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Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard Review: What Riders Say About It

Posted on Last updated: December 11, 2022

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Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard Review: What Riders Say About It

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If you’re out there looking for a compact longboard skateboard for cruising and moving around, the Landyachtz Dinghy cruiser board is definitely worth considering.  It has been around for over 20 years and remains uber-popular year after year. 

Why? Because of its looks, quality build and components, high-performance shape, and affordable price.

If you want to know what Dinghy owners say about it, jump to this section . The following is a quick summary of the Dinghy’s top strengths :

  • Small with length 28.5″, easy to carry around
  • Super smooth ride on most terrain thanks to its soft wheels
  • Nimble and quick turning thanks to its small size & responsive trucks
  • Versatile due to its kicktail, nose, and light concave
  • Quality deck, wheels, & trucks packed into a well-engineered complete
  • Attractive graphics designs that make it stand out from the pack
  • Very affordable given the quality of its components

A few cons to be aware of when considering the Dinghy :

  • Fast and turny/twitchy: can be hard to handle for new riders
  • Bigger or heavier skaters may find it too small for comfort
  • Not as lightweight as a bamboo or composite deck
  • Shorter wheelbase makes it not so great for downhill

At around $140 (depending on version), the Dinghy is quite affordable.

See the Dinghy’s price and versions here on Evo or Amazon .

UPDATE: also check out the new Dinghy challenger, the Loaded ballona mini cruiser (full review)

Table of Contents

Landyachtz Dinghy skateboard owner feedback: pros and cons

Here’s a rundown of the Dinghy’s main strengths and weaknesses according to Dinghy owners:

Landyachtz Dinghy pros

  • Riders love the Dinghy’s dimensions, quality parts, and awesome designs. Phenomenal product, best board out there from a top brand in the $150 price area
  • The Dinghy has the feel of a longboard but the control of a skateboard
  • The Dinghy gives a very smooth ride. Most riders feel the wheels are soft and good at going over cracks and uneven pavement (though some disagree, see Cons below)
  • The Dinghy is a perfect little shredder for anyone with experience. You can do all sort of tricks and still have the cruising ability of a well-designed longboard.
  • The Dinghy’s stiff flex gives the board good stability
  • The Dinghy has very functional kicktails for doing ollies here and there
  • The Dinghy is very lightweight to carry around, perfect for campus, fits in your backpack. Exceptional board for cruising around campus and the city.
  • The Dinghy is strong enough for doing tricks, including for a 200-pound rider
  • The Dinghy’s bearings are phenomenal out of the box
  • The Dinghy is precisely engineered. probably the best quality setup for the price.
  • Sidewalk-to-street transitions on the Dinghy are smooth
  • The Dinghy can be taken down hills if you’re experienced enough
  • Compared to a Penny board, the Dinghy is lighter, wider, and stiffer
  • The Dinghy carves really well
  • The 63mm 78A Fatty Hawg wheels are perfect for doing little slides.
  • The Polar Bear trucks on the Dinghy allow for deep and fluid carves even at higher speeds.
  • The Landyachyz Dinghy has absolutely gorgeous artwork e.g. the Dinghy Blunt Meowijuana or Wild Cats , Dinghy Ibiscus , Dinghy Emboss

Landyachtz Dinghy cons

  • If you’re a heavier rider, you may feel a bumpy or sluggish ride on bad pavement with the Dinghy’s original wheels. Fitting some Orangatang Stimulus with Dime bag wedged risers can improve things significantly.
  • The Dinghy’s stock wheels quickly get dirty and bad-looking
  • The Dinghy is sensitive to poor foot placement or bad balancing, especially if coming from a longboard – you’ll need to up your skills
  • The Dinghy sits up quite high and the small wheelbase makes it a little tricky
  • The Dinghy’s artwork is just too nice to scratch, hindering your motivation to try tricks!
  • The Dinghy’s stock cone/barrel bushings are high quality but may be a bit soft for a heavier rider. Higher duro bushings e.g. Venoms (Amazon) are recommended.
  • The Dinghy may scratch up quite easily if you do heavy tricks
  • Make sure you have risers on your Dinghy setup before going down a hill – else you may risk a nasty crash

So that’s what the Dinghy owners have been saying. Now let’s dig in a bit deeper and look at what the Dinghy is capable of.

What is the Landyachtz Dinghy good for?

what is the landyachtz dinghy good for

The Landyachtz Dinghy is a smaller commuter longboard that can easily be carried under your arm, in a backpack, on the bus or on a plane, easy to store in a locker or closet.  Its main appeal stems from its attractive, practical and fun image.

The board’s narrow (105mm) topmount trucks and small wheelbase make it very nimble and turny .  On the other hand, it’s also surprisingly stable , making it a nice board for cruising, carving, and riding down mellow hills.

It’s small enough to do tricks such as ollies, kickflips, and manuals, and its kicktail makes it easy to jump on and off curbs and big potholes – flawless sidewalk to street transitions.  It’s also good for riding bowls and ramps at the skatepark  (assuming you choose a longboard vs a regular skateboard ).

It’s worth noting that the Dinghy is best suited for an intermediate rider due to its small size and wheelbase, topmount style (the board sits really high) and fast trucks.  Although it’s relatively stable in relation to its size, a beginner longboarder may prefer a drop-through (lower deck) as a first board for more stability and easier pushing.

Also keep in mind that, while the Landyachtz Dinghy is a great casual mini-cruiser and “slasher” (for simple kick tricks), it’s not meant for serious freeriding or downhill speed – it’s just too small and not stable enough for that.

See the Dinghy’s versions on Amazon or here on Evo .

NOTE : since this article, I’ve published a new review of the Landyachtz Tugboat , the other ruling mini-cruiser from Landyachtz. Check it out also for the lowdown on Dinghy vs Tugboat.

Features of the Landyachtz Dinghy

The Dinghy complete longboard comes with high-quality components including Hawgs wheels, Polar Bear trucks, and Spaceball bearings – as opposed to generic no-name components.  The deck, trucks, and wheels were designed together to ensure full compatibility and precise engineering for the complete longboard.

The price for the complete, normally around $130, is actually lower than the sum of its components (around $150 between the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, risers, hardware, and grip tape).

The Dinghy comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate smaller riders :

  • Landyachtz Dinghy 28:   28.5″ length, 8″ width, 14.6″ wheelbase
  • Lanyachtz Mini Dinghy 26 : 26″ length, 6.5″ width, 14″ wheelbase
  • Landyachtz Mini Dinghy 24:   24″ length, 6.5″ width, 14″ wheelbase – for featherweight riders

Aside from the deck, all size models use the same components.

The Landyachtz Dinghy’s deck

landyachtz dinghy deck

The first thing that pops out when looking at the Dinghy is its quality directional   topmount deck.  If you’re like most Dinghy owners, you will probably like the strength and durability of the sturdy 7-ply maple deck layups over time.

Flex and grip

The deck is relatively stiff , suitable for popping and sliding the board.  It has a mellow radial concave which allows for comfortable foot placement when turning fast, riding downhill or sliding, albeit without locking in your feet too much.

Likewise, the durable clear grip provides good foot traction, but not so much as to make it difficult to turn your feet.  Some versions have a thin foam layer between the board and the grip tape for extra comfort – but not all models.

Kicktails and clearance

The ample kicktail  invites you to perform kick turns and small jumps.  The small nose makes it easy to pull manuals and other tricks.  The deck is slightly heavier than a regular skateboard, so popping ollies requires more leg muscle.

See also: can you ollie on a Penny board?

The deck has flared wheel wells providing more clearance for carving, a must-have given the Landyachtz Dinghy’s highly turny trucks and short wheelbase.  The wheel wells and risers help avoid wheelbite for those tight turns.

Some caveats

While the maple construction gives the Dinghy strength and durability, it also has its downsides. For one thing, maple decks are not as water resistant as bamboo or hybrid ones and absorb water over time, thus making it heavier.

