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Clean! Green! Quiet! Sailboat Propulsion

Electric yacht plug-n-play systems, do you see your boat (some california conversions).

  Clean Green Quiet 

  • Boats from 2500lbs to 50000lbs
  • 3 year Warranty marine systems
  • 1000 installations in NA
  • Over 300 West Coast  installations 

10 Electric Yacht Systems

  • QT2.5DD 24v direct drive   $4995
  • QT3.6DD 36v direct drive   $4995
  • QT5.0DD 48v direct drive   $5495
  • QT10.0SD Saildrive     $10495
  • QT15.0LCSD Saildrive$14695
  • QT20.0SD Saildrive     $14695
  • QT30.0LCSD Saildrive$20995
  • QT45.0LCSD Saildrive$26995
  • Quiet Torque 60.0LC           $32995
  • Lifeline AGM 
  • Battle Born LiFePO4 
  • Dakota 48v 96ah LiFePO4 $2699
  • Spirit 1.0+
  • Spirit Battery
  • Navy 3 and Navy 6
  • POD 1 , POD 3, POD 6
  • Delta Q IC1200 & QuiQ 1500
  • ePropulsion 48v 20a

 Alberg 30   

Alerion 28 express  

Allied Seawind 30   

 Angelman ketch Alpha 30    

Angelman Sea spirit   

Balboa 27   

Beneteau First 31

Beneteau Oceanis 400   

Beneteau First 42s5   

Bristol Channel Cutter   

C&C Landfall 38   

C&L Cutter 37   

Cal 2-27   

Cal 2-29   Cal 29  

Cal 30   Cal 34   

Cal 39   Cal 40   

Capri 30   

Catalina 27   Catalina 270    

Catalina 30   Catalina 320  

Catalina 34  Catalina 36   


Challenger 32   

Cheoy Lee 35   

Columbia 24   Columbia 40  

Columbia 8.7 & 9.6

Columbia Sportboat 30    

Cookson Yacht Frers 43

Coronado 44  

Correctcraft Cuddy Nautique   

CT 41   

Custom 37ft Sloop   

Custom Runabout 18ft   

Downeaster 32'   

Ericson 27   Ericson 29   

Ericson 30+   Ericson 31 Indep

Ericson 32  Ericson 35    

Ericson 36C   Ericson 38 

Formosa 41   

Freedom 32'    Freedom 33   

Frisco Flyer   

Fuji 35     

More California conversions)

Best seller - quiettorque 30.0 lc plug and play -shaft or saildrive.

Gemini MC105  

 Gulf 32 Pilothouse    

Gulfstar 39 Sailmaster   

Harbor 25  

 Hinckley Bermuda 40  

 Horseman 43 XRC   

Hunter 42   

Ingrid 38  

 Irwin 34   Irwin 38cc   

Irwin 54    

Islander 28   Islander 32   

Islander 33    Islander 36 Freeport   

Islander Wayfair 32  

 Konasu 36   

Laurin 28   

Marinier 31   

Martini 21   

Morgan 28   

Newport 27   Newport 30  

 Nonsuch 26U    

O'Day 27   O'Day 32   O'Day '37   

Pacific ketch 45    

Pearson 30   Pearson 323   

Pearson 35   Pearson Triton   

Peterson 30   Peterson 34   

Rafiki 35  

 Ranger 29   

Ranger 33  

Santana 30/30   

Schiada 10   

Schock/Duffy 18'   

Spitsgatter 25   


Synergy 1000    


Tartan 30   

Tayana 37    


Wayfarer Islander 32   

Westerly 31    

Westsail 32   Westsail 43   

William Garden Ketch 46ft   

Yankee 30    

Best Seller - QuietTorque10.0 Plug and Play - Shaft or Saildrive

 Q uiet Torque 30.0LC  

From $14495 & $19995 (Saildrive)

  • 30kW power  (28.0kW continuous)
  • Equal power to about an 55hp diesel
  • 170lbs - Aluminum and Stainless steel (saildrive about 210lbs)
  • Dual PMAC power heads
  • All electronic control
  • Liquid Cooled
  • three year warranty

Quiet Torqur 10.0 Electric Yacht

From $5295 to $10.495 (Saildrive)

  • 10kW power  (8.0kW continuous)
  • replaces 1diesels form 15 to 20hpl
  • 70lbs - Al and Stainless steel
  • PMAC power head

Conversion Stories

Read what some of our 1000 clients have to say about their conversions.  Check out our boat conversion list - Find you boat!

Want to talk to a client, They love to talk about their conversions.

Why Electric? Who is Electric Yacht?

Electric propulsion is the ideal replacement system for day sailor, racer, or cruiser.

