SBYC Founded 1893

Some Important Events

in the History of The Sodus Bay Yacht Club

1893, July 4

Earliest record of handicap racing by a group of Sodus Point cottage owners.

Sodus Bay Yacht Club formally organized at a site where Krenzer’s Marina now stands.

A.C. Bartle was the first Commodore. Membership was not limited to owners of boats.

1895, August 9

The Sodus Bay Yacht Club is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization with the primary objectives “to promote and encourage interests in yachts and yachting, to encourage the traditions of yachting, to provide and maintain a suitable clubhouse and facilities for the use and recreation of its members…”

Original clubhouse and docks were completed at the cost of $2,200, supervised by Commodore Meade and the trustees.

Miss Rose Williams, racing a Lark, became the first woman in central New York to win a yacht race, crossing he finish line twice in first place, picking a silver cup in the James Holmes race, and tied for third prize overall for the season.

“Ladies” over the age of 21 were allowed to join the Club as Associate Members upon paying $2.00 in dues.

SBYC’s application to join the Lake Yacht Racing Association (LYRA) was accepted.

SBYC recognized by the local community as a major tourist attraction. A promotional piece provides the following quote “Visitors are cordially welcomed to the spacious club home of the Sodus Bay Yacht Club on the south shore of Sand Point. This organization is largely drawn from western New York. The club house is a rendezvous for the members and their families from all points of the Bay. A commodious dancing pavilion, greatly enjoyed by the members, has been a recent addition.”

The ailing economy resulting from WWI leads to foreclosure on Clubhouse and property. While there were no facilities, the Club continued and the membership grew from 5 to 39. In 1935, a group of members formed the Sodus Bay Realty Corporation and purchased the Clubhouse and property back from the State. The Corporation then leased the facilities back to the Club.

Club was forced to give up LYRA affiliation due to drop in membership.

LYRA event held at SBYC under the flag of the Rochester Yacht Club. Over 100 boats participated.

C.P.H. Vary, who served as Secretary-Treasurer from 1926-1942, was the first SBYC membership to be given an Honorary Life Membership.

SBYC joined the Central New York Yacht Racing Association.

The “Robin”; class was introduced. Designed by Benjamin Wood of Sodus, NY. The fleet grew to 19.

SBYC joined the North American Yacht Racing Union.

SBYC was accepted back into LYRA as a full member.

Total membership (all categories) grows to 150.

The 75th LYRA event was held at SBYC; this was the third LYRA held on Sodus Bay. SBYC took on a carnival atmosphere for the event with at least 70 boats moored in the harbor.

1964 & 1969

SBYC hosts the start of the Freeman Cup Long Distance Race which is prelude to LYRA course racing.

SBYC hosts the LYRA Regatta. The Freeman Cup Long Distance race finished at the entrance to the Bay and two days of course racing followed.

1981 & 1985

Clubhouse undergoes a major renovation; enlarging the bar area and improving bathroom facilities.

The Challenge Cup Regatta drew a record 45 boats, including 20 J/24s. Stuart Needel on FALCON became the first SBYC sailor to win the Freeman Cup Long Distance race.

The East Floating Dock System was constructed and installed using member labor. This addition provided 16 new docks for use by the membership.

SBYC celebrated its Centennial Year. Events included a Winter Ball at Oak Hill Country Club, an Antique Boat Show, and a Centennial Match Race Regatta won by John Swartz on Sea Witch. An additional highlight was SBYC’s hosting of the LYRA Regatta for the 8th time.

District (7)  J-24 Championships held at SBYC.

The Club installs a small boat hoist to accommodate a growing number of small boat sailors.

CNYYRA (Central New York Yacht Racing Association) held its annual regatta at SBYC. At the same time SBYC was host to the J/24 District Championship. In all over 110 boats participated.

SBYC hosts the 8 Metre World Championship

Through the efforts of Past Commodores Bud Seymour and George Sibley, the Club purchased the boathouse and property directly to the north of the Club. This property was owned by Heidi & Eugene Van Voorhis members of both Rochester and Sodus Bay Yacht Clubs. Upon Heidi’s death and Eugene’s sale of their property on Newark Island, there was no longer a need for the property.

At the Eastern Yachting Circuit (EYC) meeting in Kingston, Fleet Captain Mike Foley and Rear Commodore Tom Knapp bid to host the Annual EYC regatta at SBYC in 1999. The Regatta was held and included a long distance race from Oswego Yacht Club to Sodus Point and three course races.

