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Mediterranean Yacht Charters

A Mediterranean yacht charter is a perfect way to explore the Old-World charms, beautiful white-sand beaches, and stunning landscapes of the region. From the Michelin-starred restaurants and high-roller casinos of Monaco to the swanky beach clubs of St. Tropez and glimmering beaches of Sardinia, The West Mediterranean boasts some of the best and most beautiful cruising grounds in the world.

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Yacht Charter Mediterranean: Where to Go

Few luxury yachting destinations compare to the Mediterranean, which includes the Amalfi Coast, the Italian and French Rivieras, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, and the Balearic Islands of Spain on the west and Croatia, Greece and Turkey on the east.

The cruising grounds of the West Mediterranean represents the finest in luxury yachting . Stunning anchorages, world-class marinas, postcard-worthy beaches, and lively city centers welcome yacht charter guests across the entire region. Some top Mediterranean yacht charter destinations include:

  • Croatia – The charm of Croatian old seaside town and villages is unmatched. The water is crystal clear and breezes are gentle – making Croatia the perfect summer destination for yachting.
  • France – From the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera, which includes the amazing beaches of St. Tropez and Nice and famed palaces of Monaco, to the charming ports and windswept islands of Corsica, France is one of the most desirable locales for a luxury yacht charter.
  • Greece – Greece has very diverse cruising grounds – from the lush Ionian Islands to the rocky and historic Cyclades. If you are looking for the perfect mix of history, upscale dining and clear waters, Greece is the place to be.
  • Italy – Breathtaking landscapes, exclusive beach clubs, and incredible food and drink are a few reasons to explore Italy’s yachting destinations, which include the Italian Riviera, Sardinia, Sicily, and the Aeolian Islands, and the stunning Amalfi Coast.
  • Spain – Spain’s luxurious and mysterious Balearic Islands, which include the gorgeous coastal towns of Mallorca and the famed nightclubs on Ibiza, offer plenty to do and explore: All-night parties, amazing beaches, ancient ruins, lively festivals, and amazing Spanish cuisine.
  • Turkey – Beautiful mile long beaches, charming seaside villages and friendly locals make Turkey a desirable summer charter destination.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter Highlights

  • Fine dining, amazing local wines, and indulgent cuisine
  • Charming Medieval towns and Roman ruins
  • Miles-long beaches & upscale beach clubs
  • Tranquil landscapes matched with glamorous ports of call
  • Amazing nightlife and vibrant culture
  • Breathtaking scenery, islands, and protected landscapes

Yacht Season in the Mediterranean: late May through late September

The Mediterranean has become the world’s top destination for summer yacht charters for jetsetters , celebrities, and the well-to-do. During the summer months – and particularly in July and August – the ports of the West Mediterranean teem with luxury super yachts and well-heeled guests. It’s the place to be, and visitors are welcomed by the most incredible weather, water temperatures, and cruising conditions.

During the summer months, temperatures hover in the mid-70s and reach highs in the mid-80s in July and August. With plenty of sun, the summer offers the best weather for enjoying a yacht charter in the region.

Throughout summer, the waters of the Mediterranean hover in the 70s and offer ideal temperatures for watersports, swimming, and enjoying the beaches. There’s a steady breeze, great for a sailing charter, with waves in the 2-4 foot range.

Yacht Rental Mediterranean: Motor Yacht

The Mediterranean is the world’s most desirable luxury yachting destination , and as such, you’ll find a selection of some of the finest motor yachts for hire available anywhere in the world: From tri-deck superyachts – which the best in luxury amenities – to sleek, sporty motor catamarans.

Luxury motor yachts deliver amazing cruising across the Mediterranean and ensure smooth, comfortable passages. Hiring a motor yacht will also allow you to cover more ground and see more of the Med’s lovely scenery. Marinas in the South of France, the Italian Riviera, Amalfi, and Mallorca are where you’ll find the region’s most luxurious super yachts , although motor yachts are available in every location.

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Yacht Hire Mediterranean: Sailing Yachts

One of the world’s top sailing destinations , the Mediterranean is the place to be to charter a luxury sailing yacht . Beautifully appointed luxury cruisers with state-of-the-art sailing systems allow you to have a classic Med sailing experience while delivering the best in comfort and amenities.

Although you’ll find incredible sailing and sailing yachts for hire throughout the region, the steady breezes of Sardinia, the French Riviera, Corsica, and the Balearic Islands make these some of the best locales for a luxury sailing charter. In these locations, you’ll find a wide range of luxury sailing super yachts , as well as exhilarating summertime sailing.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters: What to Do and See

The Mediterranean offers adventures to suit every yacht charter guest’s taste. From tours of ancient ruins and Old World churches to luxury shopping and the legendary casinos of Monaco, you’ll find it all.

Whether you plan to party all night in Ibiza, or you’d rather relax with a glass of wine in a historic city center, you’re in for a luxury travel experienc e unlike any other. What should you plan to do and see? Here are some of the reasons the Mediterranean is the world’s most popular destination for a luxury yacht charter :

History The body of water the Romans called “mare nostrum” (or “our sea”) is full of historical landmarks important to all of modern Western civilization, from the basilicas of Italy to the earliest churches and monasteries of France and Spain. It’s an architectural goldmine and an inspiration to those who visit. UNESCO World Heritage Sites dot the landscape, as do museums, galleries, and centuries-old historical markers. If you’re interested in art and culture, you’ll love it here.

Food It’s no secret that most of the cities, towns, and villages bordering the Mediterranean Sea are famous for their cuisines. And for foodies, the Mediterranean is a destination like no other. In every port of call, you’ll find a place serving to-die-for foods. From the Michelin-starred restaurants of Monaco to the seaside cafes in Cannes, charter guests are welcomed by great food wherever they go.

Luxury Shopping The Mediterranean is one of the world’s top fashion destinations, with France and Italy holding as much significance in the industry as New York City. Across the region, visitors can explore high-end designer boutiques selling couture garments, accessories, and handbags. Planning to shop? Try Le Metropole Shopping center in Monte-Carlo, one of the world’s best fashion shopping centers. Porto Cervo in Sardinia and La Croisette in Cannes are also must-visit shopping destinations.

Festivals In the Mediterranean, guests are regularly treated to great food, wine, sporting, and cultural festivals. Cannes Film Festival, of course, might be the most famous, drawing A-list celebrities from around the world. Yet, every weekend in the summer, there’s a seaside festival to attend.

Water Sports The waters in the Mediterranean are inviting, and chances are, you’ll spend quite a bit of time in the water while on charter. In particular, the Mediterranean is a hotspot for kitesurfing and windsurfing – especially throughout Italy. Yet, sea kayaking and paddle-boarding are other top activities on a Mediterranean charter. Bottom line, you’ll bask in the sapphire waters during your visit.

Scuba Diving The Mediterranean is rich with history inland, as well as under the sea. In fact, you’ll find incredible dive spots throughout the region. Secca della Colombara and Punta Omo Morto in Italy are favorite dive spots, for example.

Wine For wine-lovers, the Mediterranean is a mecca, offering the best glasses in all of the world. The region’s wine-making tradition, of course, goes back thousands of years, and in every port of call, you’ll find a wine bar, cellar, or bodega serving the best wines. From Sassicaia and Ornellaia from Italy to Bordeaux from France, wine lovers will find much to try and taste in the Mediterranean.

Beach Hopping The Mediterranean offers it all. Art, culture, food, you name it. But there’s another reason to book a luxury yacht charter : Mediterranean beaches! From the Amalfi Coast to Ibiza, from St. Tropez to Sicily, you’ll be welcomed by sun-soaked, white-sand beaches offering the best spots to relax and take in the scenery in every port of call.

Super Yacht Charter: Cruising Conditions

Across the Mediterranean, charter guests are welcomed by amazing cruising conditions: Small swells, calm seas, and amazing weather. Yet each destination offers its own unique cruising experience.

  • Corsica – Corsica offers more than 700 miles of coastline to explore and is known for its upscale marinas, ports, and stunning anchorages. In particular, the Strait of Bonifacio is a top sailing destination, thanks to its steady natural breezes. Around the island, visitors are welcomed by calm seas and cooling breezes throughout summer, as well as warm water conditions.
  • French Riviera – The South of France has a short coastline – just about 400 nautical miles – but there’s much to see and explore along the Cote d’Azur. Here, you’ll find a collection of the world’s most exclusive marinas – like Port Hercule in Monaco and Port de Saint Tropez Marina – and breathtaking anchorages. (Plaga Mala, for example, is a super-tranquil South of France beach anchorage.) Cruising conditions here are ideal: Steady winds, easy 2- to 4-foot swells in summer, and cool breezes.
  • Spain – The Balearic Islands some of the most beautiful anchorages in all of the Mediterranean. The island of Espalmador is a favorite superyacht anchorage. Plus, the marinas like Mallorca’s Club du Mar attract some of the finest superyachts in the world. Sailing is great throughout summer with warm sea winds – June through August. Spring and fall offer more challenging conditions.
  • Sardinia – One of the top sailing destinations in the Mediterranean, sailors come for the steady sea breezes, as well as the protected waters and safe harbors. Calm seas and warm waters welcome visitors in summer.
  • Italian Riviera – An ideal motor yachting destination , with some of the most exclusive marinas in the country including at Portofino and San Remo, the Italian Riviera is an ideal spot for a luxury motor yachting experience.
  • Amalfi Coast – Here you’ll find a collection of some of the most breathtaking anchorages anywhere in the world: Marina Piccola near Capri and the Pontine Islands are two see-it-to-believe-it anchorages. Due to its somewhat longer passage, Amalfi tends to be better for motor yachts.
  • Sicily – The northern and eastern coasts of Sicily offer the best in sail and motor yachting. Here you’ll find well-established marinas, protected waters, and short passages between destinations. In the nearby Aeolian Islands, island hopping in calm seas is a tradition.

Planning Your Trip: Boat Charter Mediterranean Sample Itineraries

The itinerary for your Mediterranean yacht charter will be packed with adventure, incredible scenery, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Your itinerary, of course, will be customized to your exact preferences, but these sample itineraries provide an idea of the possibilities.

  • French Riviera – This week-long sojourn in the South of France whisks you away to the region’s most exciting destinations. Set sail in glamourous Monaco, before exploring the beautiful beaches of Cannes, St. Tropez, and the Porquerolles Islands. You’ll see all of the Cote d’Azur’s must-see ports on this France yacht charter.
  • Amalfi Coast – This adventure in Amalfi takes you to some of the most incredible islands and villages on the coast. Set sail from Naples, before stopping off on the beautiful islands of Procida and Ischia. Capri, Salerno, and Positano are also on the itinerary – a few of the most exclusive destinations in the region.
  • Balearic Islands – This exploration of Spain’s islands takes you to the most exclusive ports: From the stunning city of Palma on Mallorca to Cala Portinatx on Ibiza and the lovely island of Formentera. You’ll also explore a mix of Mallorca’s quieter, more exclusive eastern ports.

Yacht Rental Mediterranean Sea: How Much Does It Cost?

Mediterranean yacht charter prices can vary significantly, depending on your destination, the yacht your hire, and your itinerary. In general, luxury super yachts rent from $100,000 to more than $1,000,000 per week, plus expenses. Guests must fund an advanced provisioning allowance (APA), which covers expenses like docking fees, fuel, and food, and drink. There are some smaller yachts for hire in the Mediterranean from $20,000 to $75,000 per week.

Plan your dream yacht charter in the Mediterranean with Worldwide Boat. Contact a Worldwide Boat broker today to learn more about our exclusive Mediterranean offerings and yachts available in the region.

