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Most Haunted Places in Spokane, WA

Spokane was named for the Spokane Tribe natives who traditionally settled here. It is believed that there have been Spokane here in the area that is now the city for around 8 thousand years!

As you might imagine there is a huge amount of history here. When American settlers arrived, and attempted to claim the land, the natives were unwilling to yield which resulted in some long and bloody battles.

This has certainly left its mark on the city if the number of haunted places is anything to go by!

Let’s look a little bit closer at some of the most haunted places in Spokane WA:

10 – Monroe Street Bridge

Monroe Street Bridge

The Monroe Street Bridge first opened back in 1911 and at the time it was the biggest concrete arch bridge in America.

It has undergone a considerable amount of renovation work over the years with work being carried out in 1925, 1934 and then again in 2003.

It is said that the bridge is haunted by the restless spirit of a construction worker who was killed during the construction of a much smaller bridge which stood here before the current one.

Those who have seen him say that he is dressed in very old fashioned clothing and that sometimes he asks where all the native Americans went.

If approached he will usually throw himself into the water, although he vanished before reaching it!

9 – Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery is creepy as it is, even if you don’t know the legend connected with it! It is after all, an old and tumbledown cemetery! However, once you learn about the haunted staircase it goes to a whole new level of eeriness!

The staircase, known as ‘the thousand steps’ was originally built to lead down into Greenwood Cemetery, but it has been a long time since they served this purpose.

Rumour has it that they were abandoned because they are guarded by some overprotective spirits! Apparently, if the spirits judged a visitor unworthy of entering then they would simply block the stairs and not allow entry.

It was because of this that an alternative entrance was made! Of course, some people will still use the stairs, just to test out the legend and there are plenty of local reports of being denied entry and of sightings of the ghostly guards!

8 – Fox Theater

Fox Theater

Spokane’s Fox Theater was built in 1931 and cost around $1 million to construct. That may not seem like a great deal now, but in the thirties, this was a huge sum of money to spend on such a building.

Over the next three decades Fox Theater was a great success, but it then saw a period of economic decline. It is only recently that it was renovated to restore it to its former glory and modernise the facilities to the tune of around $30 million!

The theatre is apparently haunted by its original architect, Robert Reamer. He has never really interacted with the living, but is often seen wandering around the theater looking at various features.

He is perhaps simply checking out the upgrades that have been done in his building.

7 – The Davenport Hotel STAY HERE

The Davenport Hotel

The Davenport Hotel is well known as being one of the most haunted buildings in Spokane!

It was built in the early part of the 1900s by Louis Davenport and at the time it was something of a hotspot in the city.

However, by the 1980s it had become very run down. It was fully renovated in 2002 and is one of the top-rated hotels in Spokane.

However, it just cannot shake its reputation for being haunted! I 1920, a female guest apparently fell t her death from the tower.

It is not clear if this was an accident, a suicide or maybe even a murder.

Whatever the cause, Ellen returns to the tower once or twice a week and is said to scream for several minutes before disappearing again!

6 – Patsy Clark Mansion

Patsy Clark Mansion

These days, the Patsy Clark Mansion houses a local law firm, but that wasn’t always the case. In 1897 the property was built as a private residence for a local millionaire.

He lived there for some time before he passed away. The building was then sold and converted into a restaurant before becoming the law offices it is today.

However, despite these changes in the building’s purpose over the years, the original owners still consider it to be their home!

They were known for throwing huge parties, and the music and sounds of general frivolity still linger in the building.

The lawyers working there have also noted seeing the ghost of a lady named Mary on the stairs dressed as though for a party.

5 – DoubleTree Hotel STAY HERE

DoubleTree Hotel

On the surface, there does not seem to be all that much that stands out about the DoubleTree Hotel.

It is a pretty standard chain hotel that is owned by Hilton Hotels and it does not have any unusual or noteworthy features. It is the sort of hotel that you might just pick at random when visiting Spokane.

However, appearances can be deceiving and the DoubleTree Hotel is one of the most haunted places in Spokane!

There have long been rumours that the hotel is home to several mysterious shadow people who have on occasion physically attacked unsuspecting guests!

Amid reports of people seeing these long, slender shadow figures there are a handful of reports of them sneaking up on the living and grabbing them by the throat.

Nobody has been seriously hurt, but it is enough to give guests a bit of a scare to say the least!

4 – Horse Slaughter Camp

Horse Slaughter Camp

As we noted above, Spokane was the site of some brutal conflict between the Native Americans of the Spokane tribe and the early settlers.

The Natives killed many settlers who they felt were encroaching on their land and this would cause the settlers to retaliate.

In 1858 there was a large-scale retaliation campaign put in motion by the settlers in an attempt to deter any further attacks from the Natives.

The idea was that they would slaughter some 800 horses belonging to the Spokane, knowing that they very much relied on their horses.

Today, the site of this slaughter of innocent animals is known as one of the most haunted places in Spokane. Visitors have reported seeing dozens of ghostly horses in the area.

3 – Hahn Mansion

Hahn Mansion

The Hahn Mansion originally served as a home to playboy millionaire Rudolph Hahn during the 1920s and 1930s.

However, in 1940 his lover was found dead in the house and although it was ruled a suicide, many believed that Hahn had murdered her.

He moved away soon afterwards and ended up being murdered by a salesman!

The very fact that the Hahn Mansion is said to be the site of a possibly murder makes it creepy anyway, but the fact that there have been reports that Hahn’s dead lover is still haunting the home makes it even spookier!

2 – Monaghan Hall

Monaghan Hall

Monaghan Hall now sits as part of Gonzaga University in Spokane, but it was originally built in 1898 as a private mansion by pioneer James Monaghan.

It was sold to the university in 1942. Monaghan Hall is one of these places that you can just tell is haunted simply by looking at it from the outside!

It is a formidable three storeys tall building with a turret and an expansive porch which shadows the lower windows even on the brightest day!

The mansion now houses the university’s Music Conservatory, but particularly in the seventies students hated going there because they were afraid of the menacing presence there.

