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From our Selene 38 Voyager Aft-cabin luxury pocket-yacht to our Selene 128 super Expedition Yacht, Selene Yachts has the boat which will be perfect for your sailing plans… Sailing in the fast lane with our Artemis line, enjoying family coastal cruising on a Selene Voyager or contemplating a circumnavigation with one of our beautifully appointed Ocean Explorer, let’s talk about your dream…

Selene Voyager

Selene 38 Archer

  • Selene 38 Voyager Aft-cabin

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • Selene 42 Voyager Aft-cabin

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • Selene 42 Voyager Sedan

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • Selene 50 Voyager Sedan

Selene Classic Explorer

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Selene Ocean Explorer

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • Selene 60 Ocean Explorer

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • Selene 72 Ocean Explorer

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • Selene 78 Ocean Explorer

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • Selene 92 Ocean Explorer

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • Selene 128 Ocean Explorer

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • Selene 98 Ocean Explorer

Selene 62 Ocean Explorer

Selene ocean explorer bi-hull, selene ocean clipper, legacy selene ocean yachts.

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

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Long Range Cruisers

Read about some of the top expedition yachts and long range cruiser yachts in the world.

Outer Reef Yachts 670 Azure Sport

Outer Reef Yachts Debuts 670 Azure Sport Yacht

This long-range bluewater cruiser is notable for its stout build, homelike accommodations and an inside-outside layout.

Horizon Yachts FD110 Trideck

Horizon Yachts FD110 Trideck Reviewed

Mansion-type volume, a seakindly hull form and a 3,000-nautical-mile range define the Horizon Yachts FD110 Trideck.

Princess X80

Princess Yachts’ Superpowered X80

The Princess X80 is a 31-knot socializing machine with a “super flybridge.”

Benetti Calex

Benetti’s Superyacht Calex Reviewed

The fully custom 220-foot Calex reflects the vision of an owner with a clear directive-fun and comfort for everyone.

More Long Range Cruisers

Riviera 78

A Luxurious Explorer: Riviera’s 78 Motor Yacht

The 29-knot Riviera 78 Motor Yacht offers luxe living on the inside and bluewater cruising on the outside.

Beneteau Grand Trawler 62

Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 Reviewed

The Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 has 1,000-plus-mile range and 20-knot speed.

Outer Reef 670 Azure Sport Yacht

Meet the Outer Reef 670 Azure Sport Yacht

This new Outer Reef has an indoor-outdoor galley and aft deck.

Maritimo S75 Sedan

Maritimo Launches S75 Sedan Motor Yacht

The Maritimo S75 is powered by twin Scania DI16 V-8 engines as the standard package.

Bering Yachts B76

Meet the Bering Yachts B76 ‘Lemanja’

Lemanja is the first custom boat that Bering has built in this size range.

198-foot Heesen Lusine

Heesen Yachts ‘Lusine’ Reviewed

Heesen’s 198-foot Lusine has the most intricate interior the Dutch Shipyard has ever installed.

Numarine 40MXP

Numarine Introduces the 40MXP

The Numarine 40MXP, which stands for Mediterranean Explorer, is a 128-foot motoryacht.

custom 78 transoceanic power catamaran

This One-of-a-Kind Build Is for Sale

The asking price is $3,995,000 for this custom 78 transoceanic power catamaran.

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4 best bluewater cruisers of 2022

  • Toby Hodges
  • March 28, 2022

Thinking of heading off on a world-girdling cruise or just want to cross oceans in style? Here's the best bluewater cruisers of 2022 that will help you se off on a new life at sea

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

The results are in from the European Yacht of the Year Awards as the judges have announced their top four bluewater cruisers of 2022.

The European Yacht of the Year awards are well regarded as the definitive yacht awards in the world a variety of categories are judged by the panel from best luxury cruisers , to best family cruisers to performance yachts .

But for those looking to liveaboard their yacht, making plans to do some ocean crossings, or looking to undertake some long distance passage making, the best bluewater cruisers will likely be the category that draws the eye.

There were a brilliantly diverse and interesting collection of new designs for this category – a celebration of French ingenuity. For those planning long term cruising, would you choose a robust aluminium build for higher latitudes sailing, shoal draught to tuck into the shallows (a mix of both?), sustainable living or reliable comfort, or the ability to log sustained high speeds to outrun weather systems? This selection gives you all those choices and more.

Best bluewater cruisers of 2022

The new flagship Allures 51.9, for example, is a no-nonsense adventure cruising design built and finished to a high standard. It retains Allures’ niche of using aluminium hulls with glassfibre decks and superstructures, which, the yard maintains, gives the optimum combination of least maintenance and less weight higher up. Priorities for this design were a full beam aft cabin and a spacious, long cockpit. Both are excellent, with the latter, at 6m long, offering formidable social, sailing and aft deck zones.

It likes some breeze to come to life on the wheel, but I appreciate that it’s designed to take up to five tonnes payload. And I like the ease with which you can change gears using the furling headsails and the positioning of the powerful Andersen winches inboard. The arch is standard and comes with a textile sprayhood or hard bimini.

Below decks you’ll find abundant headroom and natural light, a deep U-shape galley and cavernous stowage. For those who like the layout of the Amel 50 but would prefer aluminium or shoal draught, look no further.

Allures 51.9 price: €766,000

The Ovni 370 is another cunning new aluminum centreboard offering, a true deck saloon cruiser for two. The designers say the biggest challenge was to create a Category A ocean going yacht at this size with a lifting keel, hence the hull had to be very stable.

Enjoyable to helm, it has a practical, deep cockpit behind a large sprayhood, which can link to the bimini on the arch. Many of its most appealing features lie in the bright, light, contemporary, clever, voluminous interior, which has good stowage and tankage allocation. There’s also a practical navstation, a large workroom and a vast separate shower. I particularly like the convertible saloom, which can double as a large secure daybed or pilot berth.

Potentially the least expensive Category A lift keel boat available, the Ovni will get you dreaming of remote places again.

