal Posts
claire harris powerboatandrib.com272
Bonnie Schultz southernboating.com66
Katy Stickland pbo.co.uk61
Ian Sneed southernboating.com59
Alex Smith mby.com43
Hugo Andreae mby.com43
Daniel Harding powerandmotoryacht.com36
Laura Hodgetts pbo.co.uk27
Milly Karsten classicboat.co.uk23
Chris Dixon powerandmotoryacht.com23
Alison Wood pbo.co.uk19
Narayana Marar powerboat.world18
Rob Peake classicboat.co.uk15
Toby Heppell mby.com15
Dave Dauer newenglandboating.com14
Nick Burnham mby.com14
Chris Jefferies mby.com13
Rupert Holmes pbo.co.uk13
Shane Scott powerandmotoryacht.com12
Mark Lapiy pacificyachting.com11
Dieter Loibner proboat.com11
Stu Davies pbo.co.uk10
Alan Harper mby.com9
Pete McDonald boatingmag.com9
Phil Draper mby.com8
Kevin Falvey boatingmag.com8
Benetti powerboat.world8
John Curnow powerboat.world8
Howard Walker mby.com7
Jim Hendricks boatingmag.com7
Clive Marsh pbo.co.uk7
Steffan Meyric-Hughes classicboat.co.uk6
Phil Sampson mby.com6
Charlie Levine powerandmotoryacht.com6
Duncan Kent pbo.co.uk6
Riviera Australia powerboat.world6
Brian newenglandboating.com5
Kevin Koenig powerandmotoryacht.com5
gregs woodenboat.com5
Garrett Cortese boatingmag.com5
Sam Burkhart pacificyachting.com5
Adrian Morgan classicboat.co.uk4
Barry Pickthall classicboat.co.uk4
Elliott Maurice mby.com4
Fox Morgan mby.com4
Jon Mendez mby.com4
Bill Prince powerandmotoryacht.com4
Michael Rybovich powerandmotoryacht.com4
phutch woodenboat.com4
Charles Plueddeman boatingmag.com4
Jeff Hemmel nogbtamiag.com 4
Randy Vance ngobtgmiaa.com 4
Gilbert Park pbo.co 4
Kass Schmitt pob.co 4
Peter Poland obp.co 4
Aaron Porter tarobpo.com 4
Professional BoatBuilder rtoopba.com 4
Wally aboeowtpr.world 4
worldmarine.media betaopowr.world 4
Bob Arrington wothaerodmrntyocpa.com 3
Eric Colby wrhaonoaemtopctydr.com 3
John Tiger bangoigmta.com 3
Zenon Bilas gaogtnbmai.com 3
Ben Sutcliffe-Davies bop.co 3
David Harding bop.co 3
Jake Frith obp.co 3
Jake Kavanagh opb.co 3
Cherie Thiessen nafcihtyicpcaig.com 3
Deane Hislop gtanfccycihpaii.com 3
E1 Series tbporaeow.world 3
Otam wbrtapooe.world 3
Rossinavi obrwaoetp.world 3
Sanctuary Cove Boat Show oaoerbtpw.world 3
Silent-Yachts rwateobop.world 3
Henry Firman ybm.com 2
Andy Pag bop.co 2
Jimmy Cornell obp.co 2
Kerry Buchanan bpo.co 2
Pat Manley and Oliver Ballam bop.co 2
Tony Davies opb.co 2
Vyv Cox bpo.co 2
Zoran Glozinic pob.co 2
AkzoNobel baotopr.com 2
Jay Paris apoortb.com 2
Nic Compton troboap.com 2
Wally Wallace tpboaor.com 2
Antonini Navi teaborpwo.world 2
eD-TEC batwpeoor.world 2
Garmin ooprtbaew.world 2
Greenline Yachts wotrpebao.world 2
Gulf Craft bpreaootw.world 2
Iguana Yachts oabwopert.world 2
Nuvolari Lenard oobparewt.world 2
Outer Reef Yachts rboowptea.world 2
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show rwabpoeto.world 2
The Yacht Sales Co. & Multihull Solutions etopbraow.world 2
Vicem Yachts taberwpoo.world 2
Dave Selby aacsbtilosc.co 1
Jan Hein clcssobatai.co 1
Nigel Sharp ictbaoasslc.co 1
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  1. Power Boating Magazine

    Mercury Racing Introduces New Outboard for Formula 1 Powerboat Racing. ... Power Boating Canada Magazine: 39-2 Buyer's Guide. ... Boat Show season is upon us! We couldn't be more excited for the return of boat and outdoors shows across the country. Here is a list of the events happening from sea-to-sea in Canada for 2024.

  2. Speedboat Magazine

    Speedboat Magazine. Powerboat Racing Returns to Sheboygan Lakefront. The Second Annual Sheboygan Midwest Challenge, produced by Powerboat P1 takes place Aug. 9-11 and promises exhilarating powerboat racing on Lake Michigan. American Marine Performance Announces Total Marine as Dealer. American Marine Performance (AMP) of Pompano Beach, FL, an ...

  3. Powerboat Nation

    Video: 2018 Speedboat Magazine Performance Evaluations. September 5, 2018. ... For over 25 years the Florida Powerboat Club has brought us world class events in world class destinations and promoted the lifesytle of powerboating... Video: BBlades Leads The Charge in Performance Props with The New 5 Speed and 4 Speed Props ...

  4. Subscribe to Powerboat Magazine

    October 28, 2003. Powerboat magazine was founded in 1968 by Robert Nordskog, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, lifelong boating enthusiast and successful racer. Merging two fledgling publications to form what has become "the world's leading performance boating magazine," Bob Nordskog charged into publishing with a passion equal to that of his ...

