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DockMate vs. Yacht Controller

Triton puts two remote control docking devices to the test — and finds that both are winners.

The Triton team recently gathered a group of independent yacht captains for a comparison test of wireless, remote-controlled docking devices. Three dealers were invited to participate, but Docking Master declined, so that left two: Yacht Controller and Dock Mate. The day before the event, Yacht Controller’s local distributor informed us that they were unable to send a dealer’s representative. But the owner of a 59-foot Marquis agreed to demo his Yacht Controller system for the testing, and Dock Mate’s local dealer team participated with their 32-foot Pursuit. The size of the vessel was not of concern, as we were only testing the feel and responsiveness of the remote docking units.

The testers included the owner/operator of the Marquis, a yacht electronic service tech, and three seasoned captains of vessels ranging from 90 feet to 250 feet. We took both boats out at the same time and had a team on each test boat. Each participant was given ample time to operate and dock both boats with each remote system on board.

Both systems feature controller options of either toggle switches or a joystick. The seasoned captains all preferred the toggle switches over the joysticks, since they were similar to having dual controls on the console.

After testing the units on the water, we returned to the dock and asked each tester to score a series of 10 questions relating to the feel of the unit, response times, ease of use, quality of the switches and toggles, range of the unit, etc. Surprisingly, the results were a tie — five questions favored Dock Mate and five favored Yacht Controller.

yacht controller price

Here is some feedback from the testers:

  • Most preferred the simplicity of the Yacht Controller unit.
  • Dock Mate will always engage the thrusters when the unit is on, whereas the Yacht Controller will time out.
  • The levers on the Yacht Controller were preferred over the buttons on the Dock Mate unit.
  • Response time was slightly faster on the Yacht Controller.
  • Dock Mate’s ability to thruster up the main engines was critical for proportional control; Yacht Controller was only able to produce idle speed.
  • Dock Mate’s rechargeable battery was preferred over Yacht Controller’s standard AA batteries.
  • Yacht Controller featured a lanyard connection on each side of the unit that made it very easy to switch over when looking aft and controlling in the reverse direction.
  • Both products tested well for range; when walked about 250 feet away from the boat, each unit still responded to the controller.

Finally, we asked which unit was preferred, and Dock Mate came out the clear winner at 4-1.  One must wonder, would the outcome have been different if Yacht Controllers dealer’s rep had participated?

Overall, it was a fun day to be on the water. Both of these remote units are great accessories and provide freedom of movement on board. Is there a product you would like the Triton team to test? Send your ideas to [email protected] .

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yacht controller price

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yacht controller price

yacht controller price

[email protected]


yacht controller price

The VECTOR proportional 3-axis joystick provides fully proportional control of the boat’s engine(s) and thruster(s). The VECTOR is dedicated to joystick systems.

yacht controller price

The TWIST’s proportional 3-axis joystick provides fully proportional control of the boat’s engine(s) and thruster(s). The TWIST is compatible with traditional control heads and joystick systems.

yacht controller price

Dockmate® TWIN, a wireless extension of your boat‘s controls with the exact same feeling and response time, enhanced with exclusive features like SoftDocking & Throttle+.

yacht controller price

A basic entry level solution for analogue controls (both engines & thrusters).

Designed specially for mechanical engine controls

yacht controller price

Dockmate DPS

Dockmate Positioning System

In 2024, Dockmate® launches groundbreaking Dockmate Positioning System (DPS). Experience unparalleled stability at sea or in the marina with a revolutionary system that integrates the finesse of Dockmate’s wireless remote control systems with the pinpoint accuracy of dynamic positioning.

yacht controller price

Enhance Your Docking Experience

Piloting your yacht boils down to driving something that weighs 50,000 pounds through liquid with no brakes. if that wasn’t enough, it’s not always easy to see the entire boat from your helm. this leads to stress, arguments, and extremely expensive repair costs. don’t let being stuck at the helm undermine your confidence or compromise your boating experience..


Put the Helm in Your Hand

yacht controller price

The Ultimate Boating Companion

Dockmate wireless remote control.

yacht controller price

The Remotes

Single engine.

yacht controller price

Dockmate® SINGLE  a wireless extension of your boat‘s controls with the exact same feeling and response time, enhanced with exclusive features like SoftDocking & Throttle+.

yacht controller price

yacht controller price

  • Aug 22, 2023

Dockmate vs. Yacht Controller Elevate Your Yachting Experience

In the realm of modern yachting, innovation is constantly redefining the way we navigate the seas. One such groundbreaking advancement is the yachting controller – a wireless, remote control system that promises to revolutionize your yachting experience. In this guide, we'll delve into what the controller is, how it enhances your time on the water, and what you need to know about this game-changing technology.

What is a Yachting Controller?

A controller is a state-of-the-art wireless remote control that empowers you to effortlessly steer, maneuver, and command your yacht with precision and ease. This device, equipped with user-friendly push-button controls including a joystick and directional pads, allows you to perform essential maneuvers such as forward and reverse propulsion, throttle adjustments, and even manipulation of bow thrusters – all from the palm of your hand.

yacht controller price

The Benefits Controllers

Unmatched Convenience : A controller system liberates you from the helm, granting you the freedom to move around your vessel while maintaining complete control. Whether you're docking, navigating tight spaces, or enjoying panoramic views from your sundeck, Yacht Controllers eliminate the need for constant trips to the helm.

Enhanced Maneuverability : Controllers, docking and precise maneuvers become seamless tasks. The precision offered by the joystick and directional pads ensures smooth handling, even in challenging conditions like strong currents or confined marinas.

