Phantom V Fold is one impressive foldable that’s $700 less than Galaxy Z Fold 4

This upstart undercuts Samsung

Phantom V Fold foldable phone

The best foldable phones are exciting, but they’ve still incredibly expensive. Particularly if you want something with a big screen, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 . But the foldable space is heating up, and that should force prices to drop. Much like they have for the $1,099 Phantom V Fold — which was unveiled at MWC 2023 .

Don’t get me wrong, that price tag doesn’t make this phone cheap by any means. But it is still $700 cheaper than the cheapest Galaxy Z Fold 4. And for that money you get an even bigger display, with the same fold-out book design as Samsung’s flagship foldable.

Introducing #PHANTOMVFold. Go #BeyondTheExtraordinary and unfold endless possibilities. #TECNO #MWC23 #TECNOxMWC23 February 28, 2023

There’s a 7.85-inch internal display with 2296 x 2000 resolution, both of which are slightly higher than the Galaxy Fold 4’s 7.6-inch 2175 x 1812 screen. The outer screen is a 5642-inch 2550 x 1080 panel, and both displays offer a 120Hz refresh rate.

Inside the Phantom V Fold is MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000+ chip, the same as the Oppo Find N2 Flip , alongside 12GB of RAM, a 5,000 mAh battery, 45W fast charging and a choice of either 256GB or 512GB of UFS 3.1 storage. The hinge uses a style designed to reduce the display crease, with Tecno claiming it will be durable for up to 200,000 folds.

The main camera on the Phantom V Fold features a 50MP main lens, a 50MP 2x telephoto lens, and a 13MP ultrawide angle shooter. The inner display offers a 16MP camera, while the outer display bumps up to 32MP. Both those selfie cameras use a hole punch design rather than an under-display sensor.

Sadly, the Phantom V Fold lacks wireless charging capabilities, and doesn’t support a stylus — two things you’d get if you went with Samsung. There’s also no 1TB storage option.

I’d say that paying considerably more money for those features isn’t a decision anyone can make for you, but you may not get the chance. Phantom hasn’t confirmed wider availability yet, meaning this may not go on sale in the U.S. The company says the Phantom V Fold will go on sale in India, and it’s likely that it’ll launch in the various African and Latin American countries where parent company Tecno Mobile already has a presence.

But, despite being one of a string of foldable devices you can’t actually buy , the Phantom V Fold shows that foldables don’t necessarily have to be as expensive as they have been. They’re still a long way from being affordable, but the more these devices launch outside of China, the lower those price tags should fall.

Here’s hoping this happens sooner rather than later. Especially if those devices come packing specs like the Phantom V Fold.

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Phantom V Fold

phantom phone v fold

Unfolded: 140.4mm Folded: About 71.95mm

Unfolded: 6.8mm, Folded: 14.53mm (hinge side) / 14.15mm (open side)

*Note: The thickness of the device in the unfolded state does not include the screen strip. Dimensions may vary depending on configuration, manufacturing process, and measurement method.


Main Screen: 7.85"(Full rectangle)

Sub Screen: 6.42" (Full rectangle)

Main Screen: 90% ( Calculated by dividing the AA display area by the overall shape of the device when unfolded)

Sub Screen: 90.1% (Calculated by dividing the active area AA by the area of cover glass.)

Main Screen: 2K+(2296x2000)

Sub Screen: FHD+(1080x2550)

Main Screen: LTPO 10-120Hz Self-adapted High Refresh Rate

Sub Screen: LTPO 10-120Hz Self-adapted High Refresh Rate

Main Screen: Maximum 240Hz

Sub Screen: Maximum 360Hz

Main Screen: 100% P3

Sub Screen: 100% P3

10.7-bit Colour (8+2bit)

Main Screen: 388ppi

Sub Screen: 431ppi

Main Screen: 1100-nit Peak Brightness

Sub Screen: 1100-nit Peak Brightness

Main Screen: AMOLED Foldable Screen

Sub Screen: AMOLED Flexible Screen

Main Screen: Schott UTG

Sub Screen: Corning Gorilla Glass Victus

*Note: Screen size is measured diagonally in the full rectangle, accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area might be slightly less due to the rounded corners and camera hole.

50MP, f/1.85, 7P lens, AF support

50MP, f/1.98, 6P lens, AF support, 2x optical zoom, 20x digital zoom

13MP, f/2.2,FOV120°

AI cam;Portrait;Video; Film; Super night; Documents; AR shot; Pro; Slow motion; Panorama; Time-lapse; Sky shop; Dual video

AI cam;Portrait;Video; Film; Super night; AR shot; Slow motion; Panorama; Time-lapse

Rear support 4k@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60fps

Video stabilisation with EIS support

Video slow motion support 1080p@120fps(default)/240fps/960fps

Time-lapse support 1080P (default)/4K

Supports Zoom, AI Focus, Video HDR, Video Night, Video Super Night, Video Filter, Video ASD, Video Bokeh, Video Make Up

Front support 1080p@30/60fps, default 1080p@30fps

Front video slow motion support 1080p@120fps

Time-lapse support 1080P

Support for Zoom, Video HDR, Video Night, Video Filter, Video ASD, Video Bokeh, Video Make Up

MediaTek Dimensity 9000+

8 cores, 4nm process, up to 3.2GHz

Arm Mali-G710 MC10

5000mAh (typ)

45W SuperCharge

*Based on dual parallel battery, rated value at 2310mAh/8.98Wh+2550mAh/9.91Wh; typical value at 2380mAh/9.25Wh+2620mAh/10.19Wh. Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Rated battery capacity is 4860mAh for PHANTOM V Fold. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environments, usage patterns and other factors.

Support for side-mounted fingerprint recognition

Support for facial recognition

Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor,Hall Sensor, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Support for step counting






Support for Wi-Fi 6(802.11ax)、Wi-Fi 5(802.11ac)、802.11a/b/g/n/; WLAN 2.4G/WLAN 5.1G

Bluetooth v5.3


HiOS13 Fold -Based on Android13

Dual Speakers

Support for stereo sound



MPEG1/2 : 2048 x 1088

MPEG4 : 2048 x 1088

H.263 : 1408 x 1152

H.264 : 8192x4320

Secure H.264 : 4096x2176

H.265 : 8192x4320

Secure H.265 : 4096x2176

VP8 : 2048 x 1088

VP9 : 8192x4320

Secure VP9 4096x2176

AV1 : 8192x4320

Secure AV1 : 4096x2176

USB Type-C Cable x 1

Charger x 1

Eject Tool x 1

Aramid Fibre Protective Case x 1

1.The main screen comes with a specially designed protective film which should be removed and replaced with professional tools, or the screen may be damaged.

2.Do not place cards, coins, or other items on the screen before closing. Avoid pressing the main screen with sharp objects such as pens or nails during use and carrying.

3.This product contains a precision mechanism. Please avoid pressing on the middle when closing the phone. To extend the service life of your phone, please prevent liquid, dust, and other foreign objects from entering the phone.

4.Please be assured that a shallow crease on the main screen and a slight sound during the opening/closing of the phone are normal.

5.This product contains a magnet and should be kept away from objects that could be affected, such as bank cards, access control cards, or implantable medical devices. If you are using an implantable medical device, please consult your doctor before using this product.

6.Please do not fold or unfold the phone at temperatures of -15°C or below.

Android Police

Tecno phantom v fold review: the most affordable foldable yet.

If you want to call any phone more expensive than $1,000 affordable, that is

Foldables are on their way to becoming mainstream and are among the best phones you can get today. Not too long ago, Samsung had to recall its first-generation Fold due to debris getting under the display, and today, we're at a stage where multiple companies are competing to create both the best and the most affordable folding phones out there. Tecno has also entered this race with the Phantom V Fold, and it tries to differentiate itself from Samsung and others in two key ways: pricing and processor choice.

You see, the Phantom V Fold is the cheapest book-style folding phone to date, though compared to regular phones, it still is anything but affordable. Tecno is selling the Phantom V Fold for about $1,100 overseas — significantly less than what Samsung wants for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 . Tecno also went a different route when it comes to its processor of choice. Rather than going for a top-of-the-line Snapdragon processor like the rest of the industry, the Phantom V Fold offers a Dimensity 9000+, MediaTek's flagship offering.

With the Phantom V Fold, it is interesting to see which compromises Tecno had to make to achieve this price point that's much lower than the competition. Does it really feel like a $1,000+ phone, or does it feel decidedly budget?

Tecno Phantom V Fold

The Tecno Phantom V Fold is a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 competitor with the high-end MediaTek 9000+ chipset. It comes with a much less pronounced crease and offers 120Hz displays outside and inside.

  • The most affordable foldable yet
  • Virtually no crease in the tablet-sized inner screen
  • Outer screen is easily usable thanks to 21:9 aspect ratio
  • The back doesn't attract fingerprints at all
  • Included case with kickstand
  • Not as sturdy as I would like it to be
  • Poor vibration motor
  • The software isn't the easiest to navigate
  • The cameras are average at best
  • Even thicker and heavier than competing foldables

Availability and network

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Like many other interesting phones, the Phantom V Fold isn’t officially coming to the US. If you’re interested in it, you will have to import it, and even then you’ll have a hard time. The V Fold isn’t compatible with many US bands, as a quick look at Kimovil’s stats reveals. The phone is officially only coming to a few select markets like India. That said, the phone works quite well on my German network here in Berlin.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Phantom V Fold is a book-style foldable, meaning that there is a regular smartphone-sized screen on the outside and a bigger, tablet-like screen on the inside, opening up like a book. Right at first glance, the V Fold’s design offers some advantages over Samsung’s approach.

With an aspect ratio of 21:9, the front screen doesn’t feel cramped at all, and when you fold the Tecno phone, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have any gap to speak of. Thanks to some engineering prowess, the inner screen also barely has any crease. It’s right up there with the Oppo Find N2 Flip . The good first impression is further cemented by the sturdy aluminum frame that wraps around the whole design, complete with a plastic hinge that fits right into the design.

There are some problems with the Phantom V Fold, though. The vegan leather on the back feels significantly cheaper than I imagined. I still prefer it over glass, which is slippery and attracts fingerprints more easily, but it’s nowhere near the level of something like the Vivo X90 Pro . I’m inclined to compare it with papyrus or wax paper more than anything. The thing is that Tecno set itself up for failure here by claiming the back is faux leather. If the company hadn’t called it that, I would probably be perfectly happy with how unique the back feels.

If you’ve seen the Honor Magic Vs before (which you likely haven’t, since it also isn’t available in the US), the Phantom V Fold should look instantly familiar. The general shape and design are strikingly similar, including the curved front display that I dislike on both devices. The Phantom V Fold is just a tad thicker and heavier, though. The similarity is so striking that I suspect that the two manufacturers share some production resources.

Compared to the Magic Vs, I like that the Phantom V Fold added the volume rocker and the power button to the same side of the frame rather than on opposite sides. This means that the power and volume buttons are always on the right side, no matter if you use the V Fold unfolded or not. What concerns me is that the hinge feels less sturdy, though. When the Tecno phone is folded, you can move the top and bottom part of it ever so slightly, making for a concerning crunching sound coming from the hinge. I’m sure this is not good for longevity, though I haven’t noticed any degradation over the time I’ve used it.

The Tecno Phantom V Fold is also one of the heaviest foldables on the market. It weighs almost 300g (10.5 oz), which is an additional weight you particularly notice in one-handed use. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes in at only 263g, and we already called that a heavy boy in our review. A regular flagship phone like the Pixel 7 Pro comes in at just 212g.

Last but not least, the greatly reduced crease comes at a cost. The Phantom V Fold doesn’t support mid-fold positions, meaning it can’t properly snap into a Flex Mode position . This Samsung-branded mode allows apps like YouTube or Google Meet to place content on either side of the crease, using it as a natural border and making usage more ergonomic in many situations. You can force the V Fold into a Flex Mode position using its included case by hindering the device from fully folding with the case’s kickstand, but that’s a workaround at best that only works on flat surfaces. Then again, the kickstand itself offers a good alternative to Flex Mode in any case, even if snapping the case on the foldable means making it even heavier and bulkier than it already is.

It’s clear that foldables are still an exercise in compromise, and the Phantom V Fold makes that particularly obvious. However, it’s impressive just how Tecno manages to bring a much lower price to the form factor. Even if I’m not happy with the folding action, the weight, and the back, the Phantom V Fold nails the basics of what makes a book-style foldable a book-style foldable.

The Phantom V Fold’s exterior display is a 6.4-inch 1080 x 2550 OLED display with an aspect ratio of 21:9. It’s protected by a plastic protector that you can easily pry off. The glass itself under the protector is Gorilla Glass Victus. The most annoying part about this screen is its slight curve on the right side. I already noted that I hate this same design choice on the Honor Magic Vs, but it does make the foldable easier to hold and more symmetrical when unfolded as the back plate also curves to one side only. The miniscule curve thankfully doesn’t get in the way too much, but I still hate the way this makes the phone look. If it wasn’t for the extra thickness and weight, the 21:9 aspect ratio makes the foldable a reliable phone — it’s much less cramped than the extremely narrow screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

On the inside, a 7.85-inch 2296 x 2000 is offering a tablet-like experience, sheltered by a screen protector and made of Schott UTG (ultra-thin glass). Here, Tecno explicitly recommends leaving on the screen protector, and like with any folding screens, there are the usual warnings about not touching the film with sharp objects or even fingernails. Both the interior and the exterior screens have barely any bezel to speak of.

Like Honor with the Magic Vs, Tecno doesn’t do itself any favors with the placement of the front camera on the interior screen. It lives centered at the top of the right half of the screen, so while it doesn’t get in the way when you use the phone in portrait mode, it cuts right into your content when you use it in landscape mode. Depending on which app you use, you might find yourself flipping the foldable upside down to see the content otherwise hidden by the camera.

This problem could have been easily avoided if Tecno placed the camera in a corner, even if that would come at the expense of a less centered view when you're in a video call. But let’s be real, most people will probably spend less time on video calls than watching movies or reading websites. That said, I’m still glad that Tecno went with this inelegant solution that has the camera cut into the content. Otherwise, you would lose valuable screen real estate when using the phone in landscape mode, as the software would have to emulate a cutout across the whole left or right edge of the screen. I would much rather deal with the occasional cut-off letter than with losing this much space.

Both screens support 10-120Hz and a peak brightness of 1100 nits, which is just enough to properly see your content on a sunny day, though it’s noticeably darker than the flagship phones out there.

Other hardware and what’s in the box

Other than the price, the processor is one of the biggest differentiators in the Phantom V Fold. In contrast to most other foldable makers, Tecno didn’t go with a Snapdragon SoC but instead with the Dimensity 9000+, Mediatek’s flagship processor built on a 4nm process and offering up to 3.2GHz. In everyday life, there is barely a difference between Mediatek and Snapdragon anymore. The only real big difference I noticed to the Honor Magic Vs is that the V Fold needs an extra second or two when switching between displays, but this might just be a matter of optimization rather than a limitation of the processor itself, especially since the phone uses its cameras to determine if it should turn on the outer screen when you fold it or not — a truly very welcome feature.

