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2020 Hyundai i10 Revealed With Upscale Design, Better Interior

Hyundai thinks big with its smallest car..

2020 Hyundai i10

A worrying report from Automotive News refers to small cars sold in Europe as being an endangered species due to stricter emissions regulations forcing automakers to spend more money to make these petite vehicles comply with the tighter rules. Meeting these targets is getting harder and harder as the years go by, so building a solid business case for a city car is way trickier than it used to be.

While that may be the case, Hyundai is not giving up on the A-segment just yet as the South Korean brand is introducing today the third-generation i10, a sister model of the Kia Picanto. There’s both good and bad news to share regarding the design of the brand’s smallest car, as although it’s predictably not nearly as exciting as the official sketch wanted us to believe, we do observe a massive improvement over the outgoing model.

Gallery: 2020 Hyundai i10

2020 Hyundai i10 N Line

The i10 now looks all grown up, even though its dimensions have remained pretty much the same. It is 20 millimeters (0.78 inches) wider and sits 20 mm lower while largely carrying over the length and wheelbase. Overall, the little five-door hatchback looks sportier than the model it replaces, and will likely be even more desirable in that N Line trim we spotted recently flaunting dual exhaust tips.

Getting back to the car at hand, the differences on the inside compared to its predecessor are night and day as we can clearly see steps into the right direction have been taken by Hyundai. Dominating the dashboard is an eight-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, providing support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. In addition, there’s wireless charging and a nifty smartphone app that allows the driver to remotely access some of the car’s functions, such as the climate controls settings.

Its Bigger Brother Will Also Switch To Next Gen Soon:

In terms of safety, the 2020 Hyundai i10 comes with emergency braking with a front-mounted camera able to detect not just vehicles but also pedestrians. It's complemented by other safety and assistance systems, including driver fatigue detection, speed limit warning, lane keep assistance, and high beam assist that automatically switches between high and low beams.

Power is provided by a tiny three-cylinder 1.0-liter gasoline engine with 67 hp and 96 Newton-meters (71 pound-feet) of torque, so sadly no turbocharger here. There's also a slightly beefier 1.2-liter unit with 83 hp and 118 Nm (87 lb-ft). Both are hooked up as standard to a five-speed manual transmission, but an automated manual gearbox with the same number of gears can be had at an additional cost. Further down the line, an LPG-compatible three-cylinder unit will be launched.

The revamped Hyundai i10 will celebrate its public debut later this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show and is scheduled to go on sale in Europe in the first half of 2020.

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All-New Hyundai i10: making a big statement in the A-segment

  • The latest generation of Hyundai’s A-segment car is a full-featured entry into the Hyundai family, to be launched with the tagline “Go Big.”
  • The All-New Hyundai i10 features a new dynamic design that illustrates its agile and active nature
  • It offers comprehensive connectivity and Hyundai’s SmartSense active safety package
  • To be unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September

3 September 2019  -  Hyundai Motor has unveiled the All-New i10 ahead of its launch at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA).

The newest model in the company’s i-range features a new dynamic design, as well as a comprehensive connectivity and advanced safety package.

Since its introduction in 2008, the i10 has been a success story for Hyundai in Europe. Like the previous generation of the model, the All-New i10 is designed, developed and made in Europe. Its exterior body reflects its young spirit while ensuring uncompromised accessibility and comfort to support its diversified users in their everyday activities. In combination with one of the most comprehensive safety equipment offers in its class, the All-New Hyundai i10 offers the complete package.

"The i10 has consistently been one of our sales drivers and the historic base of growth for Hyundai in Europe, and we stay committed to our customers looking for an A-segment car by introducing this all-new model. The All-New Hyundai i10 is the latest example of our democratisation of new technologies for our customers. We are launching it with the tagline “Go Big.” to emphasise the feeling that customers will get from this uncompromised city car – it might seem like a small car, but it makes a big statement!"

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann  Vice President Marketing and Product at Hyundai Motor Europe HQ

A dynamic and stylish exterior design

The All-New i10’s dynamic and sleek design offers a contrast between its soft surfaces and sharp lines. Compared to its predecessor, the All-New i10 has enhanced proportions. Its visual stance is improved by its lowered roof (20 mm) and its wider body (20 mm).These enhancements can be complemented by newly-designed optional 16-inch alloy wheels, resulting in an energetic and agile look. 

The All-New i10 has a young and dynamic design that stands out in the A-segment. Its wide front grille expresses a sporty character and incorporates the round LED Daytime Running Lights showing a refined honeycomb structure inside, thus continuing this feature of the i10’s heritage. At the rear, two horizontal crease lines break up the soft surfaces of the boot and run into the taillight graphics.

The All-New i10’s side view is characterised by the clean, smoothly muscled main body, which has been shaped to provide maximum inner space. Unique triangular volumes visually emphasise the width of the car and highlight the position of the wheels at the four corners. The X-shaped C-Pillar, visible from far away, clearly identifies the car and draws the eye to the pillar-mounted logo. 

Customers can choose from 10 exterior base colours, including three new ones: Dragon Red, Brass and Aqua Turquoise. The other exterior colour choices are Phantom Black, Polar White, Star Dust, Sleek Silver, Champion Blue, Tomato Red and Slate Blue. The option of a two-tone roof – in either Black or Red – further increases customers’ customisation options and brings out the All-New i10’s playful side. Overall, 22 exterior colour combinations are available.

"The design of the All-New i10 combines opposing elements of softness and sharpness in both the interior as well as the exterior. Our designers found inspiration in the technical clothes of athletes, which contrast the natural shapes of the human muscles with sharp and technical graphics.

