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Characters / Ensemble Stars Knights

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An Order of Knights Devoting Songs to You.

In the first game, Knights is a unit made up of graceful and charming knight-type members, led by Leo Tsukinaga! Each member possesses a high level of technique, captivating the audience by showing them exactly what they want to see.

In the second game, Knights is a chivalrous unit affiliated with New Dimension. Led by Tsukasa Suou, they make full use of their knightly personae and engage in plenty of fanservice. When doing work in media, their jobs include commercials, fashion modelling, variety programs, gourmet reports, dramas, and other jobs that make use of their appearance.

Their theme color is navy blue .     open/close all folders 

  • Becoming the Mask : They chose their group's name on the spot (added an 's' to the name of another competitor) so they would have a name to register with the Chess duels while fitting thematically to their original group. As their reputation became more known for fanservice, they leaned into their theme more (even calling Leo "Ou-sama" after hearing it be used by fans ), though not everyone carried the same sentiments. After Leo returns back, along with Tsukasa's influence , they take their role much more seriously.
  • Friendly Enemy : Describes their relationship with Trickstar as this in Ensemble Stars!! due to their many duels with them prior
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen : As one of the veteran, historical units in Yumenosaki, they've fallen out of spotlight after Eichi/fine's reign. They're pushed further into 0% Approval Rating after their actions in DDD. Thankfully, they're returning to their Glory Days after Leo's return. As of Ensemble Stars!!, they are part the Big 3, being one of the most popular idol groups in the industry along with fine and Eden.
  • Interesting Situation Duel : While Yumenosaki and many other idol units have their own competitions, Knights take it a step further by resolving their internal conflicts with duels called "Judgement". Done as a spectacle with a live audience, they have several matches back to back until there is only one team left or the leader is defeated.
  • Individualism vs. Collectivism : Knights is self-described to be a "group of individualists" where they mostly keep out of personal affairs and often even practice isn't always done together. This was because the original group Chess was like so, which carried on into Knights though once the events of the first game begin, this topic gets put into question more often.
  • Motif : Knights and chess pieces.
  • Mr. Fanservice : In-universe, they're described to be the unit most well-known for their fanservice.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!" : Arashi's crush-admiration for Akiomi may fit best, but each of the Knights member has one person they're more than just a little obsessed with outside their group, be that obsession comes in the form of adoration (Leo with his little sister, Ruka; Izumi with Makoto; Ritsu with his childhood friend, Mao) or respect (Tsukasa with his "Onee-sama" , Anzu).
  • Nice Mean And In Between : Izumi and Ritsu are the Mean, Arashi and Tsukasa are the In-Between and Leo is the Nice.
  • Running Gag : Despite being titled "Knights", they have a history of kidnapping other idol members (Makoto, Kohaku, Leo, etc), both accidentally and intentionally. At one point, Ritsu uses this reputation as part of their MDM performance to judge how their fans would take it if another incident were to occur.
  • Prestige Peril : Downplayed but both Leo and Tsukasa do not like the title of "Ou-sama" for the weight it carries.

Unit Song List

  • Voice Of Sword
  • Checkmate Knights
  • Silent Oath
  • Fight For Judge
  • Article Of Faith
  • Knights the Phantom Thief
  • Grateful Allegiance
  • Birthday Of Music! (Leo Tsukinaga Solo)
  • Ironic Blue (Izumi Sena Solo)
  • Mayonaka no Nocturne (Ritsu Sakuma Solo)
  • JEWEL STONE (Arashi Narukami Solo)
  • With My Honesty (Tsukasa Suou Solo)
  • Promise Swords (Anime Soundtrack)
  • How to move in chess (feat Knight Killers) (Stageplay only)
  • Material Advantage (feat Knight Killers) (Stageplay only)
  • Nine hundred and Sixty (feat Knight Killers) (Stageplay only)
  • Little Romance
  • BRAND NEW STARS!! (Knights ver.)
  • Walk With Your Smile (Knights Ver.)
  • Mystic Fragrance
  • Castle of my Heart
  • Seishun Emergency (with RYUSEITAI)
  • FUSIONIC STARS!! (Knights Ver.)

Current Members


"I'm the king! I'm always the naked king! Wahahaha!"

Has not attended school since his 2nd year spring break. Adores his little sister and wild dreams, he flits about as an elusive figure constantly gaining inspiration from a variety of things. The songs he creates are recognized by both himself and others as genius.

Because he acts like a knight in front of his little sister, she is not aware of his true nature. He is the leader of the unit “Knights”.

Kuro remarks that he has no idea how Leo is not considered an oddball, despite being in the same class as the others (except Natsume), and acting on his own volition. Class: 3-B (EnStars!) Club/Circles: Archery Club (EnStars!) / Dramatica, Overnight Outdoors Party (EnStars!!) Age: 17-18 (EnStars!) , 18-19 (EnStars!!) Birthday: May 5 Height/Weight: 168cm/53kg (EnStars!) , 169cm/53kg (EnStars!!) Blood Type : O Hobby: Composing Specialty: Improvised dance Voiced by : Shintarō Asanuma (Japanese), Jordan Dash Cruz (English) Portrayed by : Shohei Hashimoto (stage play)

