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The World’s Most Exciting Superyacht Concepts

Some of these concepts could be gracing our seas within the next few years.

By Sophie Killip

superyacht concepts

When it comes to design and technology, the world of superyachts is one of the most pioneering industries out there. Whether it’s a new shape or testing the limits of a yacht’s size , superyacht designers are always working with cutting-edge ideas. However, even within the superyacht industry, these dreams can go one step further – some designers are creating superyacht concepts for vessels that go above and beyond our current capabilities, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

With this in mind, we’ve curated a selection of some of the most exciting superyacht concepts in the world, including some that might never see the water and others that could be gracing our seas within the next few years.

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Mako yacht

The  Mako   is the first dip into the waters of nautical  design for the prestigious design studio State of Craft – but what an ambitious debut. The almost 395-ft superyacht is an  adventurous  take on cruising explorers, featuring long-range ice cruising capabilities and a zero-carbon footprint – all with a design inspired by the shark that gives its name. 

That unconventional structure uniquely blends the hull and superstructure into a seamless overall form, creating a continuation of surface that allows for seamless transitions from the yacht’s interior to outdoor decks. And it’s not just in its design where the  Mako  seeks to break conventions. With its propulsion system of hydrogen tanks, fuel cells and electric engines – combined with a battery storage system and solar panels – the  Mako  is set to be a sustainable evolution of the luxury superyacht. 

The brand has revealed that while it is difficult to put a cost on the project, it is estimated that the superyacht would cost “between €250m and €500m” (approx. between $268m and $536m).

Ulyssia yacht

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Superyacht O'Rea in the water

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nero yacht aerial view

How to Charter a Superyacht


mirarri bozca render

Mirarri , a new yacht design firm founded by Rashed Al Shaali, has announced that its first yacht will be built by  UAE -based  shipyard  Enata, best known for the ‘flying yacht’ Foiler, and delivered in 2025. Imagined by the award-winning designer Timur Bozca, whose body of work spans yachts, cars, interiors and aviation, Mirarri’s inaugural launch will span 55 ft. Construction of the yacht is already underway.

Intended to exude a futuristic take on classic yachting, the currently un-named concept’s design is led by lightweight yet durable materials, with much of its exterior using carbon fiber and titanium.

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superyacht concepts: Project L

Celebrated designer Thierry Gaugain and boutique brokerage SuperYachtsMonoco have been working together on a collaboration that could change the course of yachting history: the astounding 390 ft Project L, which has been inspired by “a dream of paradise”. The innovative yacht will be powered by a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system, balancing fuel efficiency with autonomy for long-range cruising.

Shaped like a smooth beach pebble, Project L is designed to glide through the water and will be able to fully open to the elements, creating a direct connection between guests and the natural environment. “Project L isn’t a concept of something that may eventually work,” says director of SuperYachtsMonaco, Alex Banning. “The engineering has been studied and verified to perform. L can be built and – Thierry and I sincerely hope – one day soon [she] will be delivered to an owner as unique as her.”


superyacht concepts

Founded by designers who previously worked in the automotive industry – specifically at Ferrari – RUMA Design is a studio that aims to emulate the finesse and precision of automobiles in other sectors. A natural connection was made between supercars and luxury vessels, with the team at RUMA moving towards a sleek catamaran design with a low center of gravity and sinuous design.

The result is RUMA’s award-winning design for MIGMA, a noiseless 180 ft electric catamaran that runs on hydrogen power. Translated from Greek, ‘Migma’ means ‘mixture’, a name that is apt for this catamaran: the concept mixes unique spacing – its core structure is in the middle, with elements growing out of it – with innovative engineering techniques and fluid design that is reminiscent of marine wildlife.


superyacht concepts

One of the most ambitious yacht concepts in this list, Pagurus is the concept for an 80 ft amphibious catamaran created by Italian design studio Lazzarini Design. Pagurus – meaning ‘crab’ in Latin – was originally imagined as a military vessel, with a top speed of 24 knots and a structure that has been inspired by the body and shape of the eponymous sea creature.

