Boats in Venice

Looking out on Grand Canal on any normal day, you see a variety of floating vessels. The boats in Venice are many, and Canal Grande is the main exhibition of all the different types you can find in the lagoon city. They are long, short, big, small, with a motor, or with single or double oars. The intense traffic would correspond to the Boulevard or central avenue of any other, dryer city.

The tourists ride the Vaporetto , they go by Taxi or by Gondola… But there is quite a lot of necessary service traffic too, mostly cargo boats. Then there are post boats, police boats, other law enforcement watercraft, ambulances, and the boats of the firefighters. And of course, there are a whole lot of private boats.  Venice is a well-functioning city and just like any other urban area, it needs transport of goods and people in every possible way.

boats in venice

Driving a boat on Grand Canal is reserved for Venice City residents. And only after 12 o’clock. To use a boat with a motor, you would need a license issued by the same city. The speed limit on Canal Grande is 8 km/h (4 knots) and on the smaller canals 5 km/h (2,5 knots). 

But this wasn’t meant to be a guide on how to drive a boat on the Grand Canal. What I wanted to do was just to explain the various types of vessels, you would see when looking down on the water from one of the bridges.

And as a list of the boats can be done in various ways, and as the most common way is to include all the traditional, historical boats of the lagoon… I will do it in a more contemporary, modern way. So, here’s a list and an explanation of the watercraft you are likely to see on a perfectly normal day in Venice. It is in no way complete, as many of the traditional boats have more or less disappeared from the lagoon. Some old vessels have evolved and now live on in modern versions.

All these boats are made of wood, if not described otherwise.

What are the boats in Venice called?

Italy travel restrictions

The Gondola is the most famous of them all, the symbol of Venice and the definite King of the Venetian waters. You see them all over with tourists eagerly inhaling the beauty of the city while the Gondoliere explains the sites in broken English. A few hundred years ago, they were even more frequent, as the Gondola in the past was in Venice what a horse-cart was in London… The normal way of transport within the city. At least for anyone with money. Here’s a complete Gondola guide.

The Sandolo is one of many very similar boats in the Lagoon… Boats of which a branch with the passing centuries developed into the Gondola. They were all small, narrow, and long. And propulsion was a single oar on the starboard side towards the stern of the boat. 

boats in venice

The name Sandolo obviously shares the same root as Sandal, the footwear. Sandalium , Latin for shoe, reflects the flat bottom of the boat. Like most vessels in the lagoon, one of the most important features was the capability to move when the water is low or very low… Thus the flat bottom.

It’s not always easy to distinguish what is a Sandolo and what is not. The boat type is so common, and with so many variations that distinguish it can be problematic. Especially when we look back on history. Almost all of the small boats are somewhat similar to the Sandolo.

The boat types that have survived until modern times are divided into subcategories, such as:

  • Pupparino . 2 oarsmen. A very long (10m), narrow, and graceful Sandolo. Today they are used in regattas, as they are very fast.
  • Sandolo s’ciopon . 1 oarsman with double oars. The samllest of the Sandolos. So light and flat that it can enter where other boats cannot. Used mainly for hunting in the marshlands. The name means burst as in rifle burst (Scoppio [skɔpiɔ] in Italian, S’ciopo [sʧɔpɔ in Venetian). 

Sandolo pupparino

  • Sampierotto ,  Sandolo Buranello , and others are all fishing boats. 1-2 oarsmen They are simple but often a few centimeters wider and with a greater load capacity.
  • Mascareta . 2 oarsmen. 6 to 8 meters in length and very light, low, and fast. Nowadays and almost exclusively used in Regattas.
  • Sandolo da barcarole . 1 oarsman. This is the one you will likely first come across. It is used to scam tourists into thinking they’re going for a Gondola ride when actually they’re riding another boat. It might be equally pleasant, but it’s not a Gondola.
  • … And many others .

Batela Buranela / Batela Coa de Gambero

The word, Batela, means just boat in Venetian. But the term comes with a baggage of history and tradition. The Batela is a wide wooden boat for transport and work. Normally rowed with two or four opposite oars. In the past, the Batela was the most commonly used of all the cargo boats in Venice. You could see them all over running back and forth with all kinds of merchandise. Now they are mostly substituted with motorized Topi. 

It is bigger than the Sandolo, up to 12 meters in length, with higher bords, but still kind of narrow and slender. It’s powered with manpower, so the resistance has to be small. Oars can’t do wide vessels.

Two versions exist, Batela coda di Gambero (Coa de Gambaro), and Batela Buranela (which obviously originates from Burano). The latter is wider and more of a transporter. Apart from that, the Batela coda di Gambero has a flat stern, while the Buranela has a pointed, elevated stern. This makes it easier to row but lowers the cargo capacity.  uses the Batela coda di Gambero for their lessons in Voga Veneta.


boats in venice

When the modern Diesel engine entered Venetian everyday life, the Mototopo became the typical Venetian transport vessel. You see these motorized topos all over with the transporting company logo on the side. They bring food and beverages to the hotels and packages and other stuff to offices and private houses.

Topo means mouse, and before the mouse was equipped with an engine, they were equipped with other thrusters. The everpresent oars, but also sails. In the old days, the Topo was a versatile companion for transporting heavy goods out on the open lagoon and even out on the sea. The rounder boards with a less squared floor and the greater width for and aft made them much safer in open waters with stronger winds.

narrow green boat in venice

As with all the other boats, there are many variations, battello a pìsso, musséto, batèlo col fìlo. One recent development is the Topa (… as in a female mouse.). What happened was simply that they cut off the pointed stern and made it flat. In that way, you can put a small outboard engine there, and so it becomes a popular and simple transport vessel for private use.

All transporting of things with boats in Venice is regulated and controlled. You are actually not allowed to bring your own refrigerator home, the transporting consortium has the monopoly.

The modern Mototopos come in many forms and sizes, with a cabin or without. They can be as long as 14 meters, and as small as 6. They have a large beam and are incredibly stable. At the beginning of 1900, the heavy marine diesel came on board. That forced the already wide stern to become even wider, and the buoyance to increase further. The result was a vessel that is as stable as a lorry on dry land. That makes them very practical when it comes to loading and unloading directly on the Fondamenta.

Garbage boat

sanity in venice italy

These are highly specialized ships, made in steel, or recently in fiberglass. Around 12 meters in length and with a net cargo capacity of 10 tonnes. The waste bins are picked up from the key with a crane mounted on the boat. If the vessel is equipped with a compactor, the waste is then compressed on board before it is transported to the recycling center.

The City of Venice has a total of 60 of them. Not all of them are in Venice. Many are in service around the other islands, Murano, Burano, Lido, etc. But they are quite common in Venice in the canals of medium size. All are colored in a light green hue, which makes them easily distinguishable.

Of the 60 vessels, 44 are powered by Stage V engines. Stage V is the latest stage of the European emission standards for Non-road engines. They are all from 2016 or later. Venice actually makes a great deal of effort to reduce the environmental impact of its service fleet. As another important step in that direction, two new electric/hybrid ships have been purchased and are now operational.

boats in venice, italy

This is another traditional wooden boat nowadays used mainly for racing, especially in traditional rowing competitions, like  Vogalonga  and  Regata Storica. 

The name comes from the city of  Caorle  to the northeast of Venice, once an important and prosperous part of the Republic. The boat was once something of the standard fishing, and transport vessel in those parts, much like the Batela was in Venice. It could be well over 10 meters back then, but now they are smaller and less wide, to gain speed.

Because just like many other traditional Venetian boats, today they are used solely in regattas. In ancient times they were rowed with one or two oarsmen, but as it has become a race boat, nowadays it has 6 oars.

An interesting fact is that it is symmetric. The stern and the bow are identical, pointed, and bent upwards.

Barcheta a massoche

The big gondols Traghetto

A bigger Gondola that can take up to 14 persons plus the two Gondoliers. It is made in the same manner as a normal Gondola, but it’s wider, more stable, and has a higher gross load capacity. It’s used for the Traghetto… The short ride from one side of Canal Grande to the other. 

The rowing technique is somewhat different, as you push on both sides. It is only the Gondolier at the stern that steers. The one at the bow is just pushing. Landing perfectly at the pier takes a little maneuvering back and forth, and that’s when both Gondoliers have to collaborate. Sometimes the collaboration can be audible.

Police / Ambulance

The  Ambulances and the Police-boats are the only Venice boats that are allowed to exceed the speed limits. When there’s an emergency they can reach incredible speeds leaving other boats behind, all trying to stay afloat in the wakes.

The top speed is up to 35 knots or 40 Miles/h.

motorboat in venice

The various Venice taxis come in wood, in wood/fiberglass, or fiberglass exclusively. The curious fact about the taxis is that, although they come from various shipyards, and there are both old boats and brand new ones, they are all exceptionally similar. The driver’s seat, behind which there’s the cabin. And at the back, there’s an open space for photo sessions and sunbathing. And the shape and size are almost identical. 

motorboat in venice

But it wasn’t always like that. The taxi era started in the late 1800s. At that time they could be different in shape and size. Then came the first motor taxis. They all had a petrol engine mounted in the bow. When petrol got too expensive, they started using diesel engines. These were so heavy that the boats couldn’t maintain the horizontal waterline with the engine in the bow. They had to be put in the stern.

But by doing so the taxis became stern heavy. And the disproportional weight distribution combined with the total mass of the engine, suddenly made the wakes dangerously large. And the whole controversy of the motor-driven boats in Venice that drained material from the delicate canal sides, and thus risked a complete collapse o the whole Venice foundation, started.

Nowadays that problem is not solved, but it is less evident. The taxis are wider with better buoyancy at the stern, and the engines weigh less. With added speed limits and regulated access to the canals, the high wake issues have disappeared from the newspaper’s front pages. Not everybody agrees with me on that one though…

motorboat in venice

The Vaporettos is the water buss, bringing people from east to west, from north to south. Made in metal with the typical entrance and exit midships (…If you could invent a system where people could enter and exit from different gates, but still with only one sailor handling the crowds, you would make a fortune.).They are mostly around 20 meters in length, but ACTV , the local public transport company, has many different kinds of Vaporettos.