Just some of the unexplained activity documented in Monaghan Hall includes a door handle turning on its own before the door was flung open with some degree of force, the organ playing by itself, growling coming from a locked storage room, flute music playing in an empty music room and even security guards being strangled.

Due to the increasingly violent nature of the haunting an exorcism was performed to cleanse the property in 1975. However, although the angry ghost is allegedly gone, students still say they often feel uneasy in the building!

1 – Mirabeau Park Hotel STAY HERE

There is a very good reason why the Mirabeau Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Spokane – it is apparently home to an entire family of ghosts!

No-one is sure who they are, or what happened to them beyond the fact that they are a mother and her two children.

However, they have been reported on several different occasions visitors have seen a variety of paranormal activity in the house including paintings being pushed off of walls, doors and windows being slammed shut, items moving around and even being pushed on the stairs by unseen hands!

There are also a handful of reports concerning a male spirit who does similar things, but it is not known if he is a part of this same family group, or someone else entirely!

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Everyday Spokane

Where to Find the Creepiest Haunted Houses in Spokane

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase, we may receive compensation at no cost to you. Please view our full disclosure policy for more information.

best haunted houses in spokane

It’s almost time for Halloween – the countdown for ghouls and goblins is here, and if you’ve been looking for haunted houses in Spokane , you’ve come to the right place! Spokane is a great, if creepy, place to celebrate Halloween. The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and the old, historic homes in Spokane neighborhoods are hiding plenty of secrets.

In fact, Spokane has some pretty haunted places that aren’t even haunted houses! Check out this fun video about haunted places in Spokane from KREM 2 News:

Looking for more Halloween events happening in Spokane? Check out our Events calendar !

Haunted houses and attractions in spokane/surrounding area, unit 55 horror games – spokane valley.

Open year-round, Unit 55 Horror Games takes a twist when it comes to traditional haunted houses. Unit 55 in Spokane Valley is a combination haunted house and escape game, so you have an opportunity to challenge yourself on a few levels.

In 2023, enjoy Casa Fantasmo, which is their nod to Dia de los Muertos, and Ward 6, which takes place in “Bedlam Asylum.”

King Family Haunted House – Mead

The King family in Mead creates their version of a haunted attraction each October. The King Family Haunted House has been everything from a haunted circus to a haunted movie theater, and all donations are given to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

This year, enjoy the Icon of Horrors beginning in late October! From the King Family Halloween Display Facebook page:

Icons of Horror is a traveling roadshow started in the late 1800’s by our Great-great grandfather, Professor Bruno Lampini, under the name “Chamber of Horrors.” Unfortunately, he was murdered by Dr. Gustav Niemann in an insane plot to exact revenge on the local Burgomaster. After several other bizarre murders, Niemann later died in quicksand under “mysterious” circumstances. The family carried on the show to this day. Boasting the world’s largest collection of living and “dead” horror icons, the show travels from city to city, mostly to avoid the authorities and unhappy customers.

Pro-tip: Go early for your King Family haunting! It gets busy!

The King Family has also put together an excellent list of Spokane spooky houses – check it out below!

The Hillbilly Haunted House – Chattaroy

Each October, the Chattaroy house, surrounded by dense forest and hills, transforms into a haunted house attraction, home to evil clowns, zombies or deadly spirits (or whatever else organizers can think of).

With a new theme annually, visitors looking for a good scare have found it in a haunted theater or deadly circus at The Hillbilly Haunted House . Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more info!

This year, the Hillbilly Haunted House will take place from:

  • Friday and Saturday October 20 & 21 – 6:30 – 10:30 pm
  • Friday and Saturday October 27 & 28 – 6:30 – 10:30 pm

Scarywood at Silverwood Theme Park – Coeur d’Alene

Possibly the most frightful place to observe the Halloween season, Silverwood Theme Park in Athol transforms into Scarywood at night. Zombies, monsters, clowns, and spirits of all sorts break loose to patrol the theme park’s grounds.

With four haunted attractions and 10 scare zones, you’re sure to find something or someone that will put the scare into you. Recommended for people 13 and older, Scarywood is sure to add to your Halloween spirit. 

The haunted attractions include the Blood Bayou, Pharoah’s Curse, and Planet Zombie , among others. The Scare Zones include Clown Town, The Dark Forest, and Freak Farm, among others. As for the rides, I’ve heard the backwards Timber Terror is truly frightening!

Make sure to buy your tickets for Scarywood online – they are now only sold online and not at the gate!

The Haunting of Room 13 – Spokane

Prefer your haunted houses to be a little more controlled? You might want to check out the Haunting of Room 13 at the Division location of Dare You 2 Escape rooms!

You have 1 hour to navigate your way through the horrors to pass the final trial of your initiation… will you escape? Learn more about The Haunting of Room 13 here .

The DeMoss Haunted Maze – Spokane

Dates have not yet been announced for the 2023 DeMoss Haunted Maze, and the information below is from 2022:

On Fridays and Saturdays from 6-10 PM in October, head over to Elm Street… yes, Elm Street… for a nightmare of a haunted maze! The DeMoss Haunted Maze and big event (sponsored by Halloween Express, among others!) that offers free family fun (they do accept donations of food and toys).

Head to their Facebook page to get directions and dates!

Haunting on Greenwood Blvd – Spokane

The Haunting on Greenwood Blvd was a free haunted house in Spokane, but due to Fire Department regulations, they’ve had to discontinue the haunted house. The Haunting on Greenwood Blvd is planning to turn into a haunted display in 2023, so stay tuned for more news on their Facebook page .

Springdale Haunted House – Springdale

Head out to Springdale for two weekends of haunted fun! The Springdale Haunted House is $5 at the door and runs from October 20-21 and October 27-28 from 6 – 9 PM.

Colfax Haunted Hospital

Want to be truly scared out of your mind? Then I dare you to take a multi-hour ghost hunt tour at Colfax Haunted Hospital!

