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Brachychiton acerifolia x populneus 'Bella-donna'

Eucalyptus victrix 'Little Ghost Gum'

Eucalyptus victrix 'Little Ghost Gum'

Plant Group: WA Tree Genus: Eucalyptus Species 'Var': victrix Common Name: 'Little Ghost Gum'

Quick Facts:

Grows in Karijini National Park. Smooth white trunked Coolibah. Open pendula habit, slow growing. Smooth white bark and small creamy-white flowers in Spring and Summer.  Tolerates drought and heavier soils. Wind tolerant.

Note: Please check stock availability by contacting our office or refer to our Availability List on the Products page.

S tock is not always on display at our Gnangara Nursery. Please contact our office on 9405 4558 or [email protected] to confirm.

Height: 8m Width: 4m Rate of growth: Moderate

Open pendular habit with small green leaves.

Small creamy-white flowers in Spring and Summer.

Eucalyptus drummondii 'Drummond's Mallee'

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Growing the Marvelous Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’: A Complete Gardener’s Guide

Eucalyptus victrix 'Little Ghost Gum'

In recent years, the Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’ a truly remarkable and unique tree native to Australia, has been captivating the hearts of landscapers and gardening enthusiasts alike. Boasting an ethereal aesthetic due to its silver-blue foliage contrasted with ghostly white bark, this enchanting tree species has quickly become a popular choice for those interested in elevating their landscaping designs. In this blog post, we aim to introduce you to the extraordinary world of the Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum,’ providing a comprehensive guide on planting, care, and landscaping ideas, ensuring you have all the necessary knowledge to include this stunning tree in your own outdoor oasis.

The purpose of this blog post is to provide a detailed guide on the exciting and rewarding journey of planting, caring for, and utilizing the Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’ in various landscape designs. Through this in-depth exploration, you will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully grow and maintain this mesmerizing tree in various climates and conditions. By the end of this post, you will have a thorough understanding of the Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum,’ its unique features, and its versatility in landscape design.

So, without further ado, let us begin our discovery of the captivating Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum,’ and unveil the untapped beauty and potential of this incredible native Australian tree.

Understanding Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’

Eucalyptus victrix 'Little Ghost Gum'

Origins and Natural Habitat

Eucalyptus victrix , popularly referred to as the ‘Little Ghost Gum’ , has its roots in the arid regions of Western Australia. Endemic to these areas, this remarkable tree species possesses distinctive survival features that allow it to adapt to the harsh, windswept plains and intense temperatures. Despite its challenging surroundings, it doesn’t merely survive, it thrives, which is a true testimony to the resilient nature of Australia’s native species.

Physical Characteristics

At full maturity, the Little Ghost Gum can rise to a height of 15m , making for an eye-catching landscape centerpiece. However, when grown in domestic spaces like gardens or backyards, the tree tends to maintain a smaller stature, usually between 5 and 10m . This semi-dwarf size is partly why it acquired its descriptive moniker, the ‘Little’ Ghost Gum .

The Little Ghost Gum is adorned with a dense canopy of silver-blue foliage that adds to its spectral charm. The leaves are broadly lanceolate and impart a soothing, cooling visual effect. In the heat of harsh summers, younger trees may shed leaves, but more mature trees retain their foliage, offering both shade and aesthetic beauty.

Perhaps the most captivating feature of Eucalyptus victrix is its bark. Smooth, powdery, and ghost-white, the bark sheds over time, revealing an almost spectral white underneath. This standout contrast against the silver-blue foliage grants the tree its definitive, hauntingly beautiful appearance.

The ‘Little Ghost Gum’ Name

On moonlit nights, the stark white bark of the tree can create an eerie, captivating spectacle, earning it the nickname ‘Little Ghost Gum’ . Its smaller stature, compared to other eucalyptus relatives, combined with its bright, almost otherworldly bark, all contribute to its ghostly name. Particularly when planted in groups, a grove of Little Ghost Gums can create a hauntingly beautiful aura that elevates and transforms any landscape.