Wooden decks also tend to chip faster .  Nevertheless, many Dinghy owners reported their boards hold up for an unusually long time without signs or wear and tear.

Finally, the Landyachtz Dinghy’s deck can suffer from speed wobbles  early on at faster speed because of its stiffness and short wheelbase (read about  overcoming speed wobbles) .  But of course, speed is NOT what the mini -cruiser was built for in the first place.

See the Dinghy’s price and versions on Amazon or here on Evo .

Landyachtz Dinghy’s trucks

landyachtz dinghy polar bear trucks

The Dinghy comes with 105mm, traditional kingpin Polar Bear trucks with enlarged bushing seats for more turnability.  That’s quite a narrow truck, not as stable as a bigger one, but that’s to be expected given the small size of the Dinghy’s deck.

Bear trucks have very high tolerances to minimize slop.  The hangers are machine faced for increased strength and the axels are heat treated and reinforced to keep them spinning straight.

The trucks baseplates have 8 holes, which allows you to customize your board by leveraging either the old school or new school hole pattern.  The trucks also come with 0.25″ risers to reduce the risk of wheelbite.

Some riders find the bushings initially a bit squeaky, though that’s the case with most new bushings until they get broken in.  You may choose to replace them with other quality bushings such as   Venom bushings  (Amazon) matching your weight and style.

Landyachtz Dinghy’s wheels

landyachtz dinghy 28.5

The Dinghy complete comes with Hawgs Fatty 63mm wheels – again, Landyachtz owns the Hawgs brand.  Hawgs wheels use proprietary urethane and rigorously tested downhill under freeriding conditions.

The Hawgs are the same wheels that come with the high-end Landyachtz downhill / freeride models, so they boast superior quality as confirmed by most Dinghy owners.

Smaller but very smooth

While the 63mm diameter wheels are adequately small to match the Dinghy’s size and fast turning trucks, they have great roll speed for their size.  With their soft 78A durometer, they feel somewhat squishy yet still firm .  The Fatties strike that sweet spot between smooth rolling on all kinds of terrains and easy breaking into slides .

You’ll find the wheels to be buttery smooth – you can barely feel the bumps even at higher speeds.  The wheels can really run over almost anything – including sidewalk cracks and even metal chunks, without easily getting chipped.

Grippy yet slidy

These wheels’ small size and proportionally wide contact patch (50mm) make them very controllable for slides while still being grippy enough.  Their very rounded lips on both sides also greatly facilitate kicking into slides.

Another feature of the Fatties that makes them quite versatile is the offset positioning of the wheel cores.  With this positioning, the core (hard material inside the soft urethane) is placed somewhere in between the inner side of the wheel and the center – as opposed to centerset and sideset cores.

Offset positioning results in a balanced mix of grip and slide .  The Fatties’ very wide and supportive cores are actually “very offset”, reflecting the Landyachtz Dinghy’s focus on sliding and tricks when carving the streets.

Landyachtz Dinghy’s bearings

The bearings that come stock with the Dinghy are Bear Spaceball bearings .  Here again, not your typical generic, no-name, low-quality component.  These are very decent, ABEC7 bearings (though ABEC does not mean much for longboarding).

The built-in spacers help the wheels stay aligned and wiggle free, make it easier to change the wheels, and let you tighten your axles to your liking without messing up the setup.

As a Dinghy rider, you’ll find these bearings allow your wheels to roll for a long time, and are strong enough to withstand a lot of popping tricks without getting damaged.

Although most Dinghy owners agree these bearings are pretty good, you may still choose to upgrade to even better ones such as Bone Reds for more speed (for more info check out this post, the section upgrading your bearings ).

Dinghy graphics and designs

One of the things skaters really love about the Landyachtz Dinghy is its really cool choice of graphic design – some of them engraved in wood. View the Dinghy graphics on Amazon or here on Evo .

landyachtz dinghy 28.5

The Dinghy Emboss , for example, with its very sober looks, has been a top seller in Landyachtz’s mini cruiser category.   Some Dinghy owners actually order a second Dinghy just to hang it on their wall!

Other popular Dinghy versions include the Red Dragon, Crown Peak, Burger, Coffin, and Blunt.

landyachtz dinghy 28.5

The Dinghy Skeleton features a really cool white skeleton character on a black background:

landyachtz dinghy 28.5

The Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt Meowijuana stunning artwork shows a cat mad of green leaves texture cuddled up on a pink background with small yellow tulips:

landyachtz dinghy 28.5

Questions about the Landyachtz Dinghy’s size

Longboarders considering the Dinghy sometimes wonder about the board being too small. As discussed, whether it’s too small for your needs first depends on the kind of riding you want to do. The Dinghy is a great size board for city commuting, cruising, and easy transportation on sidewalks and around campus, being super nimble and portable.

Besides usage, though, you should also factor in your weight, height, and foot size when deciding whether the Dinghy is a good match for you. Some riders with larger feet may feel a 8″ deck is a bit narrow for comfortable riding – you may get “ footbite ” in really tight turns. Also, if you’re a taller rider, you may have a shorter stance than usual on the Dinghy because of the short length.

In short, the dinghy may not always be the best match for bigger riders. Here’s an excerpt from a helpful comment from Steve, one of my readers (see the comments section):

I’m 6ft and about 195lbs, size 10 (UK) feet. I snowboard and love to ride my loaded dervish Sama. I’ve has fun in various cities but find carrying it less convenient than it could be. I’ve not really ridden for about 3 or 4 years but fancied getting back out in the streets when I’m working away. So I just bought a Dinghy and have been learning to ride it for a few days. It does have its challenges! Foot placement is tricky for me, there is very little room for error. I have ridden 2 longboards, Sama and a Landyachtz Switchblade which are both low and long, easy and forgiving to push, I found a preferred foot position on both boards but it was adaptable, with the Dinghy I am almost hanging 5 and it teeters on the edge of my comfort zone. The higher deck on the Dinghy has given me a couple of sketchy foot braking moments and I’ve accidentally stomped on the kicktail a couple of times. The Dinghy is very nimble and at lower speeds is super comfortable. Today though I found that upping the speeds and looking to cruise around a wide curve it just didn’t behave as I was expecting. it was almost like I was leaning back with pressure on the toe edge to make the turn. weird! Summing up my few hours of riding experience on the Dinghy so far, there is a lot to love, its massive fun. riding the Sama now comparatively feels a little dull and predictable. It will be a steep learning curve and I expect to eat dirt regularly along the way, but I don’t think the challenges are insurmountable. I will find where my feet are best placed so my pushing and braking skills will improve. I hope to improve my skills so the Dingy becomes easy and fun for getting around cities 3 to 4 miles at the time, much faster than walking and much more fun than taking the bus. Most of all, I know it always fits in my suitcase so I never have an excuse not to have it with me.

Landyachtz Dinghy weight limit

While the Dinghy doesn’t have an official weight limit, riders above 250 pounds / 110 kilograms should probably choose a bigger or thicker board. The Dinghy’s 7-ply maple construction may not withstand that much weight, especially if riding hard.

Cruising & commuting on the Landyachtz Dinghy

The Dinghy is meant for city cruising and convenient urban transport. Its short size and wheelbase and the directional shape make it super nimble for weaving around people and things in tight spaces. The narrow turny Polar Bear trucks are very quick and turny  for sidewalk navigation.

The ample kicktail adds to the maneuverability and allows for easy curb and crack hopping. The Dinghy can easily be stashed into or onto a backpack, and painlessly carried around a store or a school building.

In short, the Dinghy really is a fast and nimble city slashing board. You can ride it pretty much everywhere on short trips around town instead of driving or taking the bus, and have a great time doing so. It does take a bit of skills to handle the Dinghy for commuting – see the section about beginners below.

Freeriding & downhill on the Dinghy

Short answer: not so much due to its small wheelbase. When going fast you need stability, which typically comes with a longer wheelbase and/or a lowered deck (e.g. drop-through trucks or a dropped platform). The Dinghy’s 14/14.5″ wheelbase is a bit short for real speed beyond small hills on your city commute path.

