super sail yacht monitoring


Rank. YACHT NAME, Length x Width - Owner's Name
1. 220 x 20 m - Company "Quintessentially"
2. 180 x 20 m - Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
3. 163.5 x 22 m - Roman Abramovich
4. 162 x 22 m - Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
5. 155 x 24 m - Sultan Qaboos of Oman
6. 147 x 18 m - King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
7. 147 x 21.5 m - Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan
8. 145.7 x 13 m - Arab Republic of Egypt
9. 141 x 15 m - Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
10. 140 m - Victor Rashnikov
11. 139 x 23.5 m - Crown Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia
12. 138 x 19 m - David Geffen
13. 136 x 16 m - Republic of Turkey
14. 134 x 18.5 m - Yuri Scheffler
15. 133 x 20 m - Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani
16. 126 x 21 m - Paul Allen
17. 123 m - n/a
18. 125 x 17 m - n/a
19. 124 x 20 m - Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
20. 122 x 17 m - Latsis family
21. 119 x 19 m - Andrey Melnichenko
22. 116 x 17 m - Latsis family
23. 116 x 14.5 m - Niarchos family
24. 116 x 14.5 m - n/a
25. 115 x 17 m - David Geffen
26. 115 x 20 m - Farkhad Akhmedov
27. 113 x 18 m - Eugene Shvidler
28. 110 x 16.5 m - Abdullah Al Futtaim
29. 110 x 16.5 m - Alisher Usmanov
30. 109.5 x 15 m - n/a
31. 105 x 19 m - Nasser al Rashid
32. 104 x 17 m - Sergey Galitskiy
33. 104 x 16 m - Sultan Qaboos
34. 101.5 x 14 m - n/a
35. 101 x 16 m - n/a
36. 100 x 13 m - Dennis Washington
37. 99 x 11 m - John Paul Papanicolaou
38. 99 x 13.5 m - Andrei Skoch
39. 97 x 16 m - Heidi Horten
40. 96 x 12.5 m - Leslie Wexner
41. 96 x 17.3m - Ernesto Bertarelli
42. 95 x 16.2 m - Mikhail Prokhorov
43. 95 x 14 m - n/a
44. 95 x 15 m - Vijay Mallya
45. 93 x 13.5 m - n/a
46. 92.5 x 14.3 m - n/a
47. 92.5 x 15 m - Paul Allen
48. 93 x 16 m - Alberto Bailleres
49. 91.5 x 14.5 m - Do Won Chang
50. 91.5 x 12 m - Sir James Dyson
51. 91 x 14.35 m - n/a
52. 90.6 x 15.3 m - Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed AL Maktoum
53. 90 x 12 m - Neil Taylor
54. 90 x 15 m - Suleiman Kerimov
55. 90 x 12 m - n/a
56. 90 x 14.5 m - n/a
57. 88.5 x 14 m - n/a
58. 88.5 x 14 m - Vladimir Potanin
59. 88 x 21 m - Brian Chang / Vincent Tan
60. 88 x 12.6 m - n/a
61. 86 x 14 m - Majid al Futtaim
62. 88 x 14 m - Mark Cuban
63. 88 x 14 m - Larry Ellison
64. 87.5 x 14.7 m - James Packer
65. 90 x 14 m - Jan Kulczyk
66. 87m - n/a
67. 86 x 11.5 m - Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
68. 86 x 13 m - Alwaleed bin Talal
69. 86 x 14 m - Steven Spielberg
70. 86 x 14.5 m - n/a
71. 85.5 x 14 m - n/a
72. 85.6 x 14.3 m - ex Charles Gallagher
73. 85.5 x 14.2 m - Ravi Ruia
74. 85.5 x 14.2 m - Reinhold Wuerth
75. 85.3 x 14.5 m - Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan
76. 85.3 x 14.4 m - H.H. SH. Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan
77. 85.2 x 16 m - n/a
78. 85.1 x 13.8 m - n/a
79. 85.1 m - Yuriy Kosiuk
80. 83.5 x 12.5 m - n/a
81. 82.5 x 11.6 m - Paris Dragnis
82. 82.5 x 12.4 m - Nancy Walton
83. 81 m - Alexander Mamut
84. 82 x 11 m - n/a
85. 82 x 15 m - Fahd bin Sultan
86. 82 x 14.2 m - Theodore Angelopoulos
87. 82 x 13 m - Government of Iraq
88. 81.8 m - n/a
89. 81 x 12 m - Augusto Perfetti
90. 80.8 x 12.8 m - Arnie Gemino
91. 76 x 11.5 m - n/a
92. 80 x 12.8 m - Khalid bin Sultan
93. 80 x 13.5 m - n/a
94. 80 x 14.2 m - Lakshmi Mittal
95. 80 x 13 m - n/a
96. 80 x 13 m - n/a
97. 82.6 x 10.5 m - Sir Paul Getty
98. 79 x 12.4 m - n/a
99. 78.7 x 11.3 m - Saudi royal family
100. 77 x 12.9 m - Ron Tutor
101. 78.5 x 12.7 m - n/a
102. 78.5 x 13.8 m - Emilio Fernando Azcarraga Jean
104. 105 x 16 m - Oleg Burlakov
103. 136 x 21 m - Undisclosed
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Digital Yacht News

Which AIS transponder from Digital Yacht do I need?

which ais transponder

Technical Webinars with Digital Yacht

super sail yacht monitoring

Register for the next TimeZero Navigator and Digital Yacht webinar.

timezero navigator webinar

Digital Yacht Setting Sail with the 5G Xtream at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 2024

super sail yacht monitoring

Superyacht AIS Solutions from Digital Yacht

AIS is great for general navigation, identifying other vessels, collision avoidance etc.  Here are some ideas to take AIS to the next level on a superyacht installation – ideas from a Class A AIS transponder for the main vessel to Class B/B+ systems for tender tracking, personal SARTs for crew and guests (for man-over-board safety) and even a new VHF DSC handheld which incorporates an AIS receiver and display for crew – great for keeping a handy eye on where the tenders are!

super sail yacht monitoring

IMO Type approved Class A AIS with multiple interfacing options including wireless for iPad and tablet connectivity. Interface with plotters, radar and ECDIS as well as iPad and tablet charting apps. Clear colour screen with optional C-Map charting

Compact Class B transponder with internal GPS – ideal for use on jetskis and small tenders. Available with NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 output. Requires VHF antenna or suitable VHF antenna splitter (SPL1500)

Portable Class B transponder ideal as a back up or for deliveries. USB powered and with USB and wireless interfaces for tablet, iPad and PC navigation. Build in GPS antenna and supplied with portable VHF antenna

Latest waterproof and floating, DSC 6W portable VHF with integrated AIS receiver allowing local AIS targets to be viewed on simple plotter screen or as a target list. Create a buddy list of all your tenders. Ideal for general crew use and supplied with drop in charger base. Optional remote speaker mike

Class B+ transponder (5W and faster updates) with integrated VHF antenna splitter ideal for use in larger or faster tenders. Multiple NMEA interfaces for plotter integration and wifi for iPad connectivity. Ideal for tender navigation.

IMO Approved AIS SART (Can be used as a substitute for radar based SARTs with AIS benefits of range and positive identity. Ideal for liferaft use

Ultra compact, personal AIS man-over-board SART. Suitable for manual activation or life jacket activation on inflation. Provides location of casualty via AIS and compatible with all Digital Yacht AIS products

Connects to the NMEA output from AIS receivers and transponders and provides loud audible (and relay output) alarm on activation of AIS SART or AIS MOB beacon.

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super sail yacht monitoring

Webinar Tablet Navigation with Aqua Map

super sail yacht monitoring

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super sail yacht monitoring

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super sail yacht monitoring

Pearson 37 and 37-2 Used Boat Review

Keep an eye out for corroded exhaust and signs of water intrusion, which could lead to expensive repairs in the future.

DIY Survey Checklist for Used-Boat Buying

super sail yacht monitoring

Valiant 40: Reshaping the Cruising Hull

super sail yacht monitoring

Bristol Channel Cutter 28: Circumnavigator’s Choice

Irwin Vise-Grip Wire Stripper. (Photo/ Adam Morris)

Best Crimpers and Strippers for Fixing Marine Electrical Connectors

600-watt solar panel system on Summer Twins 28 sailing catamaran Caribbean Soul 2. (Photo/ Clifford Burgess)

Thinking Through a Solar Power Installation

super sail yacht monitoring

How Does the Gulf Stream Influence our Weather?

A lithium conversion requires a willing owner and a capable craft. Enter the Privilege 435 catamaran Confianza.

Can You Run a Marine Air-Conditioner on Battery Power?

super sail yacht monitoring

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super sail yacht monitoring

Anchor Rodes for Smaller Sailboats

super sail yacht monitoring

Ground Tackle Inspection Tips

super sail yacht monitoring

Shoe Goo II Excels for Quick Sail Repairs

When starting lights up the tester, that means your spark plug is good. (Photo/ David Corrao)

Dinghy Outboard Diagnostics

This Perkins M20, 3 cyl, 18hp diesel engine is cleaned, inspected and antifreeze flushed after a winter on the hard. Due to proper prep for both winter and spring, it is now running smoothly. (Photo/ Marc Robic)

Spring Season Engine Start-Up for Winterized Engines

super sail yacht monitoring

Solutions for a Stinky Holding Tank

super sail yacht monitoring

Diesel Performance Additives

With a few inexpensive materials and a bit of patience, you can redo the vinyl lettering on your boat yourself. (Photo/ Marc Robic)

Vinyl Boat Lettering DIY Application and Repair

Little things that are hardly necessary but nice to have start in the galley.

