9 superyacht crew members share what it's really like working for a billionaire on board

  • Superyachts are luxurious, but working on them isn't.
  • Insider polled superyacht crew members to find out what it's really like working for a billionaire on board.
  • They said their days are spent fulfilling requests and keeping the yacht in top shape — but it really all depends on the superyacht owner.
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While working on a superyacht sounds glamorous, in reality it can be anything but.

Insider polled superyacht crew members to get an inside look at life on board. When asked what working for a millionaire or billionaire is really like, they agreed on a few things, like long hours.

Many superyacht  crew members wake up before dawn to start their day, which typically involves a lot of cleaning and catering to the requests of owners and guests.

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But while some superyacht owners are demanding, others are less so — it really all depends on their personality. Some crew members said that owners and guests are more like regular people than you'd expect.

Here's what life on board looks like, according to nine superyacht crew members.

Note: Insider was able to verify each crew member's identity, but we refrained from publishing their full names to protect their privacy.

Working on a yacht can be lucrative.

working on a super yacht

Insider previously reported that deckhands earn an average of $3,083 to $3,574 a month, depending on the boat size. Captains reportedly get paid even more — they earn $7,750 to $19,961 a month on average.

Kate Lardy of the Sun Sentinel reported that a captain in Fort Lauderdale once spent a total of $14,255 on day workers, who are hired temporarily for onboard services, during a two-month period.

But it's also tiring and demanding.

working on a super yacht

One captain who works on a 120-foot boat alluded to tiring conditions. Working for a billionaire is "demanding," he said, with hours that begin very early — before 6 a.m. — and end very late.

Yacht crew members have to meet high expectations.

working on a super yacht

One electronic technical officer who works on a 223-foot yacht stressed the pressure of delivering top-notch service while remaining level-headed.

Working on a yacht involves "very, very long days with little rest and expectations to perform at the highest levels of service while not losing your cool under pressure," he said.

They have to work hard to keep yachts spotless.

working on a super yacht

Guests and owners can be messy and dirty — and it's up to the crew to make sure it doesn't look that way. A mate on a 92-foot yacht said he had to wake up before guests or other crew members to get the yacht's exterior ready for the day.

"They expect it to look like no one has touched it," he said. "So any rain or dew, water spots, bird crap, or salt spray has to be continuously cleaned, not to mention having to constantly wipe stainless [steel] and glass when guests move around the boat. They leave smudges and fingerprints everywhere.

"By the time I start at the top of the boat and move around drying the boat, washing windows, and prepping water toys, depending on where the guests are, it's time to clean behind them."

He said he then has to be available for whatever the day brings, whether guests want to take the tender out or play with water toys, the interior crew needs help with service, or any maintenance issues need to be addressed.

There's a lot of cleaning, smiling, and snacking.

working on a super yacht

Nic, a chief stewardess, shared her typical daily itinerary, which extends from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., with a one-hour break for a power nap.

There's constant snacking, as she doesn't always have time to sit and eat, she said. She's also "always thinking and planning ahead for the next meal or excursion," like what guests "need to take with them and what they need upon return," she said.

"Always thinking of ways to make the day special and 'perfect' (as much as possible)," she said.

She added: "Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and lots of smiling. Behind the scenes, a lot of running around and working at high speed, throwing stuff into drawers and sorting it out later when you have time, laughing, and keeping crew spirits high. Never-ending laundry."

Work is easier when the owners are away, which is often.

working on a super yacht

Billionaire owners actually don't spend a lot of time on their multimillion-dollar yachts. Neither do the guests who charter them.

"Owners or guests are typically not on the boat all that much, so most of the time the crew has the boat to themselves," said Michael, a former yacht captain who worked on yachts ranging from 130 to 170 feet.

"Work is pretty easy and consists of general maintenance and keeping the boat in perfect/ready state for when the owner does show up. If you have a good crew it can be very enjoyable. If you do not, it can be very stressful and miserable."

Everything depends on the owner's personality.

working on a super yacht

Some crew members get lucky working for generous yacht owners, while others get treated like the help.

"It's hard work and long days when they are on board," said Martin, the captain of a 155-foot yacht. "It really depends on the owner. Some have treated me like family, and some have treated me like a servant."

But sometimes it's not the owner who's difficult.

working on a super yacht

A chef on a 150-foot motor yacht also said that working for a billionaire could be unpredictable, as every boat and owner is different.

But it's not the owner of the yacht who's always difficult to work for.

"Bear in mind that the captain is every bit as much your boss as the owner is, and sometimes the captain is a bigger pain in the ass than the billionaire owner," she said.

Yacht owners are just your everyday people on vacation — with more money.

working on a super yacht

According to Mark, the captain of a 114-foot yacht, billionaire owners are just like normal vacationers. Kind of.

"They're just people holidaying, but with more money and toys to fill their days," he said.

They can be more down-to-earth than expected, but their spontaneity can be frustrating.

working on a super yacht

"It's really nice to find out that some of the wealthiest people you'll work for are actually more down-to-earth and normal like any person you'd meet on the street," a stewardess on a 112-foot sailing yacht said. "The saying is 'money screams, wealth whispers.'"

She added: "A typical day involves turning heads, beds, and laundry for guests and crew, which can be a lot if you're a department of one. Food and beverage service three times a day. A lot of plans and schedules change on the fly depending on the owners and their wants and whims, which can be a bit frustrating."

working on a super yacht

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My Crew Kit

Start a Superyachting Career

Start working on a superyacht by completing the following steps:.

  • Have realistic expectations
  • Select a superyacht job department
  • Complete superyacht training courses
  • Obtain an ENG1 medical certificate
  • Select a location to join the industry
  • Obtain visas & documentation
  • Create a superyacht CV
  • Find superyacht job vacancies


1. Have Realistic Expectations

The stern of large sixty meter super yacht at anchor in Cook's Bay in tropical island of Moorea, French Polynesia. With verdant green landscape and large fishing tender in the water

  • The superyacht industry is highly competitive and in order to qualify for employment a financial investment is required (training & travel)
  • For applicants without relevant experience, being physically present at or near Superyachting hubs when searching for employment is important
  • Obtaining the correct qualifications does not guarantee employment and training is not refunded
  • Your passport and ability to obtain Visas have an impact on your employability
  • Having contacts, experience, and the correct attitude is an advantage
  • Working in the industry comes with some amazing benefits but like any career path, there are also disadvantages
  • Being an extremely "hard worker" is not an advantage, it is expected
  • The quality of work and attention to detail needs to be of a very high standard
  • You need to be well-mannered, professional, and well-suited to living in close proximity to other crew
  • Presentation matters
  • Getting advice from multiple sources including crew who work in the industry is advised
  • Different yachts, owners, crew, and itineraries = different experiences

2. Choose the Yacht Crew Department you Wish to Work in

Before joining the yachting industry, it is essential to decide on your career path. The work environment and duties associated with each superyacht department vary greatly. It is therefore advised that you understand the training, duties and requirements associated with each role. The most common roles for crew entering the industry are:

Super yacht stewardess serving guests at training school

Steward / Stewardess

A superyacht stewardess is responsible for the guest service, housekeeping and laundry. In some cases, the position is combined with an additional role for those who come from a beauty or healthcare background.

Super Yacht Deckhand

Superyacht Deckhand

A deckhand is responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the yacht's exterior. Wash downs, line handling, tender driving, watersports and bridge lookout duties are common tasks for deck crew.

Chef food

Superyacht Chef

Working as a superyacht chef comes with some unique challenges. Although the skills are certainly transferable, there is specific training and certification required. It can be a tough but extremely rewarding job.

Image of the engine room in super yacht for training

Superyacht Engineer

Working on a yacht or superyacht as an engineer can be a rewarding career path. Although a background in engineering or mechanics is an advantage, it is not a prerequisite. The duties associated with the role are diverse, exciting and require a great deal of hard work.

3. Complete All Mandatory Superyacht Training Courses

Having the correct training and certifications is essential to your employability in the superyacht industry. In order to become a crew member, you will need to have completed the following training:

  • STCW 2010 Basic training
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Awareness or Proficiency in Designated Security Duties
  • Department-specific training for your desired role. (I.e. stewardess, deckhand, engineer, chef, and officer courses)

Crew member in a life raft

4. Obtain an ENG1 or ENG1 Equivalent Seafarer Medical Certificate

Image showing a doctor performing ENG1 medical inspection to inform candidate.

ENG1 Medical Certificate (or ENG1 Equivalent)

Superyacht work can be physically demanding. Ensuring that crew are physically well and able to work at sea is a crucial aspect of the crew and guest safety.

In order to work on a superyacht, you will have to hold an ENG1 Medical Certificate. Because the certification is set by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), the examination must be performed by an MCA-approved doctor. The examination is done in order to identify any medical conditions that may prevent you from safely performing your work duties at sea.

5. Choose a Location to Join a  Superyacht

When looking for your first job it is essential to be in the right place at the right time. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when selecting your location, however the two most popular areas for working on a superyacht are:

6. Obtain the Correct Visas & Documentation for the Relevant Superyacht Hub

It is essential to obtain the correct visa for the country you plan to work in. It is important to understand the types of visas that exist as well as the local laws with regard to job seeking.

Yacht crew standing on the gate ramp at port.

7. Create a Superyacht Crew CV

Yacht Crew CV Example

A professional and well-structured superyacht CV will help differentiate you from other job seekers looking to enter the industry.

Superyacht crew resumes have a different structure to normal CVs. If your CV is not laid out appropriately, your chances of being considered for a position are slim.

Examples and more information on how to create a great CV can be found on the links below.

8. Find Superyacht Job Vacancies

Finding the right job in the superyacht industry takes time and commitment. Using credible resources is key:

- The My Crew Kit Superyacht Job Board - Crew Agencies - Social Media Pages - Dockwalking - Networking

View Superyacht Jobs

My Crew Kit Job Board:

My Crew Kit has the fastest-growing job board in the industry. Find the latest jobs posted by crew agents, captains and crew around the world!

View the latest vacancies

Crew Agencies

Crew Agencies play an intermediary role between yachts and crew. There are numerous agencies scattered around the main yachting hubs. Registering is a simple process and can be done online, many agencies will then request a short interview in person.

Find out more about Crew Agencies

Young friendly operator woman agent with headsets working in a call centre.

Social Media Pages:

Online job boards and social media pages are extremely useful ways to apply for jobs as well as to find day work. It is important to only apply to jobs if you meet the criteria (have the correct experience and qualifications).

Be wary of which jobs you apply to. We recommend you only apply for jobs from closed social media groups with active moderators. Fake job posts do occur at times. Make sure you do not meet with or send personal information to suspicious accounts.

Find Appropriate Social Media Pages


Dockwalking is the process whereby you walk the docks with the aim of getting day work or even landing a permanent job. It is a gruelling task as there are often long distances between docks and it requires hours on foot. It also involves a lot of rejection as many boats are fully crewed and not looking for employees.

Find out more about dock walking.


Your introduction to the world of yachting. The industry is growing exponentially; every year more boats are built, and more crew join the industry. It remains however, a close-knit community that feels a lot smaller than it is. ‘Everybody knows everybody’ and finding a job through a friend or a friend of a friend is often the best way to go. Crew like to work with people they get along with. They are therefore much more likely to hire someone from their extended network of friends than to look elsewhere (provided experience and qualification requirements are met).

A Few Suggestions:

  • Network at every opportunity you get.
  • Socialise with people you meet at training courses.
  • Attend dock parties and BBQs.
  • Socialise with the people in your crew house and visit other crew houses.
  • Join yacht groups on social media.
  • Hang out in the ‘yachty’ bars and restaurants.
  • The more people you know in the industry the better off you will be.

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Working on a superyacht - a complete guide.

Patrick Maflin

Working on a superyacht is an exciting prospect if you’re trying to find a job which offers something very different from your typical 9 to 5 grind.

There are numerous roles you may wish to consider on board a superyacht.

What you choose will depend on your personality, interests, skills and background.

In this complete guide to working on a superyacht we hope that you will gain a better understanding of how to best go about getting a job aboard a superyacht, to hopefully embark on the career of your dreams at sea.

What is a Superyacht?