That being said, some experienced freeride and downhill riders are able to ride the Dinghy quite fast because of the deck’s stiffness and the Hawgs wheels nice grip. The mellow radial concave does provide a bit of foot lock-in at higher speed – albeit not as much as a true freeride board. At moderate speeds, the Dinghy’s topmount reactiveness and turny trucks allow for tight carves and easy breaking into slides.

To summarize, while the Dinghy is a a bit short for real speed, some experienced longboarders have some serious fun sliding on moderate hills.

Pumping on the Landyachtz Dinghy

With the righ trucks, the Dinghy can be made into a cool pumping board. Swapping the Bear trucks for some good surfskate trucks, e.g. Carver CX/C5 trucks, Slide trucks, or the Yow surfskate adapter, can turn the Dinghy into a small pumping machine. Although narrower than a typical surf skateboard (8″ vs 9″+), it can still pump very nicely on sidewalks, parking lots and garage driveways.

Check out my post on surfskate trucks to learn more about which truck to use.

Skatepark & street tricks on the Dinghy

is the landyachtz dinghy good for skatepark

Many riders love hitting the skatepark, ditches, and pools on their Dinghy. The responsiveness and tight turns make it a great board for park riding and street tricks such as kick tricks, manuals and slides. The Dinghy’s carving ability and smooth rolling on its bigger wheels (compared to a street board) also make it super fun for pool and ditch riding . Optionally slap some surf trucks on it and you’ll be really surfing the concrete on that awesome mini-cruiser.

The Landyachtz Dinghy is not for complete beginners

Due to its small size and responsive trucks, the Dinghy is quite twitchy – again, it’s designed for nimble city cruising and slashing. If you’re a beginner, you’ll normally want a more stable board, one with a lower turn-to-lean ratio, which means the board will turn less for the same amount of lean onto the edge.

A longer wheelbase, a wider deck with wider trucks, harder bushings, larger wheels, all these factors contribute to making a less twitchy longboard. Also as mentioned earlier, a drop-through or drop deck longboard will ride closer to the ground compared to the Dinghy and thus give you better stability for learning to kick push and ride confidently on flat ground.

Some new riders, however, have better than average balance and may get used quickly to the Dinghy’s responsive topmount ride. You may just fall for the coolness factor of the Dinghy and decide to learn on it no matter what! That may be easier, however, for a smaller rider than for a bigger one.

Landyachtz: the cruising company

I’ll wrap up with a quick word about the Landyachtz brand. Landyacthz has been building longboards for 20 years .  Started in a basement by two friends, it has grown into a 60 employee company with offices and retail space in Vancouver and Los Angeles, and a manufacturing facility in British Columbia.

Landyachtz also owns the Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels brands, both well-recognized in the longboarding community for their quality.  All the Lanyachtz complete longboards come with these trucks and wheels.

The company keeps a strong focus on their cruiser longboard category, putting special efforts in quality deck construction and quality components.  In addition to their mini-cruiser line – which includes the Dinghy, Landyachtz also has a full-size street cruiser line (ATV), a traditional pintail series (Freedom), and a freeride and downhill longboard series.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for a cruiser small and light enough to take anywhere, yet stable enough to ride comfortably AND agile enough for slides and kick tricks (in short, you’re looking for a unicorn) then you’ve found it with the Landyachtz Dinghy – Amazon or Evo .

The mix of features and component quality you’ll get for the price is hard to beat.  And the graphics are just plain awesome, with plenty to choose from.

Just remember though, no single board can be everything to everyone.  So if you’re a total beginner, the Dinghy may be too small/fast /high riding for you.  Also, if you’re a downhill addict, the Dinghy will probably not give the stability and confidence you need at high speeds.

If you’re an intermediate level skater looking to carve the streets, you can also fine tune the Landyachtz Dinghy to suit your specific needs, tightening or loosening the trucks to make it more stable or faster, upgrading the bushings and bearings, etc.

Overall, most Dinghy owners agree you can’t go wrong with this board, provided you have the right skills for it.

*** Photo credits: Product shots and ditch courtesy of Landyachtz

Shawn isaiah

Thursday 21st of May 2020

Hi, I have been skating on my penny board for years and I wanna try something different as I have grown larger. But I wanna still have a bard that I can carry behind my bagpack with a clip.

Does a landyachtz dinghy have that function?

28 inch does seem abit bigger.

Whats your advice?

Thursday 29th of August 2019

Hi Jessie, I'm writing to you from Italy, and I would like know if also the Dinghy - as the Tugboat - has "the wedged risers on the front trucks", that "improves the board’s carving ability" and "helps to make the Tugboat much “surfier” and more pumpable than a regular longboard". I'm asking to you because I prefer ride without pushing with a surfskate in my flat land near Venice (not hills at all). Scuse me if I annoied you with this question, but at anyway thank'you very much for your work and your know-how.

Hey Michele,

I don't believe the Dinghy comes with wedged risers out of the box, however you can definitely fit some onto it for slightly improved pumping. If you really want to pump, however, you can mount a surf adapter like YOW on top of the Polar Bear trucks - see the YOW kit here on Amazon or the Waterborne surf adapter here. You can check out this post for in-depth info about surfskate adapters.

Alternatively, you may want to take a look at Slide surfskates (see Amazon Italy page here). Slide makes quality and affordable surfskates that work very well for pumping and carving. You can also check out my review of Slide surfskates here.

Hope this helps. Ride on! Jesse

Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

I'm looking for a longboard suitable for a pumping track and after some research I've decided that Dinghy may be a good candidate. I'm 65 kg and 185cm (144lbs, ~6ft). I don't have almost any experience with flat longboarding but I'm able to keep balance/speed on the pumping track so I'd call myself intermidiate. Is Landyachtz Dinghy a good choice for me?

Thanks, Tob

Hey Tob, are you referring to pumping TRUCKS? What kind of trucks do you mean? Surfskate trucks like Carver or Yow? Bennett truck for LDP? Do you want to pump for surf-style carving or are you looking more for long distance pumping on flat ground? Depending on your goals the answer is quite different! Aloha

Tuesday 25th of June 2019

I snowboard and have recently got into longboarding. I'm learning on a tan tien (39" with 27" wheelbase), which I can use pretty well on bike paths.

However, when I'm on sidewalks, I can't manage a 90 degree turn, even with proper bushings for my weight. I suspect it's just too long a wheelbase.

Looking at shorter wheelbase options, would you recommend something like a landyachtz dinghy (15" wheelbase) or something in the 20" wheelbase range (like a loaded poke)? I've never used a street skateboard so I have no preference for 15", but I'm not sure if 20" is small enough to handle sidewalks corners well.

Thanks, Vinay

Hey Vinay, yeah the reason you're having trouble handling tight corners is probably the size and drop-through design of the Tan Tien which is best-suited for distance riding/pushing and speed. I myself ride a Poke as my main board for everyday riding including city sidewalks. Not only is the Poke shorter than the Tan Tien with a smaller wheelbase, as a topmount it's much more responsive due to the increased leverage on the trucks. I use the 2 different setups depending on my mood, the carving setup with Paris trucks and Stimulus wheels or the surf setup with Carver CX trucks and 4Prez wheels. See the details for both setups here on the Loaded page. Both are awesome and super nimble, they let you make very tight turns - I can actually do U-turns on pretty narrow paths quite easily. The Paris setup is lower riding and super responsive, better for slides and hills, while the Carver setup is great for pumping and surf style.

The Dinghy is a great little sidewalk cruiser but it's a bit twitchy and harder to handle if you're a newer rider and/or if you're a bigger rider. The Poke may be a better option, being just the right size and lightweight with the composite bamboo construction (like most Loaded models).

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Landyachtz Dinghy Review – Overhyped? (Bought & Tested)

By: Author Ruben Vee

Posted on Published: November 2, 2021  - Last updated: December 7, 2023

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Landyachtz Dinghy review

Whenever you consult the web and ask what the best possible cruiser is, almost everybody mentions the Landyachtz Dinghy. Now Landyachtz has been in the business for 20+ years and boasts high quality, great price, amazing design, and superior functionality. I got curious and wanted to see for myself so I decided to buy a Dinghy and do an in-depth review.