Solo Sailing Made Easy : Operating a yacht single-handedly can be daunting, but controllers make it possible to handle your vessel with confidence. You'll no longer need assistance to dock or anchor, making solo trips a feasible and enjoyable option.

Compatibility with Diverse Yacht Brands : Controllers are designed to work harmoniously with different yacht brands, ensuring that a vast array of yachts can benefit from this cutting-edge technology.

yacht controller price

What to Know Before Using a Controller :

Before investing in a controller, ensure that your yacht is compatible with this technology. Consult with professionals to determine the installation process and any potential modifications needed.

Installation and Compatibility : Before investing in a Yacht Controller, ensure that your yacht is compatible with this technology. Consult with professionals to determine the installation process and any potential modifications needed.

Training and Familiarization : While controllers are designed for user-friendly operation, it's advisable to undergo proper training to maximize its benefits. Familiarize yourself with the controls and practice in controlled environments before taking on challenging maneuvers.

Maintenance and Care : Like any technological equipment, controllers require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Follow manufacturer guidelines for upkeep and ensure that all components are functioning correctly.

In the era of new-age yachting, controllers stand out as an innovation that enhances both the convenience and enjoyment of your maritime adventures. With the ability to control your yacht wirelessly and effortlessly. Controllers have the potential to transform the way you experience life on the water. If you're seeking a new level of control, precision, and convenience during your yachting journeys, exploring the benefits of these yacht controllers from could be your next step.

Disclosure: Unbiased Information

At Calm Seas Yachting, our foremost priority is to provide you with accurate and unbiased information that empowers you to make informed decisions about your yachting experience. We want to ensure complete transparency regarding the content we provide.

Important Notice: Calm Seas Yachting is not sponsored, affiliated, or endorsed by Yacht Controller or any related entities. We are an independent yacht brokerage firm committed to delivering reliable and impartial content to assist you in your yachting journey.

The information presented in our blog post about Yacht Controllers is based solely on our knowledge and expertise in the yacht industry. Our intention is to educate and guide you about the benefits, usage, and considerations related to Yacht Controllers, allowing you to make choices that align with your preferences and needs. Please be aware that any details, recommendations, or insights provided are not influenced by any financial interests, partnerships, or sponsorships or affiliates. We recommend conducting further research and seeking advice from trusted professionals before making any decisions related to the purchase or use of items to your vessel. If you have any questions or require additional information, feel free to contact us. We're here to ensure that your yachting journey is guided by transparent and unbiased guidance.

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Maximo Yacht Controller Offers Wireless Helm Handling

  • By Kim Kavin
  • March 29, 2023

Maximo Yacht Controller

It has been more than two decades since Yacht Controller was created. The product, which enables handheld, wireless navigation from anywhere on board, is now used in dozens of countries. More than 26,000 systems have been delivered for use on some 270 boat brands.

As feedback poured in from all those boaters, it became clear that not all of them wanted the same experience. “We were finding out that you could put a 50-foot boat next to its twin, and Boater A will use it differently than Boater B,” says Tony Valiente, chief operating officer and managing partner of The Yacht Group. “One guy may be happy at idle-speed engine control, and another guy may want added-speed control, and a third guy may want faster-speed control. We weren’t able to accomplish those algorithms.”

Maximo Yacht Controller

And so, the Maximo Yacht Controller was born. It has a 64-bit quad-core processor that will allow it to evolve in tandem with all the other technologies that manufacturers of helm-navigation devices are creating today. The Maximo Yacht Controller has data storage, the ability to handle software and firmware updates, and more.

“The system also has the ability for remote Wi-Fi access,” Valiente says. “That means consumers can access the system via their smartphones and tablets, and my customer-service department can provide real-time customer support anywhere in the world that customers have Wi-Fi access.”

Maximo Yacht Controller

The Maximo Yacht Controller system is designed to be a plug-and-play operation, so it can be installed with new builds, professional refits and DIY upgrades. Installation should not affect other product warranties, Valiente says, because the company works with manufacturers of everything from engines to transmissions to ensure compatibility.

For yachts 85 feet and larger, the company also introduced the Maximo Platinum Series Edition Supremo. It uses CAN-bus cabling, which was not previously possible and which Valiente says allows it to work on increasingly larger superyachts: “We can run the cabling through 300 or 400 feet without losing transmission signal range.”

  • More: Electronics , February 2023 , Gear , The Yacht Group , Yacht Controller

Garmin quatix 7 Pro

Garmin Quatix Upgrade

top view of boat in water

Dockmate’s Dynamic Positioning Upgrade

Garmin Quatix7

Best Father’s Day Gifts For Boaters 2024

Valo Hyperfoil

Valo’s Foiling PWC

Princess Yachts S60

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Custom Line 50

The First All-Aluminum Custom Line 50 Has Launched

Viking Yachts 82

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Palm Beach Motor Yachts 45 Jimbo

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[email protected], dockmate, wireless remote control docking system.

  • July 31, 2023


Dockmate® is the most reliable and accurate wireless remote docking system for your boat, made by boaters for boaters.

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities.

DOCKMATE: As yachtsmen with more than 40 years of experience, we truly believe in the simplicity of things, and more specifically: simplicity of operating and control. We were looking for the best wireless remote control system, and when we couldn’t find it, we decided to make it ourselves. That is why we kept our remote’s layout simple and smooth.

Our aim is to revolutionise the way we dock and enable captains to explore the world by setting the world free from docking stress.

