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Overseen by Francesco Paszkowski, the design team collectively creates and develops the latest exteriors within the Paszkowski portfolio in accordance with his exacting criteria: effortlessly sleek yachts that give the illusion of sailing even when they’re moored. Drawing after drawing, sketch after sketch, yachts that are destined for owners and shipyards the world over take shape every day at the eponymous design firm thanks to the team’s strong and collaborative approach. Tailored to the client’s own bespoke specifications, each and every new design is a one-of-a-kind creation, built to its own design story, unique in its own requirements. No one design is ever the same.

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Rendering of the 46m Baglietto superyacht designed by Francesco Paszkowski

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Francesco paszkowski news.

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The renowned luxury yacht designer, Francesco Paszkowski, was born in 1963 and moved to Florence with his family at the age of only three years. With the passion for design, in particular car design, he decided to study architecture. During the university years, in addition to his love for cars, he also developed a great interest in yacht design.

"In 1986, when I got a chance to design boats, the desire to express myself was stronger than anything." Paszkowski recalls. In 1990 Francesco Paszkowski decided to open is own studio, at present located in the hills surrounding Florence. Since then, Francesco Paszkowski Design has been collaborating with owners and some of the most important shipyards worldwide, creating both planing as well as displacement yachts, exterior and interior.

The studio has been working with Heesen Yachts from the beginning of the 90s. In 1995-96 he cooperated with the Dutch shipyard, designing the exterior of the 36m motor yacht Opus II, built for an Austrian owner, who had chosen Paszkowski for the design of his previous yacht.

Furthermore, his collaboration with the Italian shipyard Baglietto lasted fifteen years, entailing the creation of a large number of vessels. In 2005, in addition to his collaboration with many owners and shipyards, Francesco Paszkowski Design further increased the number of his customers by starting to collaborate with the Sanlorenzo yard located in Viareggio.

Besides a number of new projects still in progress as well as new models, Francesco Paszkowski Design is responsible for the creation of new mega yacht designs for shipyards from around the world, including Tankoa Yachts, CRN , ISA, Heesen, Canados, Sanlorenzo and Proteksan-Turquoise .

Currently one of the most prestigious and leading designs studios, Francesco Paszkowski Design has five cooperators, whose work is coordinated by Michele Lubrano, the bureau's chief designer. In addition, architect Margherita Casprini contributes to the studio in the areas of interior design and material research.

One of the leading and most acclaimed luxury superyacht designers, Paszkowski has remained faithful to his principles, acquired during his career. Firmly convinced that "in a rapidly evolving sector like boatbuilding, one's experience is never enough," he believes that it is of fundamental importance to "know the materials, the life of the boatyard, and the work of those involved in the construction of a boat.

Paszkowski Design has received several important international awards for the luxury yachts he designed. The success of his yachts, in addition to the trust shown by the shipyards and the owners is a cause for great satisfaction, confirming his capability to take account not only for the owner's special wishes, but also for the yard's technical requirements.

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francesco paszkowski yacht design

Profile: Francesco Paszkowski

“I haven’t been without a pencil in my pocket since I was a boy”.  The son of an advertising graphics designer who took him to exhibitions of all shapes and sizes, Francesco Paszkowski , who was born in Milan but is Florentine by adoption, drew anything to grabbed his attention from a very early age.  

francesco paszkowski yacht design

«It might have been a car I saw through a train window when I was travelling to an exhibition with my father or the helmet of a motorcyclist waiting at traffic lights while I was crossing the road.  I drew anything that attracted my attention wherever I was.” So even now, all Paszkowski’snew designs start with a sketch. «Freehand drawing is vital to me. The mark made by a pencil on a blank sheet of paper is a universal language understood by all, a way of turning an idea into a sign. You can do it anywhere, anytime,” he says.  

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Paszkowski decided to become a designer after visiting an exhibition of Giorgetto Giugiaro’s work in  Milan. “I just said to myself there and then that I wanted to be a designer when I grew up,” continues Paszkowski.

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Like many yacht designers, Paszkowski started out wanting to design cars but fate intervened. After a short spell in Pierluigi and Tommaso Spadolini’s studio,  Francesco Paszkowski struck out on his own in Florence in 1990.  

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Hundreds of designs followed, spanning the spectrum from custom to production yachts, planing and displacement, interiors and exteriors. However, Paszkowski’s first encounter with the yacht world actually came about quite by chance. “In 1991, I met Michael Breman who was then the director of Baglietto. He showed my portfolio to an Austrian client. When he saw the designs, he said I could try doing one for him but that I would really have to knock his socks off. I managed to do just that and the result was Opus I, which, at 29 metres, was then the largest open on the market at the time.” 

francesco paszkowski yacht design

A few years later the same owner returned for a fly he wanted Heesen to build and that partnership produced Opus II.  

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Paszkowski continues to work with both Baglietto and Heesen but has added many more yards to his client list, including Sanlorenzo, CRN, Custom Line, Benetti, Turquoise Yachts, Isa Yachts, Canados and Tankoa. 

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Although Paszkowski’s approach changes somewhat depending on whether the boat is production or custom, he is equally enthusiastic about the two types of craft. «Being able to work in both environments is one of the advantages of this great job because they are different and so you never get bored,” explains Paszkowski.

francesco paszkowski yacht design

“Custom work involves developing a very deep understanding with the owner because you have to translate a person’s very specific desire into a unique project that in some way evokes the preciousness and exclusivity of a handmade object yet within the owner’s budget. When you are creating a design for a series, you have to keep in mind the fact that you need to meet the tastes and needs of different potential owners and for a longer time span. In this particular instance, designers have to anticipate trends and be able to look well ahead in time to get a handle on how tastes will evolve, while the economic constraints are dictated by the product strategy and the investment made by the commissioning yard,” explains Paszkowski, adding: “In both production and custom projects, you need a knowledge of the yard’s skills, strong teamwork with its technical office and all the other stakeholders, plus the awareness that boats are born for the sea regardless of the aesthetic value they may acquire. You also have to take into account essential factors such as dedicated materials, the use of safety-focused technologies, structural and functional constraints, and consumption to create a balanced combination,” he concludes without letting slip whether he is making a jab at the growing numbers of designers coming into the sector from outside the nautical sphere. 

francesco paszkowski yacht design

By his own admission, however, Francesco Paszkowski feels that the presence of so many very different players on the yacht design scene is a good thing because it guarantees the sector broader scope for comparison. He is equally convinced designers should not have absolute power and that the success of a project doesn’t ever depend on one single person but on a team comprising the owner, yard, designer and naval architect. 

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Paszkowski says that the fact that boats are becoming increasingly alike is not because designers are copying each other but simply failing to do their research. “Inventing something new is not as easy as it may look,” he explains.

francesco paszkowski yacht design

“In our sector, we perhaps don’t have the kind of technological and stylistic research that generates innovation but which you do see in other sectors such as car design.”  He adds: “In yacht design, the details that don’t spring to the fore at first glance are what usually make the difference.” 

