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yacht crew list

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yacht crew list

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The Full List of Yacht Crew & Staff

Super Yacht

Published on November 22, 2016

Working on board a super yacht is a fascinating career.  Life at sea, whilst demanding can be an extremely lucrative and exciting career path. But do you know the full list of yacht crew and staff? And what it takes to work on a yacht?

Whilst it is more suited to the younger generations, the process and types of crew involved with running these magnificent vessels is impressive.

Of course, the types of staff required for each vessel vary depending on the size of yacht and the type of yacht.  In the super yacht world, it is likely that a large number of the below crew will be involved for each yacht. Wow, the staff required to operate a yacht... Click To Tweet

Here is an overview of the crew involved in building, maintaining, and running these floating mansions: 

Super Yacht

As captain it is you are responsible for the crew, guests and vessel. Every crew member and even visiting guests fall under your command and you have the final say on all yacht decisions.  Alongside your qualifications , expect to be paid a high salary in return for your professional service.

Captain/Engineer – A multi-faceted role, this combines the skills of captain with Engineer.  A highly sought-after type of crew, they will straddle the skills for both captaining the boat and ensuring engineering issues are dealt with whilst at sea.

1st Officer – Sometimes known as Chief Officer or Chief Mate is second in command to the Captain and manages all the deck crew including the Bosun, Deckhand and any second or third officers.  You would be required to undertake bridge duty and thus have a good range of qualifications and skills.

2nd Officer – Is the second-ranking position to the 1st Officer.  You would require a good level of qualifications   and skills to achieve this position.  A 2nd Officer may also be designated in additional areas such as security, medical, or safety, depending on background and specific skills.

3rd Officer – Is the third-ranking position to the 2nd Officer.  Qualifications and skills as per the other officer roles are required.

Chase Boat Captain – A chase boat  is a vessel which does not live on the main yacht and often has their own crew. These can be towed, driven separately, or berthed in a convenient location.

Chase boats are becoming very popular due to restrictions in tender garage space.  As the name would suggest this role refers to the captain who is in charge of the chase boat and subsequent crew.

O.O.W (Officer On Watch) – This is a deck officer in charge of keeping watch on the ships bridge and overseeing navigation whilst on duty.  The OOW ensures the ship complies with all COLREGS and safety protocols.  This position requires additional qualifications in order to help perform the said duties.

Bosun  – Sometimes referred to as the Leading Hand or Senior Deckhand, the Bosun is an experienced deckhand most likely able to take on additional and extra responsibilities.  They tend to be the main tender driver and take additional responsibilities in security.  Like a deckhand, less qualifications are required, but flexibility and the ability to take direction and blend into the team environment is very important.

Lead Deckhand – As the name suggests, the Lead Deckhand will be in charge of the other deckhands.  Generally, only found onboard yachts where more than one deckhand is required, this is a position of responsibility. Ultimately the buck stops with the lead deckhand, so it takes a strong personality and adaptive approach to get the job done regardless of the day or hour!

Super Yacht 2

Security Officer – Super yachts are valuable and expensive items, so a dedicated security officer is commonplace.  Spending 60 million on a superyacht is considered to be a mid-level purchase in the superyacht world!

Security officers are often employed to take control of all aspects of security, from when the yacht is moored in the bay (and the crew depart for downtime) through to being moored on land.  This position is suited to close protection and military background candidates with specific qualifications in security.

Commercial  Shipping Master – This is a phrase referring to a Captain of a commercial shipping vessel.  They are in essence the captain of the boat (see captain) but will typically be in charge of commercial operations rather than private or chartered yachts and super yachts.

Professional Race Crew – These are unique and exceptional individuals, with a strong background in shipping.  Race crew members require a high level of qualification and ability to focus whilst leading the crew and vessel to compete in international competitions.

Purser – Is in charge of the interior and financial matters in accordance to the ship.  Normally found on large yachts and superyachts, the Chief Steward will report to the purser.  Due to the amount of admin required a strong background of accounts and bookkeeping is required.

Chief Steward/ess – Will be the most experienced member of the Steward team.  They will often be in charge of recruiting and training less senior members of the team.  The chief steward should have the ability to think ahead, plan for every possibility and focus on the finishing touches and detail required for the very highest standard of service. Yachting qualifications and a proven history of working onboard large yachts are required for this position.

2nd Steward/ess – Second in command to the Chief Steward, the 2nd steward is in charge of all duties as requested by their superior.  The 2nd steward ensures interiors, housekeeping, laundry and the presentation of the vessel is spotless.  Their duties may include anything from childcare (if required) to pet care.  They work closely with the crew to ensure that the guest and clients experience onboard is perfect.