E.E: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

DOCKMATE: We are focused on developing and manufacturing a single product line of wireless remotes to assist in docking, resulting in our products being the best wireless remote control systems available for yachts and boats. We are committed to continuously improving our products and expanding our offerings to meet the evolving needs of boat owners and operators.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

DOCKMATE: Dockmate announced last year an absolute revolution in easy and stress-free docking with its patented SoftDocking functionality.

Regardless of the size or type of boat, power or number of engines, one thing that every boater understands is docking is made more complex by the delay between engaging the throttle and the moment the boat begins to move. This is one of the biggest differences between driving cars and driving boats, so much so that beginner, and even some advanced, boating safety courses have sections entirely dedicated to safe docking techniques to help boaters understand and feel comfortable. Now, Dockmate has solved this problem for good. With its newly-patented technology, the Dockmate remote control docking system now has the ability to provide a measured and fully-customizable engine response. This consistent intermediate throttle response eliminates the ‘kick’ that boaters dread during close quarter manoeuvres. This completely removes the ensuing stress of engaging the throttle into gear.

yacht controller price

Dockmate also announced the addition of a powerful new free feature for all Dockmate analogue and CAN bus remote controls – Throttle+.

In an effort to give users the most flexibility and control to operate their vessels in almost any situation or conditions, Throttle+ offers a predetermined additional boost of throttle on every SINGLE, TWIN and TWIST Dockmate remote control. Building on the recent release of Dockmate’s patented SoftDocking feature, every Dockmate can now have three levels of engine control.

On SINGLE and TWIN models a quick tap of the forward or reverse button gives a pre-programmed gentle rotation of the prop, called SoftDocking, for close quarters manoeuvring; a full press of the forward or reverse buttons engages idle power; and by pressing the “SEL” button while pressing either forward or reverse gives a pre-programmed boost of additional throttle called Throttle+. This predetermined amount of throttle can be calibrated per direction to fit the precise needs of each customer and the type of vessel they own.

On a TWIST (joystick) remote there is no need to press the SEL button to use Throttle+. Instead Dockmate uses the proportional nature of the TWIST joystick, allowing users to tap the joystick for SoftDocking, a full push of the joystick in any direction forward, reverse or diagonal, for idle speed or by pushing the joystick further over the Throttle+ threshold to engage the additional thrust.

SoftDocking and Throttle+ are pre-loaded on all new Dockmate controls and are configured during installation.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

DOCKMATE: Dockmate offers a comprehensive range of wireless remote control systems. The Dockmate® RED is our base model. It supports on/off control of the engines and thrusters. It’s available for single and twin engine boats, but it’s compatibility is limited to boats fitted with simple analogue electronic controls for engines and thrusters.

The Dockmate TWIN & SINGLE (respectively for twin and single engine boats) are the next step up. They provide on/off control of the engines and thrusters. Their Throttle+ feature enables a captain to add a predetermined amount of throttle to the engines when needed, and their SoftDocking feature makes it a breeze to control a motor yacht with big engines.

The dockmate TWIST – our flagship model – works for all boats and any propulsion type (including joystick systems that turn pods or outboards) It offers all the same features as the TWIN and SINGLE and adds to that a proportional joystick, which enables you to proportionally control the engines, and supported proportional thrusters. TWIN, SINGLE, and TWIST are compatible with virtually any electronic control system, analgue or CAN bus.


The VECTOR is a variant of the TWIST made specifically for boats with maximum 1 thruster and joystick systems like Volvo Penta joystick and Mercury Joystick Piloting 2, which turn the pods or outboards.

All Dockmates models are also able to control the horn and up to 2 windlasses (only 1 windlass for Dockmate® RED).

And all Dockmate systems use DockLink™, our best in class proprietary wireless communication protocol.

Whether it’s a small pleasure boat or a large yacht, Dockmate has the right solution to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Each system is customizable and can be tailored to the specific requirements of different boats, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

DOCKMATE: The market where Dockmate is currently active is in a stage of steady growth. As boating enthusiasts and professionals recognize the numerous advantages of wireless remote control systems, there is an increasing demand for our products. We have successfully established a strong presence in key markets globally and continue to expand our reach to provide customers with reliable solutions wherever they are. Our technology is also gaining traction among boat manufacturers and refit yards, further fuelling our market presence

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

DOCKMATE: Market trends in the marine industry indicate a growing emphasis on convenience, safety, and user-friendly technologies. Boat owners are seeking solutions that enhance their boating experience and simplify vessel control. Wireless remote control systems, like those offered by Dockmate, align perfectly with these trends. Additionally, there is a rising demand for wireless technology and smart connectivity features, enabling seamless integration with other onboard systems.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

DOCKMATE: Dockmate takes pride in its commitment to innovation. One of our most innovative products is the Dockmate TWIST. With its advanced joystick control and ergonomic design, it provides precise control of propulsion systems, thrusters, windlass(es) and the horn. These controllers offer intuitive manoeuvrability, making docking and tight manoeuvring effortless even for inexperienced boaters. Our wireless remote control systems, integrated with cutting-edge technology, represent a significant advancement in the industry and continue to receive recognition for their innovation and performance.


E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

DOCKMATE: In 2023, Dockmate has optimistic estimations for further growth and market expansion. We anticipate a continued increase in demand for our wireless remote control systems as more boat owners recognize the benefits they offer. We will focus on expanding our distribution network, strengthening partnerships with boat manufacturers, and delivering new and enhanced products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our goal is to solidify our position as a market leader and continue providing innovative, reliable, and user-friendly solutions that enhance the boating experience.

