Ghosts - Weapons List | Guns

Call of Duty: Ghosts features a variety of different multiplayer weapons that can be customized with different attachments.

Weapon selection is intensely personal. The way the guns are balanced within a given category, there is rarely one vastly superior weapon for an SMG or an Assault Rifle. Instead, it comes down to what you find most comfortable. Choosing the right type of weapon for the map and mode is generally more important than choosing one specific gun within a particular weapon class.

The weapons you use determine your role on the battlefield, from fast-moving SMG assault to long-range Sniper support. Mastery of all weapon types is essential to the flexible combatant. Whether the mission is urban search and destroy or open-field battle, having the skill and confidence to choose the correct weapon and utilize it effectively is a vital talent. The same can be said for all call of duty black ops 3 multiplayer weapons since they are less forgiving when used incorrectly.

Primary Weapons

Secondary weapons, information.



COD: Ghosts

Main platforms:

Xbox 360 / One, PlayStation 3 / 4, Wii U and PC. Multiplayer is available on Xbox LIVE (Xbox 360 / One), PSN (PS3 / PS4) and Steam. Xbox LIVE requires Gold Membership.

COD: Black Ops 3

The latest COD game (Black Ops 3) has evolved the series by adding new movement mechanics, weapons, perks and scorestreaks. Treyarch has also overhauled call of duty black ops 3's multiplayer substantially while still keeping the core of the game familiar to returning players.

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Gun Game is back in Call of Duty: Ghosts

Popular Gun Game mode makes a return in latest Call of Duty: Ghosts title update.

By Martin Gaston on January 28, 2014 at 9:01AM PST

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One of Call of Duty's most popular spin-off modes, Gun Game, is now in Call of Duty: Ghosts .

Gun Game was originally included in 2009's Call of Duty: Black Ops, and was itself based off a popular (and long-running) Counter-Strike mod. Players spawn with a pistol, and with each kill cycle through the next in a list of weapons. The first player to notch up 20 kills is the winner.

The mode returns to Call of Duty: Ghosts at the expense of Heavy Duty, a playlist that was added at the end of 2013 and gave players additional health. Heavy Duty can still be played in a Private Match, but its playlist has now been retired. Hunted FFA, a free-for-all variant of the current Hunted mode, has also been added.

Gun Game returns in the latest title update for the game, which is now live on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, and also prepares the game for the Onslaught DLC. The update will reach PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 tomorrow.

The title update also includes a bevy of eSports updates, new Prestige ranks in Extinction mode, and adjusted reload times for the L115 and USR.

The patch notes in full:

  • Killstreak count maintained across rounds in Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue and Blitz.
  • Shorten countdown timer for Clan v Clan playlist.
  • Extinction alien balance adjustments.

New Features

  • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Gun Game replacing Heavy Duty.
  • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Adding Hunted FFA.
  • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Add eSports Rules to Clan v Clan (except friendly fire), and 1-4 persons can join.
  • Added Heavy Duty health options to Private Match.
  • IED damage adjustment based on player stance and IED location (for damage reduction: jump over IEDs below you, go prone for overhead IEDs).
  • Added Operation progress bar to the After Action Report that pops up after MP matches.
  • New MP lobby menu music.
  • Social feed addition.
  • New stick layout options for Southpaw.
  • Disable party chat in Search and Rescue, Search and Destroy and Infected.
  • Added 5 new Prestige Ranks to Extinction.
  • Customization for player appearances (Create a Soldier) added to Extinction.
  • Fixed Sniper animation issue that could break the viewmodel.
  • Load time improvements for Flooded, Strikezone, Warhawk.
  • Fixed a couple bots related performance issues.
  • Fixed loss of functionality issue that would occur when two crates were stacked if player attempted to capture bottom crate.
  • In Private match, disable “Start Match” if party members are missing selected map.
  • Fixed rare case of incorrect bot display amount in Private match.
  • Various spawn improvements.
  • Prevent players from using more loadouts than normal.
  • Block users from sharing camos and reticles that aren’t previously unlocked.
  • Anti-cheat prevention improvements.

Weapon / Perk Balance

  • Dead Silence/Amplify Adjustment - Dead Silence completely silent including equipment, sliding, and footsteps. Amplify users can still hear a scaled down version of the footsteps and sliding sounds.
  • Slight AK12 Increase on view kick.
  • Adjusted reload times on L115 and USR.
  • Reduce burst fire cool down of MSBS.
  • Removed stalls caused by the host changing loadout in eSports games.
  • Silent plant, silent defuse in Search and Destroy.
  • Added killstreak count to eSports scoreboard.
  • Improvements to MLG Broadcast mode for highlighted players.
  • Added Domination flag capture bar to Broadcast mode.
  • Added R3 to toggle enemy player outlines in Broadcast mode.
  • Prevent eSports players (except COD Caster) from switching to 3rd Person Spectate cam.
  • Added ability to select players when mini-map is enlarged in eSports.
  • Fixed FOV issue that occurred in Broadcast mode.
  • Fixed functionality issue that occurred if both thumbsticks were pressed while spectating a mantling player.
  • Fixed issue which kept eSports rules enabled after losing internet connection.
  • Add notification when spectated player gets a kill in Broadcast mode.
  • Fixed text overlap bug that occurred when mini-map was enlarged.
  • Better team identification in the MLG hud.
  • Fixed killfeed color bug that occurred for spectators.
  • Prevent crashes when COD Caster changed teams quickly.
  • Restrict Ghillie Suits when eSports rules enabled (replaces with different game models).
  • Fixed a Broadcaster Mode bug where the preset camera indicator wasn't getting reset between rounds.
  • Add a kill feed to Broadcaster mode.
  • Added team names to in-game scoreboard for Broadcast mode.
  • Restrict Tracker Sights in eSports rules.
  • Restrict Danger Close in eSports rules.
  • Additional Broadcast mode fixes (better team identification in the HUD, simplified Scoreboard toggle, etc).
  • Additional eSports fixes.

Additional Fixes

  • Adjusted difficulty of slide based operations.
  • Reduced lean, point blank & rescue reticle challenge requirements.
  • Search and Destroy bomb plant and defuse timers no longer wait for the weapon swap before starting.
  • Fixed matchmaking issue in Squads.
  • Display new icon in Operations when re-rolling Operations.
  • Fixed rare cases of losing Sentry Gun killstreak when killed while placing.
  • Menu fix for Operations.
  • Fixed bug that would show improper time value in match countdown timer.
  • Maniac, Juggernaut Recon and the Michael Myers are invisible to tracker and thermal sights.
  • Fixing bug where the playercards in Squad Reports were only updated if you went into the friends list or squad mode first.
  • Defaults loadouts correctly reflect the actual loadout in Private match.
  • Free For All scoreboard adjustment.
  • Fixed Trinity Rocket cancellation issue.
  • MP Lobby improvement for Character Display.
  • Combat Knife stats accuracy improvement.
  • Fixed friends list shuffle that would occur for clans that had members across platforms.
  • Killcam no longer goes underground on Warhawk.
  • Improved audio ambient system in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Squads issue that would change mode icon when playing with a split screen guest.
  • Fixed core playlist selection reset issue.
  • Private match loadout bug fix.
  • Additional customization options added for Infected in Private match.
  • Improvements to Infected game mode.
  • Optimization to generic UI elements.
  • Fixed issue that could occur when squad member had specialist set as streak reward.
  • Fixed minor VFX issue.
  • Fixed under water killstreak exploit.
  • Increased XP earned from completed Operations.
  • Fixed issue that occurred when leader would leave clan.
  • Fixed Bromance Clan Op issue.
  • Fixed viewmodel loss issue in Safeguard.
  • Fixed rare challenges issue in Safeguard.
  • Fixed issue where some achievements could not be earned when moving from current generation to next generation platforms.
  • Optimized some FX to improve game stability and performance.
  • Fixed Trinity rocket issue where black/white overlay would remain on screen.
  • Fixed Trinity rocket issue where laptop could not be put away.
  • Improvements to the "Leper" challenge so that it appears closer to players.
  • Added "COD Account" selection to the Extinction menu to improve account linking for Extinction players.
  • Fixed bug where the "Death Machine" could obtain specialty ammunition.
  • Fixed issue where players defaulted to pistol after revival.
  • Fixed issue with accepting invites from custom Extinction matches where players would lose menu focus.
  • Fixed issue where double XP was not resetting when going into solo, custom or split screen lobbies.
  • Added a double XP icon to the Extinction lobby for when double XP is active.
  • Fixed trophy issues where players could not plant any more trophies even though it had not been depleted after throwing a hypno-knife.
  • Fixed issue where Feral Instincts would not default back to normal view after it depleted.
  • Added the rank and icon to the Extinction end game scoreboard.
  • Fixed issue where challenge timer would not appear when joining a game while a challenge is active.
  • Fixed issue where Relic bonus was not appearing in the end game scoreboard.
  • Balancing tweaks to the Sentry Gun and Death Machine abilities.
  • Added ranks to the in game splash notification message when a player ranks up.
  • Added player Patches to splash notifications for deployment items.
  • The Riotshield icon now tracks ammo while the shield is stowed.
  • Fixed issue where players would have no weapon on ladders.
  • Fixed issue where players would lose their weapon after getting off a ladder.

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cod ghost shotgun

Call of Duty: Ghosts

cod ghost shotgun

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a first person shooter developed by Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Neversoft and published by Activision for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and PC. Ghosts does not continue the story of previous Modern Warfare games, instead being set in the aftermath of an attack by an orbiting kinetic weapons platform which has crippled the United States, with the player taking on the role of a "Ghost" soldier, a member of a fictional elite unit created from the combined remnants of the US special operations forces. The game was released on November 5th, 2013.

The following firearms are seen in the videogame Call of Duty: Ghosts :

  • 1.1 Beretta M9A1
  • 1.2 MP-443 Grach
  • 1.3 SIG-Sauer P226 MK 25
  • 1.4 Taurus Raging Bull
  • 1.5 VBR-Belgium PDW
  • 2.1 Daewoo K7
  • 2.2 Izhmash PP-19 Bizon-2
  • 2.3 Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS
  • 2.4 TDI Vector
  • 3.1 UTAS UTS-15
  • 3.2 Heckler & Koch FABARM FP6
  • 3.3 Metal Storm MAUL
  • 4.1 AAC Honey Badger
  • 4.2 AK-12 Prototype
  • 4.3 APS Underwater Rifle
  • 4.4 Beretta ARX-160
  • 4.5 CZ 805 BREN
  • 4.6 Diseños Casanave SC-2010
  • 4.8 Heckler & Koch G28
  • 4.9 "M27-IAR"
  • 4.10 IMBEL IA2
  • 4.11 IWI X95 Flattop
  • 4.12 "Maverick"
  • 4.13 Mk 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle
  • 4.14 FB MSBS-5.56B Radon
  • 4.15 Remington R5 RGP
  • 5.1 Gepard GM6 Lynx
  • 5.2 Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum
  • 5.3 Remington 700 USR
  • 5.4 SVU Dragunov
  • 5.5 VSSK Vykhlop
  • 6.1 CETME Ameli
  • 6.2 GE M134 Minigun
  • 6.3 KAC ChainSAW
  • 7.1 Carl Gustav M3
  • 7.2 FN 40GL
  • 7.3 MGL Mk 1L
  • 7.4 Panzerfaust 3-IT
  • 7.5 RGM-40 Kastet
  • 8.1 AN/M14 incendiary grenade
  • 8.2 M18 smoke grenade
  • 8.3 M18A1 Claymore
  • 8.4 M67 Hand Grenade
  • 8.5 M84 Stun Grenade
  • 8.6 "9-Bang"
  • 8.7 Model 7290 Flashbang Grenade
  • 8.8 RDG-2 Smoke Grenade
  • 8.9 RGD-5 Hand Grenade
  • 8.10 TMRP-6 anti-tank mine
  • 8.11 MK 3 CLAM
  • 9.1 Browning M2HB
  • 9.3 FN P90 TR
  • 9.4 General Dynamics GAU-17/A
  • 9.5 General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger
  • 9.6 Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1
  • 9.7 Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2
  • 9.8 Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30
  • 9.9 Heckler & Koch GMG
  • 9.10 Kalashnikov PKT
  • 9.11 KPV Heavy Machine Gun
  • 9.12 M230 Chain Gun
  • 9.14 M242 Bushmaster Chaingun
  • 9.15 M61 Vulcan
  • 9.16 Mk 19 Grenade Launcher
  • 9.17 Mk 47 Mod 0 Grenade Launcher
  • 9.18 Oerlikon GDF-007
  • 9.19 Oerlikon Skyshield
  • 9.20 Shipunov 2A42
  • 9.21 SVD Dragunov
  • 9.22 Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B
  • 10.1 Browning Hi-Power
  • 10.2 Colt Anaconda
  • 10.3 Flintlock Pistol
  • 10.4 FN FNP-9
  • 10.5 Springfield Armory Loaded 1911
  • 10.7 Spike's Tactical Havoc Launcher
  • 11.1 Heckler & Koch UMP45
  • 11.2 AK Hybrid
  • 11.3 Colt M4A1 Carbine
  • 11.4 M203 Grenade Launcher (Airsoft)

Beretta M9A1

The Beretta M9A1 is a common starting weapon in singleplayer missions, and seems to be the standard sidearm for US forces. It is always shown with tritium illuminated sights, an accessory rail in front of the rear sight, and a mounted Inforce APL flashlight that has no in-game function. In Extinction mode it is incorrectly shown firing in bursts. It has an incorrect 12-round magazine by default (which is possible on the .40 S&W Beretta 96 instead), but the extended magazine attachment and the Extinction variant give a correct 18-round capacity (18-round magazines do exist for the 92 series). The top rail serves no purpose, since the M9A1 has no ability to accept sight attachments in-game.

cod ghost shotgun

MP-443 Grach

The MP-443 Grach appears in-game with a custom reverse two-tone finish, and uses incorrect 10 and 15 round magazines (10-round magazines are only available to the MP-446 Viking variant in reality) instead of the real 18-rounder. It is seen in the hands of Rorke in "Sin City" and used by enemies in "Severed Ties" and "The Ghost Killer." In Extinction mode it is the last starting pistol that can be unlocked, and is incorrectly depicted as fully automatic. In the Squads mode Safeguard, a variation on Modern Warfare 3's Survival mode, it is the starting weapon, always equipped with an extended magazine (likely to match the capacity of the Five-Seven used in MW3's version of the mode). Unlike the M9A1, the hammer is never cocked back.

cod ghost shotgun

SIG-Sauer P226 MK 25

The SIG-Sauer P226 MK 25 is a common starting weapon in singleplayer, sometimes with a suppressor, and the default starting weapon in Extinction mode. It has a capacity of 14 rounds in multiplayer, which does not match any version of the P226 but is closest to the 15-round mags of the 9x19mm P226; in singleplayer and Extinction mode it holds 12 rounds per magazine, correct for the .40 S&W and .357 SIG versions. The hammer always remains in a half-cocked position, even though it should be fully cocked after the first shot. Despite lacking the Navy Anchor insignia, the presence of an underbarrel MIL-STD 19-13 rail instead of the SIG proprietary one distinguishes it as a Mk 25 model.

cod ghost shotgun

Taurus Raging Bull

The Taurus Raging Bull appears in the game as the ".44 Magnum", equipped with a top rail. Despite its name, the barrel marking clearly indicates that it is chambered in .454 Casull. The barrel also labels the weapon as a "Roaring Wolf," presumably to avoid Taurus' trademark.