The Landyachtz Dinghy is great for short distances. It’s responsive, portable, and consists of quality parts that work straight out of the box. It handles well on rough roads but it’s not for tricks, downhill, or riding skateparks. Beginners might find the Dinghy challenging.

I’m going to cover everything and even made a video that demonstrates what this board can do. I and my friend decided to take it out for a test ride and take it apart piece by piece to find out why this board has such a great reputation.

Here’s the short version of this review.

  • The Dinghy is very portable
  • Durable, it can last for a decade
  • Very responsive
  • Low effort to get up to speed
  • Also suitable for beginners, the learning curve might be challenging
  • Great components that go really well together
  • It just looks great
  • Wheels and bearings aren’t great
  • Heavier than a regular skateboard, lighter than a longboard
  • Tall people might find it too small, not suitable for heavy riders
  • Takes some time to break in the bearings and tweak the trucks

This review contains links that earn me a small commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.  

Let’s roll right into the action and watch our test ride. Already convinced? For the best deal check evo.com , or check for prices on Amazon right here .

Not Really for Freeride Longboarding

Pumping is possible, tricks are possible but limited, rough roads, the dinghy is the perfect portable commuter, concave and shape, polar bear trucks, bear riser pads (0.25 inches), swapping the wheels, bear spaceball bearings, dinghy durability, is the landyachtz dinghy too small, loads of designs, is the landyachtz dinghy for beginners, recap: the good and the bad, price of the landyachtz dingy, about landyachtz, in conclusion, how does the landyachtz dinghy perform.

The Dinghy performs great on all sorts of surfaces . It handles everything with ease though sometimes you need to know what you’re doing.

So, is the Landyachtz Dinghy any good in terms of cruising? The simple answer… absolutely. Actually, this board was specifically designed for cruising in urban areas and cities. Thanks to the size of the wheels, this board can catch speed quickly (acceleration). Not only that, but this board is great for handling turns, thanks to the length of the board.

You’ll probably come across times when you’ll have to hop a curb while cruising around. The kicktail of the Dinghy makes this possible, and with ease. Expect the full urban transportation experience when riding this board. It’s fit for any city that you plan on commuting around and an ideal campus cruiser.

You’ll then have to quickly catch speed again. Want to hit a pedestrian? Of course not, so you’ll be making a lot of quick turns. You’ll be hopping curbs like no tomorrow. With all of this going on, the Dinghy really delivers on quality and control. You’ll be able to handle all of these situations with ease. It’s exactly what the Landyachtz Dinghy was built for.

The Landyachtz Dinghy is not specifically made for freeriding . However, you can still pull this off and have a good time doing so. The Dinghy is a shortboard, while freeriding boards are typically a bit longer. If your main goal is for freeriding, then you should probably consider another board. 

But, just because there are better freeriding options, that doesn’t mean you can’t pull some nice slides on the Landyachtz Dinghy. Thanks to the concave shape of the board, sliding will be easier since you’ll be able to lock your feet. The wheels of the Dinghy won’t keep you from sliding either. This board was built for cruising in the city.

Is the Landyachtz Dinghy appropriate for pumping? It sure is! It does require experience and you need to know what you’re doing but this board can pull it off. I actually had a hard time keeping up with my friend while he was pumping. I switched to a longboard because I was pushing like a madman on my regular board to keep up.

The Polar Bear trucks come stock on the Dinghy, and though they might not be ideal for pumping, this video proves you can. You could consider other trucks, but why waste money. You’re better off assembling a cruiser or longboard yourself.

You can pull off ollies, manuals, and some old school tricks but I wouldn’t take it to a skatepark. While the Dinghy is capable of doing more technical tricks that are closer to skateboarding, I can’t really recommend it. The board wasn’t made for that and you’re better off with a regular skateboard.

Only really experienced skateboarders can pull this off. I’m going to test this soon and will add a video to show you how it performs in skateparks.

Sure, the Dinghy is capable of handling really tight turns which is great for bowls/pools, but the wheels are rather soft . Manuals, slides, and plenty of pop tricks are all possible with this board but don’t expect to be the next Rodney Mullen on this board.

As opposed to regular skateboards, the Dinghy has big soft wheels, which makes your rolling more smooth but landing tricks just feel a bit sketchy and unstable compared to a popsicle skateboard. Riding a bowl would be possible I guess, but I still recommend a different setup for that purpose.

The Dinghy is perfect for rough roads. The large Hawgs wheels have no issues with debris like rocks or twigs, you hardly even notice them . As you can see in the video it’s able to ride over small patches of grass and uneven surfaces. Coming from a skateboarding background this was a fun experience. You need to get to know the board before you do stuff like this or you’ll eat dirt.

I really wanted to try out its downhill capabilities but it was already late. Looking at the setup I don’t think this board is suitable for downhill . To quickly summarize… there are definitely better boards for downhill riding. This board is ultimately designed for cruising. It’s a small board with narrow trucks which will become unstable at a high velocity.

The Landyachtz Dinghy has a small wheelbase. This is not an advantage when going downhill, because with a smaller wheelbase comes less stability. And you need to be stable when you’re going downhill. Not only this, but you won’t be able to reach the same speeds that you would reach while riding on a downhill board. City riding doesn’t involve many huge hills, and therefore the Dinghy wasn’t specifically designed for riding downhill.

However, it’s not all negative. Thanks to the stiffness of the maple deck and Fatty Hawgs wheels, you can catch some decent speed downhill while maintaining your balance. Also, thanks to the mellow radial concave, you’ll have better foot lock-in when you’re traveling fast. Still, it’s rather risky and you should pick a different setup if this is your main goal.

This Dinghy is a compact commuter board. You can carry it around without feeling awkward and it can easily fit under your arm or just strap it on a backpack . The 24″ mini version actually fits inside a backpack! 

The compact design allows you to carry it pretty much anywhere you want which is convenient when you need to use public transport. It’s slightly smaller than a regular skateboard as you can see in the image below.

dinghy size compared to other skateboards

The Landyachtz Dinghy was specifically made as a longboard for cruising in urban areas or cities. Thanks to the size and design of its trucks and wheelbase, the Dinghy is capable of managing sharp turns while maintaining stability.

The design of the kicktail will allow you to do tricks, such as ollies and manuals. Experienced riders can use it to slide or even do some technical tricks on a quarter pipe, though it wasn’t really designed for that.

This board isn’t t for serious downhill riding or freeriding and not for technical street skaters . It accelerates fast but doesn’t have a high top-speed as compared to downhill boards. I still think it goes fast enough to do what it’s supposed to when you push hard enough. It takes a while to slow down so this means a great cruising experience without having to push all the time.

This board is made for people who want to commute and have a fun and relaxing riding experience , and Landyachtz certainly succeeded. It has no issues with rough roads and you can even plow through a patch of grass when needed (as demonstrated in the video).

I took the Dinghy apart to see what kind of parts you get. Overall the components are of superior quality but I have some doubts about the bearings which I will address later on. Let’s see what you get:

  • 7-ply maple wood deck with a medium concave 
  • Square shaped kicktail and short oblong-shaped nose
  • Wheel wells to prevent wheelbite
  • Width: 8.0″.
  • Length: 28.5″.
  • Wheelbase: 14.6″.
  • This version has clear grip tape lasts for many years under heavy use
  • Two 4″ bear trucks 
  • 1/4″ rubber riser pads to absorb shocks
  • Four Hawgs wheels size 63mm with a durometer of 78A
  • 8 Bear Spaceballs 8mm ABEC7 Bearings
  • 8 speedwashers
  • 8 bolts and nuts to attach your trucks

Stiff Maple Wood Deck 

Longboarders and skateboarders all over the world speak highly of the Landyachtz Dinghy deck and my test only confirms this. It’s both strong, durable and consists of high-quality 7-ply maple wood .