“In 1893,  St. Ignatius was the first hospital to serve Whitman County.  The first patient was a pneumonia case. In the first month, ten were admitted. Three were released and seven remained. The first death was recorded in June of 1893, when F.E. Martin, a railroad employee, was crushed between railroad cars. He is just one of the ghosts known to walk the halls. The hospital was sold in 1968, but the building stayed open until 2003 and housed developmentally disabled adults in the bottom floors. All that remains now are the spirits of the past. “

Colfax Haunted Hospital offers a variety of tours, including the 2 hour Ghost Hunt Tour in October, a scary movie tour, photo tour and more. Visit their website to get your tickets – they sell out quickly!

Beyond Haunted Houses in Spokane: Spooky Spokane Lore

A city this old (Spokane was founded in 1873!) certainly has its share of scary stories. Let’s take a little look into some the scary stories and locales around Spokane. You can find even more at KREM here !

Prefer to read your spooky stories? We highly recommend the haunted tales below, especially Haunted Spokane by Chet Caskey!

minnehaha park spokane haunted

Ellen, a Davenport Guest with a Disastrous Fall

Have you heard that the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane is haunted? According to the Spokesman-Review , in 1920, Ellen McNamara crashed through the skylight onto a crowded floor – and people say she’s never left since then. For decades, “guests have reported seeing a woman dressed in 1920s fashion peering over the railing as though looking for someone in the lobby below.”

In addition to Ellen, people say the hotel founder Louis Davenport still roams the place too. He died on the 11th floor, and guests staying in his room (1105) have reported items mysteriously moving around the room. You can read more about the story behind Ellen McNamara over at the Spokesman-Review here .

Mary Clark Still Throws Parties at the Patsy Clark Mansion

Patsy Clark was a wealthy man who lived in the Patsy Clark mansion with his wife, Mary, and three children. The Clarks loved to throw extravagant parties, and some say you can still hear the music from their celebrations to this day.

In addition to the music, many say Mary Clark never truly ‘moved out’ – there have been a number of sightings over the years of a woman figure wearing ‘period attire’ that circulates around. Read more about this haunted mansion here .

The Chilling Tale of Minnehaha Park

Have you ever heard children laughing at Minnehaha Park… but there were no children playing there at the time? While Minnehaha might be a lovely park, how Minnehaha got its name is a little less lovely. Many claim the park is haunted by the ghosts of the children who lived in an orphanage on the property – and their little laughs gave the park its name, Minnehaha.

Monaghan Music Mansion and the Paranormal at Gonzaga

All right, so as a Gonzaga alum, I’m sorry to say I hadn’t heard of this rumor until recently! I never had a chance to visit the Music mansion (as we called it), and any rumors of anything spooky happening I just chalked up to music being a difficult major. I was wrong!

According to the Gonzaga Bulletin, Monaghan Music Mansion was built by James Monaghan, a founding father of Spokane. According to the history, James Monaghan was ‘brutally murdered in the mansion’ – however, these sources ended up being incorrect. Another haunting theory is that James’ son, John Robert Monaghan, who was beheaded in Samoa while serving in the Navy, ‘viciously haunted’ the mansion – but that theory was proven incorrect too.

What’s the real story behind the Monaghan Music Mansion? We may never know…

Learn more about Spokane’s most haunted neighborhood, courtesy of 4 News Now, here:

Steam Plant Building

According to lore, the Steam Plant building in downtown Spokane is said to be full of ghosts! In 1915, when work began on the construction of the new steam plant destroyed in the Great Fire of 1889, workers stopped working or walked off as they heard cries and saw dark figures. During the Great Fire of 1889, a passenger terminal was destroyed and some people weren’t able to escape the devastation. Could they still be haunting the Steam Plant building? You’ll have to visit yourself!

Ghost Tours Around Spokane

Want to learn even more about Spokane and its sometimes chilling and spooky history? You won’t go wrong with a ghost tour! Fall is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the weather while it’s still cool (but not freezing) – and enjoy a scary story or two.

Unfortunately, the majority of Spokane ghost tours have gone out of business in the last few years! However, you can go on a self-guided walking tour of haunted locations around downtown Spokane, thanks to the Spokane Public Library.

You can print out a PDF walking tour guide , or take it to go on your phone! The guided tour will take you through downtown Spokane to places like the Bing Crosby Theatre, the Spaghetti Factory, and the Carnegie Library Building among other supposedly haunted places.

The library wants to remind you to be safe – and not anger any ghosts! Always obey local signs and traffic signals on your ghostly tour. Get the map here !

The City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department offers two upcoming classes on spooky places around Spokane: The Ghosts and Haunted Places of Downtown Spokane and a Haunted Corbin Mansion Ghost Hunt.

You’ll join Chet Caskey of Two Dog City Tour for an armchair pictorial of the ghosts and haunted places of the downtown neighborhoods of Spokane, followed by a ghost hunt at Corbin Mansion. Sign up through Spokane Parks and Rec here .

In the past, the Northwest Museum’s Campbell House has hosted Dark History tours of the spooky and maybe haunted aspects of the house. In 2023, The Campbell House is offering tours throughout November, and you could certainly ask about haunts during October!

Learn all about Spokane’s haunted Thousand Steps, courtesy of KREM 2 News, below:

Haunted Houses and More in Spokane, WA

If you’re looking for fun opportunities to celebrate Halloween, the Spokane/CdA area is ripe for the “taking” of unfortunate souls with the haunted attractions. As you travel the area to visit the haunted attractions, make sure you keep your head about you and don’t become another trophy of an evil scientist’s shelf or another evil being.

If you’re looking for even more local fun, think about walking past any of the above mentioned places in Spokane on Halloween night… if you dare!

What’s your favorite haunted house or Halloween event in Spokane? Let us know on our Facebook page!

More fall-related posts:

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pumpkin patches in washington state

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24 Warm Costumes for Halloween 2024

Manito Park in the South Hill in fall

10 Beautiful Fall Wedding Locations Around Spokane

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Melissa is a graduate of Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA and has loved Spokane ever since she lived here in the early 2000s! Melissa has lived in Spokane for over 9 years and launched EverydaySpokane.com to help newcomers learn about and enjoy all the city has to offer. Melissa has been featured as an expert on the Spokane market in outlets such as Redfin, Visit Spokane, KREM2 News, The Spokesman-Review, and more.