It appears only once in the campaign, in the hands of villain Rorke; when Logan briefly has control of it, it is shown firing in double-action mode. In multiplayer and Extinction, it operates in single-action mode; it has a capacity of six shots, despite that a .454 Casull Raging Bull should only have five rounds in the cylinder, whereas the .44 Magnum version would correctly have six rounds. In Extinction mode, it is the first alternative starting weapon available, and unlocks at level 7. Also notable is that, when upgraded to level 2 in Extinction via skill points, the cylinder capacity is incorrectly changed to 9 rounds, which is impossible for any caliber variant of the Raging Bull (though 8-round cylinders exist). It can incorrectly be suppressed, as with the Taurus Raging Judge in Call of Duty: Black Ops II .

In multiplayer it can, rather pointlessly, be dual-wielded with ACOG scopes fitted to both weapons (as there is no way to aim dual-wielded weapons in the CoD series); getting a large number of kills with this setup unlocks a badge called "Clueless."

cod ghost shotgun

VBR-Belgium PDW

The VBR-Belgium PDW machine pistol, referred to as the "PDW," appears late in the campaign in the missions "Severed Ties" and "The Ghost Killer." The standard VBR in multiplayer has a 12-round magazine and is incorrectly shown firing 3-round bursts, while the gold-plated variant available with the June 3rd patch gets a 20-round magazine and a correct fully-automatic fire mode. The singleplayer version is fully-automatic by default and has a 32-round magazine. While this ammo count would be possible with a 33-round Glock 18 magazine, the weapon is shown with a non-projecting magazine which would not have anything like this capacity; the model appears to be a 19-round Glock 18 magazine. For some reason, the charging handle is always pulled after reloading, regardless of whether the magazine was empty or not.

cod ghost shotgun

Submachine Guns

The in-game SMG category also includes the X95 Flattop and Vepr, despite the fact that these are assault rifles.

The Daewoo K7 , referred to as the "K7," is an uncommon weapon in singleplayer, appearing in the missions "Sin City," "Severed Ties" and "The Ghost Killer," where Hesh also uses one. It is one of the weapons which features an integral suppressor, which in gameplay terms means it has one without the player having to give it the "silencer" attachment in multiplayer. Interestingly, the weapon features the same reloading action as the UMP45 from previous games, but with a (obviously) different cocking action.

cod ghost shotgun

Izhmash PP-19 Bizon-2

The PP-19 Bizon-2 appears as the "Bizon". It is another common weapon among Federation forces, but it is mostly seen in outdoor levels. Despite the receiver indicating the weapon is chambered in 9x18mm Makarov, the magazine only holds a paltry 36 rounds; even the "extended mags" attachment does not get this up to the correct 64, instead giving only 54 rounds.

cod ghost shotgun

Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS

The Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS is used by Federation forces, mostly during indoor levels. It has the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the game, but is otherwise fairly mediocre. It incorrectly holds 32 rounds in campaign and extinction, and 34 in multiplayer, instead of the real 30-round capacity. In multiplayer, it is described as having custom armor-piercing tungsten rounds, which, apart from the "custom" bit, is a reasonable description of the special saboted 6.5x25mm round the CBJ-MS can fire. Unlike the PM-9 from Modern Warfare 3, the character does hold the foregrip, although they only bother to hold it properly if the "Foregrip" attachment is added.

cod ghost shotgun

Logan starts with a TDI Vector in "Federation Day" and "Severed Ties." It is incorrectly referred to in-game as the "Vector CRB," which is actually a civilian semi-automatic version with a 16-inch barrel sold in states that do not allow the shorter version due to SBR bans. The Vector is shown with a strobe light mounted above the barrel, only usable in "Federation Day," and is fitted with a Magpul AFG by default. It has a correct 30-round magazine in singleplayer and Extinction, but incorrectly 32 rounds in multiplayer (48 with extended mags)

cod ghost shotgun


The UTAS UTS-15 only appears in multiplayer and Extinction, and is referred to as the "Tac 12." The version shown in the game is the initial "Gen 1" variant, with the notoriously fragile hooked tube selector the most obvious sign of this. The player character apparently only uses the left tube, since reload animations only show the player character loading the left tube. The tube selector is pointed partway to the right, which indicates feeding from the left tube, assuming it even feeds in this position. While only using the left tube means the weapon should only have a capacity of 6+1 rounds (since it appears to be firing 3" shells), the capacity in multiplayer is actually 10 rounds (15 with extended mags). In addition, the "windows" in the top of the tube magazines always show the weapon to be completely loaded with six shells visible on each side; it also incorrectly ejects spent shells out of what appears to be the right side of the forend, rather than through the ejection port in the stock.

cod ghost shotgun

Heckler & Koch FABARM FP6

The Heckler & Koch FABARM FP6 , called the "FP6," is not available to the player in the campaign; only Hesh carries one without the stock on his back, although he never uses it (similarly to Vasquez's Winchester 1200 in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ). However, the FP6 is available in Extinction mode and multiplayer.

The reload, interestingly, shows the player character's hand with the correct number of rounds in it to reload the tube, rather than being a cycled one-at-a-time animation as is common in games (though the pump is still always operated after reloading, even if the tube wasn't empty). Because of each of the weapon's five possible reload animations appear to be hard coded to one of the five possible magazine states at the start of the reload, it is impossible to interrupt the weapon's reloading animation by firing. For likely similar reasons, the FP6 doesn't have an "extended mags" attachment, even though the capacity of the real FP6 magazine tube can be extended from 5 to 7 shells.

cod ghost shotgun

Metal Storm MAUL

The semi-automatic Multi-shot Accessory Underbarrel Launcher , or MAUL, referred to as the "Bulldog," is sometimes seen in singleplayer in the hands of Federation soldiers. The Create-a-soldier icon showns it with two spare barrel/magazine tubes in the stock; these are never used for reloading in-game, with the player character instead seemingly grabbing one from their chest rig and seating it with a wince-inducing smack of the muzzle. It is also available in multiplayer as both a standalone weapon and an accessory for assault rifles, and can be found in the second area of Extinction mode. Only the standalone version in singleplayer has the correct capacity of 5 loads. In multiplayer and Extinction it has an incorrect capacity of 6 loads (9 with the "extended mags" attachment), and the underbarrel version available in multiplayer contains only 4.

In a fairly obvious oversight by the developers, shotgun soldiers armed with MAULs will still be shown with holders for standard 12 gauge rounds attached to their webbing, even though they could not possibly be used by the MAUL.

cod ghost shotgun

During "No Man's Land," Hesh picks up an MTs255 shotgun from a table and places it on his back; he will occasionally use it at close range in any mission where he is present. It seems it was a family weapon since he comments he never thought he would see it again, but it is not particularly clear why attention is drawn to it since his possession of it is never important to the story. The MTs255 appears occasionally in the hands of enemies; it is fitted with Modern Warfare 3's bracket-mounted accessory rail and illuminated sights. It seems the developers did not actually know how the shotgun operates, since the cylinder latch is marked as if it is a safety, and the cylinder is instead operated by lifting a throw lever just ahead of it; the hammer is also always in the uncocked position, but somehow goes further forward upon firing (such that the hammer ring hits the firing pin, which would require the actual hammer strike face to go completely through it), and then automatically resets itself afterwards.

cod ghost shotgun

Assault & Battle Rifles

One thing to note is that the assault rifles and marksman rifles in the game can be used in 3-round burst mode via the "Burst Fire" attachment. However, this burst mode is incorrect for almost all rifles used in the game: the AK-12 is the only one of them that has the 3-round burst option in reality. The real CZ 805 BREN has a burst setting, but it is 2-round burst instead of 3.

AAC Honey Badger

The AAC Honey Badger seems to be a standard weapon for the Ghost unit; the version shown is equipped with a custom charging handle, Magpul MBUS Gen 2 sights and Magpul PMAGs. Like the K7, it is integrally suppressed, without the need for a suppressor attachment. It is first seen in the mission "Brave New World," used by Logan and Hesh. One of the first weapons shown in previews, it repeats a common Call of Duty error in that it is shown with the safety on, one of the few weapons in this game to commit that error. It correctly holds 30 rounds per magazine in campaign and multiplayer, but erroneously 35 in Extinction Chaos mode (as it was replaced by other assault rifles in later patches for standard Extinction).

cod ghost shotgun

AK-12 Prototype

The 2012 prototype of the AK-12 (based on the canceled AK-200 derivative) is used by Federation troops, as a replacement for the series' long-running anachronistic use of AK-47s. The AK-12 has a 30-round magazine in singleplayer and multiplayer (which increases to 45 with the "extended mags" attachment, which doesn't actually change the model of the magazine), and 40 in Extinction mode. The reload animation is unusual; the player character rests the new magazine against the old, swaps them with the magazines held together, then quickly pulls the old magazine away and retains it instead of dropping it or throwing it like it's about to explode as is more usual for the series. "7.62x39mm" is written on the receiver, but the magazine model is that of the 5.45x39mm version.

cod ghost shotgun

APS Underwater Rifle

The APS Underwater Assault Rifle is seen only in singleplayer, and is used by Logan at the very start of "Atlas Falls" and throughout the underwater mission "Into the Deep." It is shown with a bracket accessory rail like the AK-47 in Modern Warfare 3 which never mounts anything, and features an incorrect 30-round magazine, as opposed to the real weapon's 26. Enemy divers in the level also use APS rifles; the weapon is a little anachronistic since by 2026 it would almost certainly have been replaced by the more advanced ADS Amphibious Rifle, an A-91 derivative that uses a dart round that can fit in a standard AK-74 magazine. It is also not clear how the North American Ghost Unit and the South American Federation frogmen came to be using Russian underwater rifles.

Interestingly, the weapon is never cocked after reloading an empty magazine. This is mechanically possible, since the APS is an open-bolt weapon, which means in it wouldn't need to be cocked if the user lets their finger off of the trigger on the last shot. The weapon also fires modelled projectiles rather than hitscan traces like the rest of the game's rifles; in-game, it is in fact noted that the weapon's projectiles are slower than a normal bullet. On the unrealistic side, the rate of fire is fixed at 400 rpm and it always has the same range: in reality, both range and rate of fire depend on the depth the APS is being used at.

cod ghost shotgun

Beretta ARX-160

The Beretta ARX-160 is referred to as the "ARX-160" in game. In singleplayer, it is only seen in the outer space mission "Loki," where it incorrectly fires in 2-round bursts; in multiplayer it is correctly shown as fully automatic. Unlike the X95, it defaults to its white "OSA" space skin in multiplayer. The magazine features odd black-cased rounds with "CO2" printed on them, possibly implying they are filled with pressurized gas (despite the fact that such a round could hardly achieve any sort of lethal muzzle velocity, and that tests have shown standard ammunition is perfectly capable of firing in a vacuum), and the STANAG-style magazine is also labelled as 5.45x39mm. In multiplayer, it includes a remarkably hideous built-in laser sight and a vaguely defined ability to have reduced recoil for the first three rounds of every burst.

cod ghost shotgun


The CZ 805 BREN is one of the more common assault rifles in the game, referred to as the "SA-805" ("SA" presumably being short for "samopal", which is Czech (as is the rifle) for "submachine gun"; while this may seem odd, it is somewhat justified by the fact that the Vz. 58 assault rifle (also Czech) is often designated this way). It appears to have been one of the first models made for Ghosts , and is significantly less detailed than those made later; in particular, the weapon's lower features very "flat" seams. More bizarrely, if the weapon is fitted with any kind of optic, the 3D magazine release and fire selector will vanish, leaving only the "painted on" textures underneath them.

cod ghost shotgun

Diseños Casanave SC-2010

The SC-2010 , a Peruvian upgrade for the FN FAL , is probably the most common Federation weapon in singleplayer, where it can be found with a variety of accessories in most missions. It is also available in multiplayer and is found in the first area of Extinction mode, where for some reason it is restricted to semi-automatic fire only and to a lower 24-round capacity compared to the 30-round capacity seen in campaign and multiplayer (the latter is still not appropriate, since the weapon model uses a 20-round magazine).

cod ghost shotgun

The FAD is one of the most common weapons among the Federation forces seen in singleplayer; it is redesigned from Modern Warfare 3 , with a non-slip style surface texture and less fiddly-looking iron sights, though these are less true to the sights of the real weapon as a result. It is shown, oddly, with a two-setting safe/fire selector, while the real weapon has both semi and full auto modes; the in-game FAD is auto only. It has a correct capacity of 30 rounds in campaign, but an incorrect 42-round one in multiplayer. Unlike Modern Warfare 3 , the character actually bothers to chamber a round after an empty reload, giving the charging handle an underhand tug.

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Heckler & Koch G28

The Heckler & Koch G28 in patrol configuration is referred to as the "MR-28," combining the civilian designation "MR308" with the German military designation. It has a correct 20-round magazine in singleplayer, but an incorrect 24-round capacity in multiplayer (36 with Extended Mags), and in Extinction mode it is restricted to a meager 8 rounds per mag. The gun uses the exact same mid-magazine reload animation as the SCAR-H from Modern Warfare 2 (and the SCAR-L from Modern Warfare 3).

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A custom AR-15 made of various parts and outfitted with an HK416 grip and stock appears in Ghosts as the M27 IAR, a variant of the HK416 used as a squad automatic weapon. It comes with a fictional Beta C-Mag/AK drum hybrid and is listed as a "light machine gun" in-game. The receiver model seems designed after a direct gas inpingement AR-15, with both the upper and lower looking like non-milspec parts, the upper specifically, which has a rail section that sits flat with the charging handle, instead of being raised to accommodate for the piston system like in the real M27 and HK416 (it even has a railed standard gas block at the end of the quad-rail).

The whole gun itself is made to look battered and poorly serviced; the fire selector is completely missing, the handguard is held on with plastic ties, and a section of the rear sight is gone if the weapon has iron sights, leaving a crescent-moon shape. Both this section of the rear sight and the front sight pin are missing if the weapon mounts optics. The model is always shown with a (useless) bipod and a MagPul AFG, regardless of whether the "foregrip" attachment is used or not. Additionally, the Beta C-Mag appears to be backwards.