If we’re talking length, the Dinghy comes in sizes from 24”-28.5”. The range of widths are from 6.5”-8.5”, and you can get the wheelbase between 14”-15”. Overall, this board is fairly short with a small wheelbase.

The deck is very sturdy and doesn’t have any flex . This is something you might need to get used to if you also ride a flexy longboard. The Landyachtz Dinghy was made for fun , and the sturdiness allows you to do ollies though you can feel it wasn’t really made for that purpose.

I was a bit skeptical about the clear grip tape at first, but it’s actually pretty good and last for a very long time. I friend of mine owns an older model and the grip tape still holds after 8 years , even after abusing the board over and over again. I’ll go into durability in a moment. The clear grip will allow you to stand steady on your board and it just looks really nice.

Not all versions have clear grip tape, this is only the case with the Dinghy Summit. The grip provides enough grip to keep your feet in place but also allows you to move around for minor corrections.

It comes with wheel wells to prevent wheelbite which is great for people that love loose trucks and deep carves. I personally didn’t experience any wheels touching the board.

dinghy wheel wells close up

The combination of wheel wells and riser pads prevent any wheel blocking on sharp turns. 

Dinghy concave and shape close up

The deck of the Landyachtz Dinghy has a mellow radial concave . The side is slightly elevated to get more board feel when performing tricks, it makes the board respond faster. Concave isn’t for everyone, it takes away from the stability you get from a board that’s entirely flat, but this thing is designed for playful rides .

On top of that, it allows you to perform sliding movements with a bit more ease. I think the concave is perfectly balanced, I hardly notice it but I come from a skateboarding background. I’m perfectly able to move my feet around despite the brand-new grip.

The Dinghy shape is directional and features both a nose and tail that are elevated , just like a popsicle. The nose is pointier shaped than the tail. The tail allows you to ollie or hop curbs or dig in a little when you come across a patch of grass. It will help you stay balanced while you lean back. 

The kicktail allows you to hop curbs while cruising and the soft wheels will make the landing pleasant. I was expecting it to bounce a lot but it really holds up well.

Another benefit of the tail is that you can do a few kickturns in parks or diagonal street objects if you’re up for it. Since this board is so stiff and the wheelbase is short, you may experience speed wobbles when you’re moving fast.

It also features a nose similar to regular skateboards though I haven’t really discovered the advantages yet. You could use it for nose manuals I guess.

Top view of the dinghy bear trucks

As you can see in the image, the Dinghy has Polar Bear trucks, the axle width is 105mm. They seem a bit narrow and they are. It’s a compact board and the trucks need to fit right? Landyachtz did a really good job of balancing out all the parts . If you’re a longboarder the narrow trucks might feel a bit less stable than that you’re used to. Skateboarders will probably have no issues.

Bear trucks did a lot of R&D and found the perfect balance between the elastic zone permanent deformation by testing them on a destructometer. This means the truck can withstand huge impacts by bending and returning to its normal shape. 

The aggressive angle of the hangers increases their strength and the axels are heat-treated and reinforced to keep them from bending.

The trucks baseplates consist of 8 holes, which you can use to adjust the wheelbase. I tried but the result was a small gap between the board and the baseplate.

baseplate gap

Still for a board this small I find it surprisingly stable so something was done right. The trucks are highly maneuverable, which also has to do with the soft bushings. 

The cup washers hold the bushings in their place and protect them from being damaged by the kingpin nut. The Pivot cups in the baseplate keep the Dinghy turning effectively at the baseplate’s intended angle.

close up of the Dinghy bushings

I can’t seem to find any specifications about the hardness of the bushings but they feel medium soft. The bottom bushing is shaped like a barrel, while the top bushing is shaped like a cone. Bushings have different shapes to allow for different riding styles.

This barrel/cone combo is just great for the ability to perform maneuvers in tight corners. If you really can’t get used to them and the trucks feel too loose, it might have something to do with your weight . Consult my bushings guide in order to find out what you need.

The large bushing seats on the Dinghy help control your turning abilities (along with the pivot cup and washers) but at first, they felt incredibly loose. You don’t want to tighten the kingpin nut right away as this may lead to crushed bushings. Break them in first by riding the board or rocking it sideways by leaning.

After an hour or so tighten them just a little, if I recall correctly I only turned the nut once which was enough . This board was designed for commuting the city. This means that you will have to make a lot of quick and sharp turns and a reliable, responsive board.

bear 1/4 riser pad

The Landyachtz Dinghy has quarter-inch riser pads equipped between the trucks and the deck. These are to prevent wheel bite when you make sharp turns or land a bit hard on the sides. Heavier riders run more risk getting wheel bite compared to lightweights. The Risers give a little bit of extra clearance between the board and the wheels (the board also has wheel wells just in case). 

They are rather soft which helps to absorb impact from shocks and they reduce vibration from rough roads. 

The Dinghy Hawgs Wheels

Hawgs wheels close up

The wheels of the Dinghy have diameters of 63mm. These are Fatty Hawgs wheels which were designed and created by Landyachtz themselves. The average size of wheels on most longboards is around 70mm (guestimate), meaning that the Dinghy’s wheels are a lot smaller. But what does that mean?

The smaller wheels will allow for quicker acceleration. However, your overall top speed will be decreased because of these smaller wheels. The Landyachtz is not quite as fast as a downhill board, but it will still reach incredible speeds for what it’s worth .

Although these wheels are smaller than average, they are still extremely smooth. You’ll hardly feel small bumps even at the highest speeds and they can take on rough surfaces like no other.

With a durometer of 78A, these wheels are very soft but still rather solid. I had no issues with cracks, grass patches, and really rough concrete. You’ll be able to tackle cracks in the sidewalk and plenty of metal objects without severely damaging your wheels.

Stay away from glass though, splinters can get stuck in your wheels. You’ll find the huge 50mm contact patch of these wheels to have great grip while still being able to perform slides in a controllable manner.

You do feel their limitations when you try ollies though. It’s just a bit bouncy and harder to control your board when landing. I also would like to point out that (like any wheel) they will wear down faster on rougher surfaces. Still, they’ll last you for a few years but I’ll update this post once I learned more.

dinghy's with other wheels

After testing out other wheels I can say that the Fatty Hawgs are ok but to make this the best cruiser, consider other wheels. It performed so much better after replacing the wheels with Orangatang Fat Free wheels, way more grippy and smooth. I also swapped the bearings for Bronson Raws and the difference is night and day.

I also tried OJ Super Juice wheels but the contact patch is just a bit too small. Want the most out of this board? Go for the Fat Free wheels.

bearing close up

As with the rest of the longboard, Landyachtz manufactures its own bearings. This specific brand is called Bear Spaceball bearings. These bearings boast a rating of ABEC7. However, it’s good to keep in mind that ABEC doesn’t really factor too much into longboards and skateboards .

ABEC rating is for machines with high RPMs, like over 9000. You won’t get more than 2000 RPM on a skateboard (downhillers might disagree).

The Bear Spaceball bearings are equipped with built-in spacers, I was a bit surprised actually because I never saw that before. The good news is, they are open bearings which makes it a lot easier to clean and lube compared to closed bearings.

I still would prefer separate metal spacers with open bearings and I’m not sure why Landyachtz decided to use built-in spacers, they are the experts so I’m sure I’m missing something here. Fancy stuff though, can’t argue with that.

The Bear Spaceball bearings are open bearings which makes them easy to clean and lube. You don’t have to worry about dust because the outer rings and spacers keep dirt out. I wouldn’t recommend riding in the rain though.

Spacers are often overlooked but they help to keep the dirt out and prevent destroying them when you tighten the nut too much and prevent crushing the inner workings. They also allow you to tighten your axles without screwing up the rest of your setup. If you decide to replace the bearings, make sure to get spacers!