Thomas Bürkle C hief Designer at Hyundai Design Center Europe

The interior also features a fully new design

The interior offers a youthful impression through the overall theme of the design of the All-New i10 without compromising usability. One of the important elements of the interior is the extra width created by the air-vents protruding the doortrim to support the horizontality of the architecture.  The large décor panel on the dashboard, shows the ‘honeycomb’ 3D pattern that is carried as well into the door panels. This brings visual value to the whole interior. 

With the youthful style and practical solutions of the interior without compromising comfort the much appreciated larger segment character of the previous generation is continued. The doortrim is designed to visually extend the dashboard while also guiding the eye towards the large storage compartments in the door. Additional to the glovebox storage, the designers of the All-New i10 integrated an extra open storage compartment above the glovebox on the passenger side. 

Four different interior colour combinations offer customers even more scope for personalisation.

Roominess and convenience

The All-New i10 is available as a four- or five-seater model. Thanks to the increased wheelbase the roominess for the passengers has been enhanced.

The All-New i10’s reduced beltline at the front (-11mm) and rear of the vehicle (-13mm) provides drivers with a better view of the road on both sides, as well as a sleeker design. In combination with less C-pillar obscuration, now 11.9º and down from 13.1º, drivers have better visibility when performing parking manoeuvers.

With a volume of 252 litres, its versatile luggage space is among the best in the segment. Meanwhile, the lift-in height is -29mm lower, making it easier for drivers to load luggage into the trunk. The two-stage luggage board and one-hand folding rear seats are additional features adding on to the model’s convenience.

The All-New i10 is available with a rear-view camera, which is designed to assist drivers while parking. When reverse is selected, drivers can see where they are going on the screen in the centre dashboard.

Class-leading connectivity

The All-New i10 also features a range of new connectivity features, making it a leader in its class. All of the advanced technology functions are integrated into the eight-inch colour touchscreen, which is the largest in the A-segment. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto guarantee seamless integration, safe operation and mirrored functionality of mobile devices that are based on the iOS or Android operating systems. Wireless charging means drivers never have to worry that their smartphone’s battery will run out on a long journey.

Hyundai is making its Connected Car platform available as an option for All-New i10 customers. With connectivity playing an essential part in modern mobility, the company’s full-featured Bluelink telematics provides significant benefits to drivers regarding safety and security, control and connectivity via an app. It allows users to search for points of interest (POI) and send the search results directly to the car’s satellite navigation, which means it is set up even before they get into the car. Other features include ‘Find My Car’, which allows drivers to locate their vehicle easily in an unfamiliar setting, as well as parking space and fuel station search, which offer live prices and availability.

Customers who choose navigation receive a subscription to Hyundai LIVE Services, which offer real-time traffic and weather conditions as well as the position of speed cameras in countries where this is permitted by law.

A comprehensive safety package

The All-New i10 has one of the most comprehensive safety packages in its class and is equipped with the latest Hyundai SmartSense active safety and driving assistance features to comply with the highest European safety standards.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) utilises a multi-function camera to detect not just cars, but also pedestrians in front of the vehicle. Meanwhile, High Beam Assist (HBA) is designed to automatically switch between high and low beams and provides an optimal illumination of the road ahead to help drivers detect lights from oncoming vehicles at night.

Other safety features available in the All-New i10 include the Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), Driver Attention Warning (DAW) and the Intelligent Speed Limit Warning (ISLW).

Fun driving performance and eco-friendly powertrains

The All-New i10 will be available at launch with two engines: a 1.0-litre MPi 3-cylinder with 67 PS and 96 Nm torque, as well as a 1.2-litre MPi 4-cylinder with 84 PS and 118 Nm torque. Both engines are available with two transmission choices, which consist of a five-gear manual transmission and a five-gear automated manual transmission (AMT). Compared to a traditional automatic transmission, the AMT increases efficiency thanks to its lighter weight and reduced friction.

The Idle Stop and Go (ISG) is a standard feature for all powertrains, which contributes to lower fuel consumption, lower CO 2  emissions and higher efficiency. The fuel savings of using the ISG are especially apparent when driving in urban areas, as the ISG automatically switches off the engine when the car comes to a halt. In order to further enhance aerodynamics the drag coefficient of the car was lowered from 0.32 to 0.31.

The All-New i10 is also available with an ECO Pack, which includes an adjusted gear ratio, four seats and 14-inch wheels for optimised efficiency.

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2020 Hyundai i10

The smallest Hyundai returns with new looks and tech, same old engines

The 2020 Hyundai i10 is the third-generation version of the subcompact hatchback. A success story for Hyundai in Europe, the i10 is now bolder on the outside and smarter on the inside. Under the hood, the 2020 i10 is pretty much similar to its predecessor as it features the same engines, but it has a new automated manual transmission. Hyundai also added extra safety features, turning the 2020 i10 is one of the most advanced vehicles in its niche.

The 2020 i10 arrives to compete with its Kia-badged sibling, the Picanto, and the popular Toyota Aygo in a really crowded subcompact segment. How does it compare to its predecessor and rivals? Let's find out in the review below.

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Redesigned from a clean sheet, the third-generation i10 remains familiar design-wise. The subcompact still features swept-back headlamps, but their design is a bit different, with sharper edges toward the nose. As a big change compared to the outgoing model, the i10 no longer has a thin grille between the front lights. The main grille remains somewhat similar to the old model. It's still wider at the top, where it also includes LED daytime running lights, but now it's also wider at the bottom. Instead of black trim, the two grille components are separated by a body-colored section. All told, it looks as if the i10 now features two trapezoidal grilles with their wider sides toward the hood and apron, respectively.

