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On Your Team, At Your Service


North certified service.

Sails are a major investment, and North Certified Service experts are committed to helping you maximize their performance and lifespan. Our global network of service lofts puts North Sails service and support within easy reach no matter where you are. Every sail serviced in a North loft undergoes a thorough inspection designed to identify maintenance issues early, so they do not become major problems later on. Find your closest loft and get in touch today.


Our expertise, customized.

With the most experienced team in sailmaking, North Sails is positioned to deliver expert repairs, maintenance, and upgrades in a timely manner. We wrote the North Manufacturing Blue Book, the industry benchmark for quality control, and we adhere to its strict standards for each and every sail that’s repaired in a North loft. Whether you need an emergency repair or annual washing and storage, our North Certified Service team will keep your sails looking their best.


The Blue Book is the most comprehensive documentation of sail construction standards ever written. Our manufacturing and service sites around the globe depend on the Blue Book to build and repair a consistently excellent product. It is our clients’ guarantee of superior quality, durability, and performance in every North sail.


Your local service team is ready to provide you with our signature Certified Service. Get in touch with your local team today to schedule an appointment. You can drop off your sails at any North Sails loft or ship directly to us. Thanks for helping us help you keep your sails in top condition!



North Sails Certified Service Experts will repair your sails overnight. Our Service van is on-site at select events, offering regatta venue pick-up and drop-off. Tears happen, but they shouldn’t leave you without a key piece of race inventory.


An annual inspection of your inventory will aid in extending sail life and maintaining peak performance. Every sail that is serviced by North undergoes a thorough inspection designed to identify maintenance issues early, so they do not become major problems later on.


North Sails proudly offers one year of sail care and repair free with the purchase of a new Cruising, Racing, or One Design sail. This program is honored anywhere in our worldwide network of sales and service locations.



Time for a tune up.

During our comprehensive inspection, the North Sails team will also check if any adjustments could help your sail perform its best. Regardless of what your sail needs, we've got you covered. Your local loft will keep your sails looking best all season long. Get in touch for a pre-season race upgrade or before you dock off for your next cruising adventure.


Sail repair, sail inspection, race upgrades, seasonal sail care, sail washing, get in touch, schedule your service, one year free sail care: terms & conditions.

Valid for one year (12 months) from the ship date. Valid on all boats with a luff length up to 22 meters. Includes all One Design sails. You will automatically be registered for one year (12 months) of free sail care when your new sail is shipped. Normal wear and tear is covered. Includes end of season consultation and sail check by North Sails Certified Service team. Clients are responsible for the transportation of sails to the local North loft.

One Year Free Sail Care does not apply to the following: Overnight Regatta Repair, North downwind sails used for racing, sail washing, shipping or delivery, aftermarket upgrades or retrofitting performance reshaping. If damage to your sail approaches or exceeds its current value, the sail may be deemed not repairable.

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Sail Service and Repair


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We can repair almost anything! From minor repairs to extensive damages, regardless of the brand, Hallett Canvas & Sails will provide repair services that will not only complete the specific repair but will also carefully examine the entire sail or canvas item to ensure quality product before completion. As long as the material in the sail or canvas product is not rotten or unserviceable, we can repair it. For prompt service at reasonable rates, bring your sail in on a Monday with repairs done by the following Friday, just in time for the weekend, even in the busy season!

Winter Service

Sail Winter Service

At our 5000sq. ft. loft, we carefully wash, check, repair, evaluate and store your sails and canvas. In 2011 we added our specially designed wash tank which circulates the cleaning products among the sails and canvas to get a thorough cleaning. After the Canvas and sails soak, they are pulled or removed from the tank, lightly scrubbed, and rinsed. They are then dried, carefully wrapped and stored until your boat is ready for them. Our service has no hidden costs. For the low price we wash your sails or canvas, evaluate the sail or canvas condition, give you an hour of repair labor, and provide storage for the winter.