Super Yacht 3

Steward/ess – A role found onboard every yacht or superyacht, the steward is in charge of client experience.  From housekeeping through to food and drink service, the steward helps with all aspects of running the yacht.  Stewardesses are expected to work long hours and have a good, positive and flexible attitude.

Stew/Deck – This is a combined role between a Steward and Deck crew member.  This role straddles both the interior and exterior of the yacht and is a popular choice when needing additional staff on board.

Solo Steward/ess – Typically found on much smaller vessels, the solo steward will be the only steward on board.

Head Chef – Is perhaps one of the most important roles on board. The right chef is the key to a successful crew and perfect guest experience.

A head chef must have a wide range of culinary experiences, and be able to take part in the service for the guests if required, including Silver Service , Buffet Service and Fish filleting at the table.

Sous Chef   /2nd Chef – The assistant to the head chef, the sous chef will help the Head Chef with all cooking duties and also cook for the crew of the yacht.  Often this role is combined with a steward position, but on the larger vessels this may be a self-contained role (see Cook/Stew).

Cook/Stew – This role combines cooking with steward duties.  Assisting the head chef, and then performing standard Steward duties (see Steward).

Cook – This position is suited to an individual who is less experienced as a chef but enjoys cooking.  This would be a candidate who is happy to cook for the crew and guests (if required),and will be often used during off duty hours (for example if the chef is sleeping).  Generally, not an individual role (unless the yacht is very big), this is a good skill for any of the main crew to have on their CV.

Head of Housekeeping – Often this role is found in the larger vessels or commercial cruises, this person would be in charge of housekeeping and be a specialist in this subject.  They would oversee the duties and work closely with the Chief Stew.

Laundry Personnel – This may be a crew member with additional skills in laundry, or on the bigger vessels this may be a dedicated role.  This role is typically found more in commercial shipping where the cruise ships require a huge amount of laundry each day at sea.

Beauty/Spa therapist – This is a role-specific with skills in line with beauty and holistic treatments.  Superyachts will generally have an area for pampering and your role on the vessel is to satisfy the client’s needs.  You would need to have traditional therapist qualifications , along with your yachting qualifications.  It is often common to combine the role of 1st Officer/2nd Officer with a combination role.

Super Yacht 4

Masseuse – Involved in the beauty/spa area onboard, the masseuse role is to relax and treat the guests at their leisure.  From sports massage through to Swedish and reflexology, a range of massage techniques is preferred.  Again, this role can be combined with the Beauty/Spa therapist (depending on the size of the yacht) and can also be combined with main crew duties.

Fitness Trainer – Roles specific for personal trainers or fitness coaches, these team members would work with the guests in the dedicated gym areas helping with fitness goals whilst at sea.  These might be specific training programmes or general conditions.  Again, this role might be a combined role with other crew duties.

Nurse – An important role, particularly if the yacht doesn’t have facilities for helicopter landing.  Qualifications must be in line with medical guidelines, and the nurse or Doctor should have ability to cope with a wide range of illness and ailments.  Up to date First Aid and yachting qualifications will also be expected.  Again, this role can be combined with the main crew duties.


Chief Engineer – This member of the team is required to oversee and ensure that the electrical and engineering of the yacht is operating without issues.  They should be flexible and willing to help fix not only important problems, but even be willing to help fix a broken toilet!

At sea the right part might not be immediately accessible, so an engineer should be able to troubleshoot and think outside the box.

2nd Engineer – Second in command to the Engineer, the 2nd engineer assists and helps with all duties around the maintenance of the vessel.

3rd Engineer – Third in command to the Engineer.

ETO (Electrician Technical Officer) – Normally employed on larger vessels where the support is required.  They report to the Chief Engineer.

Electrical Engineer – Again this role is similar to the ETO.  Reporting to the Chief Engineer and holding qualifications in Electrical maintenance.

Super Yacht

Pilot – For the larger vessels, commercial and cruise yachts, access to the vessel is often by air (helicopter or seaplane).  The larger vessels may well have their own aviation permanently stationed on the yacht, and in turn a pilot is required to fly the appropriate aircrafts.

Shore Based

Admin – As the title suggests this team will manage the administration, HR and paperwork of the yacht.  Working closely with the purser onboard and with the owner of the vessel, ensuring that the specific operation of the yacht is always managed correctly.