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Paszkowski is laconic about future projects. Three designs by his studio will be premiering at the Monaco Yacht Show: the new Custom Line 120, Tankoa’s 72-metre Solo and the stunning 48-metre Baglietto T-Line. Two further designs, a 55-metre displacement and a planing 46 Fast Fly for Baglietto, are currently in build. There are a few other craft in the mix about which the designer remains tight-lipped, however. Only time will tell….

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francesco paszkowski yacht design

Francesco Paszkowski Founder

Following his first experience at Spadolini Design studio and the years of commuting between Athens and Singapore designing yachts from 30 up to 42 m, Francesco Paszkowski took the next step and opened his own design firm in Florence.

Over more the past 30 years Francesco Paszkowski Design has created an extensive fleet of vessels and new designs, both planing and displacement, in fiberglass and aluminium. From the first 29m open yacht drawn for Baglietto in 1992 to the 72-m for Tankoa, a growing number of select owners and renowned shipyards throughout the world single out the Paszkowski design firm as the place to have their yachts conceived. In addition to his long collaboration with Baglietto started in 1992, Paszkowski has created a wide range of successful designs for Sanlorenzo, Tankoa Yachts, Heesen Yachts, CRN, Custom Line, Cantiere delle Marche, Rizzardi, ISA Yachts, Canados e Turquoise Yachts.

Over the years the complexity of the design process has grown, yachts have changed in size and type and so has the team approach to design them. Recently Paszkowski has also established a partnership with the University with the aim of launching a host of educational programmes for tomorrow’s generation of designers.

Tastes evolve, times change. While Francesco Paszkowski Design team acts with boundless energy and enthusiasm to inspire the young designers starting to work at the studio, they keep an eye on new aesthetic and functional trends without never losing sight of the main objective: to translate the needs of shipyards and the desires of owners and turn them in to new beautiful and unique yachts. No one design is ever the same. With passion, to create emotion.

The Studio Matteo Sassone

For longer than thirty years Francesco Paszkowski Design has been designing a myriad of award winning projects, custom and series yachts, currently navigating all over the world, in a range of dimensions for famous shipyards and a select international clientele.

In 1996, not long after the design firm was first opened, interior design was added to its remit. When client requests for décor began increasing an independent interior design department consisting of interior designers and architects was permanently established within the design firm.

The design team currently develops custom one-offs, to series builds, to refits, penned by Francesco Paszkowski, and offers on board architectural solutions, custom-designed furniture and lighting systems. Drawing after drawing, day after day, yachts that are destined for owners and shipyards the world over take shape every day at the eponymous design firm thanks to the team’s strong and collaborative approach. Tailored to the client’s own bespoke specifications, each and every new design is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Since 2006 the studio has been relying on the support of Margherita Casprini , an independent professional architect. With her past experience at Spadolini studio, she collaborates for interior design with Francesco Paszkowski and his team.

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Margherita Casprini

In 1996, not long after the design firm was first established, interior design was added to its remit. When client requests for décor began increasing an independent interior design department consisting of interior designers and architects was permanently established within the design firm. The design firm now offers on board architectural solutions, custom-designed furniture and lighting systems to all of its clients. In 2006 architect Margherita Casprini began collaborating with Paszkowski Design. At first overseeing décor and the researching of new materials she now coordinates the interior design team.

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Nome Cognome

  • Italiano ( Italian )

interview with yacht designer francesco paszkowski

interview with yacht designer francesco paszkowski all images courtesy of francesco paszkowski design

one of the leading yacht designers on the international scene, since 1990 francesco paszkowski and his self-named design studio have been working with owners and shipyards all over the world, creating both planing and displacement yachts, exteriors and interiors, production and custom vessels.

the studio combines the knowledge of designers and architects to devise creative solutions for every aspect of a project. they have a large portfolio, having worked with baglietto , heesen yachts , CRN , sanlorenzo and tankoa yachts .

designboom: what originally made you want to become a designer?

francesco paszkowski: I liked drawing and I could well. as a young boy I had fun sketching car details. I can remember really well when I decided to become a designer and why. it was when I visited an exhibition of an important Italian designer with my dad, a graphic designer. when I came home I had made my decision for my future.

DB: who / what has been the biggest influence on your work to date?

FP: first of all I inherited the passion for pencil drawing from my father. after that, I was lucky to work for years at spadolini design firm with pierluigi spadolini and his son, tommaso. working alongside him was fundamental for my career, as it was where I began to work on boats. later on, I can also mention alberto mercati, pininfarina , gerhard gilgenast and jon bannenberg .

DB: for new projects, where do you draw ideas from?

FP: you know, a designer never stops working. I like to draw freehand, it’s just natural, you get the idea and then it is turned into a mark on a blank page. it’s a kind of communication that everybody can understand in any language.

when you do a creative job, intuition is most important. good ideas can be inspired anytime from very different sources or even from subjects, not necessarily another boat. this could be whilst listening to music, driving a car, traveling, reading a book, looking at a painting, watching a plane take off or even looking at my children playing on the beach…

DB: how do you try to keep these ideas current?

FP: just look around yourself anytime, keep informed about progress in other fields and by talking with people as there’s always something you can learn from them. knowledge of materials and their potential features are essential as well as the latest technologies – provided you can use them properly.

DB: what are the main aspects taken into consideration during a yacht design process?

FP: if you are working at a custom yacht company then you’ve got to understand her owner’s wishes. we usually try to understand how he lives and what he likes in order to suggest the best options.

if you are working at a yacht series, it’s a different challenge. first of all, a primary task of every designer is to look ahead in order to understand how his desires and tastes will evolve in five years’ time. secondly, yachts must be designed to be seaworthy and this remains the case even when we are looking for original and innovative solutions. in both cases a designer has to keep looking ahead while enhancing the most of his experience and making the best combination of details coming from the past and the future.

DB: are cinemas, swimming pools and recording studios the most unique features that clients have asked you to incorporate into a design? if not, then what are?

FP: I can’t remember crazy things…just the desire of having unique solutions on-board. we were asked once to install a fireplace in the master bedroom so put in an electric one – it provided a welcoming atmosphere.

DB: is there a large demand for environmentally friendly super-yachts at present? and is this an area that CRN are trying to involve into new designs?

FP: everybody is looking for environment friendly solutions, which is of course more difficult for motor-yachts than for sailing boats. in order to respect the environment, the market is looking for new yacht types and engineers are looking for new proposals.

speed is no longer a critical factor or essential criterion, while efficiency and fuel economy are getting more and more important. some builders have already tried to use electric engines, but they are still very far from success. also, some others are focusing on designing hulls with a better performance, even utilizing diesel engines and trying to lower consumption with smaller power requirements.

DB: is there a boat that you have designed that you would love to have as your own?

FP: it’s like asking which of your kids you like more…. when you work for so long at a design and then follow the construction, trying to design the most beautiful boat ever and make your customer happy to own her, means every boat becomes special for a designer. however, according to every designer’s opinion, the most beautiful boat is always the next one you’re going to design! you think you can do better with the next one as you get more experienced over time.

there are actually a couple I am more fond of, but this kind of feeling is more related to the special relationship with her owners than to the yacht herself. you know, people are the most important side of this work and I met a lot of interesting people – at the yards and owners as well – I learned a lot from them. it really doesn’t make any difference whether you’re working on a boat or on any other project because you’re always cooperating with people. people are always the main issue.