The processor is accompanied by 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 256 or 512GB of UFS3.1 storage, depending on how much you’re willing to pay. It’s not expandable, though there is dual SIM support. The amount of RAM is very much appreciated, and apps stay in memory longer than on many competing phones with similar RAM configurations, which is great to see. A 5,000mAh battery is built in, which can be charged at up to 45W. Further boxes checked by the V Fold are Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 6.3, NFC, and USB OTG.

The Phantom V Fold offers a rather finicky fingerprint scanner that’s part of the power button. I find it quite prone to errors, a problem that is thankfully remedied by the optional face unlock feature. Just keep in mind that like on the Pixel, face recognition only works for unlocking the phone, and not as biometric authentication in apps. The fingerprint scanner is also incredibly receptive to every single touch. It makes me fear I will accidentally unlock the device in my pocket and butt-dial someone’s phone number, though this thankfully hasn’t happened so far.

The vibration motor is another point of contention for me. It feels shallow and unrefined, and when you fold the phone, you can feel the motor resonate, making for an unpleasant and cheap-feeling experience. The vibration motor is serviceable for notifications, but really, I tried to turn it off for as many features as possible, like typing — it’s that bad.

Last but not least, the speakers. They’re fine, but they could definitely use a volume boost. I routinely found myself cranking the volume all the way up during any YouTube streaming sessions, which doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room in case you’re in a loud environment.

In the box, you will find the aforementioned snap-on case (that you can optionally also attach with an adhesive), a 45W charger, a USB-C cable, and the usual SIM card removal tool and warranty information.

The Tecno Phantom V Fold comes with Hi OS Fold 13, based on Android 13. Interestingly enough, there are many similarities to the Honor Magic Vs in this department, too. Instead of a taskbar, Tecno opts for a side panel that you can open by swiping and holding from the side, which often clashes with the back gesture until you get used to it. Apps opened via this panel appear in a floating window. When you use the main screen, you can quickly enter split-screen views by swiping from the top and then selecting your preferred secondary app from a list of all installed apps. I would still love to see the regular taskbar first introduced in Android 12L rather than this, just for consistency's sake across the Android ecosystem.

When you first set up the phone, you notice that it isn’t meant for European or American markets. The United States and many EU members are missing from the Country/Region selector, and the English translations are rough in many places. Since the foldable is sold outside of China, it thankfully still offers Google services, giving you easy access to all the apps in the Play Store you could ask for.

There are a few more quirks. During the face unlock setup, there was just a black screen rather than a look at my face, which looked like a bug. Sometimes, the pause button in the media player refused to work for me, particularly with Spotify. Lift to wake, which is activated by default, is rather buggy and way too easily activated when just walking with the phone in your hands. The phone also thinks it’s very important to tell you that it intelligently switches between 4G and 5G to preserve battery life in a non-dismissible notification.

On the other hand, there are some thoughtful additions. I particularly love the option to automatically end silent mode after one, two, four, or eight hours right within the volume slider menu, making it easy to get a full night’s sleep or an uninterrupted workday without bothering with any fancy schedules or automations. Tecno also added a volume slider to the quick settings options, which makes it easy to adjust the volume when the physical buttons are obstructed. That’s something you can’t avoid when you use the kickstand from the included case. The launcher also offers tons of customization with different gestures and an option to swipe to switch between folders. It’s just a bummer that the launcher only supports 5x5 and 5x6 layouts, and no 4 column options. I personally prefer this, and I was able to activate it on virtually any device I recently reviewed.

Overall, I’m split about whether to like or dislike Tecno’s skin. The quality-of-life improvements and its quirks are mostly balanced, though.

When it comes to cameras, foldables are usually not as great as regular phones, and with the Phantom V Fold, this couldn’t be truer. Let’s first take a look at the specs, though. The circular camera array on the back is dominated by the 50MP f/1.85 primary camera, flanked by a 50MP f/1.98 telephoto portrait camera that offers a 2x optical zoom. Both support autofocus, but none of them come with OIS. Last, but not least, there is a 13MP f/2.2 ultra-wide with a 120-degree field of view. Interestingly, the Phantom V Fold also offers two different front cameras on the outer screen and the inner screen. While the foldable screen has to make do with 16MP, the exterior offers a 32MP camera.

In daylight, the Phantom V Fold is perfectly adequate and produces some great shots. The shutter reacts decently fast (though it isn’t as instantaneous as on the Xiaomi 13 Pro or Vivo X90 Pro), and the camera can deal with challenging lighting conditions like when shooting against the sun. HDR is decent, with the software easily avoiding blown-out sections. The one area the setup struggles with in good lighting is zoom, which makes sense given that it can only zoom 2x optically.

2x or 3x zoom is passable, but try to go closer than that and you're in for trouble

Things look different in worse lighting conditions, though. Once you go inside, the color science is slightly worse, with the camera tipping towards oversaturating. When you shoot portraits inside, you also need to make sure that your subjects don’t move too much. Otherwise, you’re in for blurry faces. The lack of optical image stabilization surely doesn’t help the case.

Night and indoor photograpyhy is hit or miss depending on how active your subject is

Night photography, or Super Night, as Tecno calls it, is surprisingly solid, but this is again only the case when you’re in a place where you can hold the phone still for a few seconds. That makes for some stunning night architecture photos, but not such a good performance when you want to capture moving subjects.

A gallery of sample shots for you to scroll through

Being a foldable, the Tecno Phantom V Fold also supports the usual multi-screen tricks. When unfolded, you can use the cover screen to see a preview of selfies you take with the main cameras. And despite the V Fold’s inability to snap into mid-fold positions, its camera surprisingly supports a half-folded mode where it will display photos you’ve just taken on one side and the viewfinder on the other.

Battery life

The battery life on the Phantom V Fold is phenomenal during everyday usage. I took the phone on a trip to Sweden and Denmark (as some of you may have noticed in the camera section above), and it hasn’t prematurely died on me on any given day. That’s despite using heavy usage for navigating, photos, reading, and video watching during the various trips throughout the days, with about five to six hours of screen-on time.

The only time when battery life takes a serious hit is when gaming on the big screen, which is understandable. You’ll be lucky to get more than two hours of intensive gaming out of the thin folding phone. It’s still great to be able to have a much bigger screen on you for a gaming session while you’re on the go.

Should you buy it?

If you don’t want to spend $1,500 and more for a phone but you’d still like to have a book-style foldable, the Tecno Phantom V Fold is the phone for you. It may not offer the same premium experience that a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, an Honor Magic Vs, or an Oppo Find N2 would give you, but it nails the basics. If you consider that the phone is over $500 less than its competitors and only struggles with the occasional software quirks, the average camera setup, and below-average build quality, you wonder how Tecno managed to build this thing at the price. I was genuinely expecting worse going into this review, and I’m surprised how good it is compared to the much pricier competitors.

However, as I mentioned before in my Magic Vs review, this is the year of the foldables. Google is all but confirmed to launch the Pixel Fold during Google I/O, Samsung will have a serious upgrade in store in August with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 , and we might just see OnePlus release a folding phone of its own in the US. The market, previously single-handedly owned by Samsung, is getting crowded, and if you can wait just a few more months, you might soon have a lot more choices at all kinds of price points. That said, the Phantom V Fold is the most affordable option you can get right now, and if that’s what you want, you know what to get.

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A first look at Tecno's Phantom V Fold, a surprisingly affordable foldable phone

It's also the first of its kind to feature mediatek's dimensity 9000+ processor..

Tecno, a relatively unknown mobile brand on our side of the world, surprised us with a pop-out portrait lens on its Phantom X2 Pro flagship phone back in December. For its MWC event today, the Chinese company brought us the Phantom V Fold, which happens to be the first horizontally-folding phone to be powered by MediaTek's Dimensity 9000+ processor (hello, Oppo Find N2 Flip !), rather than something from Qualcomm. This usually means a lower entry barrier, which is always a good thing.

Like Honor's Magic VS and Xiaomi's Mix Fold 2 , the Phantom V Fold has opted for a body that's wider than Samsung's counterparts — just not as wide as Oppo's . Tecno's "virtually crease-free" foldable screen comes in at 7.85 inches with a 2,296 x 2,000 resolution, and on the other side, you're greeted by a 6.42-inch 2,550 x 1,080 sub-screen. Both AMOLED panels feature a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. As far as durability goes, the claim here is that "the device is capable of 200,000 folds," which matches that of Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4 , though that's just half of what the Chinese competition has achieved lately.

The Phantom V Fold comes with a complete set of cameras, too. On the rear side, there's a 50-megapixel main camera, a 50-megapixel telephoto camera (2x optical zoom) and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide camera. These are surrounded by an eco-friendly back cover — in black or white — composed of recycled plastics. Then you get two punch-hole selfie cameras: a 16-megapixel one on the foldable screen, and a 32-megapixel version on the outer screen. The latter is fine for video calls on that smaller screen, but you'd probably want to unfold the phone and use the main camera instead for better selfies.

Tecno didn't cheap out on the battery here, either. The Phantom V Fold packs a 5,000mAh battery with 45W fast charge. This reaches 40-percent charge in 15 minutes, or 100-percent charge in 55 minutes. That's a tad slower than the Chinese competition, but it still beats the Galaxy Z Fold 4 — assuming you don't mind missing out on wireless charging.

On the software side, the Phantom V Fold runs on Tecno's HiOS 13 Fold based on Android 13. The company claimed that it's customized the folding experience on its device for the top 1,000 most downloaded apps globally, and 90 percent of which have also been optimized for split-screen and multi-window modes.

So how much more affordable is the Phantom V Fold? Well, not bad. The base model with 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage costs $1,099, whereas the 512GB variant is asking for $1,222. These are very competitive when compared to Samsung and even Honor outside of China, though prices will vary across countries — namely India, in this case, followed by various African and Latin American countries where Tecno is usually active in.

Tecno Phantom V Fold

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Tecno phantom v fold review: the most affordable flagship foldable.

After using it as our main device, here's what we have learned about Tecno's first flagship foldable.

You may not have come across the Tecno brand before, and we weren't too familiar ourselves, until recently. The Chinese brand has focused on budget devices for developing markets for most of its history, and in doing so, has grown to become the top-selling smartphone brand in Africa.

Now though, Tecno is looking to make a splash elsewhere, and has launched a flagship foldable device that's designed to duke it out with the industry's best.

It's called the Phantom V Fold, and that's the device we're taking a look at here. It has impressive specs and an attractive price point, but with an unfamiliar manufacturer, we had more than a few questions on our minds.

What will the build quality be like? How well-optimised will the software be? Are the cameras any good? We were itching to find out, and after switching to it as our main device, here's what we learned.

Tecno Phantom V Fold

We are extremely impressed with the Phantom V Fold, not only does it perform well and look great, but it does so as one of the cheapest tablet-style foldables on the market today.

  • Premium construction
  • Lovely and bright LTPO displays
  • Solid performance and battery life
  • Minimal crease and gap
  • Great value
  • Usual folding phone drawbacks apply
  • Camera software is a little behind the competition
  • Minor OS quirks
  • Dimensions folded: 159.4 x 71.95 x 14.15 mm
  • Dimensions unfolded: 159.4 x 140.4 x 6.9 mm
  • Weight: 299 grams
  • Black and white colour options, recycled plastic back

The Phantom V Fold makes a great first impression, the hardware looks and feels premium, and the phone has a very unique finish. The back panel is made from a recycled plastic material, and it has a texture that feels something like fancy craft paper. We've never seen a phone like it, and we think it looks and feels great.

In practical terms, the back of the phone is completely fingerprint-resistant, as well as extremely grippy. It's very refreshing in a market that's filled with shiny, slippery, glass-backed phones. Plus, the fact that it's somewhat environmentally friendly is a nice bonus.

The sides and hinge mechanism are made from an aluminium alloy that's cool to the touch, while the outer screen is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. It's a mostly flat outer display, with a subtle curve on the right-hand edge.

There's a sizable centrally-placed camera array on the rear of the phone. This is coated in glass with a dark finish that creates some unique reflections when it catches the light. The effect reminds us of the lid on the Asus ZenBook Fold OLED , though it's a touch more subtle on this device.

There's minimal branding to be found on the device, only the word "Phantom" in a shiny silver font on the rear panel, so it's very tasteful. We didn't realise it at first, but Phantom is actually a sub-brand of Tecno, kind of like Redmi is to Xiaomi. In this case, the Phantom name is reserved for the brand's flagship devices.

There's a lovely aramid-fibre case included in the box, which is an excellent addition. It comes complete with an integrated kickstand, so you can prop it up on a table to watch videos on the interior display. It's a slimline case and it only protects the rear portion of the phone, so it's not the most protective solution, but it does look lovely.

The Phantom V Fold weighs in at around 299 grams, making it one of the heavier folding phones on the market, but it's also one of the largest. The outer display, in particular, is noticeably wider than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 , which makes using it feel more like a traditional smartphone - just twice as thick.

Just like the Z Fold 4, the fingerprint scanner is placed on the power button, alongside a volume rocker on the right-hand side of the phone. Unlike the Samsung though, this scanner is very prone to phantom activations, and the phone frequently buzzes signalling a fingerprint mismatch when you pick it up.

It's not the end of the world, but it's slightly annoying. On the plus side, when you're actually trying to use it, the fingerprint scanner is rapid and reliable.

Display and speakers

  • 1080 x 2550 FHD+ resolution, Gorilla Glass Victus
  • 2296 x 2000 2K+ resolution, UTG coating
  • Dual stereo speakers

As you might expect, with a large format folding phone, the displays are a real highlight on this device. Both the interior and exterior display have a speedy 120Hz refresh rate and use LTPO tech to adjust the refresh rate on the fly, conserving battery life.

Both displays are able to output around 1100 nits peak brightness, which is just shy of the Z Fold 4's 1200 nits, but close enough to be very comparable. In use, we found the outer display to have no issues competing with bright sunlight, however, the foldable inner display struggles a bit more due to its uneven surface reflections.

When it comes to resolution, and physical size, the Phantom V Fold has a leg up over the market leader. Not only is almost a centimetre larger on both axes (unfolded), but it has more pixels to work with, too.

Both displays are crisp and smooth with vibrant colours and excellent contrast. As far as we can tell, though, there's no HDR10+ or Dolby Vision certification, which may be off-putting to some users. For what it's worth, HDR content looks great on YouTube, but you might not get the optimal experience from all streaming platforms.

The usual folding screen caveats apply to this device, of course. The interior display with its UTG coating feels a bit plasticky and your finger won't glide over it as smoothly as a real glass screen. It also picks up fingerprint smudges more easily, though you'll rarely notice them when the display is on.