  • Affordable systems from 2.5kW (performs like a 3hp) to 60kW (performs like a 90hp diesel).  
  • A system sized to support every boat.
  • Ideal for daysailing - always ready to sail
  • Matching power for coastal cruising
  • Able to meet the needs of the ocean crossing cruiser

Hinckley Bermuda 41 - QT20.0 - Ventura CA

Electric Marine Propulsion is all we do

  • Electric Yacht Pacific is the new address for Electric Yachts of California.
  • Electric Yacht Pacific has over 250 systems conversions from Alaska to California to Hawaii
  • Providing the finest affordable electric propulsion systems
  • Complete systems - engineered, built , tested and ready to install

Custom Vintage 18ft wooden runabout - QT5.0 - Newport Beach CA

Check out our systems and tell us about your boat

We  will provide you with a detailed analysis of your boat with speed and  power and range data.  You will know what to expect when you go  Clean! Green! and Quiet!  Talk to or meet many of our satisfied clients

Ingrid 38 - QT20.0 - British Columbia Canada

Premier US Electric Propulsion for North America

  • Engineered and Built in the US
  • Tested and Shipped to you to install
  • Plug-n-Play Systems 
  • Marine Throttle and Monitor
  • Fuse and On/Off Switch
  • Optional Binnacle Mount for Wheel
  • Options Current Sensor for Solar and generator

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We are available to discuss electric propulsion for your boat: providing detail computer propulsion models to help you understand your options.

laguna Niguel

(626) 298-2262 or 855 339 2248 x 1

Available daily on line

The more we know about your sailing and cruising plans, the better we can serve you.  You will receive a complete detailed analysis of your boat with speed, power, and range data in an easy to understand and evaluate format.

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The All-Electric Yacht Evolution

  • By David Schmidt
  • January 13, 2022

Sunreef Yachts

The powerboat drivers idle near their starting lines off Monaco, waiting for the signal to punch the throttles. But they’re different from those who have raced here since 1904: These nine boats are competing in the Solar Class at the 2021 Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.

Every July, the Monaco Yacht Club organizes this race, which features next-generation technologies. This year, after five days of competition—including a 16-nautical-mile-lap race, slalom racing and a championship race—the Dutch-flagged Sunflare solar team claimed top honors in the sun-powered class.

Is their boat’s top speed of about 29 knots going to break any world speed records? No. But the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is a harbinger of recreational boating’s not-so-distant future.

That future, of being carbon-free, has been a long time coming. German inventor Moritz von Jacobi created an early electric boat in 1839, a 24-footer that could carry 14 passengers at roughly 2.6 knots. In 1882, Anthony Reckenzaun, an Austria-born electrical engineer, built Electricity , a steel-hulled launch with onboard batteries that was considered one of the first “practical” electric vessels. Other innovations continued until circa 1910, when Ole Evinrude’s gasoline-fired outboards began their own revolution.

Now, a century later, electric yachts harness technologies such as solar panels, electric drivetrains, lightweight construction in carbon fiber, lithium-based batteries and, in some cases, hydrofoils. These boats’ performance, comfort and range can rival some traditionally powered yachts—and they are clean and quiet. Much like Teslas, they sometimes also come with memorable acceleration curves.

Contemporary electric boats range in size and complexity. There are displacement monohulls such as Zin Boat’s 20-foot Z2T and Z2R and X Shore’s 26-foot Eelex 8000. There are hydrofoilers such as the upcoming Navier 27 (see sidebar). There are also boats like those contesting the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, as well as bluewater cruisers with multiple hulls.

“The first advantage is space,” says Michael Köhler, CEO of Silent-Yachts . “Catamarans have more surface area, which benefits the number of solar panels that can be installed.”

Other advantages of multiple hulls in electric-boat design include increased form stability (no ballasted keels) and reduced drag. “This low resistance means they’re better suited for electric motoring, as they need a lot less energy to move than monohulls,” says Nicolas Lapp, Sunreef Yachts’ strategy consultant for research and development.

Navier 27

One key to reducing a yacht’s energy requirements involves reducing its displacement. “The lighter the yacht, the less energy is needed to move it,” Köhler says. “For this reason, our yachts are made of lightweight carbon fiber.”

While all of the yachts discussed in this article can be charged via shore-supplied AC power, cruisers typically want greater autonomy. To that end, Silent-Yachts and Sunreef Yachts use solar panels. The team at Silent-Yachts specs its panels from California-based SunPower, while Sunreef Yachts created the marine industry’s first flexible solar panels, which are flush-mounted on hulls, masts and superstructures.

Aesthetics matter in yachting, and not everyone wants to cruise aboard a solar farm. Here, Lapp sees an opportunity. “If you want sustainability to be cool and attract the attention of new generations, the appeal of the product is something you cannot neglect,” he says. “Seamless integration of the solar panels was a way for us to prove that sustainability [can] generate green power [and] cool looks.” (After all, no one buys a Tesla because it looks like a Chevy.)

While the Caribbean and Mediterranean are blessed with abundant lumens, other world-class cruising grounds—say, the Pacific Northwest—aren’t equally illuminated. Because of this, electric cruising yachts typically also include redundant systems to ensure that the navigation lights stay on without heading to a marina.

“Every Silent yacht is equipped with a backup generator,” Köhler says. “This makes sure you never run out of energy, even when facing longer periods of unfavorable weather conditions.”

Rainy-day alternatives can include other green-power solutions. Sunreef Yachts typically specs dual wind generators atop its yachts’ rooftops. However, Lapp is realistic about their capabilities.