DB: are there any new projects that you are working on? if so, could you enlighten our readers with some information?

FP: I’m currently working on some new designs and yachts under construction for baglietto, such as both planing and displacement vessels that includes a 46-m and a 54-m displacement yacht, a 46 -m and a 43-m fast. for all of them we designed the exterior and interior, the inside was in cooperation with architect margherita casprini.

we are are also working on new designs with CRN, as well as tankoa yachts – including a 69-m that margherita casprini again designed the interior for. a 42-m explorer by sanlorenzo – our firm designed the exterior – is currently under construction at the yard. there are of course more projects under way but we could talk about them at a later stage.

DB: what do you envisage yacht design to look like in 10 years?

FP: progress never stops. a lot has changed in the past 20 years and we are likely to experience even more. as the owners’ needs change, so are the yachts. as I already mentioned, an example of this is the search for more environmentally friendly boats.

design basics on the other hand – I mean how you try to understand people’s needs and how to propose solutions to meet them – will remain the same. you will aim at a different result through small changes, not big revolutions. it can seem strange but realizable innovations are achievable by working more on the details. this is a hard job that you often can’t imagine or even see.

DB: what advice would you give to emerging designers and students who are entering the yacht industry?

FP: passion, dedication and the will to learn. like any other work, you should love it from the very bottom of your heart because it can be really tough sometimes. yachts are beautiful and being a yacht designer is a great job but there’s a lot of work behind it. so just be ready to work hard, be aware you can just grow step by step – and not all of a sudden – provided you look around and try to learn the most you can from all the people you work with.

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Medially yacht charter Baglietto Motor Yacht

46m Baglietto


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Andiamo yacht charter Baglietto Motor Yacht

Lemon Tree 12 7

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Severin's 12 6

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32m   Cantieri di Pisa

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Musha yacht charter Sanlorenzo Motor Yacht

29m   Sanlorenzo

from $84,000 p/w eek

Aman yacht charter Sanlorenzo Motor Yacht

from $54,000 p/w eek

Flor yacht charter Sanlorenzo Motor Yacht

28m   Sanlorenzo

from $59,000 p/w eek

Domenica yacht charter Sanlorenzo Motor Yacht

Domenica 9 4

from $75,000 p/w eek

Elysium yacht charter Sanlorenzo Motor Yacht

Elysium 12 5

from $61,000 p/w eek

Mia Rocca IX yacht charter Sanlorenzo Motor Yacht

Mia Rocca IX 8 4

from $41,000 p/w eek

Unicka yacht charter Sanlorenzo Motor Yacht

Unicka 10 5

Valentina II yacht charter Sanlorenzo Motor Yacht

Valentina II 8 4

from $67,000 p/w eek

Nylec yacht charter Conam Motor Yacht

24m   Conam

from $34,000 p/w eek

Key West of Ibiza yacht charter Sunseeker Motor Yacht

Key West of Ibiza 8 4

21m   Sunseeker

from $35,000 p/w eek

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Savannah yacht charter

274ft | Feadship

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Lady S yacht charter

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Maltese Falcon

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Francesco Paszkowski

Baglietto 43m Fast HT

Baglietto 43m Fast HT

Francesco Paszkowski restyled the Baglietto 43m Fast HT line - available in sizes from 38 to 46 meters.The Baglietto 43m Fast HT is a full-aluminum motor yacht with a top speed up to 26 knots. The…

' src=

MG 115 // Cantiere delle Marche

Italian shipyard Cantiere delle Marche sold a new 35m explorer yacht. The project is called MG115.The MG 115/CDM115 has an exterior design by Francesco Paszkowski and naval architecture by Hydrotec…

Baglietto 10233 T-Line

Baglietto 48m T-Line // Project 10233

Under construction: New Baglietto 48m T-Line - Project 10233Project 10233 is a sister ship to motor yacht SILVER FOX and creation by Paszkoswki Design. It is a proven platform but also got some…

Custom Line 106

Custom Line 106

The Italian Ferretti Group presents the Custom Line 106The 32m motor yacht is a design by Francesco Paszkowski in cooperation with Margherita Casprini (interior) and the engineering division of the…

Panam 40 Yacht CCN


A European client ordered the 40m M/Y PANAM by CCN for 2020.PANAM (belongs to the Fuoriseries) has a focus on performance. CCN will construct her in full-aluminum, MTU delivers three V16 engines of…

Yacht Severin S Baglietto

SEVERIN°S // Baglietto // 55m

SEVERIN S is a 55m motor yacht by BagliettoSEVERIN°S was designed by Francesco Paszkowski, based on Baglietto’s T-Line (like the 48m Silver Fox) Margherita Casprini was involved in the creation…

Vida Motor Yacht Heesen Yachts

Vida // Heesen Yachts

Heesen Yachts announced VIDA - a family member of the 55m steel class with Fast Displacement Hull Form for an experienced yacht owner.Omega Architects developed the nice exterior design of the 55m…

Custom Line 120 Motor Yacht

Custom Line 120

Italian sport elegance: Custom Line 120The 38m planning motor yacht reaches a maximum speed of 25 knots and a cruising speed of 21 knots. The Custom Line 120 comes with a traditional layout with the…

SOLO Motor Yacht Tankoa S701

SOLO // Tankoa S701

Project S701 by Tankoa Yachts has been launched and christened M/Y SOLO.The 70m concept S701 is designed for open-plan living spaces to bring the outdoor to indoor. The “Sea Lounge”…

Silver Fox Motor Yacht Baglietto 48m T-Line

SILVER FOX // Baglietto 48m T-Line

The Baglietto 48m T-Line - christened M/Y Silver Fox.The displacement yacht SILVER FOX has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. 350 sqm of space can be enjoyed on this vessel. The sundeck comes…

Elettra Motor Yacht

Project ELETTRA (S502) by TANKOA Yachts

TANKOA Yachts announced the sale of Project ELETTRA - a sister ship of M/Y Vertige.ELETTRA comes with the same beautiful exterior design by Paszkowski Design like VERTIGE but with another interior…

Motor Yacht VanTom Heesen Yachts

VanTom // Heesen Yachts

VanTom is a 50m semi-displacement full-aluminum motor yachtVanTom (YN 18050) belongs to the 5000 aluminum class like her sister ship Monaco Wolf and was started as on spec project. Francesco…

SAETTA Tankoa S533 Motor Yacht Design

SAETTA // Tankoa S533

The TANKOA S533 SAETTA is a 53m planing yacht with a top speed of 28 knots.Responsive for the sporty and aggressive look that comes with an extensive use of glass is the Italian yacht designer…

Vertige Yacht Tankoa S501

Vertige // Tankoa Yachts

Vertige aka S501 - a 50m motor yacht by Italian shipyard Tankoa Yachts.This yacht’s exterior lines come from the boards of Francesco Paszkowski from Italy. The studio designed also the interior…

Suerte Yacht Tankoa Yachts

SUERTE // Tankoa Yachts

TANKOA Yachts from Italy launched 69m M/Y "Suerte" also known as Project S693 and she looks much better in real than in her rendering.Suerte‘s delivery to her owner was in the mid of August…

Monaco Wolf Yacht Heesen Yachts

Monaco Wolf // Heesen Yachts

After the sea trials on the north sea, Heesen Yachts delivered the 50m Monaco Wolf to her owners.Monaco Wolf‘s exterior lines are designed by Frank Laupman of Dutch design studio Omega…

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The Best in Marine, From the Azimut ‘Verve’ Dayboat to Heesen ‘Ultra G’ Megayacht

Made to take on the high seas and your weekend cruising alike, these top-notch vessels do it all in style..