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Mediterranean Yacht Charters

A Mediterranean yacht charter means privacy, exclusivity and full flexibility to sail along the storied coastlines of Greece, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and other neighboring countries. Browse the ships listed below for a sampling of available Mediterranean yacht charters. These curated ships primarily hold around 35 passengers. Contact our specialists for the latest information on our Mediterranean yacht charter fleet. There can be availability on small ships, sailboats and yachts not yet listed. Our team is here to find you availability and guide you to the best location to take your Mediterranean charter cruise.

ON THIS PAGE – Mediterranean Yacht Charters: Finding a Yacht Charter Luxury Boat Charters Greece Charter Yachts Croatia Charter Yachts Adriatic, Aegean & Other Seas Mediterranean Yacht Charter Prices Finding a Deal Charter Terms & Conditions View All Mediterranean Charter Yachts

Finding a Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean 

Among our many small ship Mediterranean cruises , how do you find a yacht charter in the Mediterranean? Which ship? Where to sail? How does the booking process work with multiple families? There are many questions to consider as you begin researching a yacht charter in the Mediterranean. We’re here to help. 

Ship size, the location you want to cruise, the makeup of your group and more are all factors in finding a Mediterranean yacht charter.  Charter cruises are typically planned and contracted at least one year in advance of the departure date, but as long as space is available, a Mediterranean boat charter can still be secured. You can also opt to just book a Mediterranean yacht cruise on a scheduled sailing with other guests if space is not available to privately charter the whole boat. Learn  how to charter a yacht  worldwide, or contact us direct for personalized answers to your questions. 

A luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean Sea seen at sea level with blue water in foreground and green hills in background

Finding a Luxury Boat Charter in the Mediterranean 

If you’re looking for a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean, our team can assist you in finding the perfect match for your needs. Since the definition of luxury is often relative to each traveler, our experts can steer you toward the best match. Our options include everything from a modern luxury motor yacht like the 38-guest Adriatic Sky to the timeless opulence of the historic Sea Cloud tall ship. A luxury boat charter in the Mediterranean can also mean exclusive isolated island visits and designing your own itinerary to match your favorite ports and places. Let our experts be your guide to finding a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean. 

Yacht Charter Greece

Greece is an incredible yacht charter destination, featuring hundreds of islands and remote beaches to escape the crowds found in busy ports. A yacht charter in Greece with AdventureSmith Explorations offers super yacht and smaller private Greece yacht options. These fully crewed, private Mediterranean charter cruises allow you to enjoy your time on the boat, but also explore off the ship too. Our smallest Greece yacht charter boats are Greek flagged, so they will be sailing their home waters with you aboard.

Yacht Charter Croatia

Croatia is another popular motor yacht charter destination, with great towns like Split and Dubrovnik to be your hubs for embarkation. Our crewed yacht charters in Croatia allow you to customize your trip and spend as much time as you want exploring in port, or out at sea. Look for a large fleet of yachts in the 30-guest range that have their home ports in Croatia. These include the M/S Aurora , Adriatic Sun , Aurelia , Avangard ,  Infinity , Nautilus and Rhapsody , in addition to some larger options you’ll find operating Croatia small ship cruises with regular departures for individual cabin bookings.

Finding a Boat Charter in the Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea & More 

In addition to cruising in the Mediterranean Sea, most of the ships listed on this page also sail in the Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea and Ionian Sea. Some can also venture to the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea, Balearic Sea, Alboran Sea and out into the Atlantic Ocean. Most of our charter clients stick to the classic routes found on our  Mediterranean small ship cruises , but you can certainly work with the captain and ship operator to build your own itinerary if conditions and timing allows. 

Mediterranean Yacht Charter Prices 

The per-person price for a Mediterranean yacht charter varies greatly based on your chosen yacht, time of year, length of cruise and so on. It also is highly dependent upon how many guests you have in your charter group. For example, just because a yacht holds 36 guests, it does not mean that you are required to have that many passengers. Just note that Mediterranean yacht charter prices for the full boat will remain the same, no matter how many passengers you bring aboard. That said, it can still be quite affordable to charter a yacht with fewer passengers than it holds. Learn more about  charter costs,  but ultimately speak to one of our Adventure Specialists to learn pricing details specific to your needs. 

Finding a Deal

How to get the best deal on Mediterranean charter yacht vacations? Booking early is a must to secure vessels for charter space, but it’s also the best route for a deal. While booking a charter often equals significant per-person discounts off standard cabin rates, you can sometimes find added incentives if you book a whole ship for your group early. Even luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean can see significant early-booking deals. Our experts know the nuances and span of options in this popular region and can link you to the latest Mediterranean charter cruise discounts and favorable Mediterranean yacht charter prices. View our  charter cruise deals  or overall Mediterranean cruise deals to see what’s currently on sale. 

Charter Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are sometimes more strict with Mediterranean yacht charter bookings than they are for individual bookings. Expect to pay a charter rate that remains the same, whether or not you have enough travelers to fill all the staterooms. Cancellation terms usually require a nonrefundable deposit and payments as the cruise date approaches. Group travel insurance policies are highly recommended. Learn more about these details on our charter cruises and  how to charter a yacht guides. Rest assured our experts will work with you and your group to make the charter process seamless and transparent. 

More Options for Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Search our curated list of recommended Mediterranean charter boats on the list below, but be sure to contact our experts if you are interested in larger vessels or private group departures. Additional smaller and larger charter yachts may be available for your dates, so contact us for the latest offerings. Our team has personal experience aboard nearly every ship listed on this page, so we’re your best resource to booking your Mediterranean charter cruise. 

This Relais & Chateaux ship with a crew of 33 treats her 32 guests to authentic and luxurious experiences with refined French touches. Come aboard for 3 decks of open-air spaces, upscale cuisine, onboard activity gear and the feel of a private yacht.

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The ship was just perfect, great size for an experience on a small ship. The swim spots were one of the highlights. AdventureSmith was so knowledgeable and knew about the specific trip I was looking at.

We had a great time and could not fault anything. Good food, great service by friendly staff. Go by small boat to see more and go to places where big ships can not go.

A top location - great ship - wonderful communication... Enjoy a trip of a lifetime! We had so much fun - dancing, dining, swimming, discovering, cocktail hours!

The ship, crew, captain and tour director were all nice, professional and caring. I liked that we got to have one meal a day off the ship so we could experience the islands.

AdventureSmith is a very professional organization that is a pleasure to work with. This was our third, but certainly not last trip with AdventureSmith.

The ship was just perfect, great size for an experience on a small ship. The swim spots were one of the highlights. The captain found the perfect spot one day when it was a rough day at sea and cool but we wanted to swim. He found the most perfect spot away from the wind and just the most perfect anchorage. Loved all the islands, especially Korcula.

Crew & Guides Review

The trip leader, Matia, was just perfect. A great personality and able to make sure everyone's needs were met.  Not a small task for 35 people for 1 week.

AdventureSmith Explorations Review

Tiffany assisted in the trip planning from start to finish and was so helpful in making sure we were on the right kind of cruise. I did online searching but what made my decision to use Adventure Smith travel after speaking to her on the phone.  She was so knowledgeable and knew about the specific trip I was looking at.

Please note: The primary ship operating the mentioned itinerary can change from year to year, so the ship this guest cruised on may no longer be sailing this exact route.

We had a great time and could not fault anything. Good food, great service by friendly staff. We enjoyed all the optional excursions. Always wanted to do a trip around the Greek Islands. Ferries were too hard too much packing and unpacking. We never wanted to go on a big ship. Too many people, so Harmony V was perfect. We most enjoyed Santorini and Mykonos...They are the most beautiful.

Accommodations Review

Harmony V was very comfortable. The cabins are great and well looked after by the staff.

Meals Review

The food was very good and the variety excellent. It is a great idea to have a meal ashore each day either lunch or dinner to get an idea of local food, and culture. It was a great experience. We had an the best experience on Mykonos. It was a fun night, very inexpensive and top food.

Stella was our principle leader. She was terrific, and could not do enough for us. She was always bright and happy and full of information. We were able to leave our luggage on board until about midday when Stella ordered a taxi for us to go to the airport. The other guides on our optional excursions were also very good.

We certainly would recommend AdventureSmith Explorations to friends and family. We would most likely do another trip with them sometime in the future. The material sent out before we left home explained every thing we need to know. 

Traveler Advice

Go by small boat to see more and go to places where big ships can not go.

Featured in this Traveler Review

  • Classical Greece Cruise

A top location - great ship - wonderful communication with our rep, Taylor. We enjoyed all the spots the boat docked - and the swim spots were wonderful. 

I've already recommended the company, sent links to friends and will be sharing this with a local travel agent we've used in the past. 

The vessel was new and apparent they still had work to do - but with the owner on board he was apologizing for any unfinished work. There was nothing that hindered our trip.

Food was delicious and menus were varied. A suggestion would be to post a menu so you knew what you were eating!

The captain of M/S Riva did a wonderful job making everyone feel comfortable and he was always working to please the clients. A beach stop was no problem for our captain to bring us all wine/beer on the beach! It's those little things that stay with you.

Rokko was always available and ready to assist if you needed anything. One suggestion is that he speak a bit slower!

Appreciated the airport transfers waiting for us and bringing us to and from the airport to our hotels! Very good drivers.

Taylor was available if I had any questions. We had hotel stays before and after our cruise and Taylor made the suggestion to have our included transfers from and to the airport bring us to our hotels rather than from hotel to ship as they were not far and we could walk. Reading material was sufficient.

Enjoy a trip of a lifetime! We enjoyed the crew and had so much fun with all our other passengers - dancing, dining, swimming, discovering, cocktail hours! A great, relaxing vacation! Do it now - don't put it off!

Itinerary did change due to weather and that was clear in the written documents. It was stated that snorkel gear would be available but they did not have any flippers onboard. 

We would recommend this trip to anyone looking to experience the country of Croatia and find new friends!

The ship, crew, captain and tour director were all nice, professional and caring. Food was very good, ship was in excellent condition.

I most enjoyed Monemvasia and Aegina. They were charming places that are not as well known. I also enjoyed the other passengers - it was a very congenial group

I liked that we got to have one meal a day off the ship so we could experience the islands. The food was very good on the ship.

Thea was our tour director and she was sweet, fun and very professional. She took excellent care of all the passengers. She kept everything fun while making sure that everyone was happy with the plans. She took care to plan each day - which was difficult since our itinerary changed due to the weather. The captain and crew kept us in good weather by changing the itinerary and we thought that was a great idea! 

AdventureSmith is a very professional organization that is a pleasure to work with. This was our third, but certainly not last trip with AS. The trip included 5 days in Athens, Greece and a week aboard the Sea Cloud through Lindblad. We found Lindblad a little rigid to work with during the planning stages.  In Greece, they were outstanding. The Sea Cloud is a gorgeous sailing barque. The crew, both Lindblad and Sea Cloud, were warm, gracious and a delight to sail with. My wife had always wanted to visit Greece. I love sailing. The combination got us.

I think Santorini was a top destination. It's a beautiful island that I would stay on. The smaller islands were interesting as well.

Room was, as expected, tight quarters. It's an old ship, after all. The public areas are great. The upper deck is a beautiful place for cocktails, or just relaxing. Seeing the Sea Cloud under sail is a real treat.

Food was excellent. I think I probably gained weight, but that's my fault. I preferred the buffet dinners to the served ones. Variety was excellent. Lot's of great salads. Good seafood and fresh fish.

All of the people leading the expedition are true professionals. They know their stuff. One of the regular speakers has her PHD in archeology and is a real expert on the region and Greek history.  I was really impressed with all of them. The two regular guides are Greek and have many years experience in the areas we visited. One of our Lindblad guides, a native Greek, was much too insistent on trying to tell us all about the Greek Orthodox religion. As a non-Christian, I found it a little off-putting. She knew her stuff, but seemed anxious to proselytize...