By understanding the natural habitat, physical properties, and striking characteristics of the Little Ghost Gum , you can successfully cultivate this resilient, adaptive, and visually appealing tree in various settings and conditions, adding to the beauty of your own space.

Planting and Growing Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’

Eucalyptus victrix 'Little Ghost Gum'

Ideal Growing Conditions

The Eucalyptus victrix is well-adapted to various soil types, but for optimal growth and health, well-draining, sandy, or loamy soils are recommended. This ensures that the tree’s roots receive adequate aeration and nutrients without being waterlogged.

For this tree species, full sun exposure is ideal. Ensure that the planted area receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day, enabling the tree to grow strong and develop its striking silver-blue foliage and ghostly white bark.

The ‘Little Ghost Gum’ thrives in the harsh, arid climates of Western Australia, making it quite adaptable to a range of climates . It can tolerate both frost and drought, with the ability to survive temperatures as low as -6°C .

Step-by-Step Planting Instructions

  • Select the right location : When choosing where to plant your Little Ghost Gum, keep in mind that it needs full sun, well-draining soil, and ample space to accommodate its mature height and spread. The area should also have low foot traffic; the tree’s falling bark could become slippery and pose a hazard.
  • Space the trees appropriately : For optimal growth, plant individual trees about 6 to 8 meters apart . This spacing will help prevent overcrowding and ensure sufficient airflow and light for each plant.
  • Dig the hole : After selecting the right spot, dig a hole that is twice as wide as the tree’s root ball and slightly deeper .
  • Prepare the soil : Mix the excavated soil with compost, aged manure, or other organic materials to create a nutrient-rich, well-draining planting medium.
  • Plant the tree : Gently remove the tree from its container, ensuring that the roots maintain their shape. Place it in the hole, with the top of the root ball slightly above the soil surface. Fill the hole with the prepared soil mixture, tamping it down gently to eliminate air pockets.
  • Water thoroughly : After planting, water the tree generously, ensuring that the soil is evenly moist but not saturated. This initial watering helps the roots make contact with the surrounding soil and eases the transition from the container to the ground.

Caring for Young Trees

Establish a regular watering schedule for your young tree, maintaining consistently moist soil without overwatering. Aim to water deeply every 7 to 10 days . Eucalyptus trees require less water as they mature, becoming more drought-tolerant.

Apply a layer of organic mulch around the base of the tree, extending outward about 1.5 meters from the trunk. This helps regulate soil temperature and moisture, suppress weeds, and minimize water evaporation. Ensure that the mulch does not touch the trunk, as this can lead to collar rot.


For the first few years, use a slow-release, low-phosphorus fertilizer during the growing season, following the manufacturer’s application instructions. As the tree matures, you can decrease the frequency of fertilization.

Common Issues and Solutions

The ‘Little Ghost Gum’ is relatively pest-resistant, but it may occasionally attract aphids, scale insects, or borers . If you notice these pests, treat the affected areas with horticultural oil, insecticidal soap, or a targeted pesticide.

Eucalyptus victrix is susceptible to diseases such as gummosis, leaf spot, or root rot . To minimize the risk of disease, maintain consistent watering practices, ensure proper air circulation around the tree, and remove any diseased plant material.

In case of infection, prune affected branches and treat with an appropriate fungicide. Consult with a local arborist or horticulturist for guidance on managing specific diseases in your region.

By adhering to these planting, growing, and maintenance guidelines, you can successfully introduce the enchanting beauty of the Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’ into your landscape. Embrace its captivating presence and enjoy the unique aesthetic it lends to your outdoor spaces.

Landscaping Ideas with Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’

Focal point in gardens and parks.

With its striking appearance, the ‘Little Ghost Gum’ can easily become the center of attention in a garden or park design. Its ghostly white bark, silvery-blue foliage, and semi-dwarf stature make it an ideal focal point or accent tree. Plant it near outdoor seating areas, entrances, or pathways to reap the visual benefits of its unique aesthetics.