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'Ultra G' megayacht

The Big Idea: Sailing Towards Sustainability

For a growing number of younger sailors, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but the chief driver behind their new builds. Designers and shipyards understand that their vessels must now be the bleeding edge of green technology.

“The wonderful thing about sailing is that you can move a 50-ton vessel in style across the Atlantic without using fossil fuel,” says Anders Berg of Dixon Yacht Design , highlighting sailing’s wind-harnessing advantage over powerboats. A younger, more tech-savvy clientele has emerged, with “different expectations that are catalyzing new technologies.”

“Our demographics changed tremendously after we started building hybrid boats,” notes Seth Hynes, president of HH Catamarans , a producer of luxury sailing cats from 44 to 88 feet. “We’re now looking at mostly younger buyers—families taking sabbaticals or first-time owners living off the grid.”

Hybrid propulsion has significantly lowered emissions compared to conventional diesel power, while solar panels designed into the exterior and lithium-ion batteries recharged by the spinning of the props are becoming integral to the latest generation of bespoke sailing yachts. Green technology is also trickling, albeit more slowly, into production sailboats.

In a reverse trend, designer Bill Tripp has seen motoryacht owners gravitate toward sailing vessels. “About a third of new clients at Y Yachts owned powerboats,” he explains, adding that the tech transfer represents a “seismic shift” during his 47 years as a naval architect: “There are great opportunities now for owners who approach this reflectively.”

One of Tripp’s clients is building a 70-foot “pure-electric” world-cruising sailboat with zero fossil-fuel components. But that remains rare. “Sailing’s still waiting for its Tesla moment, when batteries are light and powerful enough to make a boat independent,” he adds.

Nobody believes the demand for increased sustainability will fade. “It’s accelerating,” says Berg, citing a recent clean-sheet project he designed around emerging technology rather than trying to pigeonhole alternative-propulsion components into a traditional hull.

“This new generation of owners want things nobody asked for five years ago,” adds Tripp. “They want, and will eventually get, perpetual-motion machines.”

Gigayacht: ‘Kismet’

francesco paszkowski yacht design

The latest and largest Kismet is the third yacht of the same name for Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan. At 400 feet, it’s 88 feet longer than its predecessor, though it shares flash features such as a basketball court on the helipad, video walls, wild chandeliers, and a silver jaguar inlaid into the bowsprit. The interior by Reymond Langton is tastefully flamboyant. The full-beam, two-level owner’s apartment is accented in gold, tempered by the fireplace, marbled bathrooms, dressing rooms, and enormous skylight above the bed. Other over-the-top features include a cryotherapy chamber, a Bogányi grand piano on the upper deck, and a “Tron Corridor” with a dance floor that flashes pink and blue. The cinema may claim the Khan prize for coolest feature: Under the 150-inch television is a Nemo Lounge, a window to whatever is swimming outside.

Superyacht: ‘Malia’

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Stretching 255 feet, Golden Yachts ’ Malia was the largest yacht launched in Greece last year. Stefano Vafiadis’s exterior is attractive, if conventional, with its axe bow and trapezoidal windows, but the interior by Massari Design really shines. The more than 50 finishes throughout the interior include semiprecious stones with emerald and sapphire hues, liquid metals, and 16 types of marble. With so many materials, it would be easy to wander into kitsch, but the design remains restrained and contemporary. Highlights include textured-wood ceilings by Italian artisans, marble steps, and champagne-colored metal-glass chandeliers. The seven generous guest cabins are eclipsed by the full-beam primary suite, with a private office, vanity, and walk-in closet. Outside, a glass-bottom swimming pool filters sunlight into the beach club below. The lower deck includes a massage room, sauna, and hammam. Continuing the wellness theme, the gym is located on the sundeck.

Motoryacht: Arcadia A96

francesco paszkowski yacht design

In this particularly competitive category, an unusually generous 4,300 square feet of usable space—30 percent more than other yachts in its class—lifted the A96 into the winner’s circle. That roominess is enhanced by a 24-foot beam that stretches six feet wider when the rear platforms are folded out. The A96 is largely designed around its open exterior: Sliding glass doors on the main deck access the cockpit, which is connected to a rear seating area and swim platform; the outside-in design is repeated on a smaller scale on the next deck. In a green nod, the rooftop solar panels generate 4.5 kW of energy for non-propulsion systems. An optional Hotel Mode system runs the vessel on emissions-free battery power for nine hours. Igor Lobanov ’s interior incorporates more sustainability, using what he calls eco-compatible materials for a calming fit and finish. Despite its open layout, the A96 was designed for discretion, with separate stairways for owners and crew to promote ease of movement. 

Megayacht: ‘Ultra G’

francesco paszkowski yacht design

This Heesen , one of the fastest yachts in its class, is powered by MTU diesels with a total of 22,000 hp, connected to four water jets, that deliver a top speed of 37 knots. Speed is essential for the angling-obsessed owner to reach cruising grounds 100 miles offshore. But even with a fishing platform and an angler’s lounge (with screens showing live underwater feeds), the owner refers to Ultra G as a fast superyacht rather than a sportfisherman. That’s one reason why we chose this 197-footer—its speed doesn’t compromise comfort. The other is the Harrison Eidsgaard interior, which features a full owner’s bridge deck with an aft-facing suite, private terrace, and whirlpool. The yacht’s media room includes a cinema and games table, and in addition to the requisite sauna and steam room, the wellness area boasts a snow room. A surprising architectural highlight: the central staircase that winds through a glass-topped atrium.

Charter Yacht: ‘This Is It’

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Tecnomar’s 143-foot catamaran attracts instant love or hate. After a tour, we came to love the bold (if sometimes tacky) design that screams “I don’t care.” The irreverent attitude materializes in the vessel’s over-the-top use of glass, with nearly 6,500 square feet of full- height windows and strategically placed skylights—including one 11 feet above the primary bed—across the interior. Even the galley has a polarized-glass window looking into the salon. Other unconventional but appreciated details: The main suite has a private side entrance and an aft-facing balcony for the owner’s exclusive use overlooking the 48-foot-wide stern. The curvaceously asymmetrical interior, penned by the Italian Sea Group, claims inspiration from both sea creatures and the automotive world. Leather, Alcantara, oak, and gray-marble inserts complement silk wall panels and ceilings featuring bronze, platinum, and gold finishes. This Is It refuses to be ignored, even at night, when neon-blue lights trace the superstructure’s arch while white bulbs accentuate every line.