Between AdventureSmith and Lindblad, we were well prepared. We made our own flight arrangements, but AS was very helpful. I cannot say enough good about our experience both with AdventureSmith and with Lindblad.

  • Sailing the Greek Isles Aboard Sea Cloud
  • Sea Cloud: Lindblad

100+ combined years of experience, 7 continents explored, decades of expedition cruising around the world & here to help you find & book your dream trip.

Mediterranean Charter Yacht Vacations

Where to take your Mediterranean charter yacht vacation? Ask our team…. Our staff has decades of experience planning, booking and taking small ship cruise charter vacations. Because of our sales volume, we are preferred partners with cruise lines and can offer exclusive rates and a no-pressure sales environment focused on finding the right private ship and itinerary for you. We offer honest, unbiased information to help you compare routes, ships and amenities. Once you’ve selected your Mediterranean charter boat, we are able to help with all the details, including recommendations for packing, hotels, transfers, flights and tours, all at no extra cost to you. Browse some of our most popular sample itineraries.

On this spectacular 8-day Classical Greece cruise, explore the beautiful Cyclades, Kea, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Hydra, Nafplion, Monemvassia and the UNESCO-protected archaeological isle of Delos aboard one of three yachts.

Sail between Split and Dubrovnik on this exciting and varied cruise adventure aboard a 36-guest yacht. Highlights include exploring Krka National Park, taking small watercraft up the River Neretva and a special detour to Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with plenty of swim stops.

Enjoy an 8-day cruise to all the Jewels of the Cyclades. Sail round-trip from Athens, Greece, stopping at Santorini, Delos, Mykonos, the old Greece atmosphere of Folegandros, and more. Swim in secluded bays right from your small ship.

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2,218  Crewed Luxury Yachts for Charter in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

A Mediterranean yacht charter offers an exceedingly rich mixture of cultures, history and landscapes amongst the world's most popular yacht rental destinations. Home to iconic luxury charter locations like the sun-dappled French Riviera and the Amalfi Coast , and innumerable island paradises found in Greece , Croatia and Turkey , a yacht charter in the Mediterranean offers a range of picturesque cruising grounds bound to whet the appetite of any yacht charter guest.

Enclosed by three continents, the Mediterranean's exciting fusion of modern metropolises, sun-soaked beaches, archaeological delights and pleasant year-round weather provide the foundation for an unforgettable charter vacation. And thanks to the region's insatiable popularity, there is a wealth of choice when it comes to renting a yacht in the Mediterranean. Luxury motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans and even gulet charters can all be rented in these epic cruising grounds.

There is also a spectacular array of yacht charter itinerary options in the Mediterranean too, meaning whether you are looking to unwind or turn up the party dial to the max, there is something for everyone.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters: At a Glance

landscape view of popular charter destination Santorini in Greece

  • Cinematic landscapes  Make up the show-stoppingly beautiful jigsaw that is the Mediterranean. From cosmopolitan thrills to blindingly white beaches and eyepopping blue waters, the choice is all yours.
  • Easily accessible The Mediterranean is extremely well-connected to the US and most worldwide destinations, ensuring you travel with ease.
  • Long cruising season Warm temperatures extend well into October in East Mediterranean destinations like Croatia, Greece and Turkey.
  • Endless adventure and entertainment The Mediterranean is full of intrigue: it's an island-hopping, diving and snorkelling wonderland, a designer shopping mecca, and home to some of the world's most glamorous events. Simply put, the Mediterranean is the place to see and be seen.
  • Top-end superyacht marinas The region has some of the most sought-after berth slips in the world, replete with state-of-the-art facilities, hip boutiques and restaurants, as well as jaw-dropping panoramas aplenty, of course.

Why Greece is the perfect superyacht charter destination

Popular Destinations for Yacht Rentals in the Mediterranean

superyacht destination porto cervo and one of its beaches with crystal clear waters

Luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean are divided into two distinct cruising grounds. The West Mediterranean has been the superyacht hotspot du jour for decades, with the most popular yacht rental destinations undeniably being the South of France, Monaco ,  Italy , Sardinia, Corsica and the Ibiza. Diverse and exciting, these countries offer some of the finest cuisines, architecture, cities, and coastlines to be found in the region.

But East Mediterranean yacht rental destinations like Greece and  Turkey are also buzzing with charter activity, thanks to their incredible culture and history, spellbinding anchorages and boundless islands that make for a rip-roaring yacht charter itinerary. Montenegro and Croatia yacht charters are also becoming increasingly in-demand, with a number of state-of-the-art superyacht marinas having been developed in recent years adding to their attractiveness.

Popular West Mediterranean Regions

There are some locations that garner considerably more attention for superyacht vacations in the Mediterranean than others, which means we highly recommend you book as far in advance as possible if you are considering any of these cruising grounds.

The most popular West Mediterranean yacht charter locations are:

  • The French Riviera: comprising a glittering medley of some of the world's most glamorous hotspots like Saint Tropez , Cannes, Antibes, and Monaco, think world-class restaurants, night-time revelry and endlessly alluring bays and beaches to choose from.
  • The Italian Riviera:  places like Portofino and Cinque Terre are adored for their pastel-perfect villages, otherworldly vistas, and incomparable cuisine.
  • The Amalfi Coast: the heavenly towns of Positano, Sorrento, Ravello and the island of Capri make a yacht charter here an intoxicatingly beautiful experience.
  • Ibiza : international party capital and an upscale bohemian hotspot, Ibiza 's appeal endures.

Popular East Mediterranean Regions

The most popular East Mediterranean yacht charter locations include:

  • Cyclades Islands: the most popular yachting destination in Greece, with a staggering 220 islands to cruise to, including hedonist haven Mykonos , romantic Santorini, and myriad archeological delights in Delos.
  • Ionian Islands : an idyllic Greek island-chain promising pine-scented beauty and serene coves at every turn, with highlights being Corfu, Ithica and Cephalonia.
  • Dubrovnik and Hvar: Croatian cities steeped in historical significance with ample cultural highlights, plus balmy weather all-summer-long late into the season.
  • Bodrum: a vibrant port city in southwestern Turkey thrumming with life, packed with ultra-chic bars, beach clubs and restaurants and topaz-coloured bays.

5 reasons to visit Ravello on your Amalfi Coast yacht charter

Highlights of a Mediterranean Yacht Charter

cinque terre colourful houses in italy

A Mediterranean yacht rental vacation offers a mesmerizing selection of things to see and do. Here is our small selection of some of the most outstanding:

Don't Miss:

  • Cinque Terre:  a string of sorbet-coloured fishing towns carved into the hills overlooking the sea in Italy.

Porto Cervo:  a luxury-lovers nirvana, with its high-end shops and designer emporiums close to the main port.

Promenade de la Croisette,  in Cannes: one of the most famous avenues in the world; peppered with high-end boutiques and Belle Époque hotels.

The Blue Grotto:  a stunning semi-submerged cave in Capri where the light refracts the sunlight from outside creating an optical illusion.

Hotel Splendido:  head to Portofino for sundowners and to try out one of their world-famous peach bellinis.

Porto-Vecchio:  Corsica's most charming town.

Porquerolles : oft-cited as the best island in the French Riviera renowned for its crystal clear waters and fragrant forests.

Îles d'Hyères : one of the best anchorage spots in the South of France.

Les Voiles : world-famous sailing regatta that takes place in Saint Tropez in September.

Villefranche-sur-Mer : postcard-perfect French fishing village.

Casino de Monte-Carlo : set pulses racing at this Belle Époque glory in the heart of Monaco. 

Monaco Yacht Show : one of the most important events in the yachting calendar.

Shipwreck Beach  (Navagio Beach): legendary beach in Greece, famous for the large shipwreck lying on the sand.

Nammos : come to this landmark beach club in Greece for a night of uber-luxe revelry amid the world's gliteratti.

Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn):  located on the southern coast of Brač, Croatia regularly listed as one of the top beaches in Europe.

Diocletian’s Palace, Split : UNESCO site within the walls of Split’s historic and thriving town.

Who Goes on a Mediterranean Yacht Charter?

amalfi coast beyonce

The cultural heartbeat of the rich and famous in the summertime, the Mediterranean has long been welcoming the jet set to its sun-drenched shores. Well-to-do hedonists and socialites enjoy the beach club buzz, designer boutiques and glittering throng of exclusive events found in hotspots like the South of France and Monaco, where some of the most important dates in the calendar year like the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival also take place.

Equally, with an outstanding array of tranquil beaches, bays and inlets to explore, the Mediterranean is also a veritable nirvana for families or those simply seeking serenity on their yacht charter vacation.

History and Culture

Ancient ruins at sunset in charter location greece

The Mediterranean sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean, bordering more than 22 different countries, and over 3,000 islands, the largest two being the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia.  Its name comes from two Latin words: 'Medius” (Middle) and “Terra” (Earth/Soil), roughly translated as the center of the Earth, and the sea itself is thought to be more than 5 million years old.

In terms of Mediterranean culture, there isn't a one size fits all approach — each and every country in the region has their own. But we can say that there are some overarching themes: an appreciation of the finer things in life being one of them: of nature and of cuisine.

Types of Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

A luxury crewed  yacht rental vacation in the Mediterranean is without a doubt the best way to lap up the natural splendor of this magical region, offering you access to a dizzying array of splendid spots far from the typical tourist trail. 

With an extensive selection of vessels available to choose from, the perfect yacht for you and your charter party is destined to be out there. Unsure whether a crewed motor yacht charter, sailing yacht charter, or in some cases, a gulet charter will work best for you? We've laid out the main aspects to consider before making a final decision.

Motor Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

range of charter motor yachts docked at portofino,italy

A crewed motor yacht charter  in the Mediterranean is the epitome of luxury. With seven-star amenities and hotel-serviced living coupled with a completely unrivaled level of privacy, it's no wonder a motor yacht has evergreen appeal. Uncover awe-inspiring that are only accessible by boat, and experience what it's like to have your own floating palace.

There is a huge variety of Mediterranean motor yachts available, from 100m superyachts with all the latest charter-focused amenities to small speedy weekend cruisers, or somewhere in between. But do keep in mind when selecting your motor yacht that slips here are in high demand during the summertime, which means it's more likely you will spend time at anchor.

As for yacht types, those with planing hulls are perfect if you want to zip through locations at speed quickly. However, they are usually less stable at anchor. 

Displacement and semi-displacement hulls are slower and make up most of the global charter fleet, They are more comfortable, voluminous, and more stable with at anchor stabilizers. 

Sailing Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

marina in porto cervo italy

Selecting a luxury crewed  sailing yacht charter in the Mediterranean is a wonderful choice for guests looking for a slower vacation pace, where you will be wooed by the sailing yacht's old-school charm. Plus, with most sailing conditions in the Mediterranean being extremely favorable, typified by calm seas and light winds (apart from the Meltemi at certain times in Turkey and Greece), this is absolutely a sailing paradise.

And with an extensive selection of catamarans, monohulls and racer sailers available, it won't be difficult to find a charter sailing yacht in the Mediterranean that will meet your requirements.

Gulet Charters in the Mediterranean

Turkish Gulets blue water cruising

In  Turkey  & Croatia you also have an additional charter option: the possibility of renting a gulet  with a full crew. Gulets are traditionally Turkish-built wooden motor sailor yachts which are usually much larger in volume than your average sailing yacht, with an abundance of open-plan living spaces.

Turkish gulet yachts are less expensive than other charter vessels of the same size, and can often offer all-inclusive or semi-inclusive packages, meaning you don’t need to worry about additional expenses such as food and drink. They also normally include a standard number of cruising hours per day.  Plus, their crew are often local to the region that they cruise in, meaning they can double as tour guides and can provide a lot of valuable expertise.

You can visit Greek Islands on your Turkish gulet charter vacation, but you will need to embark and disembark in a port in Turkey unless it has a Greek Charter Licence - which is very rare. 