What does working on a superyacht have to offer, what is the work ethic like, chief engineer, second & third engineer, technical officer, first & second officer, chief steward/stewardess, steward/stewardess, how much are yacht crew paid, what skills & experience are required, do i need any qualifications, how do i find a superyacht job, when are the yachting seasons.

A superyacht is the term used to describe any leisure yacht which is over 24 metres in length.

Nowadays the superyacht industry has become a very popular and lucrative one.

Many people are considering taking up a job on board a superyacht, especially since the hit reality TV series Below Deck gained worldwide popularity.

Yacht crew serving guests

Nowadays there are several superyachts sailing the seas, including motor and sail.

Between them, thousands of crew members are employed to ensure the superyacht is kept in top shape and that the owners and any guests on board are served to the highest standards.

Working within the superyacht industry can prove to be a very rewarding and enticing career for the right types of personality.

It’s certainly a different kind of career than most other traditional jobs.

There’s always a great deal going on on board, and travel and adventure will be an integral part of your life.

As most yachts head to the Mediterranean in the summer months, and the Caribbean in the winter, you will get to experience the sunniest places at the best times of the year.

Moreover, yacht crew are very well paid.

Salaries will vary considerably from one yacht to another, depending on its size and type.

It’s important however to bear in mind that working on a superyacht also means having to work long hours.

But the end result can be rewarding, especially if you spent over 183 days at sea.

This essentially means any income earned should qualify for the seafarers earning deduction , which means you pay zero income tax!

A traditional job will often have a set start and end time every day.

You head off home after a long day, and see your family and unwind for the rest of the evening.

This is certainly not the case with a job in the superyacht industry.

At the end of a long day, you will most likely spend the evening having dinner with the rest of the crew.

And you will generally share a cabin with another crew member, so essentially, you live and work in one place around the clock.

It’s therefore important to keep this in mind, along with your openness to this kind of lifestyle.

You need to have the right personality to be able to live in these conditions, and be very personable to get along well with others.

Thus, a friendly and outgoing personality is a must for a crew member.

You would need to also be a grafter with a great work ethic.

What are the Job Roles Aboard a Superyacht?

Yachts Moored in Marina

The Captain is the person responsible for the safe navigation and operation of the yacht.

The Captain will have full responsibility for the crew members, guests, tenders and toys.

Other responsibilities include money management and budgeting, overseeing the upkeep of the yacht, and managing refitting projects.

The role of the captain will vary depending on the size of the vessel.

The smaller the yacht, the more hands-on the captain will be.

Whereas with bigger yachts, the more the captain’s responsibilities become administrative in nature.

However, this job can be very lucrative and Captains tend to be very well paid .

The Chief Engineer will be responsible for the engineering department, and for the safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

The Chief Engineer will manage engineers, electricians and electronic technical officers, while reporting directly to the Captain.

The Chief Engineer tends to get involved in the daily work revolving around the mechanical and electrical operations of the ship.

They will also ensure that any planned maintenance takes place on time, and that should anything need fixing it is seen to as efficiently as possible.

This is another important role which involves maintaining the mechanical and electrical operations under control.

The second or third engineer will be responsible for small tasks as well as more complex ones, as they will need to see to anything that requires fixing, be it the main engine, an air conditioner or a jet ski.

They will also need to maintain an inventory of important parts required for possible breakages or replacements.

A Technical Officer or Electronic Technical Officer (ETO), as they are sometimes referred to, will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of equipment, including computers, communication equipment, electronic equipment, and audiovisual equipment.

Such equipment will be more advanced and more commonplace the larger the yacht.

The Technical Officer will need to see to the planned maintenance of the various systems.

Practically all superyachts will have a First Officer on board, but bigger vessels will typically employ a Second Officer as well.

The roles of such officers are very similar, and they revolve around the safety of the yacht and the people on board.

Hence their duties will include various safety and administrative tasks, overseeing all deck operations, supervising toys, undertaking bridge watches and keeping charts updated.

The second officer will act as an understudy to the first officer.

The Chief Steward/Stewardess is a high ranking role which involves being responsible for the interior of the yacht, as well as managing the interior staff members.

They will report directly to the Captain.

Some of the tasks that a Chief Steward will need to oversee include cabin preparation, food service, drink service, silver service, flower arranging, organising events and arranging trips.

It’s a very varied and demanding role, but a yacht stewardess earns a good salary .

This is one of the most common entry level jobs in the yacht industry.

The primary role of a steward or stewardess is to ensure that the interior of the yacht is as clean and organised as possible.

This includes cabin preparation and cleaning, maintaining drinks stock, drink preparation and serving, laundry, ironing, plant care and flower arranging, among others.

The Chef will be responsible for everything relating to food - from the purchase of food items and its transportation to the yacht, to its preparation and presentation to the guests on the table.

The chef will also be responsible for the galley, including its organisation and clean-up.

The chef will need to be creative and inventive, to ensure varied and balanced menus.

Only experienced chefs tend to work aboard superyachts, with an impressive CV of having worked in commercial kitchens for several years prior.

So it’s understandable that a yacht chef makes a very good income .

On larger yachts there will also be a sous chef or second chef alongside the head chef.

They will be responsible for culinary duties as well as assisting the chef in various ways.

The sous chef will typically take care of the cooking for the crew members along with any side work required for meal preparations for the yacht owner and their guests.

The Bosun, or as sometimes referred to, the Leading Hand or Senior Deckhand will be responsible for maintaining the yacht’s exterior in tip top shape.

They will also be in charge of all the deckhands.

The Bosun’s role includes organising deck operations such as the maintenance of toys and tenders as well as their proper storage, deck maintenance and storage of any supplies required for deck operations.

The Bosun may also undertake bridge watch duties at sea as well as be the main tender driver.

The Deckhand position comprises numerous roles which revolve around cleaning and maintenance.

The deckhands will be responsible for maintaining the exterior of the yacht in good condition, and this will include tasks such as painting, polishing, varnishing, sanding, finishing and carpentry jobs too.

Deckhands will also drive tenders and toys.

A deckhand will often need to escort guests who will be using toys.

At times deckhands will also help out interior staff in cleaning cabins, serve meals or to provide assistance in the galley.

Whilst this is considered a low level position aboard yachts, many deckhands gain certification before embarking on a yachting career to ensure they are fully skilled to do the job.

Competition for yacht deckhand roles is fierce, so before applying for a deckhand job , it’s best to be prepared first.

The salaries of the various yacht crew members vary from one yacht to another, depending on the type of yacht, and its size.

However, to give you an idea, the average superyacht salary for an entry level job, such as a steward or a deckhand, will typically range between £1,700 to £3,000 per month.

There’s also the addition of tips to consider.

Sometimes during charter season you can earn a substantial amount from tips, which could even end up doubling your salary.

Another thing to consider is that if you are a UK resident, you would benefit from a tax-free salary if you pass your residency test .

You also need to bear in mind that your day-to-day costs would be taken care of if you work on a yacht, as you would also be living on it.

Hence you will not have to pay for water or electricity bills, rent or meals.

Doctor signing ENG1 Medical

As with any job, the more experience and relevant skills you have, the better.

For example, gaining an ENG1 Medical Certificate and the STCW Basic Safety Training certificate are a must.

You may need to also beef up your CV by demonstrating that you have various other skills or training which will come in useful.

You should try dockwalking to get some experience on board a yacht, even if for just a short period of time.

This will help to show that you are willing to work and learn, while also giving you some experience to include in your CV.

You will need to get an ENG1 medical to certify that you are fit to work at sea.

The STCW Basic Safety Training is a mandatory qualification for a seafarer.

There are numerous other courses which you may opt to follow to be better qualified and improve your chances of getting a job on a superyacht.

For instance, courses about hospitality, flower arranging, food and drink service are ideal for someone who aspires to work as a steward.

Courses on carpentry, powerboats and diving are ideal for anyone wishing to get a job as a deckhand.

The more relevant skills you have, the better your chances are of getting a job as a crew member more quickly and easily.

To get a job on a superyacht, it’s important to start off by preparing yourself well to be a good prospective applicant.

Complete the STCW Basic Safety Training course and get as many relevant qualifications as you can.

You will also need to hold an ENG 1 medical which proves that you are fit to work on board a sea vessel.

Make sure to prepare a good CV to delineate your qualifications and experience to prospective employers.

You may wish to check for jobs through yachting agencies and online job platforms.

It’s also important to understand how the superyacht charter season works to know when is the best time to look for such job openings.

Dockwalking is a great way to find a job as a crew member, or to gain some experience which will improve your chances of getting an even better job in the future.

The superyacht season in the Mediterranean starts off in March and goes on until May.

The winter season in the Caribbean ranges from October to May the following year.

During these periods the demand for new crew increases greatly.

Hence this is the best time to look for a job on a yacht.

By now you should have a good idea of the various careers available on board a superyacht, along with the various responsibilities of the different roles.

We also gave you some tips to help you to get started and how to best go about finding and applying for such a post.

If you’re fortunate enough to land yourself a job working on a superyacht and start earning a salary, speak to us for help in preparing your self-assessment tax returns to ensure you pay the correct amount of income tax.

Disclaimer: Any advice in this publication is not intended or written by Marine Accounts to be used by a client or entity for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties that may be imposed on any taxpayer or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party matters herein.

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Where in the World is Nina?

Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess Working on Superyachts

This working on superyachts guide is a authored by Carryn.

Working on superyachts seems glamorous, right? Your office overlooks crystal clear waters and your job involves stepping into the life of the rich and famous.

Not to mention, you get paid a fortune whilst doing so! But, as with most things in life, there’s more to the yachting industry than what meets the eye.

This guide details all the steps to getting a job working on a super yacht and what life is really like as a yacht stewardess — the good, the bad and the ugly!

Table of Contents

Before I Became a Yacht Stewardess

After 6 months working on a superyacht, is it easy to get a job working on superyachts, connections within the yachting industry, other qualities needed to become a yacht stewardess, the salary for a yacht stewardness, 1. do you want to become a yacht stewardess or a deckhand, role of a yacht stewardess working on a super yacht, role of a deckhand, other positions available for working on superyachts, 2. requirements for working on superyachts, 3. where to get a job: the mediterranean or the caribbean, 4. visa requirements for working on superyachts, 5. working on a private yacht vs a chartered yacht, 6. how to land that job as a yacht stewardess, register with yacht crew agencies, networking with other crew and yacht stewardesses, how much does it cost to work on a super yacht, what is life really like working on superyachts, how i got my job working on a superyacht, 1. how much time do you have to get a job, 2. do you believe in yourself, 3. are you ready to work your ass off every single day, how to become a ski instructor almost anywhere in the world, how to be a travel nanny and work as you travel, how to be an au pair in spain + tips for getting a job, how to work abroad & travel the world, how you can work abroad without experience so you can travel longer.

After graduating from college in South Africa, I jumped straight into the working world and started “adulting”.

After 3 months of long, hard work, with very little pay, I decided that I was tired of being broke and living in debt.

In an attempt to see just how versatile my skills were, I quit my job in search of greener pastures on the other side of the world, France. Here, I began what I thought would be a lifelong career as a yacht stewardess. I was intrigued by the idea of working on superyachts, how glamorous it all was and of course the MONEY.

Working as a yacht stewardess changed my life for the better. When I left for France I was a young, naive college graduate who struggled to find a balance between traveling and being financially independent.

6 months later, which is a lot earlier than I’d expected, I decided to throw in the towel. The money I’d made was amazing yet never gave me the job satisfaction I was actually looking for. I returned home with a new-found love for my country, my family and the smaller things in life.

Working on superyachts put my life into perspective.

It was an extremely personal time filled with self-reflection and allowed me to appreciate and value my own personal skills and work ethic.

How to work on a yacht and travel the World.

Working on Superyachts: The Basics

A superyacht is a large luxury boat that’s longer than 24 meters. These yachts are owned by the rich and famous and often make their way between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean waters.

These superyachts need crew to provide them with that 1st class service. And this is where the thousands of yachties come into play.

People often confuse working on superyachts with that of working on cruise ships. No, they are not the same! Working on a superyacht is a far more intimate job. There can be two to twelve guests on board and you’re at their beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s a grueling job that will have you working long hours in confined spaces, but the rewards are far greater than those of the cruise ships.

