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The Sunchaser I and the Sunchaser II share the same hull.  Sail rigs are interchangeable.

Click Here for Parts for Sunchaser II

Sunchaser  on the Water Video       

Sunchaser Sailboat Voyage  Video (This shows an earlier version of the Sunchaser Sailboat in this video)

Sail and hull colors may vary from those depicted in photographs.  All equipment, specifications and materials may change without prior notice. 

snark sailboat sale

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Sea skimmer sails      sunchaser & mayflower sails    66 sq ft sail        batwing sail       snark parts,   about our sails.

SailboatsToGo offers our own nylon sails, original Snark nylon sails, Sailmaker Neil Pryde dacron sails, white dacron sails, and sails for the Snark Sea Skimmer and Sea Devil. 

Satisfaction guaranteed! Our nylon  sails are very well made durable nylon sails that will fit Super Snark, Sea Snark, Sears Whirlwind, Spring Creek, SailboatsToGo (that's us!),  Paddle ski,  Sea Eagle, and  SOAR .  Our  Snark Sailboat sail is 45 square feet, nylon.  It will fit your Sea Snark or Super Snark just like the original.   A great many Snark owners have bought these from us, we receive many messages from satisfied customers ( see Messages from Customers section below ) and we have never had a single one ask for a refund, but if you're not happy with it, you can be the first!  We also carry original equipment Snark brand nylon sails.  Usually arrives in less than a week.  Very low shipping cost.

Our white dacron and Sailmaker Neil Pryde International dacron sails are more durable and hold their shape better (stretches much less) than nylon in strong winds, which will give you better upwind performance.

These are all true, aerodynamic, shaped sails, which means they are cut and sewn to have the necessary camber (3-dimensional curvature) for creating aerodynamic lift.  They have sleeves for the boom and gaff and cutouts in the right places for tieing on the sheet and halyard and for the mast ring.   

These sails are used on canoes, ice boats, inflatable boats, kayaks and dinghies, in addition to Snark styrofoam boats

All major credit cards and paypal accepted. Address paypal payments & emails to [email protected] .  

Colors and Sizes and Types

Colors:  14 different sail color schemes!    Custom Graphics:   Add your logo to your sail.  $18 per square foot of logo $25 . Email us.  

Sizes :  The 45 square foot ("SF") sails fit Sea Snarks and Super Snarks and some older Sunflowers.  Also the Sears Whirlwind. All Sunflowers built after 1983 (and some older Sunflowers) take the 55 SF sail (scroll farther down this page for 55 SF sail offerings).   Some pre-1983 Sunflowers take the 45 and some take the 55, so that's where we have to take size identification to the next level.   Click Here

We have nylon sails below and we have dacron sails, farther down the page. Dacron is a premium-grade material that is stiffer and less stretchy, so the sail holds its intended shape better, even in strong winds and after years of service.   Within the Dacron category, we have a generic white sail, and we have name-brand Neil Pryde sails in various color schemes.  The Neil Pryde sails have premium-quality workmanship, such as heavier stitching and heavier reinforcement at stress points.

SUPER SNARK and SEA SNARK SAILS (45 square foot)  (also fit Sailboats To Go and Whirlwind)

Sunflower 3.3 sails (55 square foot)  (also fits sailboatstogo), do not assume all sunflowers take a 55 sf sail   explanation  , neil pryde international dacron sails (45 sq ft and 55 sq ft) .

Dacron (polyester) is a stiffer, less stretchy material than nylon.  A Dacron sail will hold its shape and not stretch out in strong winds.  It's also a heavier material and therefore stronger, as compared to nylon.   Neil Pryde is a widely-respected sail maker, known for quality workmanship.  You will be impressed with the extra heavy stitching on these sails, done with the greatest attention to detail.  Shipping cost will show up in your cart.  It's not much (around $10).   For an additional choice in a 45 SF colored Dacron sail see the Blue/White/Yellow OEM Snark Sail above.

WHITE DACRON SAILS (45 and 55 square foot)

This is a house brand sail (not Neil Pryde) but still very good quality.  As compared to nylon, dacron (polyester) is a stiffer, less stretchy material so the sail will hold its shape and not belly out in strong winds.  More Pictures and info click here .


The 66 square foot sail is both longer and taller on the spars. spar extensions are needed for both the boom and top spar.  if you already have spars for our 55 square foot sail, you will only need one spar extension:  $20 each.  if you have oem sunflower spars, you'll have to devise an extension for the boom.   this link if for extending the boom on sailboatstogo spars:     add spar extension to cart  .   , batwing sail.

High tech modern design Batwing Sail. Great upwind performance in strong winds.  Reefable by means of zippers.  This is the modern Batwing sail from Balogh Sail Designs and includes a Free mast step that will adapt it to any of our rigs (not Snarks). Includes mast, boom, mast step, sail and rigging.  Available as an upgrade with our Canoe, Kayak, and Dinghy sailkits. (Click the "Upgrades and Options" link within any of those departments)


Snark mayflower, sunchaser i and sunchaser ii sails, other items of interest to snark owners.

Spar Set and Mast :  Our unique folding design makes these low shipping costs possible for mast and spar set.  If you go elsewhere, ask about their shipping cost before you order!   (You'll be shocked.)  

Spar Set  The two poles that go in the sail sleeves and the ring that accepts the mast. More Info

Mast: More Info

Stabilizer Pontoons prevent capsizing:   More Info

snark sailboat sale

Alternatives to Styrofoam Sailing:  When the rest of your Snark wears out, or even before that, if you want a sailboat that is dryer, more comfortable (back support!) and more portable, check out our inflatable sailboats and canoe sail rigs.  You can use your Snark sail and spars and save!   Click Here For More Information.

