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2023 Cedar Point HalloWeekends Haunted Houses Ranked: Best to Worst

September 25, 2023 by Karyn Locke

This year, Cedar Point up’d the scary ante with its HalloWeekends haunted houses. There’s a brand new indoor haunt, a new scare zone, and it’s taken away a couple of the popular scare zones. Here’s the scoop on its haunted houses and which ones you need to make a beeline for first.

Cedar Point 2023 HalloWeekends Haunted Houses eerie estate cat cupcake

Cedar Point HalloWeekends Haunted Houses 2023

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For me, when it comes to haunted houses, the scarier, the better. I love it when thought and immersive theming is given weight, and Cedar Point HalloWeekends does it better with each season. While some may want to run through a spooky house or scare zone, I, personally, love to mosey through them to take it all in. Having had the chance to do just that this past weekend, a new haunted house gets top honor as victor.

Before we dig into the spooky haunts, I have to disclose that all of Cedar Point HalloWeekends’ scare zones are very, very well-themed. Honestly, apart from the house in the top spot, it was hard to place the rest because they are all so good. Here are the details for all ten frights.

1- Midnight

Cedar Point 2023 HalloWeekends Haunted Houses -midnight

For the past several years, Fearground Freakshow has been at the top of my list. But this year, there’s a new winner in town: Midnight. Mister Midnight, the haunted maze’s host, has a fun backstory to go along with the theming. He’s known what’s scared you all of your life and uses it as fear fire to terrify you as you walk through.

Additionally, his Book of the Dark holds all fears, terrors, and horrors, and he knows when and where to use them. From the second I stepped inside of Midnight, I was taken by its beauty. It’s much brighter than many of the haunted houses I’ve seen this year at other parks, and I’m definitely not mad. The brightness allows you to really see the detail, and it’s still just as creepy. Lastly, I have to give props to just how long it takes to walk through. It’s not a quick scare, so that definitely gives this one bonus points.

2- Fearground Freakshow

As a huge fan of “American Horror Story,” I can appreciate the tribute to the horror series in Fearground Freakshow. Its creepy circus-theming, combined with the scare actors, has always been a guest favorite. The live circus barker that stands outside of the entrance mocking the guests waiting to go in has always added to the fun, too.

As a gal whose big city is Pittsburgh , I always look for Laughing Sal in the maze as our theme park, Kennywood, has an original version. Lastly, Freakshow is another longer indoor scare maze and it’s so beautifully decorated.

3- Cornstalkers 2.0

An outdoor scare maze, Cornstalkers gets points for its sheer beauty. The cornfield, combined with creepy lighting, is an ideal theme in the fact that cornfields at night always bring out your worst fears (hello, “Children of the Corn”). I adore the fact that there aren’t a lot of jump scares but merely knowing that there are creepers within the rows makes it feel like there’s always someone breathing down your neck.

Cornstalkers gets massive points for originality and for making guests feel like they’ve made it to the end, but it’s actually where the real scare comes into play. While considered an outdoor walkthrough, I’m putting it in with the haunted houses as you do have to wait in line to enjoy.

4- Slaughterhouse

Its title says it all, folks. Slaughterhouse is all about what happens when the Split & Trales Meat Factory is open for guest tours. Wanting fresh meat, it’s happy to use you as the next item on the butcher block. Its theming is far more on the gory side than the other Cedar Point HalloWeekends haunted houses, but it’s a fun change. Afterall, not every scare maze needs to be the illusion of creepy.

On the opposite side of the coin, I have to take points off for the loud factor (it’s crazy loud!) and for, what I like to call, squish balloons that make you squeeze through them to get to another part of the maze. Blech.

5- The Haunting of Eerie Estate

Cedar Point 2023 HalloWeekends Haunted Houses - eerie estate

Eerie Estate got a fun re-theming last year when the Sandusky Paranormal Society was added for scary texture. Honestly, this house gets top billing as the most beautiful haunt but, for me, it isn’t as scary as the top four. You’ll walk through an old, abandoned house filled with scare actors, both alive and not, and it truly is a fun one.

Again with the long maze, Eerie Estate is many minutes long if you take your time. It has plenty of jump scares, and strobe-style lights along with beautiful ambiance.

6- Bloodbath

If you like a good nightclub-themed haunted house, Bloodbath will be right up your street. ORPHEUS, the new party zone in town, is all fun and dance until you realize vampires are the main guests. It’s a walk through the club, private guest areas, and even where the vamps sleep. Again with a note on beauty, Bloodbath is so gorgeously-themed and decorated.

For me, the creepy factor isn’t as big as the others above, but I can’t discount it at all. The actors do a smash job by making it feel like we’re all about to become lunch.

Cedar Point HalloWeekends Haunted Houses 2023 – Outdoor Scarezones

Cedar Point 2023 HalloWeekends Haunted Houses - clown walkthrough

First, these scare zones are the kind that you just mosy through, hang out it, and don’t have to wait for – I enjoy that so much. Second, they’re just as fun as the ones that have a queue, so if you’re not about waiting for an hour, definitely check these out:

Clownz: Death Metal Tour

New for 2023, Clownz: Death Metal Tour is a must-see. Its setting is 1989, and at the height of hair metal are the Butchers of Rock. On a world tour, they never made it to Cedar Point that year, so they’re rocking it for this season. Not only is there a live band performing, there are creepy clown scare actors, clown sliders (think Fryboy from Hersheypark Dark Nights), and plenty of props.

Blood on the Bayou

Can you hear the banjo already? BotB is a very long walkthrough, but it’s worth the effort. Once you get back into the bayou, there are plenty of creeps, scare actors, and smoky lighting to keep you guessing.

Cut Throat Cove

For some reason, I can never find Cut Throat Cove, only because it’s back by Maverick and almost hidden. Creepers with sunken ships, undead captains, and deckhands who have nothing better to do than scare us are awaiting our screams. You’ll end up near the Fright Lane Pass entrance of Cornstalkers 2.0 when you’re finished, so plan accordingly.

Tombstone Terror-Tory

Cedar Point 2023 HalloWeekends Haunted Houses - tombstore terror-tery

I find Terror-Tory more pretty than scary this year. By no means is it discounted, but it seemed a lot spookier last year. I love the undead cowboy and wild west theming, though.

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2023 Cedar Point HalloWeekends Haunted Houses Ranked: Best to Worst

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2023 Cedar Point HalloWeekends Haunted Houses Ranked: Best to Worst

Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends launches Sept. 14 with new haunted attractions, Midnight Syndicate and more

  • Published: Sep. 06, 2023, 6:00 a.m.

HalloWeekends 2023

Mr. Midnight gets his own haunted house, dubbed Midnight, at HalloWeekends this year. (Courtesy Cedar Point)

  • Susan Glaser, cleveland.com

SANDUSKY, Ohio – What’s more thrilling: The 310-foot-high first hill on Millennium Force or Fearground Freak Show?

Decide for yourself, starting Sept. 14, when HalloWeekends kicks off at Cedar Point. The seven-week-long fall festival, celebrating its 26th year, has become the park’s most popular event, drawing massive crowds on fair-weather fall weekends.

Among the reasons why: A lineup of 10 haunted attractions, five inside and five outdoors, plus live entertainment, kids activities and themed food – all accompanied by Cedar Point’s stellar roster of roller coasters and other rides.

Cedar Point will debut several new haunted attractions this year, including Midnight, a haunted house near GateKeeper that features Mr. Midnight, who “invites you into his mysteriously evil residence where you will be introduced to the Book of the Dark and all the fears, terrors and horrors living within its pages,” according to the park. Midnight joins four other indoor haunted houses, including Fearground Freak Show, Slaughter House, Bloodbath and the Haunting of Eerie Estate.

Also new: Clownz: Death Metal Tour, an outdoor haunted attraction with a heavy-metal theme. “Become one of the ‘Metalheads of Mayhem’ as your sinister fandom drives you insane,” says the park. The scare zone, on the Gemini midway, will feature live music from the new “Butchers of Rock” show.

Speaking of music: Returning this year is Midnight Syndicate, the musical duo from Cleveland, who will bring their creepy tunes to the main stage several times nightly.

HalloWeekends 2023

Crazy Corn Box -- one of the many kids activities at HalloWeekends. (Courtesy Cedar Point)

HalloWeekends 2023

Screamsters at HalloWeekends. (Courtesy Cedar Point)

Other entertainment options include “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “Wake the Dead: A Murder Mystery” and “The Monsters Are Coming, Charlie Brown.”

Kids’ activities include pumpkin decorating, trick or treating, the Magical House on Boo Hill and more.

Specialty food items will be offered, as well, including fire-smoked chicken wings, Oktoberfest pizza, pumpkin pie spiced churros, goblin popcorn and other treats.

The festival runs Thursdays through Sundays, Sept. 14 through Oct. 29.

Hours are 6 p.m. to midnight Thursdays, 11 a.m. to midnight Fridays and Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays (open until 10 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 8).

Admission runs $49.99 to $79.99. Tickets are cheapest online. More information: cedarpoint.com/halloweekends .

Before HalloWeekends gets underway, Cedar Point is bringing back Happy Friar’s Fresh-Cut Fries Fest, which debuted in 2022. The event runs this weekend only, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday and includes a variety of specialty French fries for purchase, including Gyro Fries, Cuban Fries and Philly Cheesesteak Fries. For information: cedarpoint.com/events

Cedar Point’s Top Thrill 2 will replace Top Thrill Dragster coaster, with second 420-foot tower and 120 mph top speed

All-season Fast Lane available at Cedar Point

HalloWeekends features haunted attractions alongside Cedar Point's roster of roller coasters, including Millennium Force. (Photo courtesy of Cedar Point) The Plain Dealer

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haunted house near cedar point

What to Expect During Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends 2023

haunted house near cedar point

The coasters aren’t the only thing dishing out screams at America’s rockin’ roller coast this fall. Starting on Sept. 14, 2023, Cedar Point is celebrating spooky season with the return of HalloWeekends.

This annual event, which runs every Thursday-Sunday through Oct. 29 this year, offers merry not scary Halloween activities for kids alongside nighttime frights for anyone looking to embrace the fear, and of course, the rides that the park is famous for.

Find details about Cedar Point ’s 2023 HalloWeekends including dates, ticket prices, attractions, and more, in this handy guide.

Dates and Ticket Prices

Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends kick off on Sept. 14, 2023, and runs every weekend through Oct. 29, 2023.

The park is open 11 a.m.-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sundays. Select attractions are also open on Thursdays from 6 p.m.-midnight.

Single day HalloWeekends tickets are $49.99 when purchased online, which is a steep discount from tickets purchased at the gate. The park also offers a HalloWeekends bundle that includes single day admission, free parking, and all-day dining for $69.99.

Season passes for the 2024 season also get you into this year’s HalloWeekends. Parking is $25 per regular-sized vehicles.

Daytime Attractions and Experiences

During the daylight hours, Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends offers 10 experiences and five attractions for kids 12 and under who enjoy the kooky more than the spooky.