Sail Re-cuts

Often a sails shape is blown out and baggy, nevertheless the integrity of the cloth is still good. This is common among older Dacron sails. Dacron is great because it will last a long time but it will also eventually stretch over time. We can re-cut the shape of the sail to increase its performance and your ability to trim it properly. We can also re-cut sails that have never trimmed correctly, that were purchased from other lofts. Re-cutting is not just confined to sails. We also alter and correctly fit canvas that is baggy, or too tight.


We can give you a professional evaluation of your sails or canvas. This is standard with winter service to let you know how well your sails or canvas are holding together. This is a FREE service that we provide. We also do evaluations for insurance and brokerage deals.

Rigging Service

At Hallett Canvas & Sails we service many makes of Genoa Furling and Main Furling Units, Main Flaking Systems, Dutchman Systems, Lazy Jack Systems and Strong Tides Systems, just to name a few. We can come to you or you can come to us!


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Hallett Canvas produces the very best cruising sails, racing sails, sailboat canvas, powerboat canvas, commercial canvas and sail rigging products in Maine.


Sail Care Services

What services are you seeking.

Quantum sail lofts worldwide offer a broad array of sail maintenance and repair services to help you get the highest level of performance from your sails year after year. Annual inspections and maintenance not only increase sail performance but help to extend their lifespan—and can eliminate potential disasters later on. All of our work is warranted to be free of defects in construction and technique.

Looking for new sails? Request a quote here .

  • General Sail Care
  • Sail Conversion

From simple tears to complete sail reconstruction, every job receives the same attention to detail and eye to aesthetics. Most sail lofts can repair a tear, but it takes a truly skilled sailmaker to make the repair disappear. All of our service technicians engage the projects as if they were their own, and strive to ensure that repairs are not only structurally sound, but also cosmetically pleasing.

Let our service team help you get more performance out of your older sails. Using Quantum’s proprietary iQ Technology®, our service technicians and designers can evaluate your sail’s existing shape and develop a plan to return the sail to its originally designed profile—thus squeezing more speed and performance out of older sails. Often a relatively simple (and inexpensive) luff curve change can have a profound impact on your sail’s performance.   Learn more about Precision Recuts

The initial sail inspection is the most important service your sailmaker can provide, and Quantum is undeniably the industry leader. Our service technicians are painstakingly trained in the art of inspecting a sail, because it’s not enough to simply identify the needed repairs—we figure out why the sail needs repair and do our best to solve the problem, reducing future repair costs and downtime. At Quantum, we understand that the hardest part of sailmaking isn’t identifying the tear—it’s dissecting why the tear occurred and crafting a response that addresses the symptoms as well as the root problem. When inspecting a sail, we don’t simply look for damage, we leverage our incredible understanding of sail construction to critically evaluate the entire structure. Inspection Checklist

Aside from storing your sails/canvas when they are clean and dry, the single best thing you can do to extend their life is have them serviced on an annual basis. Our service technicians know how to address small problems early on, thus preventing costly future repairs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! All of our service technicians have access to Quantum’s industry-leading standards for sail construction, ensuring that all maintenance performed meets our rigorous requirements.

Allow our skilled staff to take some of the headache (and backache) out of your spring commissioning or fall de-commissioning. Don’t have a car big enough for your entire inventory? We can deliver to your yacht, no problem. Need assistance organizing post-regatta sail management? We can help.

Regular washing of your sails and canvas extends their lifespan and keeps them looking newer for longer. Salt crystals are corrosive and abrasive; if left on your sails and canvas, they will damage the fibers and stitching. Additionally, salt crystals will attract water, thus promoting an environment where mildew can thrive. Unlike some of our competitors, we use a non-agitated washing system, which ensures sails/canvas aren’t damaged during the washing process.

Roller furling sails and laminated sails can, unfortunately, provide the right environment for mildew to grow and prosper. The best option is to always store your sails dry and clean, but if mildew does develop, we can help. Quantum has a variety of options to mitigate mildew; speak with your local loft about which option is best for you and your sails. We also recommend coating mildew-susceptible sails with a hydrophobic solution, which will severely limit or completely eliminate future growth.