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The IMBEL IA2 is referred to as the "IA-2." It is configured as a marksman rifle and is classified as such; it features a fixed stock instead of a folding stock, and is restricted to semi-automatic fire. It is one of Logan's starting weapons in "Federation Day". It has a 10-round magazine size in singleplayer (which is relatively correct, as FAL 10-rounders seem to have existed prior to the game's release, though the weapon is always modeled with the much more common 20-round magazine), but a strange 18-round capacity in multiplayer (27 with Extended Mags) and a slightly incorrect 21 in Extinction.

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IWI X95 Flattop

The IWI X95 Flattop appears in the singleplayer levels "Ghost Stories" and "The Hunted." The markings on the receiver indicate that the weapon is chambered in 5.45x39mm, a modification originally developed for Ukrainian license-built TAR-series rifles manufactured by RPC Fort. It uses a STANAG-style magazine, though these are available for 5.45mm cartridges, so this is not necessarily an error.

It is referred to as "MTAR-X" in-game, and is classified as a submachine gun; this classification would only be correct if it were modeled after the 9x19mm version, which has a straight and thinner magazine. In singleplayer it has a 32-round magazine, indeed only possible for the 9x19mm variant, while in multiplayer it has an even more incorrect 38-round magazine (57 with extended mags). In Extinction it has a 40-round magazine, or 60 with extended mags: while both capacities are available to the real assault rifle counterpart (at least in 5.56x45mm), it visibly still uses a 30-rounder.

A variant called "MTAR-X2" appears during the outer space portion of the singleplayer level "Ghost Stories". This variant fires in 3-round bursts (which is not possible on a real TAR-series rifle), and a has a special white skin.

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The "Maverick" assault rifle and the "Maverick-A2" sniper rifle are a pair of weapons included in the Onslaught DLC. Their design is fictional, but is essentially a custom FN FAL build (in 5.56x45mm NATO, if the 5.56 Magpul PMAGs it feeds from are any indication); it has an FAL type lower receiver, with a DSA-esque railed upper receiver mounting Diamondhead's Diamond Integrated Sighting System flip up sights. The stock appears to be inspired by the wooden thumbhole stock for the Norinco-branded Model 320 , while the trigger guard resembles the one from the Heckler & Koch G3 ; the flash hider and (wooden) handguard appear to be custom, with the latter covering only the barrel and leaving the gas tube exposed on the sides (the top being covered by a Picatinny rail). The gas system appears to be from an FAL as well, complete with a forward-mounted spring (though this appears to be wrapped around the gas tube, rather than inside it). Markings on the weapon refer to it as the "RM-22", and is also referenced as such in the game files. Similar to the SC-2010, what would normally be the FAL's bolt release is depicted as the magazine release; the charging handle is also depicted as reciprocating (unlike a typical FAL), though (presumably due to a bug) it only does so when firing without aiming.

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Mk 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle

The Mk 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle returns from the previous Modern Warfare series, this time referred to as "MK14 EBR". It has a correct (or, at least, plausible) 10-round magazine in singleplayer, but a strange 18-round capacity in multiplayer (27 with Extended Mags) and another incorrect 21 in Extinction. In any event, it is always modeled with a 20-round magazine.

Oddly, it is the only one of the marksman rifles to actually mount its own scope in singleplayer; the three others all have an ACOG scope instead in their respective mission, while the Mk 14 Mod 0 gets its own scope in "Brave New World" and an ACOG like the others in "Homecoming."

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FB MSBS-5.56B Radon

The FB MSBS-5.56B Radon , a bullpup version of a Polish-designed prototype next-gen modular rifle now called the GROT, is called the "MSBS." It incorrectly fires in 3-round bursts, but the correct fully-automatic and semi-automatic modes are available as optional "attachments". The fire selector on the weapon is always pointed to auto, possibly indicating the switch to burst fire as the default mode of operation was made after the weapon model was finished. The version shown in the game is based on a 3D printed design mock-up made in 2011, and is fitted with a Magpul AFG by default.

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Remington R5 RGP

The Remington R5 RGP seems to be a service rifle for the US military and Ghost unit; it is a starting weapon for the Ghosts in "Legends Never Die" and "Atlas Falls," and is used by US forces during "Homecoming." Since no M4s or M16s are present in the game, it seems that in Ghosts' future the R5 has replaced both weapons. It has a correct 30-round magazine in campaign but an incorrect 24-round one in multiplayer (36 with Extended Mags); in Extinction it holds 40 rounds, which is possible on the real weapon (albeit not with the magazine actually shown in the weapon).

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The Vepr assault rifle, a Ukrainian bullpup AK, appears under its real name, but is incorrectly classified as a submachine gun. It is one of the first weapons available in Extinction mode, and one of the cheapest. In singleplayer it features a correct capacity of 30 rounds, while in Extinction mode this is incorrectly increased to 32 rounds, and to 42 rounds in multiplayer.

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Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are now accompanied by a new "Marksman Rifle" category for lighter semi-automatic weapons, which are the Mk 14 Mod 0, G28, IMBEL IA2 and SVU. These four weapons have correct magazine capacities in campaign, but incorrect ones in multiplayer and Extinction; this was probably done to prevent an incomplete burst at the the end of the magazine when the "Burst Fire" attachment is used.

Gepard GM6 Lynx

A GM6 Lynx anti-materiel rifle simply called the "Lynx" is one of the game's sniper rifles, and is seen in singleplayer in the missions "Clockwork," where a suppressed version is a starting weapon for Logan, and "End of the Line" where unsuppressed versions can be found in the factory. In multiplayer it is automatically equipped if the "Helo Scout" pointstreak is used. Like the FN Ballista in Black Ops 2 , it is shown fitted with a cant indicator; unlike in that game, the bubble in the cant indicator appears to be completely static, in particular staying oriented to the top of the weapon when it is tilted upwards to be reloaded. It has a correct 5-round magazine in singleplayer, but an incorrect 8-round capacity in multiplayer (12 with Extended Mags), and only 4 rounds when using the "Helo Scout" pointstreak. Interestingly, "Leopard GM6" can be seen written on the side of the weapon while reloading.

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Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum

The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum appears as the "L115". This is a reference to the British Armed Forces' designation, in this case being the L115A2 (as the A1 has a non-folding stock and the A3 is configured with different accessories and has a tan stock). The weapon bizarrely combines a right-handed stock and bolt (with non-standard spiral fluting) with a left-handed receiver, which is a physical impossibility. It correctly holds 5 rounds in campaign and multiplayer, but incorrectly 8 in Extinction.

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Remington 700 USR

The USR (Urban Sniper Rifle) variant of the Remington Model 700 appears only in multiplayer and Extinction. It is shown fitted with a partially-filled cartridge holder on the left side of the receiver, the cartridges in which are never used. It only holds 6 rounds per magazine in multiplayer (9 with Extended Mags) and 8 in Extinction, as opposed to the real one's 10-round mag.

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SVU Dragunov

The SVU Dragunov returns from Black Ops II, this time classified as a marksman rifle. It is referred to as "SVU" in-game; while it mounts a bipod, it is not the correct one for an SVU-AS, instead seemingly being a standard Harris bipod mounted on the front of the handguard. In singleplayer it only appears in the final level, "The Ghost Killer," where it is fitted with an ACOG optic. Enemy snipers use SVUs with their standard scope in the level, but these ones cannot be picked up by the player.

It has a correct 10-round magazine in singleplayer, but a strange 18-round capacity in multiplayer (27 with Extended Mags), and another incorrect 21 in Extinction. While the latter capacities would theoretically be possible using the extended 20 and 30 round magazines made for the SVU-A and SVU-AS, these were not produced in quantity, and the model shows a standard Dragunov 10-round magazine anyway.

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VSSK Vykhlop

The VSSK Vykhlop appears with its alternate name, the VKS. It incorrectly operates semi-automatically instead of being a straight-pull bolt-action. In singleplayer it only appears at the very end of the mission "Severed Ties." It has a correct 5-round magazine in singleplayer, but an incorrect 10-round capacity in multiplayer and Extinction (15 with Extended Mags).

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Machine Guns

A more realistic aspect compared to previous Call of Duty games is that reloading a belt-fed machine gun in Ghosts differs when the belt is empty or when it still has rounds in it, since the charging handle is only pulled after replacing an empty belt box. However, in a similar fashion to past Call of Duty games, the ammunition belt model does not accurately reflect rounds remaining. The exposed portion of the belt is a set model that, when running very low, will display more rounds in the belt then actually available to the player. The belt is still visible in reloading animations, even when all rounds have been expended. As a last note, and rather bizarrely, MGs can for the first time accept underbarrel attachments, meaning it's possible to use an MG with an underbarrel shotgun in multiplayer.

Since the minigun is not included in it, the "light machine guns" category is for once accurately named, since there are no GPMGs in the game; however, since the M27 IAR is functionally an assault rifle with a large magazine, it is listed with the other assault rifles on this page.


The CETME Ameli is one of the available machine guns, used by Federation forces in "Legends Never Die" and "All or Nothing".

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GE M134 Minigun

A handheld M134 Minigun appears as the "Minigun" in multiplayer and "Death Machine" in Extinction. In multiplayer it is available as the primary weapon for the Juggernaut Pointstreak and as a random special weapon from air deliverable ammo crates. The minigun starts with 255 rounds in a single belt and cannot be reloaded, but it is otherwise treated as a standard weapon. In Extinction mode, the minigun is an "Equalizer" option with only 100 rounds, and once activated cannot be reloaded or unequipped until the weapon is dry. In this mode it can be upgraded with skill points to a capacity of up to 200 rounds. The multiplayer version of the weapon fires at only 750 rounds per minute, only a fraction of the rate of fire of a real minigun, while in Extinction it fires at 1200 RPM. Furthermore, the handheld minigun in Ghosts is not spun up before being fired.

Like the Black Ops II GAU-19, the Ghosts version tries to introduce an original variation on the now standard chainsaw grip, with a single overhead grip and the trigger shifted to the weapon's left side, resulting in a left-handed weapon. This is probably done so the player character's arm does not block the view of the weapon model. In contrast, the in-world model seems to be based on the T2 configuration and features a centered trigger mechanism with a right-handed trigger.

The weapon features several embellishments including a mounting rail on the left side of the Y-frame with a functionless device which appears to be a laser sight attached to it, a digital readout which appears to be an ammunition counter which is always stuck on 1,159, and additional clamps mounted around the lower sections of the barrels. The in-world model has an Echo1 Minigun Barrel Guard, which is actually an optional accessory for Airsoft Miniguns. The barrel clamps appear to be based on an M61 Vulcan barrel clamp/muzzle brake combination (with the muzzle brakes omitted) and some embellishments found on older Airsoft Miniguns.

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A KAC ChainSAW appears as the "Chain SAW;" in singleplayer, it appears only in the final level, "The Ghost Killer." The weapon can only be fired from the hip and cannot equip any optics; using the aim button simply provides a slight zoom accompanied by a change in stance. The player character grips the carry handle lower down rather than gripping their hand over it; like the minigun, this is probably to give a clearer view of the weapon model. In multiplayer it has a laser aiming module, but this is not present in any other mode.

The underbarrel Spike's Tactical Havoc Launcher mounted on the weapon is unusable; equipping a grenade launcher will change the launcher model to an FN 40GL. Likely for balance reasons, the ChainSAW feeds from a non-standard 80-round belt in multiplayer (rather than 100 or 200 rounds), or 120 rounds if using the "extended mags" attachment. In campaign and Extinction mode however, it feeds from a correct 100-round belt.

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The LSAT light machine gun returns from Black Ops II , this time with a more rugged, utlilitarian look that lacks the polymer cases and ammo counter on ammo box. It is occasionally seen in the hands of Federation soldiers in singleplayer.

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Carl Gustav M3

The Carl Gustav M3 appears as a pointstreak, referred by its U.S. military designation, the "MAAWS". The weapon is portrayed unrealistically in the game; first, it is incorrectly depicted as having two rockets loaded at the same time, fired semi-automatically. It is also equipped with a laser sight (replacing the real telescopic scope on the weapon model) that allows the user to manually guide the rockets to the desired location, a feature that the real weapon does not have. Furthermore, the rocket is loaded through the muzzle instead of the back of the weapon. In singleplayer, the launcher it is used by Logan against two enemy choppers in the mission "Brave New World." In multiplayer, each rocket fired splits into two rockets. A reflex sight is present at the left side, under the laser emitter, but it is unusable; instead, the view is slightly zoomed in when aiming the weapon.

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The FN 40GL is used as the underbarrel grenade launcher for all assault rifles and light machine guns. It has no trigger, and on every weapon excluding the ARX-160 it is also missing the entire assembly that goes around the parent rifle's magazine well, and is incorrectly muzzle-loaded instead of breech-loaded.

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The Milkor MGL Mk 1L is called the "MK32," and appears in singleplayer only in the mission "Struck Down." In single player it fires remote-detonated "sticky" grenades at the start of "Struck Down," and short-timed ones for the rest of the level. It cannot be reloaded except when all six rounds have been fired; the player character will then reload it two rounds at a time. In Extinction mode the weapon appears as an "Equalizer" option, where it fires normal impact rounds, but is sometimes referred to as 'War Machine' when equipped, the name that was used for it in Black Ops II . It cannot be unequipped until all ammunition has been expended, in which case the weapon will be discarded.

In multiplayer, the MGL appears as a standard secondary weapon under the launchers category. It functions differently in this mode, with a strange two-round burst mode and timed sticky grenades; these are hand grenades, since the weapon actually fires the fictional "Semtex Grenade" model from previous games. In multiplayer and extinction it is not fitted with any sights; the view is zoomed in when aiming.

The reload animation of the MGL is unrealistic for several reasons. For one, the grenades are for some reason modeled to be smaller than the cylinder's chambers, and visibly roll around inside the chambers during the reload animation. Two, the animation doesn't bother with winding up the cylinder when reloading, and instead simply gives the cylinder a weak pull after closing it, which is not even remotely enough to fully wind up the cylinder's spring. The animation also neglects the fact that the cylinder cannot be manually rotated when the cylinder's spring is partially winded.

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Panzerfaust 3-IT

The Panzerfaust 3 -IT, a version with a dual-mode HEAT warhead designed to defeat reactive armor, is simply referred to as the "Panzerfaust." The rocket is marked as a much older DM-10 HEAT round rather than the dual-mode version shown.

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RGM-40 Kastet

The RGM-40 Kastet grenade launcher, a standalone version of the GP launcher series, is called the "Kastet;" it only appears in multiplayer and Extinction. It does not use its iron sights at all, instead simply being bought slightly closer to the middle of the screen. Like the GP-30 from the Modern Warfare games, a western 40mm grenade stands in for the Russian caseless VOG-25 grenades used by the Kastet, and the launcher is still incorrectly flicked downwards to eject a nonexistent spent grenade casing (like all the previous COD games), with a full grenade model standing in for the nonexistent casing.

