haunted house morristown tennessee

Frightmare Manor – Five Attraction Scream Park

haunted house morristown tennessee

Frightmare Manor – THE Money Back Haunt has been featured in national haunted house publications and is consistently named the No. 1 haunted attraction by regional media outlets. It’s the ultimate, authentic haunted experience – and if you successfully complete all five attractions your admission cost will be refunded. “True terror exists here!”

Phone: 865-471-2878

Website: www.frightmaremanor.com

Haunted Places in Morristown, Tennessee

haunted house morristown tennessee

Bethesda Church and Cemetery

Morristown, tennessee.

The apparitions of restless Confederate soldiers are seen inside and outside the church building. They are aggressive towards visitors to the cemetery. The apparition of a weeping woman has been seen on the far side of the cemetery. Her cries are often heard late at night. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Glenmore Mansion

Jefferson city, tennessee.

Before the death of local historian Thomas Roach, he remarked that if a ghost was sighted at the mansion, it might just be of him. Ever since, visitors have noted a friendly presence and a misty apparition on the lower floor of the mansion. People have also reported sighting a ...

Tennessee Mountain Inn - Econo Lodge

Once the Tennessee Mountain Inn but now reported to be an EconoLodge, this place is the home of a ghostly little girl. She has been seen on the balcony or in the hallways by guests and employees alike, and they say she is very sweet and friendly. Who she is ...

Newport Memorial Building

Newport, tennessee.

In 1971 there was a plane crash on a mountain in Parotsville Tennessee. Limbs were scattered everywhere and no survivors were ever found. While waiting for the bodies to be identified they were housed in the Cocke County Memorial Building. Among the bodies were many small children. Many ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

General Morgan Inn

Greeneville, tennessee.

This historic hotel is said to be haunted by a ghost named Green Room Grace. Grace was a waitress at the hotel long ago, and she is said to be playful and fun. She loves spoons, and has been known to snatch them from The Green Room, the hotel's restaurant, ...

Wheatland Plantation

Sevierville, tennessee.

Wheatland Plantation, located off of Boyd's Creek Highway in Sevierville, is an 1820 Federal Style home that was constructed around a large geode by a Freemason. The property has seen more than 70 murders and deaths within its walls, while the grounds bore witness to battles of both the ...

LeConte Lodge

In the early hours of morning, guests staying the lodge have reported awakening to see a young girl standing at the foot of their beds, who disappears when she is seen. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Grant Lee Hall

Harrogate, tennessee.

The historic Grant Lee Hall dormitory building at Lincoln Memorial University was once part of a hotel, which caught fire in 1904, killing a woman and her child on the fourth floor. Her ghost has been seen in a red dress, including one day in the 1950s when the building ...

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Folks say a shadowy form watches over you at this inn. The ghost is said to belong to an elderly woman who was killed here while she was working late.

haunted house morristown tennessee

Cabin On Roaring Fork

Gatlinburg, tennessee.

This cabin is over 200 years old. The cabin seems to be occupied by the ghost of a woman. The website address is: CabinOnRoaringFork.com The number of paranormal events are too numerous to mention, but here are a couple: One family decided to go by a fast food restaurant to get ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Rocky River Motel

We have lived at this motel for three weeks. In that time, we have had two incidents where there was a clear and loud knock at the door, but when we opened it there is no one anywhere in sight. Our wall clock sometimes runs backwards. My girlfriend clearly saw ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Mysterious Mansion

The mystery of the Mansion involves a sobbing spirit. Locals tell the tale of a 7-year-old girl who died when she fell off the balcony into a creek below. Her ghost is said to appear around the anniversary of her death, crying and pointing up to the spot from which ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Rocky Top Village Inn

A multiple murder that occurred a couple decades ago is the source for this building's haunting, locals say. So the harrowing story goes, the back office was the site where two workers were brutally killed for a reason still unknown. Witnesses have heard the screams of the victims and seen ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Garden Plaza Hotel - Holiday Inn Sunspree

This hotel building has more than its share of haunts. A man is said to have committed suicide in Room 471, and a reflection of his ghost is said to be seen in the nearby windows, walking around the pool at night. A Boy Scout troop leader is said to ...

Little Greenbrier Lodge Bed and Breakfast

According to the locals, the friendly ghost of Margretta Craig haunts this 1939 bed-and-breakfast. The room where she is most often seen is dedicated to her, and the owners display photographs of her in her room. The ghost is said to do nice things like close the door behind you.

Red Dog Road

Harlan, kentucky.

This road has been haunted by mysterious lights which flicker from tree to tree. If one is quiet at a certain fork in the road you can hear someone or something walking in the woods above the road. A huge shadowed specter has been seen several times standing in ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Rotherwood Mansion

Kingsport, tennessee.

This mansion built in 1818 by the Reverend Frederick A. Ross is said to be the home of a ghostly Lady in White. So the legend says, she is Ross's daughter Rowena, and she is looking for her love who was drowned in nearby Holston River. It is said that ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Historic Eureka Inn

Jonesborough, tennessee.

At this historic inn originally built in 1797 an used as a boardinghouse and sequester house for jurors, witnesses have reported seeing shadowy ghost figures and hearing unexplained footsteps and voices.

haunted house morristown tennessee

Hawley House Bed and Breakfast

The inn has seen a lot of changes and additions over the years, but the original building is from 1793. It is said to be haunted by the spirits of "ladies of the night" who may have worked here in the past. Witnesses have heard their voices on the second ...

Millenium Manor House

Alcoa, tennessee.

The manor was built during the early 20th century, and the owner and his wife believed that as long as they worked on the property, they would never die. They eventually passed away, but many believe that their spirits still linger on the property. People have reported hearing disembodied footsteps ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Thomas Divide Overlook

Cherokee, north carolina.

Night-time visitors to this overlook area off the Blue Ridge Parkway (near mile marker 464) often claim to see strange, glowing lights in the sky. No one has yet been able to definitively explain the source or reason for these lights.

Baker Peters Mansion

Knoxville, tennessee.

The mansion, now Baker Peters Jazz Club, is said to be haunted by Abner Baker, a former resident of the 1840 building. The mansion was inhabited by Dr. Baker's family and several wounded Confederate soldiers whom he was helping during the Civil War. When the Union learned Dr. Baker was ...

United States Post Office

Jellico, tennessee.

The old post office building is haunted by several spirits. Disembodied footsteps and loud voices are heard when no one is around. Mail is thrown around the post office, and objects go missing, only to turn up in different places to where they were left. The apparition of a tall ...

June Tolliver House

Big stone gap, virginia.

This 1890's residence featured in the local newspaper several years ago, when a visitor to the house photographed a ghostly woman in white. Other phenomena reported here includes apparitions rushing past the bay windows at the front of the building and paintings being moved around by unseen hands. (Submitted by Callum ...

Alexander Inn

Oak ridge, tennessee.

Although this 1943 inn is now closed and set to be turned into a senior living facility, it was rumored to be haunted. Folks said footsteps could be heard walking up the stairs and blood could be seen on the hotel walls. From the outside, an apparition has been seen ...

Inn on Main Street

Weaverville, north carolina.

The Inn on Main Street is rumored to be haunted. Doors have been heard opening and closing on their own, pictures have been heard falling off walls, although the fallen pictures were never found.

haunted house morristown tennessee

Benham School House Inn

Cumberland, kentucky.

The building that houses the inn was an old high school, and some say the ghostly students return to their old stomping grounds. According to reports, the inn still houses the student lockers and class photos in the hallways, and in these hallways witnesses have heard unexplained runnning footsteps, laughter ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Balsam Mountain Inn

Sylva, north carolina.