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If you want a scare this Halloween, you don’t have to turn on your favorite scary movie. Instead, take a drive down Market Street in northeast Spokane to a neighborhood full of history – and, creepy ghost stories.

‘It has a long history of ghosts’: Take a stroll through Spokane’s most haunted neighborhood

  • By Melissa Luck
  • Oct 29, 2021
  • Oct 29, 2021 Updated Jan 13, 2023
  • Copy article link

If you want a scare this Halloween, you don't have to turn on your favorite scary movie. Instead, take a drive down Market Street in northeast Spokane to a neighborhood full of history - and, creepy ghost stories.

SPOKANE, Wash – If you want a scare this Halloween, you don’t have to turn on your favorite scary movie. Instead, take a drive down Market Street in northeast Spokane to a neighborhood full of history – and, creepy ghost stories.

The storied past of the Hillyard neighborhood begins long before it was incorporated as its own town in 1892. Long before that, the Upper Spokane Tribe called the area home in a place early traders called the Wild Horse Prairie. It was even home to Chief Garry of the Spokane Tribe. Stories of hauntings in Hillyard, though, came after the trains came and the buildings along Market Street followed.

Historian and ghostologist Chet Caskey wrote an entire book about the ghost stories here, in a collection called “Haunted Hillyard.” He’s written about and gives tours of haunted locations all over Spokane, but seems particularly fond of the spirits of this part of northeast Spokane.

“We have some dark venues, right here within sight,” Caskey said, pointing down Market Street.

Walking through Hillyard with Caskey is like a “who’s who” of Hillyard ghosts. He points out ghost stories around the old Masonic hall, while in nearly the same breath, describing a poltergeist in one shop.

“This is Kate’s Boarding House, the oldest standing building in Hillyard,” he says, pointing to a dilapidated building on the side street of Olympic. The house now has broken windows, a junkyard out back and, inexplicably, a rusted out ferris wheel. “Great history… the ghost history [here] is very active.”

Caskey points to buildings like this all over the Market Street area, each with its own history – haunted or otherwise. He takes more time to talk about one site, which looms on a hill overlooking the neighborhood.

“You see that creepy Mount St. Michael’s there? This is a place that really haunts Hillyard,” Caskey said.

Once home to the early Jesuits in Spokane, the buildings now house a breakaway sect of the Roman Catholic Church.

“It has ghost stories that go back to when the Jesuits were here, it’s got modern ghost stories,” Caskey said. It’s so creepy to Caskey, he includes a medallion in the back of each copy of his Haunted Hillyard book, designed to protect the reader if they ever enter the facility.

INSIDE LOOK: KXLY’s Extreme Team renovating home of Spokane’s famous Singing Nuns

While the current residents of Mount St Michael’s don’t exactly welcome visitors on ghost tours, other businesses in Hillyard have certainly embraced the legends.

One of Caskey’s favorites is Market Street Antiques, owned by Susan Hess.

“You learn something every day,” Hess said, of owning the antique store. “You meet people that are looking for treasures.”

Some of those customers, Hess said, are also looking for ghosts.

“They want to come in and feel the energies and ask me questions,” she said. “And, I tell them, go explore and tell me what you experience.”

The store was built in 1903. It’s been home to a furniture store, a printing press, a family with 17 kids. And, if you ask Hess, plenty of spirits. That includes the woman whose face stares back at her from a framed perch across from the register.

“We call her Bessie. She came to us… we’re not sure how,” Hess said. “She just showed up one day in the store. [Her face] was hard to see.”

But over time, Hess said, Bessie revealed herself.

“As she sat back there [behind the register], her picture became more defined and we could see her face more and more.”

Bessie isn’t the only spirit who haunts the crowded hallways. Caskey points out the legend of one famous Hillyard ghost in a small room upstairs with windows that face Market Street.

“The stories dating back to the 1920s are that the citizens of Hillyard, just walking down the street, they would see a female ghost dressed in a Victorian dress, looking out the window,” Caskey said.

Over the years, shelves covered up the windows. Caskey said unexplainable things began to happen, like furniture being thrown around, even when no one was in the room. A psychic came in and examined the room, Caskey said, and learned the woman in the window was upset that she couldn’t look out any more. The shelves were cleared, the windows now exposed, and Hess said they haven’t had a disturbance in the room since.

Hess wants customers to explore and feel the energies in the store. Many leave with creepy dolls that line the shelves. But, there’s one place customers aren’t allowed to go: the basement, with a room that only Hess feels comfortable opening up.

“This is the chair room,” she said, opening a door filled with stacks of old wooden chairs and old mannequins in various stages of undress. “Most of the help don’t come downstairs. It’s just me.”

The basement feels like so many of the basements in Hillyard. You hear old floors creaking above. It’s dark and damp. There are even stacks of wood blocking what Caskey believes are tunnels that would have connected Hillyard bars and businesses during prohibition.

So many Hillyard stores have stories like this. Even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, hearing them is a great way to appreciate all that Hillyard has to offer.

“It’s not only a fun way to learn about history, about our neighborhoods, about Spokane and even our state,” Caskey said. “It also is a real part of who we are as Spokanites.”

You can buy Caskey’s Haunted Hillyard book – and, his other books about Spokane’s haunted history – at Market Street Antiques or order a copy from Auntie’s Bookstore. 

You can also read more about the history of this historic neighborhood at this link.

MORE: https://bit.ly/3pQisi5

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minnehaha park spokane haunted

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minnehaha park spokane haunted

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Ghosts still linger at Spokane’s haunted landmarks

Ghosts still linger at Spokane’s haunted landmarks

SPOKANE, Wash. — Some of they city’s scariest places are gorgeous during the day, but at night, everything changes.

A lovely setting for a picnic, but there’s a chilling tale of how Minnehaha park got it’s name. Many claim the park is haunted by ghosts of children who lived in an orphanage on the property.

Late at night you can still hear the tiny laughs as they play in the grass, earning the park the name, Minnehaha.

The Patsy Clark Mansion was built in the 1800’s and is one of the most well known haunts in Spokane.

