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Welcome to the story of the mask commonly known today as “GhostFace®”, this mask was first designed and created by Alan Geller of Fun World as he also explain’s in the recent documentary ‘Still Screaming’ by Anthony Masi. It was known at first as the “Peanut eyed Ghost” by many and also at one point ‘The Weeping Ghost’ but remained unnamed in its first line of masks it was featured in which was “Fantastic Faces”. The mask was not easily designed, I got a hold of RJ Torbert and he indicated that he told a true story involving the naming of the mask that will be in the documentary “Still Screaming” that is considered to be very funny. With regards of GhostFace® getting onto the big screen, it wasn’t until 1995 that the mask was found by Marianne Maddalena who was with Wes Craven while scouting for locations in an old house of a mask collector that had sadly died, he liked the idea that the mask could be bought anywhere at any variety store, meaning anyone could be the killer in what was at the time his upcoming movie “Scream”. Since the movies release many versions of the mask and costumes now exist, GhostFace® has become a VERY popular character/icon in regards to many fans of him and the films.

Below we have most versions of the mask listed that have been released since GhostFace® got a cult following. The mask is still hugely popular today! The man that is in charge of all things “GhostFace®” today is RJ Torbert and he’s just as passionate about GhostFace® as the fans.


RJ’s history with the mask is also important, he is the man that Trademarked the GhostFace® name in 1996 and he also officially baptized the mask name and image on June 21st 1999. A new Trademark was announced in Early 2011 which earned GhostFace® a worthy title of “The Icon Of Halloween®”, in 2012 it was approved and now fans will notice the ‘®’ on Mask tags and other Ghostface® merchandise. During intensive meetings with Miramax for Motion Picture and Merchandising rights. Torbert insisted that a legitimate name be given to the mask. There was resistance at first but Torbert prevailed and came up with the name Ghost Face. His first thought was “Ghost in Pain” but decided that GHOST FACE sounded more like a noun instead of an adjective (GHOST IN PAIN) easier to refer to.

He filed all the necessary legal papers, for the trademark, and amended the original copyrights and GHOST FACE was born and worked into the merchandising plan as well as the motion picture. His reason behind the push was his belief in Wes Craven and felt a intellectual property would be born. And as we all know it was. Today RJ stays very busy with his job and has many followers via Twitter where he takes time to update fans with cryptic messages and regularly has contests involving GhostFace® related items. Fans like him a lot and not many of us knew of him until mid 2010 when Scream 4 filming started and he contacted people and said hello and gave pointers to us about our sites.

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Not everyone knows or sometimes even realize’s that the mask types differ in the films.. but they aren’t all the same mask in every scene of course. Masks are also altered by the art department to get them how Wes wants them to look, many alterations are made and thats why the store-bought masks will differ somehow to those we see in the final movie! The masks sold are not always the same, for example production run Deluxe masks were used in Scream 4, which although looking the same as the store sold Deluxe versions did actually differ from them, In all the films masks dont look the same because of being altered.

ghostface mask gen 2

SCREAM – Fantastic Faces – KNB Mask

In the first movie two versions are used, the popular “Fantastic Faces” thats still sought after now and 28 years old, and the other version being the one made by KNB effects, just known simply by fans as the “KNB Mask”, Only 7 KNB types were made, and remember some were cut up!

What was this ‘KNB’ Mask then? .. Loyal fans WILL know of this type..

Wes had decided on a Fun World mask for the film, with time being limited and a deal not being ironed out to use the Fun World mask Wes had KNB Effects make a similar mask and even with that a deal had to be made and hammered out to make the use of the KNB mask legal with Fun World, On filming Himbrey’s and Casey’s scenes he wasn’t 100% happy with it and finally Fun World and the studio managed to strike a deal and the real one was used, although there wasn’t time to re-shoot Casey and Himbrey’s scenes so the KNB mask got an appearance after all. Only 7 masks existed of these and Nate Ragon owns a mask or two as well as Skip Crank!

Although many a fan out there have made replica’s since the KNB’s appearance back in 96, some are good, and some not so good. At the end of the day an Original is FAR better to own. It is known another fan has some good stuff from the first movie too. Mainly the remaining KNB’s i think..

Also, despite many people believing that the ‘KNB’ mask was only used in Principal Himbrey’s Death scene and Casey Becker’s scene you can also see it appear right after Sidney and Tatum are talking about Cotton on Tatum’s front porch, when the killer appears in the bushes a short distance away before the video store scene, Pause your DVD’s and Blu Rays and zoom in, it certainly looks like the KNB mask, also pause it in the store when Sidney and Tatum are shopping, after they walk off we see the killer again in the reflection of the fridge doors, again, that’s a KNB type!!!

ghostface mask gen 2

SCREAM 2 – Fearsome Faces – Fearsome Faces (EU) Stamp, RDS = ‘Randy’s Death Scene’

In Scream 2 we also had two types used, both from the “Fearsome Faces” line.. there are always many factories that made these all with different molds, and in Scream 2 we had a regular Fearsome type and also a Fearsome Faces ‘EU’ type, noticeable differences are easily seen when looking at the images here. Many a fan will mention and know what an ‘RDS’ mask is, for those who still wonder.. it means ‘Randy’s Death Scene’.. Ghostface had an RDS mask on when in the van driving the knife in and out of poor old Randy. The ‘RDS’ mask as its nicknamed can also be seen scattered around on various kids on the cinema scene at the start of the film also… one being just a few seats to the left of Maureen and the killer!

In REAL terms the nicknamed ‘RDS’ mask is basically a Fearsome Faces mask with an ‘MK’ stamp, although some types have a more Squinty look… (Despite the RDS being known as a Fearsome Faces mask, it did also appear with earlier ‘Fantastic Faces’ header tags on there, but are extremely rare! ).

ghostface mask gen 2

SCREAM 3 – ‘ASIS’ Mask – GhostFace ‘Black & Red Tag’ (EU) Stamp

Scream 3 saw a newer line of masks known to fans as the “ASIS” tagged versions, just before the tags listed simply as “GhostFace®” which were the commonly seen Black and Red tag, Glow and Non Glow were available and although its still not 100% proved its thought that both types may had been sent to set.. we do know though that there wasn’t any previous line masks used. Fans sway more towards the “ASIS” mask being used in Scream 3 but when looking at the film and comparing screenshots both the ASIS and Black and Red GhostFace® tag types were used. Differences in mask are noticeable when pausing the film. Many believe that the mask pictured on the left below is ONLY used in Cotton and Christine’s scenes at the films beginning, as a fan myself i believe it was used a bit more than just that, although the ‘ASIS’ mask looks almost the same, and the Re-shoots for Scream 3 did include the start of the film, many extras of Cotton and Christine’s scenes exist as DVD extras..

ghostface mask gen 2

Scream 4 saw the main mask for GhostFace® being the Deluxe version, a Production run of masks were sent to set, also Zombie versions were included and Scarecrow types too, although we dont see the Zombie and Scarecrow it is said they were randomly placed on kids in the barn scene, (I have been reliably informed that the masks DO appear in the barn scene and if you look hard enough and ‘pause’ through the scene you can see them.) i have seen Zombie types online with COA’s on EBay now and again. All Deluxes had a New Dwarf type hood and shroud, and was more of a solid mask compared to its thinner Softer PVC made predecessors, The “Walgreens/Re-shoot” style mask has a thinner look on the downward shape of the mouth and eye differences, being slightly thinner than the Deluxe, also the back of the chin cuts off more than the Deluxe, giving the Walgreens its distinctive shape letting us identify it more easily. The more normal name for the mask isn’t in existence as such with this type, it can only be described as the ‘TD’ mold, seen previously way before Scream 4 was announced, yet since the movie has come and gone the mask is in more demand among fans.

In late January/Early February 2011 the ‘TD’ masks were sent for the Re-Shoots, these masks have been Nicknamed by fans as “Walgreens” or “Re-shoot” types! Again these are easily noticeable when looking at the images below, and quite easily noticed in the final film!

ghostface mask gen 2

Below we have various masks as used in the movies.. a ‘cut up’ KNB mask.. and even an Orange mask, which looks to be the Fluorescent Orange Fantastic Faces type..

Nate has been collecting for well over 10 years, below is just a little of his prize possessions.. Knowing that those masks were involved in filming makes them super rare.. Props and screen used items from the first film are harder to come by than any of the other films..

Below we have various masks as used in the movies, also there is the killers robe from Scream 3 where Roman is repeatedly shot by Dewey before getting shot in the head!

Also here are Masks as used in SCREAM, and Scream 3 and Scream 4, Wes personally signed the Scream 4 mask to Nate himself.. the purple colouring was where the mask was coloured in with black marker for a shadowing effect, over time the ink sets in and slowly goes purple.

ghostface mask gen 2

” Fantastic Faces, originally a line of 4 masks, including what was nicknamed the ‘Peanut Eyed Ghost’ aka GhostFace! Later on the line would have 5 masks, a new one was a grinning skeleton showing its teeth “

This was designed by Fun World in 1991 and had a “Stamp of Approval” by Alan and Stanley Geller for its first line of “Fantastic Faces” and it is this version that was finally used in “Scream” after a deal was reached by the Weinstein Company and Fun World, previously the studio and Fun World wasn’t able to get a deal sorted out in time, and the KNB effects crew made a similar version of the mask at first, Wes wanted Fun World’s version though, finally a deal was made and the mask was used.

White Versions In the line of Fantastic faces through the years we also saw all the masks go through another phase of colour changing with the shrouds, at one time the masks were available as completely white variants, GhostFace, or the ‘Peanut eyed ghost’ was just one of those masks to have the full white shroud, with collectors today its not just versions sought after that were used in the movies, its also any other variant like the white versions that come up trumps too!

Generation 1 and Generation 2′ Mask types? !!!! In the masks early life we saw the first mold, this is what started off ‘The Peanut eyed Ghost’ in its creation, the mold was approximately 11.5 inches in length and had hand cut eyes, a big wide mouth, and indents in the bottom and also middle of the mouth, with lots of these masks the sides of the mouths would not be symmetrical, whilst this sounds like a flaw, it is what helped give the mask more character in its early existence, now a collectors item, and Collectors often refer to this Fantastic Faces type as a ‘Gen 1’ , or a ‘Generation 1’ mask.

Gen 2 – Generation 2 Mold Over time the ONLY mold of the Generation 1 mask obviously got some use, sadly this use would take its toll on the mold and eventually a new mold was needed, it is believed that Fun World told sculptors to get the next mold as close to the first version as humanly possible, this was almost achieved too, as there was only a half inch difference overall, on looking at actual mask pictures or by comparing these Gen 1 and 2 masks either side its obvious to see the slight changes that define each type, the Gen 2 has slightly bigger eyes, and also seems to have a slightly less wider mouth at the top of the mouth area, also the nose differs too, whilst the Gen 1 nose is painted as an almost straight line at the bottom it was narrow at the peak on top, on the Gen 2 it is wider at its peak of the nose and also has a more noticeable curve on on the bottom of the nose going upwards into the bottom of the nose shape. The main half inch difference starts after the top of the eyes going down the mask, If you hold a tape measure from the top of the mask going downwards, you will see the 6 inch mark on a Gen1 just as you get near the very bottom of the nose, on a Gen2 you will see that 6 inch mark almost at the top of the nose!

Hand Cut eyes / Machine Cut eyes As time went on we saw changes from the Gen 1 mold to the Gen 2 mold in many ways, and small ways too, one of these was a simple change in the way the eyes were cut out, in the past eye holes were manually cut out ( which must have taken ages!! ) and when the updated Gen 2 mold was in use we now had a machine doing the eye holes… so as each version of mask emerged over the years we got little changes over time, Machine cut eyes being one of these changes starting off in this Fantastic Faces line… and this also helps in the identifying of the type between collectors.

Identifying between the two types! The main half inch difference isn’t noticeable overall unless you have a Gen1 and 2 mask side by side! The main identifying factor in confirming which mask type you have will be more easily seen with a simple measurement, although most fans always look straight at the nose to see if the straight line paint job that features on the Gen1 is there, normally the curve of the Gen2 will help confirm for that type on its own too, but on occasions there are cases where the paint jobs differ and a Gen 2 may have a paint job on its nose just like a Gen 1 mask! Again, this is where it can be identified easier with the measurement of the overall mask length. Remember, 11.5 inches overall for a Gen 1 Mask, and 12 inches for a Gen 2 mask! This measurement is correctly taken by putting the top end of the tape measure on the top of the mask mask edge at the back of the hood/shroud and by bringing the tape measure down the front of the mask, you will get the end measurement by seeing where the end of the tape goes to at the bottom of the mouth.

Identifying a Fantastic Faces Mask.

Identifying Facts.

Item No. #9206

Material: Soft PVC

Colours: White, Orange, Green, Pink

Overall Length: Gen 1 Mask approximately 30cm / 11.5 inches, Gen 2 Mask – 31cm / 12 inches, Measurements are approximate and tape measure goes to top of the mask mold to bottom of chin.

Stamp: Fun World Div. Some will have ‘HN’ on the chins too.

Shroud: Described as “T-Shirt” material, Black, thin and stretchy…. Hooded types had a thick layer of material doubled up. Other masks had the normal Polyester Black material

Shrouds also came in White with all masks in the early line

Smell: Vanilla

Mouth Indent: Gen 1 Mask, 11.43cm, two small circular indents are present too, which help define the mask is a “Fantastic” Gen 1 type! Gen 2 Mask mouth indent 13cm…

Tags: Red/Pinky Fantastic Faces tag, even an early purple tag existed, with Fearsome type font, except saying Fantastic faces, one tag had no picture of the mask, other had the hooded type pictured, also the text “Its Fun Tyme” was there.. spelled as it is written here. On some the yellow star is present saying “Glows in the dark”

Overall: The Fantastic faces mask is EXACTLY as its described, Fantastic! A favourite among many fans and sometimes preferred to current versions for its “untidy shape” and hand cut eyes. For a brief description i could say that we have a “Bony” looking surprised scary looking type of skull!

Eyes were never the same as today due to being hand cut out, the mouths were long and shiny black and quite flexible, the mask has a certain look about it that pleases many, the eyes are almost the same as the fearsome type, with each eye not being the same shape, the nose appears ever so slightly smaller and slightly further up past the mouth than other versions. Left eyes always look slightly more thinner than right eyes.

Original Measurements first put on this page were kindly sent to me by John C Gritton. Thanks John! Information on differences between Gen1 and Gen2 types came from Fan Tim Dufresne, Thanks VERY Much Tim!

ghostface mask gen 2

After the Success of “Scream” we saw a Sequel come straight after, this time we had a slightly re-designed mask, in a named line called “Fearsome Faces”, this was the second line that our mask appeared in and had a Shroud version and a hooded version, it also had these types in the “Fantastic” line previously, this version had an indent in the chin and slightly different eyes, Glow versions were used in Scream 2 and are still sought after today. Normally with regards to Scream 2 the things that seem to pop up more regular than others items are the ‘Theater Robes’ which are actually quite plain compared to the GhostFace costumes bought in stores today.