Yes and no.

The yachting industry is a difficult one to get into, but once you have your foot in the door, you’re guaranteed future work and better positions. However, getting that first job working on a superyacht is the hardest part.

You will struggle to secure a job in advance as most captains and crew agencies want to meet you in person before they hire you. As a result, you need to go to the yachting hubs where you will spend your time job hunting.

Securing a job takes time. For some, it’s a matter of days, but for most, it takes weeks or even months.

How to get a job as a yacht stewardess on a Superyacht.

The saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” never rang so true as it does in the yachting world. If you have connections in the industry, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a job as a yacht stewardess.

The yachting industry is a small one and referrals are the easiest way to land your first job.

Owners want young, good-looking crew running around after them. As a yacht stewardess, your uniform consists of short skirts and tight shirts and you need to look presentable and professional at all times. If you fit this profile of a yacht stewardess, finding a job working on a superyacht will be a lot easier for you.

Your personality and drive also play a huge factor. Captains and owners want outgoing, energetic and friendly crew who will get on well with the rest of the team.

You have very little personal space and whilst conflicts are bound to happen, you will have to master the art of the “smile and walk away” and avoid confrontations with other crew and guests.

So yes, getting a job working on superyachts isn’t easy, but if you have the above points covered, I bet you could get a job!

The starting salary for a yacht stewardess or deckhand is roughly 2,500€ per month. This is with no experience and excludes 10% tips  — which you receive on chartered trips. These tips could quite easily match your base salary. And it’s all tax-free!

You have no rent to pay as you live on board the boat. Your meals are prepared for you by the qualified chef, and you don’t need to purchase any groceries or toiletries.

EVERYTHING is covered. What I saved in 5 months whilst working on superyachts has taken me a full year to make as an English Teacher in Korea !

Working on a yacht as a stewardess is a powerful experience.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

How to Work on a Superyacht: 6 Steps

Each of these superyachts needs 6-10 crew who all work together to ensure the smooth running of the luxury vessel. There are many positions available ranging from engineers to chefs but most crew start off as either a yacht stewardess or a deckhand.

As a yacht stewardess or stew, as it’s more commonly referred to, your main tasks are housekeeping and ensuring that the interior of the yacht is properly maintained. You need to provide the highest standards of hospitality and ensure that the guests are taken care of. To put it bluntly, you’re a glorified maid wearing a cute outfit!

Daily Tasks of a Yacht Stewardess

As a yacht stewardess, your daily tasks whilst working on a private yacht include meticulous cleaning of the interior of the boat such as the cabins, toilets and living areas. You’re responsible for all the laundry, ironing as well as flower arranging, and table setting for all meals.

You need to provide a silver service dining experience and make world-class cocktails whenever the guests request. If there are children on board your yacht, you may also be asked to keep them entertained whilst ensuring all your other tasks are completed.

Working Hours

Your days start when the first guest awakes and end when the last guest goes to bed! If they’re out clubbing until 4 am, you’ll have to stay up to welcome them back on board and perhaps serve them drinks upon their return.

There are no free weekends if you’re on charter and you rotate shifts with the other crew, who also work just as hard. Because of this, the hours are long and tiring and if you have demanding guests, you could feel completely broken by the end of it.

The workload and the sort of work changes depending on the season, whether you have guests on board and any maintenance issues.

The deckhand’s position is more geared for men and includes maintaining the exterior of the yacht as well as all the deck equipment. You scrub the boat, top to bottom and it’s a physically demanding role. Tasks include cleaning the engine, painting, and varnishing the deck. You’re in charge of the fenders and ropes as well as the tenders and jet skis.

Perhaps you’re a qualified chef, engineer or beautician. These jobs are also available but with no prior yachting experience, you will struggle to find positions available.

You may want to apply as either a yacht stewardess or deckhand first, and highlight these additional skills in your CV. This is because there are more opportunities for stews and deckhands. Captains will also be reluctant to hire a chef or engineer who’s doesn’t have experience working on superyachts as the demands are different from those of the normal day job.

People happily working on a private yacht.

To find a job working on superyachts, there are a few basic requirements that you need to meet.

STCW stands for Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers. There are 5 modules that need to be completed within this required course. These include:

  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR)
  • Fire Fighting
  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)

Eng 1 (Seafarer Medical Certificate)

This is an exam to ensure you don’t suffer from any existing medical condition that may deter you from performing your job. You’ll be required to take a urine sample and a doctor will perform a physical exam to ensure you have no issues with your sight or hearing.

Additional Courses to Work on a Superyacht

Once you’ve secured your position, your chief stewardess or captain will conduct proper in-house training to ensure you know how to work on a yacht and complete the tasks to their standards.

The below courses will prepare you for your new job and will add value to your yachting CV, but they are costly and are not a requirement.

  • Stewardess courses where they cover interior care skills, silver service, table setting, cocktail service as well as flower arranging.
  • Food Safety Certificate Level 2 . This certification applies to crew working on MLC compliant yachts. Service personnel such as chefs and yacht stewardesses working out of the galley will need this food hygiene certification.
  • Powerboat Level 2 allows you to ride the tender and is beneficial for deckhands.

There are 2 yachting seasons: The Mediterranean and the Caribbean Season.

Each of these areas has yachting hubs where crew base themselves when looking for work. These towns are filled with aspiring yachties all gunning for the same position. Once the season is complete, your yacht may move to warmer waters or dock in the harbor until the winter season has passed.

The Mediterranean Yachting Season

The yachting season in the Mediterranean starts as early as April where these superyachts start crewing up and the season continues until August. The main hubs to look for work in the Mediterranean include Antibes in France and Palma de Mallorca in Spain.

The Caribbean Yachting Season

The Caribbean season is active all year round with September to March being the busiest months. Ft. Lauderdale in Florida is the main hub which attracts hundreds of crew every year. From here the boats move toward Antigua and St. Maarten in the Caribbean and as well as the Bahamas where guests enjoy the crystal-clear waters and tropical islands.

  • Caribbean: If you’re heading to the United States of America, you’ll need a B1/B2 Visa.
  • Mediterranean: A Schengen visa is required if you are going to France or Spain.
  • Seaman’s Book: Once you find a job working on a super yacht, you need to arrange a seaman’s book. This is recognized as proof that you are working on a yacht and is also a compulsory document when applying for a transit visa.

Superyacht docks

There are two kinds of superyachts: Private yachts and chartered yachts.

Private Yachts

Private yachts are used exclusively by the owner.

In some cases, the owner may use the yacht a few times a season and so the crew will have a more relaxed schedule. But don’t take this for granted. I spent 5 months working on a private yacht and had guests on board every day!

Chartered Yachts

Chartered yachts are hired by groups of people for a shorter duration.

You usually have a day or two to get the yacht ready for each charter. This means that the guests are always changing, and the routes are very busy. However, it’s standard for the crew to receive 10-20% tips from the guests. Not too bad if you ask me!

So you’ve completed your yachting courses and you’ve decided whether you’re going to the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Flights are booked, and visas have been organized. Now, you need to get a job working on a superyacht.

Find a Crew House for the First Week After Your Arrival

These crew houses are like hostels catering for new yachties. They are slightly more expensive than other accommodation you can find. However, it’s worth staying in a crew house for the first week while you try to find your way around your new surroundings.

If you’re heading to the South of France, I highly recommend “The Crew Grapevine” which is where I started off.

The crew houses are generally a stone’s throw away from the harbor and the staff working there understand the yachting world and will help you find your feet.

The owners of these crew houses are also highly respected in the industry and if you make a good impression, they may put in a good word for you with a captain they know. The crew houses also include free printing which is great when you have to print out hundreds of CVs.

The docks

Reserving Your Spot at a Crew House

These crew houses are extremely popular and because of the uncertainty of the yachting industry, you cannot book your spot in advance. Some people land a job working on a private yacht after 2 days and so they leave the crew house immediately, others only leave after 2 months!

The best way to get into a crew house is to keep in contact with them when you start organizing your trip.

Introduce yourself and let them know your plans. Then, a week before your arrival, mail them each day to see if they have openings available. I received an email confirming my booking the day I landed in France. Talk about cutting it fine!

After your first week, you would know your way around and would have met other yachties. Together you can rent an apartment for the rest of your stay as this is a far more affordable option.

Finding Daywork on a Yacht

Daywork is temporary work on board a superyacht where you help the other crew complete their duties, but you don’t stay on board the boat.

Daywork on a yacht is a great way of earning money and building up your CV whilst looking for a permanent job as a yacht stewardess.

You get paid $100 – $150 for the days’ work and this should be enough to keep you going for a few extra days.

Dock Walking

As the name suggests, dock walking involves walking through the marinas in search of work on a yacht. With a big, friendly smile on your face, you approach the many superyachts and hand your CV over to the crew.

You’ll most likely face rejection as the boats will have crew but hold your head up high and keep going! For tips on how to create the perfect CV, check this post out.

Security at some of these docks has become extremely tight and dock walking is not allowed in some marinas. This is especially true in the US so perhaps you need to look at some of the below options when looking for work on a yacht.

Yachts are interesting locations to work; you’re often plunged into very formal environments, so professionalism is key.

Yacht crew agencies are often the first port of call for captains looking for a yacht stewardess or deckhand. Registering with these crew agencies can be done through an online application where you include your work experience, qualifications, current location and contact details. This is followed by an interview which needs to be done in person.

This is the easiest way to get a job working on superyachts but if you don’t make an impression, they won’t remember you.

Making connections within the industry is of utmost importance when looking for a job as a yacht stewardess. Put yourself out there and find a common interest with other crew you meet. If they like you, they’ll pass your details onto their captains.

But of course, be aware that every new yachtie is looking to make these connections. You need to stand out from the rest and avoid hanging out in spots that only attract new crew.

Sailing in Greece on a group trip

Getting a job as a yacht stewardess can take days, weeks and even months. However, I firmly believe that this is dependent on the individual. I’ve met people who’ve invested all the time and money into working on superyachts and after a few months, they’ve had to return home as they were unsuccessful in finding a job and so their funds ran dry.

The competition is strong and when you’re at these yachting hubs, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of newbies in the industry. But, your luck can change in an instant.

Getting into the yachting industry is not cheap as your initial expenses are NOT covered. You need to support yourself financially until you get a job working on a superyacht. It’s a big investment, but one that you can pay back within your first month of work.

Cost for these courses vary between countries and all amounts below are estimates.

These expenses include the following:

  • STCW: $600-$1,200 for the 5 courses ($900 average)
  • ENG1 Medical: $80
  • Flights to the yachting hubs in the Mediterranean or Caribbean: $1,000
  • Visa: $60-$120
  • Accommodation for your first week: $275
  • Meals for your first week: $200
  • Additional expenses: $100
  • Total expense = $2,645

Bearing in mind that it can take weeks, if not months to find a job, your cost for food and accommodation could be considerably higher.

Your first season working on a superyacht will always be tough. Because you have no experience, you’ll most likely take the first job you can find as beggars can’t be choosers. You won’t really know what you’ve signed up for until you start working.

You’re the junior stewardess and everyone else has put in the hours and earned their stripes, now it’s your turn!

You may work a bit longer than the rest, you’ll be put in the laundry room and spend the entire day ironing and you’ll be the one waking up early. You’ll travel to exotic locations with the most stunning scenery. But you’ll only enjoy these views from the portholes of the cabins as there’s cleaning to be done.

But after you have one season under your belt, you’ll have more connections and can pick and choose what sort of yacht you want to work on. You will be able to find out which boats have easier guests and schedules and you won’t need to jump at the first job offer you get.

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I started my yachting career in Antibes, France. After 3 days of dock walking, I was feeling extremely unmotivated by the sheer amount of crew looking for work.

I had invested so much time and money into getting to France, and financially I only had 2 weeks to find work before I was broke!

It was a beautiful sunny day and a lot of people were going to the beach to relax after a busy week of dock walking. I was torn between taking the morning off or continuing my search for work as a yacht stewardess. Reluctantly, I decided to first go to a few crew agencies and see if I could chat with one of their staff.

I must have made a good impression because two hours later I received a phone call for an interview with a captain. After a successful chat, I accepted the position and a few hours later I was on a train to Italy to start my career as a yacht stewardess working on a private yacht.