Gulets are not available in the West Mediterranean cruising areas.

How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht in the Mediterranean?

The average price of a motor yacht or sailing yacht rental in the Mediterranean will depend on several factors, including the vessel's age, type, crew, as well as the duration of the vacation and whether it is high or low season.

With so many options available, there’s something to suit every type of budget. For convenience we have listed the average prices for motor yacht and sailing yacht charters in the Mediterranean below;

  • For motor yacht rentals in the Mediterranean, prices can range from $31,541 to $1.6m per week, plus expenses
  • For luxury sailing yacht rentals in the Mediterranean, prices can go from $20,491 to $532,784 weekly, plus expenses

One aspect to keep in mind is that there are important distinctions to be made between the average costs for West Mediterranean and East Mediterranean yachting vacations. While exact costs can vary from yacht to yacht, typically, West Mediterranean yacht charters will involve newer, larger vessels and include a high-quality, international workforce, and therefore tend to usually incur higher prices. Meanwhile, East Mediterranean yacht charters will usually use older vessels and feature highly knowledgeable local crews. 


When is the Best Time for Mediterranean Yacht Charters?

Traditional colourful Greek fishing boats in Pythagorion port, Samos island, Greece

The best time for a yachting vacation on the Mediterranean is between May and August, although weather is still pleasant in the shoulder months of April and September, with some East Mediterranean locations experiencing high temperatures well into October (Croatia, Turkey, Greece).

Yacht charter guests in the Mediterranean during these months can expect mellow seas, cloudless skies  long, sunbaked days and low rainfall.

However, if you are looking to evade the crowds and the heat, avoid July and August.

Where Should I Begin My Mediterranean Yacht Charter?

iconic yacht rental destination french riviera

France is by far the most popular starting point for the classic "Mediterranean milk-run charter" route (Saint Tropez to Portofino), with this term coined in the industry to reflect the most celebrated and chicest locations along the Côte d'Azur.

The best place to begin a Mediterranean yacht charter is in Nice for itineraries along the coast and towards the Italian Riviera, with the majority of guests flying into Nice Airport before being chauffeured to its port or Antibes. Cannes Vieux Port (which is a mere 30-minute drive from Nice's Airport) is also popular if beginning further west towards Saint-Tropez .

Ibiza is also a popular starting point for Balearics charters, while Positano and Ajaccio are useful embarkation ports for Amalfi Coast and Corsica yacht charters respectively.

For East Mediterranean itineraries, Athens is a popular choice for charters around Greece's Aegean archipelagos, with the highest concentration of yacht rentals, while superyachts cruising the Ionian and Adriatic Coast tend to be flexible, with charters embarking from any number of popular destinations; from Venice  in Italy down to Corfu  in Greece's Ionian Islands.

The best off-the-beaten-track places to visit in France by yacht

Popular Marinas and Moorings in the Mediterranean

Aerial view of charter yachts moored in port

There are many marinas in the Mediterranean, but there are some, especially within the French and Italian Riviera that are highly coveted such as St Tropez and Portofino, which means mooring costs in this region in the summer tend to be highest and availability is often extremely limited.

If you would like to spend a night in port while on your charter yacht in the Mediterranean, be sure to make this clear to your crew or your charter broker well in advance, as there is strong competition for slips.

Below is our selection of some of the finest and most popular marinas in the Mediterranean:

French Riviera Marinas

  • Vieux Port de Cannes  and Port Pierre Canto in Cannes, both cater to all sizes of yachts and with 1,200 berths.
  • Port Cogolin  in Saint Tropez, which boasts 1,600 berths for yachts of up to 50m/164ft, and Port Vauban in Antibes, which caters to yachts up to a 165m/541ft LOA.
  • Port de Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat , located near the idyllic village of Villefranche-sur-Mer. This marina has 560 berths that can accommodate yachts up to 60m/197ft in length.

Italian Riviera Marinas

  • Marina di Loano , not far from the French border can accommodate 900 vessels up to 77m/252ft in length.
  • Porto Mirabello , in La Spezia caters to yachts of up to 100m/328ft, and a perfect point for exploring the region's jaw-droppingly pretty Cinque Terre.

Amalfi Coast Marinas

  • Marina di Stabia  is one of the most popular places to begin a yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast, and boasts luxury facilities and the capacity to host yachts measuring up to 100m.

Marina Piccola  in Sorrento has 280 berths, catering to yachts measuring up to 40m.

Corsica Marinas

  • Port Ajaccio Tino Rossi , the capital's largest marina, has 300 slips and caters to yachts of up to 100m/328ft
  • Port Calvi , located in the northwest with 150 berths for yachts up to 65m/213ft LOA.
  • Port de Plaisance Saint-Florent  ,a pretty marina tucked away in the north with 920 slips, and in close proximity to vineyards and the stunning Saleccia beach.

Popular Marinas in Greece

Kos Marina , close to the enchanting island's old harbor, this marina has a capacity for up to 250 berths with a maximum length of 80m.

Gouvia Marina , Corfu's most popular, situated in a secluded bay, with mooring of yachts of up to 80m, and boasts 1235 slips.

Athens Marina , accommodating 130 slips measuring up to 130m. Provides plenty of amenities on land, including a helipad service.

Popular Marinas in Croatia and Montenegro

  • D-Marin Mandalina (Šibenik) , an award-winning marina set between two national parks in a naturally protected lagoon, with 429 sea berths for yachts up to 140m LOA and all modern marina facilities.
  • ACI Marina Split , 5-star marina offering 318 protected berths, accommodating superyachts up to 90m LOA, in the heart of Croatia’s jewel.
  • Porto Montenegro , award-winning marina offering an array of five star facilities, including a vibrant marina village, upscale bars, restaurants, designer emporiums and high-end boutiques, and catering to yachts up to 250m LOA.

Popular Marinas in Turkey

Kaş Marina , recently developed and has capacity for 450 yachts.

D-Marin Marina , tucked away in protected natural cove minutes from central Göcek with a 380 slip capacity for yachts up to 70m.

Setur Antalya Marina , renowned superyacht marina, capacity reaches 235 yachts.

Where to End a Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Superyachts moored in Bonifacio port in Corsica

Portofino is one of the best places to disembark your Mediterranean yacht charter if you are embarking on the typical week-long yachting vacation along 'the milk run' (incorporating destinations in the French Riviera and Ligurian Coast). Guests usually take a helicopter back to Nice or Genoa airport.

For two-week-long Mediterranean charter vacations, Bonifacio is one of the most popular places to finish a private yacht charter in the Mediterranean due to its outstanding natural beauty. It boasts one of the most stunning port entrances in Europe, bordered by soaring limestone cliffs on one side, and on the other its impressive medieval old town teeters on a hilltop. Upon leaving, guests are chauffeured to nearby Ajaccio international airport.

For East Mediterranean charters, Athens is a popular disembarkation port, as well as Porto Montenegro and Dubrovnik or Split on the Adriatic Coast, all of which offer good transport links with international airports.

5 reasons to visit Corsica on a luxury yacht charter

How to Book Your Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean

Ibiza harbor with anchored yachts at sunset

If you want to book a yachting vacation in the Mediterranean, we strongly advise booking through a qualified  yacht charter broker at least three months in advance. By doing so, you will increase the likelihood of securing your preferred dates and you will have a greater selection of yachts on offer to choose from.

This also ensures your yacht broker has enough time to craft a personalized itinerary and secure an overnight berth in the most popular marinas.

Start Planning - Speak with a Charter Expert

Our yacht charter experts will:

  • Discuss your vacation plans
  • Check availability & shortlist suitable yachts
  • Negotiate booking & prepare your itinerary

Need Advice?

Speak to a Charter Broker

Explore the Mediterranean

West Mediterranean Guide

Guide to West Mediterranean

East Mediterranean Guide

Guide to East Mediterranean

The mediterranean yacht charter itineraries.

Our extensive range of Mediterranean yacht charter itineraries has been carefully curated by industry experts to ensure your luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean is nothing short of magical. Browse our selection of itineraries by the number of days you intend to charter a yacht as well as the specific regions you are interested in.

If you are chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean for the first time, we strongly recommend the classic 7-day Mediterranean yacht charter route. Also known as the 'milk-run': a term coined by industry professionals to reflect the most refined locations along the Côte d'Azur, this itinerary begins in show-stopping St.Tropez, cruises towards the Italian Riviera and ends in sun-soaked Portofino. For 14-day luxury Mediterranean charters, incorporating Corsica into an itinerary is also a perennially popular choice.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Discover the Mediterranean

Shopping, Scenic coastlines, cultural attractions, fine dining, luxury and fashion, pretty villages, island discovery

When to Go:

May - September

  • Barcelona, Nice, Athens, Naples, Dubrovnik, Rome

Luxury Yachts for Charter in the Mediterranean 2024 & 2025

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Madsummer Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

95m   Lurssen

from $1,737,000 p/week ♦︎

Christina O Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Christina O

Carinthia VII Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Carinthia VII

Flying Fox Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Flying Fox 22

136m Lurssen

136m   2019

from $4,343,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Kismet Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

122m Lurssen

122m   2024

from $3,000,000 p/w eek

Ahpo Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

115m Lurssen

115m   2021

from $2,823,000 p/w eek ♦︎

IJE Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

108m Benetti

108m   2019

from $1,954,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Dream Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

107m Olympic Yacht Services

107m   1997/2022

from $2,172,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Black Pearl Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Black Pearl 14

105m Oceanco

105m   2018

Christina O Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Christina O 34

99m Canadian Vickers

99m   1943/2020

from $760,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Carinthia VII Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Carinthia VII 12

97m Lurssen

97m   2002/2023

from $1,520,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Faith Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

97m Feadship

97m   2017/2022

from $1,737,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Madsummer Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Madsummer 12

95m Lurssen

O'Pari Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

95m Golden Yachts

from $1,194,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Whisper Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

from $1,303,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Lady S Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

93m Feadship

Tatoosh Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

92m Nobiskrug

92m   2000/2023

from $1,031,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Aquarius Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Aquarius 12

92m Feadship

from $1,500,000 p/w eek

Moonlight II Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Moonlight II 36

91m Neorion

91m   2005/2020

from $700,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Tranquility Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Tranquility 22

92m Oceanco

92m   2014/2023

from $1,100,000 p/w eek

Nero Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

90m Corsair Yachts

90m   2007/2021

from $497,000 p/w eek

Phoenix 2 Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Phoenix 2 12

90m Lurssen

90m   2010/2024

from $1,000,000 p/w eek

Athena Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

90m Royal Huisman

90m   2004/2019

from $326,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Dar Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

90m Oceanco

90m   2018/2024

Lauren L Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Lauren L 36

90m Cassens-Werft

90m   2002/2008

from $755,000 p/w eek ♦︎ *

Barbara Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

89m Oceanco

Maltese Falcon Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Maltese Falcon 12

88m Perini Navi

88m   2006/2023

from $490,000 p/w eek

Project X Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Project X 12

88m Golden Yachts

Chakra Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

86m Scheepswerf Gebr. van der Werf

86m   1998/2024

from $537,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Man of Steel Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Man of Steel 12

86m Oceanco

86m   2010/2023

Aquila Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

86m Derecktor Shipyards

86m   2010/2021

from $945,000 p/w eek

B2 Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

86m Abeking & Rasmussen

86m   2008/2022

from $923,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Sunrays Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

86m   2010/2018

from $1,249,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Bold Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

85m SilverYachts

from $950,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Grand Ocean Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Grand Ocean 12

85m Blohm + Voss

85m   1990/2019

from $703,136 p/w eek

Meridian A Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Meridian A 12

85m Lurssen

85m   2011/2019

O'Ptasia Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

O'Ptasia 12

85m Golden Yachts

85m   2018/2022

from $977,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Solandge Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Solandge 12

85m   2013/2022

from $1,086,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Victorious Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Victorious 12