Urban Landscapes Enhancement

The Eucalyptus victrix can change the face of urban landscapes with its beauty, resilience, and environmental benefits. Incorporate it into streetscapes, parking lots, and public squares to provide cooling shade and improve air quality, while adding an element of visual interest to the urban landscape.

Companion Plants

To complement the ‘Little Ghost Gum,’ consider juxtaposing it with contrasting foliage colors and textures . Combine it with the rich greens of plants like Acacia cognata (River Wattle) , the vibrant orange of Banksia ‘Birthday Candles,’ or the purple accents of Westringia fruticosa (Coastal Rosemary) . This rich blend of colors and species will create a visually captivating and harmonious landscape.

Natural Screens and Windbreaks

With its dense foliage and relatively compact size, the Eucalyptus victrix can serve as a natural screen or windbreak in your landscape. Plant it in rows or staggered clusters to create privacy barriers or protect more delicate plants from harsh winds. You can also implement it as a living fence or a demarcation line between different areas in your garden.

Xeriscaping Designs

With its arid origins and drought-tolerance, the ‘Little Ghost Gum’ can be a stunning addition to xeriscaping designs or low-water gardens. Combine it with other low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants like Aloe species , Agave species , or Sedum species for a water-wise and visually appealing design.

By intelligently integrating the Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’ into your landscape designs, you can create stunning and captivating environments that offer a fusion of natural beauty and functional advantages.

Pruning and Maintenance Tips

Importance of pruning.

Proper pruning is essential for the shaping , health , and safety of your ‘Little Ghost Gum.’ Pruning can maintain the desired shape and size, promote healthy growth, remove dead or damaged branches, and prevent potential hazards caused by falling limbs.

Pruning Guidelines

When to prune.

The best time to prune your ‘Little Ghost Gum’ is during the dormant season , which typically falls between late winter and early spring before new growth begins. Pruning at this time minimizes stress on the tree and reduces the risk of introducing diseases with open wounds.

Tools and Techniques

Before starting, ensure that your pruning tools (e.g., hand pruners, loppers, or a pruning saw) are clean and sharp. Disinfect them before and after use to minimize the spread of diseases.

Follow these general pruning techniques:

  • Remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches. These can attract pests and introduce diseases, compromising the tree’s health.
  • Identify crossing branches that may rub against each other, causing wounds and creating entry points for diseases. Remove the less vigorous or less well-placed branch.
  • Prune to maintain the tree’s desired shape and size . Focus on removing lateral branches that detract from the tree’s overall form.
  • Ensure that your pruning cuts are made at a 45-degree angle , just outside the branch collar (the swelling at the base of the branch). This allows for proper healing and reduces the risk of diseases.

Safety Measures

Implement these safety measures when pruning:

  • Always wear protective gear , like safety glasses, gloves, and sturdy shoes to minimize injury risks.
  • For branches that are high or difficult to reach, use a pole pruner to avoid using a ladder. If you must use a ladder, ensure that it is securely positioned and have a partner hold it for added stability.
  • If a pruning task seems too complex or dangerous, consider hiring a professional arborist or tree service to do the job safely and effectively.

Maintenance Routines

To keep your ‘Little Ghost Gum’ thriving, follow these seasonal care tips:

  • Spring : Apply a slow-release, low-phosphorus fertilizer to promote healthy growth. Check for any pest infestations or diseases and treat them accordingly.
  • Summer : Water your tree regularly, especially during periods of high heat or drought. Young trees may shed leaves in extreme heat, but consistent watering can help mitigate this.
  • Fall : Remove any fallen leaves or debris from under the tree to reduce the risk of disease or pest infestation. Check for any structural damage before winter and prune as needed.
  • Winter : Protect the tree from frost damage by mulching or wrapping its trunk. Delay heavy pruning until late winter or early spring.

By following these pruning and maintenance tips, your Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’ will not only continue to showcase its hauntingly beautiful characteristics but also remain healthy, strong, and safe for years to come.