Ovni 370 price: €282,080

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

There’s no shortage of spirit in the Windelo 50. We gave this a sustainability award after it’s founders spent two years researching environmentally-friendly composite materials, developing an eco-composite of basalt fibre and recycled PET foam so it could build boats that halve the environmental impact of standard glassfibre yachts.

The Windelo 50 is an intriguing package – from the styling, modular interior and novel layout to the solar field on the roof and the standard electric propulsion, it is completely fresh.

Windelo 50 price: €795,000

Best bluewater cruiser of 2022 – Outremer 55

I would argue that this is the most successful new production yacht on the market. Well over 50 have already sold (an equipped model typically costs €1.6m) – and I can understand why. After all, were money no object, I had this design earmarked as the new yacht I would most likely choose for a world trip.

Indeed 55 number one Sanya, was fully equipped for a family’s world cruise, and left during our stay for the Grand Large Odyssey tour. Whereas we sailed Magic Kili, which was tricked up with performance options, including foam-cored deckheads and supports, carbon crossbeam and bulkheads, and synthetic rigging.

At rest, these are enticing space ships. Taking one out to sea is another matter though. These are speed machines with the size, scale and loads to be rightly weary of. Last month Nikki Henderson wrote a feature for us about how to manage a new breed of performance cruising cats just like this and how she coaches new owners. I could not think of wiser money spent for those who do not have ample multihull sailing experience.

Under sail, the most fun was obviously reserved for the reaching leg under asymmetric, where we clocked between 11-16 knots in 15-16 knots wind. But it was the stability and of those sustained low teen speeds which really hit home  – passagemaking where you really cover miles.

Key features include the swing helms, which give you views from outboard, over the coachroof or from a protected position in the cockpit through the coachroof windows, and the vast island in the galley, which is key to an open plan main living area. It helps provide cavernous stowage and acts as the heart of the entertaining space as it would in a modern home. As Danish judge Morten Brandt-Rasmussen comments: “Apart from being the TGV of ocean passages the boat offers the most spacious, open and best integration of the cockpit and salon areas in the market.”

Outremer has done a top job in packing in the creature comforts, stowage space and payload capacity, while keeping it light enough to eat miles. Although a lot to absorb and handle, the 55 offers a formidable blend of speed and luxury cruising.

Outremer 55 price: €1.35m

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Best luxury yacht: 7 ultimate luxury cruisers you can buy

The definition of the best luxury yacht will differ according to personal opinion and from boat to boat. This year’s…

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Best yacht 2023: European yacht of the year winners

The European Yacht of the Year programme is a highlight of my year as it gives us  jury members the…

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Best family yacht: our pick of the best yachts for sailing with the family

There are many categories in the European Yacht of the Year awards, from the best luxury yachts to performance yachts. But some of…

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Best performance yachts: Our pick of the top options

The European Yacht of the Year awards is the most thorough and impartial awards programme – the winners here are…

If you enjoyed this….

Yachting World is the world’s leading magazine for bluewater cruisers and offshore sailors. Every month we have inspirational adventures and practical features to help you realise your sailing dreams. Build your knowledge with a subscription delivered to your door. See our latest offers and save at least 30% off the cover price.


Luxury yachts.

motor yachts for sale

Stunning woodwork and craftsmanship


customizable luxury

Efficient Long Range

Ocean-Tested Strength

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

faster delivery

long distance motor yachts

Ocean Explorer

ocean going trawler

Ocean Explorer 60

ocean going trawler

Ocean Explorer 72

ocean going trawler

Ocean Explorer 78

Classic explorer.

long range motor yachts

Classic Explorer 45

long range motor yachts

Classic Explorer 49

long range motor yachts

Classic Explorer 54

long range motor yachts

Classic Explorer 60

long range motor yachts

Classic Explorer 72

Ready to customize, ultimate yacht.

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

News - Find out about the latest news and events

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

2024 Selene Boat Show Schedule, Get your Discount Code & Come See Us!

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Expanding our Factory - Building out an Additional 200,000+ Sq Feet of Modern Facilities

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

East Coast Selene Rendezvous 2023

See what our happy customers are saying.

“My Selene 80 Ocean Explorer ticks all the boxes! We like fishing offshore and Howard Chen has beautifully extended the cockpit, adding working space, waterline and speed to this powerful fishing machine. I am also delighted with the very professional layout of the engine room with its twin Cummins and two generators. Hydraulic windlass, stabilizers and thrusters were also a must in my view. The bespoke interior general arrangements is also perfectly adjusted to our family lifestyle… South-East Asia, the Celebes sea, Torres straight, Australia and the Pacific Ocean are definitely on my bucket list!”

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

“Our love for the ocean has always driven us to seek the best experiences. With Selene Yachts, we found that and so much more. Their blend of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design resonates with our taste. Being able to customize elements to reflect our personality made our yacht feel even more special. Kudos to the entire Selene team for always exceeding expectations!”

“Ever since I stepped aboard my first Selene, I knew there was something special about these yachts. You can see and feel the passion in the craftsmanship, and the woodwork is just breathtaking. What truly impressed me was the strength and stability of the yacht out in open water. And the fact that I could tailor some of the interiors to my liking? That was the cherry on top. Every voyage just feels like a dream.”

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

“We've had our fair share of experiences with different yachts, but Selene stands out. The Caribbean trip we took last summer was nothing short of luxurious. The decks, the interiors, the entire build screams quality. And I must say, getting our yacht delivered faster than expected was a delightful surprise. If you're looking for the perfect blend of comfort and adventure, Selene is where you find it.”

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Selene has a 25 year tradition of building elegant long range cruising trawlers for active adventures. Selene Yachts Americas is dedicated to connecting you with a Selene customized to meet your requirements and getting you on the water for experiences of a lifetime.

Howard Chen

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the Selene Distributor for North America covering the US, Canada and Mexico.

We welcome the opportunity to have you involved and updated with each step of building your yacht including seeing your Selene while under construction at the factory.

A Trawler combines a more comfortable ride due to it's heavy full displacement hull and fuel efficiency that enables long-range cruising capability.