85m Ak Yachts

from $869,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Le Ponant Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Le Ponant 32

84m   1990/2022

from $494,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Savannah Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Savannah 12

84m Feadship

84m   2015/2020

Emir Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

83m Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

83m   2004/2022

from $814,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Romea Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

82m Abeking & Rasmussen

82m   2015/2021

Alfa Nero Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Alfa Nero 12

81m Oceanco

81m   2007/2021

from $728,000 p/w eek *

Air Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

81m Feadship

81m   2011/2017

from $1,004,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Aalto Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

80m Oceanco

80m   2007/2019

Dragon Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

80m Columbus Yachts

Elements Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Elements 12

80m Yachtley

from $868,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Excellence Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Excellence 12

80m Abeking & Rasmussen

from $1,150,000 p/w eek

Tatiana Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

80m Bilgin Yachts

from $841,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Mimtee Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Amaryllis 12

78m Abeking & Rasmussen

78m   2011/2022

from $770,000 p/w eek

Malia Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

78m Golden Yachts

78m   2023/2024

Legend Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

77m IHC Verschure

77m   1974/2019

from $646,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Boadicea Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Boadicea 12

77m   1999/2022

from $645,000 p/w eek

Stad Amsterdam Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Stad Amsterdam 28

76m Damen Oranjewerf

76m   2000/2009

from $102,500 p/w eek

Wheels Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

76m Oceanco

76m   2008/2019

from $858,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Cloudbreak Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Cloudbreak 22 6 12

75m Abeking & Rasmussen

Kensho Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

75m Admiral Yachts

Arrow Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

75m Feadship

from $900,000 p/w eek *

M'Brace Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

from $880,000 p/w eek

Andrea Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

from $988,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Cocoa Bean Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Cocoa Bean 12

74m Trinity Yachts

74m   2014/2020

from $597,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Lady Vera Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Lady Vera 12

74m Nobiskrug

74m   2011/2023

Naia Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

74m Freire Shipyard

74m   2011/2014

from $595,000 p/w eek

Siren Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

74m   2008/2013

from $565,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Coral Ocean Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Coral Ocean 13

73m Lurssen

73m   1994/2022

from $706,000 p/w eek ♦︎

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Mediterranean Yacht Search:

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Yacht Amenities

Top 'Things To Do' in the Mediterranean

Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat

The epitome of Côte d’Azur chic for more than a century

Porto Montenegro

Elite East Mediterranean superyacht marina and luxury complex

Krknjaši (Blue Lagoon Bay)

A dazzling emerald lagoon that beckons you to dive in

More Things To Do

Mediterranean Yacht Charter Q&A

We advise booking your Mediterranean yacht rental at least three months in advance to ensure you get the yacht you desire. The longer you leave it, the fewer choices you will have to rent in the Mediterranean.

One of the wonderful aspects about renting a yacht in the Mediterranean is the exceedingly long season. For example in West Mediterranean locations like France, Spain and Italy, the best time to visit is usually from May until September. This balmy weather extends to well into October in East Mediterranean destinations like Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey.

For your Mediterranean superyacht charter, you will need to provide a completed charter agreement and 50% of the charter fee as a deposit. This is payable once the contract has been signed.

When booking a Mediterranean yacht rental, do keep in mind the costs that aren't included in the base rate, namely VAT and the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance). The APA is usually paid in advance of the charter and is commonly set at 30% of the charter fee. This allowance covers expenses such as fuel, berthing, food and drinks, as well as any special requests. 

Please consult your yacht charter broker for any other costs you may need to factor in for your yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

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Mediterranean Charter Cruising

Private charter yacht vacation in the mediterranean.

Steeped in ancient history and social influence and abound in stunning oceanside villages, legendary cities and sun kissed beaches, the Mediterranean is one of the most culturally rich and beautiful cruising destinations in the world. With a variety of historic and modern attractions, the Medterranean satisfies groups of all ages. Whether guests want to step ashore to experience the culture or if they simply want to soak up the sun on the foredeck, a yacht charter in the Mediterrenean offers something for everyone.

Home to the captivating destinations of Spain & Balearic Islands, French Riviera, Corsica and Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast, and the Aeolian Islands, the West Mediterranean provides charter guests with a variety of cruising options incorporating superyacht hotspots such as Palma de Mallorca, St. Tropez and Cannes.

The popular yachting destinations in the East Mediterranean include Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey and Greece. While each destination is unique, they each abound in a mix of culture, history, mythology, and enchanting natural beauty.

Mediterranean Charter Yacht Season

West Med - May through September East Med - May through October

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Popular Mediterranean Charter Cruising Destinations

West mediterranean:, spain & balearic islands, french riviera, italian riviera, amalfi coast, corsica & sardinia, sicily & aeolian islands, east mediterranean:, croatia: split, hvar, dubrovnik, greece/greek islands: the ionian islands, the aegean & sporades, the cyclades and last but not least the dodecanese., mediterranean luxury charter yachts, contact nicholson yachts.

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Crewed Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

Book your luxury yacht charter.

Mediterranean yacht charter vacations are a popular summer choice. The French Riviera, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Sardinia, Spain and Greece are all fashionable destinations. Many of the large crewed superyachts are concentrated in those areas and this is also where you'll discover a huge array of alluring places and cultures to experience.

The Med (as it is often shortened to) has everything a yacht charter vacation could look for. It is one of the largest sailing vacation areas in the world. The Mediterranean covers a large mix of countries, cultures, scenery and a rich diversity of places to visit. Many consider the Med as the embodiment of the yacht charter experience. The great advantage of the sailing in the Med is that they all are relatively close together, so you can create well planned and action-packed itineraries very conveniently.

Europe has dozens of magnificent marinas filled with exquisite private super yachts and mega yachts that can be chartered. The region offers an amazing and unique combination of pleasant weather, beautiful locations, engaging history, rich cultures and delicious food as well as all the shops, restaurants, bars you could want to visit. The popularity of the Mediterranean means it has an unbelievable choice of private charter boats available, sailing yachts and motor yachts of all sizes and levels of luxury.

Top Yacht Charter Destinations


Balearic Islands

French & Italian Riviera

French & Italian Riviera


Corsica & Sardinia

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Top features.

Unspoiled Islands

Croatia is a popular yacht charter destination for good reason, with hundreds of pristine islands, stunning marinas, glamorous beaches and charming, historic towns.


Greece is one of the world's most popular yachting destinations. The Cyclades, Ionian, and Saronic Island groups each have their own unique charms, drawing charter guests to return for new experiences. Read on to explore each of these areas.

Ancient Cities

While on your next yacht charter to the cosmopolitan and astonishing Turkey, there is plenty to take in and explore, from delightful beaches and lagoons to ancient sites and vibrant towns.

Slow-paced Islands

The Balearic Islands are a beautiful and diverse archipelago that make for a dreamy yacht charter vacation, with some areas only accessible by boat. This stunning group of islands is home to numerous alluring beaches, historic towns, and luxury nightlife spots.


The Riviera is a section of coastline between Cannes in France and La Spezia in Italy, offering such mild winters and gloriously hot summers that it’s the perfect spot in the Mediterranean for a vacation spent aboard a glamorous yacht. While the activities and events you can get up to are wide-ranging, it’s wise to do your research and make your selections well ahead of time for shore visits.

Boutique Shopping

Sicily is the epitome of a Mediterranean summer vacation, with its picturesque coastline punctuated by beautiful fine sand beaches, lovely fishing villages, and a mountainous interior scented with lemon groves and pine forests.

Fishing Villages

A Corsica & Sardinia yacht charter is the best way to experience this distinctive combination of class and charm, which is influenced by both French and Italian cultures, and which can be found in the cuisine, architecture, and dialect.

Corsica & Sardinia

The Amalfi Coast, widely regarded as Italy's most picturesque coastline, attracts the most affluent visitors due to its breathtaking scenery of cobblestone streets lined with colorful villas, mountains covered in greenery, and the cobalt blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Amalfi Coast

Fully Crewed Yachts in this area

Christal mio.

Sleeps 10 guests in 5 Cabins

Size: 67 Ft

Sleeps 8 guests in 4 Cabins

Size: 70 Ft

Size: 80 Ft

Size: 88 Ft

Western Mediterranean Yacht Charter

The Western Mediterranean is the world’s most popular destination for luxury yacht charter. Mediterranean glamour awaits - hop aboard.

Western Mediterranean Yacht Charter

The Western Mediterranean is the world’s most popular destination for motor yacht charter thanks to a combination of pleasant climate, beautiful coastlines, and vibrant history and cultures. A Western Mediterranean yacht charter can take you to the fascinating architecture of the Amalfi coast, the chic beach parties of the Cote d’Azur, the white sand beaches of Corsica or the refined island of Sardinia. The rich blend of the Mediterranean Sea, cuisine and wine will melt away any stress and leave you recharged. A well planned luxury yacht charter – Mediterranean style – will fuse all of the fun, adventure, and relaxation the Western Mediterranean has to offer.

Sold on a Western Mediterranean private yacht charter? Mediterranean adventure is something we can help with – contact our Moran team today!

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Italian riviera, cote d'azur, spain & the balearics.

Italian Riviera Yacht Charters

The Italian Riviera, also known as the Ligurian Riviera, has long been a destination for the world’s rich and famous. Tucked between the Cote d’Azur and Tuscany, this narrow strip of land is home to famous locales such as Portofino, Cinque Terre, Bordighera, San Remo, and Genoa. The old-world flair, colorful buildings, and quaint fishing villages exude style and charm; it’s no wonder this is such a popular charter destination.

Cote d'Azur Yacht Charters

Also known as the French Riviera, the Cote d’Azur is a hub of new superyachts and private yacht charters. Mediterranean cities and towns such as Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Antibes, and the principality of Monaco have become world-renowned, with this sun-drenched area acting as the playground of the rich and famous. This beautiful stretch of coastline was one of the first destinations to be considered a “resort area” due to its great weather and idyllic landscapes.

Corsica Yacht Charters

Located approximately 160 km from the French mainland, this island’s culture is an amalgamation of the various foreign nations that have occupied Corsica over the years. The capital of Corsica is the city of Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, perhaps Corsica’s most infamous son. Corsica has about 1000 km of coastline, much of it accessible only by boat making it perfect for luxury yacht charter . Mediterranean cliffs and mountains cover much of the island and deliver scenery you will not soon forget.

Sardinia Yacht Charters

The island of Sardinia is the second largest in the Med and a very popular destination for luxury yacht charter. Mediterranean Costa Smeralda, translated to mean the Emerald Coast, is world-renowned for it’s turquoise seas, rugged landscape, and exclusive resorts and hotels. With its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, fantastic nightlife, and secret grottos to explore, Sardinia is certainly a yachter’s paradise.

Sicily Yacht Charters

The fabled land of Persephone and Aphrodite, Sicily has been enchanting visitors with its natural beauty for centuries. Located in the center of the Mediterranean, directly off the tip of the boot of Italy, this island has been host to the Greeks, Romans, Spanish, Arabs, Normans, and finally the Italians. This has left an indelible imprint not only on the architecture of the region, but on its people as well. With such a varied and rich history, culture, and scenery, Sicily is not to be missed.

Spain & The Balearics Yacht Charters

The Mediterranean coast of Spain and it’s Balearic islands offer a fantastic blend of old world culture, thriving nightlife, picturesque scenery, and fabulous cuisine for those on a private yacht charter. Mediterranean cruising will take you down to the islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca for sunshine, hidden bays, old world charm, and secluded beaches. Best to stay off the beaten path to truly experience the essence of these islands. Discover ancient fishing villages for mouthwatering tapas and seafood.