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The RPG-7 is seen in the game, but is not available to the player. It is used by Federation soldiers in the campaign mission "Struck Down", where they use it from the stadium's stands against the Ghosts team when they are searching for Ajax. It is also used by an enemy in the final level "The Ghost Killer", right before the confrontation with Rorke.

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AN/M14 incendiary grenade

The AN/M14 incendiary grenade is available in multiplayer as the "Thermobaric Grenade" (which is entirely incorrect; AN/M14s are, rather obviously, incendiary, not thermobaric).

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M18 smoke grenade

M18 smoke grenades are often seen on NPCs, and can be selected by the player in multiplayer; they are also used to mark locations for "care package" rewards. As is often the case in video games, they incorrectly produce white smoke.

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M18A1 Claymore

M18A1 Claymores can be found in Extinction mode, where they replace the player character's lethal grenades if equipped. Fictional "Shockwave Claymores" are also used in the defense of the factory near the end of "Clockwork."

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M67 Hand Grenade

The standard grenade in all modes is the M67 hand grenade ; in singleplayer it is used by both factions.

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M84 Stun Grenade

Ghost unit members generally carry M84 stun grenades on their webbing, as do some Federation soldiers. M84s are not usable by the player; the game's main stun grenade is instead an entirely fictional design (see "9-Bang" below). However, the fictional grenade still leaves a burned-out M84 body on the ground after detonating.

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A fictional grenade serves as the main stun grenade in Ghosts . In campaign, it is known as the "Flashbang", and functions like a normal COD flashbang. In multiplayer, it is known as the "9-Bang", and releases multiple flashes and an EMP effect after it is "cooked".

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Model 7290 Flashbang Grenade

The "concussion grenade" in multiplayer is a Model 7290 flashbang grenade . Merrick is shown with two of these grenades on the back of his belt, rather crudely marked as "flash in your pants" grenades.

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RDG-2 Smoke Grenade

Seen on the uniforms of Federation troops.

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RGD-5 Hand Grenade

During the flashback level "Legends Never Die," General Almagro's soldiers carry RGD-5 hand grenades on their chest rigs, though they still throw M67s.

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TMRP-6 anti-tank mine

The TMRP-6 anti-tank mine is featured as the "Thermobaric Mine".

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The same MK 3 CLAM limpet mine from Modern Warfare 3 is used in "Clockwork".

Mounted Weapons

Browning m2hb.

Browning M2HBs are mounted on American M1A2 Abrams tanks and Maxxpro MRAPs during the campaign. Crates of dismantled M2s are also present in the Federation factory in "End of the Line;" this is odd, since no Federation vehicle mounts one.

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DShK heavy machine guns are seen mounted on Federation GAZ-2975 trucks in several missions.

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A strange drone gun rig found in the mission "Clockwork" mounts a pair of FN P90 TRs . These appear to be the Modern Warfare 3 P90 TR model with the iron sights removed; the rig is still essentially the same as the old drone minigun rig, and even makes the same firing sound. This marks the first non-WWII-based Infinity Ward game in the series not to feature the P90 as a useable weapon.

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General Dynamics GAU-17/A

General Dynamics GAU-17/As are used twice during the campaign, mounted on a truck in the mission "Clockwork" and on a helicopter during "Severed Ties." Crates of them can also be found in the factory in "End of the Line." GAU-17/As are also present throughout Extinction mode in fixed mountings which can be activated temporarily by spending money, with a limited ammunition count per activation. Oddly, the campaign uses the Modern Warfare 3 GAU-17/A model, while Extinction mode uses the ancient Call of Duty 4 model.

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General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger

General Electric GAU-8/A Avengers are seen mounted on A-10 Thunderbolt II ground-attack aircraft in "Homecoming." These aircraft are apparently retrofitted as drones, and at several points in the level Logan controls them remotely for strafing runs. In multiplayer the A-10 returns, bizarrely, as the "Air Superiority Fighter" pointstreak, despite being a ground-attack plane.

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Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1

At various points in the campaign MiG-29 fighters can be seen, presumably armed with Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 guns.

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Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2

The same conglomerate of Mi-35M and Mi-24P seen in Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops II appears yet again, as a sinking nose section, during the mission "Into the Deep." As ever, it is armed with both a chin-mounted Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B gatling gun and a GSh-30-2 twin gun on the side of the fuselage.

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Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30

Russian surface ships can be seen armed with Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30 rotary guns in AK-630 installations.

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Heckler & Koch GMG

Heckler & Koch GMGs in remote weapon stations are seen mounted on the commander's hatches of most Abrams tanks that have commander's weapons. The player never takes control of one.

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Kalashnikov PKT

The Federation's T-90MS main battle tanks usually mount a UDP T05BV-1 remote weapon station with a PKT machine gun on the roof. This gun is not present on the lower-detail T-90s present in "Severed Ties," presumably to save resources. These tanks also mount a coaxial PKT, though this is never used.

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KPV Heavy Machine Gun

KPV heavy machine guns in ZPU-4 quad AA mountings are seen in "Birds of Prey." The model appears to be the same one used in Black Ops and Black Ops II , with new textures.

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M230 Chain Gun

The M230 Chain Gun can be seen mounted on AH-64 Apache attack helicopters at various points in the campaign, including "Birds of Prey" where the player controls one.

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Abrams tanks can be seen mounting M240C machine guns coaxially; these are present on the M1A2 tanks seen in singleplayer and the multiplayer map "Overlord," and on the M1A1s in the maps "Octane" and "Warhawk." They are also present, for no obvious reason, on the strange defense guns mounted in casemates in "Homecoming." In "Severed Ties" the player takes control of an Abrams, and can fire the M240C using the grenade button. M240Cs are presumably also the coaxial armament of the Sharpshooter turrets of the Federation's FNSS Pars APCs.

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M242 Bushmaster Chaingun

M242 Bushmaster chainguns can be seen mounted on Federation APCs based on the Turkish FNSS Pars, which are seen throughout the campaign.

The heavy machine gun seen in "Homecoming" and incorrectly referred to as a "minigun" in Extinction mode is based on the ATK LW25 cannon, a short-barrel M242 Bushmaster variant designed for mounting in remote weapon stations and certainly not for use on a tripod mounting. The version seen is shown fitted with spade grips, which would be an interesting way to destroy the bones in the operator's arms, but not a practical weapon system. This gun is also used in "Sentry Gun" rigs in multiplayer and Extinction, with a sensor unit added to the rig and a large muzzle brake fitted.

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M61 Vulcan cannons in Block 1B Phalanx installations are mounted on the Gerald Ford -class carrier CVN-81 USS Liberator in "All or Nothing," and fire at Federation aircraft throughout the level. F-15 Eagle and F/A-18 Hornet fighters seen during various levels also presumably mount M61s, though they are never seen firing them.

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Mk 19 Grenade Launcher

Mk 19 Grenade Launchers are used as line launchers in "Federation Day."

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Mk 47 Mod 0 Grenade Launcher

Mk 47 Mod 0 Grenade Launchers are mounted on the truck used during the escape sequence in "Clockwork" and on the commander's hatch of the tank Badger One in "Severed Ties." This appears to be a reworked version of the model used on the UGV in the level "Persona Non Grata" in Modern Warfare 3 . The version shown in "Severed Ties" very obviously has no belt and only mounts an empty box. A partly dismantled Mk 47 Mod 0 can be found on a bench in the multiplayer map "Sovereign," a tank factory producing fictional "X-08 Selva Tigre" tanks which never appear in the actual game.

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Oerlikon GDF-007

Twin Oerlikon GDF-007 35mm gun installations can be seen in the levels "Brave New World" and "Homecoming," being used to defend the US firebase in Los Angeles. The mounting used appears to be fictional.

cod ghost shotgun

Oerlikon Skyshield

In the level "Severed Ties," the Federation's satellite uplink facility is protected by a series of Skyshield gun installations, referred to in the introduction as the German MANTIS variant.

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Shipunov 2A42

The crashed Mi-28N Havoc model from Modern Warfare 3 sinks on top of Logan and Keegan after the Littoral Combat Ship is destroyed in "Into the Deep," with the same neatly curved Shipunov 2A42 chin gun visible. A Shipunov can also be seen mounted on a BTR-80A which drives past a checkpoint in "Clockwork."

cod ghost shotgun

SVD Dragunov

The Modern Warfare 3 SVD Dragunov model appears in the mission "Struck Down," fitted with a suppressor and the scope from the "Lynx" and mounted on a remote-controlled rig. The weapon's HUD incorrectly refers to it as a .50 cal, and the firing sound seems to have not been told it isn't one either (and neither has the suppressor, for that matter). It can assumed that the weapon was a placeholder, much like the UMP-45 and the M4A1, but was never replaced and therefore managed to sneak its way into the final version of the game.

cod ghost shotgun

Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B

The sinking Hind helicopter in "Into the Deep" is armed with a chin-mounted Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B four-barrel Gatling gun. Elsewhere in the game, "Battle Hind" helicopters are seen, a fictional coaxial-rotor design which is equipped with a set of oversized Yak-B barrels attached to the ammunition feed of the Shipunov 2A42 mounting for the South African "Super Hind."

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Unusable Weapons

This section excludes mounted and emplaced weapons as well as grenades and explosives - you can find them under their respective categories.

Browning Hi-Power

A Browning Hi-Power is used by a co-pilot in the intro cutscene of the Extinction map "Exodus", though the weapon is not available for use in-game.

cod ghost shotgun

Colt Anaconda

The pickup icon for the Modern Warfare 2 Colt Anaconda can be seen on a poster in the multiplayer map "Octane." The weapon itself does not appear anywhere in the game.

cod ghost shotgun

Flintlock Pistol

Flintlock Pistols are dual-wielded by one of the ghost pirates of the "Ghostly Crew" field order reward, in the Invasion DLC map "Mutiny". The weapon is not available to the player.

The FN FNP-9 is seen as the symbol for the perks "Ready Up" and "Quickdraw", though the weapon itself does not appear in the game.

cod ghost shotgun

Springfield Armory Loaded 1911

A Springfield Armory Loaded 1911 is seen holstered on John Price's multiplayer model from the Cpt. Price Legend Pack. It is not available for use in the game, though.

cod ghost shotgun

An M16A4 is seen as the symbol for the perks "Reflex" and "Overkill", though the weapon itself does not appear in the game.

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Spike's Tactical Havoc Launcher

The KAC ChainSAW by default mounts an unusable 12-inch Spike's Tactical Havoc Launcher under the barrel. The right-hand side cocking handle and safety markings have been mirrored to the left, but the rotatry safety catch itself is oddly absent. The text has been changed to say it is a 40mm launcher instead of 37mm; despite this, it cannot be used and if a grenade launcher attachment is mounted on the ChainSAW it will be replaced with an FN 40GL.

cod ghost shotgun

Cut Weapons

The following weapons appear in pre-release gameplay footage but not in-game.

Heckler & Koch UMP45

A camouflaged Heckler & Koch UMP45 was seen briefly in the behind the scenes trailer as the narration discusses the addition of sliding. This was Modern Warfare 3 UMP model, fitted with a new EOTech EOLAD-1V reflex sight. This weapon does not appear in the final game, and was most likely a development placeholder for the K7, if only due to the suppressor and the K7's reload animation.

cod ghost shotgun

Soldiers in ghillie suits are seen jumping out of a helicopter with suppressed AK rifles in the reveal trailer. This is the "AK-47" model from Modern Warfare 3 , actually a custom hybrid of the AK-47 and the AKM . It does not appear in the final game, and seems to have been a placeholder for the AK-12.

cod ghost shotgun

Colt M4A1 Carbine

The M4A1 model from Modern Warfare 3 was seen several times in the behind the scenes trailer, with other shots showing the Modern Warfare 2 model with a variation of the ARMS SIR rail system which had a carry handle gap between the top of the receiver and the rail. Neither appears in the final game, most likely replaced by either the Honey Badger or the Remington R5. However, one of the pseudo-Intel "Rorke Files" shows the aforementioned antagonist training with such weapon.

cod ghost shotgun

M203 Grenade Launcher (Airsoft)

In early previews where the Modern Warfare 3 M4 appeared as a placeholder, it was equipped with that game's Airsoft M203 grenade launcher . This weapon does not appear in the final game.

cod ghost shotgun

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Call of Duty Ghosts Weapons and Attachments Guide – How To Unlock

Tips on how to unlock and effectively use Call of Duty Ghosts Weapons and Attachments in the multiplayer mode of the game.

Call of Duty Ghosts Weapons and Attachments

This is survival of the fittest.

The most anticipated title of this year is finally up for grabs. It’s been a few days since people quit playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and switched to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3; only to adapt to CODs made by Infinity Ward.

People all around the world are gearing up to finally get a taste of the latest installment.

The servers are expected to go live soon, and this is high time you should know everything you need about the weapons and attachments that the game has to offer.

With over 30 weapons to choose from, Call of Duty: Ghosts has brought in different changes and features that redefine its multiplayer experience.

For more help on Call of Duty: Ghosts, read our Rorke Files Locations and Crashes, Errors and Fixes .

Call of Duty Ghosts Weapons and Attachments

Personally, I think, when it comes to Weapons their Iron Sights; Infinity Ward is the winner, hands-down! A noticeable change that has occurred to Weapons is that some of them come with built-in attachments such as LASER Sight, Red-dot Sight, Silencer, etc.

All Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles are now eradicated from the Assault Rifle and placed in a new Weapon Class called Marksman.

In this guide, I will be covering all the aspects of Weapons of each class along with their Attachments and how you could unlock them! So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles have always been the choice of many Call of Duty players out there! Especially those who intend on playing the Objective and staying on target. The high damage output along with a solid range and manageable recoil is what defines Assault Rifles.

Following are the different Assault Rifles featured in Call of Duty Ghosts:

Honeybadger How to unlock : 9 Squad Points

If you read the in-game description of the game, it says something like an integrated Silencer for overall versatility but reduced range. Since there is an in-game Silencer equipped on this weapon, there is both good and bad side to this.

Although you won’t have to use an extra Attachment for a Silencer you will not be able to un-equip it either.

Having an integrated Silencer does help in some game modes like Search and Rescue where you need to be quiet. However, in-game modes like Cranked and Free-for-All, you don’t need it since you would want a good range to take out enemies from a distance.

Other than that, this weapon has decent damage and recoil and does feel good but there certainly are better Assault Rifles out there.

SC2010 This is personally one of my absolute favorite Assault Rifles in the game and is definitely a lot better than Honeybadger.

The weapon can easily be considered as the ACR of Call of Duty: Ghosts as it does not have that much of damage but the recoil on it is so minimum that you don’t need much of an effort to stay on target.

People who have been complaining about a shortage of ACR-type weapons in Black Ops II, this is for you.