“Wind turbines can only supply a small fraction of the energy that our solar panels can,” he says, explaining that, in the right conditions, Sunreef’s panels typically generate 40 times more juice than the turbines. “What’s nice about working with wind is that your generators work all the time.” That includes under navigation, at the dock and throughout the night.

Reo Baird and Sampriti Bhattacharyya

Energy sources aside, these experts say that high-quality batteries offering high performance are critical. Larger-capacity battery banks ensure more power reserves, but adding them can affect a yacht’s performance.

“The weight of the battery banks is also an important factor, as it can reduce or increase the overall efficiency,” Köhler says.

Battery performance is also critical for electric-powered coastal craft. One example is X Shore’s Eelex 8000, which has a high-performance 225 kW electric motor and dual 63 kWh lithium-ion batteries that can be charged anywhere there’s a power socket, or supercharged using the same technology as electric cars.

“The batteries can be charged in five to eight hours with three-phase power plugs and one to two hours with superchargers,” says Elias Wästberg, X Shore’s project manager.

While superchargers don’t exist in the middle of oceans, builders of electric-powered bluewater boats have already done this math. Silent-Yachts says its power catamarans are built to offer transatlantic autonomy, but a lot depends on how the owner uses the boat to minimize energy consumption.

“During sunny conditions, a general rule of thumb is that cruising at 6 knots maintains a balance between consumption and production,” Köhler says. “This basically means unlimited range. …The main thing that owners can do to increase range is reduce speed and turn off any appliances.”

This begs the question: Do owners need to downshift their expectations for onboard comfort when going electric?

“There’s no need to make any sacrifices or closely monitor energy levels,” Lapp says. “A lot of energy saving is done automatically. For example, at night, the air-conditioning system focuses solely on selected areas and cabins. … It consumes 70 percent less energy than most systems.”

And should the battery banks get thirsty, there’s always the generator.

Cruising with zero emissions might be a selling point for some customers, but one need not squeeze trees to embrace yachting’s future. “Running costs and maintenance levels are much lower compared to regular-motor catamarans,” Köhler says.

Then, there are unquantifiable returns. “You get to enjoy the absolute luxury of cruising in total silence and without disturbing the marine life around you,” Lapp says, adding that this experience helps owners create “better connections with the environment.”

Sunreef Yachts

Finally, there can also be the grin factor. “The Eelex 8000 can accelerate from 0 to 20 knots in 4.2 seconds,” Wästberg says. “The software captures 150 data points every second, allowing for real-time analytics of battery and engine performance, including temperature, humidity, pressure, location and the craft’s system status.”

While electric yachts boast some impressive capabilities, free lunches are unicorns. Electric yachts don’t emit carbon dioxide, but their carbon footprint likely deepens with stem-to-stern life-cycle assessments of their photovoltaic panels, carbon-fiber hulls and lithium-based batteries. Then there’s the inconvenient financial truth that all batteries have a finite number of charge cycles and eventually need refitting. Also, for now, diesel mechanics greatly outnumber certified electric-boat technicians, especially in remote locales.

Still, few people gifted with foresight would have bet against Evinrude’s outboards in the early 20th century. The same holds true for today’s electric boats. One only has to look at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge to realize that some of the brightest minds in the marine and technology fields are committed to a carbon-free future.

Couple this trend with the fact that electric yachts are already providing better performance and compromise-free cruising, and yachting’s future is looking bright (green).  

Navier Boats teamed up with Paul Bieker, an America’s Cup-winning naval architect and hydrofoil expert, to create the Navier 27. It delivers 30-plus-knot top speeds or a 75-nautical-mile range at slower speeds. While impressive, hydrofoils require active control, which is a crux that Navier solved by creating an autonomous foil-control system.

Sunreef 100 Eco

It’s one thing to build a solar-powered vessel for the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge; it’s a different challenge to build an electric 100-footer that can accommodate 12 guests and five crewmembers. The Sunreef 100 Eco’s flexible solar panels mean this cat can accommodate 2,610 square feet of solar-farm space and generate up to 46 kilowatts per hour of DC power, which should keep its high-performance lithium-ion batteries topped off. 

Hands on the Helm

While the Navier 27 will initially require human hands on its helm, down-the-road software releases are expected to enable autonomous driving.

Panel Planners

While photovoltaic panels can be fitted to any yacht, catamarans present themselves as an ideal platform, given their beam and broader coach-roof space.

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electric yacht california

Delivering the future of boating

We’re electrifying the marine industry, beginning with recreational boating. Founded in 2021 in Los Angeles, CA, we're continuing to chart new waters until everything that floats is electric.

electric yacht california

We’re making boating more modern, enjoyable, and sustainable. Our groundbreaking first model, the Arc One, set a new industry standard as the most powerful electric boat commercially available. And it was just the beginning. Our second model, the Arc Sport, is modernizing even more of the water.

electric yacht california

The Technology

electric yacht california

Founder Story

CEO Mitch Lee was born into a Bay Area family of boating fanatics — his mom waterskied on the morning of her wedding day, curlers and all — and spent countless hours on the water growing up. On land, he focused on entrepreneurship, juggling multiple jobs and trading stocks from a young age.

