19 Haunted Houses And Hayrides in NJ

haunted houses nj

Here are 19 haunted houses and hayrides in NJ to visit this October

haunted hayride nj mom best in nj haunted house in nj New Jersey haunted houses in NJ

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Charissa is a mom to two teenage girls and one very pampered pup. A lover of good books, strong coffee and bad puns, she has worked in publishing for 20+ years as a writer and copy editor. When not at home watching Gilmore Girls (Team Jess!), Charissa and her daughters enjoy hiking at Jockey Hollow, unearthing hidden treasures at local thrift stores (The Bargain Box in Morristown is one of their faves) and eating their way through New Jersey’s food truck festivals.

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haunted houses nj

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haunted houses nj

Are These 12 New Jersey Haunted Houses Real?

Hermitage Ho Ho Kus Haunted

From Brighton Asylum in North Jersey to fright-filled farm events in Central and South Jersey, there are plenty of haunted spectacles in the Garden State. But with Halloween around the corner, we wondered — are there any real New Jersey haunted houses?

Plenty of New Jerseyans seem to think so! Many of NJ’s historic homes, mansions and estates have a record of ghost sightings and supernatural events.

Haunted House Nj Header Proprietary House

Maybe you’ve heard the legend of “The Woman in White”, or the ghost of William Franklin at Proprietary House. Are you looking for the truth behind the secret abandoned hospital inside Imlay Mansion, or the ghosts of spies at Seabrook-Wilson House?

Let’s uncover the spooky secrets behind 12 haunted houses in New Jersey. Are they real? Or is it all one big ghost story?

People Believe These New Jersey Haunted Houses Are Real

New Jersey’s historic homes play host to Halloween events like seances and ghost tours. But mediums and paranormal investigators claim there are real, unexplained phenomena happening at these locations.

Reports of ghost sightings and haunted objects at these estates date back to the Revolutionary War era in towns like Ho-Ho-Kus and Perth Amboy. As time passed, the lore around these sightings turned into legend — but the reports didn’t stop in modern times.

New Jersey’s Haunted History

New Jersey’s haunted history extends well beyond historic mansions and old estates. NJ’s collection of ghost towns — many of which remain as ruins in state parks and forests — are magnets for ghost hunters and visitors looking for a thrill.

In particular, the remains of Ong’s Hat in the Pine Barrens are filled with intrigue. Some claim it’s a portal to another dimension, while others call it the birthplace of the Jersey Devil.

Others cite historic Allaire Village in Wall Township as a stomping ground for ghosts and specters from the mid-19th century. Visitors claim to have apparitions in the form of iron ore miners in the abandoned homes.

The 12 Real Best Haunted Houses in New Jersey

These are 12 New Jersey estates with a history of ghost sightings and reports of paranormal activity? Are they really haunted? You be the judge.

Caldwell Parsonage House

Caldwell Parsonage House Haunted

A mysterious fire, a dubious Revolutionary War shooting, and an infamous murder — Parsonage House in Caldwell has all the hallmarks of a haunted estate.

One of Parsonage House’s first residents, Reverend James Caldwell, was murdered during the American Revolution in 1782. 18 months earlier, his wife Hannah Caldwell was reportedly shot by a British soldier, and the original Parsonage House was burned around her.

Rev. Caldwell was despised by the British for his reputation as the “Fighting Parson” among locals. The modern-day Union County seal bears a depiction of Hannah Caldwell’s murder, and the family name now adorns the town of Caldwell itself.

Is Caldwell Parsonage House Really Haunted? If there’s one NJ historic site that’s plausibly haunted, it’s Parsonage House. Two murders of innocent civilians (including a Presbyterian minister), and an act of arson by British soldiers? It feels like a recipe for ghostly activity.

Cold Spring Village

Cold Spring Village Map Haunted

Cape May, NJ

Like Parsonage House, Historic Cold Spring Village has its share of Revolutionary War-era ghost stories to tell. For decades, South Jersey residents have reported strange noises and gray/white apparitions traveling through the remains of Cold Spring Village

Today, Cold Spring Village is an excellent historic site that offers enriching educational trips for the whole family. 27 buildings have been restored on the property, which features a wide variety of weekend activities all year long.

The Village is highly regarded for its Revolutionary War and Civil War reenactments, as well as a country store, ice cream parlor, and Cold Spring Brewery.

Is Cold Spring Village Really Haunted? Judge for yourself on a 45-minute guided “ghost walk” through historic Cold Spring Village. The tour is hosted by a professional psychic medium, who recounts the long history of unexplained phenomena by Cape May residents.

The Emlen Physick Estate

Emlen Physick Estate Haunted

Cape May’s Emlen Physick Estate may be NJ’s most famous haunted house — it’s been featured by local news outlets across the country. The story of Dr. Emlen Physick, his aunt and his estate are Cape May’s greatest urban legend.

Locals have been convinced the Physick Estate is haunted for decades. Its last official resident, Dr. Harry Sidney Newcomer, moved out in the mid-1960s because of constant, unexplained footsteps and noises at night. No one would move into the home after his departure.

Beyond its mysterious history, the Physick Estate is also a wonderful center of arts and culture for Cape May County residents. It was saved from demolition in 1970 by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities, which uses the estate as its current headquarters.

Is Emlen Physick Estate Really Haunted? Reports of supernatural activities aren’t all human at Emlen Physick Estate. Not only have visitors seen the ghost of Dr. Physick’s aunt Emily, many claim to have interacted with ghost dogs. The Physick Estate is the center of Cape May’s paranormal investigation community, and regularly conducts seances, ghost tours and spooky walkthroughs of the Victorian estate.

Hancock House

Hancock House Haunted Massacre

Hancocks Bridge, NJ

In 1778, Judge William Hancock hosted a small garrison of American militiamen in his Salem County home. They were ambushed in the early morning by soldiers loyal to England. By the end of the attack, nearly 30 men were dead — including Judge Hancock.

The story of the massacre at Hancock House has survived the passage of time to become equal parts myth and fact. Salem County residents claim to see and hear the ghosts of colonial soldiers protecting the house, standing guard and walking the perimeter of the property.

Today, Hancock House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The patterned brick home has stood for nearly 300 years, and is monitored by a local nonprofit which seeks to honor the legacy and integrity of this historic site.

Is Hancock House in NJ Really Haunted? WPG Talk Radio named Hancock House the “most haunted house in New Jersey”. The Asbury Park Press wrote a story on apparitions and screams being reported on the property. Like Caldwell Parsonage House, this site of murdered Revolutionary War soldiers is steeped in rumors, legends, and supernatural sightings.

The Hermitage

Hermitage Ho Ho Kus Haunted

Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

Few northern NJ buildings have the historic value of the Hermitage in Ho-Ho-Kus. George Washington visited the Hermitage with his troops during the Revolutionary War. Other visitors to the estate included Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe and William Paterson.

The Hermitage enjoyed a Gothic restoration in the 1800s, but fell into disrepair in the mid-1900s. In 1970, town officials thought about demolishing The Hermitage — and that’s when things got spooky.

Is the Hermitage in Ho-Ho-Kus Really Haunted? According to reports, the ghost of an African American woman holding a baby emerged from a barn on the property. The sound of piano music began echoing through the house, and local mediums believe the ghost of the property’s last resident (Mary Elizabeth Rosencrantz) still lives there.

Imlay Mansion

Imlay Mansion Nj Haunted

Allentown, NJ

Imlay Mansion was constructed in 1795 by former Congressman James Henderson Imlay. Its most notable historical value was as a safe house for runaway slaves before and during the Civil War period.

The home also served as a hospital for roughly 25 years during the 20th century. That information was lost to time — and it created quite a disturbing discovery for Stanley Klos, who purchased and restored the mansion in the 1980s.

Is Imlay Mansion Really Haunted? Even if Imlay Mansion isn’t haunted, it has still created a great deal of spooky moments. A TV crew reported objects flying off shelves at the estate during a commercial shoot. And Klos’ discovery of an abandoned operating room in the mansion would give most people the chills.

Proprietary House

Proprietary House Haunted Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy, NJ

The Proprietary House’s most notable resident was William Franklin the son of Benjamin Franklin. William didn’t quite share his father’s “revolutionary” beliefs — he was arrested as a British loyalist in 1776 and fled to England.

Eventually, the property was destroyed by fire and reconstructed as the Brighton House hotel. But the ghosts of the Revolutionary War era seem to continue haunting the halls of the building — the Proprietary House grounds are home to a wide variety of ghost sightings.

Is Proprietary House Really Haunted? The amount of different ghost sighting descriptions at Proprietary House is intriguing. Some guests claim to see Revolutionary War soldiers and hear heavy footsteps of colonial-era boots. Others report seeing and hearing a young boy playing in the yard, and a bathroom door that locks and unlocks on its own.

Ringwood Manor

Ringwood Manor Nj Haunted

Ringwood, NJ

Ghost stories aside, Ringwood Manor is one of the most fascinating pieces of architecture in New Jersey. It began as the 18th century home of iron magnate Peter Hasenclever, and underwent several drastic renovations and transformations to become a sprawling mansion with over 50 rooms.

Today, Ringwood Manor operates as an active museum. It seems, however, that the Manor’s original owner doesn’t care for the renovations made to his former home.

Is Ringwood Manor Really Haunted? Visitors to Ringwood Manor report cold, unsettled feelings in the living and common areas of the home. There have been sightings of an old man wandering the perimeter of the mansion — perhaps Peter Hasenclever surveying what became of his former home.

Seabrook-Wilson House (“The Spy House”)

Seabrook Wilson Spy House Haunted

Port Monmouth, NJ

Whether the Seabrook-Wilson House was really a tavern frequented by colonial spies is up for debate. Some claim “The Spy House” was a real Revolutionary War location — a tavern frequented by British soldiers and American spies who helped win independence.

Others say the tale was created by a former caretaker to drum up interest, and there was no spying or military activity taking place on the property.

Whatever you believe, there’s no debate about the Seabrook-Wilson Homestead’s historical significance and curious good fortune. It was first constructed in 1663 and has served as a home, an inn, a farmhouse, a boarding house and museum. It was one of the few historic sites in the Bayshore area to survive Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Is the Seabrook-Wilson House Really Haunted? If Weird NJ calls the Seabrook-Wilson House “the most haunted house in America”, it’s possible. What began as a “tall tale” spun by the building’s caretaker to generate interest has taken on a life of its own. Some believe that the ghost stories themselves have attracted the interest of real spirits to take up residence in the “Spy House”.

Shippen Manor

Shippen Manor Haunted

Shippen Manor is a beautiful Georgian estate built in the late 18th century. Were it not for the Manor and its owners, the Shippen brothers, the town of Oxford itself likely wouldn’t exist. The Shippen family owned and operated an iron furnace (the Oxford Furnace) around which present-day Oxford was first formed.

The Shippen family’s ties to America are complicated. The grandniece of the original Shippen Manor owners was a spy for the British and the wife of Benedict Arnold. Eventually, the home passed to another notable early American family — the Scrantons (after whom Scranton, PA is named).

While it’s a wonderful example of Georgian period architecture, Shippen Manor has fallen into some disrepair — and multiple ghost sightings have been reported. Guests claim to have seen a woman in a blue dress, a young boy, and a colonial soldier on the property.

Is Shippen Manor Really Haunted? The cast of “Ghost Hunters” on Syfy thought so! They visited Shippen Manor in 2010. The Manor’s curator reported sounds of doors opening and closing, as well as Civil War artifacts appearing in the house unexpectedly.

Stephen Crane House

Stephen Crane House Asbury Haunted

Asbury Park, NJ

You likely know Stephen Crane as the author of The Red Badge of Courage and other novels and poems. But did you know Crane was born in Newark and lived in Asbury Park as a child? He also died incredibly young of tuberculosis — at the age of 28.