Some stand-out experienced this year include trick-or-treating, mask and bracelet crafts, pumpkin picking and painting, monster makeovers, make-and-take slime, seasonal games and more.

This year’s attractions are as follows:

  • The Magical House on Boo Hill: Find surprises around every corner as you make your way through this whimsical house located near Blue Streak. Parents or guardians are welcome to help their littles through it.
  • Crazy Corn Box: It’s like a giant sandbox, but instead of corn, it’s filled with thousands of corn kernels. Find it by MaxAir.
  • Howlin’ Hay Maze: Step into the maze located beneath Raptor and see how long it takes you to find your way out of the bales.
  • Tricky Corn Maze: Was the hay maze too easy? Tackle the corn maze near MaxAir and see if it gives the kids more of a challenge. Parents and guardians can accompany their kids through this one, too.
  • Harvest Tractors: Little ghoulies and ghosties are welcome to drive pedal tractors near Blue Streak.

Most of the daytime activities are free with park admission, but some do require a nominal fee.

Haunted Houses and Scare Zones

After the sun goes down is when the ghouls, ghosts and monsters come out to play. You can find them in one of five indoor haunted houses and five outdoor scare zones, including one new indoor attraction and one new outdoor attraction.

The new indoor attraction is called Midnight and takes you inside the home of the evil Mr. Midnight, who will introduce you to the Book of the Dark and all of the horrors within. Find it near Gatekeeper.

Returning indoor attractions include:

  • Blood Bath: The mysterious private club on the “seedy and dangerous side of town” that beckons you in with music and lights but may never let you out. Find it by Steel Vengeance.
  • Fearground Freakshow: Located by Maverick, this haunted attraction showcases Professor Von Fleece’s collection of frights and freaky delights.
  • Slaughter House: Tours of Spilt & Trails Meat Factory will show you how their butchers make sausage out of a variety of meats… including yours. Find it near Millennium Force at the start of Frontier Trail.
  • The Haunting of Eerie Estate: Sandusky Paranormal Society takes you on an investigation to explore the abandoned Eerie Estate, which has long been rumored to be haunted by vengeful spirits. Located near Windseeker.

Outdoors, Cedar Point welcomes the new Clownz Death Metal Tour. Sinister fans of the “clown-faced rock band” Butchers of Rock gather for a murderous metal concert that aims to drive you insane. Catch the show between Gemini and Magnum XL-200.

Guests can also expect the return of several outdoor walk-throughs including:

  • Cornstalkers 2.0: Get lost in a corn maze but keep your ears open because you’re being stalked by more than just corn in this field. Find it at the start of Frontier Trail near Millennium Force.
  • Tombstone TerrorTory: Back between Mine Ride and Steel Vengeance, watch out for undead cowboys and other western creeps who come to life in Frontier Town every night.
  • Cut Throat Cove: Pirates who walked the plank long ago stalk the area between Steel Vengeance and Maverick looking for people to join their crew.
  • Blood on the Bayou: Don’t get lost in the fog on the murky waters beneath Millennium Force. They’re infested with angry spirits and creepy creatures.

Many of the outdoor attractions are located along a midway, so if you don’t want to be scared, be sure to purchase a No Boo necklace. The light-up necklaces cost $15.99 this year and let the monsters know you don’t want to be scared, reducing the likelihood they’ll mess with you.

The No Boo Necklace may be used in all outdoor scare zones except for Cornstalkers 2.0. They may not be used in any of the indoor haunted houses.

Spooky Stage Shows  

In addition to roaming monsters and kid-friendly freights, Cedar Point also offers 12 stage shows and musical performances for guests of all ages to enjoy.

Among the entertainment for more mature audiences is the Echoes of Brimstone Club ft. Midnight Syndicate, which brings “fantastical sights and sinister shocks” for a show that “promises to be a real nightmare,” and the Festival of Fear, which showcases Halloween music as you enjoy a meal.

Plus, the retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-Tale Hear, the Wake the Dead murder-mystery musical, and performances by a band of vampires.

For younger guests, or those who aren’t interested in being spooked, the park offers stories and games with The Witch Sisters, costumed Peanuts characters, and so much more.

For showtimes and locations, download the Cedar Point app.

Roller Coasters and Other Details

Of course, the biggest draw of Cedar Point is the roller coasters and rides, most of which are open during HalloWeekends, though some of them are closed on certain days or close early to make space for the Halloween attractions.

The big coasters like Millennium Force, Valrav’n, Rougarou, Steel Vengeance, Maverick, and others are open most days, but Gemini and Corkscrew are both closed on Thursdays and Fridays, as are Camp Snoopy and Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling.

The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad is also closed on Thursdays and closes at 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. All kids’ areas close at 10 p.m. when the park is open later than that.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Windseeker, and SlingShot open at noon Fridays-Sundays, and Gemini and Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling open at noon on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thunder Canyon, Snake River Expedition, and Snake River Falls are closed for the season.

In addition to the rides, the park still offers the delish midway food that you know and love — though some locations may not be open during the special event — along with special seasonal eats.

Those special seasonal items include Wings of Fire Smoked Chicken Wings, Bread Boules, Maple Sausage-on-a-Stick, Cheesecake Chimichanga, and more. You can find them at select locations throughout the park.

For more information on Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends, visit cedarpoint.com .


haunted house near cedar point

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haunted house near cedar point

The Highlands in Harbor Springs Celebrates 60 Years With New Attractions

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Haunted Locations in the Midwest


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Soup City: A Celebration of Hope, Community, and Creating...

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19 Survival Tips for Cedar Point HalloWeekends (2023 Guide)

Cedar Point Halloweekends scareactor

There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than to have a day at Cedar Point. Whether with a loved one, friends or on a solo trip, HalloWeekends at Cedar Point 2023 is so much fun.

And yes, you CAN have a blast going by yourself!

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is a theme park lover’s dream.

Primarily known as the roller coaster capital of the world, it is a 364-acre collection of thrilling entertainment and excitement for every age.

It is also the second oldest operating amusement park in the U.S., first opening its doors in 1870.

Before you head out to the park, you’ll want to take note of the dates, times, events, and haunted houses on select nights September 14th to October 29th of 2023!

NikkyJ happy in Sandusky, Ohio pumpkin patch on the way to Cedar Point


What’s New for Cedar Point (2023 Safety Protocols)

Before we get into the tips, let’s go through a few things you should know be fore you go this year.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Pumpkin Patch

Changes from Last Season:

  • No reservations required for 2023
  • Download Mobile:  Have the Cedar Point App downloaded prior to your visit and turn “Location Services” on to act as your park map.
  • Face Coverings are optional 
  • Health screenings  are not required in 2023
  • Hand sanitization stations  are located throughout the park
  • Cedar Point is Cashless in 2023:  Bring payment options such as credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
REVIEW: Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point (Should You Stay?)

Can I wear a costume at HalloWeekends?

There’s nothing on Cedar Point’s website in 2023 that states that costumes are not allowed for kids this year.

According Cedar Point (in the past), guests aged 12 and under were invited to participate in the costume contest and wear costumes and face paint .

Cedar Point Sunrise over Roller Coaster and Ride Graveyard at Halloweekends

However, any guests aged 13 and older were not permitted to wear masks, face paint or costumes at any time during HalloWeekends.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Classic Halloween Decor

I’ll be sure to update this answer once I receive the information from Cedar Point.

Top 10 Ways You Can Find CHEAP Cedar Point Tickets in 2022

Enjoy Festival of Fear for Scardey Cats

On Halloweekends evenings, you can enjoy the autumn season at Cedar Point in a fun, yet not-so-scary way during the daytime with lots of activities for the whole family!

Boo Streak Blue Streak Roller Coaster at Cedar Point Halloweekends

Also, each night HalloWeekends will kick off with Master of ScaryMoanies, Mr. Midnight, as he ushers you into the heart-pounding entertainment, attractions, and food at this fall spectacular through music!

Get deals up to 85% off for Sandusky, Ohio on Groupon TODAY!

Cedar Point: Is it Weird to Go Solo? NOPE, here’s why…

Kid-friendly Activities at HalloWeekends

If you’re bringing your little one, then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of autumn attractions and activities to explore with your child.

Cedar Point Snoopy Inflatable next to Top Thrill Dragster

Things for Kids to Do at Cedar Point HalloWeekends

If you’re not into being scared, then you’ll love the other options available to you and your whole family at HalloWeekends. You can enjoy things such as the:

  • Trick-or-Treating
  • Magical House on Boo Hill
  • Crazy Corn Box
  • Harvest Tractors
  • Howlin’ Hay Maze
  • Tricky Corn Maze
  • Boneyard Jamboree
  • Spooky Eye Spy
  • Kooky Crafts
  • Pumpkin Patch Picking
  • Monster Makeovers
  • Ghoulish Game Zone
  • The Slime Works
  • Character Appearances from Snoopy and the Crew!

Cedar Point Opt in Lead Magnet Blog Banner

Have Your Own Halloween Food Festival at Cedar Point

If you’re like me, you’re only there for the food and the coasters (not so much the scares).

So, you’ll want to find yourself eating the best food at Cedar Point on your trip.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Loaded Mac and Cheese

You can sink your fangs into the Flavors of HalloWeekends: 

  • Smoked wings of fire (BackBeatQue)
  • Maple sausage on a stick with spicy sriracha maple syrup (Hot Potato)
  • Cheesecake chimichangas with caramel and apple pie toppings (Grand Pavilion – Snack Bar)
  • Pumpkin pie spiced churros (French Quarter Confections)
  • Specialty drinks and the popular “blood bag” (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Nashville chicken and waffles (The Corral)
  • Bread Boules (The Farmhouse Kitchen & Grill)
  • Oktoberfest pizza with mashed redskin potatoes, smoked kielbasa, sauerkraut and cheddar cheese (Hugo’s Italian Kitchen)
  • Spider & “Not So Poison Apple” Cupcakes (Frontier Inn)
7 Reasons Rougarou at Cedar Point is NOT A WASTE OF TIME

What are the Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2023 Dates?

As you can probably guess, every fall Cedar Point gears up for the ghostly holiday with their HalloWeekends event.

Cedar Point Sign at Entrance for Halloweekends

Starting September 14th  and running until October 29th 2023 , the park changes into a spooktacular party where monsters wander after dark in this truly unnerving celebration!

Check out my latest theme park adventures on Instagram TODAY!

What are the Cedar Point HalloWeekends Hours?

The hours for Cedar Point vary each night, but you can expect the following times:

  • Thursdays 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Fridays and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Top 10 BEST Hotels Near Cedar Point (2022)

How Scary is HalloWeekends?

Depends on how easily scared you can get. This annual event features Cedar Point’s world-class rides, roller coasters and sinister haunted attractions.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Windseeker ride with pumpkins

Throughout HalloWeekends, you’ll be able to enjoy Cedar Point’s interpretation of the frightening holiday through their haunted mazes and scare zones.

Cedar Point Ferris Wheel at Halloweekends

One of the things I really like about HalloWeekends is that it has ghostly shows for all ages, but it isn’t “too” scary.