The classical water bus, line 90, is the only one running the Canal Grande. Outside, circumnavigating the City, there are the smaller vessels, we call them Motoscafi… Which is just another name for a motorboat. Then there are bigger ones crossing the lagoon to Lido, Punta Sabbioni, and Burano.

And why are they called Vaporetto?

Vapore means steam, and although all Vaporettos are equipped with diesel engines, the name has remained from when they were all driven by steam. The very first line opened already in 1857 bringing people from Venice to Chioggia, and vice versa. And they continued to bring things and folks from here to there inside the city and towards the other islands as well as the mainland. The steam engines were weak in power but easy to maintain as the mechanics of the engine were quite simple and straightforward.

Not until after the second world war, the steam engines were finally sent to the scrapyard. And new modern diesel engines took over. The name remained though. Like so much in Venice, the people like to maintain the old names and traditions, even when they are outdated. That’s just the way we are.

motorboat in venice

The biggest of ACTV’s ships and the only car-carrier is the big Ferry from Venice to Lido di Venezia. There are a few different models. The biggest one takes 1250 passengers and 71 cars. It’s driven by two Caterpillar diesel engines each of 740 hp.

They depart from Tronchetto ( The first island on your right before you arrive at Piazzale Roma over the bridge from the mainland.), and they arrive at San Nicolò a kilometer to the northeast of the center at Lido.

The trip is very nice as it cruises along all of Canale della Giudecca. The shoreline of both Venice and Giudecca can be enjoyed from the sun deck. Take notice of the many extremely leaning belltowers while passing.

Sometimes you see a very small outboard motorboat with a teenager and his friend or girlfriend… Sometimes accompanied by the rhythmic bass drum of the latest song by the latest rockstar.

The boat has very low boards, and it’s narrow. That’s a Cofano. It’s a vessel for hunting and fishing in the shallow waters of the lagoon, as well as for fooling around in the canals, as teenagers do. It’s one of the most common of all the boats in Venice. 

boats in venice

It’s not something you would be able to see. Still, it was a sensational boat, full of the most precious materials, gold, jewels, and silk. It was the ceremonial boat that was used at the  wedding ceremony between the Republic and the sea , celebrated the day of the Ascension of Jesus. The last original boat was destroyed and stripped of its gold by the French after the  fall of the Republic  in 1797. A project to reconstruct her was started in 2004. Unfortunately, because of lacking funds, it’s put on ice.

The boats in Venice come in multiple various shapes, and forms, more or less traditional, as well as new and old boats that don’t have anything to do with the history of the lagoon. But Venice is and has always been a maritime hub. It has always attracted watercraft from near and far. 

boats in venice

And the craftsmanship of the Venetian boat builders was what made Venice, Venice. From the small boats, specialized to bring people and goods on the narrow canals, to the huge ships sailing out from the Arsenale to defend the Venetian trading routes.

In June, the  Venice Boat-Show  continues to demonstrate the importance of boat building in the lagoon city.

boat with sofa on top

Blog Venice and Veneto Venice boats: Nine ways to ride a boat in Venice

motorboat in venice

Venice boats: Nine ways to ride a boat in Venice

Madeline Jhawar

When planning an Italy itinerary that includes Venice , there are three things I always recommend: spend some time getting good and lost; s ee Venice from above, and s ee Venice from the water.  Since Venice is built on 117 islands – connected by 400 bridges – there are lots of ways to see Venice from the water. Note: swimming is not one of them unless you go to one of the public beaches . Here are some great Venice boats:

The short, inexpensive  Traghetto

Traghetto boat in Venice, Italy

Photo by zenm via Flickr, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

  Although the word traghetto means ferry everywhere else in Italy, in Venice, it’s a specific type of boat as pictured above that only goes back and forth and back and forth across the Grand Canal at seven designated points (here’s a  map of traghetto crossings ). Since the Grand Canal is not that wide, the ride takes only a few minutes. It’s inexpensive, and if you don’t want to spend the money on a gondola but want get your photo taken on a gondola-like boat, a traghetto is not a bad substitute. Or, if you want to cross the Canal and there isn’t a bridge, take a traghetto .

Public boat or vaporetto

motorboat in venice

“The Grand Canal at Dusk” by Marco licensed under (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Those big boats in the foreground that look like ferries are vaporetti .  They are Venice’s public transportation: you buy a ticket, you get on, there are different routes, designated stops, and you get off where you need to. Even though it’s touristy, I do recommend taking a boat down (or up) the entire length of the Grand Canal. You can even download a free audio tour . But, the vaporetti are crowded. They are full of people with luggage, confused tourists, excited tourists, and are usually packed to the gills. It’s not a quiet cruise where you can sit and enjoy the sights and listen to your audio tour. Luckily, however, There’s A Boat For That.

The Hop On Hop Off Boat, aka the Vaporetto dell’Arte (UPDATE: This boat, as of 2014, is not currently running. Service may resume but I don’t know when)

motorboat in venice

This boat is exclusively for tourists, but given that there are more than 60,000 visitors to Venice per day – more than the number of residents – Venice is not a place you need to worry about looking like a tourist. Everyone is a tourist, and for good reason: The city is fantastic and you should feel good about supporting it with your tourist dollars. So get on the tourist boat, relax in comfort, peace and quiet. Put on the headset, pick your language, and enjoy the tour on the Vaporetto Dell’Arte .

A Dinner Cruise

motorboat in venice

Why not kill three birds with one stone? See the sights of Venice, ride a boat, and eat dinner on the Galleon Dinner Cruise .  It’s a candlelit aristocratic Venetian feast that travels past the famous islands of Burano, Torcello, and Murano in addition to the main islands of Venice.  The only limitation? It’s just on Wednesdays.

Hotel, shmotel: do a boat and breakfast

motorboat in venice

Stay on the Boat and Breakfast Sarah Sun Island yacht, moored near Piazza San Marco in the heart of Venice. It has air conditioning / heat, includes breakfast, and even though it’s a fancy yacht, it’s in the budget accommodation category – at least for Venice.  Or, stay on a houseboat .

Paddle a Kayak through the canals

motorboat in venice

Explore the canals of Venice on your own power by paddling with Venice Kayak on a half-day, full day, multi-day, or evening tour. If you’ve been following the news on  the damage cruise ships are doing to Venice , you’ll love this no-motor alternative. And because you’re not on a boat with a motor, you’re not restricted the same way as other boats – in a kayak you can go practically anywhere you want, but not completely on your own: kayak rental comes with a guide.

Get to or from Venice on a historic Burchiello boat, instead of taking the train

motorboat in venice

Instead of arriving or departing Venice on the train, take a river cruise down the Brenta on a Burchiello . They’ve been modernized since the images above were done, and they’re comfortable boats. Take a full day to get from Venice to the gorgeous and underrated city of Padova , and you’ll learn a lot from the guide about the villas along this historical waterway, even stopping to visit some of the frescoed summer dwellings of Venetian aristocrats from 3 centuries ago.

A historic Topetta 

motorboat in venice

A topetta is a historic Venetian wooden boat, though these days it usually has a motor attached. It holds up to 6 people and is what the locals use to get around and to transport goods. If you’d like to book a private boat tour in Venice that is longer than a 40 minute gondola ride and more reasonably priced, you should  book a tour through the canals on a topetta .

And finally, the Gondola: some beyond the obvious tips

motorboat in venice

On my first trip to Venice, as a high school student, I had no money so I didn’t ride a gondola but I really wanted to; I thought it was a romantic must-do. Then later, when I was working in Italy as a tour guide (but still poor) and spent quite a bit of time in Venice, I turned up my nose at this only-for-tourists activity. A few years later, when I was living in Milan and had a decent salary as a corporate expat, I finally rode a gondola. And you know what? I really enjoyed it. Yes, it’s for tourists. But it’s a historical, romantic way to see the canals. It’s not at all beyond the obvious, but if it’s on your bucket list, go ahead and do it. You may have heard that gondola rates are fixed : you can not negotiate the cost, but make sure you get your full 40 minutes and know that the rates buy you the entire boat. It’s worth spending the extra money to go after 7 pm, when the rates go up but the light is nice and the water traffic has died down.

A lot of people don’t realize that gondola routes are not up to the gondolier:  you can decide where you want to go. I recommend having a look at these six great gondola routes . The website is in Italian but the six routes are highlighted on the map when you click the links on the left side of the screen. Decide which one you want to do, and find a gondolier at one end of the route. Tell the gondolier the itinerary you’d like him ( or her ) to follow and if they try to convince you the route needs to end where it begins, insist on your route. Be firm but polite, and if they aren’t flexible, go talk to another gondolier.

  Venice traghetto from foto silenziose ; Vaporetto from Raison Descartier .

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Rossi Writes

Venice, Italy – 15 Weird and Wonderful Types of Boats You Can Only See in La Serenissima

By Author Rossi Thomson

Posted on Last updated: 26th October 2021

Categories Lists , The Surprising Italy , Veneto , Venice

Boats are to Venice what cars are to the rest of the world.

In other words – a vehicle used daily to get you from point A to point B and to transport anything and everything you need.

Instead of roads built on terra firma , Venice has water and lots of it. Crisscrossed by canals and with narrow, curvy streets, the city is a car-free heaven. There you can go for a lovely stroll without worrying about stressed drivers, Chelsea tractors and road rage.

Still, have you ever wondered how do they make a city of just over 50 000 permanent residents and a yearly influx of 30 million(!) tourists tick like a clock and work smoothly without any cars?! Because, you know, lorries can’t really drive into Venice to deliver food and parcels don’t arrive on drones (just yet).

Well, for all of this and so much more, Venice uses boats.

It is quite incredible, really!

Boats have been adapted to serve any and all purposes that cars are used for in the rest of the world. You just need to stop and look at Venice’s canals for all of five minutes and you will glimpse a fabulous collection of boats which you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

Yes, gondolas are not the only type of boat they use there!

From policemen and firemen to TV crews, everyone in Venice uses boats to do his or her job.

So, just to give you an idea of the variety of boats you can see in Venice, here is a collection of photos. I took them over three and a half years of trips to La Serenissima. They show you the ingenious ways the local people have found to adapt to life on water. And are a testament to how special Venice really is. After all, its people have overcome the most inhospitable environment for human life and turned it into one of the most splendid places on Earth.