With Quantum’s extensive network of sail lofts worldwide, you’re never far from assistance. We offer overnight support to many national and regional regattas—check with your local loft for a schedule. Additionally, we often are able to accommodate last-minute repairs, both same day and overnight.

Our world-class service isn’t limited to just sails. Our expert canvas craftsmen can fix almost any textile product. As master craftsmen, we understand the differences between textile products and can expertly repair all of your yacht’s canvas. And just like our sail repairs, it’s not enough simply to fix the issue—we’ll make sure the item looks good as new once we’re done.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Not only are we industry-leading specialists in marine canvas, but we’ve helped pioneer architectural canvas applications. We only use the highest-quality materials available for our fabrications, ensuring your new dodger/sailcover/awning will look fantastic and stand up to the punishment of the elements. Contact your local Quantum loft for more details on what services are available.

After washing your canvas, we strongly recommend applying an additional waterproofing coat. Quantum service technicians take the extra time needed to hand-apply this product, which allows more product to be absorbed by the canvas, thus providing better coverage.

Installed a new roller furling system for you headsail? We can convert existing hank-on sails to utilize your furling system, including measuring your new system to getting the sail installed once complete.

Got an offshore trip planned? Decided that one reef no longer suffices for your shorthanded sailing? We can help you decide where to install the next reef, and install a new reef that will blend into your sail, appearing to have been installed when the sail was newly built.

By converting from partial- to full-length battens, you can dramatically increase the performance of your mainsail. Additionally, sail handling will be made easier during hoisting and dropping.

If you’ve changed your mast or sail handling systems, we can help ensure your existing sails will work with these new systems. A new sail isn’t always the only option.

Using vertical control lines laced through the sail, Dutchman Systems help owners handle, store and flake their mainsails. We can install Dutchman Systems on new and used mainsails. Not every installation is identical; our service technicians have installed countless systems and understand where to install the control lines for maximum control.

This high-performance, ultra-low friction luff track system was designed to handle the higher demands of full-batten mainsails. These systems can be fitted to almost every existing mast with little difficulty, and without having to un-step the mast.

Setting a spinnaker is easy; it’s the dousing that’s difficult. Spinnaker socks are an economical solution to using spinnakers with a smaller crew. Most customers find that with the sock they use their spinnaker far more often than before.

No longer limited to high-end racing programs, these systems bring the most amount of control to your cruising and racing spinnakers. Similar to a headsail furling system, these spinnaker handling systems furl your spinnaker, allowing for incredible ease of use and greater confidence in flying these sails. We can retrofit these systems to existing sails as well. Contact your local loft for information on complete rigging packages.


To get an estimate, complete this form and our sail care experts will be in touch by the end of the next business day. If you have photos, be sure to attach those as well.

For immediate assistance:

  (888) 773-4889


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Us, too. We pour that passion into each of our newsletters to help you enjoy sailing even more.

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House call Marine, Inc. mobile marine services!

We have extensive mobile mechanic / dockside services available..

We can perform most services exactly where your boat is now, at your house or dry storage facility. We bring our mechanic services directly to you! We provide this higher level of service to you for the same price or less than what you currently pay to have your boat worked on at a traditional shop …

Discover More

Our Services

We service all major brands including Mercury, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Depending on the make and model of your engine, we can perform your 10 hour, 20 hour, 100 hour, or 300 hour maintenance service.