This early-1900s inn has two haunted rooms: 205 and 207. There are logs in the room where guests can write about anything strange that occurs during their stay. Folks have reported footsteps, jiggling doorknobs, unexplained noises, and other sounds of someone making a racket in the hallway.

Union College

Barbourville, kentucky.

Union College seems to have a haunted Financial Aid office: Witnesses say the doors open and close, and even lock and unlock, on their own. The spirit is believed to be a woman who lived and died under mysterious circumstances here when the building was a private residence. Also haunting ...

Warfield Cemetery

Some claim that at the Warfield Cemetery, something unseen will follow you, moving as you do, terrorizing you as you walk through the graveyard, never stopping until you step outside the gate.

haunted house morristown tennessee

Fletcher School of Dance

Woodfin, north carolina.

Fletcher School of Dance is rumored to be haunted by shadowy figures who moved construction workers' tools during a renovation and made odd sounds throughout the building.

Church of the Redeemer

Church of the Redeemer, built in 1888 with two Tiffany windows, was originally the family chapel for a nearby mansion. The mansion has since burned down. According to witnesses, a female apparition has been spotted coming down the stairs of the sloped cemetery in back. She then crosses Riverside Drive ...

Vance Birthplace

The birthplace of Zebulon Baird Vance (1830–1894), a Confederate Civil War officer, governor, senator, and writer, is a five-room log house. Vance was a passionate speaker and leader, and a prominent figure in his time. Perhaps spirits of the deceased are still drawn to the charismatic Vance: Ghostly men and ...

Beaver Lake

Asheville, north carolina.

Beaver Lake is home to the spirit of a young man who drowned here in the 1970s, according to local lore. His ghost is seen on the lakeshore. A female apparition also has been spotted standing on the dam and looking down into the water. She is thought to be ...

Northside Grill and Bar

Northside Grill and Bar, which reports say now operates as Appalachian Tavern, used to have apartments on the second floor where a tenant committed suicide. Now, folks say, patrons have reported uneasy vibes and at times have spotted a shadowy figure that walks across the room.

Lewis Memorial Park

Lewis Memorial Park is a cemetery where eerie apparitions are said to roam. A ghost horse and rider and a phantom dog are seen here; the rider is thought to be a funeral director, Robert J. Lewis, who donated the land for the cemetery in 1927.

Highland Hospital Site

A mental asylum used to stand on these grounds, but in 1948, a fire destroyed the property; nine died including the former wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda. It is believed that the casualties could have been zero, but the patients were drugged and locked in their rooms awaiting further ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Asheville Seasons Bed and Breakfast

Grace is the ghost who haunts this early-20th-century establishment. She is the relative of a former resident here, and she is most active in her own room. Grace's dog has been seen here as well. Some guests have reported that Grace climbed into bed with them and hugged them.

Waneta Street

A 1920s unsolved murder along Waneta Street centered on two women who were beaten to death. The killer's apparition has been seen carrying the murder weapon, a sort of pipe or club.

Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery has more than 13,000 graves, including authors Thomas Wolfe and William Sydney Porter (O. Henry) and influential politician Zebulon Baird Vance. Witnesses have heard gunfire and seen a phantom Confederate army marching here, perhaps toward the site of the 1865 Battle of Asheville, fought a mile away on ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

Grove Park Inn

At this 1913 inn, you may come across a ghostly lady in pink. She is the wife of renowned writer Fitzgerals, and is known to tickle guests' toes at night. She has been spotted by both guests and employees. Room 545 is said to be particularly haunted with slamming doors, ...

Cairn Brae - Crooked Oak Mountain Inn

"Cairn Brae" was listed in Sheila Turnage's "Haunted Inns of the Southeast", but it appears that a new B&B is on the premises now called "Crooked Oak Mountain Inn". We don't currently have any details on the nature of the haunt here, but if you know anything please share ...

Isis Restaurant and Music Hall

Isis Restaurant and Music Hall, formerly Pastabilities Restaurant, is housed in the historic 1930s Isis Theater. One of the ghosts here is Susie, a former owner's little girl who passed away. One time, a restaurant patron's young daughter was having a lively chat with someone unseen, and when asked whom ...

Craven Street Bridge

The ghost on the Craven Street Bridge is said to be a naked boy's apparition. Legend has it he drowned when he jumped off the bridge to take a swim in the river below.

Merrimon and Broadway

James Sneed and James Henry were convicted of stealing a horse and hanged at this crossing in 1835, although they claimed to be innocent. Now, the phantom sounds of horse hooves, a wagon, and a gallows trap-door are heard here.

1889 WhiteGate Inn and Cottage

1889 WhiteGate Inn and Cottage is said to be haunted by Marion Bridgette, or Miss B., the nurse who bought the house in 1928. Her room was what is now the Robert Frost Room. Floating orbs have been photographed, footsteps have been heard on the stairs, lights click off and ...

Basilica of St. Lawrence

The Basilica of St. Lawrence is said to be haunted by architect Rafael Guastavino, who was buried there in 1908, and his wife and daughter. A priest who died in the building is also thought to reside here in spirit. Witnesses report cold spots, apparitions, orbs and lights and ...

Battery Park Hotel

Although it was a hotel from the early- to mid-1900s, this building now has been renovated into apartments. Apparitions have been reported here; it is said that a man was murdered on the hotel premises and liked to materialize for the hotel employees.

Scandals Nightclub

Scandals Nightclub, which began in 1982, is a dance club for the LGBT community. It is haunted by an apparition of a Native American woman who is also blamed for unexplained lighting issues.

Chicken Alley

Chicken Alley is a narrow lane named for the fact that chickens used to hang out there in the city's much younger days. It even has a chicken mural, painted by local artist Molly Must. Legend has it the alley is haunted by the ghost of Dr. Jamie Smith, in ...

haunted house morristown tennessee

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Southeast Travel Guide

10 SCARIEST Haunted Attractions in Tennessee

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While Tennessee may be known for its country music and fried chicken, many people might not know that it is also home to some of the most haunted houses in America. And while Halloween is the prime time for those looking for haunted places and strange things, some of these attractions are open other times of the year too, so you don’t have to wait until Halloween night for some creepy fun.

If you are looking for a good scare and a chance to get your heart racing, here are the scariest haunted attractions Tennessee has to offer.

Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods

Nashville nightmare, frightmare manor, bell witch cave.

  • Devil's Dungeon

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

Wicked ways haunted house, frightworks haunted house, full moon slaughterhouse, dead land haunted woods, the bottom line.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods (@creepyhollowhauntedwoods)

Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods is for the bravest of souls. Located in Spring Hill, Tennessee, right outside of Nashville, this top-rated haunt draws visitors from near and far. This is not your average haunted house, because you’ll experience a unique blend of indoor and outdoor scares here.

The wooded trails feature original scenes that are sure to startle, with different scares added every year to keep things fresh. Nashville Scene Magazine has rated Creepy Hollow as the most customer-interactive haunt in the area, so you should not expect an ordinary horror experience.

The Zombie Maze is sure to scare, with live zombies ready to pounce on you at any turn. Once you enter, there’s no going back, so enter at your own risk! The Halls of Horror’s fortune teller will tell you of your unfortunate future, while the Trails of Terror’s acres of horror are filled with monsters lurking around the cemetery and an abandoned school bus.

While you’re waiting for your turn at this haunted hell, spend some time around a cozy bonfire, and enjoy concessions or queue-line entertainment. And because it is an indoor/outdoor haunt, you can expect a rush of adrenaline and spine-chilling thrills.