  • Accidental Misnaming : Frequently does this due to the inability of being able to remember people he's interacted infrequently.
  • All-Loving Hero : "Thank you, I really like you, I love you!" . He lampshades this in the event story A Dark Night’s Passing, stating that he can’t see the villain of the event GFK as a bad person because he loves everyone too easily.
  • All Take and No Give : He feels his relationship with Madara is this, as he had been on the receiving end of this dynamic for most of their friendship and he feels incapable of giving anything in return after all Madara had done for him. As of A Dark Night’s Passing , he states that he wants to change this and even requests Aira, whom he views to be in a similar predicament, to help him.
  • Awesome, but Impractical : One cannot deny that Leo excels as a composer, but all his other attributes fit this trope, as Izumi explains in a substory. Leo's dance ability is divine, but because he improvises and changes his own choreography as he pleases, this talent as well as his excellent stamina are usually unusable for performances. Likewise, he's a reasonably good singer... but dislikes actually performing the songs (as opposed to just writing them). Of course, despite all of this, he still goes on stage and is considered a superb idol.
  • Best Friend : He and Madara consider each other to be "besties" and are shown to be extremely close.
  • Rebuilt Pedestal : By the end of the King's Horseback ride event however, he seems to have regained Tsukasa's respect. Somewhat.
  • Brutal Honesty : He’ll occasionally, and innocently , say cold things.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer : With his belief in aliens and all the scribbling he does on the school floors and walls, he's more than just a little weird, that you won't guess on top of being a skilled idol, he's actually a widely recognized composer.
  • The most often used is "Ucchuu~!", which is a greeting he allegedly made up for aliens. In Opera, he reveals it may have originally been "Daiuchuu!", which is also the catchphrase of Ruri Amamiya from Ensemble Girls, which may imply it's actually a Borrowed Catchphrase .
  • "I'm the King! I'm always the Naked King!" as a reference to his title as the King of Knights.
  • Some variation of "Don't say anything! I'll imagine an answer!" for whenever someone is about to give him an answer to a question.
  • There's also "I really like you, I love you...!" which he says to anyone who's being remotely helpful or interesting to him, even if it's his first meeting with them. As well, He tends to say “Daisuki da!” to those he’s less familiar with, but “Ai shiteru yo!” to his good friends.
  • Cloudcuckoolander : He is really absent-minded, especially while composing , forgets his surroundings and even his own name at times. He also claims to have communicated with and been abducted by aliens. Amusingly, he's not odd enough to be part of the Oddballs. Izumi says that Leo isn't as weird as he currently is when he first entered Yumenosaki academy during the 2015 judgement event .
  • Cool Big Bro : At least how Tsukasa used to see him until he meets Leo in person . Played more straight with his sister Ruka in a sister complex degree.
  • Commonality Connection : With Aira Shiratori. While they’re very different in terms of personality, they bond over the fact that as they have similar concerns regarding the circumstances of their close friends, Madara Mikejima and Kohaku Oukawa respectively, in A Dark Night’s Passing .
  • Dark and Troubled Past : Checkmate reveals he used to be cheerful, lighthearted and a little childish (especially when interacting with Izumi). Until Eichi befriended him for the sake of ruining his unit in order to reform Yumenosaki. By doing so, Eichi organized many Dream-Fes with people outside of the school voting for Chess (Knight's name back at the time). After some weeks of success, Eichi made Dream-Fes' voted limited to the students of the school. Meaning that the other units (who were losing thanks to Chess's success) will vote down for them. Afterwards, Chess fell from grace and Leo forced himself to continue composing to insanely inhuman levels (and also due to Izumi pressuring him) to help his unit, until he couldn't take it anymore and left the school. When Anzu meets him one year later, Leo is a full-fledged Cloud Cuckoolander .
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady : According to Eichi .
  • Freudian Excuse : While his habit to compose in any random place can be annoying for everyone, it's justified after Checkmate reveals he truly believes composing is all he can do as an idol.
  • Forgetful Jones : He forgets stuff frequently, especially the names of people, though it does hit him after a while. Tsukasa is often a victim of his forgetfulness.
  • Heroic BSoD : Being betrayed by Eichi and the subsequent Knight's falldown got him bad enough that he left Yumenosaki Academy for almost a year . When Arashi mentions him getting angry at being called "King" during the Marionette's Memories event, it's likely a foreshadowing that he would soon leave the academy .
  • Hikikomori : Became one for a while after the war broke and depressed him to the extent that he wouldn't eat, worrying Ruka so much that she asks Izumi to help. In the end, it’s revealed that it was Madara who motivated him out of his slump by forcing him to travel the world with him for inspiration, and loved him unconditionally.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : With Madara Mikejima, whom he considers to be his best friend.
  • In-Series Nickname : He is called King by the members of Knights and by an extent, Eichi. Tsukasa simply calls him "Leader".
  • Kindhearted Simpleton / Kiddie Kid : How Leo used to be before the events of Checkmate . He seems to have reverted back to this by Ensemble Stars!! but with a newfound awareness of the depressing world around him.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother : He's very protective of his sister, Ruka. He puts an Aloof Big Brother facade to her, though. Similarly, she puts a "cute little sister" facade to him and he's unaware of her Clingy Jealous Girl side though.
  • Oblivious Guilt Slinging : In the Checkmate prologue story, Leo does this to Eichi by complimenting him on what a kind friend he is while Eichi knows he has to betray him.
  • Nice Guy : He's lighthearted, easygoing and always sees the good in people. Eventually deconstructed in Checkmate , as Leo is so kind that he pushed himself to his limits to continue composing even after Chess had fallen from grace thanks to Eichi's manipulations and Izumi forcing him to continue composing for the sake of Chess. No wonder he couldn't take it anymore and left the school.
  • Nice Mean And In Between : Leo is the Nice to Izumi and Ritsu's Mean and Arashi and Tsukasa's In-Between.
  • The Nicknamer : It doesn't really translate in English, but he calls people's name in katakana; some with small modification, like "Rittsu" for Ritsu and "Suo~" for Tsukasa. Anzu is an exception.
  • A Dark Nights Passing has it confirm that he is fully aware of Madara’s shady actions, especially the ones that transpire in that event, but cares for him nonetheless and views Madara in high regard, even calling him his "best hero".
  • Passing the Torch : In order to support the remaining members of Knights, Leo plans on passing his skills in composing to Anzu. He ends up passing the leadership role as the King of Knights to Tsukasa, as of Ensemble Stars!! , though out of the story he's still treated as the face of Knights.
  • Innocently Insensitive : Doesn’t seem to have much of a filter when it comes to giving his honest opinion on a topic.
  • Ship Tease : With Izumi, to the point where a lot of Knights-centric events focus on their relationship. It's unclear if Leo has romantic feelings for Izumi or if it's just played up for Fanservice purposes, but it should be noted that Izumi is the only person Leo uses "Suki" toward note  As stated in Catchphrase he uses "Daisuki yo" toward people he's less familiar with and "Ai shiteru yo" toward good friends. . An official video from Ensemble Stars twitter giving short explanations on the relationships between the characters for a campaign had Leo's line to Izumi describe Izumi as a "Pure Romantic Comedy Protagonist."
  • Undying Loyalty : To Madara Mikejima. They’re best friends in the story and are shown to care about each other a lot. His loyalty is definitely shown in that despite being aware of all the things Madara has done, he doesn’t see him in a negative light, and is one of the few to not view him as the "dangerous monster" others are said to. Leo calls Madara his "best hero" as he knows fully that all of those things were done for his sake, no matter how extreme.
  • Protectorate : Is the object of this from Madara's end. Whether it be threatening to punch Eichi in the stomach regardless of the repercussions, "slashing" those involved in breaking Leo's arms, or being willing to murder a producer that manipulated Leo , there is nothing Madara won't do to ensure Leo is safe and happy.
  • We Used to Be Friends : Used to be friends with Eichi until he found out he was manipulating him all along in Checkmate . As of Ensemble Stars!! He considers him to be his friend again, but it’s unknown if Eichi returns the sentiment.