How to travel the World and get paid as yacht stewardess.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Commit to Working on Superyachts

It’s important to put pressure on yourself and set deadlines. Financially I only had two weeks to support myself. This was cutting it fine, but I feel that this pressure is what lead to me finding a job after only 4 days.

You’ll face rejection but will need to keep pushing through in order to secure a job. You’ll also have to justify the initial investment and if you don’t believe that you can cut it in the yachting industry, then perhaps you need to look for something less risky

Some days I worked for up to 18 hours and had very little sleep. My nails and fingers were scarred with blisters and cuts from washing so many crystal glasses. My skin went bad from not seeing the sun, and my legs were developing varicose veins from standing up all day.

But my crew were amazing. We all worked equally hard and supported each other on the difficult days. You might be lucky and find a sweet job with an easy schedule, however, prepare for the worst but this will only make you stronger.

In the end, my experience and the money I made was totally worth it. Think long and hard if you think you’re up for this kind of lifestyle. There are some that stick around and end up with great jobs who get extra tips and even flights to whatever country they want. It’s a fabulous job if you think you’re game for the challenges that come with it.

More Jobs Abroad

working on a super yacht

Do you have what it takes to work on a superyacht? Do you want to become a yacht stewardess? Let us know in the comments!

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Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess Working on Superyachts

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Hi Nina, thank you so much for the information. I’m looking at doing my course (again) in November. Unfortunately I didn’t pursue the yachting industry the first time I did my course as I started working on the ships. But your insight has really motivated me to try again, so thank you.

Thank you Nina for sharing your info and guiding us, i do have a question though, i am a type one diabetic, and really want to work on a yacht, i am already currently in the Hospitality industry. Do you know whether type one diabetics are allowed to work on yachts?

Great info ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I’m looking forward to become a stewardess, I have a question: for working in the Mediterranean Sea it doesn’t matter which Schengen visa? I might have the chance chance to do a German visa, would that work? Thank you again J+

Thank you, Nina! I am heading to Antibes on May 1st to find my first yacht job and I am super excited! I’m always reading online and checking out any information I can in order to prepare, so this blog was a prize to find as it is loaded with fantastic info!

Hope you’re having a fantastic day, wish me luck!

Yes! The best of luck 🙂

Hi nina i have already documents f Seaman book and passport Eng1, food safety and level hygiene level 2

Stcw Sdsd My probllem is only the visa i want to earn already

Can you tell me whats lacking ,

How is the procedure in landing yachts ?

I think sometimes that when i travel my own expense in goin ‘

Like france

I think its too expensive

Or i think in mind that when i applied in us embassy here in philjppines for b1b2 visa

W/out a company yet is hard for me

Coz.i didnt travel yet in any location overseas I have first in mind that i justonly denied for that

Pls can you help me my dear ffriend Can you pls.humbly assist me in my dream career I am a greenie and recently took my iyt yacht card here in manila philippines

Its been an honor to have an indtrument /way like you

On helping othera like me

I want t hear your quick Humbly help my friend

Thank you so much Nina for all of this information! You’ve made me more excited to start my yachting career. I am heading to Phuket next month to take my STCW + Stewardess course, then am hoping to head over to Antibes after to start looking for work by March 🙂

That sounds SO exciting! Have fun 🙂

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Ocean Mapping

New to Yachting


Yacht crew positions: understanding different roles and responsibilities.

Jobs on a yacht, superyacht, yacht crew positions

Yachting is an unique industry and a career in yachting will take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Yacht crew work and live on some of the world’s most advanced superyachts that they help operate and maintain.

Discover the different opportunities available on board a yacht.

Working on board a yacht takes a variety of skills and dedication. Yacht crew share both their work and living space with each other and together they aim to deliver the best holiday experience to yacht owners and their guests. The deck and engineering crew need to obtain various certifications for safe manning of the vessel and the interior team will be trained and ready to deliver service on the highest level. All this will be compensated with an excellent salary and numerous benefits that come with each position. 

The exact positions available on board each yacht depend on its size and operational structure. Below you can find descriptions for each of the positions available to yacht crew.

As recruiters, we are your partner in recruitment. We are here to guide you through the recruitment process and offer our expertise to help you land your ideal job. Our recruiters are solution driven; they have a voice, an opinion and will champion you for the right jobs on the best yachts with the finest captains and crew. If you are looking to work on board a yacht, get in touch with our recruiters via your YPI CREW profile .


Superyacht and yacht crew positions.

Deck Department

working on a super yacht

Yacht Captain

working on a super yacht

Chief Officer

working on a super yacht

Second Officer

working on a super yacht

Third Officer

working on a super yacht

Engineering Department

Chief Engineer jobs

Chief Engineer

Engineer jobs

AV/IT Officer

Electro Technical Officer jobs

Interior Department

Yacht Chef jobs

Head of Service

Head of Housekeeping jobs

Head of Housekeeping

Steward and Stewardess jobs


Specialist Positions

Spa Manager jobs

Spa Manager

Spa Therapist jobs

Spa Therapist

Nurse jobs

Personal Trainer

Hairdresser jobs


working on a super yacht


Yacht crew salary guide.

working on a super yacht


Let’s get started. call us on +33 (0)4 92 90 46 10 or email us., our mission, vision and values, mlc 2006 compliance, essential guides, yacht crew positions.

Interior Crew

Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

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How to get a job on a Superyacht

The best jobs are the ones that don’t feel like work….

When the Pandemic hit, the world changed. Millions were forced inside, and for many time, which used to be a luxury, was suddenly in abundance. We all had time to think about our lives and what was important; for many, it was time to make a change. At Flying Fish, we saw a lot of interest from customers who wanted to know how to get a job on a Superyacht.

The Pandemic supercharged the Superyacht industry, too, with many high-net-worth individuals deciding that life was too short and it was time to build a new yacht. Over 1,000 new boats were ordered or were in build in 2022, with a new yacht being launched every month.

In short, there has never been a better time to get a job on a Superyacht.

What are you looking for?

For the purpose of this article, we will assume that you are new to the Superyacht Industry and are wondering how you land your first job.

There are many roles onboard a Superyacht. Almost all people entering the yachting industry for the first time look at one of two roles; Deckhand or Steward/Stewardess. Which role you choose will depend on your interests, background, and skills.

Superyacht Deckhand

The primary role of a Deckhand is to clean and maintain the yacht’s exterior, tenders, and toys. In addition to your key duties, you may be given any number of other roles; for example, you will assist with the berthing and unberthing of the yacht. You may be asked to go into town to purchase some supplies or carry the owner’s or guest’s luggage from the private jet! It is fair to say that the role of a Deckhand is different from any normal job, and there is never a dull moment.

Superyacht Steward or Stewardesss

The role of a Steward/ Stewardess is similar to that of a Deckhand. Your primary role is the meticulous cleaning of the interior of the yacht. You may be changing bedding one day and then serving drinks on the beach the next. Similar to a Deckhand, no two days are the same.

The three main areas to consider are:

  • Are you medically fit to go to sea
  • You will need to get qualified.
  • Work ethic.

Let’s dive into the detail

All Superyacht crew must hold an ENG1 medical certificate to go to sea. The ENG1 medical certificate is used to determine the overall fitness and health of individuals who work in the maritime industry. It is typically conducted by a qualified medical practitioner approved by the relevant maritime authority, not your GP.

Get Qualified

As well as the ENG1 medical, to work as Deckhand, Steward, or Stewardess, you must hold the relevant qualification. Mandatory qualifications include STCW Basic Safety Training; additionally, Powerboat Level Two , and Proficiency in Designated Security Duties would be expected on a CV.

The essential qualifications listed above are the minimum required. If you want to stand out above the rest, we recommend looking at additional training to improve your CV. Our Superyacht Deckhand Course and a Superyacht Stewardess Course, include these additional skills.

The qualifications are the easy bit, the biggest factor, by far, to be successful in the Superyacht industry is you!

In a normal job, you would finish your day’s work, then hop in the car or a bus and go home. If you had a tough day, you could relax at home and share your day with friends or family. On a Superyacht, at the end of a long day, you end up in the crew mess with your colleagues. You have dinner together, chat about your day, and share a cabin with another crew member.

Looking at it from the Captain’s perspective, when it comes to employing crew, he/she is looking for a crew who can do the role to a high standard and has a nice personality. Common interests, somebody the Captain and crew would want to spend time with, are also key factors.

If you were employing somebody to work in your house full-time, somebody you would have dinner with each night and be in your home 24/7, what qualities would you look for?

Getting a job on a Superyacht requires a friendly personality, someone who is easy to get along with, has a great work ethic, can think outside the box, is hard-working, and has additional skills they can offer the yacht.

Additional Skills

You don’t have to have been to sea to work on a Superyacht. However, any sailing experience or time with family or friends on the water will help. Deckhands with Watersports Instructor qualifications, PADI Dive Master or Instructor, Carpenter, and Engineering skills are handy skills for the CV. Don’t forget that all crew are required to hold the ENG1 Medical Certificate and STCW Basic Safety Training , as a minimum.

As a Steward or Stewardess, any hospitality, beauty, massage, or yoga experience will look great on the CV. Some yacht owners have young children, so if you have been a Nanny or looked after, children can also help.

Having a good yachting CV is a key factor in getting a job on a Superyacht. Such the importance Flying Fish has a dedicated Career support service as part of our Superyacht Deck or Steward/ess programmes. The career service also includes industry guidance, our industry event in Antibes, plus lots more.

When are the yachting seasons?

The Mediterranean season starts between March and May, and the winter season in the Caribbean/US is between October and May. Some yachts are on world cruises. We see a demand for training from December to March as people gear up for the Mediterranean season. Our next busy period is between August and September, ready for the winter.

How long does it take to find a job on a yacht?

From our experience, it takes, on average, about one to five weeks to land that dream job. However, this all depends on a couple of factors, how hungry and determined you are and the number of available jobs. We have had hundreds of customers train with Flying Fish, and it’s fair to say that most find a job on a Superyacht.

Take the time to browse for jobs online, including social media sites like Facebook and YotSpot. Sign up to dedicated yacht crew recruitment agencies , such as YPI Crew, Quay Crew. There are a few online job platforms, like Yacht Jobs and YotSpot .

If you have contacts in the yachting industry, they can help you find that dream job as they will have inside knowledge and can recommend you for a job on a Superyacht.

How do I get started?

If you want to start a new career on a Superyacht, then either contact us and talk to one of the team , or for more information about working on Superyachts, download our FREE guide.

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Yacht Crew Jobs: How To Get Hired + Work On A Superyacht

Yacht Crew Jobs: How To Get Hired + Work On A Superyacht

August 7, 2020 4:50 pm

Interested in working on a yacht denison’s lead crew coordinator jill maderia details what aspiring crew professionals need to know before their first job..

Looking for a job that allows you to travel the world? Working as a crew on a superyacht may be a dream for many. Yacht crew are held to the highest standards of professionalism, catering to superyacht owners and guests to create the ultimate yachting experience. Whether you’re interested in becoming a deckhand, stewardess, or chef, we’ll break down how to enter the yachting industry and provide tips on how to prepare for your first yacht crew job.

Q: What courses do I need to complete before working on a yacht?

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A: Crew must have the basic safety course called STCW. If they are working on a charter yacht, they will also need the ENG1 (medical clearance). While STCW is the basic course needed, addition courses might set you apart, as it shows commitment to a career on yachts.

For example: The Power Boat class is important to have if you are deckhand, but having this and learning how to drive a tender, would benefit anyone that works on a yacht.

Any extra courses such as hospitably, silver service, mixology are a plus and will help crew better market themselves for opportunities.

Q: After completing my courses, how do I get a job on a yacht?

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A: You must have a great CV. Create a portfolio of your work. If you are a Chef or stew, have photos of your food, table settings, flower arrangements. I have had a deckhand show “before and after” projects such as teak work on deck too. Our crew website can create an album of your work.

Plus, showcase your skills. While qualifications are required, your skills that you have might be the reason you get that dream job. Many boats, especially charter yachts, seek out crew with additional skills, whether it be a stew with cooking or childcare experience, or a deckhand that is also a drone operator or photographer.

