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Yacht Charter: How Much Does it Cost? All Rental Costs Explained

Mooring a yacht

How much it costs to rent a yacht isn’t always a very clear cut answer. There are numerous ways to charter a yacht and different factors can significantly increase or lower the cost of a yacht rental.

Here are the main costs to consider to estimate the total yacht rental price of your next yacht charter.

Yacht Rental Costs in a Nutshell

To calculate the price of a yacht charter, you need to sum the base fee of the yacht charter (the price you see displayed on websites), taxes (varies depending on destination), APA , crew gratuity and insurance cost . 

Depending on the details of your yacht charter, you will need to add between 30% and 100% on top of the base fee to have the total cost of your rental.

Here is an idea of the ranges you can expect for the yacht charter base fees :

  • Motor Yachts – Sailing Yachts under 50ft: €4 000 – €15 000 / week
  • Motor Yacht – Sailing Yachts between 50ft and 65ft: €15 000 – €40 000 / week
  • Motor Yachts – Sailing Yachts between 65ft and 80ft: €40 000 – €70 000 / week
  • Motor Yachts – Sailing Yachts between 80ft and 100ft: €70 000 – €100 000 / week
  • Motor Yachts – Sailing Yachts over 100ft: €100 000 – up to 1,000,000 / week

To know the estimation of your total yacht rental cost based on your situation, use our free calculator below , or read the next paragraphs to make the calculations on your own.

What is the (true) cost of chartering the yacht you've seen? 💰⛵

The advertised prices of all charter companies do not include APA, VAT & other variable costs. 

Use our calculator to get a 100% FREE estimate of the REAL total cost of your next yacht charter! ⬇

How is the total price of a yacht rental calculated?

There are two main categories of yacht charters: all-inclusive or separated charges. 

The all-inclusive yacht rentals option (rare)

The all-inclusive option isn’t very common in yacht charters, and tends to be for smaller yachts and cruise where it’s easier to package a standardized offer.

As the name implies, all-inclusive yacht charter offers a price that includes everything: fuel, food, beverages, and entertainment (diving and fishing equipment).

The “usual” option: base charter rates and separated variable charges to add on top

In most yachting websites, the price of a yacht charter only refers to the  base price  of a boat at its lowest possible charter time.

It doesn’t include many variable costs such as food and beverage, fuel, taxes, insurance and so on.

To understand the total cost of chartering a yacht when it’s not all-inclusive (which is almost always the case), it’s therefore important to split the costs that are included in the base rate of the yacht (the price you’ll see displayed on a website) from the costs that are not included in that base rate , that you will therefore need to add yourself if you want a precise estimation.

Don’t worry, the math isn’t rocket science.

The formula goes like this:

Total yacht charter price = Base charter fee + APA + Taxes + Insurance

We’ll detail each costs in the following paragraphs.

how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

The base charter fee of a yacht rental: Costs and factors included in the calculation

The base charter fee of the yacht rental is essential in calculating the total cost of your charter. Most variable costs are calculated as a percentage of that base fee and are simply summed up together along with the base fee to get the total cost.

Here is what you should know about the base charter fee.

The base charter fee follows a simple rule: the longer the yacht, the higher the charter cost

The boat’s size affects the base charter fee considerably. It determines the number of cabins and guest capacity , the number of staff on board, along with a lot of amenities that tend to get more spacious and more luxurious the longer the yacht gets. 

Everything that comes with the yacht (including the staff!) is included in the base charter fee.

The more reputable and in-demand the yacht is, the higher the base fee gets

A yacht reputation and popularity can also affect the base fee, even for boats within the same size range.

Boats are by definition limited in stock and follow supply and demand laws . When a particular yacht is in high demand, whether it’s thanks to its reputation, its features, the season or its recent appearance in a movie, series or TV shows the price of the charter can shoot up.

For instance, chartering a yacht featured in a James Bond movie such as  luxury yacht Regina  won’t cost the same as a regular model. Likewise for most yachts that are a part of the popular Below Deck TV show .

It can also be true for some classic yachts that had famous builders or previous celebrity owners.

The season does influence the yacht rental prices at the base fee level

Your yacht charter base fee depends to some extent on your date of departure. 

If you take your vacation during the busiest weeks of the year (high season) of a destination, you’ll pay a higher base price than someone who charters a yacht on low season dates.

In the Mediterranean, the high season is in summer while it’s in winter for the Caribbean. The yacht charter base fees will be at their highest during these months. 

Sometimes just a week or two can make a big difference to the price. Chartering a yacht in shoulder seasons can be a good idea when you are looking for good deals.

Likewise, since some destinations have very short seasons , it has increased demands and makes it more expensive.

International events will also increase the cost of a yacht charter. Expect to pay more if you want to attend the Monte-Carlo Masters (April), the Cannes Film Festival (May), or the Monaco Grand Prix (May) during your yachting vacations in the Mediterranean.

The destination you pick can affect the base charter fee of your yacht rental

Your vacation destination is an essential factor in the yacht charter charge that is included in the base fee. 

As the supply and demand law dictates, the more competition there is, the less you have to spend. It is why locations with large charter fleets are less expensive.

The Bahamas, BVI and the Mediterranean are for example more affordable than remote islands without established yachting industries.

yacht destination

The water toys are usually included in your base yacht charter fee and influence its amount

On a yacht, water toys don’t refer to your average backyard inflatable unicorns. Think instead of big equipment for marine activities: jet skis, kite-surf, kayaks, paddleboards, submarines, and expensive high-powered yacht tenders.

Some vessels come with sea pools or a giant slide to glide from the top of the boat straight into the ocean.

Most of these items, especially when they are in high numbers, can come at a cost that will be on the bottom line of your yacht charter invoice.

All the water toys specified in the yacht brochure when you make the reservation are generally included in the base fee . But it’s up to you if you want to rent others or even buy them. Make sure you ask your broker for advice about the cost of these extra if your budget is limited.

Yacht water toys

The base fee of your yacht charter is fixed and proportional to its duration

Most yacht charter companies only work ‘per week,’ and yacht owners rarely accept a shorter duration. Many companies have minimum stays of ten days, however some boats accept day charter or short periods, you can always ask your broker for an appropriate selection.

You can rent a vessel for two weeks or more, but the price won’t go down for longer holidays.

Yacht rental costs that are NOT included in yacht charter base fee

Now that we’ve seen what is usually included in the charter base fee, let’s find more about all these costs that you’ll have to add to the base fee to estimate your total yacht rental cost.

APA: the main variable cost of your yacht charter (add 20%-40% to your base fee)

The charter fee usually covers the cost of renting the yacht and the crew’s salary. But you still need to pay for fuel, provisions, and other extras for your trip. 

A fee covers all these additional costs : APA or Advanced Provisioning Allowance.  Find out more about the APA here.

APA is the standard system to pay your expenses on a luxury yacht charter, and it is generally a percentage of the charter fee. You’ll usually end up paying between 20% and 40% more than the base cost of the yacht charter in APA.

The amount varies a lot, depending on the ship and your activities. It will increase if the yacht has a higher fuel consumption, if you plan on cruising more than 4 hours a day, if you want to have onboard particular expensive brands, etc.

What does the APA cover?

APA covers all the day-to-day operating expenses. It also includes any special requests you might have while you’re on board. 

Here are the main costs of your yacht rental the APA covers: 

Food and drink

On your yacht charter, the chef can prepare all the dishes you want, whether you are vegan or low carb, whether you have allergies or require kosher meals. Make sure that you explain your food preferences to your broker.

Fuel Charges

Your fuel costs will depend on your boat, your itinerary, and whether you choose to cruise or stay at anchor. A sailing yacht charter can cost 10% less than a motor yacht charter because the fuel consumption is smaller.

This amount also includes the fuel expenditure of any water toys and tenders you use during your charter.

Harbor fees and dockage

The harbor fees and dockage will be more or less high-priced depending on your destination and season. All these costs will be included in your APA.

yacht Harbor

Communications Costs

For most people, yachting is about enjoying life outside of the daily routine. If you can’t survive without the Internet or satellite communications, you don’t have to worry. Your yacht charter will provide you all the digital connections needed. They won’t add much to the APA, but it’s still something that comes at a price.

Delivery fee

If you board or disembark the ship outside its usual harbor, you’ll have to pay a transportation fee to cover the fuel required to get your yacht to your requested destination.

Interiors and Laundry

The APA fee includes interiors and laundry costs to keep the yacht immaculate. But if you request unique decoration, it may add an extra charge.

Personal laundry services may not be covered depending on the yacht.

Taxes: a cost that varies a lot from country to country (add between 0% and 35% on top of base charter fee)

Taxes do have an impact on the total cost of your yacht charter, especially in some destinations.

For example, in Europe, chartering a commercial vessel is subject to VAT . But fees vary significantly according to your destination and itinerary. Some countries have a 0-tax rate (Montenegro, New England), while in others a passage in the international waters can lower the VAT rate.

The taxes can vary from VAT, national parks entrance (la Maddalena in Sardinia for example), countries taxes etc. the VAT and taxes will be based on the charter fee, so make sure you discuss this with your advisor to anticipate the cost.

Here are some VAT rate applied on luxury yacht charter in 2022 :

–  Charter in France  will be at 20 % VAT based on charter fee

–  Charter in Italy  will charge 22 % VAT based on charter fee

–  Charter in Spain  will charge 21 % VAT based on charter fee

–  Charter in Croatia  will charge 13 % VAT based on charter fee

–  Charter in Greece  will charge 24 % VAT based on charter fee with a discount of 60% on charter of more than 48h ending usually at 12% VAT, this is subject to change in 2022.

Moreover some countries such as Spain or Greece charge a licence for a yacht to be able to embark passengers for a paid charter in their waters, this explains why not every yacht can cruise in all countries.