Meanwhile in rural Pennsylvania, CTO Ryan Cook was busy building complex Lego sets, robots, and toy rockets. He earned the nickname “Rocket Man” among friends and family after his first launch — in his family living room. The lasting burn mark on the ceiling was a spot of inspiration for bigger experiments outdoors.

electric yacht california

Arc is founded by a small team of SpaceX alum committed to electrifying the marine industry

A $4.25M Seed round led by a16z enables Arc to validate the core technology that will power its electric boats

A $30M Series A led by Eclipse furthers R&D efforts and brings the sold-out Arc One to market

Arc One Sells Out

The Arc One delivers a breakthrough in electric boating, with the largest batteries ever packed into a vessel of its size

A $70M Series B accelerates progress toward a mass-market wake sport boat

New Headquarters

Arc secures a 150,000 sq. ft. factory in Los Angeles, CA to scale production and meet growing demand

Arc Sport Launch

The Arc Sport brings electrification to the mass-market with unprecedented power, range, and performance

We’re a team of rocket engineers, EV experts, and avid boaters electrifying the industry at lightning speed. We delivered our first model, the Arc One, in less than two years. Now, we’re bringing electric boating to the mass-market with the Arc Sport. Thanks to strong support from investors, we’re continuing to grow our world-class team in LA and beyond.

Electric boat startup Arc wants to make a big splash

Starting with this $300,000 craft.

By Sean O'Kane

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electric yacht california

Electricity and water don’t mix — well, actually, they mix really well , which can be problematic for humans. So the thought of an electric boat may seem risky. A new California startup called Arc is going to try to shred that perception, starting with a limited edition 24-foot watersports boat that will cost around $300,000.

That’s an incredible amount of money. But Arc — which is coming out of stealth mode today , boasts a handful of SpaceX expats, and is backed by Silicon Valley powerhouse firm Andreessen Horowitz — plans to work its way down from that price point once it’s producing and selling boats, just like Tesla once did for electric passenger cars with the Roadster, followed by the Model S and X, and then the Model 3 and Y.

“We are using [Tesla’s] playbook almost verbatim.”

Electric boats have far fewer moving parts, meaning that they should deal a big blow to maintenance costs, one of the biggest headaches of owning a boat. What’s more, electricity can be much cheaper than marina fuel prices, and trickle charging a boat at home makes far more sense than doing it with a car. While Arc’s first boat may not reach total parity with a gas-powered boat, that’s the goal, and Arc CEO Mitch Lee thinks it’s readily attainable.

“We are starting up-market, we are working our way down as quickly as we can — we are using their playbook almost verbatim,” Lee tells The Verge in an interview. In other words, the limited sales of the $300,000 Arc One boat will help finance the R&D required to make a more affordable version of that Arc, one that could sell “in the thousands,” Lee says.

electric yacht california

Running Tesla’s playbook while also trying to disrupt the boating world with electric propulsion technology makes it easy to collar Arc with the “Tesla for boats” moniker. Arc wouldn’t be the first, and it won’t be the last, but Lee says he’d rather leave that decision up to the media and the public.

“From a branding person, why I hesitate is everyone is going to call themselves the ‘Tesla for boats.’ It’s like, everyone aspires to that,” he says. “What matters is how well are you executing against that playbook.”

Arc’s first boat is simple, but something of a marvel — at least on paper. (Lee says Arc has one prototype already.) The boat will have a 200kWh, 800-volt battery pack — roughly double the capacity and voltage of Tesla’s current top-tier pack — and an electric motor with at least 475 horsepower, Lee says. It will have a top speed of around 40 miles per hour and run for a total of around four hours, which Lee says should cover a day’s worth of boating.

A 200kWh, 800-volt battery pack, and 475 horsepower on tap

Better yet, Lee says, the boat will throw a wake behind it, meaning it will be fun to use for wake sports like waterskiing. This is rare in the nascent electric boat market, Lee says, because it takes a lot of energy to move through water, so other companies have looked to reduce the forces that create a wake. Some are using a hydrofoil to reduce drag, basically eliminating the wake altogether.

This is a big reason why the battery pack will be so energy-dense. “When you’re moving through water, power draw is cubic to your speed,” Lee says. “If you want a boat that can go 40 miles an hour, you need a very large battery to be able to handle that.” All that extra energy on tap will help the boat “plane” at higher speeds, too, which is when it essentially skims across the water, reducing drag.

“Boats are actually really good at floating — that sounds silly but like it’s not hard to make a boat that could carry a huge load,” Lee says. “The hard part is if you want to plane, or you want to move quickly. [That creates] this exponential power draw, because you’re moving through something much more viscous than air.”

Another key part of Arc’s design is that it’s building aluminum hulls. Much like when Ford adopted aluminum for its pickup trucks half a decade ago, Arc is bucking convention here. Most boat hulls in this class are made out of carbon fiber or some other type of composite material. Lee says aluminum will be less labor intensive, less expensive, while still being light enough that Arc can commit most of the weight to the battery pack.