"All right, you're in my way~ You're in my way as well~"

Foul-mouthed and not honest with himself, Izumi has a big attitude, is full of confidence, and assumes a detached attitude towards the world at large. He hurls spiteful remarks towards anyone he meets, like a violent-tempered cat.

Izumi used to be a popular model, but went on hiatus and entered the school in order to start over as an idol. He is actually fond of second year's Makoto Yuuki, who worked as a model just like him, despite Makoto hating his affection. A member of the unit Knights. Class: 3-A (EnStars!) Club/Circles: Tennis Club (EnStars!) / Niki's Kitchen, OCEANS (EnStars!!) Age: 17-18 (EnStars!) , 18-19 (EnStars!!) Birthday: November 2 Height/Weight: 172cm/61kg (EnStars!) , 172cm/61kg (EnStars!!) Blood Type : A Hobby: Tricking underclassmen Specialty: Ballet Voiced by : Masami Ito (Japanese), Austin Tindle (English) Portrayed by : Shota Takasaki (stage play)

  • Fortunately, their relationship improves over time to the point where they’re on friendly terms with each other. Makoto tells Izumi in the end of Runway that he wants to repay Izumi for taking care of him back when they were modeling. Makoto still gets creeped out by Izumi’s smothering affection, but Makoto no longer dislikes him like he did before.
  • Bad "Bad Acting" : During one of the MDM performances, he challenges ALKALOID for their position as "idol soldiers", which the Knights put him up to it for being away from the team so long. From the flowy speech and the way he half-heartedly conveys it, it becomes clear to the onlookers that he is working off a script.
  • Izumi says he bullies others in order to toughen them up for the harshness of the entertainment industry. He has seen loved ones break because of the entertainment industry and doesn’t want the same thing to happen to more people he cares about.
  • Big Brother Instinct : An... oddly uncanny example; he seems obsessed with the thought of being a big brother . His creepy stalkerish affections towards Makoto is partly grounded on wanting Makoto to call him "Onii-chan", and he even considers Yuta a liable replacement for that. Outside of these two, he's more of a Big Brother Bully towards his juniors, as stated above. That said, he can actually display an extent of sincere Big Brother Instinct when needed, which weirds out the juniors who knew him as a creep or a bully .
  • Blood Knight : Moreso during the war than present day but he did enjoy beating down & winning their matching during their Chess duels (though he does mention later on that fighting his ex-teammates this way is taking a toll on him)
  • Catchphrase : " So annoying!" is one of sorts, given how often he repeats it. It's also one of his voiced lines.
  • Chained Heat : With Tomoya in Reloaded.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder : To Leo pre-war and again now as of Next Door, he takes Leo to live with him in Florence to keep an eye on him so he doesn't involved in similar incidents like in A Dark Night Passing.
  • Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon : Threatens to "shave Kohaku's head" if ALKALOID loses their match Knights
  • Decoy Leader : Is the temporary leader while Leo is out (and while the latter was yet to be introduced in-universe), though after losing the DDD Arashi suggests that he's no longer even that.
  • Easily Forgiven : Despite having kidnapped and locked Makoto up in the school for days in the main story , he was let off with just a temporary ban from idol activities, and by Duel, Trickstar is already interacting normally with him (save for maybe Subaru).
  • If I Can't Have You… : In the Duel event, in response to Makoto joking about Anzu calling him up to the roof to confess to him, Izumi explicitly states that he'll throw her off the roof, then Makoto, and then himself.
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side : Not more so than Arashi, but he definitely displays this in his ability to knit. He can do ballet. He's also one of the characters that ends up in more feminine themed card outfits.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : He ends up turns more this after his Character Development .
  • Last-Name Basis : When he's not nicknaming other characters, he's simply calling them by their last name, almost always without honorifics.
  • Nice Mean And In Between : Having a morality that varies between gray and dark gray, Izumi, along with Ritsu, is the Mean to Arashi and Tsukasa's In-Between and Leo's Nice.
  • The Nicknamer : One of the most prominent in the cast, since he has nicknames for nearly everyone he interacts often with. Izumi usually takes something from a person's name as nickname in order to abbreviate it ("Kasa-kun" for Tsukasa, "Kuma-kun" for Ritsu, "Naru-kun" for Arashi), except for Leo (who he calls "King") and Anzu. He also calls his Tennis Club colleagues Tori "Momo-kun" ("Momo" being an alternate reading of Tori's name) and Nazuna "Nazunyan".
  • Pet the Dog : As much of a jerk he is, he holds Leo in a high regard, willing to take his place as a leader of Knights till Leo comes back. Future events show that while he can be a jerk, it doesn't mean that he couldn't care for someone, especially in the Judgement event where he tells Tsukasa to rely on the seniors more and had moments of Big Brother Instinct coming out after the King's Horseback Ride event.
  • Ship Tease : With Makoto one-sidedly, and even more prominently than that, Leo to the point where a lot of Knights focused stories revolve around their relationship dynamic. It’s unlikely that on either of their ends that it’s more than just a good friendship, however. It's always played up for Fanservice , however.
  • Stalker with a Crush : Towards Makoto.
  • Supreme Chef : At least claims that cooking is in his field of expertise. Makoto begrudgingly put in word to support this in the Valentines event.
  • Not So Stoic : He expresses his emotions and feelings well when he is with Makoto, he even cried two times.
  • Tsundere : The Harsh type, of the modern variety. He is very sweet to Makoto (although there are exceptions ), but harsh to anyone else, especially his friends. It is shown that he does care about them despite his abrasive attitude, and switches between a kinder demeanor and one that seems to expression Tough Love . The Bridal gacha story featuring him and Kaoru is a good example of him being this trope, where he lays down harsh criticism on Kaoru before being more sweet later on in the story.
  • Undying Loyalty : He is very loyal to Leo despite calling him "Stupid King". In Lionheart, it's explained that Leo's the reason why Izumi still held on to Knights and even became its decoy leader, despite believing that Knights is ruined. Izumi (about Leo) : Because there’s just one person who likes me, and say that I’m beautiful. He affirmed me, loved me, this youth made me feel glad that I was born… Because even if it was just for a short while, my life existed.
  • Yandere : A downplayed version to Makoto, where his most extreme expression of this is him confining him with limited sleep & food (though Izumi does try to spoon feed him at some point) until he "learns how to be more honest" about joining him back in modelling. As well as straight up threatening to kill Anzu, Makoto and himself if Makoto ever fell for her. Word of God confirms that Izumi was originally meant to just be a Tsundere , but he ended up writing a Yandere instead. However, in Izumi’s case especially recently , he ends up coming off more often as Tsundere rather than Yandere .