I’m not yet convinced yet about these bearings and already noticed they perform less than in the first week. I might lube them a bit but I expected more. If they start to wear down sooner than expected I’ll replace them with Bones bearings. 

old and new landyachtz dinghy compared

The board is quite heavy and made of quality maple wood and will chip if you don’t handle it right. I wouldn’t recommend smashing into the corner of a wall, but that seems pretty obvious. It takes a bit of effort to pop the tail and landing ollies is a bit more challenging compared to a popsicle. This probably has to do with it’s slightly narrower profile and bigger wheels.

This board is meant for cruising and not for flip tricks. Treat her right and she’ll hold up just fine. Don’t ride in the rain, this will dissolve the epoxy resin holding the layers together and your board will delaminate, not to mention damaging the bearings.

In the picture above are an older and rather trashed Dinghy and a brand new model. A friend of mine owns it for almost 8 years and he’s known for trashing boards. Oh boy, that tail suffered hard but even after almost a decade, it still is his favorite board.

This longboard is a lot smaller than most others. So, you may be wondering if it’s big enough for you to ride on. Basically, all of this comes down to 2 things: your own size (height, and arguably shoe size), and the type of riding you plan on doing.

If you have an above-average shoe size, then you may have problems getting comfortable on this board. The deck is 8” wide, so you’ll need to decide if this is large enough for you to be comfortable with the size of your shoes. When encountering tight turns, you may experience instability because of your toes sticking out.

Also, due to the short length of this board, it may be tough for taller people to get a good stance. However, if you’re around 6’4” or shorter, you shouldn’t have a problem here. It’s also a preference thing, I know tall riders that ride small boards and short riders that ride large boards.

And onto the “type of riding” part… the size of this board is great for what it’s meant to do, which is commuting around a city and just cruising. This smaller size is going to be great for weaving in and out of obstacles, such as other pedestrians. And with most things, it’s going to come down to your personal riding preference.

So you’re interested in the Landyachtz Dinghy. But you’re curious as to what your options will be as far as the designs go. Well, here’s the good news… there are over 20 designs for the Dinghy and 3 different sizes . The largest is 28.5″, in between the 26″ and the smallest is only 24″.  There’s a good chance that there’s a design out there that will fit you and your personality.


If you need some examples to look into, I got you covered. One of the top-selling Dinghy boards is the Emboss. Some other very popular designs include the Dinghy Beach Party, the Dinghy Summit (as reviewed here), and the Dinghy Trout. Be sure to check out all of the others as well.

I picked the Summit because I just adore the design. My friend now rides this board in the city and people actually compliment him on his fine board.

Lastly, if you want a board without concave go for the Landyachtz Dinghy Handstand. This is a dedicated cruiser without a curved nose and kicktail which results in a more stable ride.

The learning curve might be a bit steeper for beginners. Many reviews claim that this board isn’t for beginners but I’m not entirely convinced after riding and testing it myself. I even let a beginner ride this board and she didn’t have much trouble at all.

Sure there’s a bit of a learning curve here, the concave might feel a bit awkward at first but you should get used to it fairly quickly. Take some time to learn how to ride, you’ll get it. Find a spot that’s not crowded and preferable a smooth surface.

The Landyachtz Dinghy has been designed as a board for city cruising. It has extremely responsive trucks and is very twitchy. It’s a bit less stable than most boards that are recommended for beginners. Don’t skip on this board because you’re a beginner or inexperienced rider.

It takes a bit more effort to get to know the board, but once you do you won’t look back. If you want to be on the safe side, consider the Landyachtz Dinghy Handstand. It doesn’t have any concave, the deck is entirely flat making it easier to ride. If you eventually want to hop curbs and slide a bit, go for it. It’s a waste of money to buy another board first.

Are you fairly-experienced in either skateboarding or longboarding? Then go for it! Skip it when you are heavier or your shoe size 11+ (US). In this case I would recommend the Landyachtz Tugboat (review).

We’ll start off with the good parts. The Landyachtz Dinghy has that longboard feel to it, yet has the control and agility of a skateboard. It’s rather stiff and lacks flex, and a medium concave to help you perform tricks. Thanks to the kicktail of the Dinghy, it’s possible to do a few tricks such as ollies and manuals.

The Fatty Hawgs wheels will enable you to do slides on this board. The Bear Spaceball bearings are supposed to be top-rated and high-quality,and they hold up fine so far. Although it’s not a downhill board, you’ll still be able to have fun cruising downhill (if you’re experienced enough) but do so at your won risk. And of course, this board is a bit smaller than the average, making it easier to carry around to your next destination.

I think this board is fine for beginners but the learning curve might be a bit steeper, make sure you really want to get into skateboarding/longboarding. You can always go for the version without concave if this is holding you back.

This is a great cruiser and you won’t regret buying the Dinghy, check evo.com for prices or compare prices and models on Amazon.

Now for the bad parts. The board designs are beautifully-crafted (pro), but this decreases your motivation for doing heavy tricks (con). If you have big feet, you may find it riding on the small deck of the Dinghy uncomfortable, though my friend with size 13 doesn’t have any issues.

The board is a bit heavy but you won’t notice when you ride it. I think the weight makes it more stable and can’t be considered a con. It’s really portable and you won’t be bothered carrying it around.

While the price isn’t a part of the actual board itself, it’s something to put in perspective. If you’ve gotten this far and are truly interested in the Dinghy, then it’s only fair that we talk about costs.

Here’s the good news… for its quality and efficiency, this board is truly affordable . Prices will vary depending on where you look, but you should expect to spend no more than $150 for this high-quality cruiser (except for Europeans like me, I paid about 170 Euros but got a bunch of really cool stickers). And that’s with all the top-notch components included.

There are many boards of similar quality that sell for much higher prices, but they can’t do what the Dinghy does. This board almost gets you the best bang for your buck in but there is a contender that is even better.

Landyachtz was started by only 2 people and has now grown to 60+ employees. This Canadian company now has shops in California and British Columbia as well. Landyachtz has been making longboards and accessories for over 20 years, and still going strong.

So Landyachtz specializes in longboards, but how about the accessories? By now you’ve heard of Hawgs Wheels and Bear Trucks. Both of these brands are well-known in the longboarding community as being of the highest quality. And they are both brands of Landyachtz. Are you environmentally friendly? Landyachtz is, as they plant a maple tree every time someone buys a board .

The Landyachtz Dinghy is a compact cruiser that is made for commuting around a city or any other urban area. This longboard has great stability and offers a comfortable ride. Hop curbs, pop a few ollies, slide when you’re ready and most of all… enjoy the experience. The Dinghy comes stock with high-quality components, all manufactured by Landyachtz themselves.

The Landyachtz Dinghy is one of the best at what it does: commuting through urban areas. The design will allow you to make all the quick turns you need when venturing through urban obstacles. You’ll be able to accelerate quickly whenever you need to. And although it’s not specifically a freeriding or downhill board, you can still pull this off (moderately) with enough experience.

There are more than 20 artistic designs to choose from, smaller versions and a dedicated cruiser without concave. What more can you ask for? If this is not your board check out a few more mini cruisers that I’ve tested and reviewed or check my top 11 list of best cruisers I personally tested.

Even though I’m not much of a longboarder, I am impressed by the quality. My friend likes it even more, so I decided to let him keep this board and I had to convince him because he thought it was too much.

Oh, I almost forgot. Why the 4star rating instead of 5? It mainly has to do with the bearings and wheels, not a fan when compared to other brands. Only the Comet Cruiser gets 5 stars.

Ruben vee

I’m an aged skateboarder and still shred responsibly. Started skateboarding 25 years ago, peaked in the 2000’s, and still ride to this day. I am a total geek when it comes to skateboard gear, love test to stuff and share my findings.

Our editorial process is dedicated to providing high-quality, fact-checked content, ensuring the best experience. If you spot any inaccuracies, please let us know ([email protected]), and we will take immediate action.

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Landyachtz Dinghy Series Skateboard, Turbo King Complete

Landyachtz Dinghy Series Skateboard, Turbo King Complete

19815 Hamilton Ave

19815 Hamilton Ave Torrance CA 90502-1341 United States

Ahoy Matey! The 2019 Landyachtz Dinghy Series is here for endless fun

Turbo King is the king of the Dinghy line. The deck is constructed more strongly and the trucks have a premium build. Wheels are designed to be faster with a large supportive core. If you want the best possible Dinghy build, this is it. 