Crane’s prolific and turbulent life are fascinating. He was an acclaimed war journalist and author, and also the subject of multiple public scandals. His writing career began as a teenager in Asbury Park — Stephen wrote his first short story and poems at what is now the Stephen Crane House.

100 years later, the Crane House fell into disrepair and was largely occupied by squatters. It also developed a local reputation for being haunted. Thankfully, the property was purchased and saved from demolition in the early 1990s. Today, it hosts lectures, plays, film screenings, and meetings of the Asbury Park Historical Society.

Is the Stephen Crane House Really Haunted? In the 1980s, a resident of the Stephen Crane House alleged to be haunted by spirits. She suffered from bouts of mental illness and covered all available wall space within the home with angry rants, random writings and the phone numbers of politicians. You can see a portion of her ranting remains on one of the house’s walls to this day.

Strauss Mansion

Strauss Mansion Haunted Postcard

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Built in 1893, Strauss Mansion was the beautiful summer home of Adolf Strauss. This 21-room estate built on a hill overlooking Sandy Hook Bay was considered one of the area’s most gorgeous homes, thanks to its Queen Anne design and stunning bayside views.

By the 1970s, Strauss Mansion was quite a long way from its original glory. It served as a seedy boarding house, and was the location of a low-budget horror film. The Mansion was condemned in 1981 and nearly destroyed.

Thankfully, the Mansion was preserved by the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society. They restored Strauss Mansion beautifully, and it now serves as a museum.

Is Strauss Mansion Really Haunted? Of all the locations we researched for this article, only one was covered by News 12 New Jersey for being haunted — Strauss Mansion. There appears to be one particular spirit that roams the grounds. A ghost named Bob has appeared during seances and been spotted floating around the property.

When to Visit Real Haunted Houses in New Jersey

There’s no better time than Halloween to visit one of New Jersey’s haunted historic estates. But reports of paranormal activity are logged year-round, so don’t hesitate to visit during other seasons as well!

Besides hunting for ghosts, visiting NJ historic sites is a great way to honor our state’s past. Most of the locations on this list operate as working museums, historic venues or educational venues during the day.

Whether you want a paranormal experience or a personal view of Garden State history, pick one of the 12 “truly haunted” New Jersey houses and plan a visit. There’s only one question — do you dare to visit them at night?

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haunted houses nj

The Best Haunted Houses for Halloween in New Jersey

Best Haunted Attractions in NJ

The latest update for The Best Halloween Haunted Houses in NJ is written by  Lindsay Podolak .

T here is no denying that New Jersey does Halloween right. Farms transform into nightmare campgrounds. Abandoned buildings are inhabited by the insane. Demons run wild and pop out from every dark corner, and zombies take over the state! There are also plenty of pop-up scare houses and scream parks that provide fully immersive, hair-raising terror.

Ready to get your scream on? Here are the spots to visit. Fair warning, these are not your run-of-the-mill spooky spots. The haunted houses that topped our list are not for the faint of heart.

Quick Click Guide : Select an NJ Region below to find the best Haunted House near you. | North Jersey | Central Jersey | Jersey Shore | South Jersey |

More from Best of NJ

The New Jersey Food Truck Cookbook On Sale Now

North Jersey

Hayride of Horrors Haunted House

Brighton Asylum

Where: 2 Brighton Avenue, Passaic Details: The Today Show called the Brighton Asylum “The Scariest Place on Earth.” Maybe that’s because — cue the scary music! — it’s an actual asylum, and it’s got a dark history! In the mid-1940s, doctors and shrinks there were found to be torturing their patients to get inside their minds. The place closed in 1952 but this Halloween is your chance to walk the asylum halls and be fully immersed in the interactive experience — including escape rooms, an underground tunnel system and a zombie attack. Why I like it: Brighton Asylum is now home to escape room experiences for groups of up to six players. Be sure to book your tickets online before your visit! More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

The Hayride of Horrors & Haunted House

Where: Corrado’s Farm , 671 Mt. Bethel Road, Hackettstown Details: The Corrado family provides guests with frights and chills at their Halloween event, and has for over 20 years. First, embark on a spooky hayride or enter the Haunted House; where you’ll find ghastly ghouls as well as bloody corpses just waiting to make you scream with fright! There’s also a spooky corn maze if you’re up for getting lost in the dark. Why I like it: Buy a combo ticket for all three attractions and save money. More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

13th Hour Haunted House

Location: 105 West Dewey Avenue, Wharton Details: There’s a reason that the 13th Hour Haunted House (formerly “The Haunted Scarehouse”) is an award-winning Halloween attraction. The designers get their inspiration from Walt Disney himself. Striving to match the Disney park’s level of detail and stellar live performances, the Two Floors of Fear section is two floors of fright and fun. Movie-like props, seasoned performers, escape rooms, and more make this a must-visit for thrill-seekers. There’s also a chance you might spy a celeb or two — they sometimes stop by — having a bit of deja vu; after all, these sets have been featured in horror films. Why I like it: Hide and Shriek is a new attraction this year. Can you and your friends outsmart the members that live in the haunted house by finding the best hiding spot? More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

Central Jersey

Scare Farm

Farm of Horrors

Where: 1051 County Road 523, Flemington Details: From now through November 2, Schaefer’s Farm turns into the Farm of Horrors, “where terror harvests your fears.” The Hayride of Horror takes you on a 45-minute journey of unexpected twists, turns and thrills! Next up is the Trail of Terror, a trek through a haunted graveyard that brings you to Massacre Maze and the Carnevil of Chaos. Also, beware of the Cannibal Zombies lurking between the corn stalks. Why I like it: There are real live actors in these exhibits. So, don’t be too afraid if a freaky creature reaches out and touches you! More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

Where: Norz Hill Farm , 120 South Branch Road, Hillsborough Details: Walk along haunted trails or visit spooky attractions like Creepy Hollow and Paranoia, both with new scares for 2019. Another newbie this season is The Slay Ride. It’s like a hayride, but much more evil. Why I like it: This is a real hands-on experience. In fact, don’t wear your good clothes, because you may be crawling around outside in the dirt at some points! More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

Jersey Shore

Great adventure’s fright fest.

Where: 1 Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson Details: This year, the screams won’t only be from Great Adventure’s record-setting roller coasters. With zombies running around and plenty of haunted rides and amusements, Fright Fest continues to be one of America’s favorite Halloween traditions. Fright Fest’s “scare zones” will have you glancing fearfully around with every step you take; creepy clowns, deformed demons and haunted souls roam the park at every turn. Beware! Why I like it: Celebrate twenty years of Dr. Fright’s iconic music at this rockin’ party, complete with dancing zombies! More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

Nightmare at Gravity Hill

Where: 1005 Farmingdale Road, Jackson Details: Grab your comfiest shoes and head out on a 35-minute walk — or run, depending on how brave you feel! Gravity doesn’t exist on this haunted trail. You’ll experience a dozen attractions situated over five acres. There is no emergency exit, so once you start, there’s no going back. (No matter how terrifying the zombies, dead clowns and uphill moving cars may be.) Why I like it: In a rush? Pay the $35 express admission and skip the line (regular admission is $25). More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

Scary Rotten Farms

Where: 151 Brick Boulevard, Brick Township Details: There are three ways to scare your pants off at Scary Rotten Farms. Sinister Sneed’s Chaotic Carnival of Chaos is a demonic sideshow the devil would be proud of. Then, in Blackened: The Plague, the residents of Ravenshire are infected with a mysterious virus, making them dangerously delusional and violent. Finally, don’t miss Twisted Tales — where you’ll see what happens when good fairy tales go very, very bad. Why I like it: Pay per attraction or get a combo rate for seeing all three. More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

South Jersey

Bloodshed farms.

Where: 2919 Route 206, Columbus Details: BloodShed Farms Fear Fest isn’t just a pop-up scare factory. Oh, no — there’s a detailed backstory to this madness. A traveling circus suffered a deadly accident, which shut it down. Now, the new owner has called upon the sick and demented to run it again. You can explore Hellsgate Asylum (an asylum for psychotic killers) and the Trail of Terror as well as Clown-O-Phobia, which is full of the clowns that nightmares are made of. Why I like it: Truly brave souls may dare to try The Blood Shed, an intense, personal, interactive fear experience. Here, you’ll enter alone while the rest of your group watches your terror on a monitor. More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

Night of Terror

Where: 448 Lincoln Mill Road, Mullica Hill Details: The name of this haunted experience is perfect because it’s a one-stop shop for a full night of terror. Visit the 3-D fun house full of demented clowns, a haunted paintball hayride and the ubiquitous haunted house. There’s also the “slaughter cave,” which is the aptly named underground tunnel full of screams, blood-wet walls and attacks from members of the demented “family” that lives there. Why I like it: Your ticket gets punched for each attraction you visit. If you don’t get through all of them in one night, come back with your ticket to enjoy the rest. More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .

Honorable Mention

The dark carnival.

Note : The Dark Carnival will not be open for the 2019 season . But they hope to return next year! Where: 136 Atlantic City Boulevard, Bayville Details: Crazy clowns, circus freaks, carnival rejects and more make up The Dark Carnival, an 8,000 square foot circus of the living dead and tortured. Once you’ve had your fill of the creepy circus, enter the Mind Terror Attractions. For instance, there’s the Meat Grinder, where screams of wild animals being slaughtered and the chainsaws coming after them will haunt you for way longer than one night. Hopefully you won’t meet up with the Pigman, a half man/half pig, creature looking for a friend. Why I like it: Who doesn’t want to meet Morbus, the Aquatic Fish Boy, in the flesh? More Info: Visit the website or you can give them a call .


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Things to Do In New Jersey

Things to Do In New Jersey

haunted houses in nj | best haunted houses in new jersey | scariest haunted houses in nj | scariest haunted houses in new jersey

20+ Terrifying Haunted Houses In New Jersey to Visit This Halloween

A complete guide the scariest haunted houses in new jersey.

Looking for scary  things to do in New Jersey this Halloween ?  Things To Do In New Jersey  has scoured the state to find the  scariest haunted houses in New Jersey ! Read on to find terrifying haunted houses in North, Central, and South Jersey as well as fiendishly frightening haunted attractions such as  haunted hayrides , zombie walks, haunted asylums, escape rooms, and more! These NJ haunted attractions are guaranteed to scare the “yell” out of you!!!

This post contains affiliate links. 

Best Haunted Houses In New Jersey

Save on admission to these featured nj haunted houses.

Bloodshed Farms - Best Haunted Houses in NJ | Best Haunted Houses in New Jersey | Scariest Haunted Houses in NJ | Scariest Haunted Houses in New Jersey

Haunted Houses in Atlantic County NJ

Cornfield of terror.

R and J Farm 723 W. Herschel Street Egg Harbor City NJ www.cornfieldofterror.com

The Cornfield of Terror at R and J Farm promises to leave you screaming for your life as well as running out of your shoes! This Atlantic County Halloween attraction also offers non-scary, kid-friendly Halloween activities as well as a bonfire and free outdoor movies.

Haunted Houses in Bergen County NJ

Pantophobia’s return of cyrus grain.

DePiero’s Farmstand & Greenhouses 53 Craig Road Montvale NJ www.pantophobia.com

Legend has it that Cyrus Grain will do whatever it takes to keep all trespassers off what he believes to be the last of his family’s land. Cyrus has been seen lurking in the woods, between buildings, and along the private roads at DePiero’s Farmstand in Montvale NJ. Do you and your friends have the nerve to ride Pantophobia’s Haunted Hayride and search for Cyrus?

Haunted Houses in Burlington County NJ

Bloodshed farms fear fest.

Columbus Farmers Market 2919 Route 206 Columbus NJ www.bloodshedfarmsfearfest.com

Click here to save 25% on a Combo Pass to BloodShed Farms Fear Fest including VIP line access!