Creepy Hollow is open Fridays and Saturdays during the month of October. Check their website annually for details.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nashville Nightmare (@nashvillenightmare)

Step inside Nashville Nightmare and you will be transported to a world of horror, where reality and fiction converge into a nightmarish experience. Located just northeast of Nashville, in the Madison Town Center shopping center, this haunted house has been scaring visitors for 12 years.

Over the years, Nashville Nightmare has modified its haunts to make them even scarier. With intricate sets and special effects, Nashville Nightmare creates many spooky environments that will surely shake you in your boots. Nashville Nightmare also offers five different themed haunts at one ticket price. 

These haunts are Horror High-All Hallow’s Eve, Midnight Mortuary, Cursed Legends of the Deep, Outcast Carnival and Vector Research. Outside of the Halloween season, Nashville Nightmare also opens up during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other times throughout the year.

Frightmare Manor - Haunted House / Screampark

If you’re searching for a real haunted house, explore the dark secrets hidden within Frightmare Manor, located in east Tennessee in Morristown, about a one-hour drive from Knoxville. This 20-acre plantation was once the home of Jeremiah Lexer, a psychotic serial killer from the 19th century who performed animal and human experimentation in his house. These bloody acres went abandoned for years, with the last business before Frightmare being a restaurant that closed in 2001. 

Jeremiah unfortunately suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, both conditions that were not treatable during his time. He was known as a loving family man by his community, but at night he terrorized his community with numerous murders. The exact count is not known, but 31 victims were found in a pit behind the house. This deep, dark history makes Frightmare one of the most intense haunted houses in Tennessee. If you’re looking for a true terror, and not just an attraction, Frightmare is for you.

Today, Frightmare offers three independent haunted houses filled with frights and scares. The site also features a unique free-fall attraction known as “the Lexer Jump,” which is not for the faint of heart. Lexer finally committed suicide by jumping out of the window, and you’ll jump too – no bungee cords, no anything holding you back.

The attraction is also home to the nationally recognized Nightmare at Frightmare Challenge, a controversial challenge that offers a money-back guarantee – if you finish it. You will sign a release form, and if you make your name and picture will be etched into their survivor gallery. If not, you’ll hang your head and shame and walk out the door. 

After your way through its dark secrets, you will leave with memories that will surely consume your nightmares.

Cursed: The Bell Witch: Deep in Bell Witch Cave (Season 1, Episode 4) | A&E

Located about a 40-minute drive from downtown Nashville, The Historic Bell Witch Cave is a mysterious place that has been the focus of many tales since 1817. Legends have it that a malevolent spirit resided in the cave and wreaked havoc among its inhabitants. 

Families who have visited the place have reported being terrorized by strange noises, knocks, and unexplained phenomena. In fact, Bell Witch is sought out by paranormal researchers and is considered one of America’s most haunted locations.

According to local lore, the enigmatic presence lingering in this place is rumored to be Kate Batts’ ghost—a once-unfriendly neighbor of John Bell, who firmly believed that he had swindled her in a land purchase. Although the exact details of the story are unclear, visitors have reported hearing strange noises and feeling a presence inside the cave. 

The Historic Bell Witch Cave is also home to a reconstructed cabin of John Bell, which contains many artifacts from the original Bell cabin, such as a chimney stone and an iron kettle. So, if you are into the paranormal, this is a must-visit place in your travel plans.

Devil’s Dungeon

SlashvilleHaunts.com Presents Nashville's Scariest Haunted Houses

Experience fear like never before in Devil’s Dungeon! This haunted house is in Nashville beside the Cumberland River. They been scaring people for over two decades.

Having first served as a cotton processing factory in the 1800s, this ominous building now features apartments on the first and second floors. There is also a huge basement that is said to be the haunt of demonic activity. 

Visitors enter the building and are taken on a horrific journey filled with sights and sounds of pure terror. Equipped with animatronics, special effects, full lights, sound production, and terrifying actors, Devil’s Dungeon is a theatrical performance sure to scare and entertain at the same time.

In addition to the Devil’s Dungeon performance, they also have a Haunted Hell production in both Nashville and Clarksville.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Historic Brushy Mountain (@historicbrushymountain)

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary is a place of spectral darkness, where tales of inmate abuse and wrongful imprisonment have been whispered for generations. Located close to Frozen Head State Park, this Tennessee state prison was built by prisoners in the 1920s in an attempt to make escape impossible.

In recent years, it has become a tourist destination, and ghost hunters seeking the lost souls within its walls can take an overnight tour. It may not be the most uplifting of activities, but it certainly provides a unique insight into the dark history of this haunted place. Visit if you have the courage!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Wicked Ways Haunted House (@wickedwayshaunt)

Describe the depths of terror and explore the most hauntingly horrific experiences you may ever come up at Wicked Ways Haunted House! Located in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, this is may be the scariest haunted house in the area, offering an unparalleled immersive experience. 

Discover what lurks in the darkness as you traverse myriad frighteningly realistic scenes and environments, each with its unique brand of terror. Be prepared to come face-to-face with incredible creatures and monsters you can imagine. 

Wicked Ways offers a 5-Minute Escape Room and a Tormented Extreme Virtual Reality Encounter. This promises to take you deeper into the nightmarish realm of Wicked Ways and the creatures who inhabit it. One thing that’s not horrific is free parking, which is available to all guests. So come early to explore the horror in ways you’ve never experienced!

FrightWorks Haunted Holidays

The Frightworks haunted house is another extraordinary and terrifying experience guaranteed to shock you! It is located in VAULT 67 right outside Knoxville and houses some of the most dangerous and horrifying entities in the known universe. 

The facility utilizes ancient magics and state-of-the-art technology to trap, contain and monitor its frightful inhabitants. As you navigate the sprawling complex, you will move through environments designed to secure and distract the residents. 

From dark, dank dungeons to eerie, haunted forests, you will encounter a variety of spine-tingling creatures. The Frightworks haunted house will take you on a journey of fear and terror as you experience the thrills and chills that come with every step.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Slaughter House (@fullmoonslaughterhouse)

At Full Moon Slaughterhouse, you can explore the depths of a Nashville icon. As the longest-running Haunted Attraction in the city, you can experience a glimpse into the supernatural and otherworldly. 

The old Courtyard Cinema on 3445 Lebanon Pike in Hermitage became the new home for the haunt when Stacey and Ben Dixon took over as owners of Full Moon Inc. in 2014. As you enter, you will travel through five old theaters and spend around 40 minutes wandering the eerie halls filled with chilling surprises. Not only is this your chance to explore the unknown, but it’s also a chance to check out classic movies at the Full Moon Cineplex or visit Lone Wolf Tattoo.

Be brave and explore the depths of Full Moon Slaughterhouse. With every step you take, something unexpected may lurk in the shadows. Dare to challenge your fear and explore what is lurking in the dark. Or will you crumble under the pressure of supernatural forces? No matter how brave you are, it’s likely that a few chills will race down your spine as you make your journey through the historic haunt.

15 deadland promo video Original

Lastly, we have Dead Land Haunted Woods, a place so terror-filled that it earned the title “SCREAM PARK.” But don’t let that scare you away! Dead Land Scream Park has many attractions if you’re brave enough to face your fears. There are three attractions, each with its own set of spine-tingling thrills.

First is The Carnevil, where you can experience a unique horror show you will remember. Then there’s The Portal, an area steeped in the history of some of the most notorious serial killers.

The third and most chilling attraction is The Crypt. It is where vampires lurk in the darkness, waiting to make you their next victim. You’ll have to use your courage and agility to make it out alive!

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure or a creepy chill, you will find something that suits your taste. That is, if you are brave enough to take on these Tennessee haunted houses, creepy historical landmarks, and more!