Even the youngest and most sensitive of beings will enjoy the fall offerings at this event.

45 Amazing First Timer Tips for Cedar Point (The Ultimate Guide)

Cedar Point HalloWeekends Houses and Entertainment

Now that you know how to survive HalloWeekends, let’s look at some of the unique experiences happening during this event.

Cedar Point GA Boeckling's Eerie Estate Halloweekends

HalloWeekends Haunted Mazes

  • Bloodbath – Do you dare to venture inside of the new private club for the elite named ORPHEUS? Here dark mysteries await in the midst of the tantalizing music and lights… (Located near Steel Vengeance)
  • Fearground Freak Show – Enter into a one-of-a-kind show put on by Professor Von Fleece (Located near Wave Swinger)
  • Slaughter House – Don’t become one of the butcher’s newest victim in this bloody nightmare (Located near the Barnyard)
  • The Haunting of Eerie Estate – You’ll want to make sure you don’t become a permanent resident of this haunted mansion while trying to be a part of the Sandusky Paranormal Society’s latest investigation…(Located near Planet Snoopy)
  • Midnight (NEW) – Enter the enigmatic dwelling of Mr. Midnight, where you will be acquainted with the ominous Book of the Dark, harboring a multitude of fears, terrors, and horrors. Should he grant you permission to depart, your very essence shall be forever transformed.

Cedar Point Blood on the Bayou at Halloweekends

Something to note is that the classic, Hexed: Black Magic, is not returning this year.

What time do the Cedar Point HalloWeekends Mazes open?

This year the HalloWeekends haunted house hours are:

  • Thursdays & Fridays: 8:00 p.m. – Midnight
  • Saturdays: 6:00 p.m. – Midnight
  • Sundays: 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Cedar Point Cut Throat Cove next to Maverick and Freak Show at Halloweekends

HalloWeekends Scare Zones

  • Cut Throat Cove – be sure you’re not the next victim of pirates still roaming the sunken ships (Located near Maverick)
  • Tombstone TERROR-tory – FrontierTown is literally turned into a Ghost Town…just make sure you’re out before you’re turned into its next resident (Located in Frontier Town)
  • CornStalkers 2.0: Revenge of the Pumpkin Heads – see how far you can navigate your way throughout this disturbing cornfield…be careful of the evil hiding amongst the stalks (Located on Frontier Trail)
  • Blood on the Bayou – beware of the quiet waters around you in this scare zone…you may come face-to-face with your worst shadowy nightmare (Located on Frontier Trail)
  • Clownz: Death Metal Tour (NEW): Devoted enthusiasts of the notorious rock group called “Butchers of Rock” have come together for an exclusive evening performance featuring intense head-banging. Embrace the dark allure of being a “Metalhead of Mayhem” as your passion for this sinister band consumes you.

What time do the Cedar Point HalloWeekends Scare Zones open?

  • Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays: 8:00 p.m. – Midnight (Cut Throat Cove closes at 11:00 p.m.)
  • Sundays: CLOSED

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19 Survival Tips for Cedar Point HalloWeekends

After dark, the park has the ability to haunt you with its spooky houses, scare zones, and entertainment!

Cedar Point Halloweekends Dark Horses on Carriage

So, if you’re looking to celebrate Halloween at the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, then let me give you some tips to make the most of your trip.

1. Know What Scary Areas to Avoid

If you want to stay away from the scarier parts of the park, stick to the front area of Cedar Point, which is family-friendly.

Cedar Point Gargoyle statue next to skyride at Halloweekends

The haunted mazes towards the front portion of Cedar Point are usually “tween approved” and not as scary as the ones further into the park.

2. Have a Game Plan Before You Go

View the park map from Cedar Point’s website in order to know what attractions and shows you want to check out.

Cedar Point 2023 Halloweekends Map

Mapping out your day will also help you decide which houses, scare zones, and rides you don’t want to miss on your trip.

Hipster Power Tip: Use the Cedar Point app to go over the park map and to work out where you want to go. You can also check out their calendar to view the show times during the event.

Are all rides open during HalloWeekends at Cedar Point?

Most rides and roller coasters at Cedar Point stay open during HalloWeekends.

I recommend saving the opportunity for riding the permanent attractions towards the end of the night once you have done the haunted mazes.

Rides open during Halloweekends at Cedar Point

According to Cedar Point, during HalloWeekends, most attractions are scheduled to be open with some having specific operating times.

Cedar Point Red Maverick Roller Coaster

When the park is open until 10:00 p.m. or later, all kids’ areas will close at 10:00 p.m.

These attractions are closed on Thursdays:

  • Camp Snoopy
  • Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad
  • Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling

These attractions are closed on Fridays:

You should also know that a few attractions are closed for the season and will not be open during HalloWeekends. This includes Snake River Falls, Snake River Expedition, Forbidden and Thunder Canyon.

3. Check the Weather in Sandusky, Ohio Before Your Trip

Before you head out to Cedar Point, be sure to check the weather. Don’t be like me and assume September will be cold.

Cedar Point Scareactors at Halloweekens next to Coasters Drive In

Average Cedar Point Weather Temperatures

  • May High 68° / Low 54°
  • June 78° / 64°
  • July 83° / 70°
  • August 80° / 68°
  • September 73° / 61°
  • October 61° / 49°
Cedar Point Frontier Festival 2022 Guide: Food, Fun, Tickets, and More!

4. Prepare for the Heat (Just in Case…)

Again, don’t be like me and think that Sandusky, Ohio has perfect cool throughout the opening season.

Cedar Point Pumpkins and Hay at Halloweekends

In fact, I went to Cedar Point last September and packed all my winter clothes thinking the average temperature would be 60 degrees.

NikkyJ Next to Snoopy at Cedar Point

…hey I’m a Floridian and anything under 63 degrees is cold to me.

Come to find out, it was averaging 87 degrees with suffocating humidity.  I was sad thinking that I was going to escape the Florida heat for a brief week.

Top 10 Best Cedar Point Rides All RANKED!

5. Dress for the Season

Whether you plan on going in the summertime or the fall portion of the park season, it is important for you to dress comfortably for either one.

Cedar Point Halloweekend decor on lawn

During the  hotter months, light clothing with comfortable shoes , sunglasses and a hat is recommended to battle the bright sunshine.

Cedar Point Blood on the Bayou Haunted House at Halloweekends

In the cooler months, jeans with a light sweater or jacket will do just fine in the battle between you and the chilly Lake Erie winds.

Should you choose Style, Comfort, or Both?

I choose comfort over style, but I’m trying to get better at combining the two.

What I do recommend is wearing comfortable sneakers for all of the standing, walking, and running you will be doing.

Cedar Point Drop Tower with corkscrew and wicked twister in the background at Halloweekends

Trust me, you will thank me later.

Millennium Force at Cedar Point: BREAKING ALL THE RECORDS!

6. Have Water Handy

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!

Bringing a water bottle that you can refill is ideal. You’ll also want to avoid consuming alcohol on hot days as it can further dehydrate you.

Cedar Point Sunrise over Halloweekends graveyard and Raptor

7. Start Early to Avoid the Crowds

This tip is especially important if you will be at Cedar Point for only one day.

HalloWeekends at Cedar Point is special in the fact that you only need to pay one price to enjoy the park thrills during the day and the terrifying haunts at night.

Cedar Point Halloweekends pumpkin patch in front of Top Thrill Dragster

Because of this, the weekends can get crowded at Cedar Point, but thankfully they have added another day this year to help with the event’s popularity.

Cedar Point Hilderbrandt Halloweekends statue

If you will be staying later for the haunting festivities, consider taking a 2 to 3-hour break during the day, away from the park, to recharge yourself for more fun later!

Cedar Point Crowd Calendar: AVOID THE LONG LINES for 2021!

8. Set A Budget and Stick to It

Be aware that your money can get spent quickly if you’re not paying attention to your budget and sticking to it.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Ferris Wheel

Because there’s plenty of fun games to play, souvenirs to buy, and V.I.P. experiences to enjoy!

Cedar Point Maverick Roller coaster behind Freak Show Haunted House for Halloweekends and the swings

So, be strategic with meals and snacks and try to only buy one souvenir on your trip.

…and no, I don’t want you to not have fun buying your favorite trinkets, I just want you to go back home without being broke.

Hipster Power Tip: Grab your lunch and head out to the majestic shore of Lake Erie where you can spend your park break relaxing next to one of America’s most gorgeous lakes.

9. Enjoy the Fall Décor

Cedar Point has some of the best Halloween décor of any amusement park.

Cedar Point Raptor Roller Coaster at Dusk

Plus, you enjoy going through the grave stones of the classic “dead” rides from Cedar Point’s history.

Top 10 BEST Things to Do at Cedar Point (2023)

10. Get the Fright Lane Pass

For an additional cost, you can get a Fright Lane Pass.

This will save you lots of time by allowing you to jump right to the front of the line on both haunted mazes and the CornStalkers scare zone.

Cedar Point Corkscrew at Halloweekends

I recommend that you purchase your Fright Lane Pass in advance , because they do sellout once you’re in the park.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Fright Lane Options

  • HalloWeekends Fright Lane: Valid only on the date selected. Fright Lane is a lanyard that allows you to enjoy shorter wait times for each of our Haunt mazes one time PLUS the CornStalkers Scare Zone. Starts at $50 (if you get them early!)
  • FAST LANE: This wristband allows you to enjoy shorter wait times on 18 rides & attractions including Gatekeeper, Raptor, Rougarou and more.  Starts at $95
  • FAST LANE PLUS: Includes all 18 Fast Lane attractions plus rides on Steel Vengeance, Maverick, Millennium Force and Valravn!  Starts at $115

Keep in mind that the Halloweekends Fright Lane Pass does not include admission to the park, nor Fast Lane perks.

Hipster Power Tip: Saturdays are the best days to buy the Fright Lane Pass, since it’s usually the busiest day of the week for HalloWeekends.

11. Walkthrough the CornStalkers

You do not want to miss the CornStalkers Scare Zone.

It opens at 8 p.m. until midnight on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (closed on Sundays), so try to go as early as possible to avoid the long line.

Cedar Point Corn Stalkers Entrance

The CornStalkers scare zone takes you through disorienting, twisted paths with evil beings lurking amongst the field. It’s absolutely terrifying and a HalloWeekends must do!

5 Tallest Roller Coasters at Cedar Point (Pure Thrills)

12. Visit All of The Scare Zones for The Ultimate Experience

In my personal opinion, I think the scare zones at Cedar Point have a slight edge over the haunted houses.

Cedar Point Windseeker tower swing with vampire statue at Halloweekends

The scareactors really thrive in this environment and are very creative in where they hide for those epic jump scares.

Also, some of the areas throughout the park have thick foliage and suffocating fog that makes it really dark and scary. This adds to the mysterious ambiance of the scare zone, especially in the area between Millennium Force and Maverick.