Crew gratuity: a good practice to include in the cost of your yacht charter (add 15-20% to the base charter fee)

The crew on a yacht work even if you don’t notice it. 

Serving, cleaning, preparing, fixing, they are the key elements that make your charter a success. 

Even if tipping is not strictly mandatory, it is common practice to include a tip to the team when you are satisfied by their services. 

The suggested amount is around 15-20% of your base charter rate . It is therefore important to include this amount in your yacht rental price beforehand.

Yacht crew

Yacht charter cancellation insurance: a small cost that can save you a lot (add 15% of your base fee)

Cancelling or shortening a yacht charter can be very expensive if you don’t have cancellation insurance.

It is a small price to pay to ensure that all the money spent on your yacht charter will not go to waste if some unfortunate event leads you to miss your yacht rental.

As a charter company, we will help you select the best insurance options among several different offers.

In most cases, your cancellation insurance will cost around 15% of your charter base fee.

A typical yacht rental total cost isn’t as hard to determine as it seems when you know all the variable costs and your base fee.

Once you have your base charter fee in hands, add the following costs to estimate the final amount you’ll see on your yacht rental invoice:

  • 20% – 40% on top of your base fee for APA (low end for sailing vessels, higher end for motoryachts)
  • 0% – 30% of taxes and VAT on top of your base price. Highly dependant on your destination.
  • 10% – 15% on top of your base fee for crew gratuity
  • 15% on top of your base fee for cancellation insurance

Get in touch with our team to estimate more precisely the cost of your yacht charter project.

FAQ about cost of yacht charter and APA

Small motoryachts and sailing yachts under 50 ft (15m) can be chartered from 4,000€ to 15,000€ weekly.

Chartering motoryachts and sailing yachts between 50ft and 65ft costs between 15,000€ and 40,000€ weekly.

Between 65ft (20m) and 80ft (24m), you can expect motoryachts and sailing boats charters between 40,000€ and 70,000€ weekly. Between 80ft (24m) and 100ft (30m), the cost of chartering a yacht ranges between 70,000€ and 100,000€ weekly.

For yachts over 100ft (30m), the cost of charter ranges between 100,000€ and 1,000,000€ weekly.

APA stands for Advance Provisionning Allowance. You pay this fee in advance to cover food and drinks, fuel charges, harbors fees and dockage, communication, delivery fee various fees such as cleaning or interior design.

Advance Provisionning Allowance varies depending on your travel plans. Usually, it represents a surcharge of 20% to 40% on top of the yacht charter base price.

The APA is due one month before you set sail when dispensing your final charter payment. The captain directly receives the money and will supervise all the purchases made before and during your journey. He will be responsible for ensuring the crew stays within budget and will provide receipts upon request.

APA estimations are usually accurate. The captain will keep you updated during your trip. If you decide to go over the initial payment, you can top up the APA in cash or pay the balance during your trip.

With transparent communication, realistic budgets, and advanced provisioning, you may spend less than the APA and have the difference returned to you at the end of the cruise.

Get the base charter fee of your yacht rental, add taxes, APA, crew gratuity and cancellation insurance and you will have a very close estimation of your yacht rental cost everything included.

The base charter rate includes everything that is on a yacht: cabins, amenities, water toys along with the crew. Everything else (fuel, food, taxes…) come at an extra cost.

Crew gratuity is usually comprised between 15% and 20% on top of the base charter fee for most yacht rentals.

For sailboats in tax free areas, you can get away with a total cost of 30% on top of the base rate. In extreme cases (motoryachts in high taxed countries with big tips for the crew and cancelation insurance), you can more than double the base price. Most charters should be in between within the 40-80% on top of base fee range.

Can Owning a Yacht to Charter (Really) Be Profitable?

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how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

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Mega Yacht Charters

Bahamas motor yacht

Few luxury vacation options compare to chartering a mega yacht. These floating palaces – which typically measure 150 feet or more from bow to stern – provide a private 5-star experience unlike any other.

Many mega yachts have accommodations for up to 12 guests, and while on charter, every detail of your holiday is customizable.  You choose what destinations to see, the menus, and activities. And while onboard, the crew and captain are at your service, to ensure you receive a top-notch yachting experience throughout your stay. Another added benefit: You’ll have access to a wide range of amazing amenities on board. Many yachts include options like:

  • Spa & wellness centers
  • Massage rooms & saunas
  • Water toys, including skibobs, waterslides, jet skis, and tenders
  • Deck cinemas
  • Helicopter decks

The bottom line, chartering a mega yacht offers you the chance to explore some of the world’s most revered destinations in true luxury.

Where Can I Charter a Mega Yacht?

Mega yacht charters are available in some of the world’s most popular sailing destinations. From the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera , to the tropical ports of the Bahamas , these are some of the key yachting destinations around the world:

  • The Bahamas – White-sand beaches, warm aquamarine waters, and laid-back island vibes make The Bahamas a popular wintertime charter destination.
  • The Caribbean – From the chic beach clubs of St. Martin to the world-class scuba diving of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, the Caribbean offers a wide range of incredible cruising experiences.
  • The United States – Mega yachting hubs in the U.S. – particularly New England, Alaska, and Florida – are ideal for summer chartering, and provide a chance to explore rugged coasts, historic ports, and beautiful islands.
  • Spain and the Balearic Islands – Spain’s prime chartering grounds encompass the sun-soaked Balearic Islands, which include bustling Ibiza and laid-back Mallorca.
  • Italy & the Amalfi Coast – Italy is home to some of Europe’s favorite yachting destinations, including Sicily, the Italian Riviera, and the cliffside villages of the Amalfi Coast.
  • French Riviera – The Cote d’Azur is a playground for A-listers and jet setters; from the cobbled streets of Cannes and the glimmering beach clubs of St. Tropez to the high-roller casinos of Monaco, there’s much to do and explore.
  • Corsica & Sardinia – Located just off the French Riviera, these two neighboring islands – one Italian and one French – are home to incredible beaches, excellent cuisine, and stunning natural landscapes.
  • Greece – The Greek Isles offer the best-of-the-best in European yachting: Sun-soaked beaches, excellent food and drink, inspiring history, and cosmopolitan amenities.
  • Turkey – Neighboring Greece, Turkey is the ultimate East Meets West destination: Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine, thermal springs, history, and excellent yachting conditions.
  • Croatia and Montenegro – These neighbors in the Eastern Mediterranean boast a dramatic coastline that’s rich in culture, nightlife, and picturesque fishing villages.
  • French Polynesia – Tranquil French Polynesia – including Tahiti and Bora Bora – is the destination for supreme relaxation and adventure: World-class spas, surfing, excellent food, black-sand beaches, and isolation.
  • Southeast Asia – Mega yacht charters are popular in Thailand, which is known for its stunningly beautiful landscapes, excellent jungle escapes, and Full Moon parties.

Caribbean Mega Yacht Charters

During the winter months, the yacht charter set flocks to the Caribbean, especially to the Leeward Islands. The Leewards include hotspots like St. Maarten, St. Barts, and Anguilla.

Winter yacht charters in the Caribbean offer a warm escape, with temperatures in the mid-70s, and there’s plenty to do, including:

  • Scuba & Snorkel – Explore reefs, shipwrecks, and underwater museums.
  • Beaches & Beach Clubs – Relax on soft white sand beaches or head to a VIP club such as Nikki Beach on St. Barts.
  • Golf – Play a round on one of the region’s world-class courses.
  • Hiking & Biking – Explore rainforests, National Parks, and more by foot, bike, or on an ATV tour.
  • Food & Drink – Rum cocktails, frozen drinks, and fresh seafood are some of the region’s specialties.
  • Relaxation – Spas, isolated beaches, and quiet natural landscapes offer guests a chance to unwind and relax.

Mia Elise II Yacht

Mia Elise II

198ft / 59m

More info

178ft / 53m

Mediterranean Mega Yacht Charters

In summer, especially during the peak months of July and August, the Western Mediterranean is the center of the mega yachting universe. The region’s harbors beckon A-list guests from around the world, who come for a taste of the good life.

The West Med provides a bit of everything for visitors – Old World charm, upscale eateries, and exclusive festivals. Some must-see experiences include:

  • Nightclubs – From the all-night parties in Ibiza, to the opulent discos of Monte Carlo, the region knows how to let loose.
  • History – Roman ruins, medieval castles, and centuries-old villas; a historic site is always around the corner.
  • Festivals & Events – Cannes is the region’s festival capital; the Cannes International Film Festival, the Cannes Lion Festival, and the Grand Prix in nearby Monaco are all must-attend events.
  • Beaches – From the bustling beaches of St. Tropez, to the isolated stretches of sand on Sardinia, there’s a beach experience to suit your tastes here.
  • Food & Drink – Michelin-starred restaurants in Monaco, the France’s foodie capital in Nice, Italy’s legendary cuisine – great food and wine is always on tap.

OPtasia Yacht


278.1ft / 83m

Yacht Serenity 236

Serenity 236

236.3ft / 70m

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Mega Yacht?

There is a wide range of mega yachts for rent in nearly every destination in the world. Pricing for a mega yacht charter , though, is highly variable.

In general, a mega yacht charter can cost anywhere from $200,000/week to over $1 million/week. Prices depend on the size of the yacht, its amenities, how new the boat is, and the yacht builder.

Pricing to rent a mega yacht typically includes a base fee, and depending on the charter location, may include expenses like fuel, food and drink, and taxes.

Rent a Mega Yacht with Worldwide Boat

Book your dream vacation today. Contact your broker with Worldwide Boat to learn more about our mega yacht fleet in exclusive ports around the world.

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Chakra Profile

282.2ft / 84m

titania main

239.6ft / 71m

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superyacht charter costs Octopus

How much does it really cost to charter a luxury yacht?