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The Deadly History Of This Tennessee Mansion Is Terrifying But True

haunted house morristown tennessee

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One of the most terrifying serial killers in Tennessee history has been lost to history, bound up in a quirky haunted house located in Talbott. Whether you’ve heard of Frightmare Manor or scoffed at the idea of a date night at haunted mansion, this story deserves to be told. Because, dear folks – Tennessee is home to one of the most terrifying serial killers of all time. And he was quite human.

haunted house morristown tennessee

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haunted house morristown tennessee

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Haunted Morristown

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Welcome to Haunted Morristown

Welcome to HauntedMorristown.com

Historic Morristown, TN has been home to many notable and historic people and places since it’s creation over 140 years ago . Records of Hamblen County date back to 1870 and are available at the county archives. This website focuses on the documented occurrences and countless oral histories passed through generations representing a truly haunted Morristown, Tennessee.

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The 19 Most Haunted Places in Tennessee

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2021 @ 6:08 am

When most people think about the great state of Tennessee, the first thing that tends to come to mind is music and with good reason. However, that is certainly not all that the state is known for, it is also somewhere that is home to some of the most terrifying haunted locations in America.

Let’s get up close and personal with some of the most haunted places in Tennessee:

1. Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga

Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga

Cemeteries are common places that have ghostly sightings and other paranormal activity. The Greenwood Cemetery in Chattanooga is no different.

The ghost that is most often seen around the Greenwood Cemetery was once a wealthy woman who lived across the lake with her husband. After becoming wheelchair-bound because of health issues her husband decided to cheat on her and eventually killed her.

People say that it is possible to see the tracks from a wheelchair on the cemetery grounds. Furthermore, people who claim to have seen the woman say she is not in human form but is more of a green mist.

Conflicting reports say they have seen the woman wandering near the lake and she appears to be a shade of green.

2. Sensabaugh Tunnel, Kingsport

Sensabaugh Tunnel, Kingsport

People living in Kingsport have heard the stories about one of the most haunted locations in East Tennessee, the Sensabaugh Tunnel. Any place that has been around since the 1920s and is apparently the sight of a mass murder is sure to be the sight of paranormal activity.

Paranormal investigators travel to the Sensabaugh Tunnel in the hopes of acquiring an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). They also hope they might be fortunate enough to capture one of the ghosts that hang around the tunnel with their cameras.

It is not uncommon to hear the crying of a baby in the tunnel or seeing orbs in and around it.

Many visitors to the area say they have heard what they assume to be the murdered family members of Mr. Sensabaugh, the namesake of the tunnel.

3. Gwendolyn’s House, Elizabethton

Gwendolyn’s House, Elizabethton

People looking for haunted places in Elizabethton need to check out Gwendolyn’s House. The home has been around since the early 1900s. One of the overall opinions of the property is that it is incredibly scary to visit.

People have witnessed what appears to be the ghost of a black dog running around the house in both the basement and the hallways.

Other sightings include a woman in white who likes to stand in or near the windows of the house.

Ghost hunters that have been to Gwendolyn’s House also say that when people enter the home a ghost or entity that is angry screams at them.

Who the entity is and why they are so aggressive is not known.

4. Wheatland Plantation, Sevierville

Wheatland Plantation, Sevierville

Ghost hunters who travel to the Wheatland Plantation in Sevierville Tennessee are in for a real treat.

The location is one of the most haunted plantations in the country , courtesy of its horrible history that is filled with murders and deaths numbering over seventy.

The location was the location of battles fought during the Civil and Revolutionary wars. If that is not enough there are also nearly 70 graves for African Slaves, a mass grave for roughly 28 Cherokee Indians, and a couple of soldiers from the Revolutionary War.

Some of the ghosts that wander around the property are from the Chandler family who once called the plantation home. Investigators have captured what sounds like Native Americans chanting when doing a spirit box session.

In the basement of the plantation, some people have sensed that children were present. Another investigator reported that she had a difficult time breathing while in the basement and began crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason.

Because of all of the death around the entirety of the plantation people have sensed or seen ghostly figures all over the property.

5. Bethesda Church & Cemetery, Morristown

In Morristown, the Bethesda Church and Cemetery is said to have an incredible amount of restless spirits wandering around. The ghosts that people have seen in and around the church are mainly confederate soldiers that perished many years ago.

One witness who was passing the cemetery and church on his way home in the wee hours of the night saw what appeared to be a Confederate soldier. He was apparently swinging an old-fashioned lantern.

Another witness stated he saw two Confederate soldiers standing outside the church carrying on a conversation. When they appeared to spot the witness they continued talking and walked around the corner of the church disappearing out of sight.

There is also the ghost of a woman who appears to be crying on one side of the far side of the cemetery. If you are there at night there is a good chance you can hear her crying.

6. Bijou Theater, Knoxville

Old theaters are frequently on lists of haunted places to visit and this list is no different. When visiting Knoxville many people like to make their way to the historic and glamorous Bijou Theater.

The structure is in remarkable condition and is a favorite spot for people looking for entertainment. Along with the entertainment people visiting the Bijou may also encounter a ghost or two.

The only ghost that has been identified is Colonel William Sanders. He passed away in the bridal suite of the theater.

Other ghosts that haunt the theater include soldiers who perished in the theater when it served as a hospital. The halls are also home to a rather angry ghost.

7. Rotherwood Mansion, Kingsport

Rotherwood Mansion, Kingsport

The Rotherwood Mansion is definitely one of the haunted houses in East Tennessee that ghost hunters enjoy visiting. The home is almost 200 years old and has an incredibly tragic history.

The home was built by Reverend Frederick Ross. The beautiful home would prove to be a location of tragedy and despair for his daughter Rowena. She lost her first love on the day of her wedding prior to the ceremony.

She went on to lose another love and eventually her daughter perished. Unable to live Rowena killed herself by drowning in the lake in which her first fiancé perished.

After so much tragedy Rowena’s spirit is still present at the Rotherwood Mansion. People have seen her wandering around the property in a long flowing white dress.

People have also heard unnerving laughter after sundown, seen creepy eyes in the windows and even witnessed a large black dog, which is a ghost, roaming the property and howling.

It is believed, after the home changed hands it became the property of a slave owner, the laughter and other unusual activity is from the ghosts of some of the former slaves.

8. The Delta Queen, Chattanooga

The Delta Queen, Chattanooga

The Delta Queen was once an impressive vessel that carried people around the Tennessee waterways and more. Today the Delta Queen is a hotel docked in Chattanooga.

People can come and see the impressive Delta Queen, stay the night and enjoy a fabulous time. Some of the guests that visit the Delta Queen also get the opportunity to encounter shadows in some of the bedrooms.

Some people find their attempts to enjoy the Delta Queen’s bar prevented courtesy of the ghost of Mary B. Greene who still lives on the ship.

9. Lakeshore Asylum, Knoxville

Lakeshore Asylum, Knoxville

Back in 1886 Tennessee needed a mental institution so they opened the East Tennessee Hospital for the Insane. Years later it was renamed the Lakeshore Asylum.

People who have gone to the Lakeshore Asylum to investigate state there is a lot of ghostly activity through the building.

Ghost hunters and other people who have found themselves within the confines of the old structure have heard screams of what can only be former patients echoing around the halls.

Strange looking figures have also been spotted around the building.

10. The Historic Read House Hotel, Chattanooga STAY HERE

The Historic Read House Hotel, Chattanooga

The Sheraton Reed House Hotel is one of the haunted hotels in Tennessee that has verified ghosts haunting the building. The hotel has served and an elegant place to stay for people since the late 1800s.

It has also been home to deaths by natural causes as well as murders and suicides. The ghost of Annalisa Netherly is believed to haunt Room 311, the location where her husband murdered her upon finding out she was having an affair.