Cedar Point black horse and carriage at Halloweekends

The frights of the scare zones usually start around 8 p.m., so don’t enter them if you’re too scared.

Gemini Roller Coaster at Cedar Point: Are You Brave Enough to Take the Plunge?

13. Know Ways to Not Get Too Scared

To survive HalloWeekends without running off for cover, you’ll want to stay away from the scare zones and stick to the kid-friendly areas of the park.

If you don’t want to be scared at all, Cedar Point provides a lit necklace you can wear that says NO BOO. The necklace lets the park monsters pass you and save their scares for another victim!

Think of it as a force field to protect you from the scary creatures.

Cedar Point Magic House on Boo Hill during Halloweekends

Take note that these necklaces are not free and are usually priced around $15.99 (online) each and are not permitted inside any indoor haunted maze or in the CornStalkers 2.0 scare zone.

14. Enjoy HalloWeekends Shows and Entertainment

Following the success of their album The Brimstone Club, which debuted at number 2 on Billboards classical crossover chart, the Halloween horror composers Midnight Syndicate will be performing on the HalloWeekends Main Stage on specific nights.

The show titled “Echoes of The Brimstone Club” brings together eerie tunes from their latest album, along with live performers, pyrotechnics, and a touch of spine-chilling fright.

Cedar Point Coasters Drive In with Musicians during Halloweekends

There’s an array of entertaining options for you to enjoy at HalloWeekends such as:

  • The Monsters are Coming, Charlie Brown
  • Wake The Dead: A Murder Mystery Musical
  • The Shrieks
  • Butchers of Rock
  • FANGS: After Dusk
  • Festival of Fear
  • The Tell-Tale Heart
  • The Witch Sisters

Get Your Theme Park Hotel deals under $99 per night at Expedia.com!

15. Ride to Top Roller Coasters at Night

If you know me, then you know how much I rave about riding Maverick at night!

I must say that this is an absolute must do!

Maverick Roller Coaster Cedar Point

If you’re a roller coaster fanatic, then you must saddle up and ride crazily through the night on this wild adventure.

Cedar Point Maverick Roller Coaster Drop Behind Freak Show Haunted House at Halloweekends

Maverick will take you through a “twisted horseshoe roll” and a 400-foot-long speed launch through a pitch-black tunnel at a  top speed of 70 mph!

Others rides like Valravn and Rougarou are just as thrilling in the night.

16. Spend More than a Day at Cedar Point

To get a well-rounded experience, expect to explore the park over two days. Three days is ideal to really experience everything without rushing around.

Cedar Point Windseeker Swing with pumpkins during Halloweekends

Saturdays are always popular, which translates to more crowds, and more time to take in all of the rides and attractions.

You can get the perfect Cedar Point Itinerary here!

17. Save the Coasters for the Evening

If you want to avoid the crowds during HalloWeekends, the you should ride the roller coasters at night and do the haunted attractions right when they open up during the latter part of the day.

Cedar Point Valravn Roller Coaster at Dusk

The thrilling coasters have the longest wait times during the day, while the evening brings about higher wait times for the haunted mazes.

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18. Go with a Group of Friends

Going to HalloWeekends at Cedar Point with a group of friends makes it so much fun as the night goes on.

Cedar Point NikkyJ on grassy lawn next to Top Thrill Dragster

However, going with your significant other is fun too, since you’ll have someone to protect you from all of the scares!

Cedar Point Sunrising over Ferris Whee

19. Just Remember to Pace Yourself and Have Fun!

You’re really going to have a great time, so try not to stress too much and enjoy the delightfully, ghoulish frights of HalloWeekends at Cedar Point.

Get YOUR Discount Cedar Point Tickets TODAY!

What to Know Before You Go to HalloWeekends at Cedar Point

Before you make you way over to Cedar Point, you should know a few answers to some of the most common questions asked.

Cedar Point Sunrise over Power Tower and Coasters Drive In restaurant

Is Cedar Point busy during HalloWeekends?

HalloWeekends are busy since they mostly only happen on the weekends.

Thursday nights are less crowded when compared to Friday and Saturday nights so you’ll want to come as early as possible.

Cedar Point Green Witch in Lobby of Hotel Breakers at Halloweekends

However, I recommend going on a Thursday night in the first two weeks of October to have the lowest crowd level at Cedar Point.

Just remember that the event gets crowded as the night goes on.

Is Cedar Point HalloWeekends scary?

Yes it is. Although it’s no Halloween Horror Nights , the houses and scare zones are intense with lifelike bloody scenarios.

Cedar Point Wells Fargo and Company Carriage with Skeletons for Halloweekends

Jump scares are throughout the event, but sometime the eerie, foreboding feeling is even scarier.

It’s because of this that I suggest you stay around the front of the park for a “less scary” HalloWeekends experience.

Also, don’t forget to get a NO BOO necklace I talked about earlier if you don’t want any of the scareactors to come after you.

What time do the haunted houses start at Cedar Point?

As mentioned earlier, the haunted houses generally start at 8 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays, 6 p.m. on Saturdays, and 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Cedar Point Haunted pumpkin patch halloweekends

Always check the times on the day of your trip to get the most accurate schedule.

Hipster Power Tip: If you stay at one of Cedar Point’s on-site properties, you will be able to enter the park early before the general public.

Where to find Cedar Point HalloWeekends tickets?

Cedar Point HalloWeekends tickets can be purchased at the onsite gate as a regular park ticket with inclusion of many of the park’s top attractions.

Cedar Point Sunrising over Ferris Wheel and Gatekeeper

However, I recommend buying your tickets early as there are special perks to purchasing your HalloWeekends’ tickets online.

For one, you will be able to skip the long, drawn out ticket queue and head right away into the gates for your amusement park adventure.

Secondly, Cedar Point offers many discounts for  advance ticket purchasers .

How much does a Cedar Point ticket cost?

Tickets for the 2023 season are now available for prices as low as $49.99 for a single day ticket depending on peak days vs. non-peak days.

Prices are subject to change.

Upgrade Your Day at Cedar Point HalloWeekends!

Go beyond the basics of just riding roller coasters and walking through scare zones.

Why not treat yourself and upgrade your HalloWeekends day by experiencing some of the fun experiences being offered by Cedar Point such as the:

  • HalloWeekends Passholder Experience
  • Bare-Bones Package
  • Gruesome Getaway Package
  • Haunted Dreams Package
  • Standard HalloWeekends Package

Get more details on which HalloWeekends vacation package is best for you here!

How much does it cost to park at Cedar Point?

Parking at Cedar Point is  $30.00 for each vehicle, or $40.00 for preferred parking (prices subject to change at anytime).

Can you leave Cedar Point parking lot and come back the same day?

Yes you can! As long as you have your parking receipt handy when you return to Cedar Point.

Cedar Point welcome sign at entrance with line for parking

Can you walk from Hotel Breakers to Cedar Point?

You sure can!

There are two park entrances that will land you directly into Cedar Point within a 5-minute walk. They are:

  • Resort Entrance (near Gemini Midway)
  • Beach Entrance (near Lakeside Midway)

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Entrance with Halloweekends Decor

Watch Next: Full Tour and Review of Cedar Point Hotel Breakers here on YouTube!

Can you bring water into Cedar Point?

You can bring individual, unopened water bottles, as well as special diet/need items, may be brought into the park.

Sandusky Ohio in the Fall with pumpkins and Top Speed Dragster

Beer, wine and liquor are also items that you cannot bring into the park.

Does Cedar Point have water rides?

Yes. Cedar Point currently has three water rides but they are closed for HalloWeekends:

  • Snake River Falls
  • Thunder Canyon
  • Snake Rive Expedition

Ready to plan your theme park trip? Watch the best vacation planning tips on YouTube. Get started here!

My Final Thoughts on HalloWeekends at Cedar Point

So, is HalloWeekends worth it? Absolutely!

No matter if you are a hard-core scare fanatic, or just want to take it easy and celebrate Halloween without getting your adrenaline up, Cedar Point does not disappoint.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Black and Purple Spider

It is also a great place to go solo and you will surely make a ghoulish friend or two on your visit.

If you follow the tips above, know what you want to do and prepare accordingly, it is the best way to celebrate the Halloween season.

Cedar Point Halloweekend Scareactors

If you’re thinking about visiting Cedar Point this season, then hit me up with a comment below. I’d love to answer any questions you may have.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Tips

Read 45 Cedar Point First Timers Tips here  or if you’re more of a podcast person, then you can WATCH the FULL video here.

Book your next trip at  Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers!

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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

(Original Article Date: Fall 2013/Last updated September 14, 2023)

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Five things you need to know before venturing to HalloWeekends at Cedar Point

haunted house near cedar point

This year marks the 25th season that Cedar Point has hosted its HalloWeekends to celebrate all things fall and Halloween and it all starts Thursday.

The park is decorated from one end to the other with spooky stuff and more pumpkins than you can shake a witch's broom at.

And it also means some scary big crowds − particularly on Saturdays − as waits for some haunted attractions and big coasters can be an hour or more.

Top Thrill Dragster closes: Cedar Point promises reimagined ride.

Since many guests stay until the stroke of midnight, expect long lines and delays exiting the parking lot.

To mark its morbid anniversary, the park is adding a couple new haunts and shows for this edition of HalloWeekends .

There are 11 different haunted attractions this season from outdoor scare zones to full-fledged traditional indoor haunted houses.

Most of the park's rides will be open on Saturdays and Sundays, but some rides will be closed on Thursday and Fridays.

Cedar Point will be open Thursday nights and on Friday, Saturday and Sundays through Oct. 30 before closing up for the season.

The fun will begin around sunset when Mr. Midnight − HalloWeekends’ new and official “Master of Scarymoanies” − welcomes guests at the event's main stage and officially opens the park's indoor haunts and outdoor mazes for the night.

Here are five things to keep in mind before heading to Cedar Point.

New haunt at Steel Vengeance

As if the Steel Vengeance roller coaster wasn't scary enough, the park has reimagined the haunt that is situated just under its tracks.

It is now called the Bloodbath indoor haunted maze.

The backstory is guests are invited to the private Orpheus club but the party quickly goes awry.

Amid the darkness and the music, guests learn vampire-like creatures have taken over the nightclub and things go from bad to worse.

Midnight Syndicate is back

The Northeast Ohio-based Midnight Syndicate has been providing much of the creepy musical soundtrack for the park since 1997.

And in recent years, the duo, whose music is played in haunted houses and theme parks around the world, have taken over Cedar Point's Jack Aldrich Theatre nightly shows.

This combination of live music and some pretty cool stage trickery will celebrate 25 years of collaboration between the musicians and Cedar Point.

Thursday night special offerings

The park has shorter hours on Thursdays as it is only open from 6 p.m. to midnight unlike the 11 a.m. to midnight schedule on Fridays and Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays.

To make up for this, Cedar Point has some special entertainment that is only offered on Thursday nights.

There is “Scare-a-oke” at the Farmhouse Kitchen & Grill Stage near the Maverick roller coaster.