Venice, Italy – 15 Weird and Wonderful Types of Boats You Can Only See in La Serenissima

1. delivery boats in venice.

After all, if you live in Venice, how else would you be getting your new washing machine delivered to you?

Boats are used for all sorts of deliveries in Venice.

From DHL packages to food, everything has reached the shelves of the local shops by boat. No wonder then that sometimes the prices in La Serenissima can seem just a touch higher.

You will see delivery boats everywhere in Venice. Even on the Grand Canal.

And, when I say that everything is delivered by boat, I mean everything. Including gas bottles! Yes, see below!

2. House-moving boats in Venice

For one of those stressful occasions when you need to move home in Venice and your sofa just doesn’t float well. Then, you load all your earthly possessions on a boat, cover them with plastic sheets and off you go along the canals to your new abode.

3. Car-Ferrying Boats in Venice

Yes, you cannot drive a car in Venice, but you can do so on the Lido. This is the nearby island where the Venice Film Festival takes place each year. So, if you and your car want to reach Lido, then you two take a ferry and sail past Venice.

4. Family Boats in Venice

A few days ago I had the chance to be part of a guided visit for families in Venice. We toured Squero di San Trovasio – one of only two gondola-making and -repairing workshops still in existence in La Serenissima. When the master gondola-maker started his talk, the first thing he asked the children was: ‘So, do you have a boat?!’

And almost all of them said: ‘Yes!’

The most curious thing was that the children didn’t find the question strange or extravagant. For families in Venice have a boat the same way you and I may have a car. It serves them to get around, go on a nice day trip or, even, to watch events taking place in Venice from the water. I still remember seeing the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics in Venice a few years ago. The press boat, that I was in, was surrounded by dozens of boats – from dinghies to proper yachts – with whole families (and a few dogs in them) enjoying the race.

5. Rubbish-Collecting Boats in Venice

For the amount of people who visit every day, Venice is a surprisingly clean and tidy town. All this is thanks to the very hard work of the local binmen. They push their metal trolleys with heavy bins on top, collect the rubbish left in plastic bags by the doors of the citizens of Venice and then take it all away in large boats designed to carry a metal rubbish container on board.

Next time that you are in Venice, spare a thought for them.

I spotted these two chaps removing an old sofa and an old Hi-Fi from a house in Venice.

Then, they lifted them one by one and threw them in the boat. Finally, they used the small hoist (that is mounted on the boat) to lift their metal trolley back on board and off they went to the next stop on their job.

6. Boats for Heavy Loads in Venice

Boats carrying construction materials (as well as other heavy loads) are a frequent sight in Venice. How else would you be getting the heavy bags of cement and the thick wooden planks to the centuries-old house or palazzo you are restoring, for example?

7. Refrigerating Boats in Venice

Because how else would you be getting a load of frozen meat and seafood to places around town. The curious thing is that I had never seen a refrigerating boat in Venice prior to this past Saturday. And then, the second that I spotted my very first one and snapped like a dozen photos of it, two more refrigerating boats sailed by.

Click here to discover the hidden gems of Venice – 101 Things to do In Venice, Italy Off the Beaten Track

8. boats for photoshoots in venice.

Well, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s true, nevertheless! Venice is a rich playground for photographers. Here every corner and, ahem, boat have been captured on camera time and time again. Now, Venetian boats are being used as sets for photoshoots, too.

Focus on the tiny gondola above the large delivery boat in this photo. You will see the huge softbox that the photographer’s assistant is holding, while the photographer is happily snapping away underneath!

9. Vaporettos in Venice

Vaporettos are the Venetian public transport. They are veritable water buses and zip up and down the Grand Canal and all over Venice plus the nearby islands thus ensuring that locals and tourists can get around.

Tickets are expensive and queues can get really long but the views are magnificent. In fact, you haven’t been to Venice unless you have taken the vaporetto. At least once.

10. Water Taxis (Motoscafi) in Venice

Water taxis are shiny and speedy. Zipping up and down the canals of Venice on one must give you that amazing feeling  that film stars get on the red carpet. Unfortunately, the water taxis (or motoscafi as they are locally called) are quite expensive.

During my last visit to Venice a couple of days ago, I noticed lots of motoscafi being rented by large groups of tourists. Standing up at the back of the boat, then they proceed to film on tablets and snap on their mobiles the whole ride around the canals. I would imagine it’s speedier and cheaper per person than a ride on a gondola.

Still, if one day I can stretch as far as to rent a motoscafo in Venice, I would like it to be the full experience, i.e. me dressed in a lovely dress with a glass of sparkling juice in hand… You get the idea. Something like Amal Clooney, but rounder.

11. Press Boats

When a large event happens in Venice, the world’s press descends on it eager to capture it all.

What do you think?! How do journos and photogs get to follow the proceedings (which are usually on water)? Yes, you are right! They get in a boat. Just like in the picture above. This was the press boat at the Befana race  in Venice a couple of years ago.

And here is a boat with a TV crew broadcasting live. It looks so cool!

12. Police Boats in Venice

Policemen and policewomen of Venice get everywhere by boat. The first time that you see them riding around on the canals, you get this very difficult to put in words emotion. Like, for the first time you realise that Venice, for all its splendour and romance, is  a living and breathing city where actual people live. And it is not just set up for tourists.

13. Fire Engine Boats in Venice

You may think that by being built on water, Venice wouldn’t need firemen. Yet, this isn’t so. Venice not only needs to have firemen (as any other place on Earth), but they also get to ride on these swanky fire engine boats.

14. Ambulance Boats in Venice

The ambulance boats you can see in Venice are really amazing. Just imagine having to rush along long and curvy canals to save lives, dodging dozens of other watercraft. I have a huge respect for the people who drive and work on these water ambulances in Venice. It must be a really difficult job.

15. Hearse Boats in Venice

And when the time comes to leave it all behind, the last journey of the people of Venice is, once again, by boat. The hearse boat takes them one last time to church and then across to the island of San Michele, where Venice’s cemetery is.

You may ask: ‘But what about the gondolas, the traghetto, and all those fancy boats they use in Venice during their historic parades?’

Well, in this article, I wanted to show you and tell you a bit about the weird and wonderful boats which make it possible for Venice to live in our modern times. It is quite incredible, really, how people there have adapted the boats to serve them for any task and any type of transportation need.

If you want to learn more about the more traditional boats of Venice, please, explore the following links:

Venice Historical Regatta – giving you a first-hand account of this grand yearly event in Venice.

Sport, History and Men in Leotards – giving you a front-row, first-hand account of the 60th Edition of the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics. There are lots of photos there of amazing boats and a story about the maritime rivalry between Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi.

Exploring Venice: Aresenale’s Porta Magna and the Ships Pavilion – giving you a peek into the Venetian Arsenal (the largest industrial complex in Europe prior to the Industrial Revolution) and the adjacent Ships Pavilion where you can see many different Venetian boats and learn about their history.

Traghetto – giving you the story behind this plain gondola-like boat which ferries passengers across the Grand Canal.

Gondolas and the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore – a little poetic piece I wrote about gondolas some time ago. I will be posting about my visit to the gondola-making and -repairing workshop Squero di San Trovasio in Venice soon, too. So, please, keep checking the blog.

Thank you for reading! Please, leave me a comment, pin the image below or use the buttons right at the end to share it on social media.

For more stories like this you can follow me on  Facebook  and  subscribe  to my weekly strictly no-spam newsletter.

Allan Williams

Thursday 5th of July 2018

Did you forget that there are several different types of boat in Venice which are rowed, and rowed the Venetian way?

Thank you for your comment. This article is not about the traditional Venetian boats but about boats which have been adapted (similarly to cars and vans) to serve several day-to-day purposes like delivering mail, transporting heavy loads and taxing people around the lagoon. Best wishes, Rossi

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THE BEST Venice Boat Rentals

Boat rentals in venice.

  • Gondola Cruises
  • Speed Boats Tours
  • Nature & Wildlife Tours
  • Boat Rentals
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motorboat in venice

1. Private Venice Lagoon Boat Tour (2.5 hours)

motorboat in venice

2. 8 Hour Boat Rental to Discover the Lagoon in Freedom in Venice

motorboat in venice

3. Venice: Private Boat Rental with Driver

motorboat in venice

4. Motorboat rental for 2 hours with optional aperitif in Venice

Keep the fun going with other experiences in the area.

motorboat in venice

Private activity in Kayak or SUP in Venice

motorboat in venice

Sunset in kayak with aperitif

motorboat in venice

Day in Kayak and SUP for hire in the Bibione Lagoon

  • 8 Hour Boat Rental to Discover the Lagoon in Freedom in Venice
  • Private Venice Lagoon Boat Tour (2.5 hours)
  • Motorboat rental for 2 hours with optional aperitif in Venice
  • Il Bragozzo - Local boats in Venice
  • Venice tour by boat
  • Venice Cruise
  • Acampora Travel

motorboat in venice

Venice Boat Tour with Grand Canal & Tower Climb

Climb the tower of San Giorgio Maggiore for sweeping views over Venice.

  • Escape the crowds on dry land and visit the top sights in Venice from the water, with a special stop at one of the city’s least-visited islands. Here, you'll have the opportunity to climb the bell tower for panoramic views.
  • Your luxury Venice boat tour will cruise the Grand Canal, passing the most important palaces, buildings, and bridges of the city, as well as the smaller back canals where you'll catch glimpses of everyday life.
  • This is our most intimate Venice tour, with only nine people per boat. You’ll find it easy to hear your guide while they tell you the fascinating stories behind the sights as you pass them from the water.

Preview the experience

Tour description, explore venice in comfort from the water on a luxurious boat tour..

One of Venice’s best traditions is boating down the Grand Canal. The city's main waterway serves as a passage for ambulances, cargo vessels and gondolas, while its shores are lined with the most beautiful palaces and bridges. You'll see them all and soak up the atmosphere of the Grand Canal on our luxury Venice boat tour. As you pass each one, your guide will tell you the stories and anecdotes that make them so incredible, from the Ca' d’Oro and Ca' Pesaro palaces to the Rialto Bridge, Rialto Fish Market, and the Accademia Gallery.