While the pack will be big, it will be spread across the bottom of the boat and integrated into the structure of the hull — something that will inevitably draw more comparisons to Tesla, which is working on structural battery packs for its future vehicles. Also like Tesla, Lee says Arc is going for a high degree of vertical integration. In addition to the hull, the startup is designing its own enclosures for the battery packs, as well as the cooling system. It’s developing the software, too, which it plans to tweak and improve via over-the-air updates. Arc is sourcing the modules and cells that make up the pack, and the electric motor (Lee declined to name the suppliers).

Arc is bucking a lot of conventions and promising a simpler ownership experience

Arc is also pulling in some outside consultants to help with the 800-volt technology since that’s something that is still rare even in the world of high-performance electric vehicles. (Porsche has an 800-volt pack in the Taycan, and GM is working on 800-volt battery packs for its Ultium-powered EVs.) Again, Lee cautions, that doesn’t mean there’s reason to be worried. There’s precedence for high-voltage electrical systems on boats, though they often power the so-called “hotel loads” — basically all the creature comforts not related to propulsion.

“We are novel in that this is going to be our powertrain — we’re using these high voltage batteries for this particular usage,” he says. “Our entire team is dedicated to making sure that we are doing this intelligently and safely. So there are some extra closeouts that we’re doing and the testing process we’re using is ridiculously rigorous, to make sure that we’re bringing this system online safely.”

Ultimately, Lee believes the massive theoretical upside of an electric boat will transcend any wariness about what’s powering it. He’s so bullish on the idea that he says he hopes to one day get Arc’s boats to require zero maintenance. ( Sound familiar ?)

“Boating is amazing. Boat ownership is awful, and we want to solve all the awful parts about boat ownership, and expand the boating market,” he says. “If we make a boat that, yes, is premium to the market, but it lowers the headache of boat ownership and amplifies the magic of being out on the water... I think that’s a big selling point for us. And if you kind of pair that with all the macro trends of everything going electric, all of that I think sets us up for the right product, the right market fit, the right time.”

Inside Microsoft’s mission to take down the MacBook Air

Recall is microsoft’s key to unlocking the future of pcs, she sold her bathwater — paypal took her profits, microsoft surface event: the 6 biggest announcements, scarlett johansson told openai not to use her voice — and she’s not happy they might have anyway.

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The boat of the future

We are explorers at heart.

N30 lives up to its moniker, "The Boat of the Future," by reimagining the power of movement through innovation and sustainability. Going against conventional wisdom, we have designed a boat that delivers silent, eco-friendly electric operation without sacrificing on performance and utility. At 16 knots, N30 takes flight. Using its hydrofoils lift the hull above the waves, this truly unique vessel offers a new and superior ride. Coexist with the vastness of the ocean or calm of our lakes and explore with no bounds on board the world's longest range electric boat. Minimal wake leaves no shoreline impact and fully electric propulsion keeps surrounding air and water clean.

electric yacht california

Key Features

The world's longest range electric.

Until now, electric boats have meant compromise, limited range, simple amenities and little utility. Navier transforms how we experience the water. With over 75nmi of range at 20kt available in it's standard configuration, N30 can go the distance.

Hydrofoil Technology

We combine state of the art aerospace flight control and cutting edge hydrofoiling technology to build a boat 10x more efficient than traditional 30-ft class boats. When foiling, N30 soars above the water with no seasickness or wake and little to no shoreline impact.

Bold Design

N30 is futuristic yet classic, combining luxury and high utility without compromising on performance. The futuristic multivariable day boat is perfect for fishing, water skiing, family outings and service as a unique yacht tender.

Software at its Core

N30 is undoubtedly the most advanced electric marine vessel built to date. Yet, proprietary flight control system and HIRO interface make flying N30 simple for any marine enthusiast. Software updates enable continuous improvement such as our first variant option of one click auto-docking.

Unparalleled Comfort

Bring adventure to life and indulge in the utmost luxury. With a spacious and HVAC enabled cabin, N30 embodies comfort at sea. Enjoy conversation on a silent and smooth ride without the roar of a motor.


electric yacht california

Take off Speed:

Shorepower (overnight on 240 V)

The N30 is equipped with an advanced assistive autopilot. Future software updates will enable full self-driving capability. For the novice boater.

electric yacht california

Navier 30 utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver intuitive, innovative, and fearless experiences that revolutionize our lives on the water.

electric yacht california

Active Foil Control

Smooth ride and a sporty drive, enabled by aerospace

electric yacht california

Advanced Autopilot

Perfect speed and course control, whether station

electric yacht california

Assisted Docking

Precise sensor-assisted joystick docking free of delays

Hazard Alert

Navier 30 is aware of its surroundings, alerting you of

Variable Draft

Fly above 3-4ft seas or retract the foils for beaching

Check in on your boat from anywhere in the world

frequently asked questions

What is the range at high speed.

Real-world and validated range is 50 nautical miles in 20 knots. This means you can cruise for more than two hours without noise, emissions or wake.

electric yacht california

Interested in N30?