On the main midway, the Witch Sisters will heckle and interact with guests during the “Witch Sisters’ Insult-emporium: Witch, Please!" from the Cedar Point Ballroom balcony.

And the so-called “Slash Mob” will appear throughout the park throughout the night.

New Eerie Estate haunted house

The park has reimagined the G.A. Boeckling’s Eerie Estate haunt situated just off the main Midway.

The old haunted hotel storyline is gone and now guests find themselves in an estate that is being investigated by the Sandusky Paranormal Society.

Guests get a chance to see whether the rumors are true that ghosts roam the halls of the limestone mansion.

Leave your cash at home when heading to Cedar Point

You can pay cash to park at Cedar Point, but that's about all you can use currency for.

The park and its surrounding properties are  cashless this year .

This means you will need to pay for everything from a corn dog to the hoops challenge to a Snoopy stuffed animal with a debit or credit card.

Cedar Point's 2023 plans: New roller coaster and Boardwalk are planned for next season.

Those guests who just bring cash to the park will be able to convert it to a prepaid debit card.

If there's any money leftover on the card at the end of the day, the debit card can be used anywhere those payments are accepted outside of the park.

Craig Webb, who ain't 'fraid no ghost, can be reached at [email protected].

Watch CBS News

Guide To HalloWeekends At Cedar Point

September 28, 2013 / 7:00 AM EDT / CBS Detroit

Getting There

One Cedar Point Drive Sandusky, OH 44870 419-627-2350 cedarpoint.com

1- Halloweekends Entrance

There are a few different routes you can take from the metro Detroit area to get to Cedar Point -- and the best part is that it will only take a couple of hours.

First, take I-75 south through Toledo. Then, merge onto I-280 south toward the Ohio Turnpike/Cleveland. Here's where you have a variety of different ways to go. I personally like avoid the Turnpike and take the back roads, so I'll hop off I-280 at Exit 7 for OH-2 toward Oregon. A little over 40 miles later there will be signs that direct you to Cedar Point, so just follow those.

From I-280 you can also take the Turnpike, just take Exit 1-A to merge onto I-80E/I-90E toward Cleveland. A little less than 40 miles later, you'll take Exit 110 For OH-4. Keep driving north until you see the signs for Cedar Point and then continue to follow those.

*Insider's Tip* Gasoline in Ohio -- particularly in Toledo -- is almost always cheaper than in metro Detroit. Instead of filling up the tank when you leave home, wait until you cross the state-line to save some money. It's also a good idea to fill up on your way home before crossing back into Michigan.

Click here for a HalloWeekends park map (.pdf format)

Park Hours and Admission

The park is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through October 27.

2- Monster Midway

On Fridays, the park is open from 1 p.m. until 10 p.m (with limited ride availability). On Saturdays, the park is open from 11 a.m. until midnight. On Sundays (except for Oct. 13), the park is open from noon until 8 p.m. On Oct. 13, the park is open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Regular adult tickets are $46.99, and include all day and all night admission. Regular Jr/Sr tickets are $29.99, and include all day and all night admission. You can also buy Starlight tickets, which are valid after 6 p.m. on Fridays and 4 p.m. on Sundays, for $37.99.

Don't forget about parking! The cost is $15 per vehicle. You can also park in a prefered section that is super close to the front gate for $25 -- first come, first served.

*Insider's Tip* Want to avoid the long lines? Cedar Point offers a special Fast Lane pass that gains the passholder front-of-the-line access to more than 20 rides -- and you can ride as many times as you want, all day long. That kind of access comes with a price tag starting at $60, in addition to the admission price.

The park also offers a Fright Lane pass that gains the passholder front-of-the-line access to select haunted attractions, starting at $35 in addition to the admission price. Since you're coming for HalloWeekends, I would highly recommend getting the Fright Lane pass. It might be a little more expensive, but think of all the time you'll save bypassing the long lines, which usually have wait times of over an hour.

Cedar Point puts the WEE in Halloween, every Saturday and Sunday. There's two new family-friendly, not-so-scary adventures to explore this year in addition to the beloved spooky attractions of years past.

3- Camp Snoopy Theater

Howl-O-Palooza This all-new, reimagined area for kids is the perfect place to party! Located in the Blue Streak Plaza, Howl-O-Palooza includes:

  • Magical House on Boo Hill - a fun house just for kids
  • Peanuts Halloween Show & Kids' Costume Contest (Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2 p.m.)
  • Hay Bale Maze
  • Special appearances by the Peanuts pals in costume!
  • Cedar Point's own Friendly Monsters will be on hand for photos and more

Trick-Or-Treat with the Dinos Trick-or-Treat from dinosaur to dinosaur in on Adventure Island. This is not your average trick-or-treat. There are candy stops, pumpkin decorating, prizes and crafts along the path. Plus, more than 50 life-sized, moving dinosaurs. Trick-or-Treat with the Dinosaurs is open every Saturday and Sunday noon to 6 p.m. A separate $5 ticket is required.

Charlie Brown's Funtime Frolics Join Charlie Brown and the gang for fun, music, stories and surprises at 12:30 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Monster Under My Bed It's dark and quiet under your bed, but something's lurking there. Is it a dust bunny, that missing sock... or perhaps a monster! Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m., 1:45 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m. and 5:45 p.m.

*Insider's Tip* Let your kids wear their Halloween costumes to the park. Kids love wearing their costumes anyway, and you can always bring an extra change of clothes if they've hade enough playing dress-up. Plus, they can compete in a costume contest and walk away with fun prizes, in addition to taking pictures with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang!

From Halloween-themed musical reviews and a magical sideshow, to Gypsy fortune tellers to a sing-a-long with the Peanuts gang, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

4- GoodTimeGhouls

Monster Midway Invasion Celebration -- A Halloween Parade Catch friendly monsters, spooky-fun floats and not-so-scary surprises! Grab a spot on the midway (parade route marked on map) and enjoy this spectacle that's bigger and better than ever! Saturdays and Sundays at 4 p.m.

Sideshow - A Carnival of Magic High-energy dance combines with magic to rock your world and tease your senses. Including amazing new illusions! Step right up... if you dare! Located at the Jack Aldrich Theater.

Gypsy FortuneTellers Fortunes and fun are the order of the day in our gypsy camp. Located outside of the Millennium Force Tunnel.

The GoodTime Ghouls - A Halloween Hubaloo! A fun, family-oriented music revue of all your ghoul-time favorites in the Ghoul Time Theatre.

Skeleton Crew Don't miss an extravaganza full of family fun! An amazing cirque style spectacle that will dazzle your senses. Located at the Celebration Showplace near the Iron Dragon

The Edge of Madness: Internal Nightmare Welcome to your worst nightmare! Join the monsters at the Red Slaughter Saloon for bedlam, anarchy and musical mayhem.

Click here for the full entertainment schedule (.pdf format)

*Insider's Tip* No doubt you'll rack up some miles walking around the park. Don't miss an opportunity to take a load off while you sit back, relax and enjoy an exciting live show. Some venues even serve up food and drinks, so your show experience can double as lunch or dinner.

Haunted Houses

The park's haunted houses open at 8 p.m. on Fridays, 5 p.m. on Saturdays and 3 p.m. on Sundays.

5- Zombie High

Zombie High School It's "back to ghoul" at the new Zombie High School! Try to stay alive as you snake your way through its haunted halls and creepy classrooms. But stay cautious - the walking dead students aren't ready to let you graduate...ALIVE! Located near the main entrance.

Eden Musee Step inside this museum filled with wax figures from classic to creepy...and some have been known to come to life! Located near the Mean Streak.

G.A. Boeckling's Eerie Estate This stately limestone mansion harbors deep, dark secrets, guarded by ancient inhabitants seeking revenge and looking for more permanent residents! Located near Planet Snoopy

Eternity Infirmary You can check in, but you can't check out! Stay away, or you may become their next patient - for ETERNITY! Located Near the Wave Swinger.

*Insider's Tip* If you only have time to visit one of these attractions, make sure to check out Zombie High School -- easily the park's best haunted house.

Outdoor Scare Zones

The park's scare zones open at 8 p.m. on Fridays on Saturdays. The zones are closed on Sundays, except for Oct. 13 when they open at 7 p.m.

6- Screamsters

Blood On The Bayou Lurking along the dark, murky waters of the bayou are mysteries too dangerous to explore, too twisted to explain. It's where nightmares live in the shadows, gruesome terrors freeze your blood and the dead walk, searching for new prey. Located near the Power Tower.

Carnevil The crazy clowns and lurking sideshow freaks are waiting to share their special brand of entertainment with you. Step right up! Located at Camp Snoopy.

Cornstalkers Navigate your way through this disorienting, twisted path. Beware, there's more than just corn in this field! Located at Thunder Canyon.

Cut Throat Cove Arrrr you brave enough? Meet the motley crews of sunken ships, left scavenging on the shore, waitin' for rescue for more than 150 years. Located at the Maverick.

Fear Faire Step into our menacing medieval marketplace - just hope that the Inquisition doesn't come after you! Located near Jack Aldrich Theater.

Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks Journey into science fiction past and future to explore a sinister, steamy subculture where goggles and gears, Victorians and valves create a world that never was, but might have been. Located along the Frontier Trail.

*Insider's Tip* If you don't feel like waiting in line for a haunted house, these scare zones are for you. There's no waiting and you can walk through each zone as many times as you want.

Cedar Point has been voted the "Best Amusement Park in the World" for a record 15 consecutive years for one obvious reason -- THE RIDES! The park is home to the largest collection of coasters on the planet -- 16! And the coasters aren't just good, they're the best.

7- Cedar Point Ferris Wheel

Hop on a classic, like the Blue Streak, Gemini, Corkscrew and Magnum XL-200, or take on newer fan favorites, like Millennium Force, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster and GateKeeper . And don't forget about the Raptor, Mantis, Wicked Twister, Mean Streak, Iron Dragon and Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

If roller coasters aren't you thing, don't worry because Cedar Point is home to scores of other thrill and family rides. If you're into big thrills, take a ride on the Power Tower, WindSeeker, maXair or Skyhawk. You could also enjoy classic thrills on Calypso, Dogem, Matterhorn, Troika or Ocean Motion.

If you're looking for a moderate thrill, hop on the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad, Giant Wheel, Midway Carousel, Sky Ride or Antique Cars.

Don't forget -- different rides have different height requirements, so make sure everyone in your group is tall enough to ride before waiting in line.

*Insider's Tip* An informal poll among Cedar Point employees suggests that no one should leave the park without experiencing Top Thrill Dragster -- there's nothing else like it! Coming in close at second place is GateKeeper , followed by Millennium Force at third place.

In addition to a wide variety of dining options, Cedar Point is offering guest a chance to enjoy a VIP fine dining experience inside one of their haunted houses.

8- Boeckling's Banquet

Boeckling's Banquet Enjoy fine dining in the unique setting of the G.A. Boeckling's Eerie Estate haunted house. Gather with other spirits in the main dining room of the Estate and encounter creepy characters and fine food that's to die for!