"You disturbed my sleep. Just when I was having such a nice nap, too."

Ritsu always sounds sleepy and languid. Nocturnal and loves sleeping, he can be found napping anywhere. He had to repeat a year due to too much tardiness and dozing off in class, but he doesn't care.

Childhood friends with second year Mao Isara; they know each other very well. Even though he's older, Mao is actually the one taking care of him. Third year Rei Sakuma is his older brother, but he has a rather brusque attitude towards Rei. He hates getting involved with people. A member of the unit Knights. Class: 2-B (EnStars!) , 3-B (EnStars!!) Club/Circles: Tea Club (EnStars!) / FLAVOR, CRAFTMONSTER (EnStars!!) Age: 17-18 (EnStars!) , 18-19 (EnStars!!) Birthday: September 22 Height/Weight: 170cm/54kg (EnStars!) , 170cm/54kg (EnStars!!) Blood Type : AB Hobby: Sleeping Specialty: Piano Voiced by : Daiki Yamashita (Japanese), Zach Bolton (English) Portrayed by : Yoshihiko Aramaki (stage play)

  • Affectionate Nickname : Mao sometimes calls him Ritchan, and Koga is revealed to call him Ritchi in the Halloween event. He also uses affectionate nicknames toward his fellow Knights, Mao, and Madara.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy : Being the strategist of Knights does suggest that he is quite smart but him being a sleepy head makes it hard to tell for others.
  • Childhood Friends : With Mao.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl : Pretty much acts like an insufferable clingy girlfriend (well, childhood friend ) to Mao in Band Ensemble, where he feels he's no longer Mao's priority and Trickstar, the student council, and Anzu are to blame for that . While it's hard to say he becomes any less adhesive at the end of the event, Ritsu does eventually develop his own relationships outside of Mao , that by Halloween, he can cite a good number of people who become his motivation to stay awake during the day.
  • Hates Being Alone : In Band Ensemble, he has difficulty in being all alone, something that seems to stem from when Rei left to study abroad. It's why he is very clingy to those he is affectionate of, one being Mao and later Anzu Post-Duel. He fears people changing and leaving him be until Mao assures him that he will still be his childhood friend. Even his "Sweet words" voiced line that players can unlock had this vibe. Ritsu : Even as I sleep, don't let go of me, please?
  • Hates Being Touched : One of his voiced dialogue quotes is "I told you not to touch me". Curiously, though he claims to hate having others touch him, he's pretty touchy with people he likes , which includes Anzu (post-Duel) and his unit members. It is a case where he doesn't mind physical contact if he's the one initiating, as seen in the Band Ensemble event where he complained when Mao patted his hair.
  • Hidden Depths : He is at first, very apathetic to Anzu and most things in general. But you can see in events that he at least, regards the members of Knights well and highly respects Leo. There's also his close friendship with Mao whom he regards as family and him warming up to Anzu, later considering her, in his own words in the 2015 Halloween event that he considers both Mao and Anzu to be the only ones that can truly understand him. His own voice actor himself also acknowledged that while he maybe very aloof, he has quiet much depths underneath.
  • It's All About Me : He's very self-centered, entitled and wants to be spoiled by the people he likes.
  • He's also sort of kind toward Madara during their first on-screen interaction, where he borrows Leo's Affectionate Nickname "Mikejimama" for Madara and makes it "Mikejima man " instead. He explains how they know each other in Beasts , as Madara is often at his and Rei's house due to the currently shrouded in mystery successor business, and he talks to him whenever he can. Ritsu also allows Madara to carry him on his back, which implies that they're on good terms.
  • He gradually becomes this less and less over the course of the story toward the other characters, though it remains clear that his interest and priority remains in Knights and Mao.
  • I Have No Brother : Disowns Rei as a brother for not being there for him during the war (as Rei had other things to do, like dealing with the Five Oddballs incident) . While he does admit that Rei is his brother, he see's him as a stranger at most. Though by the time the 2015 Halloween event has come by, they have come to terms with each other.
  • Lethal Chef : Subverted. The sweets he makes taste good, but the appearance scares many of his tasters.
  • Kiddie Kid : Subverted. He acts as one because he likes to be spoiled.
  • The Nicknamer : Quite so. Maa-kun for Mao, Suu-chan for Tsukasa, Secchan for Izumi, Nakkun (Now Nacchan) for Arashi, Haa-kun for Hajime, and boldly, Ecchan for Eichi. Except for Anzu and Leo. As he, like Izumi, calls Leo "King".
  • Our Vampires Are Different : Is supposedly a vampire, even more "pure bred" than his brother, though he acts even less like one than Rei does. The only things he has in common with vampires are red eyes, which aren't that unusual considering the unusual eye colors of the other characters, fangs and his inability to stay awake most of the time.
  • His voice actor said that Ritsu is most likely pretending to sleep because he doesn't like dealing with people .
  • Strong Family Resemblance : Looks like his older brother Rei with shorter hair.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality : Mainly toward Rei, though he shows the ice side more frequently than he does the sugar.
  • Pet the Dog : He is friendly with Hajime in the tea club.
  • Piggyback Cute : Seems to receive one from Mao during the mornings he refuses to walk by himself to school, if Band Ensemble is anything to go by. Ritsu himself has done this twice, both times to Anzu: one in the epilogue Band Ensemble (though the "cute" is debatable as he considers dropping her on the way...) and another in the Test of Courage (to take responsibility for making her faint). He also makes Madara carry him on his back in Beasts .
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning : Averted, as he does have red eyes but he isn't hostile. He's more so cold and distant toward those he doesn't care about.
  • Shared Family Quirks : Aside from their Strong Family Resemblance , siblings Rei and Ritsu have a fair share of similarities. Both are weak to sunlight, had to repeat a grade (Rei studied abroad for a year, Ritsu had to repeat the year due to tardiness and doozing off) and seem to have a somewhat fragile health. Also, if the Halloween event is anything to go by, Ritsu likes messing with Koga just as much as his older brother.
  • The Strategist : The King's Horseback Ride implies he plays this role in Knights. He can also be seen trying to trick Subaru into letting Knights win their match by default in the main story, as well as playing off Kohaku's kidnapping to as an elaborate show they have with ALKALOID.
  • Sweet Tooth : Considering that sweet things are the only type of food he can make...
  • The Nicknamer : Only toward those he likes.
  • The Nose Knows : He can detect people by the smell (of their blood), apparently.
  • Weakened By The Sunlight : Downplayed as he is not an actual vampire and can tolerate it to some extent. However, like his brother, he is easily affected by the sun rays and normally naps in shaded places. He was extremely exhausted from his early rounds in DDD (which was hosted outside).
  • Yandere : In the Band Ensemble event he seems to have a very slight shade of this to Mao, expressing happiness when Mao tells him that he was sad and hurt because of him, and saying he'll be the only one to stay by his side. By Halloween, it seems that by having his own relationships out of Mao he may have grown out his thinking, however. Ritsu : Ah, is that so? But you know, the Ma~kun that’s pitiable and unseemly……that’s the Ma~kun that I looove. Knowing that you were depressed and feeling down and hurt because of me makes me happy ♪