The Dinghy is a board that has become so well-known and is so well-liked, that it deserves an entire series of its own. The Landyachtz Dinghy is the definition of what you want in a mini deck. At 28.5”, it’s just the right size – plenty of foot room, yet still small enough to carry, stash away, or strap on to your backpack. Great for short distance commutes, pedestrian slalom, and also a great fit for all you kick-flipping monkeys out there.

Mini Meets Functionality

There are a lot of minis out on the market. In fact, what we refer to today as a mini, replicate – more or less – old school skateboards. Skaters have been shredding decks similar to the Dinghy for years. So let’s examine a few things that sets apart the Dinghy from other minis on the market.

Wheel Well Flares

Historically, minis have been delegated strictly to 60mm wheels and smaller. With wheel wheels 65mm wheels are not an issue at all. If you are willing to add some additional risers, or want to wedge and/or de-wedege your trucks, you might even be able to get away with 68mm-70mm wheels. Don’t forget that the wheel wells on the Dinghy have some flares! Wheel flares are great for locking in your feet if you have the desire for sliding.

Functional Nose and Tail

The tail on the Dinghy has a TON of pop. Great for all the flip tricks in the book and for getting up-and-over obstacles. While not as pronounced, the nose offers plenty of room for nose-manuals and shuvits.

Just the Right Touch of Concave

Who doesn’t like some concave? Well the Dinghy has it. Concave is often overlooked in mini’s but it is extremely helpful when hopping off curbs and keeping your feet in place. The concave, in addition to the other features mentioned, also make this board great for the skate parks.

This Complete Comes Built With...

  • Trucks: Polar Bear 105mm Trucks, Raw or Black Color.  Please see image. 
  • Wheels: Landyachtz Plow King 72mm/78a
  • Bearings: Landyachtz Bearings
  • Bushings: Standard Polar Bear Bushings
  • Risers: 1/4" Hard Risers
  • Hardware: Landyachtz Hardware
  • Grip Tape: Landyachtz Grip Tape.Various models offer either foam, clear, or standard grip tape. Please see image. 


  • Length : 28.5" | 72.39 cm
  • Width : 8" | 20.32 cm
  • Wheelbase : 14.6" | 37.08 cm
  • Concave : Mild
  • Nose / Tail : Yes / Yes
  • Rocker / Camber : None
  • Construction : Maple
  • Special Features : A wide selection of graphics with various style of grip tape. Various graphics offer different grip tape styles including regular, foam, and clear grip.


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1754 West 4th Ave., Vancouver BC Canada

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Landyachtz Dinghy Crown Peak Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Landyachtz Dinghy Crown Peak 8″ x 28.5″

$ 179.95

Loads of performance jammed into a tiny package, the Landyachtz cruiser boards are some of the most fun and capable boards out there!

The Landyachtz Dinghy Crown Peak is a modified Dinghy shape that has quietly become a team favorite, this cruiser offers a fresh new look and a unique ride. A slightly extended nose and a squared off tail add versatility and function as well as looking awesome!

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Landyachtz 2020 Longboards Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

The classic Dinghy shape has been a staple of the Landyachtz line-up for many years now and is still the first board we grab for a quick rip to the store or around the neighborhood.

Loads of performance jammed into a tiny package, the Landyachtz cruiser boards are some of the most fun and capable boards out there! Development of these boards is informed by years of R&D for racing and freeriding. These completes offer up the msot distilled version of everything that Landyachtz has learned over the years about how skateboards should turn, roll, and feel.

Each component on their cruisers have been purpose-built to give you the best skateboarding experience possible. Whether it be your first board or your tenth, there’s always room in your quiver for a good cruiser and you’ll quickly find it becoming your go-to in all sorts of situations.


  • Length: 28.5″
  • Width: 8″
  • Wheelbase: 14.6″
  • Polar Bear 105mm trucks
  • Bear Sapceball bearings
  • Landyachtz 63mm Fatty Hawgs

Just because you don’t know much about a place doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a fun place to skate. As a result, driving into Arizona the crew didn’t really know what to expect but in the end everyone’s expectations were blown away. This fun and functional cruiser is simple, fun and efficient. Cruise with friends, roll to the corner store or cruise the boardwalk on one of many unique graphics. You’ll want to take this board everywhere you go!

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Dinghy Blunt Fender Paper Tiger (6225322836157)

Dinghy Blunt Fender - Paper Tiger

The Dinghy Blunt is a new cruiser shape in the lineup and we're stoked on it. This shape has a little extra width where you need it and a good amount of taper to allow for a more directional feel. Matched up with slightly wider trucks, this shape is great for riders with bigger feet or anyone looking for a little more stability and confidence out of their cruiser board. 

One Board One Tree

To give back to the environment we have decided that for every skateboard we sell, we plant a tree. One tree produces at least 60 boards. So with our program, one tree will turn into at least 60 new trees planted.

100% Canadian Maple

Canadian Maple is a strong and proven material used in the world’s best skateboards. We source only the finest veneers found in Eastern Canada.

Extra layers of ink raise the printing surface and provides a tactile experience. Something to run your hand over while planning your next ride.

Take your skating into the third dimension with a kicktail. We design our kicktails to work perfectly with each deck shape as well as with the truck and wheel setup on each complete.

Mellow concave that barely feels like it’s there, but designed to give you the control you need, when you need it.

Also known as pressed wheel wells, flares are part of the board shape. The resulting bumps in the concave on top allow for larger wheels, looser trucks, and provide better control and more precise foot placement.

Length : 28.5" Width : 8.6" Wheelbase : 14.5" Artist : Pedro Correa

Neighbourhood Pathways Campus Rough Pavement All Terrain

Watch the Dinghy Blunt in action

The Dinghy Blunt is a small cruiser board that comes in at 28.5" long and 8.6 wide. The extra width up front and significant taper means you get more leverage over the front truck than the rear one, which gives it more directional steering characteristics and a bit more stability than the classic Dinghy shape. The Fender version has flares pressed over the wheel wells allowing us to do away with the riser pads and offer a lower ride height for comfortable pushing. The Dinghy Blunt is pressed with 7 plies of Canadian maple for a light, stiff and poppy ride and comes set up with Polar Bear 130mm trucks to match the width of the deck. 63mm 78a Fatty Hawgs wheels finish off the setup and ensure you’ll have a smooth ride with plenty of roll speed and grip without having to worry about wheelbite.

We design our trucks and wheels to fit perfectly with each individual deck. We work tirelessly to ensure these elements come together to provide the best control and performance for your board. No slop, all control. Don't accept anything less than the perfect complete.   Learn More >

Dinghy Blunt Fender - Paper Tiger

Flex Rating

Flex has a big impact on the overall feel of your board and is influenced by a bunch of different factors. The main ones being thickness of the deck, it's wheelbase and rider weight. To put the equation in laymans terms: more flex occurs when you decrease thickness of the deck, increase the wheelbase and increase rider weight. The more flex in your board the more carvy and agile it'll feel, less flex means it's more stable and suited for faster skating. We test every complete with a device we built in house, specifically to standardize flex ratings.

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Looks real clean. Rides really smooth too, if you want a great skateboard to cruise with that isn't gonna cost an arm and a leg this is a great board. Nice fat black tires, really well made.

  • Neighbourhoods

Super fun and gets me out of the house.

I decided to get this as my first real skateboard (ignoring the Walmart board) and am very pleased with it. It's pretty easy to ride and you can still learn tricks on it, though it will be a bigger challenge than if you did it with a normal board, so I would recommend getting both if you are just starting out. I've managed to land a couple (very bad because I am not very experienced) ollies. Also, if you are iffy about buying it because it has smaller wheels than the classic, don't be because the wheels get the job done while going above and beyond. I just have one concern. I don't know if it's supposed to be like this, but the wheels don't spin very long when you try to spin them with your hand. Also the trucks got squeaky after a while but I think that happens with all skateboard. But besides that, I am super happy with the board and am here to say it is pretty beginner friendly if you are just starting out. I also got it as an oops board and I could see nothing wrong with it. Thanks Landyachtz!