BloodShed Farms is run by the cast and crew from The Haunted Prison in Mount Holly NJ and features five terrifying attractions this Halloween, including  Hellsgate Asylum ,  ClownOPhobia ,  The Last Ride:Necropolis Cemetery ,  The Trail of Terror, and The Blood Shed . This Burlington County haunted attraction also features  The Camper Escape Room and The Reapers Ball – a nightly party with a live DJ, food, roaming characters, games, pumpkin smashing, entertainment, spooky photo ops, live shows, and more. Purchase discounted tickets to BloodShed Farms Fear Fest here!

Jersey Devil Haunt

V & V Adventure Farm 1339 Old Indian Mills Road Shamong NJ www.vvadventurefarm.com

The moonlight is your only guide on V & V Adventure Farm’s haunted trail featuring pure terror around every corner you walk. Experience all your worst fears as you journey through this cornfield encountering different themed scenes that will test you in every way. V & V Adventure Farm also features a Zombie Invasion Shootout Hayride, as well as non-scary family-friendly Halloween activities such as pumpkin picking, hayrides, a corn maze and more.

Haunted Houses in Essex County NJ

Bane haunted house.

630 W. Mount Pleasant Avenue Livingston NJ

Click HERE to Save 32% on  Admission to Bane Haunted House!!!

Bane Haunted House is the largest haunted house in New Jersey and was named “The Scariest Haunted House in New Jersey” by The Star-Ledger. This Essex County haunted house features 40,000 square feet of spookiness with 70 live actors every night throughout the Halloween season.  Purchase discounted admission to Bane Haunted House HERE!

Haunted Houses in Gloucester County NJ

Night of terror.

Creamy Acres Farm 448 Lincoln Mill Road Mullica Hill NJ www.nightofterror.com

Gloucester County’s Night of Terror at Creamy Acres Farm features five haunted attractions –  The Harvest, Slaughter Cave  haunted house,  Zombie Mayhem ,  Ride of Terror  hayride,  Dark Dreams, Head Hunters,  and the  Haunted Paintball Hayride Zombie Hunt .

Haunted Houses in Hunterdon County NJ

Schaefers farms’ frightfest.

1051 Flemington Whitehouse Road Flemington NJ www.schaefersfrightfest.com

Schaefers Farms’ Frightfest 2018 promises to scare the YELL out of you! This Hunterdon County haunted attraction boasts 200 acres of spookiness featuring four frightening attractions that are sure to make your hair stand on end – the  Hayride of Horror , the  Trail of Terror , the  MassAcre Maize , and the  Carnival of Chaos ! Each night at Frightfest also features “semi-live” entertainment.

Red Mill Haunted Village

Red Mill Museum 56 Main Street Clinton NJ www.redmillhauntedvillage.org

The Red Mill Haunted Village challenges visitors to test their might in their zombie-infested attraction,  The Rising Dead…Run for Your Lives . Inside the haunted village, a cast of more than 50 undead walkers team up to terrify young and old alike. Tackle three horrifying adventures, exploring the mind of a killer and experiencing the Maze.

Haunted Houses in Mercer County NJ

Oasis island of terror.

Oasis Family Farm 3 Circle Drive Robbinsville NJ www.oasisislandofterror.com

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During the year’s spookiest month, the Oasis Family Farm embraces its dark side with the Oasis Island of Terror. The one-mile walk-through haunt is a walking maze of nightmares, where horrifying creatures and scenes await around every corner.  The farm also offers family friendly daytime Halloween activities. Purchase discounted tickets to Oasis Island of Terror here!

Field of Terror

K and S Farm 831 Windsor-Perrineville Road East Windsor NJ www.fieldofterror.com

The Field of Terror features five nightly events – the  Circus of Terror Paintball Wagon Hunt , the  Killer Kornfield  corn maze, the  Haunted Hayride to Terror Town , the  Unknown Barn , and  House of Insanity . This Mercer County haunted attraction also has a live DJ, dancing, a bonfire, and – on designated nights – even fireworks! K and S Farm also features family-friendly Halloween activities including a friendly flashlight maze, night pumpkin picking, and a “safe zone” play area.

Haunted Houses in Monmouth County NJ

Casola farms haunted attractions.

131 South Main Street Marlboro NJ www.hauntedcasola.com

This Halloween season, Casola Farms features five terrifying haunted attractions in one location – the  Haunted Hayride of Terror , the  3-D Haunted Barn , the  Haunted Wooded Trail,  the  Living Maze , and the  Marlboro Zombie Breakout  paintball adventure!

Camp Evans Base of Terror

2201 Marconi Road Wall NJ www.campevansbaseofterror.com

This Halloween, Camp Evans Base of Terror invites you to experience a night full of screams and heart-racing terror on an abandoned military base whose history that includes a century of top-secret and experimental research in radar, radio, satellites, radioactive materials and much more that has yet to be declassified. This Monmouth County haunted attraction is a terrifying and disturbing 3/4 mile-long journey that promises to be a surefire way to get in the Halloween spirit! Camp Evans Base of Terror is an all-volunteer effort to raise money for the operation of The InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum and preserve the grounds of this National Historic Landmark.

Brookdale Haunted Theater

Brookdale Performing Arts Center 765 Newman Springs Road Middletown NJ www.brookdalecc/pac.com

Are you brave enough to take on the demented imaginations of the students of Brookdale Community College? Designed, built and run by past and present students, this tormented trip through body parts, evil creatures and more will redefine “stage fright”… FOREVER!!! The entire theater will be converted into a crazy labyrinth or horror. Frights and terror await around every corner!

Haunted Houses in Morris County NJ

13th hour haunted house.

105 West Dewey Avenue Wharton NJ www.hauntedscarehouse.com

This Morris County haunted house was ranked as the scariest haunt in New Jersey by Haunt Hunters. The 13th Hour Haunted House’s features three haunted attractions this Halloween season – The House of Nightmares, The Attic, The Darkside of Hayden House . The 13th Hour also offers five intense Escape Room adventures on a year-round basis.  Will you survive? Or will you be trapped on the Hayden farm forever?

Haunted Houses in Ocean County NJ

Scary rotten farms.

151 Brick Boulevard Brick NJ www.scaryrottenfarms.com

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Scary Rotten Farms offers visitors two scary attractions for Halloween –  Sinister Sneed’s Chaotic Carnival of Chaos , Blackened: The Plague, and Twisted Tales.   Purchase discounted tickets to Scary Rotten Farms here!

The Dark Carnival

Blackbeard’s Cave 136 Atlantic City Boulevard Bayville NJ www.darkcarnivalhauntedhouse.com

This Halloween, thrill seekers are invited to scare themselves senseless at the terrifying  Dark Carnival , New Jersey’s first traveling side show located at Blackbeard’s Grave (Cave). This Ocean County haunted attraction features four frightening experiences ( The Dark Carnival, The Meat Grinder, Night Terrors,  and  The Sanitarium ) and promises that guests will encounter the most tormented, criminally insane clowns, freaks, and fools that one would hope to only find in their darkest nightmare.

Nightmare at Gravity Hill

Cicconi Farms 1005 Farmingdale Road Jackson NJ www.nightmareatgravityhill.com

Nightmare at Gravity Hill’s Haunted Trail at Cicconi Farms attraction is a 5-acre, 35 minute walkable Halloween experience where guests will encounter numerous frights over a dozen scary scenes. Nightmare at Gravity Hill has been featured by Weird NJ and features an extensive cast of terrifying ghouls, zombies, creepy clowns, and other haunted characters.

Dracula’s Domain

569 Monmouth Road Jackson NJ www.draculasdomain.com

Dracula’s Domain features three haunted attractions – the 66-acre Haunted Hayride, the Psycho Path, and the Dead End Corn Maze. This Central Jersey haunted attraction is located next to Six Flags Great Adventure.

Haunted Houses in Passaic County NJ

Brighton asylum.

2 Brighton Avenue Passaic NJ www.brightonasylum.com

Brighton Asylum is the most popular haunted attraction in New Jersey and has been called “The Scariest Place On Earth” by The Today Show. This terrifying Passaic County haunted experience features three haunted attractions,  Brighton Asylum ,  The Tunnel , and The Horror Museum  and four escape rooms –  Bomb Squad, The Device, 1408 Escape,  and  The Tomb . Special “contact nights” are also available (18 & over only).

Haunted Houses in Somerset County NJ

Scare farm at norz farm.

116 South Branch Road Hillsborough NJ www.scarefarm.com

This Halloween season Somerset County’s Scare Farm will have three terrifying attractions to bring out the fright in you this Halloween season! Walk the fields of  Creepy Hallow  and live the story of old maniacal Elias Atrum…or die trying! Explore your darkest fears as you walk through the  Paranoia  corn field. Experience a terrifying hayride sure to drive you to madness on the  Slay Ride !

Haunted Houses in Union County NJ

Haunted hamilton.

Union County Performing Arts Center Hamilton Stage 360 Hamilton Street Rahway NJ www.ucpac.org

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Looking for more things to do in new jersey this halloween check out our calendar of event s and become a things to do in new jersey subscriber ( it’s free ).

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haunted houses nj

2021 Guide to Haunted Houses in New Jersey

Haunted Houses in New Jersey

Did you know that New Jersey has 38 haunted house attractions listed for the 2021 Halloween haunt season !? Some of them may be located closer to you than you think…

Below, we’ll break down what types of haunts you can choose from, ranging from spooky hayrides and terrifying trail walks to creepy home haunts and multi-attraction scream parks . We’ll also discuss where in New Jersey some of the most popular haunted houses are located!

The following list totals up each type of haunt in New Jersey , based on how they are listed on our website:

  • Haunted Amusement / Theme Parks: 1
  • Haunted Barns: 1
  • Charity Haunts: 5
  • Haunted Cornfields/Mazes: 4
  • Haunted Farms: 4
  • Haunted Hayrides: 11
  • Home/Yard Haunts: 6
  • Haunted Mazes: 7
  • Haunted Houses with Multiple Attractions: 15
  • Haunted Trails: 12

The city with the most attractions / surrounding haunts is Marlboro, NJ .

Each year, we search the internet to find out what these haunts are up to during the off-season. During our 2021 update session for New Jersey , 10 haunts ’ information was updated, 1 was removed and 0 haunts were added to the New Jersey Haunted House Directory .

Here are our most recent reviews of haunted houses in New Jersey * according to our local Scream Team’s experience:

  • 13th Hour Haunted House – Wharton, NJ (2018) with an overall score of 9.25 !
  • Field of Terror – East Windsor, NJ (2018) with an overall score of 8.67 !
  • Brighton Asylum – Passaic, NJ (2018) with an overall score of 8.52 !
  • Nightmare at Gravity Hill – Jackson, NJ (2018) with an overall score of 7.22 !

*Based on all of our New Jersey Haunt Reviews and their most recent, respective scores given out of the past 3 years.

The following are some of the most popular haunted attractions** in New Jersey , based on our website traffic:

Miller Farms Haunted Hayride and Maze

624 South Egg Harbor Road, Hammonton, NJ 08037

Miller Farms Haunted Hayride and Maze Logo

Miller Farms dedicates itself to be one of South Jersey’s leading providers of family fun and entertainment. ​​​​

See More About This Attraction...

Bloodshed Farms Fear Fest

2919 US-206, Columbus, NJ 08022

Bloodshed Farms Fear Fest Logo

BloodShed Farms Fear Fest is New Jersey's Ultimate Haunted Attraction Theme Park! Featuring several attractions, nightly entertainment, great food, and more! Free parking.

Farm of Horrors

1051 Flemington Whitehouse Road, Flemington, NJ 08822

Farm of Horrors Logo

Spend 45 minutes making your way through 200+ acres of Fright. It starts with our Hair Raising Hayride that “Scares the YELL out of You”, then we let you off in the middle of nowhere for a Treacherous Trek through the “Trail of Terror”, then just when you think you have had enough and begin see that you are almost home, you realize the only way back is through the MassAcre Maize, a Casual Run for your Life; once it is over you find that the path is blocked, and you must enter your final Nightmare, the Carnival of Chaos!