"My oh my! How rare to see a girl at our academy!"

A self-proclaimed “big sister”. She treats the heroine affectionately and acts like a big sister to her. Her principle is "everything in moderation." Even though she’s versatile and try out all sorts of things, she’s not serious about any of them.

Being a narcissist full of self-confidence, she loves jobs that allow her to be seen by others. She worked as a model before she entered the school. The teacher Akiomi Kunugi is her former senior in the modeling world.. Member of the unit Knights. Class: 2-B (EnStars!) , 3-B (EnStars!!) Club/Circles: Track and Field Club / Dramatica, Pretty 5 (EnStars!!) Age: 16-17 (EnStars!) , 17-18 (EnStars!!) Birthday: March 3 Height/Weight: 175cm/59kg (EnStars!) , 176cm/59kg (EnStars!!) Blood Type : B Hobby: Shopping Specialty: Memorization Voiced by : Sosuke Soma (April-July 2015), Ryo Kitamura (July 2015-present) (Japanese), Matt Shipman (English) Portrayed by : Ryo Kitamura (stage play)

  • Ambiguous Gender Identity : Sort-of, it depends on the era. Some very early stories treated her more like a camp, feminine boy, but for the majority of the overall plot Arashi has been all-but-stated to be a transgender girl. Arashi wants to be called a big sister and has multiple times, said things like "that's the kind of lady I am" as well as often using female terms/self-honorifics, and has said that gender doesn't matter if you 'have the heart of a woman' in the drama CDs (a common turn of phrase used by trans women in Japan to explain their gender to those unfamiliar with trans people). She refers to herself as a female, as evident in the Holiday gacha and official works which have listed her gender as female. The "Beasts" event (2018) also involves discussion over her discomfort with being percieved as especially masculine by others. Izumi seems to imply that Arashi may be non-binary but never explicitly states that she is so, and she is consistently referred to as a girl in the English localisation. And while she doesn't seem to outright dislike her given name, her closest friends often address her as 'Naru' instead. (A common girls' first name, which can be derived from her surname)
  • Break the Haughty : Starlight Festival event story reveals that Arashi was a Jerkass . She has a close friend in Yumenosaki academy and then that friend is Driven to Suicide , a death that changed Arashi to be who she is today.
  • Cool Big Sis : Wants to be seen as such. And Anzu does see her as one, at least.
  • First-Name Basis : Refers to almost everyone as "insert given name- chan " , more rarely "insert given name- kun " or if they're her senior "insert given name- senpai ". The only exception is Madara who she calls "Mama".
  • Hard Work Hardly Works : Arashi has never had to work a finger for anything in her life, because she can apparently do anything with ease. That's what attracts her to hardworking people, though: they have something she doesn't.
  • Jerkass : Pre-Ensemble Stars Arashi, according to Izumi.
  • Narcissist : Akiomi and hardworking people aside, Arashi loves herself.
  • Odd Friendship : With Madara Mikejima. Madara even sees her as his "daughter", and she's one of the few people who actually refers to him as "Mama" without having to be prompted to do so.
  • My King, Right Or Wrong : According to the Sleepless Nights story, Narukami doesn't agree with what Tsukasa's current direction of Knights to train Yumenosaki students to be Knights members rather than investing to the core Knights groups. However, she says will always support Tsukasa's plans, regardless of her own personal thoughts.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses : Subverted. While Arashi is smart, the glasses Arashi wears as a first year are to be like Kunugi, the senior who helped Arashi during the modeling days. She stops wearing them as a second year and dyed her hair back. Double subverted, that in the Midsummer's Night Dream event, she is said to wear contact lenses .
  • Smitten Teenage Girl : Practically this to Akiomi.
  • Trademark Favorite Food : Karaage.


"To this, I can only say 'Marvelous'! "

Serious and composed, Tsukasa speaks in a manner rather mature for his age. He is a rich young master who may sound polite on the surface, but what he says is actually rude when you stop and think about it (though he doesn't realize it). He honors his family rules and does his best to improve himself, but he also slightly deviates from what's considered normal.