FAD How to unlock : 6 Squad Points

The in-game description of this weapon reads something like a high rate of fire with medium recoil. If you have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 then you must know this weapon. Although it wasn’t used much like ACR 6.8 or Scar-L, it was a decent weapon, nonetheless.

There is nothing special about this weapon but it does have that nostalgic appeal. Other than that, it’s just a regular Assault Rifle.

AK-12 How to unlock : 7 Squad Points

Fans of AK weapons will like this and it certainly is a decent Assault Rifle. It can be quite deadly up close to medium range but unlike SC-2010, you can’t expect to kill people across the map with pinpoint accuracy.

SA-805 How to unlock : 6 Squad Points

The in-game description of the game describes it as a modern-tech weapon that is strong and versatile. This Assault Rifle somewhat feels like SC2010 with a little less rate of fire and mobility.

MSBS How to unlock : 8 Squad Points

I have seen a few gameplays with this weapon and it certainly feels like an OP weapon. It can be a variant of M16 from Modern Warfare but the people who have already played the game consider it the best. So, you can expect a lot of people to use this 3-burst Assault Rifle.

ARX-160 How to unlock : 10 Squad Points

ARX-160 first appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Mobilized which was for Nintendo DS. This Assault Rifle has the fastest rate of fire in the game and is designed for those who like to run and weapon spray people.

The weapon is built-in and equipped with a LASER attachment to improve the firing from the hip. The weapon also has a reduced recoil for the first three rounds of each burst.

Remington R5 How to unlock : 7 Squad Points

R5 can easily give SC2010 SA-805 a run for its money. This weapon has improved damage and range. The only drawbacks are less rate of fire and mobility and you should expect a lot of SMG slayers taking you down at close to medium range.

Sub-machine weapons

Sub-machine weapons have always had a soft spot in the hearts of slayers and professional Call of Duty players. These weapons provide a high mobility rate and are designed to flank the enemy or capture the Objectives quicker.

The firing from the hip is amazing on these weapons. However, these should strictly be used from short to medium-short range as you will get destroyed at medium-long to a long-range by Assault Rifles and Marksmen Rifles.

MTAR-X How to unlock : 9 Squad Points

This is for the very first time that we will be seeing MTAR as an SMG weapon as it’s always been an Assault Rifle in the past. This weapon has pretty decent damage with moderate recoil and solid range for a Submachine weapon.

It is a decent mid-range weapon but you certainly cannot consider it to be the best.

Vector CRB The key highlights of Vector CRB are high damage output along with a high penetration factor. I have not been excited about a weapon like this! I mean, Vector has always been one of the weakest Sub-machine weapons in the game with a high rate of fire but low damage output.

As for the recoil on this baby, it is not that much and is vertical. You can expect to take a lot of headshots if you could manage the recoil.

K7 How to unlock : 8 Squad Points

This can be considered as the Honeybadger’s variant in the Submachine weapon class as it has an integrated Silencer to keep you off the radar. And as I have said for Honeybadger, there are both good and bad aspects of this integrated Silencer.

Being an SMG and that too, with an integrated Silencer affects its range a little too much and you can’t expect to win easy weapon fights at medium range.

CBJ-MS How to unlock : 6 Squad Points

When I first played the game and picked it up from a fallen soldier, I took it as MP7 because the weapon somewhat looks and feels like it. Although it is not as powerful as MP7 was in Modern Warfare 3 it is a decent weapon nonetheless.

CBJ-MS has the highest rate of fire in the Sub-machine weapons category and the Armor Piercing Tungsten Rounds make it really useful against enemy Killstreaks such as a Quadron and Helicopter.

Bizon Veterans from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will instantly fall in love with Bizon if they are PP90M1 fans. Bizon not only looks and feels like PP90M1 from Modern Warfare 3 but also has similar reload animations and all!

This weapon has a pretty decent rate of fire and the recoil is manageable. I have used it in a few matches until now and I must admit that the hip firing on this weapon on this weapon is absolutely insane. It should easily make it to the top three SMGs in the game.

Vepr How to unlock : 8 Squad Points

Prior to the release of the game, Vepr was the only weapon in the Sub-machine weapon category that I was looking forward to most; and it has delivered what I wanted; a large ammo capacity with a pretty solid range but the damage output is a bit weak.

It somewhat looks like a Sub-machine weapon variant of the AK-47 and essentially feels the same.

LMGs LMGs are known for their large magazine size in addition to high penetration damage. But these features come with certain drawbacks such as less mobility and prolonged reload times. Along with this, the ADS time and hip-fire spread are not good either.

LMGs can be used to hold off an objective or spawn-trap enemies in a location without worrying about reloading too much. These can also take out Killstreaks with relative east.

M27-IAR How to unlock : 7 Squad Points

The in-game description of this weapon reads, Fully Automatic. Moderate recoil and rate of fire with consistent damage over range. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of LMGs but they are certainly fun to use from time to time and this weapon just didn’t feel right to me.

I don’t know whether to blame the moderate rate of fire or recoil but it fails on being a killing machine. At least in my hands.

Ameli How to unlock : 6 Squad Points

Ameli has the slowest rate of fire in the whole LMGs category but with least recoil. This weapon has a strong damage output and is pretty decent overall.

LSAT How to unlock : 8 Squad Points

Another weapon that is making a comeback in Call of Duty: Ghosts is LSAT. We all pretty much know everything about LSAT. This weapon has been there forever in almost every First-Person Shooter title and has been pretty strong. The in-game description of the game describes this weapon as equipped with recoil compensation which works really well in a match as the weapon is fairly accurate.

Chain SAW How to unlock : 9 Squad Points

If there is one weapon that I was anticipating the most in Call of Duty: Ghosts, it is Chain SAW. Now, if you closely look at the weapon, you will notice that there is no stock for handling and aiming down the sights.

All you have is a large handle that you can grab up to like Terminator and hunt people down with hip firing. Yes, this weapon is hip fire only and is equipped with built-in LASER Sight to improve your accuracy.

The damage output is certainly not the best in its category but the feel of spraying down people inside a building is too amazing!

All the semi-automatic Assault Rifles are now placed in this all-new category featured in Ghosts, called Marksman. Marksman Rifles work something in-between a Sniper Rifle and an Assault Rifle. These weapons are equipped with built-in scopes, which can be replaced by Iron Sights.

Marksman Rifles are defined by having a very strong damage output, solid range, and amazing accuracy.

IA2 How to unlock : 8 Squad Points

The in-game description of this weapon describes this weapon as single-shot, strong, and versatile overall. If you have played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare then you may find it somewhat similar to M14. It is an extremely powerful weapon and takes only two shots from any range.

However, in close quarters, you need to make sure to hit your target first; otherwise, it would be impossible for you to win the weapon fights.

MK14 EBR How to unlock : 7 Squad Points

MK14 EBR has the most damage per round in the whole Marksman category but with moderate recoil. It takes one shot to head from any range and it handles almost like a Sniper Rifle.

MR-28 How to unlock : 6 Squad Points

This weapon has the highest rate of fire in its class with less recoil and range. Unlike other Marksman rifles, it works somewhat like FAL and SMR which take 3-4 shots to kill but are super accurate. And out of all the Marksman Rifles in the game, this can easily be considered as the closest to the Assault Rifle category.

SVU Dragonuv How to unlock : 9 Squad Points

We have seen a lot of Dragonuv weapons in the past but all of them belonged to Sniper Rifles which didn’t work really well and all those hit markers were frustrating. It is good to see it being transferred to a new category because it doesn’t feel like a Sniper Rifle to me.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are designed for insane long-ranged battles. These weapons take one shot to kill the enemy from any range, most of the time and are not suitable for running and gunning. The hip fire on these weapons is totally random, and you cannot expect to hit the target accurately.

L115 How to unlock : 7 Squad Points

I have had a number of games with this Sniper Rifle and I must say this weapon is a one-shot killing machine anywhere on the body. I don’t think I had any hit markers with this weapon from any range.

The in-game description of the weapon describes this weapon as a bolt-action Sniper Rifle with Recoil Compensator which reduces the recoil with each successive kill which is pretty insane.

USR How to unlock : 6 Squad Points

USR is almost identical to L115. If you check the in-game description of both of these weapons, you will notice that they are pretty much identical. It is also a bolt-action Sniper Rifle which guarantees a one-shot kill from the waist up and is equipped with Recoil Compensation technology.

Lynx How to unlock : 8 Squad Points

I haven’t unlocked this weapon as of now so I really don’t have much of an idea about this weapon. All I know is that it has a lower mobility rate with being deadly from the knee up to center mass.

VKS How to unlock : 9 Squad Points

We have one Assault Rifle with an integrated Silencer and one SMG as of now. And VKS adds a Sniper Rifle to that category. Yes, VKS is equipped with a built-in Silencer. Along with this, it has the highest rate of fire and ammo capacity in its class.

Shotguns have always been ideal on close-range engagements. These weapons are able to outperform any weapon in close-range combat, and you don’t even need to aim down the sights as hip firing works like a charm on these beasts.

MTS-255 How to unlock : 8 Squad Points

This shotgun works and feels exactly like an old-school revolver with cylindrical shots. The range is pretty decent but isn’t comparable to what we could achieve with KSG in Black Ops 2.

It is a double-action shotgun with strong damage output; though, I do encounter some hit markers with it. The only drawback is the sluggish reload time as you empty all your shells and then add them one by one.

Bulldog How to unlock : 6 Squad Points

This is an ultra-light semi-automatic shotgun with a little less damage than the MTS-255. However, the reload time is pretty decent and you go on running and gunning in close quarters.

FP6 How to unlock : 7 Squad Points

This shotgun can easily be considered the strongest shotgun of Call of Duty: Ghosts. This shotgun has a pretty decent range but the main highlight of this weapon is the damage output. If you are not off target, this weapon can easily beat most the SMGs at close range with a single shot.

TAC-12 How to unlock : 9 Squad Points

This shotgun comes with a Smart Choke which lets you have a tight spread of the pellets when you are aiming down the sights; making it pretty accurate and it feels like firing a slug-like in KSG from Black Ops 2.

Other than that, it has the largest ammo capacity in its class so you can run and weapon without worrying about reloading too often.

Weapon Attachments

Weapon Attachments have always been there since the early Call of Duty games. Ghosts also feature a large arsenal of these Weapon Attachments – both old and new. These Attachments somewhat change the way a particular weapon can be used under different circumstances.

Some of these Weapon Attachments are exclusive to a particular class of weapons while some are available for all classes. And like the weapons, these need to be unlocked using Squad Points. Choose them wisely!

The Weapon Attachments are divided into different categories like Sight Attachments, Barrel Attachments, Under Barrel Attachments, etc.

You can have a maximum of two Weapon Attachments on a single gun by default. However, if you take the Extra Attachment Perk, the number of Attachments that you can take increases to three.

Red Dot Sight Red Dot Sights are not to Call of Duty players only but every FPS fan knows about them. These are precision reflex sights which some people find better than Iron Sights. It gives a clear field of view to players and hence increases the overall range and accuracy of the weapon.

Holographic Sight Holographic Sights are also known as ED Tech Sights and serve the same purpose as a Red Dot Sight. These also increase the overall range and accuracy of your weapon but by a large margin than Red Dot Sights. The in-game description of these describes them as being equipped with a damage falloff readout display.

ACOG Scope ACOG is another Sight Attachment that works differently when equipped with different weapons. It provides a more enhanced zooming-in than Red Dot Sight and Holographic Sight.

When equipped with an Assault Rifle, Sub-machine Gun, or Marksman Rifle, it certainly increases your overall Accuracy and Range but equips it on a Sniper Rifle and you will see a noticeable decrease in your Range and Accuracy. It will, however, allow you to move faster than with a regular scope on your Sniper.

Thermal Scope Thermal Scope is an Attachment only available for Sniper Rifles and should not be confused with Thermal Hybrid Sights.

Thermal Scope has also been in the Call of Duty series for a long time and it allows you to detect the enemy heat signatures along with increasing your Range and Accuracy by a minute bit.

It allows you to distinguish enemies from the environment by displaying the enemies as Yellow targets in all green environments. However, there are certain perks that will let you get immune from this scope.

Variable Zoom Lens This is another Sight Attachment that is only exclusive to Sniper Rifles. Increasing your Range and Accuracy by a little bit will allow you to switch your Sniper Rifles between three different zoom levels by pressing down the Right Stick on the consoles.

Iron Sight Iron Sights are only available for Marksman Rifles and allow you to have a regular Iron Sight instead of built-in Sights on these guns. It reduces the Accuracy by a tiny weeny bit but you will get a considerable difference in Mobility and will be able to take out enemies much more quickly.

Thermal Hybrid Scope This thing is entirely different from Thermal Scope on Sniper Rifles. Although it does allow you to detect enemy heat signatures; just like the Thermal Scope but along with this, you will also be able to switch to an integrated ED Tech Sight by pressing the right stick on consoles.

Tracker Sight This thing works exactly in the same manner as a Target Finder in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Equip this Attachment and you will see your enemies as highlighted. You can also switch to your regular Iron Sight by simply pressing RS while aiming down the Sight.

VMR Sight VMR Sight is a new addition to Call of Duty: Ghosts. This Weapon Attachment basically lets you have a Sight with 4x zoom which can be changed to a normal zoom by pressing RS on consoles while aiming down the sight. It not only increases your Accuracy and Range but also your Damage.

Silencer Silencer is one Attachment that doesn’t need any introduction.

It can be seen as a Weapon Attachment in different FPS titles. What this does is it will suppress your weapon allowing you to stay invisible on the mini-map. It also removes the Muzzle Flash of your weapon which can reduce the visibility.

However, it does reduce the effective range of your weapon, especially on Sub-machine Guns. The in-game description also says that it allows you to have better Accuracy.

Muzzle Brake This can be considered as the Long Barrel Attachment from Black Ops II. Muzzle Brake allows you to increase the damage of your gun; especially in long-ranged engagements. And speaking of Range, it also increases your weapon’s overall Range by a considerable level.

Chrome Lined Chrome Lined is another Attachment exclusive to Sniper Rifles and is first time featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Chrome Lined Attachment basically allows you to have much more damage but with increased recoil.

Flash Suppressor Flash Suppressor has not been seen in any Call of Duty game until now. This Attachment lets you reduce your weapon’s Muzzle Flash for more precise aiming. It, however, doesn’t suppress your weapon sound or make you invisible on the radar.

Under Barrel

Foregrip Any Call of Duty player will be familiar with Foregrip or simply Grip. This Attachment lets you reduce the vertical recoil on your weapon and makes it much more manageable. This, however, doesn’t affect the Hip-Firing Accuracy and is only applicable during aiming down the sights.

Shotgun This Attachment is only available to use for Light Machine Guns and Assault Rifles. This lets you have a shotgun under your primary weapon which can be shot by pressing RB/R1 on consoles.