High quality woodwork, luxurious interiors, rugged build and a low profile design and that provides increased stability in a seaway.

Yes, there are many customizations available beyond what we display here including additional size boats and configuration options. Please contact us to learn more.

Stay Afloat with Selene Updates

Welcome aboard.

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

  • – KROGEN 44 AE
  • – KROGEN 48 AE
  • – KROGEN 50 Open
  • – KROGEN 52
  • – KROGEN 58 EB
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Crossing the Atlantic on a Yacht in Comfort

Experienced cruisers often discover Kadey-Krogen Yachts because they begin to search for yachts capable of crossing the Atlantic. If one searches the listings for Transatlantic boats for sale or contacts a broker with a very specific request to hear about yachts that can cross the Atlantic, they’re bound to discover plenty of superyachts, and some custom trawlers, and, of course, a selection of our models that are built to take on long bluewater cruising legs such as one takes on for an ocean crossinig.

Those who are more serious about open-ocean crossings begin to think about the best time to cross the Atlantic west to east and also consider provisioning, crew, a timetable, potential destinations, and all the factors, large and small, that enter into this exciting equation.

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Lessons Learned in more than two years of cruising in Northern Europe

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Journey from Rhode Island to Ireland Via the Azores

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Windward Islands Yachting Company

Best Yachts for Transatlantic Crossing: Our Selection and Advice for 2023

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

Sailing across the Atlantic is more than just an item on a bucket list for sailors. It’s how you get your boat to new horizons, whether to cruise the Caribbean islands or explore the waters around Europe. It’s a big undertaking and requires serious planning and a solid sailing vessel. You can cross the Atlantic by yourself, with a rally of like-minded racers and cruisers, or as part of a highly competitive race. But no matter how you go, the choice of a good sailing yacht lies at the foundation of a safe and enjoyable crossing.

What does a boat need for a transatlantic crossing?

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

If you choose to do your transatlantic crossing with a rally or race, you’ll have to meet a stringent list of required equipment and safety checks. That’s easier because you have the lists right in front of you, and a team of inspectors to check your work. Preparing for a crossing with just one boat, the captain has to take all the responsibility and know what to check.

Sailing across the Atlantic is a serious undertaking, and you will sail out of range of shore-based rescue and into rapidly changing and possibly severe weather systems. You will have several thousand miles of nonstop sailing and may be at sea for several weeks.

What you must have

Any boat sailing across the Atlantic needs solid construction and a sound rig, a reliable auxiliary engine, and enough stores for food and water for the crew. That’s a bare minimum. Every boat needs to be checked from stem to stern to make sure systems are reliable, many older boats can certainly make this trip, and not every new boat is suitable.

Some tiny boats have crossed the Atlantic, so minimum size isn’t a requirement. What successful boats have in common is a solid hull and rig, with reliable sails and systems.

Most transatlantic yachts have a lot more

You can cross the oceans with a lightly equipped boat with few conveniences or extra safety gear, but most do not. A few things to look for on your boat include:

  • An EPIRB satellite rescue beacon .
  • Long range communication devices, such as satellite phones and single sideband radios.
  • Certified life raft with space for all crew on board.
  • Storm sails
  • Storm safety gear such as drogues or sea anchors.
  • Access to up-to-date weather forecasts and reports.

Do not head offshore without these

The list of required equipment for races and rallies is exhaustive, and many of the requirements are exacting and expensive. No one is enforcing compliance when you sail on your own. But there are a few things you should not head offshore without.

  • A reliable auxiliary engine. If the wind dies and you need to dodge bad weather, this can be a lifesaver.
  • Access to good, current weather information.
  • Reliable sails. Have all sails inspected by a sailmaker for wear and damage before setting out.
  • A life raft. If you run into serious problems and lose your boat, this is your last hope for rescue.
  • Spare parts and tools for common repairs.

Read also: 10 Sailing Myths And Bad Advice You Shouldn’t Listen To

What experience do you need to do a transatlantic?

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

A transatlantic crossing is a major sailing milestone for experienced sailors. The north Atlantic is no place for new sailors and beginners, unless they’re with competent and experienced crew or a qualified captain.

If you’re thinking of a transatlantic crossing on your own, you’ll need experience with multi-day, nonstop passages. Sailing offshore is twenty-four hours a day and nonstop, there’s no place to park. Experience with night sailing, standing watches, navigation, provisioning, and basic engine and system troubleshooting are all a must.

Read also: Five Easy Beginners-Friendly Sailing Trips And Destinations

Chartering a yacht – a great option for less experienced sailors.

Charter fleets make seasonal moves from Europe to the Caribbean are an excellent way to get offshore sailing experience. Charter companies provide a captain and first mate, but you can reserve a spot and fill the roles of a full crew member, standing watch and sailing far offshore.

Many boats are also available for charter in cruising rallies, races, and deliveries. You’ll need to hire a captain with the needed offshore experience, but you may come away with enough experience to skipper your own yacht the next time.

The best yachts for a transatlantic crossing

best motor yachts for ocean crossing

There are many yachts which are suitable for a transatlantic passage. Some will be less expensive, some will be more comfortable, faster, or better suited to you, your experience, and your budget.

NEEL 51: Fast and easy to sail trimaran

The NEEL 51 is a fast, comfortable trimaran suited to a smaller crew. It’s spacious, but easy to handle while putting up double digit speeds and 200+ mile days. Trimarans can be a little more sea-kindly in waves and chop than catamarans, and don’t heel hard like monohulls. A protected helm station gives great protection offshore and good visibility, and there space on board for plenty of crew and guests.

The racing version of the NEEL 51 is built with lighter materials, and features a larger rig to project more sail area for more speed, while still affording the same luxury and comfort at anchor.

More info about our Neel 51 available for charter

Outremer 5X: High-speed catamaran sailing

The Outremer 5X offers top tier performance and comfort in a single passage. Sustaining double digit speeds with east, the Outremer 5X is one of the fastest cruising catamarans on the market. Outremer is known for both performance and quality, and your transatlantic trip will be fast and safe.