  5. Subscribe to Boating Magazine

    Boating covers performance boats, cruising, fishing boats, pontoons and personal watercrafts. Order Boating today and receive 1 year for just $29! Print edition delivered to your door. Instant digital access to the latest issue of Boating. Exclusive access to the Boating digital archive. Four special digital issues including the Boat Buyers Guide.

  6. Powerboat and RIB

    Full Charge Ahead - The Candela C-8. An e-powered craft has just established a new 24-hour long-distance operating record. Gustav Hasselskog, Candela's CEO and founder, tells PBR about the challenge and the technology that enabled it. Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela's latest version of their C-8 foiling craft has set, according ...

  7. Engines

    Yamaha Introduces 1.9L High Output Marine Engine for Yamaha Boats and WaveRunners®. TORONTO, ON - August 14, 2023 Yamaha Motor Canada today unveiled an all-new 1.9L High...

  8. Boat Tests

    The 2023 Greenline 58 Fly: A Stunning Yacht Redefining Eco-Friendly Cruising. Discover the perfect blend of style, performance, and environmental consciousness with the Greenline 58 Fly,...

  9. Latest Issue

    Wash without the use of water. A new innovative range of products. The latest from Powerboat and RIB - The adventure boating magazine with the finest features, boat tests, gear reviews, fabulous cruises, great destinations, professional instruction, the most engaging lifestyle and boating stories, along with news and products.

  10. Boating Magazine

    Boating Magazine, Chattanooga, TN. 193,987 likes · 1,345 talking about this. World's Largest Powerboat Magazine

  11. Power & Motoryacht

    Power Trip: Mercury Racing's History and Legacy. Power & Motoryacht is the world's leading boating magazine. We're your source for honest boat tests, expert how-to advice and award-winning story telling. A true media company, our offerings include immersive video, podcasts, social media and buyer's guides.

  12. Boat Reviews, Boat Tests, Boating Tips and More

    Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers ... Boating Magazine's 2024 Boat Buyers Guide features the top new boats on the market. Find all of the new boat reviews, boat pictures and videos. Read More 2024 Water Sports Boat Buyers Guide The 2024 Water Sports Boat Buyers Guide provides the widest variety of reviews and ...

  13. American Power Boat Association

    Contact Us. American Power Boat Association. 2701 Lake Myrtle Park Rd. Auburndale, FL 33823. Phone: (586) 773-9700. Fax: (586) 773-6490.

  14. Powerboat Magazine Redesigned

    October 26, 2004. VENTURA, Calif. — "Powerboat magazine is on the move and charging at full throttle. And I am excited," said Powerboat publisher Jerry Nordskog in his November/December issue column. "We have redesigned our magazine and we have a different look, a new beginning as we conclude 2004 and prepare for the years ahead."

  15. Powerboatmag.com Honored

    Powerboat's experienced team of talented journalists team keeps readers informed on new models, propulsion, hull design, electronics, competition and more. Much of the magazine's content can be found on online. Based in Ventura, Calif., the magazine produces 11 issues a year and has more than 50,000 readers.

  16. Boating

    Boating is the world's largest powerboat resource and the recreational boater's most trusted choice for expertise and advice.Boating interacts with its audience, while its staff of experts delivers the content boaters clamor for such as DIY, gear and accessory tests, safety topics, feature content and the industry's most trusted boat reviews. ...

  17. Powerboat Magazine

    Powerboat Magazine. 965 likes. This is a Powerboat Magazine Tribute Page. Posting mainly the covers from the beginning: American Yachtman to Boating News to Hot Boat to Powerboat Magazine.

  18. Advertise in Powerboating in Paradise Magazine

    FPC also sends large quantities to affiliated nationwide poker run events. To advertise in one of the longest standing powerboat publications to date, please give us a call. Contact us for a current advertising contract. Magazine Format FULL COLOR, 80 lb and 100 lb glossy stock, perfect bound. Our 2024 magazine deadlines will be as follows:

  19. About Nordskog Publishing

    Some background. Starting in 1968, Nordskog Publishing first engaged in the boating-publishing industry. Robert A. Nordskog and his son Gerald Christian Nordskog originally built up Powerboat Magazine from two small black-and-white, West Coast boat-racing journals. Powerboat quickly grew to become the premier publisher of "the world's leading performance-boating magazine."

  20. 5 New Electric Boats for 2022

    By Tim Banse. You've probably noticed the global shift towards electric power. The revamped Brio pontoon series, redesigned for 2022, follows that trend. Princecraft built some of the first electric pontoons on the market. For 2022 they've revamped their Brio, renaming it Brio 2.0.

  21. Magazines

    Our magazines represent over one million monthly readers. This makes the "European Powerboat Award" the most important award of this industry worldwide. ... Neptune Yachting Moteur is the oldest and the most prestigious powerboat magazine in France. Neptune is dedicated in priority to boats from 10 to 20 meters. If the seatrials are the ...

  22. Best 20 Powerboat Magazines & Publications in 2024

    Here are 20 Best Powerboat Magazines you should follow in 2024. 1. Speedboat Magazine. Welcome to Speedboat Magazine & the world of high-performance boating. We cover the amazing and exhilarating world of high-performance boating. From the garage-built water rods to the mega-powered superb boats.

  23. Top 20 Boat Magazines & Publications in 2024

    The company produces PropTalk Magazine, a monthly newsprint magazine focused on Chesapeake Bay powerboating and the lifestyle surrounding boating on the Bay. 15. Powerboat & RIB Magazine. Powerboat & RIB Magazine is unique in its approach to powerboating, written by and for real boat users.