Eric Will and his crew aboard Bushwacker won the Soverel 33 North American Championship.

2000, Spring

Sixteen new floating docks were installed. The project under the direction of Past Commodore Jim Lyles and directed by Docks and Moorings Director, Jim Adolf, was begun in early 1999 and finished in early spring when several “work days” were scheduled to assembled the docks. All 16 slips had been rented during the previous winter so many in the work party were slip holders anxious for their new dock to be in the water.

SBYC hosted the prestigious LYRA Regatta for the 9th time. Under the capable leadership of Ed St. George, Past Commodore Chuck Willette as Regatta Race Officer, and a group of dedicated volunteers, the event was a resounding success. From July 31st to August 6th over 125 boats from around the lake participated in this exciting event. For the first time, the Regatta was linked with the Western New York Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The event became known as the Leukemia Cup Regatta and approximately $15,000 was raised toward the life saving work of that organization.

The Clubhouse kitchen underwent a major renovation. Workspace was more than doubled, hot water tanks were upgraded for the kitchen and the bathrooms and an office was created for the Club Manager.

Erik Will and the crew of Bushwacker successfully defended their Soverel 33 North American Championship at Larchmont Yacht Club, placing first in four of the seven races.

The Club purchased the Compson cottage and property directly north of the boathouse property. Past Commodore Ed St. George is awarded the Lake Yacht Racing Association’s highest award “THE Blake Van Winckle Memorial Award” for service to the more than 50 yacht clubs in the association. LYRA founded in 1893 is the oldest association of racing yacht clubs on the continent. 

All of the property north of the Clubhouse including the garage, the boathouse and the Compson cottage were torn down making the area available for future club expansion.

Through collaboration with Skip Shumway, the club acquired four IDEAL 18 sailboats for member use.  The property north of the club was modified with a dock for the boats and a work shed to act as a base for the new “SBYC Small Boat Program”.  Tom Knapp ran the program, which included one design club racing as well as open sailing, to rave reviews from club members.  Through the efforts of Bob Wood and a dedicated group of volunteers, a working Officer of the Day program was established and successfully operated over the entire summer.  The highlight of the social scene took place on Labor Day Weekend when Rochester Yacht Club joined us in a three-day Pirate’s Weekend complete with costumes, great food, music, a pirate’s invasion and movies on the lawn in the evening.

The Small Boat Program continued to be popular with the membership with David Drushler and his wife Nathalie LaRochelle at the helm.  After 20 years of Rochester YC wins, the SBYC racers were finally able to bring home the Challenge Cup to the clubhouse, winning it back by a slim 1 point margin.  Pete and Leigh Quackenbush and the crew on Moongator won the Best in Fleet trophy at the LYRA Regatta in Youngstown.  The season was blessed with good weather and, along with the Lighthouse Race, we saw the return of another favorite “fun race” – the “Bang and Go”.  Water balloons and cannons, along with buckets abounded!  At the Annual Meeting, Ed St George was recognized with Life membership for his many years of service to the club and yachting in general on Lake Ontario.

SBYC hosted both LYRA and the North American 8 Meter Regatta.  SBYC also hosted Sodus Bay Junior Sailing Association’s 50th Anniversary.  And SBYC had 10 new members in 2006.

The Ideal 18’s were purchased and continue to club assets, making the club more attractive to new members.  SBYC hosted the EYC as well as the Challenge Cup, while SBYC and SBJSA partnered to host a Laser/Optima regatta.  SBYC member and LYRA President MIke Foley is awarded the Lake Yacht Racing Association’s highest award “THE Blake Van Winckle Memorial Award” for service to the more than 50 yacht clubs in the association. LYRA founded in 1893 is the oldest association of racing yacht clubs on the continent. 

SBYC hosted a very successful Centrals Regatta and Challenge Cup. We resolved our property tax assessment issue with the town saving us money. The SBJSA completed their new Educational Building which includes handicapped showers and restrooms that can be used by SBYC

In addition to our normal racing and social events, SBYC hosted the North American Lightning Championship Regatta for ten days in August. It was an amazing event to host with excellent participation from our membership and to watch as the Women’s, Junior’s and Master’s Lightning racers from all over North America raced on Lake Ontario. A special thank you goes to Tom Knapp, Alys Klingenberg and Ed St. George for Co-Chairing this event. With the purchase of the south end of Irwin Street, and after much planning, the north side of our property under went a much needed facelift with a new walkway and landscaping. The house roof was finally repaired after many years of dripping rainwater in the bar and kitchen. Thank you to Dave Parker and his committee for these two major projects.