  • All According to Plan : Thinks this to himself in Duel, where he sets up a stage for Trickstar and Knights without his seniors' knowledge and consent and successfully escapes their wrath by acting innocent . While not to the point of being a full-fledged Chessmaster , Tsukasa is still sometimes shown to act calculating behind his seniors' back, like when he asks Anzu to search for Leo in spring and only tells them about it after she finds him at the end of summer .
  • The Baby of the Bunch : As the only first year in Knights. But he's not very happy about it, since he believes the rest of Knights look down on him.
  • He's less benevolent toward the new off-screen recruits of Knights in Ensemble Stars!! , taking more of a Tough Love approach toward the members in order to ensure Knights' reputation remains. This ends up being a plot point in the Ritsu-centric scout story Meowsketeers .
  • Big Brother Instinct : Toward his cousin, Kohaku. Kohaku also displays this toward him as well.
  • Catchphrase : "Marvelous!"
  • Crazy Jealous Guy : More clingy than crazy, but he doesn't like when other first-years students act too close or friendly with Anzu. Even his "Sweet words" voiced line that players can unlock had this vibe. Hajime : Huh? You want to be called "onee-chan" too, Anzu-san?" Tsukasa : Wha—!? I can't allow that... um, Shino-kun, she's my Onee-sama."
  • Expecting Someone Taller : Upon meeting Leo and realizing he's a Cloud Cuckoolander . Tsukasa : Huh? Um, did you say "King?" That exceedingly deviant person nearby is the Leader of us "Knights?"
  • Gratuitous English : The biggest offender. He sprinkles his speech in English.
  • Hypocritical Humor : Tsukasa always expresses displeasure when people don't act elegant enough, but he has his Not So Above It All moments. He also always chastises Tori for acting like a clingy Attention Whore towards Anzu, when he's pretty much the same. And he was the first character to make a move on Anzu (asking for a kiss in Rebellion! The King's Horseback Ride ).
  • In-Series Nickname : He gets different nicknames from all his seniors in his unit. "Kasa-kun" from Izumi, "Tsukasa-chan" from Arashi, "Suu-chan" from Ritsu, and "Suo~" from Leo. Subaru also calls him "Kathy" and Kohaku calls him "boy" or "blockhead". Tsukasa laments how none of his upperclassmen ever get his name right.
  • The Kindnapper : Kidnaps Kohaku to prevent him from performing with Crazy:B after Rinne's stunt. During MDM, if ALKALOID & Trickstar were to lose their duel with Knights , he would force Kohaku to sign up in the Knights reserve group to keep him safe (though he permits them to challenge Knights as many times they want until they give up)
  • Lady and Knight : Knight to Anzu's Lady, so he believes. He certainly respects her as his "queen".
  • The Load : In The King's Horseback Ride, he reveals his concerns that he's a burden to his seniors in Knights. They don't deny he's inexperienced and below them by a mile, but assure him they know he's trying his best, and convince him to depend on them, his seniors, more .
  • Morality Pet : Sort of functions as one to his seniors in Knights, who aren't the most graceful of people despite that they're supposed to be, well, Knights . His presence keeps them from using underhanded tactics, at least .
  • Not So Above It All : Played straight (see Hypocritical Humor ) as well as parodied. He usually is the first to object whenever Knights does something "ungentlemanly" or deviates away from their knightly persona. He was also the most upset out of the Knights when he found out Izumi kidnapped Makoto during the first round of DDD . When he becomes the new king, he becomes a lot bolder at leading Knights headfirst onto the stage, which Arashi and Ritsu compare to Leo. When MDM preparations start, he kidnapped Kohaku in the same way that Izumi had with Makoto, down to trying to trying to personally spoonfeed him . Ritsu & Narukami comment how accurately Tsukasa replicated Izumi's behavior (much to his chargin) though Tsukasa claims it was part of his acting practice from the drama roles he was getting lately. Leo : Kids do take after their parents, including the bad parts .
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense : Quite obvious in the Mall Live event where he never tasted local ice cream and tried to pay with a credit card .
  • Shared Family Quirks : He and his cousin Kohaku have a thing for sweets, though his preference lies in western treats like Parfait while Kohaku prefers traditional sweets like anmitsu.
  • Smart People Play Chess : Chess is one of Tsukasa's interests, and he can be seen playing against Anzu, who he taught how to play, in some stories.
  • Sweet Tooth : Is shown to have developed a taste for commoners' snacks. Most obvious in The King's Horseback Ride, where he stress eats with the sweets Anzu made.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Bugs? : Has great dislike for them.
  • Ensemble Stars Ra*bits
  • Characters/Ensemble Stars!
  • Ensemble Stars Switch

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knights phantom thief

The English Ensemble Stars Wiki

  • Mitsuru Tenma - Story Index !
  • Tsukasa Suou - Story Index !
  • Ritsu Sakuma - Story Index !
  • Arashi Narukami - Story Index !
  • Izumi Sena - Story Index !
  • Wataru Hibiki - Story Index !
  • Nazuna Nito - Story Index !
  • Jin Sagami - Story Index !
  • Event Story
  • Showdown! Magnificent Phantom Thief VS Detective Brigade
  • Ra*bits (Story)
  • Needs Chapter Summary
  • Knights (Story)

Phantom Thieves VS Detectives

  • View history

KR Enstars!! Stickers 1 Chiaki Small

Knights and Ra*bits perform in an 8-day long live ranked as the newly-establised S3. Divided between phantom thieves and detectives, the curtains rise on this new live?! ★

Phantom Thieves VS Detectives  (怪盗VS探偵団, kaitō VS tantei-dan ; lit. phantom thief VS detectives) is an event story released on Dec 31st 2015. It could be obtained through point rewards during Showdown! Magnificent Phantom Thief VS Detective Brigade event and is free to read on Basic in ! mode. The song Knights the Phantom Thief is associated with this story.

It features Hajime , Tomoya , Mitsuru , Tsukasa , Ritsu , Arashi , Izumi , Wataru , Nazuna , and Jin .

Case Discovery - 3: "..."

Episodes [ ]

References [ ].

  • 1 Characters
  • 2 Rei Sakuma
  • 3 Mika Kagehira

Knights the Phantom Thief - Knights (lyrics)


knights phantom thief

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Phantom Knight Time Thief

knights phantom thief

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knights phantom thief

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knights phantom thief

【Knights】Knights the Phantom Thief 5th live走位 (结尾处转错圈的某位不具名人士)

knights phantom thief


【偶像梦幻祭】Knights the Phantom Thief歌曲MV

【Mixture】Knights the Phantom Thief × soldier game

【Knights】Fight for Judge live 走位轨迹...

