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What is it like working on a superyacht?

how to get a job on a superyacht

For my 35th birthday last week, I decided to set up an IAMA over at Reddit for the day about working on a superyacht. I thought maybe a couple of Instagram followers would post questions, and the whole AMA would die relatively quickly.

How wrong I was.

I didn’t even get a chance to promote the AMA to my followers while I was live because the questions were coming in thick and fast. For around 16 hours I was replying to your questions, mostly about being a chef on a superyacht, and it made me realise people wanted to know more about the industry and my job.

I assume my job is boring, but that’s because I do it every day. I’m sure you probably think your job is less interesting than it is too.

Oh yeah, and for those who don’t Reddit, an AMA is an “Ask me anything” question and answer session. IAMA is a subreddit that stands for “I am a..” The two go hand in hand. Mine was called ” IAMA Superyacht chef who has travelled to over 100 countries, and it’s my birthday AMA”

working on a superyacht can be strange

Daily life as a superyacht chef

It’s not as glamorous as you think. We tend to work long hours when guests are on board. It’s not uncommon to work from 6 am until 2 am, with a 2-3 hours break in the middle, 7 days a week, until the guests leave. Yes, I worked like that on one boat.

There are minimum hours of rest yachts need to comply with. But that doesn’t mean they do. Every yachtie will admit to working more hours than what is legal, just to get the job done.

When guests aren’t on board, things can be a lot more relaxed. Generally, the working hours will be 7 am until 5 pm, with a 1-hour lunch break. But this depends on the upcoming programme and how busy the other departments are. At the other end of the scale, I have also worked on yachts where we started at 8 am and finished at 4 pm, with half days on Fridays! Now that really IS living the dream, but it’s not normal.

Below deck: Is it really like that in the superyacht industry?

Everyone seemed fixated on whether the tv show on Bravo Below Deck was anything like the real yacht life. I have to be honest, yes, there are elements that are totally plausible. Some of the characters they have on the show are similar to people I have worked with before. Many are batshit crazy and they wouldn’t last long on a well-run yacht.

A lot of the antics that happen on Below Deck would not happen to one boat over 1 season. They have condensed all of the crazy bits and inflated them to cram them all into the 8 episodes per season or whatever it is.

The tips you see on Below Deck are also slightly different. What your seeing is a tip for a 3 days charter. In superyachting there is a minimum 7 day booking for charters. So the tips system is slightly different.

All in all, I have to say there are similarities to Below Deck. The show’s format uses real yacht crew with years of experience, so clearly, that is going to show too.

superyachts range in size from 40m to 140m working on a superyacht

Charter yachts vs private yachts

Since we are talking about money, and that seemed to be where most people focussed their questions… Yes, Charter yachts tend to make more money because the crew also receive tips.

I’ve joined several charter boats with huge promises of these charter tips, only to be let down. One claimed to be the busiest charter boat under a particular management company with 16 charters the previous year. With the money split equally, those crew would have earned upwards of $50k on top of their monthly wage. When I joined, the tips stopped being split fairly (the lowest ranks got less of a percentage of the tip, while the heads of departments and captains received more. Totally unfair, don’t even get me started!!!!) and the boss decided to come on for about 16 weeks of the season. So…. not so many tips. Lol.

Another boat I joined, a well known one… also claimed to make great tips. Of course, while I was onboard I just had the boss on for almost a month as a liveaboard, so it was as busy as a charter, minus any tips. And the day I left? They had a three-week charter and the crew each made €33K in tips!!! That’s more than many people make in a YEAR as a salary! Insane!!

I have to be honest, I’ve not been so lucky…. I have worked mostly private yachts, which is a different vibe.

So, working on a superyacht, how much can I make?

Just because you land a charter boat gig, that doesn’t mean you will make the tips people claim. There are times that you will, but you could also be pulled onto a boat that is heavily used privately.

Private yachts tend to be more relaxed. You know the guests on a more personal level and they tend to treat their crew much nicer. The owners value their crew and will often do other things to entice a good crew to join, and even more to keep the ones they like.

It’s not unheard of for a good chef to be given expensive cooking courses around the world, or to be flown out to exotic locations for a few days to cook for the boss.

Many private yachts also pay a 13-month bonus. This is basically a tip of a month’s wage that is paid after you have been on board for a year, to say thank you. It helps weigh out the differences a little bit between the charter boats and private.

Exotic locations you can visit working on a superyacht

It’s not surprising that superyachts travel the world and pull into port at loads of amazing destinations. Much of my world travels were done long before I joined the industry, and a good chunk of my travels are actually done in the downtime.

Just because I work on a superyacht, that doesn’t mean I get a whole lot of downtime to see the gorgeous places we are anchored or in port at. I might get a chance to rush ashore to buy some fresh bread or pick up some fresh fish, but often that’s it.

working on a superyacht reddit

Generally, yachts hit up two main areas.

The Med, where the season starts around April/May and finishes around September.

The Caribbean, where the season starts around November and finishes in February/ March.

There are a lot more yachts now that head down to do Asia for the Maldives, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. And fewer still make the voyage to Australia and New Zealand. Working on a superyacht requires a good passport and knowing you will be away from home for many months, or years at a time.

Africa and South America are not commonly travelled by Superyachts, but there are a few who make the long trip down the coast of Patagonia to reach Antarctica.

What did I leave out of the AMA?

If you want to read the AMA yourself head over to Reddit . Of course, there are a lot of questions that I had to reply to as gracious as I could without answering correctly. Working on a superyacht has its challenges though, and it has a lot of red tape. Some thing’s I just couldn’t mention or discuss.

I refused to answer honestly about guest drug use, orgies and prostitution. I left out personal details and names of yachts I’ve worked on. There were times I was very conscious of giving vague answers.

Of course, I could tell you all of the gory details, and believe me, after 5 years in the industry, I have seen a lot! I also wish to remain employed. So for the sake of honouring disclosure statements, I will remain quiet.

Feel free to use your imagination on what you think happens onboard yachts. You may be right, you may be wrong, either way, I’m pretending I saw nothing 😉

working on a superyacht reddit

If you want to work on a yacht, read on!

I don’t work as a crew agent, and if I don’t know you personally, I can’t vouch for you to be a captain. I can’t just get you a job on a superyacht because you ask me nicely. That’s just not how the industry goes, at least, not when you’re starting out.

Your first yacht job will either fall into your lap, or you will work bloody hard for it. I’ve known people who get jobs before they even completed their basic training, and I know others who have dock walked and tried for months to get a job and failed. Not everyone makes it.

Some further reading if you are considering working on a superyacht

You may have noticed I don’t tend to talk much about my job on this blog. That’s because I think these people do a much better job at that than I do, and I prefer to help people travel here instead. But check out these accounts for more info and inspiration if you think a career in yachting might be for you.

If you want to start as a stewardess, your best bet is to have a read of The Yacht Stew’s blog she has loads of tips for that department. Another great resource is this how to be a stewardess post.

There is also a really awesome Spanish speaking stewardess Jamila who has a blog in English and who helps coach new crew.