The fake side vents that include small fog lamps are notably smaller than before, but that's because the lower grille is much wider now. The old, featureless engine hood was replaced by a new cover that includes character lines that run alongside the headlamps and from the windshield to the nose. These cues alone give the front end a more muscular look.

The new i10's profile isn't all that different from the old hatchback, but look close enough and notable differences start to surface. For starters, the way the hood is cut toward the windshield shows a bit more attention to detail. The same goes for the front doors, which now fully incorporate the area that supports the side mirrors. The lower black trim seen on the old i10 is gone, but shape of the lower doors is pretty much similar.

Another important change is visible in the quarter window, which now incorporates a triangular piece of black trim with the "i10" lettering. Because this element almost runs into the tailgate, it gives the third-gen i10 a floating roof effect, especially if you opt for a black roof.

The rear of the new i10 is as dull as they get, especially since it doesn't sport major changes. The tailgate is virtually identical to the old model save for the bigger handle and the revised taillights, which are now more angular and feature a revised pattern with the turn signals in the upper section. The rear bumper is now simpler than before. The trapezoidal license plate recess has grown bigger, but Hyundai ditched the black insert. However, the diffuser-like element at the bottom looks a tad sportier.

The third-generation i10 is available in 10 exterior colors, including three brand-new hues. You can now pick from Dragon Red, Brass, and Aqua Turquoise. Other options include Phantom Black, Polar White, Star Dust, Sleek Silver, Champion Blue, Tomato Red, and Slate Blue. You can also spec your i10 in a two-tone finish thanks to a new option that allows you to have the roof painted in black or red. Overall, you now have 22 exterior color combinations to choose from.

Hyundai describes the interior of the new i10 as "youthful," and based on what we're seeing, we have to agree. The Korean brand ditched the cluttered design of the center stack, much like it did in its larger models in recent years. The ugly upper center stack with the rectangular screen flanked by round A/C vents is also gone, now replaced by a "free standing" display with rectangular vents below. The control panel for the air conditioning system was placed just below the vents for added convenience. Below that there are two USB ports and a small storage compartment.

The way the infotainment display is integrated with the hood of the instrument cluster is rather intriguing. It seems as if Hyundai tried to copy the premium automakers, which now integrate the infotainment and instrument cluster displays into a single unit, but the design isn't as cool in the i10. The eight-inch infotainment screen is basically surrounded by a trim extension of the instrument cluster that doesn't look out of place, but it's not seamless either. Still, it's not a bad design for a vehicle this small.

The instrument cluster continues to feature analog dials, but there's a small display between them for vital information, including range and driver aid functions. The steering wheel was redesigned and now looks way cooler and features more ergonomic controls. Higher trims come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The dashboard is available with a two-tone finish that combines black with light grey surfaced on the center and the glovebox. The upper section features a honeycomb pattern that looks nice, but the entire unit still looks plasticky. This isn't an issue given the segment and the price, but it doesn't feel as premium as Hyundai wants us to believe. As an interesting feature, Hyundai added an extra open storage compartment just above the glovebox. The grey areas trickle into the door panels, where they surround the opening handle and the lower pocket. The latter also features the honeycomb pattern, but again, the entire element looks like solid plastic.

The seats look a lot like those from the outgoing model. Sure, Hyundai probably made some comfort updates here and there, but didn't change much in terms of design. The seats are wrapped in cloth, but feature an interesting pattern on the seating surfaces, as well as optional white stripes on the backrest. In the rear, the i10 can be ordered with either the classic bench for three people or a pair of more comfortable seats for two passengers.

As far as tech goes, the eight-inch infotainment system, which is the largest in this segment, includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The i10 can be equipped with many cool features available in larger Hyundais, but they're optional. Highlights include a rear-view camera, wireless charging, and the Connected Car platform. The latter includes Bluelink telematics, a feature that searches points of interest, and Find My Car, which enables you to locate your i10 in a parking lot or unfamiliar areas.

When it comes to trunk space, the new i10 remains similar to its predecessor and offers 252 liters (8.9 cubic feet) with the rear seats in place. Although it's not a segment-leading figure, it's very close to the Kia Picanto, rated at 255 liters (nine cubic feet). The i10's trunk is also quite large compared to that of the Toyota Aygo, rated at only 168 liters (5.9 cubic feet).

Hyundai has yet to release trunk capacity with the rear seats folded, but it's safe to assume that it remains similar to the old car. The outgoing i10 can swallow up to 1,046 liters (36.9 cubic feet) of luggage, a figure that probably didn't change much for the new generation. This is a bit more than the Kia Picanto, rated at 1,010 liters (35.6 cubic feet).

The third-generation i10 was launched with two engines, both based on units offered with the outgoing hatchback. The base mill is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder that cranks out 66 horsepower and 96 Nm (71 pound-feet) of torque. That's just one horsepower and two Nm (two pound-feet) of torque more than the outgoing version of this engine.

The other option is a 1.2-liter four-cylinder that's also just a mild improvement over the old design. This unit cranks out 83 horsepower and 118 Nm (87 pound-feet) of twist and it's actually a bit less powerful than the outgoing mill. Specifically, the outgoing i10 with this engine came with an extra three horsepower and an additional two Nm (two pound-feet) of torque.

You should know that these engines are shared with the Kia Picanto, which benefits from the same output ratings with one minor exception. In the Picanto, the 1.2-liter engine cranks out 122 Nm (90 pound-feet) of twist, four Nm (three pound-feet) more than the i10.