However, having this Attachment will not let you have a lethal grenade. You can only choose only one of these.

Grenade Launcher Just like the mounted shotgun, Grenade Launcher is also placed under the Barrel which can only be equipped on Assault Rifles and LMGs. And like a mounted shotgun, it can be fired by pressing RB/R1 on consoles.

Slug Rounds This Mod is only available for Shotguns. What this does is that it replaces the ammo pallets in your Shotgun with Slug Rounds for increased Damage, Accuracy, and Range.

To get an idea of what a Slug Round is; you can see the way KSG fires in Black Ops II.

Extra Mags Just like the name suggests, it lets you have 50% more ammo than the regular amount.

Armor-Piercing Armor-Piercing lets you have high penetration rounds which not only increases the effective damage of your weapon but also makes your weapon work really well for taking out enemy Killstreaks.

Rapid Fire Rapid Fire increases the rate of fire of your weapon but it also reduces the effective Accuracy by a considerable amount.

Semi Automatic/Burst Fire These are two Attachments that can be considered as the two sub-categories of Select Fire from Black Ops II. This Attachment lets you switch between Burst Fire and Fully Automatic or between Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic.

Although, it does affect your weapon’s rate of fire but increases the effective Damage and Accuracy by reducing the recoil.

Riot Shield Attachments

Scrambler We have seen Scrambler in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with which you could scramble enemy radar based on its proximity. And this is what this Attachment does in Ghosts.

Titanium Frame Using this Attachment, you will be able to replace your regular Riot Shield with a much lighter one for faster melee attacks.

Radar The final Attachment for Riot Shield lets you have a Portable Radar on it all the time which will display the enemies on your mini-map within its range.

I have tried to cover all the primary weapons that Call of Duty: Ghosts has to offer. Do let us know if you found anything missing in the Comment Section below!

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Haider is a freelance contributor, who loves video games, playing guitar, and aviation. He is a competitive FPS player and also enjoys exotic RPG games like Diablo and Xenogears (his favorite game of all time) ...

Call of Duty: Ghosts - tips and tricks for winning

cod ghost shotgun

It looks like you've picked up Call of Duty: Ghosts (likely at a bargain price). But now you're here, and that means you need some help. But never fear, I'm here to turn you from a puppy dog into a pitbull. Confused by the perks? Tired of getting your ass handed to you? Wondering where that guy got that gun? Well, you're in luck. Right here, you've got my sure-fire plan for not-sucking-quite-so-much in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Follow these few tips and you'll be on the right path towards noob pwnage, kill to death ratios over 1.0, and hell, maybe even complete domination of the competitive FPS scene (because why not)! Come on in and have a look.

While you're here, this is our list of the best Call of Duty games .

Get familiar with all of the maps' moving parts

One thing that's new about Call of Duty: Ghosts is you can mess around with the maps. Spread across each environment are designated interaction points in which players can do things like ride elevators, open or close doors, or blow holes in walls with C4. Sure, it's not Levolutionary, but it's still important to know what can do what and where. If you know how the map works, you'll definitely be able to make it work for you, especially in team games.

Want to funnel your foes down a particular path as they are trying to capture a domination point. Lower a gate that will force them to take a side route and walk them right into your crosshairs. Or you could even blow away a pesky sniper's cover in some situations. It pays off to be in the know. And as some wise soldiers have said in the past, "Knowing is half the battle."

Plan out what unlocks to buy early, and stick to the plan

If you've already taken a look at the loadout options available in Ghosts, you already know. It's tough to know where to start spending your hard earned Squad Points. What's worse, if you just start spending those points all willy nilly, you might find yourself ill-equipped if you end up not using those unlocks in your primary class.

What do you do? Easy, try equipment out and plan ahead. If you're unsure what attachments you'll like, start picking up the dead players' weapons and try out their loadouts. Find what you like and spend on the essentials, then you'll have everything you want without wasting points on what you don't.

Focus on building one class at a time

When you first start out, you don't want to spread your resources too thin. Having the right equipment and perks for the right situation can mean the difference between victory and an agonizing deathstreak. I recommend creating one class for your favorite match type, then focus on outfitting that soldier with the best equipment and perk you can get with your limited Squad Points.

If you like the close-quarters games like Free-for-all, focus on speeding up your ADS, movement, and reloading with perks and buy a short to middle-range primary weapon. Or, if you're a domination player, consider beefing up your defensive perks and pick up a long-range rifle. If you focus on upgrading the most useful class for your favorite match type, you'll be far better equipped than your foes early on. In other words: all the kills will belong to you.

Complete the Field Orders

There's a new feature in Call of Duty multiplayer, and that is Field Orders. Downed soldiers will randomly drop a Field Orders case which you can pick up and complete tasks for a free Killstreak.

Most of these are fairly simple to pull off: like shooting 2 enemies while prone or getting two kills with your secondary weapon. They are a small price to pay for a random Killstreak bonus that has the potential to nuke the entire map. And once you get that bad boy, you'll be rollin' in the kills.

Unlock the Sentry Gun ASAP

This may just be personal preference, but holy hell, I love the Sentry Gun Killstreak. Why? Well, it's one of the best defensive companions you could have. Are you in an objective type game? Need to protect a flag, portal, or domination point? Just post up one of these bad boys on or near the thing you want to protect and it will gun down anyone who pokes their soft, squishy head out.

Best of all, if you find good placement in the corner of the map, the top of an overlooking balcony, or anywhere else out of the way, you could just plop your Sentry Down and leave it to run around the map on your own killing spree. It's a great way to rack up kills for higher level killstreaks that you can deploy to, you guessed it, rack up more kills. Lots of racking going on in Ghosts...

Get armed for anti-air

One of the most useful things you can do for your team is to keep the skies clear of enemy Killstreaks because, you know, nobody ever thinks to carry a rocket launcher with them otherwise. Between the helicopter snipers, attack choppers, and explosive-armed drone, there will be plenty of airborne threats to vaporize in a fiery blast.

And if those airborne annoyances go unchecked, they can wreak havoc on your team's ability to score points against the other team, snuff your own chances to earn Killstreaks, and generally make your match not so fun. Do yourself a favor, set up a class with the Blind Eye perk and a rocket launcher. Your team will thank you.

Set up traps for "free" kills

Running and gunning is great fun, but you generally have to be pretty good to come out on top of a head-to-head encounter. Players use drop shots, jump shots, and all kinds of nonsense to get a kill. But if you're not at that skill level yet, play smarter--set traps. There's the easy way to set traps: just drop an I.E.D. on a well-beaten enemy pathway and watch passing opponents go up in smoke, or drop a C4 in a doorway and play the waiting game.

Then there's the more tricky way: actually watching enemy movement and reacting to it. You can close some doors and wait for pursuing players to open it to your awaiting iron sights (but remember to watch the flank), or toss down the Motion Sensor gadget (in your tactical slot) to keep an eye on where your target is going then quickly set up an ambush. Practice playing smart, stay aware, and be one step ahead of your enemies, and you'll dominate the competition.

Make a Speedster class

Most of the time it's better to just walk around levels, but in certain modes (namely Blitz, Kill Confirmed, and Cranked) you want to move fast. That's where your Speedster comes in. For this soldier, you want to be as light as possible. So ixnay on the sniper rifles, LMGs, and assault rifles. You're going to want to equip a SMG or shotgun, load them up with the attachments and grenades you want, then it's on to the perks.

It goes without saying, but you'll want to load up on the perks in the Speed category. Agility and Marathon will be your best friends with increased movement speed and unlimited sprint. From there you can go with Stalker for faster movement while aiming, or put on some stealth perks like Incog or Blind Eye. You'll be able to move in quickly, score some points (or get some kills), and get your ass out of there before any one's the wiser.

Create a defender class

Many Call of Duty players spend the majority of their time on the offensive. My Defender class gives you a chance to branch out, be different, and maybe even inspire your teammates to fucking guard the domination point you just captured.

LMGs are your best bet when on the defensive. You have a massive clip to gun down multiple aggressors, they're accurate at range, and their extra weight is a non-issue because you won't be moving around too much. For perks, load up on the Resistance category. Tac Resist and Blast Shield will let you shrug off enemy grenades, Sleight of Hand will reduce your LMG's lengthy reload time, and Ping will show you the position of attacking players as you pile up the bodies.

Create a sniper class

Some of the Call of Duty: Ghosts' maps have extremely long lines of sight, which is perfect for getting some scoped kills and brushing up on your sniper skills. Whether you're a seasoned sniper or completely new, you're going to want something that could hit a dime at a couple hundred yards at some point.

The loadout is pretty easy. Grab your preferred sniper rifle with a Variable Zoom Lens (the USR is a good starter) and equip some perks that will keep you out of the enemies' sights. Blind Eye will keep those obnoxious choppers off your back, Amplify will let you know if there are any bad guys stomping around your location, and Wiretap gives you enemy locations on your mini map if there is an active SAT COM from either team. Now, just find your sweet spot on the map and start squeezing off those headshots.

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Call of Duty Ghosts logo

Call of Duty

WE ARE ALL WE'VE GOT.  This new chapter in the Call of Duty® franchise features a fresh dynamic, where players are on the side of a crippled nation, fighting not for freedom, or liberty, but simply to survive. Special Operations forces, a mysterious group known only as "Ghosts", lead the battle against a newly-emerged, technologically-superior, global power.


In Call of Duty®: Ghosts multiplayer, customize your soldier and squad for the first time. Level environments are more realistic and immersive than ever before.

Your Soldier

CREATE-A-SOLDIER. In Call of Duty®: Ghosts you don't just create a class, you create a soldier. Choose the head, body type, head-gear and equipment, and you can even create a female soldier for the first time. With over 20,000 possible combinations, you can create the soldier you've always wanted. And each soldier you create will also have his or her own load outs.


There are over 20 NEW  Kill Streaks in Call of Duty®: Ghosts — such as Juggernaut Maniac, Helo-Scout, Vulture and the ODIN Strike. You can even bring in Riley, from the single-player campaign, as your guard dog to warn you and attack when enemies are near.  Scorestreaks are back, and can now be customized – to alter performance attributes or increase the power of a particular streak. The new Perks System has a value from 1 to 5, and you have 8 points to allocate. You could also choose to get rid of your secondary weapon and get up to 11 perks. 

Squads introduces a whole new level of competition to Call of Duty. We've taken the best parts of the Multiplayer experience and combined that with a vastly improved AI and our new mechanic of creating your own squad-mates. All the hard work you've put into customizing, playing, and prestiging your squad can now be put to use on a brand new playing field.

NEW ENGINE. From maps and modes, to animation and audio, to who you are as a player — this is the biggest overhaul of multiplayer since the original Modern Warfare®. Things like Sub-D, Displacement Mapping, Real-Time Lighting, and Dual-Rendering tech gives us the ability to build the most visceral gameplay experience we've ever created.


Call of Duty®: Ghosts has redefined how you move through the world.

·         A new contextual lean system now allows you to lean around obstacles without adding button combinations.

·         A new mantling system allows you to move fluidly over objects, while not losing momentum.

·         The knee slide allows you to naturally transition from sprinting to crouch to prone.


We're immersing players in the multi-player maps in ways similar to what we've done cinematically in single-player, while adding new ways to play and interact with the environments in a meaningful way. New interactive elements and player triggered events make the maps evolve as the match goes on. From player-triggered traps to map-changing killstreaks, the entire landscape can shift and require new tactics and strategies.

OUTNUMBERED, OUTGUNNED, BUT NOT OUTMATCHED.  This new chapter in the Call of Duty® franchise features a fresh dynamic, where players are on the side of a crippled nation, fighting not for freedom, or liberty, but simply to survive. Special Operations forces, a mysterious group known only as "Ghosts", lead the battle against a newly-emerged, technologically-superior, global power.

An independent, covert, and ultra-elite Special Forces unit, GHOSTS operates outside of the normal military chain of command. Formed from the remnants of Tier one operatives, who were nearly wiped out during Operation Sand Viper in the Middle East, in 2005. The fifteen survivors, including Captain Gabriel Rorke and Lt. Elias Walker, were formed into a new unit known as “The Ghosts.”  


The resource-rich promise of South America has been fulfilled under the Federation. Fully consolidated energy production combined with a rich factory infrastructure arising from First World outsourcing, the Federation is operating and enjoying a period of growth similar to the late 20th Century Middle East.

The United States ushered in a new era of space-based warfare with the launch of the O.D.I.N. (Orbital Defense Initiative) space station. The ODIN station was armed with a battery of sophisticated kinetic projectile launchers. The ODIN’s weapon systems were designed to drop tungsten rods from orbit with pin-point precision. One rod hit was equivalent to the detonation of a small tactical nuclear warhead.


"No Man's Land" (NML) is the slang term for a 60-mile wide strip of suburban desolation that runs East-West across Southern California, starting between San Diego and Los Angeles. NML stretches from the Orange County coastline out into the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas, and beyond…NML was ground zero for the ODIN orbital strikes when the Federation saboteurs used it against the US. The Odin kinetic bombardment left massive craters and rendered it tectonically unstable.


Hesh and Logan Walker trained their entire lives under the watchful and demanding eye of their battle hardened father, Elias Walker. Their innate abilities as marksman and hunters gave them a particular advantage growing up. Their father had hoped that these traits would help both of his sons maintain their self-reliance should things get rough. Ten years after the Odin event, Lt. they serve together on a recon team based out of Fort Santa Monica, tasked with defending and patrolling the California front. Both were grounded by Elias’ subtle training – core to which is that Hesh and his younger brother Logan must always look out for each other.

Gameplay Variety

Warfare is no longer limited to the trenches. Fights take place underwater, in outer space and even on jagged rock faces. Diverse missions and battlefields have you rappelling down buildings, floating in zero gravity and taking aim inside a helicopter. The diversity of gameplay keeps the action epic and redefines what it means to be a soldier in the field.

Extinction is a completely new 4-player, co-op game mode featuring a unique blend of fast-paced survival gameplay, base defense, player customization and class leveling rounding out this robust new Call of Duty: Ghosts game mode. Teamwork is critical. Your team faces an inhuman menace that has overrun an isolated Colorado town and you must eliminate the threat via any means necessary.

At the start of the game, each member of the team chooses from one of several custom character classes - medic, engineer, tank, and weapon specialist. As the team battles through the streets of Caldera Peak, players earn currency that can be used to purchase a variety of upgrades and character abilities. The team can scavenge for special equipment and weapon mods left behind by previous, unsuccessful, military forces.


Extinction’s fast-paced survival combat features a series of intense base-defense scenarios, where your overall objective is to destroy the alien threat with the help of a nuclear device. Team members must work together to hold off waves of alien attackers until each alien “hive” can be neutralized. No two games are the same  as the moment-to-moment upgrade decisions can dictate the strategies of the team.