There is a visible crease, but it's less noticeable than Samsung's, and it's almost imperceptible when viewed head-on. It's very impressive for a first outing.

It's worth mentioning, too, that there's almost no gap when folded and small plastic ridges ensure that no dust or pocket debris can make its way into the hinge mechanism.

One thing that bugs us is the placement of the internal selfie camera. When viewing a video in full-screen mode, the punch-hole selfie cut-out sits at the bottom right of the image, just outside of the black bars. If the camera had been placed on the right-hand side, as we saw on the Huawei Mate Xs 2 , then it wouldn't interfere with content at all.

It's a minor thing, but it's annoying nonetheless. Especially since the internal selfie camera isn't something we have felt the need to use at all. Though if you use your phone for a lot of video conferencing, you may feel differently.

There are dual stereo speakers found on the top and bottom of the phone, when folded. When unfolded, they sit on either side of the top portion of the display. We found them quite easy to muffle when the phone was folded, but when it's unfolded they work much better.

The speakers are pretty unremarkable, that said. They're loud enough to hear what's going on properly and there's plenty of clarity, but not much in the way of bass response. They'll get the job done, but don't expect to be wowed and keep a nice set of earbuds handy.

Performance and software

  • MediaTek Dimensity 9000+
  • 12GB RAM, 256GB or 512GB storage
  • 5000 mAh battery, 45W charging (wired only)
  • HiOS 13 Fold (based on Android 13)

The Phantom V Fold runs on the Dimensity 9000+ SoC , which is last year's flagship MediaTek chip, and although it's been succeeded by the more powerful 9200 , it's still a highly capable chipset.

In real terms, we were able to max out the settings on Genshin Impact and play on the large interior display at 60fps with only the occasional stutter. Dropping to high settings at 60fps, everything remained smooth and fluid, even during intense battles.

The Phantom never got too warm, either, even during extended gaming sessions, and we really enjoyed playing with the extra screen real estate. Some titles work better than others, as the UI has to scale to the unusually-square aspect ratio, but all of our favourites were perfectly playable.

Outside of gaming, all of our other tasks were smooth and snappy, with apps remaining fast and responsive even during multitasking.

The Phantom V Fold runs Techno's HiOS 13 Fold skin, based on Android 13 , and for the most part, we got along quite well with it. It's a fairly heavy skin and takes the Apple / Xiaomi approach of separating out your notification shade and quick settings, but this is easy to get used to.

We were most nervous about the software, as this is the first time that we've gone hands-on with a Tecno device. But, thankfully, it was stable, with minimal bugs and it has some fairly well-executed multi-tasking functionality built in.

Tecno says that over 2000 apps have been optimised to work with the V Fold's form factor, including the top 500 Play Store apps based on global download frequency. This meant that everything we tried worked pretty much flawlessly across the outer and inner displays, as well as with multi-window modes.

The software experience wasn't all perfect, though. First of all, there's a bunch of bloatware when you first set up the device. This ranges from things like file managers and RAM cleaners to Facebook and the bizarrely named Carl Cleaner, whatever that may be. Tecno is far from the worst offender, but still, we'd appreciate less bloatware.

The other thing we weren't so keen on was the lack of a Google Discover feed when you swipe left. Instead, you get Tecno's Zero Screen, which offers things like a step counter, tips, and countdowns to important dates (and it deems Saturday an important date, which we found amusing).

Strangely, we found that the Zero Screen would request permissions access every time we visited it (usually accidentally) but, in fairness, this was the only bug we ran into throughout our testing. In the grand scheme of things, it's a very minor one, so hats off to Tecno for that. Plus, you can easily disable the Zero Screen entirely, which we chose to do as we didn't find it very useful.

The Phantom V Fold packs a 5,000mAh battery, which is considerably larger than Samsung's, and it supports 45W charging, which is much faster, too. However, it does lack any kind of wireless charging support.

We found the battery life to be sufficient for our needs, easily seeing us through an average day's usage, though it only just scraped by when we took part in some big-screen gaming action. Charging from flat takes less than an hour, which is plenty fast enough for us, too.

  • 50MP f/1.85 main
  • 50MP 2x telephoto
  • 13MP ultra-wide
  • 16MP internal selfie camera
  • 32MP external selfie camera

The cameras are another aspect that we were initially quite nervous about, With no previous experience with the Tecno brand, could this be the area that lets the device down?

Thankfully, that's not the case, and the Phantom V Fold's vast array of cameras perform well, for the most part. The highlight, as usual, is the optically stabilised main camera, but the 50MP 2x lens is useful in its own right. The 13MP ultra-wide struggles in lower lighting conditions, but it's decent when the light is in its favour, even if it can't manage the same fidelity as the other two lenses.

The main thing that lacks, compared to competing devices, is image processing. Photos from the Phantom V Fold just aren't as vibrant as other devices, especially in overcast weather, where everything just looks dull. When HDR is active, images come out looking a little washed out, with a slight shift toward the cooler colour temperatures.

You can fix the colours in your preferred image editor, of course, but the images that you get straight from the camera just aren't as poppy and eye-catching as those produced by competitors.

The portrait mode is another area that's slightly below standard, it's not bad, by any means, but it's not on the level of other flagship devices. It gets confused more easily and difficult areas like hair come out looking quite jagged and unnatural.

One area of the processing that surprised us, though, was night mode. Here the images came out looking sharp, vibrant and detailed - with only slightly less dynamic range than you'd find with Google or Samsung devices .

There are two selfie cameras on the Phantom, and you can also use the main camera to take selfies - there are a lot of options. The 32MP punch-hole camera on the secondary display is very good, producing lots of detail. While the 16MP camera on the interior is far less impressive. It's fine for video calls, but we'd avoid using it for photos.

In terms of video shooting, it's a similar story to photography. You can shoot at up to 4K 60fps on the main sensor, and the detail and overall fidelity are good, but the electronic image stabilisation lags behind the top brands. You can turn "Ultra-steady" on, which helps it out, but doing so results in a significant crop.

Otherwise, the results are good, it focuses reliably and smoothly with minimal pulsing - especially if you tap to tell it what to focus on. Plus the ability to use the main camera to film yourself can be very handy for anyone looking to create vlog-style content.

The Phantom V Fold is an extremely impressive debut foldable device, and that's before we even get to its price point. It should retail for around $1100 (or $979 with an early bird discount), making it around half as expensive as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 at MSRP - and that's a bit of a bargain.

After living with it as our main device, we've found ourselves with very few complaints. The main things that bothered us were the size and weight, but the same could be said for any tablet-style foldable.

The other niggles we had were entirely on the software side, so in theory, Tecno could address these in future firmware updates - whether that will happen remains to be seen.

Another question mark is the availability. We know the device will debut in India, and though it's classed as a global launch, we don't know exactly which markets it'll be coming to.

We hope that Tecno manages to spread this phone far and wide, as this aggressive price point might be exactly what the foldable market needs. If you can get hold of it, it's easy to recommend.

Phantom V Fold: Going Hands-On With Tecno's First Folding Phone

Tecno's Phantom V Fold is going global.

Sareena Dayaram

  • More than a decade of journalism experience


The Phantom V Fold has a 7.85-inch inner screen.

Chinese manufacturer Tecno is seeking to make a name for itself globally. After dominating in the African market, Tecno showed off its first foldable phone, the Phantom V Fold, on Tuesday. The new foldable is set for an international release. 

The Phantom V Fold is a book-style foldable phone with two 120Hz screens, a grand total of five cameras, a large battery, fast charging and a powerful chipset in the form of Mediatek's Dimensity 9000 Plus. 

Tecno is playing up the camera module as one of the phone's top features, partially thanks to the presence of a telephoto lens capable of 2x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom. It's also showing off the ability to take selfies with those fancy rear cameras, as opposed to just the front-facing cameras. The hinge, which Tecno says is made of an aerospace-grade material, is supposed to last more than 200,000 folds.


The back of the Phantom V Fold when it's folded closed.

In the short time I spent with the Phantom V Fold, I appreciated the phone's slender hardware and the way it seamlessly folds. I looked for a crease but couldn't see one when the screen was unfolded, though I did sometimes feel its subtle presence when scrolling.  

I didn't get to test the camera or the battery life, but I did spend about 30 minutes or so trying the phone out. Navigating and scrolling across apps was fluid thanks partially to that 120Hz display. Multitasking was also a pleasant experience, helped by that 7.85-inch inner screen, which allows you to enjoy split screens, picture-in-pictures and parallel windows. It also lets you drag and drop across screens. 


Tecno credits the hinge on the Phantom V Fold for a virtually creaseless phone.

However, the Phantom V Fold doesn't seem to take advantage of its folding capacity in as many ways as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 , its top rival. First of all, I couldn't position the phone in a variety of ways or even at half-fold. I could only unfurl it into the larger tablet-sized display, or I could fold it closed to use the outer screen. 

I couldn't prop it up to use in a laptop-style position and I didn't find any functionality similar to Samsung's Flex mode, which moves the app you're using to the top of the screen while displaying the controls at the bottom when the phone is half-open. On the Galaxy Z Fold 4, for example, the YouTube app shows videos on the top half of the screen while the bottom half is for scrolling through comments or the description.


There are three rear cameras and two selfie cameras on the Phantom V Fold.

The announcement of the Phantom V Fold means Tecno is the latest of an increasing number of companies to enter the premium foldable phone segment, in which Samsung currently holds the leadership position. Former Huawei unit Honor also recently showed off the Magic Vs, its first book-style foldable bound for a global release. The the Phantom V Fold unveiling comes months after the release of the company's inaugural global flagship the Phantom X2 Pro , the first commercially sold phone with a pop-out portrait camera. 

To learn more about the Phantom V Fold, take a look at the specs below.

Inner Screen: 7.85-inch AMOLED, 120 Hz, 2,296x2,000 pixels Cover Display: 6.42-inch AMOLED, 120 Hz, 1,080x2,550 pixels Processor : MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ (4nm) Rear Camera : 50-megapixel (main), 50-megapixel (telephoto), 13-megapixel (ultra-wide) Selfie Camera:  32-megapixel, 16-megapixel Memory : 12+256GB; 12+512GB Battery: 5,000 mAh (45W charging) Price: TBC

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phantom phone v fold

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TECNO Phantom V Fold 5G Black (12GB RAM,256GB Storage) | The First Full Size Fold | LTPO AMOLED Display | 4nm D9000+ Fast Processor

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TECNO Phantom V Fold 5G Black (12GB RAM,256GB Storage) | The First Full Size Fold | LTPO AMOLED Display | 4nm D9000+ Fast Processor

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  • The First Full Size Fold in the Industry | Biggest 7.85” 2K+120Hz LTPO Display | 6.42"FHD+Sub-display | Dual LTPO AMOLED | CG Victus strong protection
  • The Most Advanced Processor | MTK Dimensity 9000+ | 4nm fabrication | 1.08million AnTuTu | 15 5G band support
  • Best Camera in the Fold phone segment | 50MP Telephoto + 50MP Main + 13MP Ultra-Wide | 32MP + 16MP Selfie Camera | Live Preview Feature | Rear Camera Selfie
  • Largest Battery in the Fold phone Segment | 5000mAh battery | 45W in-box Charger | 40% charge in just 15 minutes
  • Beyond Extraordinary & Advanced Memory | Up to 21GB LPDDR5x RAM (memory fusion) | 256/512GB UFS 3.1 Internal Storage
  • The product is configured to work only in India. Please get in touch with Tecno customer service to unlock your device if you want to use it in other countries.

phantom phone v fold

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TECNO Phantom V Fold 5G Black (12GB RAM,256GB Storage) | The First Full Size Fold | LTPO AMOLED Display | 4nm D9000+ Fast Pro

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Customers are satisfied with the quality of the cellular phone. They mention that it has a good camera, nice screen and resolution, and is brilliantly made. They also appreciate the phone's build quality, saying that it feels very premium. Some say the camera is average, but most are impressed with its smooth navigation and the super star camera and display.

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"...2. OLED panel 2k display is better than Samsung visuals like watching Lg OLED TV which costs you 2 lac plus3...." Read more

"Pros:- The display size, batt capacity, fast charging, display quality , case with stand, heavy gaming capability without heating are the best parts,..." Read more

Customers like the foldability of the cellular phone. They say that the folding mechanism is a game-changer, making it incredibly versatile. The phone's battery is good, and it looks good. The biggest foldable with best screen and performance is also a solid fold phone that you don't need to worry about. Overall, customers are happy with the product's foldability and recommend it to others.

"...The folding mechanism is seamless and provides a unique user experience, allowing the device to transform from a smartphone to a tablet-sized screen..." Read more

"...Let me tell you pros first1. Better fold and size than samsung in low price2. Folds very exact cut to cut3. Good battery🔋4...." Read more

"...I found that this mobile is the most awesome fold available in the market. yes, it do feel a little bit bulky but it does feel sturdy...." Read more

"This phone is by far the best folding phone . It supports PD charging. It has a bigger screen than the Samsung fold 5...." Read more

Customers like the charging speed of the cellular phone. They mention that it's faster, smoother, elegant, and amazing.

"...With its intelligent power management system and support for fast charging , it provides long-lasting usage without the need for frequent..." Read more

"Phone is awesome..Super cameraGood battery back up Fast charging Classy look..." Read more

"...No body is going to give at this price .4. Processor is powerful lag free usage5...." Read more

"...2. Camera could be better ( no slow mo, no hyper cam, no time laps , it may come with an update, stability for videos is just ok not that good while..." Read more

Customers are mixed about the battery life of the cellular phone. Some mention that it has a good battery back up of 5000mah, while others say that it drains very quickly.

"...impressive performance, exceptional camera capabilities, and reliable battery life make it a standout choice for tech enthusiasts who appreciate..." Read more

"Phone is awesome..Super camera Good battery back up Fast chargingClassy look..." Read more

"Gr8 product but battery life ain't good .." Read more

"Pros:- The display size, batt capacity , fast charging, display quality, case with stand, heavy gaming capability without heating are the best parts,..." Read more

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Top reviews from India

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phantom phone v fold

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Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Fantastic Low-Light Camera and Stunning Performance

An impressive folding phone, with a stunning camera system, innovative hinge system, and excellent performance.

Tecno Phantom V Fold

Despite some initial skepticism about the folding screen concept, the device's innovative hinge system and gorgeous 7.85-inch AMOLED almost square screen has won over even this most cynical of reviewers. The camera system is impressive too, with the main Super Night sensor offering incredible clarity in low light. The Dimensity 9000+ chip outperforms folding competitors that use the Snapdragon counterpart, providing a smooth UI and productive experience.