Q: Do I want to work on a private yacht or a charter yacht?

yacht crew jobs denison superyachts

A: There are benefits to both. There is a difference, as charter boats you will have a combination of owner vs. charter guests. In addition, crew often like the benefit of the additional gratuity at the end of a charter, which can be a range of 15-20%.

Q: What is the interview process like for yacht crew?

yacht crew jobs denison superyachts

Presentation is key: Both with your CV, and in your interview. Your first impression is important, so dress the part as much as you can. Keep in mind, many interviews are via FaceTime or Zoom. Treat virtual interviews the same as you would in-person, show up on time and be professional.

Q: How can networking help my crew career?

yacht crew jobs denison superyachts

Go to crew events, or consider crew housing. You never know where your next job may come from. Maintain relationships with crew agents, other crew members, and industry professionals. It important to be out and meeting people in person or even virtually on Zoom.

Q: Any other tips that will help in landing a yacht crew career?

yacht crew jobs denison superyachts

  • 1) Research: Read industry publications. This is especially important for those who have never worked in the hospitality industry. In addition to taking your courses, conduct your own research.
  • 2) Crew Housing: When crew stay at a crew house, they have the benefit of networking with other crew. They may even find jobs from crew mates and share ideas and tips in the industry. There are a variety of crew typically, from green to experienced and they all have a story to tell or some wisdom to share.
  • 3) Daywork: Sometimes daywork can lead to long term opportunities. While daywork is temporary, crew may not realize that daywork can lead to the Captain or department head interviewing you and seeing how you might fit in with a boat full time.
  • 4) Checking in: Check in with your agents. The better your crew agent knows you, the easier it is for them to properly match you to a boat. Keep your crew agent informed on if you’re still looking for work.

Ready to start your career in crew? Contact Lead Crew Coordinator Jill Maderia , or explore all the options Denison Yachting offers in our crew division.

Jill Maderia

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Charter Accounts Support (London)

Land-based Maritime / Permanent

Posted By Cobie Brasher

Posted Date Wed 19 Jun 2024

Closing Date Tue 02 Jul 2024

Refer a Friend Apply


A leading Yacht Management company is seeking a Charter Accounts Support person for their London offices.

  • You will be responsible for overseeing all payments relating to Yacht Charter and Yacht Charter Management transactions, including, but not limited to, reconciling charter accounts on a daily basis and preparing fee reports.
  • Basic accounting knowledge is required along with strong knowledge of MS Excel.
  • You must be highly organised with good attention to detail and able to work in a fast-paced environment with strict deadlines.
  • You must be an excellent communicator and fluent in English.
  • You must be an effective communicator who appreciates the importance of building relationships externally as well as with the team. 
  • You will actively participate in all company sponsored sustainability programs.
  • You will be based within commutable distance from London and have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have previously worked on Charter Yachts.

Salary £30,000 – £ 35,000 gross PA

Yacht Manager – Monaco

Closing Date Thu 18 Jul 2024

  • An integral part of the yacht management department, acting as the  key contact for Captains, Crew, and Client Offices.
  • With responsibility for your own portfolio of yachts, but supported by an experienced team of maritime specialists, you will coordinate between the various management functions to ensure that service deliverables for your yachts are consistently exceeded.
  • You will enjoy the challenge of building relationships with key stakeholders with your excellent written and verbal communication skills; and your previous experience within the yachting industry – along with the expertise of the wider team which will help you to achieve trusted advisor status with our clients.
  • You will enjoy a fast-paced and varied role and are not afraid to find creative solutions to complex problems and identify commercial opportunities every stage of the way. You will also actively participate in all company sponsored sustainability programs and encourage yacht owners to become a part of the company’s global initiatives for environmental protection and social equity in yachting.

€80,000 PA gross

Interior / Permanent

Posted By Caroline Clarke

Closing Date Wed 03 Jul 2024

Chief Stew required for 55m, dual season MY 

  • We are looking for a Chief Stew to join this yacht in the coming few weeks as rotational Chief Stew, 
  • Busy yacht with a large US family owners
  • This will be cruising the Med before crossing over to the US for a small yard period & the Caribbean season 
  • Candidates will have at least a year as a Chief Stew on a similar size yacht full time 
  • You will be a fun Chief Stew that is adaptable and that doesn't get flustered if plans change! 
  • You will join the yacht early July and do the first boss trip with the other Chief Stew so you have a solid hand over, your 2:2 will then start 
  • Interior team of 4 on board 
  • Salary DOE 
  • 2:2 & a training budget 

Technical Manager

Posted By Phil Clark


Department – Yacht Management


To provide general operational support for the technical aspects of a designated fleet of approximately 10 yachts, which includes providing advice and expertise to yachts when required. Additionally, to provide support to other departments on technical matters as well as identify and promote technical commercial opportunities.


1. Manage Technical compliance of a designated fleet of yachts

2. Provide operational support for a designated fleet of yachts

3. Provide executive summary on status and forecasts for the technical management of a designated fleet

4. Maintain sound working relationships with the crew and Clients

5. Support Client Managers and Yacht Accounts Managers in budget preparation


  • Carry out technical inspections on board
  • Provide advice and support to help limit Technical, and ISM related defects
  • Liaise with the Crew on solutions and timing to close out defects
  • Provide expertise and recommendations on technical defects
  • Provide support to the yacht with relation to works planning and maintenance management
  • Ensure a complete Planned Maintenance System is in place and in use
  • Identify potential areas for improvement in the yachts maintenance strategy and propose solutions
  • Monitor and provide advice on efficient operation and potential cost savings (in consultation with the procurement team)
  • Provide Emergency assistance at short notice
  • Identify and highlight to the Head of Technical Management any major future works that may take the yacht out of service or reduce its operating capability
  • Identify and highlight to the Head of Technical Management any major potential risks to a yacht based on items such as existing technical issues, future Statutory or Regulatory changes
  • Identify common issues at a fleet level and escalate to the Head of Technical Management 
  • Proactively communicate with the yacht and internally to keep abreast of the current technical status of the yacht
  • Meet with the crew and Owners Representative as required
  • Liaise with relevant Teams/ Departments/ Exec Leads
  • Maintain an overview of the financial budget for the yacht for the financial year
  • On request, review Purchase Orders, Quotes and Invoices for technical budget categories.


  • Degree in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering or Project Management
  • Minimum 3 years’ shore-side experience in a management position in the maritime sector, and/or Chief Engineer/ 2nd engineer
  • Fluent in English with excellent communication skills
  • Qualification in auditing processes and standards
  • Experience in marine inspection/survey
  • Strong knowledge of MS Office Suite and Planned Maintenance Systems
  • Flexibility to travel frequently
  • The right to work and live in the USA

Deckhand -100m+ Private – Dual Season

Deck / Permanent

Posted By Bekah Edenbrow

Posted Date Tue 18 Jun 2024

  • A Prestigious 100m+ Private M/Y is looking for a Deckhand to join them by July 1 st
  • This is an incredible opportunity to join an excellent Dual Season programme with an exciting itinerary, led by fantastic HODs.
  • The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 1+ years’ experience on a vessel over 50m. Any additional watersports, or trade skills such as carpentry would be hugely appealing.
  • Having your YMO in hand along with large tender driving experience would also support your application.
  • There is an excellent crew culture onboard that specifically focuses on crew morale and encourages career progression, with a very generous training budget on offer.
  • You need to be well-presented, approachable have a solid work ethic – personality is key on this one!
  • On offer is a fantastic package above industry standard, along with a 3:1 rotation.

Deckhand – 65m Private/Charter – Dual Season

  • A 65m+ Private/Charter M/Y is looking for a Deckhand to join them ASAP. 
  • The vessel is currently heading into a busy Med season with plans to cruise Norway, before crossing over to the Caribbean later in the year.
  • The ideal candidate will have 1 year+ of industry experience and a YMO in hand. Any other additional skills such as diving, watersports or videography would also be hugely appealing.
  • The boat has an excellent crew culture onboard made up of like-minded and active crew, led by fantastic HODs who are pro-active when it comes to training.
  • On offer is a competitive salary dependant on experience, along with 60 days leave. 
  • There is also a discretionary bonus and training scheme in place.

Accounts Receivable Monaco (Maternity Cover)

Land-based Maritime / Contract

A leading Yacht Management company in Monaco is seeking an experienced candidate in Accounts Receivable to cover maternity leave.

  • You will play a key role within the Accounts Team and will be responsible for ensuring all Company invoices are raised and settled on time to support cash flow requirements.
  • With your excellent attention to detail, you will issue accurate billing documents and create and maintain client accounts in the company database. Through your outstanding organisational skills, you will ensure that all bookkeeping is up to date, post funds received to the appropriate ledgers and enforce billing deadlines.
  • You will provide support to the Chief Financial Officer and Financial Director for the annual accounts closure and preparing regular reports.
  • You will actively participate in all company sponsored sustainability programs.
  • You will be meticulous in your approach, with excellent attention to detail, be highly organised and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.
  • You will easily prioritise and manage your time effectively and have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • 1 year of relevant experience required. Strong Accounting skills essential, knowledge of accounting software.
  • Excellent understanding of principles of finance, bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Fluency in English and French.
  • This role is a fixed term position located in Monaco.

Salary between  € 30,000 and € 33,000 gross PA

Chief Officer – 65m – Dual season

Posted By Tom Rose

Closing Date Sun 04 Aug 2024

  • 65m Private Dual season Motor yacht are looking for a Chief officer to join them Mid July 2024
  • Great opportunity for someone looking to gain additional responsibility with an element of relief captaincy as you prove yourself along with extensive drive time working alongside a supportive Captain
  • Must hold CM 3000 – ideally working towards Master 3000 and need to have completed Ships medical certification
  • Good cruising itinerary including Mexico, San Diego, Costa Rica and Caribbean – the itinerary tends to vary from year to year
  • They are looking for a motivated, driven officer to oversee the bridge operations, experience of Mini ISM, excellent with drills and safety and someone with good quality control that the Captain can rely on
  • Lovely owners, steady usage and trips are on average every 6 weeks
  • The yacht prides themselves on crew training and they also tow a 45ft tender which they do lots of training on – experience with towing preferred
  • The crew are tight knit, active and like to keep fit and surf – the yacht has a good work/life balance with long weekend where possible and time to explore ashore
  • On offer is a salary of 7000-8000 USD DOE, 6 weeks annual leave, quarterly bonuses which equate to an additional month salary along with excellent training structure/budget

Charter Accounts Support (Monaco)

A leading Yacht Management company is looking to fill a Charter Accounts Support role in their Monaco offices.

  • You will be based within commutable distance from Monaco and have the right to live and work in Europe.

Salary between €  30,000 and  € 33,000 gross PA

Crew Chef – Wonderful Galley Team – Private/Charter Motor Yacht

Galley / Permanent

Posted By Jasmin Gosling

Crew Chef required for a lovely 80m + dual season private/charter motor yacht.  

-We are looking for an organised and efficient Crew Chef with previous experience on similar sized vessels. You will be responsible for all crew food onboard and therefore must be confident in running this section of the galley independently to allow the Sous and Head Chef to focus on guest food – this said, you will be proactive, productive and able to work solo at times.  

-The successful candidate will be used to cooking for higher crew numbers but also have enough experience and confidence assist in other areas if needed. You will ideally have a few year's experience in the industry but could be newer if you have a good restaurant background and at least a year onboard.  

-You will liaise with the Sous Chef on crew menus, working closely to create delicious, varied meals for the crew. 

-Wonderful Captains, Head and Sous Chefs onboard who are all highly experienced, with a small tight-knit crew as well.

-Ideally you will already have your B1B2 in hand.  

-Salary 4,500 dollars per month. They have historically done very well with tips in the past too. 

-Start date will be flexible depending on availability but will be by the start of July. 

-3:1 rotation on offer.

Temp Crew/Sous Chef – 90m – Private Charter Motor Yacht

Galley / Contract

Temp Crew/Sous Chef required to cover galley leave for 2 months on a wonderful 90m + private/charter motor yacht.  

-We are looking for an organised and efficient Chef to cover the responsibilities of crew food whilst the team enjoy their time off. This role will be a Crew Chef position for the first part and then move into more of a Sous Chef role for the second so we are looking for a strong candidate, able to fully be accountable for all crew food, assisting with some guest food as well as managing the logistics of ordering etc.  