Those Extras you Don’t Need But Love to Have

Hidden Maintenance Problems: Part 3 – Gremlins in the Electrics

super sail yacht monitoring

Three-Model BBQ Test

super sail yacht monitoring

Alcohol Stoves— Swan Song or Rebirth?

super sail yacht monitoring

Living Aboard with an Alcohol Stove

super sail yacht monitoring

Preparing Yourself for Solo Sailing

super sail yacht monitoring

How to Select Crew for a Passage or Delivery

super sail yacht monitoring

Preparing A Boat to Sail Solo

super sail yacht monitoring

Re-sealing the Seams on Waterproof Fabrics

super sail yacht monitoring

Chafe Protection for Dock Lines

Waxing and Polishing Your Boat

Waxing and Polishing Your Boat

super sail yacht monitoring

Reducing Engine Room Noise

super sail yacht monitoring

Tricks and Tips to Forming Do-it-yourself Rigging Terminals

marine toilet test

Marine Toilet Maintenance Tips

  • Marine Electronics

Wireless Boat Monitoring

Growing field of monitoring systems brings boat control to your fingertips..

super sail yacht monitoring

Most of us spend a great deal of time away from our boat. Whether shes on the hard, moored in our home harbor or anchored in a foreign port, we want to know whats going on with critical systems. Is my vessel where it should be? Has someone disconnected a power source or tried to gain access? Is the bilge pump cycling more frequently? Is the house bank okay? Is the freezer holding its set-point? If your boat was struck by another vessel, wouldnt it be helpful to have photos?

Here we look at three systems that will allow you to monitor your boat, set up automatic alerts, and even control on board equipment via a mobile app on your smart phone. Possible actions that can be carried out remotely include turning on or off lights or systems. In effect, you have a virtual crew member who can help enhance security, keep onboard systems healthy, and alert you if something is amiss. You can be connected to your boat anytime, anywhere-eliminating boat worry and reducing the risk of theft, water damage, battery sulfation, and food spoilage. You might also qualify for a 3-10 percent discount on your insurance.

The system components that make this possible include a control unit, wired and wireless sensors, and access to the Web via cellular broadband, or satellite networks. The mobile Apps typically include arming options, a dashboard, GPS geo-fence definition (defining a geographic perimeter for activating specific alerts, such as anchor dragging), customizable alarms with push alerts, event logging, time series data views and device control. Automatic updates ensure that the control unit and app software is future proofed.

This product comparison focuses on three competitors in the core market: BRNKL Systems, Yacht Sentinel, and Siren Marine. It does not include stand-alone alarm systems like Aqua Alarm or high-end competitors like GOST. The adjacent table is intended to standardize the sometimes-confusing marketing material and help sailors determine which system meets their needs.

This is a preliminary report, comparing features and prices. PS tests on performance and reliability will follow. If you have experience with or interest in a specific system, send us your input via e-mail at [email protected] .

BRNKL Systems

BRNKL offers a control unit with GPS, a camera, and the largest number of built-in sensors: passive infrared sensor (PIR, i.e. motion detector), cabin temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, heel, pitch, and impact). You can also opt for an external camera. Based on our initial research, no other maker offers a camera at this price point. BRNKL is developing wired temperature probes and integrating smoke/fire detection.

Connect it to your bilge pump, up to four batteries, the siren and devices you wish to control, and you’re up and running. BRNKL appeals to the DIY boater who needs a camera and wants the most information available at the loweststart upcost.

Yacht Sentinel

  • Yacht Sentinel

The Yacht Sentinel Control Unit has built-in GPS and sensors for battery voltage, cabin temperature, heel, pitch and impact. YSs communication capabilities including cellular access to 400 telecoms in 170 countries and optional SatCom backup. All external sensors are 915 MHz wireless making it a plug and play affair once you connect 12V power to the central unit.

Wireless performance is stated to be superior to 2.4 GHz Bluetooth and batteries can be expected to last a season. YS doesn’t require a service plan at purchase, so users have two years free communication and only pay $70-year thereafter. The YS6 appeals to cruisers who don’t need device control, want an easy installation and are sensitive to recurring fees. YS is expected to offer a camera this spring.

Siren Marine

Siren Marine

Siren Marine has been expanding their company and refining their product since 2011. The MTS system (monitor, track, and control) features a control unit with a built-in GPS, and the ability to monitor a broad array of wired and wireless sensors, providing flexibility during installation. The wireless sensors are 900 MHz and use a lithium CR2430 battery that can be expected to last two years.

The IP67 hardware appears to be robust with sensors tethered to standardized wireless modules. The ability to control three devices is a plus. Their 2-year warranty reflects the confidence they have in the engineering. The App is well designed, and you can now ask Alexa (Amazon smart speaker) to tell you the status of your vessel.

In addition to a well-organized website including video tutorials and documentation to help you design and install your system, there are trained Customer Support staff who can field any question.

The MTC system appeals to the boater looking for a scalable system including a smart balance between wired and wireless. SatCom communication is expected this spring and camera and proprietary sensing technology later in the year. We’ll keep you abreast of any other notable improvements.

If you’re contemplating buying, you do have a chance to try. Each of these companies offer free trials which is a good way to test each product and get a sense of what it’s like to own it. Look for upcoming reports covering these and similar products in more detail.

Wireless Boat Monitoring

  • Do Gas Detectors for Boats give False Alarms?


I installed a Siren Marine system this past summer and I am very happy with it. The app’s ability to remotely monitor onboard conditions and send me preset alerts instantly and log those incidences over days, weeks, months is a great feature. I know when the cabin is opened and closed within seconds. I know when the bilge pump is activated and I know the temperature of my engine block, cabins and refrigerator. The wireless sensor units are small, easy to setup and work flawlessly. Did that big thunderstorm knock out shore power? There’s a sensor for that (two types actually). Are the batteries fully charged? Yup, you can check that as you leave work and head to the marina for the big race. A camera would be nice but that’s a lot of bandwidth. Perhaps just a still camera for security/weather pics.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Warren. Keep us posted.

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Yachting Monthly cover

Remote boat monitoring tech for peace of mind

Sam Fortescue

  • Sam Fortescue
  • January 18, 2022

In a world that is more connected than ever before, it’s easy to check our yachts are safe and sound from afar with remote boat monitoring

Remote boat monitoring tech

Remote boat monitoring is now a key trend in the marine market

Technology is flooding aboard our boats. From keeping an eye on your battery levels to reminding you that an item of equipment on board needs servicing, the connected boat is one of the big trends for the future and remote boat monitoring technology is a key trend.

There are all sorts of claims for this technology and like everything, they need careful picking through. At its most basic, remote monitoring has been available on boats for more than a decade.

Remote boat monitoring usually consists of a black box fitted somewhere below decks with several sensors reporting into it from around the boat. These can be both wired or wireless and sometimes a blend of the two.

Costs begin at £340 for the most basic C-pod unit that simply reports your GPS position. For £500-600, you can get a battery of sensors and for video imagery, you’re looking at more than £1,000.

A geo-fence can be set up which will warn you if your anchor starts to drag

A geo-fence can be set up which will warn you if your anchor starts to drag. Credit: Vesper Cortex

The box takes the data gathered from the sensors and sends it via the internet to an app on your phone or tablet. Some units employ an outdated 3G mobile phone connection, which is nevertheless sufficient for transmitting small packets of simple data. Others use 4G and, no doubt, 5G in due course.

Some can use marina wireless too, and even satellite communications, via a dedicated transceiver – handy in out-of-the-way places.

The sensors and the options that you pick will depend entirely on what you’re trying to achieve on board.

Almost all these systems begin with a black box CPU which attaches to your house battery, typically drawing about 30mA current. That means it munches through three-quarters of an amp-hour every day.

Only BoatOfficer units contain their own batteries for months of autonomous operation. Thanks to this power connection, the default capability of almost every system is to detect battery voltage, giving you a warning when it drops to a critical level.

Naturally, this is useful information that can give you timely warning of a failed shore-power connection if your boat has a marina berth, or of impending battery damage.

Get an alert about a failed shore-power connection - just one of the core features of remote boat monitoring devices

Get an alert about a failed shore-power connection – just one of the core features of remote boat monitoring devices

Some form of GPS data is also standard across every unit. Some will allow you to set a so-called geo-fence, where you can program in the GPS coordinates of a virtual box around the boat, such that you receive an alarm if the boat strays outside it.

Others will simply warn you if your boat deviates from set coordinates by more than a predetermined amount – just like an anchor drag alarm.

After that, there’s a host of additional sensors and capabilities that can be added; everything from battery temperature and bilge pump activity to impact and motion detectors.

A monitor can easily be wired into your automatic bilge pump to alert you to problems

A monitor can easily be wired into your automatic bilge pump to alert you to problems

If you have security concerns, you should choose a unit that allows you to attach reed switches to doors and hatches, motion detectors and passive infrared sensors to spot intruders. Some systems allow you to couple this with an onboard siren, guaranteeing a nasty fright for the interloper as well as a timely warning for you.

Bilge alarms are the other staple of this sort of system, covering the risk of the boat quietly sinking at the mooring or berth. A widely quoted study from BoatUS found back in 2014 that nearly 70% of sinkings occurred in this way rather than at sea.

If you have an automatic bilge pump fitted, it’s easy to wire in a monitor so that your system can report run time and alert you of suspected pump blockages or unexpected water ingress. Otherwise, the sensor is simply a circuit that is completed by the presence of water.

Tip of the iceberg

Such alarms were the original driving force behind the development of remote boat monitoring. But the idea quickly developed in new directions. As mobile bandwidth has improved and become cheaper, it has become possible to send video over the network without breaking the bank.

Now you can tell the black box to send you a 30-second clip from the boat’s security cameras when an intruder alarm is triggered. You can actually watch the ne’er-do-well padding around below.

London-based Yacht Sentinel (soon moving to France for Brexit reasons) is the specialist here. Its £459 Sentinel Cam will livestream video from the boat on demand, or when an alarm goes off.