” The ‘Fearsome’ line was the next line where GhostFace appeared, a slight change in mold is seen here, but not much overall difference compared to later versions “


Item No. #9206 / Item no. #8550 (T Mask) #8919 (Hooded DLX Types)

Material:  Soft PVC

Overall Length: 31cm (From top of mask down to bottom of chin).

Stamp: Early versions had the usual “Fun World Div” very late versions of the mask had the normal “Easter Unlimited inc, Made in China” or the ‘HN’ mark on others as well as the two (MK) variants…

Shroud: Black Stretchy Material, Hooded types had a thick layer of material doubled up.

Smell: Vanilla Smell

Mouth indent: 13cm, Indent in bottom of mouth and noticeable “Crease” line in middle of mouth, with this type the mouth appears bigger of some angles, giving the mouth “Attitude” on some shots in the films. In some film scenes the mouth appears to curve more forwards than before. Whether that is how the mold is, or a movie modification im not sure..

Tags: Tags were Purple and Black with Greeney/Yellow font, a picture of the hooded type was on the right of the tag like with later Fantastic tags. These same types were nameless on the 97′ ASIS tag, with a greeny glowing mask on the right hand side, sometimes also seen on the fearsome ones too.

Overall: Like the Fantastic version this mask is still wanted by many a fan, its main identifiable feature is the eye difference, the right eye always has a straight diagonal line on either side of it, where as the left eye will be curved.

Other: An “EU” type Fearsome (amongst others) was also available at the time, this mask differed slightly, the eyes were spaced further apart from each other, this can be seen in the background of the opening scene in the cinema, also it has a Nickname of “RDS”, because it was used in ‘Randy’s Death Scene’..

Thanks to Joshie B for measurements! | Also Thanks to Zach Barton for Mouth Picture.

ghostface mask gen 2

” Not just this particular mask had this tag, late Fearsome masks also had this tag with the EU stamp, the tag itself was to help GhostFace separate from the older lines, before being baptized”

On speaking with RJ Torbert on this version of tag its now clear as to why it was nameless. In the process of going from Fantastic, then Fearsome in named lines the name “GhostFace®” was wanted next.

R.J. was in the process of having the GhostFace® name trademarked, and because it takes over a year to get government approvals on registrations, he did not want to have GhostFace® on Header Cards and Packaging until it was “Officially” documented as a registration.

So this tag stayed out there until all was official, over the years fans nicknamed this the “97′ Tag, or “ASIS” mask, simply for (As Seen in Scream). After this version we saw a new tag and named line for the mask, as below in the next section.

In the time that the tag existed there were many a version mask still appear and then reappear with a different mold, the picture here to the below right shows us how different some styles can be just with the smallest alterations.. Look at the eyes and mouth, the mouth so much more wider in the middle and the eyes so much like the ‘EU’ stamped ‘RDS’ version.. and then the tag, An ASIS you say! Well thats what is on there.. even though its incredibly similar to masks in the Fearsome line!

Identifying a 97′ ‘ASIS’ Tag Mask.

Material:  Soft White PVC

Colours: White, Orange, Green

Overall Length: From top of mask to bottom of chin approximately 30cm (Top of mask to end of chin.)

Eyes are Slightly more bigger than other masks, Nose is different of inner shape mold, thus going more into the bottom corners of the nose, (Other types listed above have noses with curved ends).

Stamp: Stamps are going to say “Easter Unlimited Inc, Made in China”, Factory may be any, one i own is “MK”

Tag: The tag was normally purple, some say pink, and also a plain black type was out there too.

Shroud: Black Stretchy Material, Labels were mostly always on the outside of the shrouds / Hoods on these types also.

Mouth indent: length is 13cm

Selection of Colours: (From pictures online it seems the ASIS mold mask came in Orange and Green also)

Overall: At the end of the day we have yet another nice mask here, most types dont disappoint no matter how different the mouths, eyes, noses, and general molds are, throughout Scream 3 you can see the changes in types if you look but it doesn’t affect the final viewing of the film in any way.. not with me.. as long as its GhostFace !!

ASIS GhostFace Mask Fun World Div Stamp

” The Black and Red old ‘GhostFace’ font tag also confirmed the new trademark of the mask, nothing like the previous masks in mold, this mold would be around for a long time and a variety of mask types used this mold as the base “

With the two previous films doing exceptionally well we then got a different mask tag which was now officially called “GhostFace®” these versions were “Glow” and “Non Glow” and are still around today, in Scream 3 we saw the GhostFace® tagged mask used and it differs from its other versions by having slightly bigger eyes and is made from a thicker material than before. On June 21, 1999 the name “GhostFace®” and the mask become one and the same officially. This was a decision of RJ Torbert.

Wearable Flexible Masks of recent years all have the same things.

Lines represented here are, Metallic Tag, Zombie Versions, 2010 and 2011, Soft White PVC 2010, GhostFace® Black and Red Tag.

Item No. #9206 #9206S (Many Types) NOT Metallic Version. (Metallic was #8501)

(Metallic’s were specially painted, also previous molds used were “MK” type on early versions). Seen in the section 5 below this one.

Shrouds: Black Stretchy shrouds

Mouth Indent: 12.5cm, Shiny Black mouths and Nose’s

Mask types and tags in this category are..

Colours: ‘Vibrant Red’ Metallic Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Silver. Masks were also Glow and Non Glow.

Metallic’s, GhostFace® Tag, 2010 Soft PVC version, Zombie Versions 2010, 2011, ASIS Tag (1997).

Smell: Vanilla Smell in all types

Stamp: On the talked about masks here there be the usual “Easter Unlimited inc” Made in China.

ghostface mask gen 2

” A New Logo and Tag also meant a few newer types of mask too, From Deluxe versions to Bright ‘Ultra White’ types, among others like ‘Zombie’ , ‘Scarecrow’ , and other Glow Types, even a newer foam mask, first introduced on RJ’s book, The Face of Fear, called the ‘GhostFace Mummy’ mask… “

In Halloween of 2011 fans now had a new tag to look out for which is now the most commonly used one out there today, in around mid 2010 the GhostFace® logo had a revamp, instead of the older pointy font we now had Ghostface® himself on the image, and a very nice font customised for GhostFace® with the ‘F’ being made into a blade, a new trademark was also applied for.. ‘The Icon of Halloween’, this was all registered on December 5th 2011. Up until then ‘TIOH’ had appeared on earlier red tags with the ‘TM’ next to it, later tags now have the ‘®’ next to the image.. Mask’s with the newer logo tag have varied and most mask’s now have the red tag. Although the 2012 versions of the Metallic mask’s still have the older style Black and Red tag with the Metallic Purple Mask in the picture. This is because the line is a special run, and not a common type like others we see every year!

Ever since the logo’s arrival it was evident that packaging and tags would change on other items too, the Bleeding masks would also have the Dark red packaging before appearing as they do now with the big rectangular tag, also on costumes we see the same colour on the background of the pictures, and most mask types like the ‘Scarecrow, Zombie and Mummy masks have the newer tags with a brighter red colour font for their names.

With regards to newer items though for different store chains like ASDA in the UK, and other stores in the U.S the GhostFace masks can have alternate tags, the Zombie mask even appeared with a ‘Totally Ghoul’ tag and even the Metallic masks had a change in 2013 too for a pinky coloured tag, which also included French wording of ‘Masque’ as well as a cat and ghost present.. These days though with newer items you will see the darker red packaging and tags becoming more and more common like the older GhostFace ‘Black and Red’ tag used to be.


RJ Torbert: I purposely made GHOST FACE left handed, because I knew I would be doing THE FACE OF FEAR

ghostface mask gen 2

” Collector’s want ‘Tagged mask’s’ in a wide range and a variety of colours and types.. “

Since the ‘Scream’ films have released the masks popularity rose to massive levels, with many a fan simply loving the mask itself and how it was given life in the films therefore making its past versions sought after just as much as its current version, collectors look for “Tagged” versions of the “Fantastic” and “Fearsome” lines all the time along with the 1997 Tag known also as the ‘ASIS’ tag, even a rare white “Fantastic” mask was made along with Orange, Green and Pink Fluorescent versions which are hard to find now.

ghostface mask gen 2

” Factories since the early 90’s have seen many a mask type and mold since the beginning, Eyes in mask’s were hand cut at first, not like the machine’s these days.. “

Today the masks are made in several factories around the world, all factories have their own molds that differ from each other, the molds have to be approved but even so the masks from different molds will obviously be different side by side, when the Fantastic faces molds were made they were the only molds of this type, one mold, one factory, and the eyes were all cut out by hand, this is why on older masks the eyes may look different in some cases. In November 2012 whilst in China RJ posted a ‘Mother Mold’ picture for fans to see..

Tweets from RJ came below before the pic came!

coming soon, the “MOTHER” mold of Ghost Face, twitter followers are the “first” to see. Stay Tuned!

as promised “mother”mold on right- 2 on left were done in case problems,+ have been used due 2 volume.Enjoy!courtesy Fun World


” Kid’s masks are a plenty when looking back through the years, from the Foam masks, to the bigger ‘Bobble Head’ types and even masks in Cloaks.. “

In recent years we have had some additions for the younger audience too, in 1998 we saw a “GhostFace® Family” picture from Fun World, which had different costume sizes and a “all in one” kids cloak with sewn in mask, and more recently the “Bobble Head” Costume which has a light weight large foam mask, one of the more popular masks i remember in this type is the “Bleeding mask” and also a “Glowing Blood” version was made, a new edition is a “Bleeding Zombie” which was out in 2010.

In 2010 i started to venture to ASDA more to see what things were available for GhostFace items.. Since 2010 i saw various things in stock which have sadly now gone down in selection to present day..

In 2010, apart from the Kids Mask’s and Cloak items we only had Black and Red Tag Zombie Masks and the Glow Masks.. Also the Bleeding types were there, Zombie and the original White mask.

2010 – ASDA Kids Mask and Cloak

In Recent time we have seen a couple of types of Kid’s Mask & Cloak combinations in the UK stores of ASDA, one being basically a minature ‘Walgreens / ReShoot’ mask sewn in a cloak which had a Purple ASDA tag on it.

2011 – ASDA Kids mask and Cloak

In 2011 i looked out again for the Kid’s masks as peope had requested them in trades, this time round we had a different mask in the Cloak, what basically is another sort of minature mask, this time, a small ‘Ultra White’ mask.. just the same as the larger Adult versions in looks and finish.

2012 – ASDA Stock

In 2012 for some reason we only saw the regular ASDA ‘Glow’ Masks, and the Bleeding masks, both Zombie and the Original white mask were present here, both with the newer big card tag on top of them. For some reason the Kid’s masks never appeared this year. The ASDA Glows’ did have the different eyes compared to the 2011 version, this time we had a slight resemblence to the good old ‘Fearsome Faces’ eyes. There were also the odd mask with what i called the ‘KNB Squint’ eyes.. More like it actually apppeared in 2013.

2013 – ASDA Stock

In 2013 we got an even less amount of things here for GhostFace! Sadly the only merchandise we got was the ASDA ‘Glow’ type masks, no sign of anything else whatsoever.. except maybe Scream 4 DVD and Blu Ray were still about to buy.

ghostface mask gen 2

” Throughout the masks life we have seen many colours, from Green, Pink, and Orange, then later on with Metallic Sparkly colours.. known as a ‘Special Run’ line for customers who want them. ” 

In the Fearsome Faces line we had colours like Green, but not sure about Orange or pink, as no fans have got

them it seems, although the (MK) and Black and Red Tag Ghostface mold do both have Green types out there which arent Metallic.. With the Fearsome it was a Green (HN) mold mask, and the (EU) mold that had a Lighter green colour mask too. Recently a fan (Joshie B) was sent one of the Black and Red tag EU types from RJ Torbert for donating to a charity RJ helps support.

Further down the line in 2003 we had “Metallic Masks” these were Red, Blue, Purple and Green and rare now. In earlier years (Around 97, 98, 99.. im guessing) of Metallic’s the colours were the same but with two more added, a “Vibrant Red” and a “Silver” mask, described as “Gold Hen’s Teeth” as these were last made around 9 years ago.. molds of these masks were recently the same as the normal Black/Red GhostFace® tag, but also “EU” and “MK” molds were used for Metallic’s.. i have seen pictures of the “MK” Metallics, but not in person.. rarer for sure. (Pictured below).

If you have any of the coloured masks then you are lucky, not as many metallic masks were made as other versions, although some were re-produced in recent years, including 2013. (See News page, Dated August 20th)

GhostFace® Metallic Mask’s 2011 Mold


Item No. #8501

Material:  Soft PVC Painted with very shiny Metallic Paint, Colours were Red/Orange, Blue, Purple, Green

Overall length: 30cm (From top of Head to bottom of chin)

Stamp: Back of Chin, Easter Unlimited Inc. Made in China

Shroud: Thin Black Material similar to regular masks

Smell: No Smell

Mouth Indent: 13cm

Tags: Black and Red GhostFace Tag with Purple Mask present

Overall: A nice set of masks here, these represented my first EVER set of Metallics and i was more than happy with them on finally seeing them in person, although years back i had seen a Red one in the same mold in a friends car, who showed me it because he knew i had this site online at the time.. saying ‘ You will like this.. not seen one in this colour have you, is it real? ‘ To which i responded, with something like, ‘Well its got the Fun World stamp so yes its real’ … I think i may have even searched online that night too checking up on it..

GhostFace® Metallic Mask’s 2012 Mold


Overall length: 29cm (From top of Head to bottom of chin)

Mouth Indent: 12cm

Tags: Black and Red GhostFace Tag like before the New Tag

Overall: A nice mask again, no matter what colour you get then its always shining.. this year the mold has changed, now the back of the chin has similarities to the ‘TD’ type mask’s.. also these mask’s separate themselves from the rest not just because of colour, but because on looking at both eyes they actually mirror each other almost perfectly, where as on many previous versions out there its not the case. Which is no bad thing as it gives Ghostface his individuality.

GhostFace® Metallic Mask’s 2013 Mold


Material:  Soft PVC Painted with very shiny Metallic Paint, Colours were Blue, Purple, Green

Tags: Pinky colour with English and French present there and a small Fun World logo in the left corner.

Overall: Another year, but the same previous mold this time, which is no bad thing, overall the masks yet again look good, until i see one in real life im sure the Green paint is lighter though.. its a shame the Red was discontinued but at least we still have the others, something is better than nothing after all.


Ever since revamping this page more and more info keeps coming through, and more mask pics and types added,

in this case its from a fan who has had a LOT of luck in 2013, Josh has been in and around many Thrift stores this year coming across Fantastic Faces, in White and Pink, Orange, among others, and even receiving a Green (EU Stamp) mask via RJ.. One of the most recent finds though was his Red Metallic mask, on telling me the info i assumed he meant the normal (EU) stamp types from maybe 2011 or 2012, then he said it was the ‘ReShoot’ type, to which i said What?!… yet another type of Metallic, as you can see from the picture its clearly a Fun World mask, on the TD mold, that we all know and love from years back and recently from its Scream 4 appearance, yet another type of GhostFace mask now added here, and just like the previously found (N) Stamp from Zach Bartron it is now housed here for fans to read up on! Nice one Josh! Keep checking those Thrift stores!