Patsy Clark lived in the house with his wife and three kids. The wealthy man loved to throw extravagant parties. It’s said you can occasionally hear the music from the celebrations to this day.

Today it’s a law firm, but not all of the Clarks have moved out.

“Mary Clark is the one who reportedly haunts the mansion, there has been a number of sitings over the years of a woman figure wearing period attire that circulates around,” said Jon Neill an Attorney at the firm.

The wine cellar in the basement is where most of the sitings have been reported. When the mansion was a restaurant, many employees spoke of strange things. One waitress says she saw a croissant levitate from one plate to another.

The Davenport hotel is a Spokane icon, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a dark history.

In 1920, Ellen Macnamara fell through the Tiffany skylight, landing on the marble floor. The tourist died a few hours later in her room. Ellen still roams the halls to this day.

But she is not alone.

Louis Davenport, the Hotel’s namesake, died on the 11th floor, guests staying in room 1105 have reported items mysteriously moving.

Perhaps it’s Lois continuing to tidy up his hotel he loved so much.

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​​Folklore & Haunted Locations Guide: Spokane, Washington

Haunted Spokane, Washington - GhostQuest.net

Cameo Catering, LLC "The Old Masonic Hall"

Carlyle care center "carlyle assisted living facility", ​centennial middle school, fairchild air force base "92nd air refueling wing", geiger corrections center "geiger prison", gonzaga preparatory school "gonzaga roman catholic high school", ​gonzaga university, ​greenwood memorial cemetery "greenwood cemetery", historic patsy clark mansion "the patsy clark mansion", ict group, inc "the ict group", martin woldson theater at the fox "the fox theater", ​mead middle school, ​minnehaha park, ​monroe street "monroe street bridge", northwest christian schools, colbert campus "northwest christian schools", northwest museum of arts & culture "the campbell house", river park square shopping & entertainment complex "river park square", spokane horse slaughter camp "horse slaughter camp", st. francis xavier catholic church "saint francis xavier church", ​the davenport hotel, ​the doubletree by hilton hotel, spokane city center "the doubletree hotel", westcoast entertainment "the stcu best of broadway theater", west valley city school "west valley middle school".

minnehaha park spokane haunted

These 25 Spokane-area parks should be on your summer to-do list

Parks in the Spokane area range from manicured to wild. Often, a park will feature both. Here’s a list of 25 parks – with the notable exceptions of Riverfront Park and Manito Park – that offer a bit of everything, from music, swimming, and picnicking to softball tennis, canoeing and hiking.

Pine River Park

626 E. Greenleaf Drive, Spokane

There may not be a better suburban community park in the county than tiny Pine River, which sits invitingly along the Little Spokane River, just north of Wandermere Golf Course north of Spokane.

Pine River’s 14 acres include a footbridge and 300 feet of naturally sandy beach and a laid-back atmosphere. Crowds are small, perhaps because it’s often overlooked, even by north-siders.

“In May, when the greenery is coming into full bloom, it’s one of the most beautiful areas we have in the park system – it’s just gorgeous in there,” said Doug Chase director or Spokane County Parks.

Valleyford Community Park

11418 E Palouse Highway, in Valleyford

It isn’t exactly hidden – it sits adjacent to the Old Palouse Highway – but it’s often overlooked as motorists speed toward the lakes of North Idaho and other destinations.

That’s too bad, because the park holds a nature trail, shelters, basketball courts and a barbeque area in its 22 acres. California Creek meanders through the park, which is operated and maintained by the Freeman School District as part of an agreement with the Spokane County parks department. It’s open from May 1 through Sept. 30.

“It’s definitely a hidden gem,” Chase said.

Gateway Regional Park

26715 E. Appleway Ave., Liberty Lake

A stroll by the river doesn’t get much better than this, as Gateway holds more than 2,000 feet of shoreline.

This 50-acre park provides access to the Centennial Trail and includes the popular Patricia Simonet Laughing Dog Park at 26715 E. Spokane Bridge Road.

Mirabeau Point Park

2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley

Spokane Valley got this one right. The Mirabeau area was built for everyone. The Discovery Playground, arguably the region’s best, is a must stop in the summer for children and their parents who need a break.

In many ways, Mirabeau could be called a park and community campus. There’s so much happening, from the YMCA fitness center, to the stellar access to the Centennial Trail, a pretty waterfall feature, a senior center and a natural area crisscrossed with trails.

Fish Lake Regional Park

14314 S Myers Park Road, Cheney

Southwest of Spokane, this 67-acre park draws swimmers from around the region. As the name implies, the fishing is decent, too.

The small lake also is a fun paddle. Watch for turtles and listen for the frogs. Besides the water, Fish Lake park has a basketball court, playground, trails and a picnic area.

Holmberg Community Park

9615 N. Wall St., Spokane

The best of both worlds, 54-year-old Holmberg is only 7.4 acres, but it adjoins a 103-acre conservation area with plenty of hiking trails.

The park has tennis courts, a playground, picnic shelter and a softball field.

John H. Shields Park

5625 E. Upriver Drive, Spokane

Definitely for the upwardly mobile, this 26-acre park includes the Minnehaha climbing rocks and hiking trail access to the top of Beacon Hill.

It’s a ruggedly beautiful park jointly operated by the the city and county that also provides access to the Centennial Trail and mountain bike paths. It’s not to be confused with …

Minnehaha Park

4000 E. Frederick Ave., Spokane

Before this land was turned into a city park, its mineral springs were turned into a spa, and later, the Union Brewing and Malting Co.

Development of the 39-acre park under city ownership began 15 years after the city purchased it in 1909. The old stone building in the park is rumored to be haunted.

Today, the park is a popular spot with a playground, ballfields and trailhead for Beacon Hill hikers and bikers.

Plantes Ferry Sports Stadium

12308 E. Upriver Drive, Spokane Valley

Game on! The 95-acre regional sports complex offers softball and soccer fields galore. It’s also the site of many regional college and high school cross country meets.

An obelisk marks the site where Antoine Plante’s ferry crossed the Spokane River.