Extinction features a variety of new “alien” enemies, from wall crawling Scouts, ferocious Hunters, devious exploding Seekers, leaping and spitting Scorpions, and massive armored Rhinos that can decimate an unprepared squad in a matter of seconds.


Players can equip up to four found attachments on their weapons, find flares, trophy systems, special ammo, and even a "Hypno-Knife" that can brainwash enemy creatures, transforming them into savage allies for a limited time. Extinction’s new Combat Spend system also offers access to a wide range of offensive, defensive, and support equipment bonuses that can turn the tide of a desperate battle. 


Anchoring this first content pack is Episode 1: Nightfall, the first installment in Extinction's four-part episodic narrative. At a remote facility in the Alaskan wilderness, the shadowy Nightfall Program has been researching the origins of the "Alien" threat. When the scientists lose control, a small team of elite soldiers must retrieve the intel and exterminate hordes of savage creatures.

SEASON PASS. Get ready for a full season of amazing content with the Call of Duty®: Ghosts Season Pass. With the Season Pass you’ll get 4 epic downloadable content packs: ONSLAUGHT, DEVASTATION, INVASION, AND NEMESIS – providing brand new multiplayer maps, bonus weapons, and a unique 4-part episodic Extinction experience for one great low price.


In Episode 2: Mayday, the Quick Reaction Force team is sent in to investigate a high-tech ghost ship adrift in the South Pacific. To deal with the insidious wall-crawling “Seeder” and skyscraper-sized monstrosity known as the “Kraken,” your team will need new tactics and new weapons.


Onslaught offers a colossal amount of new content and carnage, including: four unique multiplayer maps, an all-new dual purpose assault rifle and sniper rifle. This is the first installment in Extinction’s four-part episodic narrative. Depending on tactical needs, players can choose arsenal options with the Maverick, a deadly new, dual-purpose Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle. 


FOG : Drops you into a dark and eerie campsite, alongside a fog-shrouded lake, where you fight through twisting caves and seemingly abandoned structures. BAY VIEW, USA : Set on a coastal Californian boardwalk, this run-and-gun map includes a quaint trolley bus and moving platform.  CONTAINMENT, MEXICO: This battle along a dry riverbed in a war-torn Mexican village features a bridge with a truck containing leaking, radioactive material. IGNITION, FLORIDA, USA:  Drops players into an aging space launch facility with rockets crash-landing into the area of operations near debris fields and exposed fuselages. 


Prepare yourself for DEVASTATION, the second DLC pack for the CALL OF DUTY®: GHOSTS, featuring: four unique multiplayer maps, an all-new tactical 2-IN-1 sub machine gun and assault rifle, and episode 2: MAYDAY – THE NEXT INSTALLMENT in EXTINCTION’s four-part episodic narrative. The Ripper is the ideal weapon companion, providing two different configurations: medium to short-range capability as a Sub Machine-Gun (SMG), and medium to long-range as an Assault Rifle (AR). 


BEHEMOTH, COLUMBIA : Situated on a massive excavation vehicle, this narrow multi-level map, gives players flanking opportunities with danger around every corner. RUINS, MEXICO:  A mountaintop Mayan ruin overrun by the jungle, this map blends the verticality of a dominant temple with tight subterranean sections. UNEARTHED, CLASSIFIED:  Drops players in the heart of an alien dig site, where players navigate through a mix of high-tech HAZMAT facilities. COLLISION, NEW YORK: The mangled remains of cargo ship crashed into a New York bridge, ripe with burnt out vehicles, this map provides the ideal theatre for close-quarters combat.


Get ready for invasion, the third DLC pack for CALL OF DUTY®: GHOSTS, featuring: four unique multiplayer maps, and EPISODE 3: AWAKENING – the next installment in EXTINCTION’s four-part episodic narrative. In Episode 3: Awakening, the CIF Team descends into the perilous depths of an alien underworld. Armed with a range of new hi-tech weapons and equipment, our heroes must penetrate a series of defensive barriers.  


DEPARTED, MEXICO : Set in a rural Mexican town amidst the Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) celebration, this medium-sized map features a classic three-lane design. PHAROAH, EGYPT:  The abandoned archeological site of an ancient Egyptian palace, this complex multi-level map includes flesh-eating scarabs. MUTINY, CARIBBEAN:  secretive cove on a remote Caribbean island, harbors an eerie moored pirate ship hideout. FAVELA, BRAZIL: Players traverse from one building to the other, using ramshackle scaffolding to create multiple pathways between structures. 


Welcome to CALL OF DUTY®: GHOSTS NEMESIS , the final DLC Pack. The pack contains 4 multiplayer maps, and EXODUS , the conclusion to the EXTINCTION 4-part episodic saga. In EPISODE 4 : EXODUS , your CIF Unit has flown in to help fight off the Cryptid army laying siege to the last bastion of human resistance.  


GOLDRUSH, USA: An abandoned gold mine’s intricate network of narrow tunnels and perilous shafts create the ideal setting to battle for control of the central elevating platform. SUBZERO, CANADA:  A Canadian submarine base has inexplicably been evacuated, with the control room and research facilities left eerily empty. DYNASTY, CHINA: Drops you in a Chinese lakeside village surrounded by picturesque mountains with various elevation levels. SHOWTIME, CLASSIFIED: The fan favorite map from Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®“Shipment” has been re-imagined as a futuristic death arena.

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BUY NOW. Get it on disc or digital download.

The franchise that has defined a generation of gaming is set to raise the bar once again with the all-new Call of Duty®: Ghosts. Published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward, the studio that created the original Call of Duty and the critically-acclaimed Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® series, Call of Duty: Ghosts ushers in the next generation of the franchise, delivering a riveting all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast, all powered by a new next-generation Call of Duty engine.^

Call of Duty®: Ghosts Digital Hardened Edition deploys with an assortment of exclusive digital content designed to customize your multiplayer experience; Paracord Strap, COLLECTIBLE STEELBOOK™, CALL OF DUTY®: GHOSTS SEASON PASS, Player Card, Player Patch, Player Background, Official CALL OF DUTY®: GHOSTS Soundtrack.

Digital Hardened Edition deploys with an assortment of exclusive digital content designed to customize your multiplayer experience.

The Call of Duty®: Ghosts Prestige Edition is the ultimate Collector’s Edition. It comes loaded with a high-value cache of collectible physical items, including a 1080p HD Tactical Camera and bonus digital content inspired by the legendary masked Special Operations unit.

Call of Duty®: Ghosts Season Pass: Get four epic DLC Map Packs*, each delivering a collection of fresh Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer content and more. Plus, you’ll receive the Team Leader digital content pack, a Season Pass-bonus that includes a unique MP character head, weapon camo, reticle, player patch, player card and player background.

Welcome to Onslaught, the first downloable content pack for Call of Duty®: Ghosts, featuring four unique Multiplayer Maps, an all-new dual purpose Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle, and the first installment in Extinction's four-part episodic narrative.

Welcome to Devastation, the second downloadable content pack for Call of Duty ® : Ghosts, featuring four unique Multiplayer Maps, AN ALL-NEW TACTICAL 2-IN-1 SUB MACHINE GUN AND ASSAULT RIFLE, and the second installment in Extinction's four-part episodic narrative.

Get ready for Invasion, the third DLC pack for Call of Duty® Ghosts featuring: four unique Multiplayer maps, and Episode 3: Awakening - the next installment in Extinction's four-part episodic narrative.

Welcome to Call of Duty®: Ghosts Nemesis, the final DLC pack. The pack contains 4 multiplayer maps and Exodus, the conclusion to the Extinction 4-part episodic saga.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts (also known as Call of Duty 10 or simply Ghosts ) is the tenth main Call of Duty game . It was developed by Infinity Ward , Neversoft [1] [2] and Raven Software . [3] It was confirmed that a Call of Duty game was in development on February 7th, 2013, [4] Ghosts was officially revealed on May 21st, 2013 via a Reveal Trailer during the Xbox One reveal. It was released on the 5th of November 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U, and was a launch title on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Set ten years after a devastating mass event , the United States of America is no longer a superpower, with its economy and government in ashes. The remainder of the nation's Special Operations Forces, the Ghosts , fight a newly emerged technologically-superior global power not for freedom, or liberty, but simply to survive. [5]

Players are able to peek around cover while still being able to fire ( leaning ), slide , and customize their character's gender, patch, uniform, and many other features. They are also able to activate environmental hazards, rather than the hazards automatically activating without player interference.

  • 1.1 Setting and Characters
  • 1.2 Plot Synopsis
  • 2.1 Weapon Camouflages
  • 5 Characters
  • 6 Achievements/Trophies
  • 7 Multiplayer
  • 8 Multiplayer Maps
  • 10.1 Pointstreaks
  • 11 Locations
  • 12 Extinction Mode
  • 13.1 Season Pass
  • 13.2.1 Onslaught
  • 13.2.2 Devastation
  • 13.2.3 Invasion
  • 13.2.4 Nemesis
  • 13.3 Personalization Packs
  • 13.4 Customization Packs
  • 13.5 Voice Packs
  • 14.1 Hardened Edition
  • 14.2 Prestige Edition
  • 14.3 Digital Hardened Edition (PC & PS3)
  • 15 Next-Gen Upgrade
  • 16 Soundtrack
  • 17.1 Promotional Material
  • 17.2 Cover Art
  • 17.3 Screenshots
  • 17.4 Concept Art
  • 20 References

Call of Duty: Ghosts features a completely new setting, characters, and system. It still features linear sections, but it is said to have "easter eggs" within the game to alter missions slightly. The setting of the game is a war-torn U.S.A. ten years after an ODIN strike , launched via satellite after a hijacking, devastated the landscape and invasion from the Federation, a conglomeration of several South American countries. The single player features a dog companion named Riley , fighting in outer space, a story featuring a team of " Ghosts ," who are remnants of elite U.S. Special Operations Forces teams, and various other features.

Setting and Characters

The game's main protagonists are the Ghosts, a force of U.S. Special Operations personnel trained to conduct clandestine missions behind enemy lines. The unit is led by retired U.S. Army Captain Elias Walker (Stephen Lang). He is joined by his sons Logan Walker and David "Hesh" Walker , along with Kick and Keegan P. Russ, a trained German Shepherd named Riley , and Cdr. Thomas A. Merrick of the Navy SEALs.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is set in an alternate timeline from our world that follows the nuclear destruction of the Middle East. The oil-producing nations of South America form the Federation in response to the ensuing global economic crisis and quickly grow into a global superpower, swiftly invading and conquering Central America and the Caribbean. The game's main antagonist is Gabriel T. Rorke , a former Ghost leader who eventually turned into a traitor after being captured and brainwashed using torture and hallucinogens who now works with the Federation.

Plot Synopsis

The game begins with Elias Walker telling his so ns about the legend of how the Ghosts first appeared. Meanwhile in space, the Federation hijacks the controlling space station of the Orbital Defense Initiative ( ODIN ), an orbital superweapon that utilizes kinetic bombardment, and use it to destroy several cities in the southwestern United States. Two American astronauts, Mosley and Baker , attempt to defend ODIN from falling into enemy hands, but are ultimately unable to stop them from firing it on the United States. With no other choice, the astronauts decide to scuttle the station by sabotaging its key systems, the explosion killing Mosley and causing the station to self destruct. Baker is then burnt in Earth's orbit along with Mosley's corpse. Elias and the young Logan and David, "Hesh", narrowly escape the destruction of San Diego.

Ten years later , the United States has fought the Federation to a stalemate along a front that comprises the destroyed cities, also known as "No Man's Land". Logan and Hesh are part of a US unit commanded by Elias and during a patrol, they spot an American is working with the Federation who is called Gabriel T. Rorke . Soon after , the brothers are ambushed and rescued by mem bers of the Ghosts who are seeking their companion Ajax , who was captured by Rorke. Logan and Hesh join the mission to rescue Ajax , but arrive too late to rescue him and after he is killed by Federation soldiers, they reunite with their father who reveals himself as the leader of Ghosts. Believing his sons are ready to join his unit, Elias welcomes them into the Ghosts and they learn from him that Rorke once were their leader. However, during a successful mission to assassinate General Almagro , then president of the Federation in the capital Caracas, Elias is forced to abandon Rorke, who was presumed dead, but instead turned traitor and is now hunting down his former companions.

The Ghosts devise a massive attack in order to capture Rorke, but while flying back home, Rorke's men attack their plane and rescue him. The team then is forced to land deep into the Amazon Jungle , where they witness a rocket being launched with an unknown purpose. Once reunited and rescued, the Ghosts storm a Federation laboratory in the Andes and obtain data regarding a classified operation in a factory at Rio De Janeiro . To secure a path to the factory, the Ghosts destroy the Federation's Atlas oil platform located in Antartica to lure the enemy fleet away from their objective and sink their remaining destroyer guarding the Brazilian coast . Once inside the factory, the team discovers that the Federation had reverse engineered the ODIN's technology and developed their own orbital bombardment system. After destroying the factory, Elias and his sons regroup in Las Vegas but are captured by Rorke who kills Elias in front of Hesh and Logan who later find an opportunity to escape.

Realizing that once the Federation's LOKI become operational they will be defeated for good, the United States pool all their remaining forces in a synchronized attack to take down an enemy space center in Chile while a small team of soldiers boards a shuttle to take over the Federation satellites in space . Once both objectives are completed, Hesh and Logan pursue Rorke to avenge their father and are seemingly successful , only to find out during the aftermath that Rorke survived their battle. Logan attempts to defend his wounded brother, but has his arm broken and is kidnapped by Rorke, with the former Ghost announcing his plans to try and brainwash Logan into becoming a Federation Agent like himself. In a post-credits scene, Logan is seen being kept inside a pit in the jungle, presumably going through the same torture methods that Rorke went through.

  • Ghost Stories - Player controls Logan Walker in San Diego, California, and Spc. Baker on the ODIN Space Station
  • Brave New World - Player controls Logan Walker in Los Angeles, California
  • No Man's Land - Player controls Logan Walker and Riley in the Southern DMZ
  • Struck Down - Player controls Logan Walker in Firebase Charlie of the occupied San Diego, California
  • Homecoming - Player controls Logan Walker in Los Angeles, California
  • Legends Never Die - Player controls Elias Walker in Caracas , Venezuela
  • Federation Day - Player controls Logan Walker in Caracas, Venezuela
  • Birds of Prey - Player controls Pirate Five-Zero and Logan Walker in The Freeport, Gulf of Mexico
  • The Hunted - Player controls Logan Walker in Yucatan, Mexico
  • Clockwork - Player controls Logan Walker in the Andes, Santa Cruz, Argentina
  • Atlas Falls - Player controls Logan Walker in Antarctica
  • Into the Deep - Player controls Logan Walker in the Atlantic Ocean
  • End of the Line - Player controls Logan Walker in Rio De Janeiro , Brazil
  • Sin City - Player controls Logan Walker in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • All or Nothing - Player controls Logan Walker on the USS Liberator in the Pacific Ocean
  • Severed Ties - Player controls Badger-Two and Logan Walker in Chile
  • Loki - Player controls Sgt. Thompson on the LOKI Space Station
  • The Ghost Killer - Player controls Logan Walker in Chile

Weapon Camouflages

Ghosts has 13 weapon camos that can be unlocked by doing in-game challenges. "Spectrum camo" is available for those who pre-ordered the game off of the Microsoft Store. The Season Pass also unlocks a DLC camo called "Ice."