For green yacht crew, there is plenty of resources and information about the industry over at The Superyacht Chef including a list of good agents to contact for work and I can create a professional yacht CV for you.

If you prefer not to be serious about working on a superyacht there are other ways to get sea time. hitchhike on yachts have an interesting take on it too.

Round The World Rachel

Rachel Cunningham is a Superyacht Chef and World Adventurer. With over 110 countries visited in the past 15 years, Rachel wants to you to come along for the ride! Bring a bottle of rum, and a bikini, oh yeah, and your passport. You could end up losing all three items by the end of this journey! Round the world Rachel takes you off the beaten track to beaches, bars and restaurants of the unknown!

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Working on a superyacht - a complete guide.

Patrick Maflin

Working on a superyacht is an exciting prospect if you’re trying to find a job which offers something very different from your typical 9 to 5 grind.

There are numerous roles you may wish to consider on board a superyacht.

What you choose will depend on your personality, interests, skills and background.

In this complete guide to working on a superyacht we hope that you will gain a better understanding of how to best go about getting a job aboard a superyacht, to hopefully embark on the career of your dreams at sea.

What is a Superyacht?

What does working on a superyacht have to offer, what is the work ethic like, chief engineer, second & third engineer, technical officer, first & second officer, chief steward/stewardess, steward/stewardess, how much are yacht crew paid, what skills & experience are required, do i need any qualifications, how do i find a superyacht job, when are the yachting seasons.

A superyacht is the term used to describe any leisure yacht which is over 24 metres in length.

Nowadays the superyacht industry has become a very popular and lucrative one.

Many people are considering taking up a job on board a superyacht, especially since the hit reality TV series Below Deck gained worldwide popularity.

Yacht crew serving guests

Nowadays there are several superyachts sailing the seas, including motor and sail.

Between them, thousands of crew members are employed to ensure the superyacht is kept in top shape and that the owners and any guests on board are served to the highest standards.

Working within the superyacht industry can prove to be a very rewarding and enticing career for the right types of personality.

It’s certainly a different kind of career than most other traditional jobs.

There’s always a great deal going on on board, and travel and adventure will be an integral part of your life.

As most yachts head to the Mediterranean in the summer months, and the Caribbean in the winter, you will get to experience the sunniest places at the best times of the year.

Moreover, yacht crew are very well paid.

Salaries will vary considerably from one yacht to another, depending on its size and type.

It’s important however to bear in mind that working on a superyacht also means having to work long hours.

But the end result can be rewarding, especially if you spent over 183 days at sea.

This essentially means any income earned should qualify for the seafarers earning deduction , which means you pay zero income tax!

A traditional job will often have a set start and end time every day.

You head off home after a long day, and see your family and unwind for the rest of the evening.

This is certainly not the case with a job in the superyacht industry.

At the end of a long day, you will most likely spend the evening having dinner with the rest of the crew.

And you will generally share a cabin with another crew member, so essentially, you live and work in one place around the clock.

It’s therefore important to keep this in mind, along with your openness to this kind of lifestyle.

You need to have the right personality to be able to live in these conditions, and be very personable to get along well with others.

Thus, a friendly and outgoing personality is a must for a crew member.

You would need to also be a grafter with a great work ethic.

What are the Job Roles Aboard a Superyacht?

Yachts Moored in Marina

The Captain is the person responsible for the safe navigation and operation of the yacht.

The Captain will have full responsibility for the crew members, guests, tenders and toys.

Other responsibilities include money management and budgeting, overseeing the upkeep of the yacht, and managing refitting projects.

The role of the captain will vary depending on the size of the vessel.

The smaller the yacht, the more hands-on the captain will be.

Whereas with bigger yachts, the more the captain’s responsibilities become administrative in nature.

However, this job can be very lucrative and Captains tend to be very well paid .

The Chief Engineer will be responsible for the engineering department, and for the safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

The Chief Engineer will manage engineers, electricians and electronic technical officers, while reporting directly to the Captain.

The Chief Engineer tends to get involved in the daily work revolving around the mechanical and electrical operations of the ship.

They will also ensure that any planned maintenance takes place on time, and that should anything need fixing it is seen to as efficiently as possible.

This is another important role which involves maintaining the mechanical and electrical operations under control.

The second or third engineer will be responsible for small tasks as well as more complex ones, as they will need to see to anything that requires fixing, be it the main engine, an air conditioner or a jet ski.

They will also need to maintain an inventory of important parts required for possible breakages or replacements.

A Technical Officer or Electronic Technical Officer (ETO), as they are sometimes referred to, will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of equipment, including computers, communication equipment, electronic equipment, and audiovisual equipment.

Such equipment will be more advanced and more commonplace the larger the yacht.

The Technical Officer will need to see to the planned maintenance of the various systems.

Practically all superyachts will have a First Officer on board, but bigger vessels will typically employ a Second Officer as well.

The roles of such officers are very similar, and they revolve around the safety of the yacht and the people on board.

Hence their duties will include various safety and administrative tasks, overseeing all deck operations, supervising toys, undertaking bridge watches and keeping charts updated.

The second officer will act as an understudy to the first officer.

The Chief Steward/Stewardess is a high ranking role which involves being responsible for the interior of the yacht, as well as managing the interior staff members.

They will report directly to the Captain.

Some of the tasks that a Chief Steward will need to oversee include cabin preparation, food service, drink service, silver service, flower arranging, organising events and arranging trips.

It’s a very varied and demanding role, but a yacht stewardess earns a good salary .

This is one of the most common entry level jobs in the yacht industry.

The primary role of a steward or stewardess is to ensure that the interior of the yacht is as clean and organised as possible.

This includes cabin preparation and cleaning, maintaining drinks stock, drink preparation and serving, laundry, ironing, plant care and flower arranging, among others.

The Chef will be responsible for everything relating to food - from the purchase of food items and its transportation to the yacht, to its preparation and presentation to the guests on the table.

The chef will also be responsible for the galley, including its organisation and clean-up.

The chef will need to be creative and inventive, to ensure varied and balanced menus.

Only experienced chefs tend to work aboard superyachts, with an impressive CV of having worked in commercial kitchens for several years prior.

So it’s understandable that a yacht chef makes a very good income .

On larger yachts there will also be a sous chef or second chef alongside the head chef.

They will be responsible for culinary duties as well as assisting the chef in various ways.

The sous chef will typically take care of the cooking for the crew members along with any side work required for meal preparations for the yacht owner and their guests.

The Bosun, or as sometimes referred to, the Leading Hand or Senior Deckhand will be responsible for maintaining the yacht’s exterior in tip top shape.

They will also be in charge of all the deckhands.

The Bosun’s role includes organising deck operations such as the maintenance of toys and tenders as well as their proper storage, deck maintenance and storage of any supplies required for deck operations.

The Bosun may also undertake bridge watch duties at sea as well as be the main tender driver.

The Deckhand position comprises numerous roles which revolve around cleaning and maintenance.

The deckhands will be responsible for maintaining the exterior of the yacht in good condition, and this will include tasks such as painting, polishing, varnishing, sanding, finishing and carpentry jobs too.