From the water, you’ll see the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark's Basilica, and other beautiful palaces like never before. But you'll also explore the prettiest inner canals—Venice’s "backstreets"—to get a sense of how Venetians really live.

Admire the best view in Venice from the bell tower of San Giorgio Maggiore.

As your Venice boat tour draws to a close, you’ll have seen the most famous sights of Venice from the water. Your off-the-beaten-path experience wraps up with something quite special. Few visitors take the time to visit the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. That’s their loss and you’re about to find out why.

We’ll stop just across the water from St. Mark’s Square. Ever seen a postcard of the Doge’s Palace and Venice from across the water? This is where that iconic shot was taken! Your guide will lead you inside the stunning basilica for a tour of its art and architecture, then you’ll have the option to climb the bell tower (admission is included in the price of your tour and there is an elevator). We strongly advise that you do!

Stepping outside, you’ll be hit full force by a sweeping panoramic view over all of Venice. Trace the route of the Grand Canal, admire the dome of St. Mark’s Basilica and marvel at this incredible—and incredibly unique—corner of Italy. With your guide on hand to point out what’s what, you’ll get to grips with the city beneath your feet.

Small groups, a luxury boat, and an expert guide offer a truly VIP experience.

It’s the little details that really make this Venice boat tour. While riding a gondola is a fantastic experience, the Grand Canal is too busy and its current too strong to make any real progress. Instead, on this tour you'll cruise the canals in a luxury speedboat. You'll have the option to either sit inside and listen to your guide’s commentary, or stand outside snapping the best photos. With audio headsets for every guest, you won’t have a problem hearing your guide no matter where you choose to ride. What's more, with small groups of only nine people or less—the smallest of our Venice experiences—it'll be easy to interact with your guide and ask them all the questions you can think of.

Our Venice boat tour takes you away from the crowds to experience the best that the city has to offer, from the famous Rialto Bridge to the secret spots Venetians show to visiting friends. And with a local on hand to tell you the stories woven into the fabric of the Floating City, your experience will be as authentic as they come. You’ll return to dry land relaxed, refreshed and with tons of new knowledge and appreciation for this fascinating island city.

Sites visited

Verified guest reviews, oct 29, 2023.

Disappointed that the Tower was closed (no fault of Walks) but our tour guide was outstanding - great positive, infectious personality with a tremendous amount of information. Small group (6) was also a huge plus compared to other tours.

Oct 20, 2023

Despite the weather and acqu’alta which prevented us from doing some parts of the tour, we had a fabulous time. Daria our guide was wonderful, so knowledgeable and clearly a local who loves her city, one of the best tour guides we have ever had. I was with my 87-year old, not very mobile, mother and Adriano the pilot was amazing with her, helping her into and off the boat. If you don’t have much time and really want to see the main sites of the city I highly recommend this tour.

Oct 06, 2023

All four of us agreed this was the highlight of our time in Venice! Thanks Barbara

Oct 02, 2023

Great way to see the most of the city all at once and learn the history with some great views.

This was the highlight of our time in Venice, we only had two days in the city before getting on a cruise. Venice was meant to be seen / navigated by boat and we loved every minute of this tour. We saw so many things we would have never seen if we were walking on foot. A very memorable experience and our juice, Jennifer was very knowledgeable and was a wonderful ambassador for the city of Venice. Don’t think about it any more, book this experience now!!

Know before you book

Similar tours, premium lagoon excursion: murano glass making, burano & wine tasting, tastes & traditions of venice: food tour with rialto market visit, welcome to venice: walking tour, st mark's basilica & gondola ride.

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Rent a boat in Venice with or without a skipper

  • Boat rental
  • Yacht charter in Italy

Charter Motorboat Ranieri Azzurra Venice

Ranieri - Azzurra | 5 people  (2015)

From €150 per day.

Charter Motorboat Glastron Laraya 214 Venice

Glastron - Laraya 214 | 7 people  (1990)

From €400 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  Yacht & Co Voyage 18 Venice

Yacht & Co - Voyage 18 | 7 people  (2019)

From €230 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  Sciallino e Patruno Sciallino 20 Venice

Sciallino e Patruno - Sciallino 20 | 5 people  (1996)

From €470 per day.

Charter Sailboat Crosato Sciarelli One Off Venice

Crosato - Sciarelli One Off | 8 people  (1976)

From €429 per day.

Charter Sailboat HANSE 371 Venice

HANSE - 371 | 8 people  (2004)

From €130 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Riva Aquariva 33 Venice

Riva - Aquariva 33 | 6 people  (2013)

From €3,700 per day.

Charter Motorboat CREA BARENA Venice

CREA - BARENA | 6 people  (1999)

From €1,400 per day.

Charter Motorboat Orizzonti Calipso Venice

Orizzonti - Calipso | 6 people  (2023)

From €500 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  Consorzio Cantieristica Minore Veneziana Gozzo Venice

Consorzio Cantieristica Minore Veneziana - Gozzo | 6 people  (2012)

From €300 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  Consorzio Cantieristica Minore Veneziana Topetta Bacan 6 Venice

Consorzio Cantieristica Minore Veneziana - Topetta Bacan 6 | 6 people  (2023)

Charter Motorboat Cantieri longo Moby 25open Venice

Cantieri longo - Moby 25open | 8 people  (2023)

From €990 per day.

Charter Motorboat Regal Commodore 3060 - All inclusive Venice

Regal - Commodore 3060 - All inclusive | 10 people  (2003)

From €600 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  Yacht & Co Voyage 18 Venice

Yacht & Co - Voyage 18 | 7 people  (2015)

Charter Boat without licence  yacht & Co Style 19 Venice

yacht & Co - Style 19 | 7 people  (2015)

From €260 per day.

Charter Motorboat Colombo Super indios 24 Venice

Colombo - Super indios 24 | 6 people  (2001)

From €2,300 per day.

Charter Motorboat Dalla Pieta' Dp 6 Venice

Dalla Pieta' - Dp 6 | 4 people  (1963)

From €800 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  Aprea Lancia Sorrentina Venice

Aprea - Lancia Sorrentina | 4 people  (1960)

From €360 per day, boat rental in venice with nautal.

Once the greatest seaport in medieval Europe, Venice continues to be one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Although still a major seaport, its significance in modern times relates to its artistic and cultural importance. With a Venice boat rental, you can have a traditional Venetian experience by floating down the canals. Known as the City of Canals and La Serenissima, its beauty and allure is famous worldwide.

Venice is surrounded by islands. Even Aeroporto Giovanni Nicell is located on an island, from which you have to take a boat to get to the mainland. With a Nautal boat rental, you don’t have to wait with other travellers. Rather, you can start your nautical adventure right away.

We can guarantee that setting sail in Venice will be a fascinating and culturally enriching experience for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book your boat now with Nautal now!

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Venice?

Many different factors can affect the price of a sailing trip in Venice. Some of these things include the size, capacity and model of the boat, but the season and duration of your sailing journey will also influence the cost and whether or not you want to charter with a skipper. Furthermore, the cost will change significantly depending on which type of boat you're looking for. Below is a list of prices according to boat type:

A Venice sailboat rental costs around €500/ day and €3,500/week in the high season and €288/day and €2,500/week in the low season.

A motorboat rental in Venice costs around €400/day in the high season and €300/day in the low season for 7 people.

A RIB generally costs €250/day.

A catamaran charter in Venice costs between €7,000/week and €3,500/week depending on the boat.

A yacht costs €2,080/day in the high season and €1,660 in the low season.

What is included in the cost?

The cost will cover the usage of your private boat for the duration of your Venetian sailing adventure! The essential safety equipment is included in cost to ensure that you and your guests have a secure and worry-free trip.

Fuel generally requires an extra payment and depends on the boat you choose and length of your journey. Each boat may include different additional services and extras which may alter the price. We always recommend contacting the boat owner if you have any questions.

What are the mooring fees?

The mooring fees in Venice can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the boat, the time of year, and the location of the mooring. Generally, the cost of mooring a boat in Venice can range from around €50 to €200 per night.

Can you rent a boat in Venice with or without a skipper?

You can get a boat rental with or without a skipper. However, you must have the appropriate licence to hire without one, or choose a vessel that does not require a licence.

Opting for a boat rental with a skipper can provide numerous benefits for your sailing adventure. The skipper's expertise and knowledge of the local waters can make all the difference in your experience. With their technical skills, the skipper can handle all the necessary technicalities involved in sailing such as docking and mooring. This frees you up to fully enjoy your vacation, relax and take in the stunning scenery of the Grand Canal!

Hiring a boat with a skipper is perfect for those with little sailing experience. However, if you have experience and the correct boating licence, when you charter a boat in Venice without a skipper it can be an excellent opportunity for adventure and exploration, as you can plan your own itinerary.

What weather and sailing conditions are typical during a yacht charter in Venice?

The weather you can expect when you sail around Venice is subject to significant seasonal variation. However, usually, the hottest months are July and August, when the temperature averages at around 75°F (around 24°C) and the coldest month is January when the temperature averages at about 38°C (approximately 3.5°C).

Venice's wettest month is October, which receives around 2.9 inches (7.4 cm) of rain, and the driest month is January, which receives just 1.5 inches (3.8 cm). It should be noted that aside from the rainfall, Venice usually experiences severe floods between October and January. Although this isn't necessarily a problem during a Venetian boating holiday, you may be unable to visit everything you want to while there.

When is the best time to rent a boat in Venice?

Although you can go boating in Venice throughout the year, we recommend going during April, May or September. During August, the weather will probably be too hot for most tourists, and it's not permitted to swim in most areas, so it won't be that easy to cool down. Even most of the locals leave in August for this reason. In winter, you will avoid crowds and have more favourable temperatures, but the risk of flooding also increases.

If you want your visit to coincide with Carnival, plan your Venice boat rental for the end of February until the beginning of April so you can join in with the parties and witness the spectacle from your boat.

What to do during your nautical adventure in Venice?

There are many things that you should make sure you see and do when you rent a boat in Venice, but let's start with the obvious. Head to San Marco to explore the heart of this area. St Mark's Basilica, located inside St Mark's Square, is always a treat.

You should also take full advantage of a boat hire in Venice by exploring the canals. Depending on the size of your boat, you may be able to sail underneath the Rialto Bridge, but even if this is not possible, you will love cruising down the Canale Grande, which passes from one side of Venice to the other. The banks of this iconic canal are lined with spectacular buildings dating back to the 13th century.