The renovation to the front wall and East Basin saw all of the old concrete removed and new rock filler added before new concrete was poured.  The new water and electrical lines were embedded into the new concrete and new power and light towers are being installed which will complete the project.  A great turnout of volunteers made this project a success.  The Annual Challenge Cup Regatta saw 31 boats of all sizes participating in the two-day event.  A round of applause goes to Fleet Captain Mike Thurley with help from Rear Commodore Pete Quackenbush for planning such a successful regatta.  SBYC and SBJSA also hosted the Centrals Regatta for small boats with 68 boats competing during the regatta.

A good year for the House financially and in participation, as private parties and member special events (Lobster Fest, Pig Roast, Clambake, Cuban Night) boosted attendance. SBYC Challenge Cup racers were successful in winning back the Challenge Cup trophy for SBYC.Ideal 18 participation was high, culminating in a well-attended and spirited Ideal 18 “Poker-Run” Fun Race. The adjacent Pier Point property was purchased by SBJSA. An easement will be given to SBYC to construct a much needed wave break system on the newly purchased property. Plans for an Adult Learn to Sail Program beginning in 2012 were initiated.


1893-1895 A.C. Bartle

1896-1900S. Meade

1901            A.L. Foote

1902            C.P.H. Vary

1903            J.S. Sheffield

1904-1905F.J.B. Lefebvre

1906            H.B. Rogers

1907-1909F.L. Wilson

1910            C.T. Bloomer

1911            H.M. Doubleday

1912            R.A.S. Bloomer

1913            S.E. Comstock

1914             C.F. Garfield

1915            F.L. Wilson

1916-1922E.F. Brewster Jr.

1923            R.A.S. Bloomer

1924            S.E. Comstock

1925-1926P.E. Emerson

1927            L.K. Stuart

1928            P.D. Newton

1929            W.C. Bloomer

1930            T.S. Knight

1931            P.V. Fortmiller

1932            H.C. Bloomer

1933            C.R. Clark

1934            R.W. Comstock

1935            G.B. Parsons

1936-1937L.A. Gilbert

1938            H.V. Swartz

1939-1940L.K. Stuart

1941-1942W.G. Croucher

1943            P.E. Emerson

1944-1945J.D. Welch


1948            R.C. Rupert

1949            K.C. Collier and T. Paton

1950-1951E.E. Marsh

1952-1953E.J. Pammenter

1954-1955J.G. Donaldson

1956            G.P. Smith

1957            L.J. Short

1958            H.W. Fogarty

1959            C.W. Stuart

1960-1961H.E. Bush

1962            E.W. Sohmer

1963            E.P. Seymour

1964            H.B.Nesbitt

1965-1966K.L. Robie

1967-1968A.B. Hosford

1969-1970G.P. Sibley

1971-1972A.C. Hagen

1973-1974J. Laird

1975            G. Alley

1976-1977B.D. Ives

1978-1979E.H. Wheeler

1980            K.H. Eaton

1981            J.S. Dennis

1982            H.L. Willard

1983-1984M.A. Polster

1985            J.M. Lyles

1986-1987C.F. Willette

1988-1989C.E. Wentworth

1990-1991E.L. St. George

1992            J.W. Whipple

1993-1994A.K. Pizer

1995-1996B. A. Dahl

1997-1998R. B. Jones

1999-2000T.R. Knapp

2001-2002E. Leroux

2003-2004A. Klingenberg

2005-1006R. J. White

2007-2008J. Hayslip

2009-2010J. Wickett

2011-2012D. Parker

sodus bay yacht club

When you become a member of the Sodus Bay Yacht Club you are opening the door to many fun experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime as well as to many benefits and programs designed to add value to your membership.  

Where Friends and Family Come Together

We come together over the love of  sailing. Whether you are a sail boater, power boater, or without a boat, the people you meet and the friends you will make will mean so much more to you than any of the brick and mortar facilities. Our full service bar & dining room, second floor lounge, spacious grounds, and gorgeous waterfront views present an inviting atmosphere for our members to socialize. When you walk into the club... everybody knows your name! You are met with an extended hand ready to assist or greet you with a smile. 

Click Here to Apply Online

WHY JOIN OUR CLUB? You may be surprised about the benefits and value of becoming a member of Sodus Bay Yacht Club.  Would you like to:

learn how to sail or learn more about sailing? 

understand more about boat ownership? 

race your boat or crew on someone else's? 

find a place to relax by the water? 

join others to cruise Lake Ontario? 

discover a place for outdoor fun for the entire family? 

find that restaurant/bar where everybody knows your name? 

secure a dock slip for your current boat? 

fill your social calendar? 