Admin will be closely linked to the Captain, Purser and Chief Steward on the yacht and will involve a whole host of specialised skills from graphic designers through the tech, online support teams.

PA – This role is suited to a highly organised and efficient team member.  Working closely with the admin team and the crew onboard the yacht.

Villa Staff – As the name would suggest, this would encompass a wide range of shore-based staff to work within the villa’s typically frequented by the yacht.  This could range from a Butler through to Nanny, Housekeeper, Chauffeurs etc.

Contract Workers

Alongside the main crew of the yacht, there are contract workers who are brought in for yacht maintenance. As and when this might be required.  These roles are self-explanatory. And they all work to ensure that the yacht is maintained. Any repairs are done efficiently when the yacht is in port or moored for the day.

Roles include: Day Worker, Varnisher, Painter, Spray Painter, Carpenter. Shipwright, Metal Fabricator, Welder, Rigger, Laminator, Electrician. Electrician Expert, Sail Maker, Project Manager. Customer Service Staff and Catering Staff.

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Did you find this full list of yacht crew & staff helpful? And would you like to work on a yacht? Get in touch with us! Polo & Tweed regularly source and place the finest yacht crew around the world.  If you are interested in registering with us or are looking to recruit your new crew members, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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About the Yacht Positions

The diversity and opportunities to work aboard superyachts around the world are endless. The yachts range in size from 60ft to 600ft with crew of 1 - 100 crew members in four primary departments. Each department is responsible for a unique set of tasks aboard and is suited for individuals with specific skillsets and experience. Explore professions within each department.


  • Job Role Duties

yacht crew list

Ocean-Crews is a premier recruitment agency specializing in the dynamic world of yacht crew placement. With a rich heritage in the yachting industry and a keen understanding of the unique demands it entails, we are your trusted partner in assembling exceptional crews for luxury yachts worldwide.

Our mission at Ocean-Crews is to connect highly skilled and passionate crew members with yacht owners and operators in need of top-tier talent. Whether you are seeking a seasoned captain, a proficient chef, an attentive stewardess, or any other vital role aboard your yacht, we have an extensive network and a rigorous vetting process to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are presented.

We pride ourselves on our personalized and attentive approach, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of both our clients and candidates. At Ocean-Crews, we understand that each yacht is unique, and so are the individuals who make up its crew. That’s why we go the extra nautical mile to match the perfect candidates with the right vessels, creating harmonious and successful partnerships that endure.

Whether you’re a yacht owner in search of exceptional crew members or a dedicated professional looking for your next exciting adventure at sea, Ocean-Crews is your compass to success in the yachting world. Join us on this voyage, and let us help you navigate the waters of opportunity.

To embark on your journey with Ocean-Crews and unlock a world of yachting opportunities, simply reach out to us by sending an email to Samantha at [email protected] . To ensure we can match you with the ideal yacht job, please attach your CV or provide comprehensive details about your qualifications, experience, and the specific yacht job you are seeking. Samantha and our dedicated team of yachting experts will swiftly guide you through the registration process, helping you set sail toward your next adventure on the open seas. If you would like to register to browse and apply for jobs on this website then register

yacht crew list

Meet Samantha

At the age of 17, Samantha embarked on her journey in the yachting industry, amassing over a decade of invaluable experience both at sea and on land. With determination and dedication, she ascended to the role of Chief Stewardess, leaving her mark in both the Caribbean and Mediterranean regions. Her time in Dubai saw her excel as a Charter Broker and Crew Trainer, where she consistently aided crew members in discovering their ideal positions aboard yachts.

Today, Samantha is at the helm of Ocean-Crews, where her deep insights into the unique needs of both crew members and employers seeking exceptional crew members shine through.

yacht crew list


List item 5

I had the pleasure of working with Sam during her time at sea and also now as a crew agent and I can attest to her exceptional skills, dedication, and effectiveness in the field of recruitment.

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Sam , very attentive, understood our crew needs and connected us with high quality candidates. Highly recommend her to fellow Captains. Certainly made the hiring process a pleasure. Captain Matthew Mackay MV Shadow

Matthew Mackay

Oh hi there 👋 it’s nice to meet you., sign up to receive awesome content in your inbox, every month..

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yacht crew list


Deckhand/Stew. Private Yacht - Motor Yacht up to 24 MT (24 mt.)

Posted by: Crew Recruiting Agency

Online from: 17/04/2024 Deadline: 16/06/2024

Offer Code: YBC-000866

2nd Steward/ess Private Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT (48 mt.)

Offer Code: YBC-000865

3rd Steward/ess Commercial Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT (42 mt.)