-The vessel will have a busy summer with several guest trips and charters during your time onboard. This said, the Head and Sous Chefs will be busy with the guests so you must be organised, proactive and productive. 

-The successful candidate will have worked on larger vessels and be used to cooking for higher crew numbers but also have enough experience and confidence to assist with guest food if needed – confidence when cooking meat and fish would be advantageous. You will ideally have a few year's experience in the industry but could be newer if you have a good restaurant background and at least a season onboard. 

-Salary will be 250 euros a day. 

-The project will last from the end of July to the 18th of September. 

Posted Date Mon 17 Jun 2024

Closing Date Sat 27 Jul 2024

Chief Stew required for fantastic 70+m MY 

  • We are looking for a well established, bright, enthusiastic Chief Stew to join this high profile program in the next week / 10 days
  • You will have good longevity on your CV as well as excellent references in place 
  • As a Chief Stew, you will lead by example as well as being keen on training your team and mentoring the girls 
  • We want someone passionate about being a Chief Stew and not someone that just wants rotation 
  • You will be joining a well established yacht so we are looking for someone to join and slip into the yachts ways, not someone that wants to come in and change everything! 
  • World cruising yacht with an exciting itinerary ahead
  • Excellent package – to be discussed over the phone but full rotation and lovely bonus scheme and perks! 
  • Salary 7000-7500 EUR
  • B1 required 
  • 2:2 rotation 

Bosun – 80m – World Cruising – 3:1

• 80m World Cruising Motor yacht are looking for a Bosun to join them early to Mid July 2024

• Incredible opportunity for an experienced lead hand or Bosun to join a well-run yacht which travels extensively accumulating 30,000NM sea time each year!

• They are looking for a dynamic, driven and motivated Bosun who can lead the team, is a weapon in large tenders and confident driving guests and navigating at night in tricky spots

• Solid leadership experience required to lead a deck team of 5, good maintenance knowledge and able to pass down skills and knowledge to the junior crew

• The yacht runs with an extensive and varied itinerary visiting some off the beaten track destinations – full itinerary TBD during initial calls, but very exciting!

• Must be OK around Dogs as the owner has 2 furry friends

• Great crew dynamics, family atmosphere, excellent crew facilities and solid crew entertainment program

• Incredible opportunity to not only build on sea time, work with a great team and lead a fantastic deck crew but travel extensively and see interesting places

• On offer is an industry standard salary, TBD during interview, 3:1 rotation, uncapped flights and incentivised training allowance along with 13th month bonus

Chief Officer – 50m – Private/Charter

Closing Date Mon 29 Jul 2024

  • 50m Dual season Private Motor yacht are looking for a Chief officer to join them end of June
  • Med/Caribbean cruising with minimal owner usage and mostly used for corporate charters through the owner, good turnover of new guests each trip
  • They are looking for an experienced Chief with a minimum of 1 years experience as Chief on 45-50m yachts holding CM3000
  • Longstanding Captains, excellent owner with fantastic budgets on a very well maintained vessel
  • They are looking for strong navigational skills and a positive and hard working mindset
  • Excellent work/life balance with trips lasting around 7 days and with time off before turn around for next trips
  • Deck team of 4 – the role will be mostly bridge based with some time spent on deck but mostly supporting the Captain with daily operations
  • On offer is a salary of 7500-8000 USD DOE, 1 flight, 42 days leave, full medical cover on and off the yacht, training allowance and 13 th month bonus

Rotational 3rd Engineer – 90m – Dual Season

Engineer / Permanent

Posted By Alice Hay

Closing Date Mon 01 Jul 2024

We're working with a 90m yacht who are looking for a rotational 3rd engineer to join their team, on a rotational basis. 

  • Dual season Med / Carib, private yacht. 
  • Busy yacht with plenty of sea time to be gained, shipyard period this winter. 
  • EOOW Unlimited ticket minimum is required. 
  • Work with a team of experienced engineers who have been with the yacht for multiple years. 
  • Rotational: 10 weeks on / off. 
  • Salary is €5,000 + 13th month bonus. 
  • Start date is circa 22nd July. 

Lead Deckhand – 60m Private/Charter – Dual Season

•            A 60m Private/Charter Motor Yacht is looking for a Lead Deckhand to join them ASAP.

•            This is an excellent opportunity for someone career-driven who wants to join a Dual-Season programme that has a big emphasis on training and career progression.

•            The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2 years’ experience and have their YMO in hand – this is non-negotiable!

•            Any additional watersports skills or qualifications would be hugely appealing, along with any Drone or Videography experience.

•            The boat has a fantastic crew onboard and are looking for someone who can slot in and lead the deck team. You'll be jumping straight into a busy season so you'll need to be able to hit the ground-running! 

•            On offer is a salary of €3,000+ and 60-days leave, along with an equal split of charter tips.

Purser / Chief Stew – 2:2 – Private & charter

Purser / Chief Stew required for 70m MY 

  • We are looking for an experienced Purser/Chief Stew to join this 70m support vessel. 
  • The successful candidate will have solid Purser experience already and preferably have completed the Purser course 
  • 80% of your role will be admin whilst also overseeing the Interior, keeping the team motivated and pitch in where required 
  • The yacht is currently in Med and picking up a charter July 1st so we need someone to join end of June 
  • This is a typical support vessel and so limited service provided onboard, you must be happy within that role and be self motivated as well as capable of motivating your own team
  • This is a 2:2 rotational position 
  • Single cabin 
  • Business class flights 
  • Salary 6500 EURO 

Sole Chef – 50m – Private Charter Vessel

Posted Date Fri 14 Jun 2024

Closing Date Fri 28 Jun 2024

We are looking for a Sole Chef to join a 50m private/charter motor yacht in the Med within the next few weeks. 

– This vessel is increasingly moving into the charter market with a few booked for the next few months as well as plans to open up further for the upcoming season. The vessel will be Med based and then completing a yard period this winter also in the Med. 

– They are looking for a confident chef who is able to provide an array of different cuisine styles, with the vessel being open to charter you must be able to adapt to different requests and have a well rounded knowledge. Existing charter experience would be advantageous. 

– The role has potential to either be seasonal or permanent. 

– The yacht operates with 9 crew in total and has a very nice, close knit team onboard.

– 6,500 – 8,000 euros depending on experience and culinary background. 

– 44 days of paid leave and additional time off given where possible in the winter for long weekends etc. 

– The sooner someone can join the better to familiarise themselves with the vessel before the season. 

Service Stew

Posted By Sophie Wells

Posted Date Wed 12 Jun 2024

Closing Date Wed 26 Jun 2024

  • A 90m Dual Season Private MY is looking for a Service Stew to join them by August
  •  This is a fantastic opportunity to join a prestigious yacht with a world-cruising itinerary, with plans to visit some bucket list off-the-beaten track locations.
  • There is a longstanding HOD team in place that runs a smooth and well-oiled dual season programme and is pro-active when it comes to onboard training.
  • The ideal candidate will have at least a year experience on a similar sized yacht, and will have had exposure to service.
  • It would bebeneficial if you already hold your B1/B2 visa  to be considered for the position.
  • On offer is a salary above industry standard and 90 days leave. The vessel also offers a generous training budget and an excellent crew culture.

Temp Chase Boat Captain – ASAP Start

Deck / Contract

  • Looking for a Temp Chase Boat Captain for a Lamborghini Chase Boat to start within the coming days.
  • The temp period will last for 2-3 weeks, during which the vessel will be used for day trips in the SoF.
  • You MUST have your YM Offshore or higher, along with experience operating large/fast tenders and if possible, experience with taking delivery of yachts.
  • This position requires extensive previous experience as you will need to be approved by the vessel's insurance to be successful. Please do not apply if you do not match the criteria.
  • This position is open to a couple – Captain and Stew. Ideally, the Stew will have a minimum of a years’ experience.
  • There is a very competitive salary on offer, which will be discussed further during an initial interview.
  • You must be available from 16th June to be considered.

Bosun/OOW – 60m – Busy Charter

• Busy 60m Private/Charter yacht are looking for a Bosun/OOW to join them 24th June ready to hit the ground running for a charter!

• Med/Caribbean Cruising with both seasons being busy with a mixture of private and charter usage. On average they are completing between 6-8 weeks each season

• This is a well-known charter yacht with a big presence in the charter market which has been built over years of successful trips!

• Excellent crew, senior team and lovely owner

• They are looking for an experienced Bosun, someone who has recently qualified, keen to get exposure to the bridge but also very comfortable on deck running a team to high standards

• Must hold OOW 3000, have excellent references, longevity and have solid tender driving skills

• Lovely crew, great dynamic and vibes and ran extremely well

• On offer is a salary of 5000 Euros, 5:1, 13th month discretionary bonus, excellent tips with an even split and 2 return flights along with MLC medical

Deckhand – 70m Private – World Cruising

Posted Date Tue 11 Jun 2024

Closing Date Tue 25 Jun 2024

  • 70m Private Dual-Season M/Y is looking for a Deckhand to join them by Mid July.
  • This is an incredible opportunity for someone looking to log some extensive sea time in an expedition-style, off-grid cruising programme.
  • The vessel has a genuine off-the-beaten-track itinerary with plans to travel throughout Central America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. With this in mind, you must have no reservations about vaccinations.
  • The ideal candidate will have 1-2 years of experience on a 50m+, only candidates with 1 years proven longevity on their CV will be considered.
  • Having your YMO in hand would also be hugely appealing, however you must be competent driving large tenders. Any other skills or qualifications would also be beneficial.
  • Due to the vessel's itinerary, you must have a B1B2 visa in hand, unfortunately, this is non-negotiable.
  • On offer is a competitive salary DOE and a 3:1 rotation. As well as excellent training and bonus schemes.

Bosun – 80M – Private – Rotational 2:2

Closing Date Sun 07 Jul 2024

• 80m Dual season Private Motor yacht is looking for a Bosun to join them 8 th August ready for a 5-day hand over period with the rotational Bosun

• Incredible opportunity to work with a well-established team on a prestigious build yacht with excellent Captains and Chief officers

• The position has become available due to internal promotion, and they are looking to add a driven and motivated Bosun to their excellent existing deck team

• Must have prior lead hand/Bosun experience, can be coming from similar or slightly smaller yachts, good leadership skills, able to lead a large team and have excellent guest interaction skills

• The yacht runs a dual season cruising both Med and Caribbean with steady owner usage across both seasons

• They are looking for a well presented, driven and motivated Bosun with a good all-round skillset including solid maintenance knowledge, excellent operational experience and able to lead from the front. Must be strong with instructing/teaching and able to pass on maintenance and tender driving knowledge to the junior members of the deck team

• Helicopter deck operational experience would be advantageous

• It is essential you have proven longevity and supported by excellent references and good longevity! They are looking for longevity within the bosun role and someone with very high standards

• On offer is an above industry standard salary range which will depend on experience, 2:2 rotation, superb bonus and training package which will be discussed during initial interview.

2nd Stew / Masseuse

Posted Date Mon 10 Jun 2024

Closing Date Sat 29 Jun 2024

2nd Stew / Masseuse required for 50m MY 

  • We are looking for a 2nd Stew to join this 50+m MY. It would be a real bonus if you had massage skills too! 
  • This is a Med based yacht, winter TBC 
  • Private yacht which will be busy through summer 
  • Candidates will have a couple of solid years experience on board yachts and be ready to join within a week
  • Nice owners & good Captain 
  • Salary 4500 EURO & 42 days leave 

Closing Date Tue 30 Jul 2024

Purser required for fantastic, world cruising fleet! 

  • We are looking for a Purser to join this lovely fleet. You will have a least 1 year in the Purser role on board yachts
  • The yacht is very well set up so you will be walking into an organised and process driven office! 
  • There are a few yachts within the fleet so you must be happy moving around where required 
  • World cruising which will likely see 1 of the yachts heading to the Pacific 
  • Fantastic crew on board, we are looking for someone fun & full of energy to fit in 
  • Start – flexible – early July is ideal
  • Excellent training package on board 
  • Discretionary gratuities when guests are on board 

Captain – 28m Private – Fulltime

Posted By Simon Ladbrooke

Closing Date Mon 24 Jun 2024

We are looking for a Captain to join a 2022 launched 28m private yacht in Spain immediately. 