The only questions that remain is.. was this a one off for a Store chain or company of some sort?.. Did the other colours exist in this mold? and.. what tag did it have on? all things to ask about in the future to Fun World. At this time it is unknown unless there are other fans out there who have these who want to share info, if anyone reading this has the Metallic masks in this mold then please contact the site using the main link above in the menu.


In later years the Masks did go to the Commonly used ‘EU’ mold, many a mask seen before Scream 4’s announcement was possibly these mold’s..

In recent time of 2011 these masks did pop up again at the store chains of ‘Savers/Value Village’ limited amounts were made of 4,000 and many a fan ventured out to try their luck to get some, some traveled a few states to get them in their collection!


Whilst talking to the attendee’s RJ dropped into his speech the fact i had come from the UK and that after the event the masks were mine to take away for my collection, i was beyond happy! Especially as it was my first time meeting him too!

They are the second set made in 2013, RJ kept the first set, What’s more interesting is the inner stamps saying ‘2ND SET- 2013 EDITION’ and also the fact that in 2013 the Red mask was discontinued, so a rare set indeed!

Below here we have small images of the inner mask stamps in the top of the forehead of each mask

ghostface mask gen 2

Around late 2012 i had contacted a chap at the Nova Scotia Branch of ‘Savers/Value Village’ Reg, he had asked what versions/Colours were rare and i suggested the bright vibrant Red and Silver versions, he said he would ask about getting some of those.

Sadly though none did arrive in 2013, what i did get was an e mail saying the Metallic’s had arrived again and he suspected all four colours may be present like previous years, as time passed Reg noticed there were no Red masks this time around, on pursuing it further i asked RJ if he knew anything on it and his response was that the Red had been discontinued this year.

Also in 2013 we saw a tag change, one that was a hell of a lot more basic compared to the previous versions, also the Green paint appears to be slightly lighter too..

ghostface mask gen 2

” Mask Stamps help a lot with defining a mask line it came from and a possible age, depending on which Stamp you have.. if you are lucky you will have the sought after early masks displaying the usual ‘FUN WORLD DIV’ on the bottom, ” 

Stamps, If you have a mask stamped “Easter Unlimited inc” or “Fun World Div” then you have a GENUINE Fun World mask, but why are the stamps always asked about? Well, the early Fantastic and very early Fearsome lines all had “Fun World Div” on the back of the chin meaning an old original mask, an early version which is what collectors want, all other newer versions from 1998 onwards will have “Easter Unlimited inc, Made in China” Depending on factory some may have (T) (MK) (EU) (HN) (TD) (N) below the text. The Mask’s known to fans as the Re-Shoot or Walgreens’ types all had the (TD) mark. Masks around different times have different marks..

On recently talking to RJ i can now add this extra info on mask stamps.. In the past i would always wonder ‘why’ the letters were there on the mask chins, whether it was an actual factory initial or code of some sort, or whether it was to identify a mold in particular for some reason, so recently i asked RJ Torbert and he told me the stamps were always on older masks so they knew which factory had made a particular type, so (MK) was one factory, and (HN) was another etc etc..

‘The old masks, had a MK or TD or HN that identified the factory to us, as to who made the mask, Because of the different versions, we wanted to keep track of where to go to, in case we had problems’

The MORE NEW or RECENT MASKS, do not have these marks, we have other ways now to identify where they were made.

FUN WORLD DIV – The first used stamps on early run lines, if you own a mask with this stamp then you have a Fantastic Faces or a Fearsome faces mask basically, (HN) Fantastic & Fearsomes did exist too.

(MK) Normally a mask around 1997 / 1998 time (Early Metallic’s used this mold type too)

(HN) An alternate mold used in early lines (Basically like an alternate Fantastic or Fearsome mask)

(N) Another factory stamp recently come across by a fan buying mask via Ebay.. Zach Bartron The (N) Stamp looks like a cross between the EU Stamped ASIS 97 mask and a late Fearsome

(T) Another alternate mold type around since 1997 onwards.. recent (T) versions ARE still seen today The most recently seen (T) stamps have the Newer Logo tag present too. (Also on this page)

(TD) Seen after the time the ‘Black and Red’ tags were everywhere.. Known more recently among fans as the ‘Walgreens’ mask or ‘Re-shoot’ mask.. Even some smaller TD molds were used for kids masks.

(EU) basically meaning ‘Easter Unlimited’ common as ever now, raised stamps now exist in many masks. In the last decade the (EU) stamps were among most of the masks made and the most common, even these days with the ‘Stampless chins’ on recent types we still see the (EU) stamp on the mask either on the back of the chin in a couple of forms, or inside the mask up near the top left hand side above the eye. You can see old and new stamps pictured below.. ANYTHING that has the sought after ‘FUN WORLD DIV’ is an old mask, as in a Fantastic or Fearsome faces mask line.

Mask Stamp Pictures below of all main stamps..

ghostface mask gen 2

” Hooded Versions were only in the ‘Fantastic’ and ‘Fearsome’ Lines, although today’s ‘Deluxe’ types have a slight resemblance to them.” 

Shrouds were on every mask and help keep the mask on the head and sometimes in some Zombie and Bleeding masks have had Elastic Straps, and early on in the Fantastic and Fearsome lines there were hooded versions which i think made the mask look better, in recent times we see a slight repeat of this with the new 2011 version Deluxe mask. Older masks however either has a thick black shroud or even a thin black shroud which is transparent compared to older versions.


Another ‘Cloaked’ or ‘Hooded’ similarity is with a version of costume that often pops up via Ebay and other auction sites, the ‘Mask and Cape Costume’, sometimes seen and mistaken for the older hooded types until looking at the pictures, the mask and cape costume is always seen with another sought after type mask, that being the early edition ‘Walgreens’ mask.. which is always a TD Stamp, and this one also being a Glow type too.

GhostFace® Mask and Cape Costume

Item No. #9219

Material: Thick yet bendy Soft PVC

Overall Length: 32cm (From top of mask to bottom of chin).

Stamp: © Easter Unlimited inc. Made in China. TD

Shroud: In this case a Cloak attached, thin Black stretchy material, like the normal shrouds. Foam insert in hood.

Smell: No smell

Mouth Indent: 12.5cm

Tags: Tag is the older style Purple and Black similar to ASIS’

Overall: The costume is aimed more at a younger audience i think here, or could be just a simple alternative to having a costume and running with the hood always flying backwards, this stops it instantly with the mask being attached into it. I see these quite often around Halloween popping up online due to the fact mainly being that there is normally an older style mask in there.. now commonly more known to the fans as a ‘Re-Shoot’ or ‘Walgreens’ type, the real name if any is just a TD GhostFace mask .

The masks themselves are nice and always attract attention to fans because of the stamp type, the Re-Shoot versions as used in Scream 4 are basically a newer version of this type, the similarities being more with the eyes in the picture against the Scream 4 types, even the 2010 & 2011 types differ slightly here in overall look of the eyes, but the 2012 version comes awfully close to this a lot more with regards to being closer to the film used masks. Whether its in a cloak or a single mask this version is another ‘Must Have’ for fans and collectors. I have noticed that if they are in an online auction then there will be a last few minutes worth of battling bids to try and obtain one.

More info on this type of mold is further down the page with all previous types from previous years.


” Mask Tags help define the age of a mask and what line it may come from, Tags are not attached to masks in costume packages, also in some cases a company may have their own tag requested, such as ‘ASDA’ masks.. “

The tag can define a mask instantly, and also let us know what line it was from, one of the most commonly seen tags now is the “GhostFace®” tag that has either a yellow star or simply no yellow star, defining that it is either a Glow or Non Glow type, on some the mask picture will have a green tint, on others its white, the metallic tags had a different mask but same background, early Fantastic and Fearsome tags were a plenty with different types, this is what collectors want, a variety of tags for more value and genuity.

Since this section was first wrote out the commonly seen Black and Red tag (Pictured with the Yellow star) has been phased out now, (apart from old stock and Metallic masks) as we have had the Newer logo and dark red tag replace it since Scream 4 came about.

Below are a few thumbnails of tags seen through the years all the way back since the Mask’s first line, Fantastic Faces… the tags are displayed in an approximate order from old to new.. there are more types of tag than below.. this is a majority of them only! New tags are always springing up, even this years Metallic mask’s have an alternate tag now.

ghostface mask gen 2

” Avoid Cheap crap for low prices, ONLY buy REAL Fun World made masks, avoid over-priced masks that seem to appear from scamming sellers that ask three or four times the mask’s real value…”

Many many people today buy online, its faster, quicker sometimes, and even cheap if you get lucky, but please be careful out there, ONLY buy a mask if its a “Fun World” made one, there are many cheap imitations out there, many without hoods or shrouds, just with an elastic strap only, and NON Fun World. Fun World is the ONLY company who make GhostFace® masks, they own it and licence it out to the Weinstein’s for Scream movies. Dont buy any other please. They are NOT GENUINE. If you are lucky you may see Masks described as ‘HN’ or ‘EU’ types in recent descriptions.. Grab them if at a sensible price, Pay what YOU would pay for a mask! In recent times i have seen Fantastic Faces GhostFace masks with prices of over $700, thats just too much for any fan, and sellers like to take advantage of any fool who may part with that amount of money, always laughing behind their back at their decent profit! DONT OVERPAY! ANY FANTASTIC FACES mask (unless confirmed as used in SCREAM) is not worth over $400 really… they are just masks at the end of the day!

Buying masks via EBay is something i have done a lot of.. the Stock pictures used by sellers dont always match what you think you are going to get.. or sometimes the same image is used by many sellers confusing the hell out of us buyers sometimes.. the FAKE masks are clearly noticeable in the display pictures used, anyway, listed and linked below are a few sellers that i have used or know of that sell masks that are the REAL DEAL for Fun World made GhostFace masks…

First though i have to say this… If theres one question that has gotten popular lately it is the one below..

‘ Where can i buy a Real Fun World Ghostface mask? ‘

Why ?? …. How come that is growing so popular in the Email inbox of this site? Well due to the amount of people asking lately i have wrote all of what is below, read it carefully and all going well you will be the new owner of a REAL GhostFace mask in the near future… Pay attention to what is written there and remember to ALWAYS ASK about what you could be buying.. a few links are there also for Masks for sale and some of the sellers listed there i have bought from myself.

Links below lead to some masks by Fun World on Ebay, if you dont use Ebay or have an account, then i suggest you either make a new account or look up your nearest costume or fancy dress shop and see whats on offer, the official masks ALWAYS have the Fun World text or logo on an inner label or tag, on the packaging it is in. If theres no sign of the logo or any text like it then avoid it, also avoid many of the fakes by checking to see if the tag or packaging is plastered with ‘Screamer’ or ‘Screamer Mask’ or ‘Screaming Mask’.. things like that.

With regards to Ebay sellers its best to ALWAYS ask if they know what their stock is that they are selling, like if its a bright white Non Glow mask or a Creamy colour Glow mask, if its older stock then they may know better by looking at the tag, ASK ASK ASK.. thats what they SHOULD be used to, if you go to buy a car you dont just ask if the engine runs, you ask more about it so you can overcome possible future problems, same with masks, ask as much as you want about what you are going to spend YOUR hard earned money on, if you get no response then try another seller as the ones who dont answer obviously dont care too much about selling stock and dont deserve your time or money.

The Links below are just to a few Mask listings on Ebay, NOTHING is guaranteed here as to whether you will end up with an Ultra White Non Glow, or a Glow Mask, or an older stock mask from years ago, again, ASK! For me its come up trumps in the past and ive ended up with some nice masks.. The links below dont have to be used at all, they are just there as a starting point and what to look for in the items description for the genuine masks. I have bought off a couple of the ones below myself and they ARE real Fun World masks, otherwise i wouldn’t be putting them here.

Ebay Seller – The Butchers Dragon (4 Types of Mask here) – MASK LINK

If for whatever reason you prefer to buy from major costume or fancy dress websites then that is fine, just Google them and many will pop up, just remember that if you are in another country far away there may be a hefty shipping charge.. be aware of that.


” Some mask’s pop up in rare types that long time collectors didn’t know about in the past, this being the Cryptic/Gauze GhostFace mask, and also a recent New discovery of ( N ) Stamp masks.. Rareness is also because of amounts made at the time which may be for promotions or store chains.. ” 

With quite a few styles of mask to begin with its no surprise that after 25 years of being available to the general public that some types are particularly hard to find.. “Hen’s Teeth” is what i say to describe these as its the perfect phrase for some masks, Masks are also harder to find in other countries, in the UK only certain types are sold, and other countries like Germany or Denmark or Australia they are limited too as are many others, so to clarify, if you have the listed versions below then count yourself very lucky..

Versions not seen much are as follows…


Versions that are rare, but not as much and sometimes on EBay are as Follows…

Tagged or Untagged Fantastic and Fearsome Faces GhostFace® Masks, Including the “RDS” EU Fearsome, HN Fearsome, and other “Fun World Div” Stamped chin masks.. (Which will be early lines)

The Purple tag (Mentioned above) are normally seen floating about, In recent time, i have seen quite a few for sale in Facebook Groups on the subject of Scream Trades and Sales and Memorabilia..

ghostface mask gen 2

Other versions of the mask that can still be found out there mainly on EBay are the “Color Changing” version which goes Red, Green and Blue/Purple.. also out there is the “Flip up” mask, simple use with wearing this, put around your head and flip it up when you want just like a welders mask motion. We also have a mask made of foam, extremely light, very bright white compared to its predecessors.

Plastic Mask The Ghostface mask also still comes as a plain plastic mask and is still seen about today with a smaller ‘Black and Red’ type tag on the top of it, one of those masks that is often seen on ebay at this time, a mask that wont need re-shaping and one thats also easily identified too!

The most rare mask out of these in this section in my opinion is the Flip Up type.. Years ago i saw these in ASDA in the UK and wondered at the time where the normal shroud versions were, as in the shop then i think they had sold out of the normal types.. i just wish i had picked up a couple and bought them now. The Foam masks can still be found on Ebay every now and again and via Amazon i believe. The Color Change mask was common on ebay but again getting rarer nowadays.. if you see them, buy them.

Another rarer type now we dont much is another foam mask, known as the Bobble Head mask, as used in Scream 4 on the street lamps at the start of the film, we see the man taking these down whilst saying hello to ‘Dewey’ and ‘Sidney’ spots them as she walks up towards the book store.. These came in a plastic covering and retailed for quite a bit more than the normal masks, mainly due to the size of the things i think.. if anything it reminds me of a massive RDS mask, due to the eye spacing.. Grab them if you see them! Linked HERE!


” Bleeding Masks have been about since the late 90’s, starting with the plain white mask behind clear glossy plastic to contain the blood, later on we saw Glowing Red and Green Blood versions and years later a Zombie type.. “

Since as far as i can remember the Bleeding mask was out in around 1997/98 and i had to have one to see if it lived up to the expectations i had. it did, it pumped blood around with no mess, later on came a version with Glowing Blood which had two colours of the blood, that being a Bright red/orange and a Green type which looks impressive in the dark, (See Photo of Green Mask) In 2010 we saw the release of another version, The Bleeding Zombie, the same overall design just with a rotting style white mask inside. Be Careful where you put the “Heart Style” pump though, dont sit on it! Will there ever be any more Bleeding types? At this time who knows..