Offer Code: YBC-000864

Deckhand Private Yacht - Motor Yacht 50/75 MT

Offer Code: YBC-000863

Steward/ess Commercial Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT (50 mt.)

Online from: 06/04/2024 Deadline: 05/06/2024

Offer Code: YBC-000862

Cook / Steward/ess Private Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT (28 mt.)

Offer Code: YBC-000861

Cook / Steward/ess Private Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT (50 mt.)

Offer Code: YBC-000860

Bosun Commercial Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT (50 mt.)

Offer Code: YBC-000859

2nd Engineer Commercial Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT (50 mt.)

Offer Code: YBC-000858

Steward/ess Private Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT

Offer Code: YBC-000857

Deckhand Private Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT (40 mt.)

Offer Code: YBC-000856

Mate Private Yacht - Motor Yacht 24/50 MT (35 mt.)

Online from: 27/03/2024 Deadline: 26/05/2024

Offer Code: YBC-000855

yacht crew list

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Yacht Crew Job Board

With Bluewater's expertise in crew training and yacht crew recruitment, finding your ideal yacht crew vacancy is simple. We offer yacht management services to a variety of exclusive superyachts. Our team excels in sourcing top-notch yacht crew positions, spanning from 25-meter private yachts in the Bahamas to 50-metre charter yachts in the Mediterranean to luxurious 100+ metre superyachts navigating the globe extensively.

134 yacht crew jobs available now.

Yacht Crew Training

Alongside sourcing the latest yacht crew jobs worldwide, Bluewater offers a range of specialised yacht crew training courses. Whether you're new to the superyacht industry seeking entry-level qualifications, an experienced deckhand or engineer aiming to advance your career, or a dedicated crew member looking to enhance your resume with certifications like HELM (Human Element Leadership and Management), Yachtmaster, or OOW (Officer of the Watch), explore our comprehensive yacht crew training options.

Working on a Luxury Yacht

Working as a crew member on a superyacht is undeniably one of the most rewarding yet demanding professions, calling for hard work, dedication, and professional training. The opportunities within the yachting industry are vast, and at Bluewater, we are committed to helping every crew member discover their ideal yacht crew position. Our recruitment division focuses on finding the perfect yacht for crew members and provides unparalleled professional support. Our recruitment experts guide crew members through every step of their yachting career journey, ensuring they receive the best possible assistance.

Manage Your Yacht Career

Whether you're seeking a yacht crew position as a deckhand, engineer, onboard masseuse, stewardess, chef, chief stewardess, purser, first officer, or captain, take control of your yacht career. Create a profile and join one of the world's largest yachting communities for free.


Your yachting career begins here, looking for work, looking for crew, building high-performing teams   , years of expertly matching yacht crew with the right opportunities and assisting clients in building their yacht teams., the leading global yacht crew recruitment agency.

Established in 2002, YPI CREW has been connecting people with their dream careers on board superyachts for over two decades. Our purpose is to allow new generations to discover yachting, whilst also helping seasoned crew to advance their career and develop their talents.

Our recruiters are solution driven; they have a voice, an opinion, and champion their candidates for the right jobs on the best yachts. 

From our home in the yachting capital of Antibes on the French Côte d'Azur, we source and recruit the best yacht crew worldwide. Our recruitment experts connect the best talent, from deckhands to captains, engineers, chefs and interior crew with every yacht we work with.

We build united, high-performing crew able to deliver the ultimate guest experience on board yachts all over the world and, simultaneously, allow the fostering of new life experiences.

YPI CREW are proud to be part of the esteemed  Schulte Group , a global ship owning and management company with over 135 years of expertise in the commercial maritime industry.

yacht crew list


Meet your yacht recruitment team.

Laurence Lewis President of YPI Crew

Customized Care, Every Step of the Way

YPI CREW is a bespoke recruitment agency with a team of expert recruiters who hand pick the best suited candidates for each yacht.

yacht crew list

Operating Under the Values of Partnership & Trust

Partnership and Trust are the core values that guide us in our relationships with each other, our candidates and our clients.

yacht crew list

MLC Registered and Compliant

We are MLC 2006 compliant and to illustrate best practice, YPI CREW is independently audited by Lloyds Register.

What makes YPI CREW stand out?

Our recruiters are our strength; they are the absolute experts in their field. Each recruiter is a specialist in their particular department and has years of experience through which they have built strong networks making them the preeminent authority in the business.


We champion our candidates and guide them throughout their yachting career.


We select and present the best candidates to join your team.