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Dockmate launches industry-first remote thrusterhold feature

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Dockmate Wins Prestigious Innovation Award in Propulsion Equipment & Parts at Miami Show

Miami, FL – Dockmate, a leading provider of advanced docking


Dockmate now integrated with Aventics™ Marex OS Propulsion control system from emerson

Boortmeerbeek, Belgium – Dockmate, manufacturer of advanced wireless remote controls

Join the docking revolution with Dockmate®

Remote controlled docking


 Dockmate® . All rights reserved. 2023 | Terms & Conditions

When using a Dockmate® remote, that was charged to 100%, it takes up to 3 hours of constant use (remote actively communicating with the Receiver) to deplete the battery. This translates to a few very difficult and/or long docking manoeuvres, or lasts at least 15 docking manoeuvres of approximately 10 minutes.

During our test charging a Dockmate® remote from empty to completely full takes up to 3 hours. In practice we’ve observed a typical charging time for a Dockmate® remote of 20 to 40 min. For boaters using our latest Dockmate® Cradle, their Dockmate® remote is virtually always charged up and ready for use.

New England Bow Thruster

Dockmate® Wireless Yacht Control

Dockmate® wireless yacht control.

yacht controller price

And it is completely secure and protected from interference by mission critical communications technology employed in the world’s most critical mining environments.

Take a look at this video to see how Dockmate allows every skipper to leave his helm and dock their boat single handedly.

Contact NEBT today for a demonstration and consultation of how Dockmate can have you navigating the most difficult marinas and other tight quarter situations from anywhere on your boat – by complete remote control!  Lessen your stress and add to your boating joy with a NEBT Dockmate installation!

yacht controller price


The Marine Electronics Hub

yacht controller price

  • Wireless & Apps / Network & control / Gadgets / Electrical & Engines

Remote options, Dockmate and Yacht Controller offer new solutions

by Ben Stein · Published November 29, 2022 · Updated November 29, 2022

yacht controller price

For many years Yacht Controller was just about the only game in wireless docking remotes for boats. But, starting roughly four years ago, Dockmate brought their products to the United States. Dockmate’s software configurable, two-way remotes offered more configurability than Yacht Controller’s. But now, Yacht Controller has introduced Maixmo with several features not available from Dockmate and Dockmate has introduced Red, a full remote system at a previously untouchable price point.

Dockmate Red

yacht controller price

Wireless remotes for yachts typically start with a five-figure price tag for the equipment and installation. Dockmate’s Red lists for $8,995 with installation included. That’s a pretty big reduction in price and could make Red a more palatable option for boaters previously priced out of a wireless remote.

Red is more limited than previous Dockmate systems . It offers control of two engines, at idle speed only, a bow and stern thruster, horn, and optional anchor control. But Red doesn’t offer the detailed configuration options of the Twin and Twist remotes.

Although Red doesn’t offer some of the software tricks like Soft Docking and Throttle+ , it does offer many of the benefits of their other remotes, including:

  • Two-way communications between the remote and base unit
  • Control of one or two engines
  • Support for bow and stern thrusters (on/off only, no proportional control)
  • Wireless charging of the remote on a Qi charger
  • Optional anchor windlass control

yacht controller price

But, all those benefits require electronically controlled and shifted transmissions. Typically, that’s meant that boaters with mechanical transmission controls haven’t been able to take advantage of a remote without investing in a full replacement of their boat’s control system. That’s a project that can easily run to $20,000 or more. Dockmate has teamed up with Glendinning, one of the leaders in control system refits, to offer an electronic transmission control unit.

yacht controller price

The Dockmate Red M2E is designed to work alongside mechanical and Hynautic control systems. By not replacing all the existing controls, Dockmate keeps costs down. The Red M2E system lists for $9,995, but unlike the basic Red system, that price doesn’t include installation. However, the M2E is also Dockmate’s only DIY installable option. Because everything arrives pre-configured, an able boat owner can do the install themselves.

The system consists of the Dockmate Red mentioned above, plus a Glendinning Smart Actuator, Central Processor, and 60-foot backbone cable. Those components combined allow boats to be fitted with a remote for less than half the previous cost of entry.

Yacht Controller Maximo

yacht controller price

At first glance, Yacht Controller’s Maximo remotes look very similar to their existing units. But digging a little deeper reveals some big differences under the hood.

Until now, the comparison between Yacht Controller’s products and Dockmates wasn’t a very fair fight. Yacht Controller has been using one-way communications — remote to the receiver only — and minimal customization and tuning of the remote. In contrast, Dockmate’s Single, Twin, and Twist remotes have long offered two-way communications and extensive, detailed customization and tuning of the system.

yacht controller price

Yacht Controller and Dockmate have competed hard in the last couple of years. For many years, Yacht Controller effectively had no competition offering docking remotes for yachts in the United States. Dockmate hit the U.S. market and changed that. They offered a more feature-rich product at a lower price point. Well, now Yacht Controller has a product that looks ready to compete on features and price as well.

yacht controller price

Until Maximo, Yacht Controller has relied on a one-way link from the remote to the base station, though over two separate frequency ranges. In practice, this means that if the commands from the remote aren’t reaching the base station for any reason, the operator isn’t notified.

Previous Yacht Controllers have been basically on-and-off control units without any real intelligence. So, when a boater twisted the joystick on their remote, one engine went into forward, and one into reverse. But, often, propellers are more efficient in forward than reverse. So, although the desired maneuver might be a stationary pivot, the actual maneuver would be more of a forward twist.