Interior: ‘Pink Shadow’

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Design Unlimited ’s bold interior for Damen’s 191-foot Pink Shadow was inspired by Werner Herzog’s film Fitzcarraldo. Though the interior can seem, at first glance, as chaotic as the 1980s movie set in the Amazon, it holds together in an unusual and extravagant way, partly thanks to the fact that it’s an explorer yacht. The main-salon lounge includes purple velvet sofas and a custom rug depicting Fitzcarraldo’s steamboat sailing down the Amazon. Tan leathers and pops of pink neon sit beside a giant silver crocodile sculpture and jungle murals on the walls. The upper-deck cigar bar, or Habana Lounge, includes a bespoke humidor, while the bridge enjoys wallpaper embroidered with tropical birds as well as a tabletop with crocodile teeth and scales cast in resin. The enormous beach club features bamboo walls, palm-tree pillars, and a weathered, pastel-colored wooden bar. To complete the themed treatment, the full-beam owner’s cabin, with a lounge and “siesta room,” is covered in floral patterns.

Sportfisherman: ‘Special One’

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Royal Huisman’s 171-foot Special One is the largest and most heavily customized sportfisherman ever. Studio Vripack did its best to define the vessel as a serious offshore battlewagon, with a dramatically long forefoot, high bulwarks, six decks, and signature tuna tower on top. In profile, it looks like a conventional sportfisherman on steroids. In the stern is an oversize angler’s cockpit, complete with the requisite fighting chair. Four tiered aft decks give spectators a view of the action, while the tuna tower is designed for spotting pelagics many miles away. Despite the interior luxuries, this vessel is no pretender: It’s equipped with live-bait wells, rod holders, fish freezers, tuna tubes, and a bait-and-tackle room. On the foredeck, an outdoor cinema screen and studio-quality speakers provide a post-catch respite from fishing. The behemoth will be delivered to its owner in June.

Electric Boat: Tyde Icon

francesco paszkowski yacht design

The 44-foot Tyde Icon isn’t the first electric foiler on the water—Candela and Navier both introduced earlier models, but they lacked the crowd-pleasing interior of the Icon, a joint project between German start-up Tyde and BMW. Though it could work as an owner-driven vessel, the Icon is designed as a tender, with an interior featuring lounge seating, a rear helm with an advanced aerospace look, and full-height windows for exceptional views. The BMW-developed batteries boast a capacity of 240 kWh, delivering a 50-nautical-mile range at 24 knots, with a top end of 30 knots. Foil benefits include efficiency increases of up to 80 percent compared to a conventional monohull, plus a much softer ride above the water for owners and guests. The 120-square-foot rear platform offers access to the water at anchor and doubles as a sizable exterior deck when the boat is running.

Detail: Ferretti Infynito 90 Foredeck

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Most builders rubber-stamp bows as open seating areas, but the All-Season Terrace on Ferretti’s new Infynito 90 explorer is more astute, transforming the first quarter of the main deck into a nook that’s open on three sides but protected by an overhead roof with opening slats. This offers the best views on the boat, including directly over the bow. The lounge seating, optional bar with stools, and Jacuzzi let owners and guests enjoy prolonged time up front even while underway, rather than having to seek refuge from the sun. Competitors will no doubt appropriate this design in other guises, but Ferretti got it right from the outset.

Sailing Yacht: ‘Nilaya’

francesco paszkowski yacht design

The owner of 154-foot Nilaya is a sailor who owned a previous yacht with the same name, but some 39 feet shorter. The prime directive this time around: comparable performance but without the noise of the other boat’s carbon-fiber hull. “He wanted to explore the world, but in a lightweight yacht that wins regattas,” says designer Mario Pedol of Nauta . The new Nilaya was builder Royal Huisman ’s first Featherlight racing yacht in lightweight aluminum: Its engineers used a computer-modeling tool based on technology from the European Space Agency for designing the structure, saving weight and abating noise wherever possible. The build was a gamble, but the result is a fast, stylish superyacht for racing and cruising. In the latter mode, three deck areas and a beach club accommodate gatherings, while below-decks are dining and social areas, guest staterooms, and the full-beam main suite. The owner has already crossed the Atlantic twice aboard Nilaya and also claimed a win in the St. Barths Bucket, fulfilling both missions.

Dayboat: Azimut Verve 48 Outboard

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Packing 1,800 hp with three 600 hp Mercury V-12 outboards, the Verve 48 has an invigorating top end of 57 mph. That speed, along with its open exterior and stepped hull, predestine the 48 for hot, sunny waters (think South Florida). Features such as the foldout rear deck that lifts to become an alfresco dining area and the large asymmetrical social area in the bow cement the Verve 48’s status as a dayboat. Its carbon-fiber construction, smart helm, and full exterior galley are major distinguishers among its competitors. The two-stateroom cabin also has a head, separate shower, and dinette for cruising potential, but at heart the Verve is a fast, fun, high-end entertainment platform for family and friends.

Innovation: Bluegame BGM75

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Bluegame’s decision to create a power cat with a narrower beam had multiple knock-on effects. Aesthetically, the BGM75 has a svelte profile, unlike the typical boxy look of most in the category. There’s also excellent space for the main salon, measuring 27 feet across, while the designers extended the guest staterooms into the boat’s midsection rather than squeezing them into the multihulls.

The full-beam main suite is perhaps the best argument for the approach, incorporating a sizable bedroom and large ensuite across the front of the boat. The twin hulls also multiply the BGM75’s efficiency, with the Italian builder claiming it burns 30 percent less fuel than a 90-foot monohull with a similar volume. A minimalist helm, spacious flybridge, and full- beam tender garage put it in a category of one. The subtle luxury of the interior only increases the distance between this breakthrough design and other yachts its size. Expect copycats.

Weekender: Bolide 80

francesco paszkowski yacht design

In this current era of sustainability, the Bolide 80 is almost defiantly petrolicious, a water rocket powered by triple 2,000 hp MAN engines that hits 86 mph. But speed is just one facet of a vessel that is equal parts art and engineering, all wrapped in an 81-foot, seven-inch carbon-fiber hull. Victory Marine’s “Hyper Muscle Yacht” looks fast even sitting still, the lean profile noteworthy thanks to its unusually long forefoot and curved, swept-back stern with side wind scoops. The cockpit is stylishly functional, and the helm has the requisite space-age look with large displays. And the interior is different from anything else on the water: The burnt-sienna leather walls, with light strips set into the ceiling, are combined with notable features such as a leather Pullman-style dresser and carbon-fiber arches. The Bolide isn’t an everyman vessel, but its build quality, design, and performance make it one of the most interesting we’ve seen in years.

Beach Club: ‘Leona’

francesco paszkowski yacht design

The Red Bullet, as Bilgin’s 263-foot Leona was nicknamed by one of its designers, has an interior dripping in exotic custom materials. But H2 Yacht Design saved the most outrageous features for the inimitable beach club—once you see it, you can’t forget it. The 28-foot, blue-tiled swimming pool is surrounded by Aphrodite-style statues along with marble fountains and backlit wall panels. Natural light floods through three shell doors when open, creating a faux-Grecian sea terrace. When closed, a starry night sky comes into view, courtesy of the glittering fiber-optic ceiling. Of course, any beach club of this caliber would have to include a shisha smoking lounge, a wellness area with gold- colored furniture, and a gym with a mirrored, leather-trimmed ceiling. Treatment rooms and a sauna are also part of the lower-deck complex, while a post-swim movie can be enjoyed in the adjacent cinema lounge covered, naturally, in ruby-red velvet.