Interesting Fact: The Bleeding mask patent is owned by Alan Geller.

ghostface mask gen 2

To my knowledge and after looking online, i see there is limited info on this type, but i can easily see it had two different types of packaging in its time, one similar to the Bleeding Mask packaging when it first arrived, and another simply being a thick cardboard header tag (Same cardboard thickness seen on the later 2010 Scarecrow Scream Header tag), and a tagged black box on the bottom of the hood with the usual ‘Try me’  (On packaged version), and ‘Battery Housing in your pocket’ in the Yellow star’ as seen on the ‘Black and Red’ style Mask header tags.

It is ‘Assumed’ that these were either late 90’s produced after the Bleeding mask was more known, or possibly not too long after 2000. The reason why there are two types of packaging, and the fact there were ‘Tagged’ types out there is currently unknown. Still an interesting mask though, and also one fitting the ‘Hen’s Teeth’ of Rarity category! More so with the Tagged type.

ghostface mask gen 2

” Many a version of masks Spoofing GhostFace were made for the movie but not all types were used, the types unused remain nameless to my knowledge ! “

After Scream masks we saw a spoof version GhostFace® from the “Scary Movie” film, these were again made by Fun World, 4 versions were in the film, Killer’, Stoned’, Whassup’, and Smiley’, all versions apart from “Stoned” appeared in a single scene together, the Stoned version later in the movie, 3 versions were released for public sale, but not the “Killer” version, although RJ Torbert does have all molds in his office! A total of 7 versions were made for the movie itself.. names of the unseen versions are currently unknown.

Item No. #8511 (All Types)

Picture’s below!

ghostface mask gen 2

” Fixing mask’s thankfully isn’t a hard task, all you have to do is take it one step at a time.. Eye mesh, and re-shaping are normally what i hear about with regards to ‘Fixes’ “

Sadly in some shops i have seen too many masks that have been flattened in a box and not pushed out again, others lose eye mesh from time to time. To reshape a mask you can warm it up with a hair dryer for a few minutes and reshape with your hands, keep trying until you are happy with it, be aware that some masks are a different thickness and depend on what you are trying to reshape, for instance the thicker ‘Zombie’ masks and even ‘Ultra White’ masks may take some more warming up before they get easily movable, once they are movable you will notice, when doing my own masks i put the mask on my knee and shape it whilst warm there. As of November 2016 i made a new video to show fans how hair dryers can help Reshape masks that are flat or out of shape from storage or from shop purchases etc.. Below.

Masks that are out of shape or lose eye mesh can be fixed with simple tricks.

Sadly in some shops i have seen too many masks that have been flattened in a box and not pushed out again, others lose eye mesh from time to time. To reshape a mask you can warm it up with a hair dryer for a few minutes and reshape with your hands, keep trying until you are happy with it, be aware that some masks are a different thickness and depend on what you are trying to reshape, for instance the thicker ‘Zombie’ masks and even ‘Ultra White’ masks may take some more warming up before they get easily movable, once they are movable you will notice, when doing my own masks i put the mask on my knee and shape it whilst warm there.


Masks that are old or always in the bright light can show signs of aging or become discolored from the sun.


Spots” or what looks like blurs around the mask, on a Non Glow version i have it has a black spot on the edge of the eye and near the mouth top there are black blurry lines. So how can this be avoided? Keep the mask in a dark place or poorly lit area, this will slow it down, there is no complete way to stop it as the material will eventually rot away steadily after a very very very very long time.

The main thing with many collectors is that they like to have their masks displayed (Myself included) and whether its in a display case or just hanging on the wall you should do your best to keep them out the direct sunlight, in recent times i was in NYC and picked up a mask from Spirit Halloween, on further inspection it had Orangey type colouring on one side but not on the other side, plus it had been re-tagged with a Spirit one that they use if a tag is lost or been discarded for some reason, so at some point they had used the mask in or on a display and de-tagged it for the purpose.. afterwards its re-tagged and back on the shelves for sale.. with Sun Damage! As a collector i didn’t look much into it at the time, with regards to fussiness about how the mask looked, at the end of the day i haven’t got a problem with it and can use it for an example for others to learn from via this page, so future collectors and fans can look after their GhostFace booty to the max!

To keep your masks in as good a condition as possible, keep your masks out the sun basically! and if not on display keep them in a closet or somewhere with no light.

ghostface mask gen 2

Glow mask types are often defined by the tag having a yellow star, on the new version 2010 tags the star is missing now, but another way of finding out what version it is can be by looking at the picture of the mask on the tag, some have a green tint on it, others dont, the Non Glows are without the tint and just have a white mask picture, other times it is vice versa, but the only sure way of know is by holding the mask under a bright light and seeing if it goes green. Then you have an answer.

GhostFace ‘Ultra White’ with strange Big eyes.. (Mask on right in picture)

In recent time we have seen many a new version mask but one type sticks out to me because there dont seem to be lots and lots of new molds meaning we wouldn’t expect to see this mask about a lot.. in the picture above look at the mask on the right, this came from, i ordered two from there and received a 2013 MFG date one and this one from 2011, the mouth and nose and finish are fine making it a Non Glow, but look at the eyes, a hell of a lot bigger for some reason, in all the pictures online of these newer masks since 2010 onwards this is a type i haven’t seen much of, although the new, but now cancelled fan film ‘Scream Generations II’ has this mask in their Facebook page picture as their main mask, so its out there in the USA, but not as such in the UK or other places.. On looking at my own version of this i can see its not how the black inner eye paint makes it appear, the actual mold is that wide with the eyes.. on checking the tag and label its just listed as a 9206S.. like most other ‘Ultra White’ masks out there.. E mail the site if you have one of these masks via the main ‘Contact’ link above!


” Come Halloween 2010 all fans were excited about the fact that Scream 4 was around the corner, also, we had some new masks to look forward to.. “


GhostFace® Scarecrow Mask(Original) aka ‘Scarecrow Scream’… (on its first version tag) The Scarecrow was a first for GhostFace® masks, we now had a solid mask with actual Burlap material over the top, some versions had a matt black mouth, others had a shiny black mouth, inside we had a foam pad for the

forehead to rest against and the Burlap shroud had Velcro at the back to fasten shut, the bottom of the shroud was cut into triangle edges, also there is a short brown rope fastened at the rear too. Since this version arrived it has been updated already and is explained further down the page, a couple of different variants of this Scarecrow mask is known to exist among the costumes. (Pictured to the right). Scarecrow mask with Soft PVC mask and the burlap hood, known only in costume packages.. In the picture the Burlap hoods looks like its been thickened up a bit more than the previous first run types.. Another fact with the Soft PVC Scarecrow mold is that it appears to have the exact same features as the ‘Ultra White’ masks with the ‘Fearsome’ style Right eyes.. (Left eye as you see it in the picture) Anything relating to a Fearsome isn’t a bad thing!

GhostFace® Scarecrow


Item No. #93214

Material: Soft PVC Plastic type material in Brown

Stamp: No Stamp due to Burlap coating

Shroud: Brown Burlap Stringy material, Velcro at the back

Smell: No Vanilla, just Burlap smell

Tags: Tags have varied since creation, Black and Red older style tag, and Red Newer logo tag have been used.

Overall: The Scarecrow mask is just about one of a kind for GhostFace, a hard solid mask covered completely in Burlap, probably one of the most awkward to make at the factory, but the details are there and it lives up to its name ok.. Overall finishes varied slightly with types seen in photos from fans online, some had the Shiny mouth and others had the matt black painted mouth. A ‘Must have’ for GhostFace collectors though..


Another first for GhostFace® here, since the masks creation we had seen many types with regards to colours and molds, but again we hadn’t seen this type, a rotting style mask showing its supposed old age through years of neglect, i remember seeing something like it in a short fan film via YouTube back in around 2006/07 when two teenagers are out and about and one finds an abandoned mask in some bushes after he has responded to Mother Natures calling..

In this masks life we have seen variants too, some masks have the smooth back of the chin, others have a seam over each side which says that a couple of molds exist for this, also dont forget this is a Deluxe type too!

Mask differences, paint jobs on the Zombie may differ here and there.

In recent times we have seen new masks released, these being a new 2010 edition “GhostFace®” tag masks that are “Glow” and “Non Glow” and also a “Zombie” and “Scarecrow” version, on seeing many new pictures there are already differences, the Scarecrow is also a solid mask. Although the Zombie Version is more rigid than previous version white masks too. The Zombie also has a Deluxe Collectors Edition.. Explained in the next section.

GhostFace® Black and Red Tag Zombie 2010.


Material:  Soft PVC, Painted to specs of Zombie.

Stamp: Barely visible on many, a Copyright © is there and barely a “Made in China” on my versions.

Shroud: Black Stretchy Material

Smell: Slight Vanilla Smell

Back of Chin: On UK ASDA versions from 2010 the back of the chin had two lines either side. On U.S versions there were no lines..

Tags: 2010 versions had matt black tags and also shiny black tags. 2011 versions had the new GhostFace® logo tags, and some stores in the U.S had these masks with a “Totally Ghoul” tag on..

“Zombie” and “Scarecrow” tags updated, i have advice for collectors.

With Scream 4 now come and gone we know that the main mask type used in the movie was a Special Production run Deluxe type mask, that was until the January/February Re-shoots in Jan/Feb 2011… which consisted of the nicknamed ‘Walgreens’ or ‘Re-Shoot’ types.. us fans nickname everything!

While Scream 4 was in production neither Fun World or the fans knew if the current (at that time) Zombie and Scarecrow versions would appear.. obviously we now know that they didnt officially appear in the film although word from the set of some sort came about that Zombie and Scarecrow masks were placed on random kids in the barn scene.. to this day i have not spotted anyone with them.. no matter how many times you pause the Blu Ray or DVD versions.

So.. why the ‘Possibly Rare.. ?

Well at that time in 2010 when these masks were out new they had the older Black and Red tags on them, at that time i mentioned that if they were used then they could in the future have a new tag with (As seen in Scream 4) on the tags.. making the older tag versions rare in the future.. sure enough further on down the line we saw the older Black and Red tag phased out as newer Collectors Editions and the Newer red logo tag emerged..

Older tagged masks are still about via Ebay and websites who maybe have old stock but in years to come these will become rarer just like the predecessors in the ‘Fantastic Faces’ and ‘Fearsome Faces’ lines.. Hang on to them if you have them.

Zombie Differences from 2010 to recent 2013 type.

The Zombie mold has slight differences in variations with regards to paint jobs and even molds, in recent time we have seen the mask itself appear more in a Whiter colour than the first introduced grey colour back in 2010.. with the previous Black and Red tag, the Whiter looking mask doesn’t disappoint though and is another good addition to anyone’s collection.


Item No. #9206ZGF (Zombie) #9206ZGFPC (Party City Stores)

Material:  Soft PVC, Painted to specs of Zombie

Overall Length: 29cm (From top of mask to bottom of chin)

Tag: New Logo Red Tag, the ® is there after ‘The Icon of Halloween’ text.. and much more copyright on the rear of the tag also..

Overall: A very bendy Whiter Zombie mask with also the darker eye mesh and stronger Vanilla smell.

ghostface mask gen 2

” This Mask was first seen about in 2012, but according to fans it may have existed before then in Costumes only, this type is a softer more flexible mask than its solid predecessor !.. “

In the past we saw the Scarecrow mask appear as a solid mold mask, either in a Black shiny base or a matt black base, with Burlap stuck on the top. A couple of variants exist for the Scarecrow though according to collectors, these being mainly seen as part of the full costume, one was with a Soft PVC mask and real burlap hood, another was the type we see here, an almost Deluxe type hood, with a printed burlap effect..

GhostFace® Scarecrow Mask (Soft PVC)


Material: Brown Dyed Soft PVC, Textured outer

Overall length: 30.5cm

Stamp: No Stamp on chin, label on inner of shroud with MFG Date. Raised stamp in mask on top inner left hand side. Also Thick Elastic strap inside

Shroud: Thin White material, Outer printed in Burlap effect design, Foam insert in hood resembles a Deluxe style.

Smell: None

Mouth Indent: 12cm (Misty Black paint, not too glossy, and not too ‘matt’)

Tags: New GhostFace® Logo Dark Red Tag

Overall: Here we basically have a Revamped version of the Scarecrow mask, this version not being the solid molded mask like we first saw in 2010.. this is a mask made out of thick but soft PVC that has a textured surface to resemble the Burlap effect, Black paint is around the inner eyes just as we see with other version mask’s.. The mold looks to be the same as the 2012 Ultra White mask’s because of the overall shape and length and especially the eye shapes, resembling the old Fearsome types. (Left Curved eye, Right Straight lines eye)


On this part you can read up on how to identify a mask, many masks have certain features about them that gives them their overall look and shape, thus identifying what type it is to the seeker out there..


Obviously some masks cant be mistaken, Scarecrow, Bleeding, Color Changing, Metallics, Fluorescent’s and Kids masks and Foam types among others.. If any doubt at all just look for a label that has “Easter Unlimited” or Fun World. Otherwise check alongside the pictures above to see if a match appears. If you are still stuck then CONTACT ME and ill have a look for you if you send a picture to me, anything you have whether a tag or label on the inner or outer of the mask shroud can help. A picture is a must though! (I am by far NOT an expert, but have come to get to know many mask types since starting the site)

MK mold mask french

The only other differences i can list here are the ones that will be seen when trying to identify between the alternate masks from earlier times like the (T) (MK) (HN) (N) Which are all alternate variations or ‘Add on’ masks to the lines they first came from like the Fantastic and Fearsome types.. Although the (T) stamps were not about at first creation.. they seemed to arrive in the late 90’s after Scream 2 had emerged..

The (HN) was a part of the Fearsome Faces times, the (N) from what we now seems to be from between the

Fearsome and ‘ASIS’ times, the (MK) came later, maybe 97-98 time, and can be EASILY identified from the others because of its long features of the mouth and very squinty eyes.. (Pictured to the right)

The (MK) types are seen quite often on the UK Ebay site, it seems they can be slightly rarer across the pond in the USA and seem to pop up every now and again online for sale around Halloween, always untagged, although in 2013 we did see a Glasgow based company advertise them on EBay and i was quick to get a message to them to see if they were just using an old stock photo or if it was the actual types of mask they had, in this case they DID have that type, needless to say i now own one.. i have two others but they are untagged, although i do have the Alternate Black and Red GhostFace tag that goes with it.. so two out of my three masks have the tag.

With regards to its overall shape and features you can see why these masks are easily identified, they did also come on other colours at the time, Orange being a known one, and of course very early Metallic masks were in this mold.