Based on this, it's safe to assume that Hyundai will add the turbocharged 1.0-liter three-pot that Kia offers in the Picanto as well. This engine will become the range-topping choice with an output of around 99 horsepower and 172 Nm (127 pound-feet) of torque.

The Toyota Aygo is along the same lines as far as performance goes. The Japanese firm offers a 1.0-liter three-cylinder rated at 71 horsepower and 94 Nm (69 pound-feet) of torque, five horsepower more than the i10, but two Nm (two pound-feet) below.

Both the 1.0- and 1.2-liter engines are available with either a five-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automated manual gearbox. The latter provides increased efficiency thanks to its lighter weight and improved friction. Both units feature Idle Stop and Go as standard. This technology reduces fuel consumption and lower C02 emissions, especially in urban areas. The optional ECO Pack helps reduce consumption even more through optimized gear ratio and 14-inch wheels.

Safety Features

The i10 may be petite and all, but it comes with a comprehensive safety package. Hyundai brags that it's above the competition, but it's a speech we've heard from Kia and Toyota as well. Anyway, the i10 features Hyundai's latest SmartSense suite of active safety features, which includes tech like Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist and High Beam Assist. The former can detect cars and pedestrians in front of the vehicle thanks to a multi-function camera. High Beam Assist, on the other hand, switches between high and low beams to provide optimal illumination of the road ahead without blinding oncoming drivers. You can also add optional safety features like Lane Keep Assist System, Driver Attention Warning, and the Intelligent Speed Limited Warning.

Pricing information for the new i10 is not yet available, but it shouldn't be notably more expensive than the outgoing model. The old hatchback retails from £9,325, so the third-gen i10 shouldn't fetch more than £10,000 before options. The range-topping model, currently called the Premium SE, will probably start from around £14,500. The Hyundai i10 won't be sold in the United States.


Kia picanto.

Redesigned in 2017, the current Kia Picanto shares most underpinnings and engines with the Hyundai i10. But it looks notably different on the outside and the redesign brought interesting features to the table. While not overly sporty, it shares some design cues with the bigger Kia model and still looks fresh after two years on the market. The Picanto's interior looks decent enough and in some areas, like the design of the seats and the A/C vents, it actually looks a bit better than the i10. It's pretty solid in the tech department as well and includes everything you get in the i10, but the infotainment display is slightly smaller at seven inches.

Under the hood, the Picanto is virtually identical to the i10. It comes with the same 1.0-liter three-cylinder rated at 66 horsepower and 96 Nm (71 pound-feet) of torque and the 1.2-liter four-cylinder that cranks out 83 horsepower and 118 Nm (87 pound-feet) of twist. Unlike the i10, the Picanto is also available with a beefed-up, turbocharged 1.0-liter three-pot that delivers a solid 99 horses and 172 Nm (127 pound-feet) of torque. The Picanto also features a similar five-speed manual, but it's not available with the i10's new five-speed automated manual. Instead it can be equipped with a four-speed automatic. Pricing for the Kia Picanto starts from £10,045. The most expensive trim comes in at £15,215 before options.

Read our full review of the 2019 Kia Picanto.

Toyota Aygo

Yet another popular choice in the city car segment, the Aygo is already in its second generation. Redesigned in 2014, the Aygo is much older than its competitors, but the facelift Toyota operated in 2018 brought some important changes. The hatchback has a more aggressive front end, more angular features, and redesigned taillights. The cabin is a bit more cluttered than the competition, but the body-colored trim, the available premium upholstery, and the new instrument cluster graphics turn it into an appealing option. Power comes with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder rated at 71 horsepower and 94 Nm (69 pound-feet) of torque. Pricing for the Aygo starts from £9,495 for the three-door version, but the four-door variant comes in at £10,125. The range-topping Aygo comes in at £14,025 before options.

Read our full story on the 2019 Toyota Aygo

Final Thoughts

The new i10 is a big improvement over the old model. And not just because it looks better on the outside. It also features a more modern and ergonomic interior and technology that places it at the top of its segment. Things are a bit disappointing in the drivetrain department in the absence of new engines, but there's a new transmission to make up for that. Fortunately, the i10 will also feature a turbocharged three-cylinder engine with almost 100 horsepower at some point. The new i10 is definitely a solid option in this segment, especially if the base model won't cost more than £10,000.

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Hyundai i10 Colours

Our verdict, colour guide.

Hyundai i10 Pearl - Mangrove green

Pearl - Mangrove green Free

This slick shade of green is the only no-cost colour choice that’s available on the Hyundai i10, but that’s certainly no bad thing. With a subtle undertone of light blue and silver, it lends this dinky city car an icy appearance that’s easy on the eye and which stands out in a crowd. Being a fairly light shade, it should do a good job of keeping winter dirt and grime at bay, too.

Hyundai i10 Special solid paint - Atlas white

Special solid paint - Atlas white £300

It's not a great paid colour option in our eyes, but does show up the black and coloured detailing on all versions. Even if it looks a bit like a dishwasher, the neutral colour will perform well on the second-hand market.


Hyundai i10 Pearl - Aurora grey

Pearl - Aurora grey £600

While this pearlescent Aurora Grey is certainly a smart-looking shade of paint, it does appear to be a wee bit subdued next to the more vibrant colours that are available on the Hyundai i10. With effectively no contrasting exterior trim elements to speak of, the overall effect is slightly flat, but with that conservatism comes the knowledge that it’ll probably hold its value when the time to sell eventually comes around.