Bear Lake Regional Park

29109 N. Newport Highway, Chattaroy

Located 15 miles north of Spokane, the 166-acre county park features the spring-fed lake with surrounding wetlands and forest.

There’s also play equipment, picnic areas, a sandy volleyball court, swimming beach and hiking trails. It’s also a good place to canoe and fish.

Liberty Lake Regional Park

3707 S. Zephyr Road, Liberty Lake

This 3,591-acre park is a county jewel where activities abound for everyone.

It’s the biggest park in the county, with wetlands, lake shore, a designated swimming beach and the popular 8.3-mile Liberty Lake Loop Trail for hikers.

There’s a modest entry fee of $2 per person ages 6 and up. Younger children enter for free.

An ORV park features gentle and steep slopes, mud bogs and hill climbs.

Prairie View Park

3724 E. 61st Ave., Spokane

The best place on the South Hill for kids to make a splash, this park includes the Southside Aquatics Facility.

The 17-acre park also includes a basketball court, climbing wall, picnic facilities, trails and a playground.

426 W. 12th Ave., Spokane

A giant basalt outcrop is the centerpiece of this 4-acre South Hill park.

There might not be a playground, but kids love the mysterious trail that leads up a stairway to the top of the cliff, which once served as a lookout for local tribes. The cliff top is a large grassy area ringed by a stone wall.

Lincoln Park

2300 E. 17th Ave., Spokane

This 51-acre park created a century ago has two personalities.

The lower section is traditional, with a playground and open fields for practicing lacrosse teams or best friends throwing a Frisbee.

A paved path leads away from this orderliness, climbing beneath cliffs until emerging at the true showpiece of this Olmsted-inspired park: a wild oasis surrounded by city.

The paved path continues in a quarter-mile loop around a natural pond alive with ducks and the calls of blackbirds and songbirds.

Dirt trails branch from the pavement to explore basalt outcroppings, pines forest and open meadows.

Liberty Park

502 S. Pittsburg St., Spokane

Once one of Spokane’s showpieces before engineers and construction crews embarked on the Interstate 90 project, Liberty Park remains an important respite for East Central.

The Liberty Park pool entices youngsters during the heat of summer. There are tennis and basketball courts, places to picnic including a large shelter, ballfields, horseshoe pits, play equipment, and rocks and stairs to explore.

Don’t forget the nearby Underhill Park at 2910 E. Hartson Avenue connected by the newly paved and widened Ben Burr Trail. While sledding is its calling card during the winter, during summer the 19-acre park has a beautiful, large open green space and plenty of activities.

Cannon Hill Park

625 W. 19th Ave., Spokane

It could be said that Cannon Hill Park built Spokane. The land was home to a bustling brickyard and helped rebuild the city after the Great Fire of 1889. Pavers from the brickyard were used on many of the city’s streets and can still be seen in some areas.

Today, the park is a stunning feature of the South Hill. A pond sits where the brickyard one was. A stone bridge recommended by the Olmsted brothers was built to link what was once a wading pool with the larger east pond. It still stands and is an exploration destination for kids.

The park is perfect for strolls and small picnics. There’s play equipment and open field areas.

1015 S. Arthur St., Spokane

The 13-acre park in the Perry District features open fields for play, a busy basketball court and big play areas with adjacent Grant School.

The park has a splash pad, tennis courts, some great climbing trees, the rainbow arch and open fields for ballgames.

Polly Judd Park

1802 W. 14th Ave., Spokane

Overlooking Latah Creek, the 6-acre Polly Judd Park features an exercise course for fitness aspirants, along with a play structure, open field, picnic area and access to the South Hill bluff network of hiking and mountain biking trails.

This relatively new park is embraced by the neighborhood with pancake feeds and other community events.

Sekani Park

6707 E. Upriver Drive, Spokane

The old Boy Scout camp sprawls across 238 acres of undeveloped hills and ravines north of the Spokane River.

It features some of the area’s best mountain biking, full of single-track trails, jumps and tricks. It also features a challenging disc golf course that takes players up and around basalt cliffs, through towering pine trees and across ravines.

Coeur d’Alene Park

2195 W. 2nd Ave., Spokane

The Browne’s Addition park is the city’s first and sits within a historic district full of distinctive homes.

The 10-acre park features a historic gazebo, play equipment, a splash pad and picnic area among the towering pines.

On Thursday evenings during summer, the park hosts the Browne’s Addition concert series .

Drumheller Springs Park

3135 N. Ash St., Spokane

This lightly used 12-acre park is a natural area complete with basalt outcroppings and a natural spring that for centuries served as a freshwater destination and camp for native people.

A plaque sits near the park, detailing Chief Garry’s contributions with the region’s first school, which was at the site.

Today, the park is mostly used by students to learn about native vegetation and history.

Mission Park

11123 E. Mission Ave., Spokane

The Logan neighborhood’s Mission Park has many amenities of a great park. There’s a pool, splash pad, the Centennial Trail, ball fields, tennis courts, river frontage and play equipment.

It has 13 acres that can handle picnics, big gatherings, and it’s located conveniently close to Gonzaga University.

Audubon Park

3405 N. Milton Ave., Spokane

From high school cross country runners to toddlers, the 26.5 acres of Audubon Park have a bit of something for everyone.

It’s a popular choice for family picnics and birthday parties for neighborhood kids. During the summer, watch for free community concerts that draw dozens of people.

There are ballfields, trails, splash pads, playgrounds and, of historical interest, a cobblestone fireplace built in 1936 with money donated by North Side Camp Fire Girls.

Corbin Park

2914 N. West Oval St., Spokane

This 12-acre park basks in history. It’s one of Spokane’s best parks because of its history first as an oval track for horse racing. It is hugged on all sides by well-kept homes built during the turn of the century. The modern park was designed in 1916 by the famous Olmsted brothers, from the family that designed New York City’s Central Park and left their mark in Spokane through design and park consultation.

Today, the park is a mature, lovely space of walking trails, playgrounds and fields.

Finch Arboretum

3404 Woodland Blvd., Spokane

You could call this Picture Park.