YPI CREW only presents me with a small pool of perfectly vetted candidates, well matched to my requirements which is a great time saver. I can’t think of a single crew member I employed through a YPI CREW recommendation, that I didn’t work with successfully for an extended period of time.

Captain Carl Westerlund


News from the yachting community.

yacht crew list

Open Yacht Crew Jobs In April 2024

yacht crew list

YPI CREW Will be Attending the Superyacht Technology Network Conference in Barcelona

yacht crew list

Is a career in the yachting industry a good fit for me?

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Learn about different positions on board a yacht.

yacht crew list


Yachting organisations, ypi crew is an active member of the following associations.

yacht crew list

Let’s get started. Call us on +33 (0)4 92 90 46 10 or email us.

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+33 (0)4 92 90 46 10

[email protected]

yacht crew list

Bespoke Crew recruitment is all about moving beyond the uniform by identifying and targeting talent to build your ideal crew.

Combining 15 years of industry experience, working on yachts and recruiting has enabled us to have a strengthened understanding of the importance of hiring the right crew, to deliver the ultimate client experience.

Bespoke Crew challenges the industry’s status quo on crew development, covering all aspects from new recruits to the more established crew members. We work in all departments including interior, galley, deck, engineering and any specialist roles you might have. Unlike other agencies, Bespoke Crew isn’t just providing highly qualified and experienced yacht crew, we go further to ensure a match of personalities onboard.

Our pride is taken from your positive experience and the heightened standard of tailored service that we provide.

Looking For Crew?

We will strive to go beyond your expectations, once we have a better understanding of the candidate you are looking for. We will not only make sure they have all the qualifications and experience you require for the specific role, but we will also tailor the candidate’s personality to fit in with your existing crew members.

Looking For A Job?

We not only help the more established crew in the industry secure their next desired position. The bespoke team have all experienced the yachting industry as crew members, we all once got our first position on board. Finding the right agency that will help develop your application, cv and interview skills will really help jumpstart your career.

Latest Jobs

We're looking for an Experienced Bosun for this private 75m MY!

An ideal candidate would have a strong level of previous Bosun experience on yachts of around the same size. An OOW 3000gt would be very beneficial, but not compulsory, as this position has the potential for Relief 2/O duties to cover leave periods.

Any extra skills, experience or tickets would be very beneficial!

Start Date: ASAP (Flexible for the right candidate) Salary: 4500eur - 5000eur doe Leave: 5:1 rotation schedule

United States

Currently seeking a stewardess with 1 year of experience to join this private/charter 85m MY.

Candidates will ideally have rotated in laundry, housekeeping and service. B1B2 Visa in hand.

Start: ASAP Salary: 2800-3000 EUR 65 days of leave - 2 return flights

As always, the Bespoke team was an absolute pleasure to work with. Only sending forward candidates that match your criteria makes the hiring process fast and smooth. Thank you again for finding us a great candidate who is the ideal fit for our team and owner. Bespoke is, for sure, the only agent I would use for any future hiring.