Comeback: ‘H3’

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Returning to Oceanco for a rebirth 22 years after its delivery, the 345-foot H3 received a 33-foot hull extension—26 feet at the stern and seven feet to the forward deck line—plus a remodeled superstructure and an entirely reimagined interior. The yacht was originally launched in 2000 as Al Mirqab and later renamed Indian Empress before the current owner enlisted U.K. firm Reymond Langton to transform the formerly boxy boat into a sleek and modern gigayacht. The extra length now holds a large pool aft, with a waterfall and a bottom that raises to become a dance floor. H3 also has more accommodations for the 32 crew, and a full-beam VIP suite that doubles as a second primary. The interior includes a 33-foot-long video corridor and an LED “tech window,” both of which are softened by custom leather wall panels, bronze and nickel detailing, and backlit infinity mirrors. Perhaps the most impressive stat? Sixty percent emissions reduction following the refit.

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RILASSATA is a 49.99 m Motor Yacht, currently being built in Italy by Tankoa Yachts and recently launched (soon to be delivered in 2024).

Her top speed is 18.0 kn, her cruising speed is 16.0 kn, and she boasts a maximum cruising range of 4000.0 nm at 11.0 kn, with power coming from two MTU diesel electric engines. She can accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 staterooms, with 10 crew members. She has a gross tonnage of 499.0 GT and a 9.4 m beam.

She was designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design , who also designed the interior. Francesco Paszkowski Design has designed 274 yachts and designed the interior of 250 yachts for yachts above 24 metres.

The naval architecture was developed by Studio Francesco Rogantin , who has architected 8 other superyachts in the BOAT Pro database - she is built with a Teak deck, a Aluminium hull, and Aluminium superstructure.

When delivered, RILASSATA will join a fleet of 509 motor yachts in the 45-50m size range. Compared to similarly sized motor yachts, her cruising speed will be 0.53 kn above the average and her volume 15.48 GT above the average.

RILASSATA is registered under the Malta flag, the 3rd most popular flag state for superyachts with a total of 1085 yachts registered


  • Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
  • Yacht Subtype: Semi-displacement
  • Builder: Tankoa Yachts
  • Naval Architect: Studio Francesco Rogantin
  • Exterior Designer: Francesco Paszkowski Design
  • Interior Designer: Francesco Paszkowski Design

Yacht featured in

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+7 (495) 526-30-40 +7 (49657) 0-30-99


1993 how the construction company remstroy was created   the year 1993 was a period when a lot of construction companies, which had been working successfully during the soviet times and had rich staff capacity, were forced to cease their activity for various reasons. a lot of capable specialists either had to look for another job or change their field. but there were also those who were willing to realise their potential in the field of construction in accordance with the received degree and the experience they had accumulated. thus, in 1993 in elektrostal (moscow oblast) a group of specialists and people sharing each other’s ideas, who had enormous educational background and the highest degree in architecture, organized and registered ooo firm erg which began its rapid development and successful work, offering its service both on the construction market and other areas. 2000 industrial construction is the main area   seven years of successful work have shown that combining different types of activities in the same company is not always convenient. and in the year 2000 the founders of ooo firm erg decided to create and register a monoprofile construction company ooo remstroy construction company. industrial construction was chosen as the priority area. it was in this area that the directors of ooo sk remstroy began their working life and grew as specialists. in order to achieve the set goal, they selected a mobile team of professionals in the field of industrial construction, which allows us to cope with the tasks assigned to ooo sk remstroy throughout russia and the near abroad. 2010 manufacturing of metal structures   we possess modern equipment that allows us to carry out the entire cycle of works on the manufacture of metal structures of any complexity without assistance. designing – production – installation of metal structures. a staff of professionals and well-coordinated interaction of the departments let us carry out the work as soon as possible and in accordance with all customer’s requirements.” extract from the list of members of self-regulatory organizations, construction.

francesco paszkowski yacht design


Certificates, system of managing quality.

francesco paszkowski yacht design


francesco paszkowski yacht design


francesco paszkowski yacht design


francesco paszkowski yacht design




francesco paszkowski yacht design


francesco paszkowski yacht design

Expedia Rewards is now One Key™

Elektrostal, visit elektrostal, check elektrostal hotel availability, popular places to visit.

  • Electrostal History and Art Museum

You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

  • Cities near Elektrostal

Photo by Ksander

  • Places of interest
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
  • Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino
  • Peter the Great Military Academy
  • History of Russian Scarfs and Shawls Museum
  • Ramenskii History and Art Museum
  • Bykovo Manor
  • Pekhorka Park
  • Balashikha Arena
  • Malenky Puppet Theater
  • Drama Theatre BOOM
  • Balashikha Museum of History and Local Lore
  • Pavlovsky Posad Museum of Art and History
  • Saturn Stadium
  • Church of Vladimir
  • Likino Dulevo Museum of Local Lore
  • Orekhovo Zuevsky City Exhibition Hall
  • Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Fairy Tale Children's Model Puppet Theater
  • Fifth House Gallery
  • Malakhovka Museum of History and Culture

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Ranking all the managers at Euro 2024: Which of them was the best player?

We are about to find out just how good the managers of the 24 nations at this summer’s European Championship are, but what about their playing careers?

From the youngest (Germany’s Julian Nagelsmann, aged 36) to the oldest (Austria’s Ralf Rangnick, aged 65) and everyone in between, they all have a back story, no matter how impressive or awful. But who won trophies? Who played for their country? Who missed a sudden-death penalty in a European Championship semi-final against Germany at Wembley in 1996 (you can probably guess that one)?

Let The Athletic be your guide to the playing careers of the Euro 2024 managers.

Domenico Tedesco

francesco paszkowski yacht design

No offence to the guy, but anyone reading this who has ever played to a decent standard, you might be a better player than Belgium’s manager was. Born in Italy but raised in Germany, Tedesco briefly played for ASV Aichwald at the eighth level of German football before making the extremely wise decision to give that up, as well as his job as an industrial engineer, to coach the kids down the road at Stuttgart, the area’s biggest club.

Julian Nagelsmann

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Being captain of 1860 Munich’s under-19s team was as good as it got for Nagelsmann. Though we will never know how good the Germany manager could have been, as he retired aged 20 due to a serious knee injury. To be fair, the management thing has worked out OK.

Kasper Hjulmand

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Another who retired early because of a knee injury, at 26 in his case, midfielder Hjulmand followed a well-trodden path a few years earlier when he moved from Herlev, a lower-league club in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen to play in the U.S. college game for the University of North Florida’s soccer team, the Ospreys, in 1994.

Francesco Calzona

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Undoubtedly the person on our list with the least experience as a professional player, or manager. The 55-year-old Slovakia boss, who was also in charge of Serie A champions Napoli for the final few months of the season just ended, has only been a manager for a couple of years, after previously being a long-time assistant under Maurizio Sarri and then Luciano Spalletti. As a player, Calzona on legs (very niche Sopranos reference, there, you’re quite welcome) played just a handful of times in midfield for Arezzo in Serie B in the 1980s before spending the 1990s as coach of amateurs Tegoleto in Italy’s sixth tier while running a coffee business.