Venice also has many offshore islands, perfect for visiting as a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. Venice Lido is fantastic for this purpose, with a much calmer, more laid-back atmosphere than central Venice while still having a full range of services, such as shops and restaurants. Other quieter islands to visit include Torcello Island and San Giorgio Maggiore.

Of course, another reason why people go to Venice is to ride through the canals on a gondola. One of the more romantic options for your trip, we recommend this as it is a truly authentic experience that wouldn't be the same anywhere else.

What are the best sailing areas and ports for a Venice yacht charter?

Many marinas make great places to dock when you charter a yacht in Venice, but our top 3, which offer a full range of services, are:

  • Marina di Lio Grande
  • Vento di Venezia
  • San Giorgio Maggiore Marina

If you opt for a yacht rental, you have even more options where you can drop your anchor for the night. Some of these include:

  • Venice Yacht Pier
  • Venice Yacht Pier Banchina Adriática
  • Venice Yacht Pier Punta Della Salute
  • Venice Yacht Pier Riva San Biagio
  • Venice Yacht Pier Riva Dei Sette Martiri

When it comes to sailing in Venice, there are plenty of nearby areas to explore and discover. The Sile River, for instance, is a beautiful location to set sail and enjoy the scenery.

As you navigate through the Sile River, you'll be surrounded by lush greenery and serene waters, making for an incredibly peaceful experience.

If you're looking for a more adventurous sailing experience, you can venture out into Venice Lagoon. This vast body of water offers plenty of space to explore, and you can even visit some of the islands scattered throughout the lagoon. From the colorful houses of Burano to the tranquil nature of Torcello, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

How to get to your Venice boat charter?

Depending on where you're coming from, many potential routes and travel methods exist. Of course, coming from abroad, the easiest way to reach this stunning city is to fly to Marco Polo Airport. You can get a bus or boat from here into the main town.

In addition, you can get direct flights to this airport from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, and London in the UK, Ireland, Canada, and the USA, as well as many other destinations across Europe.

However, you can take a train to Santa Lucia Train Station or a bus if you are okay with a slightly longer journey. If you're feeling especially daring, start your boat rental a little earlier than planned and sail from Slovenia or Croatia.

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In Venice, privately owned boats are available for charter. See other boats in the area.

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Are you interested in other boats besides boat in Venice? Search for other boats to charter on our website


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Venice boat tours

Here you will find many ideas for your boat trips in Venice and the surrounding areas, including itineraries in the Venice lagoon and on the islands of Venice by boat and along the Brenta Riviera on board the burchiello .

motorboat in venice

Tours and Experiences

Full-day tour to murano, burano and torcello from st mark's area.

Duration: aprox. 7 hours

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Hop-on hop-off boat tour of Venice and the islands of the lagoon

Hop-on hop-off boat tour of Venice and the Lagoon Islands: 6/24/48 h tickets+ audio guides and visit to a Murano glass factory

Duration: 6, 24 or 48 hours

last second bookings

ideal for families

Motorboat transfer to Venice from Jesolo

Motorboat Daily Transfer from Jesolo-Punta Sabbioni to Venice-San Marco (Round-Trip Ticket)

Duration: approximately 30 minutes each way

motorboat in venice

Half-day tour to Murano and Burano islands from Jesolo-Punta Sabbioni

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore at sunset

Sunset boat tour with aperitif & visit Venice by night from Jesolo-Punta Sabbioni

Duration: approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes

motorboat in venice

Half-day afternoon tour to Murano and Burano islands from St Mark's area

motorboat in venice

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Prosecco Hills

Venetian villas.

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motorboat in venice

The Vintage Boat Collection

Tours with historic motorboats for all kinds of events and adventure trips in the lagoon. Listen to stories about Venice from your experienced captain, who will drive you safely on your  vintage boat  through the lagoon.

Select a Boat & Book your Tour



Originally used as an Admiral’s launch, this ship was built in England in 1894..    Up to 12          From 1894 HYBRID ENGINE Lady Betty



This gorgeous motorboat, built in 1938 in Sweden and designed by Carl Gustav Pettersson..    Up to 8          From 1938 Sweet Molly



The name Riva says it all in motorboat sophistication and prestige. This boat built in 1958..    Seats 4 + Driver          From 1958 Chiara



Built by one of Italy’s leading shipyards, Cantiere di Pisa, after a design by the renowned architect..    Up to 12          From 1968 Jandona


A one of a kind boat from Riva built in 1972. This boat offers a sporty opportunity to have fun in the..    Persons: 3 + Driver          From 1972 San Mauro



This beautiful motorboat was built in the early 1980s in Venice by Cantiere di Crea as a guest..    Up to 8          From 1980 Fata Buona


The Riva Bravo 38 speciale was one of the most successful boats Riva built in the 1980’s..    Persons: 10 + Driver          From 1980 Janira



This beautiful all wooden fishing trawler, was built in 1978 in Bordeaux, France..    Up to 20          From 1978 Nobody's Perfect


This beautiful Venetian motorboat, built in 1968 in Venice and designed and built by The Oscar Shipyard..    Up to 11          From 1968 La Trota


This unique craft was specially commissioned in 1992 from the Hacker Boat Company as a replica..    Up to 8          From 1992 Tender to Talitha G

Built by one of Italy’s leading shipyards, Cantiere di Pisa, after a design by the renowned..    Up to 12          From 1968 Jandona

A one of a kind boat from Riva built in 1972. This boat offers a sporty opportunity to have fun..    Persons: 3 + Driver          From 1972 San Mauro



Traditional vintage boats

On April 1st, we start the 2023 season with our new line Classic Boats Venice – Vintage Selection: for all who prefer a guided tour we offer our range of classic, historic motorboats (some with electric motors) for all kinds of events and adventure trips in the lagoon. While you enjoy the stories from your experienced captain, he safely drives your  vintage boat  through the lagoon.

Each tour program has been carefully planned. Every tour route through the lagoon, has been dedicated to a specific theme. These themes include “culture and history”, “nature of the lagoon” and “culinary experience”.

Regardless of all the details, our priority will always stay the same:  turning our customer’s day into an unforgettable one. We hope to put a smile on your face whenever you remember your trip in Venice.

Pick-up points

Guests who rent tour with driver can be picked up at 3 locations as indicated on the map attached (This service is not for electric boat clients.)

Got a question?

[email protected]  /  +39 041 5236720

Custom Itineraries

We always try to accommodate all customer’s requests. (if possible, by the official regulations and the navigability of the waterways in the lagoon). We are open to any requests to alter the route. Within our time limit this will not change any costs.

We also offer to start and finish the tours on one of the hotel islands outside Venice.

Explore the most beautiful lagoon of Venice its hidden spots and secret beauties with classical handcrafted boats!

Telephone: +39 041 5236720

Email: [email protected]

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Yacht charter in Venice · Yacht&co — Atlantic 20 (2011)

  ( 17 reviews )

Description of Andrea's motorboat

Motorboat yacht&co atlantic 20 115hp.

Rent this fun and sporty Atlantic 20 motor boat with which to sail in the splendid Venice lagoon, admire the islands of Murano, Burano, and discover the natural oases in total freedom. You will also reach Lido di Jesolo and its beaches in a very short time. This motor boat is equipped with a large bow and stern sundeck with cushions, a comfortable driving seat with central console and another stern seat from which to admire the landscape. You will also find a sun awning that will protect you during the hottest hours of the day, depth sounder, GPS, fresh water shower on the deck, icebox and bluetooth stereo system to listen to your favorite music! Upon departure, a welcome gift will await you. Its latest generation 115 hp outboard engine will allow you to drive the boat in complete safety it is necessary to have a boat license. The cost of fuel is excluded from the price. For more information, I await your messages on ClickandBoat!

Equipment available on the motorboat

Services provided by andrea.

Add dates for prices


Overall rating


Andrea's boat was excellent. He did a great job giving us an introduction to the unique navigation rules around Venice. We used the boat to have a great trip out to the colorful Burano and Torcello cathedral.

Great people great guy great assistant

Andrea is absolutely fantastic! He is a lovely person and very professional. He knows the area like the back of his hand. We highly recommend him and his beautiful boat. See you soon Love Ruth

Everything as in the offer. Communication with the boat owners Really fine, they gave us a lot of useful hints how to navigate in the channels and we got some info about nice places to make swim stops etc. If i will be here again i will rent the boat from Andrea and his team for Sure!

Fantastic Team. The boat was clean and comfortable. They give us a map and showed how to navigate in Venice channels ! That was very helpful and made our day! The boat engine was brand new and powerful. My best recommendations for Andrea and his team! Great Job!.

Offered by Andrea

  ( 210 reviews )

Location of the motorboat: Punta Fusina, Venice

Check-in & Check-out

Cancellation policy, check availability of similar boats, motorboat abbate primatist 23 200hp (2000), from €350 per day, motoscafo glastron (1990), from €400 per day, motorboat jeanneau 19 115hp (2002), motorboat open 950 100hp (2015).

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13 BEST Boat Tours in Venice, Italy [2024]

By: Author Stefania Guglielmi

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Looking for amazing boat tours in Venice? I bring you a list of the most enjoyable experiences, from leisure gondola rides to cultural trips and even boat photo shoots. Check them out!

Welcome to the enchanting city of Venice, a maze of waterways, islands, and exquisite bridges. Nestled in the heart of Italy’s Veneto region, it’s a city unlike any other, built on a network of 118 islands connected by canals.

On land, every corner greets you with charm and beauty as you get lost in its narrow alleys and promenades.

Even I, born and raised in Bologna, just a couple of hours south of Venice, find the city absolutely fascinating . Venice can be overcrowded and have issues with flooding, but it has a special place in my heart.

In Venice, forget cars and buses. You can choose a regular Venice tour , or get around on your own by walking and by ferry, but I highly recommend going on a boat tour as well. I mean, what better way to explore Venice than from the water?

Picture yourself gliding along the canals and under historic bridges on a traditional gondola… You’ll feel transported to a different time!

Not into a romantic gondola ride ? No problem. You can also find Grand Canal boat tours , catamaran rides, boat tours to Murano and Burano, and amazing sunset cruises .