Your next adventure awaits.

© 2021 Navier, All Rights Reserved

electric yacht california

  • Balboa Fun Zone

electric yacht california

Handmade in the USA Since 1970

Duffy Electric Boats have set the bar for quality for over 50 years, and it’s no coincidence. All of our boats are handmade to exacting standards right here in the USA. When you step onto a Duffy Electric Boat, you can feel the difference.

electric yacht california

Create an unforgettable experience

electric yacht california

The original, and still the best

A world waiting to be discovered.

electric yacht california

Once you experience a Duffy, everything else is just a boat

electric yacht california

Duffy Sun Cruiser 22’

electric yacht california

Duffy Bay Island 22′

electric yacht california


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  • Boat Servicing and Support

Welcome to The Green Yachts Blog

Welcome to our Blog for Green Yacht Sales Our hope is to educate visitors on green boating, electric propulsion, and more...

electric yacht california

California Will Become First State Requiring Electric Marine Vessels

Graham Balch

In 2007, the California Air Resources Board adopted Commercial Harbor Craft regulations  that required certain classes of commercial marine vessels to upgrade their diesel engines to cleaner diesel engines.

In order to make the reduction of emissions easier, California created the Carl Moyer Program that provides funding based on the amount of emissions reduced.

California has now proposed an update to the Commercial Harbor Craft regulations that will require the following two categories of vessels to adopt zero-emission technology:

  • New excursion vessels (sunset cruises, whale watching, etc) will be required to be zero-emission capable hybrid and 30% of their power must be derived from zero-emission sources by January 1, 2025
  • New and in-use short-run (less than 3 nautical miles) ferries will be required to be zero-emission by January 1, 2026

Beyond these two vessel categories, the emissions requirements for all vessels are increasing. In most cases, after factoring in Moyer funding, the five year cost of ownership, including the purchase of an electric propulsion system and conversion of a vessel to diesel to electric, costs less than repowering to cleaner diesel engines.

For more information, you can read the proposed Commercial Harbor Craft regulations  or look at the presentation given in March of 2021 given at a public workshop.  

Commercial vessel operators in California can contact Green Yachts to find out more about how going electric is a more cost-effective strategy to meet California's emission requirements.

Green Yachts will be electrifying the first short-run ferry in California in early 2022 in partnership with EPTechnologies with safer batteries than have been used to date on any commercial electric/hybrid system installed in the United States as the batteries not only have batteries that monitor state of charge at the cell level (a very important battery safety feature above and beyond US Coast Guard safety requirements), but they also have a temperature activated fire retardant release system built into every battery. 

Green Yachts is proud to be based in California and be part of California's effort to electrify commercial vessels and reduce our emissions from the marine sector.

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First Drive: The New Arc Sport Electric Boat Is So Smooth & Quiet – It’s a Pleasure to Ride!

arc sport electric boat

The new Arc Sport is a new clean-sheet electric ski boat design. The company is based in southern California with a mission to create premium zero emissions wakeboard, surf, and ski boats. This boat starts with a new hull design that prioritizes smooth ride and efficiency. There have been other attempts to produce an electric wakeboard boat, but range and time on the water have been a problem.

The Arc Sport is a 24-foot direct-drive deep-V boat. This struck me immediately as I boarded the boat. It’s roomy and the sides of the boat protect against the elements with relatively deep seats. The front windshield is also taller than what I am used to with a boat this size. (Note: I have owned two ski boats: a 1994 Ski Brendella 20i and a 2004 Tige 22ve.)

There is a high-torque 570-horsepower electric motor mounted under the floor in the center of the boat. It’s connected to the water prop via a direct driveshaft connection. There is a large 226 kWh battery mounted closer to the rear of the boat. Arc says this battery can provide between 4-6 hours of fun on the water. The boat will support level 1, level 2, and level 3 fast charging.

We spent about 2 hours on the boat (going through the no-wake zone at the Long Beach Marina). We did about a dozen fast passes at the Marina Stadium. After all this, we used about 15% of the battery.

The boat has so much power and torque, it simply jumps up on plane. You need to be gentle with the throttle if you are towing a boarder or a skier behind you. The boat has a digital rudder position gauge, cruise control, cameras, water ballast control, trim tabs, and bow & stern thrusters. It also has over-the-air update and monitoring capability.

electric yacht california

The boat goes on sale later this summer with a starting price of $258,000. Some of the first “founder” models will cost more. The company is selling direct to the consumer (there is no dealership network).

The company has already sold its first flagship model the “Arc One”. Now, it’s time to focus on the Arc Sport. The boat comes with a tandem axle trailer. The boat’s dry weight is around 6,900 lbs (without the trailer), so it can be towed by most half-ton and heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Please stay tuned, our first drive video with the Arc Sport is coming soon.


Video: new twin-turbo 2025 ram 1500 rebel tastes first mud – first drive review, news: all-new arc sport wake boat is making waves with a goal to shake up the industry, video: cheapest new 2024 toyota tacoma 4×4 first drive, popular posts.