Environmental Benefits and Ecosystem Value

Ecological significance.

The Eucalyptus victrix (Little Ghost Gum) is a significant player in the various ecosystems it inhabits, offering habitat and food for a variety of wildlife. Its blossoms cater to nectar-feeding birds and insects, while its dense canopy provides shelter and nesting opportunities for many bird species. Therefore, introducing this tree to a landscaped area can indirectly promote local biodiversity .

Carbon Sequestration and Air Purification

An often-overlooked benefit of trees, including the Eucalyptus victrix, is their ability to sequester carbon dioxide (CO2), a key greenhouse gas. The process of photosynthesis enables the tree to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, store carbon in its tissues, and release oxygen back into the environment. Hence, planting a ‘Little Ghost Gum’ can contribute towards mitigating climate change and improving air quality.

Contribution to Biodiversity

Despite the harsh conditions of its native arid Australian landscapes, the ‘Little Ghost Gum’ contributes to ecological diversity . It forms part of a unique community of flora and fauna that have adapted to thrive in these environments. In managed landscapes in other regions, its incorporation can help achieve a balanced, diverse ecosystem, enhancing the resilience and overall health of the area.

In landscaping and gardening , the Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’ stands out with its unique aesthetic characteristics and versatility. Its impressive ghostly white bark, silvery-blue foliage, and somewhat dwarf stature make it a compelling choice for many landscape designs. Whether it’s creating a focal point, contrasting color and texture, enhancing urban landscapes, or serving as a windbreak, the ‘Little Ghost Gum’ can rise admirably to the challenge.

Alongside its striking visuals, the tree demonstrates a commendable tolerance to harsh conditions, which lends itself well to low-water landscaping designs or xeriscapes . Its capacity to adapt to a variety of conditions underscores its remarkable resilience, making it a sturdy addition to your outdoor space.

Beyond aesthetics and environmental hardiness, the ‘Little Ghost Gum’ personifies ecological virtue. Its beneficial roles in local biodiversity promotion , carbon sequestration , and air purification extend its value beyond the garden, advocating for a healthier planet.

In closing, the Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’ proves itself as more than just a pretty face. Its visual appeal, resilience, and ecological benevolence dovetail perfectly, making it a worthy candidate for any landscape. So when contemplating your next green addition, consider the ‘Little Ghost Gum’. It might just be the showstopper your garden needs.

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Is Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’ suitable for my climate?

The Eucalyptus victrix ‘Little Ghost Gum’ is typically suited for USDA hardiness zones 9-10. It thrives in arid, semi-arid, and sub-humid climates, showcasing remarkable tolerance for heat and drought. However, it can be susceptible to temperature extremes, particularly severe cold or frost, which may cause damage.

How fast does it grow, and when can I expect it to reach maturity?

The growth rate of the ‘Little Ghost Gum’ is typically moderate , with an average of 1-2 feet per year. However, its growth can be influenced by several factors, including soil quality, watering practices, and light availability. Under optimal conditions, you can expect it to reach maturity in approximately 10-15 years.

Are there any special considerations for pruning?

Pruning should ideally be done during the tree’s dormant season , commonly in late winter or early spring. Focus on removing dead, damaged, disease-ridden, or crossing branches. Always ensure your pruning tools are sharp and disinfected before and after use to prevent the spread of diseases.

What are the potential drawbacks or challenges of planting this tree?

Despite its many benefits, potential challenges with the ‘Little Ghost Gum’ include its susceptibility to pests, especially borers and leaf-chewing insects. Additionally, in conditions other than its native harsh landscapes, it may become invasive if not managed properly.

Can I grow Eucalyptus victrix in a container?

Yes, you can grow a ‘Little Ghost Gum’ in a large container ; however, keep in mind it may not reach its full potential size and may require more frequent watering and feeding. It’s recommended to start with a younger, smaller tree and regularly repot to larger containers as it grows.

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