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” George is by far the most knowledgable , dependable and generally solid boat mechanic i’ve ever come across. He’s worked on my boat for the last year or so and every time he has come out he not only fixes the issue but also teaches me about other aspects of boat maintenance and helpful tips. He has added all kinds of really cool little upgrades to my boat that i never would have known about. Not to mention all of his work is so on point. And his prices are really reasonable. Very thankful to have found him! Jake G.
” George has worked on my boat since I first bought it. He is a pleasure to work with as he is always responsive when called and takes time to explain any problems and how best to fix them. He is quick and efficient, and I will continue to call on his services when needed. I suggest you do so, too. Philip S.
” George came highly recommend by my neighbor with two very nice boats that George has worked on for years. He was quick to respond and quick to assess the problem. He called me and explained the process and the few hang ups with repair due to corrosion. He quickly got the boat fixed and back to me and for all the work he was very reasonable. Excited that I found a boat mechanic I feel that I can trust. He has got me as a customer for as long as I am in the area and look forward to getting more things on my boat just like I want them and I know they will be done right and quickly. Mike B.
” I have used George for the last 8 years and he has always been extremely knowledgeable and up front about diagnosing the problems and providing options on how to address the issue. He’s done everything for me from basic maintenance to full rebuilds and I’ve always been happy with the work. Lee W.
” Big shoutout to George at House Call Marine! I run chartered fishing trips for a living and depend on my boat to work. This morning I had an issue early in the morning before a charter. George was at the boat ramp within 20 minutes and had the problem diagnosed and addressed. If you’re reading this that means you’re thinking about hiring George, do it, he does awesome work at a fair price and goes out of his way to help his customers! Phil P.

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Better Sailing

How to Repair Sails On Your Sailboat

How to Repair Sails On Your Sailboat

Even if you try to avoid any sail damage to your sailboat, there will be a time, unfortunately, when they get damaged at sea. So, what happens in the event of sail damage? Of course, the fact is that you’ll have to repair them while at sea and then quickly do a damage assessment. For that, you will probably need someone to lend you a hand and a flat surface to place the sail open. But before we get to the details on how to DIY repair a sail tear on your sailboat remember to be prepared for any unexpected scenario. In other words, having the right tools and supplies onboard gives you a huge advantage in dealing with the problem. Some of the basic tools include a waxed twine, a selection of sail needles, sharp scissors, spare webbing, and a sticky-back Dacron. Let’s move on and see the details!

Stitching your Sails

It is of great importance for a sailor to be able to stitch a sail by hand. If you know how to do this, it’s really practical in case of a chafe or of any other torn seams. The process is really simple. Firstly, make one pass to stitch on one set of diagonals as well as to the opposite direction and then fill in the other set. This can be applied in case you are following an existing zigzag stitch. Moreover, the sailor’s palm will facilitate you in order to force the needle through the fabric, and pliers will help you pull the needle through it. Remember to melt the ends of each knot with a lighter to prevent any loosening, as well as try to make tight stitches to ensure a strong repair. Buy a Sail Repair Kit From Amazon

Patch Repairs

For repairs that are not on a seam, a patch fix is necessary. You can use a Dacron patch for almost everything except spinnakers. Dacron can even stick to many laminate sails on the film side, but not on some resin-based and silicone-covered sails. In addition, dacron tapes come in different forms of thickness rolls and you can also buy larger sheets. Naturally, sails are not flat and they’re made up of panels that create depth. However, due to its design, when the surface you lay it on is flat it might pose you a problem. So do some temporary tucks and folds in the cloth, but away from the rip, and try to keep it flat. So, be patient and follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  • The space you’re going to “work” is essential. Find a dry and safe place with a flat surface like below the saloon table or even on a chopping board.
  • Always clean your fabric of salt with a freshwater rinse. Then allow a few moments for the fabric to dry. Continue by removing any residues with rubbing alcohol. This tip facilitates the drying process, as the alcohol evaporates.
  • Most of the time, some sails (mostly white), tear in lines. For that reason, they shouldn’t be pulled too close together or overlap each other. Otherwise, their shape will change, and thus loading will be created. In case the tear has gone off in different directions repair the longest first.

>>Also Read: Best Sail Repair Tape

Seam Repairs

In order to make sure that no seams are starting to appear, try to check your sails daily. It’s not particularly hard for a seam to be unstitched, right in the middle of your voyage. So, if you see any loose stitching, put the sail down immediately, if possible, in order to get it fixed. Stitching a seam back together is a task that requires some time and attention. However, it’s much easier than dealing with ripped fabric. When you stitch seam you just work your way methodically back through all the holes. Try finding a comfy place on deck to work because it might be difficult to move a large sail down below. And remember that “a stitch in time saves nine”!