Deckhands will also drive tenders and toys.

A deckhand will often need to escort guests who will be using toys.

At times deckhands will also help out interior staff in cleaning cabins, serve meals or to provide assistance in the galley.

Whilst this is considered a low level position aboard yachts, many deckhands gain certification before embarking on a yachting career to ensure they are fully skilled to do the job.

Competition for yacht deckhand roles is fierce, so before applying for a deckhand job , it’s best to be prepared first.

The salaries of the various yacht crew members vary from one yacht to another, depending on the type of yacht, and its size.

However, to give you an idea, the average superyacht salary for an entry level job, such as a steward or a deckhand, will typically range between £1,700 to £3,000 per month.

There’s also the addition of tips to consider.

Sometimes during charter season you can earn a substantial amount from tips, which could even end up doubling your salary.

Another thing to consider is that if you are a UK resident, you would benefit from a tax-free salary if you pass your residency test .

You also need to bear in mind that your day-to-day costs would be taken care of if you work on a yacht, as you would also be living on it.

Hence you will not have to pay for water or electricity bills, rent or meals.

Doctor signing ENG1 Medical

As with any job, the more experience and relevant skills you have, the better.

For example, gaining an ENG1 Medical Certificate and the STCW Basic Safety Training certificate are a must.

You may need to also beef up your CV by demonstrating that you have various other skills or training which will come in useful.

You should try dockwalking to get some experience on board a yacht, even if for just a short period of time.

This will help to show that you are willing to work and learn, while also giving you some experience to include in your CV.

You will need to get an ENG1 medical to certify that you are fit to work at sea.

The STCW Basic Safety Training is a mandatory qualification for a seafarer.

There are numerous other courses which you may opt to follow to be better qualified and improve your chances of getting a job on a superyacht.

For instance, courses about hospitality, flower arranging, food and drink service are ideal for someone who aspires to work as a steward.

Courses on carpentry, powerboats and diving are ideal for anyone wishing to get a job as a deckhand.

The more relevant skills you have, the better your chances are of getting a job as a crew member more quickly and easily.

To get a job on a superyacht, it’s important to start off by preparing yourself well to be a good prospective applicant.

Complete the STCW Basic Safety Training course and get as many relevant qualifications as you can.

You will also need to hold an ENG 1 medical which proves that you are fit to work on board a sea vessel.

Make sure to prepare a good CV to delineate your qualifications and experience to prospective employers.

You may wish to check for jobs through yachting agencies and online job platforms.

It’s also important to understand how the superyacht charter season works to know when is the best time to look for such job openings.

Dockwalking is a great way to find a job as a crew member, or to gain some experience which will improve your chances of getting an even better job in the future.

The superyacht season in the Mediterranean starts off in March and goes on until May.

The winter season in the Caribbean ranges from October to May the following year.

During these periods the demand for new crew increases greatly.

Hence this is the best time to look for a job on a yacht.

By now you should have a good idea of the various careers available on board a superyacht, along with the various responsibilities of the different roles.

We also gave you some tips to help you to get started and how to best go about finding and applying for such a post.

If you’re fortunate enough to land yourself a job working on a superyacht and start earning a salary, speak to us for help in preparing your self-assessment tax returns to ensure you pay the correct amount of income tax.

Disclaimer: Any advice in this publication is not intended or written by Marine Accounts to be used by a client or entity for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties that may be imposed on any taxpayer or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party matters herein.

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To Work on a Yacht Without Experience – Make a Plan

To Work on a Yacht Without Experience – Make a Plan

Yachts do hire people with no experience in yachting. The entry-level positions which offer new crew the best opportunity to learn the “ropes” in yachting are: junior deckhand, stewardess, steward, or cook. The key to finding your first position onboard is preparation.

There is a lot of competition for the rookie jobs on yachts. Begin your job search by identifying what skills you have that would be useful on a yacht. Assess your present skills and experience to focus on the characteristics that apply to the job you are targeting. Applicants with professional hospitality experience and training, at a hotel, resort, cruise ship, estate, or restaurant, are at an advantage in entering yachting. Holding specialty skills is also a means to enter the industry, such as masseuse, au pair, fishing guide, engineer, kite surfing instructor, pianist or helicopter pilot. You may just hold the skill that a captain needs to supplement his crew.

In all cases, stepping aboard will require a willingness to work hard and long as part of a team. An interest in learning and being flexible will increase your chances of finding a position that opens a new career path.

To get hired on a yacht with no experience you need to:

  • Be in the right place at the right time

Have a professional resume

Register with luxury yacht group.

  • Complete basic STCW classes
  • Build references with day work
  • Maintain contact 24/7

Be in the right place

There are seasons in the yachting industry. You will have the greatest opportunity without experience if you are in the location of highest demand and that changes throughout the season. The European season is May through September, centered in Antibes, France. The Americas/Caribbean generally place out of Fort Lauderdale early winter and early spring. In-person interviews are vital to success in finding a first opportunity. Arrange for flexible accommodations and have adequate living expenses to support yourself through a potential two month job search. Many first time yacht crew receive an immediate offer based on being in the right place at the right time, and could say “yes” on a moment’s notice.

Prepare a CV that portrays you as an energetic team player. Take care with the details. The resume is your best marketing tool. Typos and grammatical errors are red flags for a crew agency. Include a good photo as it is the industry standard. Smile and look the part. Use the Luxury Yacht Group web site for guidance on the basic skill sets for entry level positions. Be diligent in defining experience and highlighting transferable skills. Education, previous job experience, training or knowledge specific to the industry will get your CV a second look. List your most recent experience first. Hobbies and volunteer work can also illustrate character and work ethic. Diving, water sports, fishing, woodworking are hobbies which enhance your fit on a yacht. Provide professional references who have given you permission to use them as a contact. Captains look for an intersection of experience, certifications and personality in making hiring decisions. Give yourself an edge with a bit of personal detail – playing a musical instrument, proficiency in languages, flower arranging – to add dimension to your personality on paper.

Register with Luxury Yacht Group. A large agency with high placement volume offers the most opportunity to identify options for inexperienced crew. Be prepared to interview. Understand the requirements of entry level positions and how to explain the relevance of your experiences. Share stories which illustrate your work ethic, ability to solve problems and work in a team. Be on time and make a professional appearance. Some entry level positions have few specific requirements, but a captain will define specific preferences in a candidate. During an interview offer detail, enthusiasm and discretion when sharing experiences to display your ability to do routine tasks aboard, multi task, and be part of a team. Keep in touch with the agency regularly by logging into the website and confirming interest in any jobs that look good to you. Update your CV as you pick up day work experience, establish local references and complete any coursework you can locally while looking for work.

Complete basic licensing

Basic STCW is a minimum requirement to work on yachts that charter. The course has four parts and takes a week to complete. The modules which make up the Basic STCW certification are: 1) fire prevention and firefighting, 2) personal survival techniques, 3) personal safety and social responsibility, 4) first aid/CPR. Once the certificate is earned, it is valid for five years. Some modules do not expire. Check with your maritime school for details.