Meal service time is 5:30 p.m. on Fridays and 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays. All meals include: choice of Crab Legs, Lobster Tail & Petite Filet, Filet Mignon, OR Seafood Alfredo; salad, twice baked potato, fresh steamed vegetables, rolls & butter, dessert, glass of wine or beer and assorted Coca-Cola beverages. Reservations required. Limited availability.

Reserve your space for $74.95 a person. Does not include park admission.

*Insider's Tip* If you only eat one thing at the park, make sure to try Cedar Point's famous boardwalk fries. They're thick cut and taste unbelievable with vinegar, salt and ketchup.

Bet you didn't know these fun facts about HalloWeekends!

9 -Cut Throat Cove

The Front Gate The pumpkins atop the new entrance were custom made for Cedar Point. The tallest one in the center is 8 feet tall

Makeup & Monsters A group of 25 makeup artists that transform the park's cast of characters each night. There are a total of around 400 characters on the midways, scare zones and haunted houses.

Fall Decorations There are 28,800 individual cornstalks in the park and 1,735 bundles of straw on the midway. Pumpkins and gourds? How about 23,000 lbs of them! There's also 850 pots of mums.

Special Effects Nearly 150 foggers dot the landscape, pumping out 3,000 gallons of fog. There's 1,000 lights installed throughout the park (200 alone on the Skeleton Crew stage).

Zombie High School There's a total of 3,200 props and almost everything is real, from the lockers and school desks to books and kitchen equipment. There are 140 jocks. Haven't been through? I won't give this one away.

Walking through the boiler room you might notice some familiar sights from the old Disaster Transport (R.I.P.).

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What is Cedar Point's HalloWeekends? | Easily Explained

In this guide we'll cover what HalloWeekends at Cedar Point is, how the Cedar Point park changes to accommodate it, and everything that you must do when you visit.

Table of Contents

  • What is HalloWeekends
  • When Does Halloweekends Start?

Scare Zones

Haunted houses, great pumpkin fest.

  • Fright Lane Tickets
  • Discounted Tickets

What is HalloWeekends?

HalloWeekends is a limited time event that occurs around the Halloween season featuring  11 attractions, including six scare zones, shows, five haunted houses  and dozens of terrifying monsters strolling around the park.  

halloween at cedar point

When night time begins, HalloWeekends does as well. The park transforms into a halloween themed event, which is ultra popular with park-goers.

HalloWeekends is typically intended for visitors at least 13 years of age.

When Does it Start?

HalloWeekends in 2022 begins on September 15 and runs through October 30 .

It takes place on Thursday-Sunday nights, beginning at 6 pm.

What are Scare Zones?

Scare Zones are zones in the park that purposefully have less lighting and lots of fog.

In this area 'monsters' (aka workers dressed up in scary costumes) will walk up to you when you least expect it, to try to give you the ultimate scare.

Not all scare zones are the same however, as each scare zone is themed differently, and so are the monsters!

Scare zones are popular in most theme parks across the country, and it is something that's only available near Halloween season.

Halloweekend Cedar Point

What are Haunted Houses?

A scary-themed house/maze full of screams, thrills, and tons of fog where park-goers can enter. 

Upon seemingly every corner, there are scarers ready to greet you.

On top of this, these houses are themed to be as scary as possible.

It's safe to say that haunted houses aren't for the faint of heart.

There is also typically very loud music playing to make it hard for visitors to be able to predict where the scarers are.

The monsters around the park aren't restricted to just scare zones and haunted houses, as they also frequently perform shows.

These shows feature synchronized performances by the monsters, where they will showcase their amazing moves and instrumental skills live.

During the day, experience the lighter side of Halloween season through the Great Pumpkin Fest, with many of the same night-time attractions and some not-so-scary daytime fun with the Peanuts Gang.

great pumpkinn fest cedar point

Kids will be able to swing by dressed up in their halloween costumes and be able to trick or treat or even take part in the PEANUTS costume parade.

Fright Lane

Fright lane is essentially a Fast Lane pass that allows you to skip the lines at Cedar Point during the Halloween season.

HalloWeekends is a popular event that only occurs once a year, so naturally when it finally returns the crowd does as well.

If you hate waiting in lines, or just want to maximize your time, you will definitely want to consider a Fright lane pass.

You can purchase HalloWeekends Fright Lane tickets  directly from the Cedar Point site.

Discount Tickets on HalloWeekends

When you purchase your tickets with us , you can save $20+ per ticket.

Our prices will always be cheaper than the gate price, and you'll receive your tickets instantly in your inbox.

We are able to do this as we are an Authorized Theme Park Ticket Reseller .

Our tickets are provided to us at a discounted rate directly from the attraction and theme park operators. 

Our tickets are identical to what you would purchase directly at the theme parks, except cheaper and easier to buy, and are delivered instantly to your email inbox.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cedar point halloween scary.

HalloWeekends is absolutely scary, and for that reason is one of the most anticipated events of the year. As soon as the night begins, there will be monsters prowling the park from the scare zones to the haunted houses.

Can you Wear Costumes to Cedar Point HalloWeekends?

Visitors are not allowed to wear costumes to HalloWeekends to prevent confusion, and for the safety of both visitors and staff.

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What's Included in the Cedar Point Fast Lane | Explained

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Cedar Point Season Pass | Easily Explained

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She Buys Travel

7 Halloweekends Cedar Point Tips – What is Not So Scary

Mary Moore Avatar

Every year around Halloween, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio transforms into a thrill seeker’s haunted paradise. While all of the typical fun remains, such as the rollercoasters and traditional park treats, they also add into the mix several temporary haunted attractions. Now,  you may have heard that Halloweekends at Cedar Point is a bit too scary for some kids. While that may be true during the evening hours, we’ve found that the daytime is the perfect time to visit with those who are a bit more fearful. Read on to see what advice our Retro SheBuysTravel has to say about taking young kids to Halloweekends at Cedar Point.

Halloweekends Cedar Point Tips | Not-so-scary | Sandusky, Ohio

The Great Pumpkin Fest and HAUNT| Cedar Point Halloweekends

From September 15th through October 29th, Cedar Point transforms into Halloweekends. An event that celebrates The Great Pumpkin Fest during the day but also puts fear to a test during the evening Haunt. These two separate themes make up one Halloweekends and we’ve got the perfect brew for making it suitable when visiting with young kids.

Not-so-scary reasons to visit Halloweekends at Cedar Point

Scare Me Not

I have the most chicken family when it comes to all things Halloween related. If it’s scary, we don’t want any part of it. So when we decided to visit Cedar Point for their Halloweekends celebration, I had my reservations. From what I had heard, Halloweekends can terrify even the most confident of souls. Something we are definitely not!

But we decided to go anyway.

What we found during our time at Cedar Point Halloweekends was that the park definitely has the ability to haunt. Yet it also offes a lot for those looking for some good old-fashioned harvest fun.

Things for kids to do at Halloweekends Cedar Point

7 Things That Are Not-So-Scary at Halloweekends

Here is our list of what we found that is not-so-scary at Cedar Point Halloweekends.

1. Kids Trick or Treating

Located in the Kiddy Kingdom, kids can grab a bag and make their way around to the eight provided trick-or-treat stations. Each stop gives them a small toy or treat! Then, after they are done trick-or-treating, they can take their completed punch card to the pumpkin patch and paint their very own pumpkin to take home.

Not only did my kids love getting the free treats, but I loved that they had them to snack on throughout the day while having fun at Cedar Point. Don’t worry – it isn’t all candy! My kids also got pretzels and an apple!

2. The Great Pumpkin Parade

As a mom, I love when theme parks have parades because it gives me a chance to relax and catch my breath while the kids are happily entertained. During Halloweekends at Cedar Point, I was excited to find that The Great Pumpkin Parade filled Mainstreet every Saturday and Sunday at 4 pm.

When 4 pm arrived, we quickly found a park bench to sit on along the route and snacked on the treats we got while trick-or-treating in the Kiddy Kingdom. The parade included dancing, music and large floats – my kids loved it.

Halloweekends Cedar Point with kids includes the Great Pumpkin parade.

3. Kid Friendly Areas of the Park

Although Cedar Point has some top thrilling roller coasters, they also have areas of the park that are designed specifically for the younger crowd and their families. During Halloweekends, these areas include bonus Halloween fun such as coloring stations, spooky games like eye-spy, and a hay maze.

My kids ended up spending hours in these areas, which I didn’t mind because it was pretty fun for the parents as well. They even had a few rides I could go on alongside them.

4. Spooky Live Shows

One of the things that impressed me the most at Cedar Point’s Halloweekends were the live shows! These scheduled shows, along with their descriptions, can be found on the paper map handed out upon entrance to the park. We scoped out a few that were kid friendly and enjoy every moment of them!

Looking for a show that the whole family might enjoy? Our favorite pick was The Skeleton Crew – it combines thrill seeker stunts like bicycle tricks and high wire walking with comedy and music.

What to do that's not scary at Halloweekends Cedar Point includes Live Entertainment

5. Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses

During Halloweekends, Cedar Point is full of different haunted houses. For younger guests or those not wanting to be scared, these probably should stay off the list. However, there is one you may want to try: Magical House on Boo Hill. This less spooky haunted house is full of surprises – like the special treat given to kids after they make it through.

For those looking for something a little bit more frightening, Hexed Spellbound offers a toned-down daytime haunt.

6. Frightfully Good Decorations

One thing not to be missed during Halloweekends at Cedar Point is the decor! There are animatronic displays, humorous headstones, and over 1,000 hand-carved pumpkins throughout the park to enjoy.

These also make great photo opportunities during the day. However, I will warn you. After the sun sets, many of these decorations come to life with live characters added in. Real zombies wandering the graveyard, anyone?

Things to do at Halloweekends that are not scary.

7. “Don’t Scare Me” Necklace

Even though many people go to Halloweekends for a fright, Cedar Point understands that not everybody likes to be scared. In order to allow guests a voice who don’t want to be messed, they have special light up “Don’t Scare Me” necklaces available in the gift shops. When guests are wearing one of these necklaces, it tells the ghosts and goblins to just walk on by.

Can You Make it Through the Night?

Even though Cedar Point is not-so-scary during the day when the sun set’s a whole different story! Luckily, Castaway Bay is right down the road and makes for another fun stop in Sandusky, Ohio.

Read more about this indoor waterpark and hotel here.

7 Things that are not-so-scary at Cedar Point's Halloweekends in Sandusky, Ohio.

Have you ever been to Halloweekends Cedar Point? What do you recommend doing that is not-so-scary? Tell us in the comments. 

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Whether you're looking for a brain-teasing escape room near Cleveland, or you're ready to catch some air in the best bouncy houses Sandusky has to offer, Ghostly Manor is here to deliver the most fun things to do in Sandusky, Ohio! Get a taste of the excitement by exploring the full 360° tour video here.