  • On Rough Pavement
  • All Terrain


Amazing board for all types of terrain

Definitely recommend to others.👌

  • Skate Parks

Paper Tiger

Awesome board andbfun to ride

  • Mellow Hills

Great first board

Great for cruising, carving, and learning the basics! Nothing bad to say about it.

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  1. Dinghy Classic

    Complete - $199.99. Deck Only - $99.99. You can never go wrong with black on black, especially when combined with a sweet embossed graphic for extra style points. The classic Dinghy shape has been a staple of our line-up for many years now and is still the first board we grab for a quick rip to the store or around the neighbourhood.

  2. Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt 28.5" Complete Cruiser Skateboard

    Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt 28.5' Complete Cruiser Skateboard in stock at Tactics. Shop the best selection of cruiser completes from Landyachtz. Low price guarantee + free shipping with $60 purchase. Free Shipping Over $60. Tactics. Free Shipping Over $60. Chat Account Help Cart (0) Tactics.

  3. Landyachtz Dinghy 28.5" Complete Longboard Skateboard Review

    The Landyachtz Dinghy 28.5" Complete Longboard Skateboard is a nimble and responsive setup for getting from place to place with speed and enjoyment. Its com...

  4. Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard Review: What Riders Say About It

    Landyachtz Dinghy 28: 28.5″ length, 8″ width, 14.6″ wheelbase; Lanyachtz Mini Dinghy 26: 26″ length, 6.5″ width, 14″ wheelbase; Landyachtz Mini Dinghy 24: 24″ length, 6.5″ width, 14″ wheelbase - for featherweight riders; Aside from the deck, all size models use the same components. The Landyachtz Dinghy's deck

  5. Landyachtz Dinghy Review

    It's both strong, durable and consists of high-quality 7-ply maple wood. If we're talking length, the Dinghy comes in sizes from 24"-28.5". The range of widths are from 6.5"-8.5", and you can get the wheelbase between 14"-15". Overall, this board is fairly short with a small wheelbase.

  6. Landyachtz Dinghy Fender Panda Complete 8″ x 28.5″ White

    LANDYACHTZ DINGHY FENDER PANDA: Deck width: 8″. Deck length: 28.5″. Wheelbase: 14.5″. BOARD AS COMPLETE INCLUDES: Polar Bear 105mm trucks. Bear Spaceball Built-in bearings. Landyachtz Plow King 72mm 78a. Wheels from factory may vary.

  7. Landyachtz Dinghy Series Skateboard, Turbo King Complete

    United States. 3104629991. Share. Shipping Rates. Ahoy Matey! The 2019 Landyachtz Dinghy Series is here for endless fun. Turbo King is the king of the Dinghy line. The deck is constructed more strongly and the trucks have a premium build. Wheels are designed to be faster with a large supportive core.

  8. Landyachtz Dinghy Skeleton Cruiser Complete Skateboard

    Frequently bought together. This item: Landyachtz Dinghy Skeleton Cruiser Complete Skateboard - 8" x 28.5". $19000. +. Zeato All-in-One Skate Tools Multi-Function Portable Skateboard T Tool Accessory with T-Type Allen Key and L-Type Phillips Head Wrench Screwdriver. $798. Total price: Add both to Cart. One of these items ships sooner than the ...

  9. Landyachtz Dinghy Growler Complete Skateboard

    Buy it with. This item: Landyachtz Dinghy Growler Complete Skateboard - 8" x 28.5". $19990. +. BODYPROX Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards Set for Inline Skating, Skateboarding, Roller Derby, BMX Ride, and Rollerblading. $2398. Total price: Add both to Cart. One of these items ships sooner than the other.

  10. Landyachtz Dinghy Watercolor Complete 8" x 28.5"

    Landyachtz Dinghy Classic Watercolor Complete 8″ x 28.5″ Yellow. $ 199.95. The Landyachtz Dinghy Watercolor features the same Dinghy shape you know and love but with an added layer of fiberglass for extra stiffness and dampening. Perfect for heavier riders, people with tons of rough pavement in their area, or anyone looking for the ...

  11. Dinghy Classic Fender

    Complete - $214.99. Deck Only - $99.99. We're not sure if this bear is our best friend or our worst nightmare, but we think artist Jesse Lonergan may know the Panda's true intentions. If this beast means to go where other boards can't and have a blast while doing it, we are ok with that. The Dinghy Classic Fender Panda is going to take ...

  12. Dinghy Blunt

    The Dinghy Blunt is a small cruiser board that comes in at 28.5" long and 8.6 wider. The extra width up front and significant taper means you get more leverage over the front truck than the rear one, which gives it more directional steering characteristics and a bit more stability than the classic Dinghy shape.

  13. Russian Philharmonic

    Welcome to the official YouTube channel of the Moscow City Symphony - Russian Philharmonic! https://orchestra.ru

  14. Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt Flamingo Complete 8.6″ x 28.5″ Black

    The Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt Flamingo graphic is a classic painting reworked by our art team to highlight the natural maple wood veneer. This means every board has a completely unique look, making everyone one-of-a-kind! The Dinghy Blunt is a small cruiser board that comes in at 28.5″ long and 8.6" wide. Just slightly wider than the Classic ...

  15. [4K] Walking Streets Moscow. Moscow-City

    Walking tour around Moscow-City.Thanks for watching!MY GEAR THAT I USEMinimalist Handheld SetupiPhone 11 128GB https://amzn.to/3zfqbboMic for Street https://...

  16. Landyachtz Dinghy Emboss 8″ x 28.5″

    Landyachtz Dinghy Emboss 8″ x 28.5″. $ 224.95. You can never go wrong with black on black, especially when combined with a sweet embossed graphic for extra style points. The classic Dinghy shape has been a staple in the line-up for many years now and is still the first board we grab for a quick rip to the store or around the neighbourhood.

  17. Dinghy Classic Maze Cruiser

    Complete - $139.99. Deck Only - $79.99. The Dinghy Classic shape has been a staple of our line-up for over 10 years now and is still the first board we grab for a quick rip to the store or around the neighbourhood . Our Dinghy shapes were designed hand in hand with the components that come on them to create the ideal compact and capable cruiser ...

  18. Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt 28.5" Complete Cruiser Skateboard

    Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt 28.5' Complete Cruiser Skateboard - wild cats/white wheels in stock at Tactics. Shop the best selection of cruiser completes from Landyachtz. Low price guarantee + free shipping with $60 purchase. Free Shipping Over $60. Tactics. Free Shipping Over $60.

  19. Moscow City Ballet

    Swan Lake is a signature piece of Moscow City Ballet's entire repertoire. When Siegfried, a dashing young prince, falls in love with Odette, the beautiful Q...

  20. Landyachtz Dinghy Crown Peak 28.5 Cruiser Complete for Sale

    Landyachtz Dinghy Crown Peak 8″ x 28.5″. $ 179.95. Loads of performance jammed into a tiny package, the Landyachtz cruiser boards are some of the most fun and capable boards out there! The Landyachtz Dinghy Crown Peak is a modified Dinghy shape that has quietly become a team favorite, this cruiser offers a fresh new look and a unique ride.

  21. Moscow City Ballet: "Swan Lake"

    With unwavering perfection set against lush sets andcostuming, Moscow City Ballet's Swan Lake is the epic danceevent of the season. Presented by Portland Ova...

  22. Dinghy Blunt Fender

    Make a selection: Complete - $149.99. Deck Only - $99.99. The Dinghy Blunt is a new cruiser shape in the lineup and we're stoked on it. This shape has a little extra width where you need it and a good amount of taper to allow for a more directional feel. Matched up with slightly wider trucks, this shape is great for riders with bigger feet or ...