Establish references

During the search for a first job aboard, do day work. It is an excellent means to learn your way around a yacht. It is also a way to understand the physical demands and working style of yachts. Day work also provides you with local and yacht specific references. Be flexible on what you are willing to do – cleaning, polishing, detailing, laundry, wash-downs, painting. A seasonal or temporary job – even aboard a delivery without guests aboard – is a first step to a new career in yachting. Captains distinguish between applicants who want to enter a career and those who are looking to fill a summer. Educate yourself on the career path of the entry job so you can convey a commitment to yachting. (Immigration warning…many countries prohibit non-resident tourists from performing temporary “day work” when in their country. For example: a UK citizen admitted to the USA on a tourism ESTA cannot legally seek day work while in the USA.)

Maintain contact

Once a position of interest has been identified you must be available! Answer your phone and respond to emails immediately. Many entry positions are offered to the candidate who is ready to travel. Plans to attend a wedding in a month’s time….drop them. Partying Saturday night with friends….forget it, if the job offer comes in, you jump and get onboard immediately! One of the main reasons yachts pay well is that they expect a very high level of commitment.

Marianne and Gerard are examples of crew hopefuls with no yachting experience. Putting yourself in the shoes of a crew agent or captain, would you consider either of them for a rookie position aboard?

Marianne developed a love of the water fishing with her gramps. He taught her how to trailer his small boat, to steer, anchor and cleat. She described how much fun they had washing down the boat after a day on the lake and spending the winter sanding and painting. While in college she became such a yoga enthusiast that she taught the entire family where she worked, as an au pair, a morning yoga routine.

Marianne has the basics of a junior deckhand. Maintenance is a significant part of the responsibility on deck. She also displays some experience to apply to tender driving. Since she has worked with children, there is an indication that she has the skills to interface with owner families and guests. Her enthusiasm for sharing yoga may be the extra she brings to share with guests. An interview will assess whether Marianne will adapt to the pace and demands of a large vessel and how she will adjust to a team effort.

Gerard was raised in a family who owned a small hotel in a mountain village which served two tourist seasons – winter ski buffs and summer hikers. He explained that he and his siblings pitched in at whatever needed to be done to keep the hotel guests happy and returning each year – serving meals, making beds, loading cars. When he left home to backpack the world, he earned cash along the way by bartending. He has created a favorite cocktail recipe and named it after his hometown.

Gerard lived within the hospitality industry. It appears that his parents instilled a client driven attitude from a young age. As a junior steward, he would be doing many of the same things he did at the hotel as a child. An interview can verify whether Gerard has the “white glove” service standard, understands the need for discretion, and that he would be interested in working within the ‘interior’. Captains will also want to clarify whether Gerard is interested in a yachting career or if he is just adding the experience to his backpacking adventure.

The yachting industry is not a career for everyone. Rookies will find that work on a yacht is demanding, but offers great rewards. Finding a position on a yacht with no experience requires being prepared, having a detailed plan, and maintaining a positive attitude. Follow the steps outlined to increase your chances of coming aboard!

Engineering License Changes

Engineering License Changes

The MCA has restructured the engineering certifications. The MEOL course has been done away with, and the AEC course made mandatory and more thorough. Luxury Yacht Group explains all these changes, what engineers progressing through the ranks can do now, and how Y ticket holders can convert their licenses over to the structure.

14 Mar 2018

A Day in the life Chief

A Day in the Life Series – Chief Stewardess

For a yacht to run smoothly, it requires many working parts, and the interior department is a large component of this. The chief stewardess oversees this department and makes sure all the stewardesses onboard know what their tasks and responsibilities are. The interior department is largely in charge of the guest services whilst they are onboard, and responsible for interior maintenance of the yacht when they are not.

18 Dec 2017

Entry deck

A Day in the Life Of Series - Entry Stewardess

Joining the yachting industry is an exciting and daunting undertaking. In this two part interview we speak with Melanie about why she decided to join the superyacht industry, what her hopes and goals are, and what she has learnt so far as an entry level stewardess.

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Just got this on email "Update: Security training and certification for the shipping industry is now high on the agenda as the STCW Convention and Code as amended by the Manila amendments (2010) contains new requirements regarding security, which is required by all personnel employed or engaged in any capacity on board ships to which the ISPS code applies. These regulations came into force in January 2012 and will be enforced by Port State Control from 1 January 2014. The MCA have stated the following for those : - All seafarers with designated security duties within the ship security plan will be required to hold a "Proficiency in Designated Security Duties" (PDSD) certificate - (1 day training) - All seafarers who do not have specific security-related duties on board are required to hold a "Proficiency in Security Awareness" (PSA) certificate - (half day training) So what does this mean? For those currently working in the superyacht industry with an MCA Ships Security Officer (SSO) qualification you do not need to do anything - as you are already covered. For those currently working or seeking work in the superyacht industry (without SSO) on an ISPS compliant vessel you will need a minimum of the PSA qualification (as of the 1/1/14)."  

Yep, I work on superyachts and was down in Warsash in December doing this course (PDSD).  

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Superyacht Training

yacht crew

How to Work on a Superyacht, with no Experience

Working in the superyacht industry looks like the dream job, right? But, how do you get started with no work experience? With over 12 years in the industry, interviewing and hiring countless candidates across various positions, we know first hand what information you require to get your first real crew job on a superyacht. In this post we highlight some of the features of our “Beginners Guide to Yachting” Ebook which explains all you need to know from how to get your CV yacht perfect, typical daily stewardess or deckhand duties, how to find day wo rk, and more.

What kinds of entry level positions could I apply for? 

The two most common entry level positions on yachts are stewardess and deckhand jobs. These are both junior ranks whose primary concern is to keep the guests happy and ensure the interior and exterior are kept immaculately clean.

What previous experience is useful when looking for a job on a yacht?

While working on a yacht is certainly different to any land-based career, there are a few land-based jobs that would have equipped you with skills useful on a vessel.  Jobs that may be useful include: 

  • Hospitality-related jobs
  • Waiting tables in a high-end restaurant 
  • Child care or au pairing 
  • Carpentry 
  • Sports or diving instructor 

If you have already completed some form or degree or diploma in engineering or mechanics, this is also considered a huge plus. 

Are there specific qualifications I need? 

Yes. You will need an STCW 10 certificate to understand basic safety protocols, as well as an ENG1 Medical Certificate to prove that your health is in good enough shape to join a vessel. Get Onboard Superyacht Academy offers complete STCW and ENG1 training in Cape Town, South Africa. These are the only compulsory documents needed, but if you are interested in a specific role, we offer specialised courses to equip you for these. 

How do I get my first job on a yacht?

Once you are qualified, follow these steps: 

  • Construct a CV. Be sure to include all relevant information and documents, as well as a friendly, yet professional photo of yourself. Download our free template for a starting point. 
  • Pick a location to start. Antibes in France, Palma de Mallorca in Spain, and Fort Lauderdale in Florida are great places to start out as a newbie. 
  • Find some day work. This is work outside of a formal contract, which may involve helping out for a day to several weeks. Day work is an excellent opportunity to network, build contacts in the industry, and get a foot in on your journey to securing a more permanent job. 