Booking your first charter can be a tricky stretch of water to navigate, especially when you're confronted with provisioning allowances and price variations before even stepping on board. To make things a little easier, we have put together the ultimate guide to all the costs you might encounter when booking your dream yacht charter vacation...

If you want to charter a luxury superyacht , understanding the costs involved can seem a little daunting first time around. The two important things to understand are your base price, referred to as a "charter fee" or "charter rate", together with what you will be expected to pay on top of it. All-inclusive charter rates are not industry practice, so guests should expect to be paying more than just the basic fees listed on broker’s websites or in their brochures.

The best analogy for determining the cost of your charter is with buying a car. It’s never quite as easy as just walking into a showroom and saying, “I’ll take the blue one.” Immediately the salesman will whip out his order pad and start asking questions. “Do you want a radio?” “How about the fancy wheels?” “Did you want the two-tone paint?”

Yacht brokers will be able to provide you with an accurate estimation of all the costs involved in advance, but here is a breakdown of what to expect.

What is a yacht “charter”?

At a basic level, chartering a yacht means paying a fee to rent out an owner’s superyacht for an agreed period of time with a pre-arranged itinerary of where you will be cruising on board. During a charter vacation you will have access to all of the superyacht’s amenities which could include a swimming pool, beach club or cinema, as well as the toybox, which often provides equipment for water sports like wakeboarding, snorkelling or water skiing. During charters, guests will be looked after by the yacht’s crew, who will take care of your every need, including ferrying you to and from shore, washing laundry and providing meals cooked by the yacht’s chef.

How much does it cost to charter a superyacht?

Across BOAT International's listings, a charter vacation can range from a minimum of €14,000 per week (20 metre yacht George V ) to a maximum of €2,200,000 per week (126.2 Octopus ). Generally speaking, the bigger the yacht the bigger the cost of the charter, but this isn't always the case. There are actually many more factors that can influence the basic charter fee – not to mention the add-on expenses that are involved.

According to averages taken from BOAT International’s listings, smaller superyachts measuring under 30 metres LOA will have a weekly charter rate somewhere around €40,000 while yachts between 30 and 40 metres will weigh in at an average of €70,895 per week. 

Over 40 metres is when the charter rate will move into the €100,000 per week range, with yachts between 50 and 60 metres costing on average €219,826 per week while yachts in the 60 to 70 metre range average €444,521. Mega yachts measuring 80 metres and over will, on average, set charterers back by around €1.7 million a week. This is just an average price, however, and each yacht’s charter rate will be affected by a number of aspects from how many cabins and amenities there are on board to the dates and locations of where the charter takes place.

What factors can influence the base price of a yacht charter?

High season vs. low season.

In general, you’ll find two basic rates: high season and low season, usually with specific dates set for each. In addition, you’ll find chartering around special events that are more expensive: New Year’s Eve , Monaco during the Grand Prix , Cannes during the Film Festival , an Olympic destination or on the sidelines of the America’s Cup .

The key is to choose your times carefully. A difference of one week (from high season into low season) can significantly alter the cost, while still providing the same weather as the more expensive period. For yachts measuring between 30 and 40 metres, the high season price could result in an increased cost of around €6,000 per week. The highest increase in an average charter rate between low and high seasons can be seen in BOAT's listings of yachts measuring between 60 and 80 metres, with high season rates potentially costing around €33,000 extra.

The yacht itself

The yacht itself is a major factor in determining the charter cost, but it’s not just about size. A recently launched charter yacht from a famed builder with an experienced and popular charter crew is going to command top prices for its size range. Yachts with a legendary name or a history of celebrity ownership (for example Malcolm Forbes's iconic charter yacht Highlander , which has hosted everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to HRH Prince Charles) can also ask higher rates just for the “fame” value. And yachts with special features, such as cinemas or exceptional water toys like a submarine are also pricier.

Three different 30 metre charter yachts may vary in cost by as much as €75,000. Ask your broker to explain the differences. One yacht may have a larger and more experienced crew or a big-name chef, another yacht may be a little tired, another may not be in a prime location. It’s important to understand why the prices are higher or lower.

If a yacht has a gap in its charter calendar to fill, for example following an unexpected cancellation, some brokers will occasionally offer a time-limited charter fee discount offer .

What is included in a charter contract?

Knowing the base price of your charter is just the starting point. Depending on the location, which often governs the terms of the contract , more or less may be included in the inital fee, such as insurance or cancellation policies. Bear in mind that every charter yacht, because they are privately owned and the owner sets the rules, is slightly different. One yacht may include a “standard” selection of wines with every meal and charge only to upgrade the vintages, while on another yacht the wines are a la carte. Below we look at the different types of charter contracts you may come across when booking your yacht.

Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA)

Under Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) charter contracts, which are arguably the most common, the charterer is charged for the hire of the yacht, fuel, marina fees, crew wages, guests' personal laundry, insurance, water toys, food and drink as well as engine room maintenance and miscellaneous expenses. As a round number, which depends on how much fuel the yacht uses and how fancy the meals and drinks, you can expect to add 25% to 50% of your charter cost.

Caribbean Terms Inclusive (CTI)

The Caribbean Terms Inclusive (CTI), which is sometimes called Standard Caribbean Terms (SCT), is another type of charter contract which is more inclusive. It accounts for three meals per day and fuel for four hours of cruising a day. Some yachts under CTI terms include basic beverages (not vintage wines or champagnes), but this is mainly in the Virgin Islands.

Greek Terms (GT)

For yachts being chartered around the Greek Islands and mainland, another common phrase you may come across is "Greek Terms" or a GT contract. This will similarly include the cost of the yacht and its equipment, crew wages and laundry as well as any specific berthing fees required for Greek waters. 

What is an Advance Provisioning Allowance?

Part of your yacht charter contract will include an Advance Provisioning Allowance or APA. This is an amount of about 30-35 per cent of the charter fee for a “plus all expenses” charter and about five per cent for an “all-inclusive” charter. It is sent to the yacht before the charter to provision the yacht according to your preferences.

During the charter, the captain will provide a running account of the usage of the funds and, at the end of the charter, will present a detailed accounting along with any unused funds in cash. If the APA balance runs low during the charter, the client is expected to provide the captain with a sufficient amount in cash to cover the needs for the remainder of their stay. Since many charterers prefer not to carry quantities of cash, the charter broker can hold an amount and release it to the captain as needed. Here is what is covered by an APA...

Food and drink

Before you book a charter, your charter broker can provide you with a good estimate of the additional costs that will be incurred. Food is one of the largest and it is directly proportional to how exuberantly you plan to dine. If you expect several bottles of Champagne with every meal, then you can assume that your costs will be higher.

Fuel can be another cost and, again, it depends on how much the yacht cruises and how fast, too. Time spent at anchor will include the fuel for the generators, while shore-side electricity when at a dock is also an extra. Don’t forget that fuel is also charged for the tenders and water toys , so you’ll pay for the fuel used while zipping around on the jetskis.

Harbour fees and dockage

Harbour fees and dockage are a variable that can range from exorbitant (a front-row dock at the Monaco Grand Prix) to little or nothing in some areas.


Communications are another cost and, with the options for satellite communications and Internet, an important one for most charterers.

Delivery fee

A delivery fee is usually charged if a charterer requests to board (or depart) a yacht at a distance from where the yacht is normally based.

All the yacht laundry, including towels, sheets and table linens, is included in the charter fee, but some yachts charge to launder personal items of the charterer. Most, however, will do small quantities of personal laundry as a service but they usually won’t be responsible for delicate items.

At the end of each yacht charter, a cash tip is given by the primary guest to the captain to divide amongst the crew. Standards for a crew tip can range from five to 20 per cent of the base charter rate. This is not a cost included in the APA but some brokers will advise that any APA funds leftover at the end of the charter can be used to make up part for the tip. To learn more, read our handy charter tipping guide .

One cost not directly related to the operation of the charter yacht is insurance for the charterer. Cancellation and curtailment insurance is the charter version of travel insurance on airlines and cruise ships: It covers the charterer for the costs if unforeseen circumstances force a cancellation or shortening of the charter. Your charter broker can provide this insurance, which is a wise investment.

Charterers may be charged VAT, or “value added tax”, on the charter fees. Many European countries and a few Caribbean islands add VAT, but it is a complex issue that depends on where you board and debark the yacht, so rely on your charter broker for advice.

Made to measure

While it may seem at first glance that the extras or "hidden costs" on many charters are just a way to pad your bill, they are actually a benefit to the charterer. Food and drink, for example, is custom-ordered to meet the client’s requests, so the level of expense is entirely up to the charterer. Fuel is only charged if it is used and other fees are also at the discretion of the charterer. So you do have a way to control your costs and still savour a luxurious charter. What is important to remember is that each charter is unique depending on the needs and desires of the guests, and brokers and crew will always work to satisfy those demands. Ready to get started? Browse our charter listings to pick the perfect charter yacht for your next vacation.

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The Made-to-Measure Mega Yacht Charter Experience

A vacation aboard a mega yacht signifies the best type of travel that the world has to offer. Accordingly, many of the private mega yachts do not publicly advertise their yacht charter availability, so please contact us for the full list of the finest boats currently available. Mega yachts are bespoke and individual in every way, often including the brokerage of the charter. You can also use our search box above to see a selection of some of the existing charter yachts and prices.

For your vacation you will receive a highly customised yacht charter itinerary and program with your individual wishes always coming first. Made-to-measure mega yacht charter itineraries, whether in the Mediterranean or Caribbean , are hand created based upon our customers’ demands, with professional assistance of our knowledgeable charter consultants. When you choose a boat to rent, your large yacht holiday will be personalised right down to the smallest details, from daily menus and beverages equivalent to those offered in Michelin-stared restaurants, right throughout to your favourite music selection and entertainment. A specific itinerary is carefully discussed to the smallest details, although it can be adjusted on daily basis based upon your mood and desires. Maybe you had a day-trip planned for the day, but after waking up in the morning you do not feel like walking around busy towns anymore, and instead you just want to relax on board, dipped in the Jacuzzi or sunbathe with a good book and a cocktail on hand. Everything can be arranged! The Captain and his crew will be working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything proceeds according to your requirements.

