1. 162m Eclipse spotted in Gibraltar

    the eclipse yacht pictures

  2. Eclipse (yacht)

    the eclipse yacht pictures

  3. The Eclipse, the Worlds second largest yacht owned by Roman Abramovich

    the eclipse yacht pictures

  4. Eclipse Yacht Charter Details, Blohm & Voss

    the eclipse yacht pictures

  5. Video: World’s Largest Charter Yacht ECLIPSE Filmed By Drone

    the eclipse yacht pictures

  6. Video: World’s Largest Charter Yacht ECLIPSE Filmed By Drone

    the eclipse yacht pictures


  1. Megayacht Eclipse in Hamburg delivery

  2. Yacht Eclipse

  3. Yacht Eclipse in construction

  4. $1 BILLION USD “ECLIPSE” GIGA YACHT ECLIPSE IN TURKEY 😨 #Eclipse #Eclipseyacht #megayacht

  5. Inside the Award-Winning Eclipse Superyacht

  6. Eclipse Yacht for $1.5B


  1. Inside 162.5m Blohm+Voss megayacht Eclipse

    Step on board the 162.5m Eclipse - the second largest superyacht in the world. Designer Terry Disdale talks us through the four and a half years, nine decks and 162.5 metres of the world's second largest superyacht. Terry Disdale didn't set out to design the biggest superyacht in the world. "No one ever said to me, 'I want a 160 metre ...

  2. ECLIPSE Yacht Photos

    162.5m / 533'2 | Blohm + Voss | 2010 / 2015. Overview. Photos. Video. Layouts. Amenities & Toys. NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection. Disclaimer. The luxury motor yacht Eclipse is displayed on this page merely for informational purposes and she is not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor is she represented or marketed ...

  3. Inside Eclipse Yacht: Unveiling the Luxurious Superyacht

    #eclipse #superyacht #yachttours Picture this: A behemoth of luxury, the Eclipse Yacht, a floating marvel that redefines opulence on the high seas. As we emb...

  4. Eclipse (yacht)

    M/Y Eclipse is a superyacht built by Blohm+Voss of Hamburg, Germany, the third longest afloat.Her exterior and interior were designed by Terence Disdale. The yacht is owned by Roman Abramovich, and was delivered on 9 December 2010.At 162.5 metres (533 ft 2 in) long Eclipse was the world's longest private yacht until Azzam was launched in April 2013, which is 17.3 metres (56 ft 9 in) longer.

  5. Roman Abramovich's superyacht Eclipse

    ECLIPSE is the 3rd longest yacht in the world. She is one of 70 motor yachts longer than 100m, and, compared to similarly sized motor yachts, her cruising speed is 4.01 kn above the average, her top speed 1.66 kn above the average, and her volume 6435.29 GT above the average. ECLIPSE is currently sailing under the Bermuda flag (along with a ...

  6. ECLIPSE Yacht

    The multi-award winning 162.5m/533'2" motor yacht 'Eclipse' was built by Blohm + Voss in Germany at their Hamburg shipyard. Her interior is styled by English designer design house Terence Disdale and she was delivered to her owner in October 2010. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Terence Disdale and she was last refitted in 2015.

  7. 275 Eclipse Yacht Stock Photos & High-Res Pictures

    Browse 275 eclipse yacht photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more photos and images. Eclipse, the private luxury yacht of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, anchors at Cruise Port in Marmaris district of Mugla, Turkiye on March 22,...

  8. Yacht Eclipse • Blohm Voss • 2010 • Photos & Video

    Yacht Owner Photos Location For Sale & Charter News. Name: Eclipse. Length: 162 m (533 ft) Builder: Blohm and Voss. Year: 2010.

  9. Voss Eclipse Superyacht: Features, Photos & Specifications

    Blohm + Voss Eclipse Overview. 36. guest. 18. cabin. 70. crew. For several years Roman Abramovich's Eclipse topped the list of the largest and most expensive private yachts in the world, until the 180-meter Azzam, built for the UAE president, toppled her from the top.

  10. ECLIPSE Yacht

    ECLIPSE Yacht - Epic $600M Superyacht. The ECLIPSE yacht was once the largest yacht in the world at an impressive length of 162.5 metres (533 ft) but currently ranks in second place after AZZAM. Though she is known as the billion-dollar yacht, it is estimated that her true value lies between US $500 - $700 million.