Ralf Rangnick

francesco paszkowski yacht design

A fairly short playing career was over by the time the current Austria manager turned 30, after he realised he had more talent for coaching than playing. Rangnick was a defensive midfielder who (this being Germany in the 1970s/980s) had a fluffy haircut and a dodgy moustache. He played for teams such as Stuttgart and Southwick FC… hang on. Sorry, what? Yep, Rangnick played 11 times for the Sussex County Division One team in 1979-80 while studying at the University of Sussex (English and PE degree). He made his debut against Steyning Town and after a ”tackle from behind” broke three ribs and punctured a lung, spent the next four months in hospital. That aside, he loved his time there, saying it shaped who he became (well yeah, he was three ribs down). Rangnick gave £1,000 to the club during the pandemic.

Edward Iordanescu

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Came through the ranks at FCSB (that’s Steaua Bucharest to you and I) following in the footsteps of his father Anghel (a legendary former striker and the club’s record goalscorer, who has had three spells as Romania’s manager himself). Unfortunately, the current Romania boss left Steaua, as they were still called then, after barely playing a game and became a journeyman midfielder in his homeland for the likes of Focsani and Rocar Bucharest.

Zlatko Dalic

francesco paszkowski yacht design

A defensive midfielder who didn’t make the grade at Hajduk Split, so he spent most of his career at the now-defunct NK Varteks (which was the name of a clothing-company sponsor and not a place, so they weren’t dancing in the streets of Varteks, etc). Safe to say, with a 2018 World Cup final and 2022 World Cup third place among his achievements with Croatia, Dalic’s managerial career has been the greater success.

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Most of you will know already, but just to clue in our football novices, imposing left-footed centre-back Kek bookended his career at hometown club Maribor in Slovenia, heading to Austria in between spells with Spittal/Drau and Grazer AK. He also, famously, won one Slovenia cap in a friendly against Cyprus in 1992. Now he manages Slovenia.

Michal Probierz

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Central midfielder who spent most of his career with Gornik Zabrze, Poland’s joint-second most successful club of all time alongside Ruch Chorzow (he played for them for a bit too). Since retiring, the Poland manager has been in charge of nine clubs in his homeland, including Jagiellonia Bialystok and Bruk-Bet Termalica, a couple of them twice. There will be a test on this in five minutes.

Luciano Spalletti

francesco paszkowski yacht design

A remarkable coach who had an unremarkable decade-long playing career as a jobbing midfielder in the Italian lower leagues, lining up for Castelfiorentino, Entella, Spezia and Viareggio before ending his playing days with Empoli in the early 1990s. It was there that his managerial days started, and he took Empoli from Serie C to Serie A via back-to-back promotions in 1996 and 1997.

Marco Rossi

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Italian defender who once cost 2.5 billion (wow!) lira (oh). That’s about £400,000. Anyway, Rossi spent five years at Brescia, mostly in Serie B, then earned the aforementioned move to Sampdoria, where he played for a couple of seasons alongside Ruud Gullit, Roberto Mancini and David Platt before another big career move to America (wow!), as in Club America in Mexico (oh). He’ll be in the Hungary dugout at the Euros.

Roberto Martinez

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Martinez took an unusual and career-defining decision when he moved from fourth-tier Spanish club Balaguer to fourth-tier English club Wigan Athletic in 1995. Over the next six seasons, he played 227 times in midfield for Wigan, was twice named in the Division Three team of the year and helped them win promotion to Division Two (now League One). Later completed the same feat with Swansea City who, along with Wigan, he went on to manage. He’s stepped it up since, winning the FA Cup with then Premier League Wigan in 2013, managing Everton in the same division and coaching Belgium and now Portugal at international level.

Luis de la Fuente

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Accomplished left-back who was part of Athletic Bilbao’s famous title-winning teams in 1983 and 1984, the last time the Basque club were champions of La Liga. The now Spain manager was only 21 at the time of that first title, having come through the youth ranks at Athletic. He went on to play more than 200 times for them over two spells with a four-year stay at Sevilla in between. De la Fuente played for Spain at youth level, including in the 1988 Olympics, but never the senior side.

Steve Clarke

francesco paszkowski yacht design

A two-club man, with those clubs being St Mirren in his native Scotland and Chelsea. Clarke moved to Stamford Bridge in January 1987 and stayed in the squad there for 11 years, playing 421 times, mostly at right-back, and earning a place in the club’s all-time XI (in a back four with John Terry, Marcel Desailly and Graeme Le Saux, as voted in 2005 to mark their centenary). His major club honours all came at the end of his career, winning the FA Cup in 1997 and the League Cup and (in his final appearance at age 34) the now defunct UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1998. Peculiarly, he only played six times for Scotland, who he now manages, over seven years.

francesco paszkowski yacht design

The first Brazilian ever at Arsenal in 1999 (just as Brazilians were coming into fashion), ousting Nigel Winterburn as their left-back. So good was Sylvinho, he was voted into the Professional Footballers’ Association team of the year for 2000-01, but he was then ousted himself by academy graduate Ashley Cole and sold to Spain’s Celta Vigo, then moved on to Barcelona, where his last match was the 2009 Champions League final win against Manchester United. Six Brazil caps, two Champions Leagues, three La Liga titles and a couple of Brazilian ones with Corinthians before coming to Europe. Not bad at all for the Albania manager.

Murat Yakin

francesco paszkowski yacht design

He and younger brother Hakan, a forward, are regarded as two of Switzerland’s best players of recent decades. Murat was a reliable centre-back who won the Swiss title with Zurich club Grasshoppers as a youngster in 1995 and 1996, then played for Stuttgart in Germany and Turkey’s Fenerbahce before ending his career back home as captain and libero at Basel, where he won another three titles. He earned 49 caps, including playing every minute of their three games at Euro 2004, before becoming their manager in 2021.

Gareth Southgate

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Split his playing days almost equally between three clubs – Crystal Palace, Aston Villa and Middlesbrough – and with the latter he earned legendary status by becoming their first (and to date, only) captain to lift a major trophy, namely the 2004 League Cup. Southgate, as he is in management, was consistent, reliable, dignified and a leader. Captained Palace at 23 (playing in midfield) before moving to centre-back at Villa and thriving thereafter. Nicknames included The Gate. Or Harry. Fifty-seven England caps. Couldn’t take penalties.

Serhiy Rebrov

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Once cost Tottenham Hotspur £11million at a time when that was a lot of money. Prolific striker in Ukraine, where he is the second top scorer in the league’s history with 123 goals. Less so at Spurs (16 in 75 appearances), where he told boss Glenn Hoddle, “I want to move to a club where I feel like a player”, or subsequently at London rivals West Ham (two in 32 — mostly in the second-tier Championship). Won nine Ukrainian titles with Dynamo Kyiv, where he formed half of a ridiculously goal-heavy partnership with Andriy Shevchenko. Very serious about amateur radio and would use Morse code to chat with people around the world. Today’s Ukraine manager has now sadly fallen into line with modern society and progressed to WhatsApp.