With four different helm stations, she’s a sailing boat foremost. It’s designed for a small crew, even when tearing up the ocean on a fast passage. With options for three or four cabins and a cockpit that can fit a dozen people, she’ll be as comfortable when you arrive as she is fast on passage.

Hallberg-Rassy 57: Sturdy monohull with elegance and speed

Hallberg-Rassy builds tough cruising yachts, and the 57 is no exception. While monohulls don’t put up the blistering speeds you’ll find in multihulls, the Hallberg-Rassy 57 is no slouch and can log 200 mile days. Most offshore sailing and cruising is done in monohulls, and blue water sailors love their stability and seakindliness across all conditions.

The Hallberg-Rassy 57 has generous accommodations, and loads of capacity for gear supplies. The deck layout is clear, and lines and controls are laid out for easy use with a small crew. With a performance design by German Frers, the 57 sails well on all points of sail.

There are many choices for the best boat for you for a transatlantic crossing. No matter which boat you choose for your transatlantic and how you go – on your own, or on a charter – preparation is key. Your boat needs to be equipped with a full range of safety gear, and checked from top to bottom so you know your sails, hull, and engines will get you where you’re going.

Read also: The Caribbean To Mediterranean Sailing Routes: How To Cross The Atlantic Eastward


Luxury yachts for charter perfectly suited for 10 guests, best power multihulls: our selection for 2024, trimaran vs catamaran: what are the differences.

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crossing the atlantic by motor yacht

Crossing The Atlantic By Motor Yacht? Everything You Need To Know

A yacht can travel both the Pacific and Atlantic seas. A sailing boat or a motor yacht may span the Pacific and Atlantic seas. It’s preferable to have a tank large enough to store the amount of fuel you’ll be burning.

Not all yachts, however, are capable of undertaking these journeys. If you intend to sail across any of these seas, be sure you have an ocean-going boat as well as the necessary equipment and abilities.

Some yachts will not have enough fuel to make the journey and will be transported aboard specially constructed freighters.

In this essay, I’ll go over some of the key facts concerning yachts that you should be aware of before embarking on your journey.

How Long Does it Take to Sail Across the Atlantic?

Sailing across the Atlantic takes roughly 3-4 weeks, but if you’re lucky, use shortcuts, and have a speedy sailboat, you can accomplish it in two weeks. It might take up to a month if you don’t get enough wind for a week or longer. It’s critical to know the shortcuts, optimize speed, and have cross-Atlantic sailing expertise.

How Far Can a Yacht Travel?

In an 8-hour day, a powered boat of 35 feet in length can go over 200 miles at a speed of 25 knots. They can cover about 300 miles in a day at 35 knots. You can go thousands of kilometers if you have adequate gasoline or fill-ups.

Can a Yacht Cross the Atlantic Ocean?

A typical powered boat would require a tank with a capacity of roughly 5000 gallons of petrol and a fuel efficiency of 2.5 nautical miles per gallon to traverse the Atlantic.

This is based on a gasoline consumption rate of 4 gallons per hour at a cruising speed of 10 knots. Of course, this is at cruising speed. They can’t keep going at top speed for an extended amount of time (which would burn through the fuel faster).

The voyage (about 3,000 miles) would take 300 hours or 12.5 days at 10 knots.

Every year, sailing boats cross the Atlantic since the only fuel they use is to power generators that power aboard equipment.

When the weather isn’t cooperating, some fuel may be utilized to power the boat.A fast boat traveling at 25 knots takes roughly 4–5 days to cross the Atlantic Ocean. In a sailing yacht, though, it would take longer (which also depends on the winds).

We have a lot more information on which boat types are capable of crossing oceans. If you’re thinking of taking a boat journey across the oceans, this is a must-read.

Read more: Boat Fuel Tank Vent Open or Close (What to do?)

How Large Does A Boat Need To Be In Order To Cross The Atlantic Ocean?

To cross the Atlantic, you’ll need a boat that’s at least 30 feet long, whether you’re sailing or motoring. For safety and comfort, your boat should be at least 40 feet long. Although the experience of sailing or motoring across the Atlantic is vastly different, both require a boat of this size. If you plan on having a crew on board, you may need a boat that is much larger. Why do you need a 30 or 40 foot boat when you can cross the Atlantic with a lot smaller boat? The simple answer is that attempting to cross in anything smaller may be extremely risky and inconvenient. Here are a few reasons why you should get a boat at least this size:


You don’t want to be stranded in a tiny boat as the waves start to rise. In the Atlantic, boats significantly larger than 30 or 40 feet are often sunk due to bad weather.

If you go any smaller, you run the danger of being sunk in a storm. Make the mistake of assuming you can organize your vacation around the possibility of bad weather.

Storms may appear out of nowhere in the unpredictable Atlantic Ocean, and any vessel could be caught off guard, regardless of the season. Although not every 30 or 40-foot yacht is seaworthy enough to cross the North Atlantic, this size is a minimum need for ocean navigation.

Supply Storage

Even if you want to conduct as much open-ocean fishing as possible while crossing the Atlantic, you’ll need to have supplies. You should have enough food and drink for everyone in your crew to last the whole voyage.

Keep in mind that crossings can take longer than expected, so make sure you have adequate supplies to account for delays. You’ll need to reserve gasoline if you’re crossing in a motorboat or if you have a backup motor for your sailboat.

You may need a larger boat if you need to store a lot of provisions for your voyage. Too much weight can cause your boat to sink in the water, making even a seaworthy boat much less seaworthy. A boat that is too low in the water might be swamped by waves more quickly.

Before you load up your boat and set out on the water, be sure you know how much it can securely handle.

Comfort Of The Crew

Until you’ve spent a few weeks out on the open sea aboard a 30 or 40-foot boat, it may appear to be rather large. If you want to enjoy your passage, you’ll need a boat large enough for everyone on board to have their own space and stretch their legs at regular intervals throughout the journey. Even with a one- or two-person crew, 30 to 40 feet is required to achieve this aim.