Patch and Glue

Sail damage can be also caused by a tear to the sun protection on roller-furling headsails. If that happens don’t put new holes in your sail in order to stitch up the tear. This will be really time consuming. Use instead some sticky-back which definitely is an efficient and fast solution. Although you have to take the sail down and put it back up to do that, sticky-back is the answer to this problem.

The first step is to cut the corners of the patch round in order to keep them from peeling off the sail. Then clean the whole area from the repair with acetone, and once the patch is ready, rub from the center to the edge with a scissor handle in order to make sure that it’s totally adhered. Furthermore, sticky-back patches work efficiently for small holes in the actual fabric of the sail. If any holes appear in the fabric then use patches on both sides of the sail, an inch or two larger than the rip in all directions. Keep in mind to slightly counterbalance the two patches so that the load won’t spread out around the repair. Also, take with you ripstop sticky-back to match the colors on any downwind sails, as well as small, pre-cut round patches, which can be practical for small holes in nylon sails.

A lot of spinnakers are no longer stitched and are put together just with tape, so if you need to make a repair it’s a particularly easy task. For most repairs a sticky back spinnaker repair tape is fine. Try not to change the panel’s shape and don’t use too much cloth for the patch. This way you’ll avoid generating unnecessary loads and stress lines. Instead, use the same amount of cloth for the patch so it moves and stretches simultaneously. Also, in case that a tear passes through the panels, repair one panel at a time and not all together. This way each panel is going to move and stretch as it was designed to.

One of the things that need occasional repairs on your sails is fabric. Fabric is one of the most vulnerable parts of your sails. Most of the time, when a sailboat uses its slab reefing it will subsequently wear out the webbing attachments to the tack rings. Therefore a failure of the webbing connection to the mainsail luff slides will be caused. As I’ve mentioned before, the most practical and easy solution to this is to be equipped with twine, a webbing, a needle, and a sailor’s palm . In case you don’t have the correct size of webbing, then Spectra cord can attach a slide fairly well.

These repairs are permanent and won’t take you more than an hour. Another sail damage for many sailboats with full-length battens might be caused by the connection point between the batten and the luff track on the mast. The best thing to do if that happens is to apply West System epoxy along with 3M adhesive sealant 5200 fast cure . This will untie your hands and is also an easy task to perform.

Common Damage Areas

  • Spinnakers : Anything sharp can damage the spinnakers. Especially near the boom, so check that everything is taped up. Also, spinnakers tend to get caught between the shrouds and above the spreaders so consider closing off this gap with a bungee.
  • Spreader and Rig Chafe : When you’re sailing downwind the mainsail spends a lot of time relaxing on the rig. Keep in mind to fill your spreaders with pipe insulation. Moreover, consider having extra reinforcement patches for the spreaders on the batten pockets and at each reef point.
  • Spreader Ends : Always reinforce the sail and put smooth cages around protrusions. In addition, wrap foam around your spreader caps on long voyages.
  • Bottom of the Headsail : Try to lower the halyard enough in order to reach the damaged section. Then reinforce with a sail repair tape . In case the conditions don’t favor you to do so, keep a wrap in the sail to take the pressure off the damage.

Summary – How to Repair the Sails

All this is much easier if your sails aren’t damaged in the first place. But, I know for a fact that sometimes you can’t prevent it from happening. In any case, always be alert to what is going on with the rags. Moreover, always carry a sail repair kit (link to Amazon) on board especially for long-distance cruising. Before leaving for any long trip have also a sailmaker service to check your sails for any weak points. Last but not least, in case that your sails are damaged at sea reinforce any loose stitching immediately and tape both sides of repairs to ensure extra strength.


Peter is the editor of Better Sailing. He has sailed for countless hours and has maintained his own boats and sailboats for years. After years of trial and error, he decided to start this website to share the knowledge.

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sailboat repairs near me

Boat Maintenance And Repairs!