Outside of Room 311 things get moved around in rooms, people see shadows in mirrors some people have even claimed to see what appears to be someone reclining on the bed when no one is there.

Some guests of the hotel and former employees state there is also the ghost of a man and a woman who may have been a prostitute haunting the hotel to this day.

Some say the man’s ghost hangs around because he was either murdered or committed suicide while on the premises.

11. Carnton Plantation, Franklin

Carnton Plantation, Franklin

Carnton Plantation has the unusual feature of having a front porch that overlooks a graveyard where approximately 1700  Confederate troops were buried in the wake of a bloody battle nearby.

Shortly after the mass burial, the mansion was transformed into a hospital. There were four Generals who died inside and the staff held on to their bodies so that survivors would later be able to pay their respects.

All of this explains why so many witnesses have seen the ghosts of confederate soldiers roaming around the mansion and its grounds. However, these are not the only spirits said to haunt the Carnton Mansion.

It has also been suggested that the spirits of the Carnton children are also haunting their former home since only two of the five children survived to adulthood.

All of this is more than enough to secure Carnton Mansion as one of the most haunted houses in Tennessee, but there are yet more restless spirits here!

Among the other spirits spotted in the mansion are a young girl who was murdered by a jealous suitor, the family cook who is struggling to let go of her duties to the family and a beautiful woman with long dark hair.

12. Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Clarksville

Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Clarksville

If ever there was a location that fails to live up to its name, then surely it has to be RestHaven Memorial Gardens. There is not much restful about a place that is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in Tennessee.

Nearby, you will find a house in which a brutal slave owner once resided. It is rumoured that one of the slaves raped his daughter and got her pregnant. The owner killed the slave in a fit of rage.

The slave’s ghost is often seen wandering the grounds and the memorial gardens in search of  his lost child.

This has led to speculation that he did not rape the girl, but that the pair had fallen in love – something the slave owner was unwilling to accept as a possibility.

13. Wheatlands Plantation, Sevierville

Wheatlands Plantation, Sevierville

Wheatlands Plantation has a long history that is marred by murder, death and destruction. It is absolutely no surprise to those who know this history that the house has been named one of the most haunted houses in Tennessee!

This is not the first house to stand here, the original actually burned to the ground in 1825 claiming the lives of 4 children. This probably explains why there are so many reports of a child like spirit in the basement of the new building.

There is also a mass grave on the property which is said to hold the remains of 28 Cherokee Indians, 2 Revolutionary War soldiers and almost 70 African Slaves.

There have also been more than 70 known murders on this property and some of the walls are still stained with blood. It is no wonder this place is infested with spirits.

14. Rotherwood Mansion, Kingsport

It was built in 1818 by a wealthy reverend named Frederick Ross. He intended the home to be a sanctuary, but instead it became a place of despair.

Ross’ daughter Rowena had to watch helplessly as her husband to be drowned in the nearby river on their wedding day.

She became somewhat reclusive and seldom left the house. At last she was ready to open her heart again, but this time her lover died of yellow fever within the first year of their marriage.

Ten years later she tried a third time to find love and even gave birth to a daughter of her own.

However, once again she was left devastated when the girl died. Rowena could take it no longer and drowned herself in that same river her first love had. Could it be that she was cursed? Is that why she still roams the property always looking for true love?

Later, the mansion was purchased by a cruel slave owner who is said to have tortured his slaves. Did his evil deeds contribute to the hauntings here?

Many have said that he is to blame for a menacing presence that takes the form of a black dog. There have also been reports of maniacal laughter and of terrifying faces peering in the windows at night!

15. Pegram Family Cemetery, Pegram

Pegram Family Cemetery, Pegram

In 1970, a group of developers bulldozed an area along the Harpeth River while working on a housing development. However, in the process they tragically destroyed the Pegram Family Cemetery.

The dirt from the land was sold as fill dirt across two counties. Five years later, the river waters rose and all of the homes built on the land that was once the cemetery were flooded.

During the flood, some coffins that had not been relocated floated to the surface. One in particular belonged to the town’s very first postmistress – Carrie Pegram Heath.

Since then the town has had nothing but bad luck. It floods with some regularity and the seemingly cursed land has had no end of financial hardships.

There is an overall feeling of unrest and malice lingering in the air and some of the homeowners have claimed to see tombstones appearing and disappearing in their gardens.

16. Orpheum Theatre, Memphis

Orpheum Theatre, Memphis

The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis is said to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl named Mary who died in some kind of accident on a nearby street.

She has been hanging around in the theatre for about sixty years now even although the original building burned down in 1923 and reopened in 1928.

She is often seen in her favourite seat – C5 and sometimes she is heard giggling while running up and down the aisles.

17. Tennessee State Prison, Nashville

Tennessee State Prison, Nashville

Tennessee State Prison was built in 1898 and over the years that it was in operation it gained notoriety thanks to several attempted break outs, riots and overcrowding.

It also became famous when it was used during the filming of both ‘The Green Mile and ‘Ernest Goes to Jail’. Today it lies abandoned, but it is certainly not unoccupied!

There are frequent reports of cell doors closing by themselves, cold spots, phantom footsteps and even boot prints in the dust where no living person has walked!

18. Bell Witch Cave, Adams

Bell Witch Cave, Adams

One of the most famous ghost stories from Tennessee has got to be the tale of the Bell Witch. Even those who are not particularly interested in the paranormal know this story!

The Bell Witch was said to have murdered John Bell and also tormented his entire family with poltergeist style activity for several years. At one point, the terror was so intense that President Andrew Jackson refused to stay in the Bell house overnight!

This malicious spirit is said to be an extremely wicked woman named Kate Batts. She was malevolent in her life and even more so in death as evidenced by her murderous ghost. She is still said to haunt the cave next to John Bell’s farm…

Some of the most commonly reported activity includes sightings of strange looking animals, rattling chains and unexplained knocking.

19. Hales Bar Marina & Dam, Guild

Hales Bar Marina & Dam, Guild

Hales Bar Marina & Dam was built along the Tennessee river in 1905 in order to tame the natural whirlpool.

The local Native American tribes were not happy with its construction and were said to have put a curse on the dam. Could this be why the structure is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Tennessee?

Visitors, staff and paranormal groups have all reported a variety of paranormal activity which includes Native American war cries, chanting, dark figures and even the apparition of a little girl in a pink dress who is said to have drowned here.

It is said that her remains are still trapped in the dam which would explain why she has been unable to rest.

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East TN Family Fun

20 + Real Tennessee Haunted Houses So Frightening They Were Featured on TV + Printable Watch List

For many chill seekers, the chintzy costumes and silicone masks of Halloween are not nearly enough to satisfy their craving for fear. No. These brave souls are looking for the real deal, and TN has plenty to offer!

These Tennessee haunted houses and buildings are so haunted (allegedly) that they’ve managed to hit the big time on television. Some have even been featured on multiple shows. Below you’ll discover some of the scariest places in TN, how to visit them, and how to stream their featured episodes.

Towards the bottom of the page, you will also find a free printable watch list, with every show episode for your viewing enjoyment! Watch the shows and judge the haunt level for yourself!

Discover 20 + real TN Haunted Houses that are completely terrifying!

If you are here looking for Halloween-style haunted houses , you can find those at the links below.

  • Knoxville Area Halloween Haunted Houses
  • Chattanooga Area Halloween Haunted Houses
  • Tri-Cities Area Halloween Haunted Houses

Table of Contents

Tennessee Haunted Houses: Nashville

For your convenience, these haunted attractions are separated by the metro areas: Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Tri-Cities. Click on the name of any attraction to verify the information provided or get additional details.