What separates Pagurus from other yacht concepts is its potential for ‘amphibious’ activity: the catamaran’s hulls would be lined with screw-like cylinders, allowing the vessel to move across sand or mud. Water friction against the screws would also generate electricity to power its batteries. Pagurus would have the capacity for eight passengers and four crew members, with living areas subdivided between the two hulls and connected to each other through the bridge tower in the middle.


superyacht concepts : Black Swan

Award-winning transportation design studio Bozca Design was founded in 2013 by innovative designer Timur Bozca with a vision to “create solutions through design”. Many of the studio’s designs are inspired by the natural world, including the superyacht concept that has made it on this list: the luxurious Black Swan, which has been designed with both style and high efficiency in mind.

Black Swan would be able to comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests across six guest cabins and a master cabin, as well as having room for a staff of 18. The 230 ft superyacht would have a top speed of 28 knots (cruising speed around 20 knots), which would be achieved thanks to the yacht’s four engines and arrow-shaped aerodynamic design, which would be constructed using black aluminum for the superstructure and reinforced steel for the hull.


superyacht concepts

One of the latest concepts from prolific artist and designer George Lucian, the MY Roswell is a 210 ft superyacht that would be created entirely out of aluminum. The concept has been designed to be fully electric, with large electrical panels that would cover a number of the yacht’s horizontal surfaces. There would also be two electric diesel engines on board as a backup.

Lucian started with the idea of “creating an iconic worldwide recognizable yacht inspired by the future” when designing MY Roswell – the yacht’s shape takes its inspiration from spacecraft and military stealth vessels. It would have room for 12 guests and 12 crew and feature a large, covered outdoor area, lounge, dining area and beam length swimming pool on the main deck. There is also allocated space on the upper deck for a helicopter platform and sky lounge.



superyacht concepts

Avanguardia – meaning ‘vanguard’ in English – is another concept from Lazzarini Design. The name comes from the yacht’s unique design, which features a control tower high above the rest of the vessel. Not only would this control tower oversee everything happening on the yacht, it gives Avanguardia the appearance of a giant swan – and would be able to detach, becoming a 50-ft day boat.

While cruising, the control tower can adjust its position and lower into the middle of the superyacht’s body. With the control tower lowered, Avanguardia reaches an impressive length of 515 ft and has a cruising speed of around 18 knots. The yacht has been designed to comfortably support 24 guests and 22 crew but has space for up to 60 passengers across its five main decks. Anyone willing to make Avanguardia a reality would have to invest $500 million for its construction.

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Codecasa JET 2020

superyacht concepts

Italian shipyard Codecasa has created a one-of-a-kind superyacht concept with the unveiling of their Codecasa JET 2020 – an idea that has been heavily inspired by the aviation industry and aims to “break the mold of the typical lines” found in yacht design. At 230 ft, if built, Codecasa JET 2020 would become the flagship yacht of Codecasa Shipyards.

Various sections of the Codecasa JET 2020 borrow from aviation design, from the cockpit-shaped bow to the air inlets reminiscent of jet engines, as well as the aft, which features a sun deck evocative of the tail of an aircraft. There would be a total of five cabins onboard for guests, including an owner’s suite on the main deck; it has also been designed to feature a sky lounge, dining room, covered gymnasium and a sunken swimming pool.


SY Project Origami

superyacht concepts : Project Origami

Another concept from Monaco-based George Lucian, this design for a sailing yacht has to feature on any list of the best superyacht concepts in the world. Called Project Origami, the concept takes its inspiration from traditional Asian junks and – as its name suggests – the paper folding art form of Origami. The sailing yacht would be an impressive size, coming in at just over 320 ft.

The yacht would feature ‘folding surfaces’ on its hull that would have dual purposes; for example, one part of the hull would fold out, opening up completely to create a helicopter pad. Project Origami would also feature several sails divided into sections, which would act as solar panels and generate electricity to allow the yacht to reduce its environmental footprint. Lucian admits that Project Origami would be a challenge for any yacht builder, as he didn’t “work with a sailing specialist” when creating the idea.