Messages from Customers

"Thanks so much for sending the sail out so promptly.  It arrived yesterday.  It's all set up in the backyard right now for my son to see for his birthday present!  It was a pleasure doing business with you."   --   Robyn M.

"Love doing business with your company.  I'm telling all my friends to buy sails from SailboatsToGo!" -- Joe L. 

"...went out yesterday with my daughter. We had a wonderful time and everyone commented on the beauty of the sail. Thanks for your prompt response.  I am very pleased with your sail and service and will recommend you." -- Mark Y.

"The new sail seems to be superior to the old Snark original in both material choice and construction."    Martin M.

"We received the sail for the Snark Sunflower on Wednesday.   Thank you for your prompt replies and shipment of the sail. We installed the sail and took it out last night.  It fit well, and worked well also. My son and I are very pleased with the sail and again thank you for the great response to my inquiries.  This has enabled my son to enjoy the sailboat a few days before he leaves home for 2 months.  I will happily recommend your business to anyone who needs sails and related items. Thank you very much!"  Tom and Seth B.   June 2011

"Hi, Jim - Just a note to let you know I just spent a very enjoyable weekend sailing our Super Snark with the new spar set we ordered earlier this month. Set up went very smoothly, thanks to the excellent set of instructions you supplied. The pictures were especially helpful. I found your spar set to be far superior to the original tubing and fittings that were on our Snark. That mast slide sure instills confidence compared to the flimsly fitting on the original. I hope to enjoy sailing on our pond here on Cape Cod as long as the weather holds up. Thanks again for your prompt service and excellent product." -  Chris

Want more? Read our Ebay Feedback and see how pleased people are with our products and service.  (Our prices here are generally lower than on Ebay, so come back here to make your purchase.)

Use Our Sails in Do-It-Yourself Sailboat Projects

This Snark sail is also a good choice for do-it-yourself sailboat projects, such as ice boats, converting a dinghly you already own, or putting a sail on your canoe or inflatable.   Click on the "Products" link at the top of this page and then on "Plans" to buy plans for canoe sail rig or inflatable sailboat rig that would utilize this sail (although the plans also tell you how to make your own sail if you prefer).  

Interesting Facts About The Snark Sail Design

The Snark Sail is referred to as a "Lateen" style sail, which means the mast is short and the sail has another spar, called a gaff, which carries the peak of the sail up much higher than the top of the mast, with the gaff slightly angled so that the lower front corner of the sail is in front of the mast.   The Lateen style sail originated in ancient times and is still used all over the world on small boats, especially in India and the Arab world.  Those fishing and trading vessels often use rags and old grain sacks stitched together for sail cloth.  A Lateen sail can hold its own against a sloop rig of equal total sail area (sloop rigs have a jib and mainsail) in a race of otherwise equal boats and crews.  Don't believe what some say about jibs increasing the efficiency of the main.  Snark and SailboatsToGo and other users of the Lateen sail plan are continuing a long and proud tradition in sailing. 

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snark sailboat sale

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snark sailboat sale

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2024 regatta results.

snark sailboat sale

snark sailboat sale

“HISTORY OF THE SCOW”  Film Proposal Woody Woodruff has been sailing scows a long time and is using his talents as a film producer to make a documentary film on scows:  The Project    Donate Here

snark sailboat sale

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snark sailboat sale

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snark sailboat sale

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    The Snark Sunchaser II Sailboat comes complete with Dacron main and jib sail, daggerboard, kick-up rudder and tiller, riggings and fittings. Mast and boom are aluminum. Wooden parts are marine varnished. The open cockpit design has bench seating for up to 4 adults. 2 forward built-in insulated compartments provide generous storage under the two ...

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    The Snark is a line of lightweight sailboats, the most popular of which is the two-person, lateen-rigged sailboat Super Snark manufactured and marketed by Meyers Boat Company of Adrian, Michigan. The Snark was initially marketed by Snark Products, Inc. of Fort Lee, New Jersey and has been marketed with numerous slight variations, most ...

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    Rocket Sunfish Sea Snark Laser Sailboat $5,200. Want a Sunfish, Sea Snark or Laser Day Sailing Dinghy Sailboat. The Rocket board sailboat combines all these sailboats in one light weight (90 lbs) package. Includes a very stiff fiberglass hull with 8-foot cockpit, efficient rudder and daggerboard, and easy to rig Lateen mainsail.

  11. Sailboats To Go » Sea Snark Sailboat

    Super Snark sailboat features ABS cladding on a lightweight styrofoam core. Unsinkable. Accomodates two people (310 lbs) and comes with all the riggings. Just throw it on your cartop and head for the water. Hull is 11 feet long, 3' 2" wide, weighs just 50 lbs. Sail area is 45 square feet plus shipping.*.

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    SailboatsToGo offers our own nylon sails, original Snark nylon sails, Sailmaker Neil Pryde dacron sails, white dacron sails, and sails for the Snark Sea Skimmer and Sea Devil.

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    Welcome to the MC Sailing Association. The MC Sailing Association originally formed in Shreveport LA, 1971. Since then, the MC class has grown to be one of the top one-design sailboat racing classes in North America. The scow design maximizes speed yet provides unmatched stability. There are more than 113 active fleets nationwide.

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    The Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the sport of sailboat racing on Lake Sunapee. Our fleet has been in existence since 1984.