For decades, high school seniors have had their portraits taken amidst the glorious trees at Finch Arboretum. Is there a prettier place to walk during autumn? Once the snow falls, a hearty group of cross-country skiers cut trail in the park for fun and fitness.

The 65 acres along the Sunset Hill southwest of downtown feature extensive botanical and tree collections – 2,000 and counting – including lilacs, maples and conifers, and a rhododendron grove.

There’s a self-guided walking tour and year-round activities.

Comstock Park

601 W. 29th Ave., Spokane

Free symphony concerts. One of the city’s busiest and best swimming pools. Kids everywhere. Tennis courts. And a fun field for throwing a boomerang. Comstock Park has a bit of something for everyone.

It’s situated along busy 29th Avenue, and yet once you’re in the 25-acre park, it’s quiet enough for a perfect picnic, nap or concert.

During the holidays, you may have noticed your parents need more help

After the holidays, you may find yourself facing the challenging reality that a beloved elderly family member or friend is experiencing cognitive or health decline.


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Public transit brings you one stop closer to exploring Spokane's array of parks and natural areas

By Summer Sandstrom

Public transit brings you one stop closer to exploring Spokane's array of parks and natural areas

L eave those fleets of unpredictable motorists and semitrucks behind. Don't bother logging mile upon mile to reach the numerous hiking trails and parks peppered throughout the Inland Northwest.

Take a bus instead.

Spokane Transit Authority's bus routes provide an easy, affordable and environmentally friendly way to get to your next outdoor adventure.

"There is so much in this community that's accessible by transit if you're enjoying nature on foot," says Karl Otterstrom, STA's chief planning and development officer.

Even farther-flung places to venture can be reached by pairing transit with bicycles, Otterstrom says, as all STA buses are equipped with bike racks.

"Use the bus as part of the journey and the experience, and leave the car parked," he says. "It really becomes part of the adventure."

Here are five outdoor spots easily accessible by bus throughout Spokane, made more simple by starting at the downtown STA Plaza on West Riverside Avenue.


With over 3,200 acres of protected land, towering rock formations and a myriad of wildlife including porcupines and flying squirrels, there's always something new to discover at Dishman Hills.

Formed in 1966, it's the oldest land conservancy in the state, owned and jointly managed by Spokane County, Dishman Hills Conservancy and the state Department of Natural Resources.

Dishman contains unique geography carved by the raging ice age Missoula Floods, which barreled through Eastern Washington and left a trail of eroded rocks, sunken ponds and ridges etched into the ground.

There are two ways to get to Dishman by bus. From downtown Spokane, you can get to Camp Caro in about 20 minutes by hopping on Route 90 and stopping at East Appleway Boulevard and South Sargent Road. Or you can take Route 94 to East Eighth Avenue and South Park Road, where you'll walk east on Eighth for about a half-mile to the Edgecliff Trailhead.

Make sure to keep an eye out for water howellia — the dainty white flowers lining the waterbanks — as Dishman Hills is one of the only habitats where they grow.


Resting on the river banks of the Little Spokane River, the trails throughout Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve lead you through an old dairy farm that's now a magical hidden gem, part of which is managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

With 1,700 feet of shoreline and a plethora of springs, Waikiki is a magnet for moose, deer, great blue herons and even bald eagles, which nest in the upland forest of ponderosa pine.

There are two ways to bus north to Waikiki: Route 124 or Route 25.

The 124 takes about a half-hour to reach the stop on West Hastings Road at the Fairwood Center, where you then head north on Mill Road and west on Fairwood Drive for about a mile and a half.

Unfortunately, this route doesn't run as frequently as others, so you may have to take the 25 at the Hastings Park and Ride instead. From the plaza, it's a one and a half-mile walk — or bike ride — to Waikiki Springs.

Have no fear. There are coffee stands and restaurants on the way back to the bus stops, so you can make a pit stop before jumping back on the bus.

Public transit brings you one stop closer to exploring Spokane's array of parks and natural areas


For denizens of Spokane's South Hill, the Bluffs have that special mixture of beauty and proximity that few other neighborhoods boast. The 20 miles of trails are lined with ponderosa pines, vivid displays of balsamroot and other wildflowers, and steep hills overlooking Latah Valley, Hangman Creek and the Westwood Natural Area.

Just 20 minutes from downtown on Route 43 takes you to South Lincoln Street and West 26th Avenue, where you can walk due west to connect with numerous trailheads.

Or you can ride farther down to West 37th Avenue and South Bernard Street and walk southwest along 37th to reach some other trailheads along the bluff.

Better yet, combine both stops into one trip, departing from one, through-hiking the steep trails, exiting on the opposite side of the trails and getting back on the bus.


Rumor has it that Minnehaha Park is haunted, but in truth it's more akin to a vast outdoor gym. Spanning 39 acres, it connects half a mile north to mountain bikers' beloved Beacon Hill, and the Minnehaha climbing rocks 2 miles east.

The abandoned building at the park was a spa, thanks to its mineral water wells, but the resort caught on fire in 1899. John Hieber bought the land and used the water for his namesake brewery.

The rocky basalt formations are a sure sign you're in the Inland Northwest, but as you get lost in this yawning natural area you may forget what century you're in. Beware wandering ghosts looking for mineral water. Unless you're thirsty.

Take Route 39 to North Myrtle Street and East Frederick Avenue. Bring your bike, and ride (and climb) your way through East Spokane's great outdoors.


Just east of Spokane's Browne's Addition, the wooded paths of People's Park are home to wild roses, Oregon grape bushes and willows swaying along the edge of Hangman Creek.

Long a Native locale for living and hunting, the area became known as People's Park during Expo '74, when it was established as a free campsite for visitors to the World's Fair.

A 12-minute ride on Route 20 brings you to West Riverside Avenue and West Clarke Avenue, where a short walk will take you to the Sandifur Memorial Bridge overlooking the raging Spokane River.