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Sophie Killip

Latest in luxury, the explorer.

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Blue-sky superyacht concepts range from pure fantasy to easily buildable. Here are our 10 favorites in the last year.

To stand out from the crowd, more and more superyacht buyers—many new to the market—are challenging designers to break molds, go extreme, and think way outside of the traditional box. And they’re doing it with head-spinning bow designs, huge windows, and much larger interior and exterior spaces.

They’re also trading traditional monohulls for big-volume catamarans and trimarans, taking inspiration from oddball places—an aircraft carrier or 1930s Hollywood-style automobile—and, at the same time, future-proofing them with new propulsion systems, including hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, and advanced battery power.

These 10 concepts, from a range of designers and studios, show that the future of superyacht design has never been more exciting—if at times a little bizarre.

Superyacht Concept Aware

Sinot, ‘Aware’

Not all superyachts need to look like multi-tiered wedding cakes. That’s according to Dutch studio Sinot Yacht, which has just penned conceptual renderings for a sleek, almost-minimalist cruiser called  Aware . Yes, the 262-footer does have the look of some super-stylish European river boat from the likes of Viking or Uniworld. But the aim here is to optimize the spaces experienced owners tend to use the most. Like the owner’s suite on the main deck, which in  Aware  spans the full beam and totals over 860 square feet. Then there’s the super-size beach club with its twin fold-out terraces, gym, bar, cinema, 36-foot-long pool, and glass-sided dining area. As for power, Sinot envisions a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system good for a 21 mph max, and a 4,000 nautical mile range at 14 mph.

Superyacht Concepts Mission Icon Yachts

Icon Yachts, ‘Mission’

Ice-breaking, globe-trotting expedition yachts are nothing new for Holland’s Icon Yachts. Its rugged, 224-foot, converted ice-breaker  Ragnar  literally wrote the rule-book on building high-latitude-friendly luxury superyachts. But Icon’s concept for a brand-new, ultimate explorer it’s calling  Mission  adds Indiana Jones–levels of off-the-grid exploration. Designed by Dutch explorer-yacht specialist Bernd Weel,  Mission  is all towering, ice-crushing bow, trademark geometric hull sides, and endless space for all that adventure-seeking gear. Here we’re talking six tenders of all sizes, a three-person submersible, an Airbus H130 helicopter, and space midships for a multitude of shipping containers for when you want to become the next Jacques Cousteau. As for range, Icon would target over 6,000 nautical miles.

Superyacht Concepts Waugh Decadence

Andy Waugh Yacht Design, ‘Decadence’

Flick through the pages of any automotive history book and you’ll notice that 1930s design is dominated by the outrageous, teardrop-fendered creations of the French duo of Figoni et Falaschi. Their designs look to be the inspiration behind London-based designer Andy Waugh’s jaw-dropping concept for a 264-foot catamaran he quite aptly calls  Decadence . Featuring a central hull flanked by four teardrop-like pods, the concept evolves the idea of so-called SWATH catamaran hull design used in a number of oil-platform support, research vessels, and even some superyachts. Providing immense stability through reduced roll and pitch, the design makes perfect sense for a superyacht. One drawback: the yacht’s massive, marina-unfriendly 98-foot beam. Though that becomes a positive when you consider  Decadence ‘s vast owner’s suite measures 66 feet wide and almost 100 feet long.

Superyacht Concepts Oceanco

Oceanco, ‘Aeolus’

When the Dutch superyacht maestros at Oceanco release a blue-sky design, the concept is likely just a few steps away from reality. Fresh from delivering the 410-foot  Koru , the world’s largest sailing yacht, to new owner Jeff Bezos, and the 357-foot  Seven Seas  to Steven Spielberg, Oceanco has unveiled  Aeolus , a concept for a highly sustainable 430-foot gigayacht. Drawn by former Rolls-Royce head of design Giles Taylor, this curvaceous, quad-deck world cruiser looks to the future by incorporating Oceanco’s Energy Transition Platform (ETP) philosophy. The propulsion could start with diesel-electric power, with battery banks charged by twin MTU V16 diesel generators. Then, as technologies advance, it could more to more advanced fuel types such as methanol or other, even wilder technologies like nuclear power.