Mega Yacht LADY-S

Your experience aboard a mega yacht could be seen as a multiplication of what you might have had on smaller luxury charter yachts. Not only that the yachts are bigger (much bigger, in fact huge), the service aboard is immaculate and extremely professional. The amenities are carefully hand-picked, custom made and of the utmost quality and craftsmanship. The food and beverages are sourced from the best producers and once again, of the highest quality. A private mega yacht charter represents simply the best of the best.

What does it Cost for a Charter Vacation?

If you haven’t chartered a mega yacht before you might wonder what could be the cost of renting such an opulent vessel for a week. Priced from about USD350,000 - USD400,000 per week right up to around USD1,000,000.00 and over you can take part in a one-of-a-kind, completely custom-made, lavish and bountiful vacation aboard a mega yacht. Tipping is also customary on mega yachts. The crew work tirelessly to ensure your vacation is a success. If you believe the service aboard the mega yacht, has been outstanding, a gratuity equal to 10% of the charter fee is acceptable. If the crew has been beyond exceptional, a higher discretionary figure may be warranted. A tip is generally distributed equally among the crew, by the captain. Whatever the price, this is the very best the world can offer in luxury travel experiences that no other vacation type will ever compare to.

The Charter Destinations

Luxury yachts are constantly on the move and available in various destinations around the globe. Distance is not an obstacle in this day and age and your entire journey to the yacht can be organised, including a private jet charter or a transfer from the airport to the nearest port where you will be greeted by the crew ready to accompany you aboard.

The most sought-after destinations for luxury mega yacht charter holidays are the Mediterranean during northern hemisphere’s summer season and the Caribbean during the winter season. Northern Europe is also increasingly popular as well as the more exotic South Pacific and Asia. A luxury charter enables you to have exclusive access to beautiful white-sand beaches and uninhabited islands, crystal-clear waters of turquoise and emerald-green, quaint little ports and historical towns or vibrant metropolitan cities.

From time to time selected yachts announce their intention to embark on a world-tour, with an approximate itinerary listing all the various stages and destinations. You can join the world tour at any stage, if availability permits, and stay aboard the yacht from one week, several weeks or even months, exploring the many wonders of this world. Some expedition-type yachts venture out to distant and remote ‘corners’ of the world, offering a very unique holiday for the more adventurous. These yachts may be equipped with high-tech laboratories, submarines and other necessary equipment to explore the given area - which may well be even Antarctica.

What is a Mega Yacht Exactly?

An exceptional build quality and the finest craftsmanship are the main characteristics of any charter mega yacht. These boats have been immaculately designed and constructed, providing the highest level of reliability, safety and comfort. Some of the most important builders that have launched mega yachts to date include: Feadship , Lurssen , Blohm+Voss , Dream Ship Victory , Amels , oceAnco , Pride Mega Yachts , Perini Navi, Nobiskrug , Royal Huisman, to name a few…

There is a continuously growing selection of these super-large yachts available on the market, however many of these yachts are private and they do not advertise charter availability. If you see a superyacht or a mega yacht that catches your eye, don’t hesitate to send us an email to discuss a possibility of a charter vacation. Owners of these vessels like to keep their ultra-luxurious yachts for private use, however many would consider an occasional yacht rental.

As the world of design continues to evolve, so does the complexity of mega yachts on the market. Naval architects and yacht designers are always on the hunt for the latest in technology, materials, design features and amenities. One of the current design trends is the increased use of glass allowing for better connection with the sea and the surrounding nature. There is a huge boom in aft and side decks expanding into balconies, massive beach clubs and wave piercing hulls. Practically no mega yacht is launched without a Spa Pool (or numerous Jacuzzis), an entire deck dedicated to the Owner’s use, a large tender garage, zero speed stabilisers and an abundance of spaces used for entertaining, relaxing, sunbathing or dining.

These boats are renowned for their ‘special features’ and customisation which could include anything from an entire deck area dedicated to a spa, complete with a hammam steam room, beauty saloon, massage room, a sauna; a helicopter deck that when not in use can transform into a soccer field or a basketball court, or even a discotheque. There is an increasing number of exclusive water toys, such as submarines, water jet packs, golf tees, waterslides or climbing walls.  

The Mega Yacht by WINNICO YACHTS

A Mega Yacht Charter

The pinnacle of luxury yachts, a mega yacht charter holiday is regarded as the most opulent and extravagant ways of travelling. Although there is a fine line that divides mega yachts from superyachts , and although different terminology tends to be favoured on different sides of the Atlantic, vessels referred to as ‘mega yachts’ are usually well above 60 metres (200 feet), with some yachts reaching three times this size; an example being the 162.5m Eclipse yacht or the 180m (590’4’’) mega yacht AZZAM . Rumours have it that a new 222m mega yacht TRIPLE DEUCE is also in making waves in the nautical world. Luxury mega yachts provide no less than impeccable naval architecture and design, state-of-the-art marine technology, lavish interior and exterior decor, the best in guest entertainment and an amazing array of recreational amenities and toys. The crew aboard these vessels have been selected upon strict requirements, based on their previous yachting experience, references and acquired professional skills. One of the main characteristics of a private mega yacht charter is the exceptional level of professional and refined service, respectful of privacy and high-demands of customers.

A mega yacht vacation is a truly unique experience - the Queen of any luxury vacation. This spectacular journey allows you to enjoy your precious time with your family and friends in utmost luxury and most importantly privacy, safety and comfort. Our team of elite brokers will help you to organise your dream holiday right from the very beginning, including a personalised list of suitable mega yachts, a unique yacht charter itinerary, menus, activities and much, much more. If you have never chartered a yacht before and are unsure as to where to start, get in touch with us here and we will assist you in creating the most extraordinary and memorable vacation of your dreams.

The yachts below are just a sample of what may be available for your charter, so please contact us to get access to the rest:

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Quick Enquiry

Kismet | from eur€ 3,000,000/wk.

Kismet Yacht For Charter ©Steffen Mayer

112M FREIRE SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 3,000,000/wk


111m FULL CUSTOM MEGA YACHT | From EUR€ 2,200,000/wk

111m Mega Yacht Getting Ready For Delivery

DREAM | From EUR€ 2,000,000/wk

DREAM Superyacht

MAR | From EUR€ 1,800,000/wk

Mega Yacht LANA

95m LURSSEN MEGA YACHT | From EUR€ 1,600,000/wk


92M FULLY CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From US$ 1,500,000/wk

92m Superyacht On Sea Trials

96m Custom Superyacht | From EUR€ 1,500,000/wk

Luxury Mega Yacht by Feadship

93M FULLY-CUSTOM SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 1,470,000/wk


83m Limited Editions 272 Superyacht | From EUR€ 1,200,000/wk

AMELS 272 Limited Edition - Underway, Mediterranean

95 meter CUSTOM | From EUR€ 1,200,000/wk

The 95m mega yacht by Lurssen

86M CUSTOM LUXURY YACHT | From EUR€ 1,200,000/wk

Superyacht And Tender

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Lurssen delivers 122m ultra-luxurious mega yacht KISMET available for charter in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean

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Superyacht KISMET – the 122m Lurssen motor yacht the charter market has been waiting for

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Shrouded in secrecy, the 140-metre LURSSEN mega yacht ALIBABA launched in Germany

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82m mega yacht Project CALI launched by German shipyard Lurssen

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Spectacular 145m Lurssen mega yacht LUMINANCE on final sea trials before delivery

Spectacular 145m Lurssen mega yacht ...

Mega yacht PROJECT THUNDERBALL (CRN 145): A 70m full custom superyacht from CRN


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How Much does it Cost to Charter a Luxury Yacht?

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Windward Islands Yachting Company

The cost to charter a luxury yacht is not always clear, especially if you are renting a vessel for the first time. Freedom, privacy, intimacy, service, comfort, exclusive experiences… No doubt, holidays during a cruise sounds like THE ultimate luxury vacation.

So, how much does it really cost to charter a luxury yacht?

What is included in a luxury yacht rental price?

The base price of a yacht charter given is usually the weekly rate . It accounts for 60% to 80% of the final price and refers to the cost of the yacht itself, its insurance, all its equipment and toys, the crew salary and services during the whole charter duration.

Most often, the more spacious, luxurious, prestigious the yacht is, the higher the price. Yet, several other factors can significantly impact yacht charter costs.

Do you already have the base price of the yacht you are considering chartering? Try our calculator below to know the TOTAL cost of your yacht charter depending on the parameters of your charter. Or continue reading to have a clearer view on the cost of a luxury yacht charter.

how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

Factors influencing the cost of a yacht charter

Size and type of yachts influences (a lot) charter costs.

The size of a yacht is the key factor impacting the price:

  • Between 65ft (20m) and 80ft (24m) , expect a weekly charter rate of $20,000 to $80,000.
  • Between 80ft (24m) and 100ft (30m) , expect a weekly charter rate of $80,000 and $120,000.
  • For a superyacht over 100ft (30m), expect a weekly charter rate of $100,000 and above.
  • To rent a mega yacht over 200ft (60m), weekly charter rate goes from $300,000 to $1,000,000 and more. For example, with her 136 meters length, Megayacht Flying Fox charter weekly rate  is from €3,500,000, and she can host up to 36 guests with 54 crew members.

Other factors influencing the charter rate are the type of yacht: is it a motor yacht, a sailing multihull, a power catamaran ?

The year of build, the shipyard (for instance Lurssen, Sunreef or Vitters that have quite a reputation), the water toys available onboard, or the number of crew included can have a big impact on the luxury yacht charter final cost.