Emma cottrell – chief stewardess., when you work with bespoke crew, you get the same high standards associated with yachting. their industry knowledge, attention to detail for each of their candidate profiles, and their drive to find the best is what yachts need in a recruitment agency., nick calligeros - chief officer, i have worked with bespoke crew for a few years now, from her helping me find positions to helping me fill them. the agents take time to really understand our needs and only send the best candidates forward. they send detailed profiles from their conversations with the crew, which really helps us to get an understanding of the candidate beforehand. they are not a typical agency who puts crew forward and forgets, they still keep in contact and follow up to check both parties are happy with the overall performance and if we have any concerns. fantastic service all around; i would highly recommend using the bespoke crew. thank you for everything, danielle hemming - chief stewardess, bespoke crew's team exhibited an impressive understanding of the yachting industry and a genuine dedication to finding the perfect match for candidates and employers. their attention to detail, personalized approach, and unwavering support throughout the recruitment process were nothing short of outstanding. bespoke crew yachting recruitment is for anyone seeking a professional, reliable, and personalized recruitment experience within the yachting industry., benjamin le marechal - head chef, the team at bespoke has always gone above and beyond to ensure each candidate presented to us not only fills the position but also aligns with our yacht's specific culture and ethos. they constantly demonstrate their passion for the industry and extensive knowledge of their own experiences, and i am always impressed with their unique, professional, yet personalized approach., georgia barber - chief stewardess, i first spoke to jacob from bespoke crew in my first few weeks of dock walking near antibes. the first call was extremely helpful; and he took an interest in my own background, qualifications, and experience. we then discussed the position i applied for in great detail. i am now secure in that role we discussed and after five months in i couldn't be happier with the yacht i am on, and the crew i am with., james lashmar - pt/ deckhand, it has been a great experience dealing with bespoke. excellent communication and a fast turnaround from the initial discussion to being placed on the yacht i am on now., euan ratley - deckhand, it was great dealing with jacob, one of the better agencies out there, tom riley - avit, claire provided such amazing support when looking for a new role. she really took the time to listen to both my previous experience and what i was looking for in the future to find the ideal position. claire’s help enabled me to make the transition from lead service to chief stewardess. i’d absolutely recommend bespoke crew to anyone in the industry., bonnie mitchell – chief stewardess, after working closely with bespoke crew over the past 3 seasons for permanent and temporary crew placement, they have become our go-to agent for crew. we have been highly satisfied with bespoke’s high caliber of service, which has been very professional yet personable. we have found they genuinely listen to and understand the requirements expressed for the crew sought and deliver only highly suitable candidates that meet the specific experience level, necessary skillset, and personal demeanor desired., brianna stenhouse - chief stewardess, i had a fantastic experience working with frankie. she found my cv, reached out to me, and i was successful in landing the first role she presented me with, which she ensured met my needs. she is communicative, friendly, and professional; most importantly, in a recruiter-candidate relationship, she comes across as very honest. when i am ready for my next opportunity, and if i take on any recruitment on board, i know who to call. i look forward to working with frankie again., helena sanguinetti - purser, i had a great experience with claire from bespoke crew she’s super helpful, always checks-in, and answers all of my questions. she helped me land my new role on an amazing yacht with great opportunities. i’m so happy for all of the support, i would love to work together with her again in the future would really recommend bespoke crew., linn sundqvist - stewardess, i had the luck to have claire contact me from bespoke crew recruitment. as a greenie, i heard it would be hard starting in the industry, and only on my second day of searching for a job, claire told me about me three amazing options. one of the yachts got in contact with me, and the next day and everything fell into place. she takes time to get to know you and find the job that would make you happy on all terms. thank you, claire, for sticking by me the trust i have in you is immense., zoé meeuwens - stewardess, this is the first crew agent where we feel listened to and not just sent 10+ candidates that vaguely fit our requirements and with the candidates that we hire through bespoke crew we always get great longevity. we have complete faith and trust in the bespoke crew team, so much so that they are the only crew agent we work with., ruben mejier - chief officer, i have been using bespoke crew for the past few years. they have done a wonderful job and have presented me with first class crew to choose from and have not inundated me with an inbox full of candidates. the backup and follow up also has been exceptional. i highly recommend bespoke and their staff as an excellent choice for crew placement., scott miller - captain, it was such a pleasure working with bespoke crew thank you, claire, for your swift responses and for providing us with good quality crew that fits our specific requirements in a short time frame i look forward to working with them in the future., tina floegal - chief stewardess, i wouldn’t work with any other crew agent. the team at bespoke crew listens to exactly what we require in a candidate and delivers solid, carefully selected, and well-vetted crew. the team has placed multiple candidates across the interior, deck, engineering, and galley. their excellent communication and high level of professionalism, it makes them a joy to work with., savannah squire - chief stewardess, i was first introduced to bespoke crew when i was personally called for a reference check. as we know, the industry is small, and we are all somehow connected by social interaction. checking references, especially verbal references, is of utmost importance when trying to find that “perfect fit” for your yacht. i immediately knew that the friendly, trusted voice on the end was doing their job diligently, trying to find that ‘perfect fit’ for another captain, and i respected that. we have worked closely with bespoke crew for nearly three years and have only positive feedback to contribute to their professional service. most, if not all, the crew has served on a longevity basis, all of whom fit in very well with our crew dynamic. i can highly recommend bespoke crew for your crew placement needs., aldon beukman - captain, bespoke has hands down become my number 1 crew agency. the agents i have worked with have all been extremely responsive and friendly and have made a real effort to build a relationship with you. they truly understand what you are looking for and never try to 'throw anything out there.' with my crazy schedule, they are good about chasing me up when need be and never letting anything fall by the wayside. there is always open, honest transparency, and i appreciate that so much. it is a big relief that there is such a consistent, all-star crew agency out there, brielle crumpler - chief stewardess, it’s been a pleasure dealing with the bespoke crew team ….thank you for discovering the right individuals for our program. we greatly appreciate the care is taken when introducing quality candidates to us and the effort to ensure a good long-term fit., len beck - captain, bespoke crew and their team have been a great help in finding the right people for our island. even though land-based and a very remote location, frankie was able to forward excellent candidates competent for the roles. bespoke crew is very responsive, responsible, and highly reliable. they stand behind their candidates 100%. excellent background checks and written and verbal references were provided. a great database of staff. highly recommended, ana white - general manager - private island in the caribbean, we are the managers in charge of a 25m sailing yacht and used bespoke crew to employ a new captain. frankie at bespoke crew was excellent. she acted quickly, provided regular updates, and produced an excellent list of highly qualified candidates. we placed the captain and would highly recommend her and bespoke crew., tom benson - director - seymour yachts, i am very impressed with how quickly i was put in touch with a highly suitable candidate through bespoke crew. the whole process was professional, extremely quick and efficient. i look forward to using bespoke crew in the future., doug pender - captain, the best crew agency i’ve been in contact with. i can’t thank frankie enough for landing me such an unreal job, james gordon - deckhand, professional and timely crew services delivered with a smile. thank you bespoke crew for helping me find the right job., heinz schneider-waterberg - bosun, claire from bespoke crew was amazing every step of the way when placing me on my next yacht. attentive, empathetic, and supportive, i couldn't have asked for anyone better. she went the extra mile in calling me out of her work hours to check-in too i can't recommend her enough. thank you so much claire, harriet simmonds - stewardess, * appreciation post * for sophie at bespoke crew, who has been so kind, professional, and invested in matching me with a wonderful new crew. sophie, thank you for checking in with me every step of the way, making me feel supported in taking the next step on my journey. thank you for genuinely listening to what i wanted and playing pro matchmaker. to anyone reading, i recommend getting in touch with soph when you are ready to find that job you were hoping for., jeannie griessel - chief stewardess, 11/10 recommend getting in touch with claire from bespoke crew. she is always friendly, making time for check-ins and updating me on applications. these little things go such a long way. thank you for your fantastic support, advice, and never being too busy to answer all my questions., juanita carmen olsen - stewardess, frankie from bespoke crew was amazing and efficient to work with frankie landed me a job within a couple of hours after applying had a great experience. 10/10 would recommend bespoke., jaryd robertson - deckhand, a huge shoutout to claire from the bespoke crew recruitment team for assisting me in landing my dream job a huge thank you for continuously checking in on me and for having such a high drive for work ethic. great communication skills and professionalism as well. i highly recommend bespoke crew and specifically claire for any yachties new or old to the industry, chane van rooysen - stewardess, are you crewpass approved.