Important Note: Oddly, season and episode numbers vary by the individual streaming platform and, for that reason, have not been included on this list. They ARE included on the FREE printable watch list, which details many different places you can stream each episode. You can download that resource at the bottom of this page.

Loretta Lynn’s Plantation House

Featured on

  • Ghost Adventures – “Loretta Lynn Plantation House”

At this haunted plantation, visitors may glimpse the crying woman in white, named Beula Anderson. She died of grief just 12 days after the death of her newborn son. Visitors report hearing her cries and seeing the anguished movements of her ghostly body.

There are also the ghosts of 2 Civil War soldiers on the property.

In addition to daytime tours, guests can stay overnight at this location’s onsite campground. The campground boasts RV spots, tent spots, and a few small cabins.

Bell Witch Cave and Cabin

  • Ghost Adventure s – “Bell Witch Cave”
  • Haunted Live – “The Curse of the Bell Witch”

At this site, the Bell family was haunted by the ghost of a witch who calls herself Kate. Many neighbors bore witness to the events, which included physical assaults, footsteps, knocking, weird animal sounds, and the eventual poisoning death of family patriarch John Bell.

Many visitors report experiencing similar paranormal events to this day. Daytime tours are offered throughout the year, and nighttime tours are offered during the month of October. Nighttime tour hours run through midnight (the witching hour).

Old Lincoln County Hospital

  • Ghost Adventures – “Old Lincoln County Hospital”

This building was used as a hospital from 1935 through 2001. Although there are many, one of the most well-known ghosts at this location is a young girl named Mary. Many nurses also reported an “Angel of Death” that stalked dying patients.

Unfortunately, this building is not currently open for public tours. Local investigators have spoken to the owner and are hopeful that it will eventually reopen in the future.

Thomas House Red Boiling Springs

  • Ghost Hunters – “Dead and Breakfast”
  • Paranormal State – “Room 37”

This historic bed and breakfast has a long history of haunts. Moving beds, cold spots, disembodied voices, feelings of dread and terror, and dark figures are frequently reported by guests.

The hotel regularly hosts Ghost Hunting Weekends where guests work alongside trained paranormal investigators to seek out the terrifying spirits on-site.

The one-night adventure includes full accommodations, a full night of ghost hunting, dinner, midnight snack, and breakfast. Guests are also free to leave the group and hunt on their own if desired.

Historic Haunted Lotz House

  • Most Terrifying Places in America – “A Spa For the Supernatural”
  • Haunted Live – “Caught in the Crossfire”

The bloody Battle of Franklin left thousands of Civil War soldiers dead on the lawn of this historic home. The bodies are said to have been stacked 6 feet deep. This gruesome battle left its mark on the house, as blood stains are still visible on the walls to this day.

The house is said to be haunted not only by the soldiers but also by 2 of the Lotz children, who suffered early deaths on the property. Paranormal experiences include tugging on pants legs, apparitions, voices, and more!

This location offers daytime tours throughout the week. They also offer after-dark ghost tours around Halloween. People report having ghostly encounters during both nighttime and daytime tours.

Real Memphis Haunted Houses

Metal museum (formerly memphis us marine hospital.

  • Ghost Asylum – “U.S. Marine Hospital”

This 1800’s hospital was originally established to care for injured Civil War soldiers. It remained a working (and experimental) military hospital until it was closed in the 1960s. The military continued to use the building until the 1990s. You can view some awesome photos over on Abandoned Southeast.

Thousands of patients died at the hospital and many were reportedly experimented on and tortured. The facility is said to be haunted by both patients and evil staff members.

Currently, 1/2 of the hospital is a metal art museum, which is open daily, aside from Mondays and holidays. The other half is being turned into apartments.

Woodruff-Fontaine House

  • Ghost Hunters – “Don’t Forget About Us”

This historic mansion is said to be haunted by the many family members who lived and died inside the house.

The mansion is currently owned by The Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities, which has turned it into a museum. The museum gives history-focused daytime tours and ghost tours in the evening.

The ghost tours do use sophisticated paranormal investigation equipment. They also have a large haunted Halloween event as their annual fundraiser.

Orpheum Theatre Memphis

  • Most Terrifying Places in America – “The Girl Ghost of Octagon Hall”

This theatre is haunted by the ghost of a young girl named Mary, who is approximately 12 years old. The circumstances surrounding her death are unclear. Paranormal happenings include apparitions, disembodied voices, and physical interactions, such as playing the theatre’s pipe organ.

The theatre is still operational, so you are free to get show tickets any time you like. There are also a couple of walking ghost tours that visit this location.

20 + Real Tennesse Haunted Houses

Real Tennessee Haunted Houses: Knoxville

Brushy mountain state penitentiary.

Featured on:

  • Ghost Asylum “Brushy Mountains State Penitentiary”
  • Wrestling with Ghosts “Drag Me to Jail”

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary was operational as recently as 2009. This maximum-security prison housed some of Tennessee’s most dangerous criminals. Some of the criminals’ crimes were so heinous that their prison sentences were upwards of 200 years!

While the death penalty was never carried out at Brushy State, more than a few of the murderers and rapists housed here died during their stays. With crimes like that, it’s no wonder they also enjoy haunting from the grave!

Paranormal happenings at this location include physical assaults, apparitions, footsteps, and disembodied voices. The prison offers both short nighttime tours and overnight stays, both complete with the use of sophisticated paranormal investigation equipment.

Bijou Theatre

Ghost Hunter s – The show named the Bijou the “hidden gem of haunted America,” although it was never given its own feature episode.

Originally built in 1817 as a hotel, this historic building was used as a makeshift hospital during the Civil War, and many soldiers died within its walls. For a short time, it also served as a brothel, which was also riddled with violence.

Paranormal incidents at this venue include physical interactions, apparitions, and disembodied voices. It is also reported to have several residual hauntings , where a scene from the past plays out repeatedly, as though it is stuck in time.

This is still a working theatre, so ghost tours are hosted by the theatre and are typically reserved for special events. There is usually a large event held around Halloween.

Ghost tour guests are escorted through all the typically off-limits parts of the theatre and provided with a detailed account of the various paranormal events that have been reported over the years.

Greenbrier Restaurant Gatlinburg

  • Wrestling with Ghosts “I Used to Be a Cop”

For those of you who prefer a friendlier ghost, this is the place for you. This historic lodge-turned-restaurant is home to the ghost of a jilted bride named Lydia . The story goes that Lydia was staying at the lodge, and after she got jilted, she was so emotionally distraught that she killed herself in her room. She also has a marked grave on the property.

Many restaurant patrons report seeing Lydia’s sad apparition at the top of the staircase that leads to what was once the guest room. Since this episode originally aired, the restaurant has been remodeled, but it is the same place.

Even if you hope to see a ghost during your visit, you obviously also want to enjoy the food as well. The Greenbrier has a reputation for top-notch American surf-and-turf and craft cocktails. In a play on words, they bill themselves as a “Food and Spirit Outpost.”

Cocke County Memorial Building

  • Ghost Brothers – “Coke County Memorial Building”

Once serving as an overflow morgue after a mysterious passenger jet crash, which warranted a secretive FBI investigation, the building is said to be haunted by the crash victims, including 2 child ghosts.

Paranormal happenings at this location include physical interactions, apparitions, disembodied voices, feelings of dread and doom, and more.

Supernatural Magazine has a wonderful article detailing the mystery surrounding the crash and all of the horrifying things they experienced during their on-site investigation. This location is not currently open to public tours.

Wheatlands Plantation Sevierville

  • Ghost Stalkers – “Wheatland’s Plantation”

This 1820s home is supposedly located on a Native American burial mound and is said to have had over 70 murders/deaths take place on the property. There is also a slave cemetery located on the property. Whew! That’s definitely a lot of baggage.