The season factor influences the luxury yacht charter cost

As in many other touristic services, yacht rental prices also vary with seasonality. They generally increase in the high season months – summer season in the Mediterranean (July and August) or winter in the Caribbean (Christmas, New Year, February) – and decrease during the low season months.

The yacht charter rates may also increase when popular events are taking place (carnival, shows, festivals, etc.) 

how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

Are destinations affecting yacht charter fees?

A yacht charter price depends as well on the destination and is subject to the law of supply and demand.

The Galapagos Archipelago is one of the most explicit examples. The yacht charters fleet is very limited there; therefore, prices are higher than more popular destinations.

On the other hand, in regions offering large crewed yacht charter fleet like the Mediterranean, luxury yacht charter costs are more attractive due to higher competition.

To know more about this subject, read our articles about common yacht charter costs in the Caribbean , in Mediterranean as well as Polynesian destinations.

What is NOT included in a Crewed yacht charter price ?

The apa amount needs to be added on top of the yacht charter cost.

The yacht charter base price just generally covers the rental of the vessel with her crew. This is where the APA comes in.

The role of the APA

The A dvance P rovisioning A llowance is here to to pay for provisions on board, special customers’ requests, fuel and other variable costs. The APA is a standard system, like an onboard box, managed on your behalf by the Captain. Your crew uses this money to buy any product of your choice, or pay for taxis, port fees, communication fees and other expenses that are hard to plan for.

How does the APA work? 

All the APA expenses are charged at cost. This is a transparent budget management, and all the receipts are available upon request. The Captain can present a detailed breakdown of all the expenses during the crew or after. On the last day of your charter, the remaining unused funds of the APA are reimbursed in full to the clients. 

APA is an important part of the total cost of your charter. It usually represents between 20% to 30% of the yacht charter base price. Since APA is payable in advance, at the time of booking, it is just an estimation. One basic rule: If you’re uncertain, estimate your APA on the high side. Better be safe than sorry!

Read also: Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) – What you should know before you charter a luxury yacht?

Taxes and VAT also need to be applied on yacht charter cost

In Europe, chartering a commercial vessel is an economic activity and is subject to VAT. In general, the boat must be imported under commercial registration into the EU. The VAT rate will be added on top of the charter fee. It is due in the EU country where the charter starts. There are some exceptions to the rule, so make sure to discuss this with your consultant while making your choice to make sure you can anticipate the true cost of VAT.

Here are some VAT rates in 2022 for a crewed yacht charter in Mediterranean: – Charter in France will be at 20 % VAT based on charter fee – Charter in Italy will charge 22 % VAT based on charter fee – Charter in Spain will charge 21 % VAT based on charter fee – Charter in Croatia will charge 13 % VAT based on charter fee – Charter in Greece will charge 24 % VAT based on charter fee with a discount of 60% on charter of more than 48h ending usually at 12% VAT, this is subject to change in 2022. Charters beginning in non-european countries but cruising or ending in a EU country will apply a VAT on the prorata of days spent in its territorial waters. The owning company of the yacht must be registered in each EU-country he intends to do a charter. Moreover, some countries charge charter licences to authorize Yachts to embark and disembark passengers during a cruise, which might add up to the total cost.

A few examples to illustrate the yacht charter VAT costs complexity 

  • A yacht doing charter in Greece must have a charter licence . Nevertheless, a yacht without Greek licence can cruise in Greek waters as long as the charter does not begin and end in a Greek port. 
  • To do a charter in Spain, a vessel must be EU-flagged and hold a Spanish charter licence. Non EU-flagged yachts can only cruise in Balearic islands and Barcelona, then the VAT cost on the charter rate will be 24%. 

Some countries also charge taxes that will influence your charter rate. – 18% taxes based on charter fee for cruise in Turkey – 4% taxes for charter taking place in the Bahamas – 10% taxes for charter taking place in Australia The work of your broker includes working with fiscal representatives to give you the correct cost of the VAT of your luxury yacht charter.

how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

Delivery/redelivery fees may be added to your charter cost

Asking to embark and disembark in different ports during a crewed yacht charter is possible and subject to confirmation. In this case, delivery and/or re-delivery fees will be charged to bring the yacht back to its original berth. These fees will be confirmed once all the ports are chosen, and fuel consumption to move the vessel is calculated.

Crew gratuity to consider in your yacht charter expenses

Remember that during a boat rental your crew is almost 24/7 at your service to deliver the best possible experience. To thank them for their service, it is customary to leave them a tip at the end of your charter. 

Tipping rules on a yacht charter depend on the destination.

In the Mediterranean you can tip 10-15% of your weekly charter fee excluding expenses and taxes, while in the Caribbean a 15-20% tip is more common. 

You can hand your tip in cash to your captain in an envelope the last day of your charter. It will be up to the captain to split the tip to the different crew members. In fact, while you may want to give a more generous tip to whom you have seen the most, remember the crew works as a team and it’s important to reward them as such.

The engine engineer stuck in the engine room, the deckhands who prepare the water toys for you, the stewardesses refreshing your cocktails etc. are all the little hands that will make your vacation the best ever.

Yacht Charter Price – The “ALL-INCLUSIVE” option

A crewed yacht rental price can be “charter fee plus expenses” or “charter fee, all inclusive”.

Indeed, certain types of charters in the Caribbean offer an “all-inclusive” rate, which basically gives clients a fixed price charter with all expenses established prior to departure.

What is an ALL-INCLUSIVE yacht charter ? The charter cost includes the rental of the boat itself with her insurance, equipment, water toys and crew as well as food, waters and soft drinks, snacks, fuel for engine and tender for cruising up to 4 hours/day.

What are the extra costs in an “all inclusive yacht charter rate” ? On top of your charter fee, you may have small expenses to enhance your time onboard your boat such as taxi transfers, cruising and local taxes for entering national parks, premium food and beverages, licence and fishing permit, agency and ship agent if any.

Yacht charter costs comparison summary: the “ALL INCLUSIVE” Versus the “PLUS EXPENSES” options

WI chart gives you an overview of what costs are included in an “all inclusive” vs a “plus expense” luxury yacht charter.

how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

From about $50,000 for 65 feet to a few million a week for a megayacht.

Renting a luxury yacht for a party can be as cheap as a few thousand for a small boat up to about $80,000 a day for a megayacht like Christina O to host from 24 to 34 guests.

Caribbean yacht charter prices vary according to the size, style, and age of the yacht you rent. Our luxury yacht charters are between $30,000 to over 1,000,000 per week.

It will cost you between $25,000 to $1,000,000 per week to charter a luxury yacht in France depending on its size, its range, and its fame.

A luxury yacht charter in Monaco from $35,000 to over $1,000,000 per week.

For yachts over 100ft (30m), the cost of charter ranges from $100,000 and above weekly.

For a megayacht over 200ft (60m), a weekly charter costs from $300,000 to $1,000,000 and above.

Most advertised prices only include the charter base rate (boat rental and the crew salaries). On top of that, add the APA, insurances (travel, cancellation), VAT and local taxes, crew gratuity, and delivery fees.

The destination plays a significant role in the cost of the rental. For example, prices are higher when the region does not have large charter fleets like the Galapagos. Other regions are more competitive such as the Virgin Islands or the Mediterranean.

Flying Fox, with her 136 meters length, can host 36 guests and 54 crew. Chartering price starts from €4,270,000 per week.

The majority cost around $150,000 per week, but some are even more expensive. Their selling prices are from around $10 million and above.

Wellington is showcased in the 5th season of Below Deck and her weekly charter price starts from $250,000 per week. She comes fully staffed and can accommodate up to 12 guests.

Count about $160,500 per week to charter Valor, showcased in Below Deck seasons 4,5, and 7.

The regular charter rate of My Seanna, which was showcased in the 6th and 8th seasons of Below Deck, is around $300,000.

Nothing mandatory, but it is usually recommended to tip from 15 to 20% of your base charter rate.

Black Pearl, with her 103,35ft length, can accommodate up to 10 guests and 5 crews. Her weekly charter starts from $69,000.

The weekly charter rate of Christina O starts from  $683,000 a week. You can also rent the emblematic ship for a day to party. It will cost $54,900 per day for up to 12 guests, $67,000  for 13-23 guests and $79,000  per day for 24-34 guests.


Luxury crewed yacht charters – frequently asked questions, beginner’s guide to chartering: everything you need to know, luxury yachts for charter perfectly suited for 10 guests.

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Us flagged vessel, health insurance costs per crew, uniform cost per crew, training cost per crew, food cost per crew, crew turnover, hires using a professional crew agency.

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Costs of food provisions will vary dependent upon how eloborate food Preferenaces are

Location will play huge factor in food provisons and thing may have to be folws into remorte locations.

Crew is one of the largest expenses on a superyacht and critical to the owner’s enjoyment of their vessel. As the largest crew agency in the world, we know crew. Our cost calculator contains customized crew lists for yachts ranging from 80ft to 600ft with salary information based on our reference verified salary data.

Our users also have the ability to completely tailor the crew list to the specific needs, schedule and requirements of their vessel. Each yacht is unique and may have specific owner requests in addition to the yacht’s safe manning requirements.

Management of the supplemental crew costs and strategic budgeting can help avoid significant overspend on categories such as food and uniform. This tool contains default values based on our industry expertise and recommended budget for an efficiently and safely run superyacht.

To learn more about each crew position in detail, including salary ranges, please visit our yacht department directory .

Drag the sliders to modify your results. These are not linear scales and we expect most yachts to operate within the 20-80% window. Above 80% and below 20% costs increase or decrease at exaggerated levels and we only see numbers in these levels in very rare circumstances.

This sunburst diagram is interactive. You can click into each block to see the expense break down and mouse over each block for more details.

Our chart of accounts displays seven major categories, 20 sub-categories plus a further 80 detail categories for a total of 107.