【ES】Knights the Phantom Thief (8D环绕立体音) | Knights

Knights the phantom thief 繁体/罗马/日文字幕 分色完整版

【SS4】Promise Swords——Knights(走位)

【偶像梦幻祭!!/ Knights】Knights the Phantom Thief

【Knights】Promise Swords 5th live走位

【MMD偶像梦幻祭】Knights the Phantom Thief

【中日歌词分色】Knights the Phantom Thief 完整版【偶像梦幻祭】

【ES2-快速学唱】Knights 《Knights the Phantom Thief》 空耳


Knights the Phantom Thief 認聲歌詞 日文/羅馬拼音


【偶像梦幻祭】Knights the Phantom Thief 踊ってみた【コスプレ】

内什么各跳各的「Knights the Phantom Thief」怪盗曲练习室

【knights】knights the phantom thief 偶像梦幻祭


【knights】奶次的Silent Oath!

Knights Knights the Phantom Thief 歌詞

Knightsの「Knights the Phantom Thief」歌詞ページ。「Knights the Phantom Thief」は、作詞:Knights the Phantom Thief、作曲:Knights the Phantom Thief。

Knights the Phantom Thief 歌詞

発売:2017-08-17 10:46:58

今宵も華麗にMission Complete 艶めくビロードの闇に 薫り立つ月 惑う星は ショーケースの中へ 色とりどりに 並べたJewel 次をねだるように 欲望に咲いた薔薇を 左の胸に飾ろう 予定調和なスリルじゃ足りない 不可能さえも 狙いを定め 手に入れるさ “Knights the Phantom Thief” この世界に眠ってる 美しいものだけを集めて 輝きの真ん中に 君を招くまで… 今宵も華麗にMission Complete 妖しい微笑を湛えて 誘われよう 挑みたいね そんな罠ならば 予告通りに 奪ってみせる 君のハートさえ 守るように身を潜めて それでも真-しん-に煌めく どんなリスクも厭わないさ 本物だけが 心を捉え 離さないね “Knights the Phantom Thief” 世界中に散らばった 美しいものをさあ、取り戻そう 輝きの真ん中に 君を招くため… 今宵も華麗にMission Complete この世界に 眠ってる 美しいものだけを集めて いつの日か告げるNext target “We will steal your heart” 世界中に散らばった 美しいものをさあ、取り戻そう 輝きの真ん中に 君を招くため… 今宵も華麗にMission Complete


♪ Knights the Phantom Thief

「Knights the Phantom Thief」で検索する


♪ Castle of my Heart

♪ Checkmate Knights

♪ Voice of Sword

♪ Fight for Judge

♪ FUSIONIC STARS!! - Knights ver. -

♪ Grateful allegiance

♪ Little Romance

♪ Mystic Fragrance

♪ Promise Swords


Girls Trouble

イライラするのはどうすれば良い何かがあったってわけ ...

Distorted World

たった一つ純粋な願いはひずんだ世界にかき消えないで ...

夢見る街 花の水鉄砲 吹き荒れる街 花の水鉄砲頭は ...


始める数秒前のメンテ頭は重いし 毛は逆立ったどうし ...

泣きたいくらい一人でもきみはひとりぼっちじゃないよ ...

Hail against the barn door

穏やかな日々の終わり、春の夢。清かな君が伝えようと ...

ロンリー..寄る辺ない侘しさに頬杖ついてるようじゃ ...

避けられてるかもしれない予感それとなく それとなく ...

好き 好き 好きだから遊びで恋など できないくせに ...

耳をすませて 歩いてみればいつもの道も オーケスト ...



  1. Knights the Phantom Thief

    knights phantom thief

  2. Knights 「Knights the Phantom Thief」 가사/歌詞

    knights phantom thief

  3. 【แปลไทย】 Knights

    knights phantom thief

  4. 【Knights】 Knights the phantom thief

    knights phantom thief

  5. 앙스타 나이츠 Knights the Phantom Thief 자막

    knights phantom thief

  6. 【Collaboration】 Knights the Phantom Thief

    knights phantom thief


  1. Phantom Knight Deck ! || My Favorite Combo Deck ! [MASTER DUEL !]

  2. Phantom Knights Deck Profile and Test Hand September 2023 (Timestamps in Description)

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  4. 인게임 수록 제발......

  5. 【あんスタ】Knights the Phantom Thief 歌ってみた【カラオケ】

  6. Knights the Phantom Thief


  1. Knights the Phantom Thief (Lyrics)

    Izumi & Ritsu: KNIGHTS THE PHANTOM THIEF Kono sekai ni nemutteru utsukushii mono dake o atsumete Kagayaki no mannaka ni Kimi o maneku made… Koyoi mo karei ni MISSION COMPLETE Ayashii bishou o tataete Izanawa reyou Idomitai ne Izumi , Ritsu & Tsukasa: Sonna wananaraba

  2. ES! 」Knights the Phantom Thief (Full ver.)

    Artist: KnightsLeo Tsukinaga (CV: Asanuma Shintarou)Tsukasa Suou (CV: Reio Tsuchida) Arashi Narukami (CV: Kitamura Ryo)Izumi Sena (CV: Itou Masami)Ritsu Sa...

  3. 【ES】 Knights the Phantom Thief

    ♪ Title Song : Knights the Phantom Thief———————————————————————♪ Artist :› Tsukinaga Leo → (CV : Asanuma ...

  4. Knights the Phantom Thief

    Name song: Knights the Phantom ThiefUnit: KnightsIncluding artists:月永レオ - Tsukinaga Leo (CV.浅沼晋太郎 - Asanuma Shintaro)朱桜司 - Suou Tsukasa (CV.土田玲央 - Tsuchida R...

  5. Vol.2 "Knights" 3

    Unit Song CD 3 Vol.2 Knights is the third single released by Knights. It features three unit songs as well as karaoke versions. Article of Faith - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)- Composition / Arrangement: Hirofumi Hibino (日比野裕史) Knights the Phantom Thief - Lyrics: Saori Codama...

  6. The Phantom Thieves of Time (Time Thieves/Phantom Knights)

    Non-Meta Decks Phantom Knight Phantom Knights Time Thief 40 High Quality TCGplayer $40.55 / Cardmarket €28.86 360 420 570 240 Purchase Deck More... Deck Primer This new Time Thief deck of mine has many more of the strong points I mentioned in my last one, so I'll go ahead and link my previous one below.