DuBois Family Haunted House

721 Crestbrook Ave, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

DuBois Family Haunted House Logo

The DuBois Family Haunted House is a haunted attraction based in Cherry Hill, NJ. Our goal is to provide safe, low cost scares with a minimal wait time.

We are an all-wood constructed backyard haunted house of 5-10 horrifying rooms.

Our use of local, live actors in place of mechanized props allows us to customize individual tours to the customers’ comfort levels.

*“No Scare”—no jumping, no masks. Actors wave and smile as you walk on by. *“Full Scare” – Actors will be fully costumed and jumping out at you *“Fully Interactive Scare” – Actors will be fully costumed, jumping out at you, reaching for you, and they are allowed to touch you on the arms and legs.


53 Craig Road, Montvale, NJ 07645

Pantophobia Logo

The Legend of Cyrus Grain continues to grow as his family's old farm land has been developed into a shopping center. Cyrus seekers have documented videos of a shadowy figure they believe to be Cyrus Grain along the family's last area of undeveloped land, legend has it that Cyrus will do whatever it takes to keep all trespassers off what he believes to be the last of his family's land. Cyrus has been seen lurking in the woods, between buildings, and along the private roads at DePiero's Farmstand in Montvale NJ. Do you and your friends have the nerve to ride North Jersey's Best Haunted Hayride and search for Cyrus?

V.I.P. tickets are available and reduce the wait time for the attraction.

**This information was determined by looking at the haunts ’ traffic on our site from the past two years. This is not a top haunts list. The above haunts are listed here in no particular order.

Click Here for our full list of all New Jersey haunted houses.

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Brighton Asylum Haunted House

New Jersey's Best haunted House




The best haunted house in new jersey.

Brighton Asylum is New Jersey’s most visited Halloween destination for over 13 years now.  Commit your scream squad to Brighton Asylum this fall.  Experience 3 award winning haunted houses, live entertainment, immersive escape rooms, larger than life photo experiences, our Monster Midway featuring horror CarnEVIL games, horror museum, horror themed mini escape games, gift chop, and so much more!  Whether you’re here for the scares, or just for snacks and selfies, New Jersey’s Legendary Brighton Asylum is the ultimate Halloween destination.

Brighton Asylum sells out every night folks!  Get your tickets now! Tickets are limited so guarantee yours today by purchasing in advance!  CLICK HERE!

haunted houses nj

The Legend of Brighton Asylum

Brighton’s industrial complex, a series of old and decrepit warehouses, was used for housing mentally unstable and psychologically damaged individuals back in the mid 1940’s.  Many of these patients were quite violent, and often needed to be isolated for staff and patient protection.  The most violent patients were housed in the main central building, most commonly referred to as Brighton Asylum. Minimal risk patients were housed in building B, located adjacent to Brighton Asylum and not accessible to the public.  A beneath ground service tunnel spans the full length of the complex which allows staff to travel from outside, to any building within the complex, without having to pass through the high risk and centrally located Brighton Asylum unless needed.  This tunnel was also used for medical deliveries to other buildings, and to keep prying eyes of the public away from seeing what was going on inside Brighton Asylum.  The tunnel is accessible via Brighton’s own private subway system.

Above Brighton Asylum on the second floor is the staff quarters, where most of the resident staff lived while on duty.  The quarters were home to many nurses, doctors, orderlies, administrators, in-house lab technicians, and more.  There were rumors of  bizarre gatherings, parties, even experiments taking place in these Victorian style quarters, sitting quietly above the more heavily populated Brighton Asylum.  In fact, such horrific acts were reported to have taken place there, the quarters were eventually dubbed, “The Bleeding Grounds”.

Years of extremely harsh living conditions, grotesque medical experiments, staff disappearances, and screams spilling into the residential areas during the night, resulted in the state permanently closing the facility in 1952 pending a full investigation. No such results of an investigation can be found to date.

After 59 years of sitting unexposed, decaying and cut off from the public, Brighton Asylum reopened in 2011 as a haunted attraction. Its creaky doors were open once again, and ever since, thousands of people have been exploring its hallways and rooms where hundreds of patients lost their minds. The many unthinkable events that took place between the mid 1940’s and 1952, are still waiting to be fully uncovered.

haunted houses nj

Here are 13 haunted places to visit in New Jersey.

  • Updated: Oct. 28, 2018, 7:10 p.m. |
  • Published: Oct. 28, 2018, 11:30 a.m.
  • Patti Sapone | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

Now demolished, the original hospital buildings at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital are just a memory that haunts our nightmares. But there are still plenty of creepy places in the Garden State. Here are 13 current and haunted places to visit in N.J.

New Jersey's long history includes plenty of murder and mayhem - giving the state its fair share of spooky and haunted locations.

There are creepy lakes and cemeteries, forests and abandoned places.

In Oxford, Warren County, there's a mansion where doors have been seen opening and closing on their own and a woman's torso floating about.  In Monmouth County, there is a historic house where a long-dead mother is said to wander, looking for her crying baby.

For the local ghost hunter, here is a list of 13 locations in the state where you may be able to catch a glimpse of the paranormal.

1. The Spy House

The Spy House, also known as the Seabrook-Wilson House, is one of the  oldest surviving homes in the Bayshore. Built in mid 1663 in Port Monmouth, the house has a history of ghostly apparitions and paranormal presences.

Owner and innkeeper, Thomas Seabrook, was a patriot in the New Jersey  militia who spied on British troops during the Revolutionary War. Over the years people have claimed to see a female spirit walking from room to room looking for her crying baby, the ghost of a small boy looking out of windows and an elderly bearded sea captain roaming the grounds and halls.

The legend goes that Captain Morgan, an infamous pirate, was known to conduct torture in the basement of the house.

2. Historic Village at Allaire

A re-enactor guides people during a Lantern Tour at the living museum's Allaire Village in Farmingdale.

The historic village was initially an Indian ceremonial ground prior to 1650 and later established as was a bog iron-based production facility. Philanthropist James Allaire purchased the facility in 1822 eventually turning it into a self-contained community for the workers and their families.

Allaire eventually moved his own family into a large farmhouse on the property in 1832.  Allaire was devastated when his wife Frances died of cholera in 1836.

Considering the village's long history, it's no surprise that some people believe  ghosts haunt the property. There have been accounts of people hearing sobbing from inside the founder's former home and a tall figure was seen dressed in funeral attire and top hat. Another ghost that has been reportedly sighted is said to be the playful spirit Hal Allaire, the son of James and his second wife Calicia. The spirit of Hal has been known to hide household objects and interact with candles.

3. Tillie Smith "She died in defense of her honor."

Matilda Smith, better known as Tillie, was found murdered in April of 1886. Her assaulted body was left in an open field on the grounds of Centenary College in Hackettstown, where she lived and worked as a kitchen maid.

James Titus, a maintenance employee at the college was arrested and  charged with her murder. Titus went to trial and was convicted of the crime even though the evidence against him was circumstantial. He was sentenced to hang but escaped death by signing a confession of guilt. Titus was released from prison in 1904 after serving served 19 years for the murder.

A large headstone stands in honor of her memory in Hackettstown's Union Cemetery.

According to local legend, there are frequent Tillie sightings along the grounds and school's campus.

4. Shippen Manor

Shippen Manor located in Oxford Township is a historic Georgian mansion built in the 1760s for the wealthy Shippen brothers. It is the site of some strange happenings such as items appearing on shelves that weren't there before, doors opening and closing on their own and ghosts appearing.

People have reported seeing a young boy in period clothing, a woman's torso rushing around and a revolutionary war soldier roaming.

5. The Devil's Tree

The tree, located on Mountain Road in Bernards, is a solitary oak located in a field on Mountain Road in Bernards Township. Local legend suggests the tree is cursed. The story goes that a local farmer killed his wife and children, then hanged himself from the tree.

The legend continues that anyone who cuts down the tree will come to an untimely end.

6. The Emlen Physick Estate

Known as Cape May's original haunted house, the Emlen Physick Estate was built in 1879 by Dr. Emlen Physick. After Emlen, his mother, and sister had all passed on, no other families lasted very long in the house - the noises and unexplained occurrences would eventually scare them away.

During ghost tours, visitors have reported being touched, and some have seen a woman in vintage clothing wandering through the historic home.

In this audio recording, provided by the museum's management, a recording made in one of the 18 rooms in the mansion captured the disembodied voice of a child.

7. Jenny Jump State Forest

Some say the ghost of Jenny lurks at Jenny Jump State Forest in Warren County. According to legend, the 9-year-old girl jumped to her death off of mountain while being chased by a Native American.

8. Ghost Lake

Ghost Lake is part of Jenny Jump State Forest, just off Shades of Death Road. Located in Allamuchy Township, the lake was created in the early 1900s by local men damming a creek. They named it for the vapor formations rising off it on cooler mornings.

9. Shades Of Death Road

Shades Of Death Road is a 7-mile two-lane rural road that winds along Jenny Jump Forest and Ghost Lake. This stretch of road is the subject of many local legends. One legend states that the ghostly victims of highwayman robberies or the criminals themselves were hanged from the trees that line the road.

10. Snake Hill

Snake Hill, located in Secaucus, was once home to a psychiatric hospital, almshouse, penitentiary and a potter's field. Workers, while clearing land for a road, apparently uncovered the dead. There could have been as many as 10,000 undiscovered graves  there, mostly the mentally ill and the poor. In later years, there was a mass exhumation. But did they find all of the bodies?

11. The Devil's Tower

The Devil's Tower, located at the end of Esplanade Road in Alpine, was built in 1910 by Manuel Rionda for his wife so that she could see the  view of New York City. Legend states, Manuel's wife was enjoying her view in the tower one evening when she spotted her husband with another woman. Overcome with anger and rage, she leaped to her death.

12. The Cranbury Inn

The Cranbury Inn was established in 1780 after the colonies declared their independence from the the British. The taverns were originally built in the mid 1700s as a place for colonial travelers to eat, drink, refresh their horses and spend the night as they passed through the area.

The current owners are Tom and Gay Ingegneri. In the 25 years, the Ingegneri's have owned the inn, they have had dozens of ghost hunters visit in hopes of communicating with spirits.

The history of the inn lends itself to having many spirit entities. According to the inn's website , it was a rumored stop on the underground railroad.

According to Gay Ingegneri, strange things have happened over the years. A pregnant employee had doors mysteriously swing open for her. Some staff members insist they've gotten telepathic messages, warning them to turn off electrical fixtures.

"All the psychics that have come through tell us that all of the ghosts in here are friendly and there's not a bad one in the bunch." Ingegneri said. "They love being in the here, and that's why they're attached to the inn," she added.

13. The Pine Barrens

This beautiful and mysterious place can also be supremely spooky.

That's because there's a lot of nowhere there: deep, dark woods; overwhelming silence; and trails that lead to certain doom, all of which give rise to legends of ghosts , goblins, and yes, a devil or two.

There's a murder scene depicted on one of N.J.'s county seals. Here's the backstory

The living -- and the dead -- love Cape May. Here are 6 haunted stories to prove it.

For 20 years now, this woman has been next level on Halloween at her home

Inside the 'ghost towns' of N.J.'s Pine Barrens

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haunted houses nj

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9 Best Haunted Attractions in New Jersey

haunted houses nj

If you crave all things bone-chilling, hair-raising, and utterly terrifying, you won’t want to miss a single haunted attraction in New Jersey. Here in the Garden State, we know how to give Halloween the attention it deserves by hosting some of the spookiest, spine-tingling haunted houses, farms, fields, and more. Get in the spirit of Halloween at these 9 best haunted attractions in New Jersey—if you dare.