How much money do you make working on a yacht?

The standard entry level salary for a junior stewardess or deckhand ranges between €2,000 – €2,500 or $2,300 – $2,800 per month. This amount is generally tax free, although the onus is on each crew member to check with their home county about tax obligations. Certain countries are tax exempt, provided you spend more than six months out of the county.

Check out our salary guidelines for more information. Still have questions? Get in touch with us , we’d love to help you navigate the seas of yachting!

Needing more?

Error: Contact form not found.

RYA/MCA Online

1. what are the basic requirements you need to be eligible to work in the yachting industry, 2. what is the stcw and why do i need it, 3. what is the eng1 medical certificate, 4. what land based experience will help me find a super yacht job, 5. what are the different departments onboard, 6. what crew training is required for me to work as a junior deckhand.

  • Yachtmaster/Coastal Skipper Theory
  • Yachtmaster/Coastal Practical
  • Specialist Super Yacht Training Course (Deck Hand Training Course)
  • RYA Power Boat Level II
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Course
  • RYA Competent Crew Certificate
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical Certificates
  • VHF Radio Operator’s License

7. What crew training is required for me to work as a junior stewardess?

  • Stewardess Course
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)
  • MCA Food Safety Level 2
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2

8. How do I book my training courses?

9. how do i get my first job on a yacht, 10. are these courses worth it, or am i just wasting my money, 11. will i get hired for my first job from south africa, 12. what is daywork, 13. what are the best locations to get a yacht job, 14. how much can a motor yacht stewardess or deckhand earn, 15. what are the negatives of working on a yacht, 16. what are the positives of working on a yacht, 17. is working on a super yacht for everyone, 18. what is the minimum age to work on a yacht, 19. is accommodation provided when i am completing my yacht training in cape town.

working on a superyacht reddit

Top 10 Reasons to Work on a Superyacht

Like any other job, working as a yachtie on a superyacht comes with amazing perks, next to its challenges. You might already know some perks of a career in yachting, such as travel and money, but there is so much more to superyachting benefits. Below is an overview top 10 reasons to work on a superyacht.

1. No living costs

Working on board a superyacht means no living costs. As a yachtie, you will have free accommodation, food, drinks, toiletries, work attire, and medical insurance. With little to no expense at all while working on a superyacht, yachties can save a lot of money during their work onboard. 

2. Salary 

The salary in the super yachting industry is known to be quite generous. The level of pay yachties receive depends, among others, on the level of their qualifications, skills and previous experience. 

Next to receiving a lavish salary, especially when working on charter yachts, yachties can expect generous tips ranging from five to twenty percent. When not so much opportunity is presented for gaining tips, other incentives such as bonuses, more time off, or bigger holiday allowances are possible. 

4. Experience and skill acquisition

Jobs in the superyacht industry are like no other. Working in yachting provides opportunities for gaining skills apart from problem-solving, communication, and professionalism that can be gained in any job. While working onboard you will gain a range of invaluable skills and knowledge, such as setting up yacht toys, becoming an expert in art, wine or making cocktails. 

5. Having fun

Having fun is also a part of the job of the crew on board. As a yachtie, next to other skills, you might get an opportunity to learn new skills, such as operating yachting toys such as a Seabob, or an eFoil. 

6. Meeting new people

Working as a yachtie requires spending weeks or months at a time, seven days a week and 24 hours per day with fellow crew members. Spending so much time with the crew might form strong lifelong friendships and relationships. Next to that, you might meet some very powerful people, with whom you can form connections. This can offer you some incredible opportunities to enhance your career. 

7. Luxurious and exotic destinations

Another enticing perk is that yachties get to travel to some of the most stunning and exceptional places in the world. Although it might not always be possible to explore the destination in the way you want, you will certainly discover and enjoy places that you would have never visited otherwise. 

8. Lifestyle change

Working on board a superyacht is one of the most exciting ways to break out of a boring slow-paced lifestyle. Working on a superyacht means working in a fast-changing environment which can sometimes be challenging. Despite the irregular schedules and long working hours, you will get a glimpse of a luxurious lifestyle on a superyacht and the most remarkable scenery. 

9. Time off opportunities

One of the characteristics of superyacht jobs is seasonality. This means that as a yachtie you will be working for a while and then have time off, for a month or more. This will allow you to reunite with your family and friends onshore, and have more time for new adventures. 

10. Career enhancement opportunities

The superyacht industry offers many career-enhancing opportunities for the crew. The more experience and skills you gain the more opportunities for more responsibilities and promotions are offered. 

Click here to see sources.

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Work on a Superyacht Net Worth

What is work on a superyacht's net worth.

Work on a Superyacht is a British YouTube channel with over 15.60K subscribers. It started 4 years ago and has 69 uploaded videos.

The net worth of Work on a Superyacht's channel through 3 Jul 2024

Videos on the channel are categorized into Vehicle, Lifestyle.

How much money does Work on a Superyacht make from YouTube?

Below is an estimated average earnings from advertising on the channel, depending on language, price and current audience.

This income is valid for channel visits till Jul 03 and must be updated when channel data changes. The channel may have additional revenue streams, such as sponsored content and product sales, that are not reflected in these figures.

Work on a Superyacht channel's current stats and earnings

Here are the stats for the last two weeks, separated by days.

  • The lowest daily views during this period are 115.00
  • The highest daily views are 1.26K
2 Jul $8
1 Jul $3
30 Jun $3
29 Jun $4
28 Jun $7
27 Jun $7
26 Jun $4
25 Jun $3
24 Jun $4
23 Jun $3
22 Jun $4
21 Jun $8
20 Jun $8
19 Jun $7
18 Jun $1

Forecast of next month's revenue

Work on a Superyacht net worth for August 2024 - $209

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Liam Evans net worth

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  • Will Smith Performs New Song 'You Can Make It' at 2024 BET Awards
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'Owning Manhattan's Ryan Serhant on Where He Stands With Jonathan Nørmølle, Central Park Tower (Exclusive)

'owning manhattan': ryan serhant on moving on from bravo and his season 2 hopes (exclusive), why barry keoghan and sabrina carpenter fans think he manifested their romance, oprah winfrey reveals ‘most shameful’ moment that changed her talk show, gracie abrams says travis kelce offered to 'mess up' to make her 'look good' at eras tour, oprah winfrey remembers joan rivers fat-shaming her on ‘the tonight show’, taylor swift reacts to fan getting progressively tipsier at eras tour, divorced hallmark stars' pet custody agreement includes $10k-a-day late fee, tyrese passionately gives usher his flowers for earning bet's lifetime achievement award (exclusive), sza competes with simone biles in a handstand competition, mama june’s husband justin confronts her over not loving or respecting him (exclusive), 'sister wives' stars christine and janelle brown reunite 4 months after garrison's death, et vault unlocked: taylor swift | watch her rise to global superstar in unseen interviews, '90 day fiancé: the other way's sarper claims shekinah's jealousy made him broke, sophie turner boasts about 'sex' in rare update featuring boyfriend peregrine pearson, saucy santana on unexpected friendship with madonna after 'material gworrllllllll' collab, '90 day fiancé': emily has icy reaction to kobe suggesting they move to africa (exclusive), tanner adell reacts to beyoncé 'blackbiird' live performance possibility (exclusive), 'wild 'n out's justina valentine on how she's supporting dc young fly after jacky oh's death, michael j. fox surprises glastonbury crowd by playing guitar for coldplay, jamie foxx finally shares details behind medical emergency that landed him in hospital, halsey samples britney spears' 'lucky' in new 2000s-inspired era for upcoming album, former 'million dollar listing new york' star ryan serhant answers some lingering questions from season 1 of his new netflix hit..