Superyacht concepts Star Trek

Anthony Glasson, ‘Star Trek’

Designed to boldly go across oceans, this concept for a massive 275-foot trimaran is said to have been inspired by Hong Kong–based designer Anthony Glasson’s love of the TV show “Star Trek”—especially the Starship  Enterprise . Viewed bow-on, you can see why: The slender, wave-piercing bow, the twin side hulls, and rounded glass upper observation deck have USS  Enterprise  written all over it. But the trimaran form definitely adds to its function, with the wide beam creating an expansive “courtyard” that’s part enclosed and part open, housing a hot tub—one of three aboard—a gym, a bar, sunpads galore and even a helipad-turned-dancefloor. Glasson envisions the trimaran to be built of lightweight aluminum, with a 5,000-nautical-mile range. Captain Kirk would be impressed.

Concept Superyachts Pegasus

Jozeph Forakis, ‘Pegasus’

Until now, arguably the ultimate stealth boat was the one in the 1997 James Bond romp  Tomorrow Never Dies , owned by tyrannical media mogul Elliot Carver. That would change if the 289-foot concept  Pegasus , from the computer screen of N.Y.C.-born and now Milan-based designer Jozeph Forakis, gets a production go-ahead. It features a superstructure comprising three over-lapping “wings” with metallic surfaces designed to reflect the sky and the clouds, rendering the superyacht near-invisible. The “wings” also do double duty as solar panels generating energy that would be used to convert sea water to hydrogen. Fuel cells would then turn the hydrogen into electricity that would be then stored in banks of lithium-ion batteries, making Pegasus essentially emissions-free with a virtually infinite cruising range.

Superyacht Concepts Plectrum

Lazzarini, ‘Plectrum’

Why fly through the water when you can fly on top? That’s the thinking behind Rome-based Lazzarini Design’s radical 243-foot hydrofoiling superyacht concept named  Plectrum . Massive foils deploy from the sides of the yacht’s rounded carbon-fiber hull, while a trio of 5,000 hp engines would elevate the yacht out of the water and punch it to a top speed of over 80 mph. It’s a similar concept used in the latest America’s Cup AC75 foiling monohull sailboats, along with a crop of electric powerboats and surfboards. Applying the technology to a 243-foot superyacht is what’s new and possibly technically impossible, at least for now. Other stand-out features of this bright-orange flyer include a helicopter garage beneath the mile-long foredeck and a garage for your supercar at the stern.

Superyacht concepts Phantom Vesper

Phantom and Golden Yachts, ‘Vesper’

When it comes to next-generation superyacht design, it seems glass is fast becoming the new steel. Take the collaboration between the design team at Holland’s Phantom Studios and Athens-based superyacht builder Golden Yachts. The 213-foot concept they’re calling  Vesper  features five levels of floor-to-ceiling structural glass, a glass floor in the yacht’s upper deck lounge, and a glass-sided swimming pool. Connecting the beach club to the pool is a huge, high-lifting hatch that’s, what else, all glass. Now head to the owner’s “suite”—it’s more like a two-level penthouse in a Miami skyscraper—and it features floor-to-very-high-ceiling glass that floods the space with light. To catch some real rays, the full-deck suite features not one, but two outdoor terraces.

Superyacht Concepts DeBasto MED

DeBasto Design, MED

Think of this as a 301-foot dayboat with the emphasis on outdoor, alfresco, lounge-in-the-sun, Mediterranean living. From the drawing board of Miami-based designer Luiz de Basto, Project MED features uninterrupted, bow-to-stern open teak decks topped with a huge upper superstructure supported by just four columns. And to ensure the superstructure doesn’t dominate the superyacht’s sleek lines, de Basto covered it in reflective glass so that it almost disappears from view by mirroring its surroundings. The designer says his inspiration came from the idea of “Agora,” named after the squares in Ancient Greek villages where everyone congregated. Aboard Project MED, that could be on the main deck, around the oversized pool at the stern, or on the vast open foredeck.