Bespoke Crew has teamed up with CrewPass to continue to deliver only the best crew members and further ensure the safety and security of those onboard.

CrewPass conducts enhanced criminal background checks and identity verification on all its members to help us place fully vetted crew members.

Please go to www.crewpass.co.uk for more information.

Bsepoke Crew

00 44 1202 069663 [email protected]

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Welcome to Denison Yacht Crew. Being based in Fort Lauderdale, the heart of the yachting industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide services that are all encompassing. Whether purchasing a boat, scheduling a charter, or finding crew, clients can accomplish everything under one roof.

With an unrivaled yachting history, the Denison family has been trusted in the yachting community since 1948. With decades of experience, numerous industry contacts and a passion for yachting, our crew placement division was a natural progression. Our platform for crew and employers provides an interactive way to connect.


New to Denison? Create a profile to find work or crew. Show off your skills and add photos or upload a video.


Thanks for returning. Find Crew. Find Work. Update your profile. Travel the world. Work on a yacht.


Check out our new jobs. Apply online. Get hired and see where your career will take you.

Meet Our Lead Crew Coordinator

Our crew coordinators have either worked on boats or have placed crew on boats, so they understand and can relate with the process a vessel and crew go through. Whether it is up-to-date information about the industry or tips to enhance the overall experience, we are always eager to be your resource.


Jill Maderia

Crew division, a different kind of crew placement.

Often, it can feel like a full-time job registering and managing your crew profiles, so we streamlined the process with an easy-to-use website. Denison Crew can help you navigate your potential opportunities with an interactive crew profile. We have created a distinct way to help you market yourself during your job search. Are you a chef with an array of food photos or a stew with artistic table settings and flower arrangements? Show off your creativity with a Crew Album or Video Profile.

What People Say About Denison Crew


I am a yacht captain with close to 20 years in the business; I can honestly say that the only uplifting part of looking for a new position in today's economy is your employee Jill Maderia. She has consistently demonstrated a superior customer experience on a regular basis.