But, is it really haunted? Unfortunately, you probably won’t get a chance to decide for yourself any time soon.

Ghost Hunt Weekends used to host periodic dinners and ghost hunt tours on the plantation, but the plantation is now closed to the public. It was recently sold at the beginning of 2019. Perhaps the new owner will reopen it for tours in the future.

Old Lafollette Post Office

  • Wrestling with Ghosts – “Going Postal”
  • Wrestling with Ghosts – “The Postman Always Screams Twice”

The Wrestling with Ghosts crew experienced such strong paranormal encounters on their first visit that they were compelled to return to this same location a second time. One crew member even describes this as the location that made him a true believer.

Paranormal encounters at this old post office include physical interactions, disembodied voices, footsteps, and apparitions. Episode 1.4 can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube. This location is no longer open to public tours.

Bethesda Presbyterian Church Morristown

  • Wrestling with Ghosts – “They Died with Their Boos On”

This 1835 church was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers during the Civil War. The cemetery is said to be haunted by Confederate soldiers, deceased church members, and others buried in the cemetery.

Paranormal activities at this location include physical interactions, apparitions, disembodied voices, and more. The cemetery is open so that people may pay their respects, but ghost hunting is no longer permitted. The cemetery closes at dark.

Real Haunted Houses in Chattanooga

Hales bar, marina, and resort.

  • Ghost Adventures “Hales Bar Marina and Dam”
  • Ghost Hunters “Flooded Souls”
  • Kindred Spirits “Blood in the Water”

Once a functioning hydroelectric dam, the ruins and bar sit on old Cherokee land that was ultimately confiscated by the government. Many believe the land has been cursed.

Paranormal encounters at this location have included apparitions, disembodied voices, physical interactions, and more.

The investigative team at Stones River Paranormal offers overnight tours at this location and has already captured compelling video evidence . Overnight accommodations at this location include on-site floating cabins and RV sites.

South Pittsburg Hospital

  • Ghost Lab “No Escape”
  • Ghost Asylum “Old South Pittsburg Hospital”
  • Paranormal Witness “The Night Wizard”
  • Paranormal Challenge “Old South Pittsburg Hospital”

Considered one of the most haunted places in Tennessee, the land where this hospital stands once housed a vibrant Native American community.

The community shared the land with Union soldiers during the Civil War, during a Confederate attack at this location, many soldiers and Native Americans were slaughtered in the fields surrounding OSPH.

The hauntings are thought to be a combination of soldiers, Native Americans, and hospital patients. The hospital also sits directly on top of a natural spring, which is thought to feed the paranormal activity at this location. Observed encounters include physical interactions, apparitions, disembodied voices, and more!

There are regular hunts at this location, hosted by the owners. The hunts last until 3 AM and include dinner. If you have a large group there is also a number to call to set up a private tour.

Delta Queen River Boat

Featured On

  • Ghost Brothers “The Delta Queen”
  • Ghost Lab “The Ghost of Blackbeard”

This historic 1920s vessel was once used as a stationary hotel/restaurant/bar, docked at Coolidge Park. After the vessel was severely damaged during an ice storm, the fate of the boat remained up in the air. But no worries, the vessel is set to resume overnight river cruises in 2020, with stops in Chattanooga and Nashville.

The vessel is said to be haunted by Captain Mary Greene, the first female riverboat captain in America. She ran the boat until her death, and many believe that her spirit watches over the boat as a protector.

tn haunted houses

Real Haunted Houses in Johnson City TN, Bristol, Kingsport, and Beyond

Rabbitman cabin.

  • Wrestling with Ghosts “The Rabbitman Commeth”

This haunting surrounds the story of George Sherwin, who fed and befriended wild rabbits. His large collection of wild rabbits soon attracted the attention of neighbors, and subsequently the police. In his zest to protect his rabbits, he wound up committing multiple murders over the years.

Paranormal events include physical assaults, unexplained violent illness immediately after stepping foot onto the property, disembodied voices, and more.

I couldn’t find any information regarding the exact location of this cabin (somewhere in the Uncoi Woods), so I am assuming that it is not currently open for ghost hunting. You can watch this full episode on YouTube.

Sensabaugh Tunnel

Some are skeptical of the authenticity of this haunt , however, many hunters and locals do report paranormal activity at this location. It is said to be haunted by Mr. Sensabaugh himself, a man who lived across the street and frequently scared off mischievous teens, while he was alive. It may also be haunted by the 7 immigrant workers killed during the tunnel’s construction.

People report horrifying apparitions, disembodied voices, and more! Just type Sensabaugh Tunnel into Google Maps to find the location.

Tennessee Haunted Houses Free Printable Watch List

Planning an awesomely spooky watch party is easy with this printable watch list, which includes every episode above and where to stream it.

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All the books below detail an amazing haunted history throughout the state of Tennessee. Brush up on your state-wide knowledge, or focus on your individual region. Enjoy!

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  • Haunted Nashville Handbook
  • Haunted Memphis
  • A Haunted History of Knoxville
  • Haunted Chattanooga
  • Haunted Kingsport: Ghosts of Tri-City Tennessee

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Dread Hollow in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Scream in the new year at Dread Hollow where dark deeds and gruesome horrors feed an unquenchable yearning for evil. The lights and glitter of the holiday season can't mask the horrors of Camp Dread, where sinister creatures lurk in the shadows on the hunt for prey. Then, tour Grimsby’s Slaughterhouse, where you will be enticed to join them and become a tasty part of their holiday feast. S... [ Read more ]

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haunted house morristown tennessee

Dead Man's Farm Haunted Attraction in Philadelphia, Tennessee

OPEN EVERY THUR, FRI, SAT, AND SUN! It’s our 13th season… do you feel lucky? Experience a haunted attraction that has it all! Do you dare try our haunted house with the murderous Bludgeon Family, the haunted corn maze where you can actually get lost, a horror escape room for you and your friends to die in, a 2-person coffin simulation to get buried alive in, or a virtual reality world to face ... [ Read more ]

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haunted house morristown tennessee

The Darkness in Saint Louis, Missouri

The Darkness is rated the scariest haunted houses in America located in St Louis Missouri. The Darkness celebrates 30th year of fear in 2023. Every single year The Darkness is totally renovated with new scares, screams, monsters and more. The Darkness features an outdoor screamzone, two floors of fear, over 200 animations, 50 live actors, and a massive Horror Retail store. Next door to The... [ Read more ]

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haunted house morristown tennessee

Creepyworld Screampark in Saint Louis/Fenton, Missouri

Creepyworld is America's Biggest Haunted Screampark with 13 Haunted Attractions in one location including THREE new attractions in 2023. Prepare for the all-new Slaughterhouse - Fright High and live Freakshow Stageshow. Creepyworld features multiple haunted houses, hayride, drive inn 666, scarezones, and much more. For all highlights and haunt information including ticket info: http://www... [ Read more ]

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haunted house morristown tennessee

Lemp Haunted House in St. Louis, Missouri

Go deep underground where NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM inside the Lemp Haunted House. The Lemp Haunted House is the scariest REAL haunted house in America in real caves and caverns. Go deep underground in real caves deep under the old Lemp Brewery where real evil lurks. Located in downtown St Louis Missouri. This is one of the most HAUNTED REAL Attractions in America. You go deep underground belo... [ Read more ]

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haunted house morristown tennessee


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haunted house morristown tennessee


haunted house morristown tennessee


Top 10 featured articles tennessee.