To the south, trails take you along Latah Creek, where the Coeur d'Alene Tribe is releasing salmon in hopes that they'll flourish in the area once again. ♦

The original print version of this article was headlined "Near Nature By Bus"

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As Spokane's transit system recovers from the pandemic, one STA board member wonders if low-income fares could help

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Gifts for the Newly Elected

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How Spokane is leading the nation with latest transit project

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STA's new transit line begins operating this weekend, the Inland Northwest's first bus rapid transit system

By Eliza Billingham and Summer Sandstrom

STA's new transit line begins operating this weekend, the Inland Northwest's first bus rapid transit system

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A 25-mile hike encircles Spokane's Riverside State Park. I tried to walk it in a single day

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Four local artists captured the beauty and intricacies of farming through the use of various media

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Green Zone Gifts: What to get your energetic and creative buds to keep them from getting bored

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minnehaha park spokane haunted

Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Park Map

Notable Places in the Area

Felts field.

Felts Field

Spokane Community College

Spokane Community College

Avista Stadium

Avista Stadium

Localities in the Area

Chief garry park.


  • Description: city park in Spokane, Washington, United States
  • Categories: urban park and recreation area
  • Location: Spokane , Washington , Pacific Northwest , United States , North America
  • View on Open­Street­Map

Minnehaha Park Satellite Map

Minnehaha Park Satellite Map

Also Known As

  • Cebuano: Minnehaha Park (parke sa Estados Unidos, Washington)
  • Cebuano: Minnehaha Park
  • English: Minnehaha Park (Spokane)

Other Places Named Minnehaha Park

In the area.

  • Bemiss Quarter
  • Yardley Locality, 1½ miles southeast
  • Orchard Avenue Hamlet, 2 miles east
  • Whitman Quarter, 2 miles northwest
  • Logan Quarter, 2½ miles southwest
  • Morgan Acres Neighborhood, 2½ miles northwest
  • Esmeralda Municipal Golf Course Golf course
  • Church of God (Seventh Day) Church
  • Wildhorse Park Park
  • Loren Kondo Park Park
  • Mary Queen Parish Church Church
  • Beacon Hill Peak

Popular Destinations in Washington

Escape to a random place.

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Lilacs for the garden /

Lilacs for the garden

Indian trail, similar items.

  • Spokane -- Lilac Festival [vertical file].
  • Spokane -- Lilacs [vertical file].
  • Where lilacs still bloom : a novel Kirkpatrick, Jane, 1946- Book - 2012
  • Where lilacs still bloom [large type] : a novel Kirkpatrick, Jane, 1946- Book - 2012
  • Lilac attack! Bell, Sophie Book - 2014


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  9. 'It has a long history of ghosts': Take a stroll through Spokane's most

    Instead, take a drive down Market Street in northeast Spokane to a neighborhood ... Take a stroll through Spokane's most haunted neighborhood. By Melissa Luck; Oct 29, 2021

  10. Haunted Spokane: Minnehaha Park

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  11. Ghosts still linger at Spokane's haunted landmarks

    Some of they city's scariest places are gorgeous during the day, but at night, everything changes.

  12. Minnehaha Park (Spokane, Washington)

    Minnehaha Park is a 39-acre public park located at Euclid Avenue and Havana Street in Spokane, Washington. The land for the park was acquired in 1909 but development did not begin until 1934. Prior to becoming a park the location was a spa, because of a mineral water spring on the site, and a brewery. The park served as the outdoor filming ...

  13. Historical/Haunted sites in/around Spokane? : r/Spokane

    Born and raised here in Spokane, I know of some places that are considered haunted (1000 steps, minnehaha park, etc.) I'm looking for some historically interesting, creepy, whatever, places to go visit! I had found Evergreen Cemetery, which is the resting place of some residents of the Spokane County Poor Farm, but that is closed currently.

  14. PDF Location

    Historic Name: Minnehaha Park Stone Building Property ID: 706344 Location Address: Minnehaha Park, 4055 E Euclid Ave, Spokane, Washington GeographicAreas: Spokane,Spokane County,T25R43E03,SPOKANE NE Quadrangle Construction Type Year Circa Built Date 1890 Information Construction Dates: Historic Use: Number of stories: N/A Category Subcategory

  15. Ghost hunt- Minnehaha Park, Spokane, WA

    20 subscribers Subscribe 15K views 13 years ago Ghost hunting in Spokane WA, at Minnehaha Park- An old orphanage boarded up. The rumors are that children who could not find foster homes were...

  16. Haunted Locations: Spokane, Washington

    Population: 229,071 (2021) County: Spokane County Haunted Locations Documented: 14 Haunted Locations Indexed: 23 The following is a list of allegedly haunted locations in Spokane, Washington. To view my full list of ghost stories and haunted locations in Washington, Click Here .

  17. These 25 Spokane-area parks should be on your summer to-do list

    29109 N. Newport Highway, Chattaroy. Located 15 miles north of Spokane, the 166-acre county park features the spring-fed lake with surrounding wetlands and forest. There's also play equipment ...

  18. Public transit brings you one stop closer to exploring Spokane's array

    Rumor has it that Minnehaha Park is haunted, but in truth it's more akin to a vast outdoor gym. Spanning 39 acres, it connects half a mile north to mountain bikers' beloved Beacon Hill, and the ...

  19. Minnehaha, Spokane

    The site is now known for rumors that it is haunted by the ghosts of children who lived at an orphanage on park property, though there never was an orphanage at the site. [8] The health spa and resort days came to an end between 1909 and 1913, when the city purchased the property and set out to develop it as a park.

  20. Investigating Minnehaha haunted park in Spokane wa!

    0:00 / 16:45 Investigating Minnehaha haunted park in Spokane wa! Thirdeye Jemni 935 subscribers 408 views 1 year ago MINNEHAHA PARK Let's do some investigations at minnehaha park in...

  21. Minnehaha Park Map

    Minnehaha Park. Minnehaha Park is a 39-acre public park located at Euclid Avenue and Havana Street in Spokane, Washington. The land for the park was acquired in 1909 but development did not begin until 1934. Map.

  22. Minnehaha Park- Ghost investigation- Ryan's P.O.V

    this is a three part POV video series of a ghost investigation we conduct at Minnehaha Park in Spokane Washington. what we capture is much more compelling th...

  23. Staff View: Lilacs for the garden

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