Hyundai i10 Pearl - Dragon red

Pearl - Dragon red £600

This bold shade of lipstick red looks right at home on the dinky Hyundai i10. With a pearlescent effect, it should look pretty snazzy in the sun too, and a more vibrant appearance likely won’t hurt its resale value too badly either. This deep shade of red looks great in contrast to the i10’s large front grille too.

Hyundai i10 Pearl - Lumen Gray

Pearl - Lumen Gray £600

Hyundai i10 Pearl - Meta blue

Pearl - Meta blue £600

Meta Blue is more powder blue than anything, yet it suits the i10 very well. Showing up the details and trim pieces nicely, while being more interesting than a neutral tone, choosing this will also hide dirt and grime better than those too.

Hyundai i10 Pearl - Phantom black

Pearl - Phantom black £600

While Phantom Black certainly isn’t an unattractive shade of paint, it does make the i10 look a touch subdued compared to some of the other more vibrant colours you can opt for. Still, black cars typically hold their values well, although you’ll find it picks up more than its fair share of road grime over the winter. Be prepared to ready the bucket, sponge and soapy water.

Popular Hyundai i10 colours

  • Black Hyundai i10
  • Blue Hyundai i10
  • Green Hyundai i10
  • Grey Hyundai i10
  • Red Hyundai i10
  • White Hyundai i10

*Please contact the dealer for a personalised quote, including terms and conditions. Quote is subject to dealer requirements, including status and availability. Illustrations are based on personal contract hire, 9 month upfront fee, 48 month term and 8000 miles annually, VAT included.

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2017 Hyundai i10 Review: Class Contender

A new entry and top of the class.

2017 Hyundai i10


The Hyundai i10 is the Korean company’s smallest car and it competes in the chic urban run-around segment alongside the likes of the Volkswagen Up/Skoda Citigo/Seat Mii trio, the Citroen C1/Peugeot 108/Toyota Aygo group, its own closely-related Kia Picanto cousin, and the Renault Twingo/Smart Forfour machines. The Hyundai stands tall among this crowd – tall enough, perhaps, to be considered the leader of its field. The i10 is offered purely as a five-door hatchback, with a choice of two normally aspirated petrol engines driving the front wheels. Gearboxes are a five-speed manual or a four-speed auto, and the i10 is covered by an excellent five-year, unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty. Hyundai mildly facelifted the car in late 2016 and added optional extra safety equipment on higher specification cars.


Did you know? Most Hyundai i10s are five-seaters – with the exception of the SE Blue eco-model, which is only fitted with two seatbelts in the rear.

Verdict | Design | Interior | Technology | Performance | Safety | Specs | Running Costs | Pricing

Verdict: ★★★★★★★ ★★ ☆ (8.8/10)

The Hyundai i10 is one of our favourite city cars – if not the best thing in its class. Considering it is up against the Volkswagen Up, that’s some high praise, but we’d go even further and say the i10 is preferable to quite a lot of the larger B-segment hatchbacks too. It’s a really clever piece of packaging, it’s incredibly refined for such a small car, and it looks pretty smart inside and out. The i10 lacks the funky personalisation options some rivals in this segment offer and it’s a shame there’s no diesel option, but that’s about where our criticism of the i10 starts and ends. This is one of the Korean company’s strongest, most likeable products and it should be top of anyone’s list if they’re looking for a superb sub-supermini machine.

2017 Hyundai i10

We Don't Like

Design & exterior: ★★★★★ ★★★★ ☆ (9/10).

We might almost have given the car full marks here, if not for two things: one, the facelift of 2016 made the previously simple but crisp design of the i10’s front end look a little more fussy, with the round LED daytime running lights of higher specifications incorporated into the new ‘descending grille’; and two, the light clusters and placement of the number plate at the rear have always made the i10 reminiscent of the original Toyota Yaris (1999-2005). Other than that, though, the i10 is a lovely-looking little thing with a general elegance about its shape. It looks fine on its smallest wheels and it’s also quite clearly a Hyundai, which speaks volumes about the distinct aesthetic identity the brand has built up. Some might lament the fact you can’t option the bodywork up with chintzy stickers or a contrasting colour roof, but that’s hardly a deal-breaker when it comes to considering the i10.

Interior & Comfort: ★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)

There are one or two plastics within the Hyundai that betray its cost-effective build principles, yet in general, the dashboard looks and feels like a quality item. Better still, while the exterior might lack personalisation options, the interior can be had in three different two-tone colour schemes. The most sombre, black and grey, comes on all specifications and with all exterior colours, but the red and black, and blue and black offerings definitely lift the ambience by coating the seats and bits of the dash/console in the brighter colours. They’re not available on the base cars or the eco-special SE Blue, and they can only be specified with certain hues for the body (five choices for the red, six for the blue), yet we think they’re worth having as they make the otherwise plain interior of the i10 feel quite special.


The driving position is nice and high, giving good visibility, and all but the entry-level cars have a height-adjustable driver’s seat as standard. The steering wheel can be moved up and down, but not in and out, while the passenger seat doesn’t get height adjustability on any i10. There are bottle holders in all four door pockets and the centre console, while there’s also a useful storage cubby ahead of the gear lever. The biggest strength here is rear space, as the Korean is one of the most accommodating cars in the segment; two reasonably tall adults could sit in the back seats for short journeys without too much discomfort, although Hyundai itself admits the rear bench would be better served carrying younger children – the i10 is aimed at new families on a budget, rather than being a car that can genuinely carry a quartet of six-foot adults all the time. The rear doors do, however, open wider than most others in the sector.