Private boat taxi navigating in the Grand Canal in Venice

In this article, you’ll find my careful selection of boat tours in Venice. You can trust I’ve only picked the most outstanding options, so read on!

I generally use Viator and Get Your Guide to book tours around the world. I especially recommend them for their great cancellation policy. If you need to change your plans, you can cancel most activities up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund. 

Limited time? These are the top tours

OUR PICK: The BEST Boat Tour in Venice, Italy

The Venice: Boat Tour with Grand Canal and San Giorgio Maggiore is our top choice. This 2-hour boat experience will have you gliding past the most iconic churches and palaces of the city. You’ll also cruise under its enchanting bridges, which are architectonic wonders.

St. Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, and the Fish Market are some of the sights you’ll get to take in. All the while, your guide will provide insightful commentary about the landmarks.

Cruise along the Grand Canal, Venice’s most famous waterway, and head to the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, an off-the-beaten-path gem. You’ll visit its beautiful basilica, and go up the bell tower to check out the views.

Why is this the best tour? It takes you along the Grand Canal, an unmissable route on any boat tour, enabling you to check out all the highlights of Venice. But on top of that, you’ll be taken to one of the beautiful islands that’s rarely visited by tourists.

It’s the perfect tour to combine popular attractions with local secrets. And we didn’t even get started with the views you’ll see!

Read what the reviews say

“What a wonderful experience. Our local guide Francesca was engaging, informative and shared insight on life in Venice. Views from San Giorgio were spectacular, truly memorable. The motor cruise through the Grand Canal was very special, particularly with commentary and anecdotes.” Nina – Read more reviews

This tour includes : A speedboat, entrance ticket, headsets, and a guide. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Grand Canal Boat Tour

This Grand Canal Boat Tour is the classic Venetian experience with a twist. You’ll board a modern, fancy motorboat and escape the busy streets to enjoy a relaxing cruise down the Grand Canal. 

Pass by many Patrician homes, luxurious buildings, and several landmarks as you glide along the waterfront. Make sure to keep an eye out for the astounding Rialto Bridge!

This Grand Canal tour in Venice includes : Boat ride, and a hostess. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Murano and Burano Boat Tours

▶️ Venture to the striking Venetian islands as you sail across the lagoon on this Murano, Burano, Torcello Island & Glass Factory Tour . 

Prepare to be dazzled as you step into the world of Murano’s glassworks during a factory tour, and witness skilled artisans in action. Then, immerse yourself in the vibrant hues and lacework of Burano’s charming streets, indulging in local delights along the way!

Lastly, transport yourself back in time on Torcello, known for its Venetian-Byzantine mosaics.

This Venice boat tour to the islands includes : Boat ride, glass factory visit, and free time in Burano and Torcello. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Lookoing for a different option? Hop on a Private Excursion by Typical Venetian Motorboat to Murano, Burano and Torcello . Explore the lagoon’s most captivating islands with your group and a professional guide.

Marvel at the skillful artistry of Murano’s glass masters, and prepare to be captivated by the Duomo di Murano Santi Maria e Donato. Then, delve into the colorful world of Burano with its paintings, lacework, and biscuits.

Finally, wander through the serene remnants of Venice’s ancient settlement on Torcello. This island is one of the earliest sanctuaries for refugees fleeing from invasion.

Since you’ll be riding on a private boat in Venice, the itinerary is fully customizable.

This boat to Murano and Burano includes : A private boat trip, a guide, and hotel pick-up. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

➤ Looking for more Murano and Burano boat tours ? I’ve written an entire post about it . Check it out!

Private Boat Tours in Venice

▶️ Join this Private Canal Cruise: 2-Hour Grand Canal and Secret Canals Boat Ride to glide along the city’s gorgeous waterways. 

You’ll pass by Venice’s different districts, and explore the lesser-known areas of Cannaregio, the Jewish Ghetto, and Dorsoduro.

While your guide provides insights into Venice’s history, legends, and culture, you’ll glide on the lesser-known canals. End your tour along the spectacular Grand Canal, marveling at the Rialto Bridge. 

This tour includes : A 2-hour boat ride, a guide, and stops at the Jewish Ghetto and Dorsoduro. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ One of the most spectacular Venice Grand Canal tours ought to be this Private Grand Canal Evening Boat Tour . Set sail on a private water taxi with up to 5 friends to enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Grand Canal and other smaller waterways as the day comes to an end. 

Learn about Venice’s cultural and artistic heritage from your guide as you take in the striking sights all around you. 

Choose between a 1 or 2-hour ride and enjoy personalized attention. A delightful evening awaits on this exclusive water taxi adventure!

This tour includes : A private boat, and a guide. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ This Private Grand Canal Boat Tour and Murano Glass Experience is a great combo tour. It blends the allure of one of Venice’s major canals with the artistic marvels of Murano.

Glide along the Grand Canal and other smaller waterways, catching glimpses of the majestic palazzos and bridges. Your knowledgeable guide will unveil tales of the floating city as you drift along its main roads.  

Cross the Venetian lagoon to Murano, where you’ll disembark for some land explorations. Witness a captivating glassblowing spectacle at a renowned glass factory, and get to admire the finished pieces on the shop.

This tour includes : A private boat ride, hotel pick-up, a guide, and a glass factory visit. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

A Classic Gondola Ride in Venice

▶️ With a Grand Canal Gondola Ride with App Commentary you’ll glide along Venice’s canals as your knowledgeable host (AKA: your phone!) shares fascinating insights through an in-app commentary.

Admire iconic landmarks like the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, and the Salute Church. Besides, you’ll get to uncover secret canals that are only accessible by gondola!

Spot the renowned La Fenice Theatre and Mozart House, and end your journey with views of San Giorgio Island in the majestic Saint Mark’s Basin. Experience Venice’s charm in the best possible way, with the bonus of app-guided insights!

This Venice Gondola tour includes : Gondola ride, in-app commentary, and an introductory walk. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Take a Private Bridge of Sighs Gondola Ride to be awestruck by the wonders of the city’s historic center. Navigate through picturesque waterways, and pass iconic landmarks like the Bridge of Sighs and Rio di Santa Maria Formosa.

Since it’s a private tour, you’ll get to choose between a short route or an extended adventure, gliding along the majestic Grand Canal. The gondola ride can accommodate up to 5 passengers, so it’s ideal for families!  

This tour includes : A 30-minute Gondola ride. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Venice Sunset Cruises

▶️ Set sail on a 2-hour Sunset Gondola Ride in Venice by Typical Venetian Boat . You’ll cruise across the enchanting lagoon, passing by the historic buildings that surround it with a small group.

Immerse in the beauty of Venice Lido, San Clemente Le Grazie, and other remote islands. The sights are even more magnificent as the sun basks everything in a golden light. Toast to the experience with a half bottle of Prosecco onboard your traditional boat. 

This tour includes : Sunset boat ride, half a bottle of Prosecco, a guide, and soft drinks on request. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Spice up your evening with a delightful Venice: Catamaran Sunset Jazz Cruise with Aperitivo . Experience the alluring charm of Venice as you glide through the canals during sunset. Sail along the Bay of San Marco, and down the Giudecca Channel.

Sip on a refreshing spritz or Prosecco (or both!) and listen to soothing jazz melodies from a live saxophonist, as the colors in the sky change and Venice’s waterfront lit up. 

Pair your two drinks, which include beer and cocktails as well, with Cicchetti, the classic Venetian appetizers.

This tour includes : Catamaran cruise, live music, Cicchetti, and 2 drinks. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Venice Dinner Cruise on a Galleon

Get ready for a magical candlelit Venetian Lagoon Tour and Galleon Dinner . Indulge in the chef’s exquisite creations, paired with wine and a glass of Prosecco.

As you dine, you’ll get to admire the San Marco Square from the water, and traverse the picturesque islands of Murano and Burano. 

Plus, you’ll be surely captivated by the lesser-known islands of Sant’Erasmo and San Francesco del Deserto you’ll cruise past.

Take in the panoramic views from the vessel’s windows, sitting comfortably as you sip on your drinks. The exclusive experience also offers the chance to disembark at the Museo Navale.

This tour includes : Boat ride, dinner, wine, and coffee. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Catamaran Cruise in Venice

Step aboard a catamaran and let Venice captivate you on this Lagoon Catamaran Cruise with Music and Drinks . Sip on a refreshing spritz or Prosecco while admiring the city’s skyline, and get ready to explore the Venetian lagoon. 

You’ll sail past the Sant’Elena island, the Giardini della Biennale, and the iconic San Marco. Plus, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Canale di Giudecca before it’s time to venture across to the enchanting Lido.

With comfortable seats, soothing music, and great views, this cruise promises a blend of relaxation and discovery.

This tour includes : Catamaran ride, and drinks (if the option is selected at check out). ➥ BOOK IT HERE

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Stefania Guglielmi is the founder of Every Steph. Originally from Bologna, Italy, she's been traveling full-time since 2016 and has visited over 50 countries across 6 continents. She believes sustainable travel and luxury travel can go hand in hand and has been advocating for responsible tourism since 2014. Stefania's advice and travel experiences have been featured in important publications such as Business Insider, Refinery29, and Yahoo Money.

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Venice Boat Tours

Grand Canal Shared Gondola Ride with Commentary

Venice Boat Rides: A Unique Way to Explore the Floating City

Venice is a city built on water, renowned for its stunning canals and bridges, as well as its romantic gondolas. If you're visiting Venice, one of the best ways to experience the city's waterways is through a Venice boat tour. Whether you're interested in a short 30-minute ride or a full-day tour, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this article, we'll cover some of the popular Venice boat rides, as well as tips for planning your own adventure on the water.

Gondola Rides

A traditional gondola ride is a must-see for anyone visiting Venice. Gondolas are the most romantic and intimate way to experience the canals, and expert gondoliers will take you on a journey passed some of the city's most famous landmarks, such as the Rialto Bridge and the beautiful villas along the Grand Canal. While gondola rides can be expensive, it's worth it for the experience. For a more budget-friendly option, consider sharing a gondola ride with a small group of travelers.