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Skate into Enchantment: A Journey Inside Ghostly Manor’s Skateworld

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Indoor Roller Skating: A Thrilling Wonderland Awaits You at Ghostly Manor

Ignite the Spark of Adventure with Roller Skating at Ghostly Manor Roller skate inside a thrilling wonderland filled with adventure and mystery! Experience family fun

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HalloWeekends at Cedar Point Offers The Best Halloween Events and Attractions in Ohio!

Cedar Point


Select Days and Nights September 12 – October 27

It’s family fun by day and fright by night as Cedar Point®’s HalloWeekends returns for its 27th year on select days and nights. With daytime family activities like corn and hay mazes, pint-sized tractors for kids, pumpkin decorating, games and trick-or-treating, plus nighttime haunted mazes, scare zones and entertainment, HalloWeekends will send silly and scary chills down the spine. The popular event for fans of fall is back for seven weekends with several new experiences to explore.

Halloweekends Logo

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center

haunted house near cedar point

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haunted house near cedar point

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haunted house near cedar point

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center

Photo of Ghostly Manor Thrill Center - Sandusky, OH, US. Enjoying local theater in Mansfield seeing Little Shop of Horrors!

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“ next time you visit cedar point , save some time to get the crap scared out of you. ” in 5 reviews

Beth S.

“ When your done with your scare go next door to the Mexican restaurant. ” in 3 reviews

ghostly-manor-thrill-center-sandusky-3 photo hgBUAIGh_JaNdFN5vZpDCw

“ Skating rink was good size with pumping music - for skate and scooters, fun! ” in 5 reviews

Location & Hours

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3319 Milan Rd

Sandusky, OH 44870

Serving Sandusky Area

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Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Sandusky

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Kim S. said "Only giving a 4 because of closeness to Cedar Point (but far enough away), and a decent breakfast, and great staff. The room was another story. Being a Marriott Rewards card holder, I will admit I am biased....but this had to be my…" read more

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Six attractions one location! Featured on The Travel Channel's "Best Places I've ever been", experience the scariest haunted house you will ever encounter, ride the fastest virtual roller coaster in Ohio, experience a one of kind interactive 3D blacklight mini golf journey, or get your heart pumping some more with a whirl around our skating rink. Come play on our inflatable bounce houses and indoor play area! Arcade and Cafe available, too! Visit our Winter Wonderland walk though in December. And in October don't miss Lake Erie Fearfest. Open year round. Please call for hours. Available for groups, birthday parties and private parties. …

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Photo of Terri D.

Visiting Cedar Park and Hotel Breakers, kids wanted a different activity by end of week. We LOVE the haunted house: scary, super long and great props! Skating rink was good size with pumping music - for skate and scooters, fun! Friendly staff taking safety precautions; low crowds during Covid.

Photo of Amyah S.

I lie it's it's fun and all but I asked for hot fries the chips and they charged me for actual fries so I lost about 2 or something dollars

Photo of billy c.

Business Owner

Nov 19, 2023

Chips are 1.49 vs fries are 3.99…not sure how you lost $8?

Photo of Tank G.

We had some time to kill and some restless kids, so we decided to. Heck this place out. Not many places are opened off season around here, but this place was. Even on New Years Day. I did not check out the haunted house and was not able to make it during the night time to see the Christmas light display, but this place was still totally awesome. They have a huge private parking lot and a dragon coming out of the building. What more do you need. The lights were low and the music was pumping. The skating rink was blacklight lit and the staff is uber friendly. They have a haunted house, roller skating, black light mini golf, a jungle gym, and some bounce houses. They also have a snack bar with pizza, pretzels, slushies, soda, water.... They also have a mini arcade in the place that you can earn tickets and similar to most kid arcades, then get a sticker for like 100 of them. You have to sign a waiver for you kid to play on the bounce house. They have special nights such as family night where they have awesomely priced packages, that include pizza, skating and games. The place is reasonably priced and my 4 year old found it pretty entertaining. She was not very good at skating, even with the assist thing, but she gave it a shot. We spent about 2 hours there and had a lot of fun on a chilly New Years Day.

Photo of Danielle A.

Very scary indeed. They were similar to all the haunted houses put together at cedar point. The people are pretty into it. Get there a few minutes early for tickets and the line or get the fast lane passes if you're too late. I think they're worth it.

Photo of Deb B.

Gabby, Ridge, and the entire team were GREAT! I wish I could remember each of their names working on July 28th. They helped make the entire experience so much fun! Plenty of quality games and experiences. it was a great day!

Photo of Tracy P.

This place is a Great time for ppl ages 1-110 yrs. We Have been stopping in for so many years. We Never Get tired of the different types of things going on in a cpl of the rooms, However I'm just Happy that it's Always a FUN FUN Family time out even for those of you who are just Couples. Give it a Go. U won't be sorry. It's cheap fun, BUT HREAT FUN

Photo of Miles H.

I have visited this establishment a few times and never had an issue until today. We had a family birthday party and spent several hundred dollars. After the party one of my boys wanted a soda. I took him to the counter to order him and I a drink. A middle aged mad with poor hygiene asked if he could help me. I said yes I would like a large Diet Pepsi and a small regular Pepsi. He looked me in the eye and said two large pepsies. I said no, and repeated my order. He fill the drinks and sat them in front of me and said that will be 5.86. I said something must be wrong with either the register or the menu screen because it's about 2 dollars too much. I looked at the drinks and they were two large drinks. I re-told him my order again and his exact words were "that's what you ordered I verified it". I then told him again the order and another worker walk up and he said "this is what he ordered I verified it". He looked at me and smiled and said "whatever that's what you ordered". At this point he has messed up and was just trying to get me to pay for it and was acting inappropriately in a business that caters to children. My son asked me why the guy would not give us our drinks that we ordered and that he was thirsty. He is 7 and does not need a large Pepsi and would not have drank that much. Upset I got a manager and she made the drinks for us with no issues. I am not sure why it was so hard for the guy and thought later maybe he was on the spectrum and I was over reacting. Later I walked passed him and he continued talking trash to me in front of my son. A friend of mine and my wife's worked there and felt I might be over reacting. I reassured her it was incredibly poor customer service in a childrens establishment and to watch the security footage. He should have been fired on the spot. I won't be returning to this place unless I can confirm they dealt with their middle-aged unkept orderly worker that I watched stare at little girls roller skating with his tongue hanging out.

Photo of Lori K.

I am a haunted house person! Eastern State, Jason's Woods....I love them all, but I have never found one that gives me a good scare. I usually jump a little and laugh. So when I saw there was haunted house near Cedar Point we had to go. When we arrived we knew we were going to do the 4D theatre and the haunted house. There is a plethora of things to do here; mini golf, laser maze roller skating etc. We chose the theatre first. It was fun but have been to better ones. This one jolted you around a lot and there was no interaction. Next off to the haunted house. I thought, as I always do, this will be a fun little thing to occupy our time. WELL...I screamed probably 5 times. My daughter, who is 16 and loves haunted houses too, was yelling "I want out!" To make matters worse...It seemed like the house went on forever. LOL! This was the BEST haunted house I have ever been to! Kudos to Ghostly Manor for finally making a haunted house that's actually scary! Tip: they have 5 houses and a trail during the Halloween season for $25.

haunted house near cedar point

See all photos from Lori K. for Ghostly Manor Thrill Center

Photo of K S.

My sister and I visited here in August to fulfill one of our greatest bucket list items: conquering the coasters of Cedar Point. The night before we didn't have much going on so we decided to check this place out. We had an amazing time, it was a great "pregame" for our amusement park weekend! We experienced most everything that the Ghostly Manor had to offer. We got one of the bundle packages which included blacklight mini golf, a 3D motion film, a VR game, a laser maze game, and unlimited skating on their rink. The blacklight mini golf was one of the highlights and took the longest amount of time. It was a wizard/fantasy theme with some moving animatronics; the place was super colorful and a lot of fun, especially having never done blacklight mini golf before. The motion film takes place in a little mini theatre and reminds me a lot of similar simulators you would find in a typical Dave & Busters. But right now I'm going to skip everything else and insist that you visit their year-round haunted house located inside the venue. The actual Ghostly Manor is INTENSE! Definitely one of the better year-round haunts I've experienced. It takes a decent amount of time to get through (around 10 mins) and the decor & animatronics in each room are NON-STOP! The guy who runs around tormenting you the whole time makes you think there's an entire house of ghouls surrounding you. It is so well-operated and easily my favorite part of Ghostly Manor. Based on my experience with this maze, I would definitely come back to see what else this town has to offer for Halloween season. As far as the service, I can't say I had the same experiences as some of these reviews. It could always be the day, but my sister and I received great customer service throughout our time. So if you're in the area from out of town and you're in the mood for a couple of hours of good old fashioned indoor recreational entertainment, I would definitely recommend a visit to the Ghostly Manor!

Photo of Beth S.

We came here last night for a good scare and enjoyed every minute! Even from the parking lot one of the actors was out there scaring people. Make sure you use the porta pot before you go. You don't want to pee your pants and it's the cleanest porta pot I've ever seen! Price was well worth it. $25 for 5 houses to go thru. They all had their own theme and own actors. The outside paths to take between house was spooky with actors and fog too. One area had so much fog you couldn't even see! Awesome! My favorite? Two things. A tube you had to squeeze thru. It was so weird! The spinning room. I swear the room was spinning!!! When your done with your scare go next door to the Mexican restaurant. It's delicious!

haunted house near cedar point

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haunted house near cedar point

Cedar Points Halloweekends

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Cedar Points Halloweekends is a Haunted Attraction located in Sandusky, OH.

haunted house near cedar point

1 Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky, OH 44870

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About This Attraction:

Haunt Types:

Multiple Haunts

HalloWeekends includes the daytime Tricks and Treats Fall Fest, complete with activities perfect for little ones, plus the Tricks and Treats Food Tasting Tour for those looking for delicious twists on fall eats. At nights, Haunt takes over select areas of the park with scary mazes, haunted attractions and creepy nighttime atmosfear of America’s Spooky Roller Coast!

Mazes include: Deprivation, Fearground Freakshow, G.A. Boeckling’s Eerie Estate, Hexed: Black Magic, Slaughter House Scare Zones include: Banished, Blood on the Bayou, Cornstalkers II: Revenge of the Pumpkin Heads, Cut Throat Cove, Harvest Fear, Tombstone Terror-Tory

Also, don’t miss the Midnight Syndicate: Conspiracy of Shadows LIVE show!

haunted house near cedar point

Paid Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Handicap Accessible, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, Optional Games/Midway, “Hi-Tech” Attraction, You will NOT be touched, Original Characters, Indoor/Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction, Family Friendly

haunted house near cedar point

Payment Methods:


Guest Reviews Guest Average: 8.5 out of 10

Matthew Hollingsworth – 8.5 / 10 – September 29, 2023 Cedar point Halloween ends is very fun! However, there is some flaws in the spooks. First, slaughter …show more house is more gory than scary, and I thought that the Eerie estate looked and reminded me of the haunted mansion. Overall, they are not very scary.