‘The second pillar of the market is vision,’ says CEO and founder Romain Devismes. ‘It allows users to live stream at any time to see what’s happening on their boat, and to receive a 30-second video if the camera detects an intrusion.’

REmote boat monitoring: Yacht Sentinel capable system includes many black box sensors, including a video camera. When prompted by an alert, or demanded by the owner, it relays the last 30 seconds of footage captured aboard

Yacht Sentinel capable system includes many black box sensors, including a video camera. When prompted by an alert, or demanded by the owner, it relays the last 30 seconds of footage captured aboard

Canadian brand BRNKL (pronounced ‘barnacle’) is developing something similar, but can already send still photographs. It supplies a set-up including an infrared camera with 800×600 resolution as part of a package costing £999.95.

You can buy additional cameras for £225 to cover different parts of the boat, and the annual subscription is a fairly steep £175.

Suddenly, the idea that you could request information from your boat at will was born. There are other very practical uses for this.

Continues below…

Yacht Sentiel YS6 remote boat monitoring system

Yacht Sentinel YS6L remote boat monitoring system

Every boat owner wants peace of mind when leaving their vessel. Graham Snook tests the Yacht Sentinel YS6L remote boat…

A skipper using the Vesper Cortex VHF, AIS and Monitoring

Tested: Vesper Cortex VHF radio, AIS and remote monitoring

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A sailor using internet at sea

Internet at sea: The future of getting online

Mark Hawkins explores the options for guaranteed internet at sea and the new technologies for bluewater sailors

If your remote boat monitoring system supports relay circuits, you can set it to switch things on board on or off to prepare for your arrival – with a bit of specialist planning you could connect a relay to the fridge circuit, the aircon (alright, perhaps not in the UK) or the heating.

You could switch lights on and off – either to discourage snoopers or because you’re arriving at night . Or you can use it to fire up your instruments to check the depth and wind speed; get a read-out from the tank senders for water and diesel levels.

This is a capability offered by Yacht Sentinel. ‘When the user clicks on “update” from the user app, it turns on the NMEA network for five minutes and then automatically turns it off,’ says Devismes. ‘Information in relation to GPS, speed, wind, water depth, fluid levels and battery status can therefore be updated any time.’

Then it gets really interesting. With two-way communication established, your boat can not only warn you of problems, but you or an engineer can also interrogate the boat systems to find out more.

Most cruising sailing boats will possess a limited degree of smart technology, but we are standing on the cusp of the Internet of Things. Everything from load sensors and sail transponders to seacocks and ovens could in principle report into the system electronically.

However, Sentinel Marine CEO Marko Pihlar says that lies a long way off.

‘Future systems will become less “talkative” and more problem-solving oriented,’ he says. ‘Interacting with the boat via remote control, for example, has been a reality for some time now, but only on a basic level – HVAC, fridge, lights, etc. More elaborate scenarios are still in the distant future because of the risks involved.’

Vesper was originally an AIS receiver, which then had a VHF built-in. It now has remote boat monitoring capabilities

Vesper was originally an AIS receiver, which then had a VHF built-in. It now has remote boat monitoring capabilities

Instead, the benefit is more for owners and charter outfits to track boats, and to diagnose and fix problems with the boat’s systems. At this point, we start to move away from a scenario where your boat sends regular updates to your phone, tablet or laptop.

A lot more data is being generated and it has real value to equipment manufacturers, boatbuilders and charter managers. Your boat is sending data regularly to the cloud and it isn’t just you who can see it.

There’s an app for the owner, and another one for the boatbuilder or manager. ‘There are a lot of free services for the user, and on the other side the shipyard gets data about how the boat is being used,’ explains Devismes. ‘The data is on home aggregate – it’s not personalised.’

Of course, if the owner isn’t happy with this transfer of data, they can opt out, but this can prevent the app from delivering its services too. ‘It creates a lot of value for the boat owner,’ he continues. ‘A much better insight into what’s going on – a lot of data to improve customer queries.’

Built-in data tracking

For boatbuilders, it’s all about understanding how their boats are used – not in individual cases, but on the big issues. If it’s a sailing boat, for instance, how often is the engine running while the boat’s in use? In what wind strengths are boats most often used?

Charter operators meanwhile will want to keep an eye on their fleets and ensure you don’t take the boat into forbidden waters. While these more complex systems are still available for owners to buy and retrofit, the real aim is to sell them to a boatbuilder or operator.

Dokensip has put more thought than most into designing wireless sensors that make up its simple plan

Dokensip has put more thought than most into designing wireless sensors that make up its simple plan

Instead of chasing each customer, you work through a yard that churns out hundreds if not thousands of yachts each year. This is the case with Sentinel Marine, which has partnered with Hanse Yachts.

The world’s number two series yacht builder fits its Hanse, Dehler, Moody and motorboat brands with the wiring backbone and hardware necessary to support Sentinel’s units.

Marketed as My Safety Cloud, it costs the boat owner very little to ‘switch on’ this option when they order the boat. It offers a host of valuable benefits, including electronic logging that allows you to share your track with friends, equipment manuals and instructions accessible via the app, warnings about upcoming servicing dates and even a feature for ordering spare parts.

As the model numbers of each piece of kit aboard are already registered on the app, you always get the correct part. ‘Boat owners require simpler ownership,’ says Pihlar. ‘ Maintenance is a great example of friction, where technology can help.’

A black box, like this one from Boat Command, is at the centre of most of the alerting systems

A black box, like this one from Boat Command, is at the centre of most of the alerting systems

Beneteau has also just announced a partnership with Sentinel Marine under the moniker ‘Seanapps’. It looks as if it will broadly mirror the capabilities of the Hanse system, although the world’s top boatbuilder is remaining tight-lipped about the data it plans to harvest and the purposes it will be put to.

By 2025 all 9,000 boats built every year by Groupe Beneteau will be equipped with Sentinel’s BM-40 box.

What lies ahead?

Signal K is a communications protocol designed specifically by a global group of enthusiasts to bring the Internet of Things on board.

It is programmed by sailors for the marine ecosystem. ‘Interfacing with Signal K would allow us to grab more data from the boat, not only NMEA data,’ says Devismes of Yacht Sentinel.

‘Signal K would extend our reach to anything installed on a boat: camera, non-NMEA sensors, switches, etc. The downside is that Signal K uses quite a lot of data as it is.’

Teppo Kurki is one of the developers of Signal K, and he uses it in his boat to alert him to battery problems. Last summer his alternator started playing up – something he identified because the system voltage kept spiking oddly.

Remote boat monitoring: For true Internet of Things capability, install a Raspberry Pi as a Signal K server

For true Internet of Things capability, install a Raspberry Pi as a Signal K server

He was able to look back through the historical data to isolate the issue. ‘That saved my battery,’ he says. ‘I’m not aware of any remote boat monitoring systems that are capable of providing access to full historical data. I have the last five years.’

Signal K is not a plug-and-play option. You have to install a server on board – basically a little Raspberry Pi set-up with the Opensource server software. Then it’s easy to install apps that will fire off an alert if, say, the temperature drops below freezing or the voltage crashes. ‘It’s no harder than, say, installing Windows,’ says Kurki.

It gives two-way communication, allowing you to remotely switch things, and is particularly suited to smart home products designed for the Internet of Things.

Signal K has not been adopted by any big manufacturers and Kurki doubts that it will. ‘There’s not a big incentive for them,’ he says. ‘The thing about Signal K is the openness, and that is not really an advantage to the bigger players.’ He reckons it will remain the preserve of dedicated tinkerers. ‘You can apply it in remote monitoring, but that’s just one application. It can do a lot more things as well. If you want an easy remote monitoring system, buy something off the shelf.’

Sweden C-pod is one of the original modular remote monitors with a range of simple functions

Sweden C-pod is one of the original modular remote monitors with a range of simple functions

One of the other challenges to getting your boat online is the speed at which mobile communications develop and make older systems obsolete. Two emerging technologies with much greater range hold out some promise here.

Germany’s BoatOfficer, developed by Hendrik Basler, is a remote boat monitoring solution built to function using a new low-power, low-bandwidth wireless protocol called LoRaWAN.

Part of a global ecosystem known as TheThingsNetwork, it operates on a free frequency band (858MHz in Europe) with a range that can exceed 50km on a line-of-sight basis.

Though its 11kps top speed is adequate for data-light remote boat monitoring, LoRaWAN is no good for bandwidth-hungry functions such as video. And coverage can be patchy because it relies on crowdsourced infrastructure.

In order for your BoatOfficer to access the internet and report to you, it needs to connect via a €90 gateway – a little white box that LoRaWAN cheerleaders can attach to their home routers.

Though nearly 1,000 people in the UK have done just that, there are some big gaps. Between Bournemouth and Teignmouth, for instance, there are no units. On the other hand, Southampton is a hotspot, providing reception up to 10 miles south-east of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.

Cellular vs satellite

‘Since we’re using TheThingsNetwork free of charge, we offer our basic services without monthly fees – another USP in this market,’ says Basler, who sees the long range and very low power consumption as the other key benefits of the system.

‘We are able to provide monitoring over a few months without need of battery connection. It is ideal in our hemisphere to monitor the boat during winter storage or remote areas.’

The basic BoatOfficer blue box (€429) relays GPS coordinates, temperature and alerts about an impact, while there are optional battery and water sensors. More sensors are coming, but this is among the most limited ranges at the moment.

New Zealand’s BoatSecure also uses LoRaWAN, but the Briton who developed the brand believes that a new generation of low-Earth orbit satellites have a key role to play.

Remote Boat Monitoring: BRNKL includes an infrared camera to send photos, and soon video to your phone, when an alert is triggered

BRNKL includes an infrared camera to send photos, and soon video to your phone, when an alert is triggered

John McDermott says they can provide a cheap and reliable connection between boats and their owners in far-flung corners of the world, or across borders. ‘The problem with cellular is that it is complex and expensive to develop and manufacture,’ McDermott explains. ‘In Europe you immediately get into issues around roaming with a SIM card.’