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Hasek led a golden generation of Czechoslovakian footballers in the late 1980s/early 1990s. At club level, today’s Czech Republic manager helped Sparta Prague win the title eight times (as a midfielder who scored 63 times for them across two spells) and was named Czech footballer of the year in 1987 and 1988. At international level, he captained his country to the 1990 World Cup, where they lost 1-0 to eventual champions West Germany in the quarter-finals.

Willy Sagnol

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Five league titles with Bayern Munich, which you might think is easy money, but ask Harry Kane, et cetera. Also won the Champions League in his first season in Bavaria. Just missed the boat for France’s World Cup and European Championship wins in 1998 and 2000 because he was young and there was this Lilian Thuram guy. Went on to win 58 caps and was France’s right-back at the 2006 World Cup — like these Euros, also in Germany — playing every minute of every game, including the final they lost to Italy on penalties. How any of this leads to him being manager of Georgia these days is unknown, but he’s doing rather well at it.

Vincenzo Montella

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Revered at Roma, where he scored 102 goals (including four in one match against hated local rivals Lazio) and helped them win their most recent Scudetto in 2001 (other forwards in that squad; Gabriel Batistuta, Francesco Totti, Marco Delvecchio, Abel Balbo, blimey). Roma had paid 50 billion (wow) lira (oh sorry, we’ve already done that one) to buy him from Sampdoria, where he had scored 42 goals across two Serie A seasons — a spicy meatball in the 1990s. Nicknamed ‘aeroplanino’, because he was below average height and celebrated with outstretched arms. Left-footed, gifted and quick. And the Turkey manager for Euro 2024 is one of only two strikers on this list, along with Rebrov.

Didier Deschamps

francesco paszkowski yacht design

The OG water carrier (le porteur d’eau) back when Claude Makelele wasn’t yet a twinkle his mother’s eye (surprising fact: Makelele is actually only four years younger than him). Deschamps, the ultimate team player who caused others to thrive, did it all; captaining his country to winning the World Cup (1998) and the Euros (2000), having already lifted the Champions League with Juventus in 1996. Oh, and he also won the Champions League and two domestic titles with Marseille, an FA Cup with Chelsea and Serie A three times at Juventus, plus he was voted French footballer of the year in 1996 and named the country’s ninth best player of the 20th century. After guiding France to another World Cup as their manager in 2018, he basically became immortal.

Dragan Stojkovic

francesco paszkowski yacht design

Maverick attacking midfielder and playmaker whose primary aim was to entertain, to dribble and to make fools of mortal defenders. Which he did a lot. The man nicknamed Piksi was part of the gifted Yugoslavia generation of the late 1980s and early 1990s, along with Dejan Savicevic, Alen Boksic, Robert Prosinecki and Sinisa Mihajlovic. Stojkovic and Yugoslavia reached the 1990 World Cup’s quarter-finals (losing to eventual finalists Argentina on penalties) and he is an all-time hero at both Red Star Belgrade, in Serbia, and Japan’s Nagoya Grampus, who he played for and later managed. Stojkovic may not have won as many trophies as Deschamps, but when his former manager Arsene Wenger was once asked (pre-Arsenal) about the best players he had ever coached, he named the ”exceptional” Stojkovic in his top three with Glenn Hoddle and George Weah. Today’s Serbia manager was a genius from a bygone era.

Ronald Koeman

francesco paszkowski yacht design

For a peak mixture of trophies and talent, Dutch maestro Koeman takes our top spot. Trophies – one European Championship, two European Cups/Champions Leagues (one with PSV Eindhoven, one with Barcelona), four Eredivisie titles (one Ajax, three PSV), four La Liga wins with Barca, twice voted Dutch footballer of the year, at a time when Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkjaard were about, and into a couple of Ballon d’Or top 10s. Talent – scored the winner in the 1992 European Cup final at Wembley, joint top scorer in the 1993-94 Champions League (while playing at the back), exceptional shooting ability, pinpoint passing range, a master of reading the game and a scorer of many free kicks and penalties. In fact, despite playing much of his career as a defender or sweeper, today’s Netherlands manager scored 239 goals in 685 club appearances. Amazing.

(Top photos: Getty Images; design: Eamonn Dalton)

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Tim Spiers is a football journalist for The Athletic, based in London. He joined in 2019 having previously worked at the Express & Star in Wolverhampton. Follow Tim on Twitter @ TimSpiers



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    Francesco Paszkowski Yacht Design. The renowned luxury yacht designer, Francesco Paszkowski, was born in 1963 and moved to Florence with his family at the age of only three years. With the passion for design, in particular car design, he decided to study architecture. During the university years, in addition to his love for cars, he also ...

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    Specialisations. Francesco Paszkowski Designs are known for developing who ranges of yachts, engendering a consistent styling theme to the exterior lines. The studio has also worked to create individual, custom superyacht projects and superyacht interiors, and has recently collaborated with several yards including Heesen on a new 58 metre design.

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    Francesco Paszkowski Design Heritage "La creatività è una miscela di informazioni e di cultura." ... Disegno dopo disegno, giorno dopo giorno, grazie a un forte lavoro di squadra, nello studio di Firenze nascono i nuovi yacht destinati ad armatori e cantieri di tutto il mondo, realizzati seguendo un percorso pensato ogni volta su misura.

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    Over more the past 30 years Francesco Paszkowski Design has created an extensive fleet of vessels and new designs, both planing and displacement, in fiberglass and aluminium. From the first 29m open yacht drawn for Baglietto in 1992 to the 72-m for Tankoa, a growing number of select owners and renowned shipyards throughout the world single out ...

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    Watch: Baglietto reveals new 50m explorer yacht model X50. 9 February 2024 • Written by Holly Margerrison. Baglietto has lifted the lid on its newest semi-custom 49.9-metre explorer model, designed by long-time Florentine collaborator Francesco Paszowski. The new line, XO, was revealed at the Italian shipyard's 170th-anniversary celebration ...

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    The yacht is the latest instalment in a collaboration between Francesco Paszkowski Design and Baglietto that dates back to 1992, when the pair came together to create a 29-metre fast open yacht now named Oceanis.Yacht design has evolved significantly since then in terms of space, speed, better views and improved outdoor areas.

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    8 February 2024 • Written by Dea Jusufi. Baglietto has unveiled the flagship Fast50 model in its Fast line at a conference in Milan, attended by the BOAT International team. Designed by Francesco Paszkowski, the yacht is inspired by the shipyard's historical "trendsetters" - including Pachamama, Monokini and Rush (a World Superyacht Award ...

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    Francesco Paszkowski Design has designed 274 yachts and designed the interior of 250 yachts for yachts above 24 metres. The naval architecture was developed by Sanlorenzo, who has architected 605 other superyachts in the BOAT Pro database - she is built with a Teak deck, a Steel hull, and Aluminium superstructure.

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    Francesco Paszkowski is a yacht designer based in Italy providing exterior design & interior design design services to the most discerning owners. ... Designer: Exterior Design. Designer: Interior Design. Francesco Paszkowski Contact Details. paszkowskidesign.it/en/ +39(0) 5522 9519 [email protected] Via di S. Maria a Marignolle 69 50124 ...

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