Bloodshed Farms Fear Fest, Columbus, NJ

Fully interactive and 100 percent terrifying, you won’t want to come alone. A funhouse crawling with psychotic clowns, an insane asylum, a trail of terror, and the scariest hayride you’ve ever ridden are more than enough to channel your deepest fears. You can access all four main attractions for a single price.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by BloodShed Farms (@bloodshedfarmsfearfest) on Mar 25, 2018 at 6:26am PDT

Night of Terror, Mullica Hill, NJ

Five haunted attractions combine to become the biggest scare kingdom in New Jersey. Knock out some zombies on a haunted paintball hayride, explore the sinister happenings in the Slaughter Cave, meet your worst nightmares in Dark Dreams, embark on a national attention-earning hayride, and much more. This mega experience is one you’ll never forget.

Scary Rotten Farms, Brick Township, NJ

This place is much like a dark, twisted version of all your childhood fantasies rolled into one. Explore the demonic carnival as you try to escape with your life or make a narrow escape from the plague that threatens everyone in its path. You choose the adventure, and hope you made the right call.

Field of Terror, East Windsor, NJ

Heart-racing and scream-inducing, there’s no shortage of terror-ridden fun to have here. Fearsome places like the killer kornfield, haunted hayride, and house of insanity, you might just question your very own wits. You can hunt for psycho clowns aboard the paintball wagon, or if that’s too much thrill, you can explore the family-friendly haunts like the flashlight maze or enjoy some nighttime pumpkin picking.

Farm of Horrors, Flemington, NJ

Four attractions for just $30 gives you one of the best values in scare tactics without sacrificing on quality. Over 200 acres of pure terror await you as you embark on a haunted hayride, walking trail, corn maze, and a chaotic carnival made of pure evil. If screams were dollars, you’d more than get your money’s worth.

13th Hour, Wharton, NJ

Formerly known as the Haunted Scarehouse, the 13th Hour is a series of three haunted houses that are nothing short of horrifying. The House of Nightmares and the Attic each give you two floors of terrors and shrieks as you make your way through their fearsome rooms that are anything but homey. Then, take an extra trip to the Dark Side, where you’ll plunge yourself into total darkness and encounter live actors and animatronics you thought only existed in your worst nightmares. 

Oasis Island of Terror, Robbinsville, NJ

Don’t let the name fool you - there’s nothing relaxing or hopeful about this horror destination. This walkthrough adventure is a little too lifelike for many but keep telling yourself it’s just for fun and maybe you can convince yourself. If you’re too afraid to visit after dark, come during the day and enjoy a little pumpkin fun with the kiddos—zero percent scary.

House of Horrors, East Brunswick, NJ

Open only on Fridays and Saturdays in October, the haunted house and hayride won’t terrify your bank account at just $5 each (or $8 for a combo ticket). This volunteer-run project is helping out Project Gift to provide gifts for local needy children during the holidays. Being scare never felt so good.

A Casola Farms Fall Fest, Holmdel, NJ

With Halloween activities day and night, you can choose just how much scare you can handle. This year, you can explore the all-new House of Horrors that might have you looking over your shoulder long after you’ve left the building. The Forbidden Forest, Corn Walk of Terror, haunted hayride, and a trip through Leather Face’s junkyard give you an entire evening’s worth of thrills and chills.

House Of Horrors

House Of Horrors

Field of Terror

Field of Terror

Evil Spirits

Evil Spirits

Oasis Island of Terror

Oasis Island of Terror

Dracula's Domain Haunted Attractions

Dracula's Domain Haunted Attractions

Haunted Woods Of Oldbridge

Haunted Woods Of Oldbridge

Brite Nites

Brite Nites

Haunted Hayride of Terror

Haunted Hayride of Terror

C. Casola Farms Haunted Attraction

C. Casola Farms Haunted Attraction

Jersey Devil Haunted Hayride

Jersey Devil Haunted Hayride

The Zombie Wedding Tour

The Zombie Wedding Tour

Slickshills Cemetery of Horrors

Slickshills Cemetery of Horrors

Weeping Willow Haunted Cemetery

Weeping Willow Haunted Cemetery

Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure

Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure

Nightmare at Gravity Hill

Nightmare at Gravity Hill

Farm Of Horrors

Farm Of Horrors

Haunted Theater

Haunted Theater

Haunted Union

Haunted Union

Atlantic County

  • Atlantic City
  • Egg Harbor City
  • Egg Harbor Township
  • Estell Manor
  • Landisville
  • Leeds Point
  • Margate City
  • Mays Landing
  • Newtonville
  • Pleasantville
  • Port Republic
  • Somers Point
  • Ventnor City

Bergen County

  • Bergenfield
  • Cliffside Park
  • East Rutherford
  • Elmwood Park
  • Englewood Cliffs
  • Franklin Lakes
  • Harrington Park
  • Hasbrouck Heights
  • Hasbrouck Hts
  • Little Ferry
  • Midland Park
  • New Milford
  • North Arlington
  • Palisades Park
  • Ridgefield Park
  • Rochelle Park
  • Saddle Brook
  • Saddle River
  • South Hackensack
  • Township of Washington
  • Upper Saddle River
  • Washington Township
  • Woodcliff Lake

Burlington County

  • Browns Mills
  • Chesterfield
  • Cinnaminson
  • Edgewater Park
  • Joint Base Mdl
  • Maple Shade
  • Medford Lakes
  • Mount Holly
  • Mount Laurel
  • Southampton
  • Willingboro
  • Wrightstown

Camden County

  • Berlin Township
  • Cedar Brook
  • Cherry Hill
  • Collingswood
  • Gloucester City
  • Haddon Heights
  • Haddon Township
  • Haddonfield
  • Laurel Springs
  • Merchantville
  • Mount Ephraim
  • Sicklerville
  • Turnersville
  • Waterford Works
  • West Berlin

Cape May County

  • Cape May Court House
  • Cape May Point
  • Dennisville
  • Green Creek
  • North Cape May
  • North Wildwood
  • Sea Isle City
  • South Dennis
  • South Seaville
  • Stone Harbor

Cumberland County

  • Deerfield Street
  • Dividing Creek
  • Heislerville
  • Mauricetown
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Port Norris

Essex County

  • Cedar Grove
  • East Orange
  • Essex Fells
  • Short Hills
  • South Orange
  • Upper Montclair
  • West Caldwell
  • West Orange

Gloucester County

  • Franklinville
  • Harrisonville
  • Mount Royal
  • Mullica Hill
  • National Park
  • West Deptford
  • Williamstown
  • Woodbury Heights

Hudson County

  • Jersey City
  • North Bergen
  • West New York

Hunterdon County

  • Glen Gardner
  • High Bridge
  • Lambertville
  • Little York
  • Pottersville
  • Sergeantsville
  • Three Bridges
  • Whitehouse Station

Mercer County

  • East Windsor
  • Hamilton Square
  • Lawrence Township
  • Lawrenceville
  • Mercerville
  • Princeton Junction
  • Robbinsville
  • West Windsor

Middlesex County

  • East Brunswick
  • Highland Park
  • Kendall Park
  • Monmouth Junction
  • Monroe Township
  • New Brunswick
  • North Brunswick
  • Perth Amboy
  • Port Reading
  • South Amboy
  • South Plainfield
  • South River

Monmouth County

  • Asbury Park
  • Atlantic Highlands
  • Avon by the Sea
  • Bradley Beach
  • Cream Ridge
  • Englishtown
  • Farmingdale
  • Fort Monmouth
  • Little Silver
  • Loch Arbour
  • Long Branch
  • Millstone Township
  • Monmouth Beach
  • Morganville
  • Neptune City
  • Ocean Grove
  • Perrineville
  • Port Monmouth
  • Spring Lake
  • Union Beach
  • Wall Township
  • West Long Branch

Morris County

  • Cedar Knolls
  • East Hanover
  • Florham Park
  • Green Village
  • Greystone Park
  • Lake Hiawatha
  • Lake Hopatcong
  • Lincoln Park
  • Long Valley
  • Morris Plains
  • Mount Arlington
  • Mount Freedom
  • Mount Olive
  • Mount Tabor
  • Mountain Lakes
  • Picatinny Arsenal
  • Pompton Plains
  • Schooleys Mountain

Ocean County

  • Barnegat Light
  • Beach Haven
  • Forked River
  • Island Heights
  • Lanoka Harbor
  • Little Egg Harbor Twp
  • Manchester Township
  • Mantoloking
  • Normandy Beach
  • Point Pleasant Beach
  • Point Pleasant Boro
  • Pt Pleasant Beach
  • Seaside Heights
  • Seaside Park
  • Ship Bottom

Passaic County

  • Bloomingdale
  • Little Falls
  • Newfoundland
  • North Haledon
  • Pompton Lakes
  • West Milford
  • Woodland Park

Salem County

  • Hancocks Bridge
  • Monroeville
  • Pedricktown
  • Penns Grove

Somerset County

  • Basking Ridge
  • Bernardsville
  • Bound Brook
  • Bridgewater
  • Franklin Park
  • Hillsborough
  • Liberty Corner
  • Martinsville
  • Neshanic Station
  • South Bound Brook

Sussex County

  • Branchville
  • Highland Lakes
  • Middleville
  • Tranquility
  • Wallpack Center

Union County

  • Berkeley Heights
  • Elizabethport
  • Mountainside
  • New Providence
  • North Plainfield
  • Roselle Park
  • Scotch Plains
  • Springfield

Warren County

  • Changewater
  • Great Meadows
  • Hackettstown
  • Johnsonburg
  • Phillipsburg
  • Port Murray
  • Stewartsville

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Haunted Houses in New Jersey

Haunted Houses in New Jersey : It’s that spooky time of year when creepy hayrides, escape rooms with themes, and scary haunted houses take center stage. If watching scary stuff on TV doesn’t satisfy your craving for a good scare, New Jersey has some in-person haunts in different counties that guarantee to shock and frighten you, all without the luxury of a pause button.

But if you prefer something not overly scary for Halloween, don’t worry; North Jersey has you covered. Let’s explore the options!

Haunted Houses in New Jersey

Haunted Houses in New Jersey

Get ready for spine-chilling adventures with the best-haunted houses in New Jersey! Explore the eerie legends at Field of Terror or navigate creepy clowns and chainsaw-wielding figures at Nightmare on River Road. Experience gravity-defying trails at Nightmare at Gravity Hill and step into the 1940s at Brighton Asylum.

Scare Farm brings cursed tales from the 1800s, while the Hayride of Horrors in Hackettstown offers a mix of live actors, clowns, and animatronics. Dive into the scare zones at Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest or embark on a supernatural journey at 13th Hour Haunted House.

House of Horrors New Jersey and the longstanding Jefferson Township Haunted House are must-visits for a community-driven haunt. Brace yourself for a hauntingly good time at these top 10 haunted attractions!

#1. Field of Terror

Haunted Houses in New Jersey - Field of Terror

Field of Terror , celebrating 21 years of scares in 2023, unfolds the legend of a farmer who blended his crops with the genetics of townspeople, creating a haunted farm in NJ. With five attractions like the Killer Kornfield, Karnival, Haunted Hayride to Terror Town, Timmery Manor, and Creepy Carnival Paintball Ride, it promises a spine-chilling experience with zombies and mysterious characters.

  • Location: 831 Windsor Perrineville Road, East Windsor, NJ 08520
  • Days of Operations: Weekends and select Thursday nights (September 22-October 31)
  • Tickets: $25 per person
  • Contact: (609) 758-7817

#2. Nightmare on River Road

Located in a mall basement, Nightmare on River Road boasts 23 rooms filled with creepy clowns, chainsaw-wielding figures, and escaped cockroaches. Built by local scout troops over six months, this haunted maze takes about 15 minutes to navigate and kicks off its haunts on Oct. 6.