For cheap global coverage, McDermott points instead to Swarm’s constellation of 120 mini SpaceBEE satellites, where global coverage can be had for a $5/m subscription. ‘It is relatively low cost,’ he says. ‘It would mean that one could sell the product anywhere in the world and it would work out of the box. So, wherever your boat is, it can be monitored and tracked.’

The base unit would be more expensive to build for satellite comms, and at the moment this is also a very low-bandwidth option. That $5 subscription allows you to send a 192-byte packet of data up to 750 times in a month – enough to transmit a very compact update detailing the GPS position, battery voltage, temperature and the status of a number of sensors. The current constellation of SpaceBEEs also leaves a few gaps, so you may have a few minutes every hour when communication is not possible.

If you want instant notification that the boat is moving or shore power has been lost, then Swarm is not (yet) the service for you. However, this is due to be rectified in 2022, so expect space to start providing a viable monitoring solution soon.

Enjoyed reading Remote boat monitoring tech for peace of mind?

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super sail yacht monitoring

The most advanced connected ecosystem in the world for e-maintenance, fleet monitoring, and navigation assistance.

super sail yacht monitoring

> Enter the era of predictive maintenance for leisure crafts

> all the tools to offer connected services to your customers, > state-of-the-art saas solutions to digitize the management of your boats, know what is happening on board.

Image module


super sail yacht monitoring


You sail  , you make boats, the sailsense ecosystem covers the entire value chain, from the control of the boat’s systems to state-of-the art saas cloud applications.

super sail yacht monitoring

A unique ecosystem, from digital switching to predictive maintenance tools.

Web based tools to simplify your business: Whatever your job in the boating industry is, Sailsense offers you the most complete and advanced tools to digitize your processes (check-in check-out, maintenance, etc.)

The ultimate sailing assistant : Thanks to the Sailsense app, prepare your navigations, monitor your boat and follow its maintenance. Get proactive advice in real time (for example, intrusion detection, flood sensing, need to recharge the batteries, weather, engine failures, etc.)

Digital Switching and Connected Boat: Our solution gives you all the tools to control the boat, monitor the systems when you are not on board, and helps you maintain the boat anywhere in the world.


super sail yacht monitoring

Stefan Roslund General Manager at Agapi Boat Club Mallorca Spain

“I use Sailsense on a daily basis to monitor my fleet and anticipate problems. It also proves our professionalism towards our members, our boat owners and our insurer.”

super sail yacht monitoring

Aitor Gómez Base Manager Porto Colom Yachting Spain

“The digital check-in allows us to save up to 30 minutes per inventory and allows our customers to familiarize themselves with the boat before their charter”

super sail yacht monitoring

Joris Corbin Alubat Design Office Manager France

“Sailsense allows us to improve our after-sales service by establishing remote diagnostics. The solution also allows us to rationalize the electrical wiring of the boat and saves considerable time during installation thanks to their Plug-& Play module and remote configuration.”


Image module

Sailsense Analytics makes navigation safer, easier and more accessible. We provide smart boat monitoring solutions for boat owners, fleet managers and other boating professionals. Read more

[email protected]


  • Consult our F.A.Q.
  • Terms of use
  • Privacy Policy



super sail yacht monitoring

Next-gen SMART boat solution

  • Sailing analytics

Digital switching

  • WiFi hotspot

super sail yacht monitoring

Overview YS Pro

Ys pro is protected by a premium waterproof rugged casing. it includes a high-end touch screen for ease of use. an ‘all-in-one’ product combining:, a low power consumption security system.

  • Super low power consumption (<0.3 W)
  • Large selection of wireless premium sensors with extended battery life using ZigBee 3.0 protocol
  • Internal alarms include geofencing, battery, tilt, temperature and G-shock alarms

A revolutionary sailing analytics solution

  • Data collected from NMEA2000, J1939, Ethernet, Modbus and 2 other CAN buses
  • Smart filtering functions (averages, min/max, etc.)
  • Coverage in more than 100 countries

Smart Connection

  • Fit-for-all digital switching solution, using either Wi-Fi, BLE 5.0, Zigbee 3.0, NMEA 2000 PGNs or Modbus
  • 12v 24v smart relay available

High-speed Wi-Fi hotspot

  • YS Pro allows users to insert a sim card to act as a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Multiple Sentinel Cam 2 can be paired

Yacht Sentinel Ecosystem

super sail yacht monitoring

A large variety of premium wireless sensors and accessories can be purchased separately

Partner platform, free crm system specifically designed for shipyards, dealers and charter companies, ys pro user app, our new user app allows boat owners to receive remotely at any time a wide range of data and alarms, and to benefit from exclusive services, why ys pro, credibility and industry knowledge.

We have been developing connected boat solution since 2008

3G/4G worldwide coverage

Data is recorded for months if no coverage

Full comprehensive suite

Ys pro combines 4 functionalities: security system, sailing analytics, smart connections & wi-fi router, robust & reliable.

Premium rugged & waterproof casing. Over-the-air software updates

"> "> Large choice of sensors

10 different types of sensors and growing

Breakthrough ecosystem

Including a user-friendly app and a CRM product line for businesses called Partner Platform

Fits motorboat & Sailing boats of any sizes

Touchscreen makes YS Pro super easy to setup and to use. Battery consumption < 0.3W

Affordable prices

YS Pro only costs 1590€ + 20€/month

Critical data for your business

Improve customer support, access a wide range of data remotely, know what’s happening on board, prevent inappropriate behaviours and receive 40+ alarms, increase efficiency, manage maintenance remotely, simplify checkin & checkout procedures, preventive maintenance, find out about small issues before they become problems, collect data & take care of your fleet, generate reports on our partner platform, useful benefits for users, decrease incidents, receive 40+ alarms if something goes wrong, peace of mind for boat owners, control things remotely, insurance premiums, get discounts by using our products.

super sail yacht monitoring

Excellent boat monitoring- Unit is easy to set up and I like the fact that the sensors are wireless — competitor’s sensors are wired which is more difficult to position. Customer support is very helpful. They were even willing to get on the phone with me in (their) evening since I’m on the US West Coast

Great help/support for a trusted product

Thomas Nicolaisen

Very Happy Customers- We have installed Yacht Sentinel 6 into a few boats in Hong Kong and the owners are more than satisfied with the setup. They can now monitor their boats remotely while accessing data that was previously unavailable without a lot of effort. The simple installation makes it even better.

Indispensable equipment for a Yacht ! – We are using YS6 for various boats, it is a reliable product which becomes more and more essential for every boats. Indeed, you can check at any time the most important data like the tension of the batteries, the current position of the boat and the possible alerts. But if you don’t check by yourself, you receive an alert message on your phone. Thus, a very helpful equipment for a careful owner with a reasonable cost and easy to install!!

Modern Boat

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super sail yacht monitoring

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super sail yacht monitoring

SuperSail is a superior GPS tracker and marine alarm system, designed to take care of your boat and outboard engine, and gives you peace of mind, whether the boat is in the water or on land.

super sail yacht monitoring

• All controlled from free iPhone and Android App • GPS Theft monitoring and anchor guard • Wireless Sensors • Movement Sensor • Adjustable geofence distance • Speed limit notifications • Impact notifications • Shore Power Monitoring • Multiple inputs • Multiple outputs • Immobiliser output • System and boat monitoring • CCTV Monitoring

super sail yacht monitoring

Aquamare are a authorised distributor for Super Sail and offer sales and support on the entire Super Sail range. Please contact us for more information.

Customer service

We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.

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Know your boat is OK while you are away.

Sensar Marine automatically monitors your boat’s critical systems and allows you to check their status on your mobile phone.

Now you can keep track of your boat no matter where you are, all in the palm of your hand.

Sensar Marine app

Awareness  in the palm of your hand

With our app you’ll always have remote monitoring of your boat.  You can check its status whenever you wish. Know everything is OK and enjoy peace of mind wherever you are.

Get notified when something happens

From the marina to miles offshore, something unexpected can always happen to your boat.  With Sensar Marine, we keep an eye on your boat and alert you when something needs your attention.

Boat Monitor

Sensar is A lways On . 

The Sensar System is designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - all without draining your boat batteries. 

Data is continuously collected from the system, and it alerts you immediately when your boat needs attention. 


Voltage is monitored and notifications sent if the starter and/or house battery drops to critically low power levels.

Water in bilge

Water level

The innovative Bilge Sentry measures the water level in the bilge and will notify you of rising water in your boat.

Bilge pump

Bilge pump activity is tracked. Alerts will be sent anytime the bilge pump operates.


The Boat Monitor has an integrated accelerometer that shows G-force. Know when your boat has experienced an impact or abuse.



The Bilge Sentry has two integral temperature sensors (water/air) and will alert you when your boat is at risk of freezing.


GPS position

The integrated GPS antenna will give you real-time information about your boat's position using all available satellites in the area.

What our customers are saying …

"Great and easy to install product. All boat owners should own one."

Picture of Brian May

"The install was incredibly simple and it gives me peace of mind when I leave the boat."

Picture of Mike Kostigen

Mike Kostigen

"I live 25 minutes away from the harbor and this product means I don’t have to worry about the boat and I recommend it to anyone who has a boat."

Picture of Espen Glesne

Espen Glesne

See sensar marine in person, we make sure everything's ok, while you are away..

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AIS Fleet Tracker

The only AIS platform developed for the needs of the superyacht industry. Fleet Tracker contains unique features desgined for yards, marinas, brokers and the services sector. Every single yacht is checked by the BOATPro data team, ensuring you only see the yachts that matter to you.