The boot, at 252 litres with all seats in place, is (just) the largest in class. A set of 60:40 split folding rear seats are found on every i10 and they increase the cargo area to a deeply impressive 1,046 litres. The seats lie flat enough, but there is a step up to them from the boot floor, and there’s quite a high loading lip too. Bear in mind the desirable SE and Premium/SE trims have smaller boots, rated at 218- and 1,012 litres, as they carry a spare wheel.

Technology & Connectivity: ★★★★★★★ ★☆ ☆ (8/10)

The i10 has an impressive level of standard kit when held up to its peers. All cars get an RDS radio with MP3 compatibility, USB and aux-in connectivity, and a trip computer. The base S i10 has to make do with just two front speakers, but all other models have four speakers with a pair added in the rear – and Bluetooth, DAB, and a multifunction steering wheel with audio and phone controls all appear above S level. The absolutely top-spec Premium SE has a seven-inch infotainment touchscreen featuring navigation and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility; the level down, the Premium, has a smartphone cradle on top of the dashboard so you can use your device as an impromptu aftermarket ‘touchscreen’, if you so wish.

Performance & Handling: ★★★★★★ ★★☆☆ (8/10)

Two petrol engines make up the i10’s motive power, with no diesel offered. There’s a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder motor with 66hp and 70lb ft, or a 1.2-litre four-cylinder with 87hp and 89lb ft. No i10 is quick, 0-62mph taking between 14.9- and 12.1 seconds, while only the 1.2 can get past 100mph, but as both engines are only shifting a car that weighs around a tonne, performance is perfectly adequate. The 1.0-litre engine is smooth, happier to rev, and more charismatic, but many will find they want the extra punch of the 1.2 for motorway work.

There’s a five-speed manual gearbox as standard on all cars, with a four-speed auto as an option on the 1.2; we wouldn’t bother with that unless you absolutely need it, as it does nothing for economy or performance and it costs extra. Handling on the i10 is actually quite enjoyable – the steering lets the side down with its inconsistency, but otherwise, the Hyundai is dynamically well-sorted.

However, its real forte is refinement unparalleled in the sector. Hyundai proudly says the i10 is up to 6dB quieter than its nearest competitor and as decibels are on a logarithmic scale that means the i10 is more hushed than its rivals by something like a factor of five. This shows at higher speeds, where the stable and muted Hyundai – also blessed with a marvellously comfy ride – feels like a car from a bigger class. Even the Volkswagen Up can’t match this level of refinement and it’s the reason we love the Hyundai i10 so much.

Recommended engine: 1.0 manual Premium

Safety Features: ★★★★★★★ ★★ ☆ (9/10)

Don’t be fooled by the i10’s apparently underwhelming four-star Euro NCAP rating – it was tested in 2014, under more stringent rules, so the fact the Volkswagen Up and its related cars have a five-star rating (gleaned via more relaxed examination in 2011) is not as clear-cut as it first appears.

During the 2016 facelift, Hyundai added an optional Driver Assist Pack for most models, excluding the S and SE Blue variants, which bundles Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning together to improve the i10’s safety credentials.

All i10s have ABS with Brake Assist System, ESP, six airbags, two ISOFIX mounting points in the rear, a tyre-pressure monitoring system and Vehicle Stability Management. The Premium cars also get Emergency Stop Signalling and Hill-start Assist Control. Any way you cut it, that’s a generous safety spec for a city car.

Something to consider – the basic S and economical SE Blue have tyre repair kits in their boots, rather than the space-saver spare wheel found on other i10s.

Specs and Trim Levels : ★★★★★★★ ★☆ ☆ (8/10)

There are nine colours, two solid finishes, four metallic shades and three pearl coats. Only the flat paints are free, and they are Polar White and Morning Blue. Whether you opt for metallic or pearl, the price is the same – choose from Sleek Silver, Stardust Grey, Aqua Sparkling, and Iced Coffee (all metallic), or Phantom Black, Mandarin Orange, and Passion Red (all pearl).

We mentioned earlier that the two-tone colour schemes were restricted to higher trims and certain exterior finishes: for no extra cost, you can have a red and black, or blue and black cabin with four body colours – Polar White, Sleek Silver, Stardust Grey, and Phantom Black. The red and black interior can also be paired to Passion Red, while the blue and black interior is available for Aqua Sparkling and Morning Blue cars.

Trim Levels

The easy-to-understand hierarchy goes S, SE, SE Blue, Premium, and Premium SE. Aside from the items we’ve already listed, the S comes with 14-inch steel wheels, non-LED daytime running lights (DRLs), front electric windows, remote central locking, and low-rolling resistance tyres. SE adds body-coloured exterior detailing, cruise control with a speed limiter (manual cars only), electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, a perimeter alarm, and electric windows all round.

We’ll skip SE Blue and go straight to Premium, which ramps up the equipment count. The wheels remain 14s, but are now alloys, while climate control, door mirror-mounted indicators, front fog lights with a static cornering function, a leather-trimmed gear knob and steering wheel, LED DRLs, and privacy glass are all lumped in. Premium SE has a specification that shames some much bigger cars, as among features such as 15-inch alloys and rear parking sensors, it also comes with heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, and an electric tilt and slide sunroof – often a cost option, even on luxury vehicles.

SE Blue is the range’s eco-warrior. It takes the SE specification and gets rid of the space-saver spare wheel, as well as the middle seatbelt in the rear, and adds Hyundai’s Intelligent Stop and Go start-stop system, along with 13-inch steel wheels shod in low-rolling resistance tyres. It’s the only i10 to dip beneath 100g/km of CO 2 emissions as a result of all the measures.