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Nashville Nightmare is one of America's Scariest Haunted Houses and features year around events including a haunted Christmas Show and Valentines Day Horror Show.  Nashville Nightmare is a cutting edge haunted house located in Tennessee.  Read all about the scariest haunted house in Nashville.  

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Read about one of the best haunted houses in Tennessee Frightmare Manor.  Hauntworld rates and reviews one of the scariest haunted houses in Tennessee click here.


haunted house morristown tennessee


haunted house morristown tennessee

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Find haunted hayrides, find pumpkin patches, find corn mazes, real haunted houses, escape rooms.


  1. This Haunted House Has a Real Ghost Story Behind It

    haunted house morristown tennessee


    haunted house morristown tennessee

  3. A Horror Buff's Great American Roadtrip

    haunted house morristown tennessee

  4. Scary Tennessee Mansion With an Evil Past

    haunted house morristown tennessee

  5. Exquisite Excellent Halloween Home Adorning! , https://crithome.com

    haunted house morristown tennessee

  6. Scariest Haunted House In Tennessee

    haunted house morristown tennessee



    Set at the Original Jeremiah Lexer Plantation in Morristown, Tennessee, the Lexer Mansion is a REAL Haunted House and is located between Knoxville and Johnson City. True Terror Exists Here… 7588 West Andrew Johnson Highway Morristown, TN 37877 Best Haunted Houses. Best Johnson City Haunted Houses. Money Back Haunted House.

  2. Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in MORRISTOWN, TN

    4.7 (13 reviews) Haunted Houses This is a placeholder "Great walk through haunt that is family friendly and not too scary for the pre teen age group but..." more 3. Mysterious Mansion of Gatlinburg 4.5 (184 reviews) Haunted Houses This is a placeholder

  3. Frightmare Manor

    Frightmare Manor - THE Money Back Haunt has been featured in national haunted house publications and is consistently named the No. 1 haunted attraction by regional media outlets. It's the ultimate, authentic haunted experience - and if you successfully complete all five attractions your admission cost will be refunded. "True terror exists here!"

  4. History

    Learn about Frightmare Manor and the Historic Jeremiah Lexer Plantation - Nationally Recognized as one of America's Best Haunted Houses!

  5. About

    Welcome to Frightmare Manor - THE Money Back Haunt® - and Tennessee's REAL Haunted House & Screampark! Frightmare Manor exposes the dark secrets hidden within this historic, blood-soaked property of Tennessee serial killer - Jeremiah Lexer.

  6. Atlas Obscura

    2635 Still from the movie Evil Dead 1981 In the woods of Morristown, Tennessee, just past Martin Road, are all that's left of the chimney where the Necronomicon met its fiery demise. That, and...

  7. Frightmare Manor

    7588 West Andrew Johnson Hwy Talbott, TN Click To Call Review Us Website Frightmare Manor You have found Frightmare Manor - THE Money Back Haunt® - and 5 Attraction Screampark. Frightmare Manor returns in 2017 to continue to expose the dark secrets hidden within this historic, blood-soaked property of Tennessee serial killer - Jeremiah Lexer.

  8. AHHH! Haunted house Frightmare Manor specializes in screams

    Frightmare Manor WBIR October 19, 2012 Watch on Living in a real haunted house in Knoxville Watch on It isn't just a Halloween attraction. The staff said the haunted house is that of an...

  9. Haunted Places in Morristown, Tennessee

    Newport Memorial Building Newport, Tennessee 18 miles from Morristown, TN In 1971 there was a plane crash on a mountain in Parotsville Tennessee. Limbs were scattered everywhere and no survivors were ever found. While waiting for the bodies to be identified they were housed in the Cocke County Memorial Building.

  10. 10 SCARIEST Haunted Attractions in Tennessee

    If you're searching for a real haunted house, explore the dark secrets hidden within Frightmare Manor, located in east Tennessee in Morristown, about a one-hour drive from Knoxville. This 20-acre plantation was once the home of Jeremiah Lexer, a psychotic serial killer from the 19th century who performed animal and human experimentation in ...

  11. Haunted House in Knoxville Tennessee

    Morristown, Tennessee Haunted House - Frightmare Manor By Andrew Walters TO FIND MORE HAUNTED HOUSES IN Tennessee To Learn more about Morristown, Tennessee's Frightmare Manor visit their websit below: www.frightmaremanor.com TO FIND MORE HAUNTED HOUSES IN MEMPHIS

  12. Knoxville Best Haunted House Johnson City Morristown Frightmare Manor

    Knoxville Best Haunted House Johnson City Morristown Frightmare Manor Frightmare Manor - 2023 Thank you for visiting Frightmare Manor. Tickets are currently unavailable. Please check our website for details about upcoming openings. Contact Us [email protected] frightmaremanor.com Follow Us

  13. Open Dates & Hours

    Find the current Open Dates and Hours for Frightmare Manor here - includes the Fall Schedule and Valentine, Christmas and Friday the 13th Special Openings!

  14. The History of Frightmare Manor in Tennessee Is Terrifying and True

    One of the most terrifying serial killers in Tennessee history has been lost to history, bound up in a quirky haunted house located in Talbott. Whether you've heard of Frightmare Manor or scoffed at the idea of a date night at haunted mansion, this story deserves to be told.

  15. Halloween Haunted Houses Near Morristown, TN

    Mosheim, TN Visit Hartman's Corn Maze and journey through eight acres of corn maze this Halloween Season and take on the 3 1/2 miles of trail inside!

  16. Haunted Morristown

    Welcome to HauntedMorristown.com Historic Morristown, TN has been home to many notable and historic people and places since it's creation over 140 years ago . Records of Hamblen County date back to 1870 and are available at the county archives.

  17. Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Morristown, TN

    Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Morristown, TN - September 2023 - Yelp Top 10 Best Haunted Houses Near Morristown, Tennessee Sort:Recommended Price Good for Kids Accepts Credit Cards Offers Military Discount 1. Mysterious Mansion of Gatlinburg 4.5 (177 reviews) Haunted Houses "I love haunted houses. This was a fun haunted house!

  18. The 19 Most Haunted Places in Tennessee

    1. Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga Cemeteries are common places that have ghostly sightings and other paranormal activity. The Greenwood Cemetery in Chattanooga is no different. The ghost that is most often seen around the Greenwood Cemetery was once a wealthy woman who lived across the lake with her husband.

  19. Shocking True Story of Murder House Turned Haunted House ...

    Shocking True Story of Murder House Turned Haunted House: Frightmare ManorJust a shade outside of Morristown, Tennessee sits a true house of horrors now know...

  20. Attractions

    Attractions. Click on an Attraction for more Info. Knoxville Haunted House | Johnson City | Bristol | Morristown |Best Haunted Houses | Scariest Haunted Houses. Frightmare Manor - Haunted House Screampark featuring multiple Haunted Attractions on-site and been selected Best in Knoxville! Click here to learn more!

  21. 20 Real Tennessee Haunted Houses

    Details At this haunted plantation, visitors may glimpse the crying woman in white, named Beula Anderson. She died of grief just 12 days after the death of her newborn son. Visitors report hearing her cries and seeing the anguished movements of her ghostly body. There are also the ghosts of 2 Civil War soldiers on the property.

  22. Directions

    Directions . Frightmare Manor is located at: 7588 West Andrew Johnson Hwy Talbott, TN 37877. We are 25 minutes east of Knoxville on Hwy 11-E between Jefferson City and Morristown.

  23. Top Tennessee Haunted Houses

    Find 2022 list of best haunted Houses in Tennessee this Halloween 2022 season, Experience the most terrifying Haunted Attractions in Tennessee. Here you will find all Halloween Attraction in TN across city Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, chattanooga, clarksville, murfreesboro, franklin, johnson city, jackson, hendersonville.