1. 7 Best Luxury Yacht Brands

    top yacht brands in usa

  2. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    top yacht brands in usa

  3. Best Luxury Yacht Brands: 25 Shipyards Which Build The Best Superyachts

    top yacht brands in usa

  4. Best Luxury Yacht Brands: 25 Shipyards Which Build The Best Superyachts

    top yacht brands in usa

  5. Best Luxury Yacht Brands: 25 Shipyards Which Build The Best Superyachts

    top yacht brands in usa

  6. Best Luxury Yacht Brands: 25 Shipyards Which Build The Best Superyachts

    top yacht brands in usa


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  1. Top 10 American Luxury Yacht Builders

    3. Derecktor. Derecktor is one of the country's oldest yacht builders. It was founded on Long Island, NY in 1947, and during its early years, the company produced commercial fishing and passenger vessels. (Even today, Derecktor manufacturers high-speed ferries for cities around the world.)

  2. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    2019 Sunseeker motor yacht, 131′ (40.2 m), (US$22,650,789). View the listing. One of the largest UK yacht builders, Sunseeker mainly manufactures its vessels in Poole, Dorset. Four superyacht models (ranging from 116-161 ft.) secure Sunseeker's place in the niche of large and extravagant vessels.

  3. 2023 Best Boat Brands in USA

    In addition to these two companies, Brunswick owns other major boating brands, such as Boston Whaler, Lund, Quicksilver, and Harris Pontoons. In 2022, the annual revenue of Brunswick was a whopping $6.812 billion. They also have Mercury Marine engines for boats making it a top boat manufacturer.

  4. 10 Best Boat Brands & Manufacturers for 2024

    Here's a look at 10 of the best boat brands and manufacturers to get you started (listed in no particular order, and selected by category). Browse All Boat Brands Available for Rent Near You. 10 Best Boat Brands & Manufacturers: 2023 Edition is now available! 1. Beneteau. Category: Best Sailboat Boat Brand

  5. Best Luxury Yacht Brands: 25 Shipyards Which Build The Best ...

    21. Sunreef. Sunreef 49m Power. Leading the world of catamaran yacht brands, the company produces its signature models, 60 to 100 feet vessels, along with the supreme models and the 150-210 feet power trimarans superyachts. Their shipyard is located in Gdansk, Poland, a seafaring city rich in naval building traditions.

  6. 10 Best Boat Brands & Manufacturers: 2023 Edition

    Last Updated on July 12, 2023 by Boatsetter Team. There are countless boat manufacturers and brands, each building unique models. Big ones, small ones, boats with one hull, boats with two or three hulls, boats with pontoons, boats for fishing, boats for cruising, boats for wakeboarding, and more.When you first start looking at boats, this can overwhelm you.

  7. Best Yacht Brands: Discovering the Top Choices Today

    Yachting is big business, and reports state that in the United States alone the recreational boating industry is worth approximately $170 billion. With boating on the rise all across the world, we take a look at the best boat brands in several different categories. Top 10 Yacht Brands; Luxury Yacht Brands; Trawler Yacht Brands; Affordable Yacht ...

  8. 10 Best Sailboat Brands (And Why)

    1. Hallberg-Rassy. Hallberg-Rassy is a Swedish yacht maker that's very well-known in the blue water cruising circles for making some of the highest quality and sturdiest sailboats. For many sailors, this is the number one sailboat brand as it offers absolute comfort, utmost safety, and good and easy handling.

  9. Celebrating American Yacht Builders

    Discover the some of the best American yacht builders with Fraser. View the top shipyards for American boats & learn about America's top luxury yacht builders. ... Read on for Fraser's selection of the top shipyards that were founded and continue to build yachts in the USA. ... there is an undaunted spirit in the Hatteras brand. Each vessel ...

  10. American Spirit: The best large-yacht builders in the USA

    Made in the USA American builders are turning out semi-custom and fully custom yachts from coast to coast. Walking the docks at the Monaco Yacht Show or Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the brand names on most of the new builds make it clear that American shipyards are in the minority on the world superyacht-building stage.

  11. SAIL Top 10 Best Boats for 2023

    For almost 20 years, we've called this awards program SAIL Best Boats, but this year, we're refining and renaming this program to better and more fairly represent the boats we've selected. Restricting boats to categories and labels—such as Best Cruising Monohull 30-40 feet and Best Performance Monohull 40-50 feet—doesn't bring our readers the full picture.

  12. Top 100 Yacht Builders

    The Netherlands and Germany top the yachting industry for delivering yachts over 50m with large volume and a high value. German builders Lürssen, Abeking & Rasmussen and Nobiskrug deliver full-custom yacht projects, while Dutch builders like Amels/Damen Yachting, Heesen and Moonen build high-end semi-custom yachts based on model platforms.