Size and Dimensions

Despite its spacious interior, the Hyundai is a tiny car by today’s standards, being short and narrow – so it should prove extremely easy to drive, manoeuvre, and park.

Running Costs & Fuel Economy: ★★★★★★★ ★★☆ (9/10)

Insurance groups run 2-7, all manual i10s emit less than 120g/km (15-19 per cent BIK, auto 24 per cent), and despite being petrol-only, the economy goes from 49- to 71mpg across the range. Factor in the i10’s cheap purchase prices, meaning minimal depreciation and this is an astonishingly good value car to run.

Reliability and servicing

The Hyundai i10 needs checking every 10,000 miles or 12 months. Service plans covering two, three or five years of maintenance for a one-off fee are sold as options under the Hyundai Sense banner. There’s the manufacturer’s five-year, unlimited mileage warranty, which some might say is the best cover in the business, while its straightforward engines and the old model’s decent reputation for reliability means the i10 should be a dependable motor.

Pricing : ★★★★★★ ★★★★ (10/10)

You really cannot complain about the pricing of the Hyundai i10. For such a quality car, a starting price of four figures is remarkable. Even if you select the most expensive model with the automatic gearbox and then add a metallic or pearl paint, the Driver Assist Pack, and the full five-year, 50,000-mile Hyundai Sense Service plan, you’ll end up with a superb hatchback loaded with lots of toys, a near-unbeatable warranty, low running costs, and a windscreen sticker a little in excess of £15,000. That’s remarkable stuff, especially for a class-leading car like this.  


What others say, gallery: 2017 hyundai i10.

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Hyundai Reveals Pricing and Specs for New Grand i10 Sedan

phantom black hyundai i10

Hyundai has unveiled the facelifted Grand i10 along with a sedan version of the popular i10 hatchback. This move aims to cater to a specific market looking for more choices within the i10 lineup.

Grand i10 Sedan

The new model showcases a complete redesign of its front and rear ends. The front of the vehicle retains the triangular theme while moving away from the current cascading effect. Notably, the front boasts sharper headlights and a new bumper housing a lower black radiator grille.

The sedan variant features L-shaped Daytime Running Lights, while the Hatch variant sports Y-Shaped LED lights. The rear has also undergone changes, with redesigned tail lights that showcase C-shaped LED lamps. These new models will be available in six colours: Typhoon Silver, Titan Gray, Phantom Black, Fiery Red, Starry Night, and Atlas White.

phantom black hyundai i10

Related:  Hyundai Tucson N Line lands in SA – pricing and spec

Stepping inside, both models sport a dual-tone interior layout of black cloth and vinyl, accentuated by red trim. The leather steering wheel further enhances the interior. The cars come equipped with an 8,0-inch Infotainment System compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, a 3,5-inch TFT LCD Cluster, and rear parking assist, among other new features.

Grand i10 Sedan

Here’s how much the new Grand i10 Sedan will cost:

  • Grand i10 Sedan 1.2 Fluid MT – R279 900 
  • Grand i10 Sedan 1.2 Fluid AT – R309 900

Grand i10 Hatch Pricing:

  • Grand i10 1.0 Motion MT – R229 900
  • Grand i10 1.0 Motion AT – R269 900
  • Grand i10 1.0 Fluid MT – R264 900
  • Grand i10 1.2 Fluid MT – R279 900
  • Grand i10 1.2 Fluid AT – R309 900

In terms of powertrain options, customers can choose between 1,0-litre and 1,2-litre 4-Cylinder petrol engines. However, the Sedan variant is exclusively available with the 1,2-litre engine, generating 61 kW of power and 114 N.m of torque. Buyers have the option of a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed auto. 

Looking for your next Hyundai? click here and find your next ride

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LBX Morizo RR

GR Corolla Motor Finds Home In Lexus LBX Morizo RR Concept

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phantom black hyundai i10

HYUNDAI Car Paint Codes

Base Color Groups

Sales Guarantees

Customer Reviews

How can I find the paint code for my car?

Where is my Cargo?

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Before & After Photos














Popular Models


You can find the appropriate paint for your HYUNDAI by selecting your car model and base color.

You can reach the paint option for your vehicle by using any of the options above. If you wish, we can always help you, write to us .


Base Colors


Welcome to the black paints category for HYUNDAI on Color N Drive! Here, you can find a comprehensive list of all the compatible white paints for your HYUNDAI vehicle. Whether you're looking to touch up a small scratch or give your car a full paint job, we have the perfect color for you. If you're having trouble finding the right shade, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Our HYUNDAI BLACK PAINT CODES is specially formulated to match the original color of your car, ensuring a seamless and professional finish. It goes on smoothly and dries quickly, and it can be applied up to three times for optimal coverage. So if you want to keep your HYUNDAI looking its best, be sure to browse our selection of white paints and find the perfect match for your car.



























Owning a HYUNDAI is a privilege and a statement of luxury. It's a car that demands attention and care, and even the smallest scratch or ding can ruin its sleek appearance. That's why it's important to have a reliable touch-up paint on hand to quickly fix any imperfections.

One of the most common colors for HYUNDAIs is white, and it's also one of the most prone to showing damage. Stone chips and scratches stand out against the bright and clean surface, and they can quickly become an eyesore. In addition to ruining the appearance of your car, these imperfections can also lead to rust and other long-term damage.