Our yacht operating cost calculator is now on it’s third major revision. We start with actual yacht expense data from our yacht management accountants and then generate formulas to extrapolate out the budget for a wide range of yachts. We have been providing accounting services to large yachts for the past 18 years.

Our operating cost calculator is tuned for yachts from 80 to 600 feet. We find operating variables create the largest variances for yachts smaller than 100 feet and larger than 250 feet. We have tested the numbers the most in the range from 100 to 250 feet.

Our budget calculator factors in the fuel burn for a range of engine sizes typically seen installed on yachts by length. By dragging the green “fuel dockage” slider to the right you will increase the projected fuel burn rate and therefore the budget cost for fuel. Our default position would be for a typical displacement fuel burn. Position the slider in the 60-80% range for fuel projections for planning hulls.

Our default values produce a budget number that we believe is generous to run a yacht to a high standard. Perfect is a very expensive word to use in the yachting industry where standards are already high. Moving the crew and maintenance sliders to 80% will provide an “industry best” quality of crew and give them the maintenance budget to operate to a very high standard. If you need to go over the 80% area then you may have unusually labor intensive equipment on the yacht.

Yes, our yacht operating cost calculator can output a budget suitable for this situation. Adjust the owner use to 2 (minimum value), owner slider to 0, crew slider to 10%, Administration to 10%, Fuel and Dockage to 0, Maintenance to 10% and then Capital Repairs to 0. This will remove all of the large charges associated with owner use and vessel movement but leave the essential base maintenance and insurance in place.

Lift on and float in yacht transport is a popular way to transport yachts across large ocean passage. The yachts that this service certainly applies to are ones that may not have the motoring range or structural integrity for blue ocean cruising. The cost of transporting a yacht twice per year is put into our budget once the “Fuel Dockage” slider hits 75%. If your yacht has the range we recommend self-sufficient ocean passages whenever possible. Whilst the transport companies sell their services based upon reportedly well oiled operated schedules the reality is that your yacht may stay waiting for pickup for a week or more with no compensation due. When factoring in all secondary factors of self-sufficient passages (increased fuel, maintenance, potential storm damage, crew time off, extra delivery crew) compared with transporting your yacht (insurance, potential loading / unloading damage, loss of schedule control, no work whilst underway, crew flights, crew accommodation) we believe that there is a 100% premium associated with float in transport and a 75% premium with lift on transport compared with self-powered.

Abandoned yachts crash in value. We recommend that even if you are trying to sell your yacht that you use the yacht for a minimum of two weeks per year so that systems are tested and working every six months. There is nothing worse for a yacht than not being used. If you truly are not going to use the yacht then you should sell it immediately for the first genuine offer as every dollar you put into maintenance will not be recovered at the time of the sale.

We did not build this version with sailing yachts in mind. Early in our development of this version we decided to exclude sailing yachts as a few of the major cost drivers scale very differently for sailing yachts compared with motor yachts. For example: To calculate paint costs we reviewed the surface area of over 100 large yachts and created a formula for painted surface area to length. Sailing yachts just don’t scale in a consistent way. Similarly crew numbers don’t scale in the same manner that they do for motor yachts. If there is sufficient demand we may build a sailing selector switch into a future version of this tool.

We hate to hear when yacht owners were told by their broker to factor in 10% of the purchase price to operate the yacht. This over used saying is sadly right occasionally (particularly for newer yachts in the $20-30M range)… but just because a broken watch tells the right time twice a day you shouldn’t rely upon it to tell the time. As yachts get older their capital value decreases but their maintenance costs increase. There is no way that a fixed 10% of purchase cost rule can be true… if your broker told you this rule then you need a new yacht broker… we know some good ones. 😊

Advanced functionality coming soon…

We are building advanced tools to allow you even greater control over our operating cost calculator. Please enter your email address below to be advised when it is available.

Save this version

Share your calculations, please save version before sharing luxyacht - calculator, you must be logged in to save this version of the cost calculator that you have customized for your yacht..

  • Cars, Jets & Yachts

How Much Does it Actually Cost to Charter a Yacht?

From tips to APAs, we steer you through all the costs associated with private yacht charters.

By Emma Al-Mousawi

Deck on Yacht, Octopus

Not many things can match the glamour of yacht travel. The endless opportunities for exploration in the most luxurious of settings, as the wind blows through your hair, sounds even more alluring after a year spent indoors with feet firmly on solid ground. As we emerge from the grips of the pandemic, a private yacht charter could offer adventure seekers the perfect escape away from the crowds. And one of the most common questions amongst novice charterers is ‘how much does it actually cost to charter a yacht?’

Here at Elite Traveler, we are answering this question and more as we round up the key costs that anyone planning their first yacht charter needs to take into consideration.

[See also: The World’s Most Expensive Yachts for Charter]

What will my yacht charter rate include? 

Most importantly, there are generally two types of yacht charter: an all-inclusive charter and the more common ‘plus expenses’ charter. As suggested by the name, the cost of an all-inclusive yacht charter will include (almost) everything such as crew, food, drinks, fuel and water sports equipment (though always check as this does vary between charter companies). However, s ome all-inclusive charters won’t include dockage or mooring fees, which can soon add up – but more on that later. 

A ‘plus expenses’ or ‘separated charges’ charter is where a base price is charged for the ship and its crew, while everything else is paid for through an ‘Advance Provisioning Allowance’ (APA) before you step onboard. Prior to a voyage, guests will complete a preference sheet with their likes and dislikes, enabling the chef and service team to stock up on the guest’s favorite items. This tends to be the norm on superyacht charters as it allows for a much more tailored experience.

As well as covering food and beverages, an APA will also cover things like fuel and possibly dockage. It is usually charged at around 30% of the yacht’s base rate. According to luxury yacht brokers Northorp and Johnson , the average price paid by its customers for a week’s ‘plus expenses’ charter was around $152,000 in 2020, which would mean an APA of around $45,600 – not a small sum, so it’s definitely something to be aware of when selecting your vessel. 

mirarri yacht

Mirarri Announces First Yacht Concept

Mako yacht

A New Look at The Mako, the Future of Explorer Yachts

Mercedes-Benz G 580

Mercedes-Benz Premiers New Electric G-Class in LA

A third, less common charter is a ‘bareboat’ charter. This is a charter without a crew or provisions and only generally favored amongst experienced yachtsmen and women or those who can supply their own crew. 

[See also: How to Charter a Superyacht]

Hot tub and daybed on deck of superyacht

There are generally two types of charter: all-inclusive and ‘plus expenses’ / ©Burgess

Does size impact how much it will cost to charter a yacht?

The reputation of the crew, the age of the yacht and its design will all influence the price of your charter; however, the single biggest factor that will impact cost is likely to be the size: the bigger the yacht, the more you’re likely to pay. 

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The Most Beautiful Biosphere Reserves in Spain

The Most Beautiful Biosphere Reserves in Spain

For example, with leading yacht brokerage Burgess , a week’s charter in the Caribbean aboard the 163.3 ft Home starts at $245,000 . If you opt for the larger Laurentia , at 180.5 ft, the price starts at $450,000. Both yachts were built in 2017 by leading Dutch shipyard Heesen and have capacity for 12 guests, but there is over $200,000 difference in the price. Naturally, you can also expect a higher APA for a bigger ship. 

N ovice charterers might be surprised to learn that a larger yacht doesn’t automatically translate into a larger guest capacity. Most superyachts are capped at a 12 guest limit due to International Maritime Organization safety regulations.

Home Superyacht for charter

Home is available for charter from Burgess from $245,000 per week /©Burgess

Laurentia Yacht for charter with burgess

A week’s charter on board Laurentia starts at $450,000 / ©Burgess

Does the type of yacht impact the price?

The answer is yes, but to a lesser extent than size. There’s something for everyone when it comes to yachts: classic yachts (built between the 1920s and 1970s) allow you to experience old school glamour of a bygone era, whereas sportfishing yachts are nimble and offer a long-range to get you to the best fishing (or diving) spots.

Sailing yachts are a popular choice amongst boating enthusiasts, but by a long shot, the most popular charter yachts are motor yachts. These are typically what spring to mind when you picture a superyacht and (size-dependent) tend to be the most expensive type of yacht to charter, often being pricier to purchase, maintain and fuel. Explorer yachts are motor yachts designed to cope with the most extreme conditions – if you’re planning a luxury superyacht charter to Antarctica, for example, it’s likely to be aboard one of these.

Over the past decade, explorer yachts have skyrocketed in popularity amongst intrepid travelers looking for opulent adventure on the seven seas. A week onboard the world’s fastest explorer yacht, the 311.68 ft Bold , costs approximately $964,300. This also makes it one of the world’s most expensive yachts to charter, in line with what you’ll pay for chartering the crème de la crème of the more ‘conventional’ superyachts typically seen on the French Riviera, like the ultra-glamorous O’Pari . A week’s charter onboard the 312 ft O’Pari comes complete with custom artwork and DJ booth costs from $1.1m.

[See also: The Best Luxury Yacht Builders in the World]

bold yacht

Charter Bold from Burgess for approximately $964,300 per week / ©Guillaume Plisson

Is chartering during certain months more expensive than others?

The time of year will impact your charter price. In yachting, there are two main seasons – summer and winter – and chartering during these peak times will push up the cost. The summer season runs from May to October, with peak rates in July and August. The winter season runs from November to April, with peak rates over the Christmas holidays and into New Year. Location also dictates the price of a charter; for example, Caribbean charters are costlier from December to March whereas Mediterranean charters are at their priciest during the summer months. 

What about expenses, gratuities and other unexpected costs?

Not even a Mediterranean jellyfish has the power to sting an unassuming first-time sailor like end-of-trip expenses. 