Mediterranean Small Ship Cruises

10 best mediterranean cruises for 2024-2025, italy, montenegro & croatia, mediterranean gems: from dubrovnik to naples, corsica & sardinia, amalfi & sicily, mediterranean enchantments, jewels of the cyclades, croatia and montenegro, classical greece, top 10 luxury mediterranean cruises for 2024-2025, top 6 mediterranean cruise deals for 2024-2025, top 13 mediterranean small ship cruise destinations, our 10 favorite mediterranean small cruise ships for 2024-2025, royal clipper, sea cloud ii, emerald azzurra, mv la belle de l'adriatique, le bougainville, mediterranean cruise guide & travel tips, mediterranean cruise: when to go.

  • Choose your region or destinations. Most itineraries only have a few cruise ships that travel to them, so if you know where you want to go, that's half the battle. 
  • Check the cabins & suites on each boat. All of the vessels we feature are comfortable, but each one has cabins and suites that vary in size. Some offer balconies, while others offer floor-to-ceiling windows, while others simply offer port holes.
  • Consult your budget. There's a boat and/or cabin for every budget, so even if you're on a tight budget, we can still help you find a boat in your price range. 
  • Let us know when you're ready to book ! We'll walk you through the whole process and make sure your boat has everything you're looking for, and we'll also make sure you're getting the best deal!  

Italy Overview

  • A full bar and gourmet food.
  • Balconies or floor-to-ceiling/ panoramic windows.
  • Spacious suite-style cabins.
  • Modern design & amenities 
  • Spa, fitness center, jacuzzi, and pool
  • Italy  (Rome, Venice, and Sicily)
  • Greece  (the coastal towns & islands)
  • Croatia , the Adriatic, and the Aegean Sea (including the Dalmatian Coast)
  • France & Spain

Croatia Overview

When to visit europe: seasons & temperatures, top mediterranean cruise ports.

  • Venice & Rome , Italy
  • Greece & the Greek Islands
  • The Amalfi Coast 
  • The Dalmatian Coast  of Croatia & Montenegro
  • Corsica , France
  • Coastal Spain
Depending on your desires, a Mediterranean cruise could take you to destinations like: Spain & Portugal :  Between the quiet villages, the Gothic cathedrals, the authentic Spanish art, and more, you will experience the Iberian Peninsula like never before. France :  Big cities, small fishing villages, and the French Riviera are just a few of the attractions you'll see as you explore France, accompanied by gourmet meals on land and aboard your comfortable yacht. Italy :  Rome & Venice show off their vibrant culture and rich history. In Rome, you will see the heart of the ancient Roman Empire  and the modern day capital city all in one. Venice is the "City of Canals" and has deep roots in Renaissance art & architecture. The Balkans :  In this region, you will navigate the fabled Adriatic  and the Aegean Seas to reach the southeastern corner of Europe, including Albania , Montenegro , Croatia , Greece , and Turkey - each with their own distinct cultural flair.  Greece :  The blue-green waters and terraced towns of the Greek Isles hold a fascinating place in the cultural history of the world, as home to myths and legends that have shaped modern art, architecture, and literature, as well as beautiful beaches and quiet towns. Croatia :  You will be able to go for relaxing swims in some of the most scenic beaches of the Mediterranean, including the Elaphiti Islands,  Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast , and the beachfront towns of Split & Bol. 

Mediterranean Cruise Videos

Mediterranean Cruise FAQ

  • 965,000 sq miles.
  • 4,900 ft. deep.
  • Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica and Crete
  • Romans considered it to be the center of the earth, so the name derives from the Latin  mediterraneus,  which literally means "middle of the earth."
  • The Strait of Gibraltar on the southern tip of Spain is just 8 miles across at its narrowest point!
  • The Dalmatian Coast :  Discover the idyllic Adriatic Sea as you tour Croatia's sun-kissed Dalmatian Coast.
  • The Cyclades :  In the heart of Greece's Aegean Sea, you will encounter white-washed port towns, tranquility, and excellent swimming in crystal waters in the islands of Santorini, Mykonos, and Delos.
  • Classical Greece :  These tours tend to feature a lot of interactive and engaging history, including visits to Athens and many of the country's sunny beaches.
  • Romantic Italy :  Venice, Rome, the Vatican, Sicily, and many other ancient, beautiful cities await you on your Italian cruise of the Mediterranean.
  • Spain , Portugal , & France :  The Iberian Peninsula and France are popular destinations for those hoping to see Western Europe's rich culture, taste savory wines, and perhaps even visit Morocco. 

Best Mediterranean Small Ship Cruise Lines for 2024-2025

  • European Waterways  - a Berkshire, England headquartered company, maintains 17 river cruise ships around Europe. The company refurbishes vintage barges and converts them into hotels barges. Canal du Midi cruises are the perfect holiday option to explore the diverse Mediterranean landscapes, sun-drenched vineyards, and Cathar fortresses aboard the 20 passenger vessel  La Bella Vita .
  • Silversea Cruises  -  is a premium cruise line based in Monaco, owned by Royal Caribbean, and the inventor of all-inclusive cruising. Explore the fabled lands of the Mediterranean that have been the inspiration for artists and poets aboard the 254-guest  Silver Cloud .
  • Star Clippers Americas   - For almost 30 years, the renowned specialist in sailing vacations has shared the legendary tall ship dream with thousands of travelers from all over the world. With all three ships,  Star Flyer ,  Star Clipper , and  Royal Clipper  sailing together in the Mediterranean, Star Clippers is offering more than 65 sail dates to choose from with itineraries in France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey. 
  • Ponant  -  is an ambassador of the "French Touch" worldwide. With French crew, discreet service, refined cuisine, and partners with excellent track record doing their utmost to maintain its unique cruising philosophy. Enjoy a Mediterranean cruise to visit historical and ancient sites in Greece, Italy, Malta, and Turkey on the 184-guest  Le Bellot . 
  • Sea Cloud Cruises  -  has always been committed to preserving the true value of windjammers for over 40 years. The wind and waves determine the direction of life on board. With a total length of 117 meters, 23 sails, and about 3,000 square meters of sail area as a three-mast barque, the  Sea Cloud II  has also enriched the fleet of blue-water cruise ships.
  • Variety Cruises  -  home of the leading small ship cruise line worldwide with eleven state-of-the-art SOLAS certified Yachts hosting no more than 72 guests. Discover the Mediterranean at 13 knots, one island or shoreline at a time, aboard  Variety Voyager . Her 72 guests appreciate her sleek lines and spacious decks, reinventing yachting.
  • Emerald Waterways   - offers gourmet meals, horizon-expanding adventures, and first-class service. With so many extras on every cruise, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your Mediterranean trip. Reaching an impressive 110 meters in length, the spectacular superyacht  Emerald Azzurra  exceeds your ocean cruising expectations. 
  • CroisiEurope  -  has over 55 luxury cruise ships, ranging in capacity from 22 to 200 passengers, cruising on some of the most beautiful Mediterranean seas and the rest of the globe.
  • Lindblad Expeditions  - has fleets consisting of 15 expedition ships that travel to the world's most remote and exciting locations in the comfort of luxury accommodations and are equipped with necessary exploration tools. Discover the romance and exhilaration of a tall Mediterranean ship sailing aboard the legendary  Sea Cloud .

Mediterranean Cruise Traveler Stories

Mediterranean babymoon, our amazing mediterranean honeymoon, top mediterranean travel destinations.

  • Adriatic Sea
  • Civitavecchia
  • Corinth Canal
  • French Riviera
  • Mljet Island
  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Portoferraio

Mediterranean Trips by Departure Date

  • 2024 Mediterranean trips (186)
  • 2025 Mediterranean trips (56)
  • 2026 Mediterranean trips (4)
  • April 2024 (55)
  • May 2024 (76)
  • June 2024 (81)
  • July 2024 (87)
  • August 2024 (87)
  • September 2024 (79)
  • October 2024 (69)
  • June 2025 (26)
  • August 2025 (24)

Top Experiences in Mediterranean

  • Mediterranean Cruises (188)
  • Mediterranean Beaches (54)
  • Mediterranean Luxury (35)
  • Mediterranean Cultural (34)
  • Mediterranean Food & Wine (27)
  • Mediterranean Land Tours (20)
  • Mediterranean Most Popular (10)
  • Mediterranean River Cruises (10)
  • Mediterranean Barge Cruising (5)
  • Mediterranean Private Yacht Charter (3)
  • Mediterranean Scheduled Group Tour (3)

Mediterranean Trips by Duration

  • 7 day trips (11)
  • 8 day trips (114)
  • 9 day trips (16)
  • 10 day trips (17)
  • 11 day trips (14)
  • 12 day trips (11)
  • 13 day trips (3)
  • 14 day trips (3)
  • 15 day trips (5)

Mediterranean Trips by Activity

  • Mediterranean small ship cruises (154)
  • Mediterranean village visits (104)
  • Mediterranean archaeological site visits (94)
  • Mediterranean small ship sailing (47)
  • Mediterranean wine tasting (36)
  • Mediterranean urban exploration (33)
  • Mediterranean local market visits (27)
  • Mediterranean hiking (16)
  • Mediterranean snorkeling (14)
  • Mediterranean kayaking (9)
  • Mediterranean biking (8)
  • Mediterranean land & sea exploration (5)
  • Mediterranean stand up paddle boarding (4)
  • Mediterranean cooking classes (3)
  • Mediterranean wildlife viewing (3)

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Yes, with our relationships built over the years, we truly do have access to every crewed private charter yacht available in the Mediterranean. That's every size and type of crewed charter yacht in every part of the Mediterranean.

Browse different types of Mediterranean Charter Yachts.

private yacht mediterranean cruises

Mega Yachts

Mega Yachts, Super yachts of all sizes. These yachts offer excellent vacations in the Mediterranean. Expect a yacht charter with a high level of service. See mega yachts:-

private yacht mediterranean cruises

There are fewer Catamarans based in the Western Mediterranean. Catamarans are large enough to deliver ample outdoor living for charter guest. See catamarans:-

private yacht mediterranean cruises

Sailing Yachts

Sailing yachts arevailable across the Mediterranean, they are available to fit all budgets, and range from modest to the height of luxury mega sized yachts. See some yachts:-

private yacht mediterranean cruises

Motor Yachts

Smaller than Mega Yachts, Motor Yachts deliver great charter vacations in all Mediterranean destinations. Smaller size and budget brings typically greater selection. See some yachts:-

Sample Charter Yachts in the Mediterranean

private yacht mediterranean cruises

MOSAIQUE. The 163' mega yacht Mosaique, offers spacious luxury in an elegant atmosphere. Currently, she is cruising the beautiful waters of the Western Mediterranean featuring a spacious salon, ample deck space, and large cabin space. She can accommodate 12 guests in six well-appointed staterooms. You and your guests can enjoy a long list of watersports, inluding on deck Jacuzzi. See Mosaique:-

private yacht mediterranean cruises

EVEREAST. If you are ready to embark on a yacht charter of opulence and excitement, take a look at the 114' EVEREAST. This Sunseeker built mega yacht offers five well-appointed cabins, a luxurious flybridge with on deck Jacuzzi, bow with forward facing sunbeds, plentiful conversational areas, and a whole lot more. See EVEREAST:-

private yacht mediterranean cruises

KIJO. Enjoy the lovely waters of the Western Mediterranean or Croatia in the elegant, 144' mega yacht Kijo. She features plush soft furnishings, accommodations for twelve, an on-deck Jacuzzi with adjoining sun pads, and plenty of conversational spaces for you and your guests to enjoy on the journey. See KIJO:-

private yacht mediterranean cruises

ETHOS. Are you looking for a vacation where you are pampered in every way. The 158' mega yacht Ethos has been set up with so many features for you and up to eleven of your guests to enjoy, including an indoor fitness room, outdoor gym equipment, cold plunge pool, and on deck Jacuzzi. You can also enjoy her long list of watersports. See ETHOS:-

private yacht mediterranean cruises

OMBRE BLU3. Are you ready to have some fun on the water? Check out the 68' sailing cat Ombre Blu3. As many as eight guests can be accommodated in four cabins, and she offers a number of spaces for conversation and dining. She also offers you and your guests a vast variety of watersports including water skis, wakeboard, tube, kayaks, snorkeling gear, on board diving, and much more! See OMBRE BLU3:-

private yacht mediterranean cruises

PARA BELLUM. Step aboard the 154' mega yacht Para Bellum and enjoy the exhilarating feeling of a luxurious yacht charter in the Western Mediterranean. Brand new in 2023, she was launched by San Lorenzo and accommodates as many as twelve in her five well-appointed cabins. Other amenities include a gym, plentiful deck space options, an infiniti pool, and an extensive list of watersports. See PARA BELLUM:-

Mediterranean Charters - Which part of the Mediterranean?