SBYC has something for everyone. Contact us to learn more about why some of our current members joined and what they say about their experiences.

Membership Information


What type of membership fits you?

Active M embership (which includes spouse, partner, or significant other) is available to those aged 18 or older. Such membership entitles everyone living in the same household with the Active member, including children under age 20, to participate in all club activities

S enior Ac tive M embership is available to those aged 75 and over, or to those 65 and over with 20+ years of membership seniority. These members are entitled to all club activities available to Active members.

Intermediate M embership is available to those aged 26 through 30 at the beginning of the calendar year. Intermediates have access to all club activities except voting privileges, dock or mooring assignment, or elective office.  For Intermediate members, Capital Improvement fund is waived and seniority accrues.

Junior M embership is available to those who are age 14 to 25 at the beginning of the calendar year. Juniors have access to all club activities except voting privileges, dock or mooring assignment, or elective office.  Capital Improvement fund is waived and seniority accrues .


We ask for only two items: 1 ) A completed SBYC membership application 2) A Letter of Introduction

THE LETTER OF INTRODUCTION This letter helps us get to know you, your boating history and your expectations for membership at SBYC.

SPONSORSHIP Application for membership requires two Active or Senior Active members that are in good standing and have been members of the club for at least one year to serve as your sponsors. If you are new to the area or just do not know of any members for sponsorship, contact the Rear Commodore and arrange a meeting at the club. We would love to meet you, give you a tour, tell you about the club. That way we can get to know each other.

VOLUNTEERISM! We are a dynamic organization with a wide variety of boating and social activities. Though we have a professional club manager and house staff, this is a volunteer organization. Our flag officers and directors are volunteers. Committee members are volunteers.  Regatta and race management, early bird dinners, die hard dinners, coordination of cruising activities – all volunteer. We love boating and we love the camaraderie of a group dedicated to boating. Member participation is how this all works. The application has a section for you to share your volunteer interest and skills.

sodus bay yacht club

2024 Membership Rates

( Pricing Before NYS Sales Tax)

A ctive Member *               $ 1,2 45

S enior Active Member *                        $ 99 5

I ntermediate Member (26 - 30)                 $ 250

J unior Member (14 - 25)                               $1 25

N on-Resident Member                              $ 250

* A n annual capital fund fee is required for these categories. This fee is determined annually and included in your invoice.

Click here to apply for membership!

HAVE QUESTIONS? The Rear Commodore of the club is responsible for the membership records and the application and approval process for all new members. 

DOCKS, MOORINGS & DRYSAIL The Vice Commodore coordinates all docks, moorings and drysail assignments. To find out more about availability of these benefits contact the Vice Commodore today!

NO BOAT? NO PROBLEM! You do not need a boat to be a member of SBYC. You may be new to boating, between boats, a racer on someone else’s boat, or maybe done with your boating. Don't worry, y ou have the opportunity to get out on the water at minimal expense on one of SBYC’s four Ideal 18 sailboats.

SBYC Operations Policies

Section B Operating Guidelines and Facility Information contains the operating guidelines for the club to information about facilities and how the club is run.

Section C By-laws and Operating Principles contains the by-laws and the operating principles developed by the forefathers and leadership of our club.

sodus bay yacht club


SBJSA and the Sodus Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) are adjacent neighbors on Sodus Bay. Back in 1956, a handful of visionary members of SBYC formed SBJSA as an educational corporation that would teach sailing and swimming to kids from both within and outside of our geographic region. With its 501c(3) tax free status, SBJSA’s operating income would also benefit from tax free donations and grants, and donor contributions would be tax deductible.

Although both organizations continue today as completely separate organizations with different missions, a small group of members from SBJSA and SBYC (known as the Joint Liaison Committee) work together each year to ensure that we maintain good, cooperative relations that benefit us both. This includes sharing race program equipment and boats, parking lots, land, restrooms and meeting space and also jointly hosting sailing events like the annual Centrals on Sodus Regatta. 

Many members of the SBJSA Board of Directors are members of SBYC and over the years, some alumni of SBJSA’s youth sailing programs have become contributing members of SBYC.