Superyacht Concepts UAE One

Enzo Manca, ‘UAE One’

There are superyachts designed to look like military warships. Some even are shaped to look like navy submarines. But here’s a first; a superyacht inspired by the lines of an aircraft carrier. The 459-foot  UAE One  is from the fertile mind of Milan-based designer Enzo Manca who created the concept for an unnamed United Arab Emirates sheikh looking to create an official UAE flagship. Without a doubt, the design highlight is the yacht’s runway-like main deck. It features not one, but three helipads, a conning tower-like, four-level structure on the starboard side, a geometric-shaped pool and a huge circular “conversation pit” right on the bow, complete with cozy sofas and a firepit. Accommodations over nine decks include five “super suites”, eight master cabins, 14 mini apartments, and 35 cabins for the crew of 65. 

Douglas Hensman


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Intrepid adventurers: The boldest explorer yacht concepts

From ready-to-build projects to far-out concepts that might never make a splash of wake, BOAT reveals the freshest creations from some of the most original yacht designers.

The 2021 Explorer Yachts Summit will take place at the Yacht Club de Monaco on November 11.

Revealed by fledgling studio Bassan & Benedetti, the 78 metre Lontano is based on the hull of a supply vessel from the Norweigan shipyard Ulstein and features a striking military-inspired exterior. Powered by twin Rolls Royce AZ 100 electric Azipod engines, Lontano has an estimated top speed of 12 knots and a range of 8,000 nautical miles. Accommodation on board is for a total of 12 guests in six guest cabins designed in the style of a Manhattan sky-top apartment.

Revealed by German yard Lloyd Werft, the 115 metre concept APEX is designed for unlimited exploration with an estimated range of 9,000 nautical miles. With an exterior penned by Monaco based studio The A Group, APEX is capable of carrying two 20-metre tenders and a helicopter with a dedicated hangar. The 18.5 metre beam allows for 2,500 square metres of living space and an 8,000GT interior, all of which can be customised by the owner. 

Project Axis

The 91 metre Project Axis , revealed by designer Adam Voorhees , features a private owner’s deck with a forward swimming pool and an aft sun lounging terrace. Constructed from a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, the concept stretches over five decks and includes accommodation for 16 in seven VIP staterooms located below the private owner's deck. Power comes from a diesel and electric hybrid propulsion system, for a range of 5,000 nautical miles when cruising at 15 knots.

German shipbuilder Meyer Group's first superyacht concept, the 150 metre ONE 50 , stretches over six decks and features a "herculean" interior of 15,000GT. Designed to be sustainable, ONE 50 is powered by fuel cell technology and battery banks for an estimated speed of 23 knots. 

This 127 metre superyacht concept, Rex from UK design studio Harrison Eidsgaard features a helicopter hangar that converts into a squash court. Elsewhere, the 14-metre swimming pool on the main deck can be enclosed with a glass covering to create an indoor pool for icy climes. The large concept has accommodation for 22 guests across a master suite complete with four private terraces, two Jacuzzis and a private gym, and 10 guest suites. 


Based on Marcelo Penna Yacht Design 's established trimaran design, 56 metre Triexplorer was designed with sustainability in mind. The concept features a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system, as well as solar panels and wind generators. The studio described it as “an 80 metre vessel sensation in a 56 metre aluminium vessel”. 

From Vripack and RMK Marine , 36.5 metre Seven Seas is a "pocket-sized explorer, reimagined on a massive scale". The concept's steel hulled yacht was likened to a “Jaguar SUV” by Vripack co-creative director Bart M Bouwhuis. “It gives a quiet, harmonious looking profile that will be everlasting, without compromising on the internal layout,” he said.