  • Brand: Tecno
  • SoC: Dimensity 9000+
  • Display: 7.85" foldable AMOLED 120Hz LTPO main screen, 6.42" front sub-screen (also AMOLED 120Hz LTPO)
  • Storage: 256GB as tested, 512GB also available
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Ports: USB-C
  • Operating System: HiOS 13
  • Front camera: 32MP sub, 16MP main
  • Rear camera: 50MP main, 50MP telephoto, 13MP wide
  • Connectivity: Dual NanoSIM (5G)
  • Dimensions: D14.5 x H160 x W72mm when folded (D0.57 x H6.30 x W2.83 inches)
  • Charge speed: 45W Super Charge (USB-C)
  • Price: ~$1000

I admit, I’ve been somewhat bemused by the very concept of a folding phone. Are phone screens suddenly not big enough? Do we really want to introduce yet another failure point on already fragile devices? Does no one remember bend-gate?!

Which is why, after a week with the Tecno Phantom V Fold, I’m quite shocked to find I actually want to keep using it as my main phone. That isn’t something this Apple-fanboy has experienced before. Now I'm a believer. It’s not perfect by any means, and I do have my doubts about the long-term durability, but for now, this changes everything. And the low-light camera system is superb, too.

Tecno is not a well-known brand to most Western audiences, but is big in developing markets such as Africa, India, and South Asia. But perhaps that's about to change. The Phantom V Fold is launching in India first, with an early price of just under $1000, but will come to other markets with similar pricing soon after.

There are some durability concerns with a folding screen, and if you tried, it would be easy to break the device deliberately. Tecno specifically warns against pushing on the fold while folding the screen up, but it seems like that should be an easy thing to avoid doing.

When folded, it just feels like a somewhat chunky regular smartphone. Unlike the Samsung Fold, there’s no cheese wedge shape in between the panels, with an innovative hinge system to protect the screen and allow it to sit flush. It’s quite a stiff mechanism, and requires a fair bit of force to unfold, but you get used to it. So far, I haven’t experienced any physical issues or delamination of the screen.

Once unfolded, you're presented with a glorious 7.85-inch AMOLED, almost square 4:3.55 ratio screen, running at 2296 x 2000 pixels (2K+, around 388PPI) at an adaptive 10-120Hz. It’s gorgeous and vibrant, though I did find it a little harder to read from this screen in bright light.

The flexible display, to my surprise, doesn't exhibit any screen artifacts when viewed straight on. Move closer to a 45-degree viewing angle, and an apparent dark and light line runs the full length of the fold. While I haven’t got another foldable phone to compare, I don't think that's unusual. I noticed this more if it was just sitting on the table, but if you have it propped up, or looking straight on, there's no distortion.

The laminate layer that protects the screens is very reflective, though, so usage in bright sunlight is quite tricky. If you catch any kind of reflection on the screen, you will notice a distortion of the reflection, but not of the display image, which can be unnerving for my smooth brain to comprehend. You can also feel the hinged part of the display if you run your finger over it, but it won't present actual problems other than feeling a bit weird.

The screen remains visible right up until the moment it closes, which I still find myself wincing at every time.

It's natural to have concerns about the long-term durability of folding screens, which unfortunately can't be tested over the few weeks I've had the device. However, Tecno claims that it can withstand 200,000 folds, which, if we conservatively estimate around 20 folds a day (40 if we count a fold as one way only)—should last roughly 13 years. So my fears may be entirely unwarranted.

The most surprising thing about a foldable screen for me was how much better it made typing feel. Sure, it's just the same as turning a regular phone into landscape mode to get a wider keyboard. But you're lucky to get more than a single line of editable text visible if you do that. With the square format of a folding phone, it's actually viable to type on a wide keyboard and have a good amount of screen real-estate left. That's a real boon for mobile productivity.

For watching videos, most of the time, you'll get a larger image on the unfolded screen. The exception is if you're watching a cinema-format movie with a 21:9 aspect ratio, for which you'll get massive letterboxing on the unfolded square screen. On the other hand, most YouTube videos and modern TV shows are 16:9 ratio; older shows are even squarer at 4:3. Either will be significantly larger on the almost-square unfolded screen.

For browsing the web and reading documents, the square format is ideal. Not every app will take advantage of the full screen though. Google Discover feed, for instance, displays only a single column, rather than scaling to show two columns at once as it can on tablets.

As for gaming, I tried playing Call of Duty, which utilized the full screen, and seemingly offered an enormous advantage by expanding my vertical field of view. I don't play Call of Duty on mobile regularly, and it was only early levels, but in the first few games, I was getting two to three times more kills than the next-highest player. It felt like cheating, and I think a lot of players couldn't see me if I was higher up or crouching.

Design and Specifications

When folded up, the Tecno Phantom V Fold features a power button with built-in fingerprint sensor and volume rocker on the side, both on the lower panel.

The USB-C charging port is also on the lower bottom panel, with the bottom speaker grill and the sim tray on the upper panel, which can hold up to two Nano SIMs, and is capable of 5G.

On the top edge, the microphone sits on the lower panel, while above that is the other speaker grill. This provides stereo sound when the phone is held horizontally, either folded or unfolded.

On the back of the device, you'll find the circular camera island, small silver Phantom branding, and a back panel covered in fibrous textured material. Although it's unclear exactly what material it is (some sort of recycled plastic?), it feels surprisingly nice and warm compared to the usual bare metal. There's a basic slimline case included in the package.

The front or sub-screen is a curved 6.42" Full HD+ display with a resolution of 1080 x 2550px (431PPI). The screen is also adaptive LTPO, with a 10-120Hz refresh rate, and is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus (twice as scratch-resistant as Gorilla Glass 6, apparently). Although the glass is curved, the screen itself doesn't follow the curve over the edge, with only a millimeter or two of bezels on both the sub and main unfolded screen.

With the included slimline case, the Tecno Phantom V Fold is roughly 14.5mm thick, 160mm tall, and 72mm wide. When unfolded, the phone expands to 140mm wide. Although it's not quite twice the thickness of a regular smartphone, it's not far off.

The Phantom V Fold is powered by a Dimensity 9000+ chip, which is very performant, backed up by 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. A 512GB model is also planned for around $100 more.

Performance and Benchmarking

The graphical performance of the Tecno Phantom V Fold is excellent, as evidenced by its 3D Mark Wildlife score of 8226, which is better than 93% of all devices tested. The stress test suffered a little from thermal throttling, resulting in a slightly lower loop score of 7885, but still maintained a superb 97% stability overall.

In comparison, the Samsung Z Fold 4, which features a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, scored a little higher at approximately 9600 on Wildlife, but had a stability of only around 60% in stress testing. Therefore, while the Dimensity 9000+ chip may have a slightly less powerful GPU, it is far more reliable over long periods of extended gaming.

PCMark gave the Tecno Phantom V Fold a respectable Work 3.0 score of 16,175, while Storage 2.0 was 44,645. By contrast, these scores significantly outperform both the Samsung Z Fold 4 and the recent Honor Fold V (which uses the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1) by about 20% to 30%. Thus, while the Dimensity 9000+ GPU may be slightly less powerful, the overall performance is significantly better.

Users should not experience any issues with a sluggish UI or gaming. Browsing is fast, and video playback is smooth.

For those who want more comparisons, Geekbench gave 1262 single core, 4008 multicore, and 9052 GPU compute scores.

Imaging System

Another surprising standout feature of the Tecno Phantom V Fold is the camera system, featuring a total of five lenses. Of those, two are selfie cameras (for both the sub and main screen), a 50MP main camera with a custom Super Night sensor, a 50MP telephoto 2x optical zoom, and a 13MP ultra-wide lens.

While the secondary telephoto and ultra-wide lenses are not particularly remarkable (nor are they bad, by any means), the main sensor is stunningly good and performs far better in low light than my main driver, the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In low light, the Phantom V Fold's main camera outperformed the iPhone 13 Pro Max in both video and photography, producing stunningly sharp and detailed images and footage with great contrast. The Phantom V Fold features a couple of different night-mode video shooting options, included standard (a little shakey), Super Stabilized (much better, though you lose a little field-of-view), and Ultimate Video Enhancer (which just seemed to make things brighter). Be sure to watch the full review video to see this in action.

In outdoor daytime shooting, the Phantom V Fold performed admirably as well, producing sharp, realistic images and video at full 4K 60FPS. The difference in quality here from the iPhone was less pronounced if any. Both produced satisfying video at the required frame rate and resolution, as I'd expect from any modern smartphone sensor in good light.

One neat feature unique to having a folding screen allows for ultra-high-quality selfies using the main camera, with the front sub-screen serving as a preview. That said, I did find pressing the shutter button one-handed to be a bit awkward like this.

The camera app also includes some easy-to-use templates for short, beat-matched TikTok-style videos with music, which some might appreciate when their creativity is waning.

Overall, the camera system on the Tecno Phantom V Fold is superb, and it's great to see a folding phone with such a good camera to back up its innovative design.

Battery Life

There are few disappointing aspects of the Phantom V Fold, but one of them is the battery. On paper, it sounds large at 5000mAh, but in any smartphone, the screen will be the biggest drain on the battery. If you unfold this, you've got a screen that's twice as large as usual, but not a battery that's necessarily twice as large. So, inevitably, battery life suffers.

With heavy use of the camera, playing Call of Duty, and running some tests, the battery went from full to almost nothing before the end of the day. In real-world normal usage, it lasts just over a day, but certainly not two days. Now, this isn’t bad for a folding phone by any means, but coming from a Plus Model iPhone, it’s a bit less than I’d like. It means a return to the overnight charge routine for me.

The audio is unimpressive, though it gets reasonably loud. If you're watching landscape mode on the main screen, you get stereo output, but I often found myself often covering up the speaker grills with my fingers. I wouldn't say the audio is disappointing; they're just not as good as they might have been, and media playback is not the main selling point of this device. It's not as good as the Honor V's with its IMAX certification, for instance.

User Interface

The UI is a custom version of Android 13 called HiOS 13 Fold. I understand the need for a custom UI given the non-standard interface size and additional features like two apps running side by side. But I'm not a fan of some of the things HiOS has replaced. I’m quite used to swiping left for Google Discover feed, for instance, and you can’t get that here. Granted, it's only one click away on the Google icon, but instead, you have a screen "info cards", such as the number of steps or a countdown to important holidays. The rest of the card options aren’t exactly thrilling, so for me, this part of the UI is now useless and can’t be replaced easily.

There’s also a fair bit of bloatware installed with the phone, from system support apps to management utilities, RAM cleaners, a video player, WPS office, and some fitness thing. All I really want is a standard suite of Google apps and the Play Store. You need to go in and enable Hey Google voice assistant; it's not on by default, presumably because they want you to use their voice assistant instead. Other aspects can't be changed, like the Google Discover feed.

I can uninstall most of the bloatware and eventually get it set it up as I like. I’d probably hate the Samsung Fold UI just as much, if not more. But still, it would be nice to have a more stock experience and not have to customize so much.

So, Is the Tecno Phantom V Fold a Game-Changer?

For me, it certainly has been. I've switched to this as my main phone, which is the highest praise I can give any device. Despite initial skepticism about the folding screen concept, the device's innovative hinge system and gorgeous 7.85-inch AMOLED, almost square screen has won over even this most cynical of reviewers.

The camera system, featuring five lenses, is especially impressive, with the main Super Night sensor offering incredible clarity in low light. The Dimensity 9000+ chip allows it to outperform its counterparts with general UI and work performance.

The battery life is less than I'd like, but only having been spoiled on a Plus-model iPhone for so long. The UI may be frustrating for those looking for a more stock experience, but it's not so bad as to seriously detract from the overall experience.

The Tecno Phantom V Fold is an excellent device for anyone looking for a unique and innovative smartphone experience. Just be prepared to gamble on the device's long-term durability.

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Why this unknown folding phone is more exciting than the Z Fold 4

Andy Boxall

The Tecno Phantom V Fold is evidence that making a folding smartphone is a big challenge. But don’t take this to mean I hate it and am about to write a lot of words rubbishing it. It’s quite the opposite.

Tecno Phantom V Fold: specifications

Tecno phantom v fold: design and build, tecno phantom v fold: camera, tecno phantom v fold: software and performance, the tecno phantom v fold is refreshing, daring, and worth it.

This is a folding smartphone from a brand you’ve probably never heard of, but seeing as brands you do know still haven’t bothered releasing a big-screen foldable, it’s one that deserves both our applause and attention. This is why.

The Tecno Phantom V Fold is a big-screen folding smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 , and it’s Tecno’s first attempt at such a device. Let’s talk about the dimensions first. It’s slightly wider than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and closer to the Honor Magic Vs when folded up, plus it’s about the same height and thickness too. According to my scales, it’s heavier than both by about 30 grams, reaching 300 grams. That’s a heavy phone, but it does a decent job of concealing its weight.

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  • You’ve never seen a folding flip phone with a screen like this

The cover screen measures 6.43 inches, and the unfolded screen is 7.85 inches. Both have a dynamic 10Hz to 120Hz refresh rate and LPTO technology to minimize flicker. A MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ processor powers the phone, with 12GB of RAM and either 256GB or 512GB of storage space.

The battery has a 5,000mAh capacity, is charged with an included 45W fast charger, and there’s a fingerprint sensor on the side of the chassis. There are three cameras on the back — a 50-megapixel main camera, a 50MP telephoto camera with a 2x optical zoom, and a 13MP wide-angle camera — plus a 32MP camera on the cover screen and a 16MP camera on the unfolded screen. The software is Android 13 with Tecno’s HiOS 13 Fold software over the top. The specifications are everything you’d expect from a phone of its type, although I can’t see anything about dust resistance, or assurances of software updates in the future.

The hinge is arguably the most important part of a folding smartphone’s hardware. Tecno says its hinge has been made from “aerospace-grade” material and is almost crease-free. It has been tested to 200,000 folds, which isn’t as many as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or the Honor Magic Vs, but should translate to around five years of reliable use, so it’s fine.

It reminds me of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold , as it makes a little bit of noise when you unfold it, and offers very little resistance once the initial magnetic clasp has been freed. It doesn’t free-stand, so there’s no option to use it half-open and supported like you can with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. It’s absolutely determined to be either open or closed.

Once it is open, the crease is barely visible. You can still feel it under your finger, but this is the same for all folding smartphones. However, far worse than the crease, is the phone not quite opening flat. The Honor Magic Vs seems to take its time to unfold the last millimeter or two (likely because my review version is brand new), but the Phantom V Fold seems reluctant to finish off those last millimeters at all. I find this more obnoxious than the barely visible crease.

You notice the weight when holding the Phantom V Fold, but a gentle curve around the screen’s edge makes it comfortable if you’re right-handed, and the ridged outer hinge adds grip too. Open it up, and there is a tiny amount of flex in the hinge, but the substantial plastic border makes the device easy to hold without getting your palm all over the screen.

The Phantom V Fold has a relatively simple camera system, with a main, wide, and telephoto camera, which provides a 2x optical zoom. The rear camera can also be used to take selfies, with the unfolded cover screen providing a large, easy-to-see preview. Unfortunately, the quality of the photos isn’t quite up to standard.