A Mediterranean charter will be a vacation experience unmatched anywhere else in the world. With multiple countries each with their own histories and culture, no other body of water gives a charter guest such exceptional diversity to explore. Visit "be seen bucket list destinations" or quiet off the beaten track harbors, you get to choose.

There are two main regions to book a mediterranean yacht charter.

Charter a yacht in the Mediterranean

West Mediterranean

The French Riviera is home to the world's most rich and famous and attracts party goers and the refined elite alike. Southern France provides both the high life and tranquil relaxation. Visiting the French Riviera, you must include Cannes and Monaco. St. Tropez, Antibes, and Nice are very popular also to include on a western mediterranean charter.

The Italian Riviera is famous for its smaller picturesque villages and towns. From the northern coast near France to the islands off Naples and on toward Sicily, there is no better view than one from the sea. Visit Portofino and Cinque Terra, the Amalfi Coast and Naples including Pompeii. Other hotspots include shopping on Capri and visiting the Blue Grotto.

Charter a yacht in Greece

East Mediterranean

Charter yachts can cruise the waters of Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. East Mediterranean yacht charters combine perfect blue green seas with fabled history and natural splendors. This area tends to be less touristy, and there are many ancient sites to explore. One of the world's most beautiful regions, the Aegean overflows with islands that beckon.

Don't forget Venice which might be coordinated with a cruise to Croatia. After all, nothing is as centered around water as Venice! Visit the beautiful island of Santorini. Check out Hvar. Souvenir shop in Bodrum. Aboard your charter yacht against the setting sun, your crew will serve wine and delicious seafood dinners that reflect the local specialties. Calamari, honey, cheese, and olives. The area is more than living history; it's a delicious, sunny destination.

Confidence In Choosing Your Mediterranean Yacht.

We know clients need to be confident to book a mediterranean charter vacation so we encourage clients to call us and benefit from the experience we've been building for years. You'll speak to specialist experienced in booking a Mediterranean yacht charter without any obligation or additional cost to you.

Are the itineraries fixed like a cruise ship or tour?

No, the vast majority of mediterranean charters begin in the most popular yachting harbors such as Nice or Cannes, Athens or Dubrovnik, or simply harbors that are easiest to fly to, however your charter can be from anywhere the yacht can get to and can be one way charters - the choice is yours. All our Mediterranean charters are custom planned just for you.

You'll visit the harbors you want to, when you want to and stay as long as you wish, you just have to return the yacht when and where you planned to. Based on your preferences your yacht's Captain will map out a personal itinerary to suit. So, no need to choose a fixed mediterranean cruise ship itinerary or a pre planned itinerary by a tour company. To help you get an idea of the possibilities, we have put together some samples for you to browse: Sample itineraries for Mediterranean charters.

private yacht mediterranean cruises

Where can I charter in the Mediterranean?

Interested in seeing a sample Mediterranean itinerary ? We have some samples for you to browse, remember though that every Mediterranean charter vacation will be uniquely planned for you.

Not sure which month is most suitable for your intended itinerary? We have information about what to expect weather wise on a yacht in the Mediterranean : Continue reading: .

Why Choose Us to help you book a Mediterranean Charter?

We will help you decide what is the best match for you sharing our experience gained over twenty plus years. Since different types of mediterranean charter yachts provide different amenities, we will listen to you and help you choose a yacht that will suit your needs the best

Our services are available to you at no additional cost. Let our expertise simplify your work planning a holiday that exceeds your expectations! Read our client reviews where people have commented on their Mediterranean yacht charters.

Ready to learn more about booking a Mediterranean charter?

We are proven specialists in booking fully crewed luxury charters on yachts in the mediterranean. Our specialists attend charter yacht shows there, have been to the popular destinations in the Mediterranean, and have access to every fully crewed yacht available for charters there.

Contact a specialist - available 7 days a week.

private yacht mediterranean cruises

Cost to charter in the mediterranean?

Have general questions about costs and charters ? We have answers for you.

Additional Mediterranean Resources:

Some websites on the web that may be useful for additional information about the Mediterranean.

Best beaches on the French coast.

Wikipedia's Mediterranean page.

How we can help:

We are here to answer any question, no matter how large or small it may be. Our experience is available to you 7 days a week at no cost or obligation to you.

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private yacht mediterranean cruises

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Cruising on the Mediterranean

private yacht mediterranean cruises

Head for the Med

Now is the best month for Mediterranean Charters and a custom vacation in the waters of Southern Europe.

Croatia ,  Corsica, Sardinia  and the  Amalfi Coast of Italy  are HOT DESTINATIONS this summer and booking fast. There are still some excellent yachts left for the summer, June, July and August are the PEAK months but the best kept secret is that September is the best MED MONTH – especially for Turkey.

This is the best time for that Mediterranean cruise that you never took and we do still have some super new vessels left.

Check out Greece and the Islands, Corfu, Mikonos,  Santorini . Many of the Caribbean yachts high-tail it out of their Winter cruising grounds and “head for the Med” in Summer.

Please check this site for your ultimate luxurious yachting experience in Southern European waters. We have a wide selection of family sized, Super and Mega Yachts for your Mediterranean getaway. Cruise the Greek Islands, Croatia, Turkey, the French and Italian Riviera’s, Spain or the Balearic islands on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Give us a call or  Contact Us  so we can send you a selection of hard copy or e-brochures. We have some excellent new itineraries and guides on this site for the first timer.

Book the Med now

Lock in your for your next getaway charter now for the off-season – budget rates available. Don’t get left on the beach…!!

Book early and get the best boats now. Many of our premium quality crewed sailing and motor yachts are being snapped up. Please remember that the US is going through pretty encouraging economic circumstances and people are spending more money on their leisure activities.

We’d love to put you on a beautiful yacht in the Med during the summer months. We still have boats left but the best ones usually get taken first.  Send Us An Email  to learn more, we love talking about these destinations and have been to nearly all of them!

Crewed Yacht Search Engine

We are pleased to announce a new  Crewed Yacht Search Engine  on this websites: use this customized engine to find the right charter boat in the right place at the right time. There is also a “new style” search engine on this site based on the type of yacht you most prefer. If you put your dates, number of guests, price range and start location in the engine, it will provide you with a list of possible yachts that are available.

It will only show those yachts that are available on your specific dates and that fit your criteria. You can use it for Florida, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, the Mediterranean and the Eastern and Western Caribbean, and other locations around the world.

Yacht shows coming up

Good news for the Mediterranean charter yacht shows. There will be good broker attendance, lot of sparkling new yachts and crews, excellent food. What more can we say? A stronger dollar is increasing US Broker attendance and creating a much better buying environment.

The Balearic Islands: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera

Highly recommended and famous for hosting European VIP’s and celebrities. These islands have it all: secluded getaways and sparkling night life. We have a major selection of yachts to explore these fascinating locations.

From the Ionian Islands to the coast of Sicily, the Mediterranean is home to hundreds of luxury  motor yachts  looking to cruise the pristine waters. The climate for boating in the Mediterranean is pleasing during Autumn.

private yacht mediterranean cruises

This New Yacht Is Sailing to Gorgeous, Lesser-known Ports in the Caribbean Sea — and I Was on Board With 'Below Deck's' Chef Ben

E merald Cruises' new Emerald Sakara ship brings guests to smaller ports in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, with an onboard marina and the occasional Bravo-lebrity.

With a couple dozen guests looking on, chef Ben Robinson was showing how to slice and dice a fresh red snapper. “You kind of feel him — but you don’t fondle him,” said Robinson, the fan favorite from the Bravo reality show Below Deck, who’s always ready with a quip. As he pulled a perfect filet off the bone, he explained how to salt the fish and that there’s no more important relationship than the one you have with your fishmonger. “My advice is to always be friendly,” he noted. “I like to support my mom-and-pop [businesses]. If you become familiar with them, they’ll say, ‘Hey, I got this in this morning.’”

The cooking demo, which also featured a ceviche how-to and tips on knife sharpening, was one of many “Chef Ben” moments on my trip aboard Emerald Sakara . It’s the newest 100-passenger vessel from Emerald Cruises, which launched in the fall of 2023, a sibling vessel to the Emerald Azzurra .

During an eight-day voyage in March from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda, the reality personality was definitely one of the star attractions. Robinson spent several evenings in the galley, creating special dishes such as a panko-crusted veal striploin stuffed with pesto.

He also hosted a well-attended Q&A about his life in the kitchen — and spent plenty of time connecting with fans, many of whom booked the trip specifically to chop it up with Below Deck alum.

“We definitely booked because of Ben,” said Shannon Welnel , a Montana-based travel advisor who had lots of praise for his cuisine — and the yacht-like atmosphere on board the 100-passenger ship. Other guests I spoke with admitted they hadn’t seen much Below Deck, but were intrigued by the chance to chill with a Bravo-lebrity.

Emerald Sakara

  • With a max of just 100 passengers, Emerald Sakara feels at times like a private yacht, with no lines and no crowds, and outstanding service from a highly experienced crew.
  • Minimalist rooms recall the stripped down aesthetic of Miami Beach or Mykonos, Greece, with pops of color from Missoni Home accents and a sleek-yet-functional bathroom with plenty of storage space.
  • While this small ship has but one restaurant and one poolside cafe, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to meals, whether you’re hitting the breakfast or lunch buffet or choosing from the dinner menu.
  • The onboard marina, which is open in favorable weather conditions, offers watersports and swimming off the stern of the ship.
  • Easy to understand and mostly inclusive pricing covers meals, beverages at mealtime, many tours, and surprisingly speedy Wi-Fi.

The intimate-ship vibe was also one reason the chef wanted to hop aboard. “This definitely has more of a yacht vibe than any other [ship] I've been on,” Robinson told me one afternoon. “A hundred passengers is not a lot,” he said. “I've been on boats with 2,500 passengers, and you really do feel like you're anonymous. But here, the service is great, and you really are treated as an individual and someone important. And you kind of lose that on the big boats.”

While Robinson doesn’t have immediate plans to join another Emerald cruise, he told me that there were plenty of parallels between his life on megayachts and what the Sakara offers its guests. “It’s been incredible,” he said.

I had to agree. The Sakara certainly has much to offer, both in spite of its smaller size and because of it. While it’s available to book by the cabin, like any cruise ship, it still manages to feel at times like a private yacht, particularly when it sails to less-commonly visited ports such as Culebra, on Puerto Rico, or St. Bart’s. In the latter, we dropped anchor near Eric Schmidt’s yacht, Whisper , and had the whole day to explore the glitzy island and its capital, Gustavia. (After a drive around in the morning, I managed to catch the beautiful sunset from the lovely little Shell Beach, right in town.)

“The benefit of being on a small cruise ship like this one is that we can enter small ports and areas where others can’t,” said Robert Kuznin, the captain of Sakara , who previously worked with several cruise lines, including Paul Gauguin, Seabourn, and Virgin Voyages. “For example, when we dropped anchor in Esperanza Bay,” he explained about our stop at the island of Vieques, “there were only two meters under the keel — and that was the shallowest I’ve ever been!”