As mentioned previously, with ‘plus expenses’ charters your APA is paid before you set sail. However, a detailed list of outgoings will be kept by the ship and if your expenses surpass the amount of your APA, you will be asked to cover the amount for the remaining charter. Saying this, it does work both ways – any unspent APA will be refunded to you. 

On both all-inclusive and ‘plus expenses’ charters, crew gratuities are not included in the yacht charter price. If you were happy with the service, the going rate is around 15 to 20% of the charter cost, so do keep this in mind. 

Depending on your charter agreement, docking fees, a charge you pay to keep your yacht in a marina or harbor overnight, may or may not be included in the cost. These can vary greatly depending on the location, time of year and the size of your yacht. Expect to pay the highest docking fees on the Mediterranean during high season with Capri and St Tropez commanding some of the steepest premiums.

Your itinerary can also affect the price, as traveling to places like Antarctica and the Arctic Circle require expensive permits. Certain destinations will also charge tax and VAT, so it is sensible to check with your broker if you’re keen on getting a cost breakdown before your trip. 

[See also: The Best Superyachts to Charter This Summer]

Photo of Emma Al-Mousawi

Emma Al-Mousawi

Latest in luxury, the explorer.

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Yacht charter cost

Yacht Charter Cost

How much does it cost to charter a mega Yacht

How much does it cost to charter a mega Yacht

Luxury yacht charter cost

Luxury yacht charter cost

How much does it cost to rent a luxury Yacht

How much does it cost to rent a luxury Yacht

Superyacht charter cost

Superyacht charter cost

Yacht charter cost

How much does it cost to charter a mega Yacht in 2022?  There aren’t many experiences that can compare to the elegance of traveling by boat. After a year of living inside with your feet firmly planted on the ground, the idea of spending the next year outside with the wind blowing through your hair and infinite opportunity for exploration in the most sumptuous of surroundings seems even more enticing. So, how much does it cost to rent a luxury yacht and how much does it cost to charter a mega Yacht ?

How much does it cost to rent a luxury yacht

What exactly is included in the price of a private yacht charter cost ? Most notably, there are often two different kinds of luxury yacht charter cost : one that includes everything, known as an all-inclusive charter, and another that is more commonly known as a “plus costs” charter.

Mega yacht rental

A fee for an all-inclusive mega yacht rentals will cover (nearly) everything, as the name suggests, including the crew, meals, beverages, fuel, and water sports equipment (though always check as this does vary between charter companies). However, some all-inclusive charters won’t include dockage or mooring costs, which may quickly add up to a significant amount of money.

A ‘plus expenses’ or’ separated charges’ charter is one in which a basic fee is charged for the ship and its crew, and everything else is paid for via an ‘Advance Provisioning Allowance’ (APA) before you get aboard. Another name for this kind of charter is a ‘charter with separate costs.’ Before embarking on a journey, passengers will be asked to fill out a preference form that includes their likes and dislikes. This will allow the ship’s chef and service crew to bring aboard more of the passengers’ preferred foods and beverages. As a result of the ability to provide a far more personalized experience, this is often the standard on superyacht charters.

How much does it cost to charter a mega Yacht ?

In most cases, the prices will be broken down into two categories: high season and low season, with the former often having a more defined beginning and ending point. In addition, chartering will be more costly during exceptional events like New Year’s Eve, the Monaco Grand Prix, the Cannes Film Festival, an Olympic venue, or the sidelines of America’s Cup.

Rent a Yacht for a week

How much does it cost to charter a Mega Yacht in season?  The important thing is to plan your schedule with attention. It’s possible to save a large amount of money just by shifting your trip by one week from peak season to shoulder season, even if you’ll have identical weather conditions at both times. When considering yachts of between 30 and 40 meters in length, the high season pricing might increase weekly expenses of almost €6,000. The listings of yachts measuring between 60 and 80 meters have witnessed the greatest rise in an average charter rate between low and high seasons, with high season rates possibly costing roughly €33,000 more than low season rates. This growth can be observed in lists for rent a yacht for a week .

Private yacht charter Mediterranean cost

According to the charter contracts used by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, which are arguably the most common, the charterer is responsible for paying for the hire of the yacht, fuel, marina fees, crew wages, guests’ laundry, insurance, water toys, food, and drink, as well as engine room maintenance and various other expenses. You may anticipate spending anywhere from 25 percent to 50 percent more on the superyacht charter cost . The exact amount will vary depending on how much gasoline the boat consumes as well as the level of elegance of the meals and beverages.

If you are looking for an answer to the question “how much does it cost to rent a megayacht?” then this article is what you need!

So, the main conditions that affect the superyacht charter cost are seasonality – the time of year, the yacht region and destinations, the yacht model, and a set of additional services that the charter company offers when renting a yacht. Let’s take a closer look at the most critical criteria forming luxury yacht charter costs in 2022:

How does seasonality affect the cost of renting a yacht?

In the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea region, the highest (expensive) period is when private yacht charter cost is highest in July and August. From May-June and September-October, yacht rental prices decrease slightly, and in the period from November to April – the lowest cost of renting a yacht. The average cost of renting a yacht in April and September is 20-30% lower than in July and August.

On the contrary, the highest period for renting a yacht in remote (winter) Yachting destinations (Thailand, Caribbean Islands, Seychelles, Cuba, etc.) are December-January, the peak falls during the New Year holidays.

Yachting region and destination.

The most affordable options for private yacht charter Mediterranean cost can be found in Greece and Turkey. In high season, the cost of renting a 3-cabin yacht 40-42 feet (11-13 meters) in these countries varies from around 1500-3000 euros per week, depending on the model and year of manufacture. For those who are interested in how much it cost to charter a Mega Yacht in Europe, it is worth noting that the most expensive cost of renting a yacht in high season (July, August) – in the Balearic Islands and Croatia – is from 3000 euros or more.

Among the “winter” yachting regions, the lowest cost of mega yacht rentals is a trip to the Canary Islands. Prices for renting a 3-cabin yacht in December-January (except for the New Year holidays) are from 1500 to 3000 euros. The highest price level for renting a yacht for a week is in Thailand.

Private Yacht charter Mediterranean cost

The model of the yacht.

For all types of yachts that are offered for rent with a captain or bareboat, there are certain criteria that affect the rental price. The main ones are the year of manufacture of the yacht (the newer – the more expensive) and the size of the yacht (the larger – the more expensive). New yachts (the year of manufacture is not older than three years) are on average 15% more expensive than 4-10 summer yachts ( private Yacht charter mediterranean cost ).

Answering the question, “how much does it cost to charter a mega Yacht?”, it is also worth saying that the cost of such a service is affected by the availability of additional equipment on the yacht, which increases the level of comfort. For example, the presence of a generator and an air conditioner. The cost of renting a sailing catamaran is always higher than the cost of renting a yacht of the same size.

How much does it cost to charter a Superyacht

Planning a vacation in 2023:  how much does it cost to charter a Superyacht ?  Traveling on a yacht today is becoming more and more popular with tourists from all over the world. Surely you or your friends have already rented a yacht for a week or two and know that the price is comparable to staying in a hotel. But at the same time, there is freedom of movement and organization of your unique route.

If you have any questions about one of our articles or about Yacht Charter Cost, you can contact us by email via About us . We will answer your questions quickly.

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Find Your Perfect Yacht


How Much Does It Cost To Charter a Yacht?

Private yacht charter prices vary sigificantly, based on the size of the yacht, the type of yacht, how many crew, and where the yacht is cruising. There are also high and low season rates. We only arrange fully crewed luxury yacht charters, and for all bookings the yacht charter price, "charter fee", includes the cost of the yacht, the crew, and the yacht's insurance. There are other costs such as local taxes, gratuities and possibly expenses based on the type of yacht and where the charter occurs.

It's a common question our specialists answer - "How much does a yacht charter cost". As you can tell on the brief outline below about luxury yacht charter prices it's a complicated answer - one which our specialists are happy to explain in great detail for you.

If you are ready to speak to someone to answer your specific questions, our charter specialists are available to you at no additional cost and we are happy to share the experience we have gained over the last twenty years. Just click below to contact us to discuss details, expected charter rates, and any additional costs with you at any time without obligation. With access to every available crewed charter yacht worldwide and decades of experience, we'll have the answers you need.

Private Yacht Charter Costs- "Plus Expenses" Rates.

For this type of pricing, the basic charter fee covers the yacht (equipment and amenities), its crew (plus their meals), and insurance coverage for the yacht charter.

Additional costs will include the running expenses for the yacht during the charter including fuel for the yacht, generators, tenders, water toys, dockage, port fees, and all other consumables like food and drinks. These are all considered charter expenses.

These other costs incurred are charged "at cost" with no markups. This provides fair pricing for all clients based on their activities and what is consumed or purchased by the yacht for them. A charter where the charterer wishes to cover large distances and/or wants to consume the very finest wines will obviously incur higher expense costs than a charterer who travels short distances and has more modest tastes in food and wine. Of course during your charter, at any time your captain can keep you up to date on expenses being accumulated.

A deposit "advance provisioning allowance or APA" is made by the charterer along with their final payment which is used by the yacht to pay for expenses in preparation for, and during, the charter. Any unused funds in the APA are returned to the charterer at the end of the charter, and if more is required the charterer will be asked for additional funds. The amount of the APA is listed on the charter agreement.

It is hard to predict such expenses in advance so this system has proven to work very well for the majority of yachts and guests. The charterers themselves control the costs, and the captain updates them as frequently as desired during the charter. Our charter specialist will be able to provide an outline of expected charter costs beforehand.

how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

Can Rates Be "All Inclusive" ?

YES, Some yachts, typically smaller sailing yachts or crewed catamarans in the Caribbean, are priced using "All Inclusive" rates. This is sometimes called "Caribbean Terms" based on its main usage in that charter destination. These all inclusive prices are rarely seen outside the Caribbean. The fixed nature of that location allows some yachts to predict the running costs of a charter vacation. That said, the prices vary typically by season and the number of guests who will be aboard a specific charter.