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Land of Illusion

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Norilsk: The city built by gulag prisoners where Russia guards its Arctic secrets

Environmental activists are frustrated by how authorities handled a diesel spill which poured into two Arctic rivers in late May.

haunted house near cedar point

Moscow correspondent @DiMagnaySky

Friday 3 July 2020 23:41, UK

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Arctic suffers worst ever industrial spill

The drive from Norilsk airport to the city takes you past mile after mile of crumbling, Soviet-era factories.

It looks like an endless, rusting scrapyard - a jumble of pipes, industrial junk and frost-bitten brickwork. If you were looking for an industrial apocalypse film setting, this would be your place - but you're unlikely to get the permissions.

Norilsk was built in Stalin's times by gulag prisoners. This gritty industrial city is a testament to their endurance both of the cruelty of Stalin's regime and of the harsh polar climate. There were no thoughts then on how to build to protect the environment, just to survive it.

Norilsk in Russia. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Vasily Ryabinin doesn't think much has changed, at least in ecological terms. He used to work for the local branch of the federal environmental watchdog, Rosprirodnadzor, but quit in June after exposing what he says was a failure to investigate properly the environmental impact of the gigantic diesel spill which poured into two Arctic rivers in late May.

At 21,000 tonnes, it was the largest industrial spill in the polar Arctic .

Despite the Kremlin declaring a federal emergency and sending a host of different agencies to participate in the clean-up, just last week Mr Ryabinin and activists from Greenpeace Russia found another area where technical water used in industrial processes was being pumped directly into the tundra from a nearby tailing pond. Russia's investigative committee has promised to investigate.

"The ecological situation here is so bad," Mr Ryabinin says.

"The latest constructions such as the tailing pond at the Talnack ore-processing plant were built exclusively by Nornickel chief executive Vladimir Potanin's team and supposedly in accordance with ecological standards, but on satellite images you can see that all the lakes in the vicinity have unnatural colours and obviously something has got into them."

Nornickel Plant and container (on the left) which had the leak. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Mining company Nornickel would disagree. It has admitted flagrant violations at the tailing pond and suspended staff it deems responsible at both the Talnack plant and at Norilsk Heat and Power plant no 3 where the diesel spill originated from.

On Thursday it appointed Andrey Bougrov, from its senior management board, to the newly-created role of senior vice president for environmental protection. It has a clear environmental strategy, provides regular updates on the status of the spill, and its Twitter feed is filled with climate-related alerts.

But what investors read is very different to the picture on the ground.

21,000 tonnes of diesel oil has spilled into two rivers in Norilsk

Norilsk used to be a closed city - one of dozens across the Soviet Union shut off to protect industrial secrets. Foreigners need special permissions approved by the Federal Security Service (FSB) to enter the region. It would take an invitation from Nornickel to make that happen and, for the past month since the spill, that has not been forthcoming.

Unlike in Soviet times, Russian citizens are now free to come and go. That's why our Sky News Moscow team were able to fly in and travel around the city, even if getting to the spill site was blocked. What they were able to film provides a snapshot of the immense challenge Russia faces in upgrading its Soviet-era industrial infrastructure, particularly at a time when climate change is melting the permafrost on which much of it was built.

The Russian city of Norilsk. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Just downwind from one of the rusting factories on the city outskirts is a huge expanse of dead land. The skeletal remains of trees stand forlorn against the howling Arctic winds. Sulphur dioxide poisoning has snuffed the life out of all that lived here. Norilsk is the world's worst emitter of sulphur dioxide by a substantial margin.

"For 80km south of here everything is dead," Mr Ryabinin says, "and for at least 10km in that direction too. Everything here depends on the wind."

Sample took by Vasily Ryabinin near the Nornickel plant in Norilsk, Russia, on the day of an accident. Pic: Vasily Ryabinin

Immediately after the spill, Mr Ryabinin filmed and took samples from the Daldykan river just a few kilometres from the fuel tank which had leaked. By that point the river was a churning mix of diesel and red sludge dredged up from the riverbed by the force of the leak. Norilsk's rivers have turned red before and the chemical residues have sunk to the bottom, killing all life there. Nothing has lived in those rivers for decades.

In his capacity as deputy head of the local environmental watchdog, Mr Ryabinin says he insisted that he be allowed to fly further north to check the levels of contamination in Lake Pyasino and beyond.

Nornickel at the time claimed the lake was untouched by the spill. Mr Ryabinin says his boss encouraged him to let things be.

"I can't be sure I would have found anything, but this sort of confrontation - making sure I didn't go there with a camera, let alone with bottles for taking samples, it was all very clear to me. It was the final straw."

Rosprirodnadzor refused to comment to Sky News on Mr Ryabinin's allegations or suggestions that the agency was working hand in hand with Nornickel.

The Nornickel plant and the place where diesel meets red water (polluted by other chemicals). Pic: Vasily Ryabinin

Georgy Kavanosyan is an environmental blogger with a healthy 37,000 following on YouTube. Shortly after the spill, he set out for Lake Pyasino and to the Pyasina River beyond to see how far the diesel had spread.

"We set out at night so that the Norilsk Nickel security wouldn't detect us. I say at night, but they've got polar nights there now, north of the Arctic Circle. So it's still light but it's quieter and we managed to go past all the cordons."

He is one of the few to have provided evidence that the diesel has in fact travelled far beyond where the company admits. Not just the 1,200km (745m) length of Lake Pyasino but into the river beyond.

He says his measurements indicated a volume of hydrocarbons dissolved in the water of between two and three times normal levels. He thinks after he published his findings on YouTube, the authorities' vigilance increased.

Greenpeace Russia have spent the last two weeks trying to obtain samples from Lake Pyasino and the surrounding area. They have faced difficulties getting around and flying their samples out for independent analysis.

They are now waiting for results from a laboratory in St Petersburg but say the samples remain valid technically for just four days after collection and that they weren't able to make that deadline due to the authorities' actively obstructing their work.

Vasily Ryabinin and Elena Sakirko from Greenpeace. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Elena Sakirko from Greenpeace Russia specialises in oil spills and says this has happened to her before. This time, a police helicopter flew to the hunter's hut where they were staying and confiscated the fuel for the boat they were using. Then a deputy for the Moscow city parliament tasked with bringing the samples back from Norilsk was forced to go back empty-handed.

"We were told at the airport we needed permission from the security department of Nornickel," Ms Sakirko says. "We asked them to show us some law or statement to prove that this was legal or what the basis for this was, but they haven't showed us anything and we still don't understand it."

Nornickel announced this week that the critical stage of the diesel spill is over. The company is now finalising dates for a press tour for foreign media and for other international environmentalists.

Mr Ryabinin thinks this should have happened weeks ago.

"If we don't let scientists come to the Arctic region to evaluate the impact of the accident, then in the future if anything similar happens, we won't know what to do."

A spokesperson for Nornickel said the company "is actively cooperating with the scientific community and will meticulously assess both the causes and effects of the accident."

The Russian city of Norilsk. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Nornickel considers permafrost thawing to be the primary cause of the accident, but is waiting for the end of investigation before making a final statement, the spokesperson said.

They added that the company "accepts full responsibility for the incidents on its sites these past two months and holds itself accountable for any infrastructural deficits or poor decisions by personnel.

"The imperative is to do everything to clean up our sites, instil a stronger culture of transparency and safety in our workforce, and ensure that such situations do not occur in the future."

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Home & House Stagers in Elektrostal'

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  • Use My Current Location

Popular Locations

  • Albuquerque
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Grand Rapids
  • Indianapolis
  • Jacksonville
  • Kansas City
  • Little Rock
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  • Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia

Featured Reviews for Home & House Stagers in Elektrostal'

What does an elektrostal' home stager do, what should i consider before hiring an interior staging company, questions to ask potential real estate staging companies in elektrostal', moscow oblast, russia:, find home stagers near me on houzz, how do i find a local home stager in elektrostal'.

  • Reach out to the pro(s) you want, then share your vision to get the ball rolling.
  • Request and compare quotes, then hire the Home Stager that perfectly fits your project and budget limits.

What is a home stager?

A home stager is a professional who prepares a house for sale, aiming to attract more buyers and potentially secure a higher selling price. They achieve this through the following techniques:

  • Rearranging furniture to optimize space and functionality.
  • Decluttering to create a clean and spacious look.
  • Making repairs to address visible issues.
  • Enhancing aesthetics with artwork, accessories, and lighting.
  • Introducing new furnishings to update the style.

Their goal is to present the house in the best light. Home stagers in Elektrostal' help buyers envision themselves living there, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

What services do Home Stager companies provide in Elektrostal'?

  • Home Staging
  • Decluttering
  • Furniture Selection
  • Space Planning
  • Art Selection
  • Accessory Selection

What are the benefits of Home Staging?

Benefits of the home staging in Elektrostal':

  • Attractive and inviting: Staging creates a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers.
  • Faster sale: Homes sell more quickly, reducing time on the market.
  • Higher sale price: Staging can lead to higher offers and appeal to a wider range of buyers.
  • Showcasing best features: Strategic arrangement highlights positives and minimizes flaws.
  • Stand out online: Staged homes capture attention in online listings.
  • Emotional connection: Staging creates a positive impression that resonates with buyers.
  • Easy visualization: Buyers can easily picture themselves living in a staged home.
  • Competitive advantage: Staging sets your home apart from others on the market.
  • Affordable investment: Cost-effective way to maximize selling potential and ROI.
  • Professional expertise: Experienced stagers ensure optimal presentation for attracting buyers.

How many Home Stagers are in Elektrostal'?

Business services, connect with us.

qualitative research in early childhood education

qualitative research in early childhood education


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    Haunted Houses and scare zones! You will venture through a haunted manor, a slaughter house, a cornfield filled with creatures, and even get to see behind the scenes in a vampire club! Join...

  19. Cedar Points Halloweekends

    Cedar Points Halloweekends is an amusement park haunted attraction with multiple haunts in Sandusky, Ohio near Toledo. This scary event offers Halloween fun

  20. Norilsk: The city built by gulag prisoners where Russia guards its

    Norilsk was built in Stalin's times by gulag prisoners. This gritty industrial city is a testament to their endurance both of the cruelty of Stalin's regime and of the harsh polar climate.

  21. Best 15 Home & House Stagers in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Search 21 Elektrostal' home & house stagers to find the best home stager for your project. See the top reviewed local home stagers in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia on Houzz.

  22. An unknown UAV was spotted over CHPP-29 in Elektrostal near Moscow

    An unknown UAV was spotted over CHPP-29 in Elektrostal near Moscow immediately after a short circuit on one of the power lines - SHOT.. Explore Russia local news alerts & today's headlines geolocated on live map on website or application. Focus on politics, military news and security alerts

  23. haunted mirror mod

    Haunted Mirror -MOD-V 1.3.1. Cause chaos & torture sims usin the most evil spells! Turn your sim to an evil spell caster by using the "Book Of Chaos" found in buy mode. The book contains over 10 evil spells that will turn sims lives into hell! Torture & Chaos -MOD-V 1.5.3 Child Guardian.... The sims 4 - Haunted Mirror "MOD" is now available for download!