The ( T ) Stamp masks

For a hell of a long time now, (probably after 1996-97) we have been given another alternate mold version that surprisingly has been around in recent years too, like 2011-12 times.. the (T) mask mold, notably recognizable due the bigger eyes and longer and sometimes bigger in width mouth, another give away with this mask is the notable size of the forehead, its very big.. (Check the picture)

These masks have been around more than you think, the most recent tag on one of these was on Ebay from seller ‘TVMovieGifts’ again, on the image they have it is clearly recognizable straight away as a (T) stamp due to the features.. On speaking to many a fan and myself included, i messaged the seller to try and get one, needless to say there was the normal ‘No Response’ regular occurrence sadly, its people like this we need as fans, then we can try and help each other out with regards to getting hard to find masks.

Scre4m ( T ) Stamp – New Logo Tag / Header Card

As you can see from the second picture the features are there straight away, check out the mouth length and the fact that the black paint fills the indent almost fully, with normal masks you dont get that, you normally have a few millimeters spacing.

These masks have been found elsewhere in the USA by another fan nicknamed ‘ StillScreaminginMichigan ‘ and he can apparently get them when he heads to that state every now and then so dont give up hope yet if you cant get them via Ebay, Normally i would recommend the ‘TvMovieGifts’ seller highly but sadly in recent years the postage has been risen stupidly by these people and it just puts collectors off, especially if they are out of the USA.

ghostface mask gen 2

In 2011 we saw the new “Deluxe Edition” mask, as used in Scream 4.


Some lucky fans had these early on from RJ via twitter before their general release, for either having websites and doing a good job on them or winning them via twitter, these new masks have a pearlescent finish and a new hood and a “Dwarf Style” type shroud. Fans were eager for this on seeing pictures and in time it has become a popular type ever since.

As for tags on these the early versions were the same as the new 2010 glow and non glow, which was the old ‘Black and red’ Ghostface card, a new logo version surfaced afterwards with and without the Yellow text ‘Collectors Edition’.

STORAGE of First Run Deluxe Version Masks.

After a fan ‘Zach’ stored his first run’ Deluxe mask away he noticed that the ‘Spots’ that were on his Deluxe had actually somehow transferred onto another regular mask which was previously fine. If storing masks away then i advise putting each one in an individual bag to prevent things like this from happening.

This was only known to happen on earlier Deluxe masks, and NOT recently made masks. I have three Deluxe masks, two of which were earlier manufacturing dates, yet they are both fine. NOT ALL early Deluxes have this problem, seems only a small amount had the so called ‘Spots’ ….

Deluxe Edition Masks


Material: Thick White Soft PVC, Thick ‘Creamy’ Soft PVC (Glow Version) Thick painted PVC (Zombie)

Overall length: 34cm , (32cm Zombie)

Stamp: Some are “Easter Unlimited inc, Made in China”, newer ones apparently not stamped some fans say.

Shroud: Thin Mesh type Clothy material, Doubles up around top of mask down to back of the mouth.

Mouth Indent: 13.5 cm (Matt Black Paint) (12cm for Zombie Mouth, paint more Glossy)

Tags: Black and Red GhostFace® Tag, New Logo dark red tag, New logo Dark red with Yellow “Collectors Edition”

Overall: A sturdier mask than its Soft PVC predecessors. available as a normal white mask, Glow mask or Zombie Deluxe.

Deluxe Mask & Bleeding Knife Set: The Deluxe masks didn’t only come as tagged ( CE ) masks, they also had their own set which included the Bleeding Knife too, a Non Glow was actually a (TD) Stamp Mask, and we then had the normal Deluxe mold for the Glow mask, many fans have been out and got both types, and also for the sake of having a variety in their collections they have been seen to have normal tagged ( CE ) TD masks too, which are a bit harder to find but are out there.

ghostface mask gen 2

Around 2010 we had a slightly different shape of mask about in shops but not many of us clicked on i think, still these masks as like other types went on to get a ‘Nickname’ thanks to Scream 4 obtaining a batch for the January and February 2011 ‘Re-shoots’, they were also seen mainly at ‘Walgreens’ Stores, thus giving the fans a choice of two ways to describe these types, simply a ‘Walgreens’ or ‘Re-Shoot’ mask! The REAL name is really just a ‘TD’ Mold GhostFace mask.

2011 is the time some fans first saw this mask in a way, because it was on the front of the EW Magazine, at the time of Scream 4 being the major topic for us! It has seen a few versions before getting its two nickname’s, Its main differentiating feature being the longer/thinner look face, and more squinty eyes than other versions.

Walgreens Type: AKA Re-shoot Style masks. 2010 and 2011. TD Mask


Item No. #9206S (Both Types) #9206 for previous Black & Red Tagged type (Pre-Scream 4)

Material:  Soft PVC, Thicker mix

Overall Length: (32cm, 2010) (31cm, 2011)

Stamp: Both types are on back of chin, “Easter Unlimited inc” Made in China, TD (All types have a TD under the text, on some masks it may be under the fabric). Also on the outer of the mask to the side of the left eye. you will see where its made. (Dong Guan, Guan Dong) CHINA.

Mouth Indent: 12.5cm (Both Types)

Types: There are Glow and Non Glow types.

Tags: (2010, Black and Red GF tag) (2011, New GhostFace® Logo tag)

Overall: Two types that are both sturdier molds compared to previous types, more noticeable because of the long mouths stretching evenly down each side of the mouths, the 2010 eyes however have a molded edge on them, the 2011 has that same area smoothly rounded off instead.

Other: Main differences from other masks are the back of the chin, instead of being a solid mouth its now hollow further down, the rear of the mold then comes back towards the face instead of hanging below it as much as other versions, a better way to see is to have one next to a normal mask.

Other (CE) edition Deluxe Type: The TD mask also exists as a Collector’s Edition Deluxe mask (Pictured above) as part of a Mask & Bleeding Knife set in which the TD mask is a Non Glow type. The Glow types are a different mold seen also in the UK ASDA stores, only the shroud is the standard type, and not Deluxe.

GhostFace® TD Mask, or ‘Walgreen’s’ or ‘Re-Shoot’ Mask’s, 2012

Item No. #9206SWM / #9206CGF

Tags: Dark Red New Tag, as in 2011 first seen, (Small Tag, almost 6cm Height, 14cm Width)

Overall: Yet again another good quality mask, so different to the older Mold masks like the ‘ASIS’ 97 tag type and even the Fantastic’ and Fearsome’ shapes, and many others, it has its character given to it by its longer and smaller width sides of its mouth, the eyes also differ again going slightly back to its 2010 version with the sharper edges and smaller eye holes. The mouth cut is also slightly further down, although we see this on previous versions now and again too. Whilst ‘Walgreens’ is where it mainly was im told it was also at Walmart too this year! Check the back of the bar-code, some have ‘ ITEM 9206SWM’ confirming this.

ghostface mask gen 2

GhostFace® TD Mask or ‘Walgreen’s’ aka ‘Re-Shoot’ Mask’s, 2013


Overall length: 31cm (From top of Head to bottom of chin)

Stamp: “Easter Unlimited inc” Made in China, TD (Back of Chin) Also raised Stamp on top side of mask left side.

Tags: Dark Red New Logo Tag

Overall: Basically another nice mask which is more similar to the 2012 type if any of them, eyes seem a bit more squinty then the 2012 version and despite the masks overall thickness its actually quite flexible, the Pre 2010 Glow masks were also like this.

Additional Info from recent days.. (November 22nd 2013) As of this page going online with the huge updates it was ‘thought’ that the TD masks were not made in 2013 as fans in the USA (Where the masks are always normally found) could not find them anywhere, myself included when i went to NYC in October 2013, lots of other GhostFace items were present and correct but there was nothing of the TD masks.. In recent time (Late 2013) i purchased a mask and gown off a random ebay seller because i thought maybe it was an older TD mask, (Pre 2010 maybe) and i took a gamble on it, on its arrival i was happy to see the tag had been put into the costume bag with the mask also, even though the tag wasnt attached it was still good to have it, after checking the mask i had noticed the tag and label had the MFG date as APR-JUN 2013… so finally i could put to rest thoughts on the masks being made or not in 2013.. Also on the tag is a ‘Palmer’ sticker who are one of the main distributors for GhostFace and Fun World merchandise into the UK, so somewhere out there in the UK at least there will be more TD masks from 2013.. The good news was the tag had a price sticker on it, that sticker had a shop name, on going to the site and ebay shop i found a mask to buy, on searching after my purchase it appeared i had bought the last one.. which is typical as i was going to put a link above in the ‘Buying Masks’ section here.. If anymore info arrives about these masks and who may have them for sale it will end up on this page as soon as i find out. I will e mail the site and send a picture of the TD mask with it to see if they can verify whether they have more stock or know of anymore being about.


” Newer molds at this time introduces us to the ASDA Glow and Ultra White types after Scream 4 had been and gone, these molds dont disappoint yet in the future we see alternate versions a year later.. ” 

2011 White Soft PVC masks.


Item No. #9206S (Both Types)

Material: Thick White Shiny PVC, (NON GLOW) Soft PVC versions i have DONT Glow! In UK, ASDA versions were Thick creamy colour Soft PVC and Glowed.

Overall Length: Both Types 31cm (Soft PVC)

Stamp: Stamps relocated to inner of mask up from the left eyes, leaving the chin silky smooth!

Mouth Indent: 12.5cm (Matt Black Paint) Both versions. Some versions have different shape and shiny black paint on nose and mouth.

Tags: New GhostFace® logo tags.

Overall: Two nice masks, both flexible with either the shiny white or creamy glow finishes.

Similarity Fact: The Glow version masks appear to be the same mask mold as the Deluxe Glow types. Only the shrouds have the difference. Deluxe having the Meshy Material in the dwarf style.


” Made for Halloween 2011 for the ‘Scream 4 Terror Tram’ ride/attraction at Universal studios Halloween Horror Nights, 200 were given to Universal employee’s and various via Twitter and RJ Torbert ever since, only two remain now.. Mask #249 and Mask #250 ! ”

Next we have a rare mask because there was only 250 made for the “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios in 2011… NOT FOR SALE anywhere! These masks consist of a slower production run with thicker material, a large hood, (similar to the Deluxe version, except much longer) and what RJ calls a “near perfect” mask! These are sought after by fans who instantly want these, only a few have been sent to Wes Craven, TWC, and some lucky winners on Twitter who participated in a contest this site had, also other random Twitter members have received these.. Definitely “Hen’s Teeth” as there arent many and not in shops.. At the time of writing this RJ Torbert says more will be given away on Twitter at the right time! Keep an eye out as there are only two left now. Mask #250, #249.

Ghostface® Halloween Horror Nights Mask (HHN)


Item No. #93229 (On Deluxe Tag)

Material : Thick yet Soft PVC

Overall Length : 31cm (From top of mold to bottom of chin).

Stamp : On back of chin (© Easter Unlimited inc. Made in China)

Shroud : Black Cloth type material thicker than earlier version DLX masks. Longer shroud.

Smell : Vanilla Smell

Mouth Indent : 12cm

Tags : Dark Red New Ghostface® Tag Deluxe type (CE)

Quantity Made: 250 (Non Glow Types)  Store-Bought masks (Glow Types)  – Unknown amount…

(NOT ALL the 250 special run masks were numbered… very few have either biro or black marker inside stating a number… )

Glow: The ‘250’ limited run didn’t Glow, Where as the Store-Bought masks at Universal were GLOW types

Overall : A damn nice sturdy mask, paint is perfect, smell is beautiful, Hood sits nicely round the mask overall, on moving the mask itself its bendy but not much, these keep their shape excellently. This mask is a pleasure for any fan to have in their collections!

Random Facts: At the time of Universal having the HHN nights going on there were masks for sale in their shop, these masks were often mistaken for being HHN masks as used by the staff that were part of the 250 total, so just to clarify the masks in the shop were NOT the actual ones that fans thought they had, rumor also has it that the masks in store went for around $30, another fact that separates the two masks is that the limited 250 masks did NOT glow, where the Store bought masks DID!

Recent Fact: The ‘HHN’ is also used on the front cover of RJ’s new novel, The Face of Fear

Thanks: (Pictured above) HHN GhostFace mask #248 MASSIVE THANKS to RJ Torbert for this mask. A ‘Letter of Authenticity’ was also supplied by RJ. These masks are nice to see in-front of you instead of just on pictures, consider yourself lucky if you have one.

Additional Info from RJ.. (also on the Ghostface page) I guarantee you , since I was the one that had them made, only 250 SPECIAL MASKS were made for the promotion, I

sent 200 to universal, some to TWC for certain employees there, a few to WES Craven, and I have been giving some away on TWITTER here and there————–These masks have been either signed by me on the mask on the inside or on the bag depending on what the fans have wanted——I have a few left and will eventually give them away on twitter at the right time —–They are not available in stores, they consist of thicker material, and a slow production run to make them as perfect as possible.

It was my choice to make the SPECIAL EDITION for this promotion, ————-one to have a perfect mask at universal, and to have collector editions out there for some enthusiasm etc..


In 2012, around May/June time we saw another new mask type appear… GhostFace® ‘Mummy’ … one of the only masks out there with a fabric outer.

You can find these on Halloween/Fancy dress related sites now.

It is a thicker FOAM mask, covered in light mesh fabric. the eyes AND mouth are made out of the black mesh from the normal eyes, the shroud actually feels like the same fabric that’s covering the mask. There isn’t any elastic band inside this type.

GhostFace® Mummy Mask aka… ‘Wrinkled GhostFace®’


Item No. #93226

Material: Foam (Thicker than the previous foam types)

Overall length: 36cm (From top of Head to bottom of chin)

Stamp: No Stamp (details / i.d. only on label inside).

Tags: New Logo dark red tag

Overall: A first for GhostFace®.. with being basically a thick foam mask with Fabric over the top. Also its not often we see the mouth like this with being all mesh.

The Mummy mask was first introduced in RJ’s book, The Face of Fear.

Also the mask was only available at Spirit Halloween stores at first.

Ghostface ‘ASDA’ Glow Mask 2012 Mold (Creamy-ish Colour)


Item No. #9206S

Material :  Soft PVC

Overall Length : 29cm (From top of mold to bottom of chin).

Stamp : On inside top left of mask near the eyes, Smooth Chin

Shroud : Black Stretchy Material as before

Smell : No smell

Tags : Dark Red New Ghostface® Tag as first seen in 2011

Overall : A nice glow mask overall, on two mask’s i have one has a ‘KNB’ Squint to its eyes.. another (mostly seen on others) have a similar shape eyes as the old Classic Fearsome’s… even on the small pic above you can see the shapes, Right eye with straight lines and curves on the ends, and Left eye mostly curved all over.. Another fact is the wider black elastic strap inside, double width of previous years version.

Ghostface® NON Glow 2012 Mold (Ultra White)


Overall Length : 29cm

Shroud : Black Stretchy Material

Smell : No Smell

Tags: Dark Red New Ghostface® tag as first seen in 2011

Overall : Another cracker of a mask, like the ASDA Glow type this too has different ‘Fearsome-ish’ eyes this time round, and again there is a wider Black strap on the inside.