Crossing The Atlantic In A Motorboat

You might be surprised to learn how much gasoline it takes to cross the Atlantic in a powerboat. Simply storing all of that fuel aboard your yacht can take up a lot of space.

Fuel should not be utilized for longer than 90 days in most cases. This should be enough time for you to cross the Atlantic, but it could not be. You may preserve fuel for up to six months or even two years if you use a fuel stabilizer or don’t mix it before use.

Fuel storage will require a large portion of your entire storage space. For the same journey, you could require a larger motorboat than a sailboat.

The advantage of crossing in a motorboat is that, while it may require more storage and gasoline, utilizing it instead of the wind for movement may make your route much more predictable. A speedboat can move in nearly any situation except particularly severe and inclement weather, but a sailboat must wait for the wind to be right to make headway. As a result, you won’t need as many resources to prepare in case you don’t arrive at your location on time.

Enjoy Your Crossing

It’s difficult to imagine a more thrilling experience than sailing the Atlantic Ocean on your own boat. You will most likely have a very pleasurable vacation whether what kind of boat you choose, as long as you choose a boat of at least 30 or 40 feet and plan wisely.

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Best Yachts – Top 15 Picks for 2024

Carver 52 Command Bridge

Carver 52 Command Bridge

Hatteras M75 Panacera

Hatteras M75 Panacera

Sabre 58 Salon Express

Sabre 58 Salon Express

Chris Riley

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a yacht? Probably those huge luxury cruisers reserved for the high society folks, right? Well, that’s true, but those are a special group of ships referred to as luxury yachts.

The questions you need to be asking are – What is a yacht? At what point is a yacht regarded as a ship? And, what exactly makes a yacht a yacht? Here’s a little boating lesson for you.

A yacht is any fast cruising watercraft used for pleasure or sport. Yachts can be classified into cruisers, superyachts, and mega yachts. The difference between them all boils down to their respective sizes.

Luxury vessels that are less than 12 meters long fall in the class of cabin cruiser yachts – or simply, cruisers. Those that measure more than 24 meters are classified as superyachts. Anything that’s 50+ meters long is a mega yacht. Anything larger than a mega yacht is generally referred to as a ship and generally describes a working vessel as opposed to something recreational.

So, as you can see, you don’t necessarily have to be swimming in a ton of money to become a yacht owner. The only difference will be in the size of the craft you get. Clear enough?

Without further ado, here are the 15 best yachts, as well as a few useful tips on how to choose the best one.

Top on our list of best yachts is the Carver 52 Command Bridge. Its unique design, spacious salon, expansive foredeck seating area, and well-thought-out amenities make this one the best yachts bar-none.

It comes with a master head, a spacious stall shower, and a full-beam master stateroom that even has its own private entrance. It doesn’t get any better than that.

 Carver  →

● Designed for long-range cruising ● Ample living space ● Comes with loads of convenience amenities

● Not ideal for use in icy waters

The Hatteras M75 Panacera yacht is the perfect embodiment of superior craftsmanship and timeless elegance. One look at it, and you can tell that it was built with impeccable attention to detail.

Everything from the galley layout and the open-concept deckhouse salon to the 360-degree panoramic windows and state-of-the-art amenities adds a completely new dimension to luxury yachting.

 Hatteras  →

● Ample space ● Exquisite interiors and exteriors ● Fully-customizable

● High maintenance

Yachts don’t exactly come cheap. So, the term “budget” yacht might be a bit of a stretch when referring to the price. Nonetheless, if you’re shopping for a watercraft that delivers excellent value for money, the Sabre 58 Salon Express is a great option to consider.

It has an open yacht design that seamlessly merges the interior with the exterior and has large windows that flood the interior spaces with lots of natural light. The Sabre also has three en-suite cabins, abundant storage, and several other great features that make it stand out from other boats in its class.

 Sabre Yachts  →

● Great value for money ● Spacious interior ● Ample storage

● Not ideal for use in the high seas

Tiara Yachts 53 Coupe

Tiara Yachts 53 Coupe

The Tiara Yachts 53 Coupe is the perfect family watercraft. It is designed for indoor and outdoor living. The bridge deck space and salon offer breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the ocean. It also has comfortable living quarters below deck that are guaranteed to give the entire family an exceptional cruising experience.

 Tiara  →

● Great for making memories ● Comfortable living quarters ● Offers panoramic views all round

● High maintenance costs

60 Cantius

The 60 Cantius from Cruiser was built for long-distance passages. It has spacious living quarters both above and below deck, as well as lots of comfort and convenience amenities that allow you to spend extended periods out on the water.

You’ll particularly enjoy the retractable sunroof that allows you to bask in the sun while enjoying breathtaking panoramic ocean views as you cruise along.

 Cruisers Yachts  →

● Ideal for long-distance passages ● Beautiful, elegant design ● Spacious living areas above and below deck

● Pricier than other boats in its class

93 Motor Yacht

93 Motor Yacht

If you’re looking for a watercraft that can go the distance, it doesn’t get any better than the 93 Motor Yacht from Viking Yachts. First impressions: It is gorgeous.

Its beauty isn’t skin-deep either. The 93MY was built to navigate the rough, choppy waters of the high seas, making it the perfect vessel for anyone who wants to go on an ocean-crossing adventure of a lifetime.

 Viking Yachts  →

● Stunning exterior and interior design ● Built to navigate rough water conditions ● It is pretty massive

● Requires a small crew to operate it

Jeanneau NC 37

Jeanneau NC 37

The Jeanneau NC 37 is an excellent beginner boat. Its fluid layout and ergonomic design make movement in this yacht a breeze. It comes with large panoramic windows with an open sunroof that bathe the living space in lots of natural light.

There’s an owner’s cabin, as well as a guest cabin that both offer ample standing headroom. Its well-proportioned interior alongside the multitude of comfort and convenience amenities it comes with makes it one of the best beginner yachts in the market today.

 Jeanneau  →

● Ample living space and storage ● Great value for money ● Open ergonomic layout

● Not ideal for ocean crossing

Regal 36 XO

Regal 36 XO

If you’re looking for a yacht that combines both comfort and functionality, the Regal 36 XO delivers on both fronts. This beauty is powered by two outboard engines and offers multi-bow seating that also doubles up as casting decks.