I’ve been impressed with your CV’s so far; certainly a few guys that we would be interested in talking to... And better than anyone I am receiving from other crew agents, I have to say.


John and I wanted to take a minute to send a big thank you for taking your time to meet with us today. (...) We really enjoyed talking with you! Denison Yachting has a very practical and user friendly website, very easy on the eyes and perfectly laid out.


Discover a rewarding career in the yachting industry with Denison Crew.

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yacht crew list

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Crew list - International Maritime Organisation form (C97)

Use form C97 to record the crew members on your voyage.

International Maritime Organisation - crew list (C97)

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Use form C97 International Maritime Organisation ( IMO ) to record the crew members on your voyage.

Email HMRC to ask for this form in Welsh (Cymraeg) .

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Import and export: IMO general declaration (C94) Use form C94 to declare a ship’s voyage and cargo.

Import and export: IMO ship’s stores declaration (C95) Use form C95 to declare a ship’s stores.

Import and export: IMO crew’s effects declaration (C96) Use form C96 to declare the crew’s effects.

Import and export: IMO passenger list (C98) Use form C98 to record the passengers on your voyage.

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What Green Yacht Crew Should Include on Their Packing List

yacht crew list

Are you yacht crew wondering what to include on your packing list for your first job?

There are few jobs quite like working on a yacht. When your job is your lifestyle, your colleagues are sleeping in a bunk next to you and you’re working for some of the wealthiest people in the world it makes for a unique experience. When preparing for your first yacht crew job, it might be tempting to bring everything you own with you, however, this is a guaranteed way to get on the wrong side of your crew-mates. Personal space on yachts is limited so you don’t want to be cluttering up the already-tight crew areas.

The team from Wilson Halligan are sharing with us their handy guide on what to pack for your first yacht job. From the essentials to personal extras, this guide will help you cut the clutter and focus on what you really need.

yacht crew packing list

So, what should I pack for my first yacht job?    

This is a question we get asked all the time by green crew so we thought we would make life easy for you with our go-to list!   

Start by choosing the lightest  suitcase you can find. A hard, square-type suitcase is not going to win you any immediate friends as they are a mission for onboard storage. A collapsible bag with wheels is the way forward, so it can be easily stored onboard.    

The Essentials:   

  • ALL yachting certificates (originals)
  • Drivers License/ID

The Basics :

  • Flip flops because no yachtie could ever live without a pair!    
  • Smart shoes for going out.   
  • Trainers if you fancy hitting the gym or going for a run.   


  • Casual Clothes: Shorts , Jeans, T-shirts.   
  • Going out outfits – Dress / Nice tops / Shirts / Formal Trousers   
  • Workout clothes   
  • Comfies – PJ’s/ trackies   
  • Underwear   
  • Swimwear   

Tip:  Only pack a couple of each. You will have you will have plenty of chance to buy new clothes once you get that first pay check (and also depending on the yacht will be spending a LOT of time in uniform!)   


  • Toiletries (travel size)*   
  • Hair products (brush/elastics /bobby pins)    

* Once you are onboard, many of your day-to-day toiletries will be supplied. Therefore, bring small travel-size versions of these to tide you over.      


  • World Travel Adaptor   
  • Mobile phone (be sure to do your research on the best provider for international roaming)   
  • Kindle/eBook   
  • Laptop/iPad   
  • Headphones   

Tip:  download books or movies before you leave your strong land internet connection-you’ll be surprised at how slow the internet can be on some superyachts, and captains may also restrict your access to preserve bandwidth for the guests. 

Personal Extras    

  • Sentimental photos for cabin   Laptop/iPad   
  • Favourite tea bags from home   
  • Small portable speaker   
  • Yoga mat for all those yogis out there!   

Got your first superyacht stew job? Discover our 10 money tips for yacht stews here

' src=


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  20. What Green Yacht Crew Should Include on Their Packing List

    Personal space on yachts is limited so you don't want to be cluttering up the already-tight crew areas. The team from Wilson Halligan are sharing with us their handy guide on what to pack for your first yacht job. From the essentials to personal extras, this guide will help you cut the clutter and focus on what you really need.

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  22. Yacht Crew List

    Presently I am in India and looking for good opportunity to be part of crew as doctor please contact on - drarshad AT yahoo.com. tel- 00919880785549/ 00919731151949. Regards. Dr Arshad. Yacht-sale.com's free crew list, running now for 10 years, jump on a yacht or pick up a crew member here.