  • Location: 854 River Rd., New Milford
  • Days of Operations: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday.
  • Tickets: $17 at the door.
  • Contact: [email protected]

#3. Nightmare at Gravity Hill

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nightmare at Gravity Hill (@nightmareatgravityhill)

Nightmare At Gravity Hill , you’ll experience haunted trails where cars defy gravity. Explore an abandoned ghost town, graveyard, and haunted fields in a five-acre journey, encountering zombies, ghouls, and clowns. Strange phenomena documented in Weird NJ and YouTube videos add to the eerie atmosphere.

  • Location: Cicconi Farms, 1005 Farmingdale Road, Jackson, NJ 08527
  • Days of Operations: Fridays and Saturdays until October 28
  • Tickets: $35 per person
  • Contact: (848) 207-8963

Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Denver – Unveiling the Darkest Thrills

#4. brighton asylum.

Haunted Houses in New Jersey - Brighton Asylum

Set in 1940s Brighton warehouses turned asylums, this haunted attraction recreates the institution’s eerie history. Traverse The Tunnel, The Bleeding Grounds, and The Asylum, and explore add-ons like ax throwing, escape rooms, and virtual reality. It’s an unsettling journey back to the institution’s mysterious origins.

  • Location: 2 Brighton Avenue #20, Passaic, NJ 07055
  • Days of Operations: Weekends and select Thursdays (September 23-November 4)
  • Tickets: Visit brightonasylum.com for tickets
  • Contact: (201) 848-2517

#5. Scare Farm

Haunted Houses in New Jersey - Scare Farm

Cursed since the 1800s, Scare Farm tells tales of dreadful crimes during the Harvest Moon. Creepy Hollow leads through a haunted trail; the Slay Ride introduces the menacing Slay Brothers and Paranoia Trails takes you through a cornfield on sacred burial grounds. Watch out for the unexpected!

  • Location: 120 South Branch Road, Hillsborough, NJ 08844
  • Days of Operations: Weekends (September 29-October 29)
  • Contact: (908) 371-2697

#6. Hayride of Horrors and Haunted House, Hackettstown

Corrado’s Farm hosts a haunted hayride through the woods, a haunted house , and a corn maze. With live actors, clowns, animatronics, and strobe lights, these attractions take approximately two-and-a-half hours to experience, including a refreshment stop.

  • Location: 671 Mt. Bethel Road, Hackettstown
  • Days of Operations: Opens 7 p.m. Friday to Sunday; Closing time varies.
  • Tickets: Haunted house or hayride, $16; corn maze, $10; combo ticket for all three, $30 to $37

Top 11 Best Haunted Houses in Atlanta – Atlanta’s Most Disturbing and Haunting Attractions!

#7. Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest

Haunted Houses in New Jersey - Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest

Transitioning from Boo Fest during the day to terrifying at night, Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest features scare zones like Lady of the Lake Cemetery and Clown Town. Live entertainment, haunted mazes, and ghoulish creatures create a thrilling, spooky experience.

  • Location: 1 Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson, NJ 08527
  • Days of Operations: Weekends until October 31
  • Tickets: $50 per person
  • Contact: (732) 928-2000

#8. 13th Hour Haunted House

Haunted Houses in New Jersey - 13th Hour Haunted House

Experience the supernatural at 13th Hour Haunted House , weaving through three houses: The House of Nightmares, The Attic, and The Darkside. With live actors, animatronics, and a haunted hatchet-throwing experience, it promises chills, especially on October 31, with a unique candle-lit challenge.

  • Location: 105 West Dewey Avenue, Wharton, NJ 07885
  • Days of Operations: Weekends (September 23-November 4)
  • Tickets: $40 per person
  • Contact: (862) 244-445

#9. House of Horrors New Jersey

Haunted Houses in New Jersey - House of Horrors New Jersey

House of Horrors is a community-run Haunted House with a “Face Your Nightmares” section, this haunt supports needy families. Venture on a Haunted Hayride tractor with a mysterious route filled with scares.

  • Location: 645 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
  • Days of Operations: Friday and Saturday in October
  • Tickets: $6 per person
  • Contact: (732) 398-5261

#10. Jefferson Township Haunted House

Operated by volunteers since 1988, Jefferson Township Haunted House offers an evening of ghouls and scares. For a less intense experience, visit during matinee hours, where kids can trick-or-treat through the attraction. It’s a community staple providing spooky fun for a good cause.

  • Location: 81 Weldon Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849
  • Days of Operations: October 21 & 22
  • Tickets: $5 per person

As the Halloween season descends upon New Jersey, thrill-seekers and spooky enthusiasts have a plethora of haunted attractions to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for bone-chilling scares or a more family-friendly experience, the state has it all. From the 21-year-old Field of Terror with its haunted farm saga to Nightmare on River Road’s creepy maze and Nightmare at Gravity Hill’s gravity-defying trails, each attraction offers a unique, spine-tingling adventure.

Brighton Asylum takes you back to the eerie 1940s, while Scare Farm spins tales of cursed crimes during the Harvest Moon. For a diverse range of haunted experiences, consider the Hayride of Horrors and Haunted House in Hackettstown, Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest, 13th Hour Haunted House with its supernatural journey, and the community-driven House of Horrors New Jersey.

Finally, the longstanding Jefferson Township Haunted House, run by volunteers since 1988, provides ghouls and scares for a good cause. With ticket prices varying across attractions, these haunted houses promise a thrilling and unforgettable Halloween experience. So, whether you’re a horror aficionado or just looking for a good scare, New Jersey has something in store for you this spooky season. Get ready for a hauntingly good time!

Top 8 Best Haunted Houses in Nashville – A Terrifying Tour of Music City’s Macabre Attractions

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The 10 Most Haunted Places in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most beautiful states with many stunning parks and breathtaking beaches to enjoy.

However, if you come to the Garden State in search of something a little bit darker to explore, then fear not because there are plenty of spooky spots to be found too.

Murder, mayhem, and madness are in abundance in some of New Jersey’s paranormal hotspots.

Here are New Jersey’s ten most haunted places…

1. Devil's Tower, Alpine

Devil's Tower in Apline, New Jersey

The Devil’s Tower is a hidden gem for fans of the paranormal…

Tucked away in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in New Jersey, this magnificent tower was built by plantation owner Manuel Rionda because he wanted his wife to have a panoramic view of New York City!

However, she supposedly looked from the tower and saw her husband with another woman causing her to throw herself from the tower.

There have been several attempts to demolish the tower, but each time one or more of the construction workers ended up dying in fall-related accidents and so the tower remains standing.

It is also said that odd noises and screams come from inside the tower and if you circle it 6 times a ghastly apparition will manifest!

2. Burlington County Prison, Mount Holly

Burlington County Prison in Mount Holly, New jersey

Burlington County Prison has now been transformed into a museum, but that cannot erase the years of executions and murders within the walls all of which have left a stain on the building.

There is even a body buried on the site!

The most active spots are said to be the basement and the ‘death cell’ with some of the reported phenomena including disembodied screams, cold spots, a feeling of being watched and construction workers having their tools moved around!

3. Lambertville High School, Lambertville

Lambertville High School in Lambertville, New Jersey

It seems to be increasingly common for old schools to be haunted and one such location is Lambertville High School.

The school has a tragic legend connected with it that began in 1935 with the death of a student from a rival school. It is said that a young boy died during the annual Thanksgiving ‘Turkey Bowl’ football game when his neck was broken during a particularly rough tackle.

As an interesting side note, the boy’s parents petitioned for New Hope to ban football as being too dangerous, and to this day the school has no football team!

Anyway, the spirit of this boy was said to haunt Lambertville High School from that day forward.

The school closed in the fifties and soon became a popular hangout for local teens. It wasn’t long before stories began to circulate about a ghostly figure appearing in the school.

However, things tool a tragic turn one night when some rowdy, drunk teens were making fun of the dead boy and issued him a challenge.

Allegedly, two of the boys in the group died under unexplained circumstances that night, but it is difficult to find documented evidence of this.

The school was demolished in 2012, but the hauntings persist and those visiting the site where it once stood to say they have experienced cold spots and a general sense of uneasiness.

Some have also spotted an apparition of the boy.

4. Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, Parsippany

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Parsippany, New Jersey

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital opened in 1876 when it was originally known as New Jersey Lunatic Asylum.

At the time, the imposing 675,000 square foot building was built on the largest continuous foundation in the world.

It was built with the intention of housing hundreds of patients, but eventually, it managed to pack in over 7,500 patients.

One of those patients was the famous songwriter Woody Guthrie who was admitted for treatment of Huntington’s disease in the 1950s.

5. The Pine Barrens, South Jersey

The Pine Barrens in South Jersey, NJ

The Pine Barrens is a huge stretch of wilderness that spans seven counties in South Jersey. It is well known for being one of the most beautiful places in the state, but it also has a darker side and is one of the most haunted places in New Jersey.

There is a very real threat here of forest fires since recent reports have shown that a substantial forest fire in Pine Barrens would likely lead to one of the biggest forest fires in history.

However, aside from that Pine Barrens is also said to be the stomping ground of the famous Jersey Devil.

6. Shades of Death Road, Warren County

Shades of Death Road in Warren County, New Jersey

With a name like Shades of Death Road, you should already have at least some small inkling of what you should expect from this spooky spot. The name alone is enough to prompt uneasiness among travelers!

The road looks fairly pleasant by day, but those who venture this way after dark tell a different story!

Shades of Death Road has a dark history with the murder count stacking up through the centuries including the hanging of Native Americans and stagecoach robberies that have gone wrong!

Many travelers have reported strange lights and apparitions of those who have met their end on this spooky stretch of road.

7. The Devil's Tree, Bernards Township

Devil's Tree in Bernards Township, New Jersey

When talking about haunted locations, you might expect to hear of hospitals, prisons, and even residences. However, one of the most haunted locations in New Jersey is actually a tree – The Devil’s Tree to be exact!

There are various spooky legends that surround this creepy old tree in Bernards Township…

Some say that it was routinely used for lynchings in the past and there are also stories that a man murdered his family and then came to the tree where he proceeded to hang himself.

It is said to be cursed and locals say that anyone who defaces or otherwise disrespects the tree ends up facing some kind of disaster.

The strangest thing about the tree itself is that it is apparently warm to the touch, even in the dead of winter and it is said that any snow that falls will instantly melt on and around the tree.

8. The Gates of Hell, Clifton

The Gates of Hell in Clifton, New Jersey

Whenever a place is known as The Gates of Hell, you can be sure that there is some kind of horrifying tale connected with it and this network of tunnels and storm drains in Clifton, New Jersey is no exception.

It may or may not be an actual Hell Mouth, but regardless it is a place that is bound to give you nightmares. Quite aside from the paranormal aspect, this creepy spot is extremely dangerous and is known to flood rapidly with foul-smelling water!

The scary tales that relate to it include witnesses finding animal bones leftover from sacrifices, strange whispers coming out of the darkness, hidden rooms, and of course that much-hyped portal to Hell which is said to be guarded by a spirit known as Red Eyed Mike.

This may be one of the most haunted places in New Jersey, but we would advise exercising extreme caution if you choose to visit – it has been suggested there may be more to fear from the living who frequent this spot than from the dead!

9. Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, Trenton

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, Trenton

Psychiatric hospitals always make a good spot for a haunting thanks to the high concentration of death and trauma that they have usually seen. Many of the old psychiatric facilities in New Jersey have been demolished, but one still remains and it is one of the most haunted spots in New Jersey.

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital has a dark past marred by allegations of torture and other terrors.

It is said that the hospital director, Dr. Henry Cotton, believed that he could cure mental illness by removing organs.

He very often experimented with such procedures without the use of anesthesia and dozens of patients died under his care.

It comes as no surprise that the spirits of his victims are still trapped in the building can be heard screaming or even manifesting as shadow figures.

10. Clinton Road, West Milford

Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey

Clinton Road in Milford is well known as being the most haunted road in America and it is not at all difficult to understand why!

It seems like there are supernatural tales from every single area of the paranormal linked to Clinton Road including devil worshipers, witches, ghosts, and strange creatures!