For yachts using this type of pricing, the basic charter fee also includes all food, beverages, and fuel. Selections of wine and liquor vary by yacht but may be requested and included in the rate, or a known upcharge will be shared beforehand. Your specialist will communicate these nuances when quoting the rate for any yacht.

See also our All Inclusive rates page for more information.

What About Crew?

Do yacht charter prices vary.

Yes, the majority of rates for charter yachts fluctuate based on different dates and locations. Prices are defined by the owner and can change at any time prior to a finalized contract. Our charter specialist will explain the different rates so you can make the best choice to suit your time, budget, and stateroom needs.

Ready for Expert Help?

We specialize in one thing and one thing only - fully crewed luxury yacht charters worldwide - and we have been doing this for decades.

We are pleased to list some past client comments here for you to read from clients in their own words.

Contact a specialist now

Yacht Name Search

Do you have a particular yacht in mind? We likely have it online and if not, email or call us for details. Search for it online by name here:

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  • Why use a charter broker
  • Can one Broker have access to all yachts?
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how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

1 week luxurz boat rental with Northrop & Johnson

  • Yachts for Charter
  • Yachts to Charter for One Week

Best Yachts to Charter for One Week

1,330 Yachts for Charter

A seven-day or one-week yacht charter is an ideal introduction to a luxury yacht charter or when you want to enjoy a short but truly meaningful getaway. A one-week vacation offers plenty of time to relax and make the most of your boat’s many onboard amenities. Aboard a high-performance boat, you will also be able to visit multiple destinations.

Sorry, there were no results found for your search.

Charter a luxury yacht for one week

Whether you opt for a sailing yacht , a luxury motor boat , or a multi-hull vessel, on a seven-day yacht rental , you are guaranteed an incredible vacation on the water.  A crewed boat charter offers a highly exclusive and private experience, with itineraries and experiences tailored to your precise needs.

Northrop & Johnson has access to every luxury yacht charter on the planet. Our team of charter specialists can arrange incredible one-week itineraries in any destination in the world. Browse our yachts for charter for one week or contact our team.

Contact a Yacht Charter Broker

Seven day luxury boat rentals

How much does it cost to charter a yacht for one week.

A luxury yacht rental for one week or seven days starts from around US$50,000 for a 98.4ft (30m) boat and rises to more than $2 million per week for the world’s most luxurious superyachts and mega yachts.

Where can I cruise to during a one-week yacht charter?

Popular one-week cruising destinations include the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Elegant one-week itineraries can be arranged along the French Riviera, the Amalif Coat, the Greek Islands, and the Balearic Islands, to name just a few destinations. Superyacht hotspots for a one-week boat rental in the Caribbean include St Barts, the British Virgin Islands, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Jamaica.

Proud to be part of the MarineMax family

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Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg spend six figures a year maintaining their superyachts. Here's how.

  • Superyachts  are one of the most expensive assets money can buy.
  • The true cost of ownership is even more, adding up to millions a year.
  • Here's how much it costs to own a superyacht — and what that money is going toward.

Financial advisors are quick to warn prospective owners that a boat is nothing more than a hole in the water in which to throw money. When it comes to superyachts , you'd better have bags and bags of cash.

As one luxury agent told Business Insider at the Palm Beach International Boat Show: "Buying a boat, it's a huge purchase — and nobody needs a yacht."

A superyacht, generally over 30 meters long, is one of the most expensive assets money can buy, with the largest costing more than a lot of real estate or a private jet. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs each spent nine figures on their megayachts.

That doesn't include operating costs. Owners should expect to pay about 10% of a yacht's new-build price each year, experts told Business Insider. That's tens of millions of dollars annually for the most luxurious boats.

"It's a small-to-medium-sized business in its own right," said Jeffrey Beneville, a senior vice president at insurance company NFP, where he specializes in consulting clients about yachts.

Unlike many smaller boats, superyachts need staff, not just a captain. Some superyachts have space for dozens of crewmembers , including a chef, engineer, and masseuse for the guests onboard. Each gets an annual salary — the highest-ranking members earn six figures — and benefits. Eric Schmidt's yacht fits a crew of 28 for a ratio of about two crewmembers per guest.

Then there's fuel, dockage fees, routine maintenance, and insurance. The latter hinges on everything from the reputation of a yacht's shipyard to where an owner wants to take it (if a vessel is taking frequent trips to the South China Sea, for example, expect to pay a higher premium). If a superyacht has a support yacht — or a support superyacht, in Bezos ' case — expect to pay another 10% of that boat's price annually.

"The cost to maintain a yacht is so high that they just think that money's getting lit on fire," Matthew Fleissig, the CEO of wealth management firm Pathstone, told BI of his clients who choose to charter rather than own.

One of his firm's clients who does own has a 23-meter yacht valued at $5.2 million. The annual cost to staff, maintain, dock, and insure the boat is $346,297, according to documentation provided to BI. The lion's share is spent on marina fees ($95,970) and maintenance work ($88,408.) While not exactly a Sunfish, that boat is too small to count as a superyacht.

At 106 meters, the Amadea, owned by a sanctioned Russian oligarch , definitely does. The $300 million yacht, which was seized in 2022 and is docked in San Diego, cost $922,000 a month to maintain, a court filing showed: $360,000 for crew salaries, $75,000 for fuel, $144,000 for insurance, $178,000 in dry-docking fees, and $165,000 for maintenance, waste removal, food for the crew, and miscellaneous expenses.

"And that's an inactive yacht that's in the water," NFP's Beneville said.

If it were operational and carrying guests, the costs would be about twice that, or between $20 million and $30 million a year, he added.

Of course, it makes more financial sense for the non-obsessives to charter, and many of Fleissig's clients do. And some owners choose to offer their yachts for charter — the most luxurious cost as much as $1 million a week — to offset the costs.

"If you charter the boat for 50 days a year, it's going to help a lot," Anders Kurtén, the CEO of brokerage firm Fraser Yachts, told BI.

Then again, the running costs don't matter as much at a certain point. "If you're worth $30 billion, it's nothing. And if you're worth $117 billion — and these are the guys we're talking about — they're in it as long as it's still enjoyable for them," Beneville said. "It's not a money thing."

how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

Watch: Why South Sea pearls are so expensive

how much does it cost to charter a mega yacht

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BG Charter Yacht


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BG (ex: VALOR)

  • Amenities & Toys

BG yacht NOT for charter*

46.9m  /  153'10 | feadship | 1990 / 2021.

Owner & Guests

Cabin Configuration

  • 2 Double/Twin
  • Previous Yacht

Special Features:

  • Highly contemporary interior design
  • Refit in 2015
  • Expansive sundeck
  • Multiple dining and social areas

The 46.9m/153'10" motor yacht 'BG' (ex. Charade) was built by Feadship in the Netherlands at their Aalsmeer shipyard. Her interior is styled by design house McMillen Design and she was completed in 1990. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of De Voogt and she was last refitted in 2021.

Guest Accommodation

BG has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 suites comprising one VIP cabin and two cabins that can operate as twins or doubles. She is also capable of carrying up to 10 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

Her features include satellite communications, gym, deck jacuzzi, WiFi and air conditioning.

Range & Performance

BG is built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks. Powered by twin diesel Caterpillar (3508 DI-TA) 905hp engines, she comfortably cruises at 12 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 15 knots with a range of up to 5,000 nautical miles from her 70,000 litre fuel tanks at 13 knots. An advanced stabilisation system on board promises exceptional comfort levels at anchor or on any voyage. Her water tanks store around 19,190 Litres of fresh water. She was built to Lloyds Register ✠ 100 A1 SSC Yacht Mono G6 classification society rules.

*Charter BG Motor Yacht

Motor yacht BG is currently not believed to be available for private Charter. To view similar yachts for charter , or contact your Yacht Charter Broker for information about renting a luxury charter yacht.

BG Yacht Owner, Captain or marketing company

'Yacht Charter Fleet' is a free information service, if your yacht is available for charter please contact us with details and photos and we will update our records.

BG Yacht

BG Awards & Nominations

  • The World Superyacht Awards 2016 Best Refitted / Rebuilt Yacht Finalist

Below Deck

Below Deck yacht: VALOR

Charter yacht BG starred in Below Deck seasons 4, 5 an 7 as luxury yacht VALOR. View all Below Deck yachts, their real names and the cost to rent them . 

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection




Here are a selection of superyachts which are similar to BG yacht which are believed to be available for charter. To view all similar luxury charter yachts click on the button below.

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42m | Devonport Yachts

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At Last charter yacht

44m | Heesen

from $125,000 p/week

Azzurra II charter yacht

from $163,000 p/week ♦︎

Bella Stella charter yacht

Bella Stella

from $137,000 p/week ♦︎

Cloud Atlas charter yacht

Cloud Atlas

46m | Lloyds Ships

from $152,000 p/week ♦︎

Code 8 charter yacht

50m | Benetti

from $305,000 p/week

Curiosity charter yacht

45m | Cantieri Navali Nicolini

from $147,000 p/week ♦︎

CV-9 charter yacht

43m | Delta Marine

POA ♦︎

Daydream charter yacht

43m | Christensen

from $97,000 p/week ♦︎

Dream charter yacht

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from $136,000 p/week ♦︎

Ego charter yacht

from $162,000 p/week ♦︎

Emerald charter yacht

50m | Feadship

from $210,000 p/week

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  24. BG Yacht (ex. VALOR)

    Multiple dining and social areas. The 46.9m/153'10" motor yacht 'BG' (ex. Charade) was built by Feadship in the Netherlands at their Aalsmeer shipyard. Her interior is styled by design house McMillen Design and she was completed in 1990. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of De Voogt and she was last refitted in 2021.