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electric yacht california

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electric yacht california

Video: This New Truck Tech Makes Your Pickup WORSE!

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Remember the ship that crashed into the Baltimore bridge? The crew are still on board

21 people aboard the dali ship, motionless for more than 50 days, are vital to investigations, officials say.

electric yacht california

Controlled explosions set off on collapsed Baltimore bridge during cleanup

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The cargo ship Dali experienced electrical blackouts about 10 hours before leaving the Port of Baltimore and yet again shortly before it slammed into the Francis Key Bridge and killed six construction workers, federal investigators said Tuesday, providing the most detailed account yet of the tragedy.

The first power outage occurred after a crew member mistakenly closed an exhaust damper while conducting maintenance, causing one of the ship's diesel engines to stall, investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said in their preliminary report.

Shortly after leaving Baltimore early on March 26, the ship crashed into one of the bridge's supporting columns because another power outage caused it to lose steering and propulsion at the exact worst moment.

The report provides new details about how the ship's crew addressed the power issues it experienced while still docked in Baltimore.

A full investigation could take a year or more, according to the safety board. Meanwhile, the FBI has opened an investigation to see if any criminal charges are warranted.

A 21-member crew of Indian and Sri Lankan men has spent the last 50 days confined to the hulking and motionless cargo vessel, with their phones seized by investigators.

Several people with their backs to the camera are shown on land in the foreground as they watch smoke rise from a large ship that contains containers and has bridge wreckage draped atop it.

Darrell Wilson, a spokesperson for Synergy Marine, the Dali's Singapore-based management company, said earlier this week the men will remain on the ship "for the foreseeable future" as the crash investigations continue.

Wilson said crewmembers have stayed busy, focused on the many tasks of running a large cargo vessel. They've also participated in the ongoing federal investigation and assisted with salvage operations of the collapsed bridge.

  • Could tugboats have prevented the Baltimore bridge collapse? They would have helped, experts say
  • Biden visits wreckage site as search recovers another body

While the men have been given new phones, the old ones contained their contacts, family photos and banking apps for transferring money.

Significant power issues, but not at previous ports

According to the preliminary NTSB report, tests of the ship's fuel did not reveal any concerns related to its quality.

The Dali was headed from Baltimore to Sri Lanka, laden with shipping containers and enough supplies for a month-long voyage. It arrived in the U.S. from Singapore on March 19, and investigators said they were not aware of any power outages occurring in previous stops made at ports in Newark, N.J., and Norfolk, Va.

After the initial blackout caused by the closed exhaust damper, investigators say a backup generator automatically came on. It continued to run for a short period — until insufficient fuel pressure caused it to kick off again, resulting in a second blackout. That's when crew members made changes to the ship's electrical configuration, switching from one transformer and breaker system that had been in use for several months to another that was active upon its departure, according to the report.

electric yacht california

Up close to the Baltimore bridge collapse wreckage

Investigators stopped short of drawing a direct line between those earlier power issues and the blackout that ultimately caused the bridge collapse.

"The NTSB is still investigating the electrical configuration following the first in-port blackout and potential impacts on the events during the accident voyage," investigators wrote.

They said they're working with Hyundai, the manufacturer of the ship's electrical system, to "identify the cause(s) of the breakers unexpectedly opening while approaching the Key Bridge and the subsequent blackouts."

2 people escape death in chaotic moments: report

The preliminary report details the chaotic moments prior to the bridge collapse while crew members scrambled to address a series of electrical failures that came in quick succession as disaster loomed.

At 1:25 a.m. local time on March 26, when the Dali was a little over half a mile away from the bridge, electrical breakers that fed most of the ship's equipment and lighting unexpectedly tripped, causing a power loss. The main propulsion diesel engine automatically shut down after its cooling pumps lost power, and the ship lost steering.

electric yacht california

How protected are Canadian bridges from collisions?

Crew members were able to momentarily restore electricity by manually closing the tripped breakers, the report says.

Around that time, the ship's pilots called for tugboats to come help guide the wayward vessel. The tugboats that guided it out of the port had peeled off earlier per normal practice, according to the report. Crew members also started the process of dropping anchor.

The ship was less than a quarter of a mile from the bridge when it experienced a second power blackout because of more tripped breakers, according to the report. The crew again restored power, but it was too late to avoid striking the bridge.

One of the pilots ordered the rudder turned at the last minute, but since the main engine remained shut down, there was no propulsion to assist with steering, the report says. They also made a mayday call that allowed police to stop traffic to the bridge.

At 1:29 a.m., the 2.6-kilometre steel span came crashing down into the Patapsco River. The construction workers were sitting in their vehicles during a break when disaster struck.

The last of the victims' bodies was recovered last week.

One member of the seven-person roadwork crew survived the collapse by somehow freeing himself from his work truck. He was rescued from the water later that morning. A road maintenance inspector also survived by running to safety in the moments before the bridge fell.

On Monday, crews conducted a controlled demolition to break down the largest remaining span of the collapsed bridge, which landed draped across the Dali's bow. The ship is expected to be guided back to the Port of Baltimore in the coming days.