Color N Drive offers a high-quality white touch-up paint specifically designed for HYUNDAIs. The paint is a perfect match for the original color, ensuring that it blends seamlessly into the surrounding surface. It's also easy to apply, with a brush applicator that allows for precise application and a perfect finish.

One of the biggest benefits of using Color N Drive's HYUNDAI BLACK PAINT CODES paint is its durability. It's resistant to fading and chipping, so you can trust that it will continue to look as good as new for years to come. It's also water-resistant and resistant to UV rays, so it won't be affected by the elements.

In addition to its practical benefits, using Color N Drive's touch-up paint is also an affordable way to keep your HYUNDAI looking its best. Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on professional repairs, you can easily fix minor imperfections yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Overall, if you own a HYUNDAI, having a reliable white touch-up paint on hand is a must. Color N Drive's HYUNDAI BLACK PAINT CODES paint is a high-quality and affordable solution that will keep your car looking its best and protect it from long-term damage.

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Hyundai Motor UK announces new i10 pricing and specification

phantom black hyundai i10

  • Advance, Premium and N Line trim levels, prices starting from £15,420
  • 2 new exterior colours and 2 new alloy wheel designs
  • New standard equipment furthers i10’s comprehensive specification
  • Standard suite of safety systems

Press material

  • Text & images
  • Technical, Specifications and Pricing (1,6 MB)

Hyundai Motor UK has announced pricing and specification for the new i10 range, with refreshed design and higher equipment levels.

The new i10 has seen a design upgrade with a new honeycomb mesh design grille with integrated LED daytime running lights, redesigned headlamp and taillamp reflector internals, updated Hyundai emblems  and new 15” and 16” alloy wheel designs.

Interior enhancements include the addition of blue LED mood lighting and a new interior trim for Premium models that offers tartan fabric seats with vertical purple lines, with colour coordinated stitching, Meta Blue air vent surrounds, black door garnish and metallic dashboard trim. N Line models retain the black and red interior that now incorporates a new seat pattern to accentuate the N Line’s sports styling.

phantom black hyundai i10

As well as refreshed design, the i10 range has also been realigned with the introduction of the Advance trim level. Starting from £15,420, the i10 Advance 1.0 67PS 5MT builds on the comprehensive specification found on the previous SE Connect trim with the addition of LED daytime running lights, a full segment TFT LCD instrument cluster display, keyless entry, updated USB-C charging ports and rear parking sensors. New safety systems are also introduced, with Forward Collision avoidance Assist with pedestrian and cyclist detection, Intelligent Speed Limit Assist and Lane Follow Assist all offered as standard. The 1.0 3-cylinder 67PS engine is available with a standard 5 speed manual transmission or optional 5 speed automated manual.

The i10 Premium 1.0 67PS 5MT starts from £16,720 and includes 16” alloy wheels, halogen bi-function headlamps, smart key, LED daytime running lights, front fog lamps, privacy glass, heated front seats and heated steering wheel. Additions for the new i10 Premium include blue LED mood lighting, electric folding door mirrors and wireless device charging. A new interior for the Premium model offers tartan fabric seats with vertical purple lines, as well as accompanying stitching, Meta Blue air vent surrounds and metallic dashboard trim. Customers can also chose the Shale Grey interior as a no cost option. Other options include navigation with LIVE Services and BlueLink Connectivity and 1.0 67PS 6 speed automated manual or 1.2 84PS with 5 speed manual or 5 speed automated manual powertrains.

phantom black hyundai i10

Topping the new-i10 range is the N Line 1.0T 100PS 6MT priced from £18,020. The N Line interior has been updated with a redesigned seat pattern and additions of heated front seats and heated steering wheel, blue mood lighting and wireless device charger. New 16” alloy wheels and electric folding door mirrors lead the updated exterior styling, joining the bespoke N Line design grill with LED daytime running lights , front bumper with fog lamps, and privacy glass. New i10 N Line is also available with navigation and black roof options.

New i10 is available in a choice of colours, with 2 new hues joining the range at launch:

  • New – Lumen Grey | Finish: Pearl | Cost: £550
  • New – Meta Blue 1 | Finish: Pearl | Cost: £550
  • Atlas White | Finish: Solid | Cost: £300
  • Phantom Black 2  | Finish: Pearl | Cost: £550
  • Aurora Grey 2 | Finish: Pearl | Cost: £550
  • Dragon Red | Finish: Pearl | Cost: £550
  • Mangrove Green | Finish: Pearl | Cost: £550
The i10 has been synonymous with the Hyundai brand since its introduction in 2008 and has consistently delivered high sales volumes in the highly competitive A segment. With most of our competitors now concentrating on larger car segments, we are proud to continue to offer a genuinely enticing customer proposition, with the new-i10 offering updated styling and a comprehensive specification at a price that ensures i10 remains one of the most affordable new cars available.

Ashley Andrew President, Hyundai Motor UK

Pricing and specification (PDF)

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phantom black hyundai i10

Refreshing design and new features: introducing the new i10 and i10 N Line

Hyundai Motor has revealed the new i10 – which arrives with an upgraded and refreshed design.

phantom black hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 is What Car?'s Best Small Car for the City 2021

The Hyundai i10 is the Best Small Car for the City on sale today, according to the experts at one of the UK’s most respected consumer automotive publications, What Car?.

phantom black hyundai i10

Hyundai scores double win at What Car? Used Car Awards

Hyundai Motor UK has picked up two wins at this year’s What Car? Used Car Awards, with i10 named as Best Used Value Car and IONIQ Hybrid named as the publication’s Best Used Hybrid Car.

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phantom black hyundai i10

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