Water Taxi Rides

If you're looking for a faster way to navigate Venice's waterways, a water taxi may be the best boat for you. Water taxis are similar to traditional gondolas but can accommodate more people and travel at a faster speed. They can be especially convenient if you need to get to or from Marco Polo Airport, the train station or any other location in Venice.

Vaporetto Rides

Another popular way to experience Venice's waterways is through a vaporetto ride. Vaporettos are water buses that take visitors on a tour of the city's canals. They are an affordable and convenient way to explore Venice, as they have numerous stops throughout the city. The vaporetto is also a great way to reach nearby islands such as Burano and the Venetian Lagoon.

Popular Routes for Venice Boat Rides

The most famous route for Venice boat rides is the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal is the city's main waterway and is lined with some of the city's most beautiful architecture. It's a great way to see the city from a different perspective and soak up the atmosphere of Venice. Another popular route is through the smaller canals, which allows for a more intimate experience and the chance to witness some of the city's hidden gems.

  • Take walking tours to explore Venice's city rich in attractions and learn fun facts and stories from expert guides.
  • Visit Venice's popular tours like Burano Island, Riva degli Schiavoni, and Brenta Riviera for panoramic views and traditional Venetian boat experiences.
  • Choose full day tours or day trips that combine several Venice experiences in one package with free cancellation and audio guides.
  • Skip the crowds and opt for quiet, nature-filled areas accessible by foot or sailing on a speedboat.
  • If you have only 2-6 hours to spare, select from a variety of 1 to 4-hour tours that cover the best places and sights.
  • Take a gondola making tour and talk to the expert gondolier to learn about the Italian world of sailing and the art of gondola making.
  • Get the best prices for admission to museums, galleries, and other attractions by purchasing passes directly from the provider or Viator.
  • Start your day with a morning stroll and a cup of coffee at one of Venice's excellent restaurants or board an authentic Venetian boat to enjoy the view.
  • For kids, there are tons of enjoyable Venetian experiences that combine sightseeing with learning about Venetian legends and artwork appreciation.
  • Follow us for updated information on Covid-19 measures, published schedules, and the best time to plan your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best private boat tours in venice.

The best private boat tours in Venice include a private gondola ride along the Grand Canal , a 3-hour private boat tour and walking tour of Murano Island , and a half-day lagoon trip to both Murano and Burano islands . These tours offer unique experiences and allow you to explore Venice's canals and nearby islands in a personalized and exclusive manner.

What is a Venetian Lagoon Tour and Galleon Dinner?

A Venetian Lagoon Tour and Galleon Dinner is a unique experience in Venice that combines a boat tour of the Venetian Lagoon with a dinner cruise on a historic galleon. This dinner cruise is an excellent way to experience the beauty of Venice from the water while enjoying a delicious meal. You will sail around the lagoon and see stunning views of the city, including St. Mark's Square and the Doge's Palace, while enjoying a gourmet dinner on board the galleon. It's an unforgettable experience that you won't want to miss during your visit to Venice.

What is a private excursion by motorboat to the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello?

A private excursion by motorboat to the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello is a popular tour in Venice that allows you to explore three of the city's most famous islands. The tour typically starts with a visit to Murano, which is famous for its glass-making tradition. Here, you'll have a chance to watch master glassblowers at work and visit shops selling beautiful glassware. Next, the tour will take you to Burano, a picturesque island known for its colorful houses and lace-making tradition. You'll have time to explore the island's charming streets and canals and perhaps even visit a lace-making workshop. Finally, the tour will take you to Torcello, the oldest of the three islands, which is home to a stunning Byzantine cathedral and other historic landmarks. A private excursion by motorboat allows you to see these islands at your own pace and enjoy a personalized experience with a knowledgeable guide.

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Gran Turismo Motorboat

The “Gran Turismo” boats are the best solution for transfers for small or large groups in Venice and through the Venetian Lagoon.

Thanks to their capacity from 20 to 100 passengers, our Gran Turismo motorlaunches are the perfect way to reach Venice from the main City Terminals or viceversa and to travel through the city in a very comfortable and functional way with a private mean of transport. 

Select one of the following routes.

If you can’t find the route you’re interested in, please contact our operative call center: we can offer many different personalized solutions. 


  • Remember to point out if the passengers have particular needs or requests (e.g. difficulty of access, disabled persons with restricted mobility..) at the moment of the booking .
  • The price of the transfer changes depending on the number of the passengers and on the time slot.
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motorboat in venice

Earlier this year, the coastal city, known for it's lagoon, hand-blown glass and close proximity to the heart of Italy's popular Prosecco region, announced a new reservation system that would charge day trippers 5 euros to enter and enjoy Venice.

With nearly 40,000 visitors on average per day -- nearly double the city's population -- local authorities hope this move will help protect the UNESCO World Heritage Site from the influx of tourists.

Starting Thursday, travelers can download an app to pay and attain a QR code, which will be checked by inspectors to enter the city as a visitor. If someone traveling for the day in Venice is caught without the code, they may face a fine of up to 300 euros.

PHOTO: Tourists on Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy, March 15, 2024.

"It is not a revolution, but the first step of a path that regulates the access of daily visitors. An experiment that aims to improve the liveability of the city, who lives there and who works there. We will carry it forward with great humility and with the awareness that there may be problems," Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said in a statement on X regarding the announcement.

"The margins of error are wide, but we are ready, with humility and courage, to make all the changes that will serve to improve the procedure. Venice is the first city in the world to implement this path, which can be an example for other fragile and delicate cities that must be safeguarded," he continued.

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Simone Venturini, Venice city councilor for tourism, told ABC News that the smart control center is within the most important part of the city -- Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark's Square.

"Authorities will use the new QR codes, plus cell phone data and the roughly 700 cameras around Venice to track and potentially regulate visitors," he explained. "We are switching to action after 60 years of only debate... our ultimate goal is to find a new balance between the needs of the residents and the needs of tourists."

Venturini told ABC News local officials had "a lot of discussion" with leaders in other cities who have worked to combat overtourism, including Amsterdam, Barcelona and Kyoto.

"We are talking together just to find the solution," he said.

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Venice Tests a 5-Euro Entry Fee for Day-Trippers as the Italian City Grapples With Overtourism

The fragile lagoon city of Venice has launched a pilot program to charge day-trippers a 5-euro or $5.35 entry fee that authorities hope will discourage visitors from arriving on peak days and make the city more livable for its dwindling residents

Luca Bruno

Stewards check tourists QR code access outside the main train station in Venice, Italy, Thursday, April 25, 2024. The fragile lagoon city of Venice begins a pilot program Thursday to charge daytrippers a 5 euro entry fee that authorities hope will discourage tourists from arriving on peak days. The daytripper tax is being tested on 29 days through July, mostly weekends and holidays starting with Italy's Liberation Day holiday Thursday. Officials expect some 10,000 people will pay the fee to access the city on the first day, downloading a QR code to prove their payment, while another 70,000 will receive exceptions, for example, because they work in Venice or live in the Veneto region. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

VENICE, Italy (AP) — Under the gaze of the world’s media, the fragile lagoon city of Venice launched a pilot program Thursday to charge day-trippers a 5-euro ($5.35) entry fee that authorities hope will discourage visitors from arriving on peak days and make the city more livable for its dwindling residents.

Visitors arriving at Venice's main train station were greeted with large signs listing the 29 dates through July of the plan's test phase that also designated separate entrances for tourists, and residents, students and workers.

“We need to find a new balance between the tourists and residents,’’ said Simone Venturini, the city’s top tourism official. “We need to safeguard the spaces of the residents, of course, and we need to discourage the arrival of day-trippers on some particular days.”

Not all residents, however, are persuaded of the efficacy of the new system in dissuading mass tourism , insisting that only a resurgence in the population will restore balance to a city where narrow alleyways and water buses are often clogged with tourists.

Hundreds of Venetians protested against the program, marching festively though the city's main bus terminal behind banners reading “No to Tickets, Yes to Services and Housing.” Protesters scuffled briefly with police with riot gear who blocked them from entering the city, before changing course and entering over another bridge escorted by plainclothes police officers. The demonstration wrapped up peacefully in a piazza.

Tourists arriving at the main station encountered almost as many journalists as stewards on hand to politely guide anyone unaware of the new requirements through the process of downloading the QR code to pay the fee.

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A Deori tribal woman shows the indelible ink mark on her finger after casting her vote during the first round of polling of India's national election in Jorhat, India, Friday, April 19, 2024. Nearly 970 million voters will elect 543 members for the lower house of Parliament for five years, during staggered elections that will run until June 1. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

Arianna Cecilia, a tourist from Rome visiting Venice for the first time, said she thought it was “strange” to have to pay to enter a city in her native country, and be funneled through separate entrance ways for tourists. She and her boyfriend were staying in nearby Treviso, and so downloaded the QR code as required. But she was still caught off-guard while soaking in her first view ever of Venice's canals by the sight of the entrance signs and her boyfriend telling her to get out the ticket.

On the other side of the entrance ways, workers in yellow vests carried out random checks at the train station. Transgressors face fines of 50 to 300 euros ($53 to $320), but officials said “common sense” was being applied for the launch.

The requirement applies only for people arriving between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Outside of those hours, access is free and unchecked.

Venice has long suffered under the pressure of overtourism, and officials hope that the pilot project can help provide more exact figures to better manage the phenomenon.

The city can track the number of hotel visitors, which last year numbered 4.6 million and is down 16% from pre-pandemic highs. But the number of day visitors, which make up the majority of the crowds in Venice, could only be estimated until recently.

A Smart Control Room set up during the pandemic has been tracking arrivals from cellphone data, roughly confirming pre-pandemic estimates of 25 million to 30 million arrivals a year, said Michele Zuin, the city’s top economic official. That includes both day-trippers and overnight guests.

But Zuin said the data is incomplete.

“It’s clear we will get more reliable data from the contribution” being paid by day-trippers, he said.

Venturini said the city is strained when the number of day-trippers reaches 30,000 to 40,000. On peak days, local police set up one-way traffic for pedestrians to keep the crowds moving.

Residents opposing the day-tripper tax insist that the solution to Venice's woes are to boost the resident population and the services they need, limiting short-term rentals to make available more housing and attract families back from the mainland.