Since their introduction into the U.S. market, Dockmate has improved boaters’ experience using its software to compensate for these differences. So, instead of both engines going into gear at the same RPMs, Dockmate has the capability of giving the reverse engine more RPMs than the forward engine. Similar adjustments for bow and stern thrusters with asymmetrical effectiveness keep the boat moving as the boater expects. Previous Yacht Controller remote systems didn’t have this capability, but Maximo closes this important gap.

yacht controller price

Yacht Controller says Maximo offers the same types of flexibility, allowing the system to be tuned to a particular boat and the boat owner’s preferences. But, as you might expect, Yacht Controller hasn’t just caught up with Dockmate; they’ve added several additional functions that will likely prove helpful.

Maximo supports up to five different configuration profiles. So, preferences, including throttle response, thruster ratios, and more, are grouped, and up to five different profiles are stored in the system. These profiles are well suited for different operators with different preferences or varying environmental conditions. I can certainly see using one profile in calm winds and minimal current and a second, higher-powered config for more challenging circumstances.

Neither Yacht Controller nor Dockmate allows end users to configure most engine and thruster control parameters. That’s because a bad setting can prove both dangerous and potentially damaging to the boat’s propulsion equipment. So, typically changing settings requires a visit from an authorized technician. But Maximo can use a WiFi-based internet connection — including a hotspot from your phone — and a VPN connection to allow Yacht Controller techs to configure and upgrade the system remotely.

yacht controller price

Additionally, Maximo’s control unit has a display that shows system status, control inputs, and other information. A WiFi-connected phone or tablet can also display the Maximo interface. Plus, Garmin and Raymarine MFDs also display the interface using a WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Yacht Group reports a typical install on a 60-foot, twin-engine boat with bow and stern thrusters and a windlass would range between $16,000 and $18,000. Yacht Controller’s full range includes options ranging from $9,000 to over $25,000.

Final thoughts

Both Dockmate and Yacht Controller’s new products offer boaters more choice and value in docking remotes. These two companies have competed hard at times, but from my perspective, they’re pushing each other to deliver more to the boater. And that’s a good thing for all of us!

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Garmin inReach Explorer+, armchair transatlantics & hands on

Publisher of Panbo.com, passionate marine electronics enthusiast, 100-ton USCG master.

2 Responses

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' src=

Ben thank you for the new story write-up. Healthy competition will always serve the consumer best! Maximo has now again raised the bar in wireless control and with our new CPU 64bit Quad Core processor, we open the door to many exciting features to come! I wanted to add that the Yacht Controller enjoys working relationships with some of the largest engine and transmission manufacture’s, some of which have exclusively licensed and/or certified Yacht Controller as an authorized wireless control protecting your engine and transmission warranties. You can click on this link https://www.yachtcontroller.com/oem/ to read more on these certifications as this is extremely critical for those with new vessels and/or vessels with current active warranties for the engines and transmissions. We also now offer our upgraded Supremo series https://www.yachtcontroller.com/maximo-platinum/ for the Super and Mega Yacht Series equipped with transceiver antennae with built in CPU modules powered via CAN-Bus data cabling for ranges exceeding 650′ of open range!

' src=

Ben: Thanks for the update. Indeed, competition improves the breed. The notion of controlling the boat from an optimal location is appealing to me. Have you evaluated the unit from Sea Machines? Not quite apples to apples, as it seems to be targeted to the commercial market: https://sea-machines.com/sm200/ Regards, Ted

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Take total control of your boat with innovative wireless technology by Yacht Controller.

Yacht Controller provides you with total freedom of movement around your vessel. Use Yacht Controller to position your yacht precisely where you want from any vantage point on the vessel. You are able to move freely around the boat while maintaining total control of the engines and thrusters. Yacht Controller significantly reduces the stress and uncertainty involved in tight-quartered vessel maneuvering. Yacht Controller is designed for all boats & yachts.

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The Best Budget Wireless Controllers for 2024

S hopping for a new controller for wireless gaming can be a pain, especially when on a budget. Controllers are arguably the most important gaming accessory for anyone who doesn’t like to use a keyboard and mouse, and they’re absolutely imperative for console gamers. Fortunately, players don’t have to shell out a ton of money to get a decent controller for wireless gaming. This is true even as some of the best gaming controllers inch closer to the $100 mark.

There are tons of affordable options for players to choose from when shopping for a gaming controller on a budget. But that's the issue. With a wide variety of options available, making the final decision can be challenging. Game Rant has come to the rescue by preparing a list of the most competent controllers that anyone can buy to enjoy wireless gameplay. What's more, none of the controllers on the list cost as much as one would think.

PXN P50L Wireless Switch Pro Controller

Yccteam wireless switch pro game controller, xbox core wireless controller, 8bitdo ultimate c wireless controller, yccteam wireless game controller, voyee led star wireless pro controller, nexigo wireless controller for switch/switch lite/oled, razer kishi mobile game controller, the best controllers for the nintendo switch, factors for buying a budget wireless controller.

When choosing a budget wireless controller, consider the following factors:

Connectivity : Check the item specs of different controllers to know whether they prefer a Bluetooth or USB dongle connection. Bluetooth controllers are best for players with multiple devices they want to game on, such as mobile phones and PCs. USB dongles are typically limited to just one or two platforms at a time.

Extra Buttons : Decide if trigger stops and programmable buttons are a must-have feature for one's controller. It's becoming more common for controllers to have trigger stops (which shorten the actuation distance) or two back buttons, but more advanced controllers can offer even more.

Design : Keep an eye out for controllers with decent ergonomic design features. Most wireless controllers for PlayStation and Xbox will not have any RGB lighting. PC and Switch players can find a wide variety of wireless RGB controllers though. Most other design options, such as limited edition skins or unique colors, come with a significant premium and aren't ideal for budget gamers.