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QuietTorque™ 5.0DD 48v

Quiettorque™ 60.0lc 48vdc quad pmac motor system.


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    Founded in 2021 in Los Angeles, CA, we're pushing the marine industry forward on an ambitious timeline. ABOUT. Easy. Electric powertrains mean fewer maintenance headaches and more time on the water. Clean. All the thrill of high-performance sport boats, with none of the emissions or pollution.

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    ALVA Yachts, the German builder of luxury electric solar catamarans and sail boats, has announced it is currently building the world's first fuelless 90ft superyacht catamaran with wings, the OCEAN ECO 90 H2. The first superyacht catamaran to run without fossil fuels and producing zero emission, the OCEAN ECO 90 H2 is designed with luxury ...

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    In addition to the motor kit itself. In addition, any of our dealers can provide as much, or as little, help as you need to remove your old engine and install your new Electric Yacht electric propulsion engine. 48Vdc battery bank serves as central energy storage. Size and type depend on budget, desired range, and frequency of use.

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    The Vision. We're making boating more enjoyable, and more sustainable. Our groundbreaking first model, the Arc One, set a new industry standard as the most powerful electric boat commercially available at launch. And it was just the beginning. Our second model, the Arc Sport, is delivering electric boating to the mass-market.

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    Email (Required) Phone (Required) Boat Make & Model (Required) Message. Find the perfect electric propulsion solution for your boat with Electric Yacht CA. Navigate our range of your sailing experience. Join us.

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    N30 is futuristic yet classic, combining luxury and high utility without compromising on performance. The futuristic multivariable day boat is perfect for fishing, water skiing, family outings and service as a unique yacht tender. Software at its Core. N30 is undoubtedly the most advanced electric marine vessel built to date.

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    When you step onto a Duffy Electric Boat, you can feel the difference. Snug Harbor 18. Explore Snug Harbor 18. Cuddy Cabin 22. Explore Cuddy Cabin 22. Bay Island 22. Explore Bay Island 22. Sun Cruiser 22. Explore Sun Cruiser 22. Cat 16. Explore Cat 16. Duffy 20. Explore Duffy 20.

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    Our Green Yachts team is interested in creating a community of boaters who want to learn about electric propulsion and we want you to become part of our electric propulsion community in whatever way works for you. Boating. We are boat owners and lovers. We love the experience of spending an evening anchored in a quiet cove, taking friends out ...

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  17. QuietTorque™ 10.0 48v Electric Propulsion System

    QuietTorque™ 10.0 48v Electric Propulsion System. $ 4,995.00. FALL 2024 SALE - SAVE UP TO $1000 ON FULL SYSTEM! The QuietTorque™ 10.0 is a cost effective 10kW electric propulsion system designed for the day sailing and coastal cruising sailboats up to 35' (LOA) and 12,000 lbs displacement. Typically programmed and sized to push boat at ...

  18. California Will Become First State Requiring Electric ...

    Green Yachts will be electrifying the first short-run ferry in California in early 2022 in partnership with EPTechnologies with safer batteries than have been used to date on any commercial electric/hybrid system installed in the United States as the batteries not only have batteries that monitor state of charge at the cell level (a very ...

  19. Newport Beach

    VISION ELECTRIC BOAT RENTAL. RIDE THE HARBOR IN STYLE. Call us now 949-612-8248. Book Now. Members. Call us now 949-612-8248 ... Newport Beach, CA 92663 949 612-8248 [email protected] Summer Time *10:00 AM - 8:00 PM. Winter Time *10:00 AM - 6:00 PM *All week long. Hours are subject to change according to seasons and weather conditions.

  20. Newport Beach Electric Boat Rentals

    We look forward to sharing our fun with you with our Newport Beach electric boat rentals. book your rental. call for special pricing. ... CA 92663; 949-675-8433; [email protected]; Places to park. Subscribe to our newsletter. Get the discount prices in your inbox Email

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    Our electric boats are not just vessels; they are experiences meticulously crafted for building memories and designed to bring families closer together. Cruise your local lakes, rivers, or saltwater harbors on the ultimate luxury leisure boat, where 5 mph has never felt so good. Discover the joy of a leisurely pace and the magic of a perfect ...

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    The new Arc Sport is a new clean-sheet electric ski boat design. The company is based in southern California with a mission to create premium zero emissions wakeboard, surf, and ski boats.

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    The QuietTorque™ 30.0 LC provides up to 30kW electric propulsion. 48Vdc plug-n-play system for boats to 45ft. 28,000lbs. Replaces diesel engines up to 60hp. Motors are made to order and have a 2-4 week lead time. WARNING: Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to the State of ...

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    Find 25 electric boats for sale in California, including boat prices, photos, and more. For sale by owner, boat dealers and manufacturers - find your boat at Boat Trader!

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    The cargo ship Dali experienced electrical blackouts about 10 hours before leaving the Port of Baltimore and yet again shortly before it slammed into the Francis Key Bridge and killed six ...

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    QuietTorque™ 30.0 LC 48v Liquid Cooled Dual Electric Propulsion System. $ 15,995.00.