Complete Coverage

Fleet Tracker uses a combination of satellite and terrestrial AIS data from multiple sources to ensure coverage of all superyachts no matter how far they roam

Location Reporting

Our custom algorithms locate yachts to their current ocean/sea area, closest country, distance from shore, region and town/city

Port & Marina Tracking

The only commercial solution tracking and tagging all yachts visiting known specialist superyacht marinas as well as established ports

Accurate Yacht Counts

Unlike commercial shipping AIS solutions, we check every vessel to ensure we are only tracking the superyacht fleet from 24m upwards

Unique Filtering Options

Pinpoint yachts globally based on yard, country of build, length overall, category, equipment, brokerage sales activity and much more

Custom Areas & Alerts

Draw your own areas on a map and find yachts located in these areas, then set alerts to track movements in and out of your key areas

Custom Fleets

Build your own custom fleets, view them on a map and combine with alerts for powerful notifications to keep on top of your fleet's locations

Historical Fleet Tracking

We led the way in superyacht AIS tracking, which means we have the world's best archive of historical yacht data covering over five years

Your Own AIS Dashboards

Build your own location based maps, charts and tablets. Store them in your personal dashboard for easy access every time you use BOATPro

Request a BOATPro demo

Heather Parkman Commercial Director Phone: +44 (0)7741 892140

Tom Foy Client Service Manager Phone: +44 (0)20 8545 9366

Louise De New Account Manager Phone: +44 (0)7796 722365

Email us on [email protected] or give us a call

Field test: PV Modules

A real world comparison between Mono, Poly, PERC and Dual PV Modules.

* This is a field test and the results are specific for this installation on this location please research which is the best solution for your own situation as the results can be different based on environmental influences.

Total solar yield as of 27/03/2023 when the results were reset: Mono: 9158 kWh Split-cell: 9511 kWh Poly: 9113 kWh Perc: 9471 kWh Perc-east: 1970 kWh Perc-west: 1730 kWh

Enjoy the sound of silence

Harnessing the power of the wind makes sailing an unforgettable experience. All you want to hear is the sound of the wind blowing and the waves breaking. But what is the best way to power the on-board electronics while the engine and generator are switched off? Victron combines energy storage and solar generation to provide the power you need. In absolute silence.

Whether you’re sailing away for the weekend or planning a trip around the world, big chance the very same Victron solution could support both. It’s the level of comfort that really determines your optimal solution aboard. With Victron you can power just about any plans, but as an example we illustrated ‘normal’ and ‘heavier’ power profiles in the below for the ‘average’ sailing yacht.


  • Power Profile
  • Complete system

How much do you need?

A modern sailing yacht is packed with a lot of electrical equipment. Most things used to run the boat usually use DC, bigger (household) appliances need AC. When it comes to estimating power consumption, many just add up the Watts. Time is equally important. A microwave might use 1000 Watts, but only for 2 minutes. A fridge might consume as little as 50 Watts, but is turned on 24 hours a day.

For inspirational purposes we’ve outlined 2 system examples based on ‘normal’ and ‘heavier’ use.

1.2 - 2.4 kWh / day

'normal' and 'heavier' energy consumption. Read more

The microwave uses 1000W an hour but is only on for 2 minutes a day. 1000W / 60 x 2 = 0.03 kWh / 2 minutes

The fridge uses 50W an hour but is on the entire day (actually cooling ½ the day). 50W x 24hrs/2 = 0.6 kWh / day

Storage & conversion

How much energy should be stored.

Storing energy allows you to live of shorepower at sea or lets you use solar power harvested during the day over night. The inverter will convert the stored power to 230V. Sailing yachts typically experience long intervals between battery recharges, so your house battery should have a generous capacity. As a rule of thumb, we’re calculating with 48 hrs on board without shore power shore/engine/generator/solar power. Multiply the daily power consumption x days for even greater independency.

The storage capacity of a lithium battery should be two times the daily power consumption.

Due to its ±50% smaller discharge capacity, the storage capacity of a lead-acid battery should be four times the daily power consumption.

The inverter should be sized to handle the average load continuously and should match the expected peak power current, which our inverters handle very well (on average 2 x their continuous current).

Where does the power come from?

Sources of power, power profile.

Normal and heavier power profiles in kWh, based on the daily energy consumption, which should be in balance with the generation.

Storage batteries in Ah, double the capacity using lead-acid batteries.

It seems like your browser does not support the latest technologies. To see this section properly, consider using a modern browser.

System diagram

For a lithium and lead-acid battery based system.

How do the system design considerations translate into a robust system?

super sail yacht monitoring

GX 4G modules

super sail yacht monitoring

The professionals choice:

super sail yacht monitoring

You’ll want to bring small devices on board for your trip. Or use household appliances like a microwave. These usually run of an AC outlet. Think of:

  • Phone charger
  • Refrigerator

Being able to plug-in these device saves you the trouble of finding a DC version.

super sail yacht monitoring

Boat engines

Sailing yachts have one or two diesel engines (Catamarans) to get from harbour to horizon. The engines come with alternators to charge the engine batteries, drive fuel pumps, etc.

Once the starter batteries are recharged, the engines can also power the boat electrics and recharge the house battery. On bigger yachts you’ll find power hungry DC equipment such as anchor windlasses and bow thrusters. The engines have to be running before you can use them.

super sail yacht monitoring


Discharging your battery too far will damage it. Adding a Victron BatteryProtect will disconnect the boat’s electronics when the battery voltage drops below a pre-set level. It will also automatically reconnect everything when the battery is sufficiently recharged.

There is more to a Victron BatteryProtect. The built-in shutdown delay ensures that vital electronics aren’t disconnected in error, i.e. when starting the engine causes a short drop in battery voltage.

super sail yacht monitoring

Battery Management Systems

Battery management systems take excellent care of Lithium batteries, protecting the individual cells of LiFePO4 batteries against over voltage, under voltage and over temperature and will shut down or reduce charging (VE.Bus products only) or disconnect the loads when this occurs.

Victron Energy offers several BMS options, in general the VE.Bus BMS and smallBMS signal separate devices to disconnect the charging (Inverter/Chargers, Cyrix-Li, DC-DC chargers) or disconnect the loads (BatteryProtect, Inverter/Charger), the modular Lynx distribution system features the Lynx BMS and other modules for more control over the DC busbar. For vehicles and boats all-in-one functionalities are available in the Smart BMS versions for Victron Lithium batteries, but also include current limiting to protect the alternator from overheating and BatteryProtect-like functionality to shut down the loads when pre-set critical battery conditions are met.

Victron Energy also offers full flexibility when it comes to selecting a third-party off-grid battery bank (and their BMS) of choice. A large number of well supported Lithium battery manufacturers can be easily integrated through the use of a mandatory GX-device. This flexibility enables our customers to perfectly match their off-grid needs for their unique power situation. When working with unsupported brands, a Victron Energy Battery Monitor is required to pass on accurate state of charge readings to the wider system.

super sail yacht monitoring

Battery Monitors

super sail yacht monitoring


The Cyrix BatteryCombiner is the only safe way to connect the house battery to the starter battery (to start your boat’s engines). With a BatteryCombiner you can charge the house battery from the alternator without running the risk of draining the starter battery (which always should be ready to go). When other sources of power are available (eg. shore/solar/generator power), the Cyrix BatteryCombiner will allow bi-directional charging from the house battery to the starter battery.

When the Voltages of the starter and house batteries are the same, use a Cyrix: its current rating should be equal or bigger than the current rating of the alternator. If the house battery is Lithium and the alternators Amperage is smaller than the house battery, or when the Voltages of the starter and house battery are different: use a Orion or Buck-Boost.

super sail yacht monitoring

Boat Network

Keeping grips on all the systems on board can be a hassle. The solution: tie everything together in a single boat network using NMEA communication standards. Your boat network can include navigation equipment, tank senders, battery monitoring and much more. The status information can trigger alarms and shutdowns, adding to the safety on board. The Cerbo GX now supports the NMEA2000 out protocol, allowing you to monitor your boat’s network of systems from wherever you are.

super sail yacht monitoring

The BMS 12/200 is a dedicated battery management system (BMS) that protects Victron Smart 12,8V LFP batteries against deep discharges, overcharging and high temperatures with up to 200 Amps maximum DC current. When critical values are exceeded, the BMS acts immediately: loads are disconnected physically in case of a deep discharge and charging is stopped when there is a risk of overcharging. High temperatures trigger an immediate end to both charging and discharging.

This is the only BMS that can be directly connected to an alternator, protecting them from overload/overheating. This works with a combination of an AB fuse (rated in accordance with the expected max load current of the alternator) and an internal programmable input (which limits the input current electronically to 80% of the AB fuse).

Please check your manufacturer for the maximum charging current of your alternator and size AB fuses of the BMS 12/200 accordingly, see manual.

When different Lithium batteries & higher voltages are used, other solutions are needed, such as the VE.bus BMS and Lynx Ion BMS.

super sail yacht monitoring

Boat Electronics

A sailing yacht is home to several electronic devices. These are all connected to the house battery. Think of:

  • Boat control panel
  • Log/depth sounder
  • Chart-plotter or GPS
  • Navigation lights
  • Bow thruster
  • Interior lighting
  • Music player

super sail yacht monitoring

The Victron Cerbo GX is the communication-centre of your boat’s installation, allowing you to always have perfect control from wherever you are and maximises its performance. Simply connect through our Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, or access directly, using the optional GX Touch 50 screen, a Multi Functional Display or our VictronConnect app thanks to its added Bluetooth capability.