It has a spacious cabin, open-air salon, seamless galley that integrates the aft seating area with the roomy saloon, and a windshield walk-through that provides easy access to the bow.

 Regal  →

● Versatile ● Spacious interiors and exteriors ● Fully-customizable

Back Cove 390

Back Cove 390

If you thought yachts were reserved for ocean-use only, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are several models specially designed for lakes. The Back Cove 390 yacht is the perfect example.

Its smaller size makes it ideal for lake cruising. It has a fully-enclosed helm, as well as an owner and guest cabin below-deck, making it perfect for overnight stay.

 Back Cove Yachts  →

● Perfect size for lakes ● Ideal for entertaining ● Delivers optimal handling and maneuverability

● May not be ideal for a long extended stay

Formula 45 Yacht

Formula 45 Yacht

The Formula 45 Yacht is the perfect liveaboard watercraft. It has all the comfort and convenience amenities you would expect to find in any standard land-based home. It is spacious with a well-thought-out practical layout that makes movement on the yacht easy. It has enough room to comfortably accommodate a small family of four.

 Formula  →

● Best yacht for the money ● Spacious interior ● Comes with lots of convenience amenities

Ocean Alexander 36L

Ocean Alexander 36L

If you’re thinking of venturing out into the rough seas, you’re going to need a yacht that can hold its own in the sloppiest of weather conditions. The Ocean Alexander 36L is built to do just that.

Beyond its stunning exterior and interiors, this yacht’s overall rugged construction is focused on giving passengers the smoothest ride possible regardless of the water conditions outside. Its deep V-hull design and its 324,500 lbs. displacement capacity are largely responsible for the exceptional stability it displays when cruising through the high seas.

 Ocean Alexander  →

● Exceptionally stable ● Packed with loads of comfort and convenience amenities ● Expansive interior and exterior

● Needs a crew to run it

Westport 112 Motor Yacht

Westport 112 Motor Yacht

As far as luxury yachts go, the Westport 112 Motor Yacht is in a class of its own. This 111 ft. 8 in. long watercraft is built to deliver extraordinary performance inside and out.

It has four en-suite staterooms that sleep eight individuals and can accommodate up to five crew members, including the captain. The interior oozes luxury, sophistication, and a timeless elegance that’s hard to come by these days.

 Westport Yachts  →

● Spacious indoor and outdoor living areas ● Exquisite interiors ● Suitable for cruising the high seas

● Expensive

Beneteau Oceanis 60

Beneteau Oceanis 60

The Beneteau Oceanis 60 is by far the best sailing yacht we’ve come across. It is built on a hull that guarantees safety and unmatched performance at every turn.

This luxury sailing yacht has a unique deck plan that allows for single-handed maneuvering across the water. The glossy woodwork, cozy upholstery, and the spacious living quarters below-deck make it the perfect sailing yacht for your ocean getaway.

 Beneteau  →

● Exceptional fuel economy ● Spacious living areas ● Ideal for single-handed sailing

● May not be as fast as other non-sailboat yachts

Antares 9

Having a crew is great and all, but it’s also nice to have a yacht that you can operate on your own for that measure of added privacy when you need it. The Antares 9 is the perfect owner operator yacht.

It is modern, stylish, and compact, allowing you to run it on your own and discreetly slip away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life anytime you need to.

● Elegant design ● Can be operated solo ● Comfortable and safe navigation

● Not ideal for the rough, choppy waters of the high seas

Prestige 690

Prestige 690

Let’s get to what yachts are best known for – hosting memorable parties. The Prestige 690 has everything you need to keep the party going all day and all night.

Its open design layout and its expansive deck make it the perfect yacht for entertaining. The elegant, timeless design of its exterior, alongside the breathtaking finishing, are just a few of the 690’s attributes that add to its appeal.

 Prestige  →

● Massive open deck ● Comes with lots of comfort and convenience features ● Sleeps up to 10 people

How to Choose the Best Yachts – Buyer’s Guide

A yacht is a pretty big purchase. So, you need to know what to look for when choosing the right one for your needs. Here are a couple of pointers that might come in handy.

Type of Yacht

The type of yacht you buy depends in large part on your intended use for it. Most yachts tend to fall into one of three categories – For water sports like wakeboarding , fishing motor yachts, or the overnight cruising variety. Once you know what kind of recreational activities you plan on engaging in, that should help narrow down your choices.

Next, you need to consider what size of yacht you should get. Do you have a young family that you intend to expand in the coming years? Do you plan to use the vessel for day cruising, or do you intend to spend a couple of nights on board from time to time?

Will the yacht be just for you and your significant other, or do you plan to frequently entertain several guests on board? This will advise whether you should buy a cabin cruiser yacht, a superyacht, or a mega yacht.

In a perfect world, you would have all the money you need to buy any kind of watercraft you want. Sadly, that’s not the reality we live in. Keep in mind that yachts don’t exactly come cheap. So, even if you’re planning to purchase a small yacht, you’ll still need to spend quite a bit of cash to get it.

The best thing to do would be to set a budget and compare the different models on offer from different manufacturers . Aside from the boat’s purchase price, you also need to think about the costs associated with owning a yacht. These include insurance, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and the vessel’s general servicing.

Figure out what kind of comfort and convenience features are a must-have for you. How many cabins should it have? Do you need it to have a summer grill up top? Or will the one in the mini kitchen below-deck suffice? Ensure that the yacht you get has all the amenities you need.

Last but not least, before you sign any purchase contract, ensure that you schedule a sea trial with the dealer. That way, you get a true feel for the boat before you buy it.

Look Before You Leap

If you’re in the market for a shiny new yacht, any of the 15 vessels we’ve detailed in this guide will make an excellent choice. Do your homework beforehand, and make sure your desired craft has all the features and amenities you seek.

Use the tips we’ve outlined in this guide to help you choose the best yachts from all the different options that are hot on the market right now. Happy yachting!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for the best aluminum fishing boat , we’ve got you covered. Check out our review for our top picks.