Since Microsoft's ban on unlicensed controllers has taken effect, there are few wireless options for Xbox remaining. Only controllers with the official "Designed for Xbox" logo will work with the Xbox.

Game Rant's Picks for the Best Budget Wireless Controllers in 2024

The PXN P50L is a Switch Pro controller, which is compatible with Switch, iOS, and PC. The controller supports both wireless and wired connections via Bluetooth and USB cable. It comes with a standard button layout and an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold. There are two vibration motors, offering feedback on both Switch and PC. The 550 mAh battery gives the controller up to 20 hours of gameplay time.

Platform Switch/Switch Lite/iOS(16 versions only)/PC Windows

Battery 550mAh lithium battery (up to 20 hours of playtime)

Connectivity Wireless \ Wired

Programmable Yes

Weight 11.6 ounces

  • Includes both motion control and a wakeup function
  • Excellent battery life with charge and play capabilities
  • Four stylish colors to choose from
  • Two extra programmable buttons
  • Charging cord is somewhat short
  • No sleek black option

The PXN P50L wireless Pro controller has bested all the rest of the budget controller options with its versatile design. Compatible with PC, iOS 16, and Nintendo Switch, PXN’s controller is ready to tackle games from any number of genres and across platforms. There are four pastel colors to choose from, though oddly there is no simple black option. Players get even more color options and even the chance to have an NFC reader included when they see the very similar PXN 9607X. Both options provide motion controls, but only the P50L comes with two additional buttons. Plus, the wireless tech within is specially designed to avoid interference with other wireless devices at events or just at home.

The Best Controllers for Sports Games In 2024

The controller allows players to save their button layout once they remap the controller, making it easy to switch between console and mobile gaming. PXN's controller is compatible with iOS and other Bluetooth devices, on top of the Nintendo Switch and PC. The overall design of the controller is very comfortable, with dotted textures on the joysticks for extra grip. This lightweight controller is great for any gamer, especially given the hearty 20-hour battery life and charge-and-play capability, which allows players to enjoy their new controller almost nonstop.

This YCCTEAM Pro controller for Nintendo Switch features larger A, B, X, and Y buttons, an improved D-pad, two triggers, and offset analog sticks for optimal controls. It has wireless connectivity, which works with both Switch and Switch Lite. The battery life is up to 10 hours of playtime and requires 2.5 hours to charge. The charging can be done with the included 40-inch reversible Type-C cable. Integrated into the controller are dual-vibration motors for more immersive gameplay.


Platform Nintendo Switch

Battery Up to 10 hours

Headset Support No

Programmable No

Colors Black

  • Sleek, black finish
  • Glossy texture offers stylish flair
  • NFC reader and motion controls
  • Only compatible with the Switch while wireless
  • Buttons become sticky over time

For those who would rather forgo adding anything pastel to the space, YCCTEAM’s wireless Pro controller is the perfect budget option. There are some designs on the controller, but these are simple, glossy shapes that meld well with the all-black finish. In fact, the stencil designs lend a bit of texture to the handles and look nice along the controller’s edges. The Dual Vibration feature comprises built-in motors that deliver vibration feedback while gaming for an immersive experience.

Although it’s normally listed at around $50, it often gets discounted to nearly half that through sales. The battery life is just 10 hours, but charging is speedy at just 2.5 hours for a full recharge. Using the charging cord also allows players to play on PC with the controller , although the wireless functionality is limited to just the Nintendo Switch. However, with an NFC reader and motion controls, it’s perfectly capable of supporting Switch (Standard, OLED, and Lite) players through their daily gaming conquests.

The Xbox Core Controller has a modernized design that enhances one's gaming experience. With sculpted surfaces and refined geometry, it offers effortless control and enhanced comfort during gameplay. Play for up to 30 hours without needing to recharge thanks to its long battery life. The hybrid D-pad and textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and back-case help gamers stay on target. The controller includes a 3.5 mm audio headset jack for any compatible headset, and gamers can connect it to their console or PC using the USB-C port.

Brand Microsoft

Platform Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Battery Up to 30 Hours

Connectivity USB, Bluetooth

Headset Support Yes

Extra Buttons No

  • Compatible with both Xbox and PC platforms
  • Extremely durable design and long-lasting battery
  • Players have lots of colors to choose from
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Skips on rear paddles

Now that Xbox has banned all non-officially licensed wireless controllers, players on a budget have basically been left out in the cold. Even with this frustrating change, the fact remains that the core Xbox controller is one of the best controllers on the market overall, and the price isn’t half-bad! This wireless option for both Xbox consoles and Windows PCs offers an incredible battery life of up to 40 hours and has an extremely low failure rate, even when including things like stick drift and trigger dead zones. It’s a bit heavier than its contemporaries, but the weight is well-balanced and overall provides a comfortable experience.

The price may be tough to deal with though, unless there’s a sale going on that brings the cost below $50. There weren’t many decent wireless options for Xbox players to choose from even before the ban, and the core Xbox controller has been a staple for good reason. The triggers and buttons are all super responsive, both on Xbox and PC. The shape and texture provide players with a very comfortable grip too.

There is a distinct absence of extra back buttons and trigger stops, two features almost implied by a $50 price tag on a controller, but again, there aren’t any alternative options for Xbox players on a budget thanks to the ban. Even though it is by far the most expensive controller among budget options, it still beats both the PlayStation DualSense and the Nintendo Joy-Con in price. Those who can spend a bit more on their wireless gamepad will be greatly rewarded with the lauded, ultra-reliable first-party Xbox option. Players also get a wide range of colors, like Electric Volt, Midnight Blue, and Gold Shadow to choose from.