  13. 11 of the Best Luxury Boat Brands

    9. Oceanco. 10. Lurssen. 11. TecnoRib. Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by Boatsetter Team. The words "best" and "luxury" leave a lot up to interpretation. "Best" depends on the user's specific needs and "luxury" is usually found on larger yachts although some boats under 60 feet can be luxurious too.

  14. Best Boat Brands

    Boston Whaler is unquestionably among the best-loved boat brands on the water today. Photo by Boston Whaler. 2. Boston Whaler. Boston Whaler makes fishing and luxury boats from 13' to 42' in 28 different models (as of August 2023), in all. For many years, Boston Whaler boats have been celebrated as "unsinkable".

  15. Best boat brands: Your essential introduction to the boatbuilders of

    Best boat brands from the USA. The American Tug 485 is the flagship of the range. American Tug. Renowned builders of full displacement trawlers, American Tug was founded in 1999. Based in La Conner, WA, the yard traces its heritage back to the fishing industry.

  16. Top American Boat Brands For Any Style of Boating

    Broward Yachts. Broward Yachts is an American luxury yacht builder based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The brand designs custom yachts that are highly respected for their seaworthiness and efficiency. For over 60 years, this leading yacht builder has designed and built high-quality vessels ranging from 60-164 feet.

  17. Top 10 luxury yacht builders & shipyards

    5. Heesen Yachts, Netherlands. Heesen Yachts is known as one of the world's luxury yacht builders, specialising in custom superyachts in the 30- to 65-metre (98- to 213-foot) range, but with the additional capability of building vessels of 80 metres (262 feet) and above. With a focus on quality and innovation, Heesen has created many custom ...

  18. The Most Popular Yacht Brands

    If we move the criteria to 50-feet and up, the top 5 brands change drastically. Here are the most popular yacht brands over 50-feet: 1. Sea Ray. 2. Hatteras Yachts. 3. Viking Yachts. 4. Azimut Yachts. 5. Prestige Yachts. I would also like to note that Carver Yachts and Ocean Alexander would have been included if we excluded the sportfishing brands.

  19. The Top 10 Best Yacht Builders In The World

    Heesen builds motoryachts between 100' to 265' (30m to 80m) in length at its Oss shipyard. View current Heesen yachts for sale. Now owned by Lurssen, Blohm + Voss is a yachting powerhouse in its own right, constructing magnificent large superyachts including the iconic MOTOR YACHT A and 531' (162m) M/Y ECLIPSE, currently the third-largest ...

  20. 10 Best Yacht Manufacturers In USA

    Lyman-Morse. The Lyman-Morse company makes yachts using different hull materials. They build custom and semi-custom boats. It has been operating since 1978. This firm makes boats with beautiful designs and great technology. Cabot Lyman and his family own this firm. You'll get them in Midcoast, Maine, USA.

  21. Boat Brands Guide 2024

    The top boat brands listed above include those that are the most reliable and well made. As a result, some of the most reliable boat brands include Azimut Yachts, Boston Whaler, Ferretti, Princess, Sunseeker and Viking, among others .

  22. Best Yacht Brands

    Major yacht manufacturers include Sunseeker, Cruiser, Beneteau and more. While yachts were first developed to serve a specific need (to be used in the Navy to pursue pirates and other criminals), yachts are now widely seen as luxury recreational watercrafts that are used for leisure rather than work. This complete list of popular yacht brands ...

  23. Boat Manufacturers and Brands

    Explore boat manufacturers, brands and discover which ones best suit your boating activities with a selection of popular brands and boat types. Find your boat with our explore section, wide range of editorial content and guides with thousands of boats available. Start your journey with!

  24. Teen safely stops runaway boat speeding in circles on New Hampshire's

    In a still frame from video provided by Rich Bono, an empty runaway boat speeds in circles, Wednesday, July 3, 2024, on Lake Winnipesaukee's Smith Cove, off Gilford, N.H. The empty runaway boat was brought safely to a stop by a teenager who jumped aboard from a personal watercraft. (Rich Bono via AP)

  25. Medics airlift 3 after 7 injured in boat-bridge collision in Florida

    Seven people were injured, including three airlifted to two hospitals in Miami, after a 35-foot center console boat crashed into a bridge in the Lower Florida Keys early Monday. Top News U.S. News

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    Ralph Lauren for the United States. Ralph Lauren has been behind Team USA since 2008. This year's look is a nod to the classic American tailoring for which the designer is best known. The ...

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    Much like the Issey Miyake x New Balance MT10O, the Miu Miu's collaboration with the Boston athletic brand also trades NB's typical chunkiness for a notably trimmed-down look.