It’s the colors that are the problem. On a bright, sunny day at the beach, the camera produced wishy-washy colors — softening the scene where it lost all excitement and robbing it of emotion — or over-saturated them. In other photos where the sun and blue sky weren’t involved, colors seemed to be more accurate, in an odd juxtaposition to situations I’ve faced with cameras in the past.

A photo taken with the Tecno Phantom V Fold's main camera.

There are other problems too. The wide-angle camera has the same issue with color accuracy, and photos can look noisy too. The 2x optical zoom is the same, but at least there’s plenty of detail in its photos. It’s not a terrible camera, but it definitely needs refining, and at the moment, it doesn’t come close to realizing the potential of its specification.

I have been using the phone ahead of its official launch, and there’s always a chance a software update is on its way to cure these issues, but I did see similar problems with the Tecno Phantom X2 Pro I tried recently too. It’s a shame the X2 Pro’s fun pop-out camera hasn’t been included here.

Next to the hinge, the software is the other aspect that can make or break a folding smartphone. I haven’t used the Phantom V Fold as my main phone yet, but I’ve run many of my usual apps — social apps, YouTube, Google Maps, Autotrader, and Netflix — to see how it handles them on both screens.

Twitter and Autotrader work without a problem, and switch between screens when you open and close the device. However, you’re simply looking at a bigger version on the open screen, rather than something specifically adapted for the display. Oddly, Netflix isn’t available for the phone, with the Play Store stating it’s incompatible when I tried to download it. Disney+ and Amazon Prime work, and again switch between screens. Audio is fine but lacks bass response.

There are plenty of multitasking modes, with split-screen support and floating windows all easy and fast to activate. Even apps that state they may not be compatible with floating screen mode, such as YouTube, have worked without a problem. The Dimensity 9000+ is a strong chip with good performance, as we saw in the Asus ROG Phone 6D , and handled multi-tasking without breaking a sweat.

Tecno says the Phantom V Fold has been optimized to support 1,000 top apps when opening and closing, and 2,000 are compatible with HiOS13 Fold in general, which I assume primarily means the multitasking feature. It’s a shame Netflix, an app I use often, exposed a hole in the phone’s compatibility. Otherwise, the multi-tasking system is robust and simple to use.

Floating window multi-tasking on the open Tecno Phantom V Fold.

HiOS13 Fold will take some getting used to, and it will be a culture shock to anyone used to Android on Samsung, OnePlus, or Pixel phones. There’s no Google Discover, there are several unfamiliar pre-installed apps, the design is busy rather than minimalist, and the pull-down notification shade is split into two. Notifications appear after swiping down on the left of the screen, and Quick Settings are to the right.

The phone’s software isn’t really for me, but Tecno doesn’t officially sell its phones in the U.S. or the U.K., and all these differences may come down to local preferences. I have not used the phone as my primary device to assess reliability or network compatibility.

When I first heard about the Tecno Phantom V Fold, I was very keen to try it out, and now that I have, I’m really pleased I did. What is it I like? It’s not the phone, camera, or software specifically; it’s something else. I like that it’s so daring and honest. Let me explain.

While other brands hold back and watch Samsung control foldable smartphones, Tecno just got on with it and made one. The company isn’t new (it has been around since 2006), but it takes time, effort, and guts to make something different from just another bar-shaped phone these days — and that should be applauded.

The result isn’t perfect, but in the short time I’ve had with the phone, it seems solid and well-engineered, even if it’s not as refined as Samsung or Oppo’s models. The main issues I’ve seen are no different from the ones I noticed on the Tecno Phantom X2 Pro, indicating these are inherent challenges the company as a whole faces, and not ones caused by jumping feet-first into the world of folding smartphones. There’s a refreshing honesty about it.

While other brands hold back and watch Samsung control foldable smartphones, Tecno just got on with it and made one.

I like that Tecno has gone for it; making a serious effort to get the multi-tasking and app compatibility right, and come up with a phone that should gain the company a lot of attention. It makes you wonder what Oppo is doing by restricting the Find N2 to China, and why OnePlus is only saying it eventually release a foldable smartphone sometime this year .

It’s not the best big-screen folding smartphone out there, but at least it’s actually out there . What’s more, Tecno isn’t charging $2,000 for it. When it launches in India, the Phantom V Fold will start at $1,000. For a first attempt, it’s excellent and paves the way for a more refined, even better Phantom V Fold 2 in the future. Similar things were said about the Galaxy Fold in 2019 , and look where Samsung is now. Tecno deserves a big round of applause for making the Phantom V Fold, and pricing it so competitively.

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Andy Boxall

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (back) and Galaxy Z Fold 5 (front) Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the pinnacle of big-screen smartphones in 2023. I’m using it right now, and it’s spectacular. However, it’s not all that different from the Galaxy Z Fold 4, apart from changes to the size and weight. Boring! Where’s all the innovation and excitement?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (left) and Galaxy Z Fold 5 (right) Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

If a building is 2.4mm higher than another building, you probably won’t notice. If one room is 2.4mm larger than another, you won’t be able to fit more stuff in it. But the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is 2.4mm thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and take it from me: you will notice. Not only that, but the new hinge design enables the phone to fold flat, so there's no more gap.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (left) Galaxy Z Fold 5 (right), and Galaxy Z Flip 5 Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I bought the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, which I still have today, and I absolutely loved its futuristic design, multimedia ability, and feeling like I was right on the cutting edge of consumer mobile tech. I purchased the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in 2021 and upgraded to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in 2022 — so surely I’ve already pre-ordered the Galaxy Z Fold 5, right?

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Tecno Phantom V Fold review

  • Comments (31)
  • User reviews
  • Phantom V Fold
  • 1. Introduction, specs, unboxing
  • 2. Design, build quality, handling
  • 3. Lab tests - display, battery life, charging speed, speaker
  • 4. User interface, performance
  • 5. Camera quality
  • 6. Alternatives, pros and cons, verdict
  • Tecno Phantom V Fold specification
  • User opinions and reviews
  • Review comments (31)

Tecno Android

Plenty of megapixels, functional cover screen

The Tecno Phantom V Fold has a competent camera configuration with a proper triple rear setup and a selfie camera for each display. On the back you're getting a couple of 50MP units for main and telephoto, plus a 13MP autofocusing ultrawide.

Somewhat oddly, the selfie cameras are different - 32MP on the cover, 16MP on the inside - but that's almost beside the point since there's a fully-functional camera UI on the cover screen when the V unFolds so you can use the rear cameras for photos of your mug.

Tecno Phantom V Fold review

According to the hardware apps, the primary camera is based on the Samsung GNV sensor, which we understand to be a derivative of the GN1, and an imager we considered exclusive to vivo. Then again, it was in the X80 Pro and the the X90 Pro has moved on from it, so maybe that exclusivity is no longer applicable. It's got a 1/1.3" optical format and 1.2µm pixels, and a Tetrapixel color filter array (Quad Bayer, in Sony speak), but with an RGBW twist, as best as we can tell. The lens has a reported aperture of f/1.9 and an equivalent focal length in the 24-25mm ballpark (by our estimate - Tecno doesn't specify it).

The zoom camera employs the Samsung JN1 - a popular solution for the task. It has a 1/2.8" optical format, 0.64µm pixels size and a Tetrapixel color filter too. We're calculating the lens' equivalent focal length at around 44mm, so hardly telephoto, but still not bad to have. The aperture is f/2.0.

The ultrawide uses the (S5K)3L6 sensor - 1/3" optical format, 1.12µm pixels and a conventional RGB filter array. Most important on this one is its autofocusing capability - a rare occurrence on anything that aims to fit in a tight budget.

For selfies, you get the (S5K)GD2 on the cover (1/2.8", 0.8µm, Tetrapixel) with a 25mm-equivalent f/2.5 lens. The internal selfie camera uses the only non-Samsung sensor - it's the OmniVision OV16B10 (1/2.8", 1.12µm, regular RGB) with the same lens specs. Both lenses have fixed focus too.

Tecno Phantom V Fold review

The Tecno doesn't miss the opportunity to offer cover screen UI for operating the rear cameras with the device unfolded - one of the key benefits of having a large-screen foldable is rear camera selfie photos and video. Above the shutter release button you'll find the rear/front camera toggle, and above that one is the switch that moves the entire fully-functional UI to the front screen.

Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Other foldable-specific features are available too, like a live preview on the cover screen for your subjects to look at themselves while you still have the controls on your end. Also present is a split-screen view where the view finder moves to one side, while the other side turns into a film strip with the most recently captured images. What's missing is a waist-level shooting type of split, but since the Tecno's hinge can't really be kept in intermediate states to begin with, we wouldn't call that a software omission.

Camera UI - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Outside of the foldable-related bits, the camera app is straightforward - well, maybe aside from the full-auto photo mode being called AI Cam.

Camera UI - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Daylight photo quality

Daylight photos from the Phantom V Fold's main camera are pretty good. They have a nicely wide dynamic range, though we'd say outdoor shots lean a little towards overexposure - half a stop darker almost universally looks better to our eyes. White balance is also just barely offthe mark and we're getting a faint green tinge when shooting outside.

An nudge in saturation also wouldn't hurt - it's alright as it is, but a bit more would improve things, we reckon. Then again, perhaps you prefer a more reserved color rendition that you can tweak yourself in post-processing. There's also the matter than the overly enthusiastic display colors can be misleading as to what results you'd actually be getting.

Sharpness and detail, meanwhile, are excellent, and the processing is very mature in this respect. There's no noise to speak of either.

Daylight samples, main camera (1x) - f/1.9, ISO 51, 1/2863s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Speaking of detail, you stand to gain some if you opt for the full-res 50MP mode - it's not an upscale job from the binned photos like some others still do. You can expect small, but not dealbreaking penalties in highlight dynamic range and noise - nothing major. File sizes are typically 4 times larger, though.

Daylight samples, main camera (1x), 50MP - f/1.9, ISO 50, 1/2861s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

We'd normally steer clear of the AI Color Enhancement toggle, but we figured it was worth a go on the Phantom to maybe get a bit more saturation. Indeed, it delivers, and it does so in a measured way that's not over the top. Perhaps it's worth keeping the toggle on.

Daylight samples, main camera (1x), AI Color enhancement - f/1.9, ISO 50, 1/3046s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

The zoom camera (recent arguments over semantics in the office are making us question whether we should call it a 'telephoto') captures nice shots at 2x-ish magnification. Noise is minimal, while detail is plenty, if a bit sketchy in random detail like foliage or that 'castle' mural. Colors tend be livelier in the zoom shots, and white balance was more often accurate (though not infallible still).

Daylight samples, telephoto camera (2x) - f/2.0, ISO 50, 1/887s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

The full resolution mode on the telephoto camera does give you finer detail. It sacrifices contrast in the process and introduces a light magenta cast.

Daylight samples, telephoto camera (2x), 50MP - f/2.0, ISO 51, 1/895s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

The ultrawide shots have some composite action going on when the subject is distant enough - it's not very often manufacturers do this, but it does make for solid results when done right, which is the case here. The center portion of the Phantom's ultrawide shots comes from the main camera and the ultrawide only fills in the periphery. That's why you can expect softer detail around the edges than in the middle of the frame, but then ultrawides are prone to being softer off-center anyway.

You'd expect the ultrawide samples to be perfectly color-matched to the main camera's but that's not entirely true - skies in particular have deeper, bluer blues, next to the more cyan rendition at 1x. Overall though, some more saturation wouldn't hurt, as was the case on the main camera.

Daylight samples, ultrawide camera - f/2.2, ISO 101, 1/2131s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

The ultrawide's autofocusing capability lets you capture closeups with it, and we appreciate Tecno's approach of not coming up with some 'macro' mode with digital zoom and upscaling - the ultrawide just focuses close and you can use that.

In those instances, you don't get the main camera's input - after all, if that could focus so close, you'd be using it instead.

One issue becomes evident quickly and that's the shadow you tend to throw with the phone simply because you're this close to the subject. Workarounds with weird angles can mean you don't get the framing you'd ideally want. With those caveats out of the way, the Phentom's closeups are actually quite great - whatever little is in focus is nicely sharp and detailed.

Closeup samples - f/2.2, ISO 108, 1/50s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Low-light photo quality

The Phantom's main camera photos in low light, while not perfect, are good in the default AI Cam mode already. Dynamic range isn't the widest, but it's respectable and while contrastier scenes will show clipped highlights and dark shadows, more balanced lighting will result in well exposed images. Detail is very good, noise is well contained, auto white balance deals well with all sorts of artificial lighting.

Low-light samples, main camera (1x) - f/1.9, ISO 894, 1/25s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Super Night mode does introduce some improvements. A notable increase in dynamic range will restore highlights nicely while also boosting the darker areas. You will get some of that relatively heavy sharpening and watercolor-like effect on detail, and while it's certainly not the most natural rendition, it's not the worst case we've seen either. We'd argue it's well worth it for the improved tonal properties.

Low-light samples, main camera (1x), Super Night mode - f/1.9, ISO 869, 1/25s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

When it comes to the 2x zoom, we're happy to report we didn't encounter an instance when the Tecno would switch to its main camera, regardless of how dark the scene was. The tele does a respectable job with detail but does struggle with dynamic range and will more often than not give you shadows that are too dark, and some clipped highlights to go with those.

Low-light samples, telephoto camera (2x) - f/2.0, ISO 2097, 1/17s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Super Night mode delivers the expected tonal development, particularly evident in scenes with darker shadows, though there's some highlight restoration action as well. The watercoloring feels stronger here, but it's still an acceptable trade-off.

Low-light samples, telephoto camera (2x), Super Night mode - f/2.0, ISO 2049, 1/17s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

The ultrawide's results in the dark are rather soft, unless the scene allows for the composite processing (samples 2 and 7 below), which we can't be entirely certain what the requirements for are. Dynamic range is good, though, all things considered, and white balance is dependable.

Low-light samples, ultrawide camera (0.6x) - f/2.2, ISO 3518, 1/20s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Super Night mode apparently disable the composite processing - otherwise that would be some tough processing, we imagine. Other than that, the differences between the two modes are minimal. We'd speculate that the Tecno is already doing the best it can computationally in the regular mode, so the Super Night can't contribute a whole lot.

Low-light samples, ultrawide camera (0.6x), Super Night mode - f/2.2, ISO 3779, 1/20s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Once you're done with the real world samples, head over to our Photo compare tool to see how the Tecno Phantom V Fold stacks up against the competition.

Photo Compare Tool

In foldables with a proper capability for rear camera selfie shooting it makes sense to start talking about selfies with the rear ones. Indeed, the Phantom's main camera will get you really nice selfies. Detail on your mug is very good, while the background has some natural blur, and skin tones are lifelike.

Selfie samples, main rear camera - f/1.9, ISO 249, 1/100s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Photos at the 0.6x zoom may actually sometimes be composites too, even for selfies at arm's length. The exact distance matters, as does the light - if you're too close and/or there's complex lighting requiring heavy HDR action, the UW is on its own.