8Bitdo's Ultimate C wireless gamepad is a simplified version of their standard Ultimate Controller, offering most of the same functions and all the same quality construction. The wireless 2.4G and USB connectivity is compatible with PC, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Steam Deck. The included wireless dongle allows for plug-and-play on PC, while also offering fast, reliable, and low-latency gameplay. Players get up to 25 hours of playtime on a single charge alongside expected features such as analog triggers, rumble vibration, turbo function, and an anti-slip texture.

Brand 8Bitdo

Platform PC, Android, Raspberry Pi, Steam Deck

Battery Up to 25 hours

Connectivity 2.4G and USB

Weight 10.9 ounces

  • Low latency connection
  • Compatible with both PC and mobile devices
  • Decent battery life
  • Incompatible with consoles
  • Button layout can be tricky to get around

8Bitdo is known for its retro game controllers and PC-compatible controllers, though some of its products come at a high price. For gamers on a budget, the 8Bitdo Ultimate C controller is a great compromise between their more expensive offerings. This budget controller is compatible with PC, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Steam Deck using 2.4G and USB connectivity. The low latency is perfect for most gamers, even if the controller is essentially limited to PC and mobile gaming. There are only two pastel colors to choose from, but the controller shell itself is lightly textured and feels comfortable to hold.

Although it’s a pretty standard controller, with few extra functions available, the price is permanently around $30, making it quite competitive price-wise. Given the price, the battery life of up to 25 hours is quite impressive. Other small details, such as the textured thumbsticks, are sure to win over more than a few gamers too, looking not to go overboard on a new controller.

The YCCTEAM Wireless Game Controller is a versatile and feature-rich game controller that is designed for use with a variety of different gaming platforms. It is compatible with the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim, and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, as well as PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) via a USB wired connection. This allows users to enjoy a wide range of games across multiple platforms using a single controller.

Number of Colors 1

Control Types Standard

Wireless? Yes

Compatible Systems PS4, PS4 Slim, Playstation 4 Pro, PC

  • Built-in speakers for immersive gameplay
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lasts for up to 10 hours of playtime
  • Doesn't support PS5
  • Some users say it suffers from high input lag

The YCCTEAM Wireless Game Controller makes it possible for players to enjoy great accuracy with every movement thanks to the controller's enhanced analog sticks and trigger buttons. Featuring an ergonomic design, the YCCTEAM pad makes gaming for hours highly enjoyable. Along with a 3.5mm headphone jack, the controller also features built-in speakers. Plug in headsets and enjoy truly immersive gameplay.

Upon charging for 2.5 hours, this gamepad can last up to 10 hours. What's more, it can be charged by simply plugging it into the console or with a charger. A major downside of this controller is that it doesn't support the PlayStation 5. However, it's compatible with the PlayStation 4 (standard, Pro, and Slim models) and other platforms like PC, Android, Mac, and iOS. PC users should note that they'll need a wireless receiver to connect.

The Voyee LED Star Wireless Pro Controller offers a unique starry sky RGB lighting system that brightens the controller without being obtrusive during gameplay. The lights have five different modes and 8 individual colors to choose from for a customized experience. Compatible with Switch, PC, and mobile devices, this affordable controller can serve gamers across platforms. There are extra buttons that can be remapped, and the battery life lasts up to 15 hours. The controller also features motion controls and two customizable rumble packs, making it ideal for a variety of games.

Brand Voyee

Platform Switch, PC, iOS, Android

Battery 10-15 hours

Connectivity Bluetooth

Extra Buttons 2

Weight 9.9 ounces

  • LED lights are bright and easily customized
  • Fairly wide compatibility
  • Includes motion controls
  • Only one color option
  • Some users have complained of input lag

Wireless and RGB lighting are often at odds with each other thanks to the limitations of batteries. This usually means that devices get less and less lighting, but Voyee has managed to create a super stylish controller that makes the most of a relatively low amount of backlighting. The Voyee LED Star Wireless Pro Controller comes in a dark blue with cute, shining stars spread across the front of the controller. Along with these accents, RGB lighting can be found around the joysticks and behind the buttons. Players can adjust the lights between eight different colors, a rainbow mix, or one of five preset lighting modes.

Players aren’t limited to just Switch gaming either, as the controller is compatible with PC and mobile devices. The textured handles hold dual rumble packs which can be adjusted in strength on the fly. This highly customizable budget controller can support gamers for up to 15 hours on a single charge and promises to be a bright spot among any gaming collection.

The NexiGo controller is one of the best third-party wireless options for the Switch. It comes with an ergonomic design that makes gaming for long periods enjoyable. Even with RGB lighting on the thumbsticks, this controller manages to last up to 10 hours after 2 hours of charging. To deliver the best gaming experience, it also features dual haptic feedback motors with different vibration levels that users can select at any time.

Number of Colors 5

Compatible Systems Switch/Switch Lite/OLED

Brand NexiGo

Color Options Atmosphere, Inkling, Arctic Chill, Lightstorm, etc

Battery up to ten hours

Weight 10.5 ounces

  • Comes with Dual Motors and Six-Axis Gyroscope
  • Plastic body feels cheap
  • Feels very light

Although the NexiGo Controller and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller share an identical layout, the NexiGo adds an extra bit of style and customizability to the picture. For starters, buyers can choose from multiple attractive color options, including Atmosphere, Inkling, Arctic Chill, and Lightstorm. RGB lighting is a standard feature, with LED rings built around the thumbsticks. Users can choose one of three light modes and adjust the LED's brightness according to their preferences.