Ziegler’s Marine Services, LLC, is a fully insured boat and trailer repair service shop in North East near Elkton, Maryland. We offer a variety of services on all makes and models of boat and boat trailer. Our mission is to provide both reliable and prompt service to get you back on the water!

We have been in the business of boat repair and service for over 20 years. Owner and technician, Sean Ziegler, is a factory trained and certified MerCruiser sterndrive and Mercury outboard technician. He has undergone hundreds of hours of training and sets out to provide each customer with optimal service. His lengthy and varied experience means that he is proficient in servicing any make and model of boat, including performance options.

Our services include: tune-ups, electronics installation, stern drive repair, gimbal ring repair, outboard repair, repowers, winterization, shrink wrapping, detailing, fiberglass repair, bottom painting, custom cockpit carpets, t-tops, swim platforms, canvas and upholstery, trailer maintenance, boat transportation, and boat storage. If you need a service for your boat or trailer that is not listed, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your service request.

As evidenced by the service list, any type of boat is within our capability to maintain or repair. We have worked on watercraft of all kinds including fishing boats, bowriders, dinghies, deck boats, center consoles, cabin boats, game boats, trawlers, yachts, sailboats, and pontoon boats. Our area is home to a wide variety of boats and people who love being on the water, and we enjoy the chance to work on any type of watercraft.

We can also help with your boat trailer needs. Maintenance and repair of your trailer is just as important for your boating needs. Our technician is familiar with many different trailers and modes of transportation based on years of transporting and working with our own transportation equipment. If it is your trailer that is proving an issue for you, we can have your trailer ready for loading and on the road in no time.

sailboat repairs near me

Our service is always guaranteed to be prompt and efficient. We receive parts deliveries Tuesday through Friday. The shop’s frequent deliveries and excellent rapport with our supplier results in our shop typically receiving a needed part the day after ordering it. For our customers, there is no waiting around for weeks with your boat high and dry. We will always have what we need to finish our repair or service as soon as possible.

We operate out of a fully equipped shop with a completely fenced perimeter and constant surveillance on site. Your boat will be safe with us, either while being serviced or if being placed in our on-site storage. Surveillance cameras are placed surrounding the facility and our system has motion sensing and night vision capabilities, so your craft is always protected. If you choose to make use of boat storage services, you can come by any time using the automatic gate with 24-hour access. Ample lighting within and outside the facility mean that you can feel safe and comfortable with anytime access.

Remember that service here at Ziegler’s goes beyond location. If you would prefer your boat to stay right where it is. Many repair, install, or maintenance items offered in the shop usually also be performed at your boat’s location. We travel in the surrounding area, and dependent on the scheduling or situation are available on a limited basis. If you are not sure if you are within our range, just ask.

Ziegler’s is operated solely by the owner, so you do not have to go through a middleman concerning your boat’s service. You will always be able to speak directly to the technician. We find that this helps to foster a smooth and easy communication effort regarding the work on your boat. When you ask questions, you can expect to receive thorough responses from a knowledgeable source, and the results of your boat’s repair will match. Our personal approach to marine services guarantees a professional and positive experience for all of your boat repair and service needs.

Our Services

  •  Boat Maintenance and Repairs
  •  Outboard Repairs
  •  Sterndrive Repairs
  •  Re powers
  •  Winterization
  •  Storage
  •  Shrink Wrapping
  •  Boat Transportation
  •  Bottom Paint Removal
  •  Bottom Painting
  •  Pre Purchase Inspections
  •  Gel Coat and Fiberglass Repairs
  •  Trailer Repairs
  •  Electronics Installation
  •  Insurance Estimates
  •  Gimbal Ring Replacement
  •  Fish Masters T Top Dealer and Installer
  •  SEI Outdrive Dealer and Installer
  •  Canvas Repairs
  •  Upholstery Repairs
  •  Custom Swim Platforms

How Can We Help?

Would you like to speak to one of our Boat Experts? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.