The ability to go places that larger ships can’t was also on display one morning on St. Kitts, one of the final stops of my trip. It was still early in the morning, but already four mega-ships were docked in Basseterre, the island’s capital. Instead of tying up next to them on the busy cruise pier, we dropped anchor just off the beach in South Friar’s Bay, a long sweep of sand in the island’s southern reaches. There were no crowds to contend with, no paperwork hassles, no touts offering dodgy cab rides. A five-minute tender ride to the beach was all it took to meet our local guide. Time from leaving the breakfast buffet to our first stop? About 25 minutes. Even the most efficient mega-ship would struggle to make that happen — and they can’t drop anchor right off the one of the best beaches on the island. 

Other moments aboard Sakara felt like something out of Below Deck . One afternoon, I made my way to the yacht’s marina, a platform at the stern stocked with lounge chairs, refreshments, and water toys such as a floating trampoline and inflatable sea kayaks. I jumped off the stern into the Caribbean and then tried out the ship’s Seabob, a floating gadget that’s like a cross between a Jet Ski and an electric scooter.

As I continued my joy ride, I could see another vessel anchored just north of us. Turns out, it was David Geffen’s private yacht , Rising Sun . Of course, we were there first.

Here’s a closer look at all the amenities of the Emerald Sakara , which sails seasonally in coastal waters in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Staterooms

Welcome to your starship: the stripped down, white-and-gray cabins on Sakara feel sci-fi chic, particularly when the accent lighting is switched on. They’re also, thankfully, spacious and super functional, with ample storage space (including a safe), a small minibar, a coffee station, and a clever headboard built-in that’s a great spot for your charging devices and water bottle. Most of the 50 rooms and suites have verandas; ocean-view staterooms are the exception. Bathrooms are just big enough, with plenty of storage, and are stocked with Espa products and a hair dryer. My cabin, 421, was a 300-square-foot balcony suite toward the aft of the ship on deck four: I never once heard noise from the surrounding cabins or in the hallway, though I did occasionally notice sounds and vibrations from the vessel, something that is common on even the largest of ships. A note on power plugs: my stateroom had U.S.-style outlets throughout as well as USB-A charging ports on either side of the bed, a nice touch.

Bars and Restaurants

Because Sakara is smaller than most cruise ships, it can’t compete on sheer volume of bars and restaurants. Still, the food on board is solid. La Cucina is the only true dining room, with both indoor and outdoor seating; it has somewhat limited hours compared to the round-the-clock dining options on bigger vessels. That being said, I certainly didn’t go hungry: a breakfast buffet is complemented by traditional à la minute options such as omelets and pancakes; lunch is also buffet style with a carving station. Dinner is more restaurant style, with options from an ever-changing daily menu plus always available classics such as Caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, grilled salmon, and spaghetti bolognese on offer. (Many dietary restrictions and preferences can be accommodated.)

On my voyage, chef Robinson put together several special plates, including what might’ve been the best dish of the week: a sesame-crusted seared yellowfin tuna with celeriac puree. The Below Deck star also put together a panko veal striploin roulade one night and, another evening, offered a citrus-cured hamachi with, in a touch of molecular gastronomy, “mango spheres.” Elsewhere on board, a poolside cafe, Aqua Café, has quick bites like burgers and flatbreads, as well as sweets and coffee pulled from a Cimbali espresso machine. The cocktails served in the Amici Lounge and the Sky Bar were consistently excellent, mixed by a talented team of pros who’ve previously worked on Seabourn ships and in some of Dubai’s top hotels. One weaker spot was the selection of wine on board: pours at mealtimes are included, but they didn’t rock my boat. A short list of “chairman’s wines,” available at extra cost, included a couple by-the-bottle finds such as 2013 vintage Cristal ($650) and some mid-tier Bordeaux and Burgundy options.

Where Emerald Sakara Sails

Though small, this ship isn’t an expedition yacht. Rather, it’s specifically designed for warm-weather coastal cruising, meaning it spends the lion’s share of its time in places such as the Caribbean and, in the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months, the Mediterranean. My trip aboard was spent entirely in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, where passages between ports were short and the seas were often calm. (We did occasionally encounter some swells of up to two meters, or 6.6 feet. I saw many guests wearing medicated patches to prevent motion sickness throughout the trip.) Sakara typically spends a season of several months in a given region, with a variety of cruise lengths offered, ranging from six to 24 days. In 2024, the ship will spend April through November in the Mediterranean. Sakara will return to the Caribbean at the end of the year, through April 2025.

Shore Excursions

Tours off the ship were a strong suit for Emerald, at least on my voyage. Most stops offered a variety of activities, ranging from a simple transfer to a nearby beach to a full-on, multi-hour tour. Usually, I found myself ashore with a very small group of folks — fewer than a dozen — and all the guides Emerald arranged were true pros. Passengers raved about a kayak paddle through the bioluminescent bay on Vieques, something I sadly didn’t try myself. I did, however, enjoy a short guided hike on the island of St. John, to the pristine beach along Salomon Bay, which was all but deserted. The organization of excursions felt flawless to me, thanks no doubt to the crew and shore excursion manager, Pilar Atencio. Worth a mention, too, were Atencio’s detailed briefings on what to expect each day. While these sorts of “port talks'' are common on ships of all sizes, they felt particularly useful on Sakara because of how intimate our groups were; many passengers made a point of attending the pre-dinner talks every night, for info on what to expect about our anchorage, historical background on each island, and detailed info about what each tour offering would entail.

Amenities and Entertainment

Call it small but mighty: Sakara has all the essentials, which is a bit of feat for a ship this size. A cozy spa has wellness and beauty treatments, as well as a small hairstyling and facial studio; morning yoga and stretching are available on deck. The fitness center, with a few cardio machines, a Peloton bike, and a variety of weights and other gear gets the job done. The smallish pool and a top-deck whirlpool were lovely — though I spent most of my time in the ocean: the Sakara ’s marina deck is a key feature, and it was open several afternoons during my trip. It’s like the greatest pool party you’ve ever been to, complete with piña coladas, sea kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and a trampoline, right off the stern of the ship. It is, truly, as much fun as it sounds like, though it is subject to the whims of weather and ocean currents. Also available in some destinations are e-bikes from Gocycle, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis; during my trip, several guests gave them a spin on the island of Vieques. Sakara also carries a ton of snorkeling gear and beach towels, which passengers can borrow whenever they like. In terms of performances, this isn’t the vessel for Broadway-style shows, but guitarist Jamie Ferguson and voyage director Nathalie Millet added plenty of live music to the trip.

Family-friendly Offerings

The youngest passengers I spoke with on my cruise were in their 20s — and they were traveling with their parents. Sakara is perhaps the perfect ship for families traveling with adult children, since it offers such a diverse array of activities to suit different tastes and activity levels, while visiting intriguing destinations. The ship is also intimate enough that everybody can gather easily for meals — or a swim off the stern — without fighting the crowds common on larger vessels. On the other hand, Sakara is probably not the best choice for families with younger children: there’s no kid-specific programming, and you’re likely to be the only ones aboard with little ones. “Emerald Cruises yachts are recommended for people aged 12 and up, and they must be accompanied by and share a cabin with an adult aged 18 or [older],” a spokesperson shared with T+L.


Sakara is probably best described as somewhat accessible: the ship has elevators to all decks and the crew was, on my trip, very accommodating to those with mobility challenges. There are handrails throughout, and bathrooms feature shower grab bars. That being said, several areas of the ship — the outdoor dining terrace, for example — require navigating at least one step even once you’ve reached the deck in question by elevator. “Due to the nature and size of the ships, wheelchairs and scooters are not allowed to be used on board,” a spokesperson told T+L. When the ship is at anchor, it’s only possible to go ashore by tender or Zodiac, both of which could be challenging for those with limited mobility. As Emerald’s FAQ explains: “Guests with limited mobility will require help from a companion, since the crew is limited.” Also of note: many announcements are made only by loudspeaker with no hearing-impaired alternative.

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Courtesy of Emerald Cruises

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private yacht mediterranean cruises

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private yacht mediterranean cruises


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    Western Mediterranean Yacht Charter. The Western Mediterranean is the world's most popular destination for motor yacht charter thanks to a combination of pleasant climate, beautiful coastlines, and vibrant history and cultures. A Western Mediterranean yacht charter can take you to the fascinating architecture of the Amalfi coast, the chic beach parties of the Cote d'Azur, the white sand ...

  15. Mediterranean Small Ship Cruises

    Experience the Mediterranean on a luxury small ship cruise by Adventure Life. The ultimate way to cruise the Mediterranean is on a luxury-class yacht, though below are several more affordable options below that visit enchanting ports on the Adriatic Sea like the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, to the canals of Venice, the ruins of ancient Rome, and the island cultures of Greece, Sicily, Corsica ...

  16. How to book a Mediterranean Charter

    Decades of experience booking Mediterranean yacht charters of all sizes and budgets. Choose from every private yacht available 2023, 2024, 2025. USA:-1.866.492.4768; UK:-0800.011.2492 ; ... East Mediterranean. Charter yachts can cruise the waters of Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. ...

  17. Cruising on the Mediterranean on Your Own Private Yacht

    Please check this site for your ultimate luxurious yachting experience in Southern European waters. We have a wide selection of family sized, Super and Mega Yachts for your Mediterranean getaway. Cruise the Greek Islands, Croatia, Turkey, the French and Italian Riviera's, Spain or the Balearic islands on your own schedule and at your own pace.

  18. High-End Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

    In conclusion, embarking on a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean offers an unrivaled opportunity to explore some of the world's most beautiful destinations in style and comfort. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-time charterer, the Mediterranean Sea, with its rich history, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes, promises ...

  19. This New Yacht Is Sailing to Gorgeous, Lesser-known Ports in the

    E merald Cruises' new Emerald Sakara ship brings guests to smaller ports in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, with an onboard marina and the occasional Bravo-lebrity.. With a couple dozen guests ...

  20. Luxury Mediterranean Cruises

    The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Mediterranean Cruise. There is no better vantage point for sailing these crystal waters than from our yacht's suites. All suites aboard our yachts offer luxury sleep systems, a private terrace overlooking the sea, 24-hour in-suite dining, luxury amenities, and a Personal Concierge among numerous bespoke features.

  21. Private Moscow Metro Tour

    The Moscow Metro system is full of art, but there are hundreds of stations. Eliminate the risk of getting lost in the vast network, or missing the most important stations. On this handy private tour you'll be taken to the most interesting and impressive art and architectural examples, and learn all about their history and cultural significance from your local guide.

  22. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

    Unplug from everyday life when you cross vast oceans, with time to enjoy the laid-back, unhurried life on board. For reservations, contact The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection at (833) 999-7292 or your travel professional. Luxury cruises aboard The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection offer the finest bespoke travel at sea.

  23. Private Guided Moscow Underground Palaces Metro Tour 2022

    Private and Luxury in Moscow: Check out 17 reviews and photos of Viator's Private Guided Moscow Underground Palaces Metro Tour

  24. Private Moscow Metro Half Day Tour 2022

    The Moscow Metro is one of the oldest in the world, as well as one of the most beautiful. As a visitor, it can be tricky to know which stations are must-sees, but this guided tour ensures that you see the best. Also, because it's a private tour, you don't need to feel self-conscious of being in a large tour group getting in commuters' way.

  25. Private Moscow Metro Tour with Friendly Local Guide Guide

    In other cities, metro stations are simply a means to an end. In Moscow, however, stations serve as magnificent museums and are characterized by mosaics, extravagant architecture, and marble columns. See the best of the Moscow Metro on this private tour. Visit the capital's oldest station, opened in 1935, see 76 bronze figures depicting Soviet heroes, and learn about Moscow's turbulent ...