Penned by designer Alejandro Crespo of Daroca Design in partnership with Brythonic Yachts, Equilibrium ’s design was “meticulously thought out to fit in any type of environment, from Antarctica to the Caribbean.” The 105 metre concept is to be built entirely in steel paired with a “champagne-green” hull, with the name Equilibrium inspired by the "optimal balance between her explorer yacht features and pleasure yacht luxuries".

Revealed by Iddes Yachts, this 55 metre go-anywhere expedition vessel combines luxury and comfort. Described as the “ultimate adventure platform”, the yacht features a D13 certified helideck capable of carrying tenders and amphibious vehicles. Elsewhere, the yacht features a 185 square metre loading deck, a beam of 10.5 metres and a five-ton multipurpose crane.

Penned by Gresham Yacht Design , this mighty 100-metre explorer concept is equipped for adventure. Its impressive facilities and equipment include a dedicated helicopter hanger, CAP 437 helipad, twin 12.5-metre custom tenders and a Trident submarine. Elsewhere, the explorer features full dive facilities with a decompression chamber. Two fully covered aft deck areas provide dedicated spaces for lounging and dining while Exploris also features a 10-metre pool, Jacuzzi and sunbathing deck.

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This New 230-Foot Superyacht Concept Is Like a Floating Wellness Retreat

The floating oasis includes two pools, a spa bath, a massage room, and an aesthetics salon., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

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Rise Superyacht Concept

Olesinski’s new superyacht concept is essentially a wellness facility for the high seas.

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To that end, the spa zone is equipped with an infinity pool, a spa bath, a plunge pool, a massage room, and an aesthetics salon. The interior layout is also arranged in such a way that the crew can provide seamless service to seafarers and still maintain their own well-being.

Olesinski designed Rise at the request of Dörries Yachts . The German yard wanted a vessel focused on wellness, as the trend has well and truly infiltrated the marine sector. ( Nuvolari-Lenard and Arcadia Yachts are just two of many industry players incorporating enhanced areas for health and wellness into new concepts.)

Rise Superyacht Concept

“We began discussions with Justin Olesinski and agreed that we wanted to create something that centered around wellness, a focal point that we have seen a huge increase in in the market,” the yard’s CEO, Henning Dörries, explains.

The spa is simply the cherry on top of one sophisticated superyacht. Rise showcases long, sleek lines, cascading curved decks, and a near-vertical bow that together create an undeniably striking silhouette. With a beam of roughly 45 feet, the newcomer has a large living area that can be easily navigated by the elevator.

The light and airy interior can accommodate up to 12 seafarers in six generous staterooms. The pick of the bunch is, of course, the owner’s suite. Located forward on the upper deck, the secluded haven includes a bedroom, a private office, a dressing room, and an en suite.

“Our hope is that Rise will appeal to a client who wants a unique yacht with wellness at the heart of the design but also with Northern European build quality; without the need to wait years in order to start the build,” added Dörries.

If that sounds like you, contact the shipyard to make Rise a reality.

Click here to see all the photos of Rise.

Rise Superyacht Concept

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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superyacht concepts

Incredible plan for FLYING PYRAMID superyacht Tetra that can lift out of water & cruise in comfort for billionaires

  • Sayan Bose , Foreign News Reporter
  • Published : 13:48, 4 Jun 2024
  • Updated : 15:12, 4 Jun 2024
  • Published : Invalid Date,

INCREDIBLE plans have been revealed for a lavish futuristic superyacht designed to "fly billionaires over water" while cruising at high speeds.

If you ever wanted to fly across the sea in a hoverboard only James Bond could ever own, this is the closest chance you will ever get.

The 'Flying Pyramid'  has a unique geometrical shape that allows it to lift from the water

Dubbed "Flying Pyramid" because of its unique geometrical shape, Tetra would be able to lift itself above and float over water while defying gravity.

Created by London -based designer Jonathan Schwinge, the concept yacht is what is called a hydrofoil - a design that helps vessels to stay above water, making it seem like they are rather flying.