Selfie samples, ultrawide rear camera - f/2.2, ISO 406, 1/50s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

You can even take selfies with the 2x zoom camera - it will focus at arm's length, and those will have great detail. That said, in landscape you can't fit a lot more than just a face vertically in the frame.

Shooting in portrait orientation makes more sense then, though that poses some handling issues - holding the tablet with the left hand and pressing the volume button with the index finger for shutter release worked best for us. Palm shutter isn't available, while smile shutter is, and it worked fairly reliably, but you don't necessarily want to be smiling in all of your photos, right?

Selfie samples, telephoto rear camera (because why not) - f/2.0, ISO 452, 1/50s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

With the rear selfies accounted for, let's have a look at some selfie camera selfies. The 32MP unit on the cover is capable of rather excellent detail in balanced lighting (samples 1, 3, 5) even if there's some noise in there as well. More complex or dimmer scenes (well, the rest of the samples) engage different processing and result in not quite as much per-pixel detail, though admittedly noone objectively needs 32MP pin-sharp selfies.

Dynamic range is not the widest, but it's good enough and the phone will expose to priotize for your face, so the worst that could happen is some blown out clouds in the background. Colors are, again, fairly laid back and could benefit from a minor saturation boost.

Selfie samples, cover selfie camera - f/2.5, ISO 137, 1/33s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

The internal selfie camera is pretty great in its own right. It renders detail in a gritty, intensely sharpened way, and doesn't quite match the dynamic range of the other options, but neither of these is so bad as to be an issue - the former might actually be a positive, if you enjoy Google Pixel-style selfies.

Selfie samples, inner selfie camera - f/2.5, ISO 409, 1/50s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Basically, every which way you're holding your Phantom V Fold, you've got a capable selfie camera in front of you. We'd still prefer the images from the rear cameras, but the others are perfectly usable too for when you can't be bothered to be doing finger gymnastics or for any types of video messaging.

Portrait mode

The Phantom V Fold's Portrait mode can capture photos with the main camera at 1x or with the zoom camera at 2x, and it defaults to the 2x option. In both cases you're getting very good subject separation and the conservative blur level of the pre-set f/4.0 simulated aperture makes for a natural looking rendition of out-of-focus backgrounds.

The 2x camera helps a lot with subject distance and facial proportions and since it's a pretty solid camera to begin with, you get very nice image quality.

Portrait mode samples, 2x - f/2.0, ISO 150, 1/50s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

The main camera forces you to get closer to your subject or go for wider framing overall. Image quality is very good in this case too.

Portrait mode samples, 1x - f/1.9, ISO 88, 1/100s - Tecno Phantom V Fold review

Video recording

The Phantom V Fold records video up to 4K60 with its main and zoom cameras, while the ultrawide is capped at 1080p30. There's no option for using the h.265 codec - the older, less efficient, but more widely compatible h.264 is the only way to encode videos. Stabilization is available up to 4K30.

We're not strictly fans of the Phantom's video footage for one main reason. Main camera 4K clips (53Mbps bit rate) have excessively high contrast that really jumps at you and the tonal extremes are way too harsh for our liking. Then again, white balance is on point and colors are looking nice overall - saturation is higher than in stills (which in this case means better). Detail is plenty, if somewhat overprocessed. 4K60 (about 65Mbps) has the exact same quality.

The ultrawide is in a similar boat with contrast and dynamic range, only it doesn't really have all the redeeming qualities of the main camera. If it were 4K, we could talk, but as it is, it's more of a disappointing performance.

The telephoto adds a flaw of its own into the mix - a magenta cast. It's similarly way too contrasty as the other two, but it is 4K unlike the ultrawide, so at least there's that.

One thing you can't fault the V Fold's videos for is stabilization - it's impeccable on all three cameras.

That stabilization praise doesn't necessarily translate into selfie videos with the ultrawide, which doesn't seem too keen to maintain focus on the subject. Then again, we already established that the ultrawide's video quality is rather meh to begin with, so in a way there's nothing new here.

It's a different story on the main camera, where have little to complain about when it comes to selfie video. It kept its focus on the subject, stabilized well, adjusted exposure to changing conditions, and the clip somehow doesn't look as overly contrasty as the balcony scene. High marks here.

It's worth pointing out that when shooting videos with the rear cameras, the clips end up upside down, regardless of what orientation you hold the phone in (whether it's display up, camera down, or camera up, display down - we're not suggesting vertical videos in the slightest). That's an issue obviously, but the built-in editor is capable of rotating them, so it's not all bad.

In low light, the Tecno appears to have made some rather conscious concessions for the Phantom's main camera footage - keep all the detail possible, with whatever amount of noise that entails. It's not an entirely objectionable approach, we must admit, though the grit is a bit too much even for our forgiving eyes. Dynamic range is reasonably wide given the circumstances though, blooming around light sources is well controlled, and colors maintain a good level of saturation.

The ultrawide struggles in a number of ways in the dark - dynamic range is severely limited and shadows are underexposed, and it can't properly acquire focus so things are pretty soft. Colors are well maintained though, so it's not all lost.

The telephoto puts out more of a so-so performance, leaning into above average. Dynamic range is about decent, and it manages to hold on to color and detail rather okay.

Here's a glimpse of how the Tecno Phantom V Fold compares to rivals in our Video compare tool. Head over there for the complete picture.

Video Compare Tool

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TECNO Phantom V Flip cover screen window resized

TECNO Phantom V Flip review: Should you buy it?

Tecno phantom v flip, what we like, what we don't like.

TECNO Phantom V Flip review: At a glance

  • What is it? The TECNO Phantom V Flip is the first clamshell foldable phone from Chinese brand TECNO. It has a Dimensity 8050 chipset, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 6.9-inch FHD+ OLED screen, and a 4,000mAh battery.
  • What is the price?  The TECNO Phantom V Flip has an early bird price of Rs 49,999 (~$604) for the sole 8GB/256GB variant. Amazon India and Flipkart list a Rs 71,999 (~$865) recommended price, though.
  • Where can you buy it? The TECNO Phantom V Flip will be sold in India. The firm hasn't disclosed any additional markets thus far.
  • How did we test it? I tested the TECNO Phantom V Flip for 10 days. The review unit was supplied by TECNO.
  • Is it worth it? The Phantom V Flip is a well-priced foldable Android phone at its early bird price, but it's proof that a good price alone isn't enough to stand out in an increasingly competitive segment.

Should you buy the TECNO Phantom V Flip?

TECNO Phantom V Flip cover screen with red background edited

The TECNO Phantom V Flip certainly makes a strong impression at first glance. The clamshell-style foldable packs a pleather back, and the light purple color option I got my hands on stands out from a sea of drab glass colors on the market.

TECNO’s also made an interesting move by having a circular camera housing and cover screen. It’s a unique choice, but the execution leaves me wanting. There’s a giant bezel around the screen, for one, leaving you with a tiny display. We’ve also got three sensors (two cameras and a flash) strewn almost haphazardly on these bezels. I would’ve much rather seen the sensors in one housing and the circular display in another, or punch-hole cutouts paired with a larger screen.

That giant camera/display housing also has ergonomic ramifications, as some of your fingers naturally rest on this area. Complicating matters is the fact that the Phantom V Flip is a little top-heavy. It’s not awfully balanced, but it is noticeable compared to other flip phones, especially as your fingers shuffle up or down to reach the very top or bottom of the screen.

Otherwise, the Phantom V Flip brings a relatively svelte design that competes with the best foldable phones out there, with the slim, polished edges helping to make the phone feel even thinner. Unfortunately, the handset doesn’t pack an IP rating, unlike Samsung and Motorola’s clamshell foldables.

It’s also worth noting that the two halves of the phone do have a certain “looseness” to them. This can be felt when you hold the folded device in your hand and push the top half up and down and side-to-side. It’s not awful, but it’s not something I’ve noticed on other clamshell foldables. At least the free-stop hinge works reliably.

TECNO Phantom V Flip USB port

TECNO has also brought a 6.9-inch foldable 120Hz OLED screen to the fray, complete with ultra-thin glass for added durability. You’ve still got a display crease here, which seems similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 5 crease (i.e. not very subtle). The screen touts a brightness of 1,000 nits, which isn’t amazing for a foldable, but I found it to work fine outdoors. The bigger issue is that it still falls into that foldable screen trap of being very reflective, although the same can be said for most other foldables.

TECNO says the screen is also an LTPO panel capable of dropping down to 10Hz, but I’ve only ever seen it drop down to 60Hz. I do appreciate the ability to toggle a 90Hz refresh rate, though, as many phones still only offer 120Hz, 60Hz, or dynamic options. 90Hz represents a nice middle ground between screen fluidity and battery efficiency, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, the cover screen is quite small at 1.32 inches, while the circular design makes it look more like a smartwatch display. Unfortunately, the cover display software hasn’t caught up to the likes of Motorola and Samsung. You can access roughly a dozen widgets, quick settings, media playback controls, and notifications. But you can forget about running full apps here. In fact, the existing widgets also feel barebones in terms of information density compared to rival Flip phones. A real shame.

The TECNO Phantom V Flip packs a MediaTek Dimensity 8050 processor (four Cortex-A78, four Cortex-A55), 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. That’s certainly a step down from the Phantom V Fold, and benchmarks bear this out, too. Geekbench 6 scores reveal CPU performance that easily beats mid-tier Samsung phones like the Galaxy A34 5G and Galaxy A54 5G but lags behind even last year’s flagship SoCs. Meanwhile, GPU benchmarks show the phone beats most mid-range handsets but lags behind the Pixel 7 series . At least stress testing reveals impressive stability of 96.7%, so you shouldn’t see major performance drops in a long gaming session.

TECNO Phantom V Flip Geekbench 6

I had no significant complaints about real-world performance, as system navigation, launching apps, and multitasking were all accomplished seamlessly. I did, however, notice that the camera app has a “saving” screen for a couple of seconds after filming even 1080p/30fps video.

Genshin Impact was very playable with default settings, although it had more than its fair share of judder and the very occasional freeze for a second or two. But titles like War Thunder and CoD Mobile were mostly smooth out of the box, so I could chalk the Genshin Impact performance down to a lack of optimization. You can play advanced emulators too, such as Dolphin, although the most demanding titles see frequent frame drops compared to recent flagships.

Clamshell foldable phones tend to skimp on battery capacity, and the TECNO Phantom V Flip is no exception. You’re getting a 4,000mAh battery, and I found it was capable of just over a day of regular usage. I was able to eke out almost nine hours of screen-on time with constant YouTube playback, some Telegram usage, and Reddit browsing, and just over six and a half hours of screen time of heavier usage (e,g. more YouTube and mobile hotspot functionality). Just don’t expect it to last for two days without battery-saving modes. The phone also sports 45W wired charging speeds, allowing you to go from zero to 100% in 45 minutes. This is in line with the firm’s own claims. There’s no wireless charging, though.

TECNO Phantom V Flip battery life 1

TECNO’s phone ships with the Hi OS 13.5 skin atop Android 13 , and it’s not my favorite software skin by any measure. That’s due to a bland MIUI-style aesthetic, some unfamiliar apps, separate dropdown panels for quick settings and the notification shade (with no way to unify them), and a dearth of clamshell-specific foldable features.

The company didn’t go crazy with bloatware, although you’ll still find first-party apps like the CarlCare support app, T-Spot, Visha Player, the Ella assistant, and WeLife. These join third-party apps like Facebook, Instagram, BoomPlay, and WPS Office. At least the pre-installed T-Spot forum app no longer blasts NSFW images in your face like I encountered with the Phantom V Fold, so that’s an improvement. It also looks like the brand has polished things compared to its book-type foldable, such as near-instantaneous camera lens switching and a significantly reduced delay when opening the notification shade immediately after unlocking.

Unfortunately, the most disappointing thing about the Phantom V Flip software might be the lackluster update policy . TECNO is promising two major Android version updates and three years of security patches. That’s almost the bare minimum for an Android phone, and it pales in comparison to other foldable manufacturers.

TECNO Phantom V Flip app drawer

The Phantom V Flip ships with a pretty standard rear camera system for a clamshell foldable, featuring a 64MP main shooter (RGBW) and a 13MP ultrawide lens with autofocus.

Image quality itself is typically solid during the daytime, with a mostly healthy level of detail (save for the occasional mushy image) and saturated colors that can be a little too vibrant at times. The camera starts to stumble in mixed lighting, though, notably blowing out highlights. You’ll also want to stick with the Super Night mode in low-light situations unless you like dark shots with loads of noise. The night mode is heavy-handed with the noise reduction, but at least it isn’t aggressively bright like some other OEMs. And yes, you’ve got TECNO’s plump butt beauty filter , if that’s your thing.

There’s a big gulf in quality between the main and ultrawide cameras, with the ultrawide delivering more noise, greater contrast, and a ton of mushiness even in broad daylight. The one saving grace is the autofocus module, which enables macro snaps.

Video quality isn’t quite on par with the likes of Samsung’s wares, mostly due to very noticeable judder. The phone also offers an HDR toggle for video as well as a super steady video mode, but both of these options top out at 1080p/30fps. Otherwise, you’re getting a maximum of 4K/30fps video here. That’s a downer when rival foldables offer 4K/60fps.

In a first for foldables, the Phantom V Flip ships with a front-facing flash for the selfie camera. Then again, you can simply use the rear cameras and flash for selfies in conjunction with the cover screen. Plus, the phone packs a traditional screen flash too. But hey, it’s something different, I guess. You can view full-resolution photo samples via the Google Drive folder .

TECNO Phantom V Flip main camera selfie resized

The TECNO Phantom V Flip is a welcome addition to the foldable market by virtue of its early bird price. It manages to tick a few boxes as well, such as solid battery life, a mostly sleek design, and respectable, if unspectacular, performance.

But there are simply too many compromises, such as the tiny, underbaked cover display, the gigantic bump on the back, the lack of an IP rating, poor low-light camera quality, a bad ultrawide camera, and the lack of wireless charging. This is particularly lamentable in light of the fact that the recommended price is ~$860, significantly higher than the early bird price.

I take my hat off to TECNO for offering a foldable phone at an attractive promotional price, but the recommended price isn’t much better than Samsung’s phones. So you’re better off buying an older Galaxy Flip phone if you really want a cheaper foldable.

TECNO Phantom V Flip

What are the best Phantom V Flip alternatives?

TECNO Phantom V Flip vs vivo X Flip resized

There are a few alternatives to the TECNO Phantom V Flip worth knowing. Here are our picks.