After nine years on Bravo,  Million Dollar Listing New York  star Ryan Serhant moved his (reality TV) business over to Netflix.

"I've been doing this for a long time, and I think the people that I work with are aware of what they're getting -- it's not a surprise to them," the real estate broker explains to ET of keeping television a part of his brand. "They're excited that it's now on Netflix, so they can watch it on their phone anywhere in the world and, yeah, we have international clients, that was a big part of it for me, in kind of deciding which network to work with, you know? We have clients that are in Mumbai, Johannesburg, Korea and Norway, so I asked them like, 'Where are you? Where do you consume your content? Where will it be the best for us to be able to promote your properties?' And sure enough, Netflix is be all, end all."

The result is  Owning Manhattan , a series not far off from MDLNY , but wholly focused on Ryan's brokerage, aptly named Serhant. Season 1 dropped Friday on Netflix, quickly securing its spot in the streamer's coveted "Top 10." The series is more  Buying Beverly Hills  than  Selling Sunset , with more focus on the business dealings of the brand rather than the in-office drama, though that creeps in, too.

"One of the things that's very, very important, to me is ...  Owning Manhattan  is deals, it is deals and closings," Ryan makes clear. "It's firings, it's quittings, it's hiring. It's, like, the ups and downs, the crazy, everything in between of buying and selling property in New York City. It does not stop. It's a lot."

Unlike  MDLNY ,  Owning Manhattan  features very little of Ryan's at-home life with wife Emilia Bechrakis and their daughter, Zena . Ryan's already told that story, he says. 

"I think anyone who's been watching me since Million Dollar Listing  started in 2012, so-- I mean, it's almost 12 years now, I think -- the ability to see from mid-20s realtor, dating, trying to figure out how to make an income and pay my rent, to now being CEO, managing a staff of 150 people, managing 600 agents -- dealing with everything all at the same time -- I think is a really, really unique viewpoint to follow," he explains. 

Ryan compares narrowing down his employees to the dozen or so featured on  Owning Manhattan  to  The Hunger Games , with Chloe Tucker Caine, Jade Shenker, Tricia Lee Riley, Nile Lundgren and Jonathan Nørmølle proving to be some of the standouts.

"Jade is really, seeing how she operates in life was really eye-opening for me, seeing Chloe-- it took me by surprise, Jonathan, you know, Jonathan's a tricky one for me he," Ryan rattles off reviewing the group. Jonathan (spoiler alert!) ultimately lost his job at the brokerage before season 1's end, due to what Ryan felt was unprofessional behavior with clients. Netflix cameras captured his firing.

"I haven't spoken to Jonathan," Ryan reveals. "When I let him go, we shot it all in real time. Like, real time, he ripped his microphone off, you know, stormed out and haven't really spoken to him since.  ... But I don't burn bridges. If he has a buyer for one of our listings, or we have a buyer for one of his listings, I'd love to do a deal. You never know what the future could hold."

Maybe (and that's a strong maybe) Jonathan will finally bring a buyer for the Central Park Tower penthouse, a listing Ryan opened up to a select few at the brokerage that failed to sell by season's end.

"I'll keep you posted," he teases of the listing's current status. Maybe that means in (a yet-to-be announced) season 2, during which Ryan hopes to show more of the ins and outs of the brand he's built.

"Our company is based in a clubhouse," he notes. "Season 1 was very focused on the agents, as it should be. There is so much drama-- I'd say even more drama with this staff. Like, there's a reason people love the show The Office . There's a reason why people love Suits . Like, there's a reason when you take all the drama of real estate, and then you have the employees, there's stuff that I really wanted to do that we just didn't have time for that I'd love to, like, once you meet our president that we finally hired, or our CFO, you know, these people are, they're a lot."

Season 1 of  Owning Manhattan  is now streaming on Netflix.


'MDLNY': Ryan and Kirsten on Season 9 and Housewives Becoming Realtors

'MDLNY': Ryan and Kirsten on Season 9 and Housewives Becoming Realtors

Ryan Serhant Admits Fatherhood Has Totally Changed the Dynamics of 'MDLNY' (Exclusive)

Ryan Serhant Admits Fatherhood Has Totally Changed the Dynamics of 'MDLNY' (Exclusive)

‘Sell It Like Serhant’ First Look: Ryan Brings Tough Love to Salesman Who Could Lose His Job (Exclusive)

‘Sell It Like Serhant’ First Look: Ryan Brings Tough Love to Salesman Who Could Lose His Job (Exclusive)

  • Owning Manhattan
  • Ryan Serhant
  • Million Dollar Listing New York

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Superyacht’s Fireworks Show Blamed for Greek Paradise Inferno

Large tracts of the island’s only pine forest went up in flames, according to a government minister.

Dan Ladden-Hall

Dan Ladden-Hall

News Correspondent

A general view of a forest fire on the island of Hydra, Greece June 21, 2024.

Volunteer fire station of Hydra via Reuters

Crew members of a superyacht have been accused of starting a devastating forest fire on the Greek island of Hydra after allegedly launching fireworks from their vessel last week to entertain their guests, according to reports.

The blaze erupted on Friday night and raged into the following day, with a Greek official saying scenic woodlands were destroyed in the inferno. The 13 crew and passengers of the vessel appeared in the criminal court in Piraeus on Sunday on charges related to the fire in the island’s only pine forest.

The Persefoni I , a lavish 176-foot vessel which charters for around $320,000 a week in the summer months, was chartered by 17 people from Kazakhstan , according to local reports. The nationalities of the crew members are not clear. If convicted, they could face large fines and prison sentences of up to 20 years, according to Greece’s Kathimerini newspaper.

Vasilis Kikilias, Greece ’s minister for climate crisis and civil protection, said a prosecutor had requested that “the vessel in question be seized” and provided details of the scale of the fire’s destruction, according to The Guardian . “Six airplanes and two teams of firefighters, who had to be absent from dealing with other fires and services, were required to put it out,” he said.

Hydra, one of Greece’s Saronic Islands located southwest of Athens, is a popular vacation destination for tourists. Earlier this month, Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos and his fiancée, Lauren Sánchez , were spotted on the island along with Bezos’ son Preston during their Greek vacation, according to MailOnline .

Giorgos Koukoudakis, Hydra’s mayor, said the town hall would seek compensation depending on the outcome of the prosecution.

“What was destroyed was absolutely beautiful pine forest and on the night in question, because of the winds, fireworks were banned,” he said, The Guardian reports. “To use them was utterly irresponsible.”

Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast  here .



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‘Woolf Works’ Review: A Literary Ballet’s Missteps

Wayne McGregor’s 2015 work, making its New York debut with American Ballet Theater, fails to make dance poetry of Virginia Woolf’s novels.

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Dancers lock arms in a kind of a circle. One in front, playing Virginia Woolf, has her foot pointed. The women wear sheer dresses; the gents Edwardian suits.

By Brian Seibert

At the start of “Woolf Works,” a three-act ballet by the British choreographer Wayne McGregor based on novels by Virginia Woolf, we hear part of what is reportedly the only extant recording of Woolf’s voice . It is a writer’s loving complaint about her materials: words. Used by everyone, they are full of echoes and associations, she says. A writer can invent new ones but can’t use them in an old language like English, because words hang together.

By beginning like this, is McGregor identifying with Woolf and admitting the difficulty inherent in his materials, steps in the old language called ballet? Or is this a smug assertion of difference — that he, as a choreographer, can invent?

“Woolf Works” is certainly ambitious. When the Royal Ballet debuted it in 2015, it was hailed as a breakthrough. But when American Ballet Theater gave the work its New York premiere on Tuesday as part of its season at the Metropolitan Opera House, “Woolf Works” turned out to be a big, flashy, dull disappointment.

When choreographers turn to writers, it is usually for character and story, as in several other works in Ballet Theater’s season: “Onegin,” “Romeo and Juliet” and “Like Water for Chocolate,” which drowns in plot. But for Woolf’s novels, synopsis is trivial. A modernist, she discarded much of the genre’s furniture to get inside the minds of her characters and jump from one to the next, playing with form, memory and sudden illumination. The staid model of story ballets could certainly benefit from such formal play, and sudden illumination is something dance does especially well.

Not in “Woolf Works,” alas. Hobbled by Max Richter’s hackneyed score, it is notably unmemorable; apart from its scenic effects, the ballet slips right through the mind. Noting its divergences from Woolf’s works is necessary. But more important are the many ways it falls short as dance. (And for the record, dance already had a Virginia Woolf, long ago. Her name was Martha Graham.)

The first section, “I now, I then,” based on “Mrs. Dalloway,” borrows characters from the novel, with Clarissa (Mrs. Dalloway), doubling as Woolf. (The role was originated by Alessandra Ferri, who returned to it on Tuesday, at 61.) Monumental and mobile set pieces like giant bookends say “abstraction” and serve as screens for footage of Edwardian London. After dancing with her husband, the heroine watches and dances with her young self and past lovers, male and female.

I now, I then: McGregor’s choreography can show this. Older characters can move slowly as younger ones gambol; women can kiss. The sound of Big Ben can toll the passing of time. But for the novel’s perspectival shifts, McGregor has only the transitional device — flogged throughout “Woolf Works” — of one dancer suddenly coming up behind another. Mostly, as in many story ballets, it’s just a series of duets.

The strongest moment involves Septimus, a shellshocked war veteran. It’s not his angularly anguished solo, or his tortured and buckling interactions with his worried wife and dead trench mate, but his duet with the Woolf-Clarissa character — something that doesn’t happen in the novel. He places her in ballet poses and she keeps collapsing.

Along with ruminative walking, collapsing is the only language that McGregor has for suicidal depression, but the expression of an identification between novelist and character is at least interesting.

The second section, “Becomings,” diverges much more from its source: “Orlando.” From that novel’s parodic tour through the history of England and English literature, all that remains are some Elizabethan accents in the costumes and a feeble idea of fluid gender: same-sex partnering, men wearing tutus. The novel’s delightful comedy is conspicuously absent.

Instead, McGregor gives us lasers, wax-museum figures and an unleashing of his signature style of sleek, sharp, hyperextended ballet. The acceleration is initially startling, but the undulant noodling quickly becomes as soporific as the previous section’s restraint. I find these machinations as soulless as artificial intelligence, but whatever you feel about McGregor’s derivations from late-20th-century William Forsythe, they only pretend to be new. And while the lighting designer, Lucy Carter, is a wizard, a light show set to music fit for a nature documentary’s sweep across glaciers does not a breakthrough in ballet make.

The final section, “Tuesday,” is based on “The Waves,” as you can tell from the projection of waves crashing in super-slow motion. In place of the novel’s innovative form of collective biography, McGregor substitutes some of Woolf’s own history, starting with a recorded recitation (by Gillian Anderson) of her suicide letter, written on a Tuesday in 1941.

Even front loaded with such poignancy and the addition of child dancers, the work fails to sustain much emotion. McGregor does provide waves, though, rows of dancers cresting. Richter’s formula — slow crescendo to quick crash into quiet — matches this well, and mass effects disguise and compensate for the expressive poverty of McGregor’s choreography. When the Woolf character disappears in the wavelike motion, it’s a little bit touching, and the closest McGregor gets to Woolf’s ideal of combining old words in a new order to create beauty and truth.

In any case, the person playing that role on Tuesday was the best feature of the evening. Still lithe and pliant, Ferri has an older dancer’s dignity and self-possession, and her natural smiles occasionally broke through the work’s self-seriousness. Aptly, she seemed somewhat apart from the others, both in and out of the game, watching and wondering at it, like a writer in the world or one mingling with her characters. She was almost Woolf-like.

“Woolf Works”

Through Saturday at the Metropolitan Opera House; .


  1. Honest Pros and Cons of Working on Large Yachts : r/sailingcrew

    Crew opportunities range from chef / stew /deck hand / maintenance on a 70ft Cat that's privately owned to being one of 20 or 30 on a giant superyacht. A friend of mine moved quickly up the ladder by finding a cat owner who loved to voyage and race, (and fish and dive) and took a low paid bitch boy position for the privilege.

  2. Experience working on a yacht? : r/belowdeck

    Worked on a yacht and 90% of people were chill, 1% had a genuine interest in me as a person, 1% were an absolute nightmare ie. one couple, screaming because the house wine was bad ( same wine all guests drank and asked for seconds and thirds of, that the house personally tasted and chose) and just made a scene, stomping around and screaming.

  3. I work as a chef on a superyacht, I've been doing it for over ...

    ADMIN MOD. I work as a chef on a superyacht, I've been doing it for over 8 years AMA. I did a Reddit AMA a few years back on the regular AMA Subreddit, but I thought it might be interesting to do something again, but more so for chefs and other restaurant crew to see and engage with. Also, Since my old AMA, I have stepped up from being a sous ...

  4. Does anyone else day dream about working on a super yacht?

    Been there done that, the only yachts worth working on are the ones that go to locations that nobody else can go to, all the rest it's just boring it's like being in a hotel and your treated even worse, the guests can be friendly but the work front is pretty close to how reality T.V. show show B.D.shows petty arguments etc...

  5. IamA Deckhand on a Private Superyacht. AMA! : r/IAmA

    Social networking is #1. As a green deckhand, your best chance of finding work is bing there and talking to people. My first job came when we threw a party at our crew house. Someone was asking if anyone wanted daywork. I jumped on that and 5 days later the yacht wanted me on as a permanent deckhand.