This is a fulltime position for a yacht that cruises the Western Med for the summer and winters in Spain. 

Experienced yacht owner who uses the yacht for him and his family over the summer months. 

The yacht operates with 4 crew in total. Captain, Deckhand/Engineer, Chef & Stew. The Deckhand/Engineer is currently on the yacht and this will be his 3rd season with the program. 

The yacht is currently in Spain and will operate mainly around the Balearics, France, Sardinia and potentially the Adriatic. You should have extensive cruising experience of these areas. If you can speak some Italian then that would be a massive plus! 

The owner likes to be presented with options when using the yacht, so we are looking for a Captain who is proactive and has plenty of local contacts. 

The owner tends to use the yacht during the season for 2-3 day trips most weekends. He is by no means a liveaboard owner during the summer. The winter months will usually consist of 5 day working weeks,  working 08:00 – 16:00. 

The salary on offer is €8,000.

60 days of paid leave. 

Immediate Start. 

Chief Stew required for lovely 80m new build yacht launching Spring 2025 

  • We are looking for an established Chief Stew to join this beautiful build in the final stages, before launch
  • You will join the yacht as Chief Stew, in a full time role, moving to a 2:2 rotational position after launch 
  • Us owners, family with 3 children – aged 7-13
  • Very active family, very approachable, enjoy excursions off the yacht etc 
  • The yacht will be world cruising for the first 2 years with the guests on board a lot. They will come and go, specifically when the yacht is cruising to new destinations and they will enjoy short holidays off the yacht, depending on location eg. Safari etc 
  • They would like to recruit a bright, fun Chief Stew, with a good personality that has a love for yachting! You will then be involved in recruiting your new team 
  • This is the owners 2nd yacht and as they have stepped up in size, they would like to step in service too. They would like a Chief Stew that can adapt to a family BBQ on the beach and then a formal dinner, tasting menu with wine pairing etc 
  • We would like a candidate that has good solid yachting experience, someone that has shown longevity in their previous roles and is committed to another yacht long term 
  • Full time in yard with a raised salary 
  • After launch 2:2

Closing Date Mon 22 Jul 2024

Chief Stew required to join this fantastic 80+m MY having an extensive refit! 

  • This is a wonderful opportunity to get some build/refit experience under your belt whilst still maintaining a full rotation
  • Candidates will join the yacht in Northern Europe where it will remain for the next year
  • Your role as Chief Stew will be mainly office based, overseeing the interior projects, dealing with contractors, liaising with other crew in the fleet and the owners 
  • During the yard period, the yacht will be down crew numbers however, when she goes operational again, you will need to recruit a large team
  • As the Chief Stew, some of your role will include keeping crew morale up! Weekly dinners out, organising courses for the crew etc whilst in the yard 
  • All crew live in shoreside apartments, you will be responsible for liaising with the landlords and doing weekly apartment inspections 
  • Yard experience is a MUST! 
  • Salary DOE & additional daily allowance for food/drink etc in the apartments 

Chief Officer – 80M+ – World Cruising

Posted Date Fri 31 May 2024

  • 80m+ World Cruising Private Motor yacht are looking for an experienced Chief officer to join them mid-August 24
  • OOW Unlimited required as min, CM Unlimited preferred
  • Incredible program which runs as part of fleet
  • They are looking for a versatile, driven and committed experienced Chief officer with solid large yacht background and experience running a team of 8+ on deck
  • Yacht background required showing progression through the ranks
  • Excellent operational experience required – Heli Ops and Diving qualifications would be advantageous
  • Interesting upcoming itinerary including Patagonia and Antarctica
  • Salary on offer is above industry standard, extremely generous bonus package, unlimited training budget along with time for time rotation – full package to be discussed during initial calls

2nd Officer – 60m – Dual season

Posted Date Tue 28 May 2024

• 60m Dual season Private Motor yacht are looking for a 2nd officer to join them early July 2024

• This is a fantastic opportunity to work with established Captains, excellent senior team and a well run yacht with a nice owner

• They are looking for a hands on newly qualified OOW ideally with a Bosun background who is able to lead from the front and willing to learn the bridge side of the role

• The yacht has a varied cruising itinerary this Summer with cruising around the Baltic. Yard period for 3 months during September-November and then onwards to the Caribbean for the Winter

• The role is split between bridge and deck, but someone hands on with crew training and being present on deck will be required

• The yacht runs with a superb senior team who are willing to pass on knowledge, provide training and allow you to grow into a solid 2nd officer!

• Tight knit crew who are all active, social and like to spend time exploring in the places they visit. The crew get lots of weekends off!

• On offer is a salary of 6000-6500 USD DOE, 5:1, 13th month bonus and discretionary unlimited training budget

Chief Officer – 60m – Private/Charter

Posted Date Fri 24 May 2024

• 60m Private/Charter dual season Motor yacht are looking for a Chief Officer to join them at the end of June/early July

• Extremely well-run yacht with excellent Captains and a superb rotational partner • They are looking for an experienced Chief officer holding minimum of CM3000

• Varied cruising itinerary including some interesting locations

• Extremely tight knit crew and great dynamics – you need to be able to slot in seamlessly!

• Fitness/water sports orientated crew, active owner who enjoys water sports

• You will need a solid knowledge of ISM, good team management skills whilst being an excellent right-hand man to the Captain

• Mixture of Private and owner usage

• On offer is a time for time rotation (10:10), salary DOE and follows industry standard – Full package TBD during initial calls

• Please only apply online to register your interest. Due to large number of applications expected it will not be possible to respond to everyone – Thanks!

HOH – Private – 90 days

Posted Date Wed 22 May 2024

HOH required for 80m MY

  • We are looking for an experienced HOH to join this world cruising private MY as HOH 
  • Candidates will have strong experience and be passionate about the HK department 
  • You will work with the Interior Manager running the interior and be responsible for your admin 
  • Start in the Med in the coming week or so. The yacht has an exciting future with world cruising 
  • You will be responsible for 3 HK and the Laundry Master
  • Lovely crew on board 
  • 4500 EURO – 90 days leave to be taken when the Boss is not on board 

Chase Boat Captain – Semi Land Based position – Incredible opportunity!

Posted Date Mon 29 Apr 2024

  • Incredible opportunity for a Chase Boat Captain looking for a stable work/life balance based in the Bahamas for 6+ months of the year
  • This is unique position working for a lovely, water sports mad owner who spends 6 months of the year in the Bahamas with his family
  • They are looking for a driven, organised and motivated Chase boat Captain to oversee a fleet of 2 boats including a 40ft triple outboard chase boat and a Wake surf boat
  • Accommodation provided in the Bahamas along with use of a company truck
  • The owner does have a 35m yacht which also spends half of the year in the Bahamas and the other half in the Med. There is the potential for a new yacht to be purchased in the near future which will be based all year round in the Bahamas. Career progression will be potential for the right candidate.
  • Flexibility to be able to travel with the owner for tender driving and water sports purposes in both the Med and USA
  • A good basic understanding and hands on skillset with engineering would be advantageous and a proven background in driving large tenders is essential!
  • You need to be self motivated as you will be expected to manage your own work load. What is essential is that the tenders are in top condition and ready to go for the owner at a drop of a hat!
  • Hands on skills with towing/reversing trailers would be advantageous but support can be provided
  • Water sports experience specifically wake surfing would be a bonus – the wake surf boat is quite high tech but pretty easy to use in terms of setting up for wake surfing
  • On offer is a negotiable package with a starting salary of 5500+ USD. Salary and leave are both negotiable and will be discussed during interview stages
  • Visas/residency for the Bahamas can be arranged for tax purposes

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Working On Yachts

There are currently over 15,000 yachts in the world large enough to require professional, qualified yacht crew and as a result this industry is growing rapidly each year.

A career in yachting can be rewarding, exciting and a wonderful opportunity to travel the world and explore new horizons!

Wherever there is water, you have the potential to go. Traditionally the yachting industry in the Mediterranean runs from April until September and from November to April in the States & Caribbean. Having said that, the possibilities are endless with many yachts circumnavigating the world.

Yachting is an eye opening, ultimately fun industry that demands hard work, perfection and attention to detail. We work with yacht crew every day and have a deep insight into what new crew should do to make the most of their career. Here are our top ten tips for starting out.


You cannot work on board a luxury yacht without getting your basic qualifications first. Bluewater offers a full range of crew training courses for those just starting in the industry:

  • STCW 95 Basic Training (Europe) 5 Day Course
  • Powerboat Level II 2 Day Course
  • Interior Introduction 3 Day Course
  • AEC 1 5 Day Course

We have a sample copy and lots of relevant advice on creating your first yachting CV within our 'Your CV' section.

Certain times of year are more favourable for new crew looking to join the industry. If you are going to Antibes or Palma, we advise end of March/April. Fort Lauderdale is different in that it is sunny most of the year, however there is a peak recruitment season around November each year.

In every yachting hub you will find english speaking bars and cafes filled with yacht crew. Make sure you go and explore to build your network within yachting. Although global, it is a small industry so make sure to present yourself professionally.

Finding your first position in yachting is the hardest. Make sure you are dock walking, looking for day work opportunities and handing out your CV. You may find that one day's work leads to a permanent role or other job interviews.

Read websites, follow yachting news, learn from other crew who were in your 'deck shoes' a few years ago. Good examples of yachting websites & magazines are:

  • Bluewater bluewateryachting.com
  • Dockwalk dockwalk.com
  • The Crew Report thecrewreport.com
  • The Triton thetriton.com

Apply for jobs, manage your course bookings and sign up for events.

You can buy pay as you go SIM cards either in newsagents or specialised telephone shops around the Mediterranean. This will help to save you money when job hunting!

Captains check Facebook and Twitter pages before interviews. Make sure any public images of you are professional and will not reduce your chances of employment. Once employed be sure to avoid any posts about your yachts, current location and inappropriate images.

A smart, professional appearance will win over shorts and a beach top.

The most important aspect when you are looking for work is to make sure your CV is up to date, well written and includes any relevant experience that you might have.

It is best to emphasize any hospitality experience or customer service skills you may have had, such as waitressing, hostessing, silver service, bartending, cooking, nanny/au-pairing, babysitting, flower arranging, cleaning and/or laundry experience.

Should you wish to join the engineering department, make sure you include all mechanical experience and qualifications, including all work done in refrigeration, air conditioning, work with engines, and any electrical work, electronics or AV/IT.

The most important aspect to include is any recreational sailing experience you may have had. If you are also qualified or experienced in woodwork or carpentry, have painting, polishing, varnishing know-how, then that is also great. In addition any diving, sailing, fishing, any water sports background are all fantastic skills that are easily transferable.

We deal with a great multitude of chef positions, ranging from crew chef to head chef. Most positions will require some form of culinary training, however some crew succeed in entering this department through the stew/cook route on a smaller yacht.

When filling in your online profile with us, make sure to only select positions that you are qualified to do onboard. Selecting more than 3-4 positions on your profile can confuse potential employers and effect our search results.


Your CV should be no more than two sides of A4, including your photograph (in colour, face on, without sunglasses).

Your CV should be in a word format to ensure it can be opened easily by all employers.

List all recent contact information, references and work history.

Including a personal statement, along with a clear objective can help distinguish you from other candidates and helps prospective employers grasp your long term goals.

Don't give employers an excuse to dismiss your CV, review and spell check it!

Salary Guidelines

working on a super yacht

Knowledge is power and the more you research, the more informed & on the ball you will be.

Make sure you have a printed copy of your CV with you and always arrive early and dressed in a smart way. Research the yacht, make yourself prepared & don't be afraid to ask questions.

The key to getting your first job is to network! Always carry a copy of your CV with you.

Remember the industry is a tight, professional network therefore it is crucial to communicate with others, walk the docks, distribute your CV and register with crew agencies. Bluewater is one of the longest-established crew agents - we have been finding people yacht jobs since 1991!

Keep the agencies up to date! Always make sure your profile has the correct location and contact numbers for you so we can get hold of you when we have the perfect role for you.