Around September 2012 a fan found this mask on a ‘Haunted Hay Ride’ , this same fan said on the attraction itself there were old pictures which had the same type masks in the background that went back as far as 2006. On asking RJ Torbert about this mask he said he was surprised i had come across it, as it was made only for one year. A Total of 1000 pieces were made, none have been made since, making these mask’s rare now.

UPDATED INFO: THANKS to JT Millls The masks found were from “Dracula’s Forest” Haunted Hayride in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, a fan called JT Mills came across the masks and proceeded to tell his friend, who was a lover of GhostFace masks too, this friend then posted up on a Scream forum about the masks.. What we didnt know was that JT Mills was the ORIGINAL finder of the masks.. so FULL CREDIT to this chap for coming across them and alerting his friend, it was after that time the friend sadly decided to get greedy and buy all the remaining stock and sell them for stupidly high prices.. the only thing that friend did right was to post pictures of the mask online asking about its type at the time and if anyone had seen the masks before..

To see the Dracula’s Forest you can Click HERE …. scroll down the page and you can see the Ghostface Gauze mask in the picture..THANKS to JT Mills for info.

GhostFace® Cryptic / GhostFace® Gauze

Item No. #8517

Material:  Soft PVC, (Brown cloth/gauze in the long shroud)

Overall length: Approx 29cm

Stamp: (T) Stamp – Easter Unlimited Inc. Made in China

Shroud: Thin Black Material similar to regular masks, also Mesh type brown Gauze cloth and Strands. The shroud also is a lot more longer in length, with brown patches’ of colour randomly appearing on it.

Mouth Indent: Approx 12.5cm (Smaller then the regular (T) Stamp mask’s)

Tags: Original Ghostface® Black & Red Tag with Yellow Star, with picture of Gauze GhostFace® Mask on the right.

Amount Made: 1000 for one store chain

Overall: The mask is a commonly made (T) Stamp which means the mold isn’t rare.. but the overall Gauze/Cryptic GhostFace® version is rare due to only having one chain have it and the fact that the amount was lower compared to normal.. As the tag states, its a Glow mask, it is unknown whether Non Glow versions are out there. But if its just 1000 made im assuming they were all the same, as a tag without the Yellow star hasn’t been seen. The fan who found the mask at the ride went back and got more, all had the Yellow star, he cleared them of stock, and sadly put them on Ebay for STUPIDLY high prices.. The mask’s were for sale around $10-$15, the lowest price i saw one go for was $61.. to Zakster..

The mask is basically the ‘Cryptic Creature’ Fun World mask, except with GhostFace® in the shroud instead of the skull type.. Click HERE to see the Cryptic Creature in a selection of 4 types..


” The Lorgnette is a smaller much lighter mask than any others out there due to there not being much to it, basically a black plastic stick with a foam mask ready for placement upon shy encounters.. “

Around 2010 was the time we first saw this mask appear, Fun World had made a few ladie’s GhostFace® costumes, which included ‘Poncho’, Hooded Dress, Long Dress, and Gown’ types.. with all of these except the ”Poncho’ we saw the Lorgnette Mask included. I have a mask myself as the mask’s are available as a stand alone type, as well as with the costumes.

Lorgnette GhostFace® Mask


Item No. #93254

Material: Foam

Overall length: 26.5cm

Stamp: No Stamp, Inner label attached where black rod fixes on. MFG Date and details on label.

Shroud: No shroud, as its a ‘Lorgnette’ type.. Mask only

Mouth Indent: 11cm

Overall: The mask comes with the GhostFace® ladies outfit’s.. it is a small foam mask with a black pole and black pieces of ribbon on the right hand side of the mask. It is extremely light and actually resembles the very common Black and Red tagged GhostFace® mask shapes mainly seen after Scream 3 in 2000. Just smaller. The overall shape of the mask also somewhat resembles the one used on the Scream 4 poster, even though its a totally different type. Just by looking at the small image here you can see a similarity! In real life too the neat and compact shape shows a likeness to its ‘Walgreens’/ Re-Shoot Soft PVC types, although the eye edges are smooth here, on older WG/RS they can be ‘Edged’ and not curved.


” Battery Powered items are everywhere, even in Ghostface masks, a new addition recently was a Ghostface Costume with ‘Eye Lights’ that glow up little Ghostface masks.. an old version is called a U V light up mask, also part of a costume released a while ago now” 


Years after that in 2012 a very strange version came which isn’t a GhostFace mask as we know them from before.. this one is a black polyester hood/mask with a GhostFace mask printed each side in the area of the eyes that is illuminated by a pair of glasses that light up that are worn underneath the hood.. thus lighting up the small GhostFace images.. also part of a Kid’s Costume..

Child light up UV Scream Costume.. Details below.. Link HERE

Costume includes hooded robe, belt, gloves, mask, with blue glow in the dark-light up controlled from hand.

GhostFace® Change Eyes Child Costume – Available ONLINE ONLY on THIS LINK..

Cut through the night with this officially licensed Scream Ghostface Color Change Eyes child costume. The black robe of this Ghostface costume comes complete with a belt, black hooded mask and Ghostface print color change glasses along with black gloves

The officially licensed Scream Ghostface Color change Eyes child costume includes:

Hooded Mask and Ghost Face print

Color Change Glasses


“Made as a test to see what the final product would come out like, the effect it created wasn’t what was wanted, so it remains the only one made.. Other mask colours were also tried… “

Many many masks have appeared before now, (Look at this page!) GhostFace has been made in lots of variations, but none in the Gold colour, With Fun World celebrating its 50th birthday RJ wondered what a classic Gold 50th Mask would come out like, he had one made and didn’t like the end result, which is why this mask remains one of a kind! The actual mask mold is the same as the 2012 and 2013 Metallic Masks, so we also get to see what that mold looks like without the Metallic paint, because it doesn’t exist as a Glow or Non Glow mask elsewhere. Or as any other type for that matter!

GhostFace® Gold Shroud Mask (Anniversary Tester Mask)


Item No. – – N/A

Material: White Soft PVC Mask

Overall length: 29cm

Stamp: © Easter Unlimited Inc. Made in China

Shroud: Thin Gold Spandex type Stretchy material

Tags: – – N/A

Quantity Made: 1 (Gold Hood, White mask) 9 made (Gold on Gold) 1 made (Flesh Colour Mask)

Overall: Even though we wont see these for sale its a nice little mask, the hood type is beautiful being similar to the Deluxe types we have seen in recent years.. For the right occasion this could be a good add on for GhostFace, but sadly not officially or in big numbers.. If anything it just reminds me of the Gold GhostFace bust in the main lobby of Fun World. Which is no bad thing.

Additional Gold Hooded Types (Updated as of April 2015) In recent time it was revealed by RJ Torbert that more ‘Experimental’ Gold Hooded types were also tried by him for the celebration of Fun World being 50 years old.. None of the types were ever decided on though… meaning NONE were ever released for sale in shops…. A ‘1 of 1’ Flesh Colour mask type was made, as well as a ‘Gold mask’ type in which only 9 were made… the ‘Gold on Gold’ type was only available at the 2015 Texas Frightmare Weekend… there were 5 available at the event…

The Flesh Colour mask has done some travelling in its time, once to the UK for an auction but it didn’t sell, so it went back to RJ, then RJ sent it out to a Greek fan for auction over there, and it still didn’t sell, so it went back to Fun World again, then upon sending a box to myself in the UK as a thanks for a charity donation RJ included the Flesh coloured mask as he knew i would give it a good home..

ghostface mask gen 2

Here we have the mask which is one of six in existence signed by four very important and significant people throughout the life of the Scream movies so far… after looking at the mask and comparing it to the regular Deluxe type there are some differences, some of which seem similar to the ( HHN ) type and maybe even ‘Production Run’ types, with regards to paint job and quality, i honestly don’t know that for sure though unless i ever see a Production run mask in real life, but there are things similar to the ( HHN ) too.

This mask was given as a gift for work on this site, at the time of its first mention online it was John Valeri catching up with RJ Torbert in an interview about the GhostFace Sightings app which at the time was new to us fans, in that same interview it got towards the end that a giveaway was arriving for a lucky fan, that fan was myself, and that day online i went to Twitter and received many a Tweet saying things like ‘Congrats Tim’.. to which i was confused, on checking John’s latest article on his link i saw what everyone was on about. i was going to receive this damn nice mask for my work online with GhostFace and the site! Happy i was! Still am to this day.. There are only another 5 left sitting at Fun World. I did hear that some fans try to be clever and get the same people to sign their own masks, making the (1 of 6) or (Only 6 signed by….) no longer valid, but eyes were open and attention was paid to that very point and no others have the same peoples signatures to this day apart from the 6 in existence. Thankfully.

A Quote from RJ from John Valeri’s interview… “The one constant has been the original four people since Scream 1 on usage and marketing/licensing has involved Stanley Geller, Alan Geller and myself and of course Wes Craven.”

GhostFace® Signed DLX Mask (1 of 6 Signed by RJ, Alan, Stanley & Wes)

Item No. #93229

Material: White Soft PVC Mask (Thicker than normal DLX Masks)

Overall length: 32cm

Shroud: Black clothy/Meshy material as seen on deluxe masks

Tags: Tags present on giveaway masks have varied, some had the older ‘Black and Red’ tag, others had no tag.. With the mask here there wasn’t no tag present, im guessing it would be a normal (CE) tag issue if anything.

Glow: Non Glow

Quantity Made: Not so much a limited quantity of this type made, its who had signed the mask which is 4 main people on only 6 masks out there. 5 of which are still at Fun World somewhere locked away. This is the only one ‘out’ in the world so to speak.

Overall: We have a nice Deluxe mask here signed by the main four people involved from day one in regards to the SCREAM movies, RJ Torbert, Alan Geller, Stanley Geller, and Wes Craven have all signed the mask. Four key elements in the processes behind the scenes in getting all signed and sealed in regards to GhostFace getting on the big screen for each film. Even the KNB mask had to be approved in a deal to avoid copyright problems or issues. These four chaps were always involved during the time.

Other Features/Differences: On comparing this to a regular DLX Mask i see a few differences, the mask overall has much more of a shine to it, and on comparison the soft PVC is definitely thicker by at least a millimeter or two.. there are NO inner labels, or stamps or markings inside the mask, the sturdiness of the mask is also very similar to the HHN mask and is rigid compared to many other types made of the same materials.. There is also an elastic strap inside. As with many masks out there today.


GhostFace® Fade in & out mask


Item No. #93266

Material: PVC

Overall length: Unknown – if same as Bleeding mask exactly then its between 33cm and 34cm

Stamp: Unknown – More than likely just an inner label like Bleeding masks

Shroud: More of a complete hood

Tags: Unknown – Suspected as having a large card tag

Function: Green eerie glow that fades in and out

Amount Made: Approx 6000

Overall: As the mask is brand new we dont know lots about it, although if it is the same main mold as the Bleeding mask, (and i suspect it will be) then its another type to tick off in that range… The mask isn’t alone in this Fade in & out category either as a Skull version is also on the Fun World item page..

For viewing the mask on the Fun World site Click HERE!

The mask has also been included in a new costume set too.. HERE!


” The mask was created by Alan Geller. NEW for Halloween 2015 ” It was announced by Wes Craven on Twitter. 

2015 see’s another brand new arrival of a newer Battery powered mask, announced on December 9th 2014 via Twitter by Wes Craven, this type was created by Mr Alan Geller himself and was launched in early 2015 at a New York show.. needless to say it went down well with people there… there are two types of mask available.. we have the Ghostface type, and also a ‘Devil’ type… more can be seen on the Fun World site as linked below.. the above picture of the GhostFace mask shows it when the mask is turned ‘on’ and ‘off’…

GhostFace® Smoldering FX Mask – Eerie Embers Mask


Item No. #93302GF (GhostFace) – #93302D (Devil mask)

Material: Plastic

Tags: Large header card attached, same type as newer Bleeding mask style

Amount Made: Unknown at this time

Overall: As the mask is brand new we dont know lots about it, although if it is the same main mold as the Bleeding mask. As with the 2014 ‘Fade in & Out’ mask type.


Item No. #93525

Material: Plastic (Solid Mold with Chrome Effect Finish)

Overall length:  31cm

Stamp:  Stamp inside mask in top of forehead.. saying ‘ 25TH ANNIVERSARY GHOST FACE 2016 ‘

Shroud:  Design is based on the normal shrouds as seen on previous masks.. Material is stretchy, thicker and finer, Tassels are wider too.

Smell:  No Vanilla Smell

Mouth Indent:  13cm

Tags:  As its a special edition mask it comes in its own box, with a certificate of authenticity, printed signatures of Alan & Stanley Geller and RJ Torbert.

Overall:  We have a very high quality mask type here!  Nice solid mold with a beautiful shape, a very nice Chrome finish, High Quality hood, a very fine eye mesh, and inside is a thick elastic strap that is 2cm wide.. For a mask that is a solid mold it is very comfortable to wear, even though there are no foam pads inside. I can see why Fun World are proud of this type, and any fans ordering them wont be disappointed. I know i’m not !

Link: A link to the official Fun World site where the mask is currently listed is HERE!

ghostface mask gen 2

Silver Latex Types – Rejected Masks 

Below we have a single picture of the type of mask that was actually rejected for the Silver 25 Year Chrome edition originally.. 5 Latex Silver masks were created as ‘Tester’ masks to see what the effect would come out like, the result wasn’t what was wanted, and so these types were rejected, and then the Silver Chrome Edition was created as it had the desired effect that Fun World were after, the difference being that these Silver Latex masks were like previous Metallic masks where manufacturing is concerned, and the Solid Plastic type allowed them to get the Chrome finish.


Devil Face Mask ‘As inspired by GhostFace’

Item No. #93333D ( Skele-Face item no. 93333S, GhostFace PU Mask item no.9206S )

Material: PU Plastic (Solid Mold with Horns)

Stamp:  Inside top of mask on the left. Same as Silver Chrome Mask

Shroud:  Possibly a similar design to the 25th Silver Chrome Mask, also a ‘ Bib Style ‘ may exist in Costume bought Devil Face Packages… TBC

Smell:  None

Tags: New Logo Scream 4 Tag

Overall:  We have a new type here which we still dont know a lot of info on, but its sparked interest in some fans already… More info as it comes.

ghostface mask gen 2

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ghostface mask gen 2

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ghostface mask gen 2

Complete Guide to the Masks Used in Scream (1996)

I've decided to finally get around to doing something I've wanted to for the past couple of years. Going shot by shot and identifying the mask types and individual masks (when possible) used in Scream 1-4 . After a couple weeks of going frame by frame and getting a ton of stills, I finally have what I need to do just that. No place better to start than at the beginning. Let's take a good, in-depth look at the masks used in Scream !

I do want to make a point though about one thing before getting started. It can be very hard to tell apart 1st and 2nd generation Fun World masks, especially when worn. The main difference is a .5 of an inch difference in length and the mask simply being worn could stretch it .5 of an inch. At the time of writing, there are questions I haven't yet been able to get definitive answers on... Were 2nd generation masks made to keep up with the anticipated new sales from the mask being used in Scream, or did 2nd generation masks exist before Scream? Are the masks in Scream all 1st generation? Or are the masks a mix of 1st and 2nd generation? At this exact point in time, I can't say for sure either way. So for the purposes of this shot-by-shot guide, the focus will be more on distinctly different masks and which shots they are used in and not if those masks are 1st or 2nd generation. Maybe this guide will help with that conversation.