Last year, Venice passed a telling milestone when the number of tourist beds exceeded for the first time the number of official residents, which is now below 50,000 in the historic center with its picturesque canals.

“Putting a ticket to enter a city will not decrease not even by one single unit the number of visitors that are coming,’’ said Tommaso Cacciari, an activist who organized a protest Thursday against the measure.

“You pay a ticket to take the metro, to go to a museum, an amusement park. You don’t pay a ticket to enter a city. This is the last symbolic step of a project of an idea of this municipal administration to kick residents out of Venice,” he said.

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro declared the launch day, coinciding with an Italian holiday, a success, registering 15,700 paying visitors, 50% more than anticipated.

More than 97,000 others had downloaded a QR code denoting an exemption, including to work in Venice or as a resident of the Veneto region. Hotels in Venice, including in mainland districts like Marghera or Mestre, provided a QR code for visitors to attest to their stay, which includes a hotel tax — accounting for 40,000 of those.

Venturini, the tourist official, said that interest in Venice’s pilot program has been keen from other places suffering from mass tourism, including other Italian art cities, and municipalities abroad such as Barcelona, Spain, and Amsterdam.

But Marina Rodino, who has lived in Venice for 30 years, doesn't see the fee as the cure-all. Neighboring apartments in her residential building near the famed Rialto Bridge once inhabited by families are now short-term apartment rentals.

The corner butcher shop closed. Yet she noted that the new entrance fee requirement will still allow young people to flood the city in the evening for the traditional aperitivo, which can grow rowdy.

She was passing out mock European Union passports for “Venice, Open City,” underlining the irony of the new system, and challenging its legal standing with citations from the Italian Constitution guaranteeing its citizens the right to “move or reside freely in any part of the national territory."

“This is not a natural oasis. This is not a museum. It is not Pompeii. It is a city, where we need to fight so the houses are inhabited by families, and stores reopen. That is what would counter this wild tourism,’’ Rodino said.

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motorboat in venice

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  4. Motorboat on the Grand Canal in Venice Editorial Photography

    motorboat in venice


    motorboat in venice


    motorboat in venice


  1. Boats in Venice. You recognise the watercrafts on the canal?

    The boats in Venice are many, and Canal Grande is the main exhibition of all the different types you can find in the lagoon city. They are long, short, big, small, with a motor, or with single or double oars. The intense traffic would correspond to the Boulevard or central avenue of any other, dryer city. The tourists ride the Vaporetto, they ...

  2. Venice boats: Nine ways to ride a boat in Venice

    A historic Topetta. A topetta is a historic Venetian wooden boat, though these days it usually has a motor attached. It holds up to 6 people and is what the locals use to get around and to transport goods. If you'd like to book a private boat tour in Venice that is longer than a 40 minute gondola ride and more reasonably priced, you should ...

  3. Venice, Italy

    It must be a really difficult job. 15. Hearse Boats in Venice. And when the time comes to leave it all behind, the last journey of the people of Venice is, once again, by boat. The hearse boat takes them one last time to church and then across to the island of San Michele, where Venice's cemetery is.

  4. Classic Boats Venice

    Classic Boats Venice offers a one-of-a-kind boat rental in Venice for guests trying to see the hidden beauty. Skip to content. Home; About Us; Our Boats. ... This beautiful Venetian motorboat, built in 1968 in Venice and designed and built by The Oscar Shipyard.. Up to 11 From 1968 La Trota.

  5. Venice Grand Canal by motorboat & Basilica San Giorgio Maggiore

    Small-group tour size limited to four people. 2-hour luxury motorboat tour of Grand Canal in Venice, plus Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore. Ride through the gorgeous Grand Canal in a sleek motorboat with a knowledgeable driver. Learn about the famous monuments and buildings alongside the canal from helpful audio commentary.

  6. Small-Group 2-Hour Grand Canal and Secret Canals in Venice 2024

    Book 48h in advance and Discover Venice's hidden gems on a 2-hour cruise through the city's secret canals. Watch scenes of daily Venetian life as you glide through the lesser-known neighborhoods of Cannaregio, Dorsoduro and the Jewish Ghetto. A guide will share insight into the city's history, architecture and local legends. For a grand finale, head out into the wider waters of the Grand ...

  7. THE BEST Venice Boat Rentals (Updated 2024)

    from. $266. per group. Reserve. 4. Motorboat rental for 2 hours with optional aperitif in Venice. Boat Rentals. 2 hours. By renting our motorboats you have the opportunity to visit the Venice Lagoon as you prefer.

  8. Venice Lagoon Half-Day Motorboat Cruise with Murano and Burano ...

    4-hour tour to the renowned artisan islands Murano and Burano from Venice. Ride in a motorboat across the scenic Venetian Lagoon. Learn about the rich glassmaking heritage of Murano and watch a live demonstration at a workshop. Enjoy free time to stroll through the island's colorful fisherman's quarters and winding streets at your leisure.

  9. Venice Boat Tour on the Grand Canal

    Here, you'll have the opportunity to climb the bell tower for panoramic views. Your luxury Venice boat tour will cruise the Grand Canal, passing the most important palaces, buildings, and bridges of the city, as well as the smaller back canals where you'll catch glimpses of everyday life. This is our most intimate Venice tour, with only nine ...

  10. La Trota

    Length: 9,10 MT. Year: 1968. Power: 250HP. Aperitivo Basket (on demand) This beautiful Venetian motorboat, built in 1968 in Venice and designed and built by The Oscar Shipyard. This unique boat allows guests to discover the elegance and luxury of Venetian history with our fully restored wooden boat. This one-of-a-kind vessel served as a mode of ...

  11. 2024 Boat rentals in Venice: Charters at the best price

    A Venice sailboat rental costs around €500/ day and €3,500/week in the high season and €288/day and €2,500/week in the low season. Motorboat A motorboat rental in Venice costs around €400/day in the high season and €300/day in the low season for 7 people. RIBS A RIB generally costs €250/day. Catamaran

  12. Yacht charter Venice & Boat rental at the best price

    Motorboat Renting a motorboat in Venice can cost approximately €390 per day during the high season and €300 per day in the low season for 7 people. Catamaran Chartering a catamaran in Venice typically costs from €900 per day and €3,500 per week for 12 people to €1,750 per day and €7,000 per week for 10 people.

  13. Venice Boat Tours Italy

    Choose our Venice boat tours to explore the islands of the Venice lagoon, enjoy an aperitif on board, discover the Brenta Riviera and much more. Book now! Contact us. ... Motorboat Daily Transfer from Jesolo-Punta Sabbioni to Venice-San Marco (Round-Trip Ticket) Duration: approximately 30 minutes each way. 10 reviews. from € 15.00 per person.

  14. Vintage Boats with Driver

    Within our time limit this will not change any costs. We also offer to start and finish the tours on one of the hotel islands outside Venice. Got a question? [email protected] / +39 041 5236720. REQUEST NOW. The vintage boats of CBV offer you a selection of rare timepieces, to discover the beautiful Venice Lagoon.

  15. Charter Yacht&Co Atlantic 20 Motorboat (2011) in Venice

    Motorboat in Venice, available from €330/day. Book in 5 minutes on Click&Boat, the global leading boat rental platform. The yacht belongs to Andrea and can be chartered from €330 per day in Venice. Click&Boat is the leader in yacht charters with more than 50,000 yachts available.

  16. THE TOP 10 Venice Boat Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours (w/Prices)

    Murano, Burano and Torcello Half-Day Sightseeing Tour. 6,852. Visit Torcello, Murano, and Burano—three islands in the Venetian Lagoon—on this tour from Venice by motorboat. With a guide, watch glass being blown at a Murano glass factory, see historical cathedrals on Torcello, and admire exquisite handmade lace on Burano.

  17. 13 BEST Boat Tours in Venice, Italy [2024]

    Murano, Burano, Torcello, and Glass Factory Tour. Duration: 6.5 - 7.5 hours. 4.5 (3749) Powered by GetYourGuide. Join our travel affiliate program. This Venice boat tour to the islands includes: Boat ride, glass factory visit, and free time in Burano and Torcello. BOOK IT HERE.

  18. The BEST Venice Boat Tours & Cruises

    The 37 Best Venice Cruises & Boat Trips: check out availability & reviews of Venice boat tours. Enjoy the Venice during a Boat Tours with a local guide. ... Burano, and Torcello on a private 4-hour tour of the Venice Lagoon by typical motorboat. €420. per group. 657 reviews. More details

  19. Gran Turismo Motorboat

    Gran Turismo Motorboat. The "Gran Turismo" boats are the best solution for transfers for small or large groups in Venice and through the Venetian Lagoon. Thanks to their capacity from 20 to 100 passengers, our Gran Turismo motorlaunches are the perfect way to reach Venice from the main City Terminals or viceversa and to travel through the ...

  20. Motor Boat Rental in Venice

    Venice is an old-time favorite boating destination in Italy, recommended by both locals and tourists who enjoy the thrill of water adventures; motorboat rentals are a great choice if you want to surprise your family or group of friends with a private charter experience. A total of 3 rentals are currently available with or without captain in Venice.

  21. How to drive a motor boat through Venice canals in Venice

    Go on a motor boat in the most secret places of the Venice lagoon. There are some services in Venice where you can rent a motor boat for an hour, a few hours or even a few days. You can take the boat with or without a driver. The boat is open (without cab) and is designed for six - including the driver. You can even have a picnic on it, as the ...

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  23. Venice Grand Canal Small-Group Guided Boat Tour 2024

    Experience the beauty of Venice by boat on this Grand Canal tour of the city built on water. Glide through the placid waters past palaces, churches, gardens, and bridges as you make your way along the iconic waterway. Then journey into some of the minor canals on this luxury motorboat. Bring the magic of these liquid streets to life on a tour that's ideal for lovers, photographers, and ...

  24. Venice implements new access fees for day-trippers: What to know about

    Simone Venturini, Venice city councilor for tourism, told ABC News that the smart control center is within the most important part of the city -- Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark's Square.

  25. Venice Tests a 5-Euro Entry Fee for Day-Trippers as the Italian City

    VENICE, Italy (AP) — Under the gaze of the world's media, the fragile lagoon city of Venice launched a pilot program Thursday to charge day-trippers a 5-euro ($5.35) entry fee that authorities ...