  6. Advice on what to do to become a superyacht deckhand with 0 ...

    You need 2 things to even be considered as superyacht crew. Certifications and experience. Certs are easy, you just pay money and take classes. STCW is the first one, around $1500. Find a local school, take the class, and talk to your fellow students and instructors about your goals and the next steps.

  7. Anyone who has worked on a yacht, is it worth it?

    1. Sort by: tugrumpler. • 12 yr. ago. There are a number of ways to connect with owners and captains to find work as crew. I've never done it but I've made numerous passages on other boats and my own. I've met a few people who did this and I think it's worth it, the money isn't fantastic and owners can be a pain but you get airfare and ...

  8. What is it like working on a superyacht?

    Every yachtie will admit to working more hours than what is legal, just to get the job done. When guests aren't on board, things can be a lot more relaxed. Generally, the working hours will be 7 am until 5 pm, with a 1-hour lunch break. But this depends on the upcoming programme and how busy the other departments are.

  9. You can get a Discord reward for playing Fortnite reload

    They not only have an overpriced monthly service, but they also have a shop exclusive to subscribers. I renders them a whole lot of money. Actually, I haven't gotten anything but the pride items for free on Fortnite.

  10. Working on a Superyacht

    Working on a superyacht is an exciting prospect if you're trying to find a job which offers something very different from your typical 9 to 5 grind. There are numerous roles you may wish to consider on board a superyacht. What you choose will depend on your personality, interests, skills and background. ...

  11. How do I apply for Walmart jobs with no previous work history ...

    Thunderbird is the leading free and open-source email, calendaring, newsfeed, and chat client with more than 20 million active monthly users across Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  12. VP essentially told me I'm (34F) "too young" for the next ...

    I'm 34. There is someone my age who is a Director and reports to a C-level. I'm one step down (Manager) but have actually interviewed for Director positions. (I work in banking and my smaller institution basically goes IC, Manager, Director, C-level, CEO.)

  13. How do I get work on a yacht with no experience?

    To Work on a Yacht Without Experience - Make a Plan. Yachts do hire people with no experience in yachting. The entry-level positions which offer new crew the best opportunity to learn the "ropes" in yachting are: junior deckhand, stewardess, steward, or cook. The key to finding your first position onboard is preparation.

  14. If you work on a Superyacht!

    If you work on a Superyacht! Thread starter alant; Start date 7 Jan 2014; 7 Jan 2014 #1 A. alant Active member. Joined 30 May 2001 Messages 37,600 Location UK - Solent region

  15. Tinfoil doesn't want to work after update 18.0.1 : r/SwitchPirates

    This is a sigpatch issue, the ones in the regular site don't work correctly because since the last Atmosphere update KIP patches work differently now. There are V2 patches available on gbatemp por you can do it the Hekate boot way using FSS0 instead of fusee boot. ... 🚨 This subreddit is marked as NSFW to stop ad revenue in protest of ...

  16. How to Work on a Superyacht, with no Experience

    Yes. You will need an STCW 10 certificate to understand basic safety protocols, as well as an ENG1 Medical Certificate to prove that your health is in good enough shape to join a vessel. Get Onboard Superyacht Academy offers complete STCW and ENG1 training in Cape Town, South Africa. These are the only compulsory documents needed, but if you ...

  17. The whole truth about coca working on a superyacht firsthand

    A chef with five years of superyacht experience answers questions from Reddit users candidly. . A hobby is something you want to devote all your free time to. Most of us are only jealous of those lucky people who have managed to combine hobbies with a professional occupation. New Zealand's Rachel Cunningham is one of the few people who have managed the impossible.

  18. Top 10 Reasons to Work on a Superyacht

    Working on a superyacht means working in a fast-changing environment which can sometimes be challenging. Despite the irregular schedules and long working hours, you will get a glimpse of a luxurious lifestyle on a superyacht and the most remarkable scenery. 9. Time off opportunities. One of the characteristics of superyacht jobs is seasonality.

  19. adblock not working on youtube

    adblock not working on youtube - new anti-adblock from youtube . so yeah, the old youtube anti-adblock pop-up could easilly be ignored, but today when I watched a video, a new pop up appeared saying something in the likes of "if you watch 3 videos with adblock on, then we wont allow it". ... This is a fan sub, not run or owned by YouTube ...

  20. Apple Reportedly Starts Work on iOS 19, macOS 16, watchOS 12 ...

    It would be news-worthy if they decided not to start working on a new iOS.. Most of the fashion companies are currently working on Autumn-Winter 2025 collections starting Spring-Summer 2026 soon.

  21. Work on a Superyacht Net Worth, Income & Earnings (2024)

    What is Work on a Superyacht's net worth? Work on a Superyacht is a British YouTube channel with over 15.60K subscribers. It started 4 years ago and has 69 uploaded videos. The net worth of Work on a Superyacht's channel through 3 Jul 2024. $6,363. Videos on the channel are categorized into Vehicle, Lifestyle.

  22. Warren Buffett has finally revealed what will happen to his money after

    Warren Buffett just changed how his considerable fortune will be spent following his death. Buffett, 93, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, told the Wall Street Journal he has again re-worked his ...

  23. Superyacht Crew Academy

    30 likes, 0 comments - superyachtcrewacademy on June 27, 2024: "What is it like working as a Steward/ess on a Superyacht……. If you would like more information on ...

  24. What have you been working on recently? [June 29, 2024]

    Feel free to share updates on projects you're working on, brag about any major milestones you've hit, grouse about a challenge you've ran into recently... Any sort of "progress report" is fair game! A few requests: If possible, include a link to your source code when sharing a project update. That way, others can learn from your work!

  25. 'Owning Manhattan's Ryan Serhant on Where He Stands With Jonathan

    The result is Owning Manhattan, a series not far off from MDLNY, but wholly focused on Ryan's brokerage, aptly named Serhant.Season 1 dropped Friday on Netflix, quickly securing its spot in the ...

  26. Superyacht's Fireworks Show Blamed for Greek Paradise Inferno

    The Persefoni I, a lavish 176-foot vessel which charters for around $320,000 a week in the summer months, was chartered by 17 people from Kazakhstan, according to local reports.The nationalities ...

  27. The Boeing saga has reached a new level of absurdity

    If you're a PR person, I can't possibly think of a harder job to have right now than working at Boeing. It's not just clean up in aisle six, it's clean up the entire store, loading dock ...

  28. 'Woolf Works' Review: A Literary Ballet's Missteps

    Performances in N.Y.C. Advertisement Supported by Wayne McGregor's 2015 work, making its New York debut with American Ballet Theater, fails to make dance poetry of Virginia Woolf's novels. By ...

  29. Massive AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon outage for US customers ...

    An international roaming outage is leaving customers of the three major US mobile carriers in the dark, making it difficult or impossible for American customers who are currently out of the ...

  30. CDK Global outage has been hamstringing car dealerships for days ...

    Cyberattacks seem to be more devastating than ever and taking targeted companies even longer to resolve. The latest attack to receive wide attention continues that trend: An ongoing cyber incident ...