  7. Knights the Phantom Thief

    개요 [편집] Knights the Phantom Thief 앙상블 스타즈! 유닛송CD 3탄 Vol.2 「 Knights 」의 2번 트랙 곡. Knights 앨범의 7번 트랙 곡이기도 하다. 대결! 화려한 괴도 VS 탐정단 을 테마로 한 곡이다. # 2. 가사 [편집] All 츠카사 레오 이즈미 리츠 아라시 今宵も華麗にMission Complete 코요이모 카레이니 Mission Complete 오늘밤도 화려하게 Mission Complete 艶めくビロードの闇に 츠야메쿠 비로-도노 야미니 윤기나는 벨벳의 어둠에 薫り立つ月 카오리 타츠 츠키 향기를 풍기는 달 惑う星は 마도우 호시와 헤매는 별은 ショーケースの中へ

  8. Ensemble Stars Knights / Characters

    Characters /. Ensemble Stars Knights. Left: EnStars!, right: EnStars!! An Order of Knights Devoting Songs to You. In the first game, Knights is a unit made up of graceful and charming knight-type members, led by Leo Tsukinaga! Each member possesses a high level of technique, captivating the audience by showing them exactly what they want to see.

  9. Phantom Thieves VS Detectives

    Akira (日日日) Characters Logo Knights and Ra*bits perform in an 8-day long live ranked as the newly-establised S3. Divided between phantom thieves and detectives, the curtains rise on this new live?! ★ Phantom Thieves VS Detectives (怪盗VS探偵団, kaitō VS tantei-dan; lit. phantom thief VS detectives) is an event story released on Dec 31st 2015.

  10. Knights the phantom thief Sheet music for Piano (Solo)

    Play the music you love without limits for just $7.99 $0.77/week. 12 months at $39.99. View Official Scores licensed from print music publishers. Download and Print scores from a huge community collection ( 1,860,121 scores ) Advanced tools to level up your playing skills. One subscription across all of your devices.

  11. Knights the Phantom Thief

    (Ensemble Stars) Knights - Knights the Phantom Thief. Tasha^^ 5:21 (Ensemble Stars) Knights - Checkmate Knights. Tasha^^ 4:52 (Ensemble Stars) Knights - Voice of Sword. Tasha^^ 5:22 ... Phantom Knights, 2022 DCUK Drum Corps Championships. Drumcorps in Progress. 6:23. Match highlights - Leeds Knights v Peterborough Phantoms. Yorkshire Evening Post.

  12. Knights 「Knights the Phantom Thief」 가사/歌詞

    ※신청곡은 받지 않습니다. #앙스타 #あんさんぶるスターズ #あんスタ #Knights

  13. ナイツ (KNIGHTS) (JPN)

    Knights the Phantom Thief Lyrics [ナイツ「Knights the Phantom Thief」歌詞] 今宵も華麗にMission Complete 艶めくビロードの闇に 薫り立つ月 惑う星は ショーケースの中へ 色とりどりに 並べたJewel 次をねだるように 欲望に咲いた薔薇を 左の胸に飾ろう 予定調和なスリルじゃ足りない...

  14. Phantom Thieves of Time [Post Phantom Rage]

    ChupiTrooper. 1 Comments 17,023 Views Uploaded 3 years ago. Non-Meta Decks Phantom Knight Phantom Knights Time Thief 40 High Quality. TCGplayer $34.13 / Cardmarket €30.22 240 510 540 330. Purchase Deck.

  15. Phantom Knights Orcust Time Thief

    Phantom Knights Orcust Time Thief. Remove Forbidden Card "Maxx "C"" x 3. Remove Forbidden Card "Outer Entity Azathot" x 1. Remove Limited Card "Called by the Grave" x 2. Remove Limited Card "Orcust Harp Horror" x 1.

  16. Phantom Knight or Time Thief : r/yugioh

    Phantom Knight or Time Thief Split between the two decks for locals. My primary goal is having access to Dark Rebellion's rank 5 evolutions. My understanding of PK is they lack spell/trap negation while Time Thief has a better ceiling but seems more fragile.

  17. Knights

    beatmap info. Phantom Thief. 852 8. Knights the Phantom Thief Knights. mapped by - iREinA -. submitted 11 Oct 2019. last updated 9 Dec 2019.

  18. 【あんスタ】『Knights the Phantom Thief』パート分け

    #あんさんぶるスターズ #あんスタ #Knights #パート分け

  19. Phantom Knight Time Thief

    Phantom Knight Time Thief; Phantom Knight Time Thief. Wolfo. 0 Comments 2,378 Views Uploaded 2 years ago. Non-Meta Decks Raidraptor Rokket Time Thief 40. TCGplayer $77.41 / Cardmarket €60.51 150 420 630 390. Purchase Deck Playtest.

  20. 【Knights】Knights the Phantom Thief 5th live走位 (结尾处转错圈的某位不具名人士)

    其实我只是想重现一下结尾处某位转错圈的不具名人士( 音频为CD版本, 视频播放量 28989、弹幕量 25、点赞数 737、投硬币枚数 80、收藏人数 755、转发人数 52, 视频作者 白木沝沝, 作者简介 es i7 drb 三坑,相关视频:自用,【Knights】Promise Swords 5th live走位,【こすにこ☆】Knights the Phantom Thief【原创振付 ...

  21. 【Knights】Knights the Phantom Thief

    #あんスタ#パート分けズレ有朱桜司(cv 土田玲央)月永レオ(cv 浅沼晋太郎)瀬名泉(cv 伊藤マサミ)朔間凛月(cv 山下大輝)鳴上嵐(cv 北村諒)

  22. Knights Knights the Phantom Thief 歌詞

    "Knights the Phantom Thief" この世界に眠ってる 美しいものだけを集めて 輝きの真ん中に 君を招くまで… 今宵も華麗にMission Complete 妖しい微笑を湛えて 誘われよう 挑みたいね そんな罠ならば 予告通りに 奪ってみせる 君のハートさえ 守るように身を潜めて

  23. 【Collaboration】 Knights the Phantom Thief

    「今宵も華麗にMission Complete」。 Original :: Knights。 illust :: 오이 。 chorus guide/Editing :: 아이보리 (@96caramel)。Mix :: C!naH (@H__P1NK ...