The Victron Cerbo GX is an easy to use visual system. Instantly monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from PV, generator, and mains, or check tank levels and temperature measurements. Easily control the shore power input current limit, (auto)start/stop generator(s) or even set quiet periods to avoid starting the generator in the middle of the night. Change any setting to optimise the system, follow up on alerts, perform diagnostic checks and resolve challenges remotely. The Cerbo GX turns any power challenge into an effortless experience.

super sail yacht monitoring

DC-DC chargers

DC-DC converters, or battery-to-battery chargers (converters with built-in charge algorithms) are used in dual battery systems, where the (smart) alternator and the start battery are combined with the service battery (of equal or different voltages) to charge it. They can also be used to charge applications that have dedicated batteries (eg. bow thrusters), or to power applications that have a voltage different than the service battery bank.

Most DC-DC chargers can be used in 12V or 24V systems and all are suitable for both lead acid and lithium batteries. Some DC-DC charger models can be parallel connected to increase the output current. DC-DC chargers are a perfect and safe solution to charge Lithium battery banks from smart alternators (and lead-acid batteries for that matter).

Charging lithium batteries from the alternator Most alternators cannot be directly connected to lithium batteries. A lithium battery will draw more current than the alternator can supply, which may result in permanent alternator damage. To not damage the alternator, current limiting is one of the options to stay within the safe zone of the alternator.

Victron offers multiple solutions to solve this problem, of which one of them are the DC-DC converters:

  • DC-DC converters act as a current limiter between the alternator and the battery: the battery can be safely charged without blowing up the alternator.
  • Victron also offers alternative solutions for dual battery systems powered by alternators. Some (smart) BMS products physically limit the current drawn from the alternator, in other systems, battery combiners might be a solid option. See the datasheets for more info.

super sail yacht monitoring

GX GSM Dongle

The Victron GX GSM is a 3G cellular modem that enables GX devices with mobile internet for the system and connection to the VRM Portal, allowing you to monitor your system from remote. When the boat is in range of a 3G network, it will send data to the VRM website and you can monitor the boat from your smartphone. The GSM module adds tracking the boat, recording your trips and putting up a geo-fence around the boat. You will get an alert via mail when the boat travels outside the geo-fence area.

super sail yacht monitoring

The Victron Energy Cerbo GX is the communication-centre of your systems installation, allowing you to always have perfect control from wherever you are and maximises its performance. The optional GX Touch 50 is a companion to the Cerbo GX, it’s five inch touch screen display gives an instant overview of your system and allows you to adjust settings in the blink of an eye.

Instantly monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from PV, generator, and mains, or check tank levels and temperature measurements. Easily control the shore power input current limit, (auto)start/stop generator(s) or even set quiet periods to avoid starting the generator in the middle of the night. Change any setting to optimise the system, follow up on alerts, perform diagnostic checks and resolve challenges remotely with the free Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal.

super sail yacht monitoring

Galvanic Isolator

A galvanic isolator prevents electrolytic corrosion. The isolator is mounted directly behind the shore power connector on board. It blocks DC currents that might leak through the shore power earth terminal. These currents can cause corrosion to all metal parts under water, like the hull, propeller, shaft, etc. The galvanic isolator should have the same power rating as the incoming shore power.

It’s a misunderstanding that galvanic corrosion occurs only in metal and aluminium hulls. In fact it can occur on any boat as soon as a metallic part (the shaft and propeller) is in contact with water. Galvanic corrosion will quickly dissolve your sacrificial anodes, and attack the shaft, propeller and other metal parts in contact with water as soon as the boat is connected to the shore-side supply. It might therefore be tempting not to connect the ground conductor: this is however extremely dangerous because Ground Fault Current Interrupters will not work nor will a fuse blow in case of a short circuit to a metal part on the boat.

The safe option is to use a Galvanic Isolator for non-metal smaller boats, or use an isolation transformer for metal boats or boats with bigger systems.

super sail yacht monitoring

House battery

The house battery stores power for the boat’s electrical system. Sailing yachts typically have long intervals between battery recharges and the house battery should have a generous capacity.

For a house battery you can choose from two types: lead-acid and lithium. There are various reasons to favour one over the other. Here are a few common ones:

super sail yacht monitoring


The inverter/charger is the heart of the system. In the marina, it charges the batteries from shore power. While sailing it inverts the energy from the boat’s battery into AC power for household devices. The switch from charging to inverting and from inverting to charging is seamless.

  • Victron inverter/chargers come with a handful of outstanding features:
  • PowerControl: automatically manage battery charging to prevent an overload of the generator or shore power.
  • PowerAssist: uses the battery as a buffer to assist the shore power during peak power demand.
  • Perfect power: even sensitive devices run flawlessly on the pure sine wave power.
  • High peak-power: use motorised equipment without overheating.
  • Low self consumption.

For this power profile we would recommend:

We would recommend our Multiplus-II inverter/charger. If you have a generator on board you’ll need a Quattro inverter/charger, which has an extra input (shore power and generator).

We strongly recommend 24 Volts for new boats. The higher voltage is simply a better choice when it comes to meeting the power demands of a modern sailing yacht. If your boat’s system is based on 12 Volts, select a 12 Volts unit instead.

super sail yacht monitoring

MFD GX Integration

The Victron integration between our GX range and several leading Multi Functional Display manufacturer brands enables you to easily connect an MDF to the heart of your power system such as the Cerbo GX, or the GX enabled Multiplus-II GX. Once connected you can easily monitor and control your boat’s power system, right on your Glass Bridge.

super sail yacht monitoring

Shore Power

In the marina, the boat will be connected to shore power. Shore power recharges the batteries. It can also be used for maintenance and to run large AC loads.

Often shore power is limited in how much power you can draw, i.e. just 10 Amps. Berths with higher ratings might not always be available. Victron inverter/chargers allow you set a maximum shore power current. Now you can charge your batteries and turn on any equipment without blowing a fuse.

Sometimes shore power is less than perfect. You might run into voltage drops if you’re at the far end of the harbour. There could also be power surges, which could harm sensitive equipment on board. Victron’s inverter/chargers smooth out these problems and turn bad power into perfect power.

super sail yacht monitoring

Solar charger

A solar charger- also called MPPT controller, harvests the power from the solar panels to charge the house battery. Solar chargers have the same charging cycles as our regular, fully automatic, battery chargers. When your boat is moored without shore spower, solar power is a great way to keep the batteries charged.

In a marine environment, the performance of solar panels changes constantly. Victron’s solar controllers use ultra fast maximum power point tracking to squeeze up to 30% more power out of your panels.

The rating of the solar charger is defined by the size of the solar panel. For solar panels of less than 150W or less, choose a 75/10 charger. If your solar panel produces between 150 and 220W, pick a 75/15 instead.

super sail yacht monitoring

Solar panel

More and more sailing yachts area equipped with solar panels. After all, they extend the autonomy range without the noise of a diesel engine and… for free. Victron offers a wide range of small, highly efficient, solar panels that are just perfect for boats.

super sail yacht monitoring

Starter Battery

The starter battery is needed to start your boat’s engine. These batteries are different from house batteries and engineered to deal with a large discharge current. The starter battery should always be ready to go. It’s best to isolate the important starter battery from all other electrical circuits on board, so it cannot be accidentally drained of power.

super sail yacht monitoring

VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle

The Bluetooth dongle enables you to use the VictronConnect app with VE.Direct enabled devices (without Bluetooth built-in). With the app you can have real-time insight and full control, and you can access all VE.Direct enabled devices such as the smaller VE.Direct inverters, the BMV 70x series battery monitors or MPPT solar controllers.

super sail yacht monitoring


All Victron products on your boat can be monitored and controlled from the palm of your hand. Just connect the VictronConnect App via Bluetooth and you’ll have direct access to values like battery voltage and current. You can also turn devices on or off, as well as change their settings.

super sail yacht monitoring

VRM - Victron Remote Management

Monitor and manage.

Monitor and manage your Victron Energy systems from anywhere and catch potential issues early by setting alerts and alarms. With VRM you are always in perfect control from wherever you are.

VRM works with a GX-device such as the Cerbo GX with internet connection, the GlobalLink 520 or GSM LTE 4-g for smaller systems.

Monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from solar, generator and mains in real-time. Optimise the energy harvest and usage with history graphs and detailed analytical reports. Catch potential issues early by setting alerts and follow up on alarms to prevent definitive system failure.

Easily control the shore power input current limit, switch on the inverter, (auto)start/stop generators or even set quiet periods to avoid starting the generator in the middle of the night. With VRM you can change any setting, follow up on alarms, perform diagnostic checks and resolve challenges from wherever you are.

super sail yacht monitoring

Lynx Smart BMS

The Lynx Smart BMS is a dedicated Battery Management System for Victron Lithium Smart Batteries (for non Victron Lithium batteries, see below). There are multiple BMS-es available for our Smart Lithium series of batteries, and the Lynx Smart is the most feature rich and complete option. Its main features are:

  • Built-in 500A contactor, used as a fallback safety mechanism and also suitable as a remote controllable main systems switch.
  • Battery monitor, indicating state of charge percentage and more data.
  • Pre-alarm signal: provide a warning before the system shuts down due to -for example- a low cell.
  • Bluetooth for use with our VictronConnect App, for setup and monitoring.
  • Local and remote monitoring using a Victron GX device, for example the Cerbo GX.

Battery Management System

The dedicated battery management system (BMS) protects Victron Lithium Smart batteries against deep discharges, overcharging and high temperatures. When critical values are exceeded, the BMS acts immediately: loads are disconnected physically in case of a deep discharge and charging is stopped when there is a risk of overcharging. High temperatures trigger an immediate end to both charging and discharging.

Battery monitoring

Lynx Distribution system

Non Victron Lithium batteries

super sail yacht monitoring

Lynx Distributor

The Lynx Distributor is a modular DC busbar, with locations for four DC fuses. It will monitor the status of each fuse, and indicate its condition with a LED on the front. When connected to a Lynx Smart BMS or Lynx Shunt, the status of the fuses will be visible in VictronConnect and VRM (when the Lynx Smart BMS is connected to a GX-device).