Call of Duty: Ghosts Create-A-Soldier multiplayer feature.

The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts includes features never before put into the Call of Duty series, such as character customization, dynamic maps, and many new movements such as sliding , leaning around corners, and better interaction with the environment. Sliding is done the same way as drop shooting on previous Call of Duty games. Leaning is done by standing close to a wall and pressing the ADS button. As an addition, the playable character now performs special animations when climbing objects (instead of their weapons simply disappearing off the screen), and crawling animations when prone return from Call of Duty: Black Ops II . In Call of Duty: Ghosts , guns do more damage than they ever have before, meaning that players die quickly but also get kills quickly.

The maps in Ghosts are bigger than they have been in the previous games in the Call of Duty series. Some maps have dynamic parts to them, such as the bus in Chasm or the Halon Gas in Sovereign. There is also more customization than there ever has been before. Players can change their character's head, headgear, gender, uniform, and many other accessories.

The system of prestige and unlocking weapons and attachments is completely different as well. In order to prestige, the player unlocks a squad member with squad points and ranks it up to level sixty. Once the player has leveled up all ten squad members, they become max prestige. In order to unlock weapons, attachments, and equipment, the player simply purchases them with squad points, or can wait until they reach a certain level. The player must unlock weapons for each individual squad member.

Players that pre-ordered Call of Duty: Ghosts received a bonus map, called Free Fall .

Along with the update for the Nemesis DLC , the game now has a "Fresh Start" feature, that works very similarly to the Fresh Start feature from Call of Duty: Black Ops II . Using a Fresh Start will reset the character's level to Prestige 0, Level 1, and will completely erase all combat statistics from their profile (Kill to Death Ratio, Win to Loss ratio, Preferred Weapon, etc.). There are two major changes to this system: The player must be at the highest level possible in order to use a Fresh Start (completed Prestige 10, level 60), and all weapon camouflages will not be lost upon using the Fresh Start. Fresh Starting and playing afterwards will almost always have a severe impact on the player's statistics, as their previous statistics in their Combat Record may not reflect their present statistics.

Multiplayer Maps

In Call of Duty: Ghosts , for the first time, the player is able to alter their experience on each map, with Dynamic Maps being even more so than before. Examples given include knocking down a stack of logs, destroying a map with the new K.E.M. Strike killstreak reward , collapsing a gas Station and blowing up doors. There are limits to these factors though, and they are only available on preset spots (descriptions are under "Dynamics" in each maps' pages).

Squads is a new game mode in Ghosts. In it, the player can play with AI controlled teammates or even with friends against AI. XP is shared between Multiplayer and Squads, so leveling up in Squads helps the player's character in Multiplayer as well. There are five modes within Squads:

  • Squad vs Squad : Involves two opposing players versing 1v1, with squad members filling in the rest of the team, making 6v6. This mode can be played on Team Deathmatch , Domination and Kill Confirmed .
  • Wargame : The player and five other squad members verse a team of six opposing bots in a mode set to "replicate" the full MP experience. This mode is available on Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Cranked and Blitz in online matches. In Local matches it can be played in these game modes plus Search and Rescue and Hunted . If the player has played Drop Zone , Reinforce or Search & Destroy in a Local or Private match recently then they will be able to play Wargame on these additionally if going into Recent Game Modes in Local matches.
  • Safeguard Extended: Safeguard with 40 rounds.
  • Safeguard Infinite: Safeguard with 100 waves.
  • Squad Assault : The player and up to five other players or squad members verse a squad consisting of another player's squad.

On August 14, in the Multiplayer Reveal, Mark Rubin introduced a similar customization system to BOII's Pick-Ten System for Perks:

"Every Perk has a set point value from 1 to 5, and you have 8 points to use how you want. So for example: I could choose 4 Perks, each valued at 2, or 8 Perks, each valued at 1. I could also choose to get rid of my Secondary and my Equipment and get up to 11 Perks."

The classic three-tiered perk system has been done away with, replaced by seven categories of five perks. These tiers are Speed, Handling, Stealth, Awareness, Resistance, Equipment and Elite. Speed will feature perks meant to allow the player to move faster overall, Handling will let the player move more consistently and better, Stealth perks will grant immunities to certain things in the game. Awareness perks will give the player a better overall view of the game, and what is going on around them, Resistance is set to grant resistance to common factors of the game, like explosives. Equipment will give the player's Tacticals, Lethals and Attachments a healthy boost, while Elite perks are more based around situational benefits.


Pointstreaks return from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 , and are available as Assault, Support or Specialist pointstreaks. Assault pointstreaks include the brand new SAT COM killstreak, "Riley": the five point Guard Dog streak and the new Maniac Juggernaut pointstreak. Support pointstreaks include the Ammo Crate (get ammo and receive a random weapon), the new MAAWS launcher and the Helo Scout .

  • Gulf of Mexico
  • San Diego, California
  • The Caribbean Sea
  • Caracas, Venezuela
  • South Atlantic Ocean (Near Brazil)
  • Brazil [6]
  • Low Earth Orbit
  • Atacama Desert, Chile

Extinction Mode

Extinction Teaser CODG

Extinction is a new game mode featured in the Call of Duty: Ghosts ; the players' objectives are to kill the attacking aliens , but the other objectives vary between maps. Most have the player destroy Hives using a Laser Drill . It plays similar to Survival Mode , with various weapons and upgrades. As the player progresses through the game and completes challenges, they unlock skill points, which they use to upgrade their load out. Guns are bought throughout random spots in the map, and equipment and attachments are found by scavenging. There are 30 levels, with different defenses unlocked as the player progresses. Once the player reaches level 30, they prestige and have the option of using relics, which allow the player to level up faster. Every time the player prestiges, they can use one more relic.

An update added a new game mode to Extinction known as Chaos Mode , which acts like the similarly-named game mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 known as Special Ops Chaos . The player is put in a part of the map they choose to play, and they must pick up new weapons and other pickups to survive. It is timed rather than round-based, and it will keep going until the combo runs out after the time runs out, or if the players die.

Downloadable Content

There are four map packs for Ghosts , being Onslaught , Devastation , Invasion , and Nemesis . These are followed by various customisation packs.

Season Pass

The Season Pass can be bought and downloaded for Call of Duty: Ghosts ; it enables a pre-paid subscription that allows instant download upon release. Along with this, it includes the Team Leader customization pack, the "Seasoned Veteran" emblem, a background featuring Riley , and Ice Camouflage . Xbox season pass holders also received the Ripper SMG/AR on March 6, 2014 and April 4, 2014 for Playstation and PC users.

This is the first map pack in Call of Duty: Ghosts . It includes the multiplayer maps Fog , BayView , Containment , and Ignition . The Extinction map is Nightfall , which takes place in an abandoned Alaskan base. This DLC also includes the Maverick Assault Rifle and the Maverick-A2 Sniper Rifle. It was released on January 28, 2014 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and on February 27, 2014 for PC, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.


This is the second map pack in Call of Duty: Ghosts . It includes the multiplayer maps Behemoth , Ruins , Unearthed and Collision . The Extinction map is Mayday , which takes place aboard the Stormbreaker out in the Tasman Sea in the South Pacific Ocean. This DLC also includes the Ripper SMG/AR. It was released on April 3 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and on May 8 for PC, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.

This is the third map pack in Call of Duty: Ghosts . It includes the multiplayer maps Pharaoh , Departed , Mutiny and Favela . The Extinction map is Awakening , which takes place in the heart of Ball's Pyramid, Australia. This DLC does NOT include a DLC weapon. It was released on June 3rd, 2014 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was later released on July 2nd for PC, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.

This is the fourth and final map pack in Call of Duty: Ghosts . It includes the multiplayer maps Dynasty , Goldrush , Showtime and Subzero . The Extinction map is Exodus , which has players fighting the Cryptid army in a city along with the Ancestors that were awoken in the previous chapter. Similarly to Invasion, this DLC pack does not include any additional weapons. It was released August 5th, 2014 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and September 4th for PC, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.

Personalization Packs

  • Festive Pack
  • Inferno Pack
  • Circuit Pack
  • Space Cats Pack
  • Molten Pack
  • Heartlands Pack
  • Eyeballs Pack
  • Blunt Force Pack
  • Extinction Pack
  • Heavy Metal Pack
  • Unicorn Pack
  • Fitness Pack
  • Flags of the World Pack
  • Nebula Pack
  • Tattoo Pack
  • Skulls Pack
  • Abstract Pack
  • Leopard Pack

Customization Packs

  • Wolf Skin for Guard Dogs
  • Team Leader Pack
  • Classic Ghost Pack
  • Cpt. Price Legend Pack
  • Makarov Legend Pack
  • Soap Legend Pack
  • Extinction Squad Pack
  • Squad Pack - Resistance
  • Spectrum Pack
  • Bling Character Pack
  • Inferno Character Pack
  • Blunt Force Character Pack

Voice Packs

  • Drill Instructor

Hardened Edition

Ghosts Hardened Edition

The Hardened Edition.

The Hardened Edition includes:

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts' disc
  • Ghosts Insignia Pack (Player Pattern, Card, Background)
  • Official SoundTrack
  • Free Fall Bonus Map
  • Collectors Steelbook
  • Paracord Strap
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass with Team Leader Pack

Prestige Edition

Ghosts Prestige Edition

The Prestige Edition.

The Prestige edition includes:

  • 1080p Tactical Camera
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts disc

Digital Hardened Edition (PC & PS3)

Ghosts Digital Hardened Edition

The Digital Hardened Edition.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts full game download
  • Digital Hardened Pack (Player Pattern, Card and Background)
  • Team Leader Pack (MP Ghosts Character head, Player Pattern, Card and Background)
  • Ghosts Insignia Pack (Player Pattern, Card and Background)
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass

Next-Gen Upgrade

Call of Duty: Ghosts offers players the ability to transfer their progress from an Xbox 360 to an Xbox One or a PS3 to a PS4. This includes all multiplayer progress, including unlocks, statistics, and the Season Pass DLC, but not microtransactions such as Personalization Packs, Customization Packs, or Voice Packs; DLC content other than the Season Pass and Map Packs must be re-purchased in order to use them again.

Promotional Material

Teaser Image


Deep Dive

Concept Art

Codg Concept art

  • The first letters of the map packs for Call of Duty: Ghosts spell out ODIN : O nslaught, D evastation, I nvasion, N emesis.
  • In an interview with IGN, Mark Rubin said that the game's campaign will feature hidden sub-missions which can be activated by the player, but were not featured in the actual game.
  • Considering this was a next-gen title, there are major differences between Xbox One/PS4 and Xbox 360/PS3 as well as the Wii U version. Graphics have been enhanced on Xbox One/PS4. On PC, just like in the previous games in the series, there are customizable graphical options including the option to use Motion Blur, despite being used during in-game cutscenes. Also, on Xbox 360, the game splits into 2 discs. Disc 1 is the game itself and Disc 2 is to install the Campaign part. This is also the same case with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . Also, the game is forced to 16:9 widescreen if the standard 4:3 screen format is used. The Wii U version, like Call of Duty: Black Ops II and all of the Call of Duty titles released on the Wii, has Wii Remote & Nunchuck support. Despite this, this was the final Call of Duty game released on the Wii U and the last one to be released on a Nintendo console.
  • A mantling bug allows the player to equip most weapons in their left hand, causing the gun to float, iron sights to be unused, and sniper scopes to not function.
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    Shotguns are also deadly because you don't need to ADS with them to get a kill - simply aim and fire from the hip. These weapons are limited at a distance, so you'll need to force a close-range engagement. Perks such as the Agility and Marathon can be used safely to close the gap between you and your target. BULLDOG. FP6. MTS-255. TAC 12.

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    "Double action, 5-round revolving cylinder shotgun that lets you run and gun in style." — Description The MTS-255 is a revolving shotgun that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. During the mission "No Man's Land", lieutenant David "Hesh" Walker finds an MTS-255 in his abandoned house, commenting "Never thought I'd see this again", which implies that he had used the shotgun once, or that his ...

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts features over 30 new weapons across Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Launchers and the new Marksman Rifles class.. As you gain XP, you earn tokens to spend ...

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts features a variety of different multiplayer weapons that can be customized with different attachments. ... Choosing the right type of weapon for the map and mode is generally more important than choosing one specific gun within a particular weapon class. The weapons you use determine your role on the battlefield, from fast ...

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    Shotguns are ideal close-range specialist tools. They should be a part of your loadout on small to medium maps, but can also be used on larger maps that have close-range engagements. Because ...

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    Pump action. Strongest damage in its class with moderate range.Description The FP6 (referred to as FABARM FP6 in the game files) is a pump-action shotgun that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. A unique FP6 without the wooden stock is seen strapped to David "Hesh" Walker's back in the missions Birds of Prey, The Hunted, End of the Line, All or Nothing, Severed Ties and The Ghost Killer. However ...

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    For the underbarrel variant, see Shotgun (attachment). The Bulldog, referred to as MAUL during pre-release and within game files, is a semi-automatic shotgun featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Semi-automatic. High rate of fire, deadly at short range.Description The Bulldog is used by enemy Federation soldiers in the missions No Man's Land, Sin City and All or ...

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    Gun Class Setups. By Jared Petty , Shawn Saris , Alexander , +24.0k more. updated Nov 27, 2013. Here are a load of recomended Class setups for each gun in ghosts. These setups are personal ...

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    Carry a crippled nation to glory in a fight for survival with Call of Duty: Ghosts. In a world where global power conquers all, we're all that we've got., Games ... featuring: four unique multiplayer maps, an all-new tactical 2-IN-1 sub machine gun and assault rifle, and episode 2: MAYDAY - THE NEXT INSTALLMENT in EXTINCTION's four-part ...

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts (also known as Call of Duty 10 or simply Ghosts) is the tenth main Call of Duty game. It was developed by Infinity Ward , Neversoft [1] [2] and Raven Software . [3] It was confirmed that a Call of Duty game was in development on February 7th, 2013, [4] Ghosts was officially revealed on May 21st, 2013 via a Reveal Trailer ...

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a 2013 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision.It is the tenth major installment in the Call of Duty series and the sixth developed by Infinity Ward. It was released for PlayStation 3, Wii U, Windows, and Xbox 360, on November 5, 2013.The game was released with the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts features over 30 new weapons across Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Launchers and the new Marksman Rifles