At the bottom of our homepage, please find the SBYC burgee and a link to the Club’s website to learn about what the Club has to offer. At SBJSA, we’re grateful for our relationship with SBYC and its members and encourage all families and members of SBJSA to visit our neighbors next door and consider membership in SBYC! We also hope SBYC members will send their kids to our summer camp, join our Community Boating program and support access for everyone to beautiful Sodus Bay!



  1. Sodus Bay Yacht Club in Sodus Point, NY, United States

    sodus bay yacht club

  2. Sodus Bay Yacht Club in Sodus Point, NY, United States

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  3. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    sodus bay yacht club

  4. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

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  1. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    By Land: Call our Clubhouse at (315) 483-9550. Please use the CLOVER ST entrance. By Sea: Hail Sodus Bay Yacht Club on Channel 16. More information about visiting the club. can be found under Contact. Visit Us! ABOUT SBYC. Our club was founded in 1893 and is located on the Sodus Point peninsula facing southwest into Sodus Bay.

  2. Welcome to the Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    SODUS BAY YACHT CLUB 7431 Irwin Street P.O. Box 287 Sodus Point, NY 14555 (315) 483-9550

  3. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    Sodus Bay Yacht Club, Sodus Point, New York. 962 likes · 5 talking about this · 2,392 were here. Sodus Bay Yacht Club is a vibrant community of enthusiastic boaters. The club is located on Sodus Ba

  4. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    Boating. Sodus Bay, the largest bay on Lake Ontario, is located on the south shore between Rochester and Oswego with easy access from Syracuse to Rochester and throughout the Finger Lakes region. The bay itself is a beautiful inland protected harbor unique in its size and scenic splendor. Our yacht club provides easy access to this gorgeous ...

  5. About the Club

    in the History of The Sodus Bay Yacht Club. 1893, July 4. Earliest record of handicap racing by a group of Sodus Point cottage owners. 1893, Fall. Sodus Bay Yacht Club formally organized at a site where Krenzer's Marina now stands. A.C. Bartle was the first Commodore. Membership was not limited to owners of boats. 1895, August 9

  6. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    Sodus Bay Yacht Club

  7. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    When you become a member of the Sodus Bay Yacht Club you are opening the door to many fun experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime as well as to many benefits and programs designed to add value to your membership.

  8. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    Reciprocal club members (including Yacht Club of America members) are encouraged to visit and enjoy our club and all that the Sodus Bay area has to offer. In addition to slips and dockage, the club's amenities include washrooms with showers, a fine dining restaurant and fully stocked bar and lounge with TV and fireplace, ice, a pump out dock, a 2-ton hoist and parking for members with a mind ...

  9. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    SBJSA and the Sodus Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) are adjacent neighbors on Sodus Bay. Back in 1956, a handful of visionary members of SBYC formed SBJSA as an educational corporation that would teach sailing and swimming to kids from both within and outside of our geographic region. With its 501c (3) tax free status, SBJSA's operating income would ...

  10. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    Sodus Bay Yacht Club provides our members and guests with some of the finest waterfront amenities on Sodus Bay. Boating is the major activity but there is so much more. When you arrive at the club, there is plentiful parking for members and guests. Youngsters love to play on the pebble beach,

  11. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    Sodus Bay Junior Sailing Association, Inc., a fully independent, tax exempt 501c (3) educational organization, was founded in 1956 by several forward thinking SBYC members as a means to teach children and young adults the basics of sailing, swimming and seamanship, building lifelong boaters. Since then, thousands of young people have ...

  12. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    Spring and Fall Series racing are each a seven race series. Races are held on Sundays and the first gun is usually 10:30 a.m. for a two race day. The last Sunday of the series is used for race seven and any make-up races. Long Distance Series racing is a seven race combination of distances including a night race around the Ford Shoal Buoy and back.

  13. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    Thursday night racing is racing for fun, camaraderie, and learning. It is a joint effort with SBJSA to involve more sailors in the sport of racing. To this end, guests from the nearby marinas on Sodus Bay are invited to race with us and join us at the club afterwards for food, drinks, and conversation. Boats on the Fun Race course will race ...

  14. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    RC Racing. At Sodus Bay Yacht Club we enjoy a year-round active RC racing program that any member is welcome to join! RC racing is appealing for its relatively low equipment cost, low maintenance, and accessibility. Our program focuses on having fun, building knowledge as a fleet, and providing an excuse to spend more time on our favorite ...

  15. Sodus Bay Yacht Club

    Check out the latest forecasts and wind conditions before heading out on your trip around the bay or out on the big lake. There are lots of weather apps you can install on your smart phone so that weather and wind information is always at your fingertips. Page updated.