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Entertainment, miscellaneous, classified ads, what boat do you need for an ocean crossing.

The crossing of an ocean in your sailboat is no easy task; you will need a sturdy and dependable vessel, a good deal of sailing experience, and strong hands-on abilities to be able to repair anything that could go wrong while you are at sea.

It is essential to have the sea boat that is optimal for ocean crossing in terms of size to navigate such a vast distance and remain functionally independent for weeks at a time.

But how large of a boat do you need to cross the ocean? Keep reading the post to find out more information.

What Size Boat For Ocean Crossing?

If you want a quick answer, the Atlantic Rally For Cruisers (ARC), run by the World Cruising Club every year in November from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, requires a minimum sailboat length of 27 feet for ocean crossing to enter the competition. But most sailboats that cross the ocean are bigger than this.

Keep in mind that it's easier and cheaper to maintain a smaller boat, so you'll be more likely to keep it in good shape. The less likely you are to have problems during the trip, the better your boat is kept. How fast you go and how comfortable you are on board will depend on your boat size.

What Size Boat For Ocean Crossing

Longer water lines typically translate to higher top speeds.

It's safe to assume that, all else being equal, a larger boat will travel at a faster clip than a smaller one, even though there is some variation in speed between boats of the same length due to differences in shape and weight. Remember that the time it will take you to finish your crossing is also impacted by your chosen sailing technique.

For instance, when we sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from east to west in a monohull sailboat measuring 37 feet in length with a keel (a Tayana 37), it took us the same number of days as it did for a Bavaria 46 to complete the journey.

This is because we went further north than they did, where the wind was greater, and we ventured to sail "deeper" downwind than they did, which resulted in our covering fewer miles in the same amount of time as they did even though the wind was stronger.

The larger the boat, the more pleasant the journey will be for its passengers. You could claim that having greater space results in increased levels of comfort as a general rule. This is because larger boats often have more space for lounging, allowing more crew members to be carried on board and traveling more slowly overall.

Given this information, you will want to make the crossing in a boat at least 30 feet long and possibly even longer, depending on how many people you plan to have on board.

However, although a larger boat provides more space, the vessel's design also affects how easily the boat goes through the water, which decides how comfortable the passengers will be on board. For instance, we went with a keel sailboat 37 feet long, had a canoe stern, and was constructed with great care.

The heavy weight and deep keel of the Tayana 37 help keep the boat steady, and the canoe-shaped stern allows for waves following the boat to break naturally, as opposed to hitting a sugar scoop stern, which would cause a large splash and throw the boat off course. These characteristics combine to make the Tayana 37 a sailboat that moves more gently.

Is it possible for yachts to sail between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans?

A yacht is suitable for sailing across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Sailing or motor yacht can travel between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It is in your best interest to have a fuel tank that is spacious enough to carry the amount of fuel you anticipate using.

That said, not all yachts can do these kinds of journeys. If you choose to travel across either of these seas, you will want to ensure that you have access to an ocean-worthy boat and the necessary gear and expertise to complete the journey.

Because the fuel capacity of some yachts is insufficient for the journey, those yachts often have to be transported aboard specially adapted freighters.

How Long Does It Take To Cross The Atlantic & Pacific ocean?

It will take you at least 20 days to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and it could take longer if you choose to sail across the ocean rather than use a motor.

It is possible that crossing the Pacific Ocean on a large boat with a powerful motor will take a much longer amount of time, depending on the weather conditions. The amount of fuel you are willing to use significantly impacts how much variation there will be. When you increase the speed of your motor, you will need more fuel. Another option is you can also travel across oceans in a sailboat.

You will consume less gasoline doing this, but your speed will be slower due to the boat's features and the fact that the weather will greatly impact your journey.

What’s the smallest boat you can cross an ocean with? Does boat size matter?

The two most important concerns that typically come to the minds of ambitious sailors considering sailing across the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean are the following: what is the smallest vessel capable of completing the journey? And does the size of the boat make a difference?

To address your question in a nutshell: yes, boat size does matter for various reasons. On the other hand, there are numerous examples of extremely small boats completing an ocean journey, indicating that other factors are more significant. Let's look at the kind of vessels that can successfully cross an ocean and why.

How Big Of A Boat Do You Need To Cross The Ocean?

If you want to cross the Atlantic Ocean, you will need a boat at least 30 feet long, regardless of whether you plan to sail or motor. For both protection and convenience, the ideal length of your boat is forty feet. Both motoring and sailing across the Atlantic are very different adventures, but to be one of them, you need a boat at least this size. You may also need an even larger boat if you plan to bring other people with you on the voyage.

Why Do You Need A Boat Of 30 Or 40 Ft To Cross The Ocean?

Since it is feasible to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in a much smaller vessel, the question arises as to why you would need a boat that is 30 or 40 feet in length. The answer is that attempting to cross in anything smaller can be very dangerous and becomes increasingly inconvenient as time goes on. This is a simple explanation. A boat of at least this size is desirable for several reasons, including the following:


When the waves start to get rough, the last thing you want to do is be confined in a little boat. In the Atlantic Ocean, storms frequently cause the sinking of boats with lengths significantly more than 30 or 40 feet. If it is any smaller than this, there is a significant possibility of sinking during a storm. Do not fall into the trap of believing that you can organize your trip so that it avoids the possibility of poor weather.

Storage of Supplies

You will need to bring supplies across the Atlantic Water, even if you plan to conduct as much open-ocean fishing as you possibly can while traveling across the ocean. You are responsible for packing an adequate supply of food and water for everyone in your crew to last them for the duration of the journey.

Keep in mind that border crossings typically take longer than anticipated, so stocking up on sufficient supplies is essential to account for delays. You will need to conserve fuel if you plan to make the voyage in a motorboat or if your sailboat is equipped with an auxiliary motor in case your primary one breaks down. If you need to bring many goods on your journey, you will probably require a larger boat. Too much weight on a boat might cause it to sit lower in the water, which can make it much less seaworthy, even if the boat would be seaworthy otherwise. When a boat is positioned too low in the water, it increases the likelihood that waves will swamp it.