There has been at least one documented murder victim discovered here, a victim of mob hitman Richard ‘Iceman’ Kuklinski.

The most common tale relates to the ghost of a little boy who hangs out under a bridge and returns coins that are thrown into the water.

Other unexplained occurrences that have been reported include a ghostly Camaro driven by a female spirit, two park rangers who died on the job back in the 1930s, and several unexplained animals.

It is thought that the animals could have a rational explanation. The nearby Jungle Habitat attraction was closed in 1976 and many animals were apparently released into the woods where they may have crossbred with native species.

There is also said to be active Satan worship and KKK activity happening in the woods surrounding Clinton Road and it is recommended that those visiting at night do not get out of their car!

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Whether you’ve done all the local haunted attractions or took part in a single ghost tour, New Jersey has some of the most haunted locations in the country, and some of them you can even spend the night in! Let’s take a look at some of the most haunted places to stay in New Jersey!

Most Haunted Hotels in New Jersey

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Guide: Get a good scare at these New Jersey Haunted Houses

haunted houses nj

  • 105 W. Dewey Ave.
  • (862) 244-4454
  • 2919 Route 206
  • (609) 251-6707
  • 2 Brighton Ave.
  • (201) 848-2517
  • 765 Newman Springs Road
  • Parking Lot 2
  • (732) 224-2411
  • 131 S Main St.
  • Marlboro Township
  • (732) 946-8885
  • 831 Windsor-Perrineville Road
  • East Windsor
  • (609) 758-7817
  • Red Mill Museum
  • 56 Main St.
  • 671 Mount Bethel Road
  • Hackettstown
  • (973) 942-4448 or (908) 637-4644
  • 645 Cranbury Road
  • East Brunswick
  • 448 Lincoln Mill Road
  • Mullica Hill
  • 1005 Farmingdale Road
  • (848) 207-8963
  • 563 River Road
  • New Milford
  • 156 Summit Ave.
  • 151 Brick Blvd.
  • (732) 477-0606

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haunted houses nj

5 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in New Jersey

Scariest Haunted House in New Jersey – are you looking for a spooky haunted house to visit this fall? 

We love scary haunted houses and visit lots of them if we can, though I have to say I always shriek the loudest!    It’s the live scare actors that always terrify me! 

So, whether you want to visit an ancient farmhouse, a scary asylum, or haunted woods, here is a list of haunted houses in NJ.

Haunted Houses

13th Hour Haunted House in NJ

105 w dewey ave suit 5, wharton, nj 07885.

13th Hour hosts the most “entertaining and original events in the country. We feature 3 Haunted House attractions complete with special effects and movie quality sets. We also feature 6 award winning 60 minute Escape Rooms and all new Haunted Hatchets attraction!

Every town has its horror stories, its dark, unsettling history that resists contradiction. Some stories are born of urban legends, some of wicked campfire tales. Heinous, unfathomable, is the story of The Haunted Scarehouse. To fully understand the mysterious origins of the Scarehouse, we must go back in time, far back in time, in fact, to the 1970s, to an old farmhouse, an ordinary farmhouse, ensconced by pristine land—until the Haydens moved in: a man, his wife, and two children.

Haydens refused to adapt to it—or to its surroundings, or to its humble denizens. The Haydens lived in relatively close proximity to their neighbors. Despite this, they kept their distance from civilization, remaining indoors, rarely venturing outside; and when they set foot beyond their dreary dwelling, it was only to roam without purpose about the vast property, as if out of obligation, boredom, always in silent contemplation.”

haunted house new jersey

Brighton Asylum

2 brighton ave, passaic, nj 07055, norz hill farm – scare farm haunted house, 120 s branch rd, hillsborough township, nj 08844.

Norz Hill Farm & Market “is owned and operated by Richard Norz, Sr. and Rich & Debbie Norz and their children Alex, Susie, & Megan.

We are located 35 miles southwest of New York City in Central New Jersey. Norz-Hill Farm & Market consists of 1200 acres of owned and rented ground. mas and even three zonkeys just to name a few. We also have a roadside produce market during the summer and fall, where we sell Jersey Fresh vegetables we grow right here on the farm.

During the fall we also have many family activities such as pick your own pumpkins, hayrides, farm tours, a corn maze and even a haunted trail.

Haunted Hayride – If you have ever thought about taking a haunted hayride during the Cold Harvest Moon, you will see THE SLAYRIDE at Scare Farm as it truly exists. The terror is real, your nightmares will be eager to come to life and madness rules the land.  So climb aboard  “The Slay ’ s Ride”.

NJ haunted hayride

Hayride of Horrors and Haunted House

671 mt bethel rd, hackettstown, nj 07840.

Join us at the Hayride of Horrors and Haunted House for a fun frightful night. “The Corrado Family has been brightening dark Autumn nights with frights and chills for more than 20 years.

The hayride is a 45 minute ride through the haunted woods. Partway through you stop for cyanide cider and homemade decomposing donuts. There are animatronics and live actors in the fields.  To go through all 3 attractions it can take about 2 to 2 ½ hours depending on the evening.”

haunted hayrides in NJ

Night of Terror – Haunted Paintball Hayride and Haunted House

448 lincoln mill rd, mullica hill, nj 08062.

“With a name as quaint and pleasant as Creamy Acres Farm in Mullica Hill, you wouldn’t expect one of the Northeast’s scariest destinations. But that’s where you’ll find Night of Terror, a complex of a half-dozen frightening attractions and named one of HGTV’s Scariest Haunted Houses.

The massive 100-acre park, the largest Halloween park in New Jersey, is inhabited by zombies, attack dogs, chainsaw-wielding maniacs and killer clowns.

But the most unique attraction at Creamy Acres is the Haunted Paintball Hayride, which is exactly what it sounds like. Visitors climb aboard a wagon and use man-mounted paintball guns to defend the crew against live actors dressed as zombies and intricate moving props in a host of scenes over a 15-minute ride.”

haunted hayrides in NJ

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haunted houses nj


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Corner of Chaos in East Windsor, New Jersey

Welcome to Corner of Chaos: Scream Acres, Where All Your Screams Come True! Our 75+ acres of Central New Jersey farmland features haunted walk-through and wagon ride attractions, plus food, refreshments. Join us at our entertainment pavilions for live music every Friday and Saturday night, plus dance shows, fire shows, and carnival acts all weekend! http://www.cornerofchaos.com

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Gravity Hill (as seen in Weird New Jersey Magazine) has been a Jackson New Jersey legend for many years. As you enter the gates of Gravity Hill, the nightmare begins... you will find over a dozen different scenes (including a pyramid, 3D fun house, insane asylum, & many more!! ) spread out over 5 acres. 35 minutes of spine-chilling walkable haunted trails and creepy themes & adventures. This is no... [ Read more ]

  • 2 Youtube Videos
  • 28046 Profile Views

haunted houses nj

c.casola farms haunted hayride of terror in marlboro, New Jersey

NJ Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS: 4 Terrifying Attractions: Take a Haunted Hayride into the back woods of New Jersey. People say they see and hear things that come alive. So maybe if you’re lucky you may see their shadows and hear the horror of the victims cries as they roam by. Are you afraid of things that go bump in the Night? Than come take a ride. Visit our Haunted Barn and walk through as t... [ Read more ]

  • 2 Web reviews
  • 23789 Profile Views

Haunted Hill House in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

SUNDAY SHOW CANCELED DUE TO IMPENDING WEATHER. DON'T WAIT TO CHECK US OUT. OCT. 26&27 ONLY 7-9PM! HHH returns to Wood-Ridge, NJ in Bianchi Park for it's 5th year. Haunted Hill House is an outdoor haunted Halloween walk-thru for charity located on town-owned public property and features a full haunted trail with live actors. Admission to the walk-thru will benefit the Wood-Ridge Historical So... [ Read more ]

  • 0 Web reviews
  • 4 Youtube Videos
  • 17307 Profile Views

haunted houses nj

The Haunted Woods of New Gretna in New Gretna, New Jersey

On October 18-20, join us as we venture into the world of the Conductor as he will take you to places like the Cemetery of Lost Souls, the Chop Shop, Pirates Den, and other locations of terror. Children friendly experience is from 11am-5:30pm, but from 5:30pm– 10pm, the woods will be filled with unspeakable terror. Vendors, activities , and other fun and scary things will also be available to... [ Read more ]

  • 1 Youtube Videos
  • 16016 Profile Views

haunted houses nj

Macabre Manor in Keyport, New Jersey

Macabre Manor will not be opened this year as we prepare for our new attraction S. S. Scream. Coming October 2012

  • 15295 Profile Views

haunted houses nj

Haunted Tales in Atlantic City, New Jersey

The infamous Haunted Tales of Atlantic City is NOW FOR SALE! This unique attraction is known for being one of the few entertainment destinations targeted for family audiences of all ages, located in the heart of the historic Atlantic City Boardwalk. This business has been an area favorite for many years with clientele drawn from all over the world and is a Gold-Mine for the beginner and experience... [ Read more ]

  • 12424 Profile Views

Stadium of Screams in Newark, New Jersey

The Newark Bears professional baseball team will once again welcome fans into a haunted ballpark this Halloween, as ghosts of Newark’s past baseball players come back to terrorize those who attend the second annual “Stadium of Screams.”

  • 3 Youtube Videos
  • 11777 Profile Views

haunted houses nj

Camp Evans Base Of Terror in Wall Township, New Jersey

  • 5 Web reviews
  • 10421 Profile Views

Scare Farm in Hillsborough, New Jersey

  • 9960 Profile Views

Eerie Acres FrightFest in Medford, New Jersey

  • 9725 Profile Views

haunted houses nj

Pantophobia in Scotchplains, New Jersey

Zombies have taken over Bowcraft amusement park. You will have a chance with family and friends to survive this zombie take over. Can you use your survival skills to make it to the exit. This October, let Pantophobia Haunted Attraction put your zombie escape skills to the test.

  • 8938 Profile Views

Psycho Trail Home Haunt in Blackwood, New Jersey

2019 open as home haunt for all ages. Open Select nights Oct 12.18,19,20*, 25,26,27*, 31. * kids night no scares, no actors. 7 to 9 pm. Free admission. but donations gladly excepted go towards The Unforgotten Haven. Check out our Facebook and website psychotrail.com for more info.

  • 8475 Profile Views

haunted houses nj

The Tent of Terror in Wharton, New Jersey

  • 7144 Profile Views

haunted houses nj

Cornfield of Terror in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

  • 6772 Profile Views

Halloween Night of Terror in Lincroft, New Jersey

  • 6674 Profile Views

Devil's Theater in Rahway, New Jersey

  • 6604 Profile Views

Elaine's Dinner Theater and Haunted Mansion Restaurant in Cape May, New Jersey

  • 6180 Profile Views

Jefferson Township Haunted House in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

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Mr.Allens Woods in hazlet, New Jersey

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Nightmare at Gravity Hill in Millstone township, New Jersey

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Haunted Hayrides and Corn Walk of Terror in Holmdel, New Jersey

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Bizarre Ac in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Film Screenings w/ Q&A's Bizarre Bizzare Costume Contest Bizarre Bites

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Cinema Cemetery Presents An All Original Horror Movie Prop Exhibit in Lafayette, New Jersey

The Cinema Cemetery is a museum dedicated to the preservation and restoration of original horror and science fiction film props, costumes and related production materials. For the first time, the museum will unveil to the public select pieces providing visitors a glimpse at its unprecedented holdings. Come see all original screen-used props and costumes, learn interesting behind the scenes facts a... [ Read more ]

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Ocean View Trail of Terror in Ocean View, New Jersey

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Bane Haunted House in Livingston, New Jersey

We bring you New Jersey’s largest and most terrifying haunted house. Unlike most haunted houses, we do not break up our attraction into several smaller houses. We know that one giant haunted house means more fun…and more fear. Featuring our two new escape games - Maritime Grave and Captive!