Multiple Lynx Distributors can be used to connect all the DC-loads and charge sources on one side of the BMS, on the other side, a Lynx Power In (without fuses) or another Lynx Distributor (with fuses) can be used to connect the battery bank to the modular busbar.

This product is part of the modular Lynx busbar system that also provides the Lynx Smart BMS, a dedicated Battery Management System for Victron Lithium Smart Batteries (for non Victron Lithium batteries, use the Lynx Shunt).

Power consumption will vary from yacht to yacht and from owner to owner, even on sailing yachts. Here are two examples - with a normal and a heavier daily energy consumption - of what an Optimal Energy plan for a sailing yacht could look like. Please note that many more factors come into play when designing and installing your optimal solution: your Victron Professional will gladly help you with that.

To see this detailed table and the entire section properly, consider using a modern browser.

It seems like your browser does not support the latest technologies to see this section properly, consider using a modern browser.

MultiPlus magic: small generator, big power.

An expert view: lithium or agm aboard, get your wiring right with wiring unlimited, see your system performance right from your glass bridge, see all our marine products and more configurations., real-time insight and complete control with our victronconnect app, find your local dealer.

Our well established global network of local Victron Professionals is dedicated to help find an optimal solution for your challenge.

Count on our worldwide service

At Victron we find it essential that customers are serviced and supported quickly and competently. This is why our global network of Victron Professionals pack the highest level of technical know-how and are committed to deliver repairs as fast as possible.

So you can start or continue your journey, wherever you’re headed.

Call Us: +44 121 285 8010

Mega Yacht D.P. MONITOR charter brief: D.P. MONITOR (29.9m / 95’) is a custom-built full displacement long-range tug, launched by the Italian Cantieri Shipyard Benetti back in 1953. Originally designed by A. Pistolla and built out of steel, she was recently converted into a luxury motor yacht suitable for the most discerning holidays at sea. This makes her an excellent example of an industrial boat getting a new lease of life as a superyacht suitable for the most luxurious yachting vacations in the world. Always kept in best condition and refitted as recently as 2011, she is a traditionally styled cruising yacht which has her industrial design used to the maximum with yacht charter guests on de-luxe sailing vacations in mind. She can accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 luxury suites. D.P. MONITOR's super yacht crew of up to four are usually offering luxury crewed yacht charter itineraries around the West Mediterranean throughout the summer yacht charter season with an option of luxury crewed yacht charter cruises being offered in the Adriatic sailing holiday locations as well. Tip:   Mega charter yacht D.P. MONITOR is a converted tug which preserved all features of an industrial offshore tug, offering maximum stability and seaworthiness. She is now a mega charter yacht with great facilities on board, providing pleasurable environment for all families looking to enjoy luxury motor yacht charter holidays and sailing adventures in the West Mediterranean.

Motor Yachts - DP MONITOR

About Mega Yacht D.P. MONITOR: Luxury Crewed charter yacht D.P. MONITOR is one of the nicest converted offshore tugs in the world. She is based in the West Mediterranean and features a contemporary interior design, with modern light colours and luxury furnishings throughout. Her very spacious decks, around 100m2, provide ultimate space for all yacht charter guests seeking to retreat to a luxury summer yachting vacation in Sardinia, Sicily, the astonishing Amalfi Coast or Island of Elba and the rest of Tuscany or Toscana where she is likely to be based most of the time. She is an ideal charter yacht for those who are fascinated by traditional, classic lines of an industrial boat, with an interior of a luxury super yacht. With the recent refit, she benefited from subtle furnishings and décor in the interior and a genuine re-styling of the exterior making her one of the most exclusive charter yachts with latest technologies on board and regardless in which ports she will call, a unique, vintage presence. Her salon is enormous, and as such divided in two zones; one for relaxing, the other for entertaining. The yacht is very rugged and provides excellent seaworthiness and levels of safety and as a tug, she is likely to stay afloat much longer than any of the more modern super sail yachts on the yacht charter market today. The D.P. MONITOR super yacht charter clients can also enjoy plenty of water sport activities thanks to an extended swim platform with incorporated tender garage, a 4m tender with aplenty of inflatables and other watertoys including a 220hp jet ski. Accommodation: Luxury Mega Yacht D.P. MONITOR can accommodate up to 10+2 guests in 5 luxuriously appointed en-suite cabins. The guests will have a total of 3 double cabin and 2 twin cabins at their disposal. The master cabin is on the main deck with walk-in wardrobe, large en-suite. The guest cabins are on the lower deck with a private entrance from the salon. Two of the guest cabins feature a double bed with two twin cabins having 2 single beds each plus a Pullman berth. All cabins are en-suite and with their own individual air con and Stereo entertainment systems. De-Luxe Mega Yacht D.P. MONITOR charter prices: D.P. MONITOR super yacht charter prices start at 25,000 Euros per week in low season, while high season prices are as high as 30.000 Euros per week plus APA expenses. In some locations VAT can be charged on top and prices can be higher on special days such as NEW YEAR or during special events such as Boat shows.   Special offers, negotiated deals and last minute discounts are available on request. Luxury motor yacht D.P. MONITOR is fully air conditioned throughout. This is a non-smoking vessel. D.P. MONITOR´s experienced super yacht charter crew of up to 4 including the captain, have a separate head and shower and companionway. Guests may not be allowed to bring pets on-board.

Mega Yacht TENDER: Private charter yacht D.P. MONITOR has a 4.7m super yacht tender with a 40hp engine Mega Yacht itineraries: Luxury mega yacht D.P. MONITOR is usually offering super yacht charter holidays around the West Mediterranean during the summer season. Her favourite luxury crewed yacht charter destinations are Italian Tuscany and Amalfi Coasts, Isola di Capri and Ventotene Islands as well as Sardinia, Sicily and Italian Riviera around Portofino and Rapallo and Cinque Terre resorts. One way and tandem charters can take the yacht further towards the West Mediterranean locations such as South of France, Italian Riviera and Corsica. Super yacht itineraries on this lovely mega charter yacht in the Adriatic sea including Croatia and Montenegro may also be offered on request. Please enquire !

Apart from the mega yacht D.P. MONITOR, a 29m yacht charter boat , we at can offer a great selection of other superyachts available for luxury crewed yacht charter. These include motor yachts, sailing yachts, crewed charter yachts, luxury goolets, sailing and power catamarans , de-luxe gullets or mega and giga yachts. For a detailed quote, please fill out the following YACHT CHARTER REQUEST FORM or contact our experienced and friendly Mega Yacht Charter Team .

For more information, please contact us on +44 (0) 121 285 8010

Technical data

Type: Motor Yachts
Shipyard: Benetti
Year built: 1953
Last refit: 2012
Length: 30 meter
Beam: 6.8
Draft: 3.5
Cabins: 5
Guests sleeping: 10
Guests cruising: 10
Crew: 4
Cruising speed: 11
Max. speed: 13
Weekly Price from: EUR
Location: Mediterranean


Accommodation, water sports.

Luxury Mega yacht D.P. MONITOR has a very good selection of water sport toys on board. These include: - 1 x 4.7m / 13.2’ tender with 40hp outboard - 1 x 4.2m / 12.6’ tender with 40hp outboard - Waverunner on request - SUP paddle boards on request - Spearfishing equipment on request - Inflatable and Towable toys - Water skis - Wakeboard - Snorkelling equipment - Fishing equipment - Rendez-vous diving only - Underwater camera – still or video on request - Swimming platform aft ------------------------------------------- - Waverunner, Jet Ski’s, FlyJetBoard, Sea Bobs and other toys available on request. - Windsurf, Kayaks, SUP paddle boards, Mountain Bikes etc, available on request - Floating pools, Superyacht Water slides, Waterparks could be arranged on request - Giant inflatable MANTA RAY - Inflatable raft, toys and water animals, Halyard flying, Spinnaker pole swinging all on request - Cabanas, Trampolines, nets, balance beams, swings and slides or sea-rockers can be arranged on request - Submarine and Sub Aqua Toys, SeaBobs and other similar toys can be arranged on request - A massage therapist can be invited on board throughout the charter as well


Luxury motor yacht D.P. MONITOR has a good selection of entertainment facilities on board: This includes: - Large LCD TV in salon - SAT TV in all cabins, galley and salon - State of the art audio/visual systems - Extensive DVD / CD library - iPod / iPhone dock - Board games and cards - Games - Deck shower and Jacuzzi in master suite - Water maker / Icemaker Communication: - Radar - Navnet mod. Furuno MU-170C/GD1920C - GeoNav – Navionics LCD-11 Plus - Autopilot-Simrad AP9 MK3 – Simrad HS50 - Marine VHF Simrad RS87 & Sailor RT143 - SATCOM - GPS Furuno GP31 / GP36 - GSM Mini M / Phone-Fax-E-mail - SSB radio Skanti TRP6000 - WindSpeed Raymarine ST60 - EchoSounder Furuno FCV-600L - Argometer TR/120-L display data - EPIRB - Wi-Fi, Internet, Fax/copier/scanner - Magnetic Compass & Mobil VHF Radio ICOM Mieuro V Charter Flights: On request, we can arrange private charter flights to the closest airports, including Milan, Venice and Pisa or Rome and for all yacht charter guests on board of this yacht.

Luxury Airport transfers: Luxury helicopter or limousine and de-luxe air-conditioned van transfers from any of the Italian, French or Croatian airports including Dubrovnik, Tivat, Isola di Capri and Sardinia, directly to the nearest bay or port for all our yacht charter guests, is available when required.

News & updates:

  • Special August deal on a 30m luxury tugboat!
  • A luxury tug boat as a super yacht in the Amalfi coast!
  • Party in Naples on board of first refitted tug boat with 100sqm deck space!