The controller also ships with in-built dual motor vibration that users can adjust at will. Feel free to choose from four levels of vibration (0%, 25%, 50%, and 100%). It's always difficult for controller manufacturers to blend RGB lighting with long battery life. However, the NexiGo controller is one of the few that manages to stand out. It's built to last up to 10 hours with two hours of charging. When not in use for up to five minutes, it'll instantly enter sleep mode to conserve the available battery.

This universal mobile gaming controller aspires to bring console-like gaming to mobile phones.  Compatible with most cloud gaming services, this controller has everything a gamer would ever need.  Thanks to its direct connection, this set will experience latency-free gameplay and can be charged while in use.

Brand Razer

Compatible Systems Android smartphones

  • Extremely low latency
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Very compact design
  • Less durable than newer version

Razer is one of the most well-known gaming companies out there, but the Kishi is an outlier from their standard fare in a few ways. First and foremost, it's a controller fully dedicated to mobile gaming. Secondly, the Razer Kishi is available for just over $50, a steal compared to other options. However, as a Razer product, the low price doesn’t mean low quality or inadequate specs.

The Kishi is compatible with most cloud gaming services, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and GeForce NOW, allowing gamers to access most of their favorite titles from anywhere. The USB-C connection has extremely low latency and allows for passthrough charging, so players don’t have to worry about running out of juice partway through a match. The contoured sides make phone gaming much more comfortable, while the triggers and bumpers are super responsive. Plus, the whole controller can be retracted to fit into almost any bag or purse.

Although there is a newer version available, most mobile players will appreciate saving a bit of money while improving the ergonomics of their on-the-fly gaming with the Razer Kishi.

How to Choose The Right Budget Controller for Wireless Gameplay

Although wireless gamepads aren't the best option for competitive gameplay, they're still a great way to play one's favorite titles. As the previous section already indicated, there are a great number of pocket-friendly options available to potential buyers. To help gamers buy one that matches their play style and still brings a suite of functionalities, below are some things to consider.

Connectivity : Most controllers in this category connect using either Bluetooth or a USB wireless receiver, although Xbox controllers can often connect without either. Bluetooth is by far the most versatile connection type, but USB dongles can be compatible with a wide variety of platforms. Players should check the item specs to make sure the controller in question is compatible with their platform of choice. It's important to note that with Microsoft's ban on third-party controllers, most budget wireless Xbox controllers are no longer compatible with the console.

Extra Buttons : Trigger stops and reprogrammable buttons on the back of a controller are quickly becoming the norm, though plenty of players are fine without them. Remappable buttons almost always cause a slight cost increase, so players should consider whether these convenient extras are worth the financial commitment. Extra buttons are most useful to gamers who enjoy RPGs with lots of different abilities, like Final Fantasy 14 , or with large inventories, such as Minecraft .

Design : There are only a few different wireless gamepad shapes on the market right now, but players definitely have preferences towards or against them. They typically have fewer style options than their wired rivals, but RGB lighting and game tie-in designs are easy to track down for Switch and PC players. Gamers should note whether the ABXY buttons are arranged in Xbox or Switch style, as many controllers have both available to choose from.

The Best Gaming Controllers Under $50 for 2024

Q: is there a controller that works with all consoles.

Currently, no controller works on all consoles and gaming devices. However, Bluetooth controllers offer the widest compatibility, and most console controllers are compatible with PCs.

Q: Is there a wireless controller for PC?

Yes, there are lots of wireless PC controllers, including most of the ones included on this list.

Q: Will any Bluetooth controller work on a PC?

Most wireless devices support Bluetooth controllers, as long as they have built-in Bluetooth. Otherwise, players can often find support via Bluetooth USB adapters.

Q: Is it better to play PC games with a controller?

It depends on the game being played and the gamer's preferences. While controllers are better suited for some titles, the mouse and keyboard combination are equally capable in some titles as well.

Q: Can a PS5 controller work on a PC?

The PlayStation Dual Sense controller is designed to work with a PC, whether with a wired or wireless connection. It's worth mentioning the controller's adaptive triggers will be inactive for many PC games.

The Best Budget Wireless Controllers for 2024

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Yacht Command  The YACHT COMMAND Electronic control systems combines your mechanical controls with digital communication technology solution thereby providing a modular system, flexible, reliable, beautiful, durable, secure, safe, and easy to install.

YACHT COMMAND follows the long history of our Yacht Controller brand of innovative, products, which make boating easier and provide a positive, safe alternative to the difficult shifting of mechanical and hydraulic controls. When coupled to a Yacht Controller wireless or Joystick system it provides the ultimate in safety and control of your yacht during the docking, maneuvering and tying up process.

Yacht Command is an excellent price performance replacement, update and upgrade of your mechanical controls with a full electronic control helm and when accompanied with Yacht Controller system will improve your yachting experience and your boat’s value with modern electronics.

  • Electronic control system for fly by wire technology. Ergonomically designed with state of the art CANBUS technology and secure data transmission.
  • Easy to use waterproof touchpad keyboard LED visual control and start in gear lockout.
  • Feature polished stainless steel, chrome or black housing for durability, beauty and low maintenance.
  • Fast Start-up Mode Function.
  • Trim/Flap and Synchro Trim/Flap function available some models.
  • Synchro function that can be activated either in neutral or underway some models.
  • Advanced functions for fast and safe commissioning.
  • Trolling control.
  • Starting security neutral safety switch.
  • Emergency safety devices directly on the actuator, in the case of systems with mechanical interface.

yacht controller price

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