Your profile is essential to us finding you work, both now and in the future. We rely on the information you input to match you to the right jobs, so please make sure it is up to date and at least 85% complete. We receive thousands of vacancies each year, and search our database for the best candidates for each one... You will hear from us more often if you are checking in regularly! Once you find work you can set your profile to 'Not Available'.

Yacrew - We stand with Ukraine!

Career Advice:

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Superyacht Training

plan your life

What qualifications are required to work on a Superyacht?

So you wonder- what are the essential yacht qualifications and certifications needed to work as yacht crew? No matter whether you are the most experienced captain or a brand new yachtie, it is essential that you acquire, and maintain your yacht qualifications and certifications up to date. In order to be eligible to work at sea, there are some mandatory legal requirements:

  • STCW basic training, including Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)
  • ENG1 medical Examination

STCW Basic Safety Training Yacht Certificate

The STCW yacht qualification is the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchingkeeping (STWC) course and it’s a compulsory requirement for any seafarer employed at sea. The STCW Basic Safety Training yacht qualification comprises five modules which take eleven days to complete. The modules are personal survival techniques, firefighting, elementary first aid, personal safety and social responsibility, and proficiency in designated security duties. Learn more about the  STCW Basic Safety Training certificate here.


A seafarer medical certificate is mandatory for anyone hoping to get a job on a yacht. The most popular and widely recognised of the available seafarer medical certificates is the ENG1. The ENG1 Medical is a basic medical certificate and is as essential as your STCW’10. It is a mandatory requirement to prove you are fit to work as a yacht crew member at sea. Only MCA-approved doctors can perform an ENG 1 medical exam. Learn more about the  ENG1 Seafarer Medical Certificate .

Once you are confident you are fit and able to work at sea, it’s time to complete your additional training in the department you feel is most appealing. Finding your first job on a super yacht is by far the most challenging part of the process, which is why we strongly suggest you look into completing additional courses in order to better your chances of being hired. We offer full career packages for the deckhands, stewardesses, chefs and engineers. While the STCW and ENG1 are the only compulsory courses that you need to complete in eligible to work at sea, there are various other courses you can complete that will greatly enhance your CV. These include deck modules like,  Powerboat Level 2 ,  Yacht Rating certificate ,  Jetski licence , and  Stewardess training  which includes flower arranging, barista training, wine pairing and basic housekeeping skills.

While the yachting industry has many perks, it certainly isn’t for everyone. Often you are required to spend long periods away from friends and family as well as working long hours living in a shared work environment. Take a look at our article to learn the truth about yacht crew life and see if working on a yacht is really for you. Do you still have some unanswered questions? Why not  download our eBook and find out all the insider tips of surviving, and preparing for yacht crew life , or  contact  the Get Onboard team.

Needing more?

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RYA/MCA Online

1. what are the basic requirements you need to be eligible to work in the yachting industry, 2. what is the stcw and why do i need it, 3. what is the eng1 medical certificate, 4. what land based experience will help me find a super yacht job, 5. what are the different departments onboard, 6. what crew training is required for me to work as a junior deckhand.

  • Yachtmaster/Coastal Skipper Theory
  • Yachtmaster/Coastal Practical
  • Specialist Super Yacht Training Course (Deck Hand Training Course)
  • RYA Power Boat Level II
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Course
  • RYA Competent Crew Certificate
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical Certificates
  • VHF Radio Operator’s License

7. What crew training is required for me to work as a junior stewardess?

  • Stewardess Course
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)
  • MCA Food Safety Level 2
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2

8. How do I book my training courses?

9. how do i get my first job on a yacht, 10. are these courses worth it, or am i just wasting my money, 11. will i get hired for my first job from south africa, 12. what is daywork, 13. what are the best locations to get a yacht job, 14. how much can a motor yacht stewardess or deckhand earn, 15. what are the negatives of working on a yacht, 16. what are the positives of working on a yacht, 17. is working on a super yacht for everyone, 18. what is the minimum age to work on a yacht, 19. is accommodation provided when i am completing my yacht training in cape town.

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  • Financial Services Payroll & Accounting Payroll Service Process Logistical Support Admin Services Crew Admin
  • Job Descriptions Crew FAQ
  • About Sitemap


  • Yacht Department Directory
  • Deck Department

About the Deckhand

A deckhand is a position aboard with primary duties including cleaning and maintenance of the exterior of the vessel. Vessels will usually consider a successful candidate that already has experience in the superyacht industry and is keen to learn and work hard. It is essential that the deckhand can perform assigned tasks efficiently with a positive attitude in addition to interacting with owners and guests in a professional manner.

Yacht Nautical Flags Antenna Mast

Job Responsibilities

  • Cleanliness of the yacht wash downs, stainless polishing, waxing
  • Assisting bosun and mate in maintenance projects; sanding and taping up for varnishing or painting, caulking, filling
  • Continued learning of yacht maintenance, operations and systems; line handling, tender driving, navigation, safety, water sports

Required Skills

  • Good work ethic
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to learn on the job
  • Ability to take direction
  • Professional appearance

Salary Modifiers

  • Engineering experience or certificate
  • Sports certification (i.e. dive certificate, kite surfing instructor)
  • Extensive fishing knowledge
  • Tender driving license
  • Carpentry skills
  • No tender driving certification

Position Statistics

Career path, senior master, junior captain, first officer / chief mate, officer of the watch, junior deckhand.


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  1. How To Work On Super Yachts & Sailboats (2021)

    Inexperienced yacht crew working as deckhands or stewardesses can earn between $2000-3000 a month. With more experience and higher positions, your salary can be between $3500-$6000 a month. On charter trips, guests typically tip 5% - 15% of the weekly charter fee, which is split between crew members.

  2. Yacht Jobs

    Yacht Jobs. Our crew database includes 5,133 Captains, 10,037 Deckhands, 2,947 Chief Engineers, 1,313 ETOs, 5,570 Chefs, 15,180 Stews, 1,469 Massage Therapists, etc. Here are some of the recently registered yacht crew members: Hundreds of live jobs on yachts and superyachts. Jobs for yacht crew in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA and other ...

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    Working on a yacht can be lucrative. Insider previously reported that deckhands earn an average of $3,083 to $3,574 a month, depending on the boat size. Captains reportedly get paid even more ...

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    The tips depend on the size of the Yacht and the guests, but a good estimate is 10 - 20% of the total weekly price of a Yacht. If you imagine a 50m (165 foot) Yacht with 9 crew, it typically charters for $150,000 - $250,000 per week. For simplicity, let's add a 15% tip for $200,000/wk.

  5. The Best Yacht Crew Job Vacancies Available Today

    We offer yacht management services to a variety of exclusive superyachts. Our team excels in sourcing top-notch yacht crew positions, spanning from 25-meter private yachts in the Bahamas to 50-metre charter yachts in the Mediterranean to luxurious 100+ metre superyachts navigating the globe extensively. 69 yacht crew jobs available now.

  6. Start working on a superyacht

    Start Working on a Superyacht by Completing the Following Steps: Have realistic expectations. Select a superyacht job department. Complete superyacht training courses. Obtain an ENG1 medical certificate. Select a location to join the industry. Obtain visas & documentation.

  7. Working on a Superyacht

    Working on a Superyacht - A Complete Guide. Working on a superyacht is an exciting prospect if you're trying to find a job which offers something very different from your typical 9 to 5 grind. There are numerous roles you may wish to consider on board a superyacht. What you choose will depend on your personality, interests, skills and background.

  8. Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess Working on Superyachts

    4. Visa Requirements for Working on Superyachts. Caribbean: If you're heading to the United States of America, you'll need a B1/B2 Visa. Mediterranean: A Schengen visa is required if you are going to France or Spain. Seaman's Book: Once you find a job working on a super yacht, you need to arrange a seaman's book.

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    Careers in the superyacht industry. A superyacht is defined as any leisure yacht over 24 metres (79 feet) in length. There are many hundreds of superyachts sailing the seas and oceans today - motor or sail, and they employ thousands of crew members from around the world. Owning or chartering a multi-million-pound superyacht is an exclusive ...

  10. Super Yacht Jobs

    Working on board a yacht takes a variety of skills and dedication. Yacht crew share both their work and living space with each other and together they aim to deliver the best holiday experience to yacht owners and their guests. The deck and engineering crew need to obtain various certifications for safe manning of the vessel and the interior ...

  11. How To Get a Job on a Superyacht

    The Pandemic supercharged the Superyacht industry, too, with many high-net-worth individuals deciding that life was too short and it was time to build a new yacht. Over 1,000 new boats were ordered or were in build in 2022, with a new yacht being launched every month. In short, there has never been a better time to get a job on a Superyacht.

  12. Yacht Crew Jobs: How To Get Hired + Work On A Superyacht

    3) Daywork: Sometimes daywork can lead to long term opportunities. While daywork is temporary, crew may not realize that daywork can lead to the Captain or department head interviewing you and seeing how you might fit in with a boat full time. 4) Checking in: Check in with your agents. The better your crew agent knows you, the easier it is for ...

  13. Crew Positions

    About the Yacht Positions. The diversity and opportunities to work aboard superyachts around the world are endless. The yachts range in size from 60ft to 600ft with crew of 1 - 100 crew members in four primary departments. Each department is responsible for a unique set of tasks aboard and is suited for individuals with specific skillsets and ...

  14. Yacht Jobs: Find Hundreds of Vacancies on Super Yachts Worldwide

    Chief Engineer. 50 m M/Y. €9000 per month. Full-Time. Spain. Charter. Med. 24th of June. Posted 18 hours ago.

  15. Getting a Yacht Job

    Step 4 - Apply and interview Online opportunities. Of course, you will find a huge selection of luxury yacht crew positions advertised online. Make sure you register with a specialised super yacht recruitment job-board, such as Yacrew, and upload your CV so that you can easily apply for all suitable positions advertised there.Captains who are looking for crew use these sites to view CVs of ...

  16. How to Work on a Superyacht, with no Experience

    Food hygiene and safe food preparation are also a major component of working as a stewardess on a super yacht. Our stewardess training certification is run in Cape Town, South Africa. This is an entry level training course, designed for any crew member that is looking to pursue a career as as stewardess. Combining both practical and theoretical ...

  17. Current Vacancies

    The crew are tight knit, active and like to keep fit and surf - the yacht has a good work/life balance with long weekend where possible and time to explore ashore . On offer is a salary of 7000-8000 USD DOE, 6 weeks annual leave, quarterly bonuses which equate to an additional month salary along with excellent training structure/budget ...

  18. Yacht Crew Positions and Salaries

    The Second and Third Engineers report directly to the Chief Engineer. They assist in maintaining all mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht. 2nd Engineer. €3,000 - €10,000. 3rd Engineer. €2,500 - €6,500. Sole Engineer. €3,500 - €12,000. Motorman.

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    Working On Yachts. Explore New Horizons. There are currently over 15,000 yachts in the world large enough to require professional, qualified yacht crew and as a result this industry is growing rapidly each year. A career in yachting can be rewarding, exciting and a wonderful opportunity to travel the world and explore new horizons! ...

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    Yacht crew are expected to take several courses... ENG1 Medical Examinations. ENG1 explained plus a list of certified doctors... Dockwalking vs Applying Online. Dockwalking and applying online explained... Visa Requirements. You will need appropriate visa to work on superyachts... Day Work and Deliveries. Most crew begin their careers by first ...

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    Ever wondered how to get started in the super yacht industry, what one actually does on a superyacht, or what the pro's and cons are of working on a superyac...

  22. What qualifications are required to work on a Superyacht?

    A seafarer medical certificate is mandatory for anyone hoping to get a job on a yacht. The most popular and widely recognised of the available seafarer medical certificates is the ENG1. The ENG1 Medical is a basic medical certificate and is as essential as your STCW'10. It is a mandatory requirement to prove you are fit to work as a yacht ...

  23. Yacht Deckhand Crew Position

    Sports certification (i.e. dive certificate, kite surfing instructor) Extensive fishing knowledge. Tender driving license. Carpentry skills. No tender driving certification. Yacht Deckhands have 0-3 years experience and are responsible for the Cleanliness of the yacht-wash downs, stainless polishing, waxing. They earn $30K - 38K based on yacht ...