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super sail yacht monitoring

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Targeting super yachts owned by Russian oligarchs could hit a nerve in Moscow

Poor transparency around ownership of assets can cause challenges, experts say.

super sail yacht monitoring

Social Sharing

With sanctions levied and financial assets seized, Russian oligarchs have been scrambling to get their super yachts out of Western ports in search of safer harbours. 

One yacht, said to belong to Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, abruptly left port in Hamburg, Germany, just weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted wide-reaching sanctions. Others were not so quick to leave European ports. 

Authorities in La Ciotat, on France's Mediterranean coast, seized a yacht they say is linked to sanctioned Russian oligarch Igor Sechin, the CEO of state oil company Rosneft. He was Russia's deputy prime minister from 2008 to 2012.

  • Canada slaps sanctions on Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich
  • Analysis With Russia pressing on and Ukraine digging in, how will Putin's war actually end?

Industry watchers say oligarchs everywhere are trying to keep their yachts from being taken.

​​"There's a few yachts that we are watching at the moment in the Atlantic," said Sam Tucker, head of super yachts at the firm VesselsValue, which tracks and estimates the value of these giant luxury yachts. 

"I'm expecting some of them to start doing U-turns in the middle of the ocean," he told CBC Radio's Day 6 .

super sail yacht monitoring

Western countries have imposed a punishing package of sanctions and export control restrictions on Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Russia's biggest banks were hit, as was the country's central bank. Major state-owned companies and some of the country's wealthiest individuals have seen overseas assets frozen.

The investment bank JP Morgan Chase believes Russia's economy will shrink 35 per cent in the second quarter of 2022 and seven per cent for the entire year.

super sail yacht monitoring

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki says the suite of sanctions is meant to make every aspect of life difficult on Putin and the oligarchs who protect him.

"What we're talking about here is seizing their assets, seizing their yachts and making it harder for them to send their children to go to colleges and universities in the West," Psaki said in a briefing this week. "These are significant steps that will impact the people who are closely around President Putin."

<a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Putin</a>´s Yacht "The Gracefull" inbound Kaliningrad from Hamburg in anticipation of future sanctions due to the conflict in <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Ukraine</a>. <a href=""></a> &mdash; @GDarkconrad

Symbolic target

The yachts themselves are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but experts in Russian sanctions say this isn't just about the dollar value.

"They don't have much value compared to the total net worth of an oligarch," said Bill Browder, a long-time advocate for stiff sanctions against Russian oligarchs, in an email to CBC Radio. 

But they are "a highly symbolic attack on something coveted by the oligarchs."

These ultra-luxurious ships became a status symbol for the oligarchs as they amassed fortunes in the 1990s and early 2000s.

"There is a bit of oneupmanship," Tucker told Day 6 . He says the biggest and most expensive ships are cloaked in secrecy. They have extreme privacy and security features, including bulletproof glass, and some require crew to sign non-disclosure agreements.

super sail yacht monitoring

But Tucker says the biggest security and privacy feature of all is the opaque ownership structure of the yachts. He says precious little information about who actually owns these ships is available.

"[Only] basic information is disclosed — for example, the registered owner — which is often a shell company or a 'special interest vehicle' registered in Monaco, Malta, [or the] Cayman Islands," he said.

Untying those knots is a notorious problem, but one usually confined to taxation issues.

super sail yacht monitoring

"One thing that I think may come out of this whole situation is the increased call for transparency and transparent ownership," said Tucker.

Yachts on the move

So far, only four super yachts have been seized, including a 213-foot yacht owned by Alexei Mordashov in Imperia, Italy.

While authorities sift through the byzantine paper trail of ownership, other oligarchs have scrambled their crews to get the yachts to somewhere safe.

"One of the things I've been trying to figure out is, where do they go [next]?" asked Alex Finley, a former CIA officer living in Barcelona, in an interview with  As It Happens host Gillian Findlay .

This week, Finley tweeted photos tracking a ship said to be owned by Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire who owns the Chelsea Football Club.

  • Anxious Russians flee by the hundreds each day into neighbouring Finland

"A lot of these yachts that we've been looking at are heading towards the Maldives or the Seychelles. A few are in Montenegro, but they look like they're probably going to be on the move," Finley said in the interview .

Here you can see the sterns of both Aurora and Valerie, and in the other pic, the empty slip where Solaris used to be (which is the size of the empty hole in my heart). 7/ <a href=""></a> &mdash; @alexzfinley

Neither the Maldives nor the Seychelles signed onto the sanctions, so the ships are probably safe from seizure there. Another major hub is Dubai.

"I think we're going to see Dubai as a big hotspot for these yachts," said Tucker. "It has hot weather all year round and … Russians can fly to Dubai without going through the EU airspace."

Tucker agrees that targeting the yachts is a symbolic move.

"It's really sending the message that they aren't untouchable. We've closed the skies on both sides of the Atlantic so their private jets can't operate, and now we're going after their super yachts," he said.

"I'd be feeling quite vulnerable if I was an oligarch right now."


super sail yacht monitoring

Senior Business reporter for CBC News. A former host of On the Money and World Report on CBC Radio, Peter Armstrong has been a foreign correspondent and parliamentary reporter for CBC. Subscribe to Peter's newsletter here: Twitter: @armstrongcbc

Interview with Sam Tucker produced by Rachel Levy-Mclaughlin

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  • U.K. imposes sanctions on Chelsea's Russian billionaire owner Roman Abramovich

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    YACHT NAME, Length x Width - Owner's Name. 1. QUINTESSENTIALLY ONE, 220 x 20 m - Company "Quintessentially". 2. AZZAM, 180 x 20 m - Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. 3. ECLIPSE, 163.5 x 22 m - Roman Abramovich. 4. DUBAI, 162 x 22 m - Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

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    With a wide range of wireless sensors, the SuperSail Marine Alarm constitute a complete monitoring system for your boat, and the remote control functions let you turn on/off e.g. air condition or heater from home. Now up to 8 cameras can be connected, which allows you to live stream video from you boat direct on your mobile phone.

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    The Yacht Sentinel YS6 wirelessly monitors position, battery and shore-power status, with extra sensors to detect motion in the boat, temperature, high bilge water and so on. Batteries should last about two years. Alerts are via 3G/4G. It can be expanded with a satellite comms module for around $880.

  11. Remote boat monitoring tech for peace of mind

    Remote boat monitoring usually consists of a black box fitted somewhere below decks with several sensors reporting into it from around the boat. These can be both wired or wireless and sometimes a blend of the two. Costs begin at £340 for the most basic C-pod unit that simply reports your GPS position.

  12. Sailsense

    More sailing time, less damage, higher resale value. SAFER NAVIGATION. Proactive advice for people on board through our mobile application, for a better handling of the boat. ... We provide smart boat monitoring solutions for boat owners, fleet managers and other boating professionals. Read more. FIND US. Cantersteen 47 1000 Brussels Belgium ...

  13. Yacht Sentinel

    Get discounts by using our products. Try our DEMO now. Join the digital transformation of yachting: 24/7 security system, big data sailing analytics, digital switching & wifi onboard.Free user-friendly app for boat owners & CRM system for shipyards and fleet managers Yacht Sentinel - More than a security system.

  14. Super Sail

    Super Sail. SuperSail is a superior GPS tracker and marine alarm system, designed to take care of your boat and outboard engine, and gives you peace of mind, whether the boat is in the water or on land. CONTACT US. Benefits. • All controlled from free iPhone and Android App• GPS Theft monitoring and anchor guard• Wireless Sensors ...

  15. Sensar Marine

    Know your boat is OK while you are away. Sensar Marine automatically monitors your boat's critical systems and allows you to check their status on your mobile phone. Now you can keep track of your boat no matter where you are, all in the palm of your hand. Learn More ->.

  16. AIS Fleet Tracker

    AIS Fleet Tracker. The only AIS platform developed for the needs of the superyacht industry. Fleet Tracker contains unique features desgined for yards, marinas, brokers and the services sector. Every single yacht is checked by the BOATPro data team, ensuring you only see the yachts that matter to you.

  17. Sailing yacht

    Sailing yachts typically experience long intervals between battery recharges, so your house battery should have a generous capacity. ... The Cerbo GX now supports the NMEA2000 out protocol, allowing you to monitor your boat's network of systems from wherever you are. BMS 12/200. The BMS 12/200 is a dedicated battery management system (BMS ...


    Mega Yacht D.P. MONITOR charter brief: D.P. MONITOR (29.9m / 95') is a custom-built full displacement long-range tug, launched by the Italian Cantieri Shipyard Benetti back in 1953. Originally designed by A. Pistolla and built out of steel, she was recently converted into a luxury motor yacht suitable for the most discerning holidays at sea. This makes her an excellent example of an ...


    boat is in the zone when any part of her hull is in the zone. SY2.8 Add new rule 1.3: 1.3 Communication At all times while in the racing area, a boat shall (a) monitor the safety channel specified in the sailing instructions, (b) respond promptly to a hail from another boat, and (c) communicate with other boats on matters of safety.

  20. 16 superyachts owned by Russian oligarchs

    15. Superyacht Luna is owned by Russian billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov. 16. Triple Seven is owned by Russian billionaire Alexander Abramov, according to media reports. The yacht was last up for sale in 2020 for €38 million ($41.85 million). Updated: March 24, 2022, 1:03 AM. Russia Ukraine.

  21. Targeting super yachts owned by Russian oligarchs could hit a nerve in

    Roman Abramovich's super yacht Solaris is seen at Barcelona Port on March 3, 2022. (Albert Gea/Reuters) With sanctions levied and financial assets seized, Russian oligarchs have been scrambling to ...

  22. Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko berths superyacht in UAE

    One has been hiding in plain sight. Italian authorities in March impounded Russian coal and fertilisers magnate Andrey Melnichenko's $600mn Sailing Yacht A after Russia invaded Ukraine. Another ...