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Brookdale Haunted Theater in Lincroft, New Jersey

Are you brave enough to take on the demented imaginations of our student’s minds? Designed, built and run by past and present students. This tormented trip through body parts, evil creatures and more will redefine “stage fright"...FOREVER!!! Enter the doors of the Performing Arts Center if you dare! Our entire theater will once again be converted into a crazy labyrinth or horror. Although the ... [ Read more ]

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Bane Haunted House in New York, New York

Bane has moved across the river to The Big Apple! Bane Haunted House is NYC's Largest and Scariest Haunted Attraction! With over 100 live actors every night, no animatronics and over 35 themed rooms, Bane is putting the Hell back in Hell's Kitchen!

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haunted houses nj


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The scariest haunted house in the New Jersey New York City area is Brighton Asylum a very scary horror filled experience Read review at Hauntworld.com

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The best and scariest haunted house in New Jersey located in East Windsor not far from New York City is Corner of Chaos Scream Acres.  Read the details of the biggest and scariest haunted house in New Jersey at www.HauntWorld.com  


haunted houses nj


haunted houses nj

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haunted houses nj

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Categories: Real Haunted Houses | Real Haunted Places

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13th Hour Introduction video preview image

13th Hour (Formerly Haunted Scarehouse)

Haunted house in wharton, new jersey, (formerly the haunted scarehouse), ranked one of america's best haunted houses & escape rooms, our attractions.

13th Hour hosts the most entertaining and original events in the country. We feature 3 Haunted House attractions complete with special effects and movie quality sets. We also feature 8 award winning 60 minute Escape Rooms and our Haunted Hatchets attraction!

haunted houses nj


haunted houses nj

NJ Top Haunts Winner 2017

haunted houses nj

NJ Top Haunts Winner 2018

haunted houses nj

NJ Top Haunts Winner 2019

Must See Haunts Award

America's Best Haunts Winner

haunted houses nj

Golden Pumpkin Award

haunted houses nj

Scare NJ Official Selection

haunted houses nj

FEAR NJ Best Haunt

haunted houses nj

"If 13th Hour Haunted House and Escape Rooms is not already considered to be one of the most elite haunted attractions in the country, it should be."

Final Score: 9.25

haunted houses nj

Our Location

13th Hour Haunted House (Formerly The Haunted Scarehouse) is located at 105 W Dewey Ave Suit 5 Wharton, NJ 07885. Contact Us (862) 244-4454

haunted houses nj

13th Hour hosts the most entertaining and original events in the country. We feature 3 Haunted House attractions complete with special effects and movie quality sets. 13th Hour Haunted Houses consists of 3 Haunted Houses: House of Nightmares, The Attic, and the Darkside.

Your Haunted House tickets include all 3 of our Haunts:

1. The House of Nightmares included in Two Floors of Fear

2. The Attic  included in Two  Floors of Fear

3. The Darkside Our newest and darkest experience. Navigate through the pitch dark with live actors and animatronics for our deepest darkest haunted house.

You can do a general admission ticket, a timed ticket which selects a specific time to go in and has line priority, or a combo ticket with either the Escape Rooms or the Hatchet Throwing which gives you a VIP ticket to enter the haunted house at any time in the evening before close. (Plan your arrival time accordingly.) When selecting this, you're selecting an Escape Room or Hatchet time and must be at those attractions at that time. All tickets purchase at the door will be general admission, so it is best to buy your tickets ahead of time.

"Two floors of Fear" tickets includes both "The House of Nightmares" and "The Attic" haunted houses.

13th Hour's Award Winning Escape Rooms feature 8 rooms to choose from. You'll have 60 minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape the room. When the Haunted Houses are open, starting with the 6 pm time slot, there will be live actors in the escape rooms providing a 'one of a kind' experience. (The Gate and Wizard of Oz do not have actors.)

All rooms are private and once booked, the room is locked-in for you. You can bring more people and add them at the door.

Experience 13th hours newest attraction: Haunted Hatchets! Throw hatchets at our custom targets in an exciting and thrilling way. Starting at 6pm, we kill the lights with our glow in the dark hatchets and targets. Experience throwing hatchets in a one of a kind way. Private lanes and private party lanes available, each time is for 1 hour. Our axe masters will be available to teach you how to throw axes.

Book our tickets now.

Throw hatchets at our custom targets in a thrilling way with a 13th hour twist


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  5. New Jersey's top haunted house just got a whole lot creepier

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    haunted houses nj


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  1. New Jersey Haunted Houses

    Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions in New Jersey Newsletter Signup Subscribe now to receive scary good savings, updates & more in October. From North, Central, and all the way down to South Jersey NewJerseyHauntedHouses.com has you covered for all of your Halloween spooking needs.

  2. The 8 most historic (real) haunted houses in N.J.

    New Jersey is rich with history, so it's no surprise that the ghosts of the past are often found to linger in old buildings and homes, says Lynda Lee Macken, author of " Haunted Houses of...

  3. 19 Haunted Houses And Hayrides in NJ

    Nightmare at Gravity Hill You may not sleep well after an evening walking the haunted trails at Gravity Hill, where cars have been inexplicably pulled uphill against the forces of gravity. Experience the strange phenomena documented in Weird NJ and various YouTube videos.

  4. Are These 12 New Jersey Haunted Houses Real?

    October 30, 2023 Let's uncover the spooky secrets behind 12 haunted houses in New Jersey. From Brighton Asylum in North Jersey to fright-filled farm events in Central and South Jersey, there are plenty of haunted spectacles in the Garden State. But with Halloween around the corner, we wondered — are there any real New Jersey haunted houses?

  5. Haunted Attractions in NJ & Haunted House NJ

    At Brighton Asylum! Put some pep back into your step this holiday season with "Santa's Slay". Its everything a horror fan could want for the holidays! Take a stroll through Santa's workshop and see lobotomized elves mindlessly packing demented toys! Evil Jack Frost, rabid reindeer, chainsaw-wielding Santa's, and SO much more!

  6. The Best Haunted Houses for Halloween in New Jersey

    Find the best haunted houses for Halloween in New Jersey by region, from farms to asylums, from corn mazes to escape rooms. These attractions are not for the faint of heart, with real actors, live performances, and interactive experiences.

  7. 20+ Terrifying Haunted Houses In New Jersey to Visit This Halloween

    131 South Main Street. Marlboro NJ. www.hauntedcasola.com. This Halloween season, Casola Farms features five terrifying haunted attractions in one location - the Haunted Hayride of Terror, the 3-D Haunted Barn, the Haunted Wooded Trail, the Living Maze, and the Marlboro Zombie Breakout paintball adventure!

  8. 2021 Guide to Haunted Houses in New Jersey

    Summary: BloodShed Farms Fear Fest is New Jersey's Ultimate Haunted Attraction Theme Park! Featuring several attractions, nightly entertainment, great food, and more! Free parking.

  9. Fall Attractions at Brighton Asylum Haunted House New Jersey

    New Jersey's legendary Brighton Asylum, opened once again after shutting down in 1952, is the state's scariest haunted house destination. Featured on The Today Show, Cake Boss, Buzzfeed, visited by actor James Franco, and countless others around the world.

  10. About

    The Best Haunted House in New Jersey! Brighton Asylum is New Jersey's most visited Halloween destination for over 13 years now. Commit your scream squad to Brighton Asylum this fall. Experience 3 award winning haunted houses, live entertainment, immersive escape rooms, larger than life photo experiences, our Monster Midway featuring horror ...


    Find 2022 Halloween haunted House in New Jersey, Experience the most terrifying Haunted Attractions in New Jersey. Here you will find all Halloween Attraction in NJ across city Newark, jersey city, paterson, elizabeth, clifton, trenton, camden, passaic, union city, bayonne.

  12. Browse New Jersey Real Haunts and NJ Paranormal

    From haunted roadways and buildings where the dearly departed still lurk among us, to burial grounds and sacred places that are haunted by spirits who seemingly want to stay in this world, New Jersey has some truly eerie landmarks and historical sites that are hot spots for paranormal activity.

  13. Here are 13 haunted places to visit in New Jersey.

    1. The Spy House The Spy House, also known as the Seabrook-Wilson House, is one of the oldest surviving homes in the Bayshore. Built in mid 1663 in Port Monmouth, the house has a history...

  14. 9 Best Haunted Attractions in New Jersey

    13th Hour, Wharton, NJ. Formerly known as the Haunted Scarehouse, the 13th Hour is a series of three haunted houses that are nothing short of horrifying. The House of Nightmares and the Attic each give you two floors of terrors and shrieks as you make your way through their fearsome rooms that are anything but homey.

  15. Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in New Jersey for a Frightful Night Out

    With live actors, animatronics, and a haunted hatchet-throwing experience, it promises chills, especially on October 31, with a unique candle-lit challenge. Location: 105 West Dewey Avenue, Wharton, NJ 07885. Days of Operations: Weekends (September 23-November 4) Tickets: $40 per person. Contact: (862) 244-445. #9.

  16. The Most Haunted Places in New Jersey

    1. Devil's Tower, Alpine Devil's Tower in Apline, New Jersey The Devil's Tower is a hidden gem for fans of the paranormal… Tucked away in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in New Jersey, this magnificent tower was built by plantation owner Manuel Rionda because he wanted his wife to have a panoramic view of New York City!

  17. Haunted Attractions

    Haunt Haunted Attractions - New Jersey Looking for New Jersey's best Halloween Fun? From Haunted Houses, to Hay Rides, Spook Walks, and everything in between, NewJerseyHauntedHouses.com has all the thrills and chills you're looking for this 2023 Halloween Season!

  18. Guide: Get a good scare at these New Jersey Haunted Houses

    Check out some of the frightening haunted houses in New Jersey. 13th Hour Haunted House 105 W. Dewey Ave. Wharton (862) 244-4454 Website BloodShed Farms' Drive-Thru 2919 Route 206 Columbus (609) 251-6707 Website Brighton Asylum 2 Brighton Ave. Passaic (201) 848-2517 Website Brookdale Haunted Theater 765 Newman Springs Road Lincroft Parking Lot 2

  19. 5 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in New Jersey

    So, whether you want to visit an ancient farmhouse, a scary asylum, or haunted woods, here is a list of haunted houses in NJ. 13th Hour Haunted House in NJ 105 W Dewey Ave Suit 5, Wharton, NJ 07885 13th Hour hosts the most "entertaining and original events in the country.

  20. Best Scariest Haunted Houses at New Jersey

    Read the details of the biggest and scariest haunted house in New Jersey at www.HauntWorld.com READ ARTICLE. TRENDING HAUNTS Corner of Chaos. views: 38989 299 Princeton-Hightstown Road East Windsor, New Jersey, 08520 USA. Bane Haunted House. views: 37048 618 West 46th Street New York, New York, 10036

  21. New Jersey Haunted Houses

    New Jersey Haunted Houses The Halloween Season is upon us, and New Jersey's finest haunted attractions are back at it again, and better than ever this year! If you're looking for big scares, or if jaw-clenching fear is your idea of fun, New Jersey's Haunted Houses have you covered.

  22. New Jersey's Scariest REAL Haunted Houses

    4,107 Photos: 1 Rating: - Exp.: 0 The Gabreil Daveis Tavern House has also been known has the Hillman Hospital House. The historic tavern was built in 1756 in Camden County, New Jersey by Gabreil Daveis to house boatmen with Timber Creek nearby.

  23. 13th Hour Haunted House

    16 Haunted House Hours Tickets for our December 16th Christmas Haunt are live now! All attractions are indoors and giant tents are set up for waiting areas outside, we are open rain or shine. 7:00PM - 9:00PM BUY TICKETS Awards NJ Top Haunts Winner 2017 NJ Top Haunts Winner 2018 NJ Top Haunts Winner 2019 Must See Haunts Award