SCREAM (1996)


While still in the process of getting proper legal permission to use the Fun World ghost mask that Producer, Marianne Maddalena, found while location scouting only weeks before the shoot, KNB Effects Group, who provided the Scream's many gruesome and memorable special effects, sculpted their own version of the mask. Sculpted by Special Makeup Effects Artist, Garrett Immel, the KNB Ghostface mask had squintier eyes and a smaller mouth that was thinner towards the bottom, giving it its own subtlety distinct look. The entire opening sequence, which were the first scenes filmed, used the KNB version of the mask. Then at the very end of the production, some of the last shots filmed were reshoot insert shots featuring Fun World masks which Fun World had sent more of. So in the final cut of the film the opening sequence features many shots of both the KNB mask and Fun World masks. 

The next appearance of Ghostface features some of the most iconic shots of the mask in the film. This sequence features the first actual Fun World mask used on camera during the shoot. It has a few distinct warped details that give it its own recognizable look, especially the indented under-eye bag under the mask's proper left eye and the lumpy forehead. This mask becomes 1 of 2 heavily featured main "hero" masks in the film and is the mask that the killer is mainly seen wearing up until Tatum's death in the garage scene (excluding the Principal Himbry sequence, which was filmed right after the original opening sequence shoot and features KNB masks.) Let's call this mask the #1 Hero "Sidney Attack Mask".

ghostface mask gen 2

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Demand for the 'Weeping' ghost motivated us collectors to distinguish different mask types by their nuanced characteristics. This is particularly difficult among the earliest "Fun World Div" stamped masks because they derive from the same sculpt. This makes their differences intricate and subtle. We hope this guide can help collectors identify their masks and make informed purchases.


Some sculptural markings found on all four early mask types demonstrating their familial relationship.

Early Fun World Div stamped masks derive from the same original sculpt. This is confirmed by markings shared across all four early mask types ( Gen 1, Splotch, HN, Gen 2 ). While they are all excellent vintage masks, collectors prioritize them by age, relevance to the Scream films, quality, and shape. Each are considered highly collectible. Our guide will illustrate the differences using the classic  #9206 - Glow-in-Dark Mask with Shroud .

ghostface mask gen 2

"Gen 1" masks are considered the grail of Scream & Fun World collecting for their superior quality and use in Scream (1996). Their rarity, competition, and franchise significance give them high value . They were among the first masks manufactured during the debut of the 'Weeping' ghost in 1992.   There are markings we use to identify Gen 1s that are easy to recognize using unique mouth defects ( Multi-Dot, Second Dimple, Small Dot ) specific to each production mold. A Gen 1 mask will always have one of these defects, not multiple or all. The three molds share details that make it clear they come from the same master copy compared to other mask types.



A Gen 1 mask will feature one of these mouth defects (not multiple or all).

Because the three molds were created from the same master, they are identical. They are not  separate mask types. The mouth defects should only be used to identify a Gen 1. Qualities that do give masks unique appearances may be from production (like the shape the vinyl cured or the shroud was sewn) or era (like vinyl thickness and paint size).


Example of three nearly identical Gen 1s with each mouth defect.

There are other markings you can use to identify Gen 1s, like raised tick marks (opposed to indented) and a specific circular abrasion not found on other Fun World Div stamped mask types.


Raised "tick marks" on temples and forehead of Gen 1.


Circular abrasion pattern on the left side of the mouth on each mold.

Gen 1s went through production differences over the years like vinyl thickness, paint stencils, and shroud material. For this reason, Gen 1 does not refer to an era (as "generation 1" would imply) but a nickname for masks from these specific molds. The styles we've distinguished are Early 90s, Mid-90s, "Scream style", 97, and Poly Shroud .



'scream style', poly shroud.

Early 90s Gen 1s have thick firm vinyl with large nose and eye paint and cotton shrouds.

Production quality changed in the Mid-90s to have notably tighter nose, eye, and mouth paint and more flexible vinyl.

The quality of Mid-90s masks nicknamed "Scream style" have a thinness and translucency that often create warped irregular foreheads and the mesh visible through the front side. They have been found with glossy and matte vinyl.

In 1997, 'Weeping' ghost masks had distinguishable heart shaped nose stencils and exceptionally thin eye paint. These are traditionally qualities associated with Gen 2 masks, though we've learned this style is specific to the year and includes Gen 1 and Splotch masks.

Gen 1 molds saw their final use with polyester shrouds, vanilla scent , and purple 'bat & moon' themed  Fearsome Faces  header cards. We believe the transition to polyester occurred in late 1997.

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 10.36.35 AM.png

Cotton shroud #9206 masks were packaged with a pink 'party orb' style header tag labeled  Fantastic Faces . They were offered from 1992 - 1997.


Polyester shroud #9206 masks were packaged with a purple 'bat & moon' style header tag labeled  Fearsome Faces .

*Gen 1 masks have been found as #9206 Glow-in-Dark Ghost Mask with Shroud (white, cotton, poly), #9207 Fluorescent Ghost Mask with Shroud (cotton), #9223 All-in-One Ghost Mask & Gown, #9219 Instant Disguise, #8919 Droop Collar Mask, and #9974 Scream Stalker costume masks with bib.


"Splotch" masks are a secondary factory variant named for their splat-like abrasions across the mouth and face. Many consider Splotch to more closely resemble Gen 1s than other factory variants like HNs or Gen 2s. A Splotch was used in a small capacity in Scream (1996) . While they were also produced in the early 90s, they have unique characteristics that set them apart from Gen 1s.  

Matte black paint

Bloated faces

Indented tick marks

Closer carved perimeter line

Additional and missing markings from Gen 1

Not found on all product variants


The "Splotch" mouth defect.


Additional "splotch" abrasions on the mask's face, cheeks, and temples indicate it was likely a effect of the molding process.

Splotch Tick Marks 1.png

Indented tick marks on Splotch (instead of raised Gen 1 marks).

Splotch JPG.jpg

Examples of Splotch masks varying in quality and shape.

Splotch masks have been found in similar Early 90s, Mid-90s, 'Scream style', and 97 qualities but have not been found with a polyester shroud. Though they had a similar trajectory to Gen 1s, they also differ.

Early 90s Splotch masks have large nose and eye paint and cotton shrouds. Unlike Gen 1s, they are often thin and floppy.


Production quality changed in the Mid-90s to have notably tighter nose, eye, and mouth paint. Some Mid-90s Splotch masks actually have thicker vinyl than Early 90s.



The quality of Mid-90s masks nicknamed "Scream style" have a thinness and translucency that often create warped irregular foreheads and the mesh visible through the front side.


In 1997, 'Weeping' ghost masks had distinguishable heart shaped nose stencils and exceptionally thin eye paint. Splotch masks have not been found with polyester shrouds.

Splotch masks have only been found with cotton shrouds and pink 'party orb' style header tags labeled  Fantastic Faces . They were offered from 1992 - 1997.

*Splotch masks have been found as #9206 Glow-in-Dark Ghost Mask with Shroud (white and black cotton), and #9207 Fluorescent Ghost Mask with Shroud (cotton).


"HN" masks are another factory variant with uniquely rectangular eye mesh and more skeletal nose paint. While they are not featured in the Scream franchise, they are collectible for their vintage quality. Though they derive from the original sculpt, they have a unique look from how the master may have been stuffed when molding. They can be identified by a small raised H  or  HN  letters under the chin. The letters signify   a particular factory, as do other lettered stamps familiar to Scream collectors (such as MK, T, N, and TD). They have only been found as black and white cotton shrouded masks. We can date them as early as 1995, though they could be older.


Example of masks with "HN" letters.

HN Eye Mesh.png

Rectangular eye mesh on HNs.


Example of mask with raised "H" and no HN.

HN barcode.jpeg

"HN" seen on barcode of a raised H mask.

All HN masks have the raised "H" near the neckline. However, only some masks have the carved "HN" letters and are usually found above the Fun World Div stamp near the tip of the chin. Here are examples of other HN factory ghost masks:

HN Silly Ghost.png

Examples of other HN ghost masks with the raised "H".

HN masks have only been found as #9206 cotton shroud masks with pink 'party orb' style header tags labeled  Fantastic Faces .

*HN masks have been found as #9206 Glow-in-Dark Ghost Mask with Shroud (white and black cotton).

Gen 2.jpg

"Gen 2" masks are another popular variant and are seen in Scream 2 (1997). Gen 2 is not a "second generation" of molds, but a nickname given by fans during a time early masks were incorrectly seen as a binary. They have heart shaped nose paint and appear somewhat long faced with pushed out nose bridges, squared jaws, and larger eye shapes. Like HNs, the bloating is likely a result of how the master was stuffed before molding. As former Fun World designer Brigitte Sleiertin-Linden tells us "when the company increased production to meet demand after the mask got popular, they had multiple factories making the same item". The earliest we may be able to date Gen 2s is 1996. Gen 2s of all of the ghost characters became the primary production molds used for the #9206  assortment in the late 90s.


Cheek dents, textured mouth.


A Gen 2 mask may feature one of these defects (not multiple or all).

Though we've recognized a few defects to identify Gen 2 masks, there may be additional molds.



The earliest we can currently date Gen 2s may be 1996. The earlier masks feature larger paint stencils, heart shaped noses, and cotton shrouds sewn closer to the jaw than later masks.



The quality masks nicknamed "Scream 2 style" have floppy vinyl and deep casts with wide sewn jaws that expose the carved perimeter line.


Gen 2 molds saw their final use with polyester shrouds and  vanilla scent .  We believe the transition to polyester occurred in late 1997.

Cotton shroud Gen 2 masks were packaged with a pink 'party orb' style header tag labeled  Fantastic Faces .


Polyester shroud Gen 2s were packaged with three different header cards including  Fearsome Faces, purple   ASIS (nicknamed "ASIS" for  As Seen in Scream ), and black ASIS.

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 2.57.49 PM.png

Example of exposed perimeter lines on "Scream 2 style" masks. The perimeter line is present on all mask types but are usually covered by the shroud. We believe this line was used as a guide to cut out a raw casting.


On Gen 2s, visible remnants of the previous perimeter line are covered and moved about a half inch.

Gen 2 molds were made to increase production of all Fun World's ghost characters in the #9206 assortment. They also exhibit a similar long face and stuffed look with deeper jawlines.

Gen 2 Happy.png

Wide jaw on a Gen 2 'Happy' ghost with exposed perimeter lines.

*Gen 2 masks have been found as #9206 Glow-in-Dark Ghost Mask with Shroud (cotton, poly), #9207 Fluorescent Ghost Mask with Shroud (cotton, poly), #9223 All-in-One Ghost Mask & Gown, #9219 Instant Disguise, #8919 Droop Collar Mask, and #9974 Scream Stalker costume masks with bib.


"Oddballs" are late 90s poly shroud masks that do not derive from the original sculpt. They get their name (not only for their odd faces) but because late 90s masks are always stamped with the parent company "Easter Unlimited Inc". It's peculiar that these sculpts ended up with a Fun World stamp and share no relation with the four early mask types covered in our guide. They are not featured in a Scream film and are significantly less sought after.

Oddball masks featured a purple 'bat & moon' style header tag with Scream branding (nicknamed "ASIS" for As Seen in Scream ).

*Oddball masks have been found as #S9206 Glow-in-Dark Scream Masks with Shroud.

Puzzle Box Horror

Scream’s Ghostface Mask History and Variations

Ghostface metallic mask variations

  • Post author By Tritone
  • Post date January 13, 2022
  • No Comments on Scream’s Ghostface Mask History and Variations

Much as Jason Vorhees forever changed the hockey goalie mask Ghostface has brought fame and fortune to the Scream movie mask or is it the Ghostface mask, well really it was called “ The Peanut-Eyed Ghost,” but we’ll get to that. Since the original Scream movie the mask has taken off in popularity and there are dozens of variations, fan versions, and remakes available. In the mid 1990s it is widely considered the highest selling Halloween mask and continues to sell thousands a month and even more in September and October.

History of the Ghostface Scream Mask

Scream was originally going to be called “Scary Movie,” but after the Scream’s Ghostface mask was discovered the movie title was eventually changed to “Scream.” Mostly likely due to mask’s inspiration from the impressionistic painter Edward Munch´s “The Scream” – 1893.

Edward Munch´s “The Scream

Ghostface’s Scream mask was originally discovered at a scouting location once used by an Alfred Hitchcock film, by Marianne Maddalena. Much like there are different killers in the Scream franchise , there are different stories as to where the mask was found from a box to draped over a chair, but what remains consistent that it was discovered on a location scouting mission.

This is like the famous Scream painting Wes Craven

After the generous home owner let them take the mask the production team set to making their own variation. The script called for a mask that you might find at a “dime store” and after 20 variation attempts the team was still not able to create something satisfactory.

They must’ve done 20 different designs. Every one of them was rejected by the studio, and finally we were like, why don’t we just get the rights to this mask? Behind the Scenes Scream

Concept Art of the Variations

ghostface scream mask concept art

Finally, it was suggested that they simply get the rights to use the mask. The original mask was created by “ Fun World ” and it was called “The Peanut-Eyed Ghost.” Fun World currently sells 9 variations of the mask but they are a retail distributor so you cannot buy just one directly from them, sorry. The Ghostface scream mask was originally designed by Brigitte Sleiertin for the “Fantastic Faces” series somewhere around 1994. She noted that she was influenced by the Scream Painting but also:

I just loved all vintage animation and that fluid, almost rubbery movement Brigitte Sleiertin original Scream Mask Designer

But the saga continues. Her boss at the time, Alan Geller, has claimed he actually created the mask, but nothing has surfaced to date to prove that.

Scream Behind The Scenes Documentary

Ghostface scream mask variations.

Fun World made a guide of many of the face mold options, but there is more than just the molds. There are color variations, themes, and anniversary editions all out there for your collection.

Scream mask variations

2022 Ghostface Mask Variations

The Patriot, Pumpkin, Pride, Blood, Dead by Daylight Ghostface mask and more. These Ghostface Masks are currently Available at Horror Hub Marketplace

Older Ghostface Mask Variations

ghostface mask gen 2

2018 Ghostface Mask Variations

ghostface mask gen 2

2017 Ghostface Mask Variations

ghostface mask gen 2

Scream the Series Masks

MTV’s adaptation of the movie franchise ran for 3 seasons . For the first two seasons the series did not use the official Ghostface Mask. Instead it ran with a variant of sorts. More of a post surgical mask, but with some reference to the original. This did not go over well with die hard Scream fans so in season 3 MTV got the rights from Fun World to use a proper Ghostface mask.

Scream mask from MTV series with a man holding a knife

The future of the Scream mask seems certain, more variations! Until then stay creepy and enjoy the upcoming 5th release this week.