  • Motorola Razr ( on the product’s website ): The vanilla Razr model in 2023 (also known as the Razr 40) is the cheapest Flip phone on the market. Expect a tiny cover display and mid-range Snapdragon silicon, but you’re still getting a 144Hz OLED screen, water-repellent coating, and wireless charging.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 ( $999.99 at Samsung ): The mega-popular Flip range is the most widely available clamshell foldable around. Between the huge cover screen, IPX8 rating, and powerful chip, there’s a lot to like about the Galaxy Z Flip 5 .
  • OPPO Find N2 Flip ( $1029 at Giztop ): OPPO’s first flip phone brings a pleasantly large cover display, last year’s flagship silicon, and a large battery for a clamshell device. Unlike the vivo X Flip, this BBK flip phone is available outside China too.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 ( $944.45 at Amazon ): Samsung’s previous Flip phone is also well worth considering if you want a cheaper clamshell foldable. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 still offers a powerful processor, IPX8 rating, and polished software. Plus, you’re getting a long commitment to updates.

TECNO Phantom V Flip specs

Tecno phantom v flip review: faq.

No, the Phantom V Flip doesn’t have an IP rating , so it has no splash- or water-resistance.

It depends on your carrier. You’ll need to check the Phantom V Flip’s supported network bands to make sure it matches up with your carrier.

TECNO phones are made in China.

Yes, the Phantom V Flip has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Yes, the Phantom V Flip supports sub-6GHz 5G. It doesn’t support mmWave 5G connectivity, though.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review : The cheapest foldable, but is it worth the price?

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review : The cheapest foldable, but is it worth the price?

  • Large cover display, Minimal crease, Good battery life, Attractive rear panel design, Affordable phablet-sized foldable
  • Hinge can’t stay partially open, Display is not HDR compliant, No wireless charging, Mediocre portraits with telephoto lens, Some software bugs

Dhriti Datta

For the company’s first attempt at a foldable – the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G is impressive. Not only has the company managed to bring us a well-designed foldable with an understated crease, but the Phantom V Fold also is the largest phablet-style foldable in India with a highly usable outer display. All of that at just ₹88,888! So, it is a good value proposition for those wanting to experience a phablet-style foldable at half the cost of the industry leader. However, the phone does falter in some areas – the software, while well-implemented in the grand scheme of things, does have some bugs, and the performance (especially gaming performance) isn’t the best at this premium price. 

Foldable smartphones are intriguing. They were the biggest departure from candy-bar smartphones in years but adoption rates have been low. Even though more and more consumers are buying foldables yearly, the exorbitant prices are an obvious deterrent to mass adoption. Enter the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G . Priced at ₹88,888, the Tecno Phantom V Fold is nearly half the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (Review)  and is cheaper than the smaller Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 (Review) . So, the phone is absurdly competitive when it comes to pricing and it democratises the form factor in India. Not just that, the Phantom V Fold has a wider aspect ratio for the cover screen and a less noticeable crease. So, all of this at pretty much half the price of the industry leader sounds like a sweet deal. However, is the phone designed well, is the software well-optimised, how does the phone perform, and how are the cameras? These are some of the questions I’ll answer in my review.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Build and Design

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Build and design

The Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G is built extremely well for its price. The foldable has a fabric-like textured back panel that looks gorgeous. Tecno has used recycled plastic to build the rear panel, but it doesn’t feel cheap at all. The rear panel is also resistant to fingerprints and smudges. The phone’s grip is good and I felt comfortable enough to use it without a case. Tecno does provide a plastic case with a kickstand right inside the box.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Build and design

The hinge and the sides of a phone are made of aluminium. The crease of the inner screen is minimal due to Tecno’s ‘Drop-Hinge’ design – way less prominent than the crease on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 – which is extremely commendable for the company’s first attempt at a foldable phone. The foldable has the volume rockers and the power button on the right – they’re nice and tactile. However, the side-mounted fingerprint sensor is extremely sensitive and activates at the slightest touch. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Build and design

The camera island on the back is large and circular, and it may not be to everyone’s taste. There’s also considerable wobble when the phone is kept on a flat surface. At 299 g, it is one of the heaviest foldables on the market right now, but its cover screen has a much wider aspect ratio than some other competitors in the market, so a bump in weight is expected. This aspect ratio also means that the cover screen is far more useful since it is almost as wide as normal smartphones on the market. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Build and design

However, the display hinge cannot remain partially open. This is something that foldables from OPPO and Samsung have, and it allows for a lot of interesting and useful foldable mechanics. For example, you can have a YouTube video play on the top screen and the playback controls are on the bottom screen. You can even prop it up at 90 degrees to have a makeshift tripod, of sorts, which is not possible on the Tecno.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Build and design

Despite this, I am a fan of the looks of the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G and commend the company for its understated yet classy design language. I hope the company improves upon the hinge mechanism, to allow it to stay partially open, in its next iteration of a foldable phone.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Display(s)

As I mentioned above, the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G comes with a wide aspect ratio (21.3:9) cover screen, which makes it feel more like a regular screen than competitors like the Galaxy Z Fold4 with its abnormally tall screen. The screen measures 6.42 inches and sports FHD+ resolution. It is an LTPO AMOLED display with support for 1 billion colours and 120 Hz refresh rate, and for protection, you’ve got Gorilla Glass Victus on top. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Display

Meanwhile, the inner foldable display measures a whopping 7.85 inches – the largest foldable screen in the Indian market right now. The display sports 2K+ resolution (2296×2000 pixels). The foldable panel is LTPO AMOLED and supports 1 billion colours and 120 Hz refresh rate, like the cover screen. So, both displays have Adaptive refresh rate with support to switch from 10 Hz – 120 Hz, as per the usage. The high refresh rate makes scrolling seem very smooth. However, both displays do not come with HDR certification, which is extremely disappointing for a premium smartphone. There is Widevine L1 support though, so you can consume HD content on your favourite streaming services. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Display

Both the displays at rated at 1100 nits of peak brightness. However, during my testing using a lux meter, I got a maximum reading of 802 nits on the inner display and 815 nits on the cover display in bright sunlight on Auto-Brightness. While the phone doesn’t match up to its rated brightness levels, what it provides is more than adequate for screen legibility in all situations, including under harsh sunlight.

Both the screens look great – the colours are not the most accurate but look vivid and pleasing and the detail is good as well. However, the viewing angles are mediocre at this price. Additionally, I encountered an issue with the display pulling down the refresh rate to merely 10 Hz when watching YouTube videos on the inner display which resulted in pretty choppy video playback, we hope Tecno can iron this out with an OTA update. Until then, it may be wise to manually choose a refresh rate when watching YT videos.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Performance

Armed with a MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ SoC, the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G offers reliable performance in day-to-day tasks. You get 12 GB LPDDR5X RAM and 256 GB UFS 3.1 storage. There’s also support for 9 GB of virtual RAM. Things such as calling, texting, clicking photos, social media browsing, watching YT or Netflix, and web browsing happen without any hitches. Multitasking is a breeze too with 12 GB of fast LPDDR5X RAM. Gaming performance is decent as well, but not best in class. 

To gauge the phone’s performance chops, I began running several benchmarks on the device. We started with CPU tests where the Tecno Phantom V Fold scored 992328 in AnTuTu – the highest amongst every other foldable I tested against this phone including the OPPO Find N2 Flip , Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Performance

In Geekbench though, both the Samsung foldables beat the Phantom V Fold in both the Single Core and Multi Core tests. However, the Tecno Phantom V Fold did soundly beat the OPPO foldable. In PCMark Work, once again, the Tecno showed its prowess with the Dimensity 9000+ processor by outputting a fantastic score of 15180. So, raw performance isn’t an issue, but what could be an issue is throttling. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Performance

I ran the CPU Throttling Test on the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G to see how it would perform under sustained workloads and it dropped to 76 per cent of its peak performance in just 15 minutes. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 doesn’t show such a huge dip of 24 per cent in merely 15 minutes. I also noticed that the phone tends to run hot after playing a couple of rounds of games such as Call of Duty: Mobile on High or Very High graphics. There were also noticeable frame drops in the gameplay after 4 successive rounds. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Performance

Speaking of gameplay, I ran several GPU benchmarks on this phone as well, but it’s safe to say that the Phantom V Fold didn’t impress me as much here. The phone consistently got lower scores than the two Samsung foldables and the OPPO Find N2 Flip in all GPU benchmarks, as you can see below. I noticed that the phone defaulted to High Graphics in COD: Mobile unlike other flagships that usually start off at Very High – this could be due to the inferior GPU performance. There weren’t a lot of stutters at High Graphics during gaming but as we mentioned before, after a couple of rounds, frame drops would be noticeable.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Performance

OPPO Find N2 Flip and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 didn't run 3D Mark Wild Life (when we tested them)

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Performance

As for software, the Tecno Phantom V Fold runs HiOS 13 Fold based on Android 13. This is the latest version of Tecno’s proprietary OS and it is an altered Fold-specific version. The phone has several modes to utilise the foldable aspect of the display including split screen (vertical), pop-up windows, app pairing, and parallel windows. It’s all well-implemented and intuitive, so it won’t take too long to learn the actions that trigger these modes. The phone also seamlessly transitions from the unfolded large version of an app on the inner screen to the normal version almost instantaneously when you close the device. Neat.

However, there are some misses too. As mentioned before, the hinge cannot stay in a half-folded state, so many actions that are possible on other foldables due to this are unavailable. Additionally, there’s no support for horizontal split screen, which is disappointing. You can create app pairs but there’s no option to put them on the home screen. And also, you can’t resize windows when you’re in split screen, which is odd since even candybar phones such as the S23 Ultra can perform this function. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Performance

I also encountered a very annoying bug in the camera app where the phone kept switching the camera interface between full-screen and split-screen view without any triggers from my side. Essentially, split-screen mode in the camera app moves the viewfinder to the right and displays a column of your latest photos on the left – but this mode kept triggering on and off even when we didn’t want it to. Hopefully, this can be fixed via a software update.

The UI also isn’t the cleanest. It has quite a few third-party apps and Tecno apps preinstalled. However, as a first attempt, this is a good foldable software – a few things could be better optimised though.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Camera

The Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G packs a penta-camera setup consisting of a 50 MP primary camera with Auto Focus support, a 50 MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom capabilities, a 13 MP ultrawide shooter with a FOV (Field Of View) of 120-degrees, and two selfie cameras. The one on the inner screen is 16 MP and the one on the outer display is 32 MP. Of course, the phone’s a foldable, so you can actually take really high-quality selfie photos from the powerful rear camera.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Camera

In my time with the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G, I quite enjoyed the camera setup, specifically, the primary camera that is capable of shooting impressive photos, both in daylight and low light. Pictures taken in daylight look crisp and detailed, plus they have good dynamic range and fairly natural colour as well. Close-up images look great as well, with good natural bokeh and crisp details. Portraits taken from the main camera have good colours and edge detection. I've attached some image samples below, but do note, they have been compressed for the web.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Camera samples

Portrait taken from primary camera

However, I noticed a sharp decline in quality in telephoto portraits where the 2x zoom levels are engaged. Shots look way softer and have a substantial amount of shake as well – so they’re not very presentable. I suggest using the main camera for portraits as often as you can since the difference between the results is night and day. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Camera samples

Portrait taken from 2x telephoto camera

Ultrawide images taken from the 13 MP lens are decent but nowhere near flagship level, unfortunately. The centre of the picture looks crisp but the sides are awfully soft and noisy. The ultrawide camera also doubles as a macro shooter which takes surprisingly usable and good-looking shots. The sides of the image aren’t as sharp, but it’s still impressive. Take a look below. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Camera samples

Macro photo from the Tecno Phantom V Fold

Low-light photos also have plenty of detail when taken from the main camera. Noise is kept to a minimum as well. However, the ultrawide camera doesn’t do as well with noisier photos, in general. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Camera samples

Selfies are decent from the inner screen, there’s a bit of softness but in ideal lighting conditions, you can get decent shots. The outer selfie camera is better, with more detail and good dynamic range. But, the best selfie shots are taken from the primary lens – you will rarely get to see such crisp selfies with oodles of detail. Overall, the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G has a good camera setup, however, improvements could be made to the telephoto portraits and ultrawide lens.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Battery life

Equipped with a massive 5,000 mAh cell, the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G impressed us with its battery life. It is the only foldable in India to sport a large 5,000 mAh cell. But equipped with large 120 Hz LTPO panels, it is a boon that this phone sports a large battery. It is a battery of this capacity that makes the phone a dependable performer in this department. 

In our 4K video loop test, the phone lasted a whopping 16 hours and 18 minutes – beating out the OPPO Find N2 Flip, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, and even the Z Fold4. But, it didn’t beat out the Galaxy Z Fold4 by much. If you’re a light user, you’re looking at a minimum of a day and a half of battery life. And if you are more of an intensive, heavy user, prepare to charge up the device at night, when you’re preparing to go to sleep.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Battery

As for charging, the Tecno Phantom V Fold comes with 45 W wired charging support and you get the supported charger out of the box. The company claims that the device can charge from 0-100 in just 55 minutes, but during my testing, I noticed the numbers were far off. The phone charged from 0-100 in 1 hour and 12 minutes, and reached the 62 per cent mark in half an hour. There’s also no wireless charging, which is present on the Samsung foldables.

Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Verdict

Also, while we enjoyed the primary camera of the phone, the telephoto and ultrawide lens could be better optimised. All in all, this is a decent foldable – but if money is no bar, then it simply cannot match up to the performance and finesse of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. If you are looking for a budget alternative though, I think the phone has enough merits to gloss over some of its demerits at this price. 

Tecno Phantom V Fold Key Specs, Price and Launch Date

Key specifications.


Screen size (in inches)

Rear Camera Megapixel

Battery capacity (mAh)

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phantom phone v fold

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Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G Black (12GB RAM,256GB Storage) | The First Full Size Fold | LTPO AMOLED Display | 4nm D9000+ Fast Processor

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Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G Black (12GB RAM,256GB Storage) | The First Full Size Fold | LTPO AMOLED Display | 4nm D9000+ Fast Processor

About this item.

  • The First Full Size Fold in the Industry | Biggest 7.85” 2K+120Hz LTPO Display | 6.42"FHD+Sub-display | Dual LTPO AMOLED | CG Victus strong protection
  • The Most Advanced Processor | MTK Dimensity 9000+ | 4nm fabrication | 1.08million AnTuTu | 15 5G band support
  • Best Camera in the Fold phone segment | 50MP Telephoto + 50MP Main + 13MP Ultra-Wide | 32MP + 16MP Selfie Camera | Live Preview Feature | Rear Camera Selfie
  • Largest Battery in the Fold phone Segment | 5000mAh battery | 45W in-box Charger | 40% charge in just 15 minutes
  • Beyond Extraordinary & Advanced Memory | Up to 21GB LPDDR5x RAM (memory fusion) | 256/512GB UFS 3.1 Internal Storage

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HONOR 90 Smartphone 5G, 200MP Triple Camera, 6,7” Curved AMOLED 120Hz Display, 8GB+256GB, 5000mAh Battery, SuperCharge 66 W,

Product Certification (1)

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Pre-Owned Certified: Electronics products are inspected, cleaned and (if applicable) repaired to excellent functional standards. Buying Pre-owned extends a product's life, reducing e-waste and raw material extraction.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, Unlocked Android Smartphone, 512GB Storage, Graphite, 3 Year Manufacturer Extended Warranty (UK Versi

Compare with similar items

Looking for specific info, product details.

  • Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 15.9 x 14 x 0.7 cm; 299 Grams
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 20 April 2023
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Tecno Phantom
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BZCG8FNL
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ AD10
  • Guaranteed software updates until ‏ : ‎ unknown

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Visible screen diagonal.

7" / 17 cm

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phantom phone v fold

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Apple iPhone 13

Tecno Phantom V Fold

Apple iPhone 13 aliexpress pricetag

246 facts in comparison

Apple iPhone 13 vs Tecno Phantom V Fold

Why is apple iphone 13 better than tecno phantom v fold.

  • Is dustproof and water-resistant ?
  • 18.56% higher pixel density ? 460 ppi vs 388 ppi
  • Has branded damage-resistant glass ?
  • Has wireless charging ?
  • Weather-sealed (splashproof) ?
  • Has built-in optical image stabilization ?
  • 2x better video recording quality (main camera) ? 2160 x 60 fps vs 2160 x 30 fps
  • Wi-Fi version ? Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) vs Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)

Why is Tecno Phantom V Fold better than Apple iPhone 13?

  • 1.54x more battery power ? 5000 mAh vs 3240 mAh
  • 8GB more RAM memory ? 12GB vs 4GB
  • 1.55x higher resolution ? 2000 x 2296 px vs 1170 x 2532 px
  • 4.71x more megapixels (main camera) ? 50 MP & 50 MP & 13 MP vs 12 MP & 12 MP
  • 31.6% faster CPU speed ? 1 x 3.2 GHz & 3 x 2.85 GHz & 4 x 1.8 GHz vs 2 x 3.2 GHz & 4 x 2 GHz
  • 28.69% bigger screen size ? 7.85" vs 6.1"
  • 4x more megapixels (front camera) ? 32MP & 16MP vs 12MP
  • Has a radio ?

Which are the most popular comparisons?

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 12

Tecno Phantom V Fold

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy A54

Samsung Galaxy A54

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23

Realme GT Neo 3T

Realme GT Neo 3T

Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 512GB

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 512GB

Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14

Gigabyte GSmart Arty A3

Gigabyte GSmart Arty A3

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G

Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G

Cheap alternatives

Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S22 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1)

Samsung Galaxy S22 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1)

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Sony Xperia 5 II

Sony Xperia 5 II

Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6

Xiaomi 12T Pro

Xiaomi 12T Pro

User reviews

Overall rating.

Build quality

Display quality

Battery life




2 years ago

Great Phone Many Hidden Features but Poor Zoom

This is a great phone. The performance is untouched, the camera can take utterly amazing pictures! I’ve taken many amazing pictures. The zoom range is only x5, and it gets pretty grainy, but 0.5 is cool. The portrait modes are very nice and it can make your background white or black more quickly then it does on the iPhone 12 and 12 pro series. There are also so many hidden features (especially with maps and find my), including a weather map of temperature, rain and more, along with it warning me if I left my iPad behind and suggesting routes based on my recent patterns. Live text is also amazing! 256GB is plenty of storage and I would totally suggest this device!

  • Everything except zoom range


Best phone ! You can buy it ! Awesome 👍

You can buy it.........


Gran Telefono , es una gran opcion para estos años

Es un gran telefono , anque no ofrece un rendimiento pro para tareas muy pesadas pero tiene un rendimiento increible mucho mejor que androids baratos y esta un poco mas bajo que los iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max

  • Amplia Variedad de almacenamineto
  • Amplia Variedad de Colores
  • Pantalla Oled
  • Gran Rendimiento
  • Muchas Funciones / iOS

Tecno Phantom V Fold: Not applicable

Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value. (Apple iPhone 13)

Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value. (Tecno Phantom V Fold)


1170 x 2532 px

2000 x 2296 px

Apple iPhone 13: Not applicable

12 MP & 12 MP

50 MP & 50 MP & 13 MP

32MP & 16MP

2160 x 60 fps

2160 x 30 fps

f/2.4 & f/1.6

Operating system

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)

Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)

7500 MBits/s ( Apple A15 Bionic )

7000 MBits/s ( MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Plus )

3000 MBits/s ( Apple A15 Bionic )

2500 MBits/s ( MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Plus )

1 SIM, 1 eSIM


12 ( MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Plus )

Which are the best smartphones?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Oppo Find X6 Pro

Oppo Find X6 Pro

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Vivo iQOO 12 Pro

Vivo iQOO 12 Pro

Xiaomi 14

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Xiaomi 14 Pro

Xiaomi 14 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Xiaomi 13 Pro

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Phone maker Transsion unveils Tecno Phantom V Fold

Avatar photo

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Shenzhen-based Chinese phone maker Transsion showcased its first foldable phone, the Tecno Phantom V Fold, at Mobile World Congress 2023 this week. It features a Dimensity 9000+ chipset and a 7.85-inch 2000×2296 resolution foldable screen with a 120Hz LTPO panel. The device offers three rear cameras: a 50MP main camera, a 50MP 2x zoom camera, and a 13MP ultra-wide angle camera. Equipped with a 5000mAh battery and 45W wired charging, the Phantom V Fold can be fully charged in 55 minutes. Transsion plans to launch the Tecno Phantom V Fold in India in the second quarter, with a starting price of 89,999 rupees (RMB 7,551). [ IThome, in Chinese ]

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Foldable Phone Face-Off: Honor Magic V2 vs. Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs. Pixel Fold

H onor recently broadened the global release of its latest foldable. The Magic V2 , which reigns supreme as the lightest and thinnest book-style phone, went on sale in the UK and parts of the EU last week following its release in its native China. It starts at £1,700 (converts to roughly $2,160 or AU$3,280) or 1,999 euros. This is a lower starting price in the UK than the £1,749 Galaxy Z Fold 5 ($1,800, AU$2,559), but the Z Fold 5 costs 1,899 euros. 

Read more: Best Foldables of 2024

The Magic V2 arrives internationally in the wake of a string of book-style foldable phone releases, including the OnePlus Open , Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Google's  Pixel Fold . Foldable phones still make up a small fraction of the overall smartphone market, but that share of the pie is growing. 

Key differences 

As mentioned earlier, the Magic V2 is the thinnest and lightest foldable phone on the market right now. For this reason, it leads in terms of portability with a weight and width comparable to nonfolding phones. In fact, it's actually lighter than Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra . Google's Pixel Fold is the heaviest of the pack, weighing more than 280 grams.

The Magic V2 comes second, at least on paper, to the OnePlus Open for wired charging speed. The former supports 66 watts, while the latter can do 67 watts. However, it's worth pointing out that Honor removed the bundled charging adapter in select markets including the UK and Europe. If you're buying the device in China, a charging brick is included as part of the package. The OnePlus Open is the only one of these foldable phones that comes with a charging adapter inside the box.

Other key differences to consider are these phones' software upgrade policies, official IP rating and wireless charging support. The Magic V2, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and OnePlus Open lead with four years of software upgrades pledged along with five years of security updates. The Pixel Fold is receiving three years of software upgrades and five years of security updates. 

The Magic V2 is the only one without an official IP rating for water and dust resistance. The Z Fold 5, by comparison, is rated IPX8 for water-resistance and can be immersed under 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Nearly all foldables lack dust-resistance apart from the IP52-rated Motorola Razr Plus , which offers some resistance against dust and water splashes. 

Honor says there are currently no plans for a release in the US. And that's another differentiator worth considering. All of its major rivals received a rollout stateside. 

Honor's Magic V2 Foldable Is Lighter Than Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra

For a more granular comparison between the Magic V2 and its rivals, take a look at CNET's specs chart below.

This article may contain affiliate links that Microsoft and/or the publisher may receive a commission from if you buy a product or service through those links.

The Magic V2 offers the experience of a regular bar phone when folded.


  1. A first look at Tecno's Phantom V Fold, a surprisingly affordable

    phantom phone v fold

  2. Tecno launches the Phantom V fold, it’s foldable phone

    phantom phone v fold

  3. Tecno Phantom V Fold foldable phone launched: price in India

    phantom phone v fold

  4. Tecno launches the Phantom V fold, it’s foldable phone

    phantom phone v fold

  5. Tecno Phantom V Fold Specification And Price,Launch

    phantom phone v fold

  6. A first look at Tecno's Phantom V Fold, a surprisingly affordable

    phantom phone v fold


  1. Tecno Phantom V Fold

    Tecno Phantom V Fold - Full phone specifications Tecno Phantom V Fold Released 2023, April 12 299g, 6.9mm thickness Android 13, HiOS 13 Fold 256GB/512GB storage, no card slot 1.3%...

  2. TECNO Phantom V Fold review: A cheaper foldable, but at what cost?

    TECNO Phantom V Fold (12GB/256GB): Rs. 89,999 (~$1,093) The TECNO Phantom V Fold is right up there as the company's most advanced smartphone yet, while also being the firm's first...

  3. Phantom V Fold is one impressive foldable that's $700 less than Galaxy

    Phantom V Fold is one impressive foldable that's $700 less than Galaxy Z Fold 4 News By Tom Pritchard published 2 March 2023 This upstart undercuts Samsung Comments (0) (Image credit:...

  4. Product: Phantom V Fold

    Super Night algorithm for video is built into Ultimate video enhancement feature. 7. Compare to MediaTek Dimensity 9000 8. Results measured in TECNO LAB. 9. Compared with UFS2.2. Results measured in TECNO LAB. 10. Based on dual parallel battery, rated value at 2310mAh/8.98Wh+2550mAh/9.91Wh; typical value at 2380mAh/9.25Wh+2620mAh/10.19Wh.

  5. Tecno Phantom V Fold review: The most affordable foldable yet

    The Tecno Phantom V Fold is a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 competitor with the high-end MediaTek 9000+ chipset. It comes with a much less pronounced crease and offers 120Hz displays outside and...

  6. Meet PHANTOM V Fold, TECNO's Newest Flagship Foldable Phone

    The PHANTOM V Fold in folded format looks and plays like a typical 6.42″ phone but we love its 120Hz display. Unfolded, it converts into a tablet-like, 7.85″ display. There's no unnatural...

  7. A first look at Tecno's Phantom V Fold, a surprisingly ...

    The Phantom V Fold packs a 5,000mAh battery with 45W fast charge. This reaches 40-percent charge in 15 minutes, or 100-percent charge in 55 minutes. That's a tad slower than the Chinese...

  8. Tecno Phantom V Fold review

    Tecno Phantom V Fold specs at a glance: Body: 159.4x140.4x6.9mm unfolded, 159.4x72x14.2-14.5 mm folded, 299g; Gorilla Glass Victus front, plastic back, aluminum frame; Schott UTG on the...

  9. Tecno Phantom V Fold review: The most affordable flagship foldable

    Dimensions folded: 159.4 x 71.95 x 14.15 mm Dimensions unfolded: 159.4 x 140.4 x 6.9 mm Weight: 299 grams Black and white colour options, recycled plastic back The Phantom V Fold makes a...

  10. TECNO Phantom V Fold hands-on impressions: Showing spirit

    The TECNO Phantom V Fold packs an impressive 7.85-inch main screen (2,296 x 2,000, LTPO, 120Hz). TECNO's folding screen has a crease about as wide as my finger, but it's far shallower than...

  11. Phantom V Fold: Going Hands-On With Tecno's First Folding Phone

    The Phantom V Fold is a book-style foldable phone with two 120Hz screens, a grand total of five cameras, a large battery, fast charging and a powerful chipset in the form of Mediatek's Dimensity ...

  12. Tecno Phantom V Fold review

    The Tecno Phantom V Fold presents a value-oriented alternative to the Galaxy Z Fold4. Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phon...

  13. TECNO Phantom V Fold 5G Black (12GB RAM,256GB Storage)

    TECNO Phantom V Fold 5G Black (12GB RAM,256GB Storage) | The First Full Size Fold | LTPO AMOLED Display | 4nm D9000+ Fast Processor Visit the Tecno Store 4.0 435 ratings | Search this page

  14. Tecno Phantom V Fold Review: Fantastic Low-Light Camera and ...

    When unfolded, the phone expands to 140mm wide. Although it's not quite twice the thickness of a regular smartphone, it's not far off. The Phantom V Fold is powered by a Dimensity 9000+ chip, which is very performant, backed up by 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. A 512GB model is also planned for around $100 more.

  15. Why this unknown folding phone is more exciting than the Z Fold 4

    The Tecno Phantom V Fold is a big-screen folding smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, and it's Tecno's first attempt at such a device. Let's talk about the dimensions first. Let's ...

  16. Tecno Phantom V Fold review: Camera quality

    The Phantom V Fold records video up to 4K60 with its main and zoom cameras, while the ultrawide is capped at 1080p30. There's no option for using the h.265 codec - the older, less efficient, but ...

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    The Phantom V Fold is powered by the MediaTek Dimeni... In this video I am taking a quick look at the latest foldable smartphone from TECNO, the Phantom V Fold!

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    The TECNO Phantom V Flip is the first clamshell foldable phone from Chinese brand TECNO. It has a Dimensity 8050 chipset, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 6.9-inch FHD+ OLED screen, and a 4,000mAh ...

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    The Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G is built extremely well for its price. The foldable has a fabric-like textured back panel that looks gorgeous. Tecno has used recycled plastic to build the rear...

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    Tecno Phantom V fold 5G Full Size Fold LTPO AMOLED Display (Black, 256 GB) (12 GB RAM) Compare Share Tecno Phantom V fold 5G Full Size Fold LTPO AMOLED Display (Black, 256 GB) (12 GB RAM) 4.6 30 Ratings & 12 Reviews ₹71,999 ₹ 1,09,999 34% off i + ₹99 Secured Packaging Fee Available offers

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    Buy Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G Black (12GB RAM,256GB Storage) | The First Full Size Fold | LTPO AMOLED Display | 4nm D9000+ Fast Processor at Amazon UK. ... Largest Battery in the Fold phone Segment | 5000mAh battery | 45W in-box Charger | 40% charge in just 15 minutes ; Beyond Extraordinary & Advanced Memory | Up to 21GB LPDDR5x RAM (memory ...

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    Supports fast charging. Apple iPhone 13. Tecno Phantom V Fold. Fast charging technologies, like Qualcomm's Quick Charge or MediaTek's Pump Express, are used to reduce the time it takes to charge a device. For example, with Quick Charge 3.0, the battery can be charged to 50% in just 30 minutes.

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    Shenzhen-based Chinese phone maker Transsion showcased its first foldable phone, the Tecno Phantom V Fold, at Mobile World Congress 2023 this week. It features a Dimensity 9000+ chipset and a 7.85-inch 2000×2296 resolution foldable screen with a 120Hz LTPO panel. The device offers three rear cameras: a 50MP main camera, a 50MP 2x zoom camera ...

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