Before you load up your boat and head out on the water, you must be sure that you are aware of the maximum amount of weight it can safely carry.

The Pleasure of the Staff

Before you've spent a few weeks aboard a vessel of either 30 or 40 feet in length, you might think that it's a rather big boat. If you want the passage to be enjoyable for everyone on board, you need a large enough boat to have its place on the boat and get up and stretch its legs at regular intervals while you are traveling. Even if only one or two people are working toward this objective, a staff of thirty or forty feet is required.

Crossing The Ocean In A Motorboat

It is possible that you will be surprised by the amount of fuel that is required to travel across the Atlantic Ocean in a powerboat. Merely storing all that fuel will use a considerable portion of your boat's available space.

In most cases, fuel should not be utilized for more than ninety days after it has been purchased. Although it should be long enough for you to traverse the Atlantic Ocean, there is a possibility that it is not. If you use a fuel stabilizer or avoid mixing it before, you can store the fuel for a longer period, up to six months or even two years. It is necessary to allocate a sizeable portion of your total storage space for fuel storage. This indicates that you may require a larger motorboat than a sailboat to complete the same journey.

When you travel across in a motorboat, rather than relying on the power of the wind to propel you, you use fuel to power your propulsion, which makes the trip a lot more predictable. However, this comes at the expense of increased storage space and fuel consumption. If you want to progress in a sailboat, you will need to wait until the wind blows in the right direction. On the other hand, a motorboat can travel in almost any condition except extremely stormy and bad weather. As a result, you won't need nearly as many goods to prepare for the possibility that you won't arrive at your destination when you anticipate that you will.

Crossing The Ocean In A Sailboat

The concept of traveling across the Atlantic Ocean by sailboat is one of the most romantic things a person can imagine doing. There is no one else to help you cross the ocean besides the winds from the Atlantic, you and your boat.

However, a high degree of danger is associated with sailing across the Atlantic. The wind must be strong enough to push you along to get you across the lake. If there is no wind, you may end up being adrift in the middle of the ocean for a considerably longer period than you had planned. It is advisable to fit your sailboat with at least a couple of engines if you are not completely committed to traveling only using sailing. Different motors will indeed add weight, which is not what you want. Still, most sailors believe that the added peace of mind from knowing they can motor when needed is well worth the burden of carrying that additional weight.

Bottom Line

It is difficult to think of an activity that would be more exciting than sailing alone across the Atlantic Ocean in your boat. It doesn't matter if you want to go with a monohull or a multihull, a powerboat or a sailboat; as long as you select a vessel that is at least 30 or 40 feet long and makes proper preparations, you should have a voyage that is filled with a lot of fun.

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    Kadey-Krogen 52: This twin-engine-capable, all-oceans trawler is a solid fit for voyaging cruising couples. Bering Yachts B76: The B76 is the builder's first fully custom trawler in this size range. Ranger Tugs R-43 Command Bridge: This vessel is equally comfortable at a 7-knot stroll or an 18-knot jog.

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    The 29-knot Riviera 78 Motor Yacht offers luxe living on the inside and bluewater cruising on the outside. Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 Reviewed The Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 has 1,000-plus-mile range and 20-knot speed.

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    Choosing the right yacht is more than just a purchase; it's a journey that shapes your future seafaring experiences. Whether you're eyeing the best ocean crossing trawler or a luxurious yacht for social gatherings, the selection process should be thorough and enjoyable. Embrace each step, from exploring different yachts to consulting with experts.

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    Luxury Yachts. Selene has a 25 year tradition of building elegant, long-range cruising trawlers for active adventurers. We offer two lines of ocean-capable trawlers, the original Classic Explorer series and the contemporary design of the Ocean Explorer series. . Each Selene model has ocean crossing capabilities and is customizable to meet the ...

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    Crossing the Atlantic on a Yacht in Comfort. Experienced cruisers often discover Kadey-Krogen Yachts because they begin to search for yachts capable of crossing the Atlantic. If one searches the listings for Transatlantic boats for sale or contacts a broker with a very specific request to hear about yachts that can cross the Atlantic, they're ...

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    Living Aboard Motor Yachts. For a solo nomad, the ideal size sailboat to live on would be 35 feet for most people. However, if you are planning to live aboard a boat with a family, you will need a boat between 45-50 feet. Any boat below 35 feet would be too cramped for living, and you would quickly get cabin fever.

  19. Best Yachts for Transatlantic Crossing: Our Selection and Advice for 2023

    The best yachts for a transatlantic crossing. Neel 51. Outremer 5X. Hallberg-Rassy 57. There are many yachts which are suitable for a transatlantic passage. Some will be less expensive, some will be more comfortable, faster, or better suited to you, your experience, and your budget.

  20. Crossing The Atlantic By Motor Yacht? Everything You Need To Know

    A typical powered boat would require a tank with a capacity of roughly 5000 gallons of petrol and a fuel efficiency of 2.5 nautical miles per gallon to traverse the Atlantic. This is based on a gasoline consumption rate of 4 gallons per hour at a cruising speed of 10 knots. Of course, this is at cruising speed.

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    As far as luxury yachts go, the Westport 112 Motor Yacht is in a class of its own. This 111 ft. 8 in. long watercraft is built to deliver extraordinary performance inside and out. It has four en-suite staterooms that sleep eight individuals and can accommodate up to five crew members, including the captain.

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    If you're looking for a quick answer to this question, the Atlantic Rally For Cruisers (ARC), which is run by the World Cruising Club every year in November from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, requires a length of 27 feet minimum sailboat sizes for ocean crossing, in order to enter the competition.

  23. What Boat Do You Need For An Ocean Crossing?

    What Size Boat For Ocean Crossing? If you want a quick answer, the Atlantic Rally For Cruisers (ARC), run by the World Cruising Club every year in November from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, requires a minimum sailboat length of 27 feet for ocean crossing to enter the competition. But most sailboats that cross the ocean are bigger than this.