Tritone Horror Author

Tritone’s love of horror and mystery began at a young age. Growing up in the 80’s he got to see some of the greatest horror movies play out in the best of venues, the drive-in theater. That’s when his obsession with the genre really began—but it wasn’t just the movies, it was the games, the books, the comics, and the lore behind it all that really ignited his obsession. Tritone is a published author and continues to write and write about horror whenever possible.

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Robe and Mask

GF Robe S1

In the original Scream (1996), Ghostface wears a sparkly lurex fabric robe with square arm tatters and pointed frills on the bottom edges. During production, more Ghoulish masks were considered before finally settling on the peanut-eyed ghost mask. Ghostface primarily wears a Fantastic Faces Weeping Ghost mask, also known as a Gen 1 mask, which is the mask that has the more peanut-shaped eyes, yet are slightly slim. A second mask called the KNB mask was also used in various scenes throughout the movie. The KNB mask was made by KNB FX, and the mask is wider, has thinner eyes, a smaller nose and smaller mouth, along with a lighter neck piece is also worn by Ghostface.

GF Robe S2

In Scream 2 , a copycat appears. Their robe is of the same material, yet has more circular arm tatters, squared-off rips on the bottom hem, and a more pronounced neckline. Ghostface wears a Fantastic Faces Weeping Ghost mask, but this one is a different mold called a Gen 2 mask. The Gen 2 mask has a less curved right-eye, a creased mouth, and more pronounced cheeks. Ghostface also wears a secondary mask featuring squinty eyes and a larger mouth, called the EU MK stamped mask, also coined the RDS. Ghostface at one point wears a leather jacket, and even dons an ancient Greek-style robe.

GF Robe S3

In Scream 3 , the robe is the same pattern and fabric as the one from the previous film. He wears an Easter Unlimited Black and Red Tag Ghostface mask, with the tag on the inside. His mask lacks the former's mouth crease and has more curved eyes. He also briefly hides inside of a prop body-bag.

GF Robe S4

In Scream 4 , Ghostface's robe pattern is the same as in Scream 2- 3, and the mask's eyes are slightly spaced apart while also looking more like a pair of curved peanuts, the nose is the same as in "Scream 3", and the plastic has a more shiny and glossy look than previous Ghostface masks. The robes are more shiny this time, with the glitter being noticable and slightly brighter in the lighting of certain scenes. Another secondary mask, called the TD Stamp, is used with wider cheeks, smaller eyes and a smaller nose.

Scream: The TV Series

Lakewood Slasher

In the television series of the same name, Ghostface was rebranded during the show's Season 1 and 2 , which aired on MTV. Ghostface is now referred to as The Lakewood Slasher , who dons a vacuum-formed plastic human-shaped mask which is painted with white coats, aging glazes, black airbrushing and clear coats. It is then put together by leather connectors with rivets and rectangle rings, connected to aged cotton strapping with weathered and stippled slide buckles. The Lakewood Slasher also wears a black heavy duty poncho, a black balaclava, a black crew-neck long sleeve shirt, (with occasionally a full zip black hoodie), black tactical duty gloves, black jeans, and black tactical jungle boots.

Scream: Resurrection

Ghostface S3E4

In Season 3, now airing on VH1, Ghostface is back. The robe is made of a black gauze woven fabric, and Ghostface wears a non-retail EU mask, which has a floppier hood and at times features a shiny or bone white finish and even has a more prevalent jawline. The robe had very loose sleeves, tattered drapes, and no open neckline.

Scream (2022)

GF S22 Robe

In Scream (2022), the Ghostface robe has had a major makeover since the events of Scream 4. Ghostface's mask is similar to the one used in Scream 4 , but with a thicker vinyl material and a more deluxe hood. The masks used were the Collector's Edition mask, 25th Anniversary Mask, 2017 EU, and the Season 3/Resurrection mask. The mask's shrouds were taken off and were modified with a custom cotton fabric shroud. In some cases, the actors who played the killer had masks custom molded to their faces. The robe is made of a new material which still features the sparkle of other Ghostface robes but it isn't as noticeable. The gloves are detached from the robe and the ends are ripped. This was done intentional as the costume designer believed it would make sense that the store bought costume would have had major changes in the last 10 years.

S6 0589

In Scream VI , the Ghostface robe remains much of the same as it did in Scream (2022). The only difference is the killer now wears a variety of masks, specifically the masks of all the previous Ghostface killers, starting from Richie Kirsch 's mask, all the way down to Billy Loomis '. All masks, dependent on their age, have varying levels of decay and ageing visible, with blood and the last time they were worn playing a factor into their look. Richie's mask looked a lot newer and cleaner whereas Billy's had the most visible signs of decay and signs of blood splatter. A normal, white, Ghostface mask is worn by Jason Carvey when he kills Laura Crane .

Part of Ghostface's look is that the person under the mask is always wearing a pair of, usually black, boots. Each killer wears a different pair at different times and costume designers usually have multiple characters wear boots at different times to set them up as suspects. The Killer's boots have always been a desirable item for fans to identify.

GF Boots S1

Ghostface wears a pair of Vintage Brown Reebook BOKS boots. Sidney sees them during her attack in the bathroom where Ghostface steps down and lowers the robe over himself. Billy Loomis also wears the pair in various scenes in the film.

Multiple pairs of boots were used in this film to differentiate the killer between Mickey Altieri and Nancy Loomis . Ghostface's boots that are seen during Sidney and Hallie's attack in the police car are a pair of black Original Rugged Outback Boots. They were identified by Scream collector, Nate Ragon. Another pair of women's boots are seen during Randy's death, in which Mrs. Loomis was the killer, but those have yet to be identified.

Ghostface, who is revealed to be Roman Bridger , wears a pair of black Original Rugged Outback Boots. They are never seen properly on screen, however were identified by Scream collector, Nate Ragon, as he owns a pair of the screen used boots that were presumably worn by Scott Foley. They aren't the same model of boots used in Scream 2, as the ones then were presumably an earlier model with a different sole pattern.

In this film, Ghostface wears a pair of Bates Ultra-Lite Tactical 8" Military Side Zip Black Boots for the most part. However, in different scenes where either Emma Roberts and Rory Culkin would portray Ghostface as their characters, they wore boots specifically matched for their characters. Jill Roberts wore a pair of Rag and Bone High Heeled Boots and Charlie Walker wore a pair of Toto Brown Leather boots, which had platforms in them to make Rory Culkin appear taller.

In the first two seasons of the show, The Lakewood Slasher wears a pair of Black Tactical Performance Jungle Boots.

In the third and final season of the show, Ghostface wears a pair of Bates Ultra-Lite Tactical 8" Military Side Zip Black Boots.

GF Boots S22

In this film, Ghostface wore a pair of Doc Martens 1460 Smooth Mono, which were jet black boots and can be seen multiple times throughout the movie. The costume designer of the film ensured that all characters at one point wore similar boots and in multiple scenes throughout Act 3, Amber is seen wearing a similar pair of Doc Martens however they were platformed. The specific model being the vegan Jadon II Mono. Richie is not seen wearing black boots, but does wear a pair of brown boots.

GF Boots S6

In this film, Ghostface wore pair of Doc Martens Combs II Poly Casual boots. They are similar to the 1460 Mono boots but are made of a more tactical material. The 1460 Mono boots from the previous film also make an appearance and are worn by Jason Carvey when he kills Laura Crane .

Billy's brown boots in Scream

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| SCREAM | Generation 2 Ghostface Mask

| SCREAM | Generation 2 Ghostface Mask

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ghostface mask gen 2

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ghostface mask gen 2

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ghostface mask gen 2

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ghostface mask gen 2

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ROSATOM completes development of the new VVER-440 fuel for Hungary’s Paks NPP

  • 13 October, 2020 / 14:24

ghostface mask gen 2

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    ghostface mask gen 2

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  1. DBD

  2. ghostface unmasked will not happen

  3. Ghostface MASK GEN 1!!! #horror #shorts

  4. I repainted a Spirit Halloween Ghostface Mask as Pikachu! 💀🎨 #diy #painting #halloween #art

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  6. Ghostface Mask unboxing


  1. ghostface mask gen 2 for sale

    Condition Shipping Sort: Best Match Shop on eBay Brand New $20.00 or Best Offer Sponsored Scream Mask Ghost Face Gen 2 Cotton Shroud World Div Fantastic Faces Glows Pre-Owned $350.00 fatherdeath_02 (11) 100% or Best Offer +$7.81 shipping 27 watchers Sponsored Scream Fun World Div Gen 2 Fearsome Faces Hooded Ghost Face Mask Rare Pre-Owned $263.49

  2. GhostFace Masks

    Welcome to the story of the mask commonly known today as "GhostFace®", this mask was first designed and created by Alan Geller of Fun World as he also explain's in the recent documentary 'Still Screaming' by Anthony Masi.

  3. Fantastic Faces: Know the Difference Between Gen 1s & 2s

    The Gen 2 masks have more of a straight line at the bottom in line with the top of the mouth. If you are aware that the 1st masks are noticeably smaller which I've illustrated it will become much easier for you to identify a 1st Generation Fantastic if you have one.

  4. GhostFace Generation 2

    GhostFace Generation 2 | Mask Review GhostFaceBrett 44 subscribers Subscribe 1 Share 2 views 2 minutes ago In this video, I review my newly received Generation 2 GhostFace mask....

  5. Complete Guide to the Masks Used in Scream (1996)

    It can be very hard to tell apart 1st and 2nd generation Fun World masks, especially when worn. The main difference is a .5 of an inch difference in length and the mask simply being worn could stretch it .5 of an inch. At the time of writing, there are questions I haven't yet been able to get definitive answers on...

  6. Indentification Guide

    A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO FUN WORLD STAMPED 'WEEPING' GHOST MASKS Demand for the 'Weeping' ghost motivated us collectors to distinguish different mask types by their nuanced characteristics. This is particularly difficult among the earliest "Fun World Div" stamped masks because they derive from the same sculpt.

  7. Scream's Ghostface Mask History and Variations

    The original mask was created by " Fun World " and it was called "The Peanut-Eyed Ghost.". Fun World currently sells 9 variations of the mask but they are a retail distributor so you cannot buy just one directly from them, sorry. The Ghostface scream mask was originally designed by Brigitte Sleiertin for the "Fantastic Faces" series ...

  8. gen 2 ghostface mask for sale

    Find great deals on eBay for gen 2 ghostface mask. Shop with confidence. gen 2 ghostface mask for sale | eBay Skip to main content Shop by category Shop by category Enter your search keyword

  9. ghostface gen 2 mask for sale

    25 results for ghostface gen 2 mask Save this search Update your shipping location Shop on eBay Brand New $20.00 or Best Offer Sponsored New Listing Vintage Gen 2 Scream Ghostface Mask Fun World Div Shroud Fantastic Faces Glows Pre-Owned C $410.03 mandoprs1984 (260) 100% or Best Offer from United States

  10. Ghostface/Costume

    Ghostface wears a Fantastic Faces Weeping Ghost mask, but this one is a different mold called a Gen 2 mask. The Gen 2 mask has a less curved right-eye, a creased mouth, and more pronounced cheeks. Ghostface also wears a secondary mask featuring squinty eyes and a larger mouth, called the EU MK stamped mask, also coined the RDS. Ghostface at one ...

  11. Ghostface Mask: Early Gen 2 model!

    This appears to be an early gen 2 mask, as if during the transition from making gen 1 to gen 2, this was made.I am unsure of its tag or value, but I am glad ...

  12. Fearsome Faces Gen 2 Scream 2 Ghostface Mask

    Fearsome Faces Gen 2 Scream 2 Ghostface Mask Custom "The Loathed" Latex Mask Replica Variant (Glows) a d vertisement ArtsCustoms3vertisement from shop ArtsCustoms3ArtsCustoms3From shop ArtsCustoms3 Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart Add to Favorites

  13. | SCREAM

    ShorelineHorror is thrilled to offer an authentic Ghostface Gen 2 mask, perfect for fans of the iconic slasher franchise, Scream. This mask is a must-have for collectors and fans alike, as it is a rare and highly sought-after item.This Gen 2 looks film accurate and is in great condition, with only minor signs of wear.

  14. I was wondering how can you tell what Gen or year a Ghostface mask is

    Dive in and get advice on finding the right mask, and ensure a good seal with fit testing. Our helpful community discusses masking tips, tricks, specs, tests, hacks, and reviews. We also cover related topics about respiratory protection, such as air filtration, HEPA and CR filters, and some general public health info about vaccines for ...

  15. Ghostface Cosplay complete with Gen 2 Mask Mods plus new T ...

    Hey everyone, So I finished modifying my Gen 2 Fun World Div Ghostface mask for my cosplay this is just a little overview of how I finished it and a little ...

  16. How to determine what GhostFace mask you have/how to tell a Gen 1

    springyyboi • 2 yr. ago Funworld originally released the Gen 1 and 2 Fantastic Faces masks, which featured cotton shrouds. These were known as weeping ghosts.

  17. Ghostface Gen 2 EU Scream Mask from the 90's compared to a ...

    Ghostface Gen 2 EU Scream Mask compared to a modern 25th Anniversary Mask.

  18. Rosatom Starts Life Tests of Third-Generation VVER-440 Nuclear Fuel

    Press centre. News. Rosatom Starts Life Tests of Third-Generation VVER-440 Nuclear Fuel. 16 June, 2020 / 13:00. 1 973. ***. Share: 6December2023NewsRosatom manufactures first bundles of BN-800 MOX fuel with minor actinidesMORE. 7December2023NewsRosatom expands cooperation with UN on women empowermentMORE.

  19. Innovative Costume of the 21st Century: The Next Generation

    There is no future without a present, as there is no present without a past. -Alexandra Exter. INNOVATIVE COSTUME OF THE 21st CENTURY: THE NEXT GENERATION is the second large-scale project from the series, COSTUME and TIME. This new project represents experimental work of young designers from more than 40 countries around the world.

  20. ROSATOM completes development of the new VVER-440 fuel for Hungary's

    The new modification of VVER-440 second generation fuel would optimize the hydro-uranium ratio in the reactor core, enabling to increase the efficiency of fuel usage and advance the economic performance of the power plant operation. ... 2 December 2023 News Head of Rosatom Alexey Likhachev meets IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi on the ...

  21. Ghostface Mask Re-Shroud Tutorial

    Hey everyone, so here is a little tutorial I put together on re-shrouding a Gen 2 Fearsome Faces Ghostface Bib Mask. Hope you enjoy.MM

  22. PDF Laser-initiated discharge produced plasma ablated from liquid metal

    wavelength. 0.4 μF. 19 nH. 3 - 6 kV. 1.8 - 7.2 J. 20 kA at 4.5 kV. 1064 nm beam diameter 3 mm. High-current discharge between two rotating electrodes covered with a thin liquid Tin or Galinstan film is triggered by local laser ablation of electrode material. focal lens 30 cm energy 5 - 50 mJ.

  23. Unboxing a Black Tag ASIS GhostFace mask.. aka Gen 2 ...

    I don't normally do unboxing videos but this mask was a special one.. many thanks to ScreamFan_1990