Hydrofoil designs have multiple hulls attached to the body - and have shaped vanes called foils that help the vessel to lift off the water.

And since only a small part of a hydrofoil boat touches the water surface, the drag is drastically reduced to offer a smoother and faster ride.

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superyacht concepts

World’s 1st hydrogen-powered 400ft long superyacht goes for sale for £515m

superyacht concepts

Inside £47m ‘floating Caesar’s palace’ megayacht with secret pool room

Foiling  technology dates back to the 1900s, but it has been vamped up recently with a modern twist.

Jonathan's design reimagines the form, superstructure, and propulsion of modern superyachts into a streamlined, elevated enclosure.

"The design is instigated by the re-thinking of the form, superstructure and propulsion of the modern superyacht into a radically simple enclosure and an elevated mode of travel above the water line," he said.

Working on the same principle, his Tetra would travel using three hulls on its underside at low speeds.

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Once it takes off at high speed, a torpedo-shaped foil will extend down from the hull which will help to lift the yacht out of the water.

The concept superyacht will reportedly have a speed of 17.2mph during take-off - and will be able to cruise above water at an impressive speed of up to 43.7mph.

According to the designers, an auto-pilot "fly-by-light" system will be borrowed from the aviation industry and will be installed in the superyacht.

It will reportedly help to take control during difficult weather conditions and maintain and help reduce the body roll for passengers.

If the superyacht is ever built, it will boast lightweight carbon fibre and strong stainless steel - but will only be capable of accommodating 10 people including the crew, despite having a massive appearance.

Apart from its unique design, Tetra will boast the ultimate luxury for future billionaires to travel in style.

When docked, the superyacht will be able to unfold three sides of this body to become what the designer is calling a "sun deck" - an outdoor lounge area with dining facilities and ways access to seawater.

The cost of creating Tetra has not been made public yet, but one can easily expect lots of zeros.

Top superyacht designs that will baffle your mind

superyacht concepts

THE luxurious yacht industry is often blessed with some unique, unconventional designs from the future.

Here are some of the best designs that will leave you in awe:

Superyacht Leona - It is one of the world's most luxurious superyachts with exclusive marble designs and lavish decor. Dubbed "Floating Ceaser's Palace" for featuring Romanesque statues, Leona is a real showpiece that comes with a piano bar and a secret marble-clad pool.

Project 821 - Boasting the ability to run on green hydrogen, it's a vessel like no other. The yacht also features the most efficient waste heat recovery system yet developed.

Deep Sea Dreamer -  This superyacht is shaped like a fish and can dive as deep as 328 feet underwater for up to seven days at a time.  It is equipped with a viewing orb to explore the breathtaking ocean views.

The Shark - Brain-child of Italian design studio Lazzarini, its design is inspired by a hammerhead shark. The flashy floater is set to be so huge passengers will need a golf cart to explore its lavish confines.

Superyacht Jewel - This vessel lives up to its name with an interior embellished like a jewellery box that even Liberace would be proud of. Pianist Liberace, who was known for his glitz and glamorous style, would envy this ornate yacht with a fascinating interior.

Plectrum - Italian  designer  Lazzarini  unveiled Plectrum, a towering 243ft beast equipped with giant wings that allow it to “fly” across the seas at staggering speeds.

When docked, the superyacht will be able to unfold three sides of this body to become an outdoor lounge area

superyacht concepts

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Balance has been created on Oceanco's efficient, eco-conscious LIFE Design, leveraging ad lengthened slender hull form to reduce power needs, weight and technical space in a positive feedback loop.

The result is a significant increase in luxury space available to owners, as well as a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and an ultra-quiet experience onboard.

Its elongated hull with efficient plumb bow  complemented by striking horizontal deck lines and extended overhangs o emphasise a low sleek profile.

Across five decks of guest space, its Sinot design features include a 10m swimming pool, beach club, spa with sauna and outdoor cinema, observatory and an expansive private owner’s deck.

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