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  • Engine Repairs

sailboat repairs near me

skipper evaluating spinnaker trim

  • Service and Repair

Linthicum Sailmakers              Serving Sailors in                              NJ, NY, PA, MD, & DE

Request A Quote Today  

Heart image on red and yellow custom spinnaker

Linthicum Sailmakers, a family owned business, has been providing high quality sails and related services since 1966.  At Linthicum Sailmakers we are not only committed to the craft, but also to making your sailing smoother and more enjoyable.  We pride ourselves in serving you.  That's why we keep the Linthicum Promise, a strong commitment to our customers to do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.

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Linthicum's experience is extensive.  Brad started with Sunfish sails in his basement in 1966.  Since then he has made thousands of sails for boats from dinghies to ocean going cruisers.  Need a Gaff sail?  Battened sail?  Multi-hull sail?  Spinnaker?   The company has an extensive database of rig dimensions and sail plans for thousands of boats. In addition, we now employ the latest in computer design and cutting technology. You will definitely find the right sail for your boat at Linthicum Sailmakers because we make the sail according to the boat dimensions and your requirements.    Because each sail is hand crafted right here in our Somerdale, NJ loft, you can even stop by and check on its progress.

Black and yellow sail on the floor of the loft

In addition to sail making, We offers expert sail repair, sail modification, cleaning, canvas work, rigging, and cushion cleaning.  Linthicum Sailmakers is conveniently located near the Route 30 (White Horse Pike) exit of 295.

We'd be delighted to provide a quote on new sails in a timely manner.  Please call us or fill out our easy contact form and indicate you'd like a quote.

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Linthicum Sailmakers Inc. 607 Grace St. Somerdale, NJ 08083

Phone:   856-783-4288

Email:   [email protected]

Hours:   It's best to call.

Winter drop off and pickup hours are 9:30 to 1:30 weekdays.

We are also available evenings and weekends by appointment.

Serving the sailing community since 1966

Autumn leaf representing fall cleaning and re-conditioning

Winter is here! It's a perfect time to beat the spring rush! Bring your sails, canvas and rigging needs in now so you'll be ready for spring splash!

Services include: 

Sail Inspection and Repair

Sail Cleaning

New Sail Construction

Canvas Cleaning and Repair Including Window Replacement Rigging Fabrication

Call Today for Details and Free Estimates!

The Linthicum Promise

We do what we say we are going to do.

We do it when we say we are going to do it.

Rely on Linthicum Sailmakers.

sailboat repairs near me

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Boat Repair & Service

We repair & service most popular boats.

sailboat repairs near me

Let Barry Capps Marine Service, Inc. introduce you to a refreshing new service experience. Our Team believes that no job is too big or too small. We have qualified technicians available to provide you with excellent boat service.  Minor boat maintenance, such as tune-ups, winterizing, oil changes, replacement of marine engine components, and periodic service is part of our daily routine.

We also handle engine and transmission repairs and re-powers on a regular basis. Our well-trained Marine Service Experts get the job done right THE FIRST TIME!

Our job here at Barry Capps Marine Service is to provide you with Excellent Service and to eliminate the frustrations of boating. That is why Barry Capps Marine Service, Inc. is Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina’s first choice for service.


We repair all brands of inboard and most outboard and inboard/outboard engines and we are the factory authorized service center for:

  • Mercruisers
  • CorrectCraft
  • PCM engines

Other services you’ll find at Barry Capps Marine include:

  • Boat Storage
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Boat Detailing
  • Boat Trailer Repairs
  • Fiberglass Repairs
  • Gel Coat Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Upholstery Repairs

We offer boat parts & watersports accessories , outstanding service at affordable rates.


  • Monday - Friday:
  • 8:30 AM - 5:00PM
  • 521 Oak Grove Rd.
  • Flat Rock NC 28731
  • 828-696-9272

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    Somerdale, NJ 08083. Phone: 856-783-4288. Email: [email protected]. Hours: It's best to call. Winter drop off and pickup hours are 9:30 to 1:30 weekdays. We are also available evenings and weekends by appointment. Serving the sailing community since 1966.

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