  11. Inside Eclipse: Roman Abramovich's Luxurious Yacht

    Step aboard the "Eclipse," Roman Abramovich's magnificent yacht! Discover the opulence and grandeur of one of the world's most expensive super yachts. From i...

  12. 162.5m Eclipse Superyacht

    Fleet Search. Length 162.5m. Year2010. Eclipse. 2010. |. Motor Yacht. Motor yacht Eclipse, completed at the end of 2010 at the Blohm + Voss Hamburg shipyard, features interiors by Terence Disdale Design and is the world's second largest superyacht. At her launch in 2010 the 164m Eclipse's unprecedented size had ensured her construction had ...

  13. ECLIPSE Yacht • Roman Abramovich $700M Superyacht

    The Eclipse yacht is one of the most iconic and luxurious superyachts in the world. Known as the "USD 1.5 billion yacht", it was rumored to have cost an exorbitant amount. However, according to sources, the original contract price was around EUR 550 million, or USD 700 million, which is far less than the speculated amount.

  14. Eclipse Yacht Photos

    Eclipse Yacht Photos Eclipse is a motor yacht with a length of 162.5 m.The yacht's builder is Blohm & Voss GmbH from Germany who delivered superyacht Eclipse in 2010. The superyacht has a beam of 22.0 m, a draft of 5.9 m and a volume of 13564 GT.

  15. Roman Abramovich: Russian Oligarch's $700M Yacht the Eclipse, Photos

    Abramovich's 553-foot-long flagship is The Eclipse, estimated to have cost $700 million when built. After sanctions were initially dropped by the UK against Abramovich, his second "smaller" $600 ...

  16. Exploring Eclipse Yacht: Inside the World's Second-Largest ...

    Eclipse Yacht / World's Second-Largest Superyacht / Nautical DepthsWelcome aboard Nautical Depths! Join us as we dive into the luxurious world of Roman Abram...

  17. Eclipse Yacht: The World's Most Expensive Private Yacht ($1.5 Billion)

    Yacht Cost: US$ 590 million. Yacht Current Value: USD $1.5 Billion. Yacht Owner: Roman Abramovich. Some of the most expensive boats in the world are yachts. Yachts are a sign of extreme wealth and luxury. And the $1.5 Billion Eclipse is the best of the best!

  18. Photos of the Largest Superyacht ECLIPSE

    Here are some impressive photo images of the world's largest superyacht ECLIPSE as sent in by ship and yacht photographer Klaus Kehrls. Klaus took these wonderful superyacht photographs of yacht ECLIPSE on the 18th of May-2010 in Hamburg Rüschpark. Superyacht ECLIPSE Owned by Roman Abramovich is the Largest Private Luxury Yacht in the world.

  19. Where is Roman Abramovich's Eclipse superyacht now

    A large yacht like the Eclipse can hold over 100,000 gallons of fuel. Depending on the current price of fuel, a five-hour cruise each way could cost about US$30,000. Roman Abramovich.

  20. Inside The $500 Million Eclipse Yacht

    Inside The $500 Million Eclipse YachtThere's rich, and then there's the superyacht rich! And yachts don't get any more super than Roman Abramovich's 553-foot...

  21. Eclipse Yacht

    This image is featured as part of the article Photos of the Largest Superyacht ECLIPSE. Superyacht ECLIPSE Owned by Roman Abramovich is the Largest Private Luxury Yacht in the world. Please contact CharterWorld ... Impressive 162M Mega Yacht ECLIPSE spotted at Blohm + Voss.

  22. 275 Eclipse Yacht Stock Photos & High-Res Pictures

    Browse Getty Images' premium collection of high-quality, authentic Eclipse Yacht stock photos, royalty-free images, and pictures. Eclipse Yacht stock photos are available in a variety of sizes and formats to fit your needs.

  23. Solar eclipse 2024: Former NASA astronaut shares what it looks ...

    The solar eclipse will occur in the U.S. on April 8, 2024. A former NASA astronaut is sharing his experience with seeing one in space, plus tips for safe viewing on land.

  24. INSIDE the Luxurious Mega Yacht

    In this video, we take a look INSIDE the Luxurious Mega Yacht - The Eclipse. This Mega Yacht is huge! You won't believe how big it is until you see it for yo...

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    The most anticipated celestial event of 2024 is the total solar eclipse on April 8. Much of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will be in the path of totality, meaning people in the right place will see the moon perfectly lined up in front of the sun, leaving a shaded circle of